Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged

No woman in all of human history has ever looked better with short hair than she would with a head full of healthy locks. Despite this irrefutable fact, American women are “chopping it off” in greater numbers every day. This rears its ugly head in an array of ugly permutations, from the boy-like pixie cut to bizarre semi-shaved head topographies. The rationalizations—whether it’s donating their hair to sick kids or the summer weather—are immaterial. The effect, and true reasons, are the same.

I blame this lamentable trend on a few factors. The most powerful are the disingenuous lies—from both men and women—about how it looks. Women are quick to encourage other women to cut their hair by telling them how “cute” it is. While I’m no scientist, I’m convinced this is some deep, genetic programming at work, one that forces women—who compete with one another on a physical level on a daily basis—to encourage any behavior that might eliminate competitors in the dating pool. Men are no better. The cowardly and deluded among us perpetuate the myth that “some girls can pull it off.” Pulling something off, I often respond, is the equivalent of “passing” a class. Just because you have enough left-over attractiveness to remain bangable after cutting off your hair doesn’t mean you wouldn’t look better with it back on.


I once spoke to two girls outside of a restaurant. One had a short, boy-like haircut, while her friend had long, healthy black hair. The short-haired girl spoke in an obvious Latin American accent, while the long-haired friend spoke in a clearly American accent, though she sported facial features of someone from Indian-subcontinent extraction. Before long, our conversation steered to personal matters and, bored with our pedestrian topics, I floated a provocative question. “Why did you cut your hair short?” The Indian girl jumped down my throat before the Latin girl had a chance to respond, though once I settled her down, I managed to get my answer.

Latin Girl: I used to have long hair, but I just broke up with a boyfriend.

Me: I’m sure it looked better before.

Indian-American Girl: That’s sexist and stupid! It looks cute!

Latin Girl [ignoring her remark]: Wanna see a picture? [shows me her passport]

Me: God, it looks way better. You look like a different person, and way younger.

Indian-American Girl: She looks just as good, dude. Who are you?

Me [to Latin girl]: Let me ask you something: are guys hitting on you less now with the short hair?

Latin Girl: Oof. Absolutely. A lot less.

Me: If you had to put a number on it, what would you say the reduction is?

Latin Girl: At least 90 percent less. That’s partly why I did it. I wanted to be alone for a while after my break up.

Me [to Indian-American girl]: See what happens when theory meets reality?

Another factor is the effect of Hollywood and the celebrity culture on women’s behavior. It’s already well-documented that women have a much-stronger copycat instinct than men. While men—to paraphrase an astute manosphere commentator—seek to stand out from the crowd, women’s aim to stand out in the crowd. Just like women don’t go to the bathroom alone, they don’t go into a style alone. The plaudits a Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, or Anne Hathaway receive when they cut their hair off—from people who have no business commenting on the attractiveness of women, like gay men—creates a copycat cycle that increases the trend geometrically. Further evidence of this female impulse is on display when you see the same effect at work in a positive ways.


Whenever I’m in Argentina, I’m always struck by the rows of girls walking down the street with long flowing hair reaching down near their asses. Hair to the middle of the back is considered “short” there. As an experiment, I remember asking one girl with especially long hair if she’d ever consider cutting it. She answered that she’d “rather die,” and regaled me with a story of her “unfortunate friend” who’d gone into a salon for a clean-up. Instead of the “two centimeters” she’d instructed him to remove, the stylist had cut off double. “Every morning she looks in the mirror and breaks down in tears. This has been going on for 10 days straight.”


The truth of the matter is that long hair’s almost universally attractive to men, when they’re actually speaking honestly (without trying to appease women in the room). Furthermore, it’s a symbol of youth, femininity, and health. Why can’t old women grow long hair? Because it’s an ephemeral trait of your fertile years. Women instinctively know this, which is why every American girl who cuts, and keeps, her hair short often does it for ulterior reasons. Short hair is a political statement. And, invariably, a girl who has gone through with a short cut—and is pleased with the changes in her reception—is damaged in some significant way. Short hair is a near-guarantee that a girl will be more abrasive, more masculine, and more deranged.


I’d developed that belief on years of platonic interactions alone. The bitchiest work colleagues, the most difficult cashier, the most confrontational, aggressive cunts in bars have all shared one trait—short-ass hair. But it wasn’t until I decided to make exceptions to my no-dating-short-haired-girls rule that I proved this beyond any doubt. The first pixie-cut girl I went out with—who was otherwise attractive—harbored twisted rape fantasies that actually concerned me that I was being entrapped. She cavalierly talked about filthy sex, throwing around the word “pussy” and “cock” even when our clothes were on. When—during a rather vanilla conversation about men and women—I made some tame remarks about what men find attractive in women, she broke down into inconsolable bawling and, literally, ran out of the bar we were in. It made about as much sense as crying if I’d just told you tomorrow was Saturday.


Another short-haired girl once came over to my house, texted with one hand, while she jerked me off with the other. The person on the other side of the iPhone, I quickly learned, was her until-then secret “boyfriend.” Still another girl, who had long hair while we were hanging out—but has since sheared it into an unflattering soccer-mom configuration—lived with a (legitimate) prostitute, was emotionless during sex unless I was super-aggressive, and used racial slurs to refer to people as if that was the formal term for them. On the outside, she was a college student, from a well-to-do family, who worked with children part-time.

Not only is short-hair unattractive, it’s one of the biggest signals a man can get that a woman is damaged beyond repair. There’s no such thing as “pulling it off.”

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11,104 thoughts on “Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged”

  1. Short hair on women is just repulsive. It’s not cute in a boyish way. It’s fundamentally inferior to flowing locks.

  2. A woman who can still manage to look attractive, even with short hair, is attractive indeed… and would be stunning if she’d go back to long hair.

    1. I always thought that Ashley Green as short haired Alice Cullen in the Twilight vampire films was very very cute. When I saw pictures of Ashley Green with her regular long hair, my jaw dropped. She is an absolute knock out.

      1. The actress who was a Short-hairead Android in the film Alien resurrection from the 90’s, is the only short-hairead woman i was attracted to. Wow

    2. I don’t mind a short bob on women, provided they have the requisite bodily curves. But then I find myself imagining what they’d look like with long hair.
      Must be the male brain at work…

  3. I am presuming you are talking about white/western women right? As an African, I grew up with many girls having really short hair (think Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years a Slave). To get long and straight hair, many African women have to use relaxers which I used to do but abhor now since I embarked on a healthy diet and lifestyle and learnt just how much acid, etc is in these relaxers. In, fact, myself and many other women have been burnt by them. I do like braids, but you leave these in and your hair becomes knotted. Hair extensions are great but eat away at your hairline! What would your views be on this guys? I only ask because I have the hots for a white guy (He’s Irish).

    1. Well whats wrong with that big afro ? thats the equivalent to white girl long hair. I love that Boney M style.

      1. Love Afros!! It depends with your genes. I have friends who have hair that grows quickly. Mine, not so but happy with the comments. Cheers guys.

        1. Not sure if bringing back the afro is a good thing.
          Way back in the 70s I was at a “Weather Report” concert. I could not see the band at all because the brother sitting in front of me had a ‘fro so big it blocked the entire stage.

        2. My favorite was the live album. Jan Hammer on violin — long before Miami Vice theme songs.
          Herbie Hancock? Robin Trower?

    2. I was actually saying this while reading this article; “if you have long hair don’t cut it, because I do not like girls that look like boys. If you have short hair and you can’t help it (and if you’re black, you likely can’t help it) then leave it. At least you are being real. Do not use weaves or extensions. If it grows, let it grow.”

      1. Black chicks who SHAVE thier heads bald are psychopaths. Choose to ignore this red flag at your own peril.

    3. Mass hair-straightening treatments for African-American women are both an ecological and fiscal catastrophe.
      Sisters, you look great with those curly ‘fros. Don’t allow the white feminarchy to dicktate what beauty standards you must comply with.

    4. If you’re black (hell, if you’re what ever) always keep your hair natural. Black women with weaves, wigs, extensions etc. look clownish to me. The whole picture just doesn’t make sense…an African woman with an Indians hair. Worse jet black women with blond hair. They look like they could join circus circus. Just enhance what you naturally already have. If you want to be attractive to a guy…simple…have a tight body and a pleasant personality. It’s really that easy. Basically, do the opposite of what feminists do.

    5. Afros are gorgeous! In my opinion, natural is always best ~ Celebrate your ethnicity and individual look. The same goes for everyone, whether they be Asian, European, African, and whether they have straight, curly, wavy or “afro” hair, red, black, brown or blonde colour.
      And Lupita Nyong is gorgeous.

    6. If you SHAVE your head bald, as in “skin cut,” its a red flag you are a psychopath/whore. Black chicks have it tough, but they just have to change it up every month (Locks in January, Braids in February, Relaxer/Perm in March), but a “sister” who shaves her head (and gets a tatoo behind her ear) reflects a anti-feminine/man-hating tendency, and all men, especially White Men, should avoid her at all costs.

    7. Ewww White guys. Anything is better than a White guy! I like Asian and Latino and Black. White guys age terribly! Irish? He is going to look like the grim reaper in less than five years while you still look 22 for life. Get yourself a hot Asian man. PS natural hair on Black women is sexy! Afro and cropped is my fav. I am a female but I have seen most White guys with natural Black women.

      1. If Asian men are for you, good for you. If looks are what you are into, then props to you. I like him for who he is and his heart and the fact that he makes me laugh. THAT is what is going to matter in five, ten, fifteen years time. The fact that you say EWWW about anyone speaks volumes about you….

        1. on a website like this….you are concerned about my ewww….you are one of these desperate RoK sluts who crave attention and approval from assholes.

    8. There should be a term for humblebrags related to interracial dating. No one gives a fuck if hes Irish and its totally irrelevant to your question.

  4. GoogleImages(“tight hair bun”) for a dose of another execrable ladie’s hair fashion that is sweeping the country. It is intended to make women look mannish, serious, and empowered, with the added bonus of a crown that sits atop their skull so they can walk with an imperious and regal countenance.

      1. The implication of the “top knot bun” is that they can be serious competitors with men by day, and hot chicks by night with their chosen alpha. As women are herd creatures, you can’t drive through the city without seeing hordes of cattle sporting this “do”, as if those grubby bovines themselves are hot. I am living near two universities right now and I see all the girls wearing this atrocity. And I sometimes have to gone the local military base where stern-looking women with tightly pulled hairbuns march around in camo-fatigues, some of them altered for maternity wear.
        So now with women joining the ranks of infantry, shouldn’t they have to shave their head like the men, or at least permit the men to start wearing hair-buns? Can imagine male hair-buns, samaurai-style, becoming all the rage among the “special-ops” crowd. I mean, Rambo looked bad-ass with his 70’s frock and bandanna.

        1. Buns have been utlized for thousands of years across cultures. Its not new, nor is it particularly western.

      2. Lazy? This hair style takes considerable time and effort. The “let your hair down wash-n-go” takes no effort at all.

    1. And if they ask for your opinion and you say you don’t like it then it’s “excuse me?! I don’t wear this for you!”

    2. This also happens to be one of many favored hairstyles of dancers, specifically ballet which is kind of the epitome of “femininity”…

  5. Tuthmosis has hit the ball out of the park with this one. The larger question though, is why are so many American women so demented and so delusional in 2014?

        1. This applies to men too.
          If you leave your asshole shield on full blast, only bitches and creepy chicks will ever be interested.

        2. Bitches and creepy chicks are usually better at sex though – so it’s not a bad idea.

        3. There’s no such thing as an “asshole shield” you fucktard. Besides, bitches know how to fuck.

        4. Why should we take seriously the words of men who basically admit they think with their cocks?

        5. Men don’t need a shield because women don’t approach men.
          Do you even know what a “bitch shield” is supposed to be?

        6. Bullshit.
          I approached every guy I’ve dated, including the one I ended up marrying. Not only that, I know plenty of women who approach men to flirt/talk.

        7. Are you American? If you are that is easily explainable why women don’t approach that much over there – straight American men, in general, are ugly as fuck. Hairy, flabby, don’t know how to dress, don’t follow a skin care regime, won’t even try cover some imperfections or treat their fucking gross oily skin, etc. Their personalities are also usually just boring and unattractive – they aren’t civilized, charming, don’t have any trace of sensuality, act robotic. Not to mention that they are one of the worst lovers in the world, most women just can’t orgasm with them, hahaha!
          So women are left with no visual stimulation, which is the only encouragement you have to approach someone you don’t even know. Poor girls.

      1. Please elaborate on the gluten bit. I know a lot of people are harping on about “Oh I’m gluten intolerant” but what about people with the real disease?

        1. Dont forget about all those poor people that are also lactose intolerant.
          LOL. OMFG.
          Rich white woman problems.
          Move to a country where you are worried about finding your next meal, and maybe the gluten issue wont seem so bad.
          Fucking retard.

        2. U.S. modern wheat is basically trash and is not the same stuff your ancestors or event your grandfathers ate 50 years ago. Let alone the fact that soon enough that wheat will be GMO courtesy of Monsanto…

        3. I’m no defender of people who invent health issues for status whoring, a ridiculous concept indeed. But I think we can reasonably say that there is a difference between lactose intolerance, where you get some minor diarrhea or gas for a few hours, and on the other hand Celiac Disease, where your intestines eat away at themselves and you can’t absorb nutrients for months until they recover their microvilli.

        4. For all of those who got butt hurt over the weekend…
          I am talking about those who are “self-diagnosed”. I should have been more clear. Those of you who live in the western US cities should know the rampant self diagnosed food intolerances I am talking about.
          PS. Celiacs is an auto-immune, and it is like every other disease in the fact that you either have it or you don’t. If you are just “sensitive to gluten” then you simply don’t like feeling sleepy and bloated after eating pasta.

        5. To be honest, I’d rather go hungry than have to live with the disgusting diarrhea, lack of sleep, lack of concentration, fatigue to the point I can barely make it through the day, headaches, nausea and actual vomiting, and other associated symptoms that occur whenever I ingest even a breadcrumb’s worth of gluten. And I’m also not a rich white woman. Celiac disease is not a “rich white woman problem”. Fucking retard.

        6. I agree, but don’t underestimate lactose intolerance/allergies. I have both, and they make me sicker than anything, once down to 84 lbs I am 5’6. Fish and some nuts close my throat, and it definitely is no joke, it is real. I’d rather be without food, and sometimes I do go without it just to feel better. The ones who do it to diet have no idea what it is like to actually have celiac and have to be on a gluten free diet. Plus the food is sooooo expensive!

        7. I get what you mean now. No worries man.
          Maybe I just don’t go out to restaurants enough, but I’ve actually only met one person in my whole life who was questionable in terms of whether they were self-diagnosed. And I kind of hated that guy for making things worse for the rest of us. That could just be anecdotal though and there might be hordes of phonys out there.

        8. I’ve been living in cities with large hipster populations for a while now, so I just assumed the trend was spreading like wildfire through the US. If you live close to the city center in Austin, Denver, or Portland, you will notice that at least 25% of young adults have and “intolerance” to gluten. It’s funny to hear people talk about their intolerance and watch them drink a microbrew at the same time. It’s honestly so bad out here that the bacon packages I buy are labeled “gluten free”.

        9. You’re a fucking idiot if you don’t realize that Lactose intolerance is an actual medical problem. Pick up a book and read about something before you think you have the right to comment on it, then again, you probably didn’t pay attention in school, so you probably don’t understand what a book is.

        10. Even if it is a trend why do you fucking care. Oh no someone (who isn’t me) is avoiding a certain food because they want/need to! I don’t understand that everyone’s body works differently and maybe have stronger tolerances towards foods their bodies can’t handle! Guess I better call them all sorts of names because I’m a toddler! You know, I got that sort of thing when I was in 1st grade when the kids didn’t understand I’m lactose intolerant. My friend has a severe pineapple allergy but can eat it if it’s prepared in a certain way. Maybe it’s time for you to grow up.

        11. are you…. are you okay? like do you need to sit down, maybe have a glass of water, because im hearing a lot of fucking crazy from this corner

        12. First off, if it is MD diagnosed than that is FINE. There are real intolerances out there. You completely missed the point I made about “gluten intolerant” people drinking normal beer. Or bacon packages labeled “gluten free”. The point is that people are changing things without any legitimate education. Watching some documentary, about the harms of certain foods (or even why so & so government conspiracy is true) put together by a illegitimate source is not proper education. However, that is what young adults are basing their decisions off of these days. Diets are important, and when we change them we need to do so correctly. Not just because some random book said so or because our friends are doing it.

        13. Not just women, not just the rich.
          Lactose intolerance is also a thing, which in part has to do with the body’s ability to break down milk sugars. Particularly in ethnic groups that have not traditionally consumed dairy products from cattle, these enzymes are not present in the body.

      2. “Daddy issues can be #2, and “gluten intolerance/sensitiviy” can be #3.”
        Stick to things you have some general idea about. I can’t speak to #2 since I’m not a psychologist/psychiatrist but #3 is a real disorder.

        1. No he didn’t but only 1% of the population has Celiac’s and about 3% with a gluten sensitivity. Gluten-Free is the new fad, and as the above article states, woman do have a higher tendency towards fads. The whole of humanity are not now suddenly becoming more sensitive to gluten, grains have been and will probably continue to be the staple of our collected diets long after the organic craze wares off, wait did I say organic it’s hard to keep track of what’s in vogue today, looks like it’s time to read some Cosmo. And to claim you have something that you don’t, ecspecially without proof is capital C “Crazy”.

        2. Whether it’s a “real disorder” or not is irrelevant. Schizophrenia is a real disorder, but if I tell you schizophrenics are crazy and you tell me they’re just misunderstood, I’m just going to write you off as a PC wacko.
          I don’t know anyone with gluten intolerance. So maybe the author’s pulling that one out of his ass. But it may also be that people who can’t eat normal foods act fucked in the head. In either case, if there’s a correlation, it’s worth exploring, and raging at someone for pointing one out doesn’t change that a bit.

        3. I know it’s slightly off-topic, but the organic ‘craze’ has been around since agriculture began. It’s the 4-decade old cancer-causing GMO companies like Monsanto that are capital-C Crazy. Back on topic–I agree a woman is usually prettier with longer hair, with this caveat. Women are individuals, in spite of the herd mentality that takes them to bathrooms in pairs or groups. Some women with super frizzy hair–not so much, if the ‘do’ is three times their head-size and who insists on being front and center during rehearsals. Some prefer short’s more ‘professional’ look. Usually (usually!) a pretty woman with short hair will be even prettier with long, but in some professional settings, it is rarer to see. For the man-haters out there, men don’t rape because they’re men, but because they are a-holes too self-absorbed to give a damn.

        4. Are you are a Doctor that has dealt with patients that have Celiac’s and Gluten Sensitivity? I am guessing not. Just because you read some statistics on the internet about food allergies does not make you an expert on the matter. My ex-boyfriend has Celiac’s disease and doctors did not know how to diagnose him for years. I doubt my ex-boyfriend is the only person who has been misdiagnosed that has that disease, so that statistic of only 1% could be wrong. I have also met quite a few people who claim to have Gluten allergies, and trust me they aren’t staying away from Gluten to be trendy. They would eat Gluten if they could, especially since Gluten-free substitutes don’t taste as good, but they can’t because it makes them sick. Food allergies, in general, are on the rise (look at how many kids have nut allergies today, where as 20 years ago you rarely heard about someone having that allergy). Unless you are an immunologist, I don’t think you have a right to tell people that wheat is harmless to eat or to make judgements about whether someone really has an allergy or not.

        5. Actually, a lot of people feel better when avoiding gluten products, even though it’s not a technical sensitivity. Why not let people eat what makes their body feel best?

      3. I’m a red piller all the way and I think this article is spot on. in fact I’m going to check it’s validity going forward. You’re probably right about gluten and lactose intolerant being feigned maladies for some people. But, I got to tell you, I myself am gluten sensitivie and can’t eat a lot of dairy products. So, allergies to these things are real and I don’t think including them in a trilogy makes any sense at all. These usually aren’t psychological issues like Daddy issues and short hair….many types they are physical allergies.

        1. Hypochondria isn’t a psychological disorder? As stated above, I was wholly referring to those that are not self diagnosed. People who have been diagnosed by a MD are perfectly sane.

        2. Yup, you probably should have mentioned that. People who purposely eat gluten free to diet almost have to be rich for what that food costs. People like me who have to eat it, can barely afford it and sometimes go without because of the cost!

        3. I like your several sane posts Ddjembe, but when it comes to something so life effecting and affecting, a second opinion does not hurt. Docs kill lots and lots of people every day, as well as other mistakes. Once, decades ago, I had a doc subbing for my regular who acted so drunk he asked his nurse to take out my stitches in my foot, and when she declined with encouraging words, his hands were shaking so much my whole leg was moving while I held as still as I could. Any idea how dwarfed are the numbers of homicides and drug overdoses by medical ‘errors’ (mis-diagnoses, surgical tools left inside, etc)? If I remember right, it’s like 4 to 1 for medicos, depending on your stats of preference. I like your posts, quite coherent and well said.

        4. People should take note of how you responded with your argument. There is no name calling, and there are no fighting words. By just simply stating a contradiction I am more likely to listen. Funny thing is, I agree with you. I have been misdiagnosed many times. I went for 2nd and 3rd opinions after being diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2009. So to follow your point, it is important to obtain at least a second opinion if you are diagnosed with anything that requires lifestyle changes. The copay is worth the second opinion.

      4. daddies are men – if it’s a daddy issue maybe we should be asking why men are mean to their daughters or why men make up the majority of sex offenders and child molestors in the world – is it the fault of the girl if she’s “damaged” goods?

        1. This is a valid point. It is hard to judge what is real and what is fake. Honestly, it takes a good amount of time around a person to know if their issues are legitimate. After some experience with people and how they tend to amplify things for desired results, I usually treat family issues as a red flag in women. It’s not the kind of red flag that ends things, but a red flag that requires investigation.

        2. by this logic you ( men ) not you specifically. Should stop juding women on the inernet and talk all this shit and just go get to know the person and make a REAL evaluation of the person.
          Its very disheartening and honestly down wright descusting as a women to try and even think you mean shit in this world when everyone discredits you and says women are all stupid congregating twats that share girl stories at slumber parties and can’t do anything for themselves. Sure those exist but lets get real girls can and do say the same things about men except its :
          Hes fat, lazy, stupid, ignores his family to go hang out with his friends, and has zero respect for his wife who cooks, cleans, does the bills and finances, and all the shopping.
          IT GOES BOTH WAYS ! can we please move past this caveman/cavewomen way of thinking and evolve a little please.. if we don’t be careful dogs are gonna freaking pass up in evolution.

        3. Doesn’t matter whose fault it is.
          If I’m a serial killer, would you be wiling to fornicate with me if I could show you it was all mama’s fault I turned out this way?
          Didn’t think so. Asking people not to protect themselves from crazies because it isn’t the crazies’ fault they’re crazy is crazy itself.

      5. I wanna suicide. This world is managed by men. I’m in a world managed by cruel people. Not all of them, for sure. I have met men so wonderful and tolerant and… why not everyone can be tolerant. Why they don’t leave to live as we want!! I’ve been objectified my entire life for having huge boobs and now some asshole comes to say to me I’m damaged because my hair is short??’? Oh my god. Apart of a bitch- which is some men assume when they see my huge boobs- , I’m a crazy person. Woooooooww. I should suicide for sure. I can’t expect nothing good from this life.

      6. Trilogy? Good idea, but I think there are at least five topics that would need to be covered:
        1. Obesity;
        3. Piercings;
        4. Short or Weirdly Colored Hair; and
        5. Lack of Femininity.
        If a girl has any of these five, “next” her quick. Life is too short to deal with that type of dysfunction in your life.

    1. No BS nails it!
      I’ve come to expect nothing more than disappointment when interfacing with women . It is refreshing when I get surprised by a chick bringing more to the table. Very rare, but refreshing.
      They’ve morphed themselves into histrionic idiots whose only ability is to form an opinion based on a flawed “group think” model. Sad really.

      1. Isnt that the truth. They dont even have the self-confidence to look a man they dont know in the eye.
        Feral, boring, herd-minded beasts.
        Short hair befits them.

        1. maybe thats because its not fucking normal to lock eye contact with strangers and in the society we live in today where rape happens hourly and women are killed simply because they are women its not all that temtping

        2. I don’t make eye contact with men who act strange. I don’t even bother making conversation if they come off a bit creepy. But this goes for both genders. Not just men. I’ve had stalkers in the past and trouble with odd individuals. But I do have my eye on them when they’re not looking incase they’re up to something – which they usually are and i catch them in the act.
          It’s simple as that.
          I didn’t get hired because I’m shy. My boss hired me because I am the only female who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

        3. I’d prefer not to run the chance of getting demeaned, raped or possibly killed, thanks. I’d prefer to be a LIVING beast than a dead ‘classy’ woman or whatever you call them these days

        4. Your boss hired you because you act like a guy. Stay strong and independent; your cats will need a father figure in a few years.

        5. Everything is rape it seems. How many times a day do you use that word? It gets thrown around so much you diminish the value of it.
          How about when women regret what they did and they claim rape? How about when they fabricate rape charges and throw innocent men in jail.
          A woman should NEVER be raped.
          But stop weakening the value of that word. You do a disservice to those that are truly raped.

        6. are we talking ‘legit rape’ now? your mind has been raped by Bill O’Reilly. Oh, wait, it’s not “rape” if your intellect was stripped and beaten to nothing willingly.

        7. I seriously cannot believe what I’m seeing , this is craziness . What a woman wants to do with her hair , or with her life is HER business and I’m pretty sure that the guys saying this are the ones that still believe that the woman has to stay at home and watch the kids and have dinner ready by the time the husband comes home. Hell no! this is 2014 and a lot has changed from 1980 where women can feel more independent and free , and for you to be saying that women with short hair are “bitchier” than women with long hair than that’s a lie , and you honestly don’t know what they might’ve went through and you seriously need to get over your primal instincts because honey that’s not cute ; and yes a lot of celebrities are cutting their hair as well and is it so wrong to mimic your idol . I seriously don’t understand because men follow trends just as much as women do , and maybe seeing your idol have the confidence to cut of her locks finally gives you the courage to cut your hair. I’m gonna wrap this up , but women already do so much to please men , they put on make up , the lose weight , they get boob jobs , they get lots of things done to make themselves more appealing to men . So maybe you should get your head out of your ass and open your eyes to the world changing around you , and I hope you don’t miss out on the person of your dreams because of her hair style .

        8. solos is not “diminishing the value” of the word, “rape”. She’s absolutely true, because it is a FACT, a STATISTIC that 1 out of every 5 women will be raped in their lifetime, and hello, that is a HUGE percentage of women, who are half of our population and who are, in fact, people too.
          So no, talking about rape doesn’t make it any less horrible. It probably just makes you uncomfortable to have to deal with the idea of it.
          Talking about rape can help victims unite and overcome their trauma, and bring this HUGE problem to light. The disservice is creepers out there who take the initiative to rape women because they feel that they owe them something, a toxic idea that this article, unfortunately, is promoting.

        9. Women are taught to be afraid of being raped – we live in a puritanical society that reinforces the purity myth and we teach it from a young age but sexualize girls/women to the nth degree. Women are constantly taught to be fearful of rape and rapists. We’re taught there is danger lurking on every corner (how many times did you have to have a talk about being a responsible drinker because if you don’t watch it – someone will slip you a drug in your drink and then it’ll be your fault?? Because I got that talk – from my friends dad’s of all things – at least 5 of them), and we’re taught that it’s OUR fault because we must have done something – be it short skirts or revealing clothing, getting drunk in a bar, walking down a street, going on a date, traveling to and from work, etc. THEN on top of it all we’re harassed on a daily basis. So we’re taught to be fearful and that fear is reinforced by male privilege attitudes and actions. I’ve had my genitals, butt and breasts intentionally touched by total strangers since puberty. I’ve had my day interrupted, I’ve been grabbed, pulled, cat-called, and I’ve even had someone rip my headphones out of my ears on public transit by a man who “just wanted to say hi”. Is everything rape? No but more than half my time in public is spent avoiding men who can’t keep their hands, opinions, or disgusting sexual fantasies to themselves. My point of all that? Think about what you’re saying – “its always about rape isn’t it? bringing it up all the time devalues it”. Not to the women in the world who live in that fear every day. 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime – and once you’ve been raped, the statistical likelihood you’ll be raped again, astronomically higher. Rape as a crime is under-reported and underprosecuted – you’re looking at 3% of rapes reported resulting in a conviction – and it isn’t because of false reporting. False reporting of rape is LESS prevalent that false reporting of other crimes – to the point that it is statistically significant.
          You need to forget what you THINK you know about false rape allegations and take in a heavy dose of reality – so I’m just going to leave this here… **TRIGGER WARNING**

        10. Since when has it been that easy to get rapists thrown in jail? A large portion of victims never go to the police for fear of being attacked again or that nobody will believe them. The vast minority that actually does will face examinations and most likely be required to touch upon triggering memories to even be taken seriously. If she didn’t protest enough, the case will be dropped as ‘unfounded’. If it was her boyfriend/husband, the case will be dropped as ‘unfounded’. Sometimes even wearing revealing clothing or having been in specific places will be enough to convince the law that she wanted it, and the case will be dropped as ‘unfounded’. Women are taught to believe that only a tiny portion of what rape is can actually be classified as rape, and thus will not speak up.
          The only way to ‘weaken the value’ of rape is to hide it in the background and pretend it doesn’t occur frequently every day, or to give it a new meaning in the mouths of young video gamers. At least we’re using the word correctly. The only one doing disservice to rape victims here is you.

        11. dude, way to miss the point. you can do whatever you want with your hair, the article’s just pointing out that women with short hair are damaged, which is usually true.

        12. “She’s absolutely true, because it is a FACT, a STATISTIC that 1 out of every 5 women will be raped in their lifetime,”
          That isn’t true you mentally deranged whore.

        13. Maybe in Bizarroworld. In the real world, young men get jailed for regular sex because the college campuses are rules by man hating dykes. Women face almost zero punishment for falsely accusing men of rape. reliable sources say that 20-40% of all rape accusations are false.

        14. ” this is 2014 and a lot has changed from 1980 where women can feel more independent and free”
          And end up as an evolutionary dead end. And thereby, potentially screw over western civilization.
          But hey, who would expect a walking vagina to understand these matters? Whoever gave you harridans the vote is at fault.
          Besides, if you hate traditional gender roles so much, why don’t you subhumans not combat the institution of alimony? After all, aren’t women strong and independent? Lol.

        1. I was reviewing your other posts . Question: Has anyone ever told you that you are very shallow and stunted?
          Just kiddin’, we all know you’ve heard it a hundred times.

        2. these ape minds can’t even consider that perspective. you ask too much, Christianh.

      2. what’s sad is your inability to realize that the only “women” you talk to is something that resembles your white trash mama whose tit you apparently didn’t get enough of.
        how about you work on your appeal, since intelligent, interesting and engaging women stay far, far away from you.
        oh my god, seeing it from a different perspective that doesn’t blame a gender not of your own?!?!?! Im-fucking-possible!
        fucking moron. go jack off to Glenn Beck – you seem you’d be easily satified with that.

        1. Ahhh, the hero sans ego chimes in to make , . . . well . . . . no sense at all.
          Sadly for you, I’ve been blown by more attractive women than you’ve held hands with. On the up side, we all had fun and left with ‘ego intact and healthy’ . . . unlike you.
          On a final note, if we met in public you’d be running to buy the coffee in the first thirty seconds . . . go tell your boyfriend how much of a hero you are.

      3. Histrionic. Cute. Did you actually, like, read that in that one book you read one time, mister asshole, sir? Cuz my poor histrionic vagina was just riled with contention at such superfluous condescension. Please call a prostitute and dessicate some of that insipid juvenile edacity, will you? It’s unbecoming on a grown gentleman, and quite frankly, fucked up.

      4. Morphed? Perhaps, but I think a better word would be trained. Look at the media and educational systems. Remember, women are herd creatures and the herd is telling them that they are bad people unless they conform to the dysfunctional feminist programming of those two systems. Most comply, unthinkingly.

    2. Because of the infinitely supplied and completely undiscriminating support system that women have for themselves. No matter how stupid or bad anything they do, their “girlfriends” praise and encourage them.

      1. And then slaughter them in group-talk behind their back. Always amazes me the ease some females can do that without cognitive dissonance when they later talk about how much they “luv their girls”.
        The thing they never seem to get is, today they are in the gossip group, tomorrow they are the subject of the gossip group. Or if they do get this, it makes them cry when they can’t understand “how they can be so mean” to her yet gleefully joins in when it is about someone else. Being in the herd is so important to them it will override any so-called beliefs or ethics.
        “Oooooh girl, you look sooo cute with that short cut! And those shoes are so adorable. Have you lost weight, girl? That purple dress really flatters your shape. Ugh, you are making me jealous, now I have to hit the gym! You inspire me.”
        “Did you see Jenny’s hair? WTF, bitch looks like an 8 year old boy. And did you see those shoes? Her fat ass cankles make it look like two salamies jammed into those knock-off Manholos’ (or however it is spelt)! And that girl needs to stop hitting the Mickie D’s drivethru, she looked like Grimace in that purple dress, with the material all stretched in weird places!” Group all laughs, enjoying the destruction of a competitor while secretly harbouring internal fears that she may swim into the crosshairs next.

        1. LOL…
          You really don’t know anything about women, do you?
          Whassa matter, sweetheart? Did momma pull you off the tit too soon?
          Do ya have some lingering “mommy issues”, maybe?
          Poor LITTLE guy.
          You know, I’ve heard that the size of a “man’s” penis is determined by the length of time his mother breast fed him.
          I guess that would explain your mania, somewhat….
          That two inches doesn’t do a whole lot for your “dates”, eh?

        2. Just think of Alogon’s comment the next time you find yourself gossiping about one of your girlfriends behind her back and getting that little thrill you feel when you know you’re knocking the competition down a peg or two.
          Keep it in mind…

        3. Its funny how womens comments just further drive the points home. Your entire post was baseless attacks and speculation on things that are completely irrelevant. Logic never prevails in a womans mind apparently.

        4. Sounds like most of this blog, Joel.”Baseless attacks and speculation on things that are completely irrelevant”.

        5. Yeah.. no… Most of the things on this site ring painfully true to most men, hence its popularity. The problem is, most women, like yourself, are too wrapped up in your own struggle with your emotions, that you tend to not think straight.

        6. Funny, most of the time I see men claiming that it’s so popular because silly feminists share the thing so bloody much.
          I have no emotional struggle with this. Sure, most guys may find women with longer hair more attractive than woman with short hair, same way that most girls prefer men with short hair. But, claiming that emotional damage is the cause of someone’s hair choices… well, that’s really just silliness and speculation.

        7. It’s interesting, because the men on this thread claim women have no ‘logic’, however they are claiming that the length of someone’s hair determines their sanity. Very logical. And btw, who said women aren’t logical? I am, perhaps, the most logical person you could meet and I am biologically female. I’ve seen men brake things simply because their preferred sport team was losing. Is this logical? Well, you might have to pay to replace it or live without it. Either way it is a self-inflicted lose that achieves nothing. Hold your fedora on your head for this next statement: the human race is illogical, we’re not vulcans. Besides, read chesterton’s orthodoxy, logic isn’t all it’s made up to be.

        8. Being verbose doesn’t make you logical. Are you a transsexual? Because otherwise I’m not sure why you felt the need to specify yourself as “biologically” female other than as a failure to appear more intelligent than you actually are.

        9. Ah, jealousy. So cute on a grown adult. If you want a circle of women-style biffles, come out of the closet. Clearly you’re longing to.

        10. Protest what?
          The idiocy of so many of you so called “men” on this here
          “man’s page”?
          The only reason you “men” are here, making idiotic comments, is because you are incapable of getting yourselves laid.
          You probably can’t even PAY someone to have sex with you.

        11. I didn’t read Rebecca’s post. But, dude, you just made a logical fallacy. How does it feel? Logic has, on one observable occasion, failed to prevail in Joel’s mind (see, I fixed your fallacy). Ugly fuck (and, there’s one of my own!).

        12. By your own admission, you didn’t even read the article….. I presume since you know what a logical fallacy is, you must know what irony is. Also, resorting to name calling only makes you look more so like an uneducated idiot.

        13. I was also being ironic, which is why I stated that I also made a logical fallacy (ad hominem). And, you also resorted to the same in the last comment, so I guess you’re being extra ironic?

        14. I don’t have “girlfriends”.
          I have both male and female friends.
          I also have two daughters in their mid to late 20’s.
          One has medium length hair, and one has short hair.
          They have both had long hair in their lives.
          My youngest daughter has a six year old and a 1.5 year old, and she keeps her hair shortish just because it is easier to care for. Her husband is deployed in Kuwait, so she is holding the fort down at home.
          Before she got married, she had her hair short, and guys were gaga over her. But then, guys go gaga over her regardless of the length of her hair, as my baby girl is VAVAVOOM gorgeous–both of my girls are gorgeous.
          You little men couldn’t handle real women like MY girls.

        15. donno about that. went on a date with a cutie last night, getting laid with a different girl tonight, life’s good.
          you write like you’re an ugly hambeast, no attractive girl ever freaks out to the extent that you’re doing.

        16. No I couldn’t. They probably speak and stuff and well, my neurosis prevents me from conversating.

        17. Ever heard of satire?
          Besides which ,this entire website (especially the comments) basically consists of baseless attacks against women.

      2. I love short hair on some women, I don’t know why people are hating on the way women wear their hair.

        1. 1. Believe it or not, some women do have issues with having long hair. Women with really thin hair can’t really have long hair because it breaks very, very easily.
          2. Why is cutting one’s hair short a stupid choice? A hair cut isn’t something that is smart or stupid; it’s just a fucking haircut.
          Grow the fuck up, this isn’t your world.

        2. Okay, this is bad, we’ve got a bad case of “um no you are wrong and I am right #difference”. Here are some steps you can take to solve this illness:
          1. Go to a library.
          2. Research mental disorders.
          3. Notice how getting a haircut does not cause mental disorders.

        3. It’s stupid if the woman intends to attract a quality mate but is consequently unable to do so because of her poor life choice of cutting her hair.

        4. with the level of misogyny shown on this page I’m sure she would find a better man with shorter..

        5. Uh no, if a guy doesn’t want to be with a girl simply because she has short hair, he probably isn’t a “quality mate”.

        6. Because it is profoundly stupid that so many women fuck over their appearance by their own choice, yet complain if they end up single and childless.

        7. Nobody claims that they cause disorders you dingbat. They INDICATE disorders. Personal experience.

        8. Go fellate Karl Popper somewhere else.
          I can observe reality without a man in a lab coat telling me that water is wet.

        9. Your “observations” are, unfortunately, unconvincing to anyone who requires evidence.
          This isn’t a “water is wet” situation. Mental health is not as easily discernible. You will need to back up your statements with research or accept that anyone who isn’t as radical and hateful as you are is not going to take you seriously.

        10. What do you expect: a double blind, peer reviewed randomized study showing that short haired women are more likely to be mentally ill?
          I don’t give a shit if it doesn’t satisfy your standards of proof. Most of us have made the observation that girls with short hair have a tendency to be messed up. In fact Rollo Tomassi posted a link to that “protest” involving feminazis that abused Christians in front of a church. How many of them were short haired?

        11. Anecdotes are no better than personal experience. Basically, you are correct: if you can’t find a reputable article or study supporting your claim, I will not take you seriously.
          “Most of us” presumably means “men who frequent RoK”. I hope you’ve at least realized that you are a small, vocal group of men who don’t speak for all, and forgive me if I say that you are already quite biased in the direction of your thinking.

        12. You can ignore me as much as you like. Bottomline, it isn’t hard to realize that short haired dykes lean towards dysfunction.

      3. I take it you spent too much time in high school wanking it to the cheerleaders and missed the loner chicks, eh? Need to vent all your rage at being rejected on the girls who you reject, eh? Cuz that’s a whole lot of what I’m seeing on this page. Denied sexual urges and emotional retardation. Good on you for spreading the pain.

      4. Agreed. But that strange rumbling noise that is off in the distance are the support system that you speak of developing its first cracks that will inevitably lead to its complete collapse. Change is in the air. Can’t you hear it?

    3. They want to be victims. Like the women paraded around who where prostitutes of the Nazis. Many women crave the attention that being labelled a victim gains them. With many White Knights thinking they can save them. Similar situation for cutting,burning etc.These all get the betas attention, they think if they save this femme fatale she will be fall for him. Not the case. They try and use the attention for personal gain.

      1. except the funny thing here is men are pretending to be victims. i’m pretty damn happy being a man, i don’t need to waste my time talking trash about women all day – i’d rather be getting laid then moping on this blog with other angry dudes 🙂

    4. Its the absence of a father in most girls life. Mom almost always drives dads off in a bid to bully and hurt dad (with the full support of the family court system) never realizing that the girls are hurt more. So now women have had no dad telling them they are beautiful, no dad explaining a meritocracy, no dad telling them that they need to accomplish, to put the princess mentality in check and so they go the other direction and show their hurt with short hair.

      1. well hello there, did you have a nice journey all the way from 1800?
        girls can have their hair however the fuck they want, their father doens’t have anything to do with that, and a bunch of idiots like you sure as hell don’t either! the “princess mentality” you speak of died a long time ago, as should your mysogynistic and sexist ideas.
        how would you like it if women started telling you how you should do your hair? you wouldn’t, so shut the fuck up

        1. “well hello there, did you have a nice journey all the way from 1800?”
          Says the whore that invokes 1800 values when it suits her.

      2. Um no. I have my father in my life but I still chose to cut my hair. Why? Because I wanted to. Is that so hard to understand? I like it better this way. It is way easier to manage. I could go on and on about my reasons and not one of them is because of men. A parent should tell their daughter that they are beautiful now matter how they chose to wear their hair. And you know what? It grows back! If I dont like it, ill grow it back, if i dont like it, ill cut it again. It is such a trivial thing and stupid men are obsessing over it and trying to make up reason as to why women would do it. “Well, if she didnt cut it for me (a complete stranger) she probably did because she either has father issues, is a lesbian, or is crazy. Its impossible to think that she could be doing it for herself” You dont have to look for a reason and women dont have to give you one. Please just stop with your stupid, ignorant comments.

    5. What in the hell? In what society did you grow up in that said women are ‘wrong’ if they cut off their hair? Are you FUCKING kidding me? The men who are setting these standards that women can only look decent with long hair are demented and delusional. I bet you are anti-abortion and anti-gay too? Pull your head out of your hairy ass and move in with the progressive world we are living in. Re-evaluate yourself when you seriously lose interest in a woman just because she cuts off her hair. Yep, see that? That’s called being a SUPERFICIAL dickhead. Get out of here.

      1. Word up. The only people agreeing with this article are delusional men who think that they can declare what’s right and wrong for NOT only women’s social behaviors…but hey hair as well! Lmfao, please. Get off your high horse.

        1. There are many articles on the internet in which women criticize men for certain behaviours or style choices. For some reason, men do not leave 3000 hysterical comments on these articles.

        2. But do you see me doing that to you? Guys shouldn’t be told what to wear and how to look. You guys can do whatever you want with your looks and so can we. I’m just saying I’m not demeaning you for a style choice so why should you to me? It’s okay if you don’t find me attractive but don’t refer to human beings with such disrespect. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity no matter how crazy or delusional or hysterical they sound. That applies to both men and women.

        3. Then why don’t you start, asshole? Call up vogue and tell them how wrong they are. Sit in a jail cell like pussy riot and Susan b Anthony and THEN tell me feminism is wrong. Self-centered ass.

        4. I don’t leave hysterical comments because it will not change the author’s opinion or their reader’s opinion, and adds no value to society. I assume that other men don’t leave hysterical comments for the same reason.

        5. I think it is a very good thing that there are women out there who are willing and able to inform men of the horrible style choices they make.
          I sincerely hope that women openly ridicule and mock any man who wears socks and sandals in public.

        6. Don’t apologize, sweetie. Any man who can’t see that feminism is an EQUAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT on his own, without his ego being cooed at, is an ass who needs to get the fuck off 4chan and pay attention in school. No equal rights movement gets the shit feminism has to put up with. It deserves better. The justice its proponents worked for. If he can’t understand on his own that feminism and internet hatred are different things, then he’s a damned bigot too.

        7. “No equal rights movement gets the shit feminism has to put up with.”
          I think you can figure out the reason for this if you carefully examine the word “feminism”.
          Hint: The black civil rights movement was not called “blackism” or any variation thereof.

        8. Feminism is just the belief that men and women should be equal, not that women should be held in higher esteem. A lot of people are confused about this, and put off by it, because a lot of “feminists” call for complete female control. And it’s true, feminism gets a lot of shit but mostly because of these “feminists”. Everyone should strive for equality, and everyone should be able to style their hair how they want without being grouped and stereotyped as “bad” or “undesireable”. Feminists are up in this article just because it targets females.

        9. ‘A lot of people are confused about this, and put off by it, because a lot of “feminists” call for complete female control. And it’s true, feminism gets a lot of shit but mostly because of these “feminists”.’
          Congratulations, you successfully answered the question. If feminists were more careful to emphasize that they only want to be held in the same esteem as men, then feminism would be a movement that gets less “shit”. A name change to make it something more neutral could help in accomplishing this.

        10. There is a difference between opinion, and claiming fact. Allow me to explain in simple terms for you:
          “No woman in all of human history has ever looked better with short hair than she would with a head full of healthy locks.” This is an opinion of the author.
          “The truth of the matter is that long hair’s almost universally
          attractive to men, when they’re actually speaking honestly (without
          trying to appease women in the room). Furthermore, it’s a symbol of
          youth, femininity, and health. Why can’t old women grow long hair?
          Because it’s an ephemeral trait of your fertile years. Women
          instinctively know this, which is why every American girl who cuts, and keeps, her hair short often does it for ulterior reasons. Short hair is a political statement.
          And, invariably, a girl who has gone through with a short cut—and is
          pleased with the changes in her reception—is damaged in some significant
          way. Short hair is a near-guarantee that a girl will be more abrasive,
          more masculine, and more deranged.” This is the author lying blatantly to an audience of possibly thousands in order to support his claim. This is the author bullshitting “science” and claiming it as fact.
          Keep your asshole comments to yourself, or the keeps you play for will be lost very soon.

        11. ‘”No woman in all of human history has ever looked better with short hair than she would with a head full of healthy locks.” This is an opinion of the author.”‘
          Of course this is his opinion, and it could be possible that you could find one exception, but I agree with it and every man I know also agrees. The author does not claim this as scientific fact: It is clear to everyone that this is his personal opinion, and it should be treated as such.
          I (and every man I know) also agrees with his opinion that short haired women tend to chop off their hair for political reasons and not as a fashion statement. He did not claim that the fact a woman has short hair is proof that they are more masculine or whatever, but that based on his experience it was a “near-guarantee” that they would be. The author does not in any way purport that this observation of his is the result of an experiment conducted using the principles of the scientific method. I have a hard time understanding how you substantiate the claim that he is bullshitting science when he clearly stating his opinion based on personal experience.
          I recommend that you read the following book for a full explanation of why long hair shows fertility in women:
          Darwin: the Indelible Stamp; the Evolution of an Idea, edited by James D Watson.

        12. Suffragettes didn’t get false rape accusations, lynching, or enslavement.
          Black men whine a lot less than feminists do, even though black men are still significantly disadvantaged whereas the modern white American woman really doesn’t have anything to complain about.

        13. No that’s humanism. Feminism today is about privileged spoiled white girls trying to tell me they are oppressed.

        14. ” No equal rights movement gets the shit feminism has to put up with.” Way to be identified as an idiot. Good job.
          You could have saved me the time of reading your nonsense and just said, “Hi, I’m Alessandra and I am an idiot.”

        15. I’ll choose to remain a bigot, because feminist women are fucking ugly to look at and unpleasant to be around, and raise damaged, narcissistic children they helicopter parent into neurosis. So angry, so mediated, so damaged, so unable to handle the slightest criticism, and constantly crying that weakness is actually strength. They’re evolutionary dead ends all around.
          And, so, so ugly. That needs to be reinforced. Ugly. Unfuckable. Ugly. Wearing. Ugly. Every man knows it.
          Basically, if you look like a man, act like a man, and talk like a man (hello Vocal Fry!) then you’re sexually-irrelevant to me and are capable enough to not need special consideration for your sex. Get by on merit, toots. Welcome to equality.

        16. I pity the black or disabled women on campus who get instantly swamped by feminists to be used as objectified props to show the world how tolerant and what good people they are to not see colour or disability.

        17. “No equal rights movement gets the shit feminism has to put up with. It deserves better.”
          … I’m sorry you wanna run that by me again?! We just had a holiday dedicated to a man that fought and was killed for equal rights. Several African Americans did for a very long time. I am in support of feminism to an extent and it sucks that we live in a world where a mans perspective has shaped much of how society dictates what beauty is, but you can’t compare the occasional douche-bagary of some men to the lynching, beating, shooting and arson that took place in the civil rights movement. Until your on the wrong end of a police brutality case, you can stow the “No equal rights movement gets the shit feminism has to put up with. It deserves better” BS, thanks!

        18. Feminism only exists because Western women are able to shift their responsibilities on to the backs of women in Third-World nations. By exploiting the clothing, agriculture, and manufacturing of the oppressed nations and illegal immigrants, women no longer have to clothe, feed, or clean with difficulty. Then by exploiting the paychecks of men, alimony, child-support, welfare and public schools relieves them of their last shred of responsibility. Feminism was, is, and always will be a way for the richest men of the world to pimp an entire population of hos and make the rest of the men into johns.

        19. We can declare what we think is right.
          You can do what you wish. If you wish to disadvantage yourself that is your prerogative.

        20. Hey dumbfuck: of course men get to declare whats good or bad looking on women. They’re the target audience you degenerate.

        21. Yes fellas, you read that right: this bitch actually believes that Feminism is an “equal rights movement”. Lol.
          Why do they fight for the right of women to get men in jail for nothing then?

        22. Must be wonderful to just live life only thinking with your cock; Nice and simple, no thinking required.

        23. lol, I know so many lesbians who are so thankful they don’t have to deal with d-bags like you any more. haha, I don’t know who sees you as a target…

        24. You forget that some women prefer short hair for easy maintenance, which is perfectly legit.
          Also, not all women are interested in fertility, or in advertising her fertility to every man she sees.

        25. Violence against women is a huge and widespread problem. Women also had their life decisions dictated to them for a very very long time. But apparently that violence and controlling behavior doesn’t count…

        26. What about black women? Hm? You see, it’s not that simple.
          I will always hate the cry of “false rape!!!111!” as a reason men are ~so persecuted~, like it’s a bigger deal than ACTUAL RAPE. And I’ve yet to see a shred of evidence that rape is falsely reported more than any other crime.

        27. Women don’t want special consideration for being women, dumbass. That’s part of the point.
          And you know what, it’s hilarious that you seem to think feminist women *care* that you find us ugly. Good. I’m glad you think so. No feminist will ever want a man like you, so it seems we’re both happy with that arrangement.
          And, surprisingly, there are tons of men out there who are willing and even happy to date feminist women. Not every man is a controlling, self-centered, shallow Neanderthal like you.

        28. Very basic fact about organizations and movements: all have radical loonies in them. All. Every single one. Feminism is no exception. If you can’t separate radfems from the rest of us, you need to double-check you basic comprehension skills.

        29. The fact that you even use the word “hysterical” seriously says a lot about you…
          Anyway, do you have examples? Where on the internet do women say that men who behave or dress in a way that isn’t hyper-masculine are “broken” or “damaged” or “always have an ulterior motive”? And, more importantly, do you see mainstream feminists openly condoning such articles?

        30. But do you know why a man wouldn’t leave a comment? Because they don’t have to. Men can get away with pretty much anything in this society and most of them don’t see what’s wrong with their behavior, just like you. Women see the injustice because they are being oppressed. They are not ‘hysterical’. They are just trying to be heard, because frankly, a lot of people don’t listen and just write them off.

        31. And here we see inequality at it’s finest. Why the fuck do you care then if some women cut their hair off? If you don’t think it’s attractive then good for you. Why must you call them names and insult them? Yeah, let’s just lump every single feminist into one big group and say they’re all the same crazy extremists. If you had any ability to think for yourself at all you would see that it’s not true. I can’t believe some people are still as close-minded as yourself.

        32. And when feminism was called “The Women’s Rights Movement”, it got the same crap…

        33. It’s increasingly difficult to separate radfems from other feminists for several reasons:
          (a) Feminists themselves do not bother to make the distinction except when they want to use a no true feminist fallacy to try and gain the upper hand in a specific argument.
          (b) As far as men are concerned, many of the objectionable aspects of feminist agendas are not radical, and are repeatedly espoused, directly and indirectly, by many if not most mainstream media as well as many women men encounter day to day. While there is some tendency for men to label any agenda that is good for women and bad for men as “feminist” whether it actually is or not, the truth is most of the women advocating those agendas self-identify as feminist.
          Relevant to this article, feminism is blamed for encouraging women loudly and brazenly reject any sort of male opinion about her appearance. That any action taken to please men, especially if explicitly requested, represents a lack of independence and submission to patriarchy? Do you deny this is a prevailing, mainstream feminist value?
          (c) Millions of women consider themselves feminist. While perhaps you could legitimately marginalize certain radicals, the movement is so large that you have to accept certain aggregate ideals that apply to the generalized group.

        34. Go to any college and ask the women’s studies department about “consent”.
          Feminists are worse than Nazis.

        35. My comment isn’t to discredit your earnestness, but merely to advocate for sensible use of rhetoric. To say some one civil struggle is more dire than another is to suggest yours is more important. There is a majority controlling a minority in every country of the world and I’m sorry to say the “feminists” are doing just fine for themselves as far as not being killed in droves and falsely imprisoned at this particular moment in history. The mere fact that this argument is about hair is a huge testament for how dire the situation is. I only ask that she be more selective in her phrasing.

        36. Also I’d say its better to be a woman right now than a member of the lesbian-gay community.

        37. Sure toots. Find me a woman who doesn’t filter every life thought through her feeeeeelings. At least my cock is less of a drama queen.

        38. Another point with feminists: they constantly exist in a state of incredulised amazement that people think differently to them,. So supercilious. So arrogant. And so, so ugly.
          My ability to think for myself is why I haven’t adopted a group ideology that allows members to prop up their egos by feeding of each other in narcissistic supply, such as Feminism. It’s a movement for sheep. Ugly, fat ones.

        39. I’ve seen ‘feminist-positive’ men. They’re always weedy-man-boys with no testosterone with an ugly mother substitute woman keeping a close grip on his balls. Short hair will attract these guys, as they’re incapable of handling the sexual and social demands that it requires to attract a beautiful women who is comfortable being a woman, so go for a lame horse than deliberately hobbled itself, usually with a boy cut, excess weight, nerd glasses, and ugly tattoos.
          If there’s no special consideration for being women, then let’s see your feminist womyn’s collective start a campaign to abolish any legislature for educational and industrial laws that legally-requires places for women, and then let’s see how a meritocracy works for you.
          Women in the workplace destroyed industry, and is why America is now a post-industrial nation, and your precious thought economy is going to be hit hard on the next economic downturn.

        40. a. Mainstream feminists don’t stop every five minutes to say “oh, just so you know, I am NOT a radfem!” because we assume the majority of the population is smart enough to tell the difference based on our viewpoints.
          b. Do you deny this is a prevailing, mainstream feminist value? Context required. Namely, does the woman wish to please the man in question? If she does, she should, and most mainstream feminists will not tell her she shouldn’t. If she doesn’t, then nobody should give her shit for not wanting to, because our lives do not, amazingly though it may seem, revolve around the lives of men.
          the movement is so large that you have to accept certain aggregate ideals that apply to the generalized group.
          Many of these ideals are not bad things, but things that do threaten insecure, power-hungry men. Equal pay for equal work is a good thing. The basic decency of being treated like a human with our own goals, interests, and motivations (just like men are) is a good thing. The idea that we alone get to decide who touches and enters our body is a good thing. These are not things that threaten the well-being of men.
          Is there an ideal that you can prove applies to mainstream feminism and is demonstrably harmful to men?

        41. My ancestors lost relatives to the Nazis, you fuckwad. That’s not even close to being a comparable situation. Fuck that noise. Say something of concrete value or just stop.

        42. This argument is about hair because some self-absorbed men decided to write an entire article about how they should be allowed to dictate women’s hair choices. x.x
          Oppression Olympics is stupid, anyway. Women and blacks have faced very different, but very real, forms of oppression and both deserve equality. One is not a bad thing just because the other is worse, so it’s a stupid comparison to make. And “feminists” may not be “killed in droves” but violence against WOMEN does in fact take lives and cause irreparable damage on a regular basis.

        43. Sources for any of this bullshit? Like, “all feminist men are (xyz characteristics)”? Or “women in the workplace destroyed industry”? because lol.
          “A woman comfortable being a woman” to you clearly means “a woman comfortable accepting a position of subservience and managing her appearance and behavior to please controlling men”. Newsflash, there are tons of women out there who love being women and are very feminine in a variety of ways without believing men have the right to control us. And a good many of those women will reject out of hand men who try to tell us how to live because our very presence offends them.
          You also put a lot of energy into judging men who you don’t like. Men who aren’t like you are still men. Get over it.

        44. Equal pay for equal work is a good thing.

          This isn’t feminism. This is a hollow principle that has nothing to do with reality. Where feminists actually fight for specific women experiencing wage discrimination, support is widespread. The problem is this is a slogan feminists claim to believe in but their actions don’t really support.

          The basic decency of being treated like a human with our own goals,
          interests, and motivations (just like men are) is a good thing.

          Basic human decency is basic human decency. The only way you can call this a feminist ideal is if you presume that women are generally not treated with basic human decency. Such a presumption immediately puts you into “radfem” territory. Although when I say radfem I mean mainstream, of course. Because mainstream feminism is pretty sick all by itself.

          The idea
          that we alone get to decide who touches and enters our body is a good
          thing. These are not things that threaten the well-being of men.

          Your dishonestly phrased statement has nothing to do with the real consequences of the ideology, which involves pressure on laws, courts, and academics to (a) redefine rape to mean whatever a woman wants it to mean (b) deny due process to men in rape cases (c) redefine rape to make it appear like a more serious problem than it is, so that more funding can be provided.
          Those are absolutely things that threaten the well-being of men and are in fact in direct conflict with male interests.

        45. “My ancestors lost relatives to the Nazis, you fuckwad.”
          So you’re a kike.
          Nothing of value was lost.

        46. The Sheryl Sandberg TED talk quoting the many-times debunked $0.77 on the dollar canard just goes to show how mainstream this insanity is.
          I wasn’t making an assertion about the state of pay (in)equality at the moment. I am not an economist; it is far from my area of expertise. I have read several sources, none of which agree with the others, about exactly what the discrepancy is.
          But that was one of the original goals of feminism, and it is a good one, whether or not it still needs work. I notice you aren’t saying “equal pay for equal work is a bad thing”.
          The only way you can call this a feminist ideal is if you presume that women are generally not treated with basic human decency.
          That has gotten much better with time, but it’s not quite there yet. And of course, many men here would define “basic human decency” as “treating that bitch like the woman she is (list of ways in which she’s different and deserves lesser treatment)”. Among other things, basic human decency means understanding that women make choices because of our own motives that are not always directly related to what men want us to do. It means understanding that women don’t have an obligation to please you, just as you do not have an obligation to please us.
          The only way you can call this a feminist ideal is if you presume that women are generally not treated with basic human decency.
          So you’re saying, “I’m going to use a word the wrong way and deliberately use it to refer to something else”. Thanks for the heads up.
          redefine rape to mean whatever a woman wants it to mean
          No? Rape has a variety of definitions but none of them say “rape is whatever any given woman says it is”. One generally accepted definition is that rape is any forced or coerced sex act. This can include forced vaginal sex, forced anal sex, forced oral sex, and depending on how you define it, forced handjobs. It can (and does) also apply to both men and women.
          deny due process to men in rape cases
          Citation majorly needed here. I call bullshit.
          redefine rape to make it appear like a more serious problem than it is, so that more funding can be provided. Those are absolutely things that threaten the well-being of men and are in fact in direct conflict with male interests.
          So you’re basically saying to me, “rape isn’t that big of a deal, and making sure that it is treated like a big deal threatens men.” Seriously, that is so warped. In what ways does it directly conflict with men’s interests? Besides which, do you not care about due process and proper response if a man is raped? Rape is statistically more likely to happen to women, but it’s not exclusively a women’s issue. However, the pervasive attitude that a woman’s body doesn’t really belong to her is a women’s issue.
          At any rate, if you don’t rape people, then none of this threatens you in any way.

        47. Ah, so you’re racist. No wonder you don’t think the Nazis were that big of a deal.
          Either that or you’re a really vile troll.
          Still nothing of concrete value. I do not think talking to you is worth my time.

        48. I heard someone compare abortion to the holocaust yesterday. the intelligent are doomed to be tormented by the stupid.

        49. Why am I not suprised that you’re a kike?
          The most arduous cultural marxist scum are always kikish.

        50. I’m not actually Jewish, you moron. Try again.
          I’m also pretty libertarian, so lol @ “Marxist”.
          Quit talking out of your ass.

        51. Are you familiar with the terms “patriarchy,” “oppression,” or “misogyny?” I recommend looking them up. Also try googling “systematic discrimination.” i know these are all very big words for you. Try sounding them out.

        52. Men on the internet have been known to leave sarcastic and whiney comments on feminist blogs making them seem like twice the drama queens they blame women to be.. i bet it wasnt a woman who coined the “make me a sandwich” phrase which is continually used and abused on the internet…so welcome to the internet!

        53. Yeah big words for me, never heard them. Feminists on university campuses never got to me. They’re completely invisible and I could never hear them bitching about pretending to be victims to justify their failures.

        54. Haven’t heard that used since 2011.
          There are some manginas out there who like to pretend to be women with sarcasm but I can’t find an article in which women criticize men and men leave 7000+ comments.

        55. Maybe you should stop using one word to describe the beliefs of different people with a variety of views.

        56. Are you being serious right now? Seriously, are you fucking kidding me? This is WHY feminists exist. It’s because self-proclaimed “bigots” (really? you’d describe yourself as a bigot? that just makes you sound like a whiny elitist) cluster a group of women with different lifestyles and different reasons for the cause all into one group. Most feminists would be angry to someone such as yourself because you just don’t get it. You refuse to even consider the possibility of women having anything to be angry about, despite all of your criticism being about how they aren’t sexual objects or eye candy for you anymore. It makes men angry and afraid, because its not what you grew up learning. Women were just made to look pretty and be used for sex, obvious, right? Society’s misconstrued image of women just keeps reinforcing that, and feminists are just trying to break free from those binds that are pushed forward by “bigots” like yourself.

        57. There’s little point to comparing these because there is so much intersectionality. I’m female (in a STEM field), an immigrant, queer and black; whoa, quadruple whammy.
          I would not downplay the prejudice any of these groups are subjected to, nor would I say that it’s better to be x than y.

        58. men most definitely leave tear marks all over the comments section when their man feelings aren’t cared about.

        59. have fun getting testicular cancer, that is what happens to men with no balls, and you fit that profile. haha

        60. someone get this manimal’s IP; im sure it will come in handy in court for some raped woman.

        61. nothing meaning violent rape, right?
          O those mean women, not wanting to be attacked by violent men. O the misandry.

        62. no they just cry all over the keyboard and do pee pee in their diapers. And cry for mummy.

        63. did you rape a woman and then she told someone you raped her and then you pretended she made it up? It’s sounding more and more like that happened.

        64. But why does the word feminism upsets you so much? why the ‘fem’ has such a negative connotation to you? is that really the problem?

        65. “And I’ve yet to see a shred of evidence that rape is falsely reported more than any other crime”
          That is not the point. The issue is that often males are treated as guilty right away when rape is concerned. Innocent until proven guilty goes out the window. More importantly, when a rape allegation is proven to be false, the accuser often gets off scot free.
          Also, better ten rapists get away with it, than one innocent person goes to jail.

        66. “My ability to think for myself is why I haven’t adopted a group ideology that allows members to prop up their egos by feeding of each other in narcissistic supply”
          *looks around this page*

        67. Bullshit. Rape victims are put through the wringer and asked all kinds of crazy irrelevant questions. They’re shamed and often not taken seriously. What planet do you live on?
          And what do you suggest should happen to people who make false accusations? If the accusation was intentionally fabricated, can’t you sue her for slander?
          “Also, better ten rapists get away with it, than one innocent person goes to jail.”
          So: better for ten people to endure a traumatic experience than one. Logical.

        68. You must have a problem with the entire justice system then, because it is built with that logic in mind:
          “can’t you sue her for slander?”
          I don’t know, can you? I don’t know that much about it. I’ve heard stories where the accuser gets off scot free, like this one:
          Anyway, I was pointing out that you’d missed the point, not trying to argue it. That is, that it’s not the prevalence of false rape accusations that is the issue, for they are thankfully very rare as you point out, but it is the way they are handled when they do happen, like the story in the link I posted.

        69. Actually it completly depends on what branch of feminism you’re looking at. You are wrong about feminism today, the branch of feminism today that is mostly embraced is kind of akin to the idea of ecofeminism, that is to say that women should be valued for the traits the were given naturally, like mothering and compassion, and men for their traits, strength influence. The kind of feminism you are thinking of was the assimilation of women under male traits, women in the business world. Though really you are just talking of a spoiled generation which has everything at their fingertips.

        70. One quick point, do you realize woman being comfortable being woman is actually a branch of feminism?

        71. Yeah, that’s pretty gross. She was doing it just for attention? Pretty crazy.
          That said, you still think this guy’s life (one life) is more important than the lives of people who are ACTUALLY RAPED (multiple lives).
          Can’t you see that all of these things are a problem? One just happens to be more widespread than others.

        72. “you still think this guy’s life (one life) is more important than the lives of people who are ACTUALLY RAPED”
          Of course not. Where did you get that impression from? But punishing a rapist does not undo the rape now does it? The justice system exists as a deterrent against future crimes, not as a means to pursue vengeance or to make the victim feel better. Punishing the innocent reduces this deterrent much more than letting the guilty escape. In an ideal world, of course, we would catch every criminal and never convict an innocent.
          “Can’t you see that all of these things are a problem?”
          What did I deny was a problem? Rape? When did I do that?
          “One just happens to be more widespread than others.”
          If you mean rape is more widespread than false accusations of rape, then I believe you are correct. However, the latter is much more easily fixed than the former. To stop false accusations of rape from being so problematic, you need only stop treating the accused as guilty right away, and keep his identity private until he is proven guilty – which is easily done. To stop rape from being so widespread? I complex problem without a simple solution. And don’t say “teach men not to rape”, although I’d be really interested to see what a course in “learning to not rape” would be like.

        73. I am overwhelmed with the masses of dames demanding equal responsibilities!!!
          Those ever-present protesters demanding that dames be required by law to sign up with the military draft system or face the severe repercussions for failing to do so is proof that the little girls want true equality.
          Oh… wait. Nary a peep from the dainty, delicate little princesses about that aspect of inequality.
          Silly little girls. Coddled for far too long.

        74. “Better ten rapists go free than one innocent person goes to jail…”
          Perhaps I read more into that than you intended.
          That said, the point still stands that men who claim that men are overall MORE persecuted than women (and this may not be you) do you some of the same talking points and point to false rape accusations like they’re a huge problem while simultaneously brushing the problem of rape under the rug.
          And don’t say “teach men not to rape”, although I’d be really interested to see what a course in “learning to not rape” would be like.
          Why does being a decent human being require an instructional course? You teach people – all people – that an individual’s body belongs to him/herself, and nobody else can touch or enter it without its owner’s consent. I’m talking about the ways parents raise their kids.

        75. That last comment was tongue in cheek.
          No, I do not claim men are more persecuted than women, nor do I claim the opposite. For men and women face different injustices and it is pointless to try to quantify who faces the most injustice, but more importantly it would benefit no one. It reminds me of a video I saw, of I think a black woman and a lesbian, they were arguing over who was more oppressed, they got angry and their argument got violent. Needless to say, I don’t think the argument helped either of them.

        76. I’ll let you take another shot, as that was a very weak attempt. You can do it, believe in yourself. You don’t need help to succeed.

        77. If you ever read a book, you would know that women are talked about physically 90% more on average than men. Maybe the reason why guys didn’t post 3000 “hysterical” comments on this Post is because this hyper sexist article isn’t funny in the first place.

        78. So you’re saying we should call ourselves female civil rights activists instead of feminists? Isn’t it just an easier way of saying the same exact thing?

        79. Nah, playing Oppression Olympics is really pretty dumb.
          Feminism focuses on specific issues that generally apply to women. It doesn’t exist at the expense of issues that pertain to men. That’s a misconception.

        80. But they do all the time. Look on any youtube video involving any criticism of any guy. Both genders do the same amount of complaining, please get over yourself.

        81. “Women in the workplace destroyed industry, and is why America is now a post-industrial nation, and your precious thought economy is going to be hit hard on the next economic downturn.”
          Greed, the bottom line and creating short-term profits created the current financial situation and the downfall of industry. Moving jobs to cheaper and cheaper countries, mass-layoffs, reaping short term benefits and plundering the company of bonuses is what created the downward spiral. The CEOs failed to realize that for example the market for American cars lies mostly in America, where they need people that are well enough off to buy their cars. If you lay of tens of thousands of workers that are at the same time the lionpart of your customers, move the factories to Asia and then try to sell your cars in the U.S. to the very same people you layed off, you will fail. They then proceeded to cry for state-subsidies because their company was declining fast and approaching bankruptcy, as they have now managed to piss off their entire market base.

        82. “Also, better ten rapists get away with it, than one innocent person goes to jail.” -Acebean27
          What the fuck does this have to do with short hair and feminism?
          Here’s a thought: What if women and men recognized the value of each and every individual….and avoided the notion that they, as an individual, held more importance than others based on sex, religion, social status, race, or culture? Viewing others as disposable, grants permission to be treated as disposable.

        83. “What the fuck does this have to do with short hair and feminism?”
          Nothing. I don’t remember claiming that it did.

        84. No comment or thoughts on this?
          “Here’s a thought: What if women and men recognized the value of each and every individual….and avoided the notion that they, as an individual, held more importance than others based on sex, religion, social status, race, or culture? Viewing others as disposable grants permission to be treated as disposable.”

        85. No. It isn’t. This is:
          “Also, better ten rapists get away with it, than one innocent person goes to jail.” -Acebean27

        86. You are serious? “Here’s a thought” semantically spells out the presence of cognitive process.
          I don’t think you actually read the comments of others and I seriously doubt you gave much thought to your very flippant remark that ten rape victims rate lower than one victim of false accusation.

        87. So many issues evolve from such a violent crime and are not limited to false accusations. Can you imagine falling victim to such a crime and then having your character evaluated as if it might reveal to all the world that you deserved being raped? It is akin to being falsely accused, is it not?

        88. “remark that ten rape victims rate lower than one victim of false accusation.”
          I never said that.
          I’m not going to argue with someone who is going to misquote me.
          I still don’t think you know what vacuous means, but never mind, maybe American’s have a different meaning for the word. I meant I could derive little meaning from what you said, a lot of the terms you used like “recognise the value” are very open to interpretation and it’s difficult for me to know what you mean by them, so I won’t presume to know.

        89. We speak the same language. The difference is not interpretation, it is lack of humility. I am not arguing. I am presenting my view. There is no shame in sharing different views. The shame is in dismissing the views of others outright, not validating your own views, and lacking the humility to admit that there is something to learn from even the most oppositional viewpoint.

        90. I must say, I really don’t understand what this conversation has been about. I don’t remember dismissing anyone else’s views and I’ve barely shard any of “my” views. You seemed to take great offence at my rewording of Blackstone’s formulation though. I wouldn’t claim that as “my” view, but if the justice system is going to based on that principle it needs to be consistent with it, and not throw it out of the window for rape cases. That’s all I was saying.
          I’m really quite surprised that anyone at all took offence to that statement actually. Guess you learn something everyday.

        91. I personally have NEVER told a boy or a man that he couldn’t do something or wear something or be something that he wanted to. It is ridiculous for you to try and turn this around. Sexism is alive and thriving, only because idiots like you perpetuate it.

        92. DNA research showed quite some time ago that there are only one human race. So I’m not sure what century’s racial biological models you are using when segregating a human population into races.

        93. Hysterical! Really? Perhaps next you’ll blame the anger of many women on wandering womb syndrome?

        94. Not that black men don’t get the short end of the stick in this country, but women, OF ALL COLORS, still have a lot to complain about. We get much less than women in other developed countries, like months of paid maternity (and in many cases paternity) leave, better healthcare, equal pay, and more respect for jobs that are largely held by women (teachers, nurses, etc.)

        95. Why should you get paid because you got pregnant and popped out a kid?
          Also, the “equal pay” myth has been debunked here multiple times. And the jobs that are largely held by women like teachers used to be held by men. The reason they don’t have any respect is because they are female-dominated and women don’t do jobs as well as men.

        96. Women should receive paid maternity leave because it’s better for society as a whole. Here are some great reasons why it’s good for business as well:
          “Women don’t do jobs as well as men”. Wow. If that isn’t the cake taker of over-generalizations, I don’t know what is. What facts do you have to support this statement?

        97. Using the hysterical woman comeback isn’t going to get you anywhere. That is the epitome of the problem. Women have plenty of reason to be angry. I’m not sorry that that is uncomfortable for you.

        98. The fact your criticism of feminism has to immediately turn to women being unattractive just blatantly reinforces the points made by myself and women above – women don’t exist strictly as sex objects to be evaluated on their looks. Wake the fuck up. It’s 2014 dude. We aren’t picking roots while you and your homies kill a mammoth with pointy sticks. 99% of any job done now can be done equally well by women because physical strength and size (which men actually don’t always beat women in, but stereotypically speaking have the upper hand) don’t matter when so many things are done by computers and machines. I’m sure women will lose a lot of sleep over how “sexually irrelevant” they are to you. It’s actually really hysterical that you think that matters so much to the average woman. The second she realized you were a raging knob she would lose interest anyway, not matter how “sexually relevant” you found her. *sigh* Pathetic.

        99. And the clueless man-sheep bleats to his flock, secretly frightened of the she-wolfs scary logic.

        100. My 6’2″ lacrosse player boyfriend is a bigger feminist than me. Kudos to his awesomely nice (and also huge) dad and mom for raising him with the intelligence to judge all people on their legitimate merit, and not the pigeon-hole society shoves them in. This bizarre belief that to respect women or see them as equals means you must be a wimpy push over is just propaganda to keep any guy who actually wants to think of women as people in his place before he spreads the “germ” of equality to other guys.

        101. If rich old white men didn’t have a death grip on 99% of the wealth in this country, and paid a decent wage to all workers, you wouldn’t see virtually every family requiring both parents in the work force and you’d have more jobs to go around. As it stands, most families require both people to work to get by. This has zip to do with feminism.
          There are less good jobs, providing less and less buying power with fewer benefits because the media – owned by the same rich fucks who own everything – are too busy getting us to argue over abortion, gay marriage, birth control, welfare, equal opportunity hiring, etc to pay attention to the rich people sodomizing all of us – male, female, black, white, gay, straight, etc. Their biggest trick is blaming women and people of color for everything, because sadly ignorant shits like the ones on this site actually believe it without doing any research.

        102. Seriously. I don’t love all people. I probably love about 10 people. But I am impressed as hell by a lot of people. Of course, I am also unimpressed by many others. Especially people who like trying to turn all othervwomen into sluts so they don’t look quite so bad.

        103. As someone who’s reported rape to the proper authorities, no, no they don’t. I was falsely accused of falsely accusing someone because the rumor mill where I’m stationed said I wanted it, because the guy told all his friends I wanted it. While the case was ongoing. He got off, as a fucking rapist, and I got put through the fucking ringer for something I didn’t even do. When they found out that I didn’t lie, they closed the case and labeled it “unfounded” because they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute.
          And, no. I’d rather the ten rapists go to jail. But maybe that’s just the rape survivor talking.

        104. If men started an “equal rights” group do you think they would call it “masculinists”? If you’re for equal rights then you’re a humanist. If you’re for female privilege then you’re a feminist.

        105. You can say that all you want but that doesn’t make it true. Whether or not “feminist” is a good word choice (and that’s a discussion on its own), what it MEANS is “person who seeks gender equality”. Only people who really don’t understand this spout this bull about “humanists”.
          There already are “equal rights” groups started by men. They’re called Men’s Rights Activists. Do you propose they change their name to Human Rights Activists to appease your sensibilities, or mine?

        106. You seem to be making a sweeping statement about people that are radical. But if you are a radical for the right things, it is proper.

        107. Do you mind pointing to where exactly I was doing that? These comments are old and there are a lot of them. I don’t know which one(s) you’re talking about.

        108. No, crazy people do not deserve to be treated with dignity. They deserve the help they can get- from the safety of an isolated asylum away from society. Just because the Left has turned life into a anything-goes sandbox doesn’t mean that crazy isn’t crazy. If you can’t pick a gender (man, woman, or getting surgery to become one of the two), if you have multiple identities, if you are schizophrenic: get medicated and get out of society. We shouldn’t have to legitimize your batshit insanity.

        109. I don’t think your cats have the manual dexterity for that, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

        110. This is ironic since allergic family members have made it impossible to ever have cats (and right now I’m in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets).
          I’d ask my family’s dogs to do it, but they’d just eat the lox. (They have good taste.)

        111. I get it. You don’t have cats for medical reasons. You were making me nervous that you didn’t completely fit the cliche.
          Do you have dachshunds? Your hair looks like a dachshund. That means “badger” in German.

        112. I don’t really like dachsunds. Prefer big dogs.
          Badgers are also cool.
          What is your point, anyway? Trying to make me fit some dumb, over-used stereotype? Not exactly very creative.

        113. Am I supposed to care, Internet “lady?” I don’t think I’ll be busting any loads on your face any time soon, so you are worthless to me.

        114. Oh and there aren’t a shitton of articles about men crticizing women’s clothes. You know, like that one about hairbows, pantsuits (THEY WERE INSULTED BECAUSE IT MADE WOMEN LOOK LIKE MEN. IF YOU DON’T LIKE WOMEN IN PANTSUITS GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH THE COUNTLESS CACTI IN THE DESERT.), that sort of thing.

        115. It’s really quite simple. Long hair detracts, overwhelms, and hides the face. Ugly women, or women with masculine features, have to have long hair. It helps hide it. Pretty, petite faced women, however, should draw attention to the face. Accentuate it. You do this with a short haircut. The same holds true with men, typically. Halle berry was way hotter with short hair. Disagree? It may be your opinion. Or it may be that you’re crazy, and think if u like short hair that you like more masculine features, and ergo are somehow gay or something. Sorry but I like a good looking face. Not your carefully curled curtains that are concealing the ugly window scene that is your face. Plus I think it depends on the type of man you are. If you thought Pamela Anderson was hot then you pretty much do whatever pop culture tells you to. Backwards men are more interested in bleach blonde waves and hearts of silicon. More intelligent men who are less influenced by peers, tend to go for women who are naturally beautiful, and attractive without excessive faux enhancements like make up and push up bras. They’d be more likely to actually look at a face. So it depends on the kind of man you are. And I don’t mean that all women with long hair are ugly, but ugly women don’t typically draw attention to their faces and tend to have long hair to hide it.

        116. I have no idea what you’re even trying to say here or how it relates to the comment you replied to.

        117. Besides the unoriginal baby/diaper cliche insults she spews, check out some other revealing quotes from feminist Sim Reilly:

          men are vile

          males are rapists should be at the top

          And Disqus has more where those came from.

        118. Not really. I’m a feminist and I do work in other countries that oppress women. I also council rape victims. Feminism is empowerment for both sexes. If you think every feminist is a Tumblr user, kindly get off the Internet.

        119. So why don’t we just skip the seperation in society and the termination used only in a negitive context in my opinion and just stick to calling IT. “EQUALITY”…

        120. Modern feminism isn’t about equality. The legal systems already favour women and women have more legal rights. The original feminists already got the equality they wanted in western countries.
          Modern feminism is mostly about women wanting their cake and eating it too.
          I’m against feminism since now its starting to become a dangerous time for men where they can get fucked over really badly by the legal system and HR departments if you’re not careful and get involved with women who use it to their advantage. I support equality though.

        121. Yeah, Buddy, you make an excellent point! I am pretty (not just my opinion – people of both sexes make it a point to tell me) and find that hair longer than my pixie simply makes me look bland.I find that the pixie also screens out the men who don’t see women as distinct individuals who, like them, come in a huge variety of “looks” with hearts, souls, and personalities to match.Works for me! The men who’ve I’ve had relationships with who have asked me to grow my hair have (only a couple) had many issues with their own masculinity and seemed to need to be seen with a Playboy Bunny on their arm.

        122. iplay: Most of my female friends (perfectly attractive) have long locks. Good for them! I, with my pixie and not-so outgoing nature, am asked out as much or more than they are. I also have many male friends, several brothers, and three sons. None have ever told me something just to make me feel good, believe me. Most say that they think that the best hairstyle is what looks best on the individual. One “must” have a woman with long hair (and gets them, but has severe self-esteem and relationship difficulties), two actually prefer short hair if it shows off a pretty face. Similarly, female friends who “must” have rich men or those with gold chains and muscles developed to the point of deformity get what they want, and good for them!

        123. Right there with ya … I’m 5″5′ and 118 lbs. Long hair makes me look awful. Thankfully, the only person that matters is my hubby, and he is all over my short hair, and prefers it to when I had it long (and it looked absolutely awful).

        124. If you opened your mouth for any reason other than for me to use it as a toilet, I would blacken your eye.

        125. If you truly believed in equality you would change the name of your movement to Humanism. The progressives changed their name to “liberal” when the first name became toxic. That you don’t change your name tells us something: you want to be perceived as for special privileges for women, by other women. You know that on a deep evolutionary level Society, including men, value women (and children) more highly than all but the apex of “leader” men. And even they feel the pressure to be seen to be for special treatment for women. Any leader that truly promoted gender equality (closing the work death gap, which has always been an order of magnitude larger than what you claim the wage gap is; addressing the complete lack of mens reproductive rights in the face of womens utter dominance in this and many other areas etc) would be quickly ousted in favour of another that towed the feminist line.
          The name feminist is a feature, not a bug.

        126. We don’t, because the name FEMINism is a feature, not a bug.
          How you gonna get your pet voters, women and men who care a lot about pleasing women, to know to support you if you are called Equalism? The name is an important Signal.

        127. By the same crap you mean everything it asked for, and everything else it thought to ask for after that?
          Funny how the name could change from the women’s RIGHTS movement to a new name when it became pretty clear to everyone that women had achieved equal rights. Also funny that it can’t change to the EQUAL rights movement….

        128. No, and you know it. 2 seconds after you “rebrand,” some evil man might point out that you already have achieved equal CIVIL rights. You need to signal to your constituents that you are for women, regardless of how many rights woman may already have, or get in the future. You are for women, forever … wether they need you or not!

        129. Hair grows back, just like grass.
          This guy needs to back off and take a look at this shaky stance…

        130. That’s what Feminism is defined as.
          However, I consider the word to be garbage.
          Go with Egaltarianism instead, Amelia.

        131. hahaha, feminism is NOT equal rights for men, it’s giving privilege to women.

        132. I bet you preffer big dogs, why, you rather have sex with your dog than find a boyfriend. pig.

        133. yes, slutty girls always tried to turn me into a slut, but inviting me to clubs, to cheat on my boyfriends. These women called themselves feminists. I know what you are talking about.

        134. Lolwut?
          And of course, many men here would define “basic human decency” as “treating that bitch like the woman she is (list of ways in which she’s different and deserves lesser treatment)”. ‘
          You have a pretty messed up view of men. Most of my friends are men and I don’t know a single one of them who thinks like that. My grandpa and my dad don even think like that. It’s almost like you live a very sheltered life.
          As far women not being treated with basic human decency, that’s the biggest bullshit assertion I’ve ever heard. Women are treated with way more decency than men. Historically, they have had little to nothing to do with war. The men did the fighting in order to protect their families.
          Women get lighter jail sentences and avoid execution way more than men do who commit the same or similar crimes.
          Breast cancer awareness is a well known, well funded, and well supported cause. Barely anyone ever talks about testicular cancer.
          You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t want to enable your pity party.

        135. So, basically, you are the type of person who would disagree that ten criminals getting away with something is better than one innocent citizen going to jail?
          Have you ever taken an ethics course?

        136. How does it feel desperately trying to troll in a comment thread and utterly fail at it? Is complete failure a recurring theme in your life?

        137. Ok. Read that statement out loud to yourself.
          “have fun getting testicular cancer, that is what happens to men with no balls, and you fit that profile. haha”
          See if you can figure out why it doesn’t make sense.

        138. You have a pretty messed up view of men.
          Men? Like, all men? ’cause you realize I was just talking about men here, right?
          As for the rest, what you said has very little to do with how people treat one another on a day-to-day basis, and is instead a well-rehearsed list of ways men are ~so persecuted~. Sure, some of those things have merit – I never claimed that men didn’t have issues. And of course, none of that is going on here. Here, on this page, we are simply talking to one another.
          And Let’s be real. Do any of the men at RoK respect women the same way you respect each other? Or do you have your ideas about us, about what we’re capable of, about what we should do, and so forth, and get uncomfortable when we try to define ourselves independently of men? Look at the articles on this site and tell me that isn’t what’s going on. Obviously, if a woman has short hair, she’s “messed up” because she is no longer trying to please men with her appearance, no way could she possibly be trying to express herself and present herself the way she wants to, for her reasons.
          RoK defines women only in terms of our usefulness to men (and comes up with a bunch of bullshit reasons to justify it). So, yeah, I stand by what I said.

        139. People aren’t saying women who cut their hair short are messed up for not pleasing men, my keyboard warrior. They’re saying they are messed up because they are. It’s just so ironic seeing feminists pandering how “independent” they are from men and how we shouldn’t be telling women what to do, and at the same time not being able to stop whining about us and telling us how we should conduct ourselves and our masculinity (or “gender roles”), the good saviors.
          As for the thread itself – I think all the angry people that swarmed here months ago and still come, did a good job of proving Thut’s point. Feminists and social justice warriors are usually crazy and damaged in the head, and we know the women in those groups tend to have short hair more than the general population. Specially the crazy dykes that paint their hair, sheesh!

        140. …except there is literally no reason – not one – that you can give to prove that “women with short hair are messed up because they are”.
          Seriously, you are so freakin’ delusional, I don’t even know what to say. I guess, just keep on believing your weird shit…

        141. Not quite. I’m a feminist and I’m not a privileged, spoiled white girl. I think that everyone should have equal rights and nobody should disrespect anyone else. So you might want to get your facts straight. Just because one so-called feminist is a certain way doesn’t mean that all of them are. So all of you can fuck off please.

        142. When replying I cannot mention every single exception. I’m talking from my immediate surroundings, where 99% of the feminists are white girls from upper middle class families that have got everything on a silver spoon. Instead of recognising their privilege they take on some made up role of being victims. I wonder how a mom in india fighting to let her girl go to school and not be given away in marriage feels about these feminists I see everyday.

        143. suck my fucking balls. women constant judge men on their height which cant be changed, judging a women on her short hair is relatively mild in comparison, u should be glad their r still a few men around willing to b honest about wat men really want … that’s assuming u want your holes plugged with a human dick and not that of your dalmatian

        144. halle berry has a decent bod, but her hair blows shit and makes your dick go limp

        145. I cant talk right now as im sucking my own nutz since u feminist bitches wont touch em

        146. Seriously? That sucks, I’m sorry to hear about that. Why can’t everyone choose their own appearances without other people getting in the way? It’s horrible when somebody judges you just on the length of your hair (and this applies to guys too because some guys have long hair) or the way you dress, and what’s even worse is that it’s seen as ‘acceptable’ because some people just assume that it’s natural.

        147. Are you randomly picking comments to pull your virtual cock to? Maybe you meant to reply to someone else? Since you were left with only one hand and your eyes were likely rolled to the back of your head whilst you were commenting off, I’ll give you a chance to read my replies. In no way, shape, or form would I ever agree that an innocent person be punished for a crime they did not commit. Why place yourself in a position to have to pick one or the other? This is not a “Sophie’s choice” and it has nothing to do with short hair. My comment was directed at the casual nature of the posters comment. Nothing more. Nothing less. Rape isn’t a subject that should allow for the lesser of two evils, it should be addressed as every crime should be addressed– with the facts. False accusations of rape are common? Yeah right. Do you have statistics? What about false accusations of false accusations…. No matter. Neither crime is greater than the other. Ethics? Did you major in Ethics? Heh Heh Heh! Good for you. Is it your bible? Does it protect you? Have you also had courses in crimimal justice, religion, and psychology? Impressive! Please. Information that is offered in religion, educational courses, and in life, is just that….information. It is our job as individuals to draw from the information available and from the experiences in our lives. There are no golden rules in this life that will protect us or save us. There are only guidelines. Preach Ethics to someone that doesn’t know how to think for themselves.

        148. Ah yes. The argument from relative deprivation. Brilliant! And because some people don’t even have the option of going to schools, that mother in India is spoiled. Who does she think she is?!

        149. What are you arguing? You need to read what I wrote. You wanna know what feminists I am surrounded with fight for.. that more rich middle class white girls can get seats at boards of directors so they can get richer, and other completely pointless issues when compared to poor women in the same country and not to mention women in 3rd world countries.

        150. So because the feminists that you know are like this, you are going to assume they all are? I consider myself a feminist and I have never once tried to get rich middle class white girls to get seats at boards of directors so that they can get richer and other completely pointless issues. So now here’s the new question. Am I not a feminist then, or is your definition of feminism wrong?

        151. Here is the thing, feminism has a very broad spectrum. What feminism is in one part of word doesn’t apply in other parts. As I only come in contact with what I described, I cannot see it in another way in the current scope and defined geographical area. The term feminism is worth less than shit in some parts of the world. You need to sanitise the movement and have stricter definitions of what is and is not feminism. I mean today everything is pretty much feminism, you have today pretend feminists in areas of the world that are not oppressed have equality who don’t do shit for other women that lack this yet try to get additional leverage by riding the feminist wave trying to convince people they are oppressed by some invisible systematic structure in society that has been gone for a good 40 years.
          That’s why I can’t take feminism seriously where I was born and grew up.

        152. And yet despite that, you still typified all feminists as those from you own (admittingly) provincial experience? I agree, the word “Feminist” does have the implication of being pro-female to the detriment of males. But you could still agree with the ideology behind. Yes, “Humanism” is a better term, but that is not the term currently in fashion and I’m not going to distance myself from the cause just because the doesn’t literally mean what it says (very few words do). However, if you’re denying we live in a male-dominated society, well then I have to disagree with you. And it’s not all that invisible. Females, for instance are constantly portrayed as sex objects and little, if not nothing more. They are still paid less (also differing in race) and a multitude of other issues. If you want to help the less fortunate people (women) of the world, that’s fine, but don’t mar what feminists in the 1st world/developed countries are doing. Unless of course, you are a Utilitarian or think we all have a moral obligation to do so. But that’s a different matter altogether 🙂

        153. I don’t live in a male dominated society, it’s the most equal country in the world. In 2-3 generation you will see a huge change were females will be leading in resemblance to how rich males did 4-5 generations ago.
          So again what is there to change here, the feminists here should focus on helping the poor class in here, and around the world so they too can experience equality regardless of gender.

        154. Well then sir, I should like to visit where you live, because where I live (and most everyone else) there is rampant sexism that exists. As for the most equal, hell no. I’d point to Europe, specifically the Scandinavian countries. They always seem to have the most forward thinking social policies. As a side note, sex and gender are not the same thing.

        155. Newsflash, I am female and I agree with article. You femtards are the delusional ones. You are the ones that need to get off their high horses.

        156. Not really when it comes to feminist minded individuals. It is all about either dressing like sluts or bull dykes. Any female that dresses in a prude fashion are seen as sell outs. Well this sell out is proud how her FATHER raised her.

        157. Sorry, but feminism is NO longer an equal rights movement. It is a HATE movement. It hates men and blames men for everything.

        158. Wrong. It is about females have special rights because they have a vagina. It is about being treated like special snowflakes when then need to grow up and put on their big girl panties.

        159. Sorry but white females are being told by feminists to check their privilege now.

        160. Partly wrong. Feminism WILL accept ethnic females but NOT disabled ones. Feminism has never ever nor ever will do ANYTHING for females with disabilities. They are an abelist mindset.

        161. Oh really. Islamic women want nothing to do with your kind. They are apparently happy with the way things are. I am a female and follow men’s rights and you sound like a mangina. It is NOT empowering to men what so ever. It is demonizing and emasculating men. No I don’t even own a Tumblr account here.

        162. Feminists are vile. Female rapists should get the same amount of time as male rapists. Come on Sim Stupid, I have more where that came from.

        163. Wrong. A geneticist can take the DNA from a person they do NOT know from Adam’s house cat and can come back with results denoting where that person is from. This is 21st century I am and saw it on a tv ad for an ancestry site.

        164. That makes you a humanist NOT a feminist. Feminists believe in gyno supremacy.

        165. They are more than likely jews and not European women. Most of you feminist leaders are jewish.

        166. Oh really when eventually feminists are going to tell you to check your privilege regardless of your financial status. They dont want white women anymore unless they are jewish.

        167. Have you looked at most bull dykes there. They are ugly as fuck and their hair is short.

        168. Those whites are of European extraction. They are PROBABLY of Jewish origins.

        169. As a feminist, a gay rights activist, and a disability rights activist, I’d have to say that you’re wrong there, All the equal rights movements have to put up with…crap (trying to quit swearing). But yeah, feminists – especially LGBTQ+ feminists – are pretty stereotyped.

        170. Then you are a fucking joke and disgrace to your gender. Feminism HATES the disabled. It is an abelist mindset. They make fun of women who give birth to disabled children. They worship Sanger who LOATHED the disabled. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

        171. So…giving women the right to vote is a special privilege, like Susan B. Anthony or Alice Paul? Being willing to risk your own life so the girls of your country will be the educated women of the future, like Malala Yousafzai? Those women are just some of the great feminists of the world, and they, like most other equal rights activists, just want equality, not superiority or privilege. Other people gaining equal rights is NOT privilege – it’s the way things should be.

        172. Breast cancer is a disease that affects both women and men…but most women don’t have testicles, so it makes sense to give more support to a disease that affects more people.

        173. men get paid paternity leave. Also, men don’t have to let their bodies recover from the physical stress of giving birth or carry a kid in their bodies for nine months or bleed from their crotches once a month every month (except when they’re pregnant) from approx. age 12 or 13 to menopause. Women do. And be grateful for every single second of that, because without it you wouldn’t exist. That, good man, is why women should be paid maternity leave.

        174. I am going to burst out laughing when you see a sexy, attractive, intelligent feminist and totally blow your chances with her when she finds out about your backwards and outdated views.

        175. Disabled, mixed-race, gay feminist to boot. Triple whammy. and I still feel accepted by all three communities. Not only that, but even with autism and ADHD, I still managed to graduate from one of the best high schools in my home state as a scholar of achievement, three scholarships to excellent universities, and four writing awards. You still think I’m a disgrace to women and a joke? Fine. Doesn’t mean I have to listen.

        176. Lesbianism is feminist principals put into disgusting practice. They WILL eventually chew you up and spit you out. It is only a matter of time. No man will accept you because you have ridiculed them to no end with your hate movement. Hope you enjoy rotting in hell where you will be going to spend your life with Lilith the wife of Satan. Feminism is a tool of the devil.

        177. Also, gender and sex are two different things. Sex is your parts. Gender is the way you are psychologically – if you feel more masculine, your gender is male, if you feel more feminine, your gender if female.

        178. Sim, you really aren’t helping the feminist cause here. If we hate men, no one will take us seriously. If we show that all we want is equality, more people will acknowledge us as a legitimate civil rights group.

        179. All four, though I don’t r€ally consider women a minority as much as we used to be.

        180. I think you used the term BLACK defining what the movement is about so FEMINism also defines what the move ment is about the term of grammar used should be irrelevant to the cause of it were called the woman’s equality to men movement it would still get the same hate that it got from you just because if it’s name and I think it is bullshit that people can accept human rights where all human are equal but they can’t accept a simple right where a woman is economically and socially and politically equal to a man? And just to piss you off in the Internet way I have a short hairdo have a nice day

        181. Oh god please not another brainwashed catholic I beg you .I Am a feminist (duh) and the following argument is relavent to the subject : considering that you know so much of hell and the hate that you have for Satan I am assuming you believe in god now since you calle her Lilith I am assuming you are Christian or Jewish but Orr has a higher probability that you are a Christian now for the actual argument : knowing that you believe in god you must know one of his basic rules ; all are equal in god’s eyes meaning a woman can and is equal to a man of course not considering the biological difference of course so unless these are the words of Satan your god, my god says that we are equal oh and by the please tell me more about how and why I would rott in hell please

        182. I would say that many winner in the third world and Islam countries disagree with the “woman not behind treated with human decency that’s the biggest bullshit assertion I’ve ever heard” part since they are treated like a breeding cattle as for the woman not having anything to do with battles shit you said I believe you’ve never heard of saint Joan of arc who lead/fought one france’s biggest battles where even then women were not allowed to fight now for the women escaping the death scentence because vagina I’d like to take to Sudan where a woman named Mariam is being executed for marrying a man from another religion (not to mention that she will be whipped 100 times for that and she is 8 months pregnant) were that a man he would have paid a fine and there are many other cases in the third world and Islamic countries (that happen to be the majority ) where women have harsher punishments (in Dubai a woman who was raped got arrested for having sex before marriage and her rapists got a light scentance

        183. All are not equal in his eye, daughter of Lilith. You worship Satan. Feminism is a tool of Satan. He is your god. Not mine femtard. It is your ilk that hates The Most Holy One. Feminism is NOT about equality. It is about GYNO supremacy. It is about bashing the white man and seeing him as evil. It is about having special rights because you have a vagina. It is about dressing like a whore and not wanting to accept ANY personal responsibility for your actions or any actions directed to you. The Bible tells women to dress modesty and NOT flaunt what mommy gave them. You will rot in hell for following such a satanic agenda. It is a against the nuclear family which is holy in God’s eyes. Oh and then there is lesbianism which is feminists principals put in to practice. Homosexuality is a sin there for feminism is a sin. Women are to submit to their man. Femtards get their little girl panties in a wad when a woman wants to do that. Also Christianity helps the disabled where as feminism demonizes it and especially women who give birth to children with disabilities like the did Sarah Palin. Feminism is NOT about equality or they wouldn’t be sending death threats to men who want to freely gather and talk about men’s issues. Anytime men want to gather and talk about their issues,your ilk breaks out the bull horns and frying pans and make too much noise. That should be enough for your one little brain cell to comprehend there, femtard.

        184. We are not telling anyone how to look.

          In early 2013, a video showing Japanese idol Minami Minegishi, member of AKB48 went viral. The singer uploaded a video asking her fans forgiveness for the crime of dating a man. In the video, Minami had shaved her head as a sign of repentance. The video made global headlines and garnered world wide commendation as it is was widely believed to have been orchestrated by her manager.

        185. That could be because feminists are so angry and hostile and just plain crazy. So they think everyhting is shit, having to walk by a man on a sidewalk is the same as “taking shit” to them. What they need is a good shagging, maybe they would calm down and relax a little then. Few things are more annoying then these lesbi..I mean `feminists`, they make so much noise and fail to understand that no one cares. Go be a lesb..I mean `feminist`, whatever, just leave us normal folk alone, we dont want to hear about it.

        186. Odd, here where I live feminism means “angry lesbians who just wont shut the fuck up and the only thing they love more then fresh pussy is the hatred they feel for men.”. Where do you live?

        187. Feminism is what insecure women call it. Have you ever heard a man call himself masculinist? No, you haven`t. You know why? Becasue we dont give a shit about details like that. Feminists, can`t live with them, can`t pile them all into a spaceship and send them to Uranus. Unfortuantly. How about this, just be a woman. Do you really need more labels then that? Feminism is empowerment for both sexes? Guess what, we dont need it and we dont want it. If we want empoverment we just take it, we dont need your help. One of the perks of being a man, we dont waste time on talk and bullshit and we dont need help from you.

        188. Maybe they do. How do you know the gender of each and every person who leaves a comment?

        189. Islamic women are happy with war, oppression, forced marriages of children to men old enough to be their fathers? Really?????

        190. though this is sixth months later. i must point out how you are calling someone else out for their comprehension but YOU say “double check YOU(where the fuck is the rest) basic comprehension skills.”

        191. oh, I made a typo! Obviously that means my arguments have no credibility whatsoever.
          And, because this is Disqus, I can go back and edit my typo. (Which I would have done had you pointed it out to me even without trying to turn it into a weak ad hominem attack.)
          So thanks for the catch 🙂

        192. Holy shit, those comments…
          Femanism is an equal rights movement and some radicals of that movement demand special privlage which in our modern day society is still just kinda equal rights. In the backlash of all the hateful femanism tropes humanism was created which is basically the exact same thing but with no gender, class or race assigned to it.
          You also do not have to be any special thing to be a femanist, You can be a man because i am a femanist/Humanist
          You can be disabled because femanism has done a lot for disabled americans
          You can be any race because equal rights are everyones battle.
          You can be any religion
          As privlaged as some of you are to have been born white, male and christian in america does not mean you are any better then anyone, in fact you are probobly worse as the only thing you can say you have accomplished is that you were born privlaged.

        193. and for some reason our “hysterics” have shown a science that women have a far greater percentage in brain development.

        194. You are a complete moron. Go eat a dictionary and gag yourself. Maybe one day you’ll barf up the right words.

        195. How is doing the American thing like all others humans a “privilege?” Get you head out of your ass and grow up.

        196. I’m sorry, has the male gender ever had their right to vote taken away. Alright then please move on. Get off the internet and go suck a little pacifier.

        197. And that shows you concepts of the world. Please go sit back down in you little trailer park and suck a glazed donut.

        198. Please visit a counselor to help you through your time of mental retardation. And please go take a menstrual relief pill.

        199. You are actually extremely racist furthermore proving your opinion invalid and ignorant

        200. Hey shit for brains, counseling wont help me. It is filled with nothing but people who are money hungry and love the power trip. I know that all too well first hand. You sound like a mangina. I need no fucking meds except for my thyroid, retard.

        201. Yes they are. They say they want NOTHING to do with western women because they think we are all feminists. I am not and refuse to be part of such a hate group.

        202. Hey shit for brains. I don’t live in a trailer park. I live in MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA!! I haven’t had a glazed donut in years. Get over your fucking self what ever the hell you are loser.

        203. “gender” is a fucking sham. There is only sex. That’s like saying I’m a black guy trapped in my caucasian body… it’s my “race” and my “racial feelings” that are not in alignment. Fuck that load of horse shit.

        204. It is about bashing the white man and seeing him as evil.”
          Tell me how much of a good job “the white man” that you speak of has done by leading the world into wars, genocide by, religious/racial supremacy and bloodshed in the name of the lord that you worship. I think that sounds more “satanic” than anything. Are you sure the people who are trying to free their minds are really following “satan’s agenda,” or is it the other way around? Loving through fear causes one to view wrong as right and right as wrong. If you need to scare someone into believing what you say, chances are it ain’t a doctrine of “love” you’re following, but rather one of fear, control and deception. People tend to fear what liberates them, and fear closes ones mind and turns it into a mental prison that your afraid to get out of. And to quote the bible probably won’t be the wisest thing, since it’s been changed various times to support and flatter a political agenda and to flatter racial supremacy and gender supremacy. And what a great job it’s done already. But what does it matter that I try to open your mind, you’ll be thinking I’m speaking the words of “Satan” since you’ve been taught to fear all your life. Fear is a disease of the mind. It’s all mind games love.

        205. It was the jewish house of Rothchild that lead us into wars NOT the white man. The house of Rothchild supports BOTH sides of a war. Your name is a fucking joke because you are sure as hell NOT awake. You follow satan’s spawn because the jew is often quoted in saying the worship Lucifer which is the devil. You are the one that is controlled. You are controlled by satan. The progressive movement which feminism and homosexuality is about is NOT about freedom but slavery and statism which is NOT free at all. If it was NOT for the white race all the things you take for granted like the internet, roads, democracy, schools and the like would have NEVER EVER been created. Your ilk HATES traditionalism and the nuclear family which is what made civilization great for THOUSANDS of years.

        206. I guess we’ll agree to disagree love, since you did exactly what I said you’ll do, attempting to make me fear what I don’t know, which has obviously worked on you already. Isn’t the Rothschild family white? This “White man” that you speak of has enslaved many people in the “name of god” and raped and killed even more. And made civilizations that go against nature and cause humans to feel as if their superior to animals, while ironically causing humans to fear animals and nature. You sound like your heart is full of hate, a “Christian” who’s mind is so paranoid that it’s willing to tell you to judge people (which is against god apparently) and to curse like a sailor (which doesn’t sound very Christian.) I notice life is a very grand illusion; if someone takes it too seriously, you may end up wasting a whole lifetime being controlled by a fear based agenda to distract you into thinking your reward comes after death while the people you listen to are taking everything from you while your living since you’re afraid to open your eyes. It seems like you really dislike me dear. I notice these religions that people follow are full of hypocrites, you may just be one of them, but who am I to judge hm? According to you, I’m just following satan’s orders, not trying to think for myself at all. But let’s try something new, shall we? Since spewing hatred and fear won’t convince me that you’re trying to think at all. Why don’t you use knowledge from your heart and not your mind to make me understand what you’re thinking. It’ll probably yield a greater chance of me believing what you say. Don’t use a book. Please use what’s in your heart. If you sound hateful, I will have a hard time believing that you believe in love, which god stands for. By the way, I never mentioned anything about feminism and homosexuality so that’s out of the categories in which we can discuss. I’m looking forward to hearing your response love.

        207. This nation in which I live in was built on slavery. Slavery is one of the biggest reasons as to why America got promoted to the big leagues in terms of the economy, so yes, I guess it was because of the “white man.” But if it wasn’t for the enslavement, torture and bloodshed of my ancestors, you and I probably wouldn’t be enjoying these things in this “democracy,” which this nation clearly is not. So I have no clue what you’re talking about man. Lmao. History tends to repeat itself. You tell a peasant to be grateful for their lower status in an effort to not question the ones in power. I bet you would say revolutionaries and free thinkers are satanic, since they aren’t satisfied with what religion tells them. Poor people (the modern day peasants) tend to be the most religious since they don’t question the dynamics of society other than the ones they are allowed to by a corrupt leader who alters religious texts to keep a certain ideology as the most prominent. Religious people tend to look at little snippets of whats wrong, fight with the people who agree that there’s plenty wrong in society without knowing that they’re being controlled to. Welcome to the false veil of freedom love. They are taught that they are free when in reality they are still enslaved mentally. The chains aren’t on the body;they’re in the mind. And the funny thing is, people have been taught to fear mental freedom! Religion teaches you to not to question human authority, as “the leaders” are apparently appointed by god. Peasants don’t question corrupt kings, just as the poor and financially enslaved (the 99%) don’t question the leaders of today much. We’re too distracted by trying to “live” happily in the afterlife since we’ve been taught that being in an inferior position in this lifetime is supposed to happen. We’re all still enslaved. Including you. And me too! But I’m trying my best to break the chains, just not out of fear. I’m not the enemy sweetheart. I’m just tired of the manipulation. It seems like you enjoy your position of inferiority. Unless you are a white man lol. But if you’re poor, you’re still financially inferior in this life. Religion causes people to settle for corruption and allow themselves to be manipulated for the financial profit of silent leaders.

        208. The Rothchild is NOT white. They are JEWS. God judged and God hated. In the Bible it stated that God hated Esau and that is who the Jew is descended from. My eyes ARE open you pathetic cretin. The jews are a race AND a religion and they go either way when it suits them. Whites were slaves at one time. The word slave comes from Slav which was an Eastern European sect of people. Nothing is out of the way of discussion. God told man to have dominion over nature which means to RULE AND CONTROL it. I am USING my heart. The Rothchilds are JEWISH. Jews don’t worship God. They worship Satan and those who do NOT see the jew for what they are, are Satan worshipers by proxy. Look at Europe they are rising up against Satan’s Spawn. Jesus was the first anti Semitie. I am just being like Jesus.

        209. “God judged and God hated.” So, let us get this straight. You are putting yourself on equal footing with God, creator of the universe? You dare to tell yourself, the world, and God Himself that you are His equal and capable of making perfect and just judgements? (All of these are rhetorical questions. Of course that is exactly what msamericanpatriot routinely does.) You might want to read exactly of what sin Lucifer was guilty when he and the angel who followed him were thrown out of Heaven. Your pride is your undoing.

        210. Hey Village Idiot, I am NOT rebelling against God. Lucifer REBELLED against God and God did not like that. You are truly an imbecile of the highest order. You have all the pride. I have the devoted handmaiden traits. Enjoy hell bastard.

        211. It is best to test our personality traits with the characteristics which God’s Word says a believer should have. So lets see, shall we?
          According to 1 Corinthians 13, love is patient, kind, doesn’t envy, doesn’t boast, isn’t arrogant, isn’t rude, doesn’t insist on its own way, isn’t irritable or resentful, rejoices in the truth, dislikes wrongdoing, bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things, and never ends.
          Quite a list here of what love is. And Jesus said we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. So you either are in direct disobedience (rebellion) from God, or you hate yourself so much that you are not capable of loving others as you love yourself.
          Sorry, did the logic of all this escape you?

        212. Oh one of those fucking koom ba ya types aren’t ya. You forgot he also said if you have two cloaks sell one and by a knife. Apparently you forgot that logic. The Bible also tells women to keep their hair long. Enjoy hell. You are rebellion against God not me.

        213. 1st) You would really do well to cut out the profanity.
          2nd) You would also do well to learn to read God’s Word within the context of the situation in which Jesus is speaking. The command to go buy the sword was a specific command given to the disciples that God’s will for the betrayal may be fulfilled. At now time are we commanded to exhibit the kind of hatred and violent judgement that you have portrayed for at least the last 4 years.
          3rd) You are in no position pronounce the final judgement on anyone. That is reserved for the Father and only those without the saving Grace of Jesus will suffer that fate.
          4th) How does it feel to be removed from yet another website for your frequent use of profanity, thinly veiled threats, and vocal hatred?

        214. I am in position TO pass judgment on you, false Christian. The Bible also state God hated so I have every right to hate with a Godly hatred. There are more where that one came from ASSHOLE. You will be going to hell and I will be making sure of it. Lucifer worshiper. You have NO grace of Jesus on you. Never did and NEVER will. I have that saving grace. YOU DONT!!

        215. Again, I charge you to provide Bible book, chapter, and verse which gives you specifically authority to pass judgement on anyone.
          Second, your hatred is not Godly. Anyone God judges receives mercy until either their death or the Rapture before they receive His judgement. He will accept anyone who comes to Him with repentance in their hearts. We will even welcome you if you will truly repent instead of spewing your venom.
          Third, He is the only one who can pass that judgement. Not you or I.
          Forth, with all that said: In the four years I’ve had dealings with you both in person and online you have rarely, if ever, demonstrated that you are a child of Grace.
          Again, don’t bother replying until such a time as you can be bothered to actually pick up a Bible, read it, and then quote directly from it without your usual cherry picking, paraphrasing, or outright misconstruing the Truth.

        216. It says to warn you brother if they trip. Well you have fallen and cant get up. You do not have a clue to what godly hatred is. I do. Okay then why is there a book in the Bible called Judges if we cant passed judgment. Here again you do NOT know what grace is. You are the one misconstruing the NOT me. Also I have been asked to conduct or lead Bible studies which show I know the book better than you pathetic heart EVER will. I have read the Bible. In fact I was IN a Bible study WITH the female missionary who has the ebola virus but quit that class as so did my mom. You have no repentance at all. You are the venom spewer NOT me. Nice try loser because I can do this all DAMN DAY long and enjoy ever DAMN minute of it. Enjoy hell you pathetic excuse for a man.

        217. 1st) “Well, you have fallen and can’t get up.” Again, you are not in a position to make this determination.
          2nd) Your question concerning the book of Judges demonstrates just how little you know about the Bible. Judges is a historical book with a spiritual lesson embedded. It is called the book of Judges because it chronicles a time in history when the nation of Israel was governed by a serious of individuals anointed by God to call Israel back to God and to pass judgement on the enemies which tormented the nation.
          The book of Judges as nothing to do with giving you or anyone else permission to pass a condemning judgement such as you continuously attempt to do.
          4th) I am saddened that you quit a Bible study. However, your attempt to use this unfortunate story to aid your is in vain. All it does is demonstrate that you don’t have the patience to stay the course.
          5th) While I am not in a position to outright accuse you of lying, I find it highly suspect that any church would as you, with you high school education, to teach any Bible study. This is supported by your continued belief that God condones your use of profanity and your contention that Jesus was profane as well.
          6th) I again charge you to use actual scripture: quoted and referenced with book, chapter, and verse.

        218. I am in that position to do such a thing. You do NOT need a college degree to lead a Bible study. The one that I quit NONE of those people leading the study have college degrees in religious studies. It was mainly a fellowship than a actually study. People gather in their homes and study the Bible and they may NOT have a minister conducting it. So village idiot you strike out again. Enjoy hell.

        219. You just admitted that this was not an actual Bible study rather it was “mainly a fellowship.” The point of demonstrating your education is (as it has always been) is that you continue to refuse (or your simply cannot) demonstrate with in context, quotable text any demonstration that the beliefs you have espoused online and publicly for the better part of the last four years are indeed true. I have never espoused the belief (nor did I say in my previous comment) that a Ministry degree is required to lead a Bible study. What is required is an sound understanding of the truths contained in the Bible and the ability to dispense those truths with the grace God requires. You have neither.
          ” Remind them of these things, and charge them before God not to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers. Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene.” 2 Timothy 2:14-17

        220. I have them you just FAIL to comprehend them. You are a adjunct failure. I have grace, You don’t. I have the truth. You don’t. Enjoy the gangrene there.

        221. Just as has been done each time we correspond online, it has been conclusively demonstrated that you aren’t a child of God as you have yet to demonstrate any willingness to go to His Word to demonstrate your beliefs, you demonstrate few if any of the traits of a child of God, and you are one of the most profane individual with whom I’ve had the misfortune to associate. In addition, your behavior continues to to get your posts and even your registration removed from sites ranging from disability advocacy, faith based, and Tea Party sites. (The most recent being just yesterday.) This is telling considering you hold the Tea Party is such high regards.
          At this point feel free to attempt to cast a curse over me as you attempted the first time we corresponded online. It will have about as much effect as it did then – none.

        222. No you aren’t a child of God because you aint a Gnostics. Only a Gnostic can get into heaven because we know the secrets needed to enter. You don’t. That most recent site I was banned from WAS not a Tea Party site. It was some liberal rag you village idiot. I just hadn’t found any articles on that disability site to comment on in a while so I have NOT been banned from it. We keep our knowledge to ourselves and ONLY share it with those who we deem worthy of having it. You are NOT deemed worthy. You never know when those curses WILL come to fruition. They could come to fruition like a thief in the night. I win. You lose.

        223. Men don’t call them selves macsulinist because you already are seen as a human being with rights where when someone commits a crime against you, you won’t be blamed for “asking for it” by acting/dressing a certain way. Also I know many great men in my life who would gladly label themselves as feminists.

        224. 1st) To again state and charge you to provide Biblical evidence to any of the accusations and/or points which you have made. This evidence should be quoted with book, chapter, and verse referenced. You have yet to do that. All you have done is practiced your typical dodges and deflections.
          2nd) Regarding gnosticism. I’m afraid you have just demonstrated to any knowledgeable and reasonable theologian that you are not Christian. Gnosticism and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Below is the evidence:
          a) Gnostics teach that salvation is gained through the acquisition of divine knowledge which frees one from the illusions of darkness. This view is contradicted by the inerrant Word of God at every turn. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not works, so that no one can boast.” (Eph 2:8-9) Furthermore, the salvation Jesus offers is free and available to everyone, not just a select few who have acquired a special revelation. (John 3:16)
          b) Gnostics use a variety of early heretical writings
          known as the Gnostic gospels, a collection of forgeries claiming to be “lost books of the Bible.”
          Early church fathers were nearly unanimous
          in recognizing these Gnostic scrolls as fraudulent forgeries that espouse false doctrines about Jesus Christ, salvation, God, and every other crucial Christian truth.
          c) The Gnostics believe that Jesus’ physical
          body was not real, but only “seemed” to be physical, and that His spirit descended upon Him at His baptism, but left Him just before His crucifixion.
          Hebrews 2:14-17 is only one of many passages with affirm that Jesus was fully human and fully God.
          So again, msamericanpatriot (I will refrain from using your real name.) you are incorrect. And in making this claim have demonstrated that your previous statements about teaching God’s Word could not be correct. No Bible believing Christian would allow you to teach God’s inerrant truth if they new you were a Gnostic.

        225. Enjoy toking on that bong because it is a pipe dream that there IS an reasonable and knowledgeable theologian. The Bible IS divine knowledge although you are too blind to see it at usual. God ONLY gifts it to those he deems worthy and I was deemed worthy. You forgot one of our religious texts leaked out and denoted that Jesus really didn’t die. You know they used that school of thought in the movie the Da Vinci Code. Oh yes they would allow me to teach it because they LOVE my magnetic personality which as a true Gnostic I have to refrain from using on you. I would deem those that would want to hear me worthy of the knowledge. You so called crucial Christian truths are a farce and a lie. Go back to your bong.

        226. At this point, I have demonstrated for all the world to see that you are not all together. You have refused at every turn to quote and source any text (Bible or otherwise) which gives you license to be as hateful as you are or which verifies any of your claims. All the world can again clearly see that you are incapable or unwilling to maintain a civil, adult, and logical conversation. So for now, I leave you to your delusions.

        227. Nurse Ratchet must be late with your meds again. I guess I need to call a reprimand her. The Holy Spirit deems you unworthy of the truth. You are incapable of seeing a civil adult logical conversation with those logs in your eyes. You just proven to all the world you are of Satan. I have license to be this way since I am infused with the Holy Spirit and you are not. Have another toke of that medicinal marijuana, loser.

        228. You are filled with a spirit alright, but it is most certainly not holy. Again I leave you to allow your delusions to consume you.

        229. The Holy Spirit takes great offense at what you are saying to their beloved vessel. They say your delusions will consume you for the pain you inflicted. You are NO Christian. I guess I need to call the nurse to up them meds for ya.

        230. I know you can do this all day. Because you refuse to hold down a legitimate job and live on the tax-payers’ dime.

        231. Hey asshole aint my fault the government agency TOLD me to file for disability. So suck it up cumquat.

        232. Well actually, it is. You didn’t have to file. You can go get a job. And you are the one who goes around the internet yelling about how liberals love to give away the taxpayers’ money. Trouble is: You are not a taxpayer, and you are taking that money that you hate liberals to give away.
          So, I come back to a statement I made the other day. Get off your daddy’s computer, get off your high horse (literally get off your horse), get a real job, learn to read the Bible (the only inerrant Word of God), and let intelligent adults have intelligent discourse without all of the profanity.

        233. Hey asshole there are NO jobs for the disabled. They would rather hire the illegal than make reasonable accommodations for the disabled. So suck it up cumquat. You should fucking know that the unemployment rate for the disabled is two the three times the national rate. You need to read it because you are forgetting that I was asked to conduct bible studies. So here again you have proven you ARE the village idiot and apparently that village does NOT want their idiot back. You have the intelligence of a gnat. Then again I belittle the gnat.

        234. I’m afraid you must think you are conversing with the uninitiated. I’ve attended the same disability advocacy training as soon. I know the figures. The trouble is you are not physically disabled AND you are cognitively able to work. You choose not to.
          But that is not even the point. The point is that you go around bashing liberals has being the spawns of Satan himself. You condemn those who seek better protections from our governments. All the while, you are sitting at home typing on your computer or sitting on your horse, and taking money from the taxpayer.
          Hit too close from home for you? Well, I can’t say I’m sorry. As long as you want to come on discussion boards and show your behind, I am very willing to point out to the world that you are a charlatan and a liar.
          Second, you might have been asked. But just as you were once employed then released, I don’t hear of you doing any other Bible studies.

        235. FYI: Before you attempt to pronounce anymore condemnations; you might want to ascertain what has become of one of your internet best buddies. Ronmar’s demise is a tragic story and lesson for all how spew your kind of hatred.

        236. Hey asshole even an invisible disability can be just as fucking crippling as a physical one. Cognitive skills mean JACK SHIT if you do NOT have the social skills. I do NOT choose this. Vocational Rehabilitation CHOOSED it for me. They refused to help me. THERE IS A FUCKING DIFFERENCE ASSHOLE!! You forget asshole there is NO sensitivity training for the disabled. There is if you are a faggot, a female or an ethnic. Any place that DID hire me would have to give sensitivity train to EVERY one in the company and since they do NOT exist that aint going to happen. If they did no company could AFFORD to do it. Those I bash deserve it because they are NOT seeking protection. They want special right to use to DESTROY society. They want special protection to be faggots or welfare breeders which is wrong. You are the liar. NOT me. Maybe I do but then again like I said earlier the Holy Spirit deems you UN worth to know that. You say you know this world you just proven you know JACK SHIT.

        237. So you openly admit that you have the social skills of a jackal. That being said, you are still able bodied. All of your claiming that the “experts” told you to do this and refused to do that just goes to add to the truth that you are a hypocrite. You claim that liberals lie around and do nothing while getting welfare checks, yet you are worse.

        238. No not really asshole. I am NO hypocrite. Yes it was the experts that told me to file. Shows you the system FAILED me. I am not worse. A proper society would take care of the elderly and the disabled. Not the homos and the breeders. I tried having a paying job once. Had to take THREE FUCKING meds to hold it down. You think I want that experience again. HELL NO!! Those meds made my life a living hell for me and my parents. So they love the way I am now. Off of them and away from professionals that do NOT know how about helping me. Liberals DISTROY society. You are NOT doing ANY fucking homework to see that point. People in the Tea Party see and know that fact. So shove that able body shit where the sun don’t shine and suck it up cumquat. There are NO programs out there to help me and I have looked and I refuse to get a job unless I have some sort of support system. So fuck off about me getting disability.

        239. “I refuse to get a job…” Thank you for admitting what everyone has suspected for years.

        240. Hey shit for brains even if I did get a job I can still keep disability. There aint a job out there that mom would approve of me having that I know of. Then again I didn’t ask her. She was very very put off with how Voc Rehab treated her little darling. So it aint that I refuse. There just aint one out there good enough for me. You think I want to be exploited working for 3.50 an hour at Goodwill because of my fucking disability. Then you got another thing coming and just show you know JACK SHIT about the disabled community but you erroneously do because you took some fucking seminar on it. You do NOT live in it. I do. So SHUT THE FUCK UP about what you KNOW nothing about.

        241. I’ve observed that the confusion for men here is that they see us saying we’re equal, and instead of hearing “afford me equal respect and dignity”, they hear, “I am the same as you”. This is confusing to a hetero man because they don’t want to be with a man, plus they feel roleless and rejected. It’s equally confusing to women because we learn that men and women are the same, which couldn’t be further from the truth and leads to some weird and sad relational misunderstandings and disappointments. Really, it’s no wonder men just sit on the couch and do not much – why would they need to, since we are both man and woman according to their interpretation.
          I think it’s high time we looked more carefully at our wording. What do you think?

        242. Unfortunately, when we ‘just take’ the empowerment we need, you guys call us butch and all sorts of other nasty names. We are not men, what we are asking for is an equal amount of respect and dignity. Sadly only young women brought up in a post feminist world think that men and women are actually the same. It all comes down to inadequate wording…

        243. I read your post and wonder if you might consider reviewing what islam is doing for you. It’s definitely not helping you to become nicer, kinder, gentler or more loving. The wording style of your reply sounds a lot like a militant feminist in its nastiness and personal slandering. Don’t Muslims claim to be people of peace? This nastiness and personal attack is not peaceful. It is not haram.

        244. Nope, she’s a really peaceful muslim. Gotcha there. And you thought they were all nice didn’t you? Unless she’s just trying really hard to make muslims look like really horrible people…

        245. Hey idiot I am NOT an Islamic. I just keep up with that crap as a HOBBY. I am a MIILITANT Christian Gnostic. Feminism is the tool of SATAN and its followers are daughters of Lilith who was supposed to be the first wife of Adam. Muslims are NO peaceful people. Look at what they are doing to the Christians in Egypt and Nineveh. Look at them wanting to rid the planet of the language of Jesus. You sound a pathetic little liberal pea brain. Why should I be that way when the world AINT that way towards Christian females. What is good for the goose if FUCKING good for the gander they say.

        246. Whatever your belief, it’s turned you super sour. Your language is nasty, slanderous, peaceless. You appear to have no kindness left in you.
          “If then the light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”.
          Your faith serves neither you, nor God, nor other holders of your belief (since you inadvertently represent them too), nor any other human, any good at all.
          You also display double mindedness, since in one breath you use muslims to defend your belief, and in the next you say that they are no good.
          Of course the world is harsh toward christian females, it’s also harsh toward true male followers of Jesus. Jesus said it would be, why would we expect any different? Why do you expect any different?
          The hatred in your heart is not of God. If that’s where your faith has lead you, then I suggest your faith is not of God either. Therefore, you know where it’s from.

        247. I was NOT using them to defend my belief. I was using them to state facts. Also it is state that God hated and in the Bible it is acceptable to hate with a Godly hatred. So therefore my faith DOES serve God. My hatred IS OF God. You are no better than that puissant Bode044.

        248. God is love. Don’t you get that? Jesus didn’t come to swear at people in a forum. He helped people realise just how far away from God they were by LOVE. Displayed in no greater fashion than when he gave his life on the cross. Not everything should be tolerated and we should hate sin, just as god does. He hates my sin, he hates your sin and he hates everyone else’s sin. But even though I don’t even come close to deserving his grace he still loves me. You are no more deserving of grace than any other person, not will you ever be. So treat them with the same kindness that God shows to us and stop treating other people with hate. I can guarantee you it is NOT from god

        249. No you cant and I bet you enjoy walking with that log in your eye. Apparently you forgot about him getting angry in the marketplace.

        250. No apparently YOU are stupid. Jews try to have their cake and eat it too. They are a race when they need be or a religion when need be to protect their “victim” status not unlike feminists.

        251. What makes msamericanpatriot’s comments all the more ridiculous, hateful, and racist is that she is an adult whose only disability is high functioning autism. Yet she sits in her parents home collecting disability and defends her “right” to do so.

        252. whats worse is that I don’t believe she is a high functioning autistic, but just fucking stupid

        253. If you are white and breathing you are considered a racist piece of shit. So you are considered a racist also. Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee.

        254. I am white, breathing and not a racist piece of shit, because unlike you, I don’t say or think racist things.
          Unfortunately, people like you still exist and it’s sad that in the 21st century the world still has to deal with dribbling morons like yourself….grow the fuck up…the world doesn’t hate you, it just thinks you’re sad

        255. and “msamericanpatriot” are you serious? you’re a traitor to your country, you should hold your head in shame the depths you’ve dragged it’s name into the mud with your racism

        256. It doesn’t matter to the left whether you think it or not, you are STILL racist to them. The white man is considered the devil incarnate whether they are or not. WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH!!

        257. well then I’ve got more bad news for you, I’m white, breathing, not racist, a progressive liberal politically and I’m just reading your messages like you lived in the 18th century, if you think for one second I’m going to give you an inch of sympathy for your plight, you’re very badly mistaken.
          If anything, I’m going to push for the extinction of your idiot sub-species and the quicker it happens, the better the planet will be.

        258. Well then if you aint a self hater then and the type that need eradicating. Whites are WAKING UP and there WILL be a race war eventually. Look at Greece and Golden Dawn and how they are eradicating the multicultural mindset from their country. It is only a matter of time before it comes here. Then again I think they may have a branch here in America. You self hating whites are what’s wrong with the planet and once you are gone then peace can finally happen. You are the idiot sub species. Your kind is to blame for what is happening in America. I bet you voted for that piece of shit president we have now just to prove how racist you are not. Well it WILL come back to bite you. Anti Semitism is on the rise in Europe and it is only a matter of time before it comes to American shores. It was that 18th century mindset that made America the GREATEST country on the planet. Progressivism is nothing more than regressivism. Progressivism is COMMUNISM and there for EVIL and the tool of the devil. There is even a BLACK preacher in NYC by the name of James Manning that is preaching the white man aint going to take it anymore and he is right.

        259. we already did wake up and what we saw was appalling, a world driven by hatred and suffering, a world religious christians who hate anybody except themselves, or even in some cases, each other.
          we are at war, but it’s not against blacks or muslims, it’s against you. we are winning too.
          women have more rights to control their own bodies than ever before, they can cut their hair, they don’t need men to survive, they have rights, employment rights, reproduction rights.
          you lose everytime, you fight hard and you fight dirty, but ultimately you lose, obama is finding ways to de-tooth you all and make you impotent and he’s winning, hobby lobby? that won’t last long, we will find a way to destroy that, then you’re next.
          we’re coming for you, we’re going to strip you of any self-entitled right you think you have to own and control this world and we’re going to give it to the people, where democracy and freedom for all can be a right of birth, not just something religious christians like yourself give to people.
          we are going to make this world a fair place, we’re coming for you, you better shut your mouth, or one day, you’ll be in a FEMA camp and nobody will remember your name, only a number, #12566242 and nobody will give a fuck about you either.
          or maybe worse, you’ll make a grab for one of those guns you probably love so much and a cop will have to shoot you to preserve his own life and the safety of other non-psychopaths
          you’re human trash and we progressives are cleaning the house.

        260. You are the human trash. You WILL be eradicated you pathetic piece of shit. Obama WILL be gotten rid of and detoothed and you self hating white WILL go down with him. He has enraged the veterans and that will be all we need on our side to win the war. So you have NO chance in hell. Ever heard of the Oath Keepers. That is who enraged military and law enforcement past and present join and it will be those individuals that lead the charge against your ilk. We have EVERY GOD GIVEN RIGHT to control this world and rid it of Satan’s spawn which is what you are. Fema camps are where YOU will be going to rot. Those that love and support the Constitution that you shit on WILL rise up and take back what is rightfully ours. It is HIGH time the tree of liberty was water with the blood of your ilk. All those parmilitary groups will probably join us too. Not looks so good for you kool ade drinking libtards now is it.

        261. Yeah, a bunch of old, decrepit, overweight fat slobs are going to overthrow a democratically elected government.
          So what you’re saying is, you, the minority, who lost two elections, are going to rise up and take back a country who elected TWICE a black man…..
          You are no different than the terrorists you claim to hate so much, you’re a domestic terrorist and one day you’ll get so angry you’ll pick up a rifle and start shooting people and you’ll be killed by a cop, just like every other shooter who tried to “take back the country”
          What you gonna do against a tank? except get blown to pieces, you’re not dealing with your equal, you’re dealing with a highly efficient military machine made of hundreds and thousands of highly armed and highly trained military personnel who will put down any rebellion you try to make
          Ever heard of the whiskey rebellion, the government themselves stomped them out.
          You’ll get the same treatment. Keep dreaming fatty, you’ll be the first to get shot the second you point any of your silly rifles at any servicemen or police officer
          Everybody believes if they wanted, they could go on a rambo rampage, you know what really happens? You fire off a dozen rounds, maybe kill one or two people, then you get return fire and you get one in the head or chest and you’re a gonner.
          You won’t last five minutes in a real battle, you’d be one of the first ones shot dead….cause you’re stupid ass thinks it’s invincible.

        262. Oath Keepers include CURRENT military and law enforcement so they would be in PRIME fighting shape, idiot. You are forgetting he STOLE those elections. The votes were for the other guy. You forget about people purchasing bulletproof armor to go with their fire arms and it could be of quality imported from another country. Stronger than ANYTHING you get here. You forget that even younger generations are getting pissed off at Obama the house stealer. Those elections were NOT fair. The votes were tampered with. If voter ids were widely used then maybe this redneck would whistle Dixie a whole other way but I aint holding my breath. You are forget about WHY the Japs didn’t invade America and you are also forgetting that MOST paramilitary groups like the kinds that live in Montana are probably FORMER green berets and navy seals. Yeah but the whiskey rebellion would be considered a sneeze compared to what would be happening. So commie scum you WILL lose.

        263. haahaha, you think a bunch of guys with body armour are going to win a fight against the US military? seriously? ever heard of predator drones? you won’t be able to take a shit in the woods without one dropping a missile on you from 20km away without a single US soldier ever needing to engage you directly.
          all you’d have to do is sit around an airbase, picking you idiots off one by one for ten minutes, then once you’re 1000 man army is dead, what then?
          obama didnt steal anything, you’re just pissed a black man is the president and so racist you can’t get over how pitiful and small are you

        264. Yes he did steal it. You are forgetting the troops will be on OUR side at least the oath keepers will be. As for domestic terrorist. That aint our side. It is YOUR side that is. Fort Hood, Aurora, Gifford the gun grabber, and the Navel Shipyard in Norfolk were all done by REGISTERED DEMOCRATS that were on pyscho meds. So it is YOUR party that is the domestic terrorist. Not us right wingers. I wouldn’t mind having say Allen West or Dr Ben as my black president. Not that faggot commie that is there now.

        265. you seriously should take some of those meds you mentioned, it might make you less stupid….

        266. No thanks. But then again how is the view with your head up your ass. Pyscho meds have FDA black boxes on them because they are KNOW to cause incidents like the ones above. Don’t want on that shit.

        267. wow, you have some serious, untreatable problems. just….wow….are you scared of everything?
          You must walk around on a hair trigger, wondering when somebody, somewhere, or something is going to attack you…how do you even function?

        268. When there is a will there is a way. Psychology is a fucking joke and a waste of time and money. It was created by a jew.

        269. so you hate everybody who isn’t white, clearly hate the jews, think obama stole the election, believe all those shootings are probably black flag operations, right? and think it’s liberal running around with guns shooting people and blaming it on you, you dislike communists and anything that means a fair society for all.
          where in the day do you find time to be a good christian and love thy neighbour?
          didn’t jesus say, do not judge anybody, because it was only god who can judge you and here you are, judging everybody.
          so you must hate jesus too, cause you’re disobeying him

        270. Excuse me but you just painted Allen West and Dr Ben as Uncle Toms therefore makes YOU racist. Name ONE successful communist country. I got news for you. YOU CANT. Why are people from those countries pouring into this one. No because Jesus wasn’t a jew. I do NOT hate Jesus. I hate people like you. Jesus also talked about warning your brother so they don’t stumble but you have already stumbled and fallen extremely short.

        271. you’re clearly a special type of stupid.
          I can name several successful socialist countries, is socialist close enough to communism for you?
          people are not pouring into the USA, thats just something you watched on fox news….
          jesus would be so disappointed in you, when you reach those pearly gates, he is going to tell you himself how badly you behaved, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends you to a place between worlds so you can learn how badly you’ve fallen from the path.

        272. No Jesus will be saying that to you. As for successful socialist countries there aren’t any of those either. I have not fallen. You have. Sweden is a socialist country and thanks to feminism it is going to hell in a hand basket. Cuba another socialist country where people left and created an enclave in Miami. Sorry there are NO successful socialist countries. Oh yeah why is Obama shipping all those illegals on the tax payer dime to say Alaska and Hawaii and housing them in abandoned military bases which would be better used by our veterans and shopping malls and now are asking citizens to break the law and house them. You are forgetting there are CRIMINALS mixed in with those hordes too. Not unlike what we have in Washington now. In Sweden thanks to all those third world immigrants rapes are through the roof. You see feminism is nothing more than communism in drag and it is ruining society. Also the tax rate in socialist countries are through the roof.

        273. Why have you gone out of your way to make this seem adversarial between men and women? You sound messed up.

        274. So because you don’t like the common term you reject the entire movement? You’re all kinds of shallow.

        275. Two isms can’t share goals? Spoiled white girls and impoverished minorities and everyone else are entitled to espoused feminism. Just because you don’t like the messenger doesn’t invalidate the message. And even white girls have to deal with deal harrassment, so stfu.

        276. Men aren’t called masculinists for the same reason cisgender straight men don’t have a stupid tag. Because it’s the norm, because they are already a privileged group. People getting treated the best don’t need to rally for better treatment, although you shits work hard to band together and keep other groups down. Hence things like Men’s Rights groups and the KKK. Yeah I’m associating those.

        277. But those doctors who say you need thyroid meds are just money hungry and on a power trip. You’re a fucking idiot. And if jesus were real he would be fucking embarrassed of you.

        278. Thyroid medication is different asshole. Jesus is real and he is proud of me. So fuck off atheist.

        279. since jesus doesn’t exist and neither does god, you’re attempts to scare me is like saying I should be afraid of the boogeyman, worthless.
          sweden is one of the nicest countries in the world to live in and norway is so rich in cash and investment, it’s hard to wonder why nobody doesn’t just stand up and get on an airplane, thats if you could emigrate there in the first place, you’re psychological problems would probably prevent you from being allowed to enter the country.
          enjoy living your life in fear of everything, I’m waking up each day with a smile, knowing that my world is changing and we are living in an age of enlightenment, where science, not religion is what calls the shots and where people like you, are a dying species.
          anything that makes you people go extinct faster, is ok with me! if that means a girl can cut her hair short, I’ll offer to cut it myself!

        280. Hey shit for brains tell that to the women who are being raped over there. It is a rape capital. You are forgetting that liberalism is considered a mental disorder not conservatism and belief in a higher power.
          Oh and you ideas about science controlling the world. Tell that to a militant Islamic terrorist who sees you as an infidel or the Jew who sees you as goyum aka cattle. They would promptly educate you on your idiotic choice for sure. So you are wrong again about science controlling the world.
          I don’t have any where NEAR the pyscho problems you and Bodie044 have. I am perfectly sane.
          Maybe you need to google some of what I said idiot and you will find it the truth.

        281. statistics are always a tricky business, if you did your research, which I commend you for actually trying to do it, you’ll find that the rape stats in sweden are high because they have a very open society which promotes people to go to the police and have the crime recorded, also, the method of recording said crime is different in each country, in sweden, if somebody rapes you twice, they record two rapes, not one person who committed two rapes.
          So, sometimes, it pays to read around and not just trust the first thing you read.
          However, lets compare with living in the USA, where you could just walk down the street and get gang killed, or what about murder by cop? You want me to believe that walking through stockholm is more dangerous than walking through new york city?? Have you ever been to stockholm? They are some of the nicest people people on the planet, always polite, always helping you when you need to, almost never rude.
          You should get out of your country a bit more and go to one of those countries before you start spouting crap about it, then maybe I could take you seriously.
          And actually, remember that people got locked up for “hearing voices in your mind” don’t you remember those people who said they killed a bunch of people because “the voices told me to” it’s actually a trope of our society that crazy people hear voices.
          I’m right, yes? It’s a common mental disorder to hear voices and then commit violent actions.
          Well…..Here is where it gets hilarious because Christians say that God speaks to them, but nobody else can hear, because it’s in their heart, he tells them what to do and how to feel, that God makes you feel comfortable, but that sounds a lot like “hearing voices” to me.
          Then you want to talk about what constitutes a mental illness…..the irony is staggering…

        282. Yeah and why is that society that way because of the devil’s tool aka cultural Marxism. When Sweden was a homogeneous society they did NOT have crime rates like they do now. Proof that progressivism is evil and kills societies like what it is doing to Europe now. Oh and people do NOT get locked up for being schizo like they use to. I bet you have one of the coexist decals on your car you pathetic liberal cretin. When a society is homogeneous, racism is nowhere to be found.

        283. oh, so now it’s ok to listen to voices in your head, but 20 years ago it wasn’t? but isn’t christianity 2000 years old? therefore for 1980 years, it was NOT ok to hear voices, but for the last 20 it was?
          oh btw, not locking up schizophrenics to evaluate and help them was your Saint Ronald Reagans fault:

          So because of you conservatives, who obviously have a vested interest in NOT locking people away for hearing voices in your head, because that describes christianity perfectly, potentially violent and unstable people are walking the streets and being shot by police because there is nobody to help them as opposed to being put in a hospital and given the help they need.
          Such a lovely, christian thing to do, you’re a disgrace to your own religion.
          Christianity says to love thy neighbour, but you’d rather ignore them and see them shot by a cop because they didnt get the help and love they need because they had mental problems
          Christianity says to turn the other cheek, yet you are the FIRST to scream to go to war or clamour for armed rebellion the first second you lose an argument or the black man has power over you.
          Christianity says only god can judge, yet you’re the first to judge anybody and feel it’s your job to judge, even though the only one who could ever judge is god.
          You’re the worst type of Christian, you’re a fake christian, you have no personal relationship with god, you are a fraud!
          What is your rebellion gonna do against 2,700 tactical nuclear weapons, predator drones able to strike from 20km+ away, tanks, special forces, etc, etc.
          Not only are you a fraud, you’re a scared fraud, a tiny insignificant person who nobody listens to and nobody is scared of.
          Don’t tread on me? Fuck you, I’d stomp on you the second I had the chance and continue to do it until your worthless scumbag body was unrecognisable.

        284. I am no fraud. Christianity says to warn your brother or sister least the stumble. You are what is wrong with America and NOT the Tea Party. Apparently you spit on the FINE CHRISTIAN MEN who founded this land. I have a personal relationship with God. I chose NOT to attend the now infiltrated with Satan Christian churches that apparently you have either attended or seen on tv. Psychology was invented by one of Satan’s spawn, a jew by the name of Sigmund Freud and if I remember correctly Jung was one too. Oh Salon, that liberal rag. I would rather waste my time with REAL journalism and not those koolade drinking rose colored glasses wearing sites. You don’t know what God has planned for me because you are an atheist and there for why do you hate something you don’t even believe in in the first place.

        285. well, all of this conversation is fine and dandy, but guess what, the world is changing and you can’t do a thing to stop it, not you, neither your gang of fat overweight “army” of morons protecting the constitution.
          we don’t even have to use violence, we just move forward one step at a time and your world slowly vanishes.
          I hope you get some help, cause even though you dislike psychology, you clearly need the help of a professional.

        286. Oh really. We are you are just to blind to see it. We are working like a thief in the night. Conservatives WILL have their way. You are the moron. You drank the kool ade which will eventually poison you when you least expect it. I do NOT need help like you do. You are the one mentally ill. Liberalism IS a mental illness. My gang is NOT fat. There are a well in shape army. You watch that COMMIE news network don’t you and it shows. You are one of those low information voters and it shows. Your horizons are NOT broadened one damn bit because you refuse to see behind the smoke and mirrors.

        287. hahhahaa, you really think so?
          – gay marriage is becoming legal in almost every state in america
          – reproductive rights are being given back to women, where they belong
          – socialised medicine has arrived and is being implemented in almost every state
          tell me again how you’re winning? you conservatives are losing on almost every front.
          you know what else is gonna piss you off, The soon to be president: Hillary Clinton
          What have you got? Sarah Palin? hahahahha, don’t make me laugh….Oh wait wait! you’ve got Rick Perry….LOL!!!!

        288. Oh yeah we also have Allen West who was a FORMER Lt Col. in the Army and neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson and former lawyer Trey Gowdy. Who has the last laugh now? You do remember West and the good doctor are the ones YOU painted as Uncle Toms.

        289. Communism will NEVER EVER take hold in America. Rosaries will be placed back on ovaries where they belong. As for socialized medicine it is doomed to failure. Name one country where it is successful. YOU CANT. Oh we have US Army Lt Col Allen West who is black. Dr Ben Carson, neurosurgeon, who is black. Trey Gowdy, former lawyer. Hilliary will never make it because of Bengazi. As for gay marriage it over eventually. Good will triumph over the evil you peddle.

        290. I am now that you mention it
          Allen West was forced to resign from the army to avoid court martial because of his torturing of prisoners
          Ben Carson is just the new “Herman Cain” of the conservatives, you remember that joke of a so called presidential candidate, you guys couldn’t back slap each other harder after finding yet another black man willing to sell himself for silver and yet at the end, we found out that Herman was more of a moron than Sarah Palin was….
          You guys supported Sarah Palin because she has a nice pair of boobs, admit it….Now you wanna run around crying about Ben Carson?
          So, you found yourself a token black guy who isn’t a moron….supposed to impress me?
          Ben Carson is a black doctor, who is against people having access to health care and probably should know a little bit about being poor….
          He is just another black face to put on your anti-women, anti-almost-everything policies in order to make them easier to swallow, he is basically the black friend you can all point to and say “look!! we’re not racist! we have a black friend!!”
          You’re fooling nobody.
          PLEASE! Put them forward, tout them as the next president, put them on a pedestal….this is gonna be hilarious!!

        291. except socialised medicine IS taking hold, it’s transforming lives and giving people access to free or affordable healthcare, it’s something every other western democracy has and it works.
          You will never turn the clock back, you’re just another angry christian, afraid of the new world and unsure what to do except violently lash out at anybody stupid enough to be nearby….
          Thankfully I’m not, so I don’t give a fuck 🙂 self-implode! take up that rifle, go fight the evil gubmint! You’ll just be another dead person shot by a cop….

        292. Ben Carson’s brother is also a rocket scientist. Oh you forgot Michelle Bachmann.
          There is also Rick Santorum.
          Allen West was NOT cortmarshalled. He resigned.
          No you are not fooling anybody. We will win. Hillary will NEVER EVER get in because of Bengazi. Not even her own husband wants her to run.
          I see you didn’t point out Trey. Proves that you libtards ARE scared of him. These fine individuals are just waiting for the right moment to spring into action and your ilk is done for. Then it is rosaries on ovaries and homosexuality seen as a mental illness like it once was.

        293. Thyroid medication isn’t different. You’re special pleading because you’re an idiot. If jesus were real he wouldn’t be proud of you calling me an asshole. He’d probably regret having died for you at all. Because you suck. And even though he’s not real, don’t worry, I’m still embarrassed for you. So fuck goats, goatfucker.

        294. allen west resigned BEFORE he could be court marshalled
          ben carson is living proof that even highly educated people can be stupid
          michelle bachmann is a dribbling moron, she barely can string a sentence together without making a mistake
          rick santorum is a joke, nobody takes him seriously
          trey? who the fuck is trey…the reason I don’t know him, is because really, nobody cares….he’s just another loudmouth from a quick google search…
          “fine individuals”……lol
          put them forward at the next presidential election, it’ll be a massacre…if this is the best you’ve got, you’re in dire shape…
          Wanna talk rocket scientists? On our side is Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist and far more intelligent than any of your dribbling morons you might like to line up as targets to shoot at…
          Did you see what happened with Ken Ham and Bill Nye? Bill absolutely killed it and nailed Ken to the wall….Ken had nothing to say at the end except “well, we have this book, called the bible”
          You guys are so cute….

        295. Thyroid medication IS different, you uneducated buffoon. Yes he would be proud of me for calling you names. He called the jews names. He wouldn’t have regretted dying for me at all. You suck. You should be embarrassed about your own self, goat fucker.

        296. Yeah see just repeating it without supporting your statement is why it’s called special pleading. You’re saying you get to be the arbiter of what is and isn’t an actual medical condition. What authority do you have on that? None. So shut up. And it’s convenient that an issue other people have to deal with is phony but the issue that actually affects you is legit. Do you not realize how shitty that makes you sound? If you legitimately think jesus would be proud of you for throwing a tantrum on the internet, you’re either a bad christian and bad person, or trolling me. Don’t you remember his speech about what you do to the least of us? God also committed genocide, but do you think he’d be proud of you if you became a serial killer? And I already called you a goatfucker. Thou shalt not steal. So come up with your own insults.
          PS: Jesus totally regrets dying for you. He told me so himself. And if you can prove he didnt, I can prove he’s not real.

        297. You forgot he threw one in the marketplace. You follow the false Jesus because it is NOT beyond him to pitch a fit. You are the bad Christian.

        298. “You’re either a bad christian and bad person, or trolling me…” Jack7, she is all three! Any Christian which an ounce of Biblical knowledge can easily demonstrate that msamericanpatriot is not following any kind of biblical admonition in her online behavior. Having met her and attending an 8 month class with her, I can vouch that she is not a wonderful person. And she will continue to reply to you with her obscene, vulgar, hate ridden, and fallacious comments for as long as you choose to answer. She has nothing better to do.

        299. Jack7 doesn’t claim to be a christian. Aren’t you following along? Your powers of observation are as bad as your mastery of the English language and recall and comprehension of God’s Word.

        300. You are NO real Christian either Bodey044. You are about as observant as a blind man.

        301. Lady you are fucking batshit crazy. Like I said, just cause jesus gets to do something doesn’t mean you do. Or are you as infallible as you think your god is? I follow no jesus, because there is only false jesus. But in any case that would still be a no true Scotsman fallacy you crotchety hag. Whether or not I’m a bad christian doesn’t change that you’re a bad one. And I’m not a christian at all. I’m an atheist. And I bet I’m still a better christian than you you hate filled piece of shit.

        302. No being an atheist makes you a FUCKING FOOL because only a FOOL denies God and Jesus. So that makes me a whole lot better than you.

        303. Just as soon as you provide any evidence for your claims I’ll agree with you. Right now you’re just using the bible to prove the bible. That’s circular and it makes you a fool. That and because you’ve allowed a book to indoctrinate you into thinking that thinking is a negative quality. It’s sad really.

        304. No it aint circular. It still proves your foolish. Not me. Enjoy your national holiday on April 1st. My thinking aint negative. Yours is. Sad really but I don’t shed tears for fools.

        305. I celebrate National Atheist Day ever year, thanks. Saying it isn’t circular doesn’t make it so. But repeating bullshit until you believe it is religion, so I guess I’m not surprised. Jesus would shed tears for fools. I guess you’re not so pious after all.

        306. No he wouldn’t. He said he came to uphold the law and the prophets. So there would be NO tears for you and that still makes me pious.

        307. When will you ever learn to QUOTE scripture and to do so correctly? You do great disservice to the cause of Christ every time you come on a site such as this and get it completely wrong!
          How many times are you going to make those you actually love the Lord enough to learn His Word correctly turn around and fix your blatant incompetence.
          ““Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Matthew 5:17
          The word is “fulfill!”

        308. You don’t not love the Lord because you embrace the Sodomite or have you forgotten that. There for you are NO Christian. You are the incompetent Christian. You worship at one of those satanic Christian churches. You are doing the disservice.

        309. You actually don’t know what they are happy with do you? You only think it’s wrong because you were told it was wrong. Were you raised in their culture(not saying I was)? Are you in their thoughts? No.

        310. That is a terrible analogy. Just because one group is potentially being treated better in totality does not mean there are not still issues against the majority group that need to be addressed.
          Your comparison of men’s rights groups to the kkk is distasteful and horrendously unhelpful.

        311. You’re correct, that there is an issue in one group does not preclude there from being an issue in another group. And caring about the problems of one group does not preclude anyone from also caring about the problems of another group either. However, men’s rights groups, like christian groups lately, claim persecution when in reality all that’s happening is losing privilege. Losing privilege is not an issue. Much like the KKK claimed their loss of privilege was persecution against white people. Hence why the analogy is apt. If there are really problems with men’s rights – and again, for white straight men, that’s ALL the rights – like how gay men can’t marry, then I’ll be as vocal about that issue as any other I find heinous.

        312. Maybe I’m not understanding you appropriately, but are you claiming that ALL rights have to be infringed for a group to be persecuted, not just “privileges”? I can’t think of one group that has been persecuted for EVERY SINGLE human right.
          I would say that being able to grow a beard in the workplace is not just a privilege but a human right to be in your natural bodily state. I can’t think of one job that would not hire you or would fire you for being a woman that doesn’t shave her legs (versus being a man who has a beard).

        313. You would be wrong. If you want to construe having a beard as a right, uh fine whatever I guess. But if you want to work in an industry in which having a beard can be a hazard then the government is allowed to reasonably regulate that. Don’t like it? Don’t do that job. Because no one wants your beard in their food. It’s unsanitary and unsafe. Now, more importantly, comparing your “right” to grow a beard to women having their medical decisions dictated by their employer’s religion makes you a jackasses and works to invalidates any point you may have. Seriously, I can’t believe you actually said that. You’re a bitter and pathetic cretin.
          But yes you misunderstand because I wasn’t saying that you have to assault their every right. That doesn’t even make sense as a concept. But privilege is typically a right given only to certain groups. It doesn’t have to be a right though, it’s just that after the privilege is given the privileged group tends to view it as a right. Hence why they view it as persecution when they lose it.

        314. I’m talking about jobs where there is not a safety or health concern for not having a beard. There are plenty.
          You just totally killed your own case for your argument. You just called a privilege a right that certain groups have. It doesn’t make it any less of a right just because some groups have it secured and some don’t. It’s still a right.

        315. Why do people keep trying to tell me I’m saying the opposite effect what I said, like I’m so stupid I’ll believe them? If a group enjoys access to a right, like the right to marry, while another group doesnt, that’s privilege. Also, if a group has an unfair advantage, such as it being illegal in 7 states for an atheist to hold political office, that is also privilege.
          I don’t protest for beard rights because I only have so much time in the day and I think there are more important things I can do. But if you find beard rights that important, fight for them. This is America. You can do that.

        316. Great, thanks for supplying no reason at all for disagreeing with my first response to your comment. I love it when people lay down and die after continuing an argument they were bound to lose. You literally gave no reasons for backing up your position and then you just accepted mine. Now that’s what I call a good conversation.

        317. Man I don’t even remember what you said cause all you do is shit out words from your mouth about beards. People probably tell you to shave because your beard is gross. Get over it.

        318. You should really work on your technical argumentation. You just sound like an idiot because you can’t even back up what spews from your mouth.

        319. Lmao, yes, technical argumentation.. y’know… having something coherent to say and being able to explain it in rational terms and being able to connect premises to conclusions.
          Based on your argumentation style, I gather that you’re the fourteen year old.
          You have said almost nothing in all of these comments. Instead of constantly devolving into ad hominem, why don’t you try to stick to the point and let your reasons argue for you, if indeed you are capable of logical structure or cogent argumentation?

        320. Are you done measuring your e-penis yet? Get over it man. You’re so whiny. No wonder you’re on a misogynist website.

        321. God you are such a fucking idiot. You don’t even know what premises and conclusions are, do you?
          I guess it’s hard to ask for a good argument about beards if you don’t even know what an argument is. It’s a wonder people like you even manage to live.

        322. “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason… is like administering medicine to the dead.” –Thomas Paine

        323. Ok, now this just sounds like you’re pulling my leg. It’s no wonder people like you are caught on the internet trying to argue about beards instead of having a life. I am so utterly unsurprised to find one such as yourself on an MRA site because I’m sure women despise you, much like everyone.

        324. Do you even know what that means?
          No, it’s totally follows as you don’t stick to a logically styled argument so it’s essentially the same thing as renouncing reason itself.

        325. Let me break the logic down for you. You are a little bitch and I don’t give a flying fuck about logically arguing with you about bullshit just so you can yank it to thoughts of beard discourse you sick fuck. I’m perfectly capable of arguing logically and you can go through my disqus to see that. Its just more fun to call you out for being the cranky little baby you are than entertain your biased misogynist notions.

        326. After all of this discussion I’m amazed you still haven’t tried actually backing up your position. I’m surprised you keep commenting when you clearly have nothing to say.

        327. After all of this discussion I’m amazed you still haven’t tried actually backing up your position. I’m surprised you keep commenting when you clearly have nothing to say.

        328. Because you’re a piece of shit and I’m not going to give you the level of respect that would require. Fuckface.

        329. Oh I get it now, I’m a piece of shit because I don’t agree with your conclusion and if I wasn’t a piece of shit, I would already agree with your conclusion. So either way you never have to justify your beliefs rationally. Nice mix of begging the question and ad hominem there, bro.

        330. Almost. Youre slightly over complicating it. If you do not understand why misogyny is bad, I don’t care to explain it to you. If you want to call that begging the question, go ahead. You’re still the piece of shit at the end though.

        331. It is begging the question because you’re assuming that my position is misogyny without backing it up with reasons.

        332. Fucking idiot… If I provided the reasons it really shouldn’t be so hard to whip up a quick syllogism.
          I think I’m done trying to administer medicine to the dead now.

        333. How is it bullshit exactly? Cause from where I stand removing females from their gender assigned roles, means removing males from theirs as well. Don’t like it that men continually get screwed over in court custody cases simply because they are men and they couldn’t possibly be nurturing? Stop having it so society labels women as the caretakers incapable of holding positions of authority without being seen as bossy bitches because their place is at home raising their babies. Get rid of one stereotype for women, and one goes away for men.
          Telling men to be a man or grow some balls is automatically assigning weakness to women, while suppressing emotions in men. Everything a patriarchal society has done to set women in their place has had consequences for men. I love a man, I have 3 sons, why on earth would I want them to be anything but who they are..not who society says they should be? I just want to be able to live in a society that doesn’t tell me it’s my fault for being raped because I was out jogging in the dark, and doesn’t assign the every man is a rapist label to my sons so they don’t get eyed suspiciously if they are out for a jog at 4 am as well. Why is this so fucking hard for people to get. Sure there are crazy women out there i’ve seen who go overboard. But you surely can’t think that is what feminism actually is? You honestly can’t be that obtuse can you?

        334. See im other words if you don’t think like me you should not be here. A perfect feminazi view

        335. Yes they have in certain places and confitions. Some places only land owners can bit wether they be male or female

        336. Equality is a false god. No two people/things that are not exactly the same can ever be equal. In reality, “equal rights movements” are highly unjust. It always ends with hiring quotas/affirmative actions and such things which are meant to take what is not equal and make it equal but rather just make things less fair.

        337. Thanks a lot for the list of Finnish newspapers. I have sent the article to several of those, but it seems so that Sanoma or whichever name is of this MiniTruth group, the same that owns TMT, controls Finnish media. So the chances to publish are zero.

        338. I occasionally write sarcastic comments-essays. Would you look at one?
          According to tweets in social media (=most reliable info in the eyes of Dept of State), our American partners are considering the next place for creating bloodbath, given that the one in Novorussia is possibly over.
          The favorite option is Finland. Inciting Finns to view Swedish-speaking compatriots enemies and pushing them towards ultimatum ‘Finlandization or Deportation’, US Administration hopes to achieve multiple purposes:
          1) War. War is good for Military-Industrial Complex. You might remember giant cockroach from Men In Black movie saying: more wars – more food.
          2) TV ratings, attracting more viewers. Now there is a danger that the viewers get bored.
          3) The USA will have a chance to demonstrate leadership and to project power, which is of course more important than sensible policy or human lives.
          4) The USA will capitalize on opportunity to show commitment to genocide. The Ultimate Commitment.
          5) Given that Russia won’t support this idea, the MSM will have one more chance to demonstrate that Putin is, indeed, evil. How evil? Devil incarnate!
          6) In case Sweden gets involved, there will be a chance for the USA to act like an arbiter, projecting power, showing leadership skills and dragging at least one of these countries into NATO.
          One a downside: Finlandization might be erroneously interpreted as non-alignment. People might be fo0led by traditional meaning.
          Please upvote ‘Finland’ option on US govt site, or pick one of 200 other options.

        339. No it’s equal rights for women to men. We don’t have them yet. Have fun being a “cool girl”.

        340. I feel you Bodey, this woman seems out of touch. I’ve never seen a person so spoiled and so sheltered that they were completely out of touch with reality. She clearly grew up in a sheltered household where she was spoiled to no end and treated as right and if she was wrong then she probably cried and had an overprotective parental figure make her right. It’s sad that she’ll be alone when her parents die and then she’ll be alone without a clue. Also i wanted to thank you for restoring a bit of my faith.

        341. Haha 😀 I think the scenario is already playing out actually. The finnish speaking finns are quite hostile to the swedish speaking finns but you probably knew that? Not sure if the U.S has anything to do with it though but fun sarcasm nonetheless 😉

        342. No problem. Yeah, you may sadly be right. I knew a finnish company owned Moscow Times and also St Petersburg Times but didn’t know it was the same that owned much of the finnish newspapers too. Shouldn’t be surprised though, media empires are common.

        343. I didn’t know that. I thought they didn’t do that in countries of Golden Billion. Sad. Regards.

        344. I don’t know but is it just me who finds the fact that you haven’t eaten a glazed donut in years sad? BTW I’m also inmiddle class with my middle Casslass friends and my rich people school and we all eat glazed donuts. We get GLAZED donuts for free so stop pissing on people who eat glazed donuts

        345. Um sweetheart, you seem to be completely caught up in the bullshit that ur church is teaching you. You seem kind of brainwashed so let me help you make your own opinions. First of all no feminists do not hate disabled people. there are actually disabled people who consider themselves as feminists. I know right, there are actually disabled people out there who hate other disabled people is obviously what your brainwashed mind is thinking, but the truth is that frminsts do not hate DISABLED PEOPLE. Read don’t call me inspirational if you want an example of a feminist. And all this shit about bringing religion and Satan into feminism, what the fuck does feminism have to do with Satan. All becausefeminists are out there fighting to be equal like men, they are all of a sudden a satanic cult. Get your head out of your ass and start going to public school instead of religious private schools. Maybe then you will develop a brain that is able to think higher than that of a four year olds . which is pretty insulting to a four year old based on the shit that you are spewing from your mouth. And to those fucking idiots out there who think that feminsts hate men. Surprisingly, (wow,duh!) They don’t. They fight for equal rights and blah blah blah but misandrists are the men haters. Yes you stupid idiots google it since you obviously don’t know the definition of feminism and some men are also feminists. My teacher is one and feminists try to help females like msamericapot sout there who get 77 cents to every man’s 1 earn more because they aren’t smart enough yo work in the government to earn the same pay as men because like mdamericanpot they have been brainwashed into believing that feminists want to kill men and those are called murders with a special favoring towards the male sex not feminists and believe that chivalry is not sexism and that they should push babies out of their vsginas and cook and clean for their sexist as assholes

        346. Feminists demonized Sarah Palin for giving birth to Trig who has Down Syndrome. There is your proof that Feminism HATES the disabled bitch. As for Satanism in Feminism why is one of the biggest feminist sites called Jezebel. She was an evil satan possessed female that used her body to get what she wanted in life and we know what that got her. Feminist are NOTHING about equality so quit giving me that dictionary bullshit definition. It is all about man hating. Any man that considers himself a feminist is a fucking joke. They do it in order and in hopes in getting some action which they will never ever get. Oh and enough with the bullshit wage inequality because women never want to do a full day’s job and never go for the more dangerous job which get hazard pay. So femtard, feminism is nothing more than a man hating cult. Oh cunt I went to public indoctrination camps. Apparently they failed to indoctrinate me. It isnt about equality it is about GYNO SUPREMACY and it needs to be eradicated like the cancer it is. Maybe it is high time rosaries were put on ovaries. Oh you forgot that you so called messiah Obama pays women less in his cabinet. You have been brainwashed. You are depriving a village of an idiot that they apparently dont want back. If it was about equality then why is Sweden the world capital in rape now. It is because of the cancer of Feminism that is why.

        347. I don’t flaunt what mommy gave me, I dress comfortably and it just happens that my comfortable clothes are short. I don’t tell people to look at my clothes and tell me that I look hot. I don’t ask people for that because I don’t dress for other people. I dress for myself and it just so happens that other people like what I’ve gotand what does the bible . does it say hey guys you are allowed to show of your abs and legs anwalk without a shirt but since women are owned by men, like slaves and stock, they can’t do anything other than what the sexists people that wrote this bible back when they were in the oldern times say. So please go submit to your husband and when he beats the fuck out of you one day for refusing to submit, don’t go a clinic for domestic abuse or report your husband becauae you won’t be obeying him them. wa

        348. The Bible is NOT sexist. Biblical women could do what they wanted. Aquilia’s wife worked ALONG SIDE of him in tent making as well as in the missionary realms. There were female deacons. There were female judges. I cant find a husband that hasn’t been emasculated and effeminate and when I do they are already with someone cunt. Your ilk has VILIFIED masculinity TRUE masculinity to no end and it makes it DAMN hard for us traditionalist types to find a REAL man with his balls still attached.

        349. Eat your fucking fatting glazed donut but dont complain when people make fun of your fat ass which is what you are advocating there.

        350. The Bible is NOT sexist you femtard. There were women who were judges and deacons. Aquilia and Perscilia worked along side each other in the tent making industry as well as missionaries. Oh and if you are so about equality then why don’t we shut down ALL shelters since men cant have ones for themselves. The only batter man shelter that existed was in Canada and had to be shut down. The owner of it committed suicide. You apparently forget femtard men have mental issues just like you twats.

        351. Hey you the idiot because Obama your so called messiah pays women less than men in his cabinet. If feminism isn’t satanic then why is its’ most popular site named Jezebel who was a satanic possessed women who used her sexuality to get what she wanted. Remember what happened to her. Oh and IF you are so pro disabled then why did you VILIFY Sarah Palin over her son Trig who has Down Syndrome. If anyone is sexist it is the femtards like you because you hate and vilify REAL masculinity. Dont give me that dictionary definition of feminism because that is sure as hell what third wave feminism is about. It is about hating and vilifying men. I went to public school or as we traditionalists call it public indoctrination camps. Apparently they failed in the task. They are NOT about equality. They are about GYNO SUPREMACY. You wage stats are false and bogus because they do NOT take into account that men head for the more dangerous job and get hazard pay according and also women refuse to want to do what it takes to get full pay. Oh about male feminists. They are a joke. They think that if they defend you pathetic twats they will get pussy. They are sadly mistaken. Feminism is the ideology. Lesbianism is the practice of said ideology. Feminism is communism in drag. Oh if you are so about equality then lets shut down ALL batter shelters since men cant have ones for themselves. There was one in Canada but it was laughed out of existence and the owner committed suicide. How about that buttercup? See you arent about the men at all.

        352. I am not fat. I am not bullimic or anorexic either. I am the perfect weight for a person my age and just because ur bitter that you gain 20 pounds for each donut you eat doesn’t mean that everyone who eat donuts are fat. I don’t eat donuts every single day. I eat them once in a while. Once in a while is the hint.

        353. I said you fucking idiot that I do NOT eat them anymore. I havent had one in YEARS. I have a thyroid condition that I have been to four fucking doctors about that will not properly address and yes I do work out. So shut you pie hole cunt.

        354. Yes, giving women the “right” to vote is privilege. Men fought for the “right” to vote and won it because it was and still is men that are forced to enlist in the military. Women are not. It’s men that are forced to protect a country that is chock full of a stupid, indoctrinated, self-righteous, leisure class – women.
          The day that men get special privilege that women have enjoyed in the West (aka White countries) for thousands of years then we can talk about “equal.” There is no such thing as “equal.” There’s just a bunch of women and non-White parasites screaming Marxist slogans. This isn’t going to last and the sooner it dies the better.

        355. It didn’t take long before you immediately exposed yourself as a typical, anti-White, ethno-masochistic faggot for Cultural Marxism.

        356. Are you done measuring your rectal prolapse?
          No wonder you’re an ethno-masochistic beta faggot.

        357. “It’s men that are forced to protect a country that is chock full of stupid, indoctrinated, self-righteous, leisure class – women.”
          Underrated Comment.

        358. Exactly. And not even Humanism. It’s Egalitarianism – a thing which Feminists SAY they are for, but can’t STAND when they experience it.

        359. “I know many great men in my life who would gladly label themselves as feminists.”
          Yes, we know them too.

        360. Men didn’t have the right to vote until they agreed to be drafted into military service in exchange for enfranchisement.
          THAT was the price MEN had to pay in order to get the right to vote.
          Women? Not a thing other than whining.
          And even to this day, only men are required to register for the draft (selective service).
          Even male to female trangender people who go through sexual reassignment surgery STILL have to register for selective service, but not female to male transgendered people.

        361. You invoked “male privilege”. I simply illustrated what that “privilege” actually is.

        362. So do you just use words without knowing that they mean or is that just a side effect of being indoctrinated into the religious doctrine of radical feminism as a Mangina acolyte?
          A straw man is when you caricature your opponent’s position or distort it’s meaning to one you can easy knock down.
          I didn’t straw man you. I ridiculed your absurd argument for female privilege as a counterbalance to supposed “male privilege” by illustrating that what you believe to be “male privilege” is nothing more than the fruits of men’s labor and the sacrifices they are willing to make in exchange for their desired outcomes and the RESPONSIBILITIES that men shoulder in this society, quietly and mostly without any fanfare or recognition.
          Where once men were honored with respect and appreciation for that hard work, accomplishment, sacrifices and stoicism, because those traits are associated with masculinity, radical feminists have been busy savaging and reframing any place of honor or show of respect or deference for male sacrifices as “patriarchy” and “male privilege”.
          While simultaneously exalting any minor accomplishment or simple display of competence by women as being “ground breaking” and even superior to men’s.
          They hypocritically coopt masculinity and masculine traits, rebrand them as Feminist traits and push them onto their followers, but then denigrate men for displaying the exact same behavior.
          Women are the majority, but radical feminists have acquired minority status for them and all the laws treat them accordingly.
          Western women are the most protected, sheltered, pampered and well-serviced creature that has ever walked the face of the earth in the history of mankind, with the males designing, building and maintaining a society that is essentially a cocoon of high technology, comfort and safety created for our women and children that we pay for with our hard work and early deaths.
          They are the most privileged beings in existence, yet hypocritically call MEN privileged and use the damsel in distress/vagina owner card to recruit well-intentioned but misguided men to fight for their cause and do their work for them, as usual?
          Well played, rad fems……. Well played…

        363. When you group the achievements of people based on their gender and then say anyone of that gender is entitled to the benefits of those achievements because of that gender, and then group together the collective of another gender and pass judgement on them as well, you’re being a misogynist. That mode of thinking is precisely why feminism is a thing. You have straw manned because you characatured male privilege and distorted it. I’m not sure you actually know what it is though so maybe it was unintentional.

        364. Nobody is forced to enlist in the military. We haven’t had a draft in decades and there are so many men and women going into the military, barring the end of the world, we never will again. It’s not our fault men decided women were not allowed to serve.

        365. Actually there are male rights activists. They’re classified as a hate group by the US government and spend all of their time bitching about women. So go make friends you sexist piece of shit.

        366. Exactly, you just tell us we should be tall, White, wealthy, and handsome beyond the scope of what you deserve, ever.
          But woe betide us if we say you shouldn’t have hair that essentially makes you look like a man with female body parts or have a body so goddamn fat you look like a golf ball on top of a basketball on top of popsicle sticks, right?
          Guess which ones of your “standards” can’t be controlled and are begotten from birth and which ones of ours can be controlled with even the slightest bit of willpower?
          I rest my case. 😉

        367. You really are stupid. It’s not just indoctrination, you’re a total fucking retard. No seriously, you’re unbelievably retarded.
          It is YOUR fault that YOUR bullshit cult of dip shit Feminists came a billion years of magical “oppression” while simultaneously deny that men fought and died in every era so you ingrates could exist today.
          It is 100% YOUR fault! Now fuck off you dip shit, brainless, know-nothing cunt!
          Did you understand that? Or are you still too stupid? I tried to use a diction you’d understand but somehow I still think you’re just too stupid to get it.

        368. YET AGAIN you continue to use words without knowing their meaning. You’re definitely a radfem footstool.
          Misogyny is the HATRED of women, not simply pride at the accomplishments of those who share your particular traits.
          By your definition of misogyny, given how they exalt and celebrate every single accomplishment of anyone possessing a vagina – touting them as higher, more important and even better than men’s, Feminists would be the biggest “misogynists” of all time.
          The reason why Feminism is a thing is because it didn’t START OFF as the female supremacist, man-hating cult of professional victimhood that it stands as today.
          Once upon a time it was actually egalitarian in it’s pursuits and goals and men rightly supported it then. I used to call myself a Feminist when 2nd Wave, egalitarian Feminism was in vogue.
          But when the academic, gender warfare Feminists took over the Women’s Rights movement and it became this Jezebel/Feministing cesspool of misandry, female supremacy and gynocentrism, like any wise person, I realized it for what it was and rejected the hate movement it had metasticized into.
          But some men, like you, are still under the illusion that it’s still 2nd Wave feminism with its egalitarian goals, rather than gynocratic radical 3rd and 4th wave Feminism, so you unwittingly help them to destroy the society we live in.

        369. Name ONE right a man has that a woman doesn’t. ONE.
          Meanwhile, I can name you a few that women have that men don’t…

        370. Apparently, you’re ignorant of history. Allow me to enlighten you.
          Initially, only wealthy, White, land owning males could vote.
          It wasn’t until military conscription – aka The Draft was passed that men were given the right to vote, which they earned and paid for by being REQUIRED BY LAW to go to war if needed and lay down their life for their country. They had skin in the game.
          Enfranchisement wasn’t free. And even to this day, all men are required by law to register for Selective Service – The Draft- upon their 18th birthday.
          But women aren’t, yet you still got the right to vote in exchange for NOTHING.
          That encapsulates Feminism better than anything: demanding the same outcomes as men without making the same sacrifices they do.

        371. So you supported feminism when it was egalitarian but now that there is a vocal group you disagree with who identify as feminist you reject the concept of equality and embrace male dominated culture? Somewhere you made a leap in logic that doesn’t hold up and only serves to help you feel better about hating women.

        372. No, I support EGALITARIANISM. Always have.
          And now that Feminism IS NO LONGER EGALITARIAN, but rather a movement for female supremacy and male bashing, I oppose it.
          And I don’t “identify” them as Feminists. They identify themselves as Feminists and are, in fact, the most vocal and influential voices of the entire movement. The Jessica Valenti, Alanna Vagianos, Andrea Dworwrkin, Valeria Solanas, GLoria Steinem, Gloria Allred, Jezebel, Feministing school of misandric Feminism IS the mainstream face and voice of Feminism.
          As for “embracing male dominated culture”, what does that even MEAN?
          I’m a male and I do manly shit. I like being a man. I like who I am. I enjoy my life as a man and embrace it, no differently than a woman embraces her own femininity and womanhood.
          But somehow, in your mind the former is wrong, but the latter is not? Your logic is broken.
          Also, Feminism does not equal female. That’s the false syllogism that radfems have been proselytizing. If you’re against Feminism, you must hate women.
          Hating Feminism is not hatred of women any more than hating White supremacy is hatred of White people.
          But nice attempt at a strawman, though.

        373. False equivocation between feminism and white supremacy since one is about equality whereas the other has supremacy right in the name. Your previous comments have not reflected an egalitarian viewpoint. You attempted to dismiss male privilege when it is objectively a thing. That is not something an egalitarian would do.

        374. Also, again, you’re using words without understanding what they mean.
          “Equivocation” is a logical fallacy where you’re using an ambiguous word that can have two meanings.
          A false equivalence is what you meant to say and there is no false equivalence between Nazism and Feminism. Except that Feminists have better P.R. for their hatremongering.

        375. Again, you just want to obfuscate the Issue so you can ignore it. You can’t honestly believe sexist is just made up. And if you do then you’re a crackpot and there’s no point in talking to you

        376. Strawmanning seems to be your default mode of discourse.
          I never said SEXISM doesn’t exist. Hell, sexism is at the very core of modern Feminism, for crying out loud!
          But there is a difference between “sexism” – which is simply stereotypical views of the opposite sex that BOTH sexes have about each other and “Male Privilege”, which is simply a club used to beat any man with an opinion into silence.
          It removes their voice, humanity and input; denies their capacity for empathy, sympathy, contemplation and reflection and ultimately is a tool of censorship and scoring cheap points on the other team by not even allowing to take the field.
          Opposing Feminism does not mean you oppose women’s rights, gender equality or are sexist, a misogynist or any other such ad hominem.
          Refusing to surrender your right to speak the moment someone tries to tar you with a label to silence you is simply showing a spine.

        377. No, sexism isn’t that simple at all. You’re apparently incapable of empathy, and that’s not something I can teach you over the internet.

        378. I disagree with the broad assertion that all men are “seen as a human beings with rights when someone commits a crime against you,” given the amount of violence directed against men of varied races, sexualities, socioeconomic classes, etc

        379. Well, someone’s briefs are in a bunch. It’s also a shame that you feel the need to resort to vulgarity like an angst-ridden adolescent in an attempt to get your “point” across.

        380. Men hardly take 2 seconds out of their day to listen to what their woman wants and I’m almost certain they’re not seeking the opinion of a woman seeing as most men see it best to give their opinion and let the woman adopt that opinion or adapt to it…

        381. the comment is underrated because it’s dated so far back that the person… no the Neanderthal that posted it has to be like a hundred and something years old.. Have a seat…

        382. I think the dumbest thing I’ve read today is the uneducated opinion bestowed upon us by the likes of you before America was so called “protecting their country” they were taking from others and raping their women and children stealing precious treasures that did not belong to us… therefore making us one of the biggest but most popular enemies in the world. furthermore you protect your country and its civilians that means men women and children alike… and lastly you pathetic bitch made poor excuse for a man… fight for our country protect the women who you have trusted to bear your children and educate them and feed them and watch them while you’re away man the fuck up and maybe just maybe if you men can do that females will stop cutting their hair off like men resuming responsibilities that you men have clearly put off for strip clubs prostitutes homosexuality Bangkok asain video games porn sites and women ahaa maybe that’s the problem maybe you men are still grabbing your dicks about fighting wars that you caused so you have become complacent and lazy and now that America is failing tremendously you leave it in the hands of the woman calling us names and being disrespectful and undermining us just as you hve been doing for Ian’sngkok Asian women video games porno sites need I go on???

        383. … will the Bible allows the man plenty of rice that it doesn’t allow the woman like the right to have multiple wives at your expense… and we all know that the Bible is the American Way…BOOM! did she just say that??? I think she’s on to something! we can be philosophical and use a bunch of $10 words that no one understands nor cares to at this particular moment on this particular blog however, men need to stop pretending that there isn’t a secret understanding betwixt one another… from your molesting your own children to molesting other people’s children always taking matters into your own hands keeping the woman fragile and pretty and smelling like a flower and looking like a rose so that when you slide your penis inside of her you feel comfortable and more erect then you would a woman who is equal to you… I get it you want us to stay beautiful you want our lips to be red and our hair to be long and you want our asses and tits to appeal to you however women are tired of being taken advantage stuff they’re tired of having their asses pinched in the club they’re tired of being sexual objects they’re tired of not being taken seriously there are I don’t think we need to have a whole movement in order to gain respect I think that mothers need to start teaching their sons how to respect women and that just starts in the home however at the end of the day there will always be people there will always be men who want to have sex and there will always be women who need money so I guess we are all fucked in the end

        384. Well for starters, we don’t sounds like absolute imbeciles by saying that a man having his hair a certain way makes him ‘damaged’.

        385. You sound sad and like you’re wallowing in self hatred, please look up the definiton of the word feminism or if that is too much to ask watch the Emma Watson #heforshe speach, because she is a TRUE feminist.

        386. You are a misogynistic swine. Let me ask you, if women were involved in the military as much as men, would you fully support it or would you criticise women for being too weak? I bet it is the latter. It’s shocking to think you have a mother and yet you still feel like this. You call women stupid? We were the gender basically keeping the countries running while the men were off killing each other. It’s been proven through scientific research that if women ran the world that wars would be less and that the wars that did happen wouldn’t be over such things as power and greed. We are self righteous? We are the gender that has been putting our families first and ourselves last. You can never win here mate, you may hate us, but we are a necessity for the human race to survive.

        387. So this magical oppression just magically happened? You must not know a thing about history, men have been voting when women had to fight for that right. Women were married off by the males in their family, they had no say in the matter. Women were seen as deformed men and sinister beings, even though men were the ones causing all the problems back then because, once again, women had absolutely no say in the matter. You seriously are uneducated and your crude vernacular proves it. You are a misogynistic twat who need to go back to school. You probably don’t even know the insults I just used because they are not vulgar enough for your doltish self.

        388. And women have created nothing? Besides the materialistic things we have made, which seems to be so important to you, we nuture the future within us, which is far more important than any artifical thing a man can make, you ungrateful twat.

        389. Women never “fought” for anything.
          Men earned the right to vote because they were forced to fight and die for their country. That was explicit in their earned rights. Women were never drafted in any country where men were already voting.
          You’re so unbelievably stupid and indoctrinated you can’t even be correct on accident. You’re a typical toxic Femtard who knows less about actual people than the average child. Men were not “disinformed” (you mean misinformed but you’re stupid and indoctrinated so you can’t understand simple words). They knew exactly what Femtards were like and what they would do.
          Femtards never created a country. They never braved a new frontier. Femtards like you show up centuries later after all of the real work is done and then bitch about it. You’re just a Femtard living off the spent capital of men.

        390. Why Is that exactly? Because you can’t come up with an answer to justify yourself and your corrupt belief?

        391. Jesus Christ, I was obviously right about your IQ, because it looks like the only word you have to fall back on when not able to use a swear word is ‘indoctrinated’. Extend your vocabulary.
          Secondly you also show your brain compacity by listing something I never even said. I never said anything about men being ‘disinformed’. I said that women were seen as DEFORMED men, and i’m talking about the Ancient Greeks, so that just shows how far back inequality goes.
          What do you mean we show up ‘centries later’? So there is just a country completely populated by men for centuries until women rocked up and started repopulating the earth? Ok honey, that logic is flawed because the country wouldn’t even be populated if women weren’t there to keep the human race going.
          Women did ‘fight’ for things, they just weren’t over dark things like power and lust. Ever heard of Boudicca? She fought for her tribe, but mainly for her DAUGHTERS that had been raped by the Roman generals. Ever heard of Joan of Ark? She was a woman who fought for her country and her God, and she was ultimately burned alive for her bravery and unwillingness to submit. So don’t just ignorantly assume women have done NOTHING throughout history, because you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Ass wipe.

        392. “Ever heard of Boudicca?”
          OK dip shit, there was no democracy or voting in those tribes. Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated I have to remind you that we’re talking about “voting.” That’s the topic. Keep your shriveled, hormone addled brain topic.

        393. Shut up you fucking phaggot. Sounds like you need to go get your testosterone levels checked.

        394. Correction. Wealthy white, land owning females were also in some places allowed to vote. The Founders did not want lazy unproductive people to vote themselves benefits at the cost of those who were productive and actually owned property.

        395. Most men through history lacked the right to vote until not too long before women got the right to vote.

        396. I believe there were some airlines who had very strict grooming and dress codes for women who met the public. The lawsuit was in the news quite a few years ago.

        397. Actually, I believe that labeling as a hate group was not by the US government, but by the SPLC, a private misandrist hate group. And, the FBI and other gov’t agencies have broken ties with them. Just for the record.
          it is not MRA’s who file false DV and false sexual abuse charges against innocent people.

        398. Let me see. When Jesus kicked the shit out of the money changers in the temple was that LOVE?

        399. No they don’t. You’re so stupid and indoctrinated you believe they do. Just like you believe in the imaginary “patriarchy.”

        400. Real intelligent and well thought out comment there. Do the rest of us a favour and shut up before women think we are all like you (too bad that so many of them have been led to feel that way already). We aren’t all like Thomas! He just has an ID-10-T problem.

        401. Here in Canada women enlist in the military and fight right alongside men. Guess in the chickenass USA the men can’t handle that.

        402. “Men do not leave 3000 hysterical comments on these articles”, you’re right. They send death threats and rape threats because their masculinity feels threatened. See Gamergate, Sad Puppies, etc. Blessed be and have a lovely day.

        403. Feminism is: the right for women to not get catcalled as they walk down the street.
          Feminism also is: the right for a man to not get called a pussy because he wants a fucking manicure.
          Feminism is equal rights for everyone. Of any color, of any gender.
          But I guess making vast sweeping statements about something you haven’t actually researched out of men’s rights activists websites is your shtick.
          Blessed be and have a lovely day.

        404. Never created a country? Never braved a new frontier?
          Who the hell do you think keeps the species going, dipshit?
          If women weren’t there right along side men in every aspect of history there would be no history. Humans would have died out, honestly, you really need to go back to school. You think women never fought? You think women never died? You’re completely wrong, and I feel sorry for you.

        405. The draft hasn’t been around since Vietnam. And I served in the US Army. Did you? Did you fight for your right of free speech? Or are you in here, screaming about how the poor men fight and die for this country while ignoring the sacrifice of every female soldier who has served since the 1920s? Because, yes. A lot of them fought and died.
          Since I did serve, as did my husband, I can assure you there’s no ‘soft-skilled’ MOS any longer. Women who join can expect to be in fire fights. They can expect to be in danger. My husband (who was a medic while he served) scooped a female co-worker into a body bag. She was also a medic, and decided to stay in, even though she had a medical condition that could have gotten her out.
          Before you start ripping on feminists, keep in mind, part of feminism is getting women equal right to join those hard skilled jobs in the military. Like infantry. Yeah. We’ve been fighting for that for years. You just don’t hear about it because you aren’t paying attention.

        406. You do realise that if women are the only reason there is a society? And even though women weren’t allowed to fight for their country – I stress, weren’t allowed – they did anyway.
          You seem to assume that the only people who have died throughout history are men? The only people who have died for the cause of protecting others and keeping the human race continuing are again men?
          Your mother fucking birthed you. Where the fuck would any of us be today without women? We wouldn’t be. That’s it. There would be no fucking people.

        407. You know, you could have asked the same question right after the 14th amendment was passed. It guarantees equal rights to everyone right? But it took another century to end segregation and legalize interracial marriage. Women have their bodies legislated. They have their appearances critiqued. They have their motives questioned. There are people who will not vote for a woman president because she is a woman even though other countries have and are fine. Even though it makes no sense. You are probably one of these people. So there is a difference in having equal rights on paper (see the immediate fallout of the gutting of the civil rights act) and having equality.

        408. Fems should remember that the early fems wanted birth control and abortion in order to get rid of the poor Irish , whom they said were bothering them because they were poor, underfed and dirty and basically ruled by the catholic church. So much for equal rights.

        409. Wrong! I worked for Congresswoman Dunn, and she and her fellows wanted to bring back the draft in peacetime and this time include women. This was in 2006 and the bill is still floating around Congress and the Senate. “Barring the end of the world, we never will again” is a fantasy belief. Please study something more than articles in Glamour Magazine.

        410. as one of those privileged spoiled white girls who was around in the sixties, I have to tell you you could not be farther from the truth if you tried. when I started working it was for 25 cents an hour while my younger brother made 75 cents doing the exact same job. when I waited tables to help pay the bills because my father was dead and my mother couldn’t make enough to support her kids, I was treated like a whore by customers, grabbed, pinched and commented on about my sexual preferences. you can be sure guys wouldn’t have had to put up with that. and now, women are told they cannot breast feed in public, but must take their infants into the toilet because it offends men to see a breast they cannot touch. girls are expected to be virginal while boys are expected to go out and bang any girls they can and then they call the girl a slut feminism is not your humanism( an excuse to keep things just the way MEN want them) it is feminism, the attempt to have women treated, paid and respected exactly the way you bigots treat men. and we want the same damned pay for the same damned job, we don’t want to hear we deserve less because we will be quitting to have babies. we want equality. when we try to join the firefighters, or police or armed forces, we don’t want special tests that are impossible to pass, we want the same test the man take AND we don’t want to have to worry about being raped by our fellow service men while doing so.

        411. nice, you are calling women who want equal pay, equal ooportunity and the right to vote and not be raped fucking retards, HMM< and you wonder why you are treated with contempt

        412. so, how long did you fight for your country? and yes, women fought for rights, the right to choose their own husband for starters, the right to inherit for another(my grandmother was left penniless with 5 children when her husband died and his business partner “inherited” the farm and business. And that was in 1932) And by the way, it was the mothers of Viet Nam soldiers who died who got the draft rescinded, not men. not the government

        413. You really are stupid and indoctrinated.
          White women have been choosing their own husbands since the beginning of time from Ancient Greece to Modern Europe. Since you’re a stupid, indoctrinated White woman you can’t understand this. It’s impossible for you to even be correct by accident.
          The brainless, know-nothing, indoctrinated White woman like you is the most resentful leisure class the world has ever known.

        414. Wage Gap is a myth for dipshits like you to cry about. No woman ever gets paid less for doing the same amount. Femtards like you can’t understand this. You’re too stupid and indoctrinated. It’s literally impossible for you to understand this, which is why you’ll always be paid less. You’re a Femtard who literally did zero research (aka work).

        415. I served in the USMC. Men are still forced to sign up for the Selective Services. Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated, it’s impossible for you to understand what that means. Men were drafted at the time they earned the right to vote. Again, your stupidity and indoctrination makes it impossible for you to understand this.
          Women have lower standards in the military. That means less work and more pay. Again, your stupidity and indoctrination makes it impossible for you to understand this.
          “A lot of [women] fought and died.”
          Women in the armed forces of every country comprise a FRACTION of deaths compared to men. Again, your stupidity and indoctrination makes it impossible for you to understand this.
          You’re so stupid, so indoctrinated you need to lie. That’s the agenda driving your hormone addled brain. Most women DIDN’T fight. Most women DIDN’T die. There weren’t “lots” of women doing anything of the sort. Not even 1% of deaths were ever women in any war where “voting” was on the table. It never happened. Again, your stupidity and indoctrination makes it impossible for you to understand this.
          So go ahead and post the actual number of female soldiers dying in WW1 or WW2. I need a good laugh. You’ve NEVER fought and died in any appreciable numbers. It’s simply never happened. Sure you bitch about it and talk and talk and talk, but you never actually work. That’s why you get paid less.
          Why the double standard for Physical Fitness?
          Less work but more pay? Lower standards but more pay?
          You fucking retards never did a day’s work in your life. One woman gets shot on the battle field and all of a sudden I’m supposed to give a shit? Fuck you losers!

        416. “Who the hell do you think keeps the species going, dipshit?”
          Certainly not Feminists and their abortion mills you fucking retard! LOL!
          Seriously, you’re so stupid and indoctrinated you can’t even get your story straight. So which is it sweetheart? Are you shitting out kids or having abortions? Looking at the Femtards of today you losers aren’t pulling your weight. You’re far more interested in murdering babies than making them. In fact, the only war you retards are fighting is against your own people.
          So yeah, you’ve NEVER created a country. You sure in the fuck destroyed it though.