Are Younger Women Really Better Than Older Women?

Here at ROK, it is no secret that a woman’s best assets dwindle with age. It is also no secret that Western women in particular tend to squander their best years. With that said, I have had the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences between a night-in with a 19-year-old girl and a 28-year-old woman. I will report my results, but first, the control…

Setting The Stage

I didn’t intentionally plan on this ahead of time, but it just happened to work out that I was going to be seeing these girls on back-to-back days. First, a fact about me: I’m a home field advantage kind of guy. I am a bit of a hermit and an introvert, so I prefer day/convenience game and dating logistics to be focused around hanging at my place instead of going out. Both of these dates were planned for the girl to come to my place, I’d make dinner or buy take out and throw a movie on to vibe out physical responsiveness.

Girl Y


Girl Y is 28 years old. She works all the time, lives alone, has a cat, and her best friend is her mother (so it seems). She is overweight, but talks about her gym routine often. After some discussion, it is apparent that her exercise habits are very up and down, especially since her “busy schedule makes it hard to work out regularly.” She talks about work and her coworkers most of the time, the rest of the time she talks about her cat and how silly/cute/crazy/affectionate it is. We both ate a plate full of food.

On the couch with a movie on, I put my arm behind her back and position myself close to her in order to gauge her responsiveness, after school special style. She remains tucked in the corner of the couch legs crossed. It’s obvious if any kind of action is going to happen tonight, I will have to do all the work. After some more talking as the night grows on, I interrupt her mid-cat story with the kiss. She is responsive.

I put her on top of me, take the shirt and bra off, lay her down, start grinding, and then I propose the bedroom move. She becomes apprehensive and gives the “time of the month” resistance. I tell her my bathroom is right there and I don’t mind if she doesn’t mind. She then says it’s too soon and that she should go. I’m not one to lay the pressure on, so I concede and let her on her merry way.

Girl X

girl 217 x

Girl X is 19 years old, works a lot, and lives with her parents. She is petite with a slim, tight body, and perfect handfuls of ass and breast. She doesn’t really talk unless I ask her something. I don’t know who her friends are or if she has any pets. I ate a plate full of food and she only had a half portion.

On the couch with a movie on, I put my arm over behind her back and position myself close to her in order to gauge her responsiveness. She scooches closer to me and leans her head into my shoulder a bit, and holds my hand that is around her shoulder. Laser show. As the night grows on, I lean in for a kiss during a slight awkward silence. She is responsive.

I put her on top of me, take the shirt and bra off, lay her down, start grinding, and then I propose the bedroom move. She becomes apprehensive and gives the “time of the month” resistance. I tell her my bathroom is right there and I don’t mind if she doesn’t mind. She pauses and agrees. She comes upstairs shortly after me and we bang. We lay in bed for a while and she goes home saying she has to be up early and has laundry to do. I never did find a tampon in my trash.

What Does It All Mean?

Looking over the course of history of my dating life, these contrasts have been seemingly ubiquitous. Every younger girl I’ve dated has been carefree, cute, adventurous, easy in bed, and fun to spend time with. All the older girls were boring, let their bodies go, had kids, talked a lot about work/friends/exes/themselves, loved cats too much, and were often times more difficult in the sexual department. Come to think of it, I dated a girl once in her mid 20’s who was an exact middle ground—cute, liked her cat too much, talked about work too much, easy in the sack but not too adventurous, had a tight body that she was starting to let go of. Too bad.


After a series of relationships that had gone south, I had figured my problem was that younger women were just too irresponsible, immature, selfish, dumb, and ignorant to invest in. I thought older women were the ticket. After some soul-searching, in conjunction with some enlightenment I discovered stumbling upon the mansophere, I have come to the realization that is the wrong way to look at it. Essentially, in our culture, there is really no woman worth investing in. Spending time with women, enjoying their company, having sex with them, and so forth is all you really need. This is much better done with young, energetic, pretty, living-in-the-moment girls.


You’re a strong, independent, self-driven, and focused man who already has your shit together. What value would an established career woman add to your life? You don’t need more money, you don’t need a woman to be responsible for you, and you don’t need a partner who is “on your level.” You’re a man who wants to enjoy the company of someone beautiful and feminine. Someone who can physically and emotionally satisfy you while you go about your life. Ask yourself: is an aging single mom or self-absorbed chubby with a 401k going to satisfy you?

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279 thoughts on “Are Younger Women Really Better Than Older Women?”

  1. “is an aging single mom or self-absorbed chubby with a 401k going to satisfy you?”

  2. Its true that no woman is worth investing time or anything else in.
    Until true love comes along.

        1. Love is a girl you enjoy being around even when you’re not inside her.
          Love is a girl you want to do nice things for because she appreciates those things and appreciates you.
          Love is a girl wanting to give you a blow job when she’s physically too ill to have sex.
          Love is both of you yelling at each other until she starts to cry, you comforting her in your arms, and having sex all within 30 minutes.
          Love is wanting to come inside her and not caring if she get’s pregnant, because you know she’d be a great mother to your children.
          Love is two people who need each other, and know they’d be much worse off apart than they are together.

        2. An endorphin cocktail that places the brain and body in a (temporary) ecstatic state.
          But like any good addict knows, the 1st high is the strongest. People try to fruitlessly achieve it for the rest of their insignificant lives. Entire industries are based off this carrot chasing/hamster wheel behavior.

        3. Love is a spiritual thing.
          It comes from the soul and it doesn’t have to be about sex but its great when it is.
          Sex with love is better than sex with cocaine.

        4. the chemical reaction that takes place in our brains when we are attracted to a female is not love, that is what women and ignorant, delusional people call it.
          love is balance,
          it’s the acceptance of all that is good and all that is bad in a balanced way.

  3. Older women (over 25, definately over 30)
    -too much c0ck to bond to one man
    -experienced liars who are better at deceiving men
    -more likely to have insane standards despite offering less than when they were younger
    -are too brainwashed to be a homewrecker (by the banking cartel)
    Younger women (18-25)
    -Better for long-term relationships in general for most (not all) men
    -Not as good at lying
    -Less likely to have been burned before and so doesn’t hate men
    -Standards are more relative to their value
    Its a no-brainer and most men would pick the younger girl who has VALUE, versus the older woman who doesn’t (though we have been brainwashed by society to think she does, but our ancestors knew better. Thirsty men and a lack of attractive women only help inflate an older woman’s delusions, when in other countries she would be laughed at).

    1. Can I use the reasons you stated above in my next school paper? Serious question. Thanks

      1. Make sure you use Heartiste’s findings on what the carousel does to a woman’s ability to pair bond.

  4. Last paragraph is, yet again, a reminder as to exactly why I dropped my ex. Life is infinitely more enjoyable since I walked away from that. Well said.

    1. I was just sitting here thinking to myself that life is pretty fucking good again too. Unmarried, un-fucking-governed! Fuck I need a maid though.

  5. Youngers girls will always be more fun, the older ones will hate on them hard, call them sluts and whores. Older girls will display jealously/insecurities that they can’t keep up with the younger ones because of “the wall” (Ironically the older girls were once like this).
    They’ll label you a cradle robber/pedo for wanting to bang carefree young easy girls.
    I just laugh and wait for the cycle to repeat itself and bring more new young girls our way.

    1. I dunno about that.
      Amongst my best, best lays were two women who were about ten years older than me.
      Amongst the very worst were a couple of 18 year olds who didn’t have a clue about sex.

      1. Curious to know how much game/effort/time/money you used to procure the more experience females. I do agree with age does come experience though.

        1. I don’t really have ‘game’ as such.
          For me ‘game’ is a blunt instrument. I blast women with some masculine power and if they respond, great and if they don’t then they are dykes.
          I’m sort of old school.
          The first one was a dear friend and the second was some lady I met on the early interweb.

      2. It’s your job to teach the inexperienced 18 year olds, that’s your responsibility and satisfaction on the line “Man”

        1. Says every keyboard jockey try hard who’s never been able to make a woman cum.
          female orgasms are a wonderful thing to produce from your cock and fingers.

        2. The only man touting off about the “necessity” to get a woman off is a beta trying another niche at why he has “value.” Everyone knows the benefit of getting a girl off (repeat business and better future sex) but in the end it’s still all about getting your nut. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

      3. @Ticker: are you kidding? As a MAN, you are supposed to show them. Do I have to do it for you and then send over my very sloppy seconds? Stop being an infant.

    2. Yep……as Wooderson said, “That’s what I love about those high school girls. I get older and they stay the same age.” Agreed Mr. Wooderson……agreed.

    3. Had this 30 something year old woman at the barracks I was in a while back. Face, hard 5, body, a hard 9. With an ass from working out that would not quit. Bag her head, and she was mountain hard boner test=pass. Look at the face, and it was stiff. Listen to her berate me for talking to the cute 18 year old latina in the adjacent room, and she may as well have been a hard one with a mountain sized fupa in my mind.
      The latina, body wise, hard 8, 7 if you like big tits. Face, solid 8.5. Too young for me, but definitely she would have gotten it. Saw a picture of my son, and decided to get up and leave. LOL Suited me just fine.
      Later, they both saw my wife. 9+ in the face, and 9 body, with big supple chest, and gorgeous hourglass. Also made her own money, and MIT level educated. The latina saw her, and her jaw dropped as she said “Bonnie Loca!” She left with her low grade man who knocked her up. Ouch. She was 19 at this point. The other was obviously the award winning recipient of casual hook-ups, low level affection, and summarily dismissed after cum injection.
      Not to rub it in, but I dodged a lot of bullets at that barracks. The rest of these women were class-act hags of the lowest level of feminist hell waiting for the trainwreck express to old age, and catville. I should not have even been there. Administrative mistake. Happens. However, I met an awesome foreign women, and have not looked back.
      Marriage, even to a foreigner, is fraught with risk. Sometimes, as awesome as she is, I get frustrated. But she is faithful, and allows me to go to school while she pays the bills. On the other hand, had I married any of these thunder-cunt cockologists, it could have been a whole lot worse!
      If this one does not work out, I am pulling a Dan Proennicke, and not looking back! Twin Lakes Alaska, and world travel ahoy. My sons can come visit me, and travel with. But never will I marry again.
      Just too much risk. And having to go through all that work? I get it, I use to be a teen and early 20 something, I understand the hormonal aspect. Eventually though, it gets easier. It is nice to just have someone to chill with, and not have to impress all the time. I guess with all the knowledge here and other blogs, it always leaves that doubt in the back of your mind when are you going to get the papers, and have your whole life turned upside down?
      What is all this if not the refusal to submit to a society that good pull the genocidal serial killer and off all of us, just to save a few vaginas. And blame us all the way. Eventually, something has to give, but I just don’t see it.

    4. there’s some truth to that. some women and manginas do attempt to shame men who dare to admit that they are attracted to an 18 year-old. jerry seinfeld had an 18 year old girlfriend when he was near the height of his popularity in his thirties and the femo-media hounded both of them endlessly. a hundred years ago no one would have even given it a second thought.

    5. you do realise you also get older?? young girls arnt going to want your stale saggy old ass, unless your paying for it.

    6. You can find fit older women. I specialize in women in their 30s and 40s. They are so fearful of being past it that they are quite adventurous in bed and are quite willing to please to prove they still have “it”. For me, younger women are nice to look at and can be fun in bed but lack a certain desperation, a sense of missing out.
      Young girls are usually into the Prince Charming syndrome. Older women are past all that nonsense. They know that men are men and there is no changing them, so they will lean back and enjoy the ride. Plus, many of the older gals have already had children who are now grown and have had their tubes tied, so no pregnancy worries.
      Say and do the right things to an older woman and you will get oral and anal sex as well as vaginal and she’ll come to breakfast the next day wearing nothing but your shirt and be ready for another round.

    1. Very stupid comment. You didn’t even read it. He illustrated two examples and then said “across my dating life THESE CONTRASTS…”. The two lone examples play no role in his conclusion. It is the illustrated contrasts among MANY which he is writing about.
      “EVERY younger girl …. and ALL the older ones” is not “two women”, dummy. And I fucking guarantee you nobody gives a shit that you think it’s boring. This website was not created for you. Bet your next bullshit comment on that.

      1. Seeing a pattern with the cunts here. They ask a benign question (as she did in another articles comment section) trying to look for a sincere answer.
        Then they act like they are just trying to understand.
        Then they throw down the snark-troll comment.

        1. I’m done with cunts barging into a conversation/men’s room uninvited and then saying shit like “NYEAH NYEAH BORING SHALLOW NYAH NYEAH” fuck off. I mean who the fuck do they think they are. “Boring”? Like men exist to *entertain* them. Fucking Crack babies.
          Happy New Year!! (lol)

        2. I like your spunk and attitude, keep it up. We got to keep them bitches in line!
          Yo Adrian!
          Happy New Year!!! to you too

  6. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, man or woman, so I don’t understand the point of this article???

    1. I suppose the point is that men can behave like goats until they are a hundred years old or more whereas women have fewer options.
      When I was a teenager I was messed around by girls my age but I felt sorry for them because I knew that I would be fucking long after their coozes had dried up.
      In a way I actually understood and sympathised with their position. They knew that they only had a few short years where they had any sort of power over men so were taking advantage of the situation.

  7. Generally true. My ex-wife is in her 40s. Nothing appealing about her in the slightest, even if we didn’t have our bad history.
    On the other hand, I banged one of the bareliest of legals a few months back, and she was all mechanics and no finesse. In too much of a hurry, too. One of the worst lays I ever had. Tight body, though. Much to be said for the firmness of youth.

  8. Spot on. Older women are a psychological mess. They’ve been out riding the cock carousel for years and now seem to think withholding sex will help them find their Mr. Right before their eggs dry up on them. Luckily, a lot of young girls are just looking for Mr. Right Now.

    1. So what you are saying is, having sex with multiple men is psychologically damaging to women.
      You know this, and yet you still have sex with them.
      But when they think that they should stop having sex with any man that comes along, you punish them by ignoring them.
      So either you have sex with them and damage them, or send the message that they are worthless because they have had sex with so many men and are now trying to better themselves.
      Is that right?

      1. A woman who squanders her best years getting pumped by scores of different men instead of respecting herself and using her assets to settle up with a single respectable man is not worthy of respect. Just because she decides to start feeling remorse once her options have diminished and the “glory days” draw to a close does not mean she is in the right. It means her back is against the wall and she’s a day late and a dollar short.
        I have deep respect for a young woman who is feminine, takes care of herself, and safely and intelligently guards her biggest asset to a man – sex. A woman choses to have sex with men; men desire to have sex with women. A woman who guards this asset knows it’s value and choses to share it with someone who is worthy. Think of this the same way a man must covet his commitment. Women want to lock desirable men down, which is why they tend to chase after men who are successful, self-content, and not willing to settle down easily. A woman who gives up her assets freely and easily to multiple men is cheap and has low value. Just as a man who is needy and commitment-happy is low-value to a woman.
        Hook-up culture is the name of the game in America these days. The social tidal wave is unstoppable, so if you can’t change the game then you might as well play ball.

        1. See, I understand and even agree with some of what you said. My problem is with the end of your message.
          Just because something is culturally acceptable, does not make it right.
          The social wave is not unstoppable. Slavery was socially acceptable not too far back on our history, but that does not mean it was right. Many Americans did not go to Africa to get slaves, or even buy them. But they still had slaves work for them.
          No, I am not comparing you to slave owners, I am pointing out that if you want the world to be different, practice what you preach.
          Be the change you want to see in the world.
          You want women to be quality women; encourage that and do not have sex with the ones that you do not respect.

        2. Amanda, being a positive force for change is a wonderful sentiment, but absent any specific useful advice as to how that can happen is basically asking someone else to be a martyr.
          If a man who wants to be above the hook up culture meets a woman who is also thinking beyond selfishness, then there is no “take one for the team” sacrifice necessary. For one person to be an agent of change, they need to be strong. You know the instructions the stewardesses give for saving others? First put on your own mask then help others.
          I personally wasn’t into the hook up culture and later married a foreign woman. I suppose I could have hooked up with a handsome (in a feminine way) biological clock ticker of good means but I just didn’t have interest by the time I was capable of doing so. That’s the conundrum: By the time some people are capable of making relationships work with difficult people, they don’t HAVE to deal with difficult people anymore.
          The trick for men to succeed with women is to not need them anymore and to not allow themselves to be used. If she wants to play the “I’m not ready game” then sure, go along with it, and tell her then that you’ll date others and she can as well and you’ll see what happens. I’ve called their bluff and they always cave in. If a man can’t find a way to relieve himself of a need for sex with women he’s dating (whether via masturbation or prostitution) then he will have to be a player.
          But the first step is to swallow the red pill and accept this basic reality: Feminism and hyper-chivalry is the primary problem with American women and has made them into spoiled brats. Period. Any hopes of equality with women kills relationships because if feminism wasn’t poison, then why are the problems there? If it was so great, this blog wouldn’t exist.

        3. But, the way you put it we have two options. Feminism or ROK mentality. Both of which encourage women to be promiscuous in their own way.
          Either women use and manipulate men into providing for them or men use and manipulate women into having sex with them.
          Feminism is A problem, but not THE problem. There are many problems, and a huge one is selfishness.
          What if, men and women married each other before having sex? What if marriage actually meant a lifetime commitment and not a temporary agreement? What if we stopped looking at problems as men versus women?

        4. No, I didn’t. I cleared provided an option above for someone to go beyond pump and dump whether it’s to take an action to find a like minded person OR to be strong and find someone with potential and “Educate Rita” (old movie.) In other words, do the true legwork to find a great job or start your own business and make the job yourself.
          I agree with you that the men who like women to be slutty helped cause the problem we see today but it’s just ONE factor and feminism is the BIGGEST factor. Feminism is an offshoot of hyper chivalry which required men to please and protect women unconditionally and this includes from the consequences of their own protection.
          A gender switch way of looking at this is the stereotypical rich guy with a fancy car who views women as “broads” and tries to impress them to get sex and then golddiggers take him to the cleaners. Dangling sex or money bait to get someone and treating that person with a lack of respect invites them to use you. Fair enough?
          Answer to your questions: I certainly am up for solving a lot of these problems by equating marriage to sex with this caveat: Women can’t use the courtship process as a way to golddig for treats. The traditional dinner date is basically an escort service. I refer to it as meal whoring. Traditional women courted men at their families’ homes. And my relatives who didn’t have sex before marriage told me that everything before 3rd base was acceptable to ensure that both parties were capable of nookie and not get stuck in a sexless marriage.
          Second question: There are reasonable grounds for divorce such as impotence, drug use, etc. where one or both parties are not able, or willing, to commit to a constructive marriage. That’s how it should be and since women initiate most divorces, it appears that men are the ones willing to live up to the vows.
          Third question: Feminism by definition is about seeing the world in terms of women and ultimately making men (and children for that matter) into objects. In the long term, sure, I agree men and women should work together but until women in this society stop acting like self-absorbed ruthless victim sociopaths, men have to keep their guard up. I’d advise a daughter in a rape culture to be on guard on a date. In this culture, a man has to tread very carefully.

        5. I thought that you were saying that the option was not viable. Since you clarified that you were presenting an actual option, I can agree with that.
          I have already agreed that feminism is a large issue and whether it stems from other issues is another discussion.
          I’m not sure what you mean with the gold digger example, but I will say that if someone disrespects you, just cut them out of your life. Revenge is a waste of time and hate is a waste of energy. If they actually commit a crime, then prosecute them, but if they manipulated you then move on and do not fall for it again.
          While there are a few good reasons to divorce (which I have actually commented on previously) for the most part the reasons people divorce are not good enough. For example, drug use can be viewed as a sickness, and if you promised to keep someone in sickness and in health…
          Yes, men should keep their guard up. I’m not saying that all women are trustworthy and you should just buy them dinner until you decide to marry them. But putting all women into the category of “self-absorbed ruthless victim sociopaths” is not constructive either.
          Yes, I know several women that use men to get what they want and will sleep with anyone. (Honestly, the pros do not even have to sleep with the guys most of the time.) But I also know several women who would not ever consider doing something like that. Women in their early twenties who are not promiscuous, are actually waiting for (or have found) the right guy, and do not expect a man to do everything for them.
          It makes me wonder who actually has a realistic view of women. Perhaps I just prefer to see the good in people despite the bad.

        6. Why are you pretending that an ROK mentality is required for women to be promiscuous? They are sluts all by themselves!

          Nobody is “manipulating” them. They partake in it WILLINGLY. Realize your angle is not going to work. Stop pretending men are being “selfish” because men aren’t the ones committing paternity fraud…. fucking around…. and expecting some NON-mother to pay for his baby. Only women do that. So who’s being selfish NOW???
          Stop blaming ROK, feminism & men when WOMEN are being promiscuous. ACCEPT IT. They are sluts on their own.

        7. I said nothing about it being required. I pointed out that feminism also encourages women to be promiscuous.
          Just because you willingly do something does not mean you are resisting manipulation. Women manipulate men into buying things for them, and men do it willingly.
          Both men and women are being selfish. If both abstained until marriage and stayed faithful to each other, paternity fraud would not exist either.
          Also, a woman not having sex with her boyfriend until marriage will be called mean and cruel. Social pressure is not an excuse, but it makes an already difficult situation harder.

        8. Oh you’re one of “those”.
          • “If both abstained until marriage and stayed faithful to each other….”
          That’s just a woman’s bullshit fantasy. (Yours?) Abstaining until marriage and staying faithful? Only a man with little or no options would want any part of that nonsense.
          I heard a woman exactly like you on TV – preaching about the way she *thought* things should be. She began her sentences with “IF” too…. which is the most pathetic word in the English language.
          She said “men and women need to explore their MUTUAL fantasies”. But there is no such thing as a “mutual fantasy”.
          YOURS. BORE. US.
          OURS. OFFEND. YOU.

        9. “Both of which encourage women to be promiscuous in their own way.”
          You say that as if it is a bad thing.
          Promiscuity is the only good thing about feminism.

        10. Equalitarian fallacy.
          Men are keys, women are locks. A key that opens many locks is a good key. A lock that opens for many keys is a bad lock.
          Also, I just want to point out that the article is about age, not sexual innocence. A 30 year old virgin woman is still 30 years old. A 20 year old who’s had sex with other guys is – to me anyway – far more eligible for marriage. Marriage is about having babies. Having babies is about being young and beautiful.

        11. Excellent comparison.
          Also, men are bees and women are flowers.
          Bees are meant to get the nectar from many flowers but a daisy that will go with any bee is a bit of a slut.

        12. Amanda, what we’re saying here and I know this sounds like a reverse of feminism, but it’s mostly women’s fault. At least when it comes to the feminist culture.
          Women have a CHOICE now not to see men are providers and protectors. That’s what feminism claimed to offer women to “free” men and themselves. But then when given the choice, even encouragement, to be responsible for themselves the women opt out of it. I know of few Alan Alda men that will say they don’t want a woman because she’s too responsible and nice to men. None. They just pander to women but they don’t require women to act badly.
          By a similar token, most men are not encouraged directly be players. It just turns out that is the best option in this culture that has been created by hyper chivalry and feminism. Men who get married and live up to the breadwinner role, without question, put themselves on the chopping block for family court and being used during courtship as an ATM machine. A lot of men clearly do not enjoy this, but it’s women who like the system.
          The problem is that this pro-women/feminist (feminist literally meaning to suit women) system ULTIMATELY makes it profitable for men to act badly, but it’s not intended to do so. Feminists and most women seem to like it though in the hopes of tweaking it so it will work and they can get everything and men will be slaves. It’s not working out that way totally.
          The welfare system which is a bailout for lower class women unable to find a provider or a quota high paying job wind up generating more children into poverty and lowering living standards for EVERYONE. Same with divorce and “child” support for illegitimate children which winds up driving good men out of the market. It hurts women similar to a hooligans going around spraypainting monuments for fun and then in the morning realizes, “what did I do? The place looks a mess!”
          But sure, men are to blame for this too in that most of them still buy into western chivalrous patronage for women which caused the problem in the first place. Women ONLY get treated like ladies, by me, if they ARE ladies. If they’re selfish ho’s, I treat them accordingly. That’s also rising above the culture. Or at least being ahead of it. But that’s the direction it will ultimately go. Check out Detroit for the future matriarchal society.

        13. Comparing historical social norms in that vague and broad of a sense is not exactly relevant. Comparing slavery in the US to Feminism and hook-up culture is certainly not an apples to apples comparison. You’re basically saying stopping the degeneration and low-value of monogamous relationships with females in America is cause for civil war and years of bloodshed.
          I’ll put it to you this way: if every single male in contemporary America was a confident, self-focused, content, disciplined, strong, independent, RoK-type alpha man; American women would literally be FORCED to re-adjust themselves. All fat women, slutty women, selfish, narcissistic, and generally uncouth women would have no options for validation. You see, women who sleep around and don’t take care of themselves may not get respect from extremely desirable men, but there are ALWAYS beta men who will validate and respect them. They have plenty of options for commitment and dependence if they want. If there ONLY options were men who will just fuck them and leave them, then they would have no choice but to up the ante and raise their end of the bargain to get what they want out of these infallible men. IN THAT REGARD: If women raise the stakes then men will follow suite. If women change their habits, so will we – effectively raising overall standards of living and intimate relationships with out respective “other halves.”
          The RoK community is to feminism and uncouth, undesirable, unwifeable Western women what the Civil War was to Slavery. If we can convert all American men to be free-thinking, self-focused, disciplined, strong willed alpha-men, then the social trend WILL change.

        14. You are correct. Men are selfish, and have had thousands of years to develop both biological and social mechanisms for hierarchical dominance. Women have been selfish for 40 years. Please note, at the same time our national debt has ballooned to 16 trillion. Google “Money as Debt” or “Weimar Republic” for a history lesson. It’s not men vs. women. Feminism was funded by the owners of banking and media to destroy the middle class. Feminists are just being used as a smokescreen. Enjoy the show!

        15. So what you are saying is, ROK is discouraging women from being promiscuous by treating sluts with disrespect in hopes that eventually women will stop sleeping around and actually become a good life partner and commit?

        16. I follow you for the most part. Feminism has turned men into children. Everybody Loves Raymond is a good example of this, especially in the later episodes. He does something wrong and she screams at him. He begs for sex and she only gives in if he has done something exceptionally good.
          What do you think should be done about the welfare system? What about child support for illegitimate children?

        17. “Women in their early twenties who are not promiscuous, are actually waiting for (or have found) the right guy, and do not expect a man to do everything for them.”
          Really, Amanda? Where are these women?
          Methinks you might be living in a different planet.

        18. Basically. The only caveat is that we are not necessarily “hopeful” as you say it. It’s more so just a reactionary life-style. If women do not want to “settle down with a good man” then we certainly can’t change their mind. All we can do is treat them the way they deserve to be treated and let society run it’s course. There are plenty of other cultures around the world with lovely, feminine, wifeable women if Western men are really desperate for a mate. As the old saying goes: you can’t turn a whore into a house wife.

        19. I think what the Republicans did back during the Clinton presidency was a good start for welfare reform: Make it temporary assistance and if a person is still on it after a time limit of 2 years or so, then the state should consider going in, taking the kids, and then sending the parent to get educated (from the ground up if necessary) to be able to support them and when that has been accomplished, return the kids.
          The term illegitimate children was coined for a reason. If a woman wants a man to support her children, then marry him or get him to sign off on a birth certificate. The option to have children is strictly a woman’s and she should pay for it. If not, then don’t have the children. Get an abortion or put the child up for adoption. Something to keep in mind: A young, child-bearing age woman was considered an asset historically back in the days when the mothers didn’t expect to be “independent” and treat men like dirt. It truly is astounding in the states when I see young, attractive women squandering those golden years when they could have found a husband.
          The current “child” support system winds up not accomplishing its goals since the paradigm requires a man to be dumb enough to sleep with a child bearing woman without a condom BUT also responsible enough to pay the support. This was similar to the divorce dynamic of a few years ago of men supporting women so they could get alimony for their “sacrifice”. The supply of such men dried up and now society is left with welfare mothers and baby daddies and plenty of material for COPS and Bait Car (My wife HATES it when I watch those shows. She finds them depressing. I find them rather illuminating.)

        20. Thought, a fattie may not have that much sex, does that make her high value? Same for feminists, meth addicts or just plain mental.
          Oprah Winfrey, what do you ask yourself.
          A: Oh, she had sex with only 3 men and a donkey on drugs in her entire life? Wonderfull!
          B: No, hell no.

        21. Well, slavery still exist in places like Saudi Arabia and other gulf states, not mentioning african countries.
          But while most westerners feels bad over that, it is far less outrageous than something that happened 150 years ago.

        22. she speaks of faithfulness, but she has no self-faith. people should stay faithful, to make up for her lack of faith. society needs to pressure her less, since she hasn’t enough self-faith to resist selfishness. ad nauseam. her positions acknowledge bad behavior, so she seems reasonable. but such are pandering distractions from her subtle use of universal ‘should’ and ‘if’ conditions to her own selective good behavior. this conveniently supports her narratives: the eventually (or priorly) unfaithful shouldn’t have to pay accordingly, especially her. generalized, she’ll behave, if everyone else does more. after all, men got to misbehave in the past, right? the subtle undercurrents of the vengeful equalist.
          those that don’t have faith in themselves can’t be faithful; they’d be living a lie, and will always try to leave a way out every time, in every sentence. the best part is she thinks she’s being fair, and preoccupies her posts with what she thinks fairness ‘should’ be.
          i fear your politeness was wasted on a more nuanced feminist. you answered all the test questions but still missed, hence the long winding superficial replies to nowhere. didn’t you feel yourself missing?

        23. Having a clean HoFax report is not the ONLY thing that makes a woman desirable. Taking care of herself, being pretty, feminine, cooperative, loyal, etc. are all factors. Being fat is one of the most IMMEDIATE deal breakers when attracting (alpha) men.

        24. Genuine LOL moment at your comment, Ticker. All sensible comments on here that put forward a reasonable argument (such as Virtue’s, though I personally disagree with the analogy, it is clever) are inevitably followed with some angry, stupid ‘slutty daisy’ type of comment to cancel out the credibility of this forum. Well for me at least, but thanks for the laughs!

        25. From a practical view, there is the whole STDs aspect.
          But what make a woman desirable is 1) being desirable.
          These 32 years old women can still get a husband, just not one who is 45 instead of 25.

        26. how do you know a woman has been’ pumped by scores of different men’? or if she has, has any remorse?

        27. you say women are sluts, yet a lot of these posts talk about game, manipulation, cycling girls, how to lie, and you do it to young girls, then complain that older women are withholding sex, because of remorse, that part maybe true, but the remorse is falling for the manipulation.

        28. how do women risk nothing? we risk sacrificing our bodies, our lives to birth and raise children with no guarantee that it will work out either. I say feminism has jaded women into thinking we can do it all, work and have children, when infact it has doubled our workload. you act as though women have it easier than men, that’s bullshit.

        29. … and the last comment, maybe you need to shut up and listen, women are just as freaky as men.

        30. in the same episodes though, his father treats his mother badly, he constantly humiliating her. I hate the fact some men are portrayed like that (adam sandler, in almost every movie), but men are the writers and producers of these shows, so whos fault is it?

        31. ‘the option to have children is strictly a womans…’ are you saying men play no part and should be released from any responsibility?? Are you serious? We are talking about grown adult men, not being held accountable, and women should get an abortion or put it up for adoption?… is that because a decision like that is like choosing to take a dance class or not. you sound very narrow minded. Sometimes a child is planned and then divorce happens, a spouse cheats, a spouse dies, etc it is not one size fits all situation.

        32. all of my friends are women like this, 9 out of 10 have married their high school sweethearts,(im the exception) and have been married for the past 20 or so years. I think you maybe attracting the same type of women or you are living on another planet, I have had only one friend that has used and treated men badly, I ditched her many moons ago. like I say, you attract what you seek, maybe you should seek out good and then you’ll begin to see it exists.

        33. so, slut shaming, body shaming and just general degrading behaviour towards women, will invoke change?

        34. oh wow, great analogy, except men and women arn’t keys, they’re know, with feelings, brains and things. marriage has nothing to do with having babies. Some people marry and have no plans of having children, some cant have children. Marriage is about manogomy, full stop. and also, women at 40, can still have children, and technically men at 80 can aswell.

        35. maybe men and women are like sea horses, the male stays home and sits with the young, whilst the female leaves. or maybe like spiders, where after sex, the female eats the male spider… yeah, I like that one.

        36. How can they be ‘out of best options’? Are there no great mid 30 year old men left, who don’t think fucking 18yos is the be all and end all? have some faith.

        37. Mattnleah, In answer to your questions (in order). No and in some contexts, yes. Explanation: Certain men take a part in getting women pregnant in the context, for example, of one night stands but holding them responsible and accountable requires a rather interesting paradigm: The men should be reckless enough to get the woman pregnant but simultaneously responsible enough to earn decent enough money to pay child support. Ironically, current public policy is designed to “red pill” modern men and has largely worked. Consider: the original welfare reform in the early 1970’s sought to cut off benefits to two parent families in the hopes that if only single mothers were covered, then the two parent families would work hard to get out of poverty. Instead, many women simply opted to not marry and get the larger benefit set! Later reforms to crack down on “deadbeat dads” seemed to produce a greater number of actual fathers who couldn’t pay up no matter what. This is because the system darwinistically eliminated responsible men from that gene pool.
          Next answer: I’m quite serious and have debated this issue for 30 years. Fortunately, I don’t have a personal stake (see above) but from a philosophical point of view, I don’t see that the current system of maximum entitlements for women and responsibilities for men is working very well and leads to your next question: Such men walking away is similar to what women do with abortion and adoption choices. Pro-choicers always argue, fundamentally, that a happy mother with choices is better than one “forced” to have a child. It makes sense. Yet, they can’t seem to figure out why slave labor from men doesn’t turn out the way they expect.
          All of this is becoming moot in a new era when few women fret about being “forced” to raise a child they don’t want. Even if abortion was unlikely to be outlawed, there’s anonymous child abandonment centers for women. What women now worry about is whether they can find a decent man with a good income capable of being a good father in time for her to have a child before she gets too old. That’s the scenario we should be aiming public policy towards.
          The irony of all this is that it’s making men far more restrained about sex than women are today which is a role reversal. Men play a “part” but women have most of the choices and the state in their corner so having sex with a fertile woman without a spermicide condom is Russian Roulette. It’s simply not worth it for men to have “game” and to make a massive effort to sleep with crazy women. In addition, it makes “alpha” men who are hot looking a bit target. Spinster women will throw themselves at such guys to try to get pregnant.
          Regarding the other situations such as divorce and cheating, etc. I agree that there are cases of at-fault divorce, etc. but even then, I think it’s best to have custody go to a financially responsible parent (and that’s not always the man!) rather than using the child as a hostage to make one parent subsidize another and then have the courts constantly deal with them battling it out.

        38. Hello Amanda, I don’t know if I responded to this but having read it again, I have a few thoughts.
          I think drug abuse counts as someone breaking their marital vows since they’re supposed to be respectful to their spouse. If someone treats another spouse badly by verbally abusing them regularly or destroying the family finances or getting drunk/high, then I think they’re breaking the vows and a divorce is justified. I think if the person tries rehab, then it’s fair to give them a second chance but that can be considered optional.
          It appears that you’re pulling out the “all” word to describe a generalization I made about women in this society being “self-absorbed ruthless victim sociopaths.” People use generalizations all the time but shouldn’t have to prefix them with “but SOME aren’t.” After all, I’m married so there are good women out there. The problem is a society that encourages women to act badly and one of the few fringe benefits for men being that women are more slutty. I remember growing up in the 70’s and that’s what many men wanted more than nice girls to date and they got their wish (and then some.) So I hold men responsible as well.
          Even women who are reasonable are still sexist and still expect men to live up to the breadwinner role. That doesn’t make these women bad, but in a society where women have “equality” and their money is theirs to spend on independence and choices and men still have the same burdens, it’s worth observing that life is tougher for men who wish a stable relationship today. Just food for thought.

        39. So many things I disagree with, but I do agree that the welfare system is in desperate need of a overhaul. In Australia, we don’t have alimony, and there are no real consequences if you don’t pay child support, like in the USA. Personally, I have not received a dime, from my daughters father (she is 16 now) even though, he earned 3 times more than I did. However, I do believe that once I remarried, then I no longer needed support. Your views on motherhood are very dated, women arnt looking for ‘fathers’ that can support them, they are looking for good fathers for their children, as we are very good at supporting ourselves. I think you are referring to the small percentage of single parents on welfare, which here in Australia, they make up the least of all welfare recipients. There is more to relationships then just the consequences of sex and how much it will cost. I love being married, I love my husband to death, If I thought of all the negative things that could happen at the beginning of the relationship, I would have missed out on the amazing journey we are on together.

        40. My friend got divorced and has shared custody so child-support isn’t an issue (although his ex-wife insisted he pay her some support because he earned more but it’s a token 50 dollars.) Before continuing, I think relationships that work out where the couple get married or live together and raise their kids is a non-issue. The question is when women become unwed mothers or a divorce and how society handles it.
          One of the things that annoyed me about modern career women was that they usually demanded men pay for dates to prove breadwinner status (sometimes they didn’t, but you couldn’t be sure because lots of women said they didn’t want the man to pay but wanted him to “insist” upon paying to be a real man) AND successful women often had the attitude they didn’t NEED men. Their money was an F-U statement rather than a contribution. She spent her money on handbags and expensive shoes and a way to walk out the door if the man offended her. It comes across as such women not really liking men very much. It also made me philosophically ask myself: Did _I_ like women very much and to learn to accept women as they are and handle and even love their foibles. Men and women are different and this means learning how to live with each other.
          Traditional dating in the states at least is the worst way for a couple who plans to raise children today to meet and choose each other. A friend who met his wife at a bar got a wife who spent a lot of time drinking rather than spending time with her children. (She wanted sole custody of the kids to get that support money but her drinking caused the judge to award shared custody instead.) The dating game of exchanging sex for gifts undermines the trust and cooperation needed for a couple to raise a child together.
          All that said, in the states (can’t speak for Australia), all these fun and games come to an end around the age of 30 or so when a woman’s biological clock goes off and then society has to deal with the fallout of unwed motherhood which is now about 50% here with non-whites being at 75%. Even when the money flows from the taxpayer or fathers to the women, the children are exceptionally poorly raised. There’s a massive social cost in dealing with the problems of such women who failed to find the 1950’s breadwinner man to stay with them in addition to just the annoyance of their children running around and screaming at public places. We can’t have a discussion about relationships between men and women in modern society without considering this fallout.

        41. This is where the problem lies, when you assume all circumstances are the same, when clearly there are many variables. Single mothers can’t be compared to all women and vice versa .

        42. I think we’re at the end of the discussion. Nothing wrong with that, I think you’ve said all you have to say and I’ve said all I have to say on the matter. I appreciate what you said and will let it stand. Take care.

        43. General Stalin is absolutely, utterly right. Intersecting with this is the biological clock thing. I have found that it is very dangerous to date women past their early 30s because they are so, so, so anxious to settle down and have a family that they are highly opportunistic, fickle, and capable of acting really strangely. Have seen this over and over, most recently with a 31 year old.
          Of course, this can work to your advantage, but it’s more vexing that it mighf first appear, in my experience.

        1. Women are not totally clueless. After all, they are able to screw over beta males and gammas with relative ease.
          So let’s reason with them in terms they understand. They have little pity for “bitterboy losers” unable to get laid but they ARE concerned when they see that many older women are winding up alone, “gaming” men are getting laid and having fun, and the long term survivability of the paradigm of a life of fun and games for middle class white women might be threatened.
          Changing a person’s mind requires two qualifications to meet:
          1) Find what really motivates them (it’s usually not what they pretend to want) and illustrate as ruthlessly as possible that it won’t happen for them. Take their unrealistic dream and destroy it in front of them.
          2) Offer a solution. Doing number 1 is useful and fun, but they’ll just cry in their milk and forget what you said (on a conscious level) and just grind their teeth afterwards. To get them on your side, offer something that will give them something as nice what they were motivated by.
          As modern women have clearly shown, they don’t want high paying jobs and Alan Alda wimps who will support them and be yes men otherwise such wimps would be very happy and posting here about how it worked for them. American women are nasty because there’s a shortage of “real men”. So let’s show them what real men are like and what it takes to earn one. And let’s remind them we are real men: We are decent mates that a number of women would be proud to have and we have great lives. If they want a part of that, they need to change just as we had to change to get what we want.

        2. Not wanting the work that comes with high-paying jobs is not the same as not wanting to be highly-paid.

      2. General Stalin basically covered my thoughts to your question. Women are the gate keepers of sex, shitty gate keepers by the way, and sex is their bargaining chip. Men use logical thinking in their everyday lives, where as women like to use emotional reactions. This is where the smart man cleans up. If they were smart enough they realized their prime was some where between 18-25 and attracted the best man they could, most of them don’t though. Then you take a woman at age 30 who has wasted away her time and wants to rewrite history all of a sudden, by the way these are the same dumb bitches who are posting bullshit quotes on their twitter and facebook to justify to themselves that hey everything is going to be okay.
        The man at age 30 has become a veteran at this point if he has worked towards self improvement. So point being before I ramble off anymore….we see through your bullshit, and most men prefer tight 19 year old snatch over some old saggy tits and women choose to do this to them self.

        1. So, then, what should one of these 30 year old women you describe do?
          Also, I’m not placing all of the blame on you, but pointing out that as they say “It takes two to tango.”

        2. It’s not our job to figure out what a 30 year old single woman should do.
          A 30 year old single woman has spent the best years of her life on herself. That is completely her prerogative. I don’t “judge” her for that. But those years are spent now. She bought “finding herself” and partying with her youthful beauty. She doesn’t have them to offer to a man anymore, because they’re gone. What bugs me, and all red pill men, is that that same woman will complain that she’s not happy with her purchase. She wants a refund.
          Well, too bad for her. She can’t turn back the clock. She’s going to have to figure out what her own best option is at this point. No man with options should marry a 30 year old woman. Why would he? It’s insane. Yet, luckily for 30 year old women, there are still some men without options.
          The sad thing is that there are still some of us who would be happy to marry a sweet young thang who wants to have our babies. But that option is off the table for men, because women want to spent their years getting fucked by multiple guys in commitmentless, sterile relationships. I fuck these girls all the time and I see it as a consolation prize, really. It’s all that’s available so I’ll take it. But I will be GOD DAMNED before I marry a woman who’s given her best years to someone else.

        3. Unfortunately she’s another statistic who swallowed the feminist lie. There’s not much she can do but maybe if she’s lucky enough settle for a beta herb who she despises, divorce, maybe get a few cash and prizes. Then some cats and death.
          You women are just not designed for the cock carousel and men’s workplaces, it messes you up.

        4. Amanda, that’s a sincere question and I’ll answer it sincerely without sarcasm or spite:
          These women should do the best with what they have and if they want an adult, healthy relationship (not an “equal” relationship which is about as stupid as a Disney happily-ever-after BS fairytale), then she needs to do these things just as a young man who wants women has to do (this is called “playing” but is also often just good advice)
          1) Identify her assets, as they are now, and sharpen them up. Hit the gym. Dress in a feminine manner. Turn on a 1960’s James Bond film and see how women dress and act to see what men like. For men, the advice is to also hit the gym and identify how women like men to dress. I wore a suit when I traveled and was interested in meeting women. I didn’t spend a lot of money, but I dressed as women would expect me to dress. My shoes weren’t expensive, but they were clean. Women looked at my shoes and fingernails. I took care of both. Primary focus: She has to focus on changing herself to be appealing to men and not “he loves me just the way I am”. That isn’t working anymore (see below.) This doesn’t mean being a sellout but rather focusing upon improving herself in way she can live with but also men would like. I learned to enjoy wearing suits and having nice shoes.
          2) Identify and tone down her liabilities. The days of her simply flashing a boob and having alpha male fish jump in a bucket on her boat are over. Time to accept reality and figure out what drives quality men away. Although this blog discourages it, I asked women friends for advice as to what turned them off about me. It wasn’t pleasant for either side but worshiping my own crap wasn’t a way to identify what was crap. I may not have liked what women found negative about me, but I accepted it and found ways to either turn these traits to my advantage of focus on something else. For example, being negative or confrontational which turned women off could be changed into being a frank person who identifies problems and then offers solutions. For women, the disrespectful game playing and golddigging is a major turnoff for quality men.
          3) Take action to find a mate (see fish and bucket above). Young men who want to get nookie often spend a lot of time and money to find a woman that is marginally acceptable to them. If she wants a white knight, she’s going to have to work hard and not just in doing fun stuff (shopping for expensive cosmetics and reading magazines about how neat alpha men are). She should do actual real work to find a man like finding a job in a bad economy. That’s what men do in such a position.
          4) Set realistic goals. This should be part of number 3 but deserves it’s own mention since women have a problem with this overall. If you’re looking for a job after getting out of school in a bad economy, you don’t post a “CEO looking for work” ad on You WILL get responses from hucksters offering to let you run your own business selling knives door to door or whole life insurance. Unrealistic women bang a lot of players for this reason. They need to focus and accept responsibility for what they want. A professional? A hot looking guy? Someone who is practical and and romantic at the same time? Pick _1_. Welcome to the world of men because that’s what we have to work with.
          5) Be responsible for the relationship you want. Expecting the magic person to appear and then all the fun stuff will magically happen is like trying to build the perfect home by going to Home Depot with a $200 gift card. Expect to do the work of planning if you want to travel, enjoy nice dinners at home, etc. If you wind up living in a cabin in the woods because Mr. Perfect doesn’t appear, you’ll have to do this anyway. Getting someone doesn’t absolve you of this problem.
          6) Stop making sex into a sacrifice or something you use as a barter tool. Granted, this may seem to conflict with being chaste and not shagging around, but it doesn’t. It means if you can’t handle having sex with lots of men, then you can’t handle it. A good gamer, in a good sense, knows whether league they can play in. When you have sex, enjoy it and the person you’re with. Make your sexual experiences into assets and not liabilities. I don’t begrudge my wife her previous boyfriends because they treated her well and she treated them well. Those experiences helped make her into a strong adult.
          Finally, regarding two to tango. Yes, it does but that’s the point: When one person isn’t committed to a relationship, they wind up dancing with their own negative fate and trapped in it like a pilot in his own death spiral. Smart people avoid those who want to tango to oblivion and take someone else with them.

        5. Blame?Yeah, I’ll remember to feel bad the next time a young attractive girl wants to be intimate and tell her I can’t because I am only looking for “the one”, I am merely playing the game, I didn’t invent it.
          These women should lower their standards and accept some beta with as many problems that they also have.

        6. Truly wish I had the bravery to take this truth on the chin. And it is a truth, the shame of which is: now I know it, I can’t ‘un-know’ it, nor make peace with it.
          Don’t believe that all 30 year olds have ‘ridden the carousel’ – it’s not true (though your experiences may vary!). However many of us made terrible decisions, with inexperienced (or, “thick”, if you prefer – youth is wasted on the young!) heads on our shoulders. While I doubt any of us can say that, if given the chance to reverse the clock to when we were young and stupid, we wouldn’t change a thing, the problem is that women can’t fix our mistake. We have a brief time frame (“and summer’s lease hath all too short a date”) to find and settle with a decent, older man. If this isn’t achieved, the remainder of life seems…forgive me… pointless. This is a truth I ‘feel’, deep down, more than I can articulate. As you say – cats then death. Bleak. Is there an alternative? Again a sincere question – how are we to face up to 50 years of hag-dom :-/ – jump off a high bridge?
          Cannot speak for other women, but from my own perception; struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Trying hard to stay optimistic and not self-pity, listen to strong advice such as the comment above, work hard at making the best of things and maximising looks/good character and live in hope of finding someone (even if nothing comes from it) – but it’s hard to shoulder the knowledge that 30 = invisible and worthless. Good rational manly advice to work hard at being in shape, be feminine and submissive etc. is cheering, but can’t make up for the fact that you’re a rotten fruit decaying on the ground. Why would any sane man take a 30+ year old when he could have someone younger? Answer: He wouldn’t!
          While there are other good and worthy things to spend your time on (compassionate acts, hard work, love for your family and friends, hobbies) – can’t shake the overwhelming sense that these things aren’t enough. A sort of ‘half life’, empty at the core. While a man might find fulfilment without women (you don’t seem to ‘need’ us in the same way we need you – you can endlessly hunt for young women, have ONSs and find happiness with other, non women related avenues) am deeply certain that the love of a good man, to share experiences with, look up to and raise good children with – IS fundamental to a meaningful life. Again, can only speak from personal experience. While men can find fulfilment through camaraderie, enterprise, success in their work – t’ain’t the same for us wimmin’ folks.
          Game over?

        7. I just ate an enormous T-Bone steak with a side of potato soup. I’m full right now. If someone offered me a mostly brown banana, I’d pass. But there are men out there who are hungry enough so that a mostly-brown banana looks good right now. Hunger is the best sauce, you know. You should find one of those men, submit to him, love him, cook and clean for him, and be grateful to him for all your days. It depends on how old you are, but at 30 this is still possible in our degenerate age. If you do this you would bring blessings to both your lives.
          If you are truly contrite, you should SPREAD THE WORD to all the fey little sprites who, due to the wonders of birth control, are merrily fucking away their 20’s with guys they have no intention of marrying. Help us all by speaking out against waiting and especially against feminism.
          Let them know that waiting for marriage until you’ve got a bunch of relationships under your belt is a decision to spend the best years of your life on yourself, and no one is fooled about this. Let them know that those years are the only asset that a woman possesses which are worth the horrible, odious burden that a man takes on when he gets married. Even though red pill men are smarter and more articulate critics of the sociosexual dynamics that burned you, your words have far more weight than ours with the one demographic that most urgently needs to get the message.

        8. That Tom Leykis video is Epic. In fact, it should stickied on the front page of ROK for all to see.

        9. They should:
          1. Develop a time machine.
          2. Go back in time 12-14 years.
          3. Monetize their assets to the maximum rather than ride the cock carrousel until they were worthless.
          Otherwise, they should look into investing in plenty of cat food.

        10. If you didn’t figure out what to do in your twenties, by the time you reach your thirties buy a quality dildo…better yet buy a few quality dildos – and a pet of two.

        11. Hello Virtue. Ready for a long, rambly answer that doesn’t really go anywhere? 😀
          Thanks for replying. Not being sarcastic – genuinely do appreciate your viewpoint, however harsh – it feels honest, and I wouldn’t hear it in daily life. Can’t think of a woman I’ve met who’d be happy to talk about this. All I’d get is denial, platitudes and anger; it’s very isolating.
          I understand what you’re saying. Only real option is to strive to make the best of it, give 100% effort at being in shape, live in hope of finding an older man who finds my appearance acceptable enough (and – of course – who himself can no longer score with the hottest youngest lasses), and to love him well. Even if the search comes to nothing…there isn’t really an alternative is there; the thought of toiling (even doing work I love – next stop ICU! God willing) for 50 years, like a ghost watching others live – it’s too much. Melodrama! I know. but can only speak from my own perception, where logic’s weaker than primal need for love.
          Re: passing on the message. Yep – I’d happily play the mariner crone at the wedding :-). They won’t listen though 🙁 because –
          I’m old, and invisible to them.
          They’re young, and don’t care about the old fogeys they’ll be in years from now.
          We (you, and me) are tiny voices against “Them”; joy-crushing consumerism, peddling tripe (sex and the city, ALL chart music – and in fact, those trying to cash in on your alpha urges, when not all of you can be alphas!!). Their role models are (publicly, anyway) slutty, loud, unfeminine – and they drown out the good ones!
          The smart girls ALREADY know about setting down; they’re the winners, through good education, parents and/or culture.
          The thick girls are the losers – they won’t understand, or (like fat women in denial – “it’s an illness!” – “I’m beautiful and proud!” – it’s all bluster. They’re very weak- easily, easily broken if you sat them down and showed them that, objectively, fat is the opposite of beauty!!) are too soft to let the thought take root. It’s far easier to deny; the only way to get through to those is to break them :-/

        12. Well, mewling, there’s always Gateway Women [1].
          Just kidding, don’t go that route on purpose. Childless bitter-lonely-woman blogging and discussion group hugs is how you make the best of a very bad situation, like how Downs kids play basketball in the Special Olympics because – well – the hell else are they gonna do?
          Your life isn’t over yet. As you say, the only real option, after you gaze into the appalling abyss of The Bitter Babe [2] and the “Marry him!” subgenre of The Atlantic [3], is to land a man [4] or die trying. Like, NOW. Godspeed, sister.

        13. Oh god Virtue you just made me laugh-wince. Oooh do it again, that was nice!
          ‘Social infertility’ – what a weaselly little blame shifting phrase! I bet none of them are unattractive either – they’re aesthetically disempowered 😀
          Love your examples, way with words, and straight talking. You sound like my father and grandfather – both long dead, more’s the pity – RAF WW2 veteran prisoner of war, and weapons engineer/medic respectively. Anyway, good in a crisis – they held this kind of thinking (well meant) can cause such harm as it turns people into victims. Sometimes a cup of tea and ‘well, what are you going to do about it’ is more helpful isn’t it. Anyway – thanks for cheering me up.
          Over and out…

        14. Men your own age may not seem to want you much, but an older man finds a 30 year old highly attractive. IF she is not fat, looks feminine, doesn’t seem bitter and angry etc etc.
          A presentable pleasant 30 year old should be able to attract many men 40+, if she wants to. And have a satisfying adult relationship, maybe marriage etc. I’ve read, and can agree with the theory that men tend to pursue women 10-15 years younger, so add that number to your age, and that will be the age of the men that will be looking for you.
          Some recent studies have suggested that men do not fully mature emotionally until after age 40. So I would suggest you broaden your horizons, become more open to dating an older man, and you may find what you say you want.
          Or just get more cats, and forget about it.

        15. Hello Random Reader,
          You replied on a separate thread to my comments ; I wanted to message you but I picked it up quite late. If you’re reading now – thank you for your replies (there, and here).
          You said something about how we think about ourselves, and project to the outside world, is a large part of who we are. Went into work that evening thinking about what you’d said, and feeling more upbeat. Was smiling and meeting people’s eyes a bit more; got some nice comments from customers and the difference amazed me. A bit of cheerfulness – you can actually see it passing around; was really nice to see. Anyway, cheers!
          Noooo to cats! No cats, other pets, football with a face painted on it, imaginary friend, or other man / child substitutes. Death first!!
          p.s. hmm. Just thinking days gone by, and witches, and why they have a broom and a black cat. Were they really ageing spinsters, living alone, spiky and difficult, lonely, bitter…cat owners! :-O

        16. No sane 30 years old man would but a 40 or 50 years old might have a different view.
          Dunno if they would fancy that, thou.
          I rather suspect that this is the problem, they very much still have options.
          Even when it comes to children, remember that a woman was mother at 62 years a few years ago in Italy.
          They just don´t have the best options.

        17. What kind of women are you spending time with that they have saggy tits at only 30?! A woman without children who hits up the gym at least twice a week should have perfectly fine breasts. Maybe not like a 19-year-old, but nothing that you’d necessarily turn down.

      3. Amanda, I think the issue for men is not so much psycho-sexual, but one of economics and return on investment. Saying that women who have sex with multiple men is psychologically damaged is neither here nor there. Some may be, but others may not. Similar, who is to say that men can never be psychologically damaged by having sex with multiple partners ? Personally I agree that this argument is susceptible to retort.
        However, men have and have always been the sole provider or main provider of a family or partnership. Even working women depend on her man to provide while she is away from work caring for children. The statistics on this is plain as can be, although it may be slowly changing, I can’t say.
        If men are going to pay, then why would they want to pay for something that has been “used” ? The used car analogy is correct but women take umbrage at this. We are not cars they chime. It is easy to take the female point of view if you are not paying. Once you, as a woman, start to pay, then you are going to require certain standards. It is hard not to avoid this.
        Maybe you do not expect your men to be virgins, but you would certainly demand “quality” whatever that may mean to you.
        For men, rightly or wrongly, it is sexual “innocence”.
        I don’t think you will let a lot of men complaining about their girlfriends being sluts if their girlfriends are paying for their food so they don’t starve. They will be ashamed more about not being able to support themselves than their girlfriends being sluts.

        1. Your comment goes along with what I was trying to communicate.
          If, as you say, men value sexual innocence, then having sex with girls before marriage devalues them.
          Its almost like feeding a child a sugar only diet and then punishing them later for having rotten teeth and being over weight.
          While many on ROK have equated the mind of women to the mind of children, you may not be among them. In that case women can decide to say no to sex, but men can also say no as well.

        2. Amanda its not a man’s responsibility to stop a woman from having sex. If she wants to devalue herself thats her choice.
          Its biological destiny that men and women are judged by different standards when it comes to the number of sexual partners; it seems hard wired into our brains.

        3. you do realize that men has always been this way right?
          i tried not to send any comments for as long as possible because it seems like everyone has something to say, even though that was 3 months ago.
          now, if men has always been this way
          what stopped women from being sluts?
          being a man and knowing how man are specially as teenagers
          he protects his baby daughters by talking to her and by scaring away the big bad wolves.
          i don’t think i have to tell you why this is no longer the norm.
          we are mentally and physically wired to ejaculate into every available healthy wombs.
          trying to fix what feminism has instituted would be
          1- passing on a good deal for us man
          2- going against our nature
          3- cleaning up after feminism and effectively making it
          seem like they have been doing nothing wrong.

      4. “So what you are saying is, having sex with multiple men is psychologically damaging to women. ”
        Which strikes me as a beta/gamma attitude.

      5. incorrect sequence of events.
        a young girl today is already damaged, not by men, but by other women telling her lies, feminism, liberation, etc. she has already decided to have sex with multiple men all on her own, and then, having decided such, goes out and do so. at which point some long string of men oblige her. should some men incorrectly blame themselves and withhold sex, thinking they’ll damage her sex-seeking-yet-somehow-undamaged person, the girl still gets sex anyway.
        when this same young girl gets older, she then decides prior sex everything up advice perhaps wasn’t the best idea. only now does she withhold sex. but she soon discovers withholding sex when you can’t sexually compete isn’t a winning strategy by itself. the correct action at the wrong time is the wrong solution, and she finds herself worth literally less than before. so what now? warn young impressionable women not to do what she did, or cut the future competition down by repeating the lies?
        is that right? is that right for women to do this to each other? damage each other, make each other worthless, and then blame men? you know this, and yet you still do all of this unspeakable wickedness. sure, not all women are like that, they just repeat the lies anyway. what. the. fuck.

    2. Agreed. It’s a strange phenomenon among older women; they are too quick to withhold sex from you, often claiming, ‘its too soon’ or some other such bullshit. These broads have been around the block in their lives, then suddenly they try to withhold sex. Its not an effective strategy.

      1. its because they’ve caught on to the bullshit lies men tell, just to get their dicks wet.

      1. Ah good old Sean. I just happened to watch Goldfinger again last night, with my main girl beside me. We laughed a bit at Pussy Galore’s name and then I ravaged her. She also loves to bury her face in my chest hair (along with other places) and get drunk on my manly scent. Good times, good times. Will raise a glass to our health tonight, brother. 🙂

    3. Does that help them not to have sex?
      They look for Mr Right but never ask themselves if they are Mrs Right, I-am-fine-with-who-I-am / my-flaws syndrome.

    4. young girls are naïve, they believe the crap men tell them, older women say no because they’ve heard the bullshit and are saving it for a guy who deserves it.

    5. The cock carousel thing is so gross. I was dating a truly gorgeous 37 year old. She seemed to have her act together and was truly elegant. We got to talking about sex or something and all of a sudden from the passenger seat, she goes somethiing like, “some guys just cum so fast when you give them a blowjob — are you like that?” Say what (especially because she had never given me one to completion). I was so offended by this comment after thinking about it that I calmly drove her to an airport and bought her a ticket home.
      Once a woman has done the carousel thing, you just can’t settle down with her and innocently build a healthy, sound life together. It never has worked in civilized society, and it never will.

  9. I’ve said that white women age very badly. The peak years of attractiveness for a white woman is between the ages of 13 to 20. After age 20, it’s all downhill from there.
    And because of these gay fucking “age of consent” laws, there is only a two year window for us to date these between, between their age of 18 to 20.
    Frankly, it would be even better if we could legally date and fuck 14 to 16 year olds. They really are the hottest.
    God designed women to be at their peak attractiveness at the same time their puberty starts. I guess God intended for women to become pregnant between the ages of 13 to 18.
    We are rejecting God’s natural design in our satanic atheist modern society, and look at the result. Bunch of fat fucking chunky ugly white bitches over the age of 21.
    Best option for men living in the West is to ONLY date 18 to 20 year olds. NOTHING old than 20. And if you really wanna be hardcore, only date 18 year olds.

    1. A woman who has been properly trained as to how to behave and who hasn’t become a feminist can be an outstanding lay up to the age of 35 maybe even slightly older.
      Its feminism which has fucked white women up in almost every way the poor deluded mares.

      1. have you seen Frank Yang’s Mom? she is 60 and doesent look bad. now that is someone that knows her stuff

        1. John Lee Hooker was one cool cat for sure. But I wouldn’t say we can’t have some of that if we maintain our sense of style and enjoyment of life.

    2. 13?!? Sorry man, that’s beyond the pale. So what do you do? Circles around middle schools looking for ass? Would love to know what you would do if you found a 25 year old man banging your 13 year old daughter.

        1. Yes, it is NATURAL for men to marry young women.It is healthy. Because the woman is married at such a young age, she will never develop an independent mentality.
          Funny how society functioned fine for thousands of years with older men marrying younger women, as young as 11 or 12. It’s only our modern society, in the past 100 years, that so many problems have arisen.
          Why should I marry a girl that is already over her peak? The ages of 12 to 18 are a woman’s peak.
          Just think of how pathetic the betas are who marry women who are 25 or 30 or even 35. It’s truly sad. They are drinking sour milk. Milk is best dranken straight from the cow’s udder. The longer the milk sits out, the more it ages and gets spoiled.
          Women are no different.

        2. So you now just dropped the age down to 12 from 13. By tomorrow it’ll be 11, lol.
          An no, females do not peak at fucking 12, or 13 or 14. A woman’s physical prime is more more like 18-25.
          Just because a girl may start menstruating at 12 doesn’t mean she’s fully developed into adult female body proportions.
          So what would you guys do if you had a 30 year old guy was pursuing your 12 year old daughter? You’d probably shoot him.

        3. “An no, females do not peak at fucking 12, or 13 or 14. A woman’s physical prime is more more like 18-25.”
          I very strongly disagree with this.
          Perhaps you need to start checking out 13 or 14 year old girls. I don’t mean hit on them, but at least look at them. Look at their body. And then tell me that their physical body is not already fully mature.

        4. Marrying a woman in her teens makes sense in a world where most women would have 10 children but no one does that now because it’s not necessary. We are no where near dying out as a species. Humans are incredibly adaptable we change our behavior and social constructs based on the environment (that’s why different cultures exist). Also in societies where men marry women that young they are expected to support them financially for the rest of their lives. It’s not like they can dump her after her “prime”. For modern people who will only have a couple kids marrying in the late twenties is perfectly fine which is the current norm in the US.

        5. You sound like all the other indoctrinated white libtard chicks aborting themselves out of existence.

        6. I wouldn’t call it so much “an independent mentality”. In fact, the problem is co-dependence and entitlement of western women, while providing nothing in return. It’s basically highway robbery.
          They call this disease “feminism”.

        7. Praise LUCIFER! You have understood it!
          Vast majority of women ARE useless eaters. They ARE parasites. They contribute NOTHING of value to society and merely suck of resources.
          Can you really blame the Illuminati for wanting to start World War 3 and wipe out 80 percent of the human race?

        8. Hell yes Eve. Transhumanism is the answer! No need to revert back to the old traditions. We can evolve and eventually replace the vast majority of women with Sex Robots and Artificial Wombs.
          90 percent of women are parasites who contribute nothing of value to society. If we can replace them with VR porn, Sexbots, and other futuristic technology, that would be the best next step in the evolution of MANkind.
          Eventually you women will become obsolete. You pretty much are a genetic/evolutionary mistake.

        9. Dude, it is GOOD that they are aborting themselves out of existence. Have you ever been to a 3rd world country? Do you even know what massive overpopulation looks like?
          Believe me, the less people breeding, the better.

        10. But that society have turned from a producer to a sucker, is not sustainable anymore.
          Only debt and inflation at the expense of other societies keeps it going, then that stops…

        11. Many women don’t even menstruate until 14. I believe 13-14 was the average before obesity became such a huge problem. Even then, a woman’s not truly fertile until about a year after menstruation, so really, we’re talking 15 as a much better minimum.

      1. As hard as it may be to get through your culturally indoctrinated head – the image that being attracted to and marrying younger girls is wrong is a social construct that you have grown up with so it’s all you know. In actuality, legally enforcing “age of consent” laws and expecting men and women to only be sexually active in their late-teen years and beyond is a very recent and Western thing. Look at different cultures throughout the course of history. Women have been marrying at 13 and 14 for a LONG time. I’m not saying I’m attracted to girls that are 13/14 personally, but I’m saying as human beings it’s completely natural and instinctual. It’s social and cultural indoctrination that has forced this mindset on us.

        1. Yes Stalin. The majority of the beliefs of the modern society are just an artificial paradigm that has been brainwashed into us. The more we can free ourselves of this brainwashing, the more we can accept what is NATURAL.
          Pretty much everything about the modern world is artificial and fake and that is why people are so unhappy. They are cut off from the NATURAL lifestyle that people lived for thousands of years.

        2. I’ve said it before that I most certainly DO prefer younger women. I banged a woman that was nearly half my age a year ago. I’m now 37. College age women are my physical ideal. But there’s a hell of a difference between 22 and 14.
          And stop comparing now to the ancient past. People did many things back then that we no longer do, like human sacrifice and slavery. It was a much harsher world and people were forced to grow up quick. There was no compulsive education. Kids started working as soon as they were able to and then started having kids as soon as they were able to because life was short and hard. We don’t live in that same world. A 13 year old girl in this day and age is not mentally mature enough for marriage. And I’m sure none of you would want your OWN 13 year old daughters getting railed by grown men in their 20s and 30s, so STFU about it.

        3. Well said. Pretty much hit the nail on the head with that. Try to unlearn as much of this cultural brainwashing as you can.

        4. Bullshit. Average life expectancy was 50-55. So long as you made it to your 20-21st birthday, you were likely to live out a full life, barring physical trauma or deadly pathogen.
          Also, there’s a lot of things that people don’t like in the world or America (MVC fatality rate, obesity, indoctrination by feminists, government corruption, etc).
          Empathy is not going to solve that shit.
          One point you do have. 13 is pretty damn young, especially in the arrested development of our culture. Still basically a child till 20+ nowadays.

        5. Check out the Age of Consent laws across the globe. notice how many are between 14 and 16 (most). Marriage laws tend to have just as low of age restriction (if at all). The 18+ thing is a very American thing. It’s all just cultural conditioning.

          I don’t have children so that assumption is irrelevant to me.

        6. “Average” life expectancy gets skewed due to the high infant mortality rate when looking at the period in question. People aren’t living that much longer now, just less infant/child deaths.

      2. I know what I would do: sit comfortably in a cozy Canadian jail cell with a self-satisfied smile each and every one of the 2000 days of my sentence. His penis would be detached, sauteed in garlic butter, and force fed to him by yours truly prior to my arrest.
        For those who think I jest, try me.
        Or perhaps I would detach his penis, freeze it, then ram the frozen member up his ass.

      1. God is within everything too. Everything is one and thus everything is God. We are all God.

        1. That’s Eastern bullshit talk dude, and the original sin.
          Being there done that; good luck with that mind-set man I don’t want to get into any arguments with you.
          Rock on Bro!

        2. Been there done that, its the first original sin!
          Good luck with that mindset bro –

    3. What kind of woman is at her peak at 13? That would be an early developer. Hell, I didn’t get my period until I was damn near 14. 13 is 7th grade, I see 7th graders and they’re all in braces, covered in zits and have next to no boobs.

    1. Excellent choice, sir. Slow and easy reverse cowgirl. Fast and hard doggy.
      She’s built for it.

  10. did not read post, immediately jumped to the comment section to yell at the top of my lungs:

  11. I’m 32, and I find it pretty much impossible to date women my own age. By the time they’re 30, they’re getting fat, have been married at least once or at least have had one boyfriend they’re hard-up for, have a kid or two, and are on the prowl for a provider beta, meaning they’re less responsive to game (=fun) than younger women. Girls in the 19-23 range seem most responsive to me. When they’re 18, they’re usually still quite dumb and have the attention span of a brick, but when they’re 19 or 20, they are pretty much everything I need.

  12. All I can add is that this changes as you age. Young girls are great to bang, but after you hit your mid-30’s, you have to balance your need to bang with time spent with people you actually want to spend time with. This is where the rare and elusive un-fucked-up women come in. So far, the best I’ve been able to find is 7 years younger than me (I’m 40), and actually tolerable for up to a 3-day weekend. A keeper, in other words, right up until her friends start to either push to jump back onto the carousel or pressure me for more commitment, both of which are dealbreakers.
    Tl;dr: there are a few wall/post wall women who are worthwhile, but they come with an expiration date.

  13. As long as it satisfies my boner test, I don´t have a problem if she is 22 or 29.
    Many women over 26 have already been burned by past cocks and of course put more LMR, but I simply dispatch them away.
    Nonetheless, women under 24 tend to be too immature and outright stupid, and generally find them annoying. In my opinion, the sweet spot is 25-27.

    1. Yes in the WEST..go anywhere else, and a 17 year old girl is grown up with a grown up sense of responsibility. Only here do they continue their childhood into their 30ties.

    1. You’re probably right. I piped another 19 year old this past weekend and she asked if she could flush hers down the toilet before she got in the shower with me. Am I really 3 for 3 on broads with periods lately? Fuck.

      1. Sounds like it should be written up as an article for Jizzabel or something – “The pros and cons of tampon disposal” or “X ways to wreck a guy’s place.”
        As for pulling chicks with periods, it’s a shit test with reasons that basically boil down to feeding their ego by ‘proving’ that the guy likes them or thinks they’re attractive enough to fuck despite the mess.

  14. This hasn’t been my experience. My best was a cougar who really looked after herself and made an effort to please me, which was comparatively a nice change. Long term though, definitely better to stick with younger women.

  15. Agree with everything in the article with extra emphasis on the last 2 paragraphs. Keepin it real

  16. Every teenage girl I’ve been with has the knowledge and experience of a 30 year old woman by the time I finish with her. It’s YOUR duty as a red pill man to teach, encourage, mentor and fuck your girl to be feminine.

  17. Lookswise, I do prefer women in the college age range and probably always will, but as a 37 year old I’m already at the point where I have to lie about my age if I’m pursuing one. One day I will not be able to lie and pull off being late 20s. We have to accept that one day those ripe peaches in college will be out of reach unless you are some sort of celebrity. I don’t know any 50 year olds routinely smashing 21 year olds. Enjoy the younguns while you can.

    1. Maybe, but that doesn’t mean at 50 you shouldn’t be going after the 30 year olds.

    2. Lie to them. I’m 36 and I routinely lie to the hot 18-22 year old chicks all the time. If my frame is strong or if a chick I know or banged likes me, she doesn’t even bother with my age even if she knows I’m 36.

      1. Yeah, well that’s what I do, since I can still pass for 28. But when I’m 45, I’m not going to be able to pass myself as a 20 and will have to date older women.

        1. “when I’m 45 . . . will have to date older women.”
          If you insist.
          Her: How old are you?
          Me: Enough. How about you?
          That about covers the age discussion.
          Protip: The field shrinks to the minority that prefer older men (and will admit it), but on the other hand, they tend qualify themselves to you.
          I’m rather older than 45 and last summer a high school girl abandoned her soccer practice to run to the edge of the field and wave to catch my attention as I rode by on a fixie.
          I’ve got legs, and I know how to use them.

    3. I just stopped telling people my age, if someone asks me my age I respond with ‘How much do you weigh ?’

  18. Mid to late 20’s is my preferred zone and has been since I was 18. But my preferred body type is a little different than what’s popular on this forum.

  19. feminism tells the older girl to have a career and the younger one she doesn’t need a steady man in her life. everyone loses….
    the only winners here are the corporations who get cheap middle management workers and the cats who get affectionate owners… men might think they win, by having more poon to bed hop with, but the truth is they are also losing out…. they just lose a bit less than the women…. since a man can still play bed hopping into his 50s… but his comeuppance will arrive in time…

  20. I don’t know. Feminism,wich is dreaded on this site seems to be very firm and rising in the younger generation, just look at the tumblr feminists who are in their teens or a bit older and who in my college experience, are in fact, sometimes the hot chick, while a lady of a more traditional taste o with more critical thinking might be found above 25 years of age if a guy is lucky.

    1. It’s not really about feminism at all. A younger woman is biologically hardwired to want to have sex and get pregnant. So you just have to take advantage of younger women’s natural instincts.
      Frankly, if I still lived in America, I wouldn’t touch a woman who is over the age of 19. Sure, the younger women are a little immature but they are also a lot of fun to be around, they have a lot of life. The older a woman gets, the more lifeless and sour she becomes.

      1. PS. And I wouldn’t touch a woman UNDER the age of 18 either, because I’d rather not get put in jail for “pedophilia”.
        Pedophilia is the new slang word women use to demonize men. They used to use the word “rapist” to demonize men but that word is so over-used that it no longer has any meaning.
        It is the same with pedophile. It is so overused that it is losing all meaning.
        Attraction to PRE-pubescent girls IS a bit sick. But a woman hits puberty at age 12 or 13 and that is when they are at their peak attractiveness, between 12 to 17. That is when God intended for them to become pregnant and thus he designed them to be at their peak physical beauty level between those ages.

        1. Has pretty much always held the age of marriage to be 12 and the age of consent to be 14 (with local variations in time and place).
          Not perfect, but quite reasonable if you have to go attaching pseudo-arbitrary numbers to it.
          The age of marriage was sometimes allowed to be lowered for a good match among the aristocracy. A crusader king, 30 years old, married an 11 year old. The politics of it were excellent, for the Church.
          Until the English Victorians got into the act the virtually universal rule was, “If it bleeds, it’s good to go.” The basis for age of consent was biological.
          The idea that a sexually mature girl might be constricted from giving very willing consent is a very modern, post hoc justification of the current laws of consent, which were originally formulated to prevent young girls being sold into prostitution, in London, by their parents.
          As there are laws against that, the current laws of age of consent are mainly tools of women to coerce, control and punish men for being “creepy.”

  21. The most curious thing about this is that, because of biological and hormonal reasons, women in their 40’s are the horniest. BUT, they are already past their expiration date. (It’s amazing how ugly a past 40 woman truly is). These same women wasted their youth. Many of them talk about how they did not “discover” how great sex was until they were in their late 30s.
    Another remarkable thing: There is nobody in the media, in culture, in politics, even science, that is telling young women the truth. NOBODY is telling them that if they want children, or even think they might want children, they need to get it done by their late 20’s, earlier if possible. After that, everything declines. Their desirability to men declines precipitously. Their fertility drops off a cliff. And even if they can get pregnant, it is selfish because the changes of birth defects go through the roof.
    How can a country that considers itself so advanced be so totally stupid.

    1. They are being told. By smug rich married women, including high profile media splattering ones.
      Part of the problem (though don’t know how much) is a lot of the <30s have been roughly screwed (in the UK anyway) by our fine banks and ever left-right changingnot really changing government.
      Children are expensive. A big slice of under 25s (if the stats are true) cannot get work, or leave home. They’re in a worse position than their parents were at the same age. They can barely look after themselves and (if they have morals) are unwilling to bring children into it. Meanwhile, they less moral and/or less educated breed like rabbits, and live off the state. Funny old world isn’t it :-/

  22. “You’re a strong, independent, self-driven, and focused man who already has your shit together. What value would an established career woman add to your life? ”
    Bingo. Men want from women what they can’t provide for themselves.

    1. a womb?
      it’s really sad that we are basically making a list of pros and cons on why we should keep women around.

      1. Its really just acknowledging the different needs and priorities of the sexes. Guys just don’t care about many of the things women assume they care about.

        1. that’s a good way to sum it up but it’s not me you have to convince, it’s like that video on YouTube where that guy went around asking women if they believed men and women could be friends 99% of the guys said no and 100% of the girls said yes in one way or another, like that girl that just walked away. somehow i think she still believes her bullshit.

  23. Simple answer to the article…GEORGE CLOONEY! A Perfect example of how to live a bachelors’ life. He changes hot chicks like underwear…daily. He always has a shit eating grin on his face. nuff said!

      1. Ah hah! Not true sir! If you have that level of game, you don’t have to be a movie star to pull it off. I have a couple of friends who aren’t rich or famous, make a good living and rotate 8-10s on a almost daily schedule. Their harems are impressive. The thing I respect most is that one of my friends has let all of his girls in his harem know about each other. His has matured his game level over time. I appreciate that and look to emulate it as time goes on.

  24. The genital herpes you contract from either a younger woman or older is the same. But I agree with the position that older slags tend to be bitter and annoying. That said, despite there may be some older 30 somethings who still have their sanity and may be easgoing and fun loving, well you can be rest assured that these same women were total cunt-asses when they were in their twenties telling you to fuck off. So what if now they are older and can appreciate me more? My take is that if the kitten didn’t want me, then I don’t want the cat.

      1. Time is the great equalizer. And yes, all of these women who were arrogant shallow slutty bitches in their 20s become seriously mentally ill at age 30 because they are finally forced to look in the mirror and realize what disgusting excuses of human beings they are.
        Frankly, I feel NO pity for any of them. But we also need to think in terms of how we can replace these useless eaters. The creation of VR porn is the next step in replacing human women. It’s the natural evolution of porn.
        Human women… ugh. So disgusting, so useless. Fuck you God for creating them.

        1. And yes, it’s a human woman who is responsible for your existence. If only you could try carrying a child for 9 months and then push it out of your vagina, you might not refer to women as worthless.

    1. Most of these white women literally go off the rails after age 28 or 29. They start to become mentally unstable, start taking psychiatric drugs, and basically just start losing their minds.
      Goddamn, what an evolutionary mistake human women are. They are such imperfect, disgusting creatures.
      I can’t wait for the day when we can get rid of half of the world population merely by replacing them with VR porn, Sex Robots, and Artificial Wombs.
      Women are parasites.

      1. You’re the kind of commenter the feminists and white knights live to quote. No substance, just hate. This pablum does the article a disservice.

        1. i agree with you but as we speak, they are finding genetic loop holes on how to create sperm from a woman’s cells can’t remember what the specific cell is called but they would no longer need men, so they are definitely thinking about it.

  25. My ex was a 32 year old woman. (I was 27 at the time.)
    Never ever again will I have a relationship with a woman older than me, period. I learned my lesson.
    They all got the baby rabies after 30. And they go crazy becouse of that.
    Younger than 25 is the way to go.

    1. I don’t think that “baby rabies” is a bad thing anymore than a young
      man being horny makes him bad. On the contrary, such urges can drive a
      person to improve themselves if done in the right way. OK, cancel that.
      I think that if a person has urges, they should identify and remediate
      them. You don’t shop when you’re hungry. Eat something first.

      1. Baby rabies are bad because it drives the useless goyim to reproduce.
        We need to create a new aptitude test that determines a person’s intelligence, as well as their emotional and spiritual intelligence as well.
        Those who rank low on the test should be sterilized. Why should we allow useless eaters to reproduce?

        1. Well, the system you mentioned would not work either. Man made systems do not work.
          Changing one fucked-up system (the current liberal-socialist bullshit) to another is not a solution.
          From history we can see there is a cycle of different believes over and over again. We are making the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe this is normal way of things. Cycles are everywhere in nature, day/night, winter/summer etc…
          We are entering a winter period of our civilization. Things will be worse until they get better. Something better arise after the crash. I just hope I do not have to fight a stupid war and die in it…

        2. Yeah. I am thinking nowdays and studying history how other systems (smaller tribes, citystates,kingdoms, monarchies etc…) functioned, and try to vision that old system with the current technology. But I have a feeling we need something totally new, and there is no going back to the old times
          Also, there is a huge bias toward the ‘good old days’. It is hard to overcome.

        3. In that case you might ask yourself, in history books and even movies, which system is being the most heavily attacked?

        4. I am not terrifed you silly. I am disgusted.
          Also, what is your point? If you are trying to shame me, hah, good luck with that.

        5. Then why don’t you find something else to occupy your time? I am not trying to shame you, simply stating an observation. For men who seem to have a strong dislike for women, all of you sure do spend an awful lot of time talking about them. If you don’t want to have children, get a vasectomy and tell the chick on the first date. Problem solved. Automatic full proof system to weed at the ones who want children. It works for me. I had a tubal ligation so I could never have children and also so it wouldn’t ever be a question of a man trying to sweet talk me into getting pregnant. It’s never going to happen. There are plenty of women who don’t want children. We aren’t slaves to our hormones, any more than you are slaves to your bits.
          I was directed to this site by a friend. She was outraged. She’s also kind of an idiot. But it is entertaining. And slightly…. iffy.

        6. The problem is, I can not change my biological programming. I feel the sexual urges, and I cannot control it. But I would never want a relationship with a girl.
          I am thinking on vasectomy, but that would not supress my sexual urges either.
          Men have 10-15 times more testosterone in their blood than women. Because you are a women, you will never understand what it feels like, but accept it when I tell you, it is not fun, I am not enjoying it. Your logical mind knows that girls are trouble, but the most ancient part of your brain pumps chemicals into your bloodstream to urge you to do it anyway. It is a battle every day.
          Also, I think in the current cultural and economic enviroment it is very bad decision to have childeren, so I aggree with you on this.

        7. There you go assuming I wouldn’t understand. Just because you objectively have more testosterone in your system, doesn’t mean I don’t have as high a sex drive as you do. I happen to have a higher levels of the hormone naturally, but enough oestrogen to retain very feminine features. I am frequently lead around by my bits and have to tackle myself to keep from making stupid decisions. And I don’t enjoy it a whit.
          I don’t entirely understand why you have to suppress your sexual urges, but ok. You can take anti-androgens for that if it a huge problem that lessens your quality of life. The doc may brush you off the first time you say it, but if you are persistent, they’ll look into it.

        8. a wise guy once said, it is not that i am smarter then you, it’s just that i stay with a problem longer.
          women are weak physically and mentally 90% of the time
          but they can ruin lives just by saying the right words to the right people, it is only natural for men who do not conform or any one for that matter to be careful of women
          this does not automatically mean that we hate or are terrified of women
          i don’t know if you play any games but i like chess and i don’t stop and think about my moves because I’m terrified of losing, i do so because i fear that my choice might not be as fruitful as i would want.

      2. You are right. It is a natural thing. What I want to suggest is that it is better to stay away from women older than 30 if you do not want kids.
        Women can not help it, and there is a high change they act out of emotions, without thinking. It could lead to bad situations.
        Also, I felt bad pumping and dumping these baby rabie girls. Some of them would make good moms. But I do not want to have childeren, so I feel that I better stay away, even if I like the girl. I think in these situations we man should act like the responsible, rational one.

  26. From the viewpoint of a late 50s guy, it always makes me chuckle to see 28 referred to as an “older woman”

    1. Front the viewpoint of an early 50s guy, it always make me chuckle when people think chasing 18 year old womenbitches is on par with pedophilia.
      Although 28 can be referred to as an older woman, when you can fuck 18-24 year old pussy then 28 year olds are by far lesser quality and therefore positioned farther behind. An older woman is so much age but rather desirability compared to the younger generation.

        1. No I was taking your reference of 28 being older and making my own reference towards how people try to make 50 year old guys, or even 30 year old guys, who go after 18 year olds as pedophiles.

    1. I think he must surely have meant applicators, which are not meant to be flushed down the toilet.

  27. Well this parable is fucking fascinating and all, but I think this is the one singular thing the manosphere is dead wrong about. Yes, older women are not nearly as hot. In my experience the desperation and realization that their hayday is over makes them far lower maintenance. Most of them have realistic self images and far less inflated egos and are frankly more tolerant of long and short term sexual and romantic relationships with men. They’re more appreciative when/if they do land a man. If you want a serious girlfriend, who’s going to be a more loyal, feminine, and nuturing partner? Some 19 year old hot piece of ass with all the options in the world? Or a 34 something who’s past her prime, experienced a little more tragedy, tedium, and hardship in life? I can’t believe people on the manosphere will readily tell women it’s in their best interest (if they desire stability) to enter long term relationships with greater betas/lesser alphas rather than the hyper hot badboy alphas but won’t advocate men choosing older women a little closer to their expiration dates for LTRs.
    As far as short term stuff, a given 30 year old who gives you a boner is going to be way easier and lower effort than the same girl was at 19.
    Options=instability as Roissy says.

    1. Actually, I find the reverse. A 30 y.o. woman is far more cynical and jaded than a 20 y.o., usually with a history of alpha male boyfriends that she still longs for and so forth. The only time a 30 y.o. appears easier is if she’s on the hunt for a sucker beta to land for marriage.

    2. Women who are older and single are older and single for a reason – they are damaged goods. They either spent their entire young adult life getting used and abused, or they focused too much on career building and independence to ever bother to meet a good man and shack up. The level of selfishness and psychological damage a single woman at that age has typically gone through makes her a poor mate. Above that, older women are already set in their ways and their mental biology is already completely developed. A younger woman will grow and develop with you under the proper conditions. It’s all science.
      Young women can (and do) make GREAT wives if you want stability…. but that’s just not the name of the game in Western culture. Many other more traditional and favorable cultures around the world fully promote marrying in your prime time. Hell, in China, if you aren’t married by the time you are past your mid-20’s, many families will arrange a marriage for you. These cultures raise women on the principles of being feminine, reserved, taking care of a man, raising a family, etc.

    1. Best part about that entire article is how they label these Highschool players nailing their cute teacher “victims.” They are of consenting age and seemed to be the ones that initiated a lot of the sexual acts. Only thing she is guilty of is being a lying, unfaithful whore… which should be a jailable offense in and of itself.
      Feel bad for her beta husband… I wonder if he will end up forgiving her. Too bad, he’s a good looking cat who has had some doors open for him:

  28. I was never a pussy sycophant. I’ve never cared to be submissive to access a hole on someones body. That’s all it is. I noticed how my friends became slaves and fools for girls in 6th grade and decided thats not for me. Either I get it or I don’t. Either way I’m not chasing it. Never have never will. The only difference now is that I turn it down more often now that I’m more aware of the consequences for accessing that hole. Everything from child support slavery all the way up to imprisonment/vigilante justice for false rape accusations.

  29. congratulations, you convinced me, a devoted fan of MILFs, to only accept the attention of young nubile teens from here on out.
    very solid and convincing points.
    lana del rey song from great gatsby blue-pill white knight movie:
    “will you still love me when i am no longer young, and beautiful?”
    answer: no. fuck no.

  30. Good post with a great point I have recently concluded myself.
    After dating younger women, felt the downside of being with someone immature. But on the other end after dating a couple of older to much older women. There is no advantage, although maybe you can have a more intellectual conversation, you lose on the sex, the willingness to have fun and the availability.

  31. I’ve found the exact opposite in my experience. The older women I’ve dated have been more easy going and less resistant than younger women.

  32. Check the boner.
    Talking to a 24 year old, she smiles, I get hard.
    Talking to a 44 year old… wait… I don’t…

  33. There’s a lot to like about rok, but the degree of superficiality is surprising. I’m thankful this article went beyond that.
    I’ve had women of all colors and different ages, and the absolute best sex ever was with a woman in her late 30s. No, she wasn’t tight like a young girl, but she made up for it in the sack. She was down for anything I wanted to do to her, and she did it both adroitly and insatiably. She never left me unsatisfied in the bedroom, and was mostly a great companion outside it as well. We had quality conversation, appreciated each other’s sense of humor and I really enjoyed pleasing her in just about any context. Plus she kept the house clean, fed me and washed my laundry. No younger woman from the States can even compare to her. If it weren’t for one particular conflict, I would have gladly settled down with her and would still be with her today.
    Just sayin’.

  34. Funny that men on here deride women for having too many partners, but then deride them for not willing to slut it up on a first date. You act like the 19 year old is better because she lets you bang her right away, but do you really think you’re the only guy she’s done this with? She’s easy and will be with many, many guys most likely. All that’s going to lead to is you calling her a used up slut in 10-15 years, when the fact is you actively participated in defiling her. A little hypocritical, don’t you think?

  35. I hate to agree with any of this misogynistic crap (and stating things like “no women are worth investing in” makes you sound as damaged and bitter as the older women you complain about) BUT I will say this: it’s funny this sight always seems to say women start to let themselves go in their late twenties. I recently participated in a University health/fitness test and the results were pretty alarming. At age 39 I am very fit, 5’4″ and weigh 117lbs. Despite what many of my peers will say, I am not “too skinny”, in fact my BMI is around 20, perfectly healthy. My fitness level ranked around an 18 year old’s, and my BMI is at the 50 percentile for a 13 year old female. Not a typo, 13. By age 17, 70% of American females have a higher BMI than me and by age 28, 65% of these women are over weight. Not cool ladies, aesthetically or health wise. So, while I readily agree I can’t hold a candle to a fit 25 year old, apparently there aren’t too many left LOL. In any event I’m very happily and faithfully married to a wonderful man so I’m not out to compete either way. Not all women turn into a-holes when they reach a certain age, and not all men are Gods. Neither feminism nor patriarchy create douche bags, such is the human condition I’m afraid.

  36. Younger girls can be just great. It’s not like you need her to be up on current events. Just to be a cool companion. Young ones have a carefreeness that is the best thing in life. Personally, although I’m 51, I can hardly tell the difference between a $1,000 pair of heels and a $40 pair, or the difference between proper designer jeans and just sexy cheap ones, or the difference between fine makeup and whatever you can get at CVS. In my experience, urban girls past their mid-20s tend to care about that garbage and you’re never up to speed enough for them. I do understand that girls are constantly checking on each others’ status and so they want to have just the right brand of shoes, etc. But life is too short.
    I dated a 32 year old, former Goldman Sachs analyst, who thought Victoria’s Secret lingerie was crap and insisted on some fancy stuff from New York (it was called Agent Provocateur or something). She was horrified by my ten year old BMW even though it worked just fine. I once got her a nice necklace from Macy’s and she was horrified that I would do something so tacky. Just had to dump her because she was beautiful but always made me feel bad.
    Now I am dating a 19 year old girl who is tons of fun and full of smiles no matter what. It would never occur to her to worry about where I’d bought a little present. After all, I am not looking for someone to discuss advanced jazz theory with — just someone who loves me and has fun and innocence and joy in her heart.

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