The Industrial Revolution Has Led To An Incredibly Powerful System Of Elite Control

Most of the problems that we have in modern society stem from the side effects of the industrial revolution. In exchange for conveniences, order, safety, and technological advances, we suffer from existential malaise, lack of genuine pair bonding, broken familial and tribal units, chronic disease, and having to be ruled by a small group of people who possess immense centralized power. While most of you would continue to live in a post-industrial age in spite of the downsides, it is arguable to say that we certainly live in a “better” time.

The industrial revolution has allowed for two key events:

1. The control of most economic and human output of the Earth by a relatively tiny group who control the minds and behavior of billions of people.

2. Explosion in population thanks to advances in agriculture, hygiene, and medicine.

The result is we have more people controlled by less people. The controllers have the power to essentially drive the face of humanity in a way that could not have been done before the industrial revolution. Globalization, multiculturalism, and socialism are the most efficient and logical ways for the elite to assert control over the planet, and since the dawn of modern banking, they have pushed exactly those ideologies throughout the world.


The elite have convinced us that we are living in a glorious progressive age, but it’s more glorious for them than it is for us. They give us handouts through their welfare state, cheap electronics, and lax sexual morals while they gain immeasurable power and wealth, in what could be considered the most unfair trade that the common man has ever made. They put five dollars in your pocket while you relinquish your own agency and fabric of your society.

Here are nine conclusions we can make from observing how the current system works:

1. Life in a post-industrial revolution age is full of social ills and psychological suffering as humans live in sterile and unfulfilling lives, far away from what nature intended.

2. The elites have engaged in a depopulation agenda that first targets the strongest groups most capable of armed resistance against them. A superfluous population hinders their power and control objectives.

3. The demolition of our industrial system and a return to pre-industry and traditional life would increase the well-being and fulfillment of humanity, but result in the death of perhaps half the world’s population from the lack of agricorp food, especially for those who live in cities.

4. The elites want to maintain the industrial system solely for their own ends. Some depopulation, or “population control” as they call it, helps them maintain their control as technology improves and much of the masses are no longer needed to work. Their end goal is to be the primary owners of mineral, economic, and human resources on Earth, with a decreasing need on humans.


5. The control of the elites can only be eliminated by destroying the industrial system, starting with modern finance and banking. Doing so would improve the lot of humanity for the ones who survive, because they would be pulled out of the matrix and experience existence closer to its natural biological intent, but only after billions who are currently dependent on the matrix perish. Many of us would not survive.

6. Anything that degrades the system but doesn’t destroy it, while keeping the power of the elite cabal intact, along with their control on world governments and culture, will have a limited and short-term effect on improving the state of humanity, because the elite will simply use the surviving system to rebuild control. As long as modern finance exists, based on the usury and central banking format, humanity will always be controlled by a small group of merchants who can then corrupt all institutions of a society with the agenda that is most conducive to their business dealings.

7. The most harmful action to the elites in the near term is to have many children. They consider it acceptable if you embark on a life of fornication, atheism, homosexuality, consumerism, cosmopolitanism, liberalism, and cuckservativism, but they do not want you to breed those who are self-aware and may one day kill them. Unless your descendants go after the system instead of mere representatives of the systems (e.g. politicians, journalists, academics), they will not end up creating a better world for humanity, especially if they have been weakened by questionable vaccines, school propaganda, and agricorp food.


8. Having children that become pawns in the system is becoming a negative outcome for the elites. Human subjects were needed in the past to generate wealth, but technological advances are starting to make humans a net drain to their goals. It can be assumed that the mainstream promotion of homosexuality and transsexualism within a country is the signal that the population is being actively targeted for mass reductions. The immigrant agenda is more to weaken natives instead of serving for economic gain.

9. The system is currently showing signs of stress because a rapidly growing number of people are believing in ideas that threaten elite control. This suggests that the elite were too hasty in pushing the most degenerate parts of their agenda before their control programs were perfected.

From the above conclusions, we can propose three future outcomes within the next few centuries:

1. The system will be destroyed through a massive crash due to black swan events or human resistance that the elite is unable to put down. Humanity will proceed with a mass culling of the population as we re-enter a pre-industrial “dark” age.

2. The system will be fortified by the elite and humanity will be controlled even tighter. Eugenics programs will be more efficient and effective, and those living won’t even know their reproductive system is being tightly monitored and controlled (this could already be occurring). The future population will be a fraction of what it is now.

3. We will have a hybrid world of technologically advanced but depopulated countries in perpetual war with barbarian nations that reproduce strongly but lack advanced technology. Imagine a world where a few million elites in the West control military robots that try to eradicate billions of Muslims and Africans who won’t stop breeding.


The first step in defeating the elites is to understand where the battle really lies. It’s not in the left versus right debate, a controlled sideshow for public consumption, but globalism versus nationalism. It’s likely that some countries will see the successful rise of nationalism, but as long as the industrial system exists, and multinational banks and organizations can bide their time while they fund the enemies of nationalists (charging interest in the process), any nationalist resurgence would just be a short-term blip unless a determined sect tries to take down the entire industrial system. It’s clear to me, at least, that it’s not only the globalists that need to be crushed, but the very system that they created.

The only question is how you want the human population to be decimated: through the guiding hand of the elites or through the destruction of the system that most of humanity is currently dependent on.

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This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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111 thoughts on “The Industrial Revolution Has Led To An Incredibly Powerful System Of Elite Control”

  1. Good article. However Id say the industrial revolution has allowed for not just 2 but rather 3 key events: the third being the creation of the middle class. Before it was either rich or poor.

  2. It strikes me that the Industrial Revolution reintroduced feudalism to the West. We quickly reestablished a class of people who owned the tools of production (as the lords once owned all the land). This class began to assume power over the political agenda using their wealth and the general lack of morality in those who would govern. Then came changes to the tax code which make it so you no longer own your income, land, or property – you rent it every year on April 15.
    Now we look around and see a central lord (Federal gov’t) dictating to regional lords (state gov’t) about how the serfs will be taxed and regulated this year. And these lords are selected primarily from or by an aristocratic (technically, oligarchic) class.
    We call it corporatism, crony capitalism, or whatever the term of the week should be, but at its heart it’s just classical feudalism all over again.

    1. Societies are naturally oligarchic. There always is an oligarchy. So IR did not reintroduce anything new in this regard. It’s been with us all the time. On the other hand, the feudal society of Middle Ages was ruled by military nobility and clergy, not merchants. They did not have a level of control the oligarchy has today. Their worldview was not based on incoherent (political) philosophy (of liberalism). They did not create unnatural lifestyle etc.

      1. If we’re using Aristotle’s idea of the golden mean, it’s not always an oligarchy, which is defined as rule of the mere powerful, and usually tyrannical. It could be an aristocracy, which is a rule of the best, and therefore a good thing.

        1. I used the word ‘oligarchy’ as a label for ruling class in general. There is always a ruling class. People do not rule themselves. I am quite in agreement with your comment above.
          The nobility of Middle Ages wasn’t always a rule of the best. It was a warrior class with different set of values. Healthier values in my view than those of our ruling class.

    2. I don’t think it did. In fact, feudalism died just before the time of the Industrial Revolution, which was the result of a direct attack on the system, as it’s part an parcel of Christian monarchy.
      The ‘shitty feudalism’ concept was propagated during the ‘Enlightenment’ (when the merchant class realised they could break the rules and not listen to the monarchs or aristocracy) to make the ancien regime look bad, and coupled along with the concept of ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity’, it was super effective at inflating the ego of the masses.
      No, what the Industrial Revolution has returned is some strange form of corporate slavery, reminiscent of the ‘socially acceptable’ slavery that existed during ancient times, before the Middle Ages. And I don’t say this lightly: if people today actually read the contracts they signed when getting a job, they would notice a helluva lot of dastardly terms that don’t work in their favour. Britain’s notorious zero-hour contract is great for employers, crap for employees, for example.
      Feudalism wasn’t bad, by the way. It pretty much gave birth to modern Western Civilization as we know it, and it seemed that in general, people were happier then than they are now.

  3. Great article, but I don’t think the solutions here will do much to thwart the globalists. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you be worried about a bunch of people having more children?
    I’d laugh, pondering how we control the indoctrination centers that will poison the minds of these children, and that if the population gets too large, it’s time to up the dosage of fluoride in the water, start another war, or have a mass “accident” somewhere.
    Also, how does having more children allow society to “destroy[ing] the industrial system, starting with modern finance and banking.” Modern finance and capitalism *requires* large populations and industrialized economies. The more densely populated and urban the world is, the more it is reliant on modern banking to provide its money for purchases, factory farms to provide its food, corporate media for its entertainment and news, and capitalist/socialist job markets which extract labor at a fraction of its contributory worth.
    If there’s any truth to the argument that more people scare them, the answer is to educate and wake up as many people as possible. Sure, it’s likely your own kids will believe the way you do, but far more effective to use blogs such as this to educate and enlighten hundreds of thousands than to have 3 kids of your own, that hopefully won’t rebel against your teachings and turn you in to the modern Stasi.
    Again, one must think from the enemy’s point of view. I don’t see any of these options as scaring them in the least. Killing people is something they are very good at. They don’t care how many kids you have.

    1. Sir, you should write an article! I always look forward to reading your comments

      1. Thank you. I have published articles here in the past under a different name and am researching one now that I hope to submit in the next couple of weeks.

    2. Find a nice island somewhere and create the country of “Manospheria”. Some of ’em go for less than a college education (so I’ve heard).

    3. There’s been a war on homeschooling and private education in pretty much every Western country for exactly this reason. Nazi Germany banned it completely in order to force indoctrination, and the US has been upping regulations steadily. With kids splitting their lives between government school and Facebook, it’s increasingly difficult to find youth with non-sanctioned thoughts.
      As for killing people, can you imagine how many US-native citizens there would be without the current abortion culture? Factor that in with the absurd amount of toxins and sugars we ingest, and you’ve got built-in population controls.

    1. A great question. One that has an answer that is at once real, and not real.
      Power is extremely subtle. It’s the surgeon’s knife, not the sledgehammer.
      Broadly speaking “they” are the ex private school kids who run the western world. But in reality it’s more emergent phenomenon than conspiracy or deliberate movement.
      Always good to see you around, Clark!

  4. The industrial revolution dramatically changed the family. Large number of fathers began to leave home for work. With that move the bonding that father’s had with their sons was broken for the first time. Up until that point a young boy would live his life next to his father.
    This was the beginning of a boys world being shaped by women. Mom was there all the time for him. He went to school and most if not all the teachers were women especially in elementary school.
    His world was shaped by women

    1. I once heard a theory that central heating in houses killed the Family, because it meant everyone could fuck off into their own rooms away from the unit. It’s the reason there’s only 1 TV allowed in my house

      1. The culture of eating out destroyed the most important family bonding ritual.

        1. Before that, there was the microwave dinner and television. At least then the family was spending time together in front of the tiny screen, but it was only a short step to the current state of affairs.

    2. Imagine how few fathers can take their sons to work to show them how they have to properly do the work, and how to work in a team. These were automatic things in tribal society when you went out hunting.

    3. My dad told me that while his own father seldom had time for him, he hang out with older boys who would show him how the world worked.

  5. Good analysis but the minuscule elite at the top is usually two steps ahead. It no longer matters what people in the West do or are going to do.
    The recent Brexit event marked the beginning of a significant shift of the geopolitical center of the world. The alternative media celebrated it as the victory of the people but in fact it was another strategic move by the controllers.
    The UK not only controls its currency, but it also controls the stock exchange of most European countries BUT what’s more important it is going to control the currency of the new world power – China.
    Few months before the referendum the Daily Telegraph announced that London will be the world global center of gold-backed Yuan trading outside Asia.
    The UK had to leave the EU in order to be able to control a non-European currency.
    Additionally, the IMF included the Chinese Renminbi into the basket of currencies which make up the IMF’s Special Drawing Right.
    The newly appointed foreign secretary of the UK government, Boris Johnson is known to be “very keen on China”.
    As you can see, the world of big finance is moving its focus on China but what does that mean for the West and the USA? The latter is going to continue to decline and will most probably be given Trump to provide the smooth landing after plane USA is deprived from its main fuel – the dollar. If H. Clinton gets the honors there will most probably be a military conflict between USA and Russia or China or against both.
    In conclusion, the geopolitical center is going to be located in a culture which shares almost nothing in common with the current one in the West. Beside the Chinese have a long time to go before they reach the point of saturation when they realize that industrial progress deprives humans from their humanity. They will make great consumerists.
    Meanwhile life in the West is going to resemble Russia after the fall of the Berlin war. How it is going to develop from then on is a pretty wild guess.

    1. Im not so sure about this. I read an article on either theoildrum or theautomaticearth a few years ago, assuming we produce oil at the same rate as we do now(production is flat, it peaked in 05/06), and, assuming the existing growth rate in India and China, those two countries would be consuming all the oil being pumped somtime in the mid 2020s- just two countries. Something has gotta give, the rest of the world wont be riding horses to work

  6. Capitalism serves the moral system in place. Adam Smith knew this. With no morals or values, capitalism rides roughshod over everything. But the west thrived long after the industrial revolution.
    The human race’s peak probably occured in the USA between the end of WW2 and Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon. A long time after the industrial revolution.
    A time with self regulation and individual morality. Little bastardy. Low government deficits, and a huge focus on genuine, GENUINE pregression – by that I mean in the hard sciences, not forcing sexual confusion on vulnerable kids

    1. For a long time economists believed that the “invisible hand” Smith talks about which guided the free market was the result of supply and demand. Currently there is a growing trend that now believe that the “invisible hand” was referring to a society’s morals and the urge of men to act good for the betterment of everyone.

      1. Exactly. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it, but back then they would have taken their own mortality for granted

  7. “They give us handouts through their welfare state, cheap electronics, and lax sexual morals”
    Sounds like paradise to me…

      1. Why would he necessarily die a miserable death? I know some vastly intelligent guys who live entirely off State handouts, they’ve never worked a day in their lives and have no intention of ever doing so. They play pool, place bets, go to the library and gym most days, and haven’t a care in the world and look the picture of health.
        Yes, I could get all snarky about the almost 25K I pay a year in taxes and contributions to the State that supports these loafers and gents carefree existence, but, they have the measure of the world sorted out in their heads and they’re not bothered with earning loads of dough. I assure you that these guys won’t die miserably, they’ve simply found a way to live happily off the State.

        1. Come day, Go day….and the sky hasn’t fallen in yet…as I said, these guys give zero fucks about such things and the probability that the handouts will stop is very low. Besides, they’ve been looking at such much Discovery Channel during their carefree lives that I reckon they’ll know how to survive any disaster at this point!

        2. Haha. Yeah, who knows. I for one surely enjoyed the past half year without work. It is the first time in my life that I truly have time to be with myself without much worries. You could say I had that when I lived at home, but it would be a lie. I had a mentally ill mother invading my privacy constantly and the obligation to go to fucking school. I felt ashamed about living on welfare at first, but I am slowly allowing myself to enjoy it. You might disagree, but my life has been pretty shitty in many ways and finally I have time to heal. 🙂

        3. I’m a supporter of the welfare state up to a point. I believe, unlike America, that it’s good that we have a system whereby you can drop out of work for a while for whatever reason and you’ll get the necessary financial supports during this period + an apartment. As I said, I’ve paid into the system for years and I’ve never needed to use welfare, but, I know for example that I’ll get a State pension (plus free healthcare) + my own pension whenever I retire.

        4. I would not even care about the apartment that much. Right now, give me 400 bucks a month and I’ll be fine living on the street, after a little adjustment period. I will wander the country and explore the world. Thing is, though, you don’t get welfare without having a place to live. Meh.

        5. 400 a month isn’t that much. Welfare here is about 900 a month plus an apartment or a room in a three star hotel with two meals a day. Yeah, you still need a place to be registered at to get the cash nevertheless.
          I went walk about for a few different periods when I was your age, I just saved up the money and went wandering, mostly on foot, often cross country. I especially liked my wanderings around Spain and Portugal around 2003/2004. Might do it again, but, sometimes you’ll never get the same experience second time around.

        6. Well, I dare say you never do. The attempt to recreate good experiences is a guarantee for a mediocre experience. Better to just open oneself up for a completely new experience.

        7. I originally got 840 (including rent). I skipped two meetings they arranged to give me a job, so they cut it by 20% and I now get some 670. It’s enough to live and that’s good enough for me.

        8. 420 for rent. Leaves 250 for food. It’s certainly not luxurious, but as I said, good enough for me. I am glad I don’t have to starve. Don’t have an overwhelming sense of entitlement, either.

  8. It is not merely having children – that happens in the inner city. It is having a large family where parents are properly revered for their roles, and the children learn virtue along with knowledge.
    Most “preppers” are Christians with large families. An EMP would cause 95% of America to starve within a year. The 5% will be there to rebuild society. They have enough technology to transition to a 1900 lifestyle and continue at that level while restoring things. They wouldn’t let their children near a public school.
    Basically #1 without the dark age. There are many alternatives to an EMP, but in the case it will destroy the indolent, the dependent, and may seriously inconvenience the self-reliant and independent and their families. Oh, and most are heavily armed. In 1775 “The Shot Heard Around the World” was an attempt to seize arms.

  9. I don’t think there is a depopulation agenda among the elites. In fact I think it is the opposite, they want all the cheap labor they can get, that is why they support open borders. The problem is the working man has no leverage if the elites can bring in all the hungry masses if we object.
    There real agenda with population is to force everyone to be dependent on the state which pays corporations to provide for all the bastard children. That is why they must glorify and accommodate single motherhood.
    The real agenda is to not allow men to be independent. Force us to be corporate slaves. Force us to spend all our income on taxes, rent, mortgage, 401K, pleasing women and crass consumerism.

    1. c’mon, Georgia milestones. Would the elite lie about there ultimate goals?

    2. The strong promotion of abortion, homosexuality, and the destruction of traditional families will not encourage depopulation you’re saying?

  10. I ordered Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free from my local independent bookstore (because why make Amazon richer?) Should arrive in a couple weeks or so…..Looking forward to it!

    1. Interesting side note for the casual investor: Amazon only recently started reporting profits. They’ve been fairly consistent losers until the last year or so, sustained mostly by investment influx over the years.
      The same is generally true of social media companies, with the exception of those that blatantly sell their user’s information.

  11. Unrelated to the topic at hand: children of the immediate future are doomed.
    I’m am at my son’s gymnastics demo right now, and here are my observations.
    – everyone is fat. The parents, especially the mothers are flesh mounds. The instructors, about 25 girls under twenty years old are fat. 60% of these girls are fat, and of those half are obese! Gymnastics coaches are obese tubs of shit now. What. The. Fuck. There is one male coach, young guy, and of course he is jacked.
    – there are some other boys, but they’ve split them all up, and it’s one boy in each group of girls. Can’t put them together, they might gang rape.
    – this generation of children may be lost already focus on the next one.
    – holy fuck, obese gymnastics chicks….

    1. so fat they get wedged in between the parallel bars? Id pay to see that

  12. A concise and compelling outline of correlative facts there, Roosh.
    I especially liked the wind-up –
    “The only question is how you want the human population to be decimated: through the guiding hand of the elites or through the destruction of the system that most of humanity is currently dependent on.”

  13. This article goes wildly wrong from its very first words. That’s understandable: It starts from a wholly mistaken premise.
    The industrial revolution, broadly speaking, proceeded from the discovery that machinery, especially powered machinery, could increase human production. Nothing about that fact has a pro-centralization dynamic. Indeed, by making individual workers more versatile and productive, it gives each worker more bargaining power of his own.
    If you want to find the engine that truly propels the consolidation of wealth and power, look first to actual power – the authoritarian political State – and then to the wealth that accumulates to those who wield it.
    Look at specific businesses that sell exclusively to governments.
    Look at businesses subsidized by governments with interest-free loans and protected by tariffs.
    Look at “anti-trust” laws so vague that no one can say what they really forbid – and which are always employed by already established businesses to thwart the emergence of competition.
    Look at regulatory boards and bureaus that inevitably become dominated by agents of the very industries they claim to oversee.
    Look at tax policies that prevent families from accumulating wealth – indeed, that encourage them to remain in debt lifelong – and that encourage division of each generation from the next.
    And have a good, hard look at the way politicians’ net wealth strangely always increases as they hold office – and the higher the office, the richer the politician.
    Power always comes before centralization. Without actual coercive power – the power to say to a private citizen “Do as we say or we’ll kill you” – centralization is impossible…and a great part of the reason is the very technology this article strains to condemn.

    1. I am afraid you give too much credit to the libertarian “capitalism is innocent, the state is the only evil”. I am yet undecided on the role of industrial revolution but it’s hard to see it as entirely positive event.

      1. The industrial revolution looks so bad because that’s when the camera was invented. And i have to say that in the modern world, there is no ‘capitalism’ without the state, it snakes its way into everything.

        1. Yes, the state is always involved. Sometimes I think there is no such thing as capitalism. At least in the libertarian sense of something that can stand alone. Liberalism applied to the field of economics, perhaps?

        2. There is such a thing as laissez-faire, but america has never had it. Business has been too politically powerful to allow that. Laissez-faire can only come when the government is secure and decides that not bothering is both easier and better.

        3. I don’t believe in laissez-faire. If America, the paragon of capitalism, has never had it who has? Laissez-faire seems to be another favourite pet of modern antirealist philosophy like Hobbes’ or Locke’s man in the state of nature etc. State is natural, laissez-faire is not. State or the sovereign owns the market and can shape it for his own purposes or better for the common good. Of course some of the sovereign’s interventions might be counter-productive but it doesn’t mean any intervention is bad and lack of intervention is good. It simply isn’t true that leaving people alone to do their business leads to better people or better society.

        4. Laissez-faire is the careful neglect of the economic system by the state. For that to occur, businesses must have no political power. So while Laissez-faire has occurred during peacetime for most of human history where rulers have been responsible, ironically america is the only place in the world where Laissez-faire had no hope, because businesses have always been closely tied to power.
          Has the marketplace ever been unregulated, no. But during the entire middle ages the state was incapable of intervening in the marketplace, other than to tax and loot it. So look at any responsible king during the middle ages, and you’ll have an idea of what Laissez-faire should look like.

      2. Good point. But there is a connection to plain and simple technological developments that brought us to where we are, and that is the things that have enabled fewer people to control more resources. When banks started using simple, non networked computers, this was the very begining of globalization. Their database capacities evolved from there to talk with other banks world wide etc… monetary activites started to de done quicker etc. The rest evolved from there. Another significant change was the way buying and selling was done on – today the trading floor no longer use the open outcry method of people, and instead its computers doing all the trading. The traditional trading floor now has become a studio set for financial news networks and related tv shows.
        I do not blame industrialism as we are a species that are always looking for effeciancy; but perhaps it is simply our own push for evolutionary technology is starting to bite us in the ass.

    2. Disagree. The author correctly places the prime mover of elite control to muzzle and guide the masses through the economic means of central banking and usury.
      That is the key to understand.

      1. Exactly. I was very proud of Roosh for calling out the evil of usury. Sometimes I think Roosh is about a day away from becoming a Christian. And usury is one of, if not the primary mechanism of bankster control, both of individuals and nations.

        1. ‘Usury’ is what makes our economic system so versatile. The problem is 1. consumer loans and 2. Central control of banking.
          The first is a loan no reasonable bank would issue without some other incentive, and the second assumes central political control.

      2. Not sure if I agree. The industrial revolution help build a stronger middle class, but people simply became complacent of the activities of both the bankers and elites.

        1. I’ve always been a tinkerer and innovator at work and I’ve always seen myself as somewhat better than the mechanically fumbling money grubber that paid me for my work. The men who create and envision the machines would do so even in a society that wasn’t capital based.
          Ingenuity is in the blood. Money grubbers and elites who shovel money around for money’s sake with their pushbrooms are no higher culturally than a janitor or a street sweeper pushing a broom or in the old days, those who went with a bucket shovel and scooped horse shit off the cobblestone streets. Their ultimate evaluation hinges on what they actually do.
          Controlling human talent with userous paper for the sake of controlling humanity and keeping it regimented and earthbound indicates the shortsightedness and lower-mid evolutionary spiritual state of the elites. They’re shit eating basement dwellers consciously and are like stupid ding bat whip cracking feminists engaging in mutiny within the roost!!

        2. Your point does not refute what I said though. That usury, central banking and the fiat money system are the poison which controls governments and peoples.
          While the industrial revolution may have improved our standard of living, the net effect has been a much larger conglomeration of this centralized money power which is international in nature.

        3. I think I hear ya – like a catch 22. This would also be congruent with nations in south america that offer the most personal freedom, yet very limited economic opportunities and growth.

  14. Why would the majority of relatively affluent people who live in developed countries wish to destroy a system that makes their lives more comfortable? Yes,so the system is manipulated by elites who wish to control us, but, I suspect that they took a leaf out of Arthur Balfour’s text book of killing Irish rebel resistance in the 1880s through “kindness” and not through force and subjugation. In other words, give the people their bread and circuses because any leader with a head on his shoulders knows that most people take the line of least resistance and are willing to be controlled in some form by any system if it bestows material goodies on them.
    Sure, a man can live more vitally using his wits and nerves when he returns to nature, but, ultimately it’s a grim walk back into the hinterwelt of our remote ancestors. Imagine pregnancy, the grinding need to have to hunt in all weathers for food, the general violence and barbarity between different tribes, the pain from infections in your teeth that cannot be treated, the joys of old age living in a damp and drank hut in the woods. No, we cannot abandon what progress we’ve made as human beings, we need to develop our technologies and sciences even more, we need to explore the worlds above our heads which are perhaps teaming with other forms of life that we may be able to contact through a greater understanding of physics and the role of human consciousness. There can be no viable road back to a carefree and innocent world of pure natural existence at this point, as it doesn’t or perhaps never existed in the way we imagine.

    1. Not sure I agree. I saw the documentary “Tribe” with Bruce Parry and next to none of the tribes he visited seemed particularly unhappy or miserable. Many were quite aware of the beauty of nature and fond of their way of living in freedom.
      But yes, if today’s people were to be plunged back into such an environment, without any faith or spiritual connection to their surroundings, their fear and negative beliefs would likely make for a very bad outcome.

      1. Right. You have to take into consideration that not all environments are the same.There are modern hunter-gatherers who live as their ancestors did in a veritable paradise free of most of the diseases people in first-world countries suffer from.

    1. In Operation Mayhem we have a name, His name is Robert Paulson.

  15. 3. The demolition of our industrial system and a return to pre-industry and traditional life would increase the well-being and fulfillment of humanity, but result in the death of perhaps half the world’s population from the lack of agricorp food, especially for those who live in cities.
    What is agricorp food? Never mind I probably already know what someone who has no idea about how agriculture works is going to say.
    Just in case anyone is wondering, about the only agricultural areas that are under full control of corporations in the U.S. is the chicken and pork industry due to vertical integration.

  16. It won’t be a pre-industrial dark age. It will be the true beginning of human progress. Freed from the shackles of the segments of humanity made redundant by the ingenuity of high-IQ white males—low-IQ human scum and all but a small fraction of females—the wonders we will achieve stagger the imagination.

    1. I’ve no desire to return to the age of defecating in the ditch and having string wrapped around a mule’s ass to pull out my rotten tooth. No thanks. Human potential has to return to the spirit of the 1950s and 60s when we believed we could explore new worlds…..and boldly go where no MAN has gone before!

    1. Dmitri Orlov (born 1961) is a Russian-American blogger who writes on politics, sustainability, social collapse, and the future. Also, American foreign policy. Ancillary manias include houseboats and a reformed spelling system. Plus, he’s witty. Highly recommended.
      Germane to this discussion is his essay “Post-Soviet Lessons For A Post-American Century.”

  17. I learned something the past month as I fasted to rid myself of high blood pressure. Lost 20 pounds in a month.
    What I learned was after my fast when I still ate a minimum amount of food was this. It is possible to stay very very active with just a few hundred calories a day. A small bowl of oatmeal with figs and glass of beetroot juice in morning, bean and garden sald for lunch and a tiny sliver of quiche (I raise chickens) in the evening.
    Throughout this I worked very hard in my garden, walked over 10 miles a day and in the heat of the day did a lot of housework.
    I seem to have had some luck with my blood pressure as my weight dropped from 180 to 160 pounds. But I still have a ways to go.
    But the main thing I learned was the tough thrifty monk lifestyle as I enjoyed pushing myself to the limits of what I was capable. When my body was no longer able to withstand the heat, I came in the cool and did low energy things. Vacuum, mend socks, things my wife ususally does when she is here (She was overseas for a month and I was home alone on vacation, practicing self-sufficiency through gardening and trying to put my 52 year old self through a kind of boot camp.)
    Now that work started back, I am still able to maintain some of that discipline. Walk 7.2 miles daily, maintain my chickens and garden. I admit I am letting up some of the food restrictions, but I feel like I turned over a new leaf .
    Self discipline, resiliency and self-sufficinency are the key to fighting the new world order. And living longer in the process.
    The beans for my bean salad I used were dried beans many years old. They kept just fine. Cans of food are okay but expensive. I think the cheapest long term survivalist food is spaghetti and dried beans. Yes, you will need a source of water and means to heat, but I still think that is a good starting point. If you have a garden and some crop knowledge, you can get the supplemental veggies year round.
    Even if you are not a gardener, some Mexican cactii nopales are easy and low maintenance. And stay on the lawn year round, even in winter. Another less well known crop is Malabar spinach, a vine green. During the summer months, you can literally create a food wall. And they re-seed in the spring (permaculture) most of the time.
    I admit, I am happy to have my wife home back in the kitchen. But I plan to do a weekly fast and maintain my morning/afternoon walking regimen. And have even got back into pull-ups and push-ups. My son who is getting ready to join ROTC and I have been pushing each other since he came back from overseas with his Mom.
    But I always enjoy this site as it is the best place to come for exploring how to be a better dude. I post less now than before as one of my goals is to not use the computer as much.
    But still, coming here is a good way to look out self-betterment as a means to better th condidtion of humanity.

    1. Always a pleasure to read you, l’ami.
      I’ve been fasting yesterday too. It surely clears the mind.

      1. Je surfe l’internet moins maintenant a cause de mon hypertension et le fait qu’il faut que je bouge. (Je ne sais pas si “surfer l’intenet ” se dit ou non puisque l’internet n’existait pas quant j’etais en France)

        1. Oui on dit “je surfe sur internet”. Moi aussi j’essaie d’en décrocher petit à petit. Mais c’est très dur.
          Je bouge aussi pas mal, comme ton fils, je me prépare.
          D’ici mars, je vais rentrer dans la Légion Etrangère ou dans l’Armée Française au fait.

        2. Bonne chance a l’armee. J’ai fait l’armee il y a 30 ans. Ce qui etait bien, c’est que j’aie pu etudier des langues etrangeres, me mettre en forme, apprendre a manier des armes, tout en recevant un salaire. J’ai lu qu’il y a un peu un boom dequis que La Belle Marionne s’est engagee (Je n’ironise pas, au moins pas beaucoup !)
          C’est aussi une bonne chose si des gens de droite s’engagent. Il ne faut pas que des cocos controlent les forces armees.
          Je ne cache pas que parfois je me fais du souci. Je n’ai qu’un fils, et l’armee s’en moque qu’il vive ou meure.
          Mais en meme temps, s’il parvient a devenir officier, je serai tellement fier de dire que mon fils est officier.
          On est deja en train de discuter de quel cadeau sied bien a un “officer and a gentleman”
          Son grand pere japonais va lui offir une epee de samurai que date de plusieurs centaines d’annees. Moi, je compte lui donner un AR-15 ou un AK.
          J’espere qu’une bonne famille royaliste aura quelque chose pour te faire honneur (et la, j’ironise pas du tout). Et que le service militaire est encore une chose qui rend fieres les familles francaises qui ont du respect pour la tradition.

    2. It’s surprising you would have high blood pressure being active and eating home grown food. A guy at my work who’s active and lean came in out of the heat and thought he was having a stroke or heart attack. They took him to hospital and he had sodium defficiency, too little salt. He’d sweated like crazy and didn’t replace has electrolytes (salt). They gave him a prescription for salt tablets. If that isn’t an over the countor thing, I don’t know what is.
      I carry a salt shaker in my pocket now when I’m out working/sweating. It works like magic, within seconds. I’ve been in extreme heat working before and downed sodas and water, even eaten carbs but I was still beat for the day and couldn’t do the hot work until I started eating a sprinkle of salt with swigs of water. Animals know instinctively when they need salt. Grazing animals in pasture will die without a salt lick but humans don’t seem to have dietary instincts. People eat sodium when they don’t need it, like in a cool air conditioned environment. That’s when it threatens your blood pressure. When you’re out and sweating profusely and losing sodium, it has to be replaced. I can work all day in stifling heat drinking water, salt and carbs. I often notice hispanic landscapers and road workers in Mcdonalds grab handfuls of the salt packets from the condiment bins. That’s the only way they can work in the heat. You wonder why McD’s has a big trough of salt and pepper packs like no one needs that much salt on their food. The cheap eating laborers need it in the heat.
      If you’ve got high blood pressure though, I’d get that down first. I know ginko messes with some people’s BP.

      1. My problem is that I was drinking coffee non-stop 3 hours every morning, 2-3 glasses of wine every evening, and eating too much for dinner. Drinking too much wine, smoking and drinking too much coffee are three bad habits I picked up living in Frog Land. To this day, they are my 3 favorite things to do and now I cannot do any of them. Quit smoking in 1991 except for an occasional pipe on my back deck as I sit overlooking my chicken coop. I hope once my blood pressure drops, I can get back to enjoying an occasional Gauloise, a nice Bordeax or Medoc, and a morning espresso. I even bought one of those old style European stove top espresso makers and New Orleans coffee as there really nice things about Frog Land that I want to enjoy again. If I can drop five more pounds, I think I will be good to go.

        1. Excessively, yes. I think a couple of glasses a week could be good. But I am not a doctor.

    3. Spaghetti is extremely cheap. 0.79 EUR for a pack of spaghetti including tomatoe sauce, 2 portions.
      By the way, I have also eaten ridiculously little at times in my life, but be advised that it – at least in my experience – does not work out too well in the long term. In one month, your body is probably still using up reserves of minerals and nutrients stored in your body. But after some 3 or 4 months of such madness, I began to be so incredibly weak and miserable that life almost did not seem worth living anymore. Constant headaches, nausea, problems focusing a single coherent thought, unwillingness to wake or stand up, aching muscles, painful movement, dizziness, feeling as if I was about to faint when I moved too fast …

      1. I have tried to move back into a mode of eating more but maintaining weight. Will replenish for a while (at constant weight as possible) and then fast once more. I want to lose about 5 more pounds, down to my weight in army basic training. 155 pounds. At a little over 160 now.

        1. Just go low carb / paleo and you dont even need to worry. Just eat when hungry till full. No calories, no worries about under/over indulging.

  18. The problem is democracy, not industrialization. Democracy perverts the incentives of the leadership, so bad policies are enacted on every level, targeting the family, education, and free speech. As to the threat of overpopulation, there would be no such threat if people actually had to pay for their children, instead of getting a handout from the government. Even when we reach equilibrium population, we will still probably be able to keep our current standards of living because rested people are more productive.

  19. correction: they do not want you to breed if you are a white european, particularly one that resides in their own native country and expects to maintain a certain culture, quality of life and hand down wealth to the next generation….if you are a brown skinned foreigner with an alien culture and way of life, willing to live and breed on the poverty line, you will be invited over and paid to breed like rats.

  20. I propose a four day work week. Working fridays is bullshit. The frantic traffic jam, the hoops to try to make a decent vacation out of two days. It takes one day just to get ready and pack. Shit you’re more run around and you expend more energy trying to set up and enjoy a full weekend day of BBQ, boat, flying, screwing, biking, hiking. And with only two days to the weekend, you have to rest one full day to blow off the work week and you can barely get personal shit done, projects and whatnot without hyping your shit up for it and before you know it, the new work week begins and you’re supposed to hop and skip to work on monday like you’re refreshed. You’re either beat or you’re still digesting the unlimited buffet you ate Sunday and you’re blowing meat farts all the way through lunchtime monday. You can’t live like that!!
    Notice how elite run service businesses and industrial sweatshops work you like a piece of meat? Successive twelve hour shifts until you forget any other aspirations you had previous? Elites know the formula for chewing you into a piece of beef jerkey that barely lives and is just conscious enough to operate at their job like a precise mechanical zombie.
    SOLUTION is the 3 day weekend. Productivity during the workweek will soar 30%-50% above what it is by folks working more refreshered (which equates to working smarter). Quality oxygen in the brain and adequate rest is the result. Bosses will watch the tradeoff at work and be amazed.
    With the 3 day weekend people will also be able to return to the ancient tradition of FASTING. It is recommended to fast one day in seven. Seven is the magic number. Let ye fields lie fallow one year in seven so the soil can ‘rest’ and rejuvinate. Most species live seven times maturing age, except humans who expire from organ fatigue and failure at 3-4 times maturing age. With friday off, people will have time to prepare for the Friday night feast or ‘sabbath’ dinner. Saturday is the sabbath and the day you begin your weekly fast. You gorge on Friday and sleep it off on Saturday. Sunday you eat light, drink water and the weekend qualifies as a sufficient ‘fast’ to give your digestive organs a break.
    You are a machine, like a car. Can you imagine buying a new car and never turning it off. You park it and idle it all night and drive it to work, leaving it idling again while working? The engine will die before the warranty. Dietary fasting is like turning your car off regularly. Most people die from organ failure because they don’t fast. Their liver and kidneys never get a break on Sunday especially when they stuff their ass after church at some fuluffay stuffay buffet. The day they should fast and rest, they waddle out of the restaurant and flop on their bellies at home tired. Their whole body is exhausted with every organ trying to process all that shit they just ate. And the jello on top of it. Eeek. You’re good as dead motherfucker.
    But the ‘1/7’ day rule holds. One day in seven, your body needs to ‘close shop’, shut the place down and clear out. Crap out that Friday evening protein beast feast and sleep like a bear for a few.

    1. In Poland they’re proposing a ban on commerce on Sundays, and already most stores are closed then.

  21. Unfortunately we measure progress in technological advancement…
    Feminism, homosexuality, are not progress…because of feminism women are unhappier than ever.
    The western population is decrease…the social system will collapse because of the lack of working population. The state will put bigger burden to fewer and fewer people…glorification of homosexuality in a situation like this is suicide…

  22. Free market is not exists anymore…the global economy is a race of a private club…

  23. Whoa. Easy. It is not necessary to kill half the population to “save the world”.
    Take what we have and improve on that. No need for a fuckin revolution. For instance, I saw a cool video by Bill Gates proposing something very simple: Give chickens to people:
    Nature has it all covered. We just have to look. There are simple and elegant solutions out there. Now, the problem I see is so-called “health and safety” regulations that will prohibit such a thing to keep control in the tight grip of the mass producers. Also, you may have to slowly rethink the concept of land property. A single family could easily surive on a small farm, I figure. But hey, stuff like this can be advocated over quite some time, introduced slowly.
    I figure many revolutions fail because they just have no patience. There is no need to change the world within a year or whatever. Plunging people into a completely new system overnight is hardly going to improve anything.
    Try to look at the world less in extremes. What can we do today to start going in a fine direction? I mean, however unpleasant the world may be today, it still fucking works and people still live, so let’s build on that.

    1. “I mean, however unpleasant the world may be today, it still fucking works and people still live, so let’s build on that” In a material sense we’ve never had it so good. Even think about the fact that we can use the internet right here and talk about stuff that would have been impossible during the time of Goethe or Shakespeare? They would have found this astounding.
      I’m not sure if our abreaction to the industrial revolution and modernity comes from a sense of romantic displacement or the sense that man has simply become a mere part of the machine or system in our times. However, this is largely a perceptional and subjective matter, people do have the capacity and the resources nowadays to actually break away from the organized worlds of work and corporate culture if they so wish. You can as a man learn a valuable trade that you love and live a very self sufficient life. The trick that young men have to learn is to set out in their 20s and learn with complete determination their craft, despite the opposition of parents and others to “blue collar” work.
      I would advise them strongly away from Universities, especially anything to do with the humanities and arts. This stuff will fuck up your head and make you completely unemployable. If they must go to Uni then they should study something useful and highly employable like dentistry or pharmacy.

    2. Please read into what bill gates has done in terms of depopulation and the globalist agenda. He is one of them. I’ll give you a keyword clue for your search: vaccines.

  24. Herbert Spencer coined the phrase “survival of the fittest” to describe how evolution favors life that can adapt to a changing environment. However, went it comes to how humans construct society, survival favors the most “ruthless.” This is what we see in our current state of social progress. Once, you accept “ruthlessness” as the driving force in Human society, elitist actions start making sense. There are only two ways in dealing with a ruthless elite: 1. Accept their sovereignty and align your goals with the agenda that best serves their interest. This requires the least amount of effort but requires a high tolerance for violence and depravity; 2. Become part of an even more ruthless segment of Society that can replace the top dogs. This requires not just tolerance of violence and depravity, but active participation in it.
    Neither option is palatable to moral people. So, what can be done? I don’t have a fucking clue.

  25. Roosh, you’ve done quite a bit of research and I think you could add
    one crucial item — a primary catalyst — to the “population explosion”
    “2. Explosion in population thanks to advances in agriculture, hygiene, and medicine.”
    I would add OIL. Crude oil and its derivatives. Reliable estimates would peg the
    current world population at under 2 billion if oil was never discovered
    and used. The evidence is in the Pulitzer-winning book “The Prize” by
    Daniel Yergin. It’s widely backed by McKinsey and other global think
    tanks as well. I highly recommend this book to everyone — it is fascinating.
    We’d be almost nowhere without oil and petroleum products. You can thank oil for the concomitant advances in agriculture as well.
    People have VERY little understanding about how make-or-break the advent of oil (and natural gas) and related fuels/plastics/etc. have been in shaping this world of ours. And what kind of collapse would occur without it (at least for now).

  26. It’s not industrialization per se, that i see as the problem. Instead it’s the fact that we use it as a crutch for our own shortcomings.
    Too fat to scratch your back? Use a backscratcher.
    Too dumb to understand math? Use a scientific calculator.
    Too lazy to lift weights? Use planet fitness style machines that make you think you’re strong when you’re not.
    Industrialization and technological advances are fine if we as humans advance ourselves without having to rely on them. The problem is that requires initiative and struggle, which most people fear.
    However if we get to the point where we HAVE to use it for basic lifestyle related functions (i.e. blond chick using her smartphone 24/7 for everything), then we’ve lost.

  27. Pour your recommendation I read the book of Theodore Kaczynski , I thought it was brilliant . Along with The Way of Men , by Jack Donovan , are my two major books.

  28. “For every 1000 men striking at the tree of evil, one is hacking at the root”
    If usury and central banking is the cause of the problem, wouldn’t getting as much finance/credit as possible than walking away/leaving country/outsmarting the banks be a far better solution to the problem than just having a bunch of extra kids? We need to parasite the system that parasites upon us, and need to talk about these solutions. Isn’t it 100x better to get rich destroying something evil than just creating something good? Because evil will always feed off the good and seek to suppress or destroy it, such as all the good works done with free/clean/green energy devices that have been buried.

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