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The Worst Advice Ever For Strong Men

For centuries, people have had this phrase jammed into their heads from birth: “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” Your mom, your teachers, your religion, and celebrities all preach this statement as the only code of moral conduct. To summarize: “Play nice.”

If you are presented with an opportunity to can take advantage of a person’s weakness or vulnerability, The Golden Rule mandates that you should not use the situation to your benefit. After all, you wouldn’t anyone to take advantage of you, right?

In a perfect scenario, this reciprocity would result in everyone being equal. The weak and the vulnerable could live without fear. On paper, this theory in action could solve all of the world problems, but here’s the issue:  if the strong and dangerous contribute to the Golden Rule by playing nice, what do the weak and vulnerable contribute to balance the equation? They do NOT play nice.

Those who identify as a victim, regardless of whether or not they are, are encouraged to ruthlessly seek justice for themselves. For those who are not real victims, this “justice” means fighting for selfish desires or trying to obtain power they are not worthy of. And by making an awful lot of complaints.


If you are a strong, handsome, successful man, odds are you do not find yourself playing the victim role very often.  In an animalistic world, females and the weaker men would be at your mercy. You have the ability to overpower them, outsmart them, and conquer them at will. However, according to The Golden Rule, taking advantage of your strengths is immoral and wrong. After all, if you were weak and vulnerable, wouldn’t you want them to show you some mercy?

Why Does the Golden Rule Fail in Real Life?

There are two major flaws with the Golden Rule of moral conduct:

1. Life under the Golden Rule is extremely fragile.

The Golden Rule only works when everyone follows the rule perfectly. If even one person takes advantage of a vulnerable situation, the Utopian world is thrown off, and artificial winners and losers are unfairly created. Also, if people who aren’t really victims play the victim card, the entire honor system is completely destroyed.

2. The strong and dangerous often remain that way the majority of their lives, while the weak and vulnerable victims rarely improve themselves.

By definition, the Golden Rule demands that the strong spend most of their lives relinquishing power while the victims collect it for no good reason. The weak will likely never have to return the favor – this promotes people identifying as victims for life.

Despite the obvious flaws in this moral system, modern society continues to push the Golden Rule on its people. Basic biological differences make men bigger and stronger than women on average — nature intended men to dominate and for women to submit. It’s easy to figure out who the Golden Rule dictates should play nice and who should not.

Begging for forgiveness

When dealing with victims, men who live by the Golden Rule are very polite. Society tells them that women are weak and vulnerable, and that men must be understanding of all their hardships and demands. After all, how would he feel if he was in her shoes?

“It’s OK that she elbowed me in the ribs at the bar. After all, how would I feel if I was five feet tall and had to navigate through these giants?”

“It’s OK that she cancelled our date at the last minute again. After all, how would I feel if I had to get up early for my 11am class and she was pressuring me to meet up?”

Even when obviously being taken advantage of others, these same men still stick to their moral guns.

“It’s OK that I got targeted in the Knockout Game. After all, how would I feel if I was an underprivileged urban youth with nothing better to do?”

While these “noble” men act in the best interest of weak, expecting to be repaid with similar kindness if they ever become vulnerable, many “victims”  are simply plotting how to achieve their next helping of justice. Take, for example, the most infamous victims in the history of the modern world: feminists.

This poor, mistreated feminist shamelessly used her victim identity. Golden Rulers jumped to the rescue with generous donations to help a vulnerable person they didn’t know because hey, how would they feel if they were denied pay because of their sexual orientation?


As permanent victims, feminist thirst for undeserved power and justice is never quenched. Regardless of how much power men relinquish, feminists view men as the cruel slave masters beating them down. This is why beta males and white knights receive no love for their numerous gifts to the feminist cause—if they were born with a larger stature and a penis, they are the enemy for life.

The Dirty Truths

The “Golden Rule” ignores three dirty truths that victims forbid men from speaking about:

1. Men still have the physical ability to keep hoes (and the rest of the weak) in line – they just repress it. 

This can be seen on a daily basis in any third-world country or traditional society. Not necessarily ideal, but a definite option.

2. There are few situations in which the world will sympathize with a strong, successful man. 

If you are waiting for the weak to return the favor, don’t hold your breath.

3. Even in situations when the Golden Rule commands sympathy for a successful man, those who identify as the victim will never play nice.

What about me?  I have problems too!  GIVE ME STUFF.

My advice to men is to not follow the Golden Rule. This does not mean to be evil, but to use your strengths to act in the best interest of yourself. If you choose to do good deeds for others, do them because you truly want to. Bill Gates had to screw over many people in the business world and create an unfair monopoly to earn his fortune — but now, as one of greatest philanthropists of all time, he has the power to give millions of dollars each year to the causes of his choosing.

If you give away your masculine power just because society tells you to, don’t expect to ever get it back. And certainly don’t expect to receive a thank you in the mail.

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