Why Adelaide Has The Best Women In Australia

Australia is a beautiful country that unfortunately houses some of the most entitled, masculine, and feminist women on the planet. Many grew up with the economy firing on all cylinders courtesy of a sustained mining boom, and as a result have been able to enjoy a very high standard of living their entire lives. Men in industries such as mining and agriculture are the pillar of the Australian economy, and work long hours in tough conditions in remote areas.

You would think Australian women would at least have a grudging respect for the hard masculine labour that built a strong economy enabling them to enjoy cushy government, HR, and marketing jobs. Strangely, it is trendy for the left-wing “elite” (feminists and manginas) to hate on these industries, especially mining. A culture of envy (known locally as “tall poppy syndrome”) and a rabid insistence on biting the hand that feeds you are definitely two of the most puzzling things about contemporary Australian life.

A masculine culture lost

Up until recently, Australia had a very masculine culture. Men were rugged and hardy, called a spade a spade, and enjoyed nothing more than a beer and a laugh with their mates. Unfortunately, in somewhat of a mass censorship campaign, feminists, social justice warriors, and left-leaning media and education spheres have been stunningly successful in creating a stifling atmosphere of political correctness.

Whilst this paints a bleak picture for Australian men, things have to change. After six years of the most incompetent, left-wing government in the nation’s history and with the mining boom over, Australia has run out of money. This reality is strongly denied by the lefties, but the rubber has to hit the road at some point.

Julia Gillard finger

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard: a truly charming lady

In the meantime, whether you are a local or visiting Australia, you need to make the most of the situation. Overall the environment is pretty poor if you are a man with standards, but as you will see, there are diamonds in the rough if you know where to look.

If all you are interested in is a meaningless pump and dump, Australia has no shortage of sluts to cater to your depraved desires. However, this article is intended to be advice for the more discerning man.

Australian Girls 101

Aussie women

Most women you meet out on the town will be loud, drunk, and annoying. Anything that requires them to think should be avoided at all costs. Australian game is all about being fun and spontaneous. And always, always involve alcohol.

Aussie girls are generally very slutty, but only with a certain kind of guy. If you are over 6 foot, good-looking, and well-built, you definitely have a very big advantage and should have no trouble pulling women. They absolutely love European and South American cock, but American guys, who are perceived as arrogant, are absolutely nothing special. Of course, if you are a well-known celebrity or sportsman, that doesn’t apply.

If you are looking for a woman with lower mileage, decent values, and a thin figure, I strongly recommend somebody of relatively recent immigrant background, especially Brazilian, Italian, Polish, or Ukrainian. They are nowhere near as easy and their families will be deeply suspicious of you until you earn their trust and respect, but like most things in life, if you want to reap the rewards, you have to put in the work. Unsurprisingly, they also tend to be far more beautiful than the local “sheilas.”


Normally Australians hate immigrants, but funnily enough no man is complaining about this one

Regional guide

Australia is a huge place, with each city having its own distinct characteristics:


Aussie women 2

Sydney girls have been well-documented. They are obsessed with money, career, and status, but have average looks at best. You’ll get plenty of models hanging out on Bondi Beach, but if you aren’t rich you won’t get a look in. Lara Bingle represents the typical Sydney “hot chick.” Looks pretty good in a bikini, nice set of tits, but the intelligence of a garden gnome and an absolutely insufferable human being—the fact she deliberately flushed her $200,000 engagement ring down the toilet should tell you all you need to know.

If you are lucky you might meet a hot tourist, but if not, you will discover that like most things in Sydney, the women are massively overpriced. Whilst Sydney has the highest gross number of hot models in Australia, the average woman is absolutely nothing special – but will refuse to settle for anything less than a tall, rich, handsome man.

Brisbane / Gold Coast


In case you were wondering, this is what a bogan looks like

The “Sunshine State” has a fantastic climate, and some claim the Gold Coast is a poosy paradise. However, if you are like me and prefer women with a modicum of class and respectability, this region will bring a tear to your eye. The Gold Coast is the undisputed home of the rough as guts “bogan.” The girls are ultra slutty, so if you like your women rude, crude, and heavily tattooed, you will be in heaven. Just remember to bag it up!

Brisbane is slightly more tolerable, but if you enjoy pleasant, feminine ladies your best option is a hot tourist. However, for every one of them is about 50 extremely thirsty guys—the trick is to get to them quickly before interacting with a local loses its novelty.



My hometown. Australia’s second largest city has terrible weather in winter and is no gaming wonderland, but the women are definitely better than in Sydney. A significant portion of young, good looking women are “footy chicks,” notorious for chasing AFL players. However, there are strong music, art, film, and dining scenes, and many desirable Italian girls if that is your thing. Try the Albert Park Hotel or The Emerson at South Yarra.



This is Australia’s Washington DC.  It isn’t called “The People’s Republic of Canberra” for nothing – it is left-wing groupthink central. This place is all about mind-numbing conformity. With freezing cold weather, a plague of politically-correct government workers who think their lame job makes them important, and generally mediocre women, it is best avoided.



Cottesloe: my pick for attractive girls, but the ratio can be tough

Perth is clearly home to Australia’s most masculine culture. Here you will find “real men”: tall, fit, strong, into football, surfing, and drinking. This may be due to its location in the middle of nowhere. Far away from the limp-wristed culture of the inner-city pansies of the east coast, the locals seem somewhat insulated from feminist rubbish.

For many years, Western Australia has had by far the strongest economy of any state. Many local men cut their teeth in the mines, hard work with high pay. The weather is fantastic, and there are some seriously hot women—check out the Cottesloe Beach Hotel on a warm summer weekend for evidence. The only problem is the numbers don’t stack up too favourably – most places are serious sausage fests. You are going to need some serious game to stand out with the hotties. You can still get relatively easy sex, but the quality will have you wondering whether it was worth it.

The Outback


The Outback: no sign of any feminists, but unfortunately no sign of any women period!

A true proving ground. If you can pull a hot chick here, you can pull a hot chick anywhere. In my early 20s, I briefly lived in a country town after taking a job as an engineer. Quality was a serious problem, and the ratio had to be seen to be believed – in most country towns, girls move away when they turn 18, but many men stay to work on farms or in fishing.

Expect a hostile reception from local men, who are in no mood to share their precious few resources. If you go to a pub, wearing a mouthguard is recommended. If you really are determined to pick up, you will be forced to lower your standards and be prepared to fight. That said, the men from the bush represent the last vestiges of true Australian masculinity. They couldn’t give a fuck about political correctness, and are rough around the edges, but tend to be genuine.



Adelaide: stuck in the 1980s and the highest unemployment rate in Australia, but for hot, accessible women look no further

“The Cemetery with Traffic Lights” is laughed at by everyone else in Australia for being a hick backwater. It is true Adelaide seems stuck in the 1980s, and is the epicenter of “can’t do” culture – where else would prime commercial land lie vacant for more than 20 years? There is a weird juxtaposition between a stubborn insistence on living in the past and a strong political leaning to the left.

Sounds like an absolute shithole, right? Wrong. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Pound for pound, Adelaide has by far the most attractive and down to earth women in the country. Unlike other states, South Australia wasn’t settled by convicts, and this superior gene pool is evident in the beauty of the local women. Their speech is also far more pleasant. Unlike the ugly “bogan” twang of girls from other states, many of them sound British.

Not only that, but Adelaide is one of the only places Down Under that isn’t a sausage fest. Many places will have just as many girls as guys, and if you have a bit of presence, attractive girls will approach you and try and pick you up. I say with complete truth that it is far easier to get an Adelaide 8 than a Sydney 5. Honestly, I have never been to Adelaide for a weekend and failed to pick up an attractive woman. Sound like a wheelbarrow full of horseshit? Get over there and see for yourself!

Hit up places on the East side, as the north and south are downright feral. For university girls, hit up the General Havelock on a Thursday or the Edinburgh on a Tuesday in summer. If you are lucky enough to be in town on Christmas Eve, head to the Robin Hood – you will not believe the talent on offer!  In such a favorable environment for men, there is certainly no need for you to dumpster dive and wade through the dregs of online dating, but nevertheless that is what the local betas seem to do.

This is another thing in your favor, because if you have the balls to approach in person you will definitely stand out. For the average guy, there is no better place in Australia to pull a hot babe. You don’t need to be rich and you don’t need to be famous. You don’t even need to trick them with elaborate game tactics. Just be cheeky and confident without teetering over into arrogance. Unlike other places in Australia, most women here are genuinely nice. I think it’s because nobody in Adelaide is that big a deal. This, along with the favorable gender ratio, seems to keep a lid on female expectations and maintain their worth for purposes other than short-term fun.

I was so impressed by Adelaide women I looked into moving there. Unfortunately, there are virtually zero options besides mind-numbing government jobs, and its high taxes make starting a business there out of the question. But what do you care about that if you are only there for a holiday?


In summary, if you simply want an easy root, to use the local parlance, and you are prepared to lower your standards, chances are Australian cities will meet your needs. But for the more discerning man, I would seriously consider an Adelaide woman aged 25-30, especially one of recent immigrant background.

Pay no attention to the fact that notorious misandrist Julia Gillard was born overseas and grew up in Adelaide—that is simply an anomaly. For the average man, it will be his best chance to meet a woman he can be pleased with and perhaps even be proud to introduce to his friends and family. Down Under these days, that’s no easy feat.

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144 thoughts on “Why Adelaide Has The Best Women In Australia”

  1. Jesus Christ Australia would have been better of going “Mad Max”. We all got fucked on societal collapse. We expected mad bikers and warlords with self-aggrandizing names and we got worse. We got feminists and manginas and instead of killing your for your gasoline they just fuck you 7 ways to Sunday with the backing of a state that maintains cops, prisons, courts, and an army.

    1. Australians are generally well known for their sense of humor, and their women are more “fun”, but don’t expect any less ruthlessness from them either

        1. The point is, if the fruit is ALL rotten, you might aswell take the funny shaped one, and at least, have a laugh while you’re foced to eat it
          That is all
          you see, there is value in humor itself, which is caused by the despair and hopelessness on the surface of things which appear to have no value

      1. Australians aren’t known for their sense of humour. They are known as being morons who lack the mental fortitude to take anything remotely seriously.
        Big difference.

      2. Australian women are not ‘fun’.
        They are fire breathing feminists, usually with soft saggy asses, tatts, and an undeserved sense of entitlement.

        1. that’s been my impression. then again, same thing over here in the US, maybe just ever-so-slightly less so.

    2. Mad bikers and warlords would be a vast improvement compared to where we ended up.

  2. Sure enough the more feminine and better-looking women in said cities are those of Asian descent . . .

    1. As a Scotsman who moved permanently to Melbourne 4 years ago i would 100% agree with you there. There are so many good quality foreign women here (permanently or not) that i very very rarely even look at the local girls anymore. I can’t vouch too much for the other cities but Melbourne is paradise with a plethora of Asian women and for me is the perfect balance of living in a western culture but still having access to submissive, hot Asians without having to live there.
      Yes this city is stupidly expensive and being over 6 foot with a Scottish accent helps but the climate and the access to foreign beauties makes Melbourne a very sweet place for me to live. I’ve certainly had to trade in culture and easy European travel though!

        1. I appreciate what the footy players do here but it’s not a sport for me.

    2. Only if they’re ‘jungle Asians’ like Thais and Filipinos.
      The first world Asians (Japanese and Koreans) are just as cunty and obsessed with status and money as their homeland sisters.

  3. Australia is an insanely overpriced and ultra-feminist 1st world shithole. Honestly, you will have a renewed appreciation for many elements of the USA after you visit this place.
    It’s the land of $20-25 six-pack beers (as compared to $3.49 for a six-pack of Simpler Times at a US Trader Joe’s) $4.00 coca-cola’s (WTF?), pathetic value for money for any type of accomodation ($35 a night hostels which don’t even have WiFi included with the price), and it comes complete with sub-par customer service from what you would expect in North America.
    Melbourne is SJW central and they keep stapling these marxist and social justice rally posters everywhere around the CBD. They also claim it’s the “world’s most livable city” and yet a coffin-sized apartment costs about $600,000. Forget about ever owning a home, even some dilapidated Victorian-era bungalow.
    The women are loud, brash, spoiled, cunty, and their accent is hideous compared to a more refined variant from southern England.
    Want to get wallet-raped, chase sub-par women with impossible standards, and lie on a beach which has the same (or worse) clarity and atmosphere compared to Thailand or Mexico for about 5x the price? Go to Australia.
    It’s a good place to work, but GTFO as soon as you can

    1. As an Aussie who has been to the USA twice, sadly, I have to agree with you. You all moan about how bad American women are, until you get to Australia… then you see how bad the female species can really get!

      1. from what i can piece together from my travels and various comments on ROK and similar sites, american women are probably the best the anglosphere has to offer. that is a sobering thought, indeed.

        1. Obviously, you have not traveled much. American women are fat, loud and mostly feminist-contaminated.

        2. i’ve lived for years in the FSU, latin america, and various parts of WE. i’m conversational in four modern languages, including roosh’s two most recommended. i gave up on anglo women years ago, in favor of slaviyanki and latinas.
          heh. you must have wounded my pride.
          now go back and read what i wrote. notice the word “anglosphere.” i was referring to the US, canada, UK, ireland (i guess), australia, and new zealand. american women seem to slightly edge out women from the other countries on my list. kind of like being the smartest kid on the short bus, or the most powerful hockey team in central america. yes, i agree that they are still awful, for the most part.

        3. Anglosphere is the key point. Are Aussies, Kiwis, Canucks and Afikaans bitches any better?

        4. i forgot about south africa. i’ve heard good things, but i have no personal experience.
          i’ve heard several aussie guys compare american women favorably to their women. UK and irish women just strike me as very unattractive from the little i’ve seen, and i haven’t heard guys from the british isles speak very highly of them either (fat, drunken, foul-mouthed, etc…those are the adjectives i hear a lot).
          i’m going to guess that american women are slightly more likely to be fit too, but it’s still a small minority. i would guess that in any anglo country, you’ll see about five times more fit guys than women.

        5. From what I am seeing online, British chicks are the lowliest while a red-head Irish doll can be journal worthy. Many years ago when I travelled through Australia I racked up three notches. First was a 5’10” 18 year old curly haired blonde 7 with Betty Davis eyes. Second was a 20-something 5 and the third was a South African 5 – blonde with blue eyes – who I helped out with our SCUBA course and then she followed me up the East Coast.
          I sort of idealize the first one: young, tall, great hair, and shapely (a hundred and thirty something pounds of pure fuck machine). The reality is probably different, especially now.

        6. Like many places, it depends where you go. If you want straight up English girls, Newcastle and Liverpool and teeming with beautiful English girls. They dress right too, long hair, nicely made up, short skirts, heels and cleavage.

        7. español and русский. he wrote an article about it a while back. he made some pretty good points, all of which i agreed with.

        8. come to think of it, as a much younger man i had a fling with a girl from leeds who was very pretty, funny too. that was a long time ago though, over twenty years. back then american women were pretty attractive too.
          you’re right, it does depend where you go in some countries. even in 2015, i have lots of good things to say about texan women, for example.

        9. for the poosy was roosh’s logic, which is certainly a valid reason. every guy should date an FSU girl at least once for the experience, although i would say in most cases it’s best not to marry her.
          beyond the women, i would recommend russian for the intellectual experience. learning any language, even a romance language, is a great accomplishment, but russian is vastly more complex and fascinating than the western languages i’ve studied. the grammar is much closer to the ancient indo-european languages, and speaking it is consciousness expanding in ways that are hard to explain. it’s tough, but doable. learning russian is definitely one of my proudest accomplishments.

        10. Sound like solid reasons, although, just for the poosy part, you can of course date these girls without knowing Russian as many of them speak passable English (as least enough for a bang or two). Not only that, there are loads of them in London (if like me, you live there).
          Your other reason I concur.

        11. I’ve been to all of these places. Trying to judge the best is like asking which cubicle has the best smelling turds.

        12. are there a lot of single russian/FSU girls in london? there are tons of russian-speaking women here in my city in the states, but they are mostly married.
          knowing russian would be very helpful with women if you actually go to the FSU, and with many other aspects of life over there.

        13. There are some gems among the turds but I gave up on shit diving a few years ago and now I live in China.

        14. There are a lot of Russian women here but you’d want to avoid them. Most of them are here to marry a rich guy and have very expensive tastes. Not only that, I haven’t seen a single attractive one.
          I live in a neighbourhood of FSU people. I don’t know if any of them speak Russian but none of the women are attractive either. Actually my preference (when it comes to Eastern Europe) are women from Romania and Hungary. I don’t think they speak Russian there though.

        15. I’m partial to young women from Devon, actually — there’s something nicely relaxed about Devon anyway …

        16. If it’s Northeast London you’re talking about, I’ve run into plenty of pleasant young Polish women there, but they aren’t generally what you’d think of as “hot” …

        17. I’d recommend the departures lobby at any Anglosphere international airport …

        18. weird. wherever i’ve been around FSU people, i’ve seen a lot of attractive women. when you say russian girls in london aren’t attractive, are you saying they don’t pass the boner test at all, or that they are not the 9.5 victoria secret model-level types that all the alpha supermen on here are constantly pumping and dumping? i’ll admit that i’m not that discriminating. if she passes the boner test and i don’t feel like strangling her when she talks, good enough for me.
          the high-level gold digging does sound like many russian women i’ve known, for what it’s worth.

        19. They do not pass the boner treat by a country mile. The English girls are prettier.

        20. Yeah I have a Polish chick on my tip right now but I’d hard to see past her face.

        21. Agreed, despite all the bitching about “Anglosphere Girls” and thus American Girls, I am married to a American (Scottish/German Ancestry) from Small Town American (Mid-West), she is sweet/fem/down to earth and not your typical American B*tch. Basically the Arrogant thing with American Chicks is the URBAN and BIG CITY GIRLS. The Small Town/Rural Girls (non-Big City GIrls) are far more down to Earth and realistic with their expectations of a guy/marriage + generally Fem, also depends on their upbriging and family background. A Good Religous/Traditional Background also helps…. But yeah for sure 50% of American Women are “difficult/arrogant” – 25% are So…So and 25% are Fem/Trad….

        22. Im an Australian in Sydney and bang English, Canadian and American girls almost exclusively as they are INFINITELY better than Aussie chicks.
          Now what does THAT tell you…..

      2. When I lived in England I stayed in a Aussie hostel in London. Mean ugly bitches the ones I met. English girls on the other hand were awesome, as were French, Belgian and swiss. This was 1995 mind you. The Aussie guys were cool to befriend though. The absolute worst people ever though are Canadians. I’ve never seen a chip that big on so many shoulders. Getting in screaming matches all the time, wtf.

        1. Ever noticed how many Canadian guys will get into a sort of upward volume spiral to the point where they’re shouting at each other and at everything around them after a few minutes?
          I’ve seen this play out in Canada and outside Canada.
          I think I understand the South Park “flappy-headed Canadians” joke now — after a while it’s like they’re shouting at each other to the point where it looks like their heads are about to split apart.

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      3. wait till you visit New Zealand…
        even Aussie men think NZ women are way to domineering…

    2. By comparison, here in China, a six-pack will run you $3 and a bottle of Coke is 50 cents. You can get an ok hotel room for less than $20.
      Real estate is still insane unless you get out of the city and actually trust the Chinese government.
      The women are quiet and appreciative but they do look for BB regardless of how alpha you are.
      If you are just looking for a notch count then Thailand or the Philippines has lots of LBFMs to make that happen.
      If you are looking to the west (oddly enough, the Far East) then Australia is only an option if you are too lazy to deal with a foreign language or cling to a Caucasian fantasy.

      1. Hong Kong, Philippines, and Taiwan all have good english. And far far better women than any ‘western’ country.

        1. Hong Kong women are considered the ‘pigs’ of Asia – best avoided. Philippines and Taiwan are okay though.

        2. Hong Kong women are too westernized and they will try to break your balls. Taiwanese girls split the difference; one fellow said they are “Chinese Girlfriend version 2.0”. I have no experience with Filipinas but if things don’t work out here then I will be down with teenage LBFMs.

        3. I’ve done pretty well with the honkies over the last several years…. although I do like the mainlanders who have come here for study/work. They can be a lot more down to earth than the local princesses.
          Any girl who has spent more than 1 year in a western country, I try to avoid, since they often get infected with the western girl attitude.
          I don’t let any girl break my balls. Most of the girls here will try it on at some point…. the strategic sulk, incessant messaging, mentioning some other guy who likes them..etc..etc.. I’m sure you know all the games.

        4. Not a big fan of the flippers. They look great at 18, but they hit the wall hard and fast going into their 20’s.
          If you can get past the hello-Kitty baby-talk. The japanese can be good.
          Nothing like banging a 45kg cutie, and then lying on your sofa watching Predator while she makes you dinner.

        5. yeah, I’ve heard good things about Taiwanese girls. Hard to find them here, since they get snapped up fast by the local guys.

        6. I have no field experience with Japanese chicks, I have just watched the porn. The whole squeak toy fuck doll thing does nothing for me.

        7. I am on the mainland and have only met two Taiwan girls: top notch but picky little bitches who I could not get a second date with.

        8. Japanese porn is disgraceful. Some dickweed poking away with his 3″ porcupine, while some schoolgirl squeals the house down.
          And that’s before a couple of tentacle monsters rock in, and put her on the spit.
          Real Japanese girls, on the other hand, are pretty good.

      2. Or you could go to S’pore to shag the Anglo chicks who were crazy enough to pursue a career there, only to find that the guys there are generally not interested in them …
        Let “dread game” work for you for a change.

        1. I have not been to Singapore but I partied with some Singapore girls in Shanghai: they were awesome.

    3. I have to disagree, as an aussie [girl] been to USA 5 times [mainly stayed in California, I have been to Miami and NC and my fiance and I have been to Vegas and Burning Man is always the main highlight of our trips] I have to say, my fiance and I found it hard to find many attractive women in America. We’re Melbourne born and bred and I think we have more attractive women and men here than anywhere we have been in the US. He thought it was because we have a lot of different nationalities and types of women here and our food quality and sense of style is better. Not hating on the US though, we love it and have very good friends over there and are getting married there in 2 years.
      I think you won’t be disappointed if you come to Melbourne. I’m a first generation Greek and there are a LOT of first generation European girls in their 20’s here, I think a lot of us still hold those traditional values drilled into us, keep looking!! My fiance was 29 when he met me, I was 21. I very much appreciate my family but only fully appreciated my upbringing after coming across this site which helped me understand why I appreciated it so much. ANYWAY – Yes our food is expensive – going shopping in America [walmart in particular] has my jaw dropped the whole time but we also have a higher minimum wage so its all pretty on par. No one is forcing anyone to go to our equivalent of Whole Foods instead of our equivalent of Walmart [we really don’t have one but we do have cheap places to buy groceries] I will say though, you are SO LUCKY to have In and Out. Counting down the days until I can eat some again.
      Though I noticed Miami did have more attractive women – I stayed at the Mondrian during Miami Music Week so I suspect that had something to do with it. Also, while eating out in Beverly Hills the girls were more attractive than usual but without fail they all sounded like Kardashians, wtf? t seems to all depend on the area you are in I still disagree with the articles which hate on Australia. Yeah there are plenty of girly men here and many girls straight from bogans[rednecks] r us and I notice feminist type crap however if you look again, there is still a lot of masculine energy and red pill type stuff going on. I think this is because Aussies are just straight up and that is ingrained in our culture – if that ever dies out then we will potentially turn into a shitty place to live but for now there are still a lot of rugged aussie manly men and feminine women around who go well together and are lucky enough to live here.

      1. Melbourne women may be the better looking, compared to the USA. But looks are only a small part of the equation.
        Doesn’t matter how beautiful a woman is. If she is a stuck-up, arrogant, entitled fire-breathing feminist,… then she essentially has no attraction to the average man. Especially one who has been around the world, and can see these insipid moles for what they are.
        Masculine energy maybe,.. but its a sad, pretend kind of masculine. The kind of masculine that is the end result of a normal guy being pussy-whipped into oblivion by his tranny-jawed feminazi partner. And the only outlets for his so called, masculinity, are to grow a beard, get a couple of tatts, watch the footy, and maybe work out in some metro-sexual infested gym.
        That is not real masculinity.
        I would argue that any man who is tied to one woman, is not being masculine. Men want to bang as many girls as possible, and to deny this, is to deny your masculinity.
        Evolution programmed us that way, and no SJW will ever convince me that becoming a nappy-changing blue-pill wage slave for some bitch and brats, is ‘manning up’.

        1. I seriously wonder where you guys find these girls? believe you that they are out there but find it so hard to believe women like that exist so abundantly [not because I think you are lying but just because it’s hard to believe that these people exist in happy relationships, though admittedly I do see plenty around]. I only have 2 girlfriends now and one is my sister so I guess I don’t see much of the vast Melbournian woman personality
          I admit, my mother told me to always put yourself first and look out for yourself and overheard a lot of conversations her and her girlfriends had about their marriages and how their husbands were annoying or whatever [going back here to when I was primary school age so 18-19 years ago] and was given the strong woman thing dont need a man why do you need to get married stuff etc etc In turn, I believe this made me scared to get married, not that I was slutting around but just the thought of being married even though I was and am so excited to marry him – when I overheard my fiance ask my parents permission to marry me I passed out. My point in all that is that I think parenting has a lot to do with it how men and women are turning out, it can maybe he hard to understand it if you dont take time to meditate on your personal situation and not that it is something you should resent your parents for if they were just doing what they thought was best. It is important to recognise though and move on past any constraints you didn’t realise were there.
          I think that I feel there is a lot of masculine energy still because of the types of men in my family and my fiance. I suppose it depends who you are fortunate [or unfortunate] enough to be surrounded with and it depends who you look for. I don’t think banging a lot of women is the be all and end all of being masculine
          Your kids comment at the end made me laugh, I actually have been buying things here and there and putting them away for our potential future children. It’s not a secret, he knows and he said it’s cute. I’m not all over him to have kids though. I think the blue pill nappy changing bitch thing occurs a LOT but not 100% of the time.

        2. “My point in all that is that I think parenting has a lot to do with it how men and women are turning out”
          I agree with this. But the rest of your post, I find hard to relate to, since its a female point of view. Especially about marriage, which I believe is a very emasculating tradition.
          I am more inclined to be attracted to those of Asian or Southern European ancestry. However, I have found that some of the worst Australian women are the ones with Asian parents. They are often the most stuck up, for a number of reasons.
          The most obvious one, is that lots of aussie guys want to get their asian wings, and so hit on the asian girls This leads them to believe they are hotter than they really are. Thus creating a shocking princess syndrome.

        3. Overall, I have to say I am continually surprised at the gap between
          how Australian women view themselves, and how they are viewed by men.
          This is not directed at you, but as a broad generality that seems to hold true, even up here in Asia.
          Having done a lot of internet dating, this principle really shines through in the way they describe themselves.
          A typical aussie girl may describe herself as “cheeky, with a wicked sense of humour, works hard and plays hard, loves the outdoors, and has an athletic body type”.
          Translated into reality, this means she is a sarcastic bitch who loves insulting men with backhand comments and expects them to laugh at themselves, is a slave to her job and makes up for it by boozing it up and riding the cock carousel every weekend, goes hiking on a concrete path once a month, does minimal exercise and as a result has shocking cankles, huge thighs and very soft around the middle.

        4. I’m seeing a lot of Asian and pairings with White guys here, could it be that we have SO many Asians here? I went to high school in Melbourne west so grew up with heaps of Asians [mostly ended up close to Philippinas], I noticed that there is a lot of competition and judgement between families and friends and comparison between children so I think the princess syndrome starts from a young age by being spoilt.

        5. A lot of aussies head up to asia [what is with that?? a money thing, bank for buck?] do a lot of women settle there? It seems like it wouldn’t be a great place for typical aussie girls to settle.

    4. “Australia is an insanely overpriced and ultra-feminist 1st world shithole.”
      Truer words were never spoken…
      And I agree about the British women. 2 decades in Australia, and 5 in the UK. I would take a british girl over an Australian any day.

    5. Melbourne is definitely SJW central, people here actually think that Marxism works and can ‘challenge the system’. Gay pride is huge, support of refugees is fashionable and even a fairly average American girl puts most Melbourne girls to shame. Also the northern suburbs are completely infested with hipsters.

    6. You helped reaffirm everything I already believed about Australia. I’ve been to 48 countries and Australia is not even in the next 15 countries I will visit. Everywhere, I’ve been and met Australian girls, they are hideous!

      1. As an Adelaidean, I can confirm that Australia’s just not worth it in terms of women and living.

    7. As an Australian i can vouch for this, im probably more naive than most, but this pretty much sums up my existence.

  4. Adelaide, seriously? The home of the cunts who voted in that fat bitch of a Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young?

    1. Julia Gillard also came from Adelaide, as did that pillow biter Christopher Pyne. They don’t have a great record when it comes to politicians, that’s for sure!

  5. Recent scientific discoveries regarding ethnicity and gender are
    strengthening our understanding on how to address income inequalities in our corporations.
    Yet managers are still scrambling to implement inclusiveness.
    This diversity graphic provides visual tips on how embrace a
    multi-cultural workplace. You can include it on your company newsletter, world-wide-web page, or tradeshow flyers.

  6. Completely irrelevant, but for some reason, this song screams MGTOW. It should be the MGTOW theme.

  7. but American guys, who are perceived as arrogant,
    Our soft, pastel wearing, walking-behind-the-woman, eyes cast down, slump shouldered men seem arrogant?

      1. I’ve met plenty of nice Americans, but the author was accurate with his comment that Aussie girls don’t really dig American guys. I don’t think that’s a big loss though, quite frankly I think you guys could do better!

    1. Americans used to be tourists everyone made fun of, for being loud, obnoxious and arrogant.
      Now, its the Australians.
      Lived in Australia for 26 years, and have been to the USA dozens of times for work and play. And Americans, (foreign policy aside), one-on-one are usually the most friendly people I have encountered in my travels.
      Didn’t chat to many women in the USA, but at least the women smile now and again. Unlike Australia, where even the local starbucks bimbo gives you that arrogant scowl for asking her to…. do her job.

      1. Man, this is so true. Australian women act like anything less than being CEO is beneath them!

  8. While efforts to encourage women to enter the STEM fields (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) so they can enjoy earnings and job satisfaction on par with men, minority participation has lagged. To boost their standing in government diversity data collections, many corporations are thinking out-of-the-box to find ways to make their actual workforce look anything at all like the happy diversity teams on their world-wide-web pages.

    1. That’s a picture of Utah isn’t it? If not I’ve seen similar ones that I know were from there.

      1. That’s Oswego, NY, which gets lake effect from Erie and Ontario combined, so it’s worse even than Buffalo. Yeah, I admit it, I cherry picked that shot. I orbited a girl from there for a while. Pretty good piano player, because, as she said, there’s nothing else to do.

        1. Neat. I wasn’t aware that snow walls that high were possible outside of the Rockies. Very interesting. Unfortunately I’ll never see them, since I’m never setting foot in or along the north east coast again in my life. But still.

  9. I had the good fortune to visit Adelaide about 10 years ago. Very pleasant city with nice weather. Very provincial and laid back. The people do not sit around and watch TV, they are outside all the time. There was so many things to do and so many sporting events going on. The guys down there are insane about cars. Its reminded me of the USA back in the 60’s

  10. Most women you meet in this life will be loud, drunk, and annoying.

  11. Though expensive, the overall quality of life and value for money are better in oz than in the UK. Women may be less bitchy here in the UK, but that could be due to my accent.

  12. This article speaketh the truth… if I ever had to return to live in the Land where the Bogan be King, I would also choose Adelaide, easily.

  13. With an overview like that, why the fuck would anyone in their right mind go there?

  14. Wrong, Wrong, aaand WRONG!!! Time to set the record straight on Adelaide, as there are several articles floating around the internet depicting it as some sort of Aussie pussy paradise, including this one http://www.executivestyle.com.au/best-cities-for-the-single-guy-21gvy
    Adelaide, whilst not as bad as Perth or Canberra, should ABSOLUTELY be avoided for men seeking young attractive women in the 18-24 age bracket. If you read this article carefully at the end, the author speaks highly of Adelaide women between 25-30. I disagree with this as well (Adelaide actually doesn’t hit men’s favour until the 30-50 age range, but who wants a woman that old).
    Before you book your Jetstar tickets, look up “South Australian Brain Drain”. This is the state’s phenomenon of its young University graduates deserting the state in droves for the shiny lights of Melbourne and Sydney upon graduation. You’d think that this would mean that all the successful guys would be the ones leaving, and the hot girls are staying behind. What ACTUALLY happens is the opposite; all these “strong and empowered women” feel like they can take on a corporate career in Melbourne or Sydney, whilst the guys tend to take blue collar/tradie type jobs (to be fair, there are actually zero fucking jobs in that cancerous hell-hole). The result is a plethora of penis infecting the bars and clubs of Adelaide, quite the contrary to the opinion of the author.
    Next point; Adelaide girls don’t do random fucks that easily. Why? Well, believe it or not, EVERYONE KNOWS EACH OTHER. It seems strange for a city of 1 million people, but this is not a normal place we’re talking about here. Adelaide jokes about everyone having 2-degrees of separation (you and a stranger will have a mutual acquaintance by the second degree), but it’s actually depressing. If you fuck someone in Adelaide, word WILL get around and you WILL have to deal with the consequences; this makes girls extremely hesitant to sleep with randoms, because so often people know each other there (just ask any Adelaide local “does everyone know each other?”, you’ll be shocked).
    The news is also bad for interstate guys, ESPECIALLY Victorians. Adelaide is the most insecure city in the country, constantly bragging about how great its wines are, the beaches, the food, the coffee, the festivals etc etc. All of this is a huge overcompensation for being in the shadow of Melbourne, and they absolutely HATE Victorians! Not just girls, but NOONE will talk to you if you’re a Victorian in South Australia, it’s ridiculous! Whilst guys from other states won’t receive quite the same level of hostility as Victorians, you might find girls are more interested in proving Adelaide is better than Sydney, Brisbane, Perth (or wherever you’re from), then actually engaging in the conversation. A very similar comparison can be made to how a Vancouver girl reacts to being hit on by a guy from Toronto.
    The author, being from Melbourne, has clearly gotten frustrated with the footy players in this city soaking up the hot girls, taken a few trips to Adelaide, and has been poisoned by the preaching of the locals as well as seeing somewhere with less traffic and better weather. But rest assured my friend, Melbourne is indeed the best place in Australia to meet women; enough international girls come here to find a foreign girl, Melbourne girls aren’t as hostile to an approach as there is less chance you two know each other, and PLENTY of girls move here from other cities looking to meet someone (no one EVER moves to Adelaide, that god damn wheelbarrow of horse shit). It took me 7 years to finally realise Adelaide for what it was, and it is only recently that I have settled in Melbourne free from the guilt of not “making it” in Adelaide.
    I agree Melbourne is still an extremely tough city, but to anyone that will listen, DON’T make the mistake of thinking Adelaide is great to meet women, it will be the BIGGEST mistake you ever make!

    1. Respectfully, I’ll have to disagree. Adelaide is indeed a shithole, but the average guy is more likely to hook up with an attractive woman there than in Melbourne. Of course Melbourne as the home of fashion has more “glamour models” (upper echelon women), but it also has a much larger population

      1. If you are really desperate to bang aussie girls, avoid the major cities. Go to the secondary towns… places like Ballina, Coffs, rockhampton,…etc.

    2. What you mentioned about sleeping with randoms is exactly why they will sleep with randoms FROM OUT OF TOWN. It’s like that everywhere. Women will sleep with almost anyone as long as nobody else finds out and if they’re not locals, there’s a much lower chance of anyone finding out.

    3. Damn. I knew there had to be some catch to the ‘Adelaide best women bait’ headline :/

  15. I’m from Adelaide, the girls in Adelaide are better than most other states but only around the inner suburbs of Adelaide and Glenelg, the further North and South to the outer suburbs you get the more the quality drops.

    1. I’ve lived in Adelaide CBD and Glenelg (on the beach) and have no complaints about the women in these places. I haven’t noticed the drop, but any woman with a SA accent pretty melts my critical observation skills. I’ll try to pay better attention on the Tram next time.

  16. The liberal government are just as incompetent. They are pretending to be sound economic managers by cutting back social spending and increasing unemployment.
    Adelaide has better women than Melbourne or Sydney, but for how much longer?

    1. I read an article the other day saying unemployment had gone down everywhere but SA…

  17. Adelaide is a shit hole and the best thing I ever did was leave at age 28.

  18. I just read the other article on here about women in Sydney before I found this article and the descriptions of Aussie women are the closest to Irish women I’ve found.
    Like Aussies, the Irish women are not really feminists. They are not even smart enough to know the meaning of the word. Actually they’re not smart enough to know much about anything outside of their own little worlds. They have no curiosity about the world around them, won’t even think of dating foreign men and they don’t travel (no, drunken Ryanair weekends in Prague don’t count).
    If you ever bred Jack Russells and enjoy being locked in a cage full of yappy dogs that never shut up, then Irish women are for you. If you want to spend the rest of your life married to Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, Irish women are for you.
    Irish women are crude, loud and vulgar, and have absolutely no idea of dress sense or style. They are usually plastered in enough makeup to cover a small planet. They think price tag = beauty and the more cheesy jewelry the sexier they look. If instead they would take up dieting and exercise they would be much more attractive.
    Getting laid here is easy – and expensive and the quality is shit. Just go to the most expensive club, buy her lots and lots and lots and lots of booze and she’s yours for the night. Back during the Celtic Tiger years, you would have needed a stretch limo to take her home. Now she’ll ride the bus. Problem is, she’ll probably fall asleep (I know one guy whose girl got diarrhea in her sleep) and you’ll be too drunk to fuck. The experience will be shitty and you won’t remember it anyway.
    Ryanair flights are a lot cheaper and Czech whores are better value for money.

    1. Good synopsis of dating in Ireland. I once had a drunken bird back to mine, hammered the job on her, both fell asleep. Next thing I knew I woke up in sopping sheets as the bitch had pissed the bed! Happens quite a bit actually. Most Irish women can’t handle their booze.

    2. A lot of Aussie women are descendants from there and one chick in particular (also of Irish descent) who I had the pleasure of dealing with was a carbon copy of what you just described.

    3. 95% of Irish people I have ever met, have a massive chip on their shoulder about everything. About the IRA, the UK, Bono,…you name it.

  19. Man, this is so true. I was in Adelaide recently for a business function. The place was PACKED with babes in their late 20s and early 30s, none of them seemed to have a man but they all looked very keen to meet one. The ratio was incredible too. I am in that age bracket, and there were seriously 3 girls my age to guys my age. I didn’t close the deal as she “wasn’t that kind of girl”, but I got a kiss from an absolutely smoking hot brunette with glasses and an amazing ass. We are still in touch and I have a dinner date lined up for next time I’m in town! I also had many conversations with other very attractive and friendly women. There is now no doubt in my mind that women are nice if they have to be – and in Adelaide, where there is a real shortage of decent men, the women definitely are forced to put their best foot forward!

  20. “Pound for pound, Adelaide has by far the most attractive and down to earth women in the country.”
    I’m very well aware that this is an opinion piece, but this is absolutely way off the mark. I grew up in Geelong and have family in Adelaide. Used to go there twice a year.
    Adelaide is just a bigger Geelong, aka a complete shithole. For peeps travelling in Australia, you’re better off driving an hour south of Melbourne to Geelong than flying to Adelaide, which has no redeeming features whatsoever and there is absolutely fuck all to do within a 5 hour radius of the place.
    I also lived in Brisbane for eight years and agree with you, re: the Gold Coast. The place is a giant wasteland. However, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are quite abundant in good looking, friendly, approachable broads.

    1. ” . . . there is absolutely fuck all to do within a 5 hour radius of the place.”
      Perhaps I should move there and start selling penny whistles, bicycles and go sets.

    2. The chicks are average as fuck in Adelaide and you can find hotter birds to bang in Brisbane easily.

    3. Just curious, but where do your family in Adelaide live? It is important to note that the north and south of the city are complete shitholes, with ugly, fat and feral women. Have a look around the eastern suburbs, the talent is definitely there…
      But Adelaide as a city definitely sucks, no arguments there.

      1. My aunt and uncle live in Ottoway and my cousins are scattered throughout the city.

    4. Every time we go to Geelong to pick up something from Pop Cultcha I see young women yelling and fighting at or around the bus stop, without fail. I still don’t mind Geelong though

      1. My daughter is studying in Geelong ATM and she said some of its northern suburbs are just loaded with bogans, rough as guts. It also has heaps of Indians. Can’t say I’ve seen all that many hot chicks there apart from my daughter but then as her father I’m allowed to be biased. 🙂

  21. It has been about 25 years since I was in Australia. At the time ( circa 1988-1991) the girls were great. I notched a 6-ish Sydneysider and a 7.5 Melbourne girl as well as a South African tourist.
    I can’t help comparing Australia to Canada because I am Canadian. I hope the slide has not been so complete as in the Great White North.

    1. The infestation of reality tv and social media around the world has a lot to answer for. It’s like a domino effect.

  22. Speaking as a Kiwi, I’ll just say you Aussies don’t know how lucky you are when it comes to women. The ones over this side of the ditch are mostly bushpigs.

    1. Rodger, please remind Rachel that Karen wants her $20 back, or she’s gonna get 20 fuckin’ whacks.

  23. Australian women have become shit. They aspire to the SEX AND THE CITY/Kardashian lifestyle but don’t have the cash or the intellectual capacity to achieve it. So they’re just dumb, entitled garbage.
    I’ve never been to Adelaide. Few have.

  24. I’m in Melbourne and can confirm the quality of women in this city has dropped, the fatties have increased in numbers and size, the women can spot a celebrity a mile away even the “B” grade celebrities. Theres probably a woman of every nationality living here some of the foreign ones are very decent on the eye and the mind. Having said that every now and again a decent local woman comes along in looks and personality she appears “out of the blue” and disappears just as quick if a bloke doesn’t catch on and make a move.

  25. …the fact she deliberately flushed her $200,000 engagement ring down the toilet should tell you all you need to know.

    I’m trying to get my head around this. Flushing $200 grand down the toilet. That’s takes a special kind of stupid combined with a severe lack of appreciation for the value of things.

    1. Bitches and math, combined with entitlement and more bitchiness…what else can I say?

  26. Very good article, but the reference to cold winter weather in Adelaïde and Melbourne was an insult to any player living in a city where it gets very cold in the winter such as Montreal, Moscow or Helsinki, but also insulting to players living in cities like NYC
    , Chicago, Paris, London and even Tokyo, places where it snows and you get cold cloudy snowy weather, not Melbourne with an average 15 degree high in the worst of winter and 114 hours of Sunshine, ask Roosh about winter in Poland no light humidity and bitter cold.

  27. Australian women are for the most part down right awful. I’m speaking honestly as an Australian male.

    1. If by awful you mean sloppy, spoiled, manner-less foul mouthed bogans then yes.

    2. You’ve never been out of Oz, right? I’m a Yank on my 3rd post for the last year in Oz – Sydney in years past, Adelaide in the present. Maybe Aussie girls just don’t care much for Aussie guys – even if that’s all they have to choose from.

  28. If I find a poosy paradise it’s location will be disclosed at the time of my death.

  29. My post may not be directly related to the article (satisfactory as it is) but given the pic of that insufferable minge flipping the bird, i think we need a “time out” for some delicious (but healthy) eye candy.

  30. I’;m laughing at this article since South Australian police are trying to ban 8 chan and 4chan due to a bunch of stupid Adelaide women being surprised their nudes got on the internet.

  31. The ladies really dig it when I go down under… heh… get it? Yeah, I’ve been on a roll tonight. Maybe I’ll hop on my sweet ride and head on over to Australia for a vacation. Adalaide sounds like they know how to treat an fine kingly gentleman such as myself.

  32. That bogan chick you featured, she will be the most attractive bogan you will ever lay your eyes on & she is still hideous. Just saying

  33. Looking at girls in Australia is like going to a Picasso or Rubens gallery.
    If you squint hard enough, you might see something attractive. But don’t dare try to touch.
    Australia should run a more man-friendly immigration policy. Females only, with a BMI under 18, from South America or Asia only.

  34. Australia is a poor environment for red pill men. It’s a culture that rewards being average to the point where it’s know for it’s tall poppy syndrome. Adelaide may be the best of the worst, but make no mistake, Australian women are still the bottom of the barrel…
    In saying the above, it’s one of the few western nations that may be able to pull itself out of the nose dive it’s presently in. One of the benefits of living overseas and simply returning to visit family on an annual basis is that you notice the small changes that add up over the time you are away. There has been a very clear and very obvious swing away from the direction that it was heading, especially on the west coast. Feminists & SJW’s are being starved of funding and openly being mocked by the present government, these groups are certainly are not as powerful or as influential as they were 4 years ago.. Catalyse this with the economic decline from the mining boom and we may have a recipe for change.

    1. I guess when they got Gillard out of power, the feminists kind of slowed down their movement.

    2. Things are better than when Labor was running the circus, but a quick look at the SMH, or watching SBS, reveals that the left wing SJW movement is still running a lot of public opinion.
      Toolkits like Aly Waleed and Annabel Crabb are given free reign to spread their extremem leftist viewpoints, while people like Julien Blanc and Geert Wilders are muted.
      I agree that an economic recession would do wonders for Australia.

      1. I would not wish economic hard times on Oz for the reasons you cite, or for any other. Aussies are the political grown-ups compared to my home country. I met Malcolm (when he says ‘please call me Malcolm’, I respect him as any person to be addressed as they wish) on my way to the dentist in Glenelg a couple of months ago, I was very impressed with him for ducking the press contingent to walk Jetty Road by himself to find people to stop and say hello. He knew just what he was doing when he stepped between them and the incoming Tram to be cut-off from all of the talking heads and their microphones and instantly be transported back to real Oz. He was even gracious to talk with two of us who have the honor of paying Aussie income tax, but no vote. You have a social structure that should be a source of pride – do not wish an ill-wind upon it.

  35. Can’t wait to save up and leave my home city Melbourne for Quebec. I heard that it’s a lot better than most other western cities.

  36. I just absolutely detest the Aussie accent coming out of cute girls’ mouths though.

  37. I have to say that, as an Aussie myself, I was about to protest your description of Brisbanites/Gold coast before I reread your previous statement about girls of a recent immigrant background; Swedish (Surprisingly sweet/un-feminist, though this was before I found the Red Pill), Spanish and Ukrainian. Of the other recent long term relationships I’d had, mostly before Game raised my standards a little, one was an on again off again relationship which I dodged luckily (she blew up after someone from Canada put a ring on it) and a girl who was frigid. (Granted, signs were there, hipster/attitude.)
    Going to check out Adelaide sometime after Europe this year, see if there’s any truth to this.

  38. Hey Lads, as a kiwi guy currently living in melbourne i’m curious about a few things. I grew up around a kind of gang culture back in NZ where you had to constantly prove you werent one to fuck around with on almost a daily basis, this seperated me very quickly from other guys my age. So i’m wondering what happened to the masculine aussie male of old? the young aussie guys of today are very quick to avoid standing up for themselves and placate to a huge degree, i’ve noticed even myself when i exert any signs of masculinity anything that might be deemed close to male agression, everyone gets twitchy about it (at least here in melbourne anyway.) Is it just purely a melbourne thing or are most younger aussie guys becoming this way? if so it’s kind of sad to see.

    1. It’s all over, but less in the bush I reckon. This generation of young Aussie men is the softest ever because they have been henpecked by feminism and our stifling PC culture their entire lives. Very sad to see…

    2. Its been bred out of us by the Feminist Public School System, the Media and the Courts.
      Man = Bad, Woman = Infallible GODDESS is the way it is now unfortunately.

  39. Many of you are wondering what ever happened to the rough and tough Australian male. Well, they are still around, but while they were once the vast majority, now they are the vast minority. This has been a major factor as to why our women have ended up so bad – men just roll over and put up with this bullshit. Mark Latham, former Opposition Leader, was recently fired from his job as a columnist for his comments on feminism. Check out some of these articles, they would look right at home on ROK: the guy is very red pill! Also note the one from 2006 (!) complaining about the decline of Australian masculinity .. guy was before his time for sure, and remains on point.. of course, the feminists here say he is a madman, but I reckon he speaks the truth!

  40. This article is the biggest load of BS ever, If you believe it you have rocks in your head.
    Adelaide is the most conservative, boring city shithole of a city.
    Go there if u want to be married and settle down and wait to die.
    If u want to live, gtfo out of there.

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