A False Rape Accusation: My Story

I’ve heard of many men being accused of rape, but few which explain the situation in detail. This is a true story and it was shortly after this that I started exploring the internet for answers, which lead me to the manosphere. I’ve been careful not to leave anything important out so you can see just how this milestone in my life unfolded.

A Quick Intro

About two years ago,  a good friend of mine lived in a prime location town house, in the middle of an upper-class suburban area on the west coast of Canada. Liquor and convenience stores nearby made this two-story mini bachelor pad a hot-spot for throwing parties full of college girls.

It was basically a dream house for a group of young men, but if you’ve ever lived in a suburban area in Canada, you know how easy it is to get noise complaints and how quick police are to impede on your gatherings. For some reason, our get-togethers would go undetected, either because there were good neighbors, or the place was good at muffling noise.

My friends and I controlled this environment with efficiency and girls would flock to our place every weekend. Here I learned the importance of logistics for attracting women and what types of girls are more pleasant to keep around. Latin women were our main focus (Brazilians, Mexicans etc.) as there were many of them around, and were eager to make Canadian friends while they were studying abroad.

Canadian girls quickly disappeared off the guest list, a combination of obnoxious and boring attitudes along with their jealousy and aggressiveness towards the Latina girls.  We’d mix them in every now and then, but there were definitely much less of them near the end.

Unfortunately, my friend was forced to move out due to financial strain.


The Rising Action

One of the last nights the house was in operation, the place was packed with thirsty co-eds and everyone was enjoying themselves. The Latinas had gone home (since it was the end of the school year), so we were left with self-entitled university sluts to suffice. No matter, all was well and nothing had broken yet.

Late in the night,  two Canadian girls who were looking fairly DTF were expressing their interest in a hookup with my friend and I.  The girl my friend was with (lets call her Bethany), had double d’s and pierced nipples. It was a sight to behold. She was a famed “easy lay” around the neighborhood and I was sure my turn would come later on.

My girl (lets call her Taryn) was average looking and a feminist type. Half Japanese and half-witted, I was aware this girl would lead me to the Bethany Show, so I swallowed my pride and took one for the team. We quickly found a bedroom and proceeded to coitus with tweedle-hoe and tweedle-skank.

Things soon started getting hot and heavy and the girls started stripping. The double d’s already had her top off and I could barely keep my eyes off those warlocks. At one point I stopped just to grab them, and admire for a few moments, before diving back into the sloppy make-out underneath me.

Then Taryn got up aggressively from the bed and started pushing a desk in front of the door. The desk legs snap and the desk collapsed on the ground, barricading us in the room. We were all a bit shocked she had done this. This piece of furniture had just been ruined in front of our eyes, and this girl didn’t seem to care at all.

There was subtle knock on the door and Taryn screams: “Get the fuck out!”

At this point I’m thinking “wow this girl is going to rape me.

The Abrupt Decline

Our session continued and I started to use some digital foreplay. It looked like she was loving it by her moans, by now she had her shirt off and I’m waiting for our make-out to progress further. This continued for about 10 minutes and I found myself on top of her.

Suddenly, her “hot and bothered” look turned to “I think I lost my car keys.” She said she needed to go. I couldn’t believe she would go from hot to cold so quickly and for no reason, so I tried to convince her to stay. She mentioned something about having to call her mom, which I didn’t believe for a second. Meanwhile beside me, Bethany and my friend seem to have stopped theirs to watch our conversation unfold.

“I seriously have to go”, she said now with more angst in her voice.

I was on top of her and so she was waiting for me to get off, so I finally did and I moved the broken desk for her so she could leave. Looking back, this girl wasn’t deserving of that act of kindness by my part, but I assumed the role of man and moved a heavy object for the weaker person. She left and shortly after, Bethany left as well. Me and my friend sat on the bed for a bit laughing, realizing the humor in the situation, then we left too.

The Accusation

I had gone out for a smoke on the patio with some members of my tribe, so I wasn’t aware of what was happening inside. It wasn’t until I went back in to get more drinks did I see Taryn sobbing in the corner and her mother hen friend beside her giving me a death glare. I didn’t know why this was, but I didn’t give it too much thought. Dr. Dre’s “Bitches ain’t shit (but hoes and tricks)” was playing, which I found quite entertaining.

When I looked over again, a small crowd had formed around Taryn and looks of concern clouded their faces. I pulled another Corona out of the fridge and walked over to see what was the matter. I assumed she was just emotional from the being drunk, alcohol can be a real tear-jerker, especially for women.

As I got nearer and the mother-hen friend came over and said: “I’m going to kill you, fucking rapist! You are so done!” I was shocked to hear this, so I nervously laughed and asked her, “What do you mean?”

More yelling and finger-pointing occurred, but I denied everything and tried to look like I was concerned and innocent, which I was. I went over and apologized, but she was too busy sobbing to hear me. Her friend then says: “I’m calling the police.”

At this point it really started to sink in that I could potentially get screwed over by these people. Things like witnesses and alibis started entering my thoughts. I was legitimately scared so I evacuated the building and took a walk outside with my friend to discuss the event and recollect my thoughts.

I calmed down, and when I got back inside, I found myself witnessing a catfight in between the sobbing accuser and another chick. The frail, hurt girl who had just been “raped,” had now dropped the gloves and was getting her Sarah Kaufman on.

My relief that the cops were never called and that the attention was now off me quickly turned to anger. How did this even happen? The fact that I was put into this corner so easily was a really disconcerting thought. It took about a half hour to clear everyone out and I was left with my friends to pick up the bottles, and pick up the pieces of the night.

Some Afterthoughts

To this day I am still dumbfounded by the sheer audacity you’d have to posses to falsely accuse someone of something  like rape. Now that I am somewhat educated with red pill knowledge, I can look back and see that this girl was a typical delusional feminist.

It’s my theory that she did this because she realized that I was more interested in the large chested girl than her, and she reacted out of anger. It must have hit her, mid rape, that I was not there for her, but for her more attractive friend and this infuriated her.

It seems these women who think they can use the law in their favor, are using their power far too often than they should be. I’m sure you are familiar with the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, and this is very much like that. When an actual rapist comes around, their cries will be ignored.

My message to you readers is, careful with who you share a bed with, because you might not be as lucky as I was. My situation could have easily escalated into something much, much uglier. Rape accusers are all around, especially rampant in North America.

If you’re wondering if I’ve seen this girl since, I have. A few times actually. I look her straight in the eye, but she looks away or to the floor, as if ashamed. I wonder how many other dudes shes pointed the rape finger at since?

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91 thoughts on “A False Rape Accusation: My Story”

  1. I hear stuff like this and I damn-near feel like you have to have a camera posted up in your room somewhere in the event that you have to clear your name.

    1. men who film sex are basically already considered rapists, the law will eventually catch up to classify it as such

      1. Recording video without permission is against the law, but in most states in the US, recording audio is legit with the consent of 1 party–that would be you. So do you have your own permission to record yourself and the person you’re with? Yes? OK, record away. It’s legal in my state, and I’ve made several such audio recordings. They can be enjoyable to listen to later.

  2. So many women think their false rape accusations will not hurt others. But they hurt the real rape victims because they are turning it into a joke. “It’s true! I got raped!” “Na, you gotta be kidding like these other women who cry rape just because some guy looked at them. Another false rape accusation, guys. Move along.”

    1. Haha, look at this guy who believes that there is a such thing as “real rape.” It’s just nature, man! We menfolk gotta get our sex on and I’m “sorry” if the weaker sex is just that…weaker!
      High-five bro!!!!

      1. You can’t honestly tell me that no moral distinctions can be made between aggravated rape from a stranger in an alleyway and statutory rape between a 17 year old and 16 year old (where age of consent is 17).
        If so, then you are morally insane.

    2. OMG! I too, thought that no-one (meaning, no-one who is a real person that matters) got hurt by an FRA (like, for instance, men have their lives ruined, but that doesn’t matter because “no-one” got hurt). But now you have pointed out how FRAs adversely affect teh wimminz, I finally see what a bad thing they are.

  3. If there weren’t two witnesses in the same room she probably would have filed charges. Even with the two witnesses you might not get off…

  4. Guy I know owns a restaurant Bmore and was thrown in jail for 3 days over a false rape charge and was out of pocket a ton of money for a lawyer, even though the video proved he was nowhere near her at the time of the alleged “assault” in the bathroom. He never even touched her, she was a gigantic fatty who showed up wasted, puked everywhere, got thrown out by the bouncers.
    Get this – even with the video proof. DA is still trying to subpoena witnesses. Once the legal process starts, forces are unleashed that are hard to stop. Guys have no idea just how nuts it is – the sex offender industry is a industrial complex, with vested interests much larger than feminists.

    1. Very True. It’s sick. Problem is and why the system is so slanted against men is that most men have the “The false rape accusation didn’t happen to me therefore I don’t have to give a shit” attitude, and these same men laugh at Mens Rights Activists who are trying to make the system sane again.
      Indeed the system has become an industry, along with privatized prisons literally almost ensures the falsely accused will do jail time. And all convicted sex offenders are automatically raped in prison, so one has a case of HIV thrown in for good measure.
      Fuck America!

      1. You’re right. The vast majority of the world IS laughing at you. Then they get really serious. Then sad. Then maybe a giggle again. On the whole it’s kind of depressing, though. I mean, y’all are.

  5. you should have stopped the interaction the moment she started damaging property… the signs are all over the place, in drunk horny daze men don’t care, this type of psycho bitch should never be able to get laid even if she offers money…
    another point is why the need for an orgy like atmosphere with your friend fucking alongside you in the same room… with scenes like that you can only attract fucked up wreckage of girls, who with the slightest bit of self esteem would want to get involved in a group sex situation… it’s not a sunday afternoon ball game man… I cannot overlook that the hookup easy lay culture has also bred very cheap males deficient in principles like honor and dignity big time…

    1. I totally agree with you…once that furniture was damaged all activity should have stopped…and considering that she shouted to the knocker to F off is kind of weird. My furniture is much more valuable than some chick’s poosey…there’s simply ain’t no comparison…

      1. Some people say they enjoy talking to women, sharing their lives with a woman, and having true companionship. Those are people who have never owned a nice puffy black leather couch from Rent-A-Center! High-five, bro!

        1. Not just a troll, but a troll who respects and values women for their companionship because we all know that that women deserve to be on a pedestal even if they don’t give a damn about men’s property the way they expect men to give a damn about their property. Trolls are gonna troll. High five right back at ya nate bell…

    2. Furniture being broken would do little to make me leave. I don’t know why it would sell you from sex, broken furniture is part of the fun.
      No, you have to find SCREEN OUT those femcunt types before you begin hooking up. Fortunately, this is easy to do because they make it known.
      I also feel pity for the writer, two non-feminist women would have most likely found groupsex with their friend *amazing*

  6. Seeing as the author enjoys raping women then it’s only fair that he get a chance to see how it feels, if only in a glancing way.

        1. You’re the one who brought it up, it is rude to demand that somebody else explain the topic which you found interesting enough to be the first person to mention.
          So, do go on.

    1. Is this a troll from Porkland? Does the definition of rape now include “stopping when she says no?”

      1. Probably, having to ban people today. I imagine it will be like this for a couple weeks.

    2. Where does it say the author enjoys raping women?
      This is what happens when they can’t win an argument.
      They make up slander.

  7. Wow, man. Incredible story.
    My thoughts are:
    Do NOT have sex with white women, or with women who have become very westernized. Only have sex with foreign girls, like the Latinas he mentioned, or foreign Asian girls.
    Have sex with a western woman, a white woman, and you increase your false rape accusation probability by a hundred fold.
    Thus, once again, the only real solution is: BOYCOTT WHITE/WESTERN/AMERICAN WOMEN and go for foreign girls only. Otherwise, you might end up in a world of shit.

    1. “Have sex with a western woman, a white woman, and you increase your false rape accusation probability by a hundred fold.”
      This was actually published in the journal of Things MRAs Pull Out Of Their Butt On The Spot.
      I read it there. I believe everything I read, including this story.

      1. He thinks this is an MRA site. Do I detect paranoia?
        White women
        (and white men) are the most afflicted by feminist nonsense, it’s even
        more obvious from a non-white point of view. Stop apologizing for your
        racial failures.

        1. It’s true, white men became complete pussies after the cultural Marxism revolution of the 60s, and the women got totally out of control.
          I would suggest though, that white women are naturally barbarian and out of control.
          According to the Vedas, the white race is a barbarian race. Maybe it’s true, eh?

    2. Id rather sleep with a slutty white woman then a woman from a conservative cultre(south asia middle east) cuz they are morre likly to call false rape to save face that they r still virgin n not be shamed or just go overboard with western privallage

      1. Well, that is why you BUY women when you are in Southeast Asia. No need to “pick up” one, because you can get a super hot one for 30 dollars for two hours. Or 50 dollars for all night.
        And nope, white western women are far more likely to cry false rape than women from non-western, non-feminist countries. That is the truth.
        And lastly, white western women have the highest rate of STDs out of any other group of women. In AMerica, 30 percent of women under the age of 30 have STDs. It’s probably similar in the UK too.
        And one more point- at least Asian women are FEMININE. At least East European women are FEMININE.
        I don’t know about you, but I am not able to get sexually aroused by a masculine, “big strong independent” western woman. I can’t even get an erection to those disgusting bitches. But in Asia? Hell, I am walking around with a boner in my pants half of the day, there are SO MANY hot young women here.

    3. wow, i don’t care if this comment is 4 years old, this is some whacked drivel here! it drives me nuts that i do not know the basic pertinents of the men who make these comments, just so i can have an idea of the generation they are from, thus letting me know, or at least giving me a better idea of what generation these FEMALES are from. something horrible is really going on this country & i see it more & more & it’s batshit crazy to me! how can women have changed this much since i was their age? i am very grateful i got to experience at least what i think was the tail end of a certain normalcy that was still in existence when i was growing up & in school & doing the drinking & partying thing. nothing crazy ever happened, everybody had fun & nobody ever got arrested & the word rape just didn’t exist! back then, rape was a word you maybe heard on the local news or national news & there was no such thing as “date rape” – probably because there IS no such thing as date rape.
      as a WHITE AMERICAN WOMAN, it’s wayyyyyyy disturbing to me to hear that any white american male could actually feel this way, due to whatever experiences he’s had that have enabled him to feel this way. why are girls getting so crazy? sure, girls & women have had jealous tendencies since time began. that will never change. but what IS changing is how they handle their jealousy. if i got jealous as a young girl with hurt feelings, i probably went home & cried a little & wrote in my journal. then a couple weeks later i would meet a new boy & everything was peaches & cream again. criminal & potentially life-destroying revenge never crossed my mind, nor my friends.

  8. Hello, I fancy myself to be an “internet atheist.” I think religious people are stupid for taking some written text on faith alone without any evidence to back it up. However, I’m a huge hypocrite because I believe every word of this outlandish story, even the trite dialogue like “I’m going to kill you, fucking rapist! You are so done!” I am going to go forward in life allowing this story, which I have zero confirmation for the veracity of, to color my opinion of women.
    Also, pierced double-Ds? NIIIIIICE, BRO! WOOOOOOOO!

    1. I can’t wait to grow up and be like Nate Bell and sleep with 1.3 women (the .3 being a dry handy in his sophomore year at college by the nerdy Asian chick in his literary skills class) get married to the chubby HB4 who “just gets me”, have a big ego massaging wedding to push down the dread of knowing I’ve shot straight into mediocrity, and then go on the internet and lecture men on life LIKE A BOSS.
      Fucking sweet, brosef.

      1. I’m a thirty year old non-monogamous person who doesn’t really believe in marriage and has cohabitated with several women. But, hey, whatever makes you cry less about your failed marriage and child support payments!

        1. However, I’m a huge hypocrite because I believe every word of this outlandish story, even the trite dialogue like “doesn’t really believe in marriage and has cohabitated with several women” I am going to go forward in life allowing this story, which I have zero confirmation for the veracity of, to color my opinion of Nate Bell.

        2. But you’re not a doctor OR a crustacean, you’re a guy with massive Mommy issues that everyone but you can see! I don’t know who to believe!

        3. LOL
          Notice how “Low Man” can’t say anything useful except make person attacks?

        4. “Non-monogamous” meaning you switch hands while watching your BBW pegger porn. Yeah, real edgy-progressive there, Nate! As for having “cohabited with several women” you mean you live your mother *and* your sisters. Wow, what a beautiful story! I’ll bet they taught you much “tolerance” in between screaming at you to wipe the ass-grease stain from the back of the toilet seat after sitting your pale, obese backside down to pee! (Because true feminist “allies” never put the seat up, because Equality!)
          Hey, you were saying something about the folly of taking something written as face value, right? It’s a troll-fail, but whatever makes you cry less about being a pudgy, weak, incel mangina! Do your mistresses at The Frisky know you’re here? Better run along, or no cyber-hugs for you! Don’t forget to pickup the KFC bucket on the way home! Hell, better make that two — it looks like your 300 lb mama just grew another stomach! If you’re good, maybe your 250-lb sister will let you suck the fecal matter from her strap on when she’s done with you tonight.

    2. What Nate is trying to say is, he’s gone ahead and filtered out information that doesn’t suit his world view.

      1. For America’s sake, redpillers are generally amongst those we should not want to leave. It’s the rest of the rabble it would be nice to see either gone, or dead.

        1. As far as I can tell, “redpillers” want to fuck every single girl they can and not reproduce. Yeah, that’s fun for you. Yeah, I have some sympathy for the assertion that the social contract of the West has been completely shredded by feminism, so it’s dumb to do anything but alleycat around.
          But we don’t need alley cats for civilization to survive. We need families. Good for Roosh that he’s found stacks of Polish girls to pile up like cordwood and bang one after the other. Great, he’s having fun. But men like him can’t build a civilization, because men like him don’t pass anything on to future generations. Men like him don’t even produce future generations.
          This is where you pull out some Roissy line about how pathetic and “beta” dads are and how single cads have much better sex. But I’m not talking about whether dads are “alpha” or “beta.” I’m talking about who actually produces people and passes on value so civilization can keep on existing.

        2. Redpillers tend, on average, to be more critical of progressivism and it’s fellow traveller the all encompassing state, than the population at large. That’s all that matters. Siring and raising another progressive drone that will dutifylly sit there like a chump and cheer on whichever Roissyite alpha asshole happen to be introduced as an “expert”, “role model”, “successful blah blah” on TV, is worse than living sterilized. Because progressives are worse than nothing whatsoever. A nation of cockroaches and roaming buffalo beats even a theoretically ideal progressive nation. It’s that bad. And they’re that worthless. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Men and women. Just utterly disposable trash. Useful at very best for target practice or being dragged behind pickup trucks for general entertainment.
          Hence, all siring and raising another progressive accomplishes, is putting in place one more drone that consume resources otherwise available to the few remaining less that completely degenerates. And one more dunce that will make it harder for more civilized peoples to sack and destroy the tower of degeneracy that the progressives have taken over to use against all that is decent and worth caring about.
          You’re completely right about PUAs being useless for building and maintaining a civilization. But at least they are doing less to actively destroy it than progressives do. And once civilization is once again restored (looking increasingly lkely to be by Muslims in most of the Western world), the PUAs will find pickings about as rich as they would currently do if they visited a Pushtu village in Pakistan.
          And then, balance will be restored, decency will prevail, humanity will be saved, and good will once again have beaten back evil. Just like scripture promises will always happen in the end.

        3. Sure. But I’m not convinced that you have supplied any reason why we should care. The usual ones peddling this line turn out to be white nationalists,

        4. Do you seriously still have hope that our western civilisation can be saved?
          If so, you’re deluded.

    1. I’m sitting at the MSP airport right now on my way to Poland for a few weeks. I hope not to see one fat, entitled to everything, accountable for nothing, bat shit crazy American chick while I’m there.

  9. The craziness has gone high tech (an app for psycho bitches):
    Some have called it “Yelp for boys”, others have dubbed the app “Sex in the City meets Facebook”. The company itself describes the product as “the smart girls’ app for private recommendations and reviews on guys”. However none of these internet tag lines or press-release jargon touch on what this app is at its core: a perverse means to collate men, without their knowledge or consent. (Lulu’s Term of Service disingenuously shifts the responsibility of notifying men of their unwitting participation to Lulu’s users, which I’m inclined to believe has never happened.) Lulu users can then tag men with any number of contrived characteristics, which is all the same to them as they are completely banned from participating in the first place (“it’s strictly girls-only – meaning no boys allowed”).
    The concept itself should be insulting to most educated individuals (especially the ‘smart girls’ this app is intended for), and the team at Lulu certainly did their best to make the content as demeaning as possible. Founder Alexandra Chong and her team might think they are being clever, but allegedly positive traits like ‘#AlwaysPays’, ‘#KinkyInTheRightWays’, ‘#Big.Feet’ and ‘#HotCar’ are sexist and transparent, while tags like ‘#CheaperThanABigMac’, ‘#WearsEdHardy’ and ‘#NapoleonComplex’ are simply cruel and slanderous. That the app allows users to post all of this gossip completely anonymously is cowardly.
    But it gets more perverse. “Should a guy not do well in a particular category, then they can change their behavior,” says Chong, whose portrayal of the morality police is not just ironic, but egotistical. The idea of men kowtowing to Chong’s archaic and sexist notions of masculinity is disgusting, and Lulu apps’ focus on wealth, power and sexuality as the only positive traits that a man can possess only exacerbates the image that men without a rockin’ bod, fancy car and a bulging wallet are just a bunch of knuckle-dragging neanderthals.
    While some media outlets have, quite rightly, criticized Lulu, most have quietly swept it under the rug.

    1. All is good as long as government is not involved! Who cares what some less than human dregs write about you anyway? Much more important to focus weakening the totalitarian force that prevents you from treating vermin the way vermin should be treated.
      The problem with false rape accusations is not trashy women. If they can get some benefit from it risk free, why wouldn’t they do it? Instead the problem, like all problems, is government. They are the ones harassing you, not some worthless slut.

  10. Taryn was jealous of Bethany and you reaped her wrath. This is also an example of why threesomes can backfire on you. If one of the women is jealous or feels you liked the other one better you can end up in the same positon as Don Martco

  11. I find this story very believable despite what some trolls are saying. The problem with this chick is that she was bat-shit crazy – not much more to say except that she may have imagined someone behind the door and could be developing schizophrenia which typically happens around college age. Men have to learn to avoid the really, really crazy ones. They will ALWAYS fuck up your world eventually. Don’t get too into the bang at hand to ignore what trouble might come later. There will be other women, other days. Also, the best way to defend against a mother hen type is to attack. They’re all cowards and will back down from a serious challenge. (not recommended for everyone or every situation – be prepared to fight)

  12. See all the articles trying to diminish the statistics on false rape accusation? It just tortures the feminist mind to recognize that women can do bad things, and that men can be victims. All the more reason not to take anything they say at face value.

  13. I’m a woman and to me this is shocking. Women should not be pairing off with men at parties late at night unless they intend on doing what their behavior promises. Being a tease is not a sign of character nor of integrity. Either leave the party early with your friends or plan to put out because by staying late and being alone with men that is what you are communicating you are willing to do. To do anything else makes you, the woman, the one in the wrong. No idea why women aren’t being taught this from 15 years old on. Dads should make sure they understood this and enforce it – drive the girls to and pick them up from the parties. By the time the girls are in college they’ll have long established a healthy “early to bed, early to rise” habit and hopefully wholesome hobbies other than being a sleaze.

    1. Too bad “Dad” was kicked out of the house and alienated when “little Susie” was just a baby girl.
      Destruction of the family unit is the core reason why we’re going to hell in a hand basket. And women who have stood by and watched this happen without standing against the feminists are just as culpable as the feminists themselves.

  14. wow this is a testament to just how batshit crazy western women (and women in general) are. just one stray sentence can ruin a mans life. reminds me of the plot to oldboy actually. thanks for sharing

  15. It’s not even who you sleep with but spend time alone with. And not even that.
    Some chick (bitter about me leaving a shared project) tried to insinuate a “rape” from years ago that never happened.
    We have never spent more than 2 minutes alone outside of driving in the car.
    Bitch is a crazy drama queen, and fortunately, everyone knows she is.

  16. These comments from manginas and bitter chicks incognito here are like a cancer. I know the manosphere doesn’t tend to censor posts as much as blue pill MSM friendly sites but I suspect if you don’t start cutting at least some of these more hardcore tumours out it will only exacerbate. For example this low man, can only give personal attacks for a rebuttal yeah? Why not a 3 strikes and your out rule, in other words he/she gets 3 chances to actually make an argument which doesn’t revolve around attacks. eg: Personal attack, personal attack but on that 3rd post he/she better be saying “I think this growing epidemic of false rape accusations is great because of X and Y” If not he/she gets the axe.
    Just a suggestion.

  17. If you’re going to be banging such high risk (delusional feminist) then use a hidden cam and/or mic, then when the situation blows up, record her being exposed (but don’t show the recording of the false rape) and then re;ease the video of her being exposed as a fraud into the public domain as proof of her evilness and of the evilness of feminists. (Might want to check with a lawyer from your jurisdiction on the legality of this though).
    In fact, I’ve always wondered why guys who don’t like feminism don’t do this. Not only would you be a political advocate for your cause, but you’d be doing so by banging chicks, it sounds like a win win.

  18. …sucks dude. Seems like you also got Threesome Lesson Number 1: Lotsa girls say they dig it, especially if it involves free booze, but most get all pissy when you cop a feel on the side.

  19. One of the reasons to have everything videoed and recorded. My house has plates saying the premises are under constant video surveillance, and entry is consent. The only place not videoed is the bathrooms – lawyer told me you can’t have them on video, but they have audio feeds.
    Had a woman start down the road of accusation once – delivered the video to my lawyer and the cops of her begging to be f**ked and making me breakfast the next day. I also had her served with defamation of character, slander, and several other things my lawyer could think of. (Most of which won’t hold up since the laws allow her to make such accusations free of charge, but it was to scare the shit out of the bitch. Seemed to work.)
    Women are psycho – you have to protect yourself every way you you can. The best defense is a strong offense…. It’s pretty hard for her to say it was rape when you have her holding her legs over her head begging you to f**k her… Video is your friend. It’s also fun to have copies of such things… 🙂

  20. A buddy of mine wouldn’t bang a chick one time and she accused him of rape the following weekend saying he raped her after a party. He was lucky he had been out of town that weekend visiting family and had tickets and other proof. If he hadn’t, he would have been rolled up and his named ruined. What happened to her for her false accusation and wasting the time of the authorities? Absolutely nothing.

  21. “careful with who you share a bed with”
    Bad advice. “Who” doesn’t matter, because you cannot tell the crazies from the non-crazies. You have to assume AWALT. So what matters is “where”, “when”, and “how”.

  22. “When an actual rapist comes around, their cries will be ignored.”
    Nah. Unless the current bullshit-industrial-complex collapses, this scenario won’t happen.

  23. Happened to me too. I was in college and my Dad was dating a lady who had a daughter a few years older than me. The daughter was the musician bad-girl type, and certainly a bit nuts. We all went out and the daughter had a few too many, so I took her home. I never thought of shagging this girl because my dad was serious with her mom, and well….I was kind of a pussy at the time. When I took her home I had to help her to bed because she was pretty wasted; or so I thought. She then took of her clothes, threw me down, got on top and rode me like a whore. It was kind of funny and a joke between us when we saw each other. Well, a few months later this girl had a near death experience and began to “confess” everything to her mom. However when she “confessed” she said I had raped her that night….and word got to my dad. Luckily my dad knew that she was f-ing nuts, but the mom and daughter had convinced themselves that I was a rapist. Talk about uncomfortable. They never went to the police but it was a real eye-opener. Recently a girl I was dating had told me she was raped too, so I asked her what happened. As she started to describe the scenario, I flat out called her a liar….and that was the end of that. Every day I get more and more misogynistic…..

  24. You are all horrible pieces of shit. You got drunka nd raped a girl mother fucker. You are wording it so it sounds differently. But your not a victim. your a worthless blight on society.

  25. Also if you had these alleged balls you would not post where the world cant see your face. You are not innocent and your a coward.

  26. A feminist would say the girl was raped because it’s “her experience, not yours! gawd!!” because she said so, because rape culture.

  27. Simply:
    If they don’t get the power over a man like they want (he doesn’t show appropriate interest and affection), it is like something happening against their wish, it is “rape”.
    Especially if the situation and society they are in currently makes a unfounded accusation beneficial for them.
    Simple female psychology, watch out.

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