Fifty Shades Of Grey Proves Women Want Male Dominance

Fifty Shades of Grey is hitting cinema screens globally this month. And feminists are fucking scared. At least 100 million people, the vast, vast, vast majority of them women, voted with their feet, eyes, purses, and credit cards and purchased the woefully-written book, which is nonetheless simultaneously a masterpiece of anti-feminism.

Now comes the film, which will only further titillate millions of middle-aged and young women, and underscore the female desire for male assertiveness and their own submission to such masculine control.

SJW’s are unsurprisingly on the move, panicking that their narrative is under attack from not only reason but also the bull-rush footsteps of a usually socially dumbed-down female population. Donations to women’s shelters and “anti-domestic violence” charities have gone up. One Massachusetts college professor, Gail Dines, initiated a “50 dollars not 50 shades” campaign to boycott the film and “inspire” cinema protests.

Her campaign and others like it are gaining huge traction within the SJW zoo. We may feel differently much of the time, but SJW’s are still a fraction of the overall, usually slumbering female masses. This time, though, the numbers are firmly stacked against them. Then what’s the moral of this story? Entrenched, quotidian feminist propaganda cannot reverse the biology of women.

An inconvenient reality


Before Fifty Shades, feminist “discourse” has avoided uncomfortable truths for decades. Female use of the word “slut,” which either rivals or equals its usage by men, is desperately ignored by feminists, lest it destroy their only-men-are-that-sexist argument. A litany of studies showing gender symmetry in domestic violence, the role of life-balance free choice in women working part-time (and therefore explaining why they earn less) and anti-male bias in the family court system are all thrown on the proverbial scrapheap so that they don’t need to be addressed.

Consequently, feminists are in a damaging spiral on this issue. There is no gender equivalence here; women are the ones thronging to see what SJWs call serious sexual abuse and rape culture on screen. If men were doing it en masse, they could call it misogyny. But the delicate leftist creatures dare not label their less uptight cinema-going sisters with the badge of misogyny. It would destroy the whole glass house that these intellectual lightweights inhabit.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the newest example of this hyper-tunnel vision. But unlike dry yet perfectly accurate scientific studies, E. L. James’ flawed pseudo-classic is demanding that women pay attention with its visceral appeal. Despite its literary bankruptcy, including sentences that would make a horny fifteen-year-old boy cringe, the book cuts to the heart of the female sexual identity.

Rape culture and male oppression of women are highly effective fictions used in the western world to vilify men. But in Fifty Shades, Anastasia voluntarily thrusts herself into Christian Grey’s palm. She even tries to pry it open herself, figuratively, just so she can be under his thumb.

There’s no story reminiscent of feminist fear-mongering here. Anastasia doesn’t start an initially placid relationship which becomes twisted with the stereotypical growth of “male abuse” and the exercise of roid rage-like violence against her. Instead, Anastasia signs a “contract” for the BDSM activities. It’s Anastasia who wants this.

Plausible deniability


The plot devices James uses to superficially tone down the raw sexuality of the book series (yes, there are three of them!), such as the injection of Grey’s “vulnerabilities” and Anastasia’s signing of the contract, are merely mechanisms to maintain a woman’s plausible deniability and that of the female audience.

The author herself, given her poor writing abilities, was probably unaware of the purpose of these devices. When reading the book or watching the film, which I saw today, women can live this plausible deniability vicariously through Anastasia.

If you were going to see the film before reading this, still go see it. And if you did not plan to go see it, change your fucking mind and go. Some of the scenes will be unbearably corny and the teeth-grinding dialogue will repel you, but you will witness a perfect encapsulation of the female sexual drive. Even in the dark, pay heed to any noises from the mostly female crowd.

Perhaps in the corner of your eye you’ll catch the illuminated faces of some women. Soak in the rapt attention they give to the spectacle before them. Before and after the screening, notice the excitement of groups of women, the emotions they express and the completely different vibe they give off. For them, this is no regular film and they’ll be treating it, irrespective of whether they’re not dressed up, as a festive occasion. This is their psychology and fantasies they are paying to see.

Most potently, when you pay to watch this film, as the women are, you are paying to watch patriarchy in action. The film may be set in “our time” but the world that Anastasia must make herself enter represents her deep-seated patriarchal dreams and cravings. And that forms a mirror reflecting the primal desires of all normal women.

Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t just incapacitate feminism. It ties it up, flogs it, and chokes it unconscious.

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484 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Grey Proves Women Want Male Dominance”

  1. one critic said “the most erotic scene in the movie is an establishing shot with the Empire State Building in it.”

    1. Yep. It still does not change the fact that women will call out rape if the guy isn’t hot for her. To her, he’s still a creep.

      1. The point, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is trying to convey. The ‘Hot Factor’ increases = The more BDSM abuse/sexual harrassment a girl will tolerate.

    2. Agreed. Nothing has changed. If she thinks you’re hot its not misogyny. Otherwise you’re a creepy beta who needs to learn to respect women.

    3. “It proves they want male dominance…if they find you “hot.” Otherwise, it’s rape”
      Being a billionaire makes women submissive, or you have have a “look” that appeals to the soon-to-be-tied-up bitch in question.

      1. Being a billionaire makes everyone submissive. If a woman wanted to tie me up, for that kind of bank, I’d be ok with it.

      1. BINGO. I’ve seen several articles and/or blurbs elsewhere on the net saying how in reality “this really shows that women want dominance”.
        OF COURSE…..if you’re a CEO billionaire or have some other kind of societal status. Otherwise, if you’re a middle class guy that works for a regular wage and goes to church, then you’re a sick desperate creep to women.
        If they would have made the male character in the movie an electrical engineer, then the theme would have changed over to a horror type of movie for women.

  2. “And if you did not plan to go see it, change your fucking mind and go.”
    I will submissively obey, once it comes out on video, but I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy seeing this in the cinema.
    “The SWJ zoo…” nicely characterised. It is a zoo, and we should be wearing of feeding the animals. Troll the animals by all means, but don’t feed them. Re. the domestic abuse campaigners as far as I can tell they still seem to be blaming men for this, although the only man involved appears to be Christian Gray himself, the submissive female wank fantasy. Patriarchy is responsible because it is projecting itself on women’s psyche’s.
    It will be interesting to see if this will herald some kind of self-recognition on the part of women generally as to the actual nature of their sexuality, or whether as is far more likely this will resolve itself into a hamsterised rationalisation of women demonstrating control over their own darker desires or some such crap.
    I haven’t seen the film or read the book (yet?) but I’m pretty sure the ‘contract’ device was carefully thought out ……..without some kind of rationalised ‘consent’ James would have got into a lot of trouble, woman or not

      1. lesbianism is near the final act for most women, when they have had so much cock and become so hypergamous and/or indoctrinated, that they are no longer LTR material for men any more. Even when they’re hot, it would either be a life with cats or sex with women. Of course, this just means that many carousel riders eventually become pet owners or lesbos, which does not do much for male productivity incentives. But the batches don’t care – fuck it, i hope this rotting society burns, there’s little if any good left.

        1. A lot of college girls have the LUG experience: Lesbian Until Graduation. In their senior year or first year of employment they go all straight and pretend that all that carpet munching never happened.

  3. Women are delusional. They have essentially destroyed pop culture by creating this kind of filth and using it to brainwash and manipulate the masses of girls into loving this kind of sickening and degrading activity. Honest to God, what is this doing to your minds, when you read this kind of filth, and now, watch this kind of filth?
    The book also proves the double standards and hypocrisy of the feminist movement. You see them going on protests and campaigns to ban “torture porn” and other forms of rape, but when women indulge in this kind of material, then its okay.
    I feel bad for men who have young daughters, because there is a high chance, their children will likely be exposed to this disgusting, degenerate material. Women want to boss men around like we are their punching bags, but secretly, crave for and desire a dominant man to control them.
    Unbelievable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- women have no logic or standards. They threw it out the window a long time ago, and their love for garbage such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, is clear enough proof that women simply do not have the mental capacity to read a book on the same intellectual level as man. For example, would a woman take the time to read a book on politics, science, or religion? Most likely not. Instead, they would prefer to read something about sadomasochism.
    Standards are falling, and humanity is going further down the toilet.

      1. you want to see an erotic movie, check out last tango in paris starring brando. red pill ending too. You can rent it on u tube…

        1. as Larry David said “Ughh, that movie’s such crap. ‘Ooh, put a stick of butter up my ass!”

        2. that was your key takeaway from that movie?
          What was your takeaway from Apocalypse Now? That the fauna in the background was clearly not native to cambodia or vietnam??

        3. I’ve never even seen it I just enjoyed Larry’s impression of Brando. Of course I like Apocalypse Now, stupid.

      2. I think publicise is a strong world; anyone who reads the news (and has seen the huge shit storm and countless commentaries) since this movie has been released is aware of its existence. I think this article is about putting an “RoK perspective” on it.

      3. The problem has been (for too long) not saying anything about it….and letting it continue on like it’s the norm.
        The FI has been allowed to grow due to not enough people (men) standing up, speaking up and pushing back against it. It’s going to be interesting to see how the hamster rationalizes letting this movie slide by with a “pass” after demonizing men for so long (for the same exact behavior).
        I see it has a “lab” for us to learn…as well as to point out to others this bullshit double standard behavior (in women).

      4. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a worthless piece of shit movie. Only reason why girls like it is more likely than not the lead guy in it. A very attractive guy doing BDSM on a girl is okay apparently. If the guy wasn’t so ‘hot,’ then it’s creepy and would get horrible ratings.

    1. “I feel bad for men who have young daughters, because there is a high chance, their children will likely be exposed to this disgusting, degenerate material. Women want to boss men around like we are their punching bags, but secretly, crave for and desire a dominant man to control them.”
      Look my way and see me raising my hand. My two daddy’s little girls soundly rejected both mommy and daddy and embraced the degraded culture with a gusto that would both shock and awe you. Lost both of them. Only my son stayed true and is a man any dad would be proud of. Today’s parents are no match, I repeat no match for this powerful debased culture.

      1. many young women being brought up by the tv and culture, are brought up by these things to be sluts – at least the feminism offered them corporate slavery to weaken the men, but it seems that the feminism is dying off to be replaced with wage-slavery and totalitarianism, so the options around are not good. Still, the options for many, and eventually most, young men are much worse.

      2. I have 3 girls that are still little… and 2 sons that are quite charming and one is especially devilish. God help us.

    2. I agree. I now also remember, as far as mothers and children are concerned, that some year ago I was in a bookshop when I saw a mother and her young child, scanning for a book. Then, when I looked again, the mother and her child was at the checkout with a book in her hand. 50 shades of grey.

      1. Mother / daughter bonding ritual, lets read it together and masturbate to the same things. Oh how I wish your father was more exciting. But he pays our bills for us.
        The real billionaire in this story isn’t the male character Christian Gray, but the author E.L. James, as this gets franchised like the harry potter series.

        1. Good point, she wrote the book and it made a shit ton of money. Her book even became a movie. All her fans are stupid women and maybe some manginas.

        2. Females are all the same.Do not let age confuse you.Young or old prefer the same virile male.

      2. I can beat that. I did go see 50 shades last night and to my horror there was a mum in there with a baby about 1 year old.

        1. Hypergamy let loose.The baby doesn’t matter….as long as alpha fucks is fulfilled nothing else matters.Some women fuck other men in the presence of their daughters…first the daughters get disgusted but soon enough they join in and an orgy ensues.

    3. ROK is failing when this is the number one comment. Hint yes women like strong men, and are mildly to severely masochistic (being the weaker sex they are genetically tolerant of that dominance).

      1. Fuck you. If anything, the user “truth” is one of the reasons why ROK is worth visiting. I come here to read his comments, and most of his comments are the top rated ones on this website.
        Heres a hint for you: why don’t you go and fuck off, if ROK is failing.

        1. If you are going for top rated, you should head on over to JEZEBEL right now they outnumber his votes 10-1. So you are turned on by Playboy and Porn?? That is all filth!(Because women often don’t understand male sexuality). 50 shades of grey is only filth if you don’t understand female sexuality. Do you buy her roses and kiss her cheek at the end of the date, and she just never ends up calling you back? Go back and read through the archives of ROK maybe youll get a clue. And, try not to rage so hard about words written on a page, it demonstrates weakness.

    4. Maybe they act bossy in public because they secretly want a man to slap them around and bossy them and stick cock down their throat in private…. makes sense to me.

    5. Silly child.
      I’m going to let you in on a little secret: We push men around, to see if they can push back. When you can’t, we continue to step all over you, and tell you whatever bullshit we feel like.
      If you can’t remain firm during an argument, what chances do you have in the bedroom?
      Obviously you just don’t know when to just politely say, “Shhh.” and stop listening to ever single thing we say.

  4. London Fire Brigade (LFB) said it was “concerned” the 13 February release could lead to a “spike” in people being stuck or trapped in handcuffs or rings.
    Since April it has attended 393 such incidents.
    Since April 2013 the capital’s fire crews have:
    – Attended 28 incidents involving people being trapped in handcuffs
    – Removed 293 rings, including seven from male genitalia
    – Attended other incidents, including releasing men’s genitals from toasters or vacuum cleaners

      1. They are, and the fact that more and more stupid people are the main ones breeding is expediting stupidity, chaos, and disorder.

        1. I think the no. 1 stupid thing is women not having the 2 or so children needed to continue the society – then expecting that the jobs, money and shit will still be around.
          Humans are so short sighted…

        1. True, but feminism is the most corrosive social engineering next to banking. And people had control over giving into feminism, though they chose to indulge cock-hopping, single motherhood, and destruction of fathers/men.
          So its time to reap what has been sown. The people of today are moreso idiots than some person who lived in say, 2000 BC.

    1. I would also extend this meme to the following:
      -The magazines in the supermarket
      -The morning talk shows
      -The endless commercials aimed for the female consumer
      -The garbage shows on television involving “tough” female secret agents

      1. Yes, if I knew how to make my own memes I would write all of those things and more on the smokestack he knocks down.

      2. It would be cool if these daytime gabfests ended like an old Sesame St episode:
        “This episode was brought to you by the letter W for welfare, and the number 8 as in section 8.”

        1. That would be funny. Honestly, I’m still trying to understand, why anyone with any decency would go out to see this filth?
          Oh wait…did I use the word “decency?”

      3. “-The garbage shows on television involving “tough” female secret agents”. Case in point, the Blacklist.

        1. Well yeah dude, didn’t you know all female in law enforcement and special operations jobs are both tough AND hot at the same time? And always extremely feminine and never fat, obnoxious and crass, talk like someone scraped their throat with sandpaper, or have shorter hair than a solider. Duh!

  5. Females are sex/nature personified.The vagina is designed to be penetrated by a penis. Her entire body is an object of sex and the ultimate source of sexual
    pleasure. Psychological females are also passive, submissive in both
    mind and body and want to submit to the greatest source of masculine
    authority possible. Females need a stable environment so that she can
    fulfill her naturally role as mother and nurturer. Which is why females
    are hopelessly attracted to masculinity and hate weakness in males(i.e
    beta and omega males like male feminist). It is no wonder why females
    wanted to dominated both physically and psychological by MEN.
    There is no such thing as “gender equality”. The above explains why feminism
    will always fail to make women happy and why females are revolting
    against it. You can never defeat nature.

  6. I’d also add that whatever you think of this, the feminist reaction to it demonstrates clearly that they are not just intent on criminalising male heterosexuality but female heterosexuality as well. Women are contrasuggestible

  7. If you’re looking for some kind of anti-feminist super-weapon, this is not it. It’s really no different than your typical harlequin bodice ripper, save that Christian Grey is a captain of industry and not a Viking chieftain. The best we can hope for is that it opens a few eyes that were shut previously, but those eyes must want to see.
    You watch, her magical pussy will save him from himself in the end, because that’s what puts women’s asses in seats, and women spend the money. As in the past the hamster will do the rest…

    1. Can women use their magical pussies to fix our economy, especially since one commenter in the past noted that they only account for 8% of the finance in circulation? It’s not looking like their equality meme is working out so far in terms of pulling their weight and making something of real value than a service orientated economy that is rapidly devolving into over slavery.

      1. The 50’s aren’t coming back. Wait… have another world war in which north America emerges relatively unscathed, while the rest of the world’s industrial capacity is completely destroyed and maybe, *maybe* you can recreate those conditions.
        It’s simply human nature to get as much as you can for yourself while giving up as little as possible. There are masters and slaves and few in between, that’s the story of the human race.

        1. incomplete. massive surplus and/or destruction of every one else is sufficient, but not at all necessary. all that is necessary is for women to stop lying, get back under where they no matter how oddly like it, and stop thieving from the cathedral, the civilization built by men. the surplus came after the building, after the immediately prior period when white women were mostly such, and that same surplus arguably was gluttonous faucet that inappropriately fed the failure unmarriageable feminism/women back then, bringing us to where we are today.
          failures may look human, but their nature is animal nature, not at all human. their nature isn’t my nature. but between then and now, the unabated selfishness of failures grew armies of white knights, so yes, destruction is still probably a good idea too.

  8. The 50 Shades phenomenon seems related to the popularity of the Outlander novels and TV series on cable: White women want, want, WANT much stronger white men to bang them than the ones they find in real life. And you can’t get much whiter and stronger in premodern times than a Scottish Highlands’ warlord; or in our time than a self-made billionaire from the gutter who kickboxes to stay in shape and looks like a Greek god.

    1. I’m convinced a major element of the feminist movement are lesbians trying to turn straight women gay. I was recently reading about something called “political lesbianism,” where feminists were claiming to be a proper feminist you had to be a lesbian. Otherwise, women are fraternizing with “the enemy.” They rationalize this by stating domestic violence stats between straight couples. Of course, if anyone actually bothered to check the domestic abuse stats for lesbian couples they would’ve known the rate of abuse is the same as heterosexual couples. Much of feminism is just lesbians trying to cockblock men and manipulate straight women into munching rug.

      1. lesbians / lesbianism has always been central to feminism – I’m not sure that’s a secret, but the importance of lesbianism to feminism is an issue that is avoided. Political lesbianism was officially born in the 60s and 70s (lesbian nation etc) but has an older pedigree. Since feminism identifies patriarchy as the problem, and identifies male heterosexuality as an oppressive form of patriarchy it follows that any kind of male heterosexuality, particularly that involving the penis is problematised. Even now there are feminists (including male heterosexual feminist!) who consider all penetrative sex to be oppressive. The logic here is that all penetrative sex is a violation of the sexual integrity of women, hence the idea that all male penetrative sex is a kind of rape based on unequal power relations, hence all men are rapists because ‘men on top’ etc. Having positioned heterosexual feminists into absolute discomfort about the possibility of any kind of ‘unequal power’ basis for sexual relationships between men and women (whether physically as in missionary position or simply dominance as in men leading and women following) the inherently lesbian logic of feminism is to de-legitimise all but ‘equal power’ relations between men and women within sex, something which 50 Shades demonstrates clearly women don’t find attractive (except in theory) hence the tailing off sexual interest that accompanies sexually egalitarian relations between men and women (usually accompanied by de-emphasis on penetrative sex …. cosmo etc will always display a preference for cunninglingus / foreplay over hard-shafting). On top of that you get an overt focus on women – straight or gay – identifying primarily with other women (women identified women) and manipulative ideas such as ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ (which is the idea that women are essentially compelled against their will to be heterosexual hence reinforcing the idea that heterosex is rape). Having said all that, its a mistake to think all feminists are lesbians though – and this is the crux – straight women are as keen if not keener on playing up the lesbian element – to the extent they see it as improving their position in the sexual marketplace (potentially) and playing into the basic female sexual strategy of ‘playing hard to get’. Both male and female homosexuality therefore has strong narcissistic elements in this way. Basically feminism wants to maximise the appearance: if not always the reality of lesbianism. The upshot think carefully about taking women’s sexuality seriously. Some of them are straight up lesbians, but they are still all full of shit and engaged in high level psy-ops

        1. Most lesbos are really unattractive, almost not human. The porn lesbos that are hot lipstick bisexuals are extremely rare. As a male be thankful these ugly females are taking themselves out of circulation.

        2. absolutely, but they will move heaven and earth to prove the opposite, and people buy into it

        3. to be honest, many women go through a lesbian phase which ruins them for future LTRs with men, after so much experimentation, and these temporary lesbians are often attractive, and that is a lot of women we are talking about. Promiscuity and permissiveness leads to lesbianism, which further unhinges the sexual market, as well as leading to increased social degeneracy. Apparently, 8% of US women are lesbians, and 1/3 have been raped by a partner – so I guess the SJWs should be after lesbian rapists which are a higher percentage of that group than male rapists would be within the entire male population!

        4. the funniest thing is that submissive sex is actually the most intense, since even being the dominant in sex involves giving a part of your identity to the other…..
          this is why men like to play about with dominatrix etc, but letting go completely is a peaceful experience and the pain mixes with the pleasure…
          this is the irony of passive / female sexuality… they get dominated to some degree, violated to some degree, but that’s the best part of it….
          you cannot be the ‘bottom’ whether lesbian, homo or straight without giving up yourself…. and it’s all a game really, what happens in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to translate into real life…. a huge mistake men make is thinking they have the power because they play the dominant in bed…..
          there is a psychological element, dominated in bed, dominated in life… however the female element is so subtle and manipulative, it’s almost not important how strongly it’s dominated it still finds a way to express itself and dominate via ‘soft’ means…

        5. I’m not really in to it myself but there’s a strong role play element in BDSM which as you indicate means the role played in the bedroom may or may not reflect real life relations. Men thinking “they have the power because they play dominant in bed” may also be bad tactics / seduction technique. These days women’s minds are in conflict in relation to what feels good (and which therefore works in the bedroom) and what they think should feel good (equality etc. which creates passivity, frustration in bed). But yes women have always had power in the bedroom, whether playing submissive or otherwise. It is feminism which by re-framing all heterosex in terms of rape / power that has persuaded women that
          they are ‘oppressed’ in bed because the man is usually ‘on top’. It is precisely in the bedroom where women have most sexual power, but feminism claims the opposite. Whoredom has after all an almost sacred tradition in many cultures

      2. one of the founders of the natl org for women had to quit bc all she saw around her were “vindictive divorcees and man hating lesbians”, so I think there is some truth to your statement …

  9. I’m tired of being told how heterosexual sex is supposed to happen by feminists and gay men that do not have heterosexual sex. They literally have no idea how it really “works” and need to just shut up about the subject entirely.
    I had one GF tell me that being “taken” is part of the experience for a woman. If she did not feel like she was being overpowered by a man, commanded around, told what to do, then she was just turned off.
    I’ve never had homosexual sex and have no idea how feminist lesbians get each other off. The difference is though I don’t go around trying to pretend I can tell them how they are supposed to have sex. Just like you wouldn’t go to a mechanic to extract one of your teeth, you probably shouldn’t also rely on “experts” that have no actual experience with the subject they claim to be an “expert” in.

    1. Google the phrase “lesbian bed death”.
      Turns out many lesbians simply don’t last very long in the sexual department. They just stop fucking each other relatively quickly. Anyone surprised?

      1. The options are heavy petting, carpet munching. . . .or toys. I could see how that could run its course quickly.

    2. Even in gay relationships you still see the power dynamic at play. One is more dominant, masculine while the other is more passive, feminine. There always has to a positive and negative polarity to a relationship in order for it to work, even in gay couples. Look at Ellen’s wife. She’s beautiful, and dresses/acts feminine where Ellen goes for the tomboy look. She can have that type of woman because of her status Just like a male celebrity has his choice in beautiful (younger) women. Lesbians still crave dominance and want to be lead.

    3. What would you expect from homosexuals? I wouldn’t even call it sex, just copulation. I believe lesbians like to fist each other. The anus has no natural lubrication unless you consider shit lubrication. There is stimulation I guess but it can be nothing like sex between a man and woman. I believe this is where present pc society has it wrong. It espouses that homosexual acts are on a par with heterosexual sex. They are not. They are degenerate at best.
      Older homosexuals must have a terrible time with incontinence. As for lesbians….I dunno but I’ve never seen a lesbian, that isn’t “gay for pay”, I would fuck…..

      1. Male homosexual sex (and homosexual sex in general) is also pretty disgusting. I’ve got a gay friend who is celibate because he finds homosexual sex so disgusting. He basically said that unless the guy who is on receiving end gives himself an enema you get fecal matter all over the place on top of the cum and sweat. It sounded like a disgusting mess. (I guess it is more messy then having anal sex with a woman because of the rectal track being different).

        1. Rectal track? No such thing. And there’s no difference bw the male & female rectum. Other than anal is possibly more pleasurable for men bc of the proximity of the prostate. Anyone with an ounce of sexual experience knows enough to do an enema prior to anal. Stop clutching your pearls, it’s not a big deal. Your gay friend story is worse fiction than Fifty Shades, btw.

      2. You do realize that “sex between a man and a woman” can include anal, right?

        1. You do realise that the anus is for the expulsion of faeces from the body, right? Sticking your cock in a woman’s or mans shite pipe with the ensuing fetid stench, prolapsing, and all the other dangers isn’t recommended on a regular basis. Maybe you have a different opinion?

        2. All common misconceptions. Tristan Taormino writes great books on sex. A couple on anal. Check them out. You might be pleasantly surprised.

        3. So its a misconception that the anus is NOT to eliminate waste from the body? There is no risk of damaging the sphincter muscle or contraction of other diseases such as anal cancer , higher rates in homosexual males, due to overindulgence in said behaviour?
          There’s books about anal sex? Who’d have thunk it? I believe everything I read, it makes me a more objective person.

        4. Oh I think one could definitely damage the rectum with anal sex. Without going into great detail I’ll just say this can be avoided. You know where I bought my first book on anal sex? Barnes & Noble. I’m not even kidding you.

  10. From Uncle Mistral’s Field Guide….
    On Female Submission:
    No matter what you hear in the media, no matter what women say they want, Feminine women want to submit, sexually, to masculine men. The thought of it puts the Pussy Tingle Generator into overdrive.
    Practical Tip #1 The first time I bang a particular girl (assuming I haven’t pre-gamed her), I ask her what her deepest, darkest, greasiest little fantasy. There are two answers that appear over and over again: “I want to do another girl”, and “Tie me up”.
    Practical Tip #2 Typically, I “pre-game” girls to push the needle on their obsessive little brains into the red by introducing the concept of their submission (to me) during conversation. So I might work in that it will be my pleasure to OWN or POSSESS them….that I will play her young and tender body like a Stradivarius. Why? Because women seduce themselves, it is merely up to the man to set the right thoughts in motion in her head.
    Any girl you are seducing should come to understand that her pussy is under your jurisdiction. And she should think it’s her idea.
    Now go forth and SLAY!

    1. I’ve been living under this information for quite some time now. It’s just that I’ll only apply it to her once my instinct tells me for sure that she’ll submit. There have been instances where the girl reacts like a fucking retarded little panda at submission. Glad to see this reminder !
      Thanks uncle !

      1. Happy to help. I find it best to try and work a few hints in at the beginning, thus, a girl I flirt with was showing the the results of her ab workouts (verdict: delightful, toned, but still feminine), and I complimented her on them and then told her it will be my pleasure to own her. That comment went through her body like electricity. *grins*
        Once you have pre-qualified the girl, you can adjust the tempo of how quickly you introduce concepts. By the time I’m asking a girl about her darkest fantasy (see above) I pretty much already know what the answer is going to be. So I go through the whole “Stradivarius” discussion and then, once I have her bound, I make sure she is properly heated (another great word for use during the ‘pre-qual’ phase) and then hold her at the point of climax until she is begging to come, and thereafter climaxing her until she begs to be permitted to stop, or she passes out, which ever happens first. Then I lean down so my mouth is by her ear and I say, “And now I’m going to TAKE what is MINE!” (cut that “roller coaster-dropping-away” feeling in the pit of her stomach…)
        Most of them dig it, but they’ve been programmed by the Cathedral that their natural feelings are wrong, and they must be ‘strong and independent’ (meaning loud, aggressive, opinionated, and unfeminine). So sometimes, like with a coconut, you have to crack the hard, outer shell to get to the tender meat underneath…and sometimes, like with a banana, it is lurking right under the surface which only needs to be peeled away, gently. 😉
        Very often it is career-chicks, or women who are more accomplished who dig it the most. For example one of the 2x22s is crazy smart (like ‘med school’ smart). I’m on my own tonight, but she will arrive a few hours from now, ahead of the other one, and we haven’t seen each other in a while, so about 15 minutes after she arrives, she will find herself naked, blindfolded, bound and in my bed ….much to her delight and happiness.
        Introducing light bondage into relationships not only gives the woman more freedom (paradoxically) to express herself, sexually–after all, she’s tied up and therefore not responsible for anything–but it also creates a dynamic of her following your instructions outside of the bedroom as well, so better all the way around.
        It is important to maintain Solid Steel Frame, of course–it has to be your idea, otherwise she might be some sort of sex deviant, even though it’s what she wants. When you “take away a girl’s choice”* (on the surface), not b/c she doesn’t want to do something but b/c she’s afraid of how her desires will be perceived, it can be better for everyone.
        À bientôt,
        *Obviously, this sort of activity has to be consensual, but what I am talking about involves differences in the the textual vs. subtextual level.

    2. “Because women seduce themselves, it is merely up to the man to set the right thoughts in motion in her head.”
      great quote

    3. That is a recurring theme gals wanting to be tied up. Heard it from lots of dudes. If you don’t have a rope handy put their arms above their head and cross the wrists and hold them tight like handcuffs. Universal groan/moan producer

      1. You can gently tie her wrists together with your silk neck tie. More classy. Doesn’t feel so rapey. Still makes them wet.

      2. Better yet just spend the 10 bucks on a pair of actual handcuffs. Just make sure to verify you have the keys handy before slapping them on. Because if not your cum soaked lover is going to get increasingly mad while you watch Youtube videos on how to pick handcuff locks.

        1. One thing I do when I use lockable items on a girl is to put the key on a chain and hang it around her neck. So the key to her freedom is right there, but she is helpless to do anything with it. That’s usually good for some tingles.

        2. Do handcuffs work?… how about dominating her physically with your body….simulating rape….they cry alot

    4. in a perfect world, this would be in the appendix of the boy scout manual:)

    5. I taught a 17 old girl on how to drive, she sat on my lap as i authoritatively directed her.Later on she was calling me asking when am coming back to show her more.

  11. this book isn’t really news to me, if you fit the archtype of male who women think will do this they will request it. I’ve had girls ask me to choke, hit, and even force myself upon them. The choking and hitting i was cool with..i never actually made a fist just slapped them around a little. But the forcing myself upon them i wasnt cool with, I’ve had girls even tell me “well the only way were going to have sex is if you rape me” and they were totally into it.

      1. It was hot until I thought about how i would explain to my celly that “Well she asked for it”

        1. Until you piss them off, perhaps years later when you don’t reply to their friending you on Facebook, when you retrospectively get done for sexual assault…

    1. yeah, I’ve had the whole spiel ‘I had a friend who liked to have sex, but wanted to always pretend to get raped..’
      It’s always the crazy horny ones saying that. I’m not so happy with the crazy part, and in the current environment, it’s wiser to stay away – or if you keep ignoring the times we live in, you’ll be having sex with the roomie in your cell. Or not for a looooong while.

  12. Should take my girlfriend to go see it? She doesnt really believe in feminism and if I was her choice she would be Wilma from the Flintstones while daddy brings the bacon

    1. Do YOU really want to see it? The movie looks horrible, I just don’t see what’s so appealing about it.

  13. It will be fun to watch the hamsterbations on this one. Cinemas in the US had to formally ban any dangerous “items” that the fans might bring with them. LOL.

        1. Watch this flick will turn into a cult flick like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” where they’ll have props and actors acting out parts of the movie live in the front of the first row.
          Let’s do the time warp again….

    1. Ugh.. women of the past really were stupid – I do think they’ve widened up as a whole due to the shitty economy, but for every 1 thinking girl, you’ve still got 19 zombies doing stupid shit.
      To be honest though, the men have become as bad as the women these days.

    2. “Pelvis’s up, don’t penetrate!” or “Clitoris lives matter!” or some such nonsense.

  14. “One Massachusetts college professor, Gail Dines, initiated a “50 dollars
    not 50 shades” campaign to boycott the film and “inspire” cinema

  15. The feminist SJW crowd is going into paroxysms of hysteria in trying to explain the success of this book within the parameters of feminist ideology. They’re doing more somersaults and backflips than a Gypsy family in a traveling circus. And it isn’t working. Because at the end of the day, women want strong male figures to lead them. Period. And no amount of hamsterizing is going to change that.

    1. Good call. Either’s a double standard (any way that they try to spin it). Remember: feminist are (or were) all about equality (at one time, at least). It’s easy to call them on their shit with this one.
      Watching the hamster spin and spin…that’s pure entertainment for us.

  16. 50 Shades of Grey might just make some men more dominant and attractive. Emphasis on might.
    Still I’ve met a lot of ‘Facebook Feminists’, who when it comes down to it, want nothing more than to be held down, dominated while they get fucked and call you daddy.
    More and more I think a lot of this third-wave feminism that is propagated predominantly through social media is just women talking absolute nonsense and the damaging side is that men buy into this frame through fear of being thought of as politically incorrect or misogynistic.

    1. 3rd wave feminism = same as 1st wave
      Purpose: to hammer a nail in the coffin of men making decisions, so bankers can enslave nations.

    2. The Baby Boomer psycho’s are desperately trying to hold the Gen X/Gen Y generation from learning that real truth.

  17. I’ve heard its not a movie worth watching. If you want porn, it doesn’t deliver. It you want romance, it doesn’t deliver. Sounds like the OP is saying the $10 ticket is worth it just to observe audience reaction. But big deal. That’s like going to a drive in movie to watch a slasher flick like Friday 13th, just so you can hear the audience scream in their cars across the parking lot.

  18. One should look at literature like Fifty Shades of Grey as a
    whole, not just as a “It’s abusive, RAWR !” or “Its empowering,
    you go gurrlllzz !”
    In my opinion, I would look at Fifty Shades of Grey as a
    window or a door into the rabbit hole that is the primeval desires of the human
    females. An intro into their lizard brains and what they crave.
    I would use this as a means to understand the primeval
    animalistic subconscious of the human female. Because you see, occurrences like
    these are rare. The overwhelmingly positive response of many women towards
    total domination and abuse and its subsequent reframing as a form of female
    empowerment should raise the curiosity of the thinking human.
    It raises questions which begs further research and
    But alas, I am a thinking man who wishes to understand
    reality. Not an anti-male feminist, not a religious person and not a
    traditional conservative.

  19. And this is how it starts. That stuff is vile degrading, dehumanizing. It gets it’s name from marquis de Sade who wrote a nasty book about that stuff. We are getting to a point to where regular sex isn’t enough, everyone needs more and more depravity. I often wondered when reading my bible how a whole city got to be like Sodom and Gomorrah. If you read the scripture,messengers from the lord came to lot and the men of the city said let us have them so we can know them ( have sex). Just look around in a few years we will be just like that we have no shame. Tying people up isn’t fun and sexy and If you think it is your on the beggining of the road that serial killers have walked.

      1. Who needs a Bible – it’s common sense! Many of the 60 year olds can’t even act like adults any more in the UK – but that’s because they’ve never had to act like an adult (social engineering, easy money, welfarism etc..)

    1. “Tying people up isn’t fun and sexy and If you think it is your on the beginning of the road that serial killers have walked. ”
      The above argument is quite ignorant, even outright silly. Perhaps even paranoid. Fortunately, serial killers are quite rare compared to the mass of the population. The number of individuals viewing porn in the United States alone numbers in the tens of millions. There is no statistical correlation between engaging in BDSM and subsequently becoming a serial killer.
      Please keep in mind this post is not an endorsement or condemnation of the practice but merely an attempt to admonish a rather naive statement.

      1. I might be wrong but one must admit this is a bad trend. You had broke back mountain then straw dogs a horrific rape scene, the girl with the dragon tatoo and now this. A movie devoted to bdsm. As a society what’s next, we are normalizing crazy stuff. What will the next big trend be, beasteality, fem Dom. All I’m saying is how do society’s get to the old saturnalia or human sacrifice. It’s a slippery slope, our favorite sports are blood sports to begin with how did a society like Rome get to setting lions on people it started somewhere. Your right serial killers are rare but how many people would one of there was no law. Take police away from san fransico and send a couple anti gay activist in there what would happen to them if there was no reprocusions at all. I hear people say we need a purge all the time like the movie, if that was real would your town burn it’s self to the ground or not. If you laugh at it or view it you can accept It .

        1. “Your right serial killers are rare but how many people would one of there was no law.”
          Serial killers never appear to care about the laws. They care nothing for anyone but themselves and seek only to satisfy what is essentially a homicidal urge.
          “You had broke back mountain then straw dogs a horrific rape scene, the
          girl with the dragon tatoo and now this. A movie devoted to bdsm.”
          Rape scenes and other types of sexual violence in films, at least in the United States, have been an existential part of film making since at least the early 1970s. The protagonist Alex DeLarge (actor Malcolm McDowell) in the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange immediately comes to mind.

  20. Like I was waiting for this propaganda, disturbing movie to tell me that women want dominant, alpha men. This movie may just glamorize and approve of women’s dark, secret wishes so that then men would have to adapt to these changing sexual roles and intimacy practices. In other words, this movie may become a new cult for the girls, encouraging them to ask for more from men. That is, less beta, less gentle, less cool, but more alpha, more aggressive, more dark triad traits. Reshaping the women’s expectations from men and asking for more, for something that it is disturbing, on a more animal level.
    This movie is another notch on the scale of sexual liberation of the Western world and will continue until everybody will show off their sexuality in anything they say and do. Because girls are tired of usual sex stuff and seduction. They want novelty, sensational and experiential stuff. No boredom. So let them have it.

    1. The culture is already beyond that, a generation of females has grown up with internet porn 24/7. Females in early teens are already knowledgeable of every kind of freak fetish.

      1. The people who run Britain are pedophiles, so I guess they’ll make that legal one day soon too. As well as it being legal for them to fuck your kids.

      2. That’s a scary thought. Then again, literally everyone can view the Two Girls One Cup video………and I don’t know how you can top that.

  21. The mixed messages that straight men receive from media brainwashing, government, teachers, advertising etc. in this society has left me flat out exhausted. I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much everyone is full of shit.
    Something I witnessed recently on the Grammy’s opened my eyes to this for good. I watched only the opening to catch AC/DC, who opened the show with a form of 4-on-the-floor hard-rock like only they know how to do. They’re old, this could be it for them so I feel obligated to check them out being as the first CD I bought as a kid
    was Back in Black.
    Until something caught my eye when the camera man was showing the hoity-toity celebs in the crowd. I see Jane Fonda standing there clapping along to the music.
    I had to think about this…Jane Fonda. a focal point of the feminist movement of the 70s-80s. Here she is grooving to one of the most chauvinistic rock bands to exist. I love AC/DC, but it shows me just how full of shit people who work in the entertainment industry can be when I see a bra-burner giving a standing ovation for a band whose lyrics included “Let me cut your cake with my knife”, “Cover you in oil”, “givin’ the dog a bone”, “deep in the hole”, “girls got rhythm”, on and on. You get the point.
    As for this movie…it’s par for the course, isn’t it? Should we be surprised that women are so psychotic that they can’t pick a philosophy and see it through? They’re like a weather-vane sitting atop a barn. Any way the wind blows. If this movie makes a ton of money, what will that say about the feminist cause? Do they or don’t they want a dominant man in their lives?
    What kind of message are men supposed to be getting from these trollops? Would this movie make money if Christian Grey was an unshaven, John Deere hat wearing white guy with a plaid shirt, pair of Levi’s and beer-belly? Why not, it’s about submitting to a man right? No, it’s not about the sex itself. I’m afraid It’s about
    being tied down by a billionaire. Follow the $$. That’s the fantasy that sold this series, and ironically enough funneled millions into the bank account of a feminist bozo author.
    I’m not going to partake in the new bdsm trend this will spark. Not because I find it very Sodom and Gomorrah (which it is), but because if we give in…then we truly are puppets on a string that act out of reaction to how the feminists want us to act. Fuck em’. I’m going fishing.

    1. Rap is the most misogynist music ever recorded. Millennial females love partying to it. Now middle age soccer mom is catching up to her daughter.

    2. I agree. This annoyingly predictable trend is going to be hard on many men who don’t understand what’s happening here. I don’t suggest to anyone commiting SMV suicide by playing the moralizer openly but giving into this will make us all puppets. We’re all “pathetic” compared to the dominant billionaire fantasy. I’m going lifting.

      1. Working out is the best drug I know. I’m not worried about my sexual market value. There are greater things at stake than rather or not I get laid. I don’t live to impress any mortal female or male. I’ll be judged by only one when it’s said and done.

        1. Very good post. Judged by one. Those could be words to live by. I’m old enough now to realize how much of an absolutely tragic waste of time it has been for me to worry about how I’m being perceived. Oh man! All that worry, thought, effort just for other people? Are you fucking kidding me? People? People aren’t worth it. They’re all up their own ass so far. A good person should never be ‘won over’ or impressed. That’s why it’s so clean to live a life in which you don’t care about how you’re being perceived or approved of.
          How did I care? Looking back…How did I care about the assessments of all these assholes? Of course I’m mostly talking about females but my place with the gang of in-crowd boys in town was also something I thought about. Gross. The amazing irony is that not giving a fuck would have made me 4 points higher anyway. If I could tell any one thing to some young dude it is this;
          However you can, get to the point where you DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about anyone’s opinion, male or female. Now here’s the kicker; a guy who truly doesn’t give a fuck isn’t the guy going around with a purple mohawk. That guy cares a lot—and he’s reacting to it. The guy who doesn’t care is the guy you can know for years before you realize one day that he doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll never flaunt it. Why? It’s because he doesn’t give a fuck. Therefore he doesn’t even care if you know he doesn’t give a fuck. So much so that he never makes a move trying to prove he doesn’t care. Be that guy. Library, woods, weight room, overseas is where he is…all with a more or less closed mouth. That’s the guy who doesn’t give a fuck. Be that guy for as many of your finite days as you possibly can.

    3. Look up double bind – Gregory bateson I think. Mixed messages are a means of destroying the ability to act coherently, indeed to exist coherently

    4. “The mixed messages that straight men receive from media brainwashing, government, teachers, advertising etc. in this society has left me flat out exhausted. I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much everyone is full of shit.”

    5. “I had to think about this…Jane Fonda. a focal point of the feminist movement of the 70s-80s. Here she is grooving to one of the most chauvinistic rock bands to exist. I love AC/DC, but it shows me just how full of shit people who work in the entertainment industry can be when I see a bra-burner giving
      a standing ovation for a band….”
      Never listen to a woman’s words….always watch her actions. Jane Fonda loves (or listens to ACDC) and she marries millionaire (billionaire?) Ted Turner. Yes, she’s a feminist and shes all about strong and independent women standing on their own….at least if there is a wealthy man involved.
      It’s fucking laughable.

      1. No, what s fucking laughable is you thinking a man who isn’t a millionaire or otherwise wildly successful would have anything to offer a woman like Jane Fonda. When she met Ted Turner, she was already successful and wealthy in her own right. What exactly is it that you think a factory worker or security guard or soldier or HR manager could offer her?

        1. Jane Fonda’s “money” was nothing compared to Ted Turner’s wealth. We are talking about the riches of an actress compared to Ted Turner (cable empire) wealth….billions. I don’t care how you slice it, she was bringing nothing to the table but the pussy. Her few millions was nothing to him. He already had an empire and he could choose any female at that point. Your point is hollow. At the most, she could entertain the possibility of a relationship with another actor (or maybe a director).
          Women are funny. They only bring the pussy to the table. Jane Fonda had “nothing” compared to Ted Turner’s empire. It, again, shows how women want to be “strong and independent” but they don’t mind having a billionaire (man) in their corner.

    6. Love AC/DC, seen them 9 times. Always a great show. Missed the Grammys show, would have just watched it for them. Anyhow agree with what you’ve said. The ladies want to get on all fours with Christian Grey waving his immense Wang in their faces while he gives their bare behinds a good going over with a riding crop! Then he shoves a black glove in their faces and shouts over and over “SMELL THE GLOVE!!!!!” What’s wrong with being sexy?
      I’m going duck shooting some of the evenings next week……” gone shootin”….keep Rawkin!

    7. Why would any woman worth her salt want to have relations with the dirty hillbilly you’ve described? D/s is not about wealth, btw. It’s power exchange. And it’s not new. As long as there has been human interaction, there has been D/s.

  22. Yeah, here we fucking go with this shit. I can’t wait to be overhearing this in my female coworkers’ conversations. This is only further going to promote degeneracy. They’re all going to be openly swapping their adventure stories. Imagine the damage this will further do to the poor betas: They won’t know what the hell is going on, and their wifes and girlfriends are going to be secretly or openly wishing for something the betas don’t want to provide. It’s going to be a shit test tsunami.
    I work at a school. I feel somewhat responsible for what society does to these young people. Really, really young women will go watch this and think it’s normal. Even if they don’t watch it, they will hear about it. Nothing anyone can do about it. The West is so utterly screwed.

    1. God bless you for caring, but I feel we’re ultimately fighting a losing battle. That’s fine, because it’s been written this way. The best you can do is pray and meditate on this. Have your own affairs in order and let the dead bury the dead. The truth is out there and if people choose to avoid it, that’s on them.
      This world is passing away before our eyes just as our own bodies are. It all comes to pass. Keep your head up and know that there’s other men out there like you who know the truth.
      Humble yourself and you’ll be exalted as the exalted will be humbled.

        1. I skimmed it. It doesn’t seem to have been edited. Is this deliberate to make the writer seem uneducated?

        2. I appreciate the suggestion but I’m afraid is full of socialist propaganda.

          These 501(c)(3) organizations are breeding grounds for evil doing disguised as nobility. Evil has a way of being charming before sticking it’s poisonous dart into your back while you’re not looking. The article link I posted is a bunch of anti-patriarchal drivel about how girls need to be playing contact sports with boys. Read the hateful comments towards men at the bottom to give you an idea of who we’re working against.
          Women don’t need to be in every facet of a man’s life no more than we need to be in every facet of a woman’s life. You all know where this leads if we start meshing our lifestyle’s together, against the will of nature, right? This is statism disguised as “warm, fuzzy, togetherness”. Nature doesn’t work that way.
          If you throw hundreds of animals in a dome, the horses will hang with the horses. Goats will hang with the goats. Chickens will hang with the chickens.
          Girls want to play football, let them play against me. They better be ready to take a hit because I’m going to let them have it. Don’t want to hear about me being too rough on her either.

        3. What are you talking about? I started this petition to allow people to challenge the supreme court base on facts, because they don’t seem to respond to anything else. And I know are for gays, they refuse to promote my petition but promote lbgt relate petitions like clockworks, day and night. This petition is more about the truth; what homosexuality is, and that who we as a nation and marriage is being degrade to sexual pervasions

    2. Tell them to share their stories outside of work….you don’t want to hear about that at work (it offends you) or you’ll be reporting them to HR.
      Watch their reactions, laugh…and the walk away.

    3. The fucked up thing about this crap is this IS what they like. It’s ingrained in the XX chromosomes.

      1. Yeah sure. If nature has made them this way and it’s gotten us this far, who am I to judge it. It’s not new to many of us here anyway. It’s just annoying how it’s now the talk of the town but if you talk about the male perspective of sexuality you’re a demon.

        1. Don’t be annoyed by it. Have fun with it. Point out the fact that they talk about it so much is because that’s what they like. Pretend you like giving it to women (what they secretly desire) and now your attractiveness just jumped up a couple of points.

  23. Does 50 Shades even have a good story? Why is it so popular? The trailer looks like shit, I can’t imagine why people would want to go watch it.

    1. Get this, the male chracter, he is a self actualized man. He is 26 and has already built his own fortune…how? He owns a bunch of factories. What do they produce? Who knows. He has an open door policy and his employees love him, except for his fifty secretaries who are in living fear of him. So, yeah. The plot revolves around some people who may have been bad to him when he was a child….but not so bad that he couldn’t become self-actualized and rich at 26.

      1. They missed out the parts in the movie where he got hand jobs from men and engaged in lots of gay shit. That’s how the real billionaires roll in the UK, apparently. Women don’t care for the morals of the man, just his image and his money.

    2. Average white girl, maybe rating 5 out of 10, with no job skills eating instant ramen every night in her tiny apartment, whores herself out to hotter ranking male maybe 7.5, who also happens to be a billionaire.

    3. I’m sure out there exist better romance novels… but none of them where marketed this good, and may be didnot look so “modern day roman”

  24. Wouldn’t the fact that the main male character is a billionaire be the reason for the female’s submission?
    And if a guy is not a billionaire then I am suspecting that it takes him to have a certain “look” or “gestalt” in order to dominate a bitch.

    1. The billionaire part is spot on the money – so sad!
      Most western women of average looks think they’re worth a millionaire (I’ve heard a few women say this, no joke) and there are probably quite a few useless women who think a billionaire is on the cards. This is in addition to the list of other requirements, when they have jack shit to offer themselves.

  25. “If you were going to see the film before reading this, still go see it. And if you did not plan to go see it, change your fucking mind and go.”
    But I’ve been saying all this time that any man with nuts should refuse to take his woman to see this movie…

  26. What really irks me is that there a lot of white knights (*cough*Matt Walsh*cough*) who are talking about how this men who are pushing this on women.
    This was a fanfic written by a woman and largely bought and popularized by women. If men want pornography, we go to the internet, we don’t watch a romantic drama for those boobs scenes.

  27. They want a dominant man. But guess what, it’s too late. the barn has already been burned down with “Yes means Yes” laws and charges of Eye Rape at college campuses.
    They destroyed the country. Now they will have to rebuild it legally.

  28. This is a great showcase of how delusional and cognitively dissonant women are with their own actions.
    They shout endlessly about female ’empowerment’, how they should be on the board of directors at companies, should call the shots in relationships etc, etc…
    Serve them up a dominant, rich patriarch who takes charge and they flock in an unstoppable herd to see the movie.
    If I’m not mistaken, the book had 2 sequels because the first one was selling so many copies.
    This also explains why women convert to Islam at a rate 4 to 1 compared to men.
    Women crave masculinity, but are too stupid to even admit this simple fact.
    Seeing the success of this book and movie……which do YOU think works with women….being a nice polite gentleman who helps? or being selfish, dominant and aloof?
    Any blue pill guys who think ROK is a bunch of assholes need only look at this female behavior. Women are flocking to this movie about a dominant, authoritative man.

  29. I don’t know.
    I think this is just another chapter in the sexual repression of men and the sexual dominance of women. Where the sexuality of women is all “you go girl” and the sexuality of men is evil bad horrible pass more laws.
    The “need to be dominated by men” will be fake, a fad, plastic. I don’t need the “tub of ice cream every night with Prozac and reality TV” 30-something office troll broad now wanting to get tied up and raw-dogged because now it’s cool and hip.
    Fuck them.
    The “system” does a thing known as “learning against learning”. The people who claimed to be all for God in the middle ages rewrote the bibles and changed everything around to up their own earthly power.
    So how is this any different?
    How, in a world where only certain books that tow the Cathedral line get published, does a book that feminists (a corner of the Cathedral) despise get published?
    And how does it even get to become a movie later on?
    So I smell a rat.
    The think tanks won’t let anything happen that actually benefits people. But they do very good at making people think something benefits them when it does not.
    And people smart enough to see through that get lampooned and called kooks and conspiracy theorists.
    I don’t think the end result will be of any good. And if it has or had the potential, “they” would turn it around somehow.
    Look at it this way:
    The Tea Party was around since 2002.
    The “rise” of the Tea Party was not known since around 2009. The Tea Party existed BEFORE Sarah Palin was even known by anybody outside of Alaska.
    Yet in 2010 I was listening to some “Progressive/left” radio station and they were all about “LOOK OUT!!!! Sarah Palin and HER Tea Party are out to get you! Oooga booga!”. Then cite a ton of neocon crap that the Tea Party was supposed to be all about.
    Gee… 5 minutes of Google could show that no, it was around before her. And it was never a neocon movement. It was being co-opted by neocons in the GOP as a means of wrecking it in the 2009-2010 time span. You see Occupy was destroyed because it was too decentralized to be taken over, but the Tea Party was taken over so it was ALLOWED to exist.
    So there was the “opposition”, acting all like they were freaking out.
    To push a false narrative that was directly in line with the overall goal. This station was not real opposition.
    The term we kooks use is “full spectrum dominance”.
    So, there is no way in this hell or the next that I am going to believe that the feminists are really pissed off about 50SAG or are shaking in their Ug boots or anything like that.
    Think about it: the things that truly threaten them, their system, they ignore. There’s a reason why you won’t see Roosh being openly lampooned on national TV or dragged onto The View or O’Reilly to be made fun of or given a hard time.
    #GamerGate is the one area where they stuck their head up to strike out and they got it chopped off. The think tanks goofed that one. You’d think they do it again? No. They get marching orders.
    Oh but there must be opposition “from the right” – yes – and it will be magically loud enough to drown out the argument against it that I’m making it now. You know, like gay marriage which should have been all about whether or not the state should have power over marriage but nope, here’s “the right” making it “all about family values”. The real argument is denied. I’m making a real argument right now.
    So opposition to 50SAG, ALLOWED opposition, will only be ALLOWED to be couched in the “this is against christianconservativefamilyvaluesthinkaboutthechildrenrepentrepentrepent” and carried by the usual ridiculous bible thumping morons to make sure the low information masses are fooled away from any real argument and this manipulation game that is always in play.
    And we are dealing with people who like to play dead, like to play that they were defeated so we let our guard down.
    So fuck this. I’m not biting.

  30. women do want dominance by a man, but women only want a man who does this to them if they are at least 2 to 3 SMV points about them out of 10. basically far more attractive then they are. where i live i see 5 out of 10 plain janes only wanting a relationship with guys that are a 7 at the minimum, and if you are above that (8 to 10 out of 10) only then can you fuck them with no strings attached and do all manner of perverse sadomasochistic shit to them.
    and for the average 5 out of 10 working joe? well he gets nothing in regards to women, he goes home to nothing but his hand for the most of his young life, unless he gets desperate enough to bang blown out land whale single mom pussy with bastard babies to scum. and then when most women turn 30 or even later, than finally the average guy is seen as worthy for most women (after being fucked in all holes dozens of times) i know an almost 24 year old woman whos trying to get into a relationship with me, and always blabs about her ex in her previous conversions, how he was an ass etc, but i can see through that. sorry i dont want seconds from a woman that only sees me as her second choice.
    you even tried to ask a woman out if you are the same SMV you get called creepy or she flakes you later. i can see why in past ages women were simply bought or married of, if this behaviour continues you can see why western society is going down the toilet.

    1. Yep it’s locked in: what you can do to a woman, or “get away with” depends 100 percent on how attracted she is.
      Any woman can get any bald hair-backed 300lb beer-bellied welder to “take her” but you’ll see those guys still at the pub at last call.
      The Brad Pitt look-alike is getting 2 at once and making them do nasty things to each other while they get so wet it’s dripping down their thighs.

      1. and people wonder why im so bitter at the age of 23. i eagerly await the collapse of society and the reintroduction of patriarchy.

    2. Smart phone dating apps (social media) have made it possible for any plain jane, ranking 5 out of 10 on the hotness scale, to get 10 messages a day from males asking her out for coffee. This has distorted the dating landscape. Her sense of self worth is exaggerated. That effect is often mentioned here, it should have its own slang term to describe it. Its a development within last 10 years, Neil Strauss and those types from the 90s never had to deal with it. Nothing wrong with those PUAs sharing life stories, we all benefit. But the game has changed somewhat.

      1. That’s why all the PUAs cashed in like David D., Strauss and Paul Janka, to name a few, to get married etc. It was always a short term game plan to get $$$. Now, you have to approach like a persistent Madman on speed in Russia whose sole job is to get laid to get acceptable closes. How sad is that?

        1. That’s nonsense. Learn to recognize the signals horny women give off and you’ll barely ever have to do a real “approach” again.

        2. They don’t deserve my approach.I open them.If they give a negative vibe move on.Surely they are sending negative signals. I usually take my bike spin it around and ride so fast.

    3. This is a US thing – UK women are less concerned about SMV and often date men lower than them. Which has led to the current batch of women looking uglier than previous generations, as well as some men who have weak minds and even weaker hearts. This is of course a multi-ethnic problem, as many of the younger generation are not indigenously British, so it goes to show that irrespective of race, all races are just as weak/stupid as each other. It is only a minority that made the society strong, such as the Christian patriarchs of European nations of times past.

      1. “This is a US thing – UK women are less concerned about SMV and often date men lower than them. ”
        I’m sorry man I don’t believe this for a second.
        Women no matter where they simply don’t date down.
        I’m thinking this more of a case of simple jealously. You deem the guys they go after as lower or losers when in actuality they have difficult to get or superior genetic traits that lead to them being attractive.

    4. Know this: Do your shit in life without a care what anybody thinks.Buy shit that impresses you alone.Be strong.Learn to defend. You will realise that women gravitate to THAT value.

  31. I heard that some feminists try and turn things in their favour by saying that 50 Shades of Grey is about a woman exploring her sexuality. In other words, this ‘non-feminist’ movie is really a ‘feminist’ movie, or so they say.

    1. “I heard that some feminists try and turn things in their favour by saying…”
      Sounds like every broad, about every thing, all the time…

  32. i want to be like christian grey…dominant alpha male…gotta do lots of work for that.n Also i can already imagine white knights and beta christian guys saying “its a sin”, white knights “how dare he does this to her..” I’m sick of this. Can’t they see that girls want male dominance? period.

    1. How do you plan to earn your first billion? Take away his money and make him a garage mechanic and how many women would be buying tickets to this movie?

      1. You would definitely need to start a company if you wanted to make a billion, and you’d likely need to do tech, unless you have any friends in the mafia or oil oligarchies.

        1. I don’t think you realize how hard it is to amass $1 – $2mm, and how little women are impressed with that sum these days. That just makes a man a beta male worth settling for when she’s ready to take a break from riding the cock carousel.

        2. I wouldn’t want to do what is required of a person to attain that kind of money. I can assure you it’s not all virtuous and true.
          “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime” – Balzac

        3. 1-2 mm’s not that difficult. At least not on paper. In terms of actual cashflow, it can be tough, but if you get the right strategic partnerships, it’s relatively straightforward. You’re right though, women aren’t impressed with shit these days.

        4. Lie, cheat, steal, do all that is necessary. That’s just the icing on the cake though. You still have to work really, really hard to get the ball rolling fast enough to do anything. You also have to be willing to sacrifice everything. Your family, your friends, your relationships, sometimes even your religion. All that flies out the window. What’s left at the end of the day is you, your team, and your investors. You can’t make time for anyone who doesn’t fit into that scheme somehow.

        5. True words. It’s a matter of what you value most. I believe hard work and getting out what you put in. That said, I don’t walk on backs. You can only sail on one yacht at a time. That would be one of my ex-girlfriends who sucked up to everyone in law school and used people to get into her career. She has it now, but it came at a cost. Her words, not mine.

        6. “You also have to be willing to sacrifice everything. Your family, your friends, your relationships, sometimes even your religion.”
          It’s exactly what I had to do! And yes, family was first that had to go.
          In order to make money you have to want it that badly… as badly as you described it above. Nothing less will do.

      2. Dominating women doesn’t involve money. When God put Adam on earth he didn’t assign him a salary. He put Adam in charge.
        If Grey was that garage mechanic and still had a alpha vibe about him, women would STILL see this movie. You have to remember that women operate through their emotions. Stimulate those emotions and you’re golden.
        And it doesn’t cost a dime. It’s all about you. Improve yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be susceptible to all the feminist programming around you. Stay true to your masculine self. Best part is, it’s been in you all along since you were born. Just listen to it.
        Also realize that some women are so far gone, so ruined by this feministic society & the way it’s programmed women for the worse, that they’re too dumb to realize that true male dominance will make them happy.
        Those women you need to let go of as most likely there’s no hope for them. Find the women that do respond. Sadly, they’re far and few between and it only gets worse by the day.

        1. Modern men are just as out of place as women and most men/women who are adults are mere children’s minds in adult bodies, not comprehending the consequences of their actions. they are merely socially engineered robot slaves who one day will be put to the sword by their masters.

  33. Your still a woman.
    Point blank bottom line.
    Yeah, I give you credit for wanting to advance past your biology and animal self but, again:
    You are still a woman.
    No. This is not a “GET IN THE KITCHEN YOU INFERIOR PERSON” bullshit rant. No. You are simply a woman and want certain things in, and out of the bedroom. This is not wrong. This is just nature. We are able to use a computer and connect with millions around the world because of this fact. You and me are on this earth because of the balance of Man and Woman. STOP, trying to change it.
    This bullshit of trying to change how men view women is just a waste of time for Feminists. Shit is not going to work sweetheart.
    You like a man that is Strong, Dominant, Financially stable, Sexually valuable, and has a “Father figure” type of vibe minus the incest fuckery.
    You want this and, when a man discovers game he will want it too. He will want to be a dominant figure NOT because of you at a certain point once he advances in game. After that, you will want him more because you are not placed on a pedestal that you quite frankly can never, and will never live up to. Pussy then becomes soaked………………….Now.
    Your a woman.
    You desire and crave certain things as we do. Pick any character you want. At the end of the day, that pussy and our Dicks truly don’t give a fuck.
    Your a woman. This movie is not JUST movie you are right.
    The animal in us does not die. Neither will what your pussy wants.
    Good post.

    1. It needs to be “get back in the kitchen.” And it unequivocally will be! First we will cast them out of professional and academic spheres by harassment and humiliation and eventually by rule of law once their houses of cards known as liberal society collapses. Women will be brought to heel and hopefully kicking and screaming for the LOLs

      1. I need some women, as those ones in particular are actually worthwhile for a society to have in positions of decision-making and influence. Its just that in previous years, there have been too many cunts and gravy-train riders.

  34. At the very same time, 50 shades of grey show us who do women consider men and who don’t.
    Higher status, handsome and dominant…I feel wet
    Same or lower status, average or under average looks…trying to be dominant…Police! Police! Help! There is a sexist/rapist around!

    1. Police officers are more likely to rape these days – I remember there was some youtube video where an officer made a comment like ‘you’re lucky we didn’t rape you’ after they arrested an attractive female jogger for jaywalking.
      I can’t believe that’s an arrestable offence. Liberty died over there a long time ago, as well as in the UK and other places too.

  35. I read the first chapter of this book at the Atlanta airport, and I called bullshit immediately. Let me give you the quick rundown:
    1.) Insecure girl meets young multi-millionaire
    2.) Girl insults him twice, inferring that he is gay and has abandonment issues.
    3.) Guy asks girl for her number as she exits building
    No Alpha multi-millionaire is going to put up with that shit, especially not for more than a quick bang. But the author tries to tell us that he is intrigued by her challenging nature. Not that shit again. Really, who wants a “challenging” woman?
    This is psychological projection, trying to tell men that they should be attracted to a bitch. Being an asshole works for pulling women, not the other way around.
    So even though the main character is Alpha, there is still a fair share of social programming at work here.
    Women today cannot even be seduced in a traditional manner. Everything needs to reflect the social programming agenda.

      1. True. Sadly, the average white girl today thinks she can be a bitch and still pull a top dog.

      1. True. I guess I prefer the shit test to come later. Right out of the gate, it spoils the initial attraction for me.

        1. no. looked up the protagonist’s character. you were right the first time. the man, any man not a beta, would see the feminazi fatherless frivolist full-of-shit failed-woman protagonist for what she was: fucking -not- worth his dick, or any dick for that matter.
          sure, shit test, but from whose hyper-inflated ego? not really appropriate to call it a shit test when it comes from such a ridiculously abhorrently unfeminine unfemale low value trash heap. your dick at least has to care first, -before- your dominance gets tested. which is where the magical feminist thinking was conjured, which is where you were right, not wrong.

        2. “your dick at least has to care first, -before- your dominance gets tested”
          That was my original sentiment exactly. A limited amount of testing, later on down the line, is to be expected. But when it comes right out of the gate, my experience has shown me that it’s the tip of the iceberg. You’ve got a sure fire problem on your hands.

    1. Well in defense of the multimillionaire, people always mistake me for being gay. I’m not gay, I’m just weird. People called me weird when I was a kid, and they think I’m gay now that I’m an adult. I never get upset when people think I’m gay because I feel that creates a safe refuge for me to continue pursue getting pussy under the radar. No one perceives me as a threat. But little do they know I have more than one girlfriend and I’m constantly seeking more… getting my gratification under their noses…don’t worry about Scottie, he’s probably gay. And while he’s out gay-bashing I’m at his house fucking his girlfriend

  36. In my opinion their desire to be tied up appears to simply be a physical manifestation of an inner emotional desire to sexually submit.

  37. Women adore rape.
    It depends on who’s doing the raping that counts.
    This is why they file rape claims according to their current feelings on someone they fucked.

      1. Women love rape.
        Google it.
        Women fantasize about rape.
        They even orgasm hard sometimes after being raped.
        They do not like being raped by unattractive men.
        That’s what “rape culture” is. It is two things. One, validation for unattractive women (“im so irresistible that 1 in 5 men want to rape me”) and two, an attempt to jail men women do not find attractive.
        Women want to be raped.

        1. No one wants to be raped, GORF.
          The reason people can still “get off” when they are raped is because your body will react to the stimulation, no matter if you consciously want to have sex with the person or not.
          I’ve used this example before.
          If a woman comes up and starts sucking your dick, no matter if you wanted her to or not, you would still get a hard on (usually). That’s because your body is reacting to the stimuli. Well, it’s the same concept for women.

        2. All women have rape fantasies.
          Women want to be raped.
          Just not by the “wrong” guy.
          50 Shades of Grey is a case in point.
          Discussion closed.

        3. One book/movie does not prove what every woman wants or doesn’t want. I never read the book/seen the movie so I wouldn’t know specific references or what happens in the book.
          And no, not all women have rape fantasies, and women do not want to be raped. You sir, are ignorant.

        4. the fool above you (1) uses her magical hill of ‘same for women’ equalist babble to (2) derive the correct result of ‘X doesn’t want to be raped’ (which is only correct by invoking ambiguity), and then (3) asperger-forces that conclusion back onto reality to return to her predetermined feminist-society-pavlovian-trained reactionary bark of (4) ‘[women] don’t want to be raped’.
          by speaking such a simple self-evident fact (see the book, see the rest of reality, see this article, etc) which is so staunchly, vapidly, vehemently denied (reads: determined politically uncorrect), you should expect more of this result.
          and you should continue to rape ‘ness’ in the ass. your lines are the article in cliff notes.

        5. you can stay here, bent over, waiting for dick all you like. in the mean time, try stay focused, at least on some thing else.

        6. Ness is a wannabe NAWALT.
          Trying her hardest to be “not like that” when I have repeatedly exposed her hamster.
          Why do some women think that all the psychological studies on the matter and even personal testimonies of enough women to statistically draw this conclusion suddenly goes out the window because they personally disagree?

        7. See the thing is, I don’t just disagree – but I PROVE it with my actions. 🙂
          I’m not trying to be anything. I’m just me, and I will defend myself, which is something I haven’t always been able to do.
          You can continue to be an ignorant douche, but it’s not a good look, hun. Even on you.

        8. Oh for fuck sakes. I am thoroughly convinced you women are seriously defective. What an insult it is that you think you’re equal to us.
          In case you missed it when I repeated myself a thousand times, WE ARE NOT FUCKING TALKING ABOUT YOU, YOU SOLIPSISTIC SELF OBSESSED CUNT. So we’ll just throw your anecdotes into the same bin where your children are.
          That being said, the book and the phenomenon surrounding it is proof women love rape.
          The PUA Julien Blanc is banned from several countries for his supposedly “rapey” tactics described in his material yet, the same women screeching about rape whilst altering it’s meaning to suit their needs (jailing unattractive men) have a copy of such a rapey book. The psychological studies on the matter as well as personal testimonies of enough women to form a statistic in my favour corroborates everything I say in spite of your “me me me me all about me”, female belief that you being the exception breaks the rule.
          If anything, exceptions CONFIRM the rule.
          Thank GOD you burned your kids out of your cunt. The last thing this world needs is another denial-drunk moron.

        9. The reason I mentioned that I haven’t read the books or whatever is because I can’t speak of my own opinion on the book cause I don’t know shit about it.
          You think whatever you want, hun. No one cares about you either. Maybe one day you’ll realize that and stop wishing such horrific things on other human beings. But I don’t have that much faith in you.
          I don’t believe in a fat man in the sky, but FYI, I WILL have children. Just because I had an abortion, doesn’t mean I don’t ever want kids.
          Does it make you feel more manly to call me a cunt? Or tell me to get raped? Because it just shows the lack of character you have, and what a piece of shit you are.
          Have a good day, GORF.
          It is Valentine’s Day after all 😉

        10. Not a good look according to whom?
          Whom I don’t give a piss about anyway?
          Your actions and especially your thoughts are easily concealed.
          Don’t embarrass yourself in thinking you’re different.
          You are not.

        11. I don’t think I’m different, nor am I trying to be. I’m genuinely myself. I know that’s hard for you to understand, you poor, small-minded, idiot. Maybe one day you’ll have a mind of your own and you’ll understand 🙂

        12. Hahahaha!
          Told you.
          Stop kidding yourself into thinking you’re independent. Women have zero ability to progress beyond female group-think.
          If you can’t take my comments don’t read them. But I will continue to make them while hoping you get “raped” again. Hopefully the “rapist” will draw you a LEGO style diagram so you can have an easier time deciding whether or not you were really raped, and another diagram on how to use a telephone to dial 911.
          If you don’t know shit about the book you are admittedly not qualified to comment of the veracity of my claims. Never argue logic with emotion, sweetie. Logic has always been and will always be a man’s domain. And no, the world doesn’t not bend to your will, princess, no matter how butt hurt you get over random Internet comments. Get fondled.
          No it doesn’t make me feel “manly” to make my comments whatever that pitiful, shame tactic that can only come from the feeble mind of a female is supposed to mean. You honestly should get raped. It would teach you a lesson on allowing predators to roam free to harm another while you were deciding whether or not you liked it enough to call the cops.
          And yes it is valentine’s day but you spent all day here. In fact you spend a lot of time online talking to strange men. If your boyfriend weren’t such a beta male he’d have gotten wise very soon. Especially since you peruse a lot of “red pill” websites. The reason why you’re not fucking him right now is that beta boys can’t rape. So your fantasies will be forever unfulfilled until you “accidentally” message some hot alpha for some “egalitarian” male dominated patriarchal sex.

        13. it may be conjecture (for who knows how the wet-ware of utter failures truly connect the factual dots of the universe in their fictitious heads), but it seems like it’s all mindless hen-pecking by hysterical idle unused hags to get knocked up.
          a ghastly option, given their ghastly persons (and unfuckable bodies). but even if stomached, it would still fail to silence the pecking, of course (see same wet-ware malformation argument). the only thing that might, might silence them, if this is indeed the case, is continuously knocking them up until the hysteria ends (menopause). a somehow even more ghastly option.
          there really just is no saving them, since their maldevelopment is unfortunately far more of a choice to selfishly reject reality. so there really will never be enough studies, no matter how many dollars, made by men, given worth by men, are spent trying to convince such failures. if they chose to fail, again and again, can you really get them to agree that fail is what it is? fail is win to them, it has to be, otherwise they’d agree they should get nothing, and the egos of failures can’t take that.

        14. “if they chose to fail, again and again, can you really get them to agree that fail is what it is? fail is win to them, it has to be, otherwise they’d agree they should get nothing, and the egos of failures can’t take that.”
          Absolutely spot on!

        15. Your “genuine” self is perfectly in line with every other female.
          So no, you’re not different.
          Is this enough for your incapable mind to process?

        16. as an aside here (rather than repulsively elsewhere), women do so love to think only of themselves. when you refute their fictions (like we do here), they oft resort to saying they’ll have “their” own children and not you. they think that their ability to bare children is magic, but moreso that these children, raised without life-long guidance of men, magically become adult Mr. Greys and (even more absurdly) Ms. Feminist-Goddess Unnamed Maidens. regardless of their fucked up ego-driven endpoint desires, reality proves that the only Misses that feminists birth are trash like ‘ness’, and the only Misters are far far from Mr Gray. fanatical wishful thinking. their own hubris desires what they cannot make, nor can ever forge.
          girls that know children get their dime-a-dozen flesh from mom but their invaluable souls from men, go on to become women. girls that don’t, just don’t. you just can’t save them. and these failures, feral, left alive, spitefully tear down everything until all are fuck ups just like them. man stands alone in stark contrast to the rest, in that his inheritance is more taught and environmentally forged than genetic. failures, hags and manginas alike, can’t agree to this, to what is real. again, it would mean they have nothing, and spent their lives fucks fucking other inescapable failures like them, not by fate, but by choice, and no choice but their own. it’s as if the universe holds them responsible, even though they’ve managed to doge responsibility all their lives. and oh how their ego hamsters do rage against this unfair burden…
          /edit: any woman who thinks that the father’s children are owned by her, or use the possessive ‘her children’ when describing such, is one of those red flags right up their with cats, horses, and tats. not always (i think), but enough to be nawalt. another strong indicator of deep seated selfishness magic.

        17. Actually just got done having sex, twice ;). And giving my boyfriend some “presents” he wasn’t expecting in the process!

        18. I’m not intimidated by your stupidity, GORF. You aren’t a man – you are a pathetic little boy.

        19. I never said I was different or not different. Simply providing my view on things. You interpret it how you will, doggy boy.

        20. Hahaha
          Gee, we haven’t heard that road worn shame tactic before.
          Don’t you wish you were as original as a man?

        21. You said I didn’t have sex with my boyfriend, I just told you that you were wrong.
          We’ve been together 3 years, and we’ll be together for many many more 🙂

        22. I never said that, you did. I’m glad you admitted to the fact that you are inferior to me. I know it took a hit on that ego of yours 😉

        23. If ever there were seniority of human life you’d be somewhere between a tapeworm and the contents of a P-trap.

        24. “The reason why you’re not fucking him right now ”
          Keywords: right now. As in the time you chose to chat with strange men online instead of giving him a deep throat. For someone “in love” you sure spend a lot of time talking to people who you’re not banging (yet). If beta boy did the same you’d flip because in spite of your assertions that your relationship is “equal (impossible)” you wear the pants. It is a psychological fact that the more you assert something the less true it is. You’re just trying to convince yourself. Women who are truly “in love” want to spend every waking moment with their partner. But you’re here trying to convince yourself on Disqus!
          It’ll be 18 months before you bang an alpha because even you love assholes. It’s why you keep coming back for more abuse rather than ignore. That’s why you never left the abusive boyfriend. That’s why you allowed yourself to be “raped” and that’s why you cheated. You think a shrink can talk away the vagina tingles?
          My sides!
          Never try to cheat the system, little girl.

        25. So intelligent that you couldn’t debate me alone, couldn’t defend your own beliefs alone and had to refer me to a movie.
          Maybe in comparison with a rusted screen door, you’re intelligent.
          As well as loose.

        26. Women are so stupid they believe what they say or don’t say trumps what they do.
          What you DO, little girl, makes you just like any other woman.
          Those pathetic shame tactics are textbook female groupthink.
          By the way, feminine women don’t judge a man’s manhood. Why? Because they know nothing about manhood. They’re content to be feminine while the man remains masculine.
          You are a western white woman and therefore as feminine as an oil rig. Women who use manhood shaming are masculine enough to judge manhood. Think about it, if I were a lifelong mechanic I’d be more qualified to judge the quality of an engine that someone who isn’t.
          And it is clear you wear the pants in your relationship.
          2 years. Mark my words.
          By your own admission you don’t like little boys but real men. Women are not attracted to men they have to support or do the traditionally feminine tasks.
          2 years TOPS!
          Fucking amateur!

        27. “As in the time you chose to chat with strange men online instead of giving him a deep throat.”
          No, but he did get a present today 😉
          “For someone “in love” you sure spend a lot of time talking to people who you’re not banging (yet).”
          Talking to people online, that I don’t know, have no intention of knowing?
          “If beta boy did the same you’d flip because in spite of your assertions
          that your relationship is “equal (impossible)” you wear the pants.”
          You say this while he is sitting next to me, with his hand on my leg, and my legs across his – I’m doing my thing on my computer, and he’s doing his thing. That sounds pretty equal to me.
          “Women who are truly “in love” want to spend every waking moment with
          their partner. But you’re here trying to convince yourself on Disqus!”
          Hun, we live together and LITERALLY spend 24/7 with each other. It’s healthy to have different interests, and people you talk to.
          “It’ll be 18 months before you bang an alpha because even you love
          assholes. It’s why you keep coming back for more abuse rather than
          ignore. That’s why you never left the abusive boyfriend. That’s why you
          allowed yourself to be “raped” and that’s why you cheated. You think a
          shrink can talk away the vagina tingles?”
          It’s been almost two years since any cheating or anything has happened – there’s no chance of that ever happening again. The quotations around rape is not necessary – it was rape. I didn’t allow it to happen, and it will never be my fault that those men decided to overpower me, and take what they thought was theirs.

        28. Why do women equate hate with violence?
          I hate open sewers. Doesn’t mean I want to blow up every sewer system I can find.
          I hate you in the same way I hate open sewers.
          Well, not exactly.
          I’m less likely to get chlamydia from sewage.

        29. I dare you to ask me in two years. My actions prove that I won’t cheat. 🙂 You are wrong, honey bear.

        30. “No, but he did get a present today ;)”
          My point exactly. The female orgasm is far more powerful than the male orgasm. So women are getting more from sex than men. The fact you consider sex as a gift to him is manipulative. You’ll be rationing it out in no time.
          “You say this while he is sitting next to me, with his hand on my leg, and my legs across his – I’m doing my thing on my computer, and he’s doing his thing. That sounds pretty equal to me.”
          And this means what exactly? Women flirt in front of their boyfriends or husbands all the time. Women have no scruples about talking to their side lovers in the presence of their partners. No sale.
          “Hun, we live together and LITERALLY spend 24/7 with each other. It’s healthy to have different interests, and people you talk to.”
          So do cell mates.
          He’s not exactly in a financial position to do anything else now is he?
          “It’s been almost two years since any cheating or anything has happened – there’s no chance of that ever happening again. ”
          Oh my God a whole two years since you cheated! You know heroin addicts can get clean, stay sober for decades and then fall back into the needle, right?
          “The quotations around rape is not necessary – it was rape. I didn’t allow it to happen, and it will never be my fault that those men decided to overpower me, and take what they thought was theirs.”
          Yeah, I’d be really smart to believe a 22 year old, Western, white, liberal woman’s definition of rape. You have every resource not only to press charges against legitimate abusers but also made up ones. Women can have a man thrown in jail for years for no reason. You stayed with the abuse for the same reason all women stay with abusive partners. The vagina tingles. They could not take what you did not offer up on a silver platter with a black eye and possibly black pussy.
          You bore me.

        31. “My point exactly. The female orgasm is far more powerful than the male
          orgasm. So women are getting more from sex than men. The fact you
          consider sex as a gift to him is manipulative. You’ll be rationing it
          out in no time.”
          No honey, I gave him something that I haven’t before. That was the present lol.
          “So do cell mates.
          He’s not exactly in a financial position to do anything else now is he?”
          I don’t get what you are implying. Just say it.
          “Yeah, I’d be really smart to believe a 22 year old, Western, white,
          liberal woman’s definition of rape. You have every resource not only to
          press charges against legitimate abusers but also made up ones. Women
          can have a man thrown in jail for years for no reason. You stayed with
          the abuse for the same reason all women stay with abusive partners. The
          vagina tingles. They could not take what you did not offer up on a
          silver platter with a black eye and possibly black pussy.”
          That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard

        32. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll still be here on disqus two years from now convincing yourself and the rest of us you’re still “in love”. I bet you have 3 more children slaughtered and suck at least 2 alpha cocks by then. That is, if you can find time to post between psychiatrist appointments.

        33. “No honey, I gave him something that I haven’t before. That was the present lol”
          Sex as a gift is manipulation.
          “I don’t get what you are implying. Just say it.”
          That seems to be the pattern with you. Intelligent my ass.
          “That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard”
          Translation: I’m right.

        34. In two years, I should be out of treatment and off of medications. Besides, I only have an appointment now every three months to see how I’m doing, now. So It’s really not taking up much of my time.
          Like I said, I dare you to contact me in two years to ask me.
          I don’t want children for a few years, but if something happens before then, we’ll cross that bridge if and when we get there.
          As far as me cheating…it won’t happen.
          I don’t have to convince anyone I’m in love with my boyfriend. He knows it, and I know it. We are the only two in the relationship, so that’s all that matters.

        35. LOL wait till you get off the meds.
          You’ll be banging the nearest football team right on the shrink’s couch!
          I know you’ll be right here on two years. I don’t have to check up on you though. You wouldn’t have the balls to show your face after it happens anyway so why should I.
          And you aren’t the only two in the relationship it seems. He’s got his ex and you got your revolving door of cock.

        36. I have cheated, I’ve owned up to those choices I made.
          The fact (yes, I said fact) that I cheated, does not mean I have had an STD.

        37. How did you talk to him with his cock in your mouth anyway?
          You cheated on a good man with a piece of shit, eh?
          Proves my point.

        38. Besides, trying to shame me for my past choices and things that have happened in my past isn’t going to work.

        39. No, it wasn’t manipulation. It was something I told him I didn’t want to do and have never done in the three years we’ve been together. But I’ve done a lot of thinking and I know I trust him and I felt confident enough to give him something I couldn’t before but had wanted to. It was pretty amazing, for both of us.

        40. My meds have nothing to do with who I have sex with. lol
          Oh, hun, I’d almost willingly give you my email to contact me in two years. I won’t cheat, so I won’t have any problems with myself.
          His ex? The one he has kids with? HAHAHAHAHA there’s no chance in hell they’d be back together. I don’t need to worry about that.
          I only have my boyfriend’s cock. I don’t need anyone else, want anyone else, and I’m not looking for anyone else. You have no point with what you are trying to say.

        41. You like to resort to your joke telling 😛
          I made bad choices. I’ve owned up to them, and I won’t make them again. I’ve faced my bad choices, and that’s something most people NEVER do.

        42. You missed the point.
          You left a good man to fuck a bad boy.
          It is perfectly natural.
          Bottling up your urges with psychotropic drugs and therapy will not end well.

        43. I’m not on medications to repress myself sexually or because I cheated. I’m on medications for my PTSD, depression and anxiety.
          I’m not bottling up any urges. I don’t want to cheat, and I won’t – that’s that.

        44. “My meds have nothing to do with who I have sex with. lol”
          You admitted you needed therapy to learn to be faithful. You think women on the old days needed that? Some women that were married for up to 70 years married as virgins and did not need Xanax to restrain them from brushing their teeth with strange cock.
          “Oh, hun, I’d almost willingly give you my email to contact me in two years. I won’t cheat, so I won’t have any problems with myself.”
          Don’t bother. I know you give your email out to strange men all the time to “prove” how faithful you are but I like my women without a bunch of pharmaceuticals running through their veins.
          “His ex? The one he has kids with? HAHAHAHAHA there’s no chance in hell they’d be back together. I don’t need to worry about that.”
          That’s not my point. Whether you like it or not, she is still part of the relationship due to his kid. And you yourself have that bad boy DNA swimming inside you. So be it her of you are truly exclusive.
          “I only have my boyfriend’s cock. I don’t need anyone else, want anyone else, and I’m not looking for anyone else. You have no point with what you are trying to say.”
          Once again. You are 22, white, Western, a libtard and a woman. Even if you were 6-bag fugly or a right sweathog you’ll be spreading faster than the black death.
          It’ll be 18 months before an alpha bad boy leaves your face print on his stomach.

        45. Who’s shaming.
          Women cheat. It’s what they do.
          Trying to suppress it will only move you to be hostile to your boyfriend for being a beta bitch and ration sex. You already think you’re giving him a gift by screwing him. That’s deplorable. But deplorable is the modern female.

        46. Intelligent my ass.
          I said,
          The fact you consider a sexual act to be a gift is manipulative.
          Women act like they’re doing men a favour with sexual acts.
          You admitted it right there in this comment.
          It’s only a matter of time before you ration that vagina with cunt stamps.

        47. So therapy is helping you overcome the “PTSD”, “depression and anxiety” that moved you to split your gash for bad boy meat?
          I wish men were afforded the same cache of excuses.

        48. “You admitted you needed therapy to learn to be faithful. You think women on the old days needed that? Some women that were married for up to 70 years married as virgins and did not need Xanax to restrain them from brushing their teeth with strange cock.”
          I had to go to therapy to help me with the underlying reasons why I cheated. My boyfriend has stayed with me through that. I don’t take Xanax, that is one of the worst medications I’ve tried. 🙁
          “Don’t bother. I know you give your email out to strange men all the time to “prove” how faithful you are but I like my women without a bunch of pharmaceuticals running through their veins.”
          I said “almost”. Don’t give yourself too much credit.
          “That’s not my point. Whether you like it or not, she is still part of the relationship due to his kid. And you yourself have that bad boy DNA swimming inside you. So be it her of you are truly exclusive.”
          He has two kids with her, not just one. I know she’s always going to exist – but I can be respectful and keep composed. I don’t know where you are coming at the conclusion of the “bad boy” DNA, though.
          “Once again. You are 22, white, Western, a libtard and a woman. Even if you were 6-bag fugly or a right sweathog you’ll be spreading faster than the black death. It’ll be 18 months before an alpha bad boy leaves your face print on his stomach.”
          It won’t happen, no matter how many times you say it.

        49. I have, it doesn’t mean I’ll do it again.
          I have great sex with my man, I don’t need to look elsewhere.
          I think it’s a gift to share an experience with someone, and to give something to someone because you want to, and you feel like you can.

        50. There are underlying causes for what happened. Therapy helps me everything that’s happened, and why it happened

        51. Sigh.
          This is going to be sad.
          For the poor guy.
          His woman will be bent over a siderail on a county road the minute she’s weaned off the meds.

        52. Every woman says that.
          We know what female promises are worth.
          Somewhere between mildew and the used condom wrappers she is bound to dispose of behind your back.
          It will be 18 months before you fill up with an alpha love pump at the “service station”.

        53. Alpha fux=the men women want (for sex)
          Beta bux=the men women settle for (for provision)
          Neither are interchangeable. You are either one or the other.

        54. So you gave him a gift of something that should be mutual. And you gave yourself a gift of something that should be mutual.
          Doubly selfish.
          Doubly expected.

        55. I really don’t give a damn. How about that?
          I can control my actions and I won’t fuck anyone other than my boyfriend, and considering we want to spend the rest of our lives together, no one else will be involved 😉

        56. I have. That was the past.
          I can control my future, and I’ll only be having sex with my man. 🙂

        57. It was never expected to be mutual. I made that VERY clear at the beginning of our relationship.
          I decided that I was ready to give him something I hadn’t before.
          Not selfish. And no matter your opinion, I have a very happy man sitting next to me 🙂

        58. Awww that’s so sweet.
          Until one day you meet a hot, alpha cock like last time through the net you invest so much of your time surfing. He’ll get you hot just like last time. You’ll be having “problems” with your boyfriend at the time and he’ll be “there for you”. One thing will lead to another and you’ll have dot cum written all over you.

        59. We’ve talked about certain things recently, and it got me thinking and analyzing a lot of insecurities and fears that I had – I realized that he never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to, and I was able to overcome the experience that blocked me from wanting to do it, so I made the choice to do it without him asking, pressuring me, or making me feel nervous about it. He is definitely a happy man right now, and seeing him happy and satisfied in ways he couldn’t be satisfied before, is the best feeling ever, and best gift I could have. 🙂

        60. Holy fuck I was just about to ask you if you were blonde.
          No wonder you have the intellect of a unicellular speck of primordial ooze.

        61. Wow.
          So much dumb, so little time.
          But it’s good to know you’re blonde.
          I now give it 9 months before you chew on another dick and I give your relationship 18 months.

        62. I didn’t meet the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with online. Sooooo……….your point?
          And when my boyfriend and I have any issues, we talk to each other about it and find a resolution. No outside people or drama is wanted, or brought in.

        63. You had to go to therapy and analyze the piss out of something you gave the bad boy freely?
          Poor guy.
          The poor poor guy.

        64. My boyfriend seems to think I’m intelligent, and so do all the important people in my life, so your pathetic opinion is really useless. Stop wasting your energy.

        65. “I didn’t meet the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with online.”
          Even better. Even easier. You WILL suck another man’s dick.
          “And when my boyfriend and I have any issues, we talk to each other about it and find a resolution. No outside people or drama is wanted, or brought in.”
          Bwah hahahahahahahahahahahahah!
          Yeah well good luck keeping that up for 50 years.

        66. I don’t chew penises. I would imagine that would hurt, actually.
          I really don’t care if you think we’ll break up or not. You aren’t in the relationship, so your opinion in the matter is pointless.
          We’ve gone through more than MANY people we know and are still together. We have a very strong foundation. I’m not worried about us breaking up.

        67. Yup.
          The buddy system.
          When you are drowning in side cock he’ll come and rescue you like the most gallant white knight!

        68. You think you need me to convince you?
          And that hot alpha on the side will need 50 grit sandpaper to smooth out your face print on his headboard.

        69. Yes.
          Who do you think your kidding?
          You really don’t think I believe a word you said, do you?
          Do you really think you’re an exception?

        70. Yeah, I’m still waiting for my answers I asked yesterday.
          Oh that’s right, you need YouTube videos to explain what you believe!

        71. Why, it’s cock on the side my dear!
          Oh,you don’t like cock on the side.
          You like it from behind.

        72. I’m not trying to “kid” anyone.
          I don’t believe a damn thing you say either, so we’re even.
          I don’t think about being any exception – I just worry about what I want, and I know I can control my actions. I don’t care what you think about it.

        73. Your cup size is irrelevant.
          You’re a Californian, liberal, white blonde so you probably ran through 40 miles of tubesteak by age 18!

        74. I’ll take it in any direction if it’s my boyfriend’s cock 😉
          I don’t have anyone on the side.

        75. Then your boyfriend’s cock has a peculiar way of pointing at other men.
          Judging by his betaness it’s understandable!

        76. “I just worry about what I want”
          Gorf, you did it again.
          Another little nugget of her true nature unleashed by me, the supreme NAWALT KILLER!
          Unicorns don’t stand a chance with me, sweetie.
          I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that ALL WOMEN are EXACTLY the same!
          Bwah ha ha ha ha.

        77. I was manipulated the entire time, that was a little different. But still, I take my responsibility in what happened.
          I’ve said this before, I know my word means shit – that’s why I PROVE myself to my boyfriend every single day.

        78. No, I don’t have wrinkles, sweetie. But I just don’t feel like digging – you aren’t worth that effort. Plus, I’m a little distracted. hahahaha

        79. You can’t prove anything about me. You don’t know me, and you cannot control my actions – so you are just the cockroach I crushed while driving this afternoon 😉

        80. Be that as it may the fact remains.
          You are sitting right next to your boyfriend.
          But instead of talking to each other you spend all day every day online chatting with strangers on disqus.
          By your own words you’re in it for yourself.
          You needed therapy and psychotropic drugs to restrain you from cheating.
          And again, blonde, white, liberal, 22, Californian, attractive (debatable).
          Just make sure boyfriend takes several DNA tests when the “stork” flies in.
          A couple of additional blood tests wouldn’t hurt either.
          Unless of course, they’re positive.

        81. LOL said the woman who needs to pop pills and smoke a ton of weed to forget that sweet alpha cock that made her shake like a 3 legged washing machine.

        82. Lmfao.
          You were manipulated alright.
          Proving my point women love to be dominated.
          They absolutely worship being raped!

        83. She keeps coming back.
          She loves assholes just like any other beyotch!
          It’s only a matter of time and girth.

        84. I spend every waking moment with my boyfriend, he does his own thing while he’s working and talking to clients. I don’t need to pause and stop my life because he’s working. lol
          I’m with him and he makes me happy, I make him happy as well. Your opinion on our relationship is irrelevant.
          I can promise him on my life that I won’t cheat again – no matter if medications are involved or not.
          I’m a natural blonde, doesn’t mean I’m blonde right now! 😉
          My boyfriend won’t need any DNA tests, because he’s the only man I’m having sex with. He went through that before with his ex – I could never put him through that again.
          Blood tests? For?

        85. I don’t pop pills. I take medications because that’s what’s needed. Trying to make me feel bad for taking my medications would be like trying to make a diabetic feel bad for needing insulin. It just doesn’t work.

        86. No. That man DID rape me. I didn’t like it, or want it.
          I realize you say stupid ass shit like this just to get a reaction. While I don’t take it personally – it just disgusts me that a person could actually say such vile things, wish those things on others, or even think that it’s acceptable.

        87. No, I haven’t had sex with that many people. Considering my boyfriend is the only person I plan on fucking from now until forever – from now till my 25th birthday (why did you choose 25?) I’ll only have one dick in my. My boyfriends. Sorry to make your dreams come crashing down, doggy.

        88. Do any man fanatsize about rape (that is raping a woman)?
          Id be lying if I said I never fantasized about breaking into some hot chicks house after she just got done showering, and raping her. At first shed hate it but shed love the sex in the end.
          Of course im not dumb enough to try this stunt even if a woman gave consent to fake the fantasy.

        89. Nice attempt at rationalization. Spin hamster, spin!
          You have no response of your own because you believe in what you believe blindly and without question.
          You’re a sheep.
          Atheism is a religion.

        90. If a diabetic refuses to take his insulin he will die. A huge percentage of women are doped up on happy pills because women take the easy way out. Men can get over depression without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

        91. Yeah, sure he did.
          I’d be real smart in believing rape claims today.
          No conviction.
          No rape.
          It’s that simple.

        92. Did you or did you not swear you’d never cheat before you did it the first time?
          That’s right.
          No sale.
          The blood test is for when Blondie brings boyfriend home another gift.

        93. Do you honestly believe you’ll be with him in 25,30,40,50 years? LOL!
          How many couples do you know we’re married that long?
          Only ones who were married when divorce was socially unacceptable.
          You will suck strange cock.
          You will ride alpha dicks into the sunset.
          You will divorce rape your boyfriend.
          I’d put money on it!
          Tell your boyfriend to watch the movie Divorce Corp.
          Maybe he’ll think twice about letting you coerce him into signing a voluntary slavery form.
          You can watch it too to get some ideas.

        94. LOL, a man would be a fool to believe in a faithful woman!
          And you can get any bitch to drop her panties!

        95. You are ignorant if you think Atheism is a religion.
          At least I don’t believe in fairy tales. Disney does those best. Leave it to the professionals.

        96. Taking medications isn’t the easy way out.
          Besides, I wasn’t put on medications willingly. I never wanted to be on medications.

        97. I don’t give a damn if you believe what happened to me. You weren’t there, so you don’t know shit. I know what happened to me. I lived it. That simple.

        98. I said I’m a natural blonde – I’m not blonde right now! 😛
          He won’t need a blood test, but by all means it could be done because I have nothing to hide 🙂

        99. Yeah I believe we’ll be together. We want to spend out lives together, so that’s what I’m planning on. I’m not worrying about it ending or what to do after, because I’m not planning on it ending, or there being anyone else after him.
          I won’t suck anyone’s dick but my boyfriend’s thank you very much.
          I won’t fuck anyone but my boyfriend
          I’m not planning on getting divorced when I get married.
          HE wants to get married just as much as I do. Watching a movie isn’t going to change that 🙂

        100. Everyone who gets married says the same thing.
          Everyone who got divorced said the same thing.
          Everyone who cheated said the same thing.
          Everyone who had been cheated on said the same thing.
          You watch too many Disney movies.

        101. Yeah I’m sure dying your hair will make you smarter.
          You may not have anything to hide but your white blood cells certainly do.

        102. Yeah, and I just got raped be both Halley Berry and Beyonce last night. I’m still deciding on whether or not to call the cops.

        103. You can’t even debate your own beliefs.
          Fairy tales?
          Like how everything came from a pinpoint of energy somewhere in space that mysteriously appeared on it own?
          Leave it to professionals is right. All you did was listen and believe. You’ve never tested anything relates to your beliefs.
          Therefore you have FAITH by the very definition of the word.
          Therefore, you’re a religious nut.
          The religion of atheism.
          You just believe your religion is better than others like most religious nuts do.

        104. All I can do is let my actions speak for me. My boyfriend trusts me, and I trust him 100%. We have no problems here 🙂

        105. I never said dying my hair would do such a thing.
          And I have no clue what you are trying to imply, doggy.

        106. Well, since you aren’t going to be respectful – I’m dropping this subject.
          You don’t have to believe what I say, but if you aren’t going to be at least respectful, it’s a waste of time.
          We’ve had this conversation before, so we don’t need to go back into that.

        107. I don’t consider weed to be “pharmaceuticals” lol but it helps more than any anti anxiety medication I’ve taken.

        108. Said every couple everywhere.
          Especially the ones that divorced.
          Let’s have those lottery numbers for February 15, 2035 then.

        109. Atheism is a religion.
          I have proved it but unfortunately you’re too dumb to know the difference.

        110. Yeah, you have to smoke a bunch of weed to keep those legs from springing open like a subway turnstile.

        111. Respectful to whom?
          You’re nobody.
          I say what I want. If you don’t like it you should have “dropped the subject” ages ago. But you keep coming back.
          You were not raped.
          You had buyers remorse.
          Hard rape fantasy sex that you later regretted.
          If you really were raped you’d want the perpetrator in jail as soon as possible.
          Not only for justice but to spare other women the trauma.
          But you came too hard.
          You love rape.

        112. Oh honey, I’m not a mind reader.
          But I do know myself, and can, and will be faithful to my boyfriend. That isn’t a problem for me. And it’s not a problem for him to be faithful to me either.

        113. Weed doesn’t prevent me from cheating lol – I smoke weed for my anxiety, and to help me sleep.

        114. Yes, weed is apparently the only thing that quells the anxiety you suffer when hot alphas offer you dick on a platter.

  38. Just found out today that this exercise in retardation was started as fan fiction for that other red-headed stepchild of “literature” known as Twilight.
    “The Fifty Shades trilogy was developed from a Twilight fan fiction series originally titled Master of the Universe and published episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name “Snowqueen’s Icedragon”. The piece featured characters named after Stephenie Meyer’s characters in Twilight, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. After comments concerning the sexual nature of the material, James removed the story from the fan-fiction websites and published it on her own website, Later she rewrote Master of the Universe as an original piece, with the principal characters renamed Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and removed it from her website before publication..”
    Let’s begin with this Master of the Universe shit. Isn’t that the technical term for He-Man and Co.? Let’s follow with the name “Snowqueen’s Icedragon”. Sounds like someone’s staying in this Saturday with their cats for a night of LAN parties, Magic: The Gathering, Anime, and a Dungeons and Dragons Tournament. This twat is literally the female version of the stereotypical basement-dwelling, micro-penis-having, Warcraft Level Whatever Mage-Goblin loser that the feminist crowd loves to label us as. If a man wrote this garbage, he’d be labeled as “creepy” and charged with mind-rape.
    Thousands of men are going to get soundly fucked this year in divorce court and have their hard-earned wealth forcibly redistributed to some broad who didn’t work a day in her life for it, and yet this idiot is going to make millions off of a piece of fan fiction that possesses the prose of a twelve-year-old. As Sir Salman Rushdie (who knows a thing or two about good authoring) said about the book: “I’ve never read anything so badly written that got published. It made Twilight look like War and Peace.” This shit should be in the bargain bin at your local Salvation Army, not being made into a feature film.
    Yet another example showing what many authors on this site have already stated: Western women are fucking retarded and should not be allowed to make any decision past where I put my load.

    1. Please keep preaching, I don’t know why your comment doesn’t have more upvotes. Thank you

  39. I don’t know…I think the fantasy for women in 50 Shades isn’t the bondage or domination — it’s the fact that the dude is a billionaire. Women will put up with any amount degrading behavior, if it means worming into the arms of a rich dude. She wants half that shit to be hers someday, that’s what gets her all wet and tingly.
    If the guy doing the whipping and tying up was a plumber, his ass would be in jail in no time.

    1. Evolutionary psychology can help explain this behavior we observe in women. Women bear children, so it is in their interest to find a mate with resources who can provide for their offspring. A rich man has more resources than a poor man. Women are attracted to a man with resources. That’s why $$$ and social status trump looks, appearance and personality any day of the week.

      1. As a nomad with almost no money or social status, I promise you that your last sentence is not true. Most guys would be stunned if they realized how many men are getting easy sex without a stable career, ability or desire to provide her, or interest in commitment. Women, however, would much prefer that you believe what you just typed–it keeps you working hard for their benefit if you never realize that the milk is free when you know how to handle a cow.

        1. Any boy knows how to have sex if they know what to say to a girl. But when it comes to a long-lasting committed relationship, women would be much more willing to choose Vladimir Putin over some tall nobody plumber.

        2. Vladimir Putin is your example for proving that “money and social status trumps personality?” The guy kills bears with his bare hands and has balls of steel, especially compared to the spineless jihadi in the White House. Terrible example.

        3. Yes, but the sex a poor man gets is probably short-term sex. I remember Roosh talking about how it was easier to have one night stands when he was poor. It’s almost like women are ok having sex with poor men, only if their intention was short term all along. Kinda like how men have no problem having promiscuous sex with unattractive women, but are more likely to try to wife up a beautiful woman. It’s the same way with women, except women prioritize money over beauty.

        4. Sure giving a lot of credit to Putin who can only threaten a small country with a sizeable citizenry with similar heritage. His ass/country left Afghanistan with tail between their legs and lost their Iron Curtain.
          And a country with many of its elite bailing to the west.
          And a country with a contracting population base.
          All he’s got to puff his chest is a few migs, some nukes and oil. Hell, he’s got to buy his BEST naval ship from the FRENCH! LMAO.

  40. I see nothing positive about this movie. Without knowing the story, it seems the Gray character is one that not even the most alpha, dominant man can live up to. And no real man will be worthy.

    1. Is it any wonder? The original fucking inspiration for the book was EL James’ Twilight fanfiction, i.e. featuring sparkly vampires for Christ’s sake.
      Being a sucker for punishment, I did try and read the book. After about page 13 or so the text made an impact. The sound it made as the book hit the far wall was very satisfying.

      1. I can’t believe you made it to page 13, I didn’t get past page 2. You’ve opened my eyes though, is the author the same one who wrote the Twilight crap? Everything is starting to make more sense with respect to this garbage.

  41. Just about every study that has looked at the question has found that the number one sexual fantasy among women is the rape fantasy, with BDSM coming up the rear (so to speak). The two reasons women don’t indulge these fantasies is 1) they refuse to accept just how debauched they are and 2) they need the right fantasy man to go with the fantasy.
    If you have game then most women will accept you as the fantasy man and can be convinced that it is all perfectly natural rather than debauchery.
    Personally, I like the movie Secretary. The two times I have watched it with a woman in private, life imitated art that evening. I should watch it more.
    I will watch 50 Shades at one point, just out of curiosity.

    1. I love the movie Secretary. Mostly because it presents, what are still considered by many, sexual taboos, in a darkly humorous manner. 50 Shades is not nearly intelligent enough to pull if off. Its stupidity should be off putting to both parties, because, unlike Secretary, where the characters are real, tarnished, and vulnerable, the story surrounding 50 Shades is ridiculously unrealistic.

      1. I agree that Secretary is darkly humourous and gives the characters a certain amount of realism. I have known people similar to the main characters.
        Someone once said that “sex is the most fun two people have together without laughing”. Sometimes BDSM games can put the lie to that.

  42. The really ironically tragic thing about feminists is how they can spend half their time trying to turn men into women, the other half of their time bitching about where the real men went, and not once in their entire lives connect those two events.

  43. “Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t just incapacity feminism. It ties it up, flogs it, and chokes it unconscious.” ROTFL! Now that I’ve stopped laughing.
    Recently I was having sex with a twenty-something when I said to her I want to tie you up and… I barely finished my sentence when she said. ” you know that’s one of my fantasies (it was never mentioned before) and started cuming like a maniac, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and started shaking uncontrollably.
    There is clearly something so deep in the older parts of the female brain that craves it, and when it’s touched. It’s like the sweet spot on a tennis racquet or a golf club,with the result being overwhelming sexual pleasure.
    Additionally the underground culture of BDSM, girls saying that they’re “pain sluts” Male porn star James Deen talking to a packed house of mostly female students at a California University, that very little publicity about who he was and what he was talking about. Women subscribing to websites like “” then writing in begging the site owner to let them live out a fantasy.
    There will be a time in the not too distant future when younger women will start to reject the lie “of you can have it all”, and start to re-embrace the fantasy of life long love afair, taking the husbands name and the children that come with it.
    You can either embrace Men and submit to their dominance & have the pleasure that goes along with it. Or be sucked into the scientifically false notion of feminism and live a life of shrill dissatisfaction, and not know why. But clearly you can’t have both.

    1. Is there youtube vid of james deen giving that college lecture? I know millennial females crave him for degrading sex scenes. He’s breaking stereotypes, he isn’t abercrombie fitch type model.

  44. Women are paranoid, insecure individuals, and men in general are beginning to put up with less and less shit. No wonder wealthy, successful guys are taking to sugar dating (rather than regular dating) in a big way. Sites like and enable men to have affairs with hot women with no bullshit strings attached.

  45. Eh, “dominating” a woman takes too much effort and energy I’d rather use on something I actually give a fuck about. That, and I don’t want to have to live up to her “standard” of anything, ever. What I give you effort-wise is all I have for you, period!

  46. Fifty shades of grey is absolute garbage. From the three random paragraphs I read of it via my sister’s copy (Something which I tried to stop her from buying) it is absolute, poorly written drivel. The fact that this is popular just shows that Western society is going down the drain.

  47. Sorry no. Not seeing this.
    1: I am an author. When I got started I was VERY much interested in my “competition”. This book is LITERALLY fanfic of Twilight. Not even good fanfic. People have asked Meyer if she would sue but she doesn’t care.
    But really. Fanfic of an already bad book with a weaksauce female? Sorry no.
    2: It’s not good. It’s bad. I refuse to pay money for something stupid. I hate that hacks like this get rich while good writers (not me but others) get ignored. Why in the hell would I support this?
    3: Anyone with an ounce of Alpha in them already knows the deal. I don’t have to pay good money to see a garbage film to know women love dominant assholes? I question why this site would even recommend this. Why pay to see some movie when you (Admin) can share gems of wizdom directly? WHy must I lose money and sit through garbage for something that can easily be exp0lained in (Do what makes you happy and stop caring about what women think. They are dumb).
    Stop giving bad advice. If any of my friends recommended I see this garbage I would just walk away. Don’t make me walk away.

    1. Not all women are dumb. The ones who read drugstore pulp fiction are idiots. My girlfriends and I (yeah, I’m a woman) used to read (and by that I mean skip to the juicy parts) this kind of shit when we were 12 and curious about sex. The difference? The shit we read never turned into a highly profitable major motion picture. Other than your belief that all women are dumb, I agree 100% with what you’ve said. The fact that this crap is this popular is a sad reflection of just how low the mouth breathing general population has sunk. Do not support this in any way, shape, or form. This article is extolling terrible advice. If you want to see a cool movie about BDSM, watch Secretary.

      1. Maybe not all women, but man does it seem like it at times. And for the record, I feel a lot of men are dumb too.
        I’m all about equality like that

        1. 🙂 if only stupidity was resigned to one half of the population. But yeah, I’m frequently mortified by the actions of my “peers”. I’m also right sick of whiny little twats speaking on behalf of all women, telling me when I should feel “oppressed” and “victimized”, but alas I digress.

        2. I think it’s more than that. They’ve been utterly coddled since birth by their parents. All these supervised “play dates” = zero social or conflict resolution skills. Frankly the young men aren’t much better. How’s the saying go? “everything I needed to know in life I learned in kindergarten”. Yeah, that doesn’t apply when every minute of your life is monitored and everybody gets a participation ribbon.

  48. I knew something was fundamentally wrong with my last relationship when my ex read the first book when it was knew and said “Oh my God I’m so jealous of her!” (the protagonist, whatever the fuck her name is).
    The relationshit nosedived after that. Go figure!

    1. Unless your ex was 13 (which is wrong on so many levels), the fact that she was able to finish the book speaks volumes to her intellectual fortitude. She needs to be harnessed, but not the BDSM variety, the kind that will prevent her from running into traffic. You dodged a bullet, my friend.

  49. Well, he’s not just dominant: He’s also “classy”, Rich, Successful Physically Fit, well groomed. We want all of that, too. We also want unicorns. And if you could pick up the kids from gymbory, and get dinner started too, that’d be great.
    Women who want dominance will go to see this movie, because they want dominance. Women who don’t want dominance, will not go to see this move, because they don’t want dominance.
    So, just start all conversation for the net month or so with, “So, did you see 50 shades of grey?”

    1. So, just start all conversation for the net month or so with, “So, did you see 50 shades of grey?”
      This conversation opener will only determine whether or not the woman in question is functionally illiterate. Not a bad thing to know, but I doubt it will reveal anything about her sexual tastes.

  50. If our societies told men to just be dominant this type of feminie extremism (Because that’s what it is) wouldn’t exist. But then nobody wouldn’t be able to make money off of all the consequences of the confusion.
    All hail the economy.

  51. I don’t think I was able to get through 2 pages of this book without bursting out laughing. The writing is so atrociously bad that anyone who can finish it without gagging (pun intended) should be awarded a medal. For those of you who are tragically unenlightened, I will attempt to give the Coles notes version of this story, as I understand it:
    The protagonist is a virginal college student (so common these days) who somehow gets mixed up with a millionaire tycoon. The tycoon is older than the protagonist, but not by much (under 30). Evidently there is never a concrete explanation as to how the tycoon amassed such great wealth at such a young age. (Why bother? Under 30 millionaire tycoons are everywhere). The protagonist loses her virginity to the tycoon in some sort of BDSM scenario. (Because losing your virginity isn’t nerve wracking enough for a young woman, I can only imagine how much smoother things would have gone for me had there been handcuffs and a gag ball involved). Either before or after the de-flowering, the protagonist is like:”can we go steady now?”, and the tycoon is like: “no. but you can sign this BDSM contract and become my personal sub” and the protagonist is like: “cool. that’s totally normal.”
    In summary, it’s a cheesy drugstore romance, the genre has existed for decades. Tween girls have been reading each other the sex scene passages from these books at sleepover parties for just as long. Any woman over the age of 15 who is seriously reading this crap should be gagged for her stupidity. The real tragedy in all this is I’ve recently learned this is a trilogy, so it looks like we’ve got 2 more movies in the making (hooray!). DO NOT give your money to this crap, even ironically. Support real authors.

  52. Women are told by the man that he’ll leave his wife for her. They are told that if they are good enough, he will stop beating her. Some women believe that if they love a bad man enough, he will become a good man. I meet these women all the time, and feel a sense of sorrow at the depth of their neediness and the extent they go to find some satiation.
    Those are the women supporting this form of entertainment. These perfectly nice ladies need something they won’t find in the broken place that is 50 Shades.

    1. Are you smoking crack?
      1. Why is a woman who is fucking a married man absolved of any wrong doing? Bullshit. She’s immoral for committing adultery, and she’s stupid for even trusting an adulterer.
      2. That men beat women is a sexist stereotype. Domestic abuse is the same among lesbian couples as heterosexual couples. Stop the anti-male propaganda.
      3. Women aren’t trying to fix men. Women prefer Dark Triad men. The most extreme form of this is Hybristophilia. Women are simply fucked in the head, and aren’t the innocent little angels they try to pass themselves off as.
      Spare us the rationalization for shitty female choices. Women are manipulative, selfish and always have their own interests in mind. This ROK. That bullshit might pass at Jezebel or HuffPo, but not here.

      1. I think you need a drink or a tranquilizer. I’m not talking the blame for you not understanding what I wrote.

        1. Nice ad hominem. Post your horseshit dribble over in the echo chamber.

  53. Saw this bullshit last night. My god, what tripe. The characters are just so unbelievable EVERYBODY was heckling the screen! The girl claims to be a virgin (Really? A woman in this country who is decent looking is EVER a virgin past sophomore year in high school??? Wanna try insulting the audience even more?) and is so awkward, coy, and shy she drives an old Bug, has a flip phone, a landline, and has a 4.0 in English Literature. When she meets Mr. Grey (a fucking twerp sissy-Mary, by the way) he “dominates” her, takes her virginity, but makes sure she consents and he doesn’t overstep any boundaries. Of course, he falls for her, just like any billionaire would, ya know. It’s like the classism in Titanic but in reverse! The same scenes seemingly repeat over and over again, and even dialogue repeats! It was simply nerve-wracking! I would have rather watched a dumpster fire or paint dry for two hours!

  54. Bwahaha!
    Let the more “attractive” slutty whores who made this book and movie a success duke it out with the haggardly feminist and their moronic ideals about how women “really are,” and how women really should be.
    I just happened to run into a whore mongering premier screening of 50 Shades at one of my old watering holes. I can confidently say that it was the LARGEST EVENT this place has ever hosted. Talk about women voting for being slutty whores, and proud of it. The movie was a celebration of their repressed and hidden fantasies to have men shove things up their butts and dominate them. How could the 3 books and movie have such an impact if women weren’t so depraved by nature? Truth is you can’t have one without the other.
    The real crime is how men are being financially raped to have to take their wives, girlfriends, mistresses and dates to this horrible piece of hollywood crap. Can we start a dialog about the financial rape of men? Where’s the meme for that?

  55. I’m sorry this does not relate to the article but I really need advice.
    Why do I want to get pregnant so bad? What is wrong with me? I’m 21 years old.
    Whenever I post on forums, and even craigslist, immediately, people
    want to be holier than thou and tell me I can’t have a baby now, I’m so
    young. It’s funny. There is no way everyone here on this earth was
    planned. So many couples have kids, multiple kids, even when they
    shouldn’t. Some women in my family had gotten pregnant
    when they were 18 and 19. This was maybe 30 years ago. They were not
    rich or financially ready at all. It was just the way of how things
    were. It makes me so bitter that, this day and age, I have to suppress
    these urges. My body feels like it’s aching to have cum inside.
    Please relax and don’t tell what I already know. Of course, I am going
    to be logical and not have a baby. Once again, I am not going to have a
    baby. I just want to know if it’s normal for the urges to be this
    When I’m in lab, all I can think about is how I wish I was
    carrying a baby. Believe me, I like education. I like learning. I did
    three years of pharmacy school and I liked being in labs, learning with
    my classmates, I never once thought about getting pregnant and wanting a
    baby. I focused on the experiment. I listened intently to the
    professor. All of a sudden, a couple of months after I turned 21, I had
    the desire to be a wife, a mother. I wish my mother had taught me how to
    cook. I barely know how to cook. Instead of being in lab, I wish I was
    at home, learning how to cook. I’m Asian. I did not lose my virgnity
    until I was 21. I do not party. I go to school and I work six days a
    week. I am not that smart but I try to do my best in school.
    I have
    a boyfriend. I love giving him blowjobs. I really do. I don’t know why,
    but it makes me feel like I’m fulfilling my duty as a woman. I love
    licking the head and sucking on it.
    Here is something I wrote before my class.
    “All I can think about is cum inside me. I want to take it every night.
    But I can’t talk about it with anyone. I can’t tell him anymore.
    All I can think about is how good it would feel to have a dick inside
    me. I am sad because I have class. All I want to do is go home and touch
    myself. All I can think about is balls that are loaded with cum. All I
    can think about is so much cum inside me, every night. It would be so
    nice to have a man’s hands, playing with my breasts. My nipples want to
    be sucked.”
    Why do I want to get pregnant? Is there any medication I
    can take to make the urge go away? I really want to focus on my
    education. I want to go back when these thoughts never crossed my mind.
    Can anyone please offer some advice? I’m going to go crazy if I keep
    having this urge to get pregnant.

      1. How can I be a whore if I didn’t had sex with a guy until I was 21 years old? I lost it to my current boyfriend and I don’t think I will have sex with any other guy. I thought this website praised women submitting to their men and pleasing their men sexually. I only like giving my boyfriend blowjobs. I would not want to please another man sexually. I am sorry you think that way.

        1. I’m not a man. 😉
          Sure girlfriend, talk to me in 5 years when you guys break up and you’ve decided to have a new man in your bed every night.
          I sure hope you don’t trick him into having a kid.

    1. I don’t think you need “education” I think you need “medication”
      You do realize you have to actually raise the child, right? There’s more to it than just getting pregnant.
      Age isn’t the problem, it’s mentality.
      Please don’t bring a child into this world if you aren’t equipped to raise one.
      Talk to your doctor (psychiatrist) about this, not the Internet.
      I’m hoping this was a joke, though…

      1. Once again, I have said twice in my comment, that I am not going to have a baby. I am simply expressing how I feel and I want to know why the urges are so strong. I used to never ever thought about babies and starting a family. All I wanted to do was get good grades, graduate college, and make my parents proud. I don’t party. I don’t sleep around with guys. I’m not that smart but I still go to all my classes. I go home and I study. I have no idea why you are saying “Please don’t bring a child into this world if you aren’t equipped to raise one.”
        I have said it twice, just because I know I would get a comment like that, I am not going to have a baby or trick any guy into getting me pregnant. I go to school, I work. I really want to focus on my education and get a good job. I am just confused as to why my body is thinking it wants to get pregnant. I wanted some guidance. I am sorry you think this is a joke. I feel hurt that you think it is a joke.

        1. If you were just looking for advice about the “baby fever” I would’ve gladly offered advice, or words of encouragement, but your sexually explicit comment makes it hard to take you seriously.
          Here’s some advice for the future: Don’t use words like “baby” and “Cum” in the same paragraph. It’s kinda gross, just saying.
          No harm done, darlin, just trying to help you out because in about 2.5 seconds people are going to start shaming you.
          Best of luck, darlin.

        2. I’m very sorry. I have no one I can talk to about this, for the very reason I fear I would be judged. I never had sex until I was 21 years old. I don’t know why all of a sudden I’m like this. I’m sorry.

        3. Ah, I see. You don’t have to apologize to me, darlin.
          It’s not the fact that you want to have a baby, it’s how you go about it all.
          It’s normal for you to have “baby fever”
          Majority of women have it at some point in their life. Not a big deal, nor should you be shamed for it. Just be careful how you word things, and be careful about saying that stuff on “Return of Kings” These guys would have a field day with you. You seem like a sweet person.

    2. Yes, it’s normal, although I suspect this is some trolling. It’s fine to become a young mother, but don’t become a single mother. No decent man wants to raise another man’s bastard child, who probably won’t appreciate him anyway. (“You’re not my father, you can’t tell me what to do!”) Women have far more power in the relationship when they’re childless. Once you have a child, your value in the dating marketplace will drop dramatically. A childless woman is wife material. A single mother is booty call material.

      1. I am not trolling. I had no intention of becoming a single mother. I don’t know where in the my post can one presume that I want to do that. I have said twice in my post, I am not going to have a baby. I am just really confused and sad I feel this way. I am really sad by the responses I have gotten. I feel abnormal now. I have said twice in my post, I am not going to act on my feelings. I just wish these feelings would go away.

        1. If you’re wanting to know if it’s normal, of course it is. The only reason you’re alive is to reproduce and compete in the gene pool. By human standards over the last several million years, 21 is quite old to never produce a child. The society we live in is not the society we evolved to live in.
          If you’re ready to have children, perhaps you should date a man who is ready for marriage. If your boyfriend is not I recommend men in their late twenties or early 30s.

    3. Don’t listen to them. You are perfectly normal. The women shaming you into putting off having children until later are the feminist suckers who bought into the lie that they can “have it all” and that Prince charming will be waiting for them when they’re 30 or 40 and had finished riding the cock carousel and had a career. A woman’s best fertile years are between her late teens and early 20s. Women like that also want to leverage sex and use it to manipulate men. Even giving it up to every Tom, Dick and Harry they still want to keep the price of vaginal admission high.
      Find yourself a decent red pill man and have your family now.
      But you had better make sure you damn well want a stable family as bad as you want a child or you will become a single mother. Men will stay if their needs are met so you better keep up your end of the bargain. That means being a good submissive wife and mother.
      It worked well for thousands of years until this new breed of “all about me” cunts.
      Good luck!
      P.S. A lot of successful people grew up poor, so putting off having children because you can’t handle them will make little difference. A child needs a good, loving stable home with a father. Not necessarily a comfortable life. With good parents, even a life of poverty can add to their drive to succeed.

  56. Women are the biggest hypocrites Nature has created. More than 3/4 of women are sad, dumb and pathetic.

  57. Mr. Garrett: I believe you, but how did you manage to read the book without dozing off after the third page? I could not do it.

  58. It seems to me that feminism today has split into several different factions. Some of which embrace such things as 50 shades as a feminist ideal of women liberating themselves from the confines of modesty imposed upon them by patriarchal society in the past. They have become sexually liberated and as such able to voice and act out there desires. Other feminist movements see sex in any form as unacceptable male dominance that must be eliminated.
    Both are extremes that serve nobody well. People have a tendency to bring themselves to the extreme ends of an ideology and refuse to acknowledge a middle ground.
    I will not go see this movie and have not read the books. I have no interest in the content as it will not add anything positive to my life to read about the inappropriate sexual exploits of fictional characters. It can and will only lead to fantasy over reality. The women who watch this will inevitably create fantasies in their minds and the men they are with will be expected to live up to those fantasies. No man can ever live up to a fictional fantasy of a woman. We will always fall short of the ideal of perfection they create in their minds. Media and entertainment such as this, in my opinion is only serving to further the decline of relations between men and women and speed up the destruction of a rational and functional society.

  59. This is a male supremacist website and should be under FBI investigation and on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups. Nothing posted on it can be taken seriously.

  60. A guy looks at porn and he’s creepy for it or in some cases accused of cheating, but its ok for chicks to go gaga for this kind of shitty film. In both cases, unrealistic expectations.

  61. So, from the perspective of a woman who is a professed submissive, and didn’t bother seeing this film, I’ll explain a few other things:
    The lead is an “ideal male” because viewers would be very confused if he were anything but prince charming.

  62. I had to come back to this to change my previous view.
    50 shades is a great film
    I see now what the author meant. I encourage every guy to watch this as I did. Not from the chick’s view. No my friend. I was seeing this film through mr grey’s eyes. The whole time I kept feeling like this guy is me (except rich). It’s a great film to show what women really want and yes, what a man should be.
    The things I can sympathies with him follows.
    -He takes what he wants. he doesn’t beat around the bush. I have a quote from him. “I don’t make love. I fuck and I fuck hard”
    -She later tells him he is trying to change her. He retorts by saying she is trying to change him. he let her know from the start who he was and told her take it or leave it. She chose to take it so he was right.
    -He has her conform to what he wants. he wants her yes, but just being herself isn’t good enough. She has to put in work like he does. She belongs to him. She can leave at any time she doesn’t like it, but so long as she stays, she is HIS.
    -Grey obviously was hurt by women in the past. So he doesn’t let her get too close. Sure, it costs him in the end but come on now. All of us here don’t trust women completely and we all have despise the female race a bit. he may like the girl and not want to hurt her, but her being female draws out his contempt.
    There is much more going on and I feel that if you look at this as a story about a man (lets be honest. the girl could be anyone and the story would be the same) I think people here would like it. It’s a damn good film and I hear the next will focus more on grey. if so I will gladly go see that too.

  63. Someone women enjoy bondage… Someone women are actually the dom in the bedroom. Don’t get all high and mighty thinking every girl likes to be controlled in and out of the bedroom. Just because restrained sex might be someone’s bedroom fantasy, doesn’t mean that they enjoy being bossed around, dominated, etc. out of the bedroom.

  64. I like a bit of kink from my husband but not full on BDSM.
    Slaps on the ass and having my wrists pinned-sexy.
    Being tied up and beaten-scary as hell.

  65. Fifty Shades is a dangerous movie to watch. Christian is a wuss who keeps running after Anastasia every time she rejects him. But somehow he manages to look confident in it. He is not being dominant at all – he keeps asking her for permission to do anything and she unceasingly shames him for his desires which causes him to lose frame. That’s what the movie wants you to be: A man who is ashamed of his sexual aggression.
    The unreflected moviegoer will look at this and think: Great, I’ll find myself some wallflower, stalk her endlessly and finally she will give in and let me “dominate” her.
    And he’ll try to act incredibly manly like Christian Grey, but keep wondering why his body protests.
    There’s only one thing that is good about the movie: It presents the honest and unfiltered fantasy of today’s women. When watched with care and experience, it actually dispels the feminist agenda it superficially supports. But to any uninitiated man, the movie will do more damage than good by presenting another deeply flawed role model.

  66. Most westernised women are sluts today where they find normal sex to be boring. They want the extreme hence why the book was so popular.
    The betas that reviewed on IMDB hate this movie cause they are in deny! It goes against everything that feminist have brainwashed them to believe!

  67. I remember I took a human sexuality course at a community college and I thought that I was going to learn about hormones and biology and cognition ect….Instead the instructor focused a great amount of her energy on changing our attitudes about Prostitutes, Transgenders and the BDSM lifestyles. That it’s perfectly okay to have weird fetishes and who are we or anyone else to judge and who is the one who decides what the social norm is and how we should break social norms and embrace deviancy….she even assigned us to go to an commercial sex establishment or to a fetish event as a homework assignment. Anyway…..I think majority of women who went to go watch 50 Shades of Grey probably have a gay male best friend and they probably watch Sex in the City and Mob Wives and the Whores of Rock Shows. Rock of Love. They probably think that Dave Navarro is sexy too and They probably look at Sasha Grey …no pun intended as an inspiration.

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