Protein World Enrages Feminists Who Hate Female Beauty

Once again feminists are getting their girdles in a bunch over an ad that features an attractive woman. Protein World recently released an ad featuring a scantily clad and attractive female as the poster child to promote their line of weight loss products in advance of summer. This is, of course, the time when most women, fat or fit, go to great measures to ensure their bodies are in top shape to don bikinis on beaches around the world.

Being the petulant children they are, they responded in their typical fit-throwing fashion…again, taking to social media to voice their feelings on this “injussstyyssss!!”…again.



Troll level…99


While feminists will never give up the easiest and most effortless way to “protest” a social wrong from the comfort of their cat hair-covered couches, they finally seem to be getting the idea that keystrokes and witty sarcasm doesn’t have the same effect it once did.

So, naturally, they’ve upped the ante on their tactics by vandalizing the ads and posing in bikinis next to them to show what a “real bikini body” should look like.


I’ll give credit where credit is due here. This approach is a hell of a lot more ballsy than the typical campaign against the social injustice du jour—namely attention-whoring cowards posting pictures of their tits for the free the nipple campaign. As Ethan Wolfe correctly stated:

It’s one thing for a young woman to frivolously post topless pictures of her breasts, carefully crafted and sufficiently edited, from within the private, non-threatening environment of her own home; it’s quite another to actively protest perceived oppression by baring her breasts in public.

At least these chicks got out and actually took action of relevance in the public square. That said, these public displays of solidarity against the perceived fat shaming by The Protein World is just another form of attention-whoring under the guise of fighting against body image shaming.

It’s also worth noting that the girl on the right has a half decent body, which you can bet is no accident. If both girls looked like the girl on the left, this little publicity stunt would have fallen flat. Feminists know that beauty sells, whether they publicly admit it or not, which is exactly why this whole shitshow is one giant contradiction in the first place.

So why don’t feminists like attractive women in advertisements?  Let’s take a look.

Attractive women represent something they will never be

Even if her face is below average, she’d be attractive

Notice I used the word “attractive” rather than “beautiful” or “gorgeous.” Beautiful women are women who are fit and good looking. These are the females who hit the genetic lottery and didn’t blow all their winnings on junk food and alcohol and have managed to stay in the upper echelon on the sexual market. Basically the 8s, 9s, and 10s of the world.

Attractive women, on the other hand, are girls who weren’t born so lucky. They have average to below average looks but decided to elevate their SMV by hitting the gym, taking care of their bodies, and refraining from gorging pizza and ice cream at 2AM after sucking down girlie drinks all night at the club.

The girl in the ad obviously embodies the best of both worlds, but the issue that really sticks in the craw of feminists and SJWs is her body. They understand that not every girl is born pretty, but they do know that attractiveness is something that can be attained with hard work and discipline.

Feminists are lazy. They have zero interest in doing what it takes to achieve and maintain a bangable body and they know this. They’d rather bitch and moan about not having the time or money to put in the work necessary than get their asses up at 4am to hit the treadmill and do squats.

God forbid they should ever be subjected to this torture

They are acutely aware of this deficiency, so their default setting tells them to resist anything that suggests they might have to actually work to get something they want—like the girl in the ad who shines a bright light on their own sloth.

They are trying to mitigate attraction…

Don’t hate on women who drool over dudes like this

…which simply can’t be done. The West has tried to brainwash men into being attracted to slovenly, unfit women. But no matter how much they try to cram this down our throats, our penises aren’t going to stand at attention in the presence of a fattie.

Ask any girl what her idea of her perfect man is and looks will be in the top three every single time if she’s being honest with you. And guess what…that’s okay! It’s okay to be attracted to attractive men. It’s perfectly natural to want to bear the children of a haw-tee.

But the problem feminists have with this biological need to reproduce with an attractive specimen of the opposite sex is that the pendulum swings both ways. Men have that same (if not stronger) desire to bury our seed in the most attractive females and herein lies their problem.

As men, we have no right to tell women who and what they should be attracted to. Most of us seem to have figured this out as we do our level best to raise our own SMV by lifting weights, learning game, and stacking cash.

Feminists got the same memo, but they’ve chosen to ignore it by attempting to dictate to us what we should be attracted to. And for the most part they’ve been successful. Fatties are praised and exalted as beautiful and and desirable. Men everywhere proclaim their love for “curvy” and “full-figured” women from the highest mountain tops. People who fat shame are struck down with a fury and vengeance the moment they express disdain for rotund versions of the fairer sex.

Unfortunately for them, the one and only true judge of female attractiveness will never be convinced—the boner. Sure, a beta will tell a group of plus-sized females that his woman doesn’t have to be thin or fit or that “big girls need lovin’ too.” But when he goes home alone (which he often does) he ain’t spankin’ that monkey to fat chicks.

In closing

The bottom line here is that not every body is a beach body. Feminists know the score, but they’re trying to fix the outcome of the game and it just doesn’t work that way.

As far as The Protein World is concerned, they seem to have dug in their heels and against the onslaught of this poor attempt at fit-shaming:

Plus, using attractive people has been a staple in the successful marketing of just about every consumer product out there, from clothes to electronics to automobiles. Even fast food joints use good looking people to build their brand.

It wouldn’t make any sense for a company to use land whales to hawk fat burning pills or a male with puny arms to advertise a muscle building compound. Shaming a company for using a proven method to maximize sales is just silly. Expecting them to change it to appease fat girls is flat out idiotic.

Chicks wouldn’t go near this pill if these women were on the bottle

This uproar is just another example of feminist entitlement. They expect men to have washboard abs, make six-figure incomes, and have movie star looks to bang them, but they feel like they shouldn’t have to make any effort to become attractive to men.

This ad makes them uncomfortable because it exposes an undeniable truth to the world (it takes work to be desirable) that glares them right in the face and exposes their flawed ideology.

Congratulations to one company for standing up for the truth.

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375 thoughts on “Protein World Enrages Feminists Who Hate Female Beauty”

  1. Feminists and fat w.. feminists have no power over these kinds of companies because they’re not their target demographic in the first place.

  2. It only makes sense that we are having this fight. We’ve enabled women in every way to take advantage and they have. Father wanted the best for their daughters. Mothers wanted the best for their daughters and their sons to be protected. Government protects women. Affirmative action protects women. Feminists claim they protect women but like any token show on television keep their minority allowance to a minimum. And in a mad grab to announce the many ways that women need to be safe we are now a policed group. Men are policed by HR, other men, the government, and our families. The fact that so many of us are talking growing in numbers, is a tell that many men are noticing how we’ve been jettisoned from the promised land that any woman in America is granted whether she is an invalid or a beauty queen. There is no male privilege. It isn’t a privilege that I can think logically but merely a function of being geared towards survival. There is only merit and every day we have to prove it. Once this feminism rant bottoms out, and with enough men getting common sense it will, what will become of the women who will be forced to operate off of the same merit men have had to operate off of this whole time? And best believe, gay, bisexual, transgender, female privilege, won’t matter once a truer meritocracy comes into play.

    1. I agree that we are growing in numbers but I think we are still on the fringes… especially full-blown red-pill thinking.
      I think there is a male instinct to buckle down with whatever women are around when the future seems to look worse than the past.
      We focus mostly on self-improvement over here, but for every red-pill man there is a guy who is having trouble adjusting to the new reality. We are all having trouble adjusting, but some guys stubbornly think that if they just keep on doing the same thing that things will work out and of course they don’t.
      This crossed my mind kuz a buddy of mine told me he is going to propose to his girlfriend next year and is saving for a ring. This is after he told me that his parents have found themselves 70k in debt right before retirement, that he is going to have to give up the family business and start a new career from scratch, and his health is starting to deteriorate after years of physical labour. Keep in mind his gf is putting on weight and getting lazy. We’ll see how aggressively she pursues the career she went to college for while her bf pays for everything.
      Any rational person would realize that this is a horrible time to be thinking about marriage. But he isn’t thinking rationally. If things went sour, I don’t think he’d have the motivation to start everything from scratch. I don’t think he’d be able to articulate that the world is fucked so he should get revenge.. Most likely he’d blame himself for not being “man enough.”

      1. I can’t imagine what that must be like seeing it all first hand. I saw a few guys going through marriage and honestly, I’m happy I won’t be seeing the end results. On a personal account, I know two women who were married and divorced and re-married. Both are also pregnant with their first child, daughters. Both were born on the same day as well, same year, different cultures, so might be interesting to see what similarities they have in ten years time. The men I left behind, one was in a 10 year relationship with a land whale while the other married a woman who had a lot of fun in college. Knowing about red pill ideology I sought separation. It is the rational male who goes his own way and seeks the best way to live his own life.
        I agree with you. Absorbing many of the ideologies is tough. Knowing the fullest parts of the rabbit hole with female sexuality is quite horrific. It is also positive to note that if there is a system in place, you can still find a very respectable woman to raise children with. Seeing so many other guys and how they have improved their lives has inspired me in a few ways. I’m finally pursuing a STEM degree. Have to enroll and all of that and decide if the state I’m in will be the best choice or what but it is a road I’ve wanted to travel for a while now. I also plan on adopting some more game aspects. At the end of the day, the fact that I’ve always been red has buffered my exposure quite a bit.
        I can’t imagine the feeling your friend might go through if or when shit hits the fan. I don’t wish any ill on anyone so I hope it does work out for the best but I suspect you’ll be there for him in some way if it doesn’t. After all that is what you do, Kal.

        1. If I’m still around I’ll help him through a crash if it comes but ultimately the person has to heal themselves.
          Good luck getting organized with the STEM degree. I guess you’re looking for a career change?

        2. More like career acceptance. I’ve always loved the sciences and was the only person in my age group open to talking about it. I spent a bunch of time addressing adults on those fields. Figured I’m not getting any younger and whether I need to attend some night classes or other, I want to get down with some permanent advancements for humanity.
          On him healing himself, that is usually what it boils down to at the end of the day.

        3. Well done bud, go higher if you know you can,but, but one step at a time! Currently in a STEM course myself after I’ve done a business degree!!
          I guess the biggest advantage is that not many women work in science or engineering and if you meet them they are starved of alpha males. Good pay, healthy competitive environment

        4. Marriage in the future is going to be as ancient and rare as polygamy and arranged marriages are
          Just thinking about it the thought is slipping from my mind. Looks like the only married couples will be gays and lesbians in the future

      2. In the past, graduating from high school and getting married were the two most likely things to predict a prosperous adulthood. Considering the number of retards now getting Gold Stars, a real education is still a valuable thing. Chicks cashing out of a marriage these days does shift the success curve for men. But still, if you marry the right girl …

      3. The ideal marriage seems to be thought up bu a lot of guys on this site… that’s thinking like how 1950 women thought… forget about marriage.

      4. Not to argue for the sake of argument, but your perception of fringe may be influenced by living in feminist paradise Toronto, maybe?

  3. This should be the standard in marketing. No fitness company is going to lose money from fatties and SJWs boycotting their products, yet the exposure is completely free. They even stand to gain customers having a good old chuckle over the outrage. Don’t pander to a vocal minority, just understand your target audience is also tired of this fit shaming, and take their side.

  4. unfortunately by this time of the year unless you’re barely out of shape or you’ve been working all year since September you’ll never be “beach body” ready by the end of summer. I’m losing about a pound a week (started about 40-50lb overweight) since January. I’m making progress and I look way better, but I’m nowhere near washboard abs despite 3-4 heavy lifts per week, hockey 3-4 times a week. Now in the summer its rugby and baseball, where I’ll probably injure myself, making it much harder to lift.
    I know thats kind of off-topic, but what I mean to say is we’re so damn focused on the immediate future. Advertising weight loss supplements a month before beach season is like taking birth control a month after having unprotected sex.

    1. True–if you are drastically overweight. If you’ve gained 10-15 pounds though over the holidays, its certainly achievable.

    2. biochemistry of glucose, keto, and fat regulation is simple. don’t over complicate it. the lies/advertising/bro-science are endless, but the truth is rather constant.
      it takes 4hrs postprandial to exhaust gut food supply. only then does liver glycogen start to get used extensively. it takes another 4hrs after that to trigger glucose sequestration for critical systems, which turns on fat shuttling en-mass from body stores into liver ketogenesis. only in low-glucose high-ketogenesis will fat loss be extensive. reads: controlled starvation. thus, if your target is to loose fat, you must not eat any sugar or fat for at least 8hrs. afterwards, eat only protein with modest glucose-only. problem solved.
      and, of course, stop eating nonfoods. any nonglucose nongalactose sugars can only be eaten by the liver, and as carbon chain products, they are 1/2 or more shunted into fat neogenesis. reads: unless your fresh from auschwitz, avoid fructose.
      keep calm, you’ll live, hobos do too, stop eating for 8-10 hrs a day, you’ll be right as rain.

      1. You put a fixed 4 hours on exhausting the gut food supply. That doesn’t seem to make sense, since a meal can vary greatly in size.

        1. meal size is not as relevant as ingest-digest-absorb timing. absorption is specialized by intestinal area, which is staged by travel-time not size. you’ll need all intestinal areas to cease absorption to trigger enough glycogenolysis, and you’ll need enough time after that to trigger ketosis. nuances and technicals aside, the advice given holds for the median meal, median, person, median metabolism, median age, and median health: don’t eat for 8hrs and you’ll be in sufficient ketosis to affect both visceral and subcutaneous fat loss.

        2. I get that there can be some fixed time for the body to process stuff, but in the meantime the energy needs of the body have to come from somewhere. A slow drip from a small meal may not provide enough energy during that timeframe to power the needs of an active body.

        3. what are we arguing here? to kill fat, thus kill fat cells, thus kill part of yourself, you do have to have the steeled resolve to do it. the whole point is to under-“power”: under sugar-fat feed -all- of the -intestinal- part of it, to drive the liver to compensate, to drive the native fat cells to purge their contents, to “power” the rest of the body by native stores. you’ll be quite fine once the compensatory systems of energy shuttling kick in, i assure you. “power” is a bullshit ambiguous lazy term; which power, what type of power, where from power, where to power, which simultaneous parallel power systems interact, how do use them and use yourself to achieve the ends you want? starving monkeys can still kill. stop worrying, and stop making excuses.
          now in case i still missed the point, let’s get back to size. size is effectively irrelevant. constitution of the food matters far more, because the gut is highly specialized by area. to be absorbed, the food must be ingested, digested, and transported to the exact right ~2m length of gut, which is all entirely time dependent. the gut expands and contracts; it is not a fixed size; size is irrelevant. sugars are absorbed near the beginning: eat a 2oz or 20lbs of slurpies and you’ll be done absorbing in 1hr regardless. fats are absorbed at the end: eat 2oz or 20lbs of lard and you’ll be done absorbing in 4hrs regardless. as fat loss is what we want to affect, you thus have to wait 4hrs. and then, since more responsive liver-sugar (glycogen) stores are used first, wait another 4hrs to be in solid high-ketosis (fat shuttle-reverse back to the liver, to make ketones, to “power” the body by it’s native energy stores).

        4. I like theoretical explanations … but they ought to correlate with real world experience. Your suggestion not to eat for eight hours (due to these fixed times you mention) goes against many weight loss plans that suggest many small meals throughout the day. Occasionally I have undertaken these when my belly fat was more than I desired. My goals weren’t as stringent as someone wanting to lose a lot of weight, but I was able to consistently lose one pound per week for 10-15 weeks until I met my goal. So from personal experience I know you don’t have to fast 8 hours between meals to lose weight.
          In fact starvation can slow your weight loss results because your body cuts back on energy expenditure under severe conditions. This is a survival mechanism that was oft employed by our species before the industrial revolution brought us food on demand. You want to hover just above the starvation region where your body continues to use energy at a normal rate. You should be exercising as well as cutting calories — not just aerobic stuff, but weight lifting to stimulate your muscle mass — which will be consume otherwise to provide energy for the body.

        5. haha. whatever. terribly sorry, but those programs are there to make money. selective weight loss is myth, and so is “hovering”; global energy deficit does draw on all sugar, then fat, then protien stores. thus, by timing and cycles (not hovering), you can affect which compositions, in order, to expend. selective activity helps too (reads: lift).
          prolonged extended starvation, whether by marathon cross-country or auschwitz, does lead to metabolic down-regulation. but is that you? is that what i said? or is this another excuse, reductio ad absurdum, taking an extreme to justify not doing moderation done right?
          to loose fat-weight, don’t eat for 8hrs a day, -and- afterwards, eat only mostly meat and glucose-sugar. you’ll be fine. the transition phases are what feelz as under “power”, but they last only until gears switch. regardless, you do have to steel through them (and native fat) to get where you want to go. multiple small meals restarts the clock each time, invalidating all prior waiting effort, shooting yourself in the foot.

      2. Whaaa? ok Dr Oz. Not sure how that’s all relevant to what I said. We all know how to lose weight. good nutrition and exercise. But my point was about how its too late if you’re say 15 lb overweight and you want to look good at the beach for summer. I mean its never too early to improve your diet and fitness, but that’s not the point made.

  5. Good for Protein World! I hope they make a killing on the ads and publicity. I wish other companies would follow their lead and not submit to the pressure brought on by the feminist industrial complex and their manboobed-white knight-fagfruit supporters.
    They should have more ads something like: “Feminists. The other whale meat.”
    Oh, and by the way–fat shaming is okay.

      1. What these young woman don’t realize is that as the years go forward, the weight piles on more and then a healthcare worker puts you on the tuna/orca scale/lifter to weigh you and change your bed and wash your fleshy, yeasty skin. Yummy !

        1. Reread my last comment, again, carefully…

          Fatties are almost androgynous in appearance.

          Did you see that? That was a little thing called… “context”.
          Al Burk; “Sarah Jessica Parker’s face is almost horse-like in appearance.”
          NeuroticWriter; “Almost horse-like?Either you are or you aren’t.”
          Try to engrish better next time, good day.

        2. The adjective, especially a hyphenated one, already implies the concept to the point where the use of a dis-qualifier is unnecessary.
          Instead of “almost androgynous”, you should say “rather androgynous” in order to tinker with the degree of androgyny you are trying to convey.
          Instead of “almost horse-like”, one should just say “horse-like”. The former is redundant.

  6. “This is, of course, the time when most women, fat or fit, go to great measures to ensure their bodies are in top shape to don bikinis on beaches around the world.”
    Sarcasm, right? Most women aren’t doing shit to get into shape and make themselves passable with a decent figure on the beach or elsewhere. Even girls on the gym (with a few exceptions) quickly leave the premises after doing their brief stints on the stairmaster or treadmill. It may be enough to prevent weight gain for some, when their metabolism is still high, but to others, their little “workouts” won’t change much.

    1. Their little “workouts” are so worthless that if they “fueled” it with a single “athletic” candy bar or “sports” drink they were getting fatter while they were doing it.

        1. Let me amend. She is bone-worthy. Date worthy, that is tricky but the honest answer is no. But she is cute, nice breasts, just a little too much weight in her thighs. Shave 15 lbs from her thighs and I’d date her.

        2. You get the picture! For a supposed bad option, you might as well choose a damn good bad option.

        3. She has a nice face, and the fat stayed away from the waist. She was extremely lucky in that sense. But omg she’s fat.

        4. I think there is a misconception about what human males naturally find bangable. We look for signs of health. A well proportioned woman wins over either a flat board or a round or shapless blob, somewhat regardless of absolute weight.

        5. Iunno based on that gif she looks like she could be great fun to fuck. Doesn’t mean I have to buy her a house.

        6. I hear you brother. These guys have no clue what used to be possible with women. Now the thirst is palpable, even for fat women, on ROK. Fucking unbelievable.

        7. America was, formerly, a pussy paradise. If I took out my HS yearbook from the 80s, before the obesity pandemic (and the spread of crazy 3rd wave feminism) there would be some sweet tail, front to back.
          No longer.
          I’m willing to give Red Hood a pass as, IIRC, he identifies as black and those guys tend to like “thick” girls, but Jesus, to me, that chick is FAT. And with those yoga pants* holding it in, I’m guessing it only gets worse when she takes them off.
          *Forget Lululemon; the tag on those reads “Omar the Tent Maker”

        8. Yep, I was right there with you back when Billy Idol was putting out new songs on the radio. Truer words were never spoken. Even normal/average guys would laugh at this broad and walk past her like she was invisible.

      1. How did this get upvotes? She’s at least 20 pounds overweight.
        This article is meaningless if overweight women get a pass.

        1. I can’t ignore that she is attractive. I wouldn’t date her. If her goal is to be a notch count she’ll stay at that weight.

        1. Her legs/ass look like they are some kind of fake plastic blow up balloon creation.
          Her face and top are ok in that pick and if it was cropped above the fucking fat ugly ass/legs, I might agree with you. That shit below the navel though, thoroughly disgusting and obese.

      2. It’s a shame – she can seem to find the breakfast buffet but not a gym (on a regular basis). She has the potential but she needs a lot of work (hence the problem today…work is too hard).
        Just say no to fat women.

    1. Take it from me it will go only one way with her, she’s going to blow up. I’m seeing these kind of obese/borderline obese girls everywhere, wearing yoga pants and walking around with water bottles, acting like they’re professional athletes, the likes of which the world has never seen. Behind the scenes, of course, they’re binging on candy and ice cream.

      1. Amen. It is just a biological and physiological fact: in order to maintain body weight you must be eating a certain amount of calories. END OF STORY.

    2. This is the fault of black men, pure and simple. Few white women looked like this before all the interracial dating. The fat girls were lonely and without men. They either lost the weight and got their shit together or they remained lonely. The black guys have always liked pawg’s and so they found their dick without having to lose weight or being shamed into thinness by their white male peers. It used to be only the fat ugly cows seen in interracial relationships, now nearly every woman seems to be blowing up like balloon animals. Thanks Bro’s! You fucked up our genetic stock forever!

      1. The world is better off with the works of Black Men than the desires of blue “men”, especially racist ones…
        You’re welcome.

        1. HA! HA! HA! I guess I hit pretty close to the truth, huh? Yeah racism is Today’s ULTIMATE taboo, the worlds ULTIMATE evil. The modern heretics and lepers of polite, civil “society”; like that exists anymore. HA! HA! HA! Fucking liberal, egalitarian socialists.

        2. They ARE the racists.
          It’s a big reason why they believe what they believe and their policies fail so horribly. Or maybe they backfire as planned?
          But of course, they’re not the only racists.
          And obesity isn’t the only taboo or evil. It actually doesn’t even register as either.

        3. The fight against racism and social inequality has pushed more than 1 BILLION people into early graves since 1900. All the revolutions since the French Revolution have been about equality and they have all ended bloody! The term terrorism was coined to describe the original state-sponsored terrorism called The Red Terror!
          Nature abhors a vacuum and when you kill God He must be replaced with something else. This is always the state. The state is deified and we get our new prophet Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Mao, Reagan, Obama, etc. ad nauseum…
          The idea that all men are created equal, first proclaimed as part of a national ideology by the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, is probably the most influential socio-moral-political idea of the modern world. It is also the most fundamental and axiomatic; for the Declaration of Independence, after declaring the “self-evident truth all men are created equal”, goes on immediately, in the same sentence, to assert “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” In other words, the whole Human Rights philosophy (or religion) of the so-called “international community”, is based on “the egalitarian dogma”; most of the actions of modern politicians are justified on the basis of “human rights”, which in turn are justified on the basis of egalitarianism.
          Even after witnessing the vast upheavals and huge rivers of blood that have been poured out to force equality on the nations of the world since 1776, the world still loves the dogma, still worships it, is still prepared to die for it. Even most Christians, who should know better, regard it as an article of their faith which they believe in with greater sincerity and passion than any other article, including the Holy Trinity or the Divinity of Christ.
          Have you sought any help from a clinical psychologist? You seem neurotic, but then again everyone born after 1980 seems that way to me…

        4. You draft a densely concise – albeit beautiful – analysis of human history from the age of Enlightenment to now in response to my 5 line admiration for fat girls.
          And I’m the one who’s neurotic? Well, it’s in my name.

        5. meanwhile in the smurf village all the blue smurfs who’d taken the red pill were beginning to notice the decline in modern smurfette: the attitude, the tats, weight gain and the damn hypergamy. That and the fact she was only interested in Papa Smurf and black guys

    3. This lady is actually quite pretty. She is rather Germanic in her proportions to be sure and for me she would be at the upper limit of who I would go out with.
      On the “plus” side, having sex with a moderately overweight woman can be really good. The extra weight is not only carried externally but compresses the internal organs including pressing against the vaginal walls, making for a really tight snatch. If she then moves her ass in response to your motions, you will have a fuck like nothing on this earth.
      Visually I like the fit girls but when it comes to sex I don’t overlook the moderately overweight girl either.

      1. “Moderately overweight”?
        Fuck dude, back when I was in my teens/20’s (the mid 1980’s) she would have been clearly seen as an obese monstrosity.

        1. Agree. That girl being “moderately overweight” is putting in nicely….she’s fat in my playbook.
          You guys need to remember one thing: you are the prize (not the other way around).
          Lowering standards is bad. If that’s in her “natural state” then she gets a pass (at least from me).
          I swing for the fence…I don’t accept partial credit.

    4. This cow is close to 190 lbs. It would have to be 2am with beer goggles, and even then only a blow job and she’s out the door. I wouldn’t fuck her, much less let her sleep over. What if she kept trying to come back?

  7. Pretty much any leftist cause is born from pure laziness. This is why modern art looks like shit and why they’re so into welfare programs that give positive reinforcement to bums and people who made bad decisions while people who actually have their shit together have to foot the bill. And like you mentioned, this is why fatties would rather shame women than lose weight (And why women are in fact the biggest oppressors of women).
    This is why I believe Occupy Wall Street was mostly a (Beta) male cause, since much of a man’s value can be found in his bank account. Tons of young guys who went to school for worthless degrees complaining that they’re not making money and wanting the government to absolve their student loan debt, raise the minimum wage, somehow make more jobs appear, etc. Rather than work hard or try out a field that would actually earn them money (Again, hard work) they’d rather sit around and have someone else do the work for them. And it’s no surprise that so many of these guys probably end up pair-bonding with fat-acceptance feminists. They’re made for each other.

    1. Let me guess, you listen to Rush Limbaugh… Just watch, he will come back with some lame reply like “I wish!” which is supposed to mean what exactly?

    2. Success is fascist.
      Effort is ableist.
      Happiness is undeserved unless delivered via welfare check
      That’s the leftwing ideology in tl;dr form

    3. The bank system is horrible and the biggest theft racket in the history of man-kind. What the Fed, Treasury, and Congress/President did to rescue the banks may have been the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich in the entire history of the world. (and I say that as someone who has a job in finance, makes top 2% money, and has a T10 MBA). I believe occupy wall street started off correctly, just like the Tea party did, but ultimately were overtaken (IMO on purpose on both sides) but the loonies in both of the major parties.

      1. From what I saw the sentiment was there, but they went about it the wrong way. And then it became about other causes all mixed together.
        As a 20-something I noticed a lot of my peers complaining about the job market and student debt aspect of the economy. Instead of complaining about their lots in life, they could’ve been more proactive in actually trying to turn their lives around. I mean, isn’t this what sites like ROK talk about all the time? You can’t change other people’s minds but you can change yourself, in this case either by losing the victim mentality/becoming more successful or by learning to adapt to the world around you.
        And from a personal standpoint, all the dudes I know who actively supported OWS were like the people I mentioned in my initial post – Lazy people with worthless degrees who couldn’t take any responsibility for their decisions. I never saw anyone with a logical head on their shoulders or a work ethic actually want to be a part of it. And I say this as someone who picked a stupid major and is dead broke – It’s nobody’s fault but mine.

        1. No doubt – there is a lot of people that wanted to pass all of the blame but to some degree its fairly valid. I don’t think you realize the sophistication of the banking systems models. They can calculate with precision accuracy on your probability to default and what that default will cost them. Add in leveraging up 10 to 50: 1 through effectively naked shorting the USD through fractional reserve lending/investing + exec greed, and you end up with like we did in 1929 and 2008/9.
          Lastly–I can empathize with a lot of them. They are told from a young age by everyone – parents, schools, universities, banks, gov, to go to college at any cost – borrow all you want. Buy a home at any cost – borrow all you want. Most people unfortunately have to learn the hard way. The banks and the government knew what was likely to happen but just didn’t care. They got theirs and when it all crashed down, we bailed them out to the tunes of trillions of dollars counting devaluation of the dollar. I’m not saying those people are blameless and shouldn’t have accountability — but the bank and government accountability SHOULD BE much, much higher than an individual person. IMO banks should be held to the one dollar of capital rule and I’d have only single term limits for senators and 2 terms for congressmen. That would fix most of the problems in the world today, although it would certainly be painful in the short term as the bad debt crept out of the system through a wave of defaults.

      2. Good point…and no one (especially anyone in the government) is going to be honest with the people. It takes someone like you, a professional in the biz, to explain it to the people and hope that they see the light.
        I knew the game was rigged “back when”. It’s pretty obvious but just like the matrix many don’t want to see it.
        It’s more comforting for them to ignore reality.

      3. The problem that is never addressed with the Banking issue is that the problems in american banking were caused, 100%, by the greed of the american middle class.
        Were the bankers greedy? Yes. But they are bankers. You should know that walking into the room.
        When a married couple making a combined 85k a year decides to take a mortgage on a 400k house and both of them drive a BMW leased and they are living on a house of cards made up of debt they want so badly to blame the people who made it possible to borrow the money. Where is the personal responsibility.
        If instead of choosing how something looks these morons chose how something really is the US economy wouldn’t be in such a shit state.
        Mr. Smith, high school teacher, making 40k a year wants to Drive a BMW, own a 4 bedroom house and have a wife who has the newest mercedes station wagon while they send their kids to private school.
        PT Barnum said there was a sucker born every second. Don’t blame the banker for taking advantage of it. Blame Mr. Smith. Instead of putting his hat in the ring and using his energy and resources to try and attain the life and possessions he wants while living within his means in the meantime, he opted to take a short cut and when he lost everything, like all short cut takers, he wants someone else to blame.
        There was never a single moment in the history of these UWS idiots where they had the right idea. The right idea starts with questions and honest answers. Where am I? Where do I want to be? What am I doing that is causing a gap between those places? What can I do right now to begin the process of moving from one to another.
        What they did was say where are we? Who can we blame? How can we make them change our situation for us.

    4. Yep…it’s all about free shit and getting something for nothing. Don’t get me started about “modern art” which is shit cause nobody wants to learn the basics like how to fucking draw. Jackson Pollock punctured paint cans and dripped them on canvases. His painting sell for multi millions. I was at the guggenheim museum modern art NYC and there on display was a canvas that was all white. I thought it was there just to occupy the space while a previous painting was in storage or something. Oh no it was actually on display complete with an explanation below it on what it was and what it represents. It was a canvas painted all white. That’s it. A fucking fraud…

      1. And the works all have to have some kind message. Let’s say the white canvas’s message was about a serious issue like famine. Instead of actually drawing or painting a scene of the effects of famine (Which they can’t do), they’ll literally throw shit at the wall to see what sticks and then create an artist’s statement about the meaning of it. And this is why it’s bullshit – A decent work of art or music should be self-explanatory, as it’s easier to create an emotional reaction in a person. And any artist worth their weight should be able to clearly produce representational imagery. If you have to explain what something means then you’ve failed the game.

        1. The question is are there objective standards for art ?? The answer is of course yes. John Stossel had a great show about this. He took 4 yr olds and they made paintings. Typical 4 yr old stuff i.e. finger paintings and splatter and such. He then had these art experts Phd’s from various universities judge these works of art. These blowhards were going on and on with their big words i.e. neoclassical blah blah blah. So Stossel sex do you want to meet the artists and out march these little 4yr olds. It was humiliating to these profs . They thought these renderings by 4 yr olds were REAL art… This crap nowadays is for artists who don’t know how to paint. Lazy fucks…

        2. Holy shit, I need to watch this. There was also a documentary I read about featuring a 4-year-old girl whose art was shown in galleries and selling for thousands of dollars. I can’t recall if the collectors and galleries knew this was a little girl, but either way it just shows how much delusion people are willing to accept in order to appear “cultured”.

        3. You do need to watch it. Nothing but wealthy upper east side blowhards pontificating about “art”.

        4. Check out the vid on Prager University on YouTube. There’s a vid on “is there objective standards for Art” done by an prof Phd art teacher…the answer is yes of course there are standards for art like anything else.

        5. Nothing but pretentious and braggy fucks occupy those scenes. The kind of assholes that if you say something as mundane as “My, the clouds are looking fluffy today!” they forcefuck a brag-opportunity out of nothing and say something like “When I was in Prague, the clouds…” Bitch I didn’t ask about “When you was in Prague”, got that?

  8. ” . . .get their asses up at 4am to hit the treadmill and do squats.”
    You are actually making things too easy on them. They could beat the body on the poster if they did body weight strength training just during the commercials of a single weekly TV show.
    And pie a la mode pushaways only during their normal waking hours.

  9. No matter how much whining they do, Feminist taking their fat ugly bodies to the beach, will only result in land whale pollution. They can be beach ready all they want, in the corner with all the other land whales.
    When I lived in Spain, I noticed a great looking woman, is like a magnet. Her section of the beach will fill up from guys checking her out, and then girls checking the guys ect…..All from one good looking girl. The land whale section….well it’s full of ready for the beach…heheeh.

    1. Great white whale washed up on the beach. Somebody help me push it back in the water before it stinks up the place.

  10. Ha ha. If I need a healthy dose of “race vs gender” wars, this site always provides. The comments sections on these websites is like prison; a bunch of racial, gender and political gangs fighting each other. Somehow each side believes they’re right, and making a difference. When really it’s just squabbling among yourselves that will never actually change anything for ANYONE in any of these groups.
    I do love being up in arms though! Makes me feel so alive to pretend my cause is more meaningful then someone else’s cause.
    If they’re feminists what do we get to be called? Meninists? Menists? Menaces perhaps? I like that one.

    1. No one is here to mend bridges or save the world by forcing their views on other just like fems do. Many a voice, many a opinion and people take what suits them best and further discuss shit they wouldn’t be able to without repercussions.
      P.S you prob look worse than like Macy Gray in training day

      1. First and foremost, while trying to insult the feminists, you applied the exact tactics they constantly apply.
        Refer to:
        “Charge of Unattractiveness (Code Tan) – The Ugly Tan Charge
        Discussion: The target is accused of having no romantic potential as far as women are concerned. Examples:
        “I bet you are fat and ugly.”
        “You can’t get laid!”
        “Have you thought about the problem being you?”
        Response: This is another example of “circumstantial ad hominem.” The target’s romantic potential ultimately does not reflect on the merit of his arguments.”
        Conveniently, I found that exact link in the comments on a different article on here. Yet here you are acting like a feminist and doing the exact same things they do to convince people you’re right.
        PS: I’m not a woman, and I don’t have an afro. Training Day was an amazing movie, all of which have nothing to do with the fact that people like you are idiots who will continue to be used by woman. Because you need a website of other men to feel empowered.
        Edit: I get the feeling you think that I’m some sort of “liberal” and “feminist” supporter. Ironically I’m constantly accused of being the opposite; a “republican” and “misogynist”. I guess speaking my mind and having my own opinion, without fear of repercussions, is impossible for me yet doable for you? You act like a woman, demanding equality and getting pissed off when someone calls you out for it. This website is less about acting like a man, and more talking about acting like one. Irritating really.

        1. TL;DR is more like: “I have no actual answer so let me reply the same way a female would. With emotion and no logic.”
          Thanks for making my point. Go back to being the bitch you are.

        2. Actually I tore you apart and you couldn’t even reply. I think you’re the one who’s trying to “save face”.

        3. An actual convo with you is likely to drag on forever and ever resulting in the loss of time I’ll never get back EVER! A simple fuck off would have been better for you since you are so fixated on trolling this website!
          I rarely comment with emotion and feels, but, to me it seems that you need to take shit off your chest and are in desperate need for a chat buddy! I mean look at your massive reply!
          Your mums vag hides black men away from racist police men!

        4. If you actually read my reply you’d have noticed that 60% of it was copy paste from an anti-feminism website. Where I showed how you acted just like a feminist. And now that you’ve established that you can’t read, OR reply without looking like an idiot I guess I really don’t need to say anything else. Plus I mean realistically it didn’t have to be you who replied. Any idiot who thinks just like you would have said the same shit you did. It needed to be said so someone else wouldn’t walk down the same road you did. You make a good warning sign.

        5. You’re such a beg, please fuck off! My first response clearly stated that I, like everyone on this site is here to have a nice little chat and exchange ideas not to save the world! You reply with a large chunk of feminist shit and expect me to take you seriously?
          As you haven’t quite understood my first comment, I am not emotionally invested in this website.
          You on the other side, are quite knowledgeable of feminist technique and seem to be very sensitive of the insults brought to you!

        6. Only been on this website like, one day. Read a few other articles. Talked to a few other people (my profiles not public???) you could have read this yourself. Only person I at all could be considered argued with is, you. And I never actually attacked anyone, I just said this site was a good place to go for a fight. Which to this day is true, thanks for proving that as well. Again since you can’t READ it was actually ANTI-FEMINIST propaganda I was spouting at you, which ironically I was being pseudo-facetious with you while doing it since you clearly believe it, while ironically acting that way yourself. I only read that stuff I said to you TODAY, from a link in a comment on THIS site. I had a day off, it’s cold and rainy outside so I browsed mostly news articles and relaxed. No real investment in anything. Also ironic that you post large paragraphs then call anything I say “huge and emotional”. Then insult me. You’re a walking contradiction friend.
          Again since you can’t read: the shit I said was ANTI-FEMINIST not FEMINIST. Read. Read. Read.
          And it was ironically calling you out for behaving against the very people you claim to be against. I don’t have an investment in any of this, I just found it ironic that you were being so BLATANTLY hypocritical of the ideals you preach and follow. The fact is I have NO investment. I made a few relatively objective comments that originally sided with no one. Then I purposely used your own rhetoric against you. I don’t have that much of an opinion on the matter one way or another really. I like to go off my own experience in life.

    2. lol I’ve had feminazis calling me a “nigger” on this site have yet to see any “race wars” on ROK that people go to those extremes.
      Its usually civil people debating and sharing ideas, haha I have no idea what your talking about. Pls go back to jezebel and circle jerk about the patriarchy and bathe in your perpetual victimhood.

      1. I had to google “jezebel” because I’ve never heard of it. Unlike some people I don’t need to go to sites full of people that agree with my “alleged” victimhood, like you do apparently. Ironically I probably follow the MGTOW lifestyle better than you since I actually, you know, go my own way. Do women find men who whine in unison about feminists attractive these days?

        1. I’m not a victim nor do I see myself as a victim. Haha there are sites everywhere where people share insights about stuff that interest them. This site is interested in the nature of women and analysis of it. There are hundreds of feminist sites why don’t you go there to complain? What is your problem with the site?

        2. Propaganda is propaganda no matter what side you’re on. I made a relatively objective statement. I have no issue with this site, nor did I actually ever directly insult the site. Just the comments section. I look at it like a deep-fryer where the article is actual food, and the comments are greasy run-off. Coincidentally, I was just re-using your attacks against you. It’s pretty easy to fight fire with fire, since everything you decry you’re the walking embodiment of.

  11. OMGGGG who cares? Did you hear 17,000,000 people watched Bruce Jenner talk about being a Frankenstein monster now? What a hero! What courage! It takes a REAL man to talk about wanting to be a woman to remain in the spotlight in the twilight of his life! No sense in calling it a desperate attention stunt, HE’S A HERO!!!
    Note sarcasm, for the love of God! Just how skullfucked is that dude, seriously?

    1. Bruce TransJenner is mentally ill. I could almost weep looking at him and thinking this was an Olympic hero. It’s just sad that mutilation is seen as something “brave” and “heroic”. I wonder though, will he take his Olympic medals and turn them into some fashionable earrings – you go guuurrrrrrlll!

        1. Are you black? If so, just walk up to them and start talking, they’ll imbibe your cock right quick under that pretense alone.

        2. at first i thought, hm, a tad bit young, but i could see it in a few years. but then i realized it already was a few years, a tad bit old…already. that was fast.
          /edit: did some homework.
          top: they’re 13 and 11. circa 2008
          bottom: 19 and 17. circa 2014
          so more or less, that was really, really fast. six years to the wall; isn’t it normally longer? the taller one (kendall) seems extremely poorly influenced by that harpy kkardashian. the mimicry is uncanny. i’m pretty sure they started out white, so how did they end up… never mind. added two more pics for reference.

        3. The taller one is Kendal. She’s already working in mainstream modeling. One good thing she’s said is that she’s against getting tattoos. At least she’s not crazy. The shorter one, Kylie already has rumors of plastic surgery for her lips and breasts. Its a shame too that these girls are role models for other girls the same age.

        4. corrected, thank you.
          i’d wager that as what little of their looks they have left fade, their crazy will reveal itself more, e.g. plastic surgery. same course, as many before them. paradise lost.

      1. I feel sorry for that poor bastard. Imagine living with that family of cunts? I don’t think any man could survive it unscathed.

      2. I’m sure those fuckers will put him back on a box of Wheatees. I read an article that the Men’s Health magazine was thinking of putting a transgendered FTM on the cover which is completely fucking insane.
        I say again: completely fucking insane.

        1. Like I said, he can use his Olympic medals as earrings. He is 65yo. now has anyone checked Bruce out for dementia?

    2. Actually, since Jenner announced he is a Christian Republican, the leftist media will drop the story like a hot potato. Did they ever get trolled.

      1. I watched the first few minutes of his interview. Once he said “well. genetically, I am not a woman..” I changed the channel…

  12. I’ll give the feminists credit for this – until I saw that side by side comparison pic, I was unaware that Humpty Dumpty was female. Now if I just knew where they sold Humpty Dumpty’s bikini size so I could boycot it….

  13. Why do SJW’s not understand that envy is not a virtue. Its ugly.
    Equality does not mean excellence, or goodness or desirable. So stop imagining it does.

  14. You know, it’s not that I’m a particularly religious person, but it is with examples like these why I so often now clearly see why the Founding Fathers ordered the Truth, to prevent us from drifting off into la-la-land.
    It basically goes like this:
    1 – God’s Law/Absolute Truth
    2 – Natural Law/Objective Truth
    3 – Civil Law/Subjective Truth
    If a Civil Law contradicts a Natural Law it is a false law, and if a Natural Law contradicts the Absolute Truth, it is a false law.
    This way, we can allow our brains to explore the world around us without believing we are God ourselves and getting ourselves into all sorts of troubles. The Soviet Union allowed their Civil Laws to legislate the actual frickin’ seasons, when bureaucrats in Moscow dicated the dates for farmers to plant the crops, regardless of whether the ground was still frozen or not. This happened because they “un-ordered the truth.”
    The Fat Acceptance Crowd – same shit. You cannot legislate attraction, morons. You cannot “force” nature to bend to your will in this way.
    Gay Marriage and Gay Parents? See above chart. It is obviously a bunch of civil laws trying to overcome natural law – in other words, ALL FALSE.
    Single Mothers equal to the Traditional Family? See above chart… no they’re not, morons. A single mother cannot have children “alone” and has only 50% the ability to both parent and create resources for the child – unless she receives assistance from Civil Laws created by Government… false laws!
    Like I said, I don’t find myself particularly religious, but many of these issues stem from man seemingly believing he is God himself, and trying to “fix the world” by legislation and bullshit campaigns against nature.

    1. oh come on. the founding father’s placed the law of Men above all others, especially God, and in doing so, they were as close to gods of their land and physical world around them as Men could get. which is what all Men should self-improve to be, yourself included.
      place god above you, use it as an excuse to not become the image of godly Men, and you’re right back to the same place those you detest do so love: reject god, selfishly declare yourself divine above reality, and use that to excuse not becoming the image of godly Men. same ends, predetermined, with only different hamsters to get there.
      for the record, natural law to the founding fathers was forged by war and might, and it is not the way natural law is thought of now, nor is your natural law. the same applies to the way they used notions of god. allusions to the past, taken out of context, fail.

        1. It is probably more accurate to state that America no linger exists. All that remains is a political structure known as The United States.

        2. i don’t think we’re on the same page. What little mention of God they included was propaganda, opiate for the masses, irrelevant language included to incite rebellion elsewhere, just like the words “we the people”, which worked. their hands still changed this world for themselves and remade it in their image. Gods. or as close to it as Men can get.

        3. Whether the political structure remains or not, does not prevent us in anyway from the using “the system” they put forth in our personal lives (The ordering of Truth – based on the ideas of John Locke).
          Screw the political world… the world you live in starts with you and extends from there, and such a philosophy of ordering the truth works just as well on that level.
          Fuck, is it EVER pathetic to watch men grovel like servile worms, and claim they have no power because of … “SOB!”
          Reach down between your legs, grab your balls, AND RECLAIM YOUR MANHOOD! For Christ’s Sakes!
          Much like feminists, the only victim here is YOURSELF
          What kind of future is that fuggit asswhipe offering you? NOT MUCH OF ONE!
          God, as much as you might hate him, offered much better than this!
          Don’t give up your sovereignty like a loser of a beta to the first broad who asks for it!
          GOD, warned you about this!
          Don’t blame men!

        4. What fucking page ARE you on, exactly?
          Please show it to me, rather than spew acadmically retarded BULLSHIT!
          Do you not realize we are talking about a philosopy? That kind which Thomas Jefferson, almost assuredly an Atheist, still agreed with?
          Can you NOT align yourself with his mode of thinking AT ALL?
          Good grief, we’re fucked!
          Thanks a lot, you assholes.

        5. you’re welcome to try again.
          “we the people” meant them the people, not you. the by no accident diminished references to god, only present in a few places, meant their idea of god, not yours. that others so read the same words and thought themselves people and their God important was, and still is, the propaganda. opiate for the masses, get over it.
          they’re not hard to align with. all of those men created themselves equally, and bestowed upon themselves their “self-evident” natural law and their natural lands, and in doing so, became the Fathers. or as close to it as men can get.
          aspiring to be better than them is where all men need to go. as close to it as they can get.

        6. Oh go fuck yourself with your moral relativsm!
          The vast majority of Amercians were GOD FEARING CHRISTIANS…. it is why they sailed, as CHRISTIANS, across the goddmamn ocean to find RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!
          Don’t make history into your own personal crusade, dipshit!
          That AMERICANS migrated to North America had very serious political implications – OF WHICH YOU ARE IGNORING!

        7. morals? absolute truth? god fearing? you slander all these words to your own meaning and own predetermined ends. moral relativism is the freedom those god fearing christians so sought, and still cling too. freedom to interpret god their own way, freedom which betrays responsibility to the lineage of Men in the end, freedom that the creators of this country played into only enough to carry on their own lineages, thus side-stepping all of the crazy actual relativists. even today, it all makes for an amusing circus.
          likewise, all of what you have written seeks to rewrite the founders’ words to your utility, but they wrote their own image to their own utility. the Founders placed their natural law, the law of Men, above everything, especially religion.
          there is only one reality, one complete truth, one universe, and that universe is not subjective nor relative. this is the correct absolute truth that those who create their own might align with. this is disconcerting to those who like the more simplistic opiate, for it implies unavoidable responsibility that grants no forgiveness. quite unchristian.

        8. Use capitals and punctuation please. If you cannot comprehend these concepts, then please, don’t think of me as an ass for thinking you are NOT an intellectual!
          The founders acknolwedged the existence of GOD – something which you are UNWILLING TO DO! Therefore, your analysis is not in anyway equal… in fact, how could it be? You believe you ARE god, while they believe they are SUBSERVIENT to God. Big diff, asshole.
          If you dared to talk about the founders as builders of civilizations, you would quickly lose your rant… for you are wrong not only on the founder’s level, but also that of god’s level.

        9. a lively discussion. your words i never spoke, nor your conclusion so wrong: i do dare to speak of the founders as builders of civilization, and destroyers too, of the civilization that came before them. they rewrote all in their “natural” name. and their natural was secular, not your oxymoron of “absolute truth”-freedom.
          religion, done wrong, tells men not to become founders and masters; it uses the words of founding masters but subverts meaning with it’s own, and so do your words of claiming absolute truth in others’ names long since dead. the founder’s religion, their absolute truth (not yours), was the religion that reality is not relative, that pushed aside all those god fearing religious relativists suck in their own feelz, that bedrocked secularism. that was what the founders did; their’s was the religion that the laws of Men must come first.

  15. Men, go look at Protein World’s Twitter, they are actually getting a lot of support from pretty girls, funny how ironic that is! Mostly butt-ugly man-things who mutilate themselves into looking like Billy Idol with tits have a problem. Go figure!

    1. I hope not. Besides these feminists/land whales aren’t his target crowd anyway. Feminists don’t workout which is why they are landwhales in the first place. What do they need with a protein supplement? That’s like a blind person getting angry because a pair of shoes isn’t in their favorite color.

      1. Exactly, which is probably why the company is so fearless against feminists. He’s not losing their business, and their vitriol is free publicity. A viral campaign would be a dream come true for a small company.

      2. Gyms are beginning to cater towards the female crowd. Other than the free weight zone (where there’s like 1-2 racks), the rest of the gym is 20 cardio machines and a separate room for women going foelr yoga class
        And don’t get me started on the Planet Fitness influence on the gym business…

        1. I noticed this shit happening awhile back and I started to build a home gym. I wasn’t going to let their business model impact my workout (or lifestyle)….plus I didn’t want to have to wait for other idiots with their new year’s resolutions (that lasted 2 to 3 weeks).

        2. Big time. Back before I moved to a “home gym” set up, I would only patronize “neighborhood gyms”, where you’d see mostly working class guys, no spandex or frou-frou “health” (read: loaded with sugar) drinks, and the few women who attended showed up, shut up, do their workout, re-rack their weights and leave. You know, like normal people.

        3. Oh I have more or less made a career mocking all these spandexy posers who post gym selfies and invent stupid impromptu hashtags, especially women who do it simply for Betatard attention/validation. You ever seen a woman “work out”? Where’s the sweat and intensity? If a woman isn’t fat in the first place there really isn’t a whole lot she has to do to maintain a relatively nice body.

      3. Good point. The company risks nothing in opposing these fat twats. They and their feminist mangina supporters never, ever hit the gym or even try to be healthy, and healthy people almost universally consider those kinds of out of shape sad sacks as pathetic. The company literally cannot lose no matter how balls out they go in giving it back to the social justice weenies.
        This is a situation chock full of all kinds of win.

        1. Women I know who are into health an fitness actually hate the “body shaming” culture that is becoming huge in The West, they work hard too look good an feel healthier but get guilt tripped for it instead of praised.

        2. You are so correct. I’m still a fattie but get shamed constantly by other women for going to the gym, counting calories, saying no to pizza and sweets, etc… There is nothing wrong with the ad, the young lady is a beautiful and healthy inspiration.

        3. I was fat In the past an copped negativity for trying to eat healthier an going to the gym aswell, don’t let it bother you because your making a positive change an they arn’t. Only in an insane society is someone shamed for trying to be healthier.

        4. I had a friend who took a long time to lose weight because her friends and family would do everything they could to sabotage her attempts to lose weight.
          When she was fat they would agree that she needed to be healthier. But when she was shedding pounds they changed their tune and tried to get her to stop.
          She finally figured out that they were threatened by her doing what they could not.
          She lost the pounds and got better company to be around. People who didn’t try to sabotage her attempt to be healthier just because they were afraid that she would do what they could not.
          Misery loves company.
          Don’t give up. Ignore people if they try to make you feel bad for wanting to be healthier.

        5. The real root of Feminism, like with Communism, is jealousy of other peoples’ success in life. That’s where the guilt tripping comes from.

      4. Agree. They are getting angry at a product (and lifestyle) that others have chosen to pursue. What’s next? This shit is ridiculous.
        Fit shaming, indeed.

        1. Yes. I got attacked by a woman just by sharing my exercise and discipline when it comes to food as the secret to remaining a size 2. I wasn’t even insulting overweight people! X(
          Think it’s in my profile and her name is Felicity Cook. She seems to be shaming me into apologising for maintaining my weight! X(
          What the heck.

        2. No thanks. I would rather treat men and women with proper respect and have them reciprocate than behave like a belligerent shemale warrior in the name of feminism *bleah*

        3. She sounds crazy…don’t try to reason with her or use logic (a waste of time). All you can do is not let people (like her) shame you for being fit and thin.
          It’s called fit shaming (the opposite of fat shaming). Keep that in mind, don’t apologize and be proud of staying fit (and thin).

        4. Thanks. It helps to speak with sane people. Will reply ‘I’m still slim’ to crazy loonies if the first few words of their responses are vitriol. The rest of their drivel is just a waste of time.
          Thank goodness for people like you to balance out the nutters!

        5. Wait, you mean if I hold a door open for you (as I would for anyone who was nearby and I’m making my entrance/exit), you won’t accuse me of being sexist? What’s wrong with you? Why are you selling out your sister wymyn?

        6. Why would I? It’s charming.
          My answer to you regarding the alleged selling out: I’m the kinda woman feminists love to hate and attack – the kind who remains a size 2 for her man, the kind who isn’t so insecure as to deny that men really do certain things better than we do, the kind who respects men as human beings and who’re taken care of well by them in return – from bosses to colleagues to friends and to loved ones.
          Men – aside from douchebags without proper upbringing and who don’t know how to properly treat women – deserve our respect and support. Usually, those with parents who taught them good values always reciprocate the goodwill and take care of us women.

        7. Welcome to modern feminism, feminist shame an hate women who don’t do what they think women should do.

        8. I will resolutely refuse to do what they think I should do because I am a woman and proud to be 1, not a feminist.
          Men have been kind to me and taken care of me. It’d be slapping them viciously and ungratefully in the face if I agree with the man-bashing and stripping men of their rights that feminists do today.
          No way. I still have a conscience.

        9. That’s good you understand an see feminism for what it really is. I also know females who get shammed for being “too skinny” or for choosing to be a stay at home mum. Feminists don’t care about female choice an empowerment they are just trying to control women.

        10. I agree when they protect women from morons who don’t have good upbringing and who treat women like useless objects. These men didn’t have a good father figure as a role model and will not know how to treat women properly. So women should, indeed, be warned about them. I can’t deny this. Feminism is good here.
          But is feminism being used for this purpose? No. Its focus is on certain groups of women dictating their preferences and wants and expecting everyone to follow. No sane woman can agree with it and go against the good men in their lives…

        11. Women tend to seek out those type of men because feminism teaches them that having a caring husband who provides for her an having a family with him is giving into the patriarchy, so going around sleeping with emotionally aloof or abusive men is what women started doing. So feminism has failed women in that way too.

        12. This is why they pay the consequences and I do not 😛 Selling out? Don’t think so. I’d be betraying the men who’ve treated me kindly and respectfully if I embrace feminism as it is today. Even you. You’ve been polite : ) So has Driver.
          Some women do still have a conscience, you know? : ) I’ve come across a few of such women and they’re delightful to interact with!

        13. There’s lots of women I enjoy interacting with I’m not anti female I’m anti feminist for what it’s doing to women an men. There’s a lot of women who’s behavior I find discusting an can be traced back to feminism an the culture that feminism has created in my country. Being completely anti male or female is stupid.

        14. Agree. It just isn’t right to taint one and all with the same brush. Yes, there’re douchebags who are rich and happen to think women are gold-diggers. Although decent ladies generally steer clear of them, there’re undeniably some women who’re still attracted to them thanks to the flamboyant lifestyles they seem to promise.
          These parties then feed off the drama.
          So maybe you’re right. The feminists just might be reacting to idiots who think all women are gold-diggers and then they think all men are bastards.
          The rest of the decent folks? Just sit by and watch and have enjoyable discussions ; )
          Thanks for being civil. It was nice chatting with you. Please keep being nice to us ladies. Who knows? You might change a feminist’s mind someday. She may think there are decent men in this world too : )

        15. They always claim a medical condition. (Inhaling ice cream and gravy by the truck loads will do that to a person) Funny thing, is the people with actual conditions are never really fat.

        16. It does make me wonder though… I was involved in a car accident previously and suffered from a back injury. There’re some strenuous activities I can’t do, but don’t take it soooooo personally when people talk about their own tough workouts. Because, hey, at least I AM doing something to keep healthy and slim.
          So perhaps those who genuinely have conditions might not feel any need to lash out because they KNOW they have them. Whereas those who don’t feel the need to be ultra defensive?
          I dunno. Just a thought *shrug*

        17. IKR, A woman at a job I’d only been on a week said ‘I bet youre one of those skinny bitches who can eat what they like and never put on weight’ – what kind of BS magical thinking is that? Like its some undeserved advantage.
          She was only about 2 sizes bigger than me, the regular healthy size I was eating to achieve after an illness.
          I sarcastically suggested she consider stress from bitchiness as a weightloss method, as theres nothing like a bit of adrenaline to work off the excess. Within 6 months she was on medication and complaining of bullying from some other female colleague. Mental.

        18. Is that the fat virus? I saw a documentary where they tested hopeful fat people for the virus, but they did not have it. Their face was a picture!

        19. Ridiculous. A new term should be coined: ‘victim privilege’ – cry and scream about being bullied enough and these people get their way.
          These oh-so-sensitive loonies need to check their victim privilege. In fact, I’m going to start telling them.

        20. They just called it drama queen in my day, or attention seeker, now its ‘how to spot a narcissist’.
          Attack until it fails, then gossip and get people on side, then invent a victim story.

        21. I dont think that was its official name, but it just survived harmlessly by helping make fat to feed off. It only really meant the difference between e.g. 2 twins, one would be a size 2, but the other could never get below a 4 even though she was more active. It is not to blame for pie cravings. 🙂

        22. It IS drama queen behaviour and it gives the rest of us women a bad name. The worst kind of censorship there is, ever.
          Nobody is allowed any right to an opinion unless it’s in line with theirs. They can preach to their cult members. Count me out of it.

        23. It makes sense. I don’t think people are so unreasonable as to expect their wives’ bodies to return to what they were pre-pregnancy. They just don’t like it when the wives use it as an excuse to turn into rhinoceroses. Which is entirely reasonable…
          Why can’t women take pride in being women? Taking pride in our appearance, taking pride in our relationships, taking pride in our families, taking pride in our fitness, taking pride in our health, taking pride in the delicious fresh food we cook, taking pride in our friendships, taking pride in our work, so on and so forth?
          Is sloppiness something to be proud of? : /

        24. People definitely don’t like to hear anything that causes them to think for themselves. One thing I have learned from here is a perspective on a type person who thinks that they are allowed to be whatever they choose. Sure but, not everyone will find it attractive. Expecting that people are somehow obliged to be kind about it, is foolish. Realising that you as a woman who looks after herself and thinks for herself, has the most options in life, is what it comes down to.

        25. Exactly. There’re always exceptions but women who maintain a wholesome lifestyle generally apply that same discipline to other aspects of their lives.
          Life rewards these women; and they feel better, more confident. They also treat everyone they come into contact with better and life rewards them again. The cycle continues.
          It’s really up to each woman to decide what she wants – a good cycle or a vicious downward spiral.

      5. land blimps with hairy underarms aka feminist use the title feminist as a crutch and excuse to be lazy….since working out and taking care of their bodies is such an inconvenience. they believe that they should be accepted by hunks no matter how fat, smelly, and hairy the feminist are. feminists hate attractive women bc the desirable ladies can get mates for reproduction, land a better job, get treated better, and will have access to more things in general than the 300lb feminist that looks like Honey Boo Boo’s mom. women that are smart, pretty, and workout are a threat to feminist so the feminist will shame them by accusing the attractive women of being ‘fake’ and ‘materialistic’ for taking care of themselves, but the feminist will champion obesity and applaud a 450lb rhino in a skirt with hairy legs and scream at the top of their lungs that this is beauty and this how women are supposed look.

      6. That’s like a blind person getting angry because a pair of shoes isn’t in their favorite color.

        Feminism in a nutshell, also, totally stealin’ that. Lol.

      7. Right? The author proves that even if these ads fearured a fat feminist, these ugly girls wouldnt buy the pills anyways! The author talks about how feminists don’t want to do any work to be attractive. So protein world and every other supplement company that uses an attractive model to sell pills is doing exactly what benefits them, because why would they lose money so they don’t hurt frail women’s egos?

    2. “Feminists are lazy”

      Again we see the socialist roots of this ideology. Socialists, rather than work hard to create wealth for themselves seek to either take the steal the wealth from others or destroy those who have what they want, in this case, a beach body. It is the politics of envy.
      I used to get this at my last job. The fatties would mock my healthy eating and fitness and proclaim “oh but I want to be happy, I could never be happy doing what you do”, she said while chomping on her third Krispie Kreme and sitting on her arse.
      Yeah sure fatso, you are far happier than me.

      1. yup. They say “i love the body i have”
        That’s crazy. They love their bodies so much that they treat them like garbage dumps.
        You know who loves their bodies? Everyone I see who is waking up 2 hours early to make sure they get to the gym in the morning. Everyone I see meal prepping on Sunday’s and counting Macros rather than going out drinking themselves into oblivion.
        These women saying they love their bodies the way they are aren’t secure, they are lazy. It would be like a guy saying he loves his car even though it is an old beater but then never changing the oil.
        If you love something you go out of your way to protect it, take care of it and nourish it….not let it fall to pieces. Ugh. I almost wouldn’t mind if they just came out and said “we are fat and lazy and just don’t want to be reminded that that is a terrible thing to be” At least it would be honest.

        1. It is hilarious. “I love my body!” JUST HOW MUCH BRAINWASHING did you have to do on your fat ass to believe that drivel coming out of your fat face?
          Just astounding how easily they fall to this crap.

        2. “If you love something you go out of your way to protect it, take care of it and nourish it….not let it fall to pieces.”
          Beautifully expressed. It reminds me of the “South Park” episode where the gang takes a trip to the Museum of Tolerance. The Museum guides chastise the boys for poking fun at Cartman’s weight, because they must accept that he’s made a different “life choice.” However, the guides and the boys’ parents verbally accost the smoker outside of the museum building: they call him “filthy, dirty-lungs, asshole, etc.”
          Why has one unhealthy life-choice been culturally villified, while the public pushes for another’s acceptance?
          Fat-shaming is always wrong. I don’t think anybody deserves to be attacked for how they look. We don’t know their lives and personal struggles, so we shouldn’t comment.
          But, the same goes for the beautiful woman in the yellow bikini? When women attack that product, they’re also commenting on the woman in the ad. She was born beautiful, sure, but she’s also worked incredibly hard to have the body that she does. So hard, in fact, that she’s a successful fitness model.
          Newsflash for women of the world: no one is saying that you HAVE to look like Ms. Yellow Bikini to go to the beach. She is an ideal. For some women, she is an inspiration. Just because she’s not yours, doesn’t mean she’s not for others. You’re “fit-shaming” all the girls that are trying.
          Can’t you see that that’s wrong, too?

  16. I love protein worlds responses in this article. “Why make your insecurities our problem?” Genius social media manager.

    1. as a media manager, they did get off topic though. there is only one valid response:
      post: “blah blah blah”
      reply: “buy our protein”

    2. I love their response to feminazi Harriet. Where she whined about her insecurities and they responded, “Grow up, Harriet”.
      Funny thing is the feminists have helped make this ad super successful and brought 30,000 new customers to Protein World. Also 85 % of Protein World’s customers are women. Even now.

      1. Hahaha, that’s hilarious. 85% of their customers are women, DESPITE the landwhales’ complaints.

  17. Fatties and fuglies think they can negotiate attraction; they can’t. They’re going to wind up with either (a) some low-functioning beta who they “know” they “deserve” better than or (b) a cat colony.
    I know which way I’m betting….

    1. Knowing their lack of choice and lack of male attention, these fems found some purpose to their lives and seek to cling to every single sexists thing they can.
      With family and kids out of the equation, shite job prospects and the aforementioned stuff, they have found a hobby, the most de-constructive type, complaining of others’ work, which is way easier than jogging.

  18. How many of you had never heard of protein world before this, and would now consider giving them money? Great marketing on their part, we all knew those fat whiny fucks would never have been customers anyway.

    1. Good publicity, but I still wouldn’t consider giving them money. It’s still a supplement company,and most supplements are bullshit

        1. supplements are not bullshit, they are just expensive
          the secret to longevity is to amplify the benefits you gain from exercise think about it
          Here is how supplements work:
          If i take creatine or caffeine WITHOUT exercise it’s useless.. if i take a vitamin D alone, it’s useless, but if i combine it with e and a than the e and a amplify it’s transportation, along with a b12, you see, each vitamin helps the other vitamin function better exponentially since it’s an integrated system and exercise spreads the nutrients around your blood stream, So it all works together as a system!
          Any 1 supplement by itself is useless

        2. “Any 1 supplement by itself is useless”
          I have, sitting right in front of me on my desk, a pill that is a bit large for comfortable swallowing, but contains all the nutrients, both macro and micro, minerals as well, in exactly the right proportions, to generate a living animal from the chemical constituents.

  19. I gotta give these SJWs credit for their amazing creativity and imagination. If I had originally seen that ad, I would just check out the hot body on the female, acknowledge the ad for what it’s purpose is, and just keep walking and going about on my own business. Never would I imagine anyone getting offended by this, or turning it around to say “every body is beach ready”. That’s definitely very creative of them. It’s fucking stupid, but still creative.

    1. It’s a “doth protest too much”situation. I am a fit female, and I would walk past that sign and think, wow, that’s a great body. I also know that like all advertisements, she probably doesn’t look that good in real life, but still really good. Most men realise this as well. I wouldn’t take it personally because I know I look as good as I can, and feel good about myself. I’m far from perfect, but do the best I can and feel fairly confident. The people who bitch about this are internalizing it because they know in their hearts what they do (or don’t do) ain’t cuttin’ it.

      1. The real live recipient of my comment didn’t find it as amusing, but what the hell, I was three (light) beers deep, and being a bit of health nut I don’t drink often…so…
        PS I don’t get invited to parties much 😉

    1. I am not usually a content thief, but in this case I am going to have to be. Sorry bro, i’m not even giving credit. I am straight up stealing this.

  20. Props to the company for being judgmental – needs a whole lot more of that these days

    1. The company isn’t judgemental-it’s realistic. Judgemental would be: “Fat people have no discipline.” Merely alluding that a certain body type is more appealing in revealing swimwear is in no way abnormal.

    2. Shaming is needed in a society to keep people in check. SJWs and feminists are trying to do away with it because it is much easier to be lazy and it hurts their feelings.
      There is nothing wrong with shaming in a society (especially our society in the U.S..). I remember “back when” older people would tell me (and others) to “mind your own business”. Many of these SJWs need to be told to mind their own business, today.

    lived to 96 and only croaked because his immune system quit, Jack Lalanne used to say “F.A.T” stands for Fatal Awful Terrible!
    Not sure why anyone would want to accelerate the ageing process by having inflammatory fat around the organs, fat looks physically ugly, but its physiologically deadly, keep your bodyfat very low throughout your entire life so your insulin sensitivity is high, or it will literally destroy your brain/organs with dimensia alzeimers and other nightmares, and don’t expect this society to be very accommodating to you in old age
    How many people with advanced degrees who have pounds of lard around their internal organs and still think they are smart? lol…. I’m convinced the only reason japanese men and women live longer is because they are smaller in stature, and can carry less inflammatory fat around their organs, less cells, less things to go wrong, put the pieces together of WHY some people enjoy longevity
    ” Average male height,Average ….. Japan, 170.7 cm (5 ft 7 in), female =158.0 cm (5 ft 2 in)
    japanese man avg life span 85, jap female 87

    1. One of the main reasons Japanese and generally Asians in Asia live longer is because they don’t consume the insane amount of sugar like here in the West. In Asia, fresh fruit is usually the dessert after a meal. Pastries are less sweet than Western style.

  22. I truly believe that fitness is one of the best routes to self-improvement. It doesn’t involve competition like schoolwork, sports, or careers. In those routes to self-improvement, somebody’s gain is someone else’s loss. Every able-bodied, well fed man or woman in America can become a better version of themselves with a disciplined combination of exercise and diet.
    After my relatively unsuccessful high school sports career fizzled out, I set my sights on becoming the best person that I could be. Building muscle was probably the greatest boost of confidence that I could have imagined.
    I’ve seen an uptick in true fitness minded women, but nothing compared to the explosion of yoga-an embarrassing, relaxing parody of fitness which hardly boosts metabolism or improves physique. Women seem to get their fitness kick through an hour long session of glorified stretching which triggers their feels and does nothing to increase their attractiveness.
    I’m not a nutritionist but losing weight comes down to one simple formula: caloric intake < calories burned.
    I can’t imagine how simple my life would be if the majority of my sexual value was based on building a desirable physique.
    I also can’t imagine how much more simple my life would be if I could pay $5,000 for breast augmentation which increases my sexual value by two points overnight.
    I can’t believe how many American women screw this simple formula up and still try and rationalize it instead of taking simple steps to improve.

    1. funny how easy it is for women to improve their appearances via lip/breast/butt augmentation…no equivalent for men…

      1. the confusion about why women don’t care more about their appearance ends when you realize that they don’t care much for men, maybe 1/4 as much as you like them, and only compete with other women for status when they try to look good

    2. The ingredients to a female’s beauty is quite simply but they are THAT lazy as you say
      -good hair & makeup skills
      -lean fit body
      -boob augmentation if necessary (is making a man happy not worth 5000$??)
      -Good fashion sense
      all this lands most women in the 6 minimum category worth a man’s consideration, but nope (notice i didn’t write good personality, because it’s worthless for a woman to have a good personality, someone with a good personality does the 4 fold beauty technique in the first place)
      of all the women i have dated my happiness level was ALWAYS related to their looks, when they put the effort in id always be ____this much happier to be around them based on the particular effort they decided to put in that day + or –
      it all came down to the 4 fold beauty technique which they had perfected

      1. What I’ve been trying to say for years. All women have to do to increase their status is put on make up, lose pounds and wear the right clothes. Don’t even have to expensive clothes just feminine. Guys gets turned on from lots of things.

  23. Wonder who is getting kickbacks from protein world. Still, I don’t get the damage with “feminism” coming from you people, check it the one on the right of the “take your body to the beach” thing is kind of hot. One on the left is concealing her jelly-roll(s?) with her underwear in a display of hypocrisy, but I’d still hit that. Yeah, like I’m a feminist too. (going ugly early like a serpent, I hit that while you guys are still bitching about feminism in the corner or shotgunning natural ice, whatever..I didn’t even listen to her rant, just pretended to). I really don’t mind feminists, especially if they are not “repressed” right…freaky freaks I say.

  24. I just went to Protein World’s facebook page to check out some of the comments….those fatties are so fucking funny LOL

    1. They have no mercy on the landwhales, you can tell the feminists and SJW’s are absolutely losing their shit b/c they can’t control them and force apologies and grovelling.

  25. Women know that any fat and ugly one can get some man to love their physical abnormality. However their goal is for attractive Alphas to want them despite being fat. The whole topic is absurd to the extreme since fat-acceptance never extends towards men. The truth is that women who lose weight just as men make a tremendous transformation towards beauty and happiness, but it takes more work than giving in to Tumblr, pizza & fast-food cravings.

    1. “fat acceptance” is basically fat womens right to have access to attractive well built men and not “lower their standards” to fat dudes who are probably more than willing to take them.

    1. think i just throw up in my mouth you gotta put not safe for eyes or health before you post stuff like that

      1. fukk Toronto, the feminazi shithole of Canada. My friends from there don’t even bother with girls, they just use hot escorts from backpage lol I would too if there were shit tons of fatties and feminist sjw cunts at every turn.

      2. They didn’t need to strip down to display their bodies.
        When something that big is coming your way, then you’ll definitely see it (clothes or no clothes).

        1. Haha, the bodybuilders I pall around with have no problem wearing big clothes rather than revealing tanks or stringers because, as they say, “you can’t hide big.” I guess that’s a different kind of big though.

    2. “Resolve to love that when you sit your stomach rests all over your thighs!”
      “Resolve to love that when you walk it looks more like you’re swimming!”
      Resolve to love that every time you turn around it’s your birthday!”

  26. Different line of thought, but do any of you living in the anglosphere see many attractive white women IRL, on day to day basis? The only attractive white women I see are on TV, or on the internet, or in advertising like this protein product. I rarely ever see white women that would fit in the category of slender. Not in the gym, not on a crowded street, not in a busy shopping mall, nowhere. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that its genetic, maybe they’re big boned. But eastern europe is different, right?

    1. I live here in Austin, TX. At my local gym that I visit several times a week I see some attractive girls. The thing is though I see the same attractive women all the time. Once you’re around them as much as I am (and never really talk to) you can pick up a lot of their personality just from their body language.
      For instance, today a regular attractive brunette was there on a Sunday, which she usually never is. She sat in her car for about 10 mins as if waiting for someone to show up. Once she came in and started her routine she kept staring out into the parking lot and checking her phone constantly. I have the feeling, judging from her body language, facial expressions, and movements, she was waiting for a guy to show up. Reading her facial reactions when she checked her phone over and over, she got stood up.
      In this case, as I mentioned above, I’m around these women a lot and its gotten to a case where they’re invisible to me and probably vice versa.
      However when I’m out and about I do see some attractive women, not as few as most people would think, they just stand out from the average or so-so looking women. I’m sure women feel the same way when they go out as well.

    2. I’m not really attracted to white women in general. I rarely see a white woman that I’d say is “hot”. Yes there are some attractive ones, and I say that mildly, but overall white women just don’t do it for me at all.

    3. White women don’t do it for me. If a cute white woman throws her pussy in my lap, I’ll indulge, but my preference is exotic women. They have more culture (that teaches proper gender roles) behind them.

    4. Yes, they’re all over the place here. Granted, I’m not far at all from OSU campus.

    5. Only time I ever see lots of attractive women is when I go to the rock climbing wall. They are scarce otherwise.

  27. The funny part is, for a woman to be “Fit”= thin, she just needs to not eat. For a man to be “fit” => a bunch of muscles. A man has to not only eat RIGHT, he has to workout on top of it. Feminist a bunch of fat whiners/

    1. Will have to politely disagree with you here : ) Eating right in addition to not eating rhinoceros portions coupled with exercise is what helps fight declining metabolism : ) Women need to do that too : )

  28. I do wonder why images of beautiful women cause not just fat and ugly women but even decent looking 6,7,8 women “Body image” issues. Can someone explain this to me? It’d like be a man with an 8 inch cock and a bunch of muscles being insecure some other guy had a 9 inch cock and more muscles. I don’t get it.

    1. You were obviously not one of the boys at school who insulted girls saying things like ‘fat ugly bitch’. That starts long before a girl notices things on television supporting the idea.
      No not me, but I did hear this from some teenager who was looking at the floor to start with, “get out of my way you fa’
      Being not fat or ugly or stupid, they had to make up some other stock insult for me.
      Thats when I realised most people talk crap when they are bitter and jealous, and thats why these ads dont affect me beyond being very disappointed that there exist advertisers who know this works, and idiots this works on.

      1. Yet a simple diet and exercise routine and “fat and ugly” goes away. Fat shaming is actually shaming people who refuse to exercise impulse control. There SHOULD be shame for that.

        1. Erm the point is schoolboys call girls fat before they even look, proving its not actually about shamibg someone into being a better person, its consciously trying to hurtfeelings, based on an assumption that it will actually offend.
          Also the dramatic saviour defence for bullying is so lame. You want to help women be not fat, open a fitness centre and give women free membership and make yoyrself some money as an extra bonus. Im sure you can figure out the benefits of that to men are similar to a ‘ladies drink for free’ club, plus the extra boost you can give the munters as they lose weight and ‘deserve’ your approval. If you want to protect your eyes as they reach their target you make the bicycle rooms unisex with narrow seats for the hot birds, and you provide other weightloss focussed methods in a different room. Everybodys happy.
          Of course since youre so smart you already thougt of this. You must be choosing instead to do nothing but throw insults to keep people unhappy and then claim you are doing it for their own good.
          Or youre just thick and cant see any benefits that require thought or effort that would help you long term.
          Win Win scenarios are for winners who dont fear failure. Your Zero sum games and excuses are for those that think they dont have the skills to win, and make us all losers.

      2. It works because both men and women want to be attractive and desirable. Most advertisements present a lifestyle very few of us will achieve, be that wealth, adventure, or body proportions. We all find the fantasy attractive though.

        1. I find it a pointless waste of effort that causes an excessive amount of jealousy and infighting by people who should be pulling together to improve the quality of their lives in a more meaningful way.
          But you are right, pod people are the majority and their puppet masters have an easy time controlling them.

    2. To be fair, I think women are under a bit more pressure with respect to their physical appearance. Doesn’t mean that men don’t also feel a lot of pressure, but women’s appearances are consistently (in the media) the first item commented on. I’m not just talking about actresses (who make their living being on display), but even successful women in other areas. Having said that, there’s a difference between making healthy women feel like shit and trying to coerce society to accept unhealthy choices which result in unattractive people.

      1. Men are judged on everything and their appearance. Women are only judged on their apeparance. If you ask me they get off lightly. A man who is good looking but otherwise deficient will stillg et hammered .

  29. You need to remember that the origin of feminism was unattractive women who were jealous and bitter that they didn’t receive any attention from men. That legacy continues today. For every one reasonably attractive feminist, you have 100 bushpigs. Guess what, men have realised that! Feminists talk complete rubbish, like “beauty is a social construct.” Hogwash! Let’s face it, a woman doesn’t need to be very hot to get loads of male attention. You don’t have to look like Sofia Vergara for guys to want to fuck you- you just have to be half reasonable (hardly an ‘unrealistic standard’!) So get off your fat asses feminists, get to the gym, grow your hair, put on a nice dress, stop bitching and moaning about EVERYTHING, and I guarantee your fortunes will improve with the opposite sex.. granted, you will probably top out at a 5 (6 at best), but hey, at least you will be maximising your potential.. however, we all know that laziness and victimhood is the natural state of feminists, so nothing will change…

    1. The origin of feminism was not wanting to live in a world run by people who name themselves after a sexual act you will never get. Women know that men need little encouragement to screw them, why do think they are so able to let themselves go? Thats what they mean when they say beauty is a social construct, that it doesnt actually matter.
      Of course, youll be lot nicer to a hot girl and promote her even though shes useless at her job and youll bully the ones that dont shag you. Thats kinda annoying, someone should do something about that.

      1. Actually I wifed up the lot nicer looking hot girl and started a family. Promotions from one do nothing title to another and sitting in corporate HR cubicles all day is the domain of the fat ugly feminist. Who gives a fuck how they feel about it?
        The nice thing about feminists is that they are self selecting out of the gene pool. In the end us traditionalists win by default. heh

        1. Yes because the hot dumb girl wanted your money and not you, shes not smart enough to know this is what shes doing.
          Isnt that what everyone is saying here?
          So you married down, your children will be hot and stupid from her and arrogant and inflexible from you, I dont understand how this is winning.
          You will have to ensure you teach them to be more agressive for the next generation, that’s the only skill that will work for them against the ugly but smart people at work.
          Of course half your children will be angry ugly and smart, assuming you actually have any smarts. Your girls may well become feminists when your friends sons attack her fir being smart and ugly.
          Oh hang on, thats where were at. Agressive boys with no skills are winning a war against humanity by insulting the smart women and reproducing with the dumbest,
          and we are deevolving.
          Hooray for traditionalism.

        2. These “smart women” you talk about, can you name a few, obviously in science, technology or engineering, cause I cant think of any?!

        3. You cant think of any because you are blinkered. The idea you have that smart women do not exist is stupid, you are talking to one now, but y’all spend most of your time looking for flaws and calling me a fat slut to acknowledge it.
          I think the nearest Ive come to an acknowledgement of my intelligence is ‘oooh, not just a pretty face are you’ and lines when Im totally spot on like ‘you might have a point there’ ‘you should be a fucking lawyer’ ‘youre a witch’ ‘where do you learn all this shit’.
          Im not claiming genius, mind. My IQ is only 130 and current society favours sociopaths, whereas my dark triad score on that is a mere 11%. so I just dont have the aggressiveness needed to achieve beyond what I need.
          Work is not as much fun as it should be though, youll now find me quiet in the meetings and asking one super relevant question near the end that noone thought to ask, but if an alpha asked, the answer would be ‘oh, youre totally right we didn’t even consider that’.
          The smart women are there, getting on with the job and fixing your mistakes after youve finished with the bullshitting. You are not looking at them because you dont want to see it and they arent wearing clothes that draw attention, so your eyes pass them over as ugly and irrelevant. You assume they are lesbians, if they speak up you call them feminist, if they join in your shittests disguised as humour you call them ballbreakers and if you do think they are ok to hang out with you will say they are one of the lads, have a mans brain, or are a ‘boygirl not a girlgirl’.
          Not all smart women are famous enough to be easily googled but Im sure if you wanted actual examples you could find them yourself. Im not doing your work for you unless you are a narcissist cocksucker credit stealing friend of the boss in my office and my survival depends on it.
          But what the fuck has this to do with advertising, which depends on boosting the self esteem of those with the cash and buying power by presenting women as stupid and distracting you with titties?
          I dont think we should put ugly women in adverts though, I like how it keeps you stoopid.

        4. I only asked you to name a few, not launch into a diatribe about how clever YOU are.
          You could have said Marie Curie for science, Sophie Wilson for computers or even Hedy Lamarr (movie siren and military communications whizz).
          But no, you had to make it all about you, didn’t you, proving that you are nowhere near the league of the women I named. You are the rule, they are the exception.
          By the by, all your aspersions about my character our completely incorrect, but hey, have fun.

        5. Get over yourself. Asking me to name a few when you already know a few is pointless. I told you how to notice they exist everywhere. Do please excuse me for using personal experience and telling you something you cant get from google and this bullshit website full of self serving argumentative dicks who absorb every piece of crap alpha monkey feeds them.
          Its the same for men too you know, the quiet honest ones avoid the politics and do the actual work while wannabe shits like you go around telling people to do the work for them, demanding evidence for things instead of finding out for themselves, acting like they know stuff but adding zero actual information or value to the conversation. Once you feel like youve won a conversation you have no actual interest in learning you just go and jerk yourself off while smug little flying cro-monkeys sit round and applaud you for teaching them how to act like they have a big dick.
          You and your bullshit feminazis enemies are no different, loud nosiy pointless assholes who waste so much fucking time and nothing gets done.
          And no duh I am no where near the league of the women you named because I am not famous. And nor are you, idiot.
          What does this have to do with advertising? You have been pandered to for too long. You expect and demand hot women to exist everywhere, and when you cant get one for yourself you come here and bitch about women because even game doesnt work for you and then you call them stupid and act like you didnt want them anyway.
          If they are hot and they are smart they must be over emotional or fat. Too fucking right, I have to deal with sad lazy arrogant shits like you every day at work and donuts make me feel better than you could. But thats just the opiates coming in though the stress induced leaky gut.
          And dont try to kid yourself you are ever being logical when your whole drive for your obsession about sex football and winning is entirely hormonal drug addicted behaviour, which you have been force fed by these stupid bikini clad adverts making you drool for things you dont need.Did you ever think the reason feminists want ugly women in ads is to calm you down and wean you off your addiction to being an asshole so that you can think for yourself? No because youre a big whinging baby having a tantrum about someone trying to take away your pacifier.
          Did you even take a red pill? youre so fucking clueless.
          All this bullshit about seeing reality and you are just relabelling the root cause of your sexism as some kind of over dramatic heroic social justice against feminists, and then you carry on being the same rediculous dicks apparently completely oblivious to the irony.
          It took me 30 years to realise this because Im so fucking smart I never in all my days imagined people who claim to be better than me could be SO FUCKING STUPID.
          THAT was a diatribe.

      2. Beauty isn’t a social construct, you Huffington Post reading hoochie! It is why fat slags like you don’t get any loving and are lashing out at men on this site. You admit to letting yourself go, then wonder why you are unhappy. You will never get it! Disappear…

        1. I did not say beauty was a social construct. I explained what they meant when they say it.
          If you want a clearer explaination, you consider fat to be ugly, and sluts to be an ugly behaviour. And your opinion on this has been heavily influenced by society and most especially the opinions of your social peers.
          Yet you have absolutely no idea whether I am either fat or slut, so your assignment of my lack of beauty is, in fact, entirely a social construct.
          Of course what I meant in my first post was that you will fuck anything you can get, so beauty doesnt mean anything anyway. In both versions its people that decide, and people are idiots.
          Huffingtonpost is also a massive pile of bullcrap, I dont go anywhere near it, after being caught out twice by 2 apparently interesting science articles. But it is better than your work.
          My opinions are my own, formed from my own observations and stated in my own words. I do not regurgitate crap I read online as if it is truth.
          And for the record, as Ive explained previously. Im not a feminist but I do have difficulty meeting any worthwhile men to talk to, let alone marry, so I work for a living and expect no handouts, and being here explains to me why it is that men have turned into such hateful creatures.
          I am also not particularly bitter, mental or desperate to have babies, but I still have to deal with all this angry shit thrown at me about how awful women are as if Im somehow responsible for it, and then I am labelled with a whole bunch of conflicting insults (how can ugly fat girls be slags, who is shagging them?) that belong in the box of ‘shit things men say to get a response from women’. I preferred it when they were pulling my hair and throwing things at me, but now youve learned to use words.
          Also, I said nothing about letting myself go. I said nothing about myself at all. You have made incorrect assumptions because you are the one full of hate for the opposite sex.
          I am assuming that the reason for this is that the fat slags dont even want you, even when you lurk in bars at 1 am trying to pick up scraps too drunk to know any better.

    1. Yep I’ve been saying this over and over. Women want tall men, a factor they can’t control whereas fat you can.

  30. Promoting a healthy lifestyle an trying stop the obesity epidemic is now considered as objectifying women, feminists really are totally insane.

    1. If that isn’t bad enough, check this out: Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ a Mental Disorder

  31. Women that whine about how media subjects women are the ones that want that tall guy to be her man. But tall men have a wider selection of females to choose from so they will choose only the most attractive one that’s what feminists are mad about. They think all the tall guys should clamor for their lazy fay ugly selves without them lifting a finger. Now being a tall man does mean winning the genetic lottery. Apparently the feminists don’t want to settle for shorty guys they should lower their standards but they’re self absorbed and spoiled to do so.

  32. All that did was showed a before to after comparison.
    Do you want to look like a feminist at the beach or a hottie?

  33. Feminism (man-hating lesbian dykes) main goal has always been to destroy heterosexuality. Hips to waist ratio (hour glass figure) is the very thing these haters of normality are trying to tell us we don’t like. We don’t fight our biology like these dykes do. Anything that we are attracted to they want destroyed.
    “Heterosexuality is a die-hard custom through which male-supremacist institutions insure their own perpetuity and control over us. Women are kept, maintained and contained through terror, violence, and the spray of semen…[Lesbianism is] an ideological, political and philosophical means of liberation of all women from heterosexual tyranny… ” -Cheryl Clarke (feminazi)

  34. My god this has gotten to the point where I want to barf. Do these femc*nts know that obesity is the number one killer in the United States? We over-consume to the point that we have become land whales. Why would you bash a company that wants to promote a healthy lifestyle?

    1. By coining the phrase femc*nts you are implying there are also manc*nts. Have you learned nothing about consequences or how your ‘enemy’ thinks?
      Otherwise, excellent point.

        1. Youre welcome, you need schooling in your flawed logic or you will never sound like you know what you’re talking about. Im truly glad to help.

        2. Classic comeback. Did you think of that all by yourself?
          I am greatly impressed with your ability to compare me to a hated woman and to criticise minor flaws in my text skills.
          It was a very enjoyable discussion between two people on the genuis click-bait advertising of a much needed product. Truly valuable, thanks.

      You are trying to make sense of insane and illogical thinking. It doesn’t work. You cannot make sense of crazy. In their world, a diet coke and two yoga classes a year is all it takes. Men should accept a fat ugly chick that doesn’t recognize they are in fact killings themselves. They are victimizing themselves and they need to blame someone for their complete lack of responsibility and accountability.
      I know where you are coming from because I’m not batshit crazy.

  35. I’m buying my next batch of protein from these people LMFAO they have no fear of the SJW’s i’ve never seen a company with so much balls.

  36. I’m quite happy that they are throwing the crap right back at the feminists. I am duly inspired to purchase something from them now (actually, I am).
    This is how you deal with these screaming little harpies, you throw their snark back at them 100 fold.

  37. Hooray, Equality for idiot angry trolls. I can retire now.
    Genuinely sad it came to this, you shoulda been nicer to the fat uggos you shagged when noone else would have you, then advertisers wouldnt have thought the only way to sell shit is with pictures of half naked women desperate for your nonrapey approval.
    I mean, why care about the cost efficency of a car, or the fact that its high speed but will fall apart after the warranty expires, if they are selling the most because some woman is draped over it covered in soap suds.

    1. a. advertisers know what works, and no amount of shaming is going to cause them to change their tactics.
      b. gratuitous attractive women sell a lot of unrelated products, but in this case, the woman and product are related. This is a supplement, how would you expect it to be marketed?
      c. when I pick out a new lipstick (a product marketed solely for women), generally there is an attractive woman in the advertisements. Why? Because a fat bearded lady ain’t gonna motivate me to buy their enhancement products.
      If you don’t like a particular marketing strategy, don’t buy the product. It doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to deface public or private property. The company and the “trolls” have a point.

      1. No arguments there, Just saying advertising things by assuming men buy more because its got a hot girl on it, its a bit sexist in assuming it is the only way to get your attention. I mean youre not actually all that stupid or easily conditioned are you?
        See Bill Hicks now, he was angry at advertisers and idiots equally, but he still loved Coke.

  38. My favorite here is the first tweet from Cecillia Dominici that says “someone stage a social media intervention…”
    This is the most perfect example of this mindset. She is so enraged that she demands something be done… someone else.

    1. Just like the women who come dressed up to the gym in full face paint, and then barely break a sweat for an hour or so.
      Its all show, and no effort to do the necessary exercise.

  39. Man sees picture of fit dude: “Aw shit, that reminds me, I really need to hit up the gym.”
    Woman sees picture of fit chick: “HOW DARE SHE BE SEXIER THAN ME!? MUST. DEFACE. PRIVATE. PROPERTY.”

  40. Props to ProtienWorld for sticking to their guns so strongly. In a world where companies are brought to their knees to worship the Queens of SJW, they are a light in the darkness.

    1. Agreed. Firstly, “fat acceptance” is akin to “smoking acceptance”as far as I’m concerned. People are free to live their lives as they choose, but that doesn’t mean others have to encourage it. Secondly, it’s an ad. It sells a product via a best possible scenario/fantasy situation. I wish anytime I drank a beer my life became the commercial. It doesn’t, but I still buy the beer don’t I? Advertisers know what works, and despite us as consumers knowing the product isn’t going to fix all of our problems, we still like the idea.

  41. I’ve got myself into an LTR and I think the biggest challenge will be to get the bitch out to the gym. I’ve dropped 20+ pounds in the last while and my next step is to pack on 10 pounds of muscle. She is beautiful but she is doing the whole “stealth fat” thing where it sneaks up on you. I think I will have to get us twin memberships and make her my training partner.
    I want her to be “beach body” ready for August because I have put in motion the works to get her a visa to visit Canada (we live in China). The beaches here suck, but there are lots of great beaches around the Bay of Quinte where my family lives.

    1. You have two choices: make her jealous of other women (be subtile) or dump her. You can only encourage already motivated people!

    2. Exercise is no doubt important, but diet is without a doubt the most important factor. You need to watch what she is eating.

  42. The best way to advertise today is to offend feminists. Why didnt I think of this before with my biz?
    Look at Shirtgate. The artist had to remake shirts because demand exploded because of the yapping and whining of the harpies.
    Never ever Proteinworld would have had so much impact without those harpies!

  43. I know this is a men’s site and I’m not welcome, but I’m actually here for advice, and the above article is on topic. Hubby and I have been together about 10 years, married just over 4. I’ve always been a fitness fanatic, but he was pretty active as well. Our lifestyle prior to being married was active, lots of bike riding, hiking, and exploring new cities on foot. AS SOON as we got married–literally–he just gave up any kind of exercise and has gained somewhere between 30-40lbs, in 4 short years. He’s now 5’9″ and weighs over 200lbs. His once adorable little paunch has turned into a giant over hanging gut. I have tried everything I can think of, I cook most of the meals to begin with, and I have a healthy diet for the most part. I’ve tried being encouraging, and I’ve tried being harsh. Frankly, I have hard time finding him sexually attractive, and his extra weight means we can no longer do the active things we used to do together. I worry about his health, especially long term. He won’t even take walks with me. Before anyone starts accusing me of being unfaithful–I’m not, and I won’t be–or hypocritical—I don’t blame a man one bit for feeling the same way–I really just want to save my marriage. I’m not perfect, far from it, and my husband is a good man, but I also weigh the same as I did on our wedding day, I’m very slim, and I still make an effort to be attractive. Frankly, I’m not happy with him letting himself go, and I fear how much worse this is going to get. He literally doesn’t care. I’m really looking for a male point of view here, am I being unreasonable expecting him not to completely give up now that we’re married? Am I asking too much that he stay reasonably healthy and fit? Really, I need help here and everywhere else on the internet that addresses this topic consists of a bunch of fat lazy women complaining their husbands are shallow. Not like I can get any reasonable advice there.

    1. I think it is perfectly fine to expect your partner to stay in fair shape.
      It sounds like it is a combination of inactivity and bad diet which is the cause of your husbands wight gain. Most likely the largest effect is from overeating or snacking and drinking. For this reason you cocking his meals will not solve anything, if he is eating unhealthy when you are not around.
      Although diet is without a doubt the most important factor responsible for weight gain.
      I think you need to be a bit tough with him on this issue. And not dress up your speech in order to avoid offending or hurting him to much. If you tell him that you dont find him physically attractive any longer, I think he will get the message, but he probably wont be to happy to hear it from his wife.
      Also mentioning the change of lifestyle, in becoming less active together in you spare time, might also affect him. Put a positive spin on this, telling him how much you miss it, this might have an emotional effect on him.
      Frankly it sounds like he is just taking you for granted. If you tell him that this is a real problem, and that your marriage is on the line, it might strain your marriage to its breaking point. But if you have tried all other measures without success, maybe this is the only thing that will make him react. He then will start caring, if he cares about his marriage.
      I dont think making him jealous or being passive-aggressive towards him will work. Being brutally honest is preferable when dealing with a grown man.
      I hope my advice is at least a little bit useful or encouraging. Good luck.

      1. Thank you. I really appreciate your advice. I wouldn’t try and make him jealous, and I hate the idea of hurting his feelings, but I can’t help feeling resentment about this right now. I feel bad for men who are put in the same position. On the one hand, you love your partner and feel horrible and shallow, but on the other hand you can’t help what you find attractive. I’ll never understand why people just let themselves go and then lash out when their partner doesn’t respond positively.

        1. Your welcome. I for sure can relate to this. I am at present in my late thirties, and some years ago I also started gaining some weight, to the point of being borderline obese. I have also been working out for several years since my youth, and although I started toning down my activity level, the real cause was most likely getting sloppy with my diet. Do to work I started eating out more and eating more infrequently, late night snacking also became a habit. When you do this for a couple of years its not especially difficult to gain 30-40 Pounds, and this is what happened in my case. I have since corrected my diet, and I am now fairly close to my original weight.
          My point is that your husband could be stuck in a similar situation, having adopted some bad eating habits along the way. Only a few bad eating habits are sufficient for gaining weight in the span of 3-4 years. You could try asking your husband as to what he exactly is eating on a daily basis. Minor adjustments might actually be enough to make him loose some of the extra pounds in the long run.
          Trying this out as the first thing is less drastic then the other proposals. Although you probably cant avoid mentioning the fact that his weight gain bothers you to some degree.
          Although I am not in a steady relationship, and neither was I at the time I gained weight, I did start to notice some differences in my dealings with the opposite sex. And now I do realize why, when I look at some old pictures from the time I was at peak weight.
          Even though I am muscular, I lost almost all definition and my face started to look pudgy- I for sure was significantly less attractive to look at. Women also stopped checking me out almost completely.
          Perhaps being fit and fairly slim is less decisive for women compared to men, since there probably are other factors that can makeup for it, it is in my experience still fairly important. A women will in evolutionary terms look less fertile when overweight, and thereby less healthy. The same goes for men, a man will look less fit and strong when obese. He will not signal to his surroundings that he is a reliable protector and provider.
          So perhaps there is also something on a deeper unconcious level that is signaling to you that your partner is less serious about his commitment. Well its just a thought.
          I hope you work this out . At the end of the day it really feels unnesecary that people should break up because of obesity, but things are not always as easy when you dont have control over your sexual attraction.

        2. Thank you again. I will ask him about his eating habits, I used to always pack both of us a lunch, but his schedule has changed a bit and he tends to have a lot more expensed, work lunches=restaurants=big portions. Maybe a few simple choices could make a big difference. I have to say, I sometimes have work lunches as well and you men are terrible to other men trying to eat healthy. An extremely healthy and fit gentleman at our work just gets teased relentlessly when he orders healthy lunches. As though ordering a salad and grilled fish makes him feminine. Maybe not all of you, but definitely a trend I’ve noticed. I don’t want to break up my marriage, but I do want him to make an effort. I’ve realized now that attitude counts a lot. Watching someone struggle with their weight while really trying is a helluva lot more attractive then watching someone just let it all go to pot. Effort counts. Again, thanks for taking the time to write me, I was really expecting to be ripped a new one. I can only imagine the reaction if I’d taken my views to Jezebel (where screeching women yell about unattainable, socially constructed beauty standards). Huh, seems men are more rational about these things 🙂

        3. You are welcome.
          “Maybe a few simple choices could make a big difference.”
          I think this is sound reasoning. I would not be surprised if your husband is eating big portions at restaurants and downing it with booze or soft drinks. This will for sure pack on the pounds in the long run.
          Compared to the average woman, men are probably more honest about these issues. this does however not imply that there are not many men who are quite irrational when it comes to these matters. This site really is a mixed bag of types of people. there are alot of MGTOW(“men who go their own way”) whiners on this site demonizing women on end. And although I agree that feminism is a hypocritical ideology, some guys just take it to far and start hating on women in general.
          Many of the PUA wannabes are also quite hypocritical, saying they want a traditional non-whoring-around woman to settle down with, but then complain when the women are not willing to sleep with them.
          In some ways this site is an inversion of Jezebel and similar sites. Although the articles are more interesting on average. And the guys on this site probably disagree much more on a host of issues compared to the women reading Jezebel. The hive mind mentality and group think is much weaker, and I suspect that this has to do with psychological differences between the sexes. Men are just far less conform in their additudes. So I do agree with you to some degree, although one should not overstate the rationality of the average guy to much. Several guys on this site would on principle not advise a woman seeking help on this site, claiming it would be the equivalent of “White knighting” or a sign of “beta mentality”. This kind of reasoning I just find pathetic.
          I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that your husband starts shedding those extra pounds.

        4. Dude, you are so awesome. I bloody love your bull free factual straight fowardness. You get real man points. Not only do you get to live on my Island, but I might even let you run it.

        5. Arent you a pleasant little boy, who nobody asked for an opinion.
          I think youll find you would be quickly banished to lord of the flies Island in exchange for a wise and noble friend like Piggy.

        6. Duh. Being not a 5 year old I never go on jezebel. And youve already used that line. you are boring.

        7. You’re an old, ugly, fat CUNT desperate for attention from men like us on this website, and you obviously love it too, you masochistic CUNT.

        8. But how can I go back to somewhere Ive never been?.
          Do you talk to your mother and sisters like this?

        9. Huh ‘Men like us’! So you hang out on men sites to associate yourself with men who know what they are doing with their lives, hoping a bit will rub off on you.
          But you spend all of your time excusively trolling, you have never ever said anything of value. You rage against women and make racist remarks, and you act worse than the feminists. You shout and scream insults like you are permanently menstruating. You act like the worst damaged woman there is.
          How are you not a desperate attention seeker? Thats because there are other names for your type.
          You also give real men a bad name by claiming you are one rather than letting it speak for itself through your mature and self reliant behaviour. You are male, you are not a man who goes his own way, you followed the way of a dick.
          You are the reason feminists are angry, superior and still exist. You are the reason there is anyone left complaining about societites attitudes on size, when you use fat at a default insult on a skinny woman just to try and make them feel bad, like a imbecile schoolboy would do. If you are still at school, please stop claiming you are a man and ruining things for everyone by trying to continue a pointless war. Go join the army instead if you want to fight. I suspect you just need a girlfriend though.
          You do understand that I am not Rosie O’Donnel dont you?
          Do you have a neurological disorder that prevents you understanding the difference between genuine categories and arbitrary ones? This inability to learn, and to have rages, is it autism or antisocial?
          Not all Rosies are fat unfunny lebians.
          See this list here might help your brain.

          But I think this is more your level.

      1. I know. That’s around what he weighed prior to us getting married. He’s gone from size 32-36, shirts M-XL. One side of his family has a lot of older fatties with fatty health problems. He just shrugs and says it’s his fate. his dad is in way better shape then he is now, and isn’t nearly as kind as I’ve been about this. It’s very frustrating and disappointing. I hate feeling like this, but I can’t help but feel a little bait and switched. He always points out how attractive slim women are, and how appreciative he is of my keeping in shape. I can’t understand why a man or woman would do this, it’s like intentionally sabotaging a relationship.

    2. I belive you must verbally abuse him and shame him until he realises what a fat useless bitch he is.
      But my sarcastic advise is obviouly wrong.
      What you are supposed to do is be a good little wifey and cook healthier food for him, and encourage exercise by making him chase you up and down the stairs 50 times before sex.
      Or you need to consider the possibility that your wife is emotionally flawed and he is either eating to repress the fact the he just doesnt deserve you or letting himself go because he thinks he owns you now that you are married. Either way its a huge shit test and you must not tolerate this. Do not let him win his game, he wants to know that you are strong, it is every mans subconcious wish to be dominated by their woman otherwise they cannot truly feel like a man. Walk away and show him you dont care for his crap and he will follow you like a puppy. This way you can take him for daily walkies and he will lose weight and do everything for you because he is your bitch.

      1. Ha. Ha. Look, large amounts of weight gain are not healthy, or attractive, and partners do have a right to voice their concerns.

        1. Absolutely. Multiple inception like levels of sarcasm makes it impossible for me to explain or defend. The issue is certainly real. My advice isnt. … Unless you subscribe to the theory that men think women are like themselves, in which case it might actually work. But, the idea of being so abusive to someone you care about and calling it tough love, you and I know that is a terrble and disgusting way to treat someone.
          I hope you do find a solution, Jannik makes a lot of sense, as far as real advice goes.

  44. Saw these starting to appear within the Tube system about two weeks ago …
    … and I thought, “How long is it going to take before some horrible harridans protest too much about this?”
    So now I know.
    My first thought, however, was about how many people these buffoons are preventing from leaving the Tube station …

  45. Oh, shit this has been delightful. “Protein world”? Sounds like a chick’s face after a pop shot.
    “While feminists will never give up the easiest and most effortless way
    to “protest” a social wrong from the comfort of their cat hair-covered
    couches” man, I spit my evening coffee when I read that. Absolutely hilarious. Roosh does have a talent for dry wit.
    Re: the three cows who say they’re beach body ready, I’d wager that if they laid out near the water, crowds would gather to try to push them back in.

  46. Down under, we recognize easily feminist women & we call them ” Fat Chicks ”
    No sober male has any interest in to Fat Chicks !

  47. Fat feminists can’t change my mind on what I find attractive. Fitness is attractive, not fat acceptance. Even a person with a predisposition towards obesity can control their weight and be healthy.

  48. Having the cake ( women should be allowed to show and use their bodies how they choose). Eating the cake ( don’t you dare show us pictures of women’s bodies)
    Feminists can’t reconcile that a more attractive version of yourself means you still can’t compete with someone naturally more attractive.
    They don’t see the value in going from – 50 to a solid 4.

  49. Im going to purchase protein world products just for the fact they stand by their principles and convictions. Btw, I have no need (nor is the product marketed toward men I think?), but out of solidarity basis alone, I support them.

  50. What about those fit/attractive girls who are also feminists? I often realize we concentrate on the fatties and uglies. But I have come across attractive feminists, whom I believe we should still use them for our carnal pleasure but shame them for their ideologies and beliefs (aka hive mind and no actual agent centered volition)

  51. Many obese women live in such denial. They want to keep telling themselves that they are healthy and strong individuals but deep down inside, they know they won’t get the same attention as a thin healthier and sexier women would get. But that’s okay, because why change? After all, even obese women get so much attention from thirsty men online who are desperate for sex. The best way to encounter this is either ignore fat women period or constantly shame them whenever you see them. Never encourage this kind of behavior.

  52. “The West has tried to brainwash men into being attracted to slovenly, unfit women.”
    I don’t think so. To me, it feels like toothpick women with man butts are touted as, “the ass to get”. I am one who favors a woman with meat, meaning hips and an ass. I do not like women with manlike hips and glutes, that thin, flat look does nothing for me.
    It’s silly for you to assume that all men are attracted to the same type of woman. Just as you advise women don’t presume to know what men ‘should’ be attracted to, I offer the same advice in kind with regard to what men prefer.
    Solid article for me other that minor hypocrisy, respect.

  53. “Fat Shaming” is now any sort of feminist being in any sort of close vicinity to someone attractive. Funny that feminists think the entire world should change for them. It seems easier than actually picking up weights if you’re an unfortunate creation of god.

  54. Genius article. I may have shared this article before but will do again. The women complaining are possibly customers of Protein World.

  55. The chicks on the top pic and the ones on the Dove ad I find to be attractive. Don’t see why the bitterness.

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