Women In Their Prime Prefer Sex With Damaged Men

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For the sake of your sex life, I hope that your mother didn’t love you when you were a child. I hope your father abused you. I hope you had several dark periods while going through puberty which lead to ideations of hurting animals or other people. I hope that you currently suffer from depression and rage. I hope all these things because you’ll have a far easier time meeting women and getting laid than a man who is emotionally balanced with a clear head on his shoulders. Your natural game, a result of legitimate abuse you may have faced, will be perfectly suited to attract the modern woman.

If you’ve been studying game, you would have noticed that a big chunk of it is learning to be apathetic, uncaring, and aloof. You’re taught not to put pussy on the pedestal, not to be overly affectionate and complimentary, and not to give clear signs that you like a girl more than she likes you. The reason you’re taught this is because it’s the most reliable way to attract and keep a Westernized woman who seeks exciting men instead of providers. Even a married man who got a woman to legally agree to be with him for life must remain ever so emotionally distant from his bride so that she doesn’t get bored and fuck a guy much hotter than him after only a 15 minute session on Tinder.

I had to learn all this training from scratch when diving into game at 22 years of age. Before that, I had a mother who would incessantly say she loved me and that I was her special boy. I had a father who, while much less affectionate than her, made sure all my needs were attended to. Even though they divorced when I was 8 years old, I spent every weekend with my father and was never short of parental love. Neither of them abused me or left me with any damage I can identify, and when I compare my upbringing to that of my peers, I’m downright lucky to have my parents. Any flaw you see in me is undoubtedly due to my peculiar genetic construction instead of purposeful harm levied by them.

I came out on the other side educated, personable, empathetic, and strongly wanting a loving relationship with an attractive girl. It took a year of game training in order to land her, but because I was too nice, and because she was too pretty, I lost her before I had her. I learned quickly that being nice was not a quality that women wanted, so I began to play the clown just to secure intimacy with desirable women. I definitely overshot the mark with my quest to accumulate sex without meaning, but my subconscious made that decision because it was more logical to pump and dump for fun than to try to get into a relationship with a woman who didn’t value family or monogamy.

I want you to now feel sympathy for me that my parents helped raise a man with low marks on the dark triad scale. I want you to feel sorry for me that I have to pretend I’m not interested in a girl even if I actually am, that I must take my time responding to a girl’s text message when I’m eager to talk to her, and that I’m forbidden to compliment her during the most intimate moments we experience in bed. All of that goes against my natural instinct.

If you want to be sexually successful, you have to simulate the behavior of men who were emotionally abused as a child, who have stunted development and who fail to properly connect and relate to human beings compared to those with normal upbringings. You have to take on sociopathic traits, put girls on an emotional roller coaster of abuse, and ensure that you view females with great disdain. It’s no secret that they prefer the dark triad man over a nice guy who would fail to get even a second glance from a psychiatrist.

If you are a nice guy who refuses to learn game or put on the clown mask, I have some great news for you: once a girl is done fucking a dozen or two bad boys in her prime, once her vagina is properly stretched out and primed to secrete maximum lubrication to only bad boy cock, and once the container of her eggs becomes nearly empty, she will gladly accept you into her life for biological reproduction, not because you were her first choice, but because those bad boys could not see her as anything more than a wet gash. Your best option is to be Plan Z after twenty five other men. During your happy marriage she’ll often be “tired” to have sex with you when not a few years prior she eagerly begged men who saw her as disposable to gape her anus.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I’ve been the nice guy who couldn’t secure the attention of girls and I’ve been the bad boy actor for over a decade, securing sex for as long as I can wear the mask. The problem with pretending to be the bad boy when you’re nice at heart is that it’s impossible to respect the girl as someone you could have a relationship with since you know she has spread her legs for so many guys before who play-acted just like you. You lament that she has lost her reproductive imperative and sees men as nothing more than sources of entertainment to improve her soulless existence of having to attain a meaningless education to labor in an insignificant office job, and that because of her rejection of the feminine nature given to her at birth, you are even more qualified to take care of children than she is. Her mind and body has been utterly ruined for anything but a fuck buddy relationship.

How I pity the normal man. He’s either doomed to a life of no sex or sex with women who are not suitable for more than a few lively pumps. Some men may get lucky and find the unicorn who wants to have a family before the age of 25, but for the most of you, your best option is to tattoo the bad boy mask on your face to at least have some semblance of a normal sex life. The toxicity of the West is spreading at such a rate around the world that being the emotionally damaged man, or at least simulating his behavior, is the best option for having any intimacy with women at all, no matter how deficient they are as compared to the days of our grandfathers. I guess you can say that this is not a good time for normal men to be living in.

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411 thoughts on “Women In Their Prime Prefer Sex With Damaged Men”

  1. The bible(though i dont subscribe to the idea of a man creator) said it.
    “were in hell”
    When the bible refers to “the heavens” they mean space, outer space, and that the earth is the veil and the agonized “pit”,
    The north = Heavens, The brain, intelligence, technology
    The South= The bowels, the hellish bowels of chilli shits
    So whenever we refer to heaven, We are symbolically refering to our quest for space and the heavens,
    anyways, this has to be our prime goal the manosphere must become interstellar galactic commanders and seek out new lands and go boldly where no one has gone before
    We as a species are moving towards space travel and genetic engineering for the limitless life span
    Earth is the “pit of hell” we are meant to be free to the heavens, So the bible refers to the technological reach for the “heavens” which some speculate happened 13,000 years ago after finding a 13,000 year old satellite, things just don’t add up, a 13,000 year old satellite?hmm well that’s odd
    As we get smarter and more advanced, we reach further into space, It’s biblical
    there is going to be a mass exodus occurring where a lot of humans decide to develop their own civilizations in space and leave the trap that is the “pit”
    you have to be stupid to think technology and space in only 200 years is an accident…. That is a tiny amount of time and we had a technological civilization before,
    we are in the process of creating a malleable “imagination plasma” which is essentially the move towards a quantum orgasm which may be as infinite as a black hole
    if we live another 30 years, well live another 300, which will make us live 3000 and so on, living long enough to benefit from subsequent generations of life extension,
    the imagination will be enhanced by 10000 fold and create pleasurable environments so that compared to today, time and quantum plasma feels similar to 100 orgasms at the same time
    So if the bible is predicting that we strived for the heavens and its always mentioning eternal life , we are to become gods , Is the bible a quantum explanation? perhaps a book that is symbolic of ancient science of the blue print of the species
    the bible seems to explain that, we strive towards a point where we reach the heavens and become “gods”
    this may just be a typical development of humans, just as a nest is a typical development of a bird, humans create technology and godhood in a natural way,
    a black hole awaits, where we suck in information like a matrix for an infinite amount of time
    If you built a computer model of human intelligence, and ran a simulation of technological development, you would get results that occur in 20 years, and not 200, though it’d be rare, We have different random rates of progress, it makes sense

  2. I really like these behind-the-mask laments by Roosh. They ultimately heighten his authority on the subject of game, etc.

  3. Yeah, I have to say Roosh is right. I’m damaged; I know I’m damaged; I even indulge my insanity. It’s not some magnetic thing making all women want to have sex with me, but when they do they often spiral into obsession.

  4. This planet is outrageous, and i can’t wait for the exodus. Which is very easy to explain and obvious if you are familiar with the famous singularity theory but it’s more related to the AI component, anything that can be done to advance technology science engineering and working within the :dimensions” of our capabilities must be encouraged
    The future may be the “far” future, but it doesn’t have to be so far away, that is our choice
    Heavens = North
    Hell = South
    Heavens always refers to space and paradise, and the bible refers to the earth as the “pit of hell” , if space is the “:heavens” we know exactly where we need to be headed but not “we”
    Its between you, and your 10000’s of AI assistants, Sort of like DATA from star trek, our synthetic designer droids will be more charming and personable ; )
    and when we refer to hell, we refer to “the bowels” so the reality is, we cannot have paradise on earth, but rather, once technology permits, some humans will venture on their own in space, very eagerly, in a historic event of evolution called the “exodus”
    Terraforming is a stupid idea, for 1 reason
    1) a planet is static, and can’t actually move anywhere, so what would be the point ? maybe for a home base
    2) there are limitless resources in space and materials for advanced craft, so why not just increase scaling until the space galleon is 10,000 miles wide?
    Consider that our sun is actually very tiny, and that “drones” and molecular manufacturing may make the construction of anything imagination, like software. The material world will become information just as malleable as software is, Including our DNA which will be engineered to last indefinitely,
    This is why in “alien lore” you end up with different beings, just like we have body modification communities, we will have some weirdos who want to become a different creature in space
    Not only do we have a space address exodus, but also, a human to

    1. i will be called a “nutter” for my flight from the pit of hell theory, but who else was interested in Flying machines? and technology?
      leonardo Divinci, tesla, edison
      they must all be nuts? or we’re they onto something we are all discovering, we need to leave this hellish earth

      1. why the obsession with hell? is that a metaphor or do you mean it in a more literal sense?
        other than that … well, go ahead!
        some people think reality is only a computer game, anyway.

        1. Metaphor.
          exodus will be necessary in the future to avoid risk of being mentally invaded
          with mind-control technology by other more intelligent humans.. this is a huge
          existential risk, Achieving immortality won’t get rid of the risk of being
          trapped in hell for eternity by a sadistic advanced human who captures your mind, so you may
          accomplish one goal, and fail because you were dependant on humanity,
          The risk of this happening in 1000 years is very very high considering how hard humans try to mind-control and influence eachother in primitive ways already, so anyone who stays around post-singularity, believing in good faith and good will of mankind, would be making a mistake
          We have a history of war and sadism on this planet, and the intelligent enslaving the less intelligent. I will be taking off light-speed and as soon as possible.
          The inter-stellar exodus is necessary
          yep, we’re in a sci-fi universe alright truth is stranger than fiction, space travel is possible, other beings already accomplished it, its within the realm of physics, and therefore capability is a matter of time,(if it isnt already happening)

        2. Interesting to see that comment moderated out. If you write something that explicitly details what homosexuals engage/the diseases they’re at risk of, on a gay-friendly article, it’s usually moderated out straight away too. Goodvibes have to be preserved so that self-doubt doesn’t creep in.

        3. what do you mean? i don’t recall the exact phrasing of the comment, but i don’t think there was anything about gays in it.
          and since when is rok gay-friendly?

        4. What I mean is that gays flinch when people write about the mechanics of gay sex in a gay-friendly article (on another site that might be describing the joy of pride parades, for example). It’s all joy and rainbows when equalidee and evolved 21st c luv are being praised, but when the sordid ins and outs of toilet cubicle sodomy, the genetic lineage termination ramifications of homosexual luv and flesh eating diseases that are passed around like wildfire among sodomites are mentioned, those killjoy comments are usually deleted. They hold up a mirror to those transgressors who are ashamed of their ways deep down, and they cannot bear to look into it and reflect on their choices.
          Mentioning something about how the all-female teams on the reality show Survivor were unable to make fire, find food or water or co-operate, while the all-male teams were able to thrive, was very unsettling for women who’ve been indoctrinated with feminism.
          In the same manner, I’m wondering if the possibility of hell causes the same discomfort in PUA spheres, and its mention is censored as a result. Call it an ‘inconvenient possibility’, since it cannot be objectively verified as a ‘truth’ by the living, but it’s surely worthy of contemplation. The fear of hell also happens to be one of the few motivators that can keep a female chaste. As an interesting aside, Albert Hoffman thought he’d allowed a demon to possess him the night of that famous bicycle ride.

        5. the commentator replied that his mention of hell was metaphorical, but yes, i can understand that fear.
          i just read hoffman’s recollection of his lsd trip and his whole evaluation seems incredibly familiar to what i experienced during my ayahuasca ceremony.
          even the thought of having foolishly ingested a demon that will destroy his mind resembles my own.
          it was naive from hoffman to assume he could shake off the distortions, but he was the first, so it is an innocent mistake.
          the sensation of not being in control seems to be a hallmark of psychedelics. but i don’t think that it has anything to do with demon possession, rather seeing the world as it is, deterministic. that’s very frightening and i wasn’t remotely able to handle it on my first trip.

        6. I have to respect your courage for taking those things – my own experiments with them were too intense to warrant any further trials.

        7. how long has it been?
          directly afterwards, i swore to myself to never do it again. nothing could have prepared me for the experience and i truly felt like i was in hell. it was, with ease, the most terrifying thing i have ever experienced, but words can’t really describe it to the unknowing, because words can only refer to something we already know. i even went to church a few times afterwards – me an atheist -, so distraught was i.
          it took me about four months until i decided that i was a coward for not willing to confront what i had gotten a glimpse of. it was something intense, something true that needed to be seen by me.
          i believe that it is very akin to some of the initiation rites that exist, where you literally – as far as you know – confront death to earn your place among the living. so i figured i had to go back there, with slowly increasing dosage, to confront that fear. it is a challenge to me, not fun. i do not seek to avoid the bad trip, i seek to embrace it and become one with it. maybe that’s nonsense, who knows, but my experiences with smaller doses have only been beneficial so far; i feel that this drug allows you, if done properly, to detach from preconceptions and get a glimpse of an alternative view of the world. i think the effect is temporary in it’s most extreme form, but i’d be surprised if it wasn’t possible to mold the mind in that hyper-suggestible modus operandi.

        8. A decade plus, and though I didn’t have terrifying experiences, the comedown (or whatever it’s called when sleep is impossible) was brutal on my organism in general. (what felt like) the confusion in my synapses and other brain glitches scared me off it after that. Magic mushrooms seemed to be ‘healthier’ on the organism, but got rough in their own way too. Because of your willingness to meet the challenge, I can respect your courage for taking such a systematic confrontation of the mind-altering unpleasantness that goes with acid. Not that I would endorse it, as there are surely dangers associated with it, but you’re in ‘doors of perception’ territory.
          I often have ‘dreams’ of hurtling towards hell. Vivid, sickening and ominous descents through a long tunnel. Similar to yourself, I’ve resolved to try and embrace it if it ever happens again, and just go all the way down the tunnel (if I’ve a choice [determinism]) to possibly get a glimpse of what’s in store for me. On one such occasion, a giant monster had me in its jaws and I just said fuck it and embraced the pain/death as he sliced me in half. I resigned to my fate without fear when a spectre hacked off my head with an axe another time. You wake up shaken from those dreams, but for a few days after I felt like a bit of a tough cunt. Of course, I’d avoid ‘real’ death like the plague, and won’t sign up for any military experiences.

        9. yes, that kind of embrace is what i mean. become friend with that feeling of death. i actually started to like metal music after that.
          it’s a bit like that monster is really only some part of myself i don’t want to be part of myself. maybe something like the shadow that gustav jung theoretized about. it’s just scary that drugs can show you a “real” manifestation of that feeling. once i tried to incorporate this thing, what followed the fear was akin to self-love, as if i had rejected this own monster inside myself for a long time. as if i had been taught to despise it because of it’s ugliness, never realizing the strength it can offer me.
          resisting it feels childish now. it’s the same naive rainbow-colored-world approach that made me believe in innocent princesses in the first place. gonna go down the rabbit hole? go the whole way.

        10. Can you describe the monster you refer to in a bit more detail? Is it something horrifying you see when tripping?

        11. the first time it was a black nebula around the shaman and roughly resembled a terrifying cripple sitting on an invisible chair. i was certain it was the devil and ran out of the place into the jungle. i am currently writing an article series about my whole trip, feel free to check out my blog.
          but apart from that, whenever the trip becomes “bad”, there is this general sense of being a pawn of the devil, if you want to call it that. but from what i read and have heard during the ceremony, it is very different for each person. one other guy had a demon coming out of his mouth, another one realized he wasn’t an alien, then another found himself in the cosmos, etc etc.

        12. Ok, then the monster you’re referring to isn’t metaphoric – it’s an object/entity that you’re getting a glimpse of, and it’s in a plane of existence other than this earthly one. I will check out your blog. I know a guy who did some of that Shamanic stuff, and he also encountered a demon who told him he would kill him, only that he was ‘off limits’ (under a deity’s protection). He used to do those rituals in the Amazon, and he reckons that a lot of people who participate become alien abductions.
          The reason I wanted to embrace the hell dreams, is because I wanted to see what’s in store if I can’t manage to mend my ways/upgrade my morality.. but it’s not necessarily something I’ll seek out either. I certainly don’t want to live among the torture of hell, so having that experience might frighten me to stay on a righteous path (of course, fear isn’t righteous either, but it’d serve as a motivation). No-one in their right mind isn’t going to want to avoid the tortures of hell, if they think it’s a possibility.
          You might know some of this stuff, may find it unbelieveable, etc, but I’ll share my assessment of these supernatural occurrences (my understandings are derived from this book http://en.falundafa.org/eng/pdf/zfl_new.pdf which I recommend you derive your own understandings from, since mine are limited at my level of comprehension).
          We’re living within the Three Realms (heaven, earth and the underworld) and all lives are subject to reincarnation among the many dimensions within the Three Realms. However our true beings are from beyond here, from various exalted realms of the universe, beyond reincarnation and suffering and they are eternal. We descended to this level as we no longer met the standards at that level (perhaps due to a transgression, selfishness, etc). In fact, we may have descended through many levels of the universe, and further transgressions at those levels meant further descent. We should have been destroyed, but this dimension was created to give lives a last chance. Upon entering the 3 realms, we’re now connected to bodies that can suffer pain and repay the karma that we’ve accumulated, and have an opportunity to reascend.
          However. it’s a deadly test, as while we’re continually reincarnating here (as human, ghost, animal, heavenly being, demon, plant, material object, etc), we’re creating more karma, and debts to other beings. Also our wisdom has been blocked off and buried by the material in this realm, so we can only connect to the greater truths of the universe by intuition, faith, etc. Our only hope of ascending is to aspire to goodness, and a great enlightened being will then assist us in our endeavours (if we can meet the standards of higher realms). If we can’t make it, we head towards destruction/elimination, which is frightful and a fate worse than hell (which we’d have some hope of reincarnating out of).
          Demons, ghosts, animals, etc are interested in possessing the human body, since only humans can cultivate the higher laws of the universe, and go beyond the cycle of reincarnation. The human body has precious material in other dimensions, and they covet this. We also all owe lives in other dimensions payment (we may have killed them in a previous life, for example) and they’ll come to settle scores, either now, or after death.
          Trying to explain it is very difficult, but you’d certainly get a better understanding after reading the book I recommended.

        13. yes, it was in the amazon with me, too.
          you are using all kinds of terms that don’t make sense to me. like dimensions, heaven, underworld.
          where does this knowledge come from? how did the author of that book acquire it? how can you trust it? frankly, it sounds like bullocks to me, meant to prey upon the fears of people who have experienced things like us and seek for explanations. somebody experienced the same and thought “hey, these are such intense emotions – i’m gonna use them to my purpose”, which is a profitable idea.
          i find elimination to be a very peaceful idea. just become nothing.
          a lot of this stuff – like meditation, too – has to do with letting go of attachments to the real world – as long as you are tripping. when you can’t let go, you get a bad trip. go further and you supposedly experience what is called ego death. when you resist, though, it is ugly and you become convinced you are jesus – some of these guys seem to be flying around in peru.
          by the way, fear isn’t that bad a motivation. in the bible proverbs, it says that the fear of god is the ultimate motivation. maybe change the interpretation of god as a benevolent harmless old man to something more powerful and you get the idea.

        14. I was wondering if that was the jungle you referred to. Pretty cool place to find yourself.
          Well, it’s not easy to condense such broad-reaching knowledge into a few paragraphs, and I could see while writing it that I’d struggle to explain it. If there’s one book I’d ever recommend anyone to read, that’s it.
          Dimensions are materially existing planes composed of particles of different sizes. It’s a more accurate way of describing what religions of the past were unable to. In fact this has been theorised by scientists too.
          The author of the book has spent his life cultivating the Dao, and has become enlightened. The books are all available for free download, so he isn’t making money from it. Also he certainly didn’t release it to fool former drug users-the mainstream of Chinese society follows this system. People who have contemplated the human condition, every type of person really. But of course, not everyone can believe it.
          How can I trust it? Well, it all makes sense to me on an intuitive level, and I’ve also had many supernatural experiences that removed my doubts. I’ve met people who’ve recovered from serious illnesses after practicing it, and have had my own health improved.
          The problem with elimination is that it’s not a get out of jail card. My understanding is that every debt to other beings has to be repaid, so it’s a process of suffering. It’s not a topic that is addressed to often in Mr Li’s lectures, and I probably focus on it more than’s healthy, since the aim of cultivating in this system is to elevate within the universe rather than to descend, but here are some quotes from his lectures: “Question: For one whose body and soul has been destroyed, does his master soul still exist?
          Teacher: How could it exist if both body and soul have been destroyed? It’s as if he never existed in this cosmos. But the process of total elimination is one of suffering and extreme, bitter regret. In our dimension, it seems like he died instantly, but in the time field where he’s being eliminated, it feels infinitely long.” – Lecture in Jinan, Li Hongzhi. “I said earlier that man was not created in this physical dimension of ours and talked about the purpose of being a human being. If man continues to decline, he will face elimination, a thorough elimination, which is called, “extinction of body and soul.” It is very frightening! Therefore, Buddhas want to save man precisely from facing such a helpless situation and to save you to heavens away from the suffering of mankind. That is truly and fundamentally solving the issue of human suffering” – Lecture in Sydney, Li Hongzhi.
          Breaking free of human attachments is truly a great goal – this site addresses the consumer mentality, and it’s very rare to encounter those who are thinking of such matters. So anyone who tries in some form or another is worthy of respect – it’s just regrettable if they get infatuated with their newfound image of themselves in the process. And it’s not just in Peru – it’s world wide, from what I’ve read, and to varying degrees.

        15. what were those supernatural experiences that convinced you of it? how did you achieve them? did you have them before or after reading the material? remember that scientists theorizing over something prove nothing. there are many wrong theories.
          for your amusement:
          when i mean break free of attachments, i mean it in order to be able to pursue goals, not in order to not care about anything anymore.

        16. There is no problem with not wanting to die; that is normal. But what cripples so many people is fear of dying; you have to lose that, because we all will die one day.

        17. The fear, for me, is to not have made use of this human lifetime to elevate my moral nature towards being increasingly in accordance with the divine.

        18. Sorry about the delay in replying. I won’t discuss the details of those supernormal phenomena, but I achieved them through practice of the system outlined in the book I linked. I didn’t have them prior to reading the material, but what’s in the book made sense to me before I ever encountered them, by the way. One feature that could be considered supernormal, is that I don’t get the flu anymore, as opposed to frequently in the past.
          Man, that’s a strange story. You can see Asians crucifying themselves during Easter festivals too. They seem to be prone to going to extremes, from my observations.
          Is it the ‘outcome independence’ that’s discussed on this site that you’re referring to? It’s a difficult idea to keep in mind when dealing with women, in my limited application of it.

      2. Rather than… Terraform a planet, Build a galleon the size of a planet, with it’s own synthetic self sustaining biospeheres, all this is in “nutter” territory 2015
        Although, Im not sure if i prefer the “millenium falcon”, The “galactica” or the “enterprise concept” , the “death star”. or the “Borg Cube”

  5. who says what is normal? today’s society of weaklings?
    putting on a mask is difficult and doesn’t bring you forward ultimately – in a sense, you can never be you. understanding how the other person thinks, though, and then adapting that mindset, is more useful.
    not how a bad boy behaves is important. the why is important.
    gotta say, all this calling people damaged is self-defeating. they have superior traits, yet we call them damaged? who is supposed to understand that.
    what would be the motivation for complimenting a girl? getting the satisfaction of having made her feel good? the most basic white knight altruism?
    how would that compliment sound? would it carry reverence? or would it be a casual remark? i doubt that a girl would leave you over a non-euphoric “nice tits”.
    and is detachment not what stoicism and all that is about? why exactly do you want to indulge in your emotions so much when they misguide you? on the lowest base, emotions are your inner judgments – i think it’s possible to challenge those and retrain your beliefs and world views. lsd seems to be useful for that, from what i can tell after a short time.

  6. “Your best option is to be Plan Z after twenty five other men”
    That’s conservative. American women go thru 25 partners by the time they finish college.

    1. 25 + those that “don’t count” = blowjobs, handjobs, anal, fingering, anything that doesn’t involve vaginal penetration with a dick basically. Because sucking the dick of the dj in his booth or getting fingered by random guys in bars doesn’t count… Selective memory I guess… So when they say 25 add to that a minimum of 10 more (more likely x2…)

        1. most women in larger cities: definitely 2-2.5 dicks a year from deflowering up to meeting you. And that is pretty low actually.
          Most 25 years old lost their virginity at 15 or 16. So a 25 yo had more than 20 dicks for sure. And that is going to be a mother?

      1. The pop stars will create a benifit song for her like ‘we are the world’ or ‘hands across america’. Each 6 incher or so adds up. I count 77 on the wall times 6”. That would already reach a quarter of a block. Times that times 50-100 full in out thrusts per fuck and countless centimeter long head pokes and she’s had the total dick distance in her to stretch across town.

      2. Is this real or a joke? Kinda like the stations of the cross, but not really…

  7. As a happily married man of nearly 16 years with two children, this pains me to read. I hope Roosh is wrong, but I have no idea as I have been out of the game for almost 20 years now. It sounds like a lonely existence.

      1. I thought there was a possibility, but there was also a lot of consistency of thought in the article as well.

    1. “As a happily married man of nearly 16 years with two children, this pains me to read. ”
      Why does this pain you?
      “I hope Roosh is wrong”
      Why do you hope for this?
      “It sounds like a lonely existence.”
      Is that a bad thing? If so, why?

      1. A life without love is a wasted life. What good is it to have all the world’s wisdom and knowledge, but no one to share it with. If you are content to live alone, fine, I am no one to tell you how to live your life. But a life with love is a life with joy, peace, kindness and goodness. My hope is to celebrate my 60th wedding anniversary with my wife, surrounded by my children , grandchildren and great grandchildren.

        1. “A life without love is a wasted life.”
          No. Put “My life without love is a wasted life.” Some men need that in their lives to feel valued and that they have accomplished something. But please don’t project that to every men.
          “But a life with love is a life with joy, peace, kindness and goodness.”
          By proxy you are saying exactly how I should live my life. I find joy in my work, and helping others. I find peace when Im working on different projects that I am interesting in. When I go hiking, traveling, or even reading a book.
          “My hope is to celebrate my 60th wedding anniversary with my wife, surrounded by my children , grandchildren and great grandchildren.”
          I wish you the best of luck. When that fails, I will be there to pick up the fallen pieces.

    2. It clearly isn’t. One poster, Ryu Hyabusa referenced the problem with women, while being colorful about the truth. As a Dark Triad, bastard child, I can self confirm much of what he speaks. The less I involved myself personally the deeper women fell in love with me. The more space I had the stronger the appeal was. When I sought to use my selfish traits to the benefit of another, it bit me in the ass. Always. In fact, with the women I treated with the least regard, we are still “friends”. They thank me for our time together, we flirt, and if I cared to could pursue and get sex.
      None of this brings me joy to share. I grew up on the bad side oof the tracks. Where women assaulted men and men assaulted women. No one was safe. As far as I tried to break away from that as an adult, do you know what I’ve found? Women who fuck strangers before while engaged. Cum stained bedsheets for boyfriends to come home to. Women willing to let side men cum inside of them and complain of how wrong their boyfriend is to treat them as he does. And there is nothing that makes me believe women as a whole, individuals may vary, but women as a whole get the most turned on by men who treat them like shit.

      1. “Always. In fact, with the women I treated with the least regard, we
        are still “friends”. They thank me for our time together, we flirt, and
        if I cared to could pursue and get sex.None of this brings me joy to share.”
        This is me. Once I realized the truth about women and how easy it was to get them, I became quite depressed.

        1. Yup. I used to look forward to interactions with women. I used to eagerly anticipate bringing their angelic natures into my life. Now it seems like they elicit cynicism earlier than ever. I know I could game them, and do so easily, but the interest is rapidly fading on my part.
          I don’t want to stoop to their level.

        2. I agree. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to stoop to their level either. One of my best friends often rhetorically requests: “Name one woman who is a fraction of what you are as a person.” I still have no answer for him.

    3. It is lonely. I’m speaking as a widower father of three. The sobering – lonely – conclusion I have reached is that a man of substance can only happily cohabitate with a woman if he manages to exert control over her. Some men happily capitulate; I know many who have taken this path. But the problem I have seen, and the problem Roosh and others are articulating, is that women are becoming increasingly stubborn about indulging their desires for alpha cock. I’m happy to provide that, and it’s self flattering to think so, but the desires I have for connection and commitment are increasingly thwarted as time goes on. I used to think it was because I was getting older, but I’m increasingly convinced it’s a systematic degradation in female culture.
      So if you have something solid, and that you can count on, keep your game tight, and keep her forever yours.

      1. I think the saying ”The only way to enter the kingdom is through him.” is really codespeak for the patriarch of the house. It translates to ”Treat the man like a king if you want to live in the castle.” Demand total surrender from her, nothing less. Totally ‘washed’ and given over before ye can enter.

        1. Yeah,I understand the principle.We strive for absolute strength, while she strives for absolute purity and dedication.Washed.
          I wonder if in reality it is a matter of degrees, Many men just don’t have the inner strength or inclination to be the patriarch. Many women do not have the strength to be pure and dedicated. Both sides take strength.
          So we are in the midst of a triumph of the weak.

  8. While most of us realize this is true, the author has a great ability to use humor, wit, and personal experience to make this an outstanding article. I haven’t gone far down the path of pretending to hide my caring, human side and being a damaged sociopath of a man, but every time I have, it has paid off.
    If woman have become sluts because they see sluttery and debauchery rewarded in our society, won’t men become damaged sociopathic dark triads for the same reason?

  9. No love lost on Alexander Hamilton, but have you guys heard this? I swear it’s not from the Onion:
    Woman to replace Alexander Hamilton on $10 Bill:

    I think instead of picking a specific woman they should just put a big pair of tits on it. Or maybe a jail cell with a child support detainee inside.
    The absurd thing is that they are going about things absolutely backwards. Ben Franklin and George Washington were selected because they made huge contributions to the country and people wanted to recognize their accomplishments. Here we have no specific person we want to honor, but instead are searching for anyone with a pair of tits we can slap on the bill cause feminism. I nominate Bruce Jenner.

    1. All because a random little girl wrote our President, El Osama and complained that there was no currency with females on it. She didn’t learn about certain coins apparently.
      Hell, it’s time we start writing to Osama with our Wishlists! I would like to see him bow to every major Authoritative figure before his tenure is up, that would make my day.

      1. The funny thing is, I read another article about it, and it referenced how Susan B Anthony and Sacajewea (sp?) were put on coins but they turned out to be unpopular and no one used them lol
        The 1 and 2 euro coins are extremely popular in Europe and a 1 dollar coin would be very handy, so it’s funny that Susan B Anthony didn’t work on the dollar here.

        1. The Sue B. Anthony dollar coin wasn’t successful primarily because it was the color of and about the size of a quarter, and was frequently mistaken for a quarter when it was mixed up in change.
          (Now that I think about it, it was an interesting coincidence that a coin with a woman’s rights advocate on it was mistaken for a coin with with our first president on it and when it was worth one-fourth as much.)

    2. The UK and it’s orbiting moons have plastered the grand bitch mother on their currencies for a long time. Even a cuckold like Charles hasn’t had his mug posted yet.

    3. Women didn’t build this country, they don’t get to be on our currency. Stick a black chick on a WIC card and call it a day.

  10. I think I’ve gone full circle. In high school and the first part of college I was a frustrated nice guy. Seeing the fuck-ups scoring all the broads, pissed me off and made me an angry asshole. Then I started working out and getting laid. The more I was a self-hating drunken dickhead, the more ass I got. Then I discovered game and learned why I was having success and how it all worked.
    Of course, I exploited that for a while, but as I ventured further into my thirties, I again went back to a nice guy. I used game and scored me a nice, young feminine girlfriend and have stopped chasing notches. Granted I still utilize game every day and have never stopped flirting. But yeah, nice guys can finish first, you just have to become an asshole for a while.

    1. “In high school and the first part of college I was a frustrated nice guy.”
      We went to the same schools.

    2. “But yeah, nice guys can finish first, ”
      so i’m here to assume you popped that cherry–otherwise you are at the back of the line–you’re getting leftovers–you’re not first

      1. So? Dude, you are way too hung up on sex. It’s one part of a healthy relationship. Your quest to be number one is obsessive and weird. I got my shit locked down. Chill out.

        1. It was a simple question–you’re the one who stated that nice guys (including you) finish first–so the question remains–what did you first accomplish her? took her out on a date? make her laugh? bust a nut in her mouth? Not being obsessive–just curious what do those guys first accomplish with those women?
          You are the kind that I see everyday in my line of work-the 40-60 something that’s been married for 10-20 something years–all of a sudden get kicked out of the house–the kids are taken away-the wife wants everything–now he’s stuck in a cheap hotel, and have nothing–he never considered such a day would arrive….he thought he had it on lockdown–
          Be careful mate–best of luck–may be someday I might see you too–but wouldn’t wish that on any men

        2. You confuse meaningless solitary events with overall success and happiness. I have a prestigious job, a well trained dog, a woman who dotes on me, and free time to hunt and play outdoors. Is that not first?
          Everything you say is a possibility. However, it also may not happen. Obviously the best way is to be careful. That’s what men do. They are cautious and vigilant. I’m not going to not have a family because of fear of the woman leaving me 20 years down the road.

        3. It’s alright mate. I get it. I counselled many men many like you. When you come in with your tears, I will hand you a handkerchief. When you start confessing to me how much it hurts because you never expected it, I will listen. When you’re telling you have no place to sleep, I will do my best to find somewhere to accommodate you, even though it is nearly impossible for men. Twenty years down the road you’re going to want to put a bullet through your head, but I will calm you down. I will let you know that you are a man, and that your life is worth more than just being a slave.

        4. Your posturing aside, you still haven’t addressed that 50% or more marriages succeed. Who burned you to make you so bitter? we’ve all had it happen. Don’t feel bad. Learn from it and move on. It teaches you caution.

        5. The empress tits are showing.
          You sound like your typical feminist spewing bunch of bullshit.
          You have no rebuttal and now you are going to latch on 50%?
          How do you define success? Marriages where the husband is sleeping on a mattress at his best friend’s basement? The one where he commits suicide? The one where the parties split, but are still legally married?
          Fuck out of here with your feminist horseshit.
          I already learned from it. But like I said Bob, I will be here when your day of reckoning comes. You think yours is special, but she isn’t. You were not the first to make your pussy wife scream, nor will you be the last one. Get over it.

        6. Rebut what? The frieghtened ramblings of a bitter little beta bitch? You’re afraid of women. That is sad.

        7. Lol–now you’ve got nothing to grasp at, so you resort to name calling–just like a feminist–
          I’ve conquered women from all continents–just not going to be a slave-keep your chain to your self

        8. So again, too afraid to fulfill your genetic destiny and instead running around “conquering continents.” (I have a full keyboard alpha bingo card after that one) You realize you sound exactly like a Jezebel reading cat lady? Eat pray love your life away. Responsibility and girls are scary.

        9. “So again, too afraid to fulfill your genetic destiny and instead running around “conquering continents.”
          My genetic destiny? lmao–c’mon on man give it up–keep your chains to yourself. If you want to wear it, be proud of it–but don’t try to shame me and other men to follow your footsteps…i mean you can but it’s just not going to work..
          “You realize you sound exactly like a Jezebel reading cat lady?”
          I’ve never been on the Jezebel site–never knew what it was-and I do not care to go on there and find out–What I know is I am a man, and I choose how I live my life–being a prisoner is not one of them–Im giving you freedom–take it–It’s yours–
          “Responsibility and girls are scary.”
          What’s scarier is running a business with over 100 hundred people depending on you for their livelihoods. Over hundred mouths to feed. Now that is scary–
          Pussy farting? Ehh, been there done that–not challenging at this point in my life–but hey nice try though–keep your chains–when you are ready to unshackle them I will be there for you..

        10. 100 person business – BINGO!
          Good thing people like Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, and Edison never had families or they would have been chained up destitute cuckolds. Oh wait…
          On second thought, don’t breed. We don’t need your genes.

        11. Yes because Google apparently was employing thousands right out of the gate
          Because apparently all the great men who achieved mug in their lives who never had any kids apparently had a less fulfilling life then all the others. I guess tesla was a nobody
          Fuck out of here with your bullshit
          I’m done wasting my time responding to your feminist rhetoric

        12. YES! You have constantly referred to the traditional family unit as “chains” and “prison.” You have stated that marriage/family will lead a man to sleeping on the couch, penniless and suicidal. Swap “men” with “women” and your statements would be straight out of Andrea Dworkins playbook.

        13. “YES!”
          If I have, then it should be easy to quote me saying it–
          And yes I see it as having chains, and being in prison–as if many men have not expressed exactly that–
          Yes, it does lead mean to sleep on the couch, penniless, and suicidal–wait are you denying these facts? Are you saying that is false? That does not happen?
          “Swap “men” with “women” and your statements would be straight out of Andrea Dworkins playbook.”
          I have no idea who you are referring to, nor do I care to look her up.

        14. Dude, you can’t be serious? You can’t denigrate something over and over, yet still try to claim with a straight face that you’re cool with it. Over this. Peace.

        15. “Dude, you can’t be serious?”
          In other words you cannot prove your accusation–
          “You can’t denigrate something over and over, yet still try to claim with a straight face that you’re cool with it.”
          Of course I can–A good friend of mine owns a casino in my country–People go in rich, and go out broke–If you ask me “hey what do you think about gambling”–I would say “hey, if you want to gamble feel free, but beware, you might come out poor, you might lose sleep over the money you lost, you might get addicted, and lose everything–but hey you have your choice”
          if said person wants to have a beer–I’ll chat with them–I have no problems with them–If they want to gamble that is their choice–I’m just letting them what the consequences might be–they already know about the reward, so no need to go over that–
          See the difference? But it seems you on the other hand would probably not have a problem if there was a law pass making it illegal to be single and childless.

        16. I do have a question who are these 45+ year old marrying and screwing after they divorce a man at this age?

        17. Howard kind of has a point, you aren’t the first one fucking her, so saying nice guys finish first is non-sense. You can say you are happy and good for you if you are. But don’t pretend you are first in anything when 10 men did it all before in every orifice she has at age 19.

        18. Your hyperbole aside, that is the point I was making. People like you and him define success by something arbitrary like virginity. When I was a young and inexperienced man like you two I put more weight on sex too. Finishing first means a happy, healthy life. Fucking a girl first doesn’t mean shit.

        19. I am not defining success by virginity, but it was you who said you finished first as a nice guy. Howard pointed out you were first in nothing. What you said was at best misleading. Next time say I have a happy, healthy life so I feel good. But saying you finished first is grossly misleading. The guy who fucked her first finished first. You maybe fine with that, cool, but you weren’t first in anything.

        20. No, no and no. Whoever fucked somebody first is inconsequential. They just fucked somebody. The phrase finishing first, in the colloquial sense, means in life, not one specific time in life. Just because a racer hits the first checkpoint first, doesn’t mean he wins the race.
          As I have stated multiple times, you guys are so hung up on this virginity thing, like its some penultimate achievement, that it totally distorts your world view. There’s just so much insecurity lingering in your statements. Really, grow up and stop sweating the small shit.

  11. “Even a married man who got a woman to legally agree to be with him for life must remain ever so emotionally distant from his bride so that she doesn’t get bored and fuck a guy much hotter than him after only a 15 minute session on Tinder.”
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    Men are Jedi. Women are Sith.
    (Beware Star Wars references approach)

    The Jedi Code:

    There is no emotion, there is peace.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    There is no passion, there is serenity.
    There is no chaos, there is harmony.
    There is no death, there is the Force.
    —The Jedi Code
    The Jedi go out into the universe and do their duty diligently. They form lasting respectful bonds with their teachers/mentors/friends/comrades and work to honorably protect those bonds.
    How this relates in real life:
    Most men are looking for an honorable, virginal woman to settle down with and raise children. The more honorable, respectful and innocent she is, the more value she holds. She is protected as such.
    Most men’s dream goal is life is at the age of 80, sitting on the porch of his house on the land he owns. He dreams of playing with his great grandchildren and then peacefully passing away, knowing that he did well in life. He will pass his lands and estate to his family knowing that he made the world better and provided well
    for his family.
    However, most women find the above statement boring and downright nauseating.
    Women are more like the Sith…
    The Sith code:

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

    Sith Rule of two:
    “Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.”
    The Sith master and apprentice relationship is one of antagonism. The Master trains his student knowing that he will betray him one day. The Apprentice trains always looking for weakness in his master so that he overthrow him and usurp his position. But they appreciate this pairing. If the apprentice tries to kill his
    Master and fails, then that means that he was not strong enough to assume power. If the Master is killed, then it means that he deserved it because he allowed it to happen.
    For the sake of the Sith, this works because this guarantees that there is no weakness in the ranks. If a Master is wounded in Battle and the apprentice does not take this opportunity to strike him down, he is deemed inferior and he himself is marked for death.
    It is rumored that Darth Maul lost respect in the eyes of Palpatine because Maul loved him. He did not want to betray him and therefore Palpatine considered him weak and sought a replacement.
    How this relates in real life:
    Most women, when confronted with a good man in their late teens/early twenties resent him. He represents peace, tranquility, stability and therefore boredom. He is the end of her whoredom. He is not exciting. If she does allow herself to be courted, then she will sometimes cheat with the next Bad boy. She will feel no remorse for her actions because in her mind, her
    boyfriend is weak.
    Her internal dialog is: “He is weak. If he kept things exciting then I wouldn’t have to
    cheat. This is the way things should be because he isn’t a Real man. He deserves it.”
    Especially if the Bad boy has more money than her boyfriend. Her internal dialog evolves into: “I need to make sure I am taken care of. If he loved me he would understand. In the end, this will make him better.”
    The reason so many relationships are messed up nowadays is because we have unnatural pairings of Jedi Men dating Sith Women. A peaceful individual can never understand a chaotic one and vice versa. Where the Jedi man sees peace and stability as virtues to be sought and upheld, the Sith Woman sees it as nothing but weakness.
    Weakness that must be punished and stamped out.

    1. We must keep the surly bonds of Earth as prison for the women who have succumbed to the dark side of femininity – feminism. Beyond Earth, space is sacred ground and no strumpet, harlot, slattern or scaled vixen should enter. The spanking will continue here on Earth until the next major tectonic turn on this ‘sickbed for the soul’ we call terra firma.

    2. This post is better than every Star Wars movie ever made, except Empire Strikes Back. Good stuff man!

    3. “Men are Jedi. Women are Sith.”
      Jedi believe in democracy (Obi-Wan Kenobi, “My alliegance is to the Republic, to democracy”) like rebellious children, adulterous women, and effeminate men.
      Sith believe in monarchy (patriarchy) like traditionally men always have.
      The whole premise of Star Wars (and other major films, the patterns repeat again and again) was an inversion of spiritual reality to make evil (relativism) seem good and good (“only a Sith deals in absolutes” like woman was created for man, not man for woman. Sodomy is abomination) to appear evil.
      1. God the Father (the emperor), Jesus the Son of God (Darth Vader: born of a virgin, the “Chosen One” yet rejected by the Jedi/Jews, storms the Temple, etc, etc.)
      2. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker = Antichrist and False Prophet in the future (Book of Revelation), and Azazel and Samyaza/Semyaza in the past (Enoch).
      3. Princess Leia (The Republic/Rebellion) = Mystery Babylon the Great Whore, the rebellion/kingdom of the fallen angels.
      4. The Empire = The Kingdom of Heaven

      The Sith code (the Orthodox Faith):
      Peace (absence of conflict is not shalom/peace which is “a process, an activity, a movement towards fullness”) is a lie (John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you”; Luke 12:51 “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division”; Matthew 10:34, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”), there is only passion (suffering).
      Through passion (Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it”), I gain strength.
      Through strength (2 Corinthians 12:9-10, And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.), I gain power.
      Through power (Philippians 2:12, “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”), I gain victory.
      Through victory (Matthew 11:12, “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.”), my chains are broken (Luke 18:1-8).
      The Force (the Holy Spirit) shall free me (2 Peter 1:4).
      The Jedi are “the goats” who shall be judged on the left hand of Christ, rather than the sheep who shall be on the right. They may obtain spiritual/psychic powers that don’t come from God but rather from the demonic:

      Ewan McGregor asking “What is a Jedi Knight?” is especially ironic (and probably an “in joke”) because he famously played Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel films.

      “it is carried today by the 82nd Airborne in Iraq… it has a spirit to it”

        1. A simple mind needs that the world be explained in black and white, with the shadowy complexities covered up. That “bothersome” feeling is that part of your mind that resists having to overhaul your worldview.

        2. i like it when things are simple. but i don’t quite see what this has to do with anything. i don’t like relativism because i myself often used it and see it used in order to ‘talk away’ emotions and judgments, referring to statements like ‘you are just a little atom in the whole universe.’
          so when i see something i consider useless promoted, it bothers me. what’s the problem?
          edit: ah, you actually got me to remind myself what it is about relativism that i liked as opposed to what i disliked. yes, i am convinced that there are no absolute values; nature in general doesn’t care either way. but one person’s judgment can not be the judgment of nature – one person’s desires are absolute from their point of view. so, in a way, yes, i was simplifying. thanks.

        3. People get confused because they want to follow a moral code. A moral code makes life simple. Unfortunately, morality is logically invalid because it presupposes the existence of God. No God, no morality. Thus, belief in morality ultimately leads to belief in moral relativism. This is the trap that “morality” sets for us. This is what is bothersome because this is an uncomfortable thought.
          So what is the answer? Fortunately, logic provides one: ethics.

        4. the more interesting question would be: what is god? it’s just a word. just like morals. and ethics.
          let’s simplify. i will agree with you that life becomes simple when you live by rules. for me, that ultimately means rational selfishness. if i believe something means a net profit for my life, i do it. if not, i leave it.

        5. Ethics is derived from logic. The same logic that shows morality to be non-existent. It is a common error to think that ethics and morality are synonyms. They are not.
          Thus we can logically determine an ethical code. We cannot do the same with a moral code because you will eventually wind up with competing moral codes and thus moral relativism.

        6. there will always be conflicting rules, depending on the motivations of the people who create them.
          claiming that there can be a code that is optimal for everyone is some kind of psychological egalitarianism.
          i don’t think your distinction between ethics and morals is correct – without an authority on the meaning of words, their meaning is as ambivalent as their usage. but it doesn’t really matter to me.
          do you fancy some particular ethical system?

        7. It is the distinction between the two that was taught to me in philosophy class. Many people use the terms interchangeably which causes confusion. If you look through philosophical texts you will soon see that there is a distinction. Philosophers attempt to avoid contradiction when they “discover” ethics.
          Because a code of ethics not based on God it must resist criticism. Its only basis is that it makes sense and is non-contradictory. It must apply everywhere, to everyone, in every time. It must be universal. If the code is universal then by its very nature it is optimal for everyone.
          Morality not so. Generally, it is based on culture, religion and tradition. As such, people run into trouble when they try to justify morality.
          I favor the ethics of liberty.

        8. i have not learned this distinction, but i will accept it for the scope of our discussion. i think a word can only be as clear as the consensus about it’s meaning – not to say that the represented concept cannot be clear.
          another example where agreement seems not to exist is the distinction between sympathy and empathy. depending on which book i read or whom i ask, they will assign the meaning differently. this is, for me, a clear indication of missing consensus, and so of missing inherent meaning.
          i don’t think there can be one universal and final ethical code, but i am curious about your claim that there can. i’ll look into the ethics of liberty when i feel the need to challenge your statement.
          just out of curiosity:
          if two people grab for the last bagel in the grocery store, which one of them gets it once each of them holds one end of it?
          the one who is on the right side?

        9. Except that anything can logically be argued to be “ethical”. Renaming moral doesn’t change that.
          What you fail to understand is that logic only goes so far. Actions are only logical given the subjective motivation of a person. The motivation itself and the “why” to do things is by no means logical. As such this can be anything and anything can be justified from a subjective view to be logically ethical.
          You really just renamed morality with it.

        10. There is no logic to motivation. Motivation is purely emotional. When you don’t understand that, then you do not understand what logic is.
          Simple example:
          A bonobo jerks off to the sight of a female. His motivation is simply to achieve cheap pleasure. As such it is logical for him to jerk off.
          A chimpanzee is aggressive and attacks another chimpanzee because of a female.
          His motivation is to achieve longterm pleasure and security. As such it isn’t logical to him to simply jerk off now instead.

        11. “Logic” in philosophy is something completely different from the linguistic way you are using it, so in that sense englishbob is right, you really don’t know what you’re saying…
          But Ethics can also be relative and / or rest on different types of logic, whereas morality becomes extremely meaningful when it’s universal. So essentially both of you need to improve your arguments.

        12. Animals have no capacity for logic. You’ve still not convinced me that you understand what logic is.

        13. Are you driven by logic? No? You are driven by emotion and logic is the means to get you what you want.
          This is simply reality.
          As such it is also obvious that certain things that make logical sense in someone’s worldview, wouldn’t make logical sense in someone else’s.
          But I am guessing that you mistake logic to be something that makes a person crave to understand reality.
          This is not true. If a man’s motivation would be to leave reality for a better surreal place for example.
          If he would all of the sudden care about politics even you should deem this illogical regarding his goal.
          You may now say that his goal is factually illogical, but with this you would be contradicting yourself as your goal also only makes emotional, subjective sense. He could say the same.
          As such you can only say that when you apply your goals and values to his way of living he is being illogical.
          Which is still just based on your subjectiveness.

        14. With the first part you are saying absolutely nothing. Be concise.
          “…whereas morality becomes extremely meaningful when it’s universal.”
          That’s is your own subjective opinion.

        15. Why do you keep creating straw men? What I, personally, am driven by, has nothing to do with the definition of logic.

        16. Calling out a “fallacy” doesn’t substitute for an answer. Stop beating around the bush and tell me what’s your definition of logic.
          “Animals have no capacity for logic.”
          You can’t just make this up. Why do animals not have a capacity for logic?
          That aside, it should be obvious that on the topic of ethics derived by logic that we are talking about the logic a human applies to his life. Practically a compass.

        17. Aren’t just mocking me. But yes animals have some degree of logical understanding.
          So can a cat be thought to open doors by the handle and do it will do it on different doors again.
          The only difference being that they are unable to apply it to their life as to give it direction.

      1. Another interesting take- I wish I took an english lit course like this in college…Are jedis siths are siths jedis???

      2. LoL Wow, I never viewed it as such, but I think you are right. So do you think the movies/series were all liberal propaganda? I always took the Empire to represent big totalitarian government.

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      3. I really had my suspicions when that line, “only a Sith deals in absolutes”, was spoken.
        I support the Jedi like Ryu, but at the same time, I too, believe in absolutes.
        Your comparison is good, it really gets me thinking…

      4. I was literally thinking about this yesterday. This also ties in with the gnostic/ luciferian beliefs, which is that the biblical God is actually evil and overly controlling, and Lucifer was trying to free mankind from him through knowledge and light.

        1. George Lucas was a big fan of New Age philosopher, so-called shaman and Tensegrity cult leader Carlos Castaneda, whose best-selling books described his spiritual journey as an apprentice to a Yaqui sorcerer which have been recently revealed to be an elaborate hoax.
          Nevertheless, he was a household word back in the 70’s and Lucas incorporated many of his teachings, as well as Gnostic and Masonic themes into his movies.

      5. Lucifer is also portrayed as part man part woman, and nowadays men are being made effeminate and woman being made masculine. Just another example of perversion of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs.

        1. As a spiritual being, fallen or not, it would have no gender as we know it. But Lucifer has masculine traits assigned to it, so “he” is also somewhat appropriate.

    4. i can appreciate both sides. i like the sith apprenticeship concept, because it is always in favor of strength. ironically, i think that it requires a lot of serenity, because passion would get in the way of all the rational evaluation of your own and your master’s weakness without being obstructed by pride.
      it takes serenity to accept defeat by a stronger man instead of wanting something for yourself.
      neither the jedi nor the sith viewpoint in itself is really a realistic way to live. that said, it is fiction; that’s the purpose it serves, nothing more.
      your comparison is bad. jedis crave not to be attached to things, yet you compare it to men who want to bind a woman to themselves.

      1. I think you nailed it.I read the jedi and sith codes, both can serve a man depending the circumstances. And what if, the way to go is to incorporate the two? thus keeping an asset contrary to women who rely on only the sith code.
        We all should crave serenity, knowledge, harmony and (inner) peace. (Forget the last one, doesn’t mean a thing to me.. except if you are buddhist)
        And use passion (just to carefully choose one.. for example self development, making a good body etc.) to acquire strength, power,
        constant progress (instead of victory.. over what ? who ? and for how long ?).
        And morevover, treating relationship through a sith’s point seems more realistic and more red pill : You bond with a girl, you share things but keep in mind that you must never lower the defence)

        1. The problem is that women rely solely on men for passion and excitement. Men love drama too but we want it in the form of sports, music, etc. Bottom of the ninth inning, two outs, down a run is drama. The Super Bowl is drama. Skydiving and racing is drama. We dont want that kind of drama in our homes but women do. I would imagine that women with hobbies or jobs that excite them are probably much better in relationships because they get their adrenaline released outside the home.

      2. “jedis crave not to be attached to things, yet you compare it to men who want to bind a woman to themselves.”
        Not so much. I think men desire peace and serenity in their lives (naturally like the jedi) They want to bind themselves to women because they believe that will help foster this peace. We usually only adopt the Sith way due to a woman’s capricious nature.
        Tell me, would you rather have:
        1. A good, honest woman (aka unicorn) that was a 100% loyal and did not make you jump through hoops, or
        2. A woman where you always have to work to keep her interested. (Run game 24/7 )
        I (and think a lot of men here) would rather naturally have the first choice. It’s only after taking the red pill (which this world forces you to do) do you adopt the Sith code.
        Most men take the Sith path, not because they want to, but because if you want women you have to.

    5. There are a lot of Sith Men as well. I was Sith for a long time and it has it’s perks. I wish I could have remained on the dark side but I have something called a conscience. I believe that BOTH the potential for unspeakable cruelty and selfless kindness exist in each individual human. The incentives in society, the rewards and punishments, that is another thing entirely. When I decided to leave the dark path I lost it all. My friends and my spiritual powers abandoned me.
      U.S. Society favors psychopaths and sociopaths. Entire networks of secret societies that rule over us practice blood sacrifice. I don’t want to go all Alex Jones conspiracy crazy here but as a former practitioner of the left hand path I’ll tell you these vampires are real. I can’t say for sure what they are but I know for a fact spiritual beings DO exist. Parasites that feed on us like prey. After more than a decade testing my theories I feel comfortable in that assertion. To ensure continuity of the state human bodies must die. Their life must be extinguished because of the first law of thermodynamics.
      I have a hypothesis that our entire species may be haunted by dark matter parasites and that we are too primitive to escape their farming of us. This is the intersection where the matrix meets the occult world. I don’t want to profit off our slavery. I want to SMASH the matrix. I don’t even care about getting laid or having a family anymore. I just want OUT.
      How do you hit something you can’t see or touch? I’m not sure. I have a few ideas but they are premature. I do have one red pill truth to drop however and that is that prayer does help. I give the Abrahamics a lot of shit because their so called “God” tried to fuck me over but I realize now that we are in a heretical period. This is our Great War. It’s a spiritual one. This is a dark age my friend.
      May God have mercy on our souls. Stay strong bro and always remember the dark side isn’t all powerful it only seems that way. The Light is more powerful but it has less recruits. The Darkness is much more seductive… I sigh a bit but perhaps this is futile. Maybe this conflict can never be solved. Perhaps this is what defines us and if so there is only one final solution. Liberation

    6. Surprisingly good analogy, but I do think some men want to sport fuck too, and we have atleast three different interests.
      Novelty pussy,
      Multiple girls
      One virginal one pure to settle with and sire good children.
      I think most people opt out of the first two either by lack of ability or lack of ambition.
      The perfect state of affairs would be to combine the second and third, and have (if the crappy marriage laws were Reversed, no 50:50 crap) a situation where you have two or three wives. By removing the fiscal responsibility or having a better and favourable financial system in place a man could take care of the excess women in the world (more girls born than boys) and satisfy their own masculine need for novelty within a companion type relationship.
      It’s no wonder that this type of coupling is banned by the state, because it works so well. Women hate competing with each other but are better because of it. If they think they’re number 1 they get lazy.
      Remove some of the social nets protecting them and I think this arrangement would free up money time and space.
      If a used up woman was wife number 3 or 4, she would would recognise she is low on value in the totem pole and that in exchange for the companionship she so desires in a man after being used up she’s gotta come with more than anyone else. So wife number 3 or 4 would be used for just kinky crazy stuff that you’d never get away with or want to do to wife number 1 or 2 (mothers of your children)
      This is a very easy system to maintain when the government is not artificially interfering in the market and cultural abnormalities stop being promoted so heavily by the lefty media.
      Instead of multiple wives we have this mess the left calls polygamy, which reduces all of the rights of Man and calls for this messy cuckoldy type situation where fat multi coloured hair women get to abuse themselves with any number of herbs or low aiming men. They never get to taste the loss they should taste from debasing themselves so thoroughly

        1. It worked up to a point. His recent mess with the tail he was chasing where he wanted to exclusively marry her (at her insistence) was a bit of a shambles.
          I think she ended up leaving him for some random guy too, and then got back with him and then left or something

      1. When she thinks she is #1 she gets lazy… That is the key to the whole thing. Never let her feel too comfortable…..

      2. That said, you open a whole kettle of fish with polygamy. What about when, as the women naturally gravitate to the top 5% of men/richest men, so many others are left with nothing? That would suggest polygamy can lead to an increase in Hypergamy, not a reduction.

    7. There is a slight flaw in your logic and this is borne out by your conclusion. Men are Jedi, women are Sith, therefore the pairing of men and women is unnatural, furthermore the pairing of men with men is natural. So do you suggest men should be homosexual? You would not be the first man on this site to unwittingly suggest this.

      1. Of course not. Perhaps my initial statement should have been Some men are jedi, Some women are sith. Therefore, some can get together and be fine and others cannot. But I figured most here on ROK would get it without me having to break it down that far.

        1. I can only go by what you say, not by what you mean, especially since there are numerous guys on here verging on justifying homosexuality with their arguments and complaints about women.

    8. This is a concise summary of game. The real question in how did a sexless computer nerd who wrote books all day figure this out?

    9. I would usually dismiss an allegory between Star Wars and the modern dating scene as trite and nerdy, but….this is SPOT ON.
      Your observation of most NORMAL men’s deepest desire (a peaceful, pastoral existence on a large piece of land somewhere with a loving, pretty wife with blonde hair whose parents raised her to be a good mother and affectionate, submissive wife) is not that far from the truth.
      I mean, what man wouldn’t want that? Yes, there will always be the untameable alphas who will never ever settle down, but I am thinking of normal men: the kind of men who actually build and sustain families, the core of healthy civilizations.
      I think most men….heck, even most players would settle down for a quiet married life to a feminine, submissive, virgin “8” if the opportunity presented itself.
      However, for women, their deepest desires (especially in the modern age where they are enabled to a shocking degree) is seemingly to screw as many cold, aloof men as possible and only then settle down to pump out 1.4 children she had with a financially stable beta whom she will latest divorce.
      I have dated and hooked up with enough women to have seen the dark, hypergamous tendencies of women and it has disillusioned me to the point where I will only consider marriage if it’s in my 30’s to a traditional farm girl from a small town in Poland or a cute Filipina.

  12. I don’t understand the majority of articles geared in this manner. Game can be summed up in two words (learned this from my old man): Benign Neglect.
    One doesn’t have to be emotionally damaged to find a solid woman. If this article is satire, then I understand… if this is meant to be serious, then I’m confused because I thought Roosh was a professional Puss Hound?

    1. Care to expound on what “benign neglect” means? The article is true, and yes it’s possible to bang hundreds of sluts a year, one only has to suppress ones feelings, treat women poorly, act uninterested and bored, and they will spread their legs and beg you to bang them.
      Being a “professional puss hound” as you put it, is simply mimicking the behaviours of an emotionally damaged sociopath which makes women drop their pants and screw you. Is this what you would call “finding a solid woman”?

      1. Benign neglect- Always keeping them an arms length away. Have a life and friends and if you have plans to do something before she asks you to. Always stay true to your earlier commitment.
        No need to be sociopathic, she is usually the second option. Your a happening guy with options.

      2. One does not have to “treat women poorly”, that’s a dumb generalization and has zero merit. Knowing how to Neglect women in a benign manner is a completely different story though.
        “”Being a “professional puss hound” as you put it, is simply mimicking the behaviours of an emotionally damaged sociopath which makes women drop their pants and screw you.””
        No, it does not. Being a professional puss hound simply means you understand women. Rooshes’ article is satirical I imagine.

        1. “One does not have to “treat women poorly”, that’s a dumb generalization and has zero merit.”
          You go out, and do a survey, and ask your female associates if they ever slept with a “bad boy” that treated them poory–and let us know the result–
          In fact, you can ask this board how many of these guys, knew a girl that was banging some guy that was treating them like crap? Should be fun–

      1. Your mind is obviously made up so why should I bother sharing my opinion since you don’t believe they exist… waste of breath on my part

    2. He’s a professional pussy and mangina. Let him tell you why he couldn’t get laid when he was in Denmark and his lame brained Jante code excuse. He’d never get me wet and those Danish girls felt the same way.

      1. I read his book. He did get laid though he had to work hard for it. But he had a problem with the entitled attitudes and masculine behavior of the danish women, which according to him are even worse than the american women.
        Of course, being a danish woman and all, you will disagree. You are being put on a pedestal here in denmark because the Danish men have no options. Give them options, and you will be less important than yesterdays news.

    3. You are right about that. But you have to go outside the west to find one. Of course if you go to Asia or Southamerica, you can find a beautiful woman in her prime who will take you even if you are a nice beta boy who treats her right. But here, forget it. You can get her when she is in her mid thirties and still need to check “kids and marriage” on her things to do list. Note that those things are always LAST on the list. I don’t believe you want to know what came before.

      1. Yes, I have married a high quality woman from Thailand.
        This was after some terrible experiences with western women.

  13. I’m right there with you. Of all the rejection, all the pain I’ve taken in my red pill Game journey, the only pain that can never go away is the fact that no matter how much I improve myself, no matter how rich I get or no matter how smart and wise I become, I will still lose out nearly every single time to a man who calls her a slut and slaps her in the face. She will still be insanely in love with him decades afterwards, and will forget me the moment I have served my purpose. That is the REAL red pill and unfortunately, I can never become as evil as those other guys because it is not the kind of person I am.

    1. Stop putting these skanks up on a pedestal and treat them like they deserve to be treated then.
      You’ve got to get over the idea that somehow being kind to some piece of trash who’s only good for one thing is a virtue.

      1. I’ve come to the same conclusion about women, after having dated and fucked way across the globe. I can’t think of one redeeming feature they have once you learn to see them for what they really are.
        Ergo, they get exactly what they deserve. It’s only unfortunate that in our socialist paradise they don’t have any repercussions for their insanity. At least in the majority of human history they had to act the part of wife and mother instead of being given carte blanche by Big Daddy Government. The mask is off and woman is truly a hideous creature. The obscene waste of resources she causes on a finite planet and the human wreckage she leaves behind speaks volumes about her.
        I’m not feeling guilty for using an immoral entity for pleasure and reproductive purposes. I stand by my children, but I’ll never stand by the bitch who has the hole they happened to come out of.

        1. I just like to get them all riled up and watch them scream at me all day.
          “Hey guess what sweetheart, I got what I wanted out of you and I won the chess match before it even began. There is nothing you can do about it.”
          That sucks you have kids. Good luck.

        2. None in the USA. Not playing the state mandated slavery game.
          I too enjoy watching them go into a hamster wheel nuclear core meltdown when they realize you’ve learned their games and played them on a 3D chess level while they can only play checkers.

        3. I feed off their hatred as you can see. Glad to know whatever I’m doing is working heheh.
          I think these girls see the bigger picture but just don’t want to, preferring to cry and whine just like your children surely do.

        4. I used to get a slight hint of regret before I did or said something to a girl that is considered horribly evil by today’s standards.
          Then I thought about how many chump dudes she likely used abused and left out to dry with nary a pang of guilt.
          Then I felt a warm glow of fuzzies come over me.
          I am a fucking hero.

        5. Can you give a general overview of how this would work, like how do you know when to dump them and pull out. You pick the girl up and then what?

        6. Dressing girls down really hard with words like breaking them.
          Then flipping to kindness when they comply.
          Making up random shit and blaming them for it and really getting in to it.
          Being super bold towards other women when she is with you.
          My last gf a few months in and I’m out with her and my boy who picks up this 19 yr old with a fake id at this bar. The chick was into me for what reason I don’t know but I suppose cuz I just didn’t give a fuck.
          We end up at this other guys condo and at some point me and the other girl are on the balcony everyone else inside.
          Well this girl puts her feet up on the glass guard wall, looks at me and says I feel like bein slutty.
          Green light so I start finger bangin her and bam out walks the gf!
          “You were making out with her!”
          And I hadn’t made out with her so I was like “Nope”.
          A bunch of whining but I banged her good that night and pacified her.

        7. What do you mean by “dressing girls down really hard with words like breaking them?” What kind of random shit would you make up to blame them for ?
          Sorry for my noob question

        8. Really it can be anything you imagine. Sometimes the more outlandish the better.
          If you are looking for more in depth discussion you should check out juliens videos on devalidation You can find them at rsdnation.com
          Or search julien rsd on YouTube. This guy is on some next level shit

      2. “Stop putting these skanks up on a pedestal and treat them like they deserve to be treated then.”
        Good point. But still, it used to be that having sex with a chick who cared about you because of your decency was a hell of a lot more fulfilling than having to literally give them the abuse they crave just to get the same respect. Women have demoted themaselves to prety much animals.

        1. Yeah, well the good ol’ days are gone for all of us, so we can forget about that “good girl” fantasy. The culture has been “changed”. Good women no longer exist.
          Maybe I’m just fucked up in the head, I dunno… but I get off on making bad people feel like shit. It’s a sick world, so make the best of it right.
          It’s like 50 cent said about the kid on the playground who doesn’t want to fight is going to get his ass kicked, but if he comes out swinging people inevitably have to respect that.
          I’m going to play the game how it goes.

        2. “Good women no longer exist”
          Most guys really don’t understand this. They keep thinking their “unicorn” will arrive someday. She will be different, and wouldn’t do this, or do that to him. It took me a while to get that out of my mind. Red pill is a pain.
          “I’m going to play the game how it goes.”
          Go ahead, and keep playing. The question remains, what are you playing for? Who are you playing for?
          As for many of us we decided to stop playing–We are just going our own way……..

        3. “, it used to be that having sex with a chick who cared about you because of your decency was a hell of a lot more fulfilling than having to literally give them the abuse they crave just to get the same respect. Women have demoted themaselves to prety much animals”

      3. His issue isn’t one of softness, or putting women on a pedestal, its one of basic human decency. I suspect he may be a racial minority or historically poor white or disadvantaged group or at least sympathsize with them. Many of them as oppresed people cannot oppress others or mistreat others, it just isn’t in them.
        Its easy to be bad and mistreat people, it takes a strong man to treats humans with dignity even those who don’t deserve it, and its hard for a strong man to act weak.

      1. Fucking women against the wall is all well and good…
        The problem imo is that if you’re an ambitious man who wants more than to be a street kid his whole life, any women can threaten society’s wrath on you and no one cares if you’re a good man or not.
        Fucked her against the wall and she changed her mind? RAAAAPE!!!! Too busy with work??? She cheats on you and you’re a loser who didn’t give her enough attention. Too busy taking care of family and friends??? She left and you need to get your “life together.” You get caught laughing at a dumb joke on camera??? You lose your job.
        None of women’s bullshit would matter if society wasn’t so ready to throw men under the bus.

        1. That’s why as as straight men, we have to always look out for ourselves first. Not one person truly gives a shit about a modern straight man. Everyone else in the world is catered to and get special benefits if they want. Always, ALWAYS take care of yourself and your needs first because nobody else will. The bonus is, women will respect you for living that way. Not up front maybe, but they will. Just like anything redpill, society in general will call us selfish, assholes, and whatever other derogatory term they can come up with. They don’t even realize that in today’s world, we must be selfish and assholes if we want any kind of life resembling what we want. There are no handouts or special programs for hard working single straight men who just want to live a successful happy life.

        2. I agree, but unfortunately this is the reality that exists now so it’s better to accept how things are and deal with them appropriately than pine for the days of old.

        3. Yup slap a woman and fuck her roughly its so easy to claim rape, its like give them what they want and you are punished.

        4. After our gruesome breakup I remember all my ex had to do was tell our supervisor (we worked in the same place at the time) that I was abusive to her and she got a month off vacation… And I had the department breathing down my neck for a year…
          Maybe I was that weird rare case, or maybe it’s no coincidence that men are “going their own way.”

    2. do you hold pride in being a good person? that has always been my weakness and i see it in many people. deep down, they are proud of being “right” and therefore, they expect others to reciprocate their own stupid selflessness and act like weaklings without realizing it.

      1. Yes I do. I take pride in not stealing, not initiating violence (I will defend myself), not being malevolent in general and being aware and empathetic with other peoples’ feelings MOST of the time.
        The character I play for pickup is an irreverent amoral asshole. It pains me that it has worked so well and who I truly am is so ineffective in today’s dating market. My count is in triple digits and I’ve never even bought a girl a drink unless she was my girlfriend already. In a sane society that kind of behavior should not be rewarded. But men will do whatever is rewarded with pussy. That used to be hard work and sacrifice. Now it’s aloofness and Game.
        Even in the last five years alone, women have gone down the fucking gutter and they can fuck you and forget who you are on the drive home from your house.
        Maybe that is why they prefer men with no redeeming qualities–because they have none themselves and like attracts like. This article hit me harder than anything else Roosh has written.

  14. Well written article. I lost my virginity at 16 and was instinctually using game to get laid but even then 20 yrs ago women seemed not fit for much outside of fucking.
    I remember a girl I met off AOL when I was 21 who told me she was 18 and a virgin. She invited me over while her parents were at work one day and I remember her showing me a belt she had that said “princess” on it.
    Within an hour of knowing her I had fucked her on her little brothers bed, cock slapped her and made her tell me she loved this dick. I think any reader can understand now she was definitely no virgin and her age I have doubts about as well. Regardless a fine young piece of ass.
    Later that year I did a 180 became a Christian and attended a non denominational church. At which point I became voluntarily celibate for 5 yrs. I was brainwashed into believing a special chaste religious girl would see my virtue and faith and want to have a family.
    After seeing the horribly low options of fat single mothers and undercover whorish pretenders the church put up on offer coupled with some of the insanely effeminate males I encountered I finally hit the high road and never looked back.
    Then I found the red pill, Roissy’s blog being the first and I went on an amazing journey of dominating bitches in every possible way and doing all sorts of funny shit just to have funny stories to tell my friends.
    Like roosh illustrates, I also have found that the worse I treat a girl the harder she clings to me. At this point in my life I simply can’t turn it off any more. I loathe the thought of giving them anything they could use against me. I detest the very idea of nice.
    I don’t know if I am naturally like this because when I was a nice guy and brainwashed in the church it seemed natural at the time.
    I am a dickhead because being concerned for women had them see you as weak. If one thing is certain it’s that they are definitely weaker than me.
    I have grabbed girls by throat whom I just met and play choked them, made out with girls in front of their bf’s, grabbed girls out from groups of chodes and immediately taken them to the dance floor to pull their hair, choke them , make out and finger them.
    I did shit like this for years and still do to some degree but now I find myself lamenting the state of women and just feeling this kind of fatigue from it all.
    I truly would rather establish some real connection first and build things slowly. Then I snap out of my fantasy and laugh. I guess I’ve seen and experienced too much. They just aren’t worth all that effort.
    It’s too easy for me to get rewarded doing fucked up shit so I’m gonna keep doin it.

    1. Wow, great experience from two extremes of the dating market. If there is one truth revealed from all this it is that being a dick and not caring about them is the correct way to behave because they are literally not worth your thought or concern, and any emotional efforts expended on them will be wasted.

    2. Dude, your experience has really parallels with my own. I had a first love thing in highschool (made it in when I was 14 and she was 15) that lasted nearly until graduation. Her mom died, we broke up and I went to war. I banged over 30 chicks (about half of which were 7s or better) during my 5 years of active service.
      Then I fucked up.
      I found one I thought was “different” because she was super hot, smart, and had solid “girl game” – and I look back on it now. When we first hooked up I had got out of the service and (to my shame) was broke as hell, unemployed, and living with my mom. I had a motorcycle and drank a lot. And she “put up with it.”
      I used to run dread game and make her try for years to earn a ring from me and take my name and shit. Eventually I got it together and started making over 150k a year. VERY SOON after I basically agreed (no ring, but verbal agreement) to marry her and began running beta ass provider ‘game’ she fucked another dude – I caught her, and cut sling load. See she didn’t “feel it anymore.”
      I remember my blue pill thinking when I agreed and it went something like this: I’ve been such a dick to her while she has done everything to please me. I need to make an honest woman out of her. She stood by me when I was a broke ass unemployed loser. She was loyal and shit… surely she has earned something better. Wrong. She was with me precisely BECAUSE I was a fucking dickhead and treated her like shit. They very moment (after YEARS together) I started switching to blue pill beta shit she lost all the tingles. When the attraction goes, the respect and fear goes, and then the pussy is right behind it. Lesson learned. Lesson staying learned.

      1. Fucked up how she sticks to the bad boy, then converts him to be a nice, respectable blue pill beta, then dumps him.
        The good guy is always what these stupid women say they want. Then when you ask them why they still go after the douchebags, the come up with the stupidest answer, “I don’t know.”

      2. You got it man. My last relationship ended because I didn’t care to fuck her anymore.
        I’ve realized that no matter how hot the girl is, I will tire of the same ole same ole rather quickly.
        You are correct in that the woman must fear your presence or lack thereof more than anything else and it must be a palpable fear.
        If she doesn’t feel this strongly towards you then she is going to feel that way about someone else whom is plundering that pussy with reckless abandon.
        In relationships I have learned there is always a dominant and submissive. That is just human nature it seems.

        1. Been there done that. I completely understand what your saying. If you got bored of fucking the same chick you probably didn’t really loved her, and you thought she wasn’t worth your commitment, but she just was convenient for the sex. She was there whenever you needed to F a vajj raw.
          A lot of men with a dry-spell can’t understand this. “tired of sex?” Yes. You get tired of sex with the same person, just like you get tired of hearing the same song for the 400th time.

      3. Very good post man, but I gotta know. How did you go from broke to $150 a year? How long did it take and what experience did it require? Was it easy to get into to?
        I’m at the same point now wondering what the f**k do I do to dig myself out of the hole I’m in.

        1. It wasn’t an immediate transition but I basically leveraged my military experience to become a security consultant for a british corporation. So it’s not something that anyone could basically walk into. You need a security clearance, background,etc. But there is always another way to skin a cat

      4. Could you expand on what good girl game consist of? Us men need to ban together so we can see this shit ahead, we need to be one step ahead like chess.

        1. Sure. Just as “game” in the conventional sense involves measure of duplicity, so does ‘girl game.’ A man uses game to emphasize his best qualities and to conceal his negative ones, and in some cases to be completely disingenous about his history his motives etc… he will make him self seem more “alpha” than he may actually be in order to get his goal – pussy. So with woman. She will make herself appear more sweet, submissive, prudish, and “good girl” than she actually is in order to secure what SHE wants, typically – emotional commitment and the resources that come with them.
          She will adapt herself to the male’s particular tastes and desires in order to win him over and get what she wants. The answer is to recognize these traits and completely inoculate yourself against them but carefully analyzing her behavior and committing to being non-committal, if that makes sense.

        2. So are no girls sweet, submissive, prudish and “good girl” or is there a way to recognize the phonies?
          And what is emotional committment she is trying to get from the man?

        3. There must be. But a mathematician would consider your odds of finding one to be “statistically insignificant.” As far as vetting them, I don’t know mate. Practice and experience I suppose. Almost all women want emotional commitment from men. They want you invest emotionally because thats how they get you to give them things.

        4. Knew a girl who was like that, had guys eating out of her hands because she knew how to play them, make little moaning noises when she was talking to a guy she wanted to show interest in her, the works. Messed with my head and a buddy of mine, there is definitely such a thing as girl game.

      5. Also what do you do in the long run, you can never have a successful relation in the long run unless you act in a manner contrary to man’s own nature (nice and decent)

      6. Last paragraph looks recognizable. First the “feels” go away (some irrational woman mystery thing) and then the respect is gone (texting other men behind your back from various places, either workplace or Tinder) Those men are eager to hop in. A “damaged” or bored woman is the easiest to lay, every man unconsciously knows that. Then the sex you normally get goes to them, not long after the break up. Let’s say two weeks. And you are thinking.. what the hell just happened here. In the end it’s you that is overthinking the relationship. Somewhere you made a mistake in keeping her interested. Where you to nice to her, or did you push the asshole behavior to much? You can’t figure it out, and you shouldn’t. Keeping balance in a relationship nowadays is harder than training a flea-circus. In the west having a relationship is futile with women having so much options to monkey-branch.

      7. “I’ve realized that no matter how hot the girl is, I will tire of the same ole same ole rather quickly”
        For me it’s simply bothersome to have to be so shitty to a female in order to get respect and sex from her. I’ll do what I have to do, but it’s depressing no doubt.
        Proof positive that the human species is a evolutionary flawed animal.

      1. I think it takes a long time to get these mindsets dialed in….took me 5-10 years to get the whole picture.
        you can make the process quick by getting tons of reference experiences in a short time a.k.a COLD APPROACH.

        1. during that cold approach process, do you think i would have a better learning effect actively applying that bad boy behavior or rather letting my old habits rule and learn from the pain? as far as i can control it, obviously. what would be the strategy?

        2. cold approach will take care of everything bro….even things that you can’t comprehend at this stage.there are certain things that you just cannot learn in social circle game.
          It is indeed the fastest way to shed your old habits. it’s a no brainer that you start incorporating badboy behavior in your GAME. At first, the results won’t be there since you need the mindset as well(which only comes after applying and failing and re-applying again)…your old habits will come back from time to time…..but in the end everything comes together.
          make sure you are approaching everyday.
          I’d recommend at least 10 approaches a day.

        3. This is where I go skeptical on game. I just don’t see 10 women a day in real life that I’d want to approach. I see 1 or 2 per month. I don’t like practicing on women I’m not attracted to.

        4. that is the way things work man….I had to go through a certain number of unattractive average looking girls (around 40-50) before fucking the ones that I did find attractive.
          what it did is built up my confidence in all three stages of seduction.got me comfortable with cold approach in various scenarios…..tried all my new techniques and tactics on them….got good at sex…(was a 2 minute guy) and a lot more.
          think of it like football….first you become good among your mates…then at local level…then city level….then district level…then state level…then national level and international and beyond.
          if you want the 9’s and 10’s you gotta start at 5’s and 6’s and then work your way up

      2. I don’t think I’m genetically predisposed to it.
        I just at one point realized that I am better than almost everyone in many ways. While there are men I can find some common ground and respect for, when it comes to women I know I am superior.
        This allows me to behave in ways that a lot of people would call mean, evil, etc but the truth is I just deal with them practically and place no untrue expectations on them.
        Basically when it comes to women I always expect them to act in their most base and crass nature. In this respect I am never disappointed and always on top.
        Plus they are all so fucking generic in their behavior they are easily predictable.

        1. that’s really good advice, actually. i myself find that when i fine-tune my expectations to reality, i don’t mind any kind of pain or humiliation.
          it’s idealism that gets in the way more often than not.

        2. You are correct about idealism.
          Leave that to youthful retards and women.
          When we become men we put away childish things. Now there remains for us only the cold embrace of an unmarked grave that no one gives two shits about and forgets about years after you die.
          Remember women owe us nothing. The world owes us nothing. So we owe it nothing as well. Do your best to make sure it gets jack shit from you and you try to extract whatever you might from her and this gay earth. Do not feel bad or apologize for it either.
          This is the law of nature and a return to the fucking Serengeti is what these cunts wanted.
          I aim to give them that with each bitch I smack over the head with my billy club.

      1. The way the religion is structured now is just a reflection of the anti male hatred which is prevalent in Western societies.
        Excuses are always made for females and there is always forgiveness for them no mater what.
        But the men need to man up and lift these sluts up!

        1. “But the men need to man up and lift these sluts up”
          So true.
          Today’s christianity is that of self sacrifice and literally self extermination. This is a major reason why politicians can bring in millions of lower primates and dump then all over europe and get away with it. Of course the germans and austrians are plagued with post holacaust guilt, but the rest of cristian europe is like cristian usa: they’ve adopted a mentality of ‘turn the other cheek and let your enemy strike you again’ mentality. That along with feeling bad for having a culture function and work.
          Cristians lost their tribalism and with it their future.

      2. Any pastor who teaches red pill would be considered an extremist like Osama. He’ll lose his job. Other congregations would ostracize his church. Assimilate or be destroyed. Resistance is futile.

        1. Not only that but any pastor that truly preaches gods word is ostracized and kicked out because he doesn’t preach about pro$perity. It’s sad. No wonder Muslims are growing so fast.

      3. Also because women tend to be more religious in general. I mean older women, like most of the church goers are older women, so the mangina priest don’t want to scare off the older women by saying younger women are sluts. So they blame the man, men get all the blame, although I think catholic are not so bad. The problem with them is they are tellig you no sex before marriage, but where you going to find this magical virgin bride, most the girls with looks worth a damn were screweing in the hall way or the bathroom or at house parties in grade 10.

    3. If you don’t have sex by 3rd date, or earlier if they escalate, then they think something is wrong and they move on to the next guy who spams them on their smart phone. So where is the opportunity to build “real connection” even if you wanted to? Smart phones have changed the social landscape, women now think about sex like ordering pizza for home delivery that they don’t have to pay for.

        1. That’s bullshit. People can fake their way through 3 dates. You end up fucking somebody you know nothing about, trying to convince yourself there was something real so you feel less shallow about it.

      1. You are absolutely correct.
        All the more reason for men to be absolute assholes and entitled pricks that waste no time and establish strong boundaries rather quickly.
        You wrap them up in your reality and then make it too dangerous or just plain boring to escape

    4. This is the problem with women, they NEVER reward you, you cannot find just a normal fucking women who will be happy living a normal life unless she is a land whale. They always got to create drama and act like a fool. So you have to be a fool too.

    1. I do not know how many times I’ve heard this from personal associates of mine. The same story over, and over. While in my blue pill days, I thought those women were the gems of the earth.
      In the end, if you are going to settle, most likely you will be with someone that have been turned upside down, and fucked every other way in her prime by those guys. You get to pick up where they left off. Good luck with wearing other men’s underwears.

    2. And once the ‘fix’ is complete it’s time to file papers and go find another project on the ‘fixed’ guy’s dime.

  15. I guess I can understand better now why blue pillers act the way they do. At one point in time, I would have said the same thing to respond to this article. “The author is wrong, girls are not like that, they want a good guy, someone to treat them with respect, and who is nice to them. Someone to treat them like they deserve.”
    I think for many of us on this site, we know those girls, the “good girls”, who, over and over, just keeping on fucking those “bad” boys. Even when they are getting smack in the face, they still return to them. I did not understand it, and at times I was confused by it, even now, just does not make much sense. But hey, that’s what we have here.
    Whenever a girl tells you her number does not matter, and it’s none of your business, here is a response: If a man proposed to you with an expensive ring, and you know this ring belonged to x number of women in the past, would you still take it and put it on?
    Women want to fuck, and yes even your sweet precious, want to fuck the bad boys. Keep thinking that you have someone special and that she wouldn’t do xyz because she’s innocent. It’s better to live in that world. Once you wake up, going back is rather an impossible task.

    1. But it’s not that women are nymphos who crave sex all the time. The sex they so easily give away is merely to give them more power and control. Watch as they marry how their desire for sex instantly evaporates. Sex is merely a tool for them. If they were simply out of control sex freaks, at least we could use that to our advantage, but it’s not so. They do, however, get off on the most extreme perverse and degrading forms of sex, the kinds which most husbands have a hard time wanting to do to the mother of their children.

      1. “The sex they so easily give away is merely to give them more power and control.”
        It took me a long to understand something, and when I say it to my female friends I love their reactions.
        Men fuck, and women get fucked. We are the fuckers, and they will never become (well unless you’re into women putting a dildo on and fuck you in the ass–shit’s nasty) the ones that are doing the fucking. Even when they’re are on top, they are the ones getting drilled. My female associates always had the most repulsive look on their faces, and I enjoy it.
        At the end of the day, women have power because men let them have it. I always assert myself from the get go and let her know where I stand, and what I expect. If she doesn’t like it, I do not waste my time. Before, I was the guy that puts the pussy on the pedestal. Mangina, or whatever other names you can call me.
        Waking just fucks your head. You know too much–you understand too much–so the whole power issue–that is on us to fix that

        1. Good point.
          I always thought of women’s behaviour as reflective of the most dominant man in her life. IF her father had no “hand”, had no respect, she probably learned early on to get her way. That only passed on to her future dating career and if no guy ever put the foot down, she would have never found out how good it really feels to be dominated (not just sexually, but on all levels).
          Then again even that gets old, and they move on sometimes, so what do i know.

      2. The apalling things women do are only to apall the beholder. They mirror you. Keep your women muzzled. They are utinsils for reproducing primarily.

  16. attraction is a conundrum.
    I’ve seen a lot of good girls want to reform these bad boys and a lot of good guys want to reform these sluts. if both sexes don’t get out of that cycle, they only end up damaged themselves, passing on that damage to the next person.
    i’ve been hurt (i’m sure everyone on this board) has and i’ve passed that hurt on to the next girls. thing is it doesn’t last. not for me, i’m too zen.
    i see girls like businesses. you try and you fail, you learn the lessons, you use them and pass them on for something better. you minimze the risk, maximize the reward and you live your life.

    1. “i see girls like businesses.”
      Good way to view it. My father once told me marriage is a business relationship. It only works if both parties keep up their side of the agreements and olbigations (spoke and unspoken).

      1. the whole marriage being a business is what i always thought about.
        but I was always shunned for expressing the same by society.
        Nevertheless being born a man….We should consider ourselves lucky that we are born with the gift of logic to survive.Never forget that guys.
        This is the biggest weapon in our arsenal. Sometimes the greatest of men out their fail to use it.

        1. Funny you mention this. I work with this gal and she tells me that she thinks like men do and because she thinks logically. She thinks the other women at work are clueless idiots with MBA degrees. I bust on her at times saying she’s going to go Bruce Jenner on me now. She does have her woman moments too herself.
          Women do hate other women. They hide it well, but every now and then it slips.

  17. I remember it like it was yesterday.
    I was watching a documentary on what they call “loverboys” ( pimps, basically ), older, almost universally immigrant ( muslim ) men who “groom” young girls for group sex/gangbangs/prostitution. Up until then I had always fully bought into the narrative that these men were supremely evil and the girls blameless victims.
    But during this documentary girl after girl after girl followed the exact same pattern:
    – None of them turned their pimp in, it was always some nosy social worker, teacher or relative.
    – They were deeply, madly in love with their pimp.
    – They were incredibly reluctant to help convict their pimp, often only doing so only after having been pressured by parents, social workers, therapists and the legal system.
    These girls, from one of the safest, wealthiest and most progressive Western nations would rather get their anus wrecked during a bareback gangbang by perfect strangers so her pimp could make some money rather than date one of her boring male peers.
    It was then that I realized no woman would ever love me as much as this guy who had his girl work 60 clients in 6 days.
    I became a misogynist the moment I realized they were doing it right and that I had been doing it wrong for years. My misogyny intensified a thousandfold when I put neglecting, using, abusing and generally mistreating women into practice and saw the stellar results. Never in my live have I wished I would be proven wrong like I did during that period.
    Today I prefer jerking off rather than descend to the level of filth and degeneracy needed to attract the modern woman.

    1. oh but you want to run with the pigs that’s what you get. good thing you realized your worth and got out.

    2. This^^ is Red pill in a nut shell and the unofficial story of most men here.
      I wanted nothing more in the world than to mistreat a girl and have her NOT love me for it. I wanted to be wrong. I am still not wrong after many years in the game. Now, I realize that it’s always been this way. I’m a bible-reader and I always wanted that Psalms 31 Virtuous woman. Now I realize that the Virtuous woman never existed. That was Solomon’s prayer wishing for one just like we are wishing for one today.

        1. Be an asshole. Laughingly insult her and go for yourself the whole time. If you want to test this out, get acquainted with two women. Treat one like the standard nice guy would. Open doors for her, be chivalrous, be polite, call her on a regular basis, put her first, etc. The other, neglect her and be an all around ass. Call her names, don’t be chivalrous, and don’t call. (only text and be sure to make sexist and sexual comments at least once per session). Wait and see who jumps you first.

    3. Women aren’t here to love and behold. They’re here as breeding mares, animated trainable sacks of our complementary DNA. It’s the labor of procreating your species that warrants your love, not the sack of smegma with a pretty face for its quantitative and qualitative sake alone.

  18. You published this two months ago.
    Being a badass with muscles and a big penis certainly has its advantages. Maybe when I move somewhere there are a few chicks who aren’t fat pigs I can capitalize on that again. I treat women like abject shit and they love it.

  19. Thanks mods for deleting those insane comments of nutjob who believe in transhumanist crap and that reptilian aliens control us. You are most right on not tolerating naivety accompanied by escapism and insanity.

  20. You need to get a bit of bad boy into your mix. Do some martial arts, join the army reserve / national guard, maybe do fencing, own some firearms and sharp stabby things. I would never recommend criminal activity but if you have already been there then wear it like a badge. Twenty something women are stupid that way. Record everything if possible. The overblown rape statistics are from dumb girls with bad boys who either have regrets or landed a bigger douchebag than expected. Don’t be a douchebag.

        1. and it won’t get its feelings hurt if you get another one, or trade it in for a different kind.

  21. Good article, though I wouldn’t say having loving parents necessarily precludes one from being damaged. As we know, it takes a village to raise a child, and our village is fucked up.
    A lot of damaged kids come out of loving households.

        1. She probably thinks that she’s black (when it’s advantageous, of course), so the media supports her.

  22. You are over thinking and over personalizing this. The issue is the sociopathic personality. Not all with the brain structure of a sociopath are actually “bad”…. Depending on how they were raised. But they share a lack of fear that smells like confidence even though it us based on disconnection rather than self awareness. The thing is other people only see your “confidence” not where it comes from. Women don’t necessarily crave “bad bots” they crave strong, confident men who lead and upon whom they can rely. The natural signals of this don’t always tell the true heart and can often lead women in a fruitless pathfinder mutual dysfunction.

  23. Hearing all the commenters share their stories lets me know that I’m not alone. Red pill is the way it has to be.
    I think we all just wanted a good woman that we could love and would love us back. But we all know that can’t ever happen because women are incapable of it.
    My story? My gf left me twice for the ex-boyfriend who beat her. It took my self-esteem years to recover.

      1. to me, part of taking the red pill is admitting to and owning my blue pill actions even when they make me cringe. Only through total acknowledgement of how pathetic I was, can i fully embrace the red pill.
        That being said…
        It was the same girl twice. I took her back. (oneitis) I begged her to stay with me. (DLV) She said she loved me and went back to him because I wasn’t exciting enough.
        The worst part? She was barely an HB5.

        1. I hear you. But I was blue pill with a bad case of oneitis.
          I didn’t have to beg because blue pill or not, I know how to get a woman off.
          The biggest thing is that she refused all BJ’s. Even though she did them for guys before me and after me.
          And I couldn’t penetrate her until she said “go now”. I played along because that’s what the Matrix teaches you to do.
          I’m not proud of those days but like I said… Part of taking the red pill is owning your blue pill persona and remembering what I was and never returning to that state.
          Now, I got no use for any woman who restricts access to any of their entry slots.

        2. The important thing is that you learned from your mistakes, and now you know better.
          Just remember this when she comes knocking on your door ten years from now with Mr. “Exciting, Romantic Bad Boy’s” Mini-me in tow, begging you to “taker her back because she’s learned her lesson” and she has no place to go because he threw her out on the street. The best answer for her (and all tramps like her) is that “Sir Save-a-‘Ho doesn’t live here anymore” and there are plenty of shelters where her kind can go. Her bad decisions are not your responsibility.

        3. Truer words were never spoken. Thank you for them.
          Ten months into my red pill journey and the beta in me is nearly dead.
          i finally see the world for what it is. I see the code now. I see the world for what it really is. For the first time, I finally understand what’s going on.
          I can’t go back even if I wanted to. And I don’t want to.

  24. I actually grew up in a pretty abusive family, and the grass is not greener. When women are putty in your hands when acting in a manner that a lot would consider uncivilized, you eventually yearn for a normal relationship, except here’s the kicker, you don’t know how to have one, and most girls don’t want something normal. They would rather be fucked and chucked, eventually you become emotionally distant to not just women but also other men when you realize that they are just as air headed and delusional and predictable as the majority of women.
    These are just my observations, but hey what do I know? I’m just some screwed up 20 year old.

    1. “When women are putty in your hands when acting in a manner that a lot would consider uncivilized, you eventually yearn for a normal relationship, except here’s the kicker, you don’t know how to have one, and most girls don’t want something normal.”
      Hence the downward spiral of society. Things are going to have to hit rock bottom before it becomes noramel again. Wait perhaps 2-3 generations.

    2. YouOnlyLiveOnce:
      May I please advise you a little here? You need to step away from woman and first spend some time working on yourself! You need to begin working to become a man YOU can respect.
      Here’s the thing about women. All women. They are biologically programmed to submit to us. Mentally, emotionally, and sexually. To the frame we create for them. Men in the PUA community set a frame of porn star for the women they seek out and then despise the women for being what they wanted them to be!
      How insane is that?
      If you want a woman with “integrity”, a girl who is “worthy” of a lifetime with you, you have to be the one who brings integrity to the relationship. Being alpha to a woman doesn’t automatically mean gaming her and manipulating her so you can bang her on the first date. If you want a LTR (aka marriage) with a woman, YOU must bring that to the table. You let her know that is YOUR standard, ONE of the goals of YOUR life. Then start talking to her about the kind of life YOU are going to CREATE for yourself. What you are going to accomplish. How you are going to succeed. How you will earn the respect of your fellowmen and your community by being a MAN of VALUE.
      Talk about all the things that make YOU admire YOU, that make YOU respect YOU and then watch as she helplessly falls in love with you.
      And once she has? DON’T bang her and dump her! Maintain YOUR FRAME as a MAN deserving of a woman’s fidelity! Make her understand SHE has to be WORTHY of you.
      A woman will follow your lead. She will reach for the standard YOU set for her. The moral frame you maintain.
      Too many men seem to think their attitude of “pump and dump” has no effect on the women they sleep with. You get what you’re looking for.
      You want a woman with sexual integrity? Be a man of sexual integrity. Show her the standard you expect her to keep. If she’s worthy of you, she will.
      I’m not talking about betatude or worse deltatude. I’m not talking about a man being afraid to close the deal. I’m talking about a man who is IN CONTROL of all of that PENT UP sexual energy that she can feel just under the surface, that could break free at any moment but doesn’t because you are the Man of Integrity.
      Now I don’t mean to go all Disney on you here! Nothing is guaranteed. But if you want integrity in your woman you have to set the standard for her. You have to make the rules and show her the lines she doesn’t cross. How? By being a man of integrity first.
      I have first-hand experience with what I’m talking about here. Made a lot of other mistakes with women, but not about this. Be the Man you want her to be worthy of.

  25. Hence why we have such a douche bag dumbass society.Its the idiots that are having all the children regardless if they can handle it or not. Idiocracy was a non fiction film.

    1. It could have and should have been a much better film! Problem is, Luke Wilson IS so totally average and white bread he made the film BOORRRRRINGGGGG!

        1. Forget Kratom. Once I started using Oomi Touch the ladies even came knocking on my door to get fcked.

  26. Want to know how much women love creeps and loser? Just stand outside of a jail during visiting hours.

    1. was to a visit in a high security jail with a group of people. two of the girls who were with the group greatly enjoyed talking to the murderers and rapists in there. they said they would love to have a boyfriend in there.
      thought for a laugh: maybe they don’t love them for being creeps, but for not being able to run away from them when they’re in jail.

      1. Saddest to see the child’s swing set outside of the jail. This is their normal, these are the breeders.

      1. Nooooooo. Women will hook up with criminal losers without hesitation and breed with these genetically defective specimens. If you want to call attaching yourself to a ner’do well “jail game”, go right ahead.

  27. ‘Deserve’ is the most pathetic word in the English language. I don’t believe any man DESERVES sex with hot bitches.
    But the simple fact is that Western women are monumentally shallow from birth, and remain so until their sexual used-by date is well gone.
    Hot, shallow women seek hot, shallow men. It’s perfect science. Any claims from women to the contrary are complete horseshit. And shame on any man who believes it.

  28. You don’t run distance game because it gets her respect, but because you’ve got better shit to do.

  29. The two girls I treated like shit 12 years ago still look at me like I’m the hero that got away when I occasionally see them in random places
    Hilarious and sad at once

    1. You reasoning makes sense. My ex-wife was and is a lot of horrible things, but the two things she never did, would never even have conceived of doing, was cheat on me during our marriage (nor I her) or raping me in the divorce. I knew she had at least that much integrity before I married her. I didn’t know about all her mental instabilities that made life with her a nightmare.
      For all of both our faults and incompatibilities, when her self-defeating mental attitudes told her she had to divorce me “for my sake”, she did it as neat and clean as possible. She requested no alimony (I’d just finished putting her through school) and would only take from me $100 a month in child support for my still-minor daughter. She initially told the court she wanted nothing but $100 was the smallest amount the state would allow. I could have demanded she stay in the state but truth be told, I wanted her gone as far away as possible. My biggest regret is missing the last three years of my daughters teen years, but time passes and she and I are now very close.
      I wanted to remarry. I am not a happy single guy. My number one criteria in a new wife? Not young. Not smoking hot. Not lips that could suck the chrome off a bumper (although we are working on that!)
      No. My No. 1 requirement in a new woman I could spend the rest of my life with? Kindness. I wanted a woman who knew how to be kind. And my wife today is so much different from her.
      My second requirement? I wanted a woman who liked men. No, not the riding anonymous cock kind of liking! I wanted a woman who liked men as men. Having grown up in the first generation of feminism with all of that gynocentric insanity (which my ex-wife suffered from but more like the symptoms of a mental disease than a true belief), I came to realize I wanted a woman who liked a man who acted like a man, who liked how men are different from women. This was in my pre-redpill days.
      My wife was widowed at 44 (we are the same age) and as we corresponded (we met on eHarmony), I asked her all about her late husband. The one thing that came through crystal clear was, she loved him, yes (and still does). But she also LIKED him. She liked him as a MAN. She liked all the manly things about him (and of course she can’t stand most women! Who can?). And all the years she was married to him she was grateful she had a MAN in her life!
      Gratitude? What’s that? My ex-wife knows nothing of that!
      I’m still amazed such a woman exists in this day and age.
      I also know she will never leave me because unlike my ex-wife, she knows how good she has it with me and that she could never do better. She knows she has beaten the odds for women marrying after 40. We have semi-retired now to the town of her dreams and every day she thanks me for it.
      Could I have done “better”? Perhaps. But I’m smart enough to be grateful for what I have, too.

  30. The premise makes sense. A damaged man is insecure, and easier to manipulate emotionally.

  31. Man you guys are keeping it real. So many sissy men out there makes our job easier. Great Article. My two cents: keep the spanking to a minimum at first it may get you in trouble. But later, fuck yea.

  32. And this is why I don’t pursue women, because I don’t like to pretend to be what I am not, neither if it is being the good sympathetic guy, neither the badass jerk. I am who I am, and if women don’t like me then they can go to hell.

    1. That, and I’m not going to act happy and fun around unattractive western women with horrible personalities, because they don’t make me feel happy or fun. When I’m abroad and it comes naturally, I pursue the hell out of them.

  33. You guys should consider a small donation to the Parsemus Vasalgel project. Male contraception is not a lucrative endeavor because it’s a one-shot deal compared to OCPs for women every month. Pharma does not care about financing clinical trials for this break-even business venture but it would be incredible, especially for people in lower-socio economic brackets.

  34. Damn, roosh. You’ve been hitting it out of the park lately. Its like someone took all the thoughts out of my head regarding modern women and relationships, and poured them out into this article. Well done.

  35. Gee thanks a lot Roosh. You know I never had one negative word to say about you during the red pill schism but this article kind of gets my goat. I think by now we are all aware that women love psychos which is why there are more psychos seeing as how Women are the gatekeepers to sex and reproduction.
    I’m a 30 year old Man who was emotionally neglected by my mother and physical abused by my father. I don’t want to pretend like I had the worst life ever because at least they had the money to put me through school without taking on debt. Because of my fucked up past I’ve struggled with depression, drug addiction, self harm, and aggression. I’m way too aggressive. A lot of the time I just want to bash someone’s brains in for even the slightest annoyance.
    Women are attracted to me because of this. I think it’s like the Edward Cullen effect or something. These girls think they can rescue me with kindness and love. I’m not sure what they think and I no longer care. I just know the nature of women is evil.
    I’m past the “at risk” stage of my life and now I’m basically starting from scratch. Your website helps men get laid and take the red pill. I’m looking for advice from the red pill side on how I can stop being so fucked up. If I must sacrifice some of my attractiveness to women then so be it. I can’t even form relationships with women. I can get sex but I can’t connect with human females anymore if I ever did.
    Often when a woman is talking to me I just kind of zone out. A lot of times when a woman is speaking to me I won’t be able to understand what she’s even saying. It’s hard to describe but she will be talking in English and yet in my brain it sounds like jibberish. I’m not trying to be funny. I think some wires may be crossed.
    Because of my poor emotional development I am able to “slay” as the incel community calls it but if I am in prison or dead then I’m no good to anyone. Essentially I’ve overdosed on Redpill and I need to come back to center. Is there anyone who can shed some light on what to do for a guy in my situation?

    1. I do sometimes zone out when they start talking…..its gibberish….total crap talk.
      and the same is reflected on my face( me not being an attentive listener).It’s almost like I have developed the attention span of a hot chick.Usually this makes them chase me even more.
      yes sex is easy but the connection part…same here,very few women are able to get there…..I guess its just that overdose of red pill…whatever it is…I can totally relate to that

      1. So what is the answer for a Bateman type of guy living in this Gynocentric society? I want to fit in as Mr Bateman said in that film. With the knowledge and experience I have with women I am actually kind of disgusted by them now. I realize once the pussy juices start flowing they can be persuaded into any depraved sex act.
        I believe this is why we use the term Bitch. When a woman gets horny she loses all capacity for human thought. I had this friend when I was younger who wanted me to “slut train” her. So I turned her out with hard sex and passed her around to my friends. Then after this she wanted to say I sexually abused her. What a load of shit! People actually believed her and empathized with her. I have problems too you know but nobody cares.
        As Men we just don’t have that kind of support network. Men are generally skeptical but when a woman says something it’s generally accepted at face value. After being redpilled I can see the way they go about buisness and it’s something that I have a hard time with as far as not becoming angry. I need to “co-exist” but the way society is makes it so difficult just to even hold a job as a red pill man. Do I need to take a balance of blue and red pills or something? I’m really at a loss here. Maybe this is an early midlife crisis..

        1. I don’t have the answer mates.just could relate with a lot you said.
          after going hardcore red pill….I am trying to achieve that balance too.
          and yeah…its totally tough to keep a job when you are red pill.
          that is why I started my own business….nothing big but atleast I don’t have to follow some chumps orders and I’m free from office politics.

  36. As an experiment, I decided to play the part of a millionaire asshole at the club one night. So I dressed the part and just boosted my asshole side of myself like about 10x to see what would happen…
    The results was staggering. I literally dragged one girl to the side to shove my tongue down her throat while later on, another chick was glued in my arms and stroking my dick in the VIP section. I mean usually I’m just very chill and in my own world at a bar or club but when I went “Christian Grey” style, the results of the night became very very obvious.

      1. You want someone to post a picture of themselves to a total stranger on the internet so that it can be used against him in the future?

      1. The author says women in their prime prefer sex with bad boys and men who have gone through dark periods in their life.Now who has the image of being bad boys in America?And who is racism directed towards Black men and Black women.So just on Black men having the image of being bad boys his argument would be true.

  37. I don’t believe it’s worth simulating sociopathy in most cases just to get women. The price is too high. I’m afraid too many readers will accept it to heart too much, and lose a lot more than they gain.
    Honestly, the women that sociopaths get are bottom feeders. There may be a lot of them — perhaps the majority — but they are still not worth it. To me, there’s a natural limitation to Game, and this is it.
    It’s better to be sexless than a sociopath, though I am not advocating celibacy; rather, I am advocating higher selectivity. I’m not saying “be nice to girls.” I’m saying it’s better to ignore most of them and focus on a creative, productive life than to simulate psychopathy just to get laid.

  38. All this shit about your parents treating you well and raising you to be a decent person?
    It’s not your fault.
    Look at me son.
    It’s not your fault.
    It’s not your fault.
    It’s not your fault.
    It’s not your fault.
    It’s not your fault.
    It’s not your fault.
    It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.
    Fuck them, ok?

  39. Saw this in high school. The Bullies, Meatheads, Drug Dealers, and Retards were the one gettin all the pussy.
    I was a nerd in those days. Didnt get anything.

  40. “Any flaw you see in me is undoubtedly due to my peculiar genetic construction instead of purposeful harm levied by them” <<< lol …just like fatties use as an excuse… jeez

      1. maybe his true father was an Alpha dog (idc if what breed..probably a shitzu, a rare black shitzu, lol) his father may have been working long hours for that to happen.

  41. Yep. Grew up in a normal family, nice guy – little success with women despite best efforts.
    Joined the Marines, would go through a brutal training cycle or deployment – show up at a bar reeking of danger and craziness – lots of women.
    Played rugby – would go to bars or parties with the team directly from practice and games (no bathing allowed). Girls would walk past the normal guys to talk to the ones covered in blood and mud.
    Along the way I also lost respect for most women and stopped caring, which seemed to help a lot too.

  42. Damn this article is spot on. Looks like im doomed for a sexless life becuase I refuse to touch damaged females again. Way to much work and headache.

  43. A couple of months ago one of the leading pua on the field offered to give me free one on one training in exchange for some work from me. If he had asked me that before I found this site I would’ve said yes in a second. But after learning everything I’ve read here the past couple of years about society as a whole I turned him down. It seemed to me just like a giant waste of time and there are tons of other things I’d rather do with my time.

  44. Nice article and, unfortunately, true. This isn’t a new phenomenon either (though it has been exacerbated by modern technology). Recently I decided to read through all the original Ian Fleming Bond books in order. I’ve never read them before. They read fast and are very fun. This quote made me smile:
    …at gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck. And luck in all its moods had to be loved and not feared. Bond saw luck as a woman, to be softly wooed or brutally ravaged, never pandered to or pursued. — Casino Royale

  45. Altering yourself for women is not the way to handle the situation. In doing so you only subjugate yourself to women. Giving them what they want and validating their immorality. You create more and more broken women in serving their desire for shitty men. Essentially you break them even more. You also break yourself by trying to alter your nature. The further you go, the harder it is to find yourself again.
    The role of a man is to lead and direct a woman. To guide her to a moral superiority over those who just spread for the bad guy. Being a good man is attractive to women but we have to know what a good man is. Aristotle said that a good man is one who not only knows virtue but lives a virtuous life. When you are this type of man, all people, women and men, will follow you. They will seek you out as a guiding force for their own lives.
    Lying, deception, emotional manipulation. None of those are virtuous things. They are destructive to you and the people around you. When you deceive a woman to provide her what she wants you feed the deceit she presents. Sleeping with hordes of men is not in her nature but she has tricked herself into believing it should be so she carries it out. Your deception to validate her deception creates a downward spiral for both of you. You may find success in temporal pleasure as she does but in the end it only leaves both of you wanting more. Your lies are validated with that temporal pleasure but in the end it will only destroy you. You will lose yourself, turn her into more of what she was never intended to be and spread this disease to everyone around you.
    Society is dying because of the false realities people create for themselves, because of the lies people tell, the things they do to make themselves someone and something they are not to fit a broken narrative of what should be or what some lunatic says is an ideal. Seeking that false ideal breeds immorality and breaks people. We are who we are and we have to know who we are. “Know Thyself”. When we don’t truly do that we feed the false realities of others with our own. We become partners in the societal destruction we as men are supposed to lead people away from.

  46. In spite of what he writes, it’s fairly evident to me that Roosh has endured emotional damage in his life. That is why he has become a leader amongst emotionally damaged men. A parental divorce at 8-years-old is a fluorescent red flag.

  47. I disagree with this article as the nuance points are just wrong. If you were emotionally abused as a child you have low self esteem and a victim consciousness. These are not traits that are attractive to women. Unless you work at it everyday of your life and keep positive attitude on everything, people around you will catch to your natural vibe and will call you out. But if you are conscious of your behavior and can continually adjust your perception of the world then you have a shot at succeeding.

  48. Enjoyed the article thoroughly. Nice guys? your better off treating gals like a wipe cause their p don’t get wet.

  49. That’s what I am telling all the time. Even if there is good alpha guy, he rarely gets laid.
    Society and your boss may award for being perfect man but women won’t.

    1. Society and your boss don’t reward you for anything unless they need you for something. So there is no difference…

  50. this theory that women empty their ovaries with bad boys and settle with the provider loser is pure nonsense. a loud minority is made to seem like it’s everyone doing it. generalising and sexist theories by insecure manboys. if you need to dumb down your values and niceness to get laid, it wasnt genuine niceness in the first place or you date the wrong women… .

  51. Trust me Roosh….. you DON’T wanna trade places with me, i’m a natural in this regard, coming from a neglectful mother i always had a fervent hatred for women, being seriously poor made me feel insurmountably inferior, essentially making me adopt a mindset that assumes i would never bang woman X and thus, there was NO REASON AT ALL to walk on eggshells around women, making me naturally 100% no-fucks-given aloof. Today this translates into me fucking tall leggy amazonian babes, and i steal their hearts with their tall muscular beta-boyfriends standing next to them, yet still i’m telling you…. i’d rather wear a mask, than have this as my actual face.
    It’s a torment to have biomechanics that make me wanna love a creature in my heart who i despise in my head. and you don’t wanna bear all of the scars either.

  52. Forgot to mention, i don’t hesitate to openly scorn a woman in front of everyone, her snobbish friends and orbiters included, in fact, i’m always eagerly awaiting an opportunity to scorn a woman…. they might be mad at first, they mat say they hate me in the moment….. but the next day…. they always come to clear the air, saying they want a blank slate…. when i discovered i had a sort of superpower with women, in the sense that they really REALLY don’t wanna be on my bad side, i could get women doing just about anything to stay in my good graces.

  53. What was it that Hogg Harkus said in Samuel Delany’s Hogg? – I never met a normal man, I mean a sexually normal man, who wasn’t as crazy as a loon? It’s true. To be normal is to be a pervert. My parents thought it was normal to expose their naked bodies to small children, my English teacher to put her tongue in my mouth when I was 12, my cousin to have unprotected sex with other men and die of AIDS aged 28. My PE teacher to watch us boys showering naked to make sure we washed properly. The list is endless. Nearly everybody has been sexually abused at some point in their life, nearly always by a friend or family member who just believes that it is the normal thing to do.

  54. It’s the same old rehashed subject about “nice guys” and “bad boys”. Never do any of these articles get to the true root of the issue. Our society has been infiltrated and overthrown by socialist/communists of whom over the decades have slowly installed a pro-feminist pro-women society.
    Why do women go after “bad boys” today? Because there are no consequences for doing so is why. First of all, “bad boys” are really just low IQ degenerates that are willing to engage in any type of immoral unethical behavior, and they are the types of individuals that can never be depended upon either. Back in the early 1900s, society operated under natural law and was pro-male pro-patriarchy. Men ruled. Men had all the jobs and made all the money. Most women could not and did not work. Welfare did not exist. Women sought out dependable employed men with values to marry and have kids with. Degenerate “bad boys” were no option because she would either end up single with kids and no welfare and poor, or her reputation would be shot and no decent man would want her as a wife knowing she had f**cked some low life degenerate with no job. Today, women are guaranteed security by the state. Through affirmative action and EEO, they are guaranteed great paying jobs, and if they are too stupid to be able to work a decent job, they can get lots of public assistance through welfare, snap cards, EBT, housing assistance, free healthcare, etc. Because of this safety net that is really a redistribution of wealth from tax payers to females, along with the acceptance of it being ok that a female has had multiple uknown sexual partners in her past, she is free to go have sex with as many “bad boy” drug user retards as she wants knowing that she can at any time go find “mr. nice employed joe average” to settle down with after she is 40 and has kids by someone else.
    The reason why the situation today exists is because of liberalism. A takeover of society by jewish elites that have nothing but a vested interest in destroying white christian civilization. Females are a product of the society around them. It’s so screwed up, that I’ve even seen decent “nice guys” try to imitate degenerate “bad boys” thinking it will get them a girlfriend. That’s how stupid it has all become. This wont’ end until society and the monetary system collapses and mass genocide ensues. Then, once the pieces are put back together, the remaining survivors under natural law will re-establish the patriarch society where men can regain their natural God-given rights and rule once again. Until then, it will only continue to get worse.
    The “engine” that the communist socialist jewish elites have to be able to impose this on society is the central banking system of which they own and control as private shareholders. They are able to provide the massive financing through debt based fiat that it takes to install laws, buy politicians, and control the mainstream media outlets to impose feminism on a society. That is exactly how it is being carried out. It is no conspiracy theory. Do your research. And as far as “infiltration” is concerned, just simply google “Bella Dodd testimony” and then you’ll begin to realize the quiet assault that society has been under for years.

      1. I’m not sure about that. I don’t think the Jews use Kratom to control us, as Kratom has no master. It is a God in mortal form and is a slave to no man.

    1. Wow didn’t see this one going joos congrats on being tinfoil loon of the month

  55. “The problem with pretending to be the bad boy when you’re nice at heart
    is that it’s impossible to respect the girl as someone you could have a
    relationship with since you know she has spread her legs for so many
    guys before who play-acted just like you.”
    This and needing to maintain game are the two main reasons for just dropping out. It’s so much effort to play that role and what is the reward? Something that isn’t desirable anyway.

    1. Its true except your biological imperative and the pain of score-free weekends push you to be practical again. Run 3 downs then punt.

        1. A biological imperative implies some force of programming beyond one’s control. For some of us, that doesn’t exist. You can’t give up what you never had.
          As I’ve argued before, such desires are a distribution, a bell curve. As the price gets higher and the quality goes down, some of us see no reason to buy.

        2. As written many times, go foreign. That’s what I do. You can find the quality you seek. My women of choice are in Colombia. Personally, I think if there is no prospect to reproduce, your existence is inconsequential. You are just inhabiting space and using resources.

        3. I’m just taking up space and using resources? Do you really want to measure your accomplishments against mine? I’ve done way more than a fair share for human society. Furthermore producing a bunch of spawn takes no special skill whatsoever.
          Foreign women aren’t anything special after they’ve been here awhile.

        4. Nah, I don’t want to see your resume. What you do or accomplish in life has little meaning except to you, your parents, kids and maybe some other family members. Family is everything. Everything else is inconsequential. Nobody gives a shit about you except your tribe.

        5. And here I thought you were trying to make some statement regarding humanity in general. About living in a society, the social contract and all of that. If only family matters what difference does it make if a person is contributing to human society or is “just inhabiting space and using resources”? Actually if that’s all that matters then using the state to suck up resources other people work for, to be used by your own family, becomes a valid approach.

  56. I do sympathize with MGTOW when reading articles like this. What’s the point when you’ve got to sell your own values down the river just to get laid? I’m an older guy and after several years of being a performing seal for immature, slutty, vapid shallow women, I need a long cleansing shower to wash the whole dirty western dating world off me.

  57. Heh as someone who was “raised to be a psycho” more or less there is truth in this. My parents divorced when I was 2 after my dad spending most of the two years away.
    Then at 4 yrs of age I got stuck with a foster family, yay, and a year later another, and then another again, yay people loved me…. Not.
    And what is being said is true, but not really a fun thing to realize.
    I’m close to infallible when it comes to frame and game etc, girls buy me drinks and pay for stuff for me, and it’s been like that forever.
    But yeah, essentially the point of game as Roosh puts it is to compete with guys like me.
    The thing is most girls just want ONS, not commitment from me… But I’m talking also about the wives and girlfriends of people well off doing this.

    1. Of course… Married women–especially military wives–want ONS even more than single ones. I lived in a military town (Colorado Springs) for the first 24 years of my life, and from age 18 until I left, I can’t tell you how many military wives would date young single guys like me.

  58. So basically I can have all the sex I want with all the Western cunts I want, but the attractive, feminine, family-oriented Vietnamese or Korean girl I want to marry will not see me as a potential mate because of my inability to relate to othet people very well…great. 🙁

    1. Knowing both Korean and Vietnamese girls/wives and being married to a Japanese girl myself I’d say you don’t need to worry too much.
      They want strong provider types, they won’t really care much beyond this. If you take good care of her, she will be happy.
      But be warned, they do require you to be strong and hold frame even if she throws bullshit your way.

  59. Mostly true. These are not optimum times in which to bring children, except for a precious few. I don’t regret not having any. Us “damaged” women perhaps ought not to replicate ourselves. Fortunately, we’re good for something.
    There are a couple of things in this piece which beg for a bit of correction:
    1. “I’m forbidden to compliment her during the most intimate moments we experience in bed.” A well-placed (and not promiscuously applied) “Good Girl!” can do wonders. Consider it a reward for good behavior, or should I say “obedient” behavior, given that we’re talking about “bad” boys and girls here.
    2. The vagina contains muscles. Some “stretch” and some “recover”. I’ve known women who have had seven children (and that’s bigger than the biggest anus-gaper original equipment on an adult male) who can do tricks that virgins just can’t do. It’s known as exercise. Of course, trying one of those tricks on a man looking for Miss Innocent is likely to bust that poor man’s bubble, so to speak, assuming he’s even capable of releasing himself. Snort.

  60. Bitter article.
    The point of “being game” is to realize woman are- “who they are”. Men are the problem because we are all brought up in the feminist matrix. Watch some tv commercials; I almost want to puke on the tv at the men at how they are portrayed/acting etc. This is feminist society infiltrating with the left. Schools, religion, everything—The demise of the white male-our thinking. Its disgusting and its getting worse to the point of craziness. MGTOW is right but not 100%………….. If this is “who we are””; I pity the females because they can find women with bigger balls who act more like men should act. I was a beta male for 25-30 years. at some point- guys need to “get it” and know how to “act”. There is no inbetween – you have to decide what universe you want to be in. All I hear in the postings etc.. is the womanverse. Pathetic. There is a lot of stuff out there; and it up to each man to find it. I was before the internet and didn’t realize I was in it- the matrix. I had to do my own dirty work cutting myself out of it. Its hard work initially to step off that cliff.

    1. You first have to cut yourself off with regular contact with the regular world to re-calibrate your circuitry.
      You can have contact with the regular world, but the contact can’t be too long. A few hours maybe most of the time.

  61. I know a guy who told a girl he loved her when we were in high school… three times. Each time, he was put down. And then he attempted to drink himself out of the slump he was ultimately responsible for putting himself in. The only thing that he had his arms wrapped around at the end of the night was the toilet.
    Hugging a toilet in both remorse and regret is no position that is our goal as men. However, and this is yet another paradox of the modern Western woman, they may FUCK a guy with an emotional past, but they will NOT ultimately END UP with a guy like this. And part of it is obviously the fact that they are pumped-and-dumped by every leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding “bad boy” on the streets; these women lose at their own game. However, the other reason for this is because women, when it comes to settling down, don’t want to deal with a man who has a soul beaten and battered by the world. Just like, as men, none of us want to marry a crazy feminazi who will give her life to Big Brother and see to it that every last Christian white male is exterminated for the good of the future world. No matter how big her tits are.
    Roosh, I agree that it is a pathetic way of thinking of the modern Western woman to essentially yearn for men like wet clay that they can mold and shape into whatever they want. I hope as well that when it comes to the end of a young man’s sexual adventure and the beginning of his search for a woman to settle down with, he will find a woman that is suitable not only for himself but for his children, and it will not cost him a past of hugging toilets and being defeated by a woman whom he truly loved at one point to do so.

  62. One of my favorite articles on this site. My only fear is that men who “pretend” to be the bad boy for over a decade will slowly lose their positive, kind, hopeful, honest, empathetic qualities. Perhaps, to live in today’s society, that is for the best.

    1. Well the solution is easy. Be an asshole to girls, be good and friendly to your (male) friends.

    2. True… You do begin to lose your old self. With repetition of thought and action, you solidify what was once an act. It becomes permanent and you change.

  63. “I want you to feel sorry for me that I have to pretend I’m not interested in a girl even if I actually am,”
    I no longer pretend – I don’t care how hot a chick is today because I know she’s broken, even if she is from a so-called ‘non westernized’ part of the World. They’re all chewed up and barfed out.
    “If you are a nice guy who refuses to learn game or put on the clown mask, I have some great news for you: once a girl is done fucking a dozen or two bad boys in her prime, once her vagina is properly stretched out and primed to secrete maximum lubrication..”
    Yeah once she’s past her prime, then the aged, saggy titted disease ridden spinster wants the nice guy chump to settle down with. Well I got news for them: if the kitten didn’t want me, then I don’t want the cat.
    That is why it is every man’s duty today to snubb any female over 30.
    ” I guess you can say that this is not a good time for normal men to be living in.”
    Unfortunately you are correct, Mr. Roosh. Being able to connect with a female is one of the things that made for a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

  64. I love this site and the articles. I want to say that at least in my part of the MidWest the situation is not quite as dire as it is stated in many articles. Around here it can be harder because you have to back off on the attitude and player mindset but you still must apply it in your interactions. For example around here having some of that old school charm and chivelry will help you. Opening doors is still appreciated. The hard part is getting the right mix between being a door opener and a ladykiller. Once in a while opening a door for the right lady at the right time can give your game some swag.

    1. I would agree with that in the midwest in general. Being a pua or rude is a great way to get sympathy and not much else.

  65. “I guess you can say that this is not a good time for normal men to be living in.” Wow, when I read that statement at the end of this article, I spit up all of my soda on my pc! I can’t believe how many women will go out with men who treat them like trash and then demand laws to protect and or provide ameliorative benefits to them because of their mistakes!
    Roosh, what would be the way to raise a daughter not to engage in behavior like this? What causes a woman to seek out men who treat them like crap and enjoy that kind of mistreatment? No wonder the West is going down the drain!

    1. Troll, you honor your name. If there is a glimpse of hope I will try to explain it.
      Girls dig jerks, because jerks are superior.
      Girls go with the aloof indifferent guy because you (only) become cool around hotties if you are around hotties all the time.
      Girls want you to let them wait because your life is so rich and so busy with much more important stuff, that you simply can not spare any waking moment thinking about her. You have much better things to do with your time. Even if she is a hard 10 and your dick wants her, no way her value comes even close to your goals nevermind your life mission.
      Girls like hard sex with alpha males who show them their physical, psychological and spiritual supremacy. They know men are superior but they want to FEEL it.
      Sex. Good sex is what the alpha males GIVES THE WOMAN in return for her good deeds. Not the other way around.
      Men who beg for sex or chase women for sex are beta males who act like women. Women hate this.
      If you fuck them well they will come to you. If your woman does not ask you for sex after a week without sex you are not fucking her well. Half fucked women are bitches. Solution: fuck her better; this can be trained.
      The dark triad always ruled, or do you think guys like Napoleon bonaparte, stalin, hitler, alexander the great, Karl the great, William the conqueror and the like were nice guys?
      Women diged kings and conquerors since the dawn of time. Todays problem is weak men like you who act like a pussy, not the women who follow their natural instinct towards strength and power.

  66. “once the container of her eggs becomes nearly empty, she will gladly accept you into her life”
    -> NO she will not do so gladly. She will hate herself and you for it. She only accepts you because she no longer sees any other options.
    Even with 60+ women want the dominant manly man and not the submissive beta nice guy. Beeing nice is a sign of weakness. Women hate weakness almost as much as i do. Dont be weak.

  67. This was a strange and long winded way of saying “Keep her craving your attention”.
    But yeah sure. I agree

  68. Ha yeah a year ago I had this chick who I knew from years back as kids. She was the carousel riding type and had her fun with drugs, alcohol, and bad boys. She comes into my room all drunk wanting to fuck and I was tired so I told her to fuck off right as I am looking into her borderline socio-pathic Irish eyes with the beer goggled thousand cock stare. She could not believe it and the next day I find her on the couch (not my house).
    She starts rubbing her pussy on the couch and I just kept right on talking about a subject I was interested in and ignored her again and man was she pissed off at the rejection.
    She even asked me: “What did you do in the military again,(I tell her)..”Well my grandpa was a flight navigator!”
    She tried to shame me out using her grandfathers status and job in the military cause I did not want to bone her nappy ass.
    I heard she could not have kids too which is a deal breaker for me. I looked at her dead in the eyes said nothing and went back to my room for some beer and video games.
    Bitches indeed be crazy.

    1. Well done. Every time you have sex with someone, there are strings attached. Disease risk, reputation, morality, and attachment are possible. A nasty carousel rider is not worth your time, no matter how she looks.

  69. I would deeply love to disavow the entire article. Quite sadly it is the absolute truth. I started learning game 15 months ago after attempting to love a horribly broken beyond repair woman. I guess I’ll just force myself to become a selfish bastar d for the second half of my life.

    1. It takes time to rewire your brain, but repetition of proper behavior will achieve this much more quickly. Humans are inherently selfish; don’t deny this part of yourself. Meet your needs first, and if you have anything left over, give it to others.

      1. Give it to the men in my inner circle. The women don’t deserve any generosity. You are correct, I believe I read it takes 21 days to form new habits.

  70. Roosh, I don’t think you are a nice guy in disguise, I think you really are a bad guy. Terrible, in fact.

  71. Oh, Divine Goddess, Look at What the Light-less have done to Your children.
    Mother of All, forgive the wretched if and when they see through the inner sight at what they have done. They’ve despised life, light and love in its true essences. Your highest priestess raped, tortured, mutilated, massacred throughout centuries by male priests and female servants of the unclean misguided ones. Let they too see the Light and Love at a glimpse and redeem themselves through your endless Mercy.
    Life Creator, Universe of One, we, the daughters of the witches they have burned, see that each stake, word, bullet, murder, torture is returned to those who do not see within the dark or within the light.
    As within the human soul, as within the Mother Earth so without. As long as they stray from you, they reap death, oblivion, destruction, anti-life, anti-light, anti-love. All is One. One is All.
    Forgive us our failures to protect the male and female children. You who know all and see all, you whose symbols were reversed and misused for greed of the false Gods. If we fail again, let oblivion and death strip the light souls you have bestowed upon us, let us not return to your Source until we have shown the Path of inner, of the above, of the Light and Love you birthed.
    Divine Universe, protect your priestesses, their male guardians and the children of Light and Love as we protect what you have given us.
    Those who deny the Divinity you gave them within their souls, have killed their own Divinity by their own hands. Let it be so, as it has been, is and forever will be.
    Let the Aeon of Horus, unveil the lies and the horrors against you. My soul is a fragment of yours. The Mother Earth is the seed of Your Light and Love, forgive those who are killing it spiritually and materially for they not see the connections and when they do they despise it and envy it.
    Divine Goddess, Mother of All, we came from you and we will return to you. Let the ones in pain see the source of their pain is within them, let them ease their own pains with their own strengths and choice. You who have given us free will, light, choice, love, let the faithless ones come back to the source within them and around them.
    Ease the male hatred of their own feminine essence, ease the female hatred of their masculine essence. Let them see within, and blind themselves to the outside Darkness which they have created in their ignorance and fear.

      1. If that was true, you wouldn’t be this angry.
        the death, solar, phallic cults of male gods are of no importance and no power, even with some of the stolen knowledge which has been inverted in ‘script-ure.’

        1. Anger’s got nothing to do with it. All creativity comes from men, not women. Men provide life; women are merely empty vessels, biologically, spiritually, and intellectually. Again, fuck off.

        2. “”Landover Baptist Creation Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards, announced findings related to his research into the female soul early this week. “The absence of either salvation or condemnation for women finds extensive support in the Word of God.” He reported. “Jesus said that the sole reason God created women in the first place was to provide company and service to men (1 Corinthians 11:9), God determined that men would be lonely living alone, so he created women purely to keep men company and serve their needs (Genesis 2:18-22). Women are therefore completely subordinate to men (1 Corinthians 11:3). It stands to reason, though, that once men enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be one with God, and will no longer be lonely and in need of mortal companionship. Thus, the reason behind having women will no longer exist. Women, like the members of the animal kingdom, will fall by the wayside.”
          Dr. Edwards went on to say that, “once men reunite with their maker, they will no longer be burdened with the care of women. After all, women were inferior creations from the start. Women are fond of self-indulgence (Isaiah 32:9-11). They are silly and easily led into error (2 Timothy 3:6). They are subtle and deceitful (Proverbs 7:10; Ecclesiastes 7:26). They are zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry (Jeremiah 7:18; Ezekiel 13:17, 23). And they are active in instigating to iniquity (Numbers 31:15-16; 1 Kings 21:25; Nehemiah 13:26). It was the inherent weakness of women that led them to be deceived by Satan (Genesis 3:1-6; 2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:14). Consequently, women were cursed from the start (Genesis 3:16). There is simply no room in heaven for such flawed and inadequate beings.””
          can you all religious nuts come up with something more innovative? why repeat yourselves. Most women already know we’re to be burned, killed, mutilated, despised, raped etc… according to your ‘god’. why don’t you all just marry men and just clone yourselves. embrace your self love 100 percent. women would also be saved from you that way.

        3. If so then my oven creates bread. Get over your fascination with your biological functions, dear, they’re not that special.

        4. Ah yes, no difference between the West and ISIS.
          Tell me, how many women were beheaded by a Christian church recently?
          How many women were forced to cover up neck-to-knee by a Christian church in the last year or so?
          How many women were told “fuck off to the back of the church, you are not permitted to stand with your men in churches?”
          How many minorities in a Christian country were forced to pay jizya, a nonbeliever tax, and their testimony deemed by law to be worth a fraction of a Christian’s testimony?
          Even Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins acknowledge that asserting moral equivalency between Islam and Christianity is pinheaded. I assure you, your Goddess ravings would not be met with ridicule under ISIS. They’d be met with the sword.
          Although it’s amusing to see a Goddess cultist flicking her bean over, and I quote, “religious nuts”.

        5. Not to sister- shame but the goddess ramblings were rather over the top. that Jesus loved and respected women is pretty obvious. He was quite radical in His interactions with them-
          That being stated- some of His male followers are not emulating His teachings very well.

  72. Saw a dude carrying his girls purse over his shoulder while they walked on the beach, I laughed and almost called out dude what the fuck are you doing carrying her purse?!

  73. The fallacy of being a “notch collector” was revealed to me writ large last fall when I was hanging out with a former neighbor after moving back to LA. He is kind of a dorky short guy in his early-mid 40s, a bit naive and awkward but intelligent and physically fit. In the time I knew him he dated a couple Filipino women.
    Well, in the process of hanging out with his friends it came out that he had slept with 100 women. I was shocked! How could someone so clueless about how the world works have achieved this? Then I realized that not only is your notch count not necessarily a true reflection of your manhood, it is often a demonstration of what a pussy beggar you are (wasting time and disposing of your true identity in the endless hunt).
    This guy preyed upon simple women from Asia and Latin America rather trying to engage the more “difficult” Western women–which obviously to some degree I understand having taken the Red Pill, but you’re not going to find someone on your intellectual level from a village in Peru!
    One time his friend brought over this mindless little 23-year-old who could barely speak she was so high and/or messed up from years of substance abuse, and my former neighbor was talking to her like she was a child. How can you even respect yourself behaving like this just trying to get into every girl’s pants?
    Final thought: When we play-act the role of the sociopath in order to bed more women I think we risk that corruption of soul which religious texts warn about. I say this as a mid-30s man finally stepping in the occasional puddle of wisdom, I’m not the devout type at all.

  74. This is completely accurate. It’s quite depressing to see how excited women get when they think you’re a rage-filled drug addict, and then compare that to their complete indifference when you get a little older and become more stable and clear-headed. It’s like becoming invisible unless you pretend to be a trainwreck, which is also a terrible option. Hence the dilemma of Western man.

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