Why Are American Women Acting Like Men?

We all know that all-to-familiar sound. You are sitting in one of your favorite late night hangouts when a sound that resembles something close to a pack of hyenas in heat pierces your eardrums. It is a group of 5-10 girls, most likely in their 20’s, shrieking in unison as they celebrate another Vegas Bomb. Nails of a sloth across a chalk board would be more inviting than this horrific mating call.

Listening to them you would think that a naval vessel just docked in the harbor. They are loud, obnoxious and their conversations laden with profanity and vulgarity. Everything is hyper-sexualized. One girl is half in tears because she slept with Billy on the first night and now he is ignoring her texts, which has probably happened to her a dozen times or more by now. Her friends reassure her that Billy is just an ‘asshole’ and it has nothing to do with her giving it up easier than a hooker that takes Discover Card. Feeling better, she grabs the nearest pole and sticks her ass out and does some sort of mating dance known as ‘twerking’ to draw in more horny suitors, one who will inevitably take her home for the night and never call again. Even if he doesn’t, she has already projected herself as a trash bag ho, and really that is all that matters. The group tosses back some more shots and continues their antics until the end of the night at which point half are crying in a cab on the way home and the other half are in some strangers’ beds.

Meet the modern American ‘young lady’. The one who apparently thinks she is man. How this happened, or why it happened is a source of debate. I’m not implying that young men and women can’t party and behave reckless or risqué—it’s fairly standard and reasonable for young people to do so. However, until recently the majority of these young women would still at least attempt a feminine front, even if deep down they were trashy. It used to be deemed shameful to behave in such a manner, especially in public. Openly trashy behavior is now not only tolerated, but encouraged by young men and women alike.

“I’m cool, just like one of the guys.”

Men generally do not mind a woman who can be ‘one of the guys’, per se, but not at the cost of her femininity. It is a complete turnoff to hear a women swear excessively, drink beers from a can, smoke cigarettes and be openly vulgar, violent or over sexual. This is not Sons of Anarchy and most men don’t want ‘old ladies’. Okay, they get our jokes and are not offended by our crude male behaviors, but the key word is male. Women should act feminine, not masculine. Straight men are not interested in dating or having sex with other men. We like women because they are just that, women. Women should be fairly soft spoken, polite, and carry themselves with at least a certain degree of modesty and mystery.  Dare I call it class.

 “I’m gonna get me some dick tonight girl.”

No man who is going to show a woman even an ounce of respect wants to hear that. He may hear it and initially think, “Great, this chick is going to be an easy lay,” but when he wakes up to the smell of her alcohol breathe and stale cigarettes, he will immediately regret his decision and formulate a plan to escape her place or get her out of his house as quick as possible. “Want to get breakfast?” says a voice under the covers that resembles Clint Eastwood after gargling acid soaked gravel.  “Nah.”

“What was your name again?”

Anyone see a dance floor recently? Can we even call it dancing anymore? To me it resembles more of a public orgy. Half naked girls ramming their asses into the nearest crotch. Next to her another one is wrapped around a man’s waist and riding him like a rodeo bull. Tongues swapped and body parts groped without even names exchanged. I am sure a lot of fathers out there would be quite honored to see what their little princess is up to this particular evening. Make him proud, ‘ladies.’

“I’ll fuck that bitch up! SLUT!”

The language coming out of these girls mouths is deplorable. To hear a women drop two or three ‘F bombs’ in a single sentence is not uncommon. Listening to them verbally shred other women in the ultimate act of hypocrisy is not only disgusting, but a huge turnoff. Not to mention the ultra-aggressive types that want to verbally or even physically scrap with other women in their vicinity. And of course there is open discussion about their sexual encounters and conquests. Did their mothers conduct themselves like this? Not likely.

“I like having lots of sex with lots of guys on Tinder but wish guys would stop proposing. I’m 19, way too young to be tamed ” – Angie

I recently came across a Twitter page called Tinderfessions. This is where anyone can post Tinder experiences anonymously and share them via a Twitter feed. You will notice the majority seem to come from women and that their crude and vulgar language equals or betters the men. Many will say that this type of young female is not the norm, but I argue it is far more the norm than anyone wants to admit. Here are some samples:


— Tinderfessions (@tinderfessions) April 21, 2014










“This is typical male hypocrisy!”

We already know females are going to counter this with some feminist bullshit about how women have the right to act like men do and it’s all so hypocritical. Maybe it is, but as noted many times before, these same women have no right to wonder why men don’t treat them as ‘ladies’ or call them back. They need to take a hard look at themselves. Femininity is attractive and respected. They should try it sometime. To think some sucker will put a ring on those fingers someday is an absolute mockery to the sanctity of marriage. And trust me, whoever those fools are, they will only get the PG version of her past. Why? Because she knows it is shameful.

Men Need To Demand More

Men, young and old, need to demand more from young women. A 23-year-old guy may be loving that girls these days are so easy and predictable. But when the time comes and he wants to find a good woman, a good mother that will teach his daughter how to carry herself with respect and dignity, what then? As great as it might be for a young man today in the prime of partying, care-free life, his future options are bleak. Only he can change that by demanding more. Does he want the lips that were wrapped around countless cocks kissing his kids goodnight? Boys will be boys, but at the end of the day they want to come home to respected, dignified and feminine women. Not the female version of their fraternity brother.

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411 thoughts on “Why Are American Women Acting Like Men?”

  1. I 100% agree with almost everything you said and the way you worded it really captured my views. Swearing: it’s wayyyy too common between girls of every age and nobody (admittidly myself included) steps in and tells them to stop! It’s unnatractive and trashy and there are no repercussions. I’ve stepped in one or two times only to hear ‘she has fucking rights too, asshole’ from her friends after asking her to please watch her language because there were kids around (walking dog by a park).
    If anybody would care to further elaborate as to why so many members of the female gender choose to do this, please leave a reply so I can see cause I’ll never figure it out on my own.

    1. “she has fucking rights too, asshole”
      I’d say a quick discussion on rights versus license would be in order, but that’s too tall a task for even most men these days, let alone these mindless sailor mouthed “empowered womyn! ™”.
      A quick a dirty answer, off the top of my head, that demonstrates it without getting into technicalities and philosophy would go something like
      “Sure, and I have a right to keep and bear arms, but that doesn’t mean I walk into my church with an assault weapon strapped to my back.”
      Outside of that I don’t know what to tell you, except that you have to confront it and make it clear that they are beneath you. The summary of the article’s title is a quick short sentence “Because men allow it”. That’s really all the author was saying, and he’s 100% correct. So the highly desirable men, the ones the girls slobber over and stab each other in the back to get, need to start having standards and expressing those standards, and if the standards are not met then they leave the slag in the dust and her own tears. Yeah, plenty of betas will still want to fuck her, but the man she wants, that she truly wants, turns her down. And damn it, every man she truly wants all seem to be saying they don’t want her, and why….maybe it’s time to change, she’ll hopefully realize.
      Quick demonstration: when you encounter a brash, foul mouthed “empowered womyn” type these days, usually cursing loudly to the high heavens, and then she turns to you and smiles looking for approval, you say “classy” in a tired, bored tone and get up and walk away.

        1. Nah, Katie can kiss my pasty white gaelic arse. And chances are, she would. heh.

        2. Do you do this while drinking a Guinness? xDD (You did say you’re of Irish heritage).

        3. You just gave me the mental image of a big old Irishman, sitting on a wooden barstool, sipping a cold pint of Guinness while some chick licks whip cream off his backside.

        4. No sir, not Irish, Scottish. They’re both Gaelic so they’re essentially the same people at their root, the difference being how they interacted with the Vikings, Picts, etc.

    2. Nice.
      I’m getting to the point (thankfully) where I simply DO NOT CARE about a lot of things, except things that actually matter, and that means having the audacity to call out bullshit behavior, be it male or female.
      DO IT. You will enjoy it. You will be such a “rare bird” to be the one man who confidently and without apology calls out a bitch on her princess behavior.
      After all, women would just assume ignore a man unless she has some vested interest in him, so who cares? Have some fun with it, something interesting to do in your day.

      1. It’s fun. I had one girl(fat goth type) get mad that I was “in her spot” and I responded by just looking her in the eye and saying “Excuse me, we’re having a conversation here…” and turned my back on her. The butthurt look was beyond anything I can describe in writing. Let’s just say it was all I could do to not burst out laughing.
        Word of warning is that some of them will try to get back at you. She retaliated by trying to tell her friends that I had grabbed her butt. It didn’t work. As usual with that type her friends were beta orbiters with twig-limbs, and they didn’t react in a manner that I had to take seriously. The guy who came up was clearly too timid to start anything, so I just told him off and told him why she was manipulating him. He just walked off looking like he didn’t know what to believe.

        1. I love stories like this, part entertaining but part chilling (where she attempted to manipulate other men against you via a false accusation or etc.).
          Food for thought, makes me realize that being a pussy won’t work, it will require standing one’s ground and maintaing frame. And being ready to handle her orbiting white knights.
          Would love to have seen that!

    3. Female behavior is motivated by the herd they belong to. They all must conform to whatever the current behavioral trend is, whether they want to or not. Women who do not comply with the larger group imperative are ostracized from the group. That’s a social death sentence for a woman.

  2. The simple solution is for every man to call girls out on their behavior.
    Unfortunately the thirsty men of ‘Murica choose instead to let these behaviors slide.
    I tell my girls I don’t tolerate swearing around me. Now they don’t, but it took me telling them it’s crass for a woman to swear and I don’t want to hear it. God knows I swear enough for 2 people anyway.
    Women are like children and need to be LEAD. Problem is men are content with sitting home changing diapers then standing the fuck up and taking control of their household.
    There’s plenty of complaining about American women, but the truth remains: Men allowed American women to get to this point by being spineless, weak, yellow bellied wimps who are lead by women.
    Men made the problem and now they need to fix it. (If it’s not too late)

    1. No amount of leading will turn a masculine whore into a feminine and faithful wife.
      Men’s only option for a long-term proposition is a woman from a traditional society where shaming and religion keep women boxed.

      1. Women will return if men quit worshiping pussy. Every time a man fucks a slut he has turned himself in to nothing more than a human dildo.

        1. That is not going to happen.
          Men need to make decisions based on the way the world IS, not on how they wish it were.

        2. I’m afraid you are right. American men are pathetic wimps when it comes to sex. Until murican men quit performing dildo service for attention whore sluts this will continue. There is a societal reset coming.
          Collapse is not far away and I hope it comes sooner rather than later. Women will quit the cock carousel when they can’t afford to eat.
          There are much more important things than pussy. Don’t tell that to an “alpha” though.

        3. It is always men that make decisions based on how they wish the world was, who change the world. If all you do is adjust to the present state, you will never change anything.
          That’s why MTOWSs have more chance of influencing the creation of quality women than PUAs.

        4. I live in a country where a lot of women can’t afford to eat. The cock carousel still works the same way, it always has.

        5. There are three things which are certain in the modern world:
          Change, Death and the Sluttiness of Westernized women.

        6. By adapting yourself to the world you perpetuate the problem, I doubt if any of the great men of history debated whether to adapt himself to the current zeitgeist rather than seek to change it.

        7. “Women will quit the cock carousel when they can’t afford to eat.”
          What is the oldest job in the world, right after politics? Yes, that´s right.

        8. hey rooskie, i know your country for my late parents were from novorossiysk and always told me russian and ukraiinian women are all gold digging whores

      2. Exactly. Wish would could round up these awful whores and make them spend a few years in Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

    2. I love the face they make when you call them out on their behavior. The look of shock and indignation is priceless.

    3. Next to impossible with the current legal system and thirsty pussy beggars. As long as men sabotage one another for the sake of pussy things will continue to get worse.

      1. It truly is a pussy cartel. Large scale prostitution will never be legal in the US as it is in most of Europe. American women cannot handle that kind of competition. And American men are too big of pussies to demand it be legalized. This dysfunctional nonsense will go on for quite a while. The US economy is doing poorly overall, but it is extremely resilient and easily manipulated. The collapse and reset will not likely happen for a long time; many, many years, possibly 2 decades or more I estimate. So don’t hold your breath on a reset anytime soon, fellas.

        1. Ultimate irony is that the way things are now Id rather thrust a hooker than a college girl. At least hookers are honest about what they are. College girls lie about how many partners they had or cheat on your back.

        2. That’s why American men lose their wives or girlfriends to available foreign men in other countries and those coming to ours because foreign men can tame women better.

        3. By all means please come and get them. I’d welcome any foreign man who wants to take our trash.

        4. Tame them? I was hoping for a wife not a horse but you do put it in the right terms. Now I see the problem was in my approach.

        5. It’s the European and Latin men who stole your wife and now that she’s gone, you have to hold onto your next one so she won’t be stolen by them.

    4. Fuck that. By the time the fixing was done we’d all be dead and would have no opportunity to enjoy it anyway. Some ungrateful turds would reap what you sew and that’s how liberals are born and say lets give women more rights and society goes full circle.
      I don’t know what the solution is to be honest, but to be more specific I don’t think I want it anyway. Equal rights in family court and things like alimony yeah, 100%, but so many people advocating for the whole marriage based system reeks of “I can’t get laid, please can we have a marriage based system for me to have some sex please.”
      Women are a pain in the ass to deal with regardless of the circumstances, and I sure as shit don’t want to be slaving away to support 10-12 fucking kids. You just get bogged down and trapped with absolutely no room for social mobility.
      I like banging skanks god damn it!
      There’s got to be a middle line somewhere but the old system everyone seems to be advocating for ain’t shit.

      1. You could make the same argument about the people who built Western Civilization. They didn’t necessarily get to enjoy the benefits in the long term. Should they have sat there and said ‘fuck it, the wealth we create is going to be enjoyed mostly by some future generation?’
        Of course, eventually ungrateful liberals did come into the picture, but that’s always going to be a side effect of genuine progress and prosperity. That isn’t an argument against making that progress.
        You have it exactly backwards with the marriage = sex cheat code argument. It’s the people who want every woman to be a slut who reek of “I can’t get laid, please can we have a slut based system so I can get laid simply because I have a penis please.”
        If you’re a sex worthy guy, the sexual climate is immaterial to you because you can always get laid, regardless. Cads have always existed, and always will. It then becomes a matter of short term vs longer term focus. Most people with your view are short sighted, only concerned about the instant gratification and how easily it can be attained. Fine, but that rarely leads to a positive longer term outcome. Quite frankly, it is that obsession with the short term that has us where we are socially, and indeed economically too. More of the same won’t help us.

        1. Yes yes, you = big alpha male and me = little beta. Let me know how your new civilization works out for you…

        2. The people who built western civilization?
          There would have been no American revolution if the founding fathers (and the soldiers behind them) had just been fathers.
          James Cook didn´t spend years of travel with his wife, either.
          Nope, funny that, no one advocate that all women becomes sluts.
          Let us look at the reasons “traditional marriage” and “chastity” is being advocated… Oh yes, the knowledge that women won´t ever want to willingly stick around after the deed is done. How can she ever be loyal?? She knows better! and the thorought abandonment of self-improvement it betrays.
          Even more, the idea is that they ought to be whores instead of sluts, really.
          Maybe a whore to just one client instead of a lot of them but whores nonetheless.
          Western civilization is terminally ill from beta-ness already, more of of them isn´t the answer to its survival.
          Kilmister have only emotional appeal, like a woman. Even pulling a Helen Lovejoyesque think of the children and I laughed outright when i read that.

        3. That new civilization is the same civilization that turned into the current disaster.
          1950s all over again, followed by 1960s all over again too…

        4. English Translation: You sir are correct, but let me draw attention to the fact that since you are obviously correct you must then also be an alpha male, and since you are an alpha male I must be beneathe you, therefore you are chastising me, and since you are chastising me you must be an asshole, and since your an asshole you are probably incorrect! AaHA!

      2. “There’s got to be a middle line somewhere but the old system everyone seems to be advocating for ain’t shit.”
        I’ve been saying that for years. Many on the manosphere are arguing that we need some sort of return to traditional gender relations. If you want that, build a fucking time machine. We are never going back to that system. The world conditions simply do not allow for it.
        Furthermore, why would any man want to be in a system which forces marriage and children on everyone with a one-size-fits-all approach? Marriage and children are generally awful. If you think our grandfathers somehow had it better, you are wrong. The WW2 generation was sexually frustrated, to say the least. Ask any old guy about marriage and see what he says. It will be red pill, I guarantee it.
        We need to stop pretending that the old system was better. It was not. The current system sucks too, quite hard actually…but just adapt to it and you will reap the rewards.

        1. I’ve read studies where it’s claimed that sex ‘back then’ was actually considered enjoyable and more carefree than today’s “you go grrrrrl” high stress frigid career wife thing. I suspect “sex sucked for them back then!” is a feminist creation to make modern women feel better about desecrating their wombs and integrity.
          Think about it actually, who is going to want sex more and enjoy it more, a woman who has shipped the kids off to school and has the day to clean the house (2 hours, max), relax and take a walk down the road at lunch, or the high stress corporate queen whose testosterone levels are causing her to square up in the jawline and who is bitter about everybody and everything?
          Dunno man. My grandparents on all sides of the family seemed pretty damned happy and content, and they all wore wedding rings. All of their friends too, now that I think about it. I know of one divorcee in their ranks, and she was out doing the “career” thing before the second wave hit, and left her husband high and dry. He held out on selling the house until she passed away, in a final act of revenge, heh.
          As to “never going back”, nothing is permanent or final with it comes to human beings. The notion that culture is temporal and bound to a strict measuring stick line and cannot repeat bears no resemblance to actual reality.

        2. I suppose “never going back” is too strong of a statement to make about human behavior. Human behavioral trends ebb and flow depending on the environment the individual is in. I knew I should have clarified that. I suppose what I should have said is that we are not going back to that system any time soon. We can probably agree on that.
          As far as the levels of happiness of previous generations, there is really no way for us to realistically quantify that. One argument we can clearly make is that the majority of people from 2 generations ago DID stay married for an entire lifetime. This is a statistical fact. Whether or not they were happy with their lifelong spouse is clearly another issue altogether. Most of the people you know from that era seem happy with their spouse. Frankly, most of the people I know from that era seemed content with their spouse as well. But this type of circumstantial evidence doesn’t prove anything about the group of people on the whole. Historically, the relationship between men and women has always been strained to some degree. My grandfather was married a few times and was cheated on by his wife while deployed overseas during WW2. That type of disrespectful behavior is par for the course with modern women. But it happened back then as well. I think the more things change, the more they stay the same.

        3. People here also talk about how society has degraded etc since the good ol days when world wars and polio were still a common thing. I agree in terms of how men and women relate to each other it’s really gone down the shitter, and things like government giving too much support to big corporations yeah for sure, but technologically we are more advanced than ever and in the sciences we’ve come leaps and bounds.
          I dunno what men on the manosphere are genuinely fighting for, but from my POV I’d be quite happy to say ‘You’re free to do what you like, but there will be no government check to back up your new found independence, and everytime you complain about something you will simply be told to fuck off.’
          There, problem sorted. Women would voluntarily submit themselves again and the ones who really hated the idea of being mothers and wives get an option, but they are made aware it comes with consequences. As much as people like to yearn for the good ol days, hate to break it to you but women fought that shit tooth and nail, so they weren’t loving it as much as you claim they were. The best way to get people to sign up for something is make them believe they have an option, even if it’s not there.

        4. THANK YOU!! I fucking irks me to no end when I see someone spewing off nostalgic vitriol about how the Edwardian era and the 1950s was some sort of heaven on earth for those of the penis-posessing variety. IT WAS NOT. In fact it was far from it. Want to talk about gender roles? How about the MALE gender roles. Men were regulated to cannon fodder who were obligated to lay down their lives in the trenches of France and Belgium during WW1 because their respective European emperors told them to because of a bitchfest that was simmering with the other European emperors. Ditto for the Vietnam war 50 years later. And a few years earlier they were obligated to freeze to death in the Atlantic ocean as the Titanic sank under them because the life of a man was apparently less valuble than that of a woman or child.
          When men werent being sent to die in wars or left on sinking ocean liners they were expected to work like dogs not for themselves but to provide for their grown ass wives. The whole idea that men are meat shields and walking ATM machines is the exact same mindset that the entitlement princesses of modern times have.
          The whole marriage and children is NOT for everyone. In fact marriages that work out are a minority. Even back in the 50s and earlier it didn’t work. Assloads of these men were miserable alcoholics who beat the hell out of their wives and kids. Even if you were married to a woman who fucked you every night and had your dinner ready for you every night it aint going to work. One small issue: Going home every night to the same woman and having the same sex and the same old routine DAY IN AND DAY OUT gets REALLY old really fast.
          Going back to that “old system” is also virtually impossible in today’s economy. Stay-at-home housewives are all but a thing of the past since it is now virtually impossible to raise even a single child without a duel income. And don’t give me the shit about immigrants and lower class on the financial ladder people raising huge families with no problems. They get government handouts and there ARE problems with their environment. Most of those kids are raised in conditions on par with some of the worst third world shitholes on the planet and not surprisingly most of them become the next generation of deadbeats and criminals.
          And if you want to get away from these foul mouthed trashy girls, STOP TRYING TO MEET WOMEN AT CLUBS AND BARS. Come on guys. What kind of people do you expect to meet at some booze-fueled meat market where the clientele aren’t all the way grown up yet? There are places where you can meet quality, respectable women. You just have to get out into the world to find them.

        5. “There are places where you can meet quality, respectable women”
          Not in the USA there aint.

        6. You had a good thing going till it all collapsed in the last paragraph. That girl you meet at yoga or cooking class is just as much of a whore.

        7. Damn!! Quality comment good enough to be an article on its own.
          I agree with your position.
          “Most of those kids are raised in conditions on par with some of the
          worst third world shitholes on the planet and not surprisingly most of
          them become the next generation of deadbeats and criminals.”
          Ironically, but unsurprisingly, women reward deadbeat men and criminal men with pussy.
          Yes. The older days were not as good as today’s world. Do for yourself, make as much money, and fuck as many women as possible.

        8. Agreed on the club girls thing but it is hard to find a girl anywhere that hasn’t slut herself around. Seems like the only way to do that is to marry a religious girl very young and there is a lot of competition for them within their religious social circle. And who really wants to babysit some airhead praying to a man in the sky all the time?

        9. ‘Stay-at-home housewives are all but a thing of the past since it is now virtually impossible to raise even a single child without a duel income.’
          Therein lies some of the problems with short term thinking as applied to economics, which I alluded to in my comment above. The reason why it’s become virtually impossible is down to economic policy that demands constant expansions of the money supply and debt, which in turn leads to constant increases in the cost of living, faster than average earners can cope with. That’s about as neatly as it can be put in one sentence, but the underlying reason it is advocated is political expedience. In the face of recession, politicians and their short termism resort to the easy fix, which leaves society worse off in the long run. But given that the long run happens after the next election cycle, no fucks are given.
          All progress requires pain/struggle/resistance. That’s something that is well understood in the manosphere when it comes to self development, but it also applies to societal progress as well. That men were thrown into the meat grinder, made expendable in war etc was the price society paid for progress. We wouldn’t be sitting here now in the comforts of modern society chatting on the internet if it wasn’t for men who risked their lives reshaping the earth and fighting to defend what had been built. Who else was going to do that? Women? Would you rather be working on a farm somewhere from the time you could start walking just to feed yourself?
          Life wasn’t ‘miserable’ back then because of a marriage culture. It was miserable for the simple fact that people weren’t as wealthy. In order to change that condition, men had to go out and bust their ass. Women played their part by supporting the men. Sure some women felt ‘miserable’ having to play that role, but so did some men having to play theirs. The point was that if both sides didn’t play their roles, society would have gone nowhere. That’s the harsh reality of life. Despite our modern comforts, that all holds true today.

        10. If the WWII generation was “sexually frustrated” as you say then where the hell do you think the baby boomers came from?

        11. Some good women in the USA exist. But their numbers are so miniscule that it amounts to a waste of time.
          It’s possible to find 20 bucks in the street, but how many hours do you want to spend looking for it?

        12. “As much as people like to yearn for the good ol days, hate to break it to you but women fought that shit tooth and nail, so they weren’t loving it as much as you claim they were.”
          It’s not really about them loving it, but it was best for stable families and societies. They fought it when they saw an opportunity to gain more leverage. That’s all it’s ever been about.
          They and others who facilitated the movement simply filled a vacuum.

        13. “Men were regulated to cannon fodder who were obligated to lay down their lives in the trenches”
          “When men werent being sent to die in wars or left on sinking ocean liners they were expected to work like dogs not for themselves but to provide for their grown ass wives. The whole idea that men are meat shields and walking ATM machines is the exact same mindset that the entitlement princesses of modern times have.”
          None of this has changed.
          Even if you work alongside women in a company, as a man you’ll also be picking up their slack.
          You don’t seem to understand. Things haven’t changed for the average man.

        14. So you see why the America is turned on its head because everyone is trying to please the little head of a man. How people can’t see how we got here – the man couldn’t get enough pussy to make him happy, he spent hours stroking his dick and being unhappy about the pussy head he had when so many other pussies he wanted. As a woman, I have grown up with the little unhappy head and frankly, glad I am divorced and he can go make his little head happy (which he hasn’t been able to do hence is double little unhappy head now). Whiney American men only worried about pussy and making their little head happy. Women are going to complete and play with what they “think” men want. You want things to change, help your sons focus on something other than pussy and porn. Oh crap that would mean that the current generation of “men” would have to model that behaviour which we know they can not do because they have been brainwashed to think what happiness is and isn’t and it mainly resolves around pussy. Women modeled the behavior for a long time but men are not going to follow women, boys follow men and model the behavoir of men. DUH. We have a society of skanks which are both men and women. People who will sell out their soul for some attention to the little head – if that ain’t skank I don’t know what is. Look at the behavior, it is the behaviour that men have brought to society. Rather ugly isn’t it? As a woman, I never wanted a man that had skanked around, so in reality we all want the same thing versus “boys will be boys” mantra which is saying the double standards is ok – it is not. Fix it by fixing yourself – put porn away, save sex for marriage, and you will find society will change dramatically, and be happy with the fuck you have and quit shopping (eyeball disease) around which leads to unhappiness. I’ve dated men who were proud as punch they fucked another man’s wife. hahahaha boys will be boys. Lock up what you have because that is the man boys running our America notion of a good thing. Fuck whatever is not locked down – fuck when opportunity knocks because we have no loyalty, integrity or morals. America’s finest MEN and WOMEN.

        15. haha, people are happy with their short term spouses, people are unhappy even when they have a SO and no marriage, people are unhappy when they don’t have someone. People aren’t happy period. Why? Because they think the are missing out on something. Discontent is a disease in America. Media shows ups fiction of happiness and it usually isn’t something that is real so …. we are unhappy because we are not getting what others have.

        16. “Going home every night to the same woman and having the same sex and the same old routine DAY IN AND DAY OUT gets REALLY old really fast”. And, this is why no woman today will ever be loyal again because you know you will have to live with this kind of “life is passing me by” discontent, or I’m bored as hell discontent, etc.. Why vest oneself? Did you hear women state this? Nope, it was a man saying I am not happy 🙂 , I am rather bored. It is funny to that when divorce rolls around, a man attackes a woman, she hasn’t done this or has let herself go, etc. but in reality his boredom and unhappiness about what he thinks he is not getting that is driving the divorce bus. Really doesn’t matter over all, things will not get better, but they are getting better for us women because we are taking care of ourself, we are getting our degress, we are earning a living for ourself. We wanted something better but the best way to fight a man’s boredom is to be able to get out and take care of yourself when the relationship expires. Glad I am no longer married, cause I to have realized life is much better unattached, when the man gets bored and needs to skank, it is much easier walking out the door, you just don’t get attached emotional (keep the wall up) and it works also that if I am with someone and they fall on hard times well that isn’t what I signed up for so I can find the door as well. I like doors and I know of a lot of women who like doors. When it comes to providing for children that are my offspring, I gladly did my half and of course I expected the father to do his half – funny how many men don’t want to do their half though – thank goodness for paternity test 🙂 Make sure you tell your son(s) they will be expected to do their half.
          I can’t help but post this – I dated a guy who’s buddy was complaining about having to support the child he fathered with the bar skank. He wanted her to abort it. LOL, LOL Now who is skank? Men you have your shit backwards concerning who are the sluts, whores, and skanks. I truly don’t know of very many men who I admire, who have integrity, or who I would trust – your moral meter and compass is so screwed up. And, this entire article proves what dip shits you are – why would anyone trust you and your double standards and jaded views?

    5. It’s pretty simple why this happened…. The ghetto class has gone mainstream….. but (for the minute) still has some cash…. wait until the robots push unemployment to 40-50% and none of these people have cash…. then all they will have is a good jolly fuck with a stranger (and a crack pipe)….. and you think the world is progressing….
      forget about all this bullshit… make some money – you’re gonna need it to buy a place in the walled communities, that are scum free.

      1. These are true statements…it’s only mainstream at night though when people can somewhat “get away” with it. During the day, when there is money to be made and rational minds are at work, the characterized behaviors are made a mockery of.
        Unemployment will peak, pick a side (don’t feel sorry for those who don’t have it, most put themselves in their current situation), and buy into the judgmental walled communities-that may look down upon the scum (with reason), and are safe.

      2. yeh but in walled communities you have to deal with petty bourgeois wasps and extreme social conformists.
        At least they are reasonably civilized i suppose.

    6. Don’t call them out on their behavior. Let them show who they really are so they can be avoided. Don’t teach these harlots to appear feminine and normal. Let them advertise their true selves for the world to see.
      Even betas are turned off by slutty, masculine women just as slutty, masculine women are turned off by betas. So, let their disgusting behavior act as a big-ass lighthouse warning betas away.
      The sloots should not pass ‘Go’, they should not marry. They should not collect cash, kids, and prizes. Let them get nothing.
      Future generations need to see hordes of old, weathered, potty-mouthed, spinster sloots with crusty tats and wizened ginas. Amen.

      1. That is, if future generations even are capable of coming into existence under this system.

    7. “Women are like children and need to be LEAD. ”
      If you want to make analogy to leading children, the only type of leading that is successful is leading by example. Good luck teaching your kid not to swear if you swear around the house, or teaching him/her not to some if you use pack after pack of cigarettes.
      Women have different mentality than men, but they can smell bullshit. If you tell “don’t do X” while doing X, the only thing you’re going to create is another hypocryte, like a kid that goes to church because his partents tell him to.

      1. There is something to that. Remember, back in the day, men didn’t curse around “ladies.” Of course, lady-like behavior was assumed, but a man’s behavior was checked by other men while in mixed company. Then again, there was a time when men and women spent most of their time apart, and mixed company was an exception which could be given special privilege.

        1. My grandfather told his brother (who just returned from war) not to swear at the dinner table. The second time he swore, my grandpa slapped the shit out of him in front of everyone, not a word was spoken and not more swearing was heard. No shit.

        2. Very true. I love the way modern feminazis love to complain about chivalry being dead when THEY ARE THE ONES WHO KILLED IT. Men do not treat pigs and sluts like ladies because they don’t act like women.

    8. It’s probably too late. When America collapses, suddenly men will become important.
      My rule will be that any woman who wants to tag along has to be able to carry a spade shovel.
      I’ll need something to bury her with.

      1. The United States, being the core economy with the world’s reserve currency will be the last to collapse. We Americans have years more of this degenerate hell to suffer. But Europe and the emerging economies will implode first. Soon it will be time to go there to harvest the newly poor and chastened pussy.

        1. Only as long as China go along with the scheme.
          I think the Chinese military have a lot more nukes than what offical estimates tells us. Bio-weapons too.

    9. The word you are looking for is “led,” not “lead.” Lead is element 82. It is better for women to be made mainly of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen than a metal like lead. Biology probably wouldn’t work if we started making the women out of lead.

    10. Men like you and me won’t be able to do shit unless we fix the source of the problem, which has to do with the media, education system, government, leftists, etc. And you can’t do this without calling out the Zionists.
      So maybe you can have a little talk with Roosh about this McQueen? Because until this happens we’ll just be running around in circles and the RVF will largely be a waste of time. It’ll be there for entertainment and tips, but it will be useless to effect any real change.
      Lol, I get the feeling old Roosh still believes in the official 9/11 story too.

      1. Anti-Semite!!! That’s all you’ll hear. Few people would believe how perverse the jews are. I think the best anyone can do to bring back our American culture of morality is to throw away your tv and sensor your kids movies.

    11. “Men made the problem”
      Speak for yourself brah. I didnt have anything to do with this mess at all.

      1. Stop with the brah shit, I know you probably think its cool, but its only cool to other ghetto trash, ya’know by letting them know your as trashy stupid and ignorant as they are. Shortening a word for the sake of time is one thing, but to then intentionally denigrate it is being willfully stupid. Not cool.

    12. It amazes me what men will allow from stupid bitches just to get a little pussy. Pathetic pussy beggars. Why would you as a man stoop to the level of a child to get a little female action? Shame her in public and walk away.

    13. Women are not worth it, they are basically the biggest evil in the world and they always will be, amen ; )

    14. The problem is the current legal environment gives women the power in a marriage. Until that ends you’re going to see men tip-toeing around their wives.

      1. Set yourself free with intentional celibacy aided by avoiding porn and by praying.

    15. To be fair Christian, you cannot say this when you were the person to make an article teaching women how to appear like sluts in ” how to be an appropriate slut”.
      Now I’m not relationship based guy, but that’s because I know marriage or a GF is bad in the Western world. Men who want relationships need to know how to screen out women who are not relationship material. And many women visit this site to learn about men and ofcourse male validation.

    16. Exactly. I don’t use profanity around females. It is not uncommon for a female to ask me why I don’t use profanity. I explain to them that it is “common”, shows a lack of restraint and imagination, and for women is grotesque. Shaming works.

    17. Oh fuck you and your sexist bullshit. Women don’t need to be lead. If anyone is acting like a child, it’s YOU. And it’s not women’s fault that you are spineless and weak.

    18. Of course. Women are like children because of their size and behavior. American women are very immature and American men are losing their women to foreign men who can tame and discipline them real easily. The writer of this article seems to be shaming women for looking at and ogling men as (sex) objects which is also unladylike as well. I bet he would shame women for looking at men in porn as if he feels masculinity is being destroyed. Yes, American women look at men as sex objects and nothing more and they sexually harass and try to rape men they see in which they can get raped back since men are physically stronger. Go to Pinterest. You see Western women posting pictures of half-naked to naked men along with their penises. And Western women also visit gigolos and get lap dances from male strippers at male strip clubs, especially at Thunder from Down Under and Chippendales, especially married women. But anyway, men still discipline their women because they are still the head of the household.

    19. Once a slut is popped she is worthless. No cure is gonna fix it. The whole 60’s to today’s generation of American females is aboute 95% cheap public toilet.

    20. I really hope that this is a joke comment & not serious! If you are serious… you sir need to talk to a psychologist & get your ego in check! I am not like a child & I do not need to be lead! I can take care of my own damn self! Nobody “allows” me to do shit! I am my own person & I make my own decisions! You say you don’t allow your significant other to cuss yet you cuss? If that is true, you are an ass hole & I pray to all that is bigger than myself that you never procreate!

  3. They do not just act like men, they even begun to transfer *into* men. Literally. Ever seen the jaws women are sporting these days? You could easily use them as an aid to prove the Pythagorean theorem. They’re solid geometric proofs. Many also have begun to display other classically masculine characteristics like broad shoulders and a wide back. Don’t get me started on tattoos.
    Women are transforming into men while men are transforming into women. Male test levels are plummetting. Look at the average male body of today: legs like twigs, horrible beard genetics, weak jaws, high-pitched voices, submissive attitudes. As to the cause, who knows? Perhaps the impact of environmental and social cues on the epigenetic regulation of the genetic code thus far has been strongly underestimated. Provide enough social incentives for a women to transfer into a man, and she will.

    1. Not genetic, hormonal. Testosterone is affected by what you do, hear and read every day, even what you wear and watch on television. In a femme-centric universe men are not cued up to be in the least manly, while women are sold on the Wonder Woman myth nearly every hour of the day, so the testosterone levels reflect this quite well.
      Take a couple of neck beard guys out to the shooting range, and out fishing for a couple of weeks and I guarantee you that their beards would vanish or get severely trimmed and they’d start to masculinize again. Get them into a gym while doing the above and you’d start to see the tough young men from the 1950’s re-emerge in no time flat.
      Your observations about the changes are correct though. On the bright side it really makes the highly manly gentleman stand out from the pack.

      1. Beards are masculine. Don’t understand why so many guys on here have a problem accepting that. The fact that some dweebs have them also does not mean they aren’t manly.

        1. Specifically “neck beards”, not beards in general. If you don’t know what a neck beard is, look it up and you’ll find reams of photos of hipsters.
          I have a beard, fwiw, a well groomed goatee. Not anti-beard in the least. Anti-neckbeard though, surely.

        2. I have one too (goatee not a neckbeard). Something ain’t right if you don’t have some facial hair from time to time. And don’t get me started on “waxed” chests! Be proud of your hair!

        3. Bronies, hipsters, manginas – they all look alike to me. The difference between wearing a My Little Pony t-shirt as opposed to wearing a t-shirt from the 1980’s with Pabst Blue Ribbon on it is negligible to the overall rest of their appearance.

        4. bro you can shave your neck and under your chin and still have beard bro.

        5. Actually, a beard has to be done right to be masculine. A well trimmed sailor beard compared to the “neckbeard” of the typical basement dweller, for example.
          I can’t grow a beard. You see I was married and my balls fell off… OK just kidding. I have sideways whiskers that itch like crazy and they stop growing at the worst point. If I can be drunk for 2 weeks I can get past that stage and have a real Gimli beard, but that has not happened since the ’80s.
          But the fact is a beard can be done wrong in such a manner that the person with the beard looks more pathetic than manly. I’d even argue that a neckbeard treats his own whiskers the way a woman would if say she had some condition that made her grow facial hair for some reason.

        6. The beard trimmer has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever.

      2. Men have always desired to act like women and women have always desired to act like men. It was always the function of nature and acts nurture in the form of passage rites to shed such delusions. Nearly all societies had formal or informal methods typically around puberty to reinforce the mental frame of sexual identity. Society has allowed our cultural demons to run free.

        1. Ah, the “gender is a social construct” mantra.
          No thanks. I can honestly say, for real, that I cannot recall ever wanting to act like a woman. That’s the straightest shot I can give you there pal, but it’s never dawned on me to want to dress up, put on make up, act catty or in any way feminize myself. The very notion rather makes my skin crawl really.

        2. No no….you see, the reason that you never wanted to wear a dress or high heels is because you were conditioned against that, right?
          Certainly not because your biological gender and everything that goes with it means that nature has designed you to act a certain way. That would be admitting that there’s forces more powerful than the state.

        3. Heh, yeah, I know people who spout that line. Every one of them, without exception, is childless. Anybody who has become a father and watched the clear personalities of their kids establish and set almost from birth know all this Dr. Spock “social construct” business is bunkum. You couldn’t have given my 18 month old son a Ragedy Ann, but he nearly went into nerve overdrive excitement when I handed him a ping-pong ball pistol when he was three.
          Lots of “construct” theorists out there and as soon as I hear one of their theories I know a lot about their experiences in real life.

        4. I also do believe there’s a metaphysical aspect of it….boys aren’t going to like things with feminine energy and vice versa.
          They did one experiment where they painted pink on the walls of a prison. The prisoners flipped out and stripped the paint.

        5. The social construct theory must have some truth to it otherwise the social engineers wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as they have been in pussyifying men and masculinizing women.
          Having said that, it’s clear to me that many aspects of our identity have to be biological, or at least strongly influenced by some underlying natural process. There are studies that indicate that these preferences are pretty much with us at birth. The studies weren’t done on 5 year olds; they were done on infants. How the fuck can these ‘blank slate’ idiots ignore something like that? Do they honestly think that their 6 month year old boy or girl is going to be ‘programmed’ to be a certain way because their rooms were painted blue or pink respectively?
          It’s complete madness

        6. I don’t deny that nurture plays a role, but the underlying personality is still present. It’s why, I think, so many young men are striking out with astonishing violence these days. Their environmental social programming is telling them to be women, but their inner male is rebelling and striking out against it.
          That and reduced t-levels, which are clearly a factor of environment. A low T level with XYZ personality may mope about or be lethargic yet still have the same mannerisms that, on his high-T personality, would be a positive.

        7. That’s why they have to try so hard. They’re fighting against nature and it takes a powerful programming to gain any headway. It’s also why they’ve introduced so many environmental toxins that damage a male’s reproductive system.

        8. “Always”? With that one word you have invalidated your entire argument.

        9. I read an article recently where the female writer was complaining about the pink cowgirl outfits for girls and blue cowboy outfits for boys. She said this was part of social conditioning. That maybe but try making a boy wear a pink cowboy outfit…

        10. You are assuming that that the result “they” achieved, is the result “they” wanted.

        11. Whenever I start reading an article or news piece, and the author makes clear signs that he/she is about to beat a trail down Feminist Lane, I take the first exit and stop reading. Guess I’m to the point of being jaded about this shit these days and am sick unto the gills of hearing about their whiny gripes.

        12. To “act like a woman” one must actually figure out how a woman acts.
          That has, I think, never been possible.
          The closest we can come is to act like a child, and so I don’t think there is as much femenization of men as there is infantilization and for a good reason women were always treated as a kind of advanced child with different needs and roles.
          The “women and children first” cliche in evacuation scenarios was never really chivalry or sacrifice, it was due to the reality that women and children became to hysterical or shocked in such situations that expecting them to make it to the lifeboat or exit on their own was expecting too much.
          So you have men who are not “practicing men” and therefore more like children.

        13. I can’t figure this out. A tranny will tuck the twig and berries to as not to show a bulge when wearing pants (remember the good old days when the term “suspicious package” meant a woman with a crotch bulge instead of a reason to expect a visit from the bomb squad?)
          But wait – don’t women wear.. dresses and skirts? But here you have men trying to be women, wearing pants? Off to a bad start – it’s almost as if feminism still infects the minds of those who believe in gender identity enough on having an issue with it to seek to change it. It does not make sense. The men who are trying to be women are dressing like women who are trying to be men. Go figure.

        14. Also, ask a girl which colour she prefers. Business is interested in mking money, so if the majority of girls didn’t want pink, they’d offer it.
          Female typists, (their drivel is too pathetic and *always* self-obsessed to consider them writers), are obsessed with making society match their own defective state.

        15. Look you’re Jewish from other threads. I never argued that it was a social construct rather that it is something that needs reinforcing. If a bar mitzvah is a passage to manhood? What are they passing from? It’s nearly universal that men and women need reinforcing of their qualities or we would not see the modern dilemma.

        16. The ship is sinking, but they are still blasting holes in the side of the galley.

        17. Rudi Guiliani has been known to cross dress and yet is straight. I don’t think this is an uncommon phenomenon. The problem is …and this is the real problem that then society positively reinforce that behaviour. Tell the person that they supported and that they are homosexual etc. which oft is not the case. That is why there is ultimately a higher rate of people who are teens and ambiguously show some effeminate traits but are not psychologically gay.

        18. Um, no, not Jewish, dafuq? Where did you get that idea from, I’ve never posted, insinuated or even hinted at it.
          Now if you would have said Eastern Orthodox Christian (a la Putin) or Catholic, you might be closer to the mark.

        19. Color is just light being reflected back off an object and into your eye. It’s true that it is only deemed “masculine” or “feminine” because our society has assigned a gender to it. Check out this chart and the various meanings different cultures assign to colors: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/colours-in-cultures/
          If each color had an inherent meaning, why is there such disparity between different cultures?
          Children are smart and pick up information quickly. Most young boys would associate pink with girls because they have either been told or observed such–i.e. “pink is for girls,” or they have seen a baby girl swaddled in pink, it’s their older sisters favorite color, they never see other boys wearing it, etc. The same goes for adult male prisoners; they’ve spent their entire lives associating pink with being feminine, so of course they are not going to like it on their prison walls.

        20. Also society wants you to believe that high T turns men into murdering, raping gorillas when in fact it makes you more calm and laid back.
          It’s the low T pussies who are always nervous and irritated at the slightest obstacle.
          As is often the case, the truth is the opposite of what society says.

      3. Agreed on hormonal. I would also add what you eat and what chemicals you absorb (from plastics, vaseline, deodorant etc.). Some foods can be highly estrogenic (soy, beer – sorry guys) and the last thing you want to be putting in your bodies if you want to maintain good test levels into old age…

        1. I don’t know about beer. I mean our common ancestors (English, Scottish, Irish, German) quaffed copious amounts of beer, to levels that would shame us moderns, and managed to be about 200x more masculine than your average beer drinker today. I know the science behind the estogen in beer, but something doesn’t seem to click when I look back at the men I knew from the WW2 and previous generations who were heavy drinkers and could whip both of our arses with one hand tied behind their backs.
          The rest I absolutely agree with.

        2. They might have been drinking a lot of beer but this was probably offset by physical work and “real” food (i.e. breakfast would have consisted of test producing foods such as chemical free meat, eggs, etc. instead of today’s estro-superfoods like Kellogs). Today’s beer drinker typically is 100 pounds overweight with a permanent beer “baby” growing to adulthood inside his belly. The beer itself was probably also not some chemical laden mass produced swill being drunk out of a dodgy aluminum can which is leeching estrogenic chemicals right into the beer.
          But I can guarantee you that alcohol itself is an estrogenic and toxic substance that will shorten your life and sabotage your efforts for a strong lean physique if consumed to excess.

        3. No doubt on the diet and physical labor, and that’s probably the bulk of the difference between then and now.

        4. Hops used in beer are “estrogenic” but plant estrogens (outside of GMO soy and other engineered crap designed to destroy people) are not as harmful anyway. A healthy man will process plant estrogens into more testosterone. This is why I cringe when I see guys taking supplements to boost their free testosterone – it’s like carb cleaner that gums up the engine. Yeah they get leaner but it speeds up their pattern baldness too. Too many fellows in their 40s gazing at their sixpacks and not noticing the bald spot appearing on their head.
          We produce more estrogen than women but convert it (and zinc is important to this process, BTW). Nice pure testosterone and less free T means less DHT and you keep your hair longer. While soy is bad in any case, don’t shy away from avacodos and nuts.
          Now regarding the beer…. I make my own beer and I can tell you that hops in beer did NOT become the norm until the beginning of modern civilization and it was made mandatory as the proto-temperance movement of the time. People claimed that beer to “too good”. You see back then people drank a beer called gruit, that used herbs more psychotropic like wormwood, heather, and foxglove. It made people really wild. The Scots made their mead with water that had heather soaking in it.
          The recipes of olde can still be found and I have made beer with St. Johns Wort that had all the benefits of beer without the drowseyness induced by hops. Times so good I’m afraid the government will pass a law.

        5. englishbob–Along with eating and drinking things which have chemicals we can only guess about and the ending of sheer manual work there is one overwhelming reason why men and women have swapped roles
          and that has to be education.If you are indoctrinated for some
          10-15 years by feminists who perceive you to be a terrorist unless you undergo their guidance and desire to change your outgoing behaviour into one of inward retrospection and demand you be subjective rather than objective,to act more like the little woman you have never even met what the heck can anybody expect?Women ave the whip hand and will always have until other women decide that they have had enough,it will certainly never be the achievement of bloggers.I have lived for 77 years and live now in France
          where Feminism ,although entrenched in the political system has not been carried out to the point where men actually fear women as they do in the UK and USA (for good reasons I might add)
          It almost seems as in those 2 countries men are their own worst enemies.

        6. Just for clarities sake, I was offering an explanation as to why test levels might be lower today rather than an explanation for why men and women have “swapped roles”.
          I agree education is part of it, and we can thank Napoleon for that. However, I see education as a symptom or rather a “tool of the State” in indoctrinating the population and enforcing certain values. To me, the ultimate problem is the modern democratic state which inevitably leads to a feminising and infantilising of society. Plato saw this coming long ago.

        7. Plato,of course was the masterly exponent of philosophy,but I do not believe that the situation was hard to
          forecast.Even in the 5th cent.
          men still had problems.
          I would have liked to see male groups actually training boys in the art of,say,logic,authoritative speech,perhaps building schools and male sanctuaries,anything positive.
          Start asking for funding by way of e-mail to wealthy men and women,find out who is
          receptive to the idea of helping boys out,surely something much more beneficial can be done other than having an argument with women who
          will never accept any point of view other than the one that they are doing very nicely out of.For instance; what exposure is Mike Buchanan getting for his foray into UK politics next year?

        8. and also start fucking other man, because greek man just used women for procreation, and the master fucked the disciple cause it was honorable.

    2. Oh God you’re so right! And don’t forget those BIG ASS AMERICAN FEET! American women’s feet are fucking huge. Literally no one I’ve been with (foreigners excluded) in the past 5 years had a shoe size under 8 or 9. You are right about the wide backs and broad shoulders too. Those lantern jaws are epic too. American women on average are the best tranny impersonators on the planet.

      1. Jeez some of them are just huge too. I mean 6 feet and over. WTF.
        Small and thin women are impossible to find, much less get anything started with these days. Might as well just fucking give up.
        If I wanted a masculine man-jawed 6 foot chick with tats Id just become gay.

    3. I’ve said this for years: the main agenda (in a nutshell) that’s perpetrated on modern society is “Bitchification of women and Fagification of men”. It’s a multi-pronged attack that includes social, biochemical and environmental factors.

    4. What about the voices? More and more women sound like men too, especially the business kind. A serious research has to be done about the reasons for and implications of a woman having a masculine voice.

      1. It’s been done. It’s called “Vocal Fry”, look it up. It’s a class thing: it’s found girls with low-resilient from comfortable, non-challenging suburban backgrounds who then go through higher education, In business, they think it means they’ll be taken more seriously. It’s also tied in with narcissism and used as a distancing tactic for avoidant personalities, which is *the* defining psychopathology of millennial girls. Basically, when they speak like that, it’s their way of letting you know the think they’re better than you, and you’re boring them, because their speech is drawn out and disaffected.

        1. The big words are cool and all — but next time try writing a comment that makes some sense.

    5. ha this reminds me of one interview, the guy sounds and acts like a women. The first time I noticed this it looked so fascinating like I saw an image representing warped western civilization with its men and women turning into each other. And women looks like men, she looks so direct like a men you can see it in her eyes even her voice is masculine, while guys voice is angelic and soft, he giggles like a chick damn he even looks hotter then her.

  4. Blokes should completely ignore these sorts of loud, vulgar and crass women. Sure, you can fuck them for free, but when you mix with trash, you also become trash yourself. They do nothing to enrich your life and it brings you down to their low values and standards

    1. meh, I just consider them like a public urinal. When you absolutely HAVE to take care of business, these are always around. Easily fucked and easily disposed of.

      1. He’s partly correct though. It’s almost indisputable now that who you associate will affect who you are. Minimize contact with such women and use them only to build your game until you can trade up, or use them as a fallback to keep yourself “in the flow” if your higher quality ones blow out.

        1. As a woman, when I find a man playing this sort of double standard game – he isn’t worth my time. He is trash. I find it comical all men on here whining about women behaving exactly as they let themself off the hook for. Do you tell your “prospective LTR” how many woman you are gaming? Surely our aren’t lying and misleading or manipulating. This is exactly why we are where we are at today. Men want to fuck, will fuck their buddies girl or his wife, then conveniently say it wasn’t him but her. It was the WOMAN that made him do it. Uhhhh, would you trust that? Is that manly? This is how I know all men I have met to behave and frankly I have zero respect for the American man. His is a big lie unto himself. He is full of excuses. He has no boundaries. He has no morals. His little head leads his house.

      2. Would you touch the tip of your dick to a public urinal? I doubt it. Would you stick your dick in one of these hoes? Likely not a good idea.

        1. of course not, but we have people here advocating ass fucking and golden showers.
          Use a condom. take care of business. Get out and back to more productive activities, like HALO.

  5. ROK is becoming a lot like my bipolar uncle, all over the map.
    So which article do I take seriously? The 1001 articles on game or this one that implies that women are a treasure that I need to protect? It’s a lot like the article the other day where the author suggested that men who complain about feminism want to do what feminists do, unaware of the plethora of anti-feminist articles written on ROK every day.

    1. You seem to have difficulty with the notion of “individualism”. Here’s the lowdown on that: Each author is different with a distinct and unique personality and perspective. The site hosts an array of opinions and views, all directed towards a common theme which more or less translates as “anti-feminist”. That you think in the collective is rather…odd. I’m assuming you’re a male here.
      Where is there any notion of “protect” in this article, btw. It was about calling out loud, trashy masculine women.

      1. Liberals have a positive need for collectivism. They cannot understand how two people can be individuals and yet still allies.

      2. I have no problem with individualism and, yes, I’m a man. My point is that
        My question has nothing to do with the writer, it has to do with the site. Articles are popping up where writers are contradicting themselves and other writers almost weekly now.

        1. Where is the contradiction?
          From this, and many other “manosphere” sites, I gather a few common themes.
          1. Trashy women are cum receptacles that are to be disrespected and used as fuck toys.
          2. Here’s how you go about accomplishing task 1
          3. Most men desire traditional, decent “old school” girls, and here’s how to make that happen with the slim minority left who fill that bill.
          4. Self improvement in all areas of life, restricted only by the author’s own self improvement ideas in the article he writes (culture, knowledge, health and fitness, etc)
          5. Anti-feminism
          In what way does this article contradict any of these things? Granted these are my observations but most all the articles on here seem to address one of those themes in a certain manner.
          As to your specific point, you think this article is about cherishing women, when it seems to me to be about loud, brash masculine women who are acting like men, and assigning the blame for this on men who tolerate such attitudes and actions.

        2. Use common sense and your own judgement to determine which authors are worth listening to.

        3. 1. Which leads to trashy men who will do anything to get into their pants, yet bitterly complain that no “decent” women are around.
          2. Which leads to the devaluation of Western Civilization.
          3. Most men desire a woman they want to be with based on their own notions of what makes a woman a woman.

    2. ROK is a collection of different writers with differing viewpoints. If you want one hard line, generic theme, read the main stream media.

    3. It was an awesome site up until the anorexia article. Now I just speed read the articles and comments. Occasionally you can find a gem. And you learn whose comments to skip over.
      Other than that its pretty getting to be the same old shit, different day.

  6. Kilmister you are a sick bastard for exposing the the modern ‘MALE in such a bad light

  7. “Her friends reassure her that Billy is just an ‘asshole’ and it has nothing to do with her giving it up easier than a hooker that takes Discover Card”……
    I know its not the same credit card but “priceless”

  8. On my online dating profile, I put, “You should message me if you are ‘fairly girly’.” This single line provoked a lot of hostility. So-called women were offended by it and thought it was a weird thing to write.
    Well, I wrote it because I have noticed that maybe 80% of the single women I come across these days have very masculine traits, and I don’t find that attractive. Women seem to be shunning makeup these days, and why would any woman have her nails clipped short and not polished? To me, these details matter. And all of these CrossFit and ToughMudder chicks… come on? I’m all for fitness, but I don’t think it’s becoming for a woman to be grunting through a heavy set of deadlifts or be training like she’s preparing for the NFL combine. That is my job.

    1. Nice post, interesting comments.
      I’m tired of seeing women who look like they should be playing girl’s soccer, instead actually of actually giving a damn about being a feminine woman.

    2. Look at it from the perspective of Darwinian natural selection. These manly women ( and girly men) are self-selecting themselves out of the procreation game. These people are defective from a reproductive standpoint and nature has mechanisms for selecting them out of the breeding process. Nature made men and women complete opposites for a reason. The struggle between the opposites make the offspring stronger. The closer we get to sexual homogeneity, the closer the species will likely get to extinction as it will not be able to adapt quickly enough to reproduce. The human race is fighting a difficult battle from an evolutionary perspective. Our current environment is unlike anything the human species has seen in the past. It’s wreaking havoc ( at least temporarily) on human mating behavior.
      That being said, I have no doubt the human species will overcome and continue on as always. How we will look as we adapt to our changing environment is another story altogether.

  9. “My men have become women, and my women men.”
    The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and a part of me secretly hopes that I live long enough to see it all burn to the ground …

    1. Ever been to a country where that’s already happened?
      I have and trust me when I say that you don’t want to see it burn to the ground..

  10. Good point, but the powers that be have worked hard to make sure it goes both ways.
    The women are acting like men, and the men are acting like women. Just ask any old-school, older aged man or any of the few women these days that are halfway sane. My sister in law is just starting college and that’s her biggest complaint: most of the men aren’t very manly.

    1. I feel really good about my son’s prospects when he heads off to college, given what you state. Most of us have heard the same thing repeatedly from women.

      1. It can work to your advantage though. Look at it as a marketing challenge: the few decent women left are frustrated as well. Their peers think they are crazy for not sleeping around, and it seems like the only guys out there are asshole users and effeminized beta drones.
        I took that in mind and sold myself (both online and in person) as someone who has provider credentials, but doesn’t sacrifice masculinity and who can provide some of the excitement and dominance that before me they’ve only found in dirtbag “bad boy” types.
        It worked. I met a lot of women during the period after the breakup with “she who shall not be named”(much like voldemort, said girl doesn’t have much of a chin). Within the first week I’d met two more, and within a month I’d managed to find a few with good LTR credentials(no attention seeking behavior, emotionally stable, etc). Two months after I’d started talking with my wife although I didn’t offer exlusivity until much later…..after she proved she was stable, sane, and trustworthy.

        1. Actually I meant that it will work to his advantage. Kid is a walking contradiction to the modern norm. He’s strong as an ox, bullheaded (as most masculine teenaged boys are), smart as hell, tall and naturally well built in a classical sense, firearms enthusiast (and owner), natural leader and teacher, the whole package. Looking at the mangina hipster population, he compares to them as Clint Eastwood compares to Pee Wee Herman.
          You should see his girlfriend. Christ almighty. I’ve no worries about his future as long as he continues to hold his frame.

      1. She isn’t remotely manly. She’s very much your stereotypical, loves to dance and loves girly things teenager.

    2. College campuses have become very anti-male and anti-masculine. Come to think of it, most of the education system is that way as well. And then women like your sister-in-law complain about the lack of masculine men once they get to college. Who is more to blame: the men for not being masculine or the system that created these so called men?

  11. Until women have consequences for their actions this behavior is going to persist and get worse. I notice a difference in the college-aged girls now compared to when i went to college. They are much worse now.

    1. This is why I laugh when I use to see their parents dropping their little “innocent” girl off at college. Colleges for young women serve 2 purposes, 1.) Feminist and Cultural Marxist indoctrination labs and 2.) Whore and Slut training centers. In 4 years, the person they thought was their daughter would have been transformed into a little porn-star who’s ready to raise the red-flag over DC. This is all provided her high “school” didn’t turn her into a slut first, which most of them do before they even reach college.

      1. If parents (especially fathers) only knew what was really going on with their daughter(s) America might be a better place. Would you pay for your daughter(s) to attend a 4-6 year fuck and suck fest on your dime?
        I know so many fathers at my work that are paying almost full price for their “precious princess” to attend college and they all say that their daughter would never do anything like that. If I ever get fired I will try my best to bang some of their daughters and be sure to send them the tape. Especially my boss’s daughters, as I hate him, and his daughters both have the 1000 cock stare.

        1. Would you trust an American man such as yourself? This is why America is a fuck hole. You don’t like your boss and you would attempt to destroy anything about him. You are the skank. But of course, men can’t see themself for what they are. I’d never even consider having sex with any of my peers children, yet all men I know would do it out of spite. Has American men turned America into a fuck hole? I believe so. Such bitter men. I always find it comical when an American man fucks himself over

  12. This seems like a catch 22. Those of who do want a little more class aren’t getting laid because our standards are ‘too high’. Then there are the guy’s who will fuck anything just for gp

  13. American women are feral. Men let them run wild for ~15 yrs and this is the result.
    Men can stop this by refusing to fuck these sluts. They will re-domesticate and things will return to natural order. But instead the modern man is nothing more than a pussy worshiper.
    Thirsty pussy worshipers are causing this. Fucking sluts is not on bit alpha. Fucking sluts is actually one of the most beta things a man can do.

    1. This needs to be emphasised. Men play their role too. It takes two to fuck.

    2. Asking men not to fuck women. Yeah, that’s a realistic solution. Good luck with that theory. Do you care to lead by example?

      1. Men should quit fucking attention whore sluts.
        Yes I lead by example.
        Fucking sluts is beta. PERIOD.

  14. I first noticed this in the late 90s when i was still a teenager and it confused me. A lot of them these days act like the worst of men; straight up degenerates.

  15. Ah, the modern woman – a perfect cross between a football hooligan and a beta male corporate drone. She has somehow embodied the worst a man can be.

    1. HAHA! Leave to a woman to screw that up. The modern woman truly has embraced the worst traits associated with masculinity. Women are so clueless and easily confused. Poor simps they are.

  16. Society teaches men and women to compete (even when in relationships) – instead of supporting each others. That kind of a setting fuels this behaviour.
    And while for sure women have lost respect towards femininity and class, so have many men. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard guys undermine a girl for some more traditional values or feminine behaviour.
    Not to mention how the media values trashy bimbos and portrays them as the finest forms of females.
    Changing things is a joint effort.

  17. Noticed this:
    “This is not Sons of Anarchy and most men don’t want ‘old ladies’.”
    The irony here is that’s not what most ‘old ladies’ act like. In real life they know theirp lace, and tend to act in a very quiet, reserved manner…..and do whatever they can to serve their biker before he has to ask.

    1. I was going to bring up the same thing. The loud, brash, aggressive women I encounter are usually the corporate broads and “career professional” womyn. There are some biker old ladies with trash mouths, but by and large they are amazingly feminine when you talk to them. You have to talk to them to know that though, which is why there is so much misinformation about them and “SOA” type stereotypes, since most writers and normal people never even get close enough to try a conversation.

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong…they cuss and drink like sailors but they also understand that their behavior reflects on their man, so they conduct themselves accordingly in public. Good show(first 2 seasons, anyway) but it’s not reality. At least the characters in SoA are much less pussified than the average TV characters.
        You also missed another sector where you find that kind of terrible “womyn”. They are numerous in education, especially administration. Another place to find them is working as office drones in government buildings. It’s perfect for them: no real responsibilities, no intelligence or thinking required, and ample opportunity to throw your weight around by telling people what they can’t do.

        1. I’ve never actually watched SOA, just heard things about it on the ‘net. My television show and movie awareness these last few years is nearly zero, pretty much stopped participating in most of it. There’s only so many anti-man shows you can watch on the tube, and if you’ve seen one movie about a comic book hero, you’ve seen them all. Ain’t nobody writing Casablanca type movies any longer, so I kind of lost interest.
          Yeah, know nothing about education broads, avoid that “institution” like the plague. Once I had my sheepskin, back in ’93, well, even then I knew that I wanted no more part of that “sacred institution”.

  18. “a good mother that will teach his daughter how to carry herself with respect and dignity, what then?”
    Look to women from another country since the ones in the US are like utilities – use them when you need them, and go on your way. Look, as a man you really can’t do anything else but to enjoy the present situation – women have to decide to change their actions on their own – you can do nothing else. Now I for one, enjoy it as it is and won’t waste any sleep or time wishing things were different. I’ll enjoy using those sweet-young-things for what they provide, but not to try to force them to be something they never can be – respectable, feminine, women. Of course the advantage is there is an unending supply of young girls to enjoy. So why complain?
    When the time comes and you want to have a family – hopefully when you’re too old to enjoy the plunder of young poon any longer – you can go to another country to get a “good woman” since there aren’t any here. Just accept it and enjoy….

    1. In all seriousness, this seems to be the case more and more!
      And even worse, to get in a serious with a younger women, even for marriage, is now being shamed here as it is now not “age appropriate.” Yes, those are the actual shaming words used now.
      There are plenty of 24-26 year old sincere & mature, sensible, loving latinas in other countries who would love to have a good man.

      1. The Pew reports from the last several years confirm this – marriage is at an all time low in the US, dropping from 72% in the 1950s to 51% in 2011.
        American women are playing themselves out of the game.

  19. I hooked up with this white trash whore once. I was friends with her sister at work and she was slightly hotter than her sister (still probably not even a 6. I was drunk and horny blah blah blah). So I bang this chick in her room at the projects. A room she shares with her kids who were luckily at their fathers. (single mom ofcourse) So I bang this chick under an Edward poster and then don’t see her again for a long time. The next day I found out from her sister that they had counted up all of the guys she’d fucked and I was number 31. 31 is not a good number….
    So 2 years later I saw her out and about and was with friends and ended up giving her a ride with her son to get some gas. Her son I had met before, but now he’d aged a few more years and gone all emo and was clearly heading down a bad past? I’m sure I’m not the only person to fuck his mom that he’s had to meet. No way that shits healthy. “O, you’re banging my mom too. Awesome, I’m her 10 year old son Jake.”

  20. to state the obvious perhaps the whole of feminism is imitation, copycatting male behaviour in order to compete in a ‘male world’ and ultimately to compete directly against men in everything they do. They are also obviously filling the gap vacated by men as men take up feminist advice to act more sensitively and considerately.
    The only uncertainty at the moment is whether this is a matter of levelling behaviour i.e. everybody acting the same, gender neutral etc, or whether its a gender swap. Increasingly I think its the latter. Feminism wants the position normal to men. Feminism wants women to fuck, and men to be fucked. The fact that this is the absolute opposite of what creates heterosexual attraction is just one huge bonus for many feminists, who have absolutely zero investment in balanced heterosexual relations.
    At some point someone is going to have to politely – or not so politely – point out that the lesbian phallus isn’t real. That the empress’ new clothes is a strap-on made of wormy rotting wood. One day soon these ladies cocks are gonna drop off and that day can’t come too soon

  21. Great timing. Coincidentally I’ll be browsing and check out foreign women’s profiles from Colombia today.
    I think that says a lot.

    1. I have a lot of experience with Colombian women….
      Very few Colombian women ride the cock carousel like in the US. So that’s a bonus. However, look for one that is not highly educated. Some of the these “educated” ones are starting to adapt American ideals – like not wanting to cook. Shoot for a simple gal, preferably one who works in a sweat shop. That is your better bet.
      Also, make her Skype with you for three months before you buy a plane ticket down there. That will suss out the hustlers from the ones who are interested in you (if you are seeking a relationship).
      If you just want trim, buy your ticket and leave ASAP. Enjoy…

    2. Colombian women seem pretty cool. Wish we could get a bunch of us RoK folks to go down there for a meet and greet.
      Gotta brush up on the old Espanol tho.

  22. Not the female version of their fraternity brother.
    Yeah, girls who sound like this guy:

  23. Based on all I read about Tindr, it seems like the perfect platform for massive trolling. I can see myself signing up for it, putting my best face forward, and just leaving women hanging left, right, and center. Literally bringing them to the bring of seeing me take my pants off, just to then collect my keys, wallet, watch, and walk out of their apartment without a word.
    Somehow, this really… I mean REALLY seems Youtube worthy.

  24. It’s fairly obvious to me. They do it simply because they can. There is no shame in modern society for acting unfeminine. Remove the stigma and people revert to the animals they are.

  25. On the contrary I am glad they act this way. I would rather they be ladies but I’m glad they let guys know what they’re signing up for. No man after reading shit like this should have buyer’s remorse, if God forbids he finds himself wifing one of these bitch’s up. Guard against the whore who has elevated speech or manners, and lies about her sexual history. The same orafices you are about to commit maritally too, she let other guy’s blow loads over and inside. Be happy the modern whore promulgates what she is, she’s saving us any delusions, time, money and heartache. Tinder on hoes!

  26. I broke with my ex-gf only because she used to be a slut. I’ve read the articles about slut signs and that helped me a lot! I’d spotted about 1/4 of the signs (daddy issues is the main one) before she told me about her past. I can add another sign: she likes attention. I mean she even told me that. At first I thought that is a joke about attention whores, but read the part with the married man and you’ll get 1+1=2.
    As for me: I’m a typical “nice guy”: engineering student, athletically built, tall, funny etc. A guy who looks for serious relationship in his mid 20’s. Don’t have a lot of experience with girls comparing to others my age. However, I know my price and I demand my girl to be the same.
    She was pretty, but not hot. Maybe 6-7, but she thought of herself as she was a 10. Actually, she was fine for me. She had a good personality and I felt very comfortable with her. She was older than me – almost 30. Again, that didn’t bother me. And as you know woman in this age get obsessed with marriage. No problem even with that!
    What astonished me about her was her liberal looks. I mean she wasn’t against “one night stands” (casual sex), sex tourism, light drugs, smoking and god know what. She even told me I’m primitive only because I said sex=love.
    Well, what bothered me was that we dated for 1.5 months and still no sex. OK. It’s not the sex problem. I can wait more than that, if I’ll be sure the girl is fine. But it turned out she used to be “the party” girl in the clubs. I mean she was one of those drunken girls to be fucked in toilets with strangers. Plus, she told me she had an affair with a married man for a long period of time. Moreover, she believed he would leave his wife in her favor! And that was a head shot for me! Even for liberal man, 20-50 guys. OK. Fucking in toilets. OK. But married man? No way! It just shows me she doesn’t respect commitment nor relationship. I mean 100% she will betray me. Why would I treat her as a lady when others treated her as a slut or as a hole with legs?
    So isn’t it double standards? 1.5 months with me – no sex. 15 minutes with stranger in club – sucking and fucking. As you can see she treated me as her prince and wanted to show me she is a princess (only to get married). No. I’m not that stupid. And trust me. I tried to push her for sex many times.
    The fact is that I started to have feeling for her, but I realized I would ruin my life. Honestly, after I’d heard that about her, I thanked god I didn’t fuck her because who knows what disease she might have had.
    So what I did? I broke with her. And what she did? She found a new one in less than a week. Final answer to my assumptions about her. I’m pretty sure now she fucked or at least dated others when we dated.

      1. Hey now, it is obvious that Someone is still blue pill and has yet to fully take the red pill. This is a site to help others on their journey from blue pill to red pill.
        That said, Someone needs to learn some basic game and fast. Go read some of Roosh’s articles and look at the topics on his forum, but for the love of god do not post the shit that you just wrote on the forum unless you want to get the ban hammer.

    1. Don’t get discouraged by posters here who think you’re a beta, omega, whatever. Don’t learn the so called Game, as even if it gives you the tricks to get women to sleep with you, you’d still be sleeping with sluts. Marriage is dead.
      Built your career, work on yourself. Even if you find a nice girl and settle with her she’ll end up manipulating you and you’ll regret it eventually. Women can’t help being deceiving and most men cannot help being slaves.
      This is sad but true. You’re in fact a smart boy. Learn the lesson and best do not get involved with women at all – go your own way.

    2. Dude six weeks without sex? Unless she descended from Heaven I would have dumped her after three weeks or at a minimum moved her “down the list”. In fact, a “6-7” with up to 50 nightclub lays would not even be on the list. She sounds like a nasty ho! She didn’t treat you like a prince she treated you like a chump. Never let a woman chump you my friend.

  27. “Does he want the lips that were wrapped around countless cocks kissing his kids goodnight?”

  28. Unless the message gets sent across either by a controversial media interview or a viral youtube video, MGTOW will be a minority. Men are going to drop their standards to fuck that curvy fleshy woman with no real personality.
    Oddly enough pointing a finger at a woman, making direct eye contact and saying “No” turns out to be a fairly effective way to call woman out on their bullshit. It’s a breath of fresh air really. I allowed the conditioning, women should be treated like children and not be held accountable, to prevent me from actively call out bad behavior.

  29. Your introduction of cigarettes into the mix is completely misplaced – simply your personal preference. Women smoke much, much LESS today than when they were lady-like and feminine. Anti-smoking has paralleled the decline in social behavior almost 1:1. Today a bar owner cannot smoke in his own establishment, and you cannot smoke at a ball game, but everyone curses and behaves like trash. In the 1970s and ’80s, people smoked at Wimbledon (including Chris Evert’s mother), and behaved like human beings with a sense of class. I would go so far as to say that the anti-smoking movement is actually a part of our decline – but that would take a longer comment.

    There is no such thing.
    Women can never be just “one of the guys”. The ones I have come across that try to fill that role are usually the most feminist women in existence.
    Just like a member of the SS, trying to hang out at the local Synagogue, pretending to just be “one of the guys”.
    Its a facade, and men should not entertain these types of women.

    1. Sometimes I go along with it. “You’re the best brother I’ve ever had.”

    2. I’m one of the women you’re speaking of, but I’m not feminist. I agree with a lot of the stuff I’ve read here (although, I don’t agree with the notion of controlling women), but this isn’t true. Not completely, anyway. I don’t have any girl friends. I don’t get along with girls, I don’t like the way most of them act, and they don’t seem to care for me much either. I’m a married stay at home mother, so all of my friends are guys that my husband and I are both friends with. My best friend is a guy (other than my husband of course).
      I think that if a girl is committed, proper, and has any self respect she can have a friendship with a guy that doesn’t involve anything more than just being friends. I will admit that there aren’t a lot of women like me, but we’re out there.

  31. Hormonal birth control plays a large role in his behavior. Giving girls birth control at age 13 is a poor idea. It fucks them up pretty bad, usually for life.
    Things have really degenerated badly in the modern Western nations; particularly the US and UK. Accept this garbage. It’s here to stay. Don’t take it personally. Laugh at it. Make plans to leave. Adapt, or fail. The choice is clear.

    1. “Giving girls birth control at age 13 is a poor idea”
      Wait a minute girls ride the cock-carousel at 13 years of age? Isn’t that illegal?

      1. It aint illegal unless the girl reports it to the cops.
        When I was 13 I knew a girl my age that fucked a 23yo drug dealer. A lot of the girls in my grade lost their virginity around ages 13-15.
        Yes they do ride the cock carousel at the age of 13.

      2. 13 is a good age for cunts. This is why one of the worst offenses against men, and one of the first rights we need to get back is removing the “age of consent” on cunts. We should be able to fuck as young as we’re attracted to.

      3. Its illegal for YOU, not for her. Even if it was reversed, she would not go to jail and you would have to end up paying child support

  32. And while we are at it, stop cheering on women who have muscles. It’s fucking disgusting.
    Recently, a gal i know, via Vaginabook, posted a photo of herself on all buffed out at the gym. Must have been like forty guys posting shit like “hot momma” and “sexy lady”. How can you expect a woman to be feminine when you applaud masculine virtue in her? These men are the Judas of modern America, selling us down the river for a piece of androgynous pussy.
    “Alas, fair Juliet, please give me a call after your kickboxing class. I’ll need you to peg me with a strap on, and then brag about it on Tinder.”

    1. These are only just beta orbiters who secretly want to fuck her, but are too weak and spineless to do so. Social media reveals that even a moderately attractive woman can and does have loads of beta orbiters and the hotter women have even more. Social media is for attention whores and their beta orbiters.

      1. Good point. I love the term beta orbiter.
        This gal is single, so even with all that beta attention, she is still not willing to fuck any of them.

    2. It’s the same thing at my crossfit gym, really all of them. A lot of women who do pull ups, snatches, deadlifts etc. I think to myself why the fuck would any woman who truly embraced her femininity want to look like Vitor Belfort? I mean literally most masculine guys are not going to be impressed by some bitch’s bicep muscles. They can’t be content with just doing cardio and toning exercises, they’d rather do dumbbell presses too. It makes most of them hideously unattractive and very unpleasant to be around. Their personalities get crass, voices get deeper and they generally come off as the best imitation of men, their money can buy. I for one would not sleep with some chick whose biceps were almost as big as mine.

      1. Make no mistake, many of these ‘women’ you describe are substance abusers as well. Oxandrolone (trademark: Anavar) is hugely popular among women in the fitness and crossfit world. It’s characterized by a small level of androgenicity while being moderately anabolic, hence they able to retain a ‘feminine’ look (indeed, who do they think they are fooling). Women already have no problem whatsoever with a variety of bodily modifications, i.e. breast implants, injecting abdominal fat in the gluteal region, tats. No man should be fooled that they (women) would be troubled in any way by the use of anabolics.

      2. Well, with that kind of behavior these women might as well imitate men because they are likely not going to find the kind of men they want to be with. Their own sad imitations are likely the closest they will get to having any masculinity in their lives.

      3. I spend around 3/4 of the year in various parts of Latin America – plus traveling extensively throughout the world. From my personal experience, I can say this is a uniquely American phenomenon. While bits and pieces of Americanism have slipped into foreign cultures, this one seems to have largely missed the mark. Cross your fingers and hope it stays that way!
        Most foreign women are clueless as to why a woman would try so desperately to be masculine. In Latin America, men and women alike call this type of woman a “machista” and it is largely a pejorative. This goes double for women proudly discussing what sluts they are in public- another no no.
        Of course, what makes all this stick is the refusal of foreign men to date/applaud these type of woman.
        Today’s American women care more about gender bending than they do their own children. Just watch her explode when you insinuate there is anything such as male and female traits.

      4. This is mostly the bag of American women. I live in Latin America for most of the year, and – thankfully – this disgusting trend has not reared its head south of the border. Or, worldwide for that matter. These dumn American broads keep digging themselves into a whole.
        And they are totally hostile to any mention of this – batshit crazy.

    3. There’s pretty much nothing reasonably hot women can do that won’t get them lavished with praise and attention from legions of drooling men, as long as they post a slightly raunchy pic., The more faux lesbianism or aloof behaviour they display the greater the number of men desperate to befriend them. I really don’t know what sort of discipline would change this. Men pay women to dominate them, wear nappies, lick their feet, get whipped, etc. Porn shows men getting off on girl-girl action where their only role is to be unnecessary & excluded. As for muscle bound women, the bigger the clit the bigger the turn on apparently.
      All of the above is the choice of masturbation over sex. The substitute of the proxy for whatever is real. That’s the age we live in. You’re right men are probably more the problem than women as they are the ones sending out the signals

      1. I have been astonished at the rise of cuckold porn, usually black men with white wives. On xhamster, under “female’s choice” this is the most widely watched genre that women indulge in. I wonder wtf is going on? Is it in their nature to just shame men, turn the guys who support and love them into wussies? They not only want betas to crawl beneath their feet, but they also want to humiliate them as well.

        1. online porn has turned into pandora’s box and I believe it has profoundly changed sexual politics for the worse. Its not just fantasy role play: at the risk of sounding like an 80s anti-porn feminist, both men and women take a lot of information about the opposite sex from porn. Men and women both want to know about the opposite sex’s desires, and what they can get away with. As for cuckold porn, women want to cheat, and men …..unfortunately fear & desire seems to be linked somehow. More attention needs to be given to the content of porn

        2. They are actively trying to weed out the weak men, which there is clearly no shortage of. These disgusting shit test displays have an important biological function.

      2. “Porn shows men getting off on girl-girl action where their only role is to be unnecessary & excluded.
        Another per peeve of mine. Good lord America, stop promoting homosexuality in women.

      3. At least one man sees the problem. Had to laugh at the guy who saying he was on sit Vagina… and hated the beefed/mucle toned women. Uhhhhh, if you aren’t looking at it there would be no need for it. Women are going to try to get men’s attention and men’s minds are in the gutter so we are going to get gutter crap. So funny how guys are alwys the problem yet point the finger elsewhere. Men don’t want to clean up their act, they want to act slutty when the lights go down and whent the lights come up point the finger and say ohhhh, how terrible everyone “ELSE” is behaving. Can you trust an American man? A man that has two faces? Which face are you talking to? Which face is talking to you?

    4. I much prefer a woman who’s a regular at the gym and has muscles to the non-gym-going 250 pounders. For me it’s a turn on when a woman has definition in her arms and back.

    1. The 1st part about the comic book nerds at the convention being hopeless with women was frighteningly accurate.

  33. Unfeminine, to be sure, but acting like men? Sounds more like a feminist caricature of the kind of behavior for which an actual man would be labeled a cad or worse. Maybe they’re out there, but I don’t know men who are that obnoxious or undisciplined.

    1. Good point. These cheap sluts *think* they are acting like ‘men’, but they are just acting out a shitty caricature by exaggerating obnoxious traits which their childish minds think define what a man is. Incidentally, the worst of the worst in this regard are some of the bulldyke butch lesbians. The most crass and vulgar sub-humans you can have the displeasure to meet.

  34. I’m of two minds about this:
    1. “Life’s a dick so fuck it” – read off of a dorm room white board
    2. This is some click bait because it panders to our most intense emotions, especially an outrage addiction. Expect a high comment count on this one. I love a good outrage session as much as anyone but it’s bad for you, the op-ed equivalent of junk food. This is exactly the kind of thing that the big think “why-the-manosphere-can-be-bad-for-you” and “why-aren’t-you-more-focused-on-self improvement” essays are talking about. On the other hand, no one could write things like this if there weren’t a lot truth behind them, hence item #1. Am I rationalizing eating psychological junk food? An outrage addict snorting up line after line of uncut Colombian while telling you he has it all under control? Yes, please don’t judge I’m not made of steel.

    1. modern women get huge encouragement and support to act as much as possible like men so they can ‘get ahead’ and achieve ‘equality’. Loads of people observe this in article comments sections, but generally mainstream journalism would never touch this with a bargepole as to do so would be career suicide for the journo or would simply be met with censorship.
      Are all women acting like men all the time? Perhaps not. Are women acting like men more than they ever have, and is the trend increasing with the ever burgeoning influence of feminism. I would say so.
      Maybe articles like these are emotive, but I’d say that was more the issue than the treatment. Ultimately all the article is really asking is for men to take a stand on behaviour they shouldn’t be tolerating.

  35. Why are they acting this way? For all the wrong reasons, namely, they’re posers…in that they’re told to act this way. Its just monkey see monkey do. Its same thing with tattoos. But there is nothing behind this, for instance, these girls are one popular sitcom away from assuming another persona. Believe it or not, if you created a popular tv show that had women in 1950s era roles…guess what, women in real life would do that. If you had a popular tv show that had women acting like monkeys and throwing feces, guess what, you’d have women in real life doing that.
    You know, its just sad…its sad to see women be this way because It shows how easy people can be manipulated. I see girls acting this way and there is no way I could ever respect them. Not only because of their uncouth behavior, but because, I know they’re too weak to find their own identity. And, worse, feminism was supposed to help them do exactly that. And even worse, feminism says be like a man, because, you’ll get “respect”. ??? Ha!

  36. i’m Asian-American girl and spent a lot of time in Asia. I’m absolutely HORRIFIED at the way american girls are. Fortunately, my parents educated me otherwise… they often tell me women should become good wives and mothers above all.

  37. One of my favorite memories from high school was when my chemistry teacher, a nun, told the girl next to me to close her legs and sit like a lady. It still brings a smile to my face.

  38. Humans are animals. Society is the zoo we’ve locked ourselves in. Zoo animals usually have lower fertility.
    Maybe women are trying to tell us something? 😉

  39. “it gets worse with each passing year”
    We’ve known this with the steady advancement of feminism (which despite our best efforts keeps growing due to the continual indoctrination of our youth). But what’s increasing the speed is the detrimental effects of technology (smartphones, tinder, etc) *and* the current onslaught of occultism via the entertainment industry over the past several years.

    The Disturbing Relationship Between Feminism And The Occult

    There’s a good chance that soon, going out of your way for pussy will soon be not worth it whatsoever.

  40. Is it possible that the reason for trying to be like man is a desire to overcompensate due to being treated so badly by men up until just a few decades ago (i.e. Mad Men, etc…)?

    1. The author is talking about woman who were born less then ‘a few decades ago’. How is it possible for a 20 year old to have been treated badly 40 years ago if she is only 20 years old ?
      This ‘treated badly’ stuff is on a par with Blacks excusing their bad behavior on ‘slavery’ which ended 150 years ago, or like jews who label themselves ‘3rd generation holocaust survivors’ to gain sympathy (and ‘compensation’) it’s all just excuse making.

  41. Just read Proverbs 5-7, likewise 30:20 This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’
    You can’t reason with an animal (See Below), therefore the choice/and handling is upto you….

    1. But remember, in Revelation, the Beast turns upon the whore, burns her flesh and devours her alive.

      1. then its full scale Armageddon….thats for those that still survive till then..

    2. And, King David lost his kingdom due to lust. Samuel was blinded and ruined due to his fornification. How many men on here are professing there isn’t a problem with doing the same thing? LOL. What hypocrites and DAs. LOL.

  42. ………
    – The Ignorant Masses have been brainwashed 24/7, by “Entertainment’ Industry to be as vulgar, sexually active (multiple partners) and obsene as one can be. The Entertainment Complex includeds movies, magazines, TV, and celebrity worship.
    – People who do not avail themselves to many lovers (in the Entertainment Complex) are villified ( in conotations) as weak and boring.
    – People who have many lovers are glorified and worshipped (Deperate House Wives, Sex in The City, etc., etc., etc.)
    There are so many Television series and Movies that glorify permiscuous behavior that the list would take another hour to compile.
    – The Ignorant Masses (having been sufficiently brainwashed) could not know where to begin,,,, if they ever did realize they are living in Sodom.
    That is ALL THE TRUTH

    1. Thank goodness someone understands the BS that has been shoved into American’s brains that make them weak, bitter, and unhappy. Add porn to that, which builds the expectations of how women are to behave during sex and if you aren’t getting it well, you have been robbed and sex is boring, hence you are unhappy. Then if you propose sometype of monitoring of the trashy content before 10pm so that our young minds aren’t indoctorinated with BS you are told that is a parents job and as adults want what they want and should be able to view it and get it anytime they want. American has become slim, scank, slut, whorehish and we want to blame it on women. Turn off the TV, computer, and think more pure thoughts, heaven forbid but that would be borish and purdish and religionish. Americans are lost people and so very unhappy. I am ClosedForBusiness because things aren’t going to get better as everyone that is a whore and a scank (includes both men and women) have an excuse why they should be, the least I can do is close up my shop and watch all the rest of American DAs slim around in misery blaming it on the other person. You have to love men who say hey I want to fuck yet want a pure woman – hey dude, she wants a pure man versus a man with herpes. Google the Art of Manliness if you need a new playbook.

  43. Having watched Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman holiday’ the night before last I can safely say that I don’t even want to be around the ‘wominz’ of today.
    So stuff the females of today, Audrey set the standard, she vowed never to weigh more than 103 lbs and she kept her word, was classy, and shows up the disgusting foul mouthed bitches of today for what they are – total trash.
    It makes me glad I’m single, can you imagine actually marrying one ?
    RIP Audrey, fat shaming since 1953.

    1. And yet Audrey had a pixie cut in this lovely movie.. so, she did something you guys say you dislike very strongly. Was she a damaged individual, like the rest of pixie cut-women?

      1. Audrey portrayed the emotionally damaged character of Princess Anne, it is clear in the movie that her character had her hair cut as a vehicle to display her emotional problems.
        Back then it was understood that women with short hair were damaged, that is why that device was used.
        Dismissing the characters Audrey Hepburn portrayed, in real life Audrey was a volunteer nurse treating wounded soldiers in an aid station during the battle of Arnhem in WW2, she was fluent in English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and German.
        She was 170 cm tall and promised herself to never weigh more than 47 kg’s. Apart from when she was pregnant (naturally) she kept her promise to herself and kept her 16.1 BMI
        After she retired she became a humanitarian and worked in some of the poorest villages in Africa, South America and Asia.
        How do you measure up in comparison to the standard she set ?

  44. ……….
    The Flat Screen Is Lucier’s communication and brainwashing device for the Ignorant Masses.
    The Ignorant Masses devour the Flat Screen, and what Lucifer projects into the ignorant masses minds.
    The foolish world has a choice, but choose darkness rather than light.
    “The end of the age” is coming, God’s creation has rebelled to the point of no return.
    Laugh if you like, but many horrible things will take place on this planet soon. The ignorant masses will not even be aware of what is happening until it’s too late.
    Google: Bible, end of the age.

    1. I have a 55′ Samsung LED and it’s the only way to watch TopGear. Jeremy Clarkson is my Lucifer.

  45. They act like they THINK men act and have been told by females they admire how men act.

  46. Why are American women acting like men? Quite simple, actually, American society encourages it and its good for our corporate overlords. How many times have you heard the feminist independence cry, “I don’t cook!! I’m an educated and independent woman!” So instead of being dependent (or perhaps co-dependent is better stated) on your family or good man, your independent on Mc’Donalds, 7 dollar Starbucks milkshakes, and whatever other plastic food industrial America can whip up for its drones. And don’t worry, her kids, if she is fortunate enough to find a beta sucker to breed with, will wind up overweight, lethargic and with a variety of other emotional and physical conditions. But fear not! Big pharma has a solution for that one too! Ritalin for the kids, insulin diet pills, and bypass surgery for the folks! All at a jacked up price too so the private hospitals, insurance companies and snake oil salesmen can get their cut too!!
    And young women today are proud of this?!?!?
    More women chugging beer. Great! More sales for Budweiser, or whatever niche, craft, small batch, fruit infused micro-brew is the flavor of the month with these “foodies.”
    I used to think this was normal until I left the country a few years ago. I used to think that “independence,” “sass,” self-reliance,” and “being one of the boys” were all desirable traits in a women. It wasn’t until I unplugged from the matrix that I realized that all these things were misnomers at best, and at worse, empty slogans buttressing the fragile self-esteem of very insecure girls.
    Femininity has become become a four letter word in the American lexicon. It has come to be synonymous with words like weak, passive, dependent, docile, anachronistic, and lame.
    However, true feminism is anything but. You can still be feminine yet be strong, independent, and graceful. Unfortunately, feminism and corporate America have created a straw-man argument that way too many young girls and manginas, desperately searching for meaning or something to rally behind in their dull post-modern lives, are buying into.
    During my travels, I met a young girl in Japan from America. She was living there for two years and I met her at some conference and laid her that same night. One thing she said really stuck with me. It was something along the lines of “when I was in America before I came to Japan I was afraid to embrace my femininity.” Its a damn shame that a woman has to leave her country, and travel thousands of miles away to a country that still appreciates “the fairer sex” in order to accept who she inherently is.
    It might have come a bit soon too late, however. After her practically begging me for a date for several months, I finally relented when she was close to my town (she lived quite far away and bought me tickets to an event). She shows up to the date in a ratty T-shirt and jeans, aunty velcro sandals, and Freddy Krueger toe-nails. Quite a departure from the respectable business attire she was wearing when I met her. I got out of there as quick as I could.
    I’d like to hope there is still some decent women back in ‘murica for when and if I do finally return. But honestly speaking its not looking good. I don’t know if I have changed, or if it is the country, but every few years when I go back I can’t help but feel that the women have gotten fatter, more feminist and militant, and the men more spineless and brainwashed.
    Surely the pendulum will have to swing in the other direction at some point?!

    1. The day that decent women return to America is the day that collapse forces them to take the options of either starvation or being decent.
      With the way the Fed and Our Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein “Mmm Mmm Mmm” Obama keep printing off dat fiat, it might take a while.
      May as well just enjoy the decline.

  47. I cringe whenever these writers bring up tinderfession.
    So naive…. Most of you missed the “texts from last night” bus which was one of the first of the viral confessionals.
    vast majority of those TFLN turned out to be fake.
    yes women are whore but most of them aren’t communicating like this.

    1. I don’t see my future as bleak because the marriage boat has sailed away over a decade ago

  48. Are these tinderfessions real?
    This shit is like unbelievable. I’d rather be married to my dog and jerk off every night than marry one of these slut bags.
    I am married to a foreign woman and Christ-almighty am I happy for that.
    It’s funny because the way the world is is that men are more likely to be virgins, waiting for a good girl to come along, whereas fairy tales and other bullshit tells us that woman are virgins waiting for a “good” man to come along – when in fact they’re just waiting for drug dealer / athlete / thug / alpha / bad boy cock, and nothing but the cock.
    Way to go!!!

    1. U forgot to metion bully. My ex girlfriend Nancy Calderon cheated on me with a boy who bullied me as a child.

  49. Meh, stop worrying about women. Marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, take it from me. Even if you marry some exotic hot thing (ahem, as I did), how many times can you fuck the same hole? Really. Even the best get wrinkly, saggy-assed, cellulite-thighed, and loppy titted, and in the end, intolerably bitchy. Get a trade, make good money, and come on up to Montreal on the weekends and have your fun. I took a little side trip to Montreal and let me tell you, when a french stripper likes you, she really likes you! 😀

    1. “Get a trade, make good money, and come on up to Montreal on the weekends and have your fun.” That Sir, is great advice.

  50. The answer – start declining the sale.
    I was at a very active nightspot over the weekend. A solid 7 was into me. With a little bit of game she was mine. But, the shrillness in her drunken slurred voice just wasn’t doing it for me. I was backing out of the conversation and she says “I’m going to suck you dick so good tonight” while shoving her tits up and down with both hands. I just remember thinking to myself that for this one time I was not going to let my dick be master and declined just by saying “no thanks” and walking away. Would I have enjoyed the bang, sure, would I be able to look at myself in the mirror the next morning for tolerating female antics such as that, no way.
    I went home and worked some text message game for an hour before connecting with an ex-gf who was on the prowl. The next night she came over for dinner, drinks, and spent the night. So, almost same result, but I still at least had my dignity.

    1. Right, “dignity”. You went with someone familiar, rather than go for the kill with someone new. Chump.

  51. This past weekend in Tokyo, I was standing in line in front of a young white American girl, presumably a college student, and her presumably gay American friend. It was the most bizarre scene I’ve witnessed in some time: the girl talked like a guy, the guy talked like a girl, and they both were insufferable. I’ve never heard two people have a conversation where both participants talked only about themselves.

    1. Wherever you wander,
      Wherever you roam,
      You’ll always run into….
      A dumb slut from home.

    2. Why didn’t you say you had some “microbrews” and a sick pinterest account? She would have dropped the millennial panties for you then, gravelly voice and all. lol…

  52. Its gets worse. Straight women are going to male oriented strip clubs. Like why da hell would they do that. No straight man would go to a female oriented strip club and wanna pay to see a mans cock. I can tolerate lesbians/dykes in the strip clubs but straight bitches screaming like theyre in a fuckin party is the worst. Luckily this isnt so bad in smaller towns. This trend is more common in major cities like NYC, LA, Miami, Dallas, Chicago etc. But still the point of going to strip club was for a man to relax and be away from cunts. I guess if go to major cities ill just start calling for home lap dances.

  53. The sad thing is that they seen to believe this is what men want and like. Why do they think this? Because at the high school, club, party, etc. the sluttiest amongst them has traditionally had the most male attention. They don’t seem to recognize (except for the sake of cattiness) that this attention is not of the positive type. Maybe if they could get a good honest taste of what men REALLY think of this behavior (such as reading this article) they would think twice before hitting the beer bong and feeling each other up on the dance floor. In the meanwhile, it would be useful if men would not drool over trashy women – it sends the message that that is what we value. Sadly, don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  54. This is kind of a twisted equality but it works the same for men. A guy who walks around shouting about how much pussy he is gonna get………isnt gonna get much. A bonehead with no class is gonna fail at getting the best women although looks and money might get him laid.
    Even back when I would get drunk as a skunk and not even have a wash before I went out, if I was loud and obnoxious enough Id find someone similar.
    But I cringe as much at the failing playboys as much as I do at the manwomen you describe here. In fact I dont know which I find more amusing, making fun of the girls to their face or putting the fear into the idiot guys.
    Guys who act like the above are idiots. They might be; very occasionally, funny, but largely they are just blights on the cityscape. Or neanderthals who I’d give a very wide berth to. So not so much masculine as insecure lemmings acting as they think a man should be, or apes who you can sympathise with cos they are overloaded with testosterone but you wouldnt wanna hold up as an example of manliness in the 21st century.
    So in short, the article is a touch misleading as you arent describing the fall of femininity as much as you are describing the rise of a particularly nasty and viral strain of idiocy.

  55. Great article, modern-day women in western countries aint shit anyway. That’s why i stick to euro backpackers and Fob asians/latinas.

  56. The Oatmeal drew a hilarious cartoon on the noisy bar slut phenomenon..lol. This is from theoatmeal.com. Check him out .. he’s cool.

    1. No, he’s a tool. As if frat boys are not decidedly worse with their actions.

  57. This is a spot-on description of the state of American women. The only point I would take issue with is in describing male behavior as typically “crude”. Compared to a filet knife, the double-headed axe of male behavior may be described as crude, but the attitudes and behaviors of men are exactly what it takes to make it in this world; and women waving their filet knife approach-to-life at the sequoia-sized issues of real life is a fucking joke at best.

  58. Take your pick of any North American college and you will see more than you’d care to of overweight and unfeminine women. Women who look like they just rolled off their previous night’s bang session and threw on their sweatpants and hoodies, tied their hair up and were out the door to class. These same girls you’ll later see going out to the bars or clubs at 9 PM in clothes slightly less revealing than underwear. You’d also see girls in thrift store rags covered in tattoos, Skrillex or pixie cuts or worse yet, hair completely buzzed and bottomed off with combat type boots. Incidentally, this is the type that screeches to all and sundry about the oppression of every kind of normative “privilege”, “rape culture”, “the evil Patriarchy”, “micro-aggressions” and about all the reasons why she “needs” Feminism. On the flip-side, you will see an increasing influx of emasculated manlets with “ironic” facial hair, pubescent-looking builds and effeminate mannerisms identifying as male feminists parroting the same pretty lies as these unfeminine harpies.

  59. Women have every right to act like men, including sleeping around.
    Likewise, men have every right to not commit to such women. Just as women have every right to not do so either.

  60. The tinderfessions appear to be mostly fake. Go check out the site. The point seems to be to one-up each other with a better story.

  61. Additionally, when women act like men, my new favorite line is to call them “Creepy” for doing so.
    Make “Creepy” your own weapon.

    1. I never got that MR(h)A uproar with “creepy” label. For any criticism to be effective, target of it must respect the critic. I have no respect for feminists or their supporters and whatever they mumble is just pointless noise.

  62. “PG version of their past.”
    “She say she only fucked like 4 or 5 niggas, so you know you gotta multiply by 3”

  63. I swear this website and the rest of the manosphere is the equivalent of world of war craft for working class lames. It a cyber wonder world where you can come and lie about your notch count and income, and bitch about the same people that you claim you’re better than. Where bank clerks in minnesota can act like economist and social philosophers. Where sophomore college students can act like they’re not going to be applying for government jobs or working in corporate america. And where heartbroken guys can act like “alphas” by talking about a minority group. You despise what you desire but can’t attain. Pussy, wealth, power, etc. And don’t even let me get on this fascist – lite rhetoric masquerading as intellectual philosophy. Life’s a bitch. Truth is you guys suck in real life. And you come here to throw on up your GI Joe pics, “tuetonic” heritage, and regurgitated nationalistic BS to impress your cyber buddies. You guys hate hip hop because you can’t make money off of it, despise banks because you can’t start one and manipulate the economy, hate politicians because you lack the charisma to attain the connections, and hate every successive immigrant group that came to America like the poor whites did. From what im seeing they’re not coming here to replace white workers and take your,”precious white womens”. They’re coming here to replace white employers and property owners. They’re coming to acquire wealth and power, in other words keep your pussy we’ll bring our own just give us what really counts.Hell you’d think that with all this talk about black people that they were replacing whites in the STEM fields, oh wait the Asians are. Or that they were buying up downtown real estate in every American meteopolitan, oh wait the Japanese and arabs are. Or that they were smuggling the majority of the heroine or cocain into the US. Oh but wait again that was the French and then the Italians before the Latins took over. Get a grip guys. The world is cut throat. And men of every background are carving out a small feifdom. Get a life and stop talking about people that wouldn’t pissed on if they were on fire, and women you couldn’t fuck with if you wanted. A loser in america is a loser anywhere.

    1. What does this (highly speculative) personal attack have to do with the article?
      When people make speculative assertions about other people’s motives, and their motives are questioned, they always say “No, I’m just telling the truth” which is a delusion. I’m sure your motives are pure….
      Let’s stick to facts and not make unverifiable statements about people’s motives.

    2. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
      ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  64. Better titles for this article would’ve been:
    “Why American Girls are acting like degenerate rabid bitches?
    “Why American Girls are acting like bitches in perennial heat?”
    “Why American Girls are acting like Sows?”
    The title “Why American Girls are acting like men?” is derogatory and insulting to men. Even men don’t behave like this. Men have dignity, the scum of American women don’t even know that word means – you can’t compare them to men. American women are the scum of the earth, the sperm toilet bowls for the world. American women are good for nothing but porn star sex practice. So pump them, use them, abuse them and dump them. Or better still, as some readers on this site earlier commented – fuck them and spit on them.

    1. Another reason why you contribute to the degradation of Western Civilization. Please, do not procreate.

      1. Fucking tear your fucking filthy womb out of yourself. You are the one to contribute to the degradation.

  65. A girl from my university got married recently. She is a dog ugly, brown Asian chick who dresses like a two-bit slut. I recall she fucked somewhere between 15-20 guys on our floor our freshman year; she fucked almost every white guy there was on the floor. I didn’t really care because she really is hideous to look at. Looks like one of my brown, gross cousins with saucer nips and that ugly fish-faced Cantonese look that the immigrants brought over.
    Anyways she married a white guy now. Her father is a nice, typical wealthy Chinese doctor, and his daughter is marrying this doofy looking white guy with a clear Asian fetish. This whore literally had sperm launched down her throat, all over her face, has had cock in her ass, cock slapped across her mouth, etc., and this retard is marrying her. How can that motherfucker marry her, kiss her mouth, knowing the shit she did? How will this whore of a woman kiss her children with a mouth that has literally guzzled dirty cum?
    By contrast, I live in Asia and am married to a Chinese woman that thinks oral sex is absolutely repulsive, both giving and receiving. Not only is she miles more attractive than that American whore, but she dresses conservatively and carries herself like Audrey Hepburn.
    It goes to show you that culture brings out the very worst in women. You want to know what could make or break China in the long run?
    It’s women.

    1. Asian women are some of the nastiest, devious hypergamous bitches you’d find – along with Slavic women. The bottom line is whatever race it may be, NEVER TRUST WOMEN or the female sex.

  66. Well, this all sounds bad. I must say, appalling. 🙁 -But the thing is: these girls do it, because they have learned to get attention by doing it. Think about it. Are you really into shy, maybe religious, bookworm-type of girls? The way I see it, men have themselves to blame!

    1. You’re quite right. Girls love any type of attention even if it is a negative one. Men should not bother to glance on sluts even for a second. Men should not react on their behavior, just simply ignore them to death.

  67. feminism should be called masculinism because these women aren’t feminine, they’re not real women

  68. I blame my own generation.I remember growing up and hearing and buying into the whole “sugar and spice and everything nice” nonsense.Then,around high school I started eavesdropping on girl’s conversations.Arguing because they both fucked the same guy calling each other every name in the book.Or bragging about their sexual encounters and making fun of guys like me who were nerds saying we would never be able to get laid.Now they’re all used up,divorced and damaged and wonder why they can’t find a good man.I’m pretty sure they passed that behavior down to their daughters who are this generation now,and they’re not only repeating their mother’s deviant behavior but exceeding it.I’m glad I don’t have any children,I can’t imagine trying to raise a son or daughter this day and age.

    1. That’s what people fail to understand, is that the apple rarely falls far from the tree. The “sexually liberated” generation of baby boomer mommies, gave birth to the Gen Xers and in turn gave birth to the millennials. The common trend, is that not only is the behavior similar but it gets regressively worse with each successive generation. Most women of my generation possess 0 and I mean absolute 0 personality outside of their facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts. Ask a woman to stop texting and she may just melt. The seeds of Cultural Marxism in the 60s are coming into full bloom and God is the shit stinking to high heavens.

  69. It doesn’t much matter to me what American women act like. Fat sloths are not worth wasting any time on.

  70. A good feminine woman?
    BWAHAHAHAHA. Are you kidding me? How many guys here have bragged about how many other men’s wives they’ve had sex with? How many men here have called husbands “beta chumps” for sticking with the woman?
    And now you advocate being like them? C’mon RoK, Let’s at least have a little consistency here.
    You think any woman will be faithful? Unless you get the men in line as well with out hiding behind the “boys will be boys” bull shit, there’s really no point in holding women to higher standards. Femininity or not.
    Men today lack honor, respect and integrity. Even you here, If you’ve had sex with another man’s woman, what makes you think you should have a faithful woman for yourself?
    My two cents on the matter, of course.

    1. Which is why America needs to be wiped off from the face of planet earth……..I’m very tempted to add Britain to the list as well………….

    2. Those fools don’t deserve a good, faithful woman. They get what they get. A low quality man gets himself a trashy woman in return too and vice-versa.

  71. American culture and values has spread everywhere across the world. Globalization of american feminist values have corrupted societies which look upto America as the big brother of the world.
    Go to any bar in the world, and you won’t find a “classy” woman. Whether it may be in Europe, Middle east, Asia or Latin America. Trust me, women come to bars only to get laid. It depends on what kind of woman she is – whether she may be hypergamous or polyandrous – the bottom line remains that the women who go to bars go to find cock today. You find your sperm urinals there. Don’t ever think a decent woman would go to a bar. A place where sex is available so easily, Bars are just closet brothels. Go to bars only to fuck, never to find love or relationships, guys.
    No matter how much the woman you picked up from the bar and gave you her asshole to fuck, because she ‘loves’ you so much, trusts you so much so that she let you sodomize her. Fuck all that manipulation and let some foolish beta fall for that.
    You want to contain the slut epidemic throughout the world? Simply ban bars for women.
    Let the only women who are allowed to visit bars be strippers, bar girls, female employees working there and professional licensed prostitutes. Not for common female citizens. Then you’d see the difference. It won’t stop the slut epidemic throughout the world, but it sure will contain it. Sure, women – the vile adaptive untrustworthy creatures that they are – will find other alternatives to live up their sluttiness, but atleast it will not be as blatant as you see in bars.
    Let not one woman see another woman blatantly slut it around in open to encourage the slut herd mentality- as you see today around us. Bars are nothing but encouragement for women to slut it out. What you see in bars today is the stench from the rotting soul of modern women and the dead souls of modern men who are complacent to prevent it. It’s the complacency of men that allowed women to visit bars – to become sluts. So now, the only option left – is to fuck these women and dump them. Someday you’ll see a man putting his hand on a female ass in which you ejaculated into, whom you had picked up from a bar. The problem for him will be that he married her; but you did her ass for free.

    1. True. American women are nothing but laboratory specimens for your porn fantasy experiments. Use them for anal, vaginal, oral, fuck them in their elastic assholes and drive your shit coated dicks deep into their throats – trust me, American women will gladly lick even that up! Other parts of the world, the slut trend is moving in the same direction. What a great nation we are to have fucked up women across the world in the name of modernism and feminism. Leaving only sluts everywhere around to play around with (and that too only for men with game, looks or cash). We’ve destroyed ourselves and not left options to look elsewhere. Enjoy the decline. American women, take a bow for your decadence.

      1. And of course, you will be the first to wave that blood soaked Amerikwan flag in defense, when one of your beloved zogbots in Afghanistan or Iraq get capped by one of the brave, indigenous freedom fighters? Correct?

  72. Children generally inherit their character from their mothers, and their intelligence from their fathers. The problem is that the present overwhelming majority of sluts in America (or the westernized world) will also produce the next generation of natural sluts who’d start fucking at 11-12. That is the horrible truth. So the only way men can save this is to marry virgins or ‘decent’ women from non-Americanized, non-slutty or non-westernized societies. Would possibly mean compromising on the sex and looks factor, but atleast you’d get loyalty and virtue in return. It’s a sad choice which most men have to face in the modern world today – but usually they take the sex and looks choice, to further destroy their own lives. American (or Americanized) women are obnoxious, living sex dolls today.Don’t ever make the mistake to reproduce with them. Lucky that they enjoy anal, so happily enjoy drilling and shooting your sperm in their asses.I only fuck American women in their asses, disregard their vaginas which are often more filthy than their poop chutes.

    1. Your God must be so proud of you. I can just see that conversation now.
      “It’s okay son, even though you were a promiscuous slut with all these degenerate women, you only dehumanized them by fucking them in the asses, so redemption is yours.” If you don’t believe in a God, then there is no moral argument on your part and you’ve made yourself a God capable of judging…

  73. In today’s world, even mothers don’t love their children. The truth is what Esther Vilar brutally put in the Manipulated Man, that the only love in a woman’s life is the love (or approval) of another woman or the women in her life. Women only love something apart from other women, when those things can do something for them (whether those things are children, men or the state). The woman is undoubtedly God’s most evil and selfish creation, after Satan. She cannot love anything or anyone unless it suits her purpose.

    1. So because some woman spurned you, you have to blame the rest of us for your problems. I know a girl who was raped walking to the library by 3 guys…. Based on that are we to assume that men are ticking rapist time-bombs incapable of roaming the streets without supervision lest they deflower the few virgins left on this resource depleted planet..? No. Those were just shitty people and bad things happen. That doesn’t make you bad or any other guy bad based on the actions of those men. Stop blaming people, grow a pair if men really have masculinity and be tough. Fall in love, court someone, I don’t know, live before you die of bitterness.

  74. Great article. One of my biggest pet peeves is “I am just one of the guys”, my response is, “if I wanted one of the guys I wouldn’t be speaking with you” or some such. How hard is it for women to understand that normal men aka heterosexual man want a feminine women. I am closing 40, the change that has taken place in female behavior over the last two decades is beyond belief. I once thought human behavior was immutable…..having second thoughts. That said, there are still many, many traditional, intelligent (guys that say they don’t want an intelligent woman, well, I shall refrain), beautiful, feminine women just less common.

  75. Lol such hypocrites all of you. Men who exhibit this behavior are also disgusting. It isn’t male behavior…it’s low breeding regardless of gender. You decry the behavior of women then turn around and do it yourselves. Illogical and speaks of severe cognitive dissonance.
    I will only speak for myself here. I only want one thing from men. Let me be who I am. From my husband, one additional thing. To love me and allow me to love him. That’s it. No idea what kind of other women you have been observing but it seems you need to find a new crowd.

  76. Keep this is mind people. (Some) women act like this because this is what the media portrays as acceptable and what men act like they want from women.. Sex sex sex. There is no reason to slut shame women, while men are allowed to partake in the same behavior with no judgment or articles like this written about them. This article also appears to focus on how women were put on this earth soley for men’s pleasure. Obviously wrong.

    1. Men have higher sex drive because they have a lot of testosterone hormone (fact) than women, seriously what do the educational sistem (both university and school) teach todays girls in north america about sex and human relationships?

  77. I really CAN’T GET your opinions. The problem is not in the ” Women are vulgar, have sex with anyone, smoke, drink and swear “. The problem is ” Society/Everybody/Men and Women drink, smoke, swear and have sex with anyone ” , if I’d see a man smoking drinking and swearing I’d just be like “Uggh” ,inequality will solve nothing, it would just be a back in the XIXth century or before, where women were oppressed, and they just got nuts some decades after that, because men were taking advantages of their privileges and a sin for a man was a reason to get killed for a woman, there’s even an old arabic proverb that says ” There is no sin in the man ( and it doesn’t have the sense of “mankind” ) ”
    Plus, you are really too selfish and americano-centered, what all you guys are searching for are good women coming from foreign countries to marry them cause they will have the behaviour you look for. That’s really sad, because women fought in these countries to get in the situation there are in now, they won’t escape from their sexist society to end up marrying an american masculinist. You just have to notice the situation between women and men in North Africa : 75% of the women succeed more than men in their studies, 90% of the students who get a scolarship are women, and 97% of the criminality is caused by men. And in my country especially, women usually get paid as much as men, and foreign companies tend to look more for female employees, because they say that ” In this part of the world, women are more hardworking and serious than men “. And you know what ? Social privileges still go to men, a woman who has sex at 30 years old and is not married is still a slut, but not a man, street harassment affects even girls who are 12 years old, 70% of married women get beaten, only 20% of rapists go to jail, women heritate the quarter of what their brother heritates, and I could still quote many other facts. All this explanation to show you that a society of inequality will lead to nothing but a deeper difference that doesn’t even have to be there, a step backwards, because the “oppressed one” will try to prove the society wrong, and then the situation will reverse. But I’m probably wrong cause I’m a woman you know, just saying, I can only cook or do the housework, right ?

  78. I think the obvious lesson we should learn here is to take more pictures in boat shoes and khakis

  79. The gender roles are reversing. Girls and becoming like guys and guys like girls. In about 20 years it will be all but complete and you can thank us men for encouraging women to become more successful in the business world for it.

  80. Eh, unfortunately for you it’s not my job to be “feminine”. It’s my job to be a human being. I don’t give three flying shits if you think my language is vulgar, I couldn’t care less if you think I’m acting like a man. My worth as a person doesn’t depend on how feminine I am and if you think it is then I’ll get myself a man who respects me instead of dehumanizes me and shoves me into a gender box. I’m sure many other women would agree with me as well. The mini-movement that has been started in the comments (“we must stop women from de-feminizing themselves!!111 women cannot take care of themselves. they are like children!!1”) is never going to catch on, by the way, as it is a pre-21st century ideal and only radicalists think this way anymore. We’re all human and we all deserve to be treated as such. The fact that you generalize all females and say that they should be confined to this idea you have of what they should be is borderline insane. Should I check you in to a mental facility?

  81. I never see girls OR guys act like any of this. Could it be that your friend group is made up of mostly d’bags?

  82. Oh, trust me. We are NOT trying to act like you. This website makes it perfectly clear that men are not something worth emulating.

  83. It is a choice yanks need to make. You can’t have a cake and eat it. If you want sluts you have to put up with all that crap you’re describing. If you want normal, feminine women you won’t get laid on the first date.
    Yank girls are sluts and if you want to reverse that trend, yanks must reject sluts.

  84. I object to characterizing this behavior as “women acting like men.” Men don’t act like that. Some insecure boys do, but they will generally grow up to be incomplete men. Men know their manners and mind them. Men do not seek attention by loudly spouting vulgarity, men do not want sex at any cost. If we wish to demand better behavior from women, all men behaving this way should be reprimanded and shunned by real men. I have been drunk and obnoxious before, I don’t consider those moments of great manliness. I am ashamed of them and will not repeat. It is true that women acting in this way is disgusting, but that does not excuse men who behave this way.

  85. These western women today are so fucked up! Feminism was introduced by male hating dykes that want to be men. The only stupid women that bought into it was western women!

  86. As a woman that has never acted like these, there is nothing to be proud of a man that sleeps around, curses like a sailor and drinks excessively. Those are reckless behaviors that have no gender. No, I will not be ok with a man that slept around like crazy in his past, esp a hypocrite that expects me to accept him just like that. I’m not that version. I don’t want my extreme polar opposite either. Sorry but there is nothing manly about drinking and sleeping around like crazy from either gender.

  87. Quit the hypocrisy will you? If you want a quality woman, be a gentleman yourself.

  88. I know this probably different from other post. But I just want to that I’m 25 yrs old and have trying to figure out what the heck happened with our young women. I’m only a couple older then this generation and the women I’ve came encounter with are not even close to the women that posted these tweets (twitter post). Maybe because I prefer my woman to be working, have they own car and place, or if at home with there parents still are planning to move out. Because I’m heading that route and/or already coming with these options/thing, I would rather she come with same things versus having her hand all the time or just wanting to sit at home, etc. But that is a whole different subject.
    I read through most the comments and have to agree. We have to give woman standards. Because real woman give us men those standards and from those standards, make us better men. Standards for women make them better women. Yeah, heck yeah we would like a cute chic to drop panties everytime. But, if they are doing all the time and talk worst then I do and is doing these with multiple guys, that’s a complete turn off and that route should’ve reconsidered (I Would). But, if you don’t respect yourself as woman, why would you think the man is going too….
    And again, I’m young and still learning about women, but I never would of thought the (young) women of this generation would turn out this like.
    Replying to the previous comments, we need to come them out and/or have standards. If these young guys don’t start this, its sad to say that this will be more then likely the women they are gonna have to settle for in the near future. Definitely not a good look….

  89. Honestly i dont get this website at all
    You deplore sluts, yet you want to fuck as many women as possible and sleep around. To do this, requires “sluts” as you call them. ??????????
    If ALL women conformed to your idea of a perfect female (not a slut), you wouldn’t be fucking as many as you claim to want.

  90. as far as women actin like men go, its erks the fuck out of me when women talk like guys, unless your a dyke its turn off to talk like us just to fit in, i also hate when women speak on things they dont know about just a get a guy attention like video games, sports,movies,etc…stop doing soo much to try an impress us just be yourselves

  91. This is so true…. Women or actually we should call this little girls yet cause they obviously havn’t grown up. Ladies say oh we mature faster then men, um ok now days show us, prove it ladies/little girls. Grown up ladies don’t sleep with 20, 30 maybe even upwards of seriously close to probably 80 different guys. Get a fucking grip literally girls. Ladies these days are practically “free” hookers/practically “free” prostitutes… You can say what you want ladies but this is EXACTLY what douchebag /asshole men think of you these days is a “free” prostitute. They assholes/douchebags will never ever ever call you back EVER…All you are to them is a fuck and literally “run”. But the minute you ladies go for a so called “good ” guy oh sorry now it’s termed by most ladies as “boring”. Sorry we don’t go out every single night, sorry we are actually educated (college and beyond) have our SHIT together (great jobs) (stable jobs). Yes in our college days we went out a ton but now that we are graduated, have our careers, are stable, looking for long term “settle” the fuck down with a lady types. Yes when you ladies bitch about where are the good guys. Literally we are seriously the guy sitting right by you or close by but you constantly turn up your fucking nose, stomp, bitch, whine like a little two year old, turn around and hook up with the asshole/douchebag no job loser sleep with him and wonder why that asshole/douchebag ran from you and never calls you back.
    So ladies you MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST stop sleeping around, get your femininity back (being lady like) appreciating the good guys that still believe in chivalry (yes it still exists) with the guys you will eventually marry aka the good guys.

  92. Penises don’t get dirty like vaginas. Plus women have wombs. Fucking dirty ass girls. I fucking hate feminazis. I don’t even know how to feel about anything anymore. I thought I was gay I hated all these fucking girls so much. We need to do something about this. I’m completely out of the game because I don’t even know how to treat them anymore. Like I took my love out and had to start beating the crap out of everyone because I’m insecure. A true American Male Beauty. Good article I completely agree. This is bull shit. it’s like just be a fucking girl you stupid fucking girl then i’ll stop calling you a stupid fucking girl and you can be treated as an equal but men are fucking in charge you stupid bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. feminazi’s are the ones calling us creeps. any time you get called a creep call that stupid bitch a feminazi. you’ll feel better and it will even the playing field.

    2. awe, poor baby, someones mommy forgot to drop him a little harder on his head when he was born. Here’s a cookie (;;;) little bitch for managing to write coherent words, barely. Maybe this article is right, maybe men are being turned into little bitches by feminazi’s, your little bitchy rant just might have convinced me. Hope you didn’t break a nail.

  93. Uncomfortable? Awkward? Hey that’s okay. Self denial is a sign of strength. Plus all deez steezy bitches have dirty asses.
    The ever search binding and prospering everything together leads to us having to forget where we came from. We need to keep going and put one foot in front of the other regardless of how we do.
    There were cracks in the street. The heat was blazing. Things came off the ground. There was steam. Steam steam steam. The heat was so hot right. No the heat wasn’t too hot. It was always dry for the most part except for when it rained.
    The picnic bench was empty. There were baseball fields in the distance. People were throwing the ball around in the middle of the park. There were teams playing. They were wearing baseball jerseys.
    Then there was a sound. A huge sound. Everyone went deaf. Completely deaf. No one could hear anything. The sound would not stop. People started running and writhing. The sound didn’t stop for two hours. People didn’t know if they were deaf or if the sound had actually stopped.
    Pens and paper were gathered and people were meeting at grocery stores and libraries. Everything was orderly. The news was on. Captioned. No one seemed to have escaped it. World wide.
    They had an idea who it was though. That leader was gone. He had left days earlier. The program had run it’s course and no one new the password. Every one was deaf.
    In between before and all the same they were okay. No one really listened to anyone anyway he thought. Fakes. Phonies. Whatever you want to call them. Holograms he had heard once on a Drunk History episode. Guys acted wierd he thought. Why does everyone act fucking wierd he thought. Like people like look at they people he thought.
    They all act fucking wierd. They all have no reason to do anything they do because they were told to not believe in anything. They were told that. The ones who said they believed in something acted even worse he thought. Fuck phonies. Fucking bastards. Every good story has some one who get’s hurt in the end. He let people know how he felt. He loved the public. He would go in the public so hard.
    People gave him dirty looks good looks looks like he was supposed to get fucked looks like he was supposed to do the fucking. They fucked eachother in the butts all of them. He thought. Like all of them fuck each other in the butts. They have a word for that you know. It’s called sodomy he thought. He thought about sodomy. He laughed. Sodomy. People who fuck each other in the butts. He thought that’s what he was supposed to do because everyone else thought he was one of those.
    He had to make sure. He put himself in situations. Mostly ended up breaking peoples faces or popping off at the mouth because people thought he was a pushover. He’d dated girls. It led to a lot of running. The girls he was with were allowed to do whatever they wanted. He was very particular. He wasn’t so much anymore. He didn’t know what the fuck he was looking at anymore.
    He’d seen enough penises and vaginas. Holy shit so many penises and vaginas everywhere. Just a click away. He knew what was right and wrong. He didn’t go anywhere he wasn’t supposed to. The network was a playland where he was waiting for the computer an object outside of himself with no identity to let him see something outside of himself.
    He thought about every action and every consequence and knew the roads and what people were going to say. He’d heard get out of the room if your the smartest in it. He’d also heard like that came from a magazine or something. He wasn’t going to take credit for that way to live. There were so many ways to live. He postered that. He didn’t want to be seen. He wanted to be there. He didn’t know he put everything into everything all the time right? Well he had problems. Everyone had problems he thought. He heard he was going to do what he wanted and not what he should too. He heard that you can only be you and that’s who you are.
    He believed in right and wrong though. We’re all alive. As long as we’re conscious and there we are alive. And right and wrong is in the law. He didn’t do anything wrong except for what he did wrong. He never talked about the wrong stuff he does. He seems okay. He’s okay. He doesn’t like certain tests. Things were okay though. He could sit there and enjoy a drink. Money wasn’t too much of an issue. He had a problem with freedom. Some times he didn’t feel free. Some times he would go out in public when he didn’t feel free. Mostly to let people know that freedom isn’t free. He laughed. Not free. Freedom.
    He went where he wanted. As long as he had money to spend he had a place to go. If he didn’t have money to spend he had to spend time figuring out how to get money. Gas stations were his favorite. Look at all these queers. They should change the name of this city. Hey queers. You like that ultraviolence? Good old American Beauty? Was he really there. What year was it. he didn’t know. Freedom. Freedom. He knew freedom.
    As long as you had a dollar to spend you had a place to go. A dollar and some change could even get you one of the best cheeseburgers in the world. Only if you had a dollar to spend though. Those were the days when you could get the best cheeseburger in the world. Cheeseburgers. With a dollllllllaaaaaarrrrrrrrr. He thought. He thought.
    Well look at all these dumb ass phonie ultraviolent queers over here. He needed to seperate himself. He thought what was the appropriate distance where we aint got a chance of touching eachother. Backlash and progress. Leave the girls out of this you queer he thought. Yeah you in trouble now. Fucking fag. He didn’t necessarily hate them. He preferred to be left alone in public. He sure loved the public though. As long as you had a dollar you could get a cheeseburger.
    There’s the counter. Hi welcome to McDonalds. Hi. Can I have a cheeseburger. Yes that will be $1.07. Thank God that asshole didn’t say no. He waited got his cheeseburger and sat down. Look at all these fucking asshole phonie fag ultraviolent sodomites he thought. He didn’t have a problem. He had never had a problem. Then it became too much and he started to have a problem.
    Party. Yeah those parties. Those stupid fucking parties. You could have any girl you want at them. He was a fag though right. He ain’t ever going to get another girl. He had to wait his turn. He got his girls. He was going to be alone forever. Didn’t bother him. He could trick another girl any time he wanted. He preferred to be alone. Fags. Look at them fags. Fucking fags. Show them some real American Beauty. They could read his face. They knew what he was thinking. Syke. Not really. He didn’t care either way. He finished his cheeseburger.
    Sometimes he had a backpack. He went outside. There was always something to do and always so much time to try to figure out how to not waste it. He thought about getting another job. He had a vacation to go on and look at that he was already on vacation because his girlfriend fucking hated him. Oh girls they fucking hated him. With good reason he assumed. He thought about what married life would be like now that it was too late. He saw darkness and her only her. It was darkness and only her. He thought about the darkness and only her. Her pixelated or trying to be pixeled by the darkness.
    He got her though. He was so glad he got her. Had to run her over and make sure he got her before she left. Aint no way he was going to miss her. Yeah he never had anything to write home about. He lived with his fucking parents right. Yeah. He knew what it was. He did all the awful things to let people know what it was. He never lost site of what it was. There was nothing else in life at that point.
    People were like you should try to be nicer. Try to be more nice. How about this how about more nice. Well we could always try to be more nice. Pretty soon they had their cooches in his face. And all he could think about was sodomy. Sodomy. Oh they all had their cooches and butt holes in eachothers faces. Sodomy. That’s okay you all can stick your cooches and holes and everything all in eachothers faces he thought.
    He saw the clouds outside. They were awesome. They were awesome. They were awesome. Like on the left he imagined like the special scenes. He thought about photographic memories. He thought about like kung fu masters and he thought about Japan. He thought about wheat fields. All because he saw the long grass on the left. He thought that most people don’t have thoughts or something. I have thoughts all the time. I’m never bored. I always try to keep going. I’m still figuring out the defintion of what actual work is. What is so dumb is cleaning something and having someone come up and tell you that its not getting cleaned when you’re clearly cleaning it.
    This was his job. He needed a better job. He was what he felt the smartest person in the room. Made it easy. He did his work. He thought about Raskolnikov and like Cather in the Rye and like things and tidbits from other things. He thought everyone should read those books. He wished he’d had. He tried. He tried. You had to play though. That’s all you ever had to do. Had to play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. All fucking day. Sleep and read and play all fucking day.
    There were so many things. There are so many things. All it takes is one foot and then all these other fucking feet and you only have two. He kept walking. What’s next he thought. We could go to the 7-11. As if there was a we. Nobody ever went with him. he was waiting for all the fucks to leave so he could take what was his like he said he was going to do. All he needed was another fucking job though. There were so many jobs. He had to make sure that there was traffic. As long as there’s traffic there’s like jobs or some shit. Like fucking people. He looked inside the window. Mostly at nothing right. He never saw any of there faces. He wanted people to know that he enjoyed going to the gas station so he went in and bought a prepaid phone card.

  94. I hate admitting this, because I’m all for women making their own choices regarding sex, BUT i can’t deny the fact that it’s gotten way out of control. Forget, traditions etc, but just plain being a respectful person has gone to shit. I know a woman who has recently divorced after 20 yrs marriage and proudly showed me pics of her ‘bed buddies’ from tinder. More gross is the fact she’s having sex with guys, the same age as her son.

  95. It’s the 80/20 rule. 80 per cent of modern American women are trashy. The other 20 percent are taken. If you marry any of the 80%, good luck raising a family with them. You can expect all sorts of weird stuff happening to YOUR life. If the Devil had a plan to destroy families, I think all he had to do is influence women to become trashy.

  96. Also, girls prefer guys who are easy, available, and predictable because they don’t want to have any respect for them.

    1. Yeah except feminism is delusional, their biology does not give them half our strength or brains.

  97. Should have kept things like they were in biblical times, shoot even orthodox Muslims have it right keeping their whores clothed up except for the eyes. Maybe the snake in the bible was not separate from Eve, just a symbol of her slut nature. Too many Captain Save a Ho’s out there to demand women act accordingly. Forget it men, it is what it is, save your money, get a vesectomy to be safe and use them for that they are.

  98. If respect was the goal of feminism, they have definitely failed. I don’t know anybody that sees the average modern woman he meets out on the town as anything other than a sex toy, good for nothing else!

  99. Thanks to a combination of human (especially Caucasian) evolution and western civilisation – Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom of expression. If this is the one you worry about then don’t bother hoping to watch your grand daughter(s) grow. After all their own mothers grew overly conscious of their constitutional rights to fuck any / every man they wanted. And these are the same kinds of girls who’ll wake up from a night out drinking with boys, then not only accuse someone of raping them but taken seriously to the point of ruining someone else’s life for the croc tears of these feminist sluts. ‘Justice pre-fails’
    Perhaps the west can learn something from those Asian / African countries we look down on. Degrading certain freedoms is one way to save humanity from its own stupidity. that’s a fact. Allow humans to do / say whatever they want, they’ll take it to the extreme disregarding how the use of their freedom affects others. Now in the western world, a father has no right to protect his own daughter anymore. From as early as 16, she’s free to fight back against her own father’s protection from sluttish outings (with the law fully on her side). Just one reverse defect of ‘human-rights’ and it only gets worse.
    Fortunately, there are only several ways to contain this new trend and it’s not something most people want to hear:
    – Strengthen the masculinist movement. The feminist movement (which BTW started with a bunch of tomboys and lesbians) set societal standards of gender relations for too long. They’re always the ones with ‘the Voice’, ‘The concerns’ and blah blah.. portraying themselves as vulnerable victims that needed to be empowered and treated equally. Well, we’ve come a long way respecting their wishes and look where that got us. Men these days have been psychologically shaped by the feminist movement to become total sissies, to have no choice but respect or fear the girls they’re naturally created to dominate.
    – Relax sexual assault laws let those who choose to be sluts get exactly what they deserve, with impunity. When girls care to realise that what they do out there has a direct psychological effect on men, which triggers a response that might not always be good for the girls, Chances are the female human’s evolution will reverse to it’s natural state of being mindful of what she says or does.

    1. what about male sluts? Who gets to rape you for showing broad shoulders, for flirting? Do I get to stone my brothers when they make advancements at women, I mean come on, those little gigolos!!!! You’re probably one of those guys that would have supported slavery, and gay bashes as well. Women have more value than being virgins waiting to be deflowered by you genetic malfunctions. Lol, before you call me a slut (you want to, you know it), I’ve never consummated with a man, I don’t drink, smoke, flirt (I’m asexual), the very idea of being with a woman isn’t at all pleasing, and I platonically love the men in my family. By your logic, I still have to be controlled because I was born with a vagina. Why is that fair? I don’t want to ever be sexual, to ever have kids, to ever be in a relationship. I want to grow up with my family, get a career and be alone. However, fair doesn’t matter, does it, I’m a woman and I guess I have no soul so my wants like the slaves of ages ago don’t matter.

      1. Male sluts? That’s a pretty weird but interesting ‘equality phrase’. You most probably will refuse to recognize the differences in volition between the genders. Yes, women can live their whole life being dormant and passive (doing nothing other than temping males to do something to them – show them attention, get attracted to them, have sex with them, care for them, etc); while men are born dominant and active. So a man walking around half-naked does not excuse a woman to do the same in the name of ‘equality’. Men and Women have equal values but they’re biologically different as anyone with commonsense does not need a scientific study to know…
        There is no greater value of a woman than her reproductive capabilities, her emotional competence and her ability to raise a family. That’s the only thing a straight man would need her for. NOT for work or contributing to the economy – that’s what the government needs her for. The thing you call “control” is a natural protective masculine instinct exercised on the female who is recognized to be physically / mentally weaker. This is by no means a bad thing – Women had no problems being cared for until your type evolved to complicate things.
        If you choose to NOT put your reproductive system into the natural use for which it was meant, Well, you have the constitutional right to think like a man if you wish. But remember if your mum was that selfish, you wouldn’t be here to argue “logic” today. Something else you may not realise = the more you exercise your freedom in consciousness that you belong to yourself and no one else, the more of a liberal government property / tool you succeed being. This part might really confuse you but fortunately I know someone who explains it much better than I do:

  100. tell that 19 yr old tramp to kiss my ass for one of her assholes will eventually impregnate her and dump her for she would deserve that. i’m happily married to a woman from middle east and god send her to me and i worship her. when i was single i only dated a few american women for all they do is bitch about their past lovers and how their assholes when their the tramps who allow this to happen.
    to all you useless ugly ignorant selfish sleazy worthless american women who also have a sense of entitlement kiss my white american ass and go to sex hell. when i look at american women now i laugh for their so phony is saturday night live, kiss of all you sleazy ameriican women!

  101. Excellent article! I see this every time I go out now, which is not often anymore Lol.

  102. see I thought maybe this wasn’t sexist until I read the comments. “boxing women” “restricting women while men control the house” this has nothing to do with what you pretend it does. This isn’t about women being classless. It’s about men being scared and fearing an uprise or something from women, I don’t know. But basically, they’re acting as free as men, and it’s scary to them from the comments. While I’m decent looking, I grew up with all boys and played with my brothers and male cousins so even though it hurts me a little, I kind of rejected my gender when I was a kid so that while I make effort to look like the other girls, I feel like a guy mentally and it costs me and I resent it but I just want to have fun. I love drinking. I love smoking. I love being free. Why the fuck would i want to be a bird in a cage so that one guy can love me. No love, no man is worth the sexiness of freedom. I have one life and then I die, there’s no god, there’s nothing but 6 feet of dirt and you don’t reincarnate, you’re simply dead. who the fuck are you to tell me I have to waste that life? The annoying bitches at the bars and clubs are doing it right. Love is just a chemical in ur brain and it leaves after mating, which is why love dies after sex and marriages always divorce. I mean think about it for a second. Here’s my main problem: 1) you make it your business how an entire gender lives their lives bc somehow it affects you the most in the middle and hurts you. 2) there’s this painful encounter my entire life of being told by brothers or guys “im going to drink, smoke, party, and have the time of my life but if you try or want to do that, it’s wrong on your part and I’m against it.” It’s completely one sided and it’s no different than a dictator trying to control someone else’s finite time on earth. If you were men you’d stop focusing on changing other people and focus on the only power you have: changing WHAT YOU DO. Leave women alone, damn it. Just leave them alone. They don’t care about you, they want to be fulfilled and have fun, not be with you. Death is the only thing I’m scared of. Main killer of men is heart attack; main killer of women is Men. You get the point?

  103. Wow, all you read like a predictable book, booooore……..
    Whether you all know it or not, mother dearest had sexual intercourse with father dearest, in other words without caring whether I hurt the sensitive ears of you little misters in distress (afraid of losing your long patriarch of a kingdom), she fucked him, rode his magic stick and overall was his little whore (he just pays with a house and car instead of direct deposit cash for her services). *gasp* The horror; how un-lady like and uncivilized of me. Boo hoo.
    Whether she rode one or a thousand, she’s no innocent saint and all you poor betas upset are just coming to terms with the fact that women are gradually losing our use for you, we might actually want you to have personality and stop pulling out your wallet when you lack it…. And no, those little gold digging whores you’ll eventually cheat on them with don’t count as the circle of women.
    All I got from this little shindig of an article is that there are a lot of insecure men out there that are upset that they can no longer be the only promiscuous sluts on the block.
    So you’re upset that your future wife might kiss little billy with unholy lips, but you’ll kiss little sally with the same lips you sucked some unknown wanker off in the dark corner of some forsaken hilly-billy nowhere of a college….
    If you don’t like sluts, don’t be one. If you don’t like whores (lol, but when is a man ever a jig, he’ll do it for free these days sober), don’t be one. If I don’t like sex and don’t want children, then I won’t date a sex frenzied male bent on starting a family. I’ll go place myself in separate company. The universe forbid I grow out of asexuality and want to shack up with a man who will teach my female offspring that their only value in love should be derived from how long they saved their virginity and appearing as fragile/submissive meat puppets meant to obey a weak minded, sex oriented male.
    General men make me laugh, not all. Once you take money, sex and offspring off the table, what use relationship wise is there for you…? I’m a solid 8 who doesn’t want to fuck you, I don’t want children to disfigure me, and I can buy my own meals… Guess I’ll have to live happily single for my entire life without some misogynistic bore there to give me meaning when I never asked for it to begin with just because I happened to born with genitalia he wasn’t… *cry* Whatever will I do….
    BTW: I grew up in an upper class home, two parents (lovely individuals), great grades in school, no trauma, and never had the drive to mate with male or female (I’d just be faking, and that’s way too boring… kind of like this right now). *interest lost*

  104. Dude,
    It’s shameful for ANYONE to behave like you have described. I don’t care what the fuck you have between your legs. Just because you have a dick doesn’t mean it isn’t shameful for men to behave that way.

  105. Okay, I want to paraphrase my comments, by saying, that what I am about say may seem rather braggadocios. (Maybe it is, a little..? Lolz.) But I have no problems attracting men, whatsoever.
    Other girls see this, and ask “What’s your secret?” They ask me this, because they themselves (pretty or not) have difficulty in, not only attracting blokes, but keeping them around, too.
    I tell them, simply, this: “There is no secret to it.” I am a girl. I am proud to be a girl, I LIKE being a girl, I look like a girl, and above all.., I ACT like a girl. I am what you might call “Hyper-Feminine”. The ultimate in “Girly-Girl”. Yes, (If I’m honest) I am petite, and cute, but that isn’t enough. Most women think if you are “pretty” and wear “slutty” clothing men will find you attractive by default. That is just NOT the case!
    As I said, I am little and cute, BUT, I am also (reasonably) nice. I am polite, I am respectful (to both sexes) I am dainty and feminine.
    MEN LOVE THIS! I know, because, as I said, I have no problems attracting men, and I have observed that other women, who behave similarly to me, enjoy the same “privilege”.
    I watch other women, who complain about not being able to “get a guy”, and I easily see why they have this problem. These women tend to be loud (usually VERY loud)!! They tend to be crude, obnoxious, brisk, rude, abrasive, selfish, lewd, boorish, narcissistic, self-indulgent, brash, crass, and frankly a bit gross. (No man likes a woman that chews with her mouth open and belches, during a meal). Yes, most of these other girls are physically attractive, enough. But it’s their BEHAVIOUR that repels men, not their looks.
    Their BEHAVIOUR!
    Now, having said all this.., When I try to tell other women who act like that, that this is their problem, they, nearly, inevitably become “offended” and become cross with me. They’ll retort things like: “You’re saying I should be a doormat for men!!” or, “Men like girls who act like boys!” or “Men just can’t handle a strong woman!!”
    Every bollocks excuse they can think up.
    So, #1. I never say we should let men treat us as doormats. I say treat others as you want to be treated.
    #2. I have to laugh when I hear other women say: “Men like girls who act like boys!” No.., MANGINAS like girls who act like boys! And men who may (or not) be latent bisexuals. I have also heard that “Men like girls who act like boys!” rubbish parroted in the media, frequently. (that’s likely where they heard it, in the first place). If that were true, then why are the guys coming to ME and not You? (I have never actually said that to another girl, but I certainly have felt like it)
    And lastly, #3. “Men just can’t handle a strong woman!!” This one’s a classic.
    TRANSLATION: “Men need to accept me for the b**ch that I am, and he must shut up and put up with it, but HE has to be a prince-of-a-guy, or NO DEAL!”
    I did say to another girl, that said the “Men just can’t handle a strong woman!!” bollocks, once; “Coffee is strong. Bleach is strong.., which would YOU drink?”. That got me a konk on the noggin! So I don’t say that, anymore! (0_o)
    Anyways, my (long-winded) point is this: OPPOSITES attract. That isn’t just some quaint saying, it is biologically and scientifically a proven fact, in the reproduction of nearly all life forms, on Earth.
    So, to my fellow females, I can only say this: If you act like a man, you will be rejected by men. (except, perhaps manginas, and, if we are honest, none of us wants a mangina).
    Conversely.., if you behave as a woman, MEN WILL BE ATTRACTED TO YOU! It really is that simple.
    Take it from a girl who knows.

  106. to me american women are pure evil trash and aren’t worth a shit! they evil feminists who think they are better than men of any race and think their entitled to anything they want, BULSHIT! i’m happily married to a women from middle east and she isn’t muslim but christian, going on 18 yrs.
    i don’t even waste my time talking to any american woman, their too busy complaining about everthing!
    bottom line:

  107. This is hilarious to me. How bout your men start acting like men and we women will start acting like women again! Jesus it’s like I was reading a teenage girls diary reading this article. Fucking grow a pair braw. #donthatetheplayerhatethegame
    How unfortunate that we have to fill both gender rolls because of the demasculization of men.

    1. Get in the ring and fight a man in some MMA action then. Oh what’s that now? That would be unfair?
      Called your bluff. You are nothing but a coward, who dreams of being a man.

  108. This article is horrible and why we have the issue in the first place; men are bigger hypocrites than any women described in this article

  109. Wow! So, when a man fucks a girl he is just being “a man,” & when a girl does the same she is trashy? When a man cusses, it ok, but when a girl cusses it’s trashy? Fuck that hypocritical bull shit! Get off of your high horse! If you fuck 10 women & the woman beside you fucks 10 men, you sir are no better than her!!! What about a man who sleeps with numerous women then finally decides he is ready to settle down & get married… is he also unfit to marry? I’ve slept with 2 men total including my current partner & his number is more like 15-20. If he ever wants to marry me should I call him unfit because he was a little more promiscuous than me as a teenager? No, because he is just as human as I am. The same goes for women. We’re all just humans! I am a lady & I am a farmer! I am a lady & I love sex just as much as my man-fella. I drink beer from a can! I cuss! I drink my coffee black! I’m capable of processing my own meat for food! I hate pink… It reminds me of pepto bismol. I rarely wear skirts & typically wear jeans with flip flops or boots! I am a lady & I want kids someday. My handsom man-fella & I have agreed that whoever is making the least money at that point will stay home & take care of the kids. If that is me, I will still contribute to finances by operating a farm from home. I am a lady & I hate the traditions of marriage & if I ever get married I will wear a red dress & break every tradition that stems from the concept of women as property! I am a lady & I don’t need anyone’s approval! I am a lady & I don’t have to justify my actions to men. I am a lady! I am a woman! I am a human… just like you!!!

  110. i’ve learned the hard way to avoind american women at all costs. it’s like going out and committing suicide.

  111. Women do not exist solely to please men. Anything a women does is womanly, by default, because she is a women.
    Furthermore, the type of behavior described is abhorrent in anyone, men included. The “boys will be boys” motif is old and, quite frankly, a cop out, giving men an excuse to behave like assholes. Everyone has the same right to be an asshole, but it doesn’t mean you should. Being a man doesn’t have to include behaving like a spoiled little boy who gets angry when he doesn’t get his way, so retaliates by shaming women about their sexuality and insulting their looks. It seems that this rejection always results in men using these insults as the default to not wanting to feel the sting of rejecting. Just blame women, that’ll solve it.

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