Why It Is Essential You Adopt An “Always On” Strategy For Game

The state of the current sexual marketplace means two things: competition is fierce and you must maximise your exposure to your target market (the girls you are interested in) in order to be successful. A buzzword that has been popular in the marketing and advertising industry for a number of years is “always on.” It is my belief that if you want to beat the current market and pick up the hottest girls it is imperative that you too develop an “always on” approach.

What Does “Always On” Mean?

First, let’s look at a definition of the term. Here’s one from a blog written by Dave Chaffey of smartinsights.com in 2014:

Dynamic personalisation and structured testing and improvement of digital experiences is a key feature of always on marketing, a term which has emerged to show a change in emphasis from burst marketing campaigns to generate awareness and response to investment in marketing activities which continuously drive and meet changing demand. This is what Google has called the Zero Moment of Truth. For always-on marketing to be effective, efforts should be made to increase the effectiveness of different [digital] channels through testing, review and optimisation.

Now, clearly this refers to digital marketing efforts and is more than a little wanky. But if you cut through the excess verbiage, what Chaffey is saying is that contemporary marketing has moved away from big, discrete ad campaigns to continuous activity across many different channels that is constantly tested and then tweaked to achieve the best results.

As girls today are bombarded with sexual opportunities through their social circle and approaches in real life as well as through the omnipresent digital titans Facebook, Snap, Instagram, Tinder and so on, achieving cut-through in the market is increasingly difficult for men, just as it is for advertisers trying to sell to increasingly fragmented audiences.

In this way, given the challenges you face on the dating scene are analogous to those faced by brands trying to shift product then it makes perfect sense that you should adopt a marketing strategy that is popular with these same huge corporations.


Since the days of The Game by Neil Strauss and Mystery Method, the study of pickup has become increasingly polarized, with specialists popping up claiming expertise in many niche areas. Broadly, these include night game (pulling in clubs and bars), day game (meeting girls during the day in the street, coffee shops, galleries, public transport etc.) and online game (dating sites and apps). There are also strands concerning social media game, social circle game and so-called entourage game.

In actual fact these disciplines aren’t as wildly different as their exponents claim. In the end game in any context simply comes down to the key elements of attraction, vibing, hook point (female to male), comfort and escalation. That’s it. Whether you’re in a hot night club in Miami or a library in Huddersfield the fundamentals of attraction remain the same. While of course there are differences in how you should operate in both of those milieu they are not as great as you might think. Indeed, the main reason that day game and online game gurus have sprung up is that it is somewhat easier to establish and sell to a niche than it is to be a generalist.

My contention, though, is that in today’s market you have to be a generalist—a renaissance man of seduction, if you like. The only way to achieve the best results is to be generating leads during the day, through day game, online and via apps, in the evening through night game and through social circle or entourage interactions. As a modern man you simply don’t have the luxury of being able to eschew one form of game for another.

In other word, you need to be always on.

How to Develop Your Own Always On Strategy

To demonstrate how you can develop your always on strategy effectively, I discuss four pillars revealed in an article on marketing blog warc.com here:

  1. Understand the context. In always-on marketing, context is everything. Locations, rhythms, competition, locations, emotion all have an impact.

This is vitally important—basically, you need to be socially calibrated. As I said before, there are clear differences in how you would approach a girl in a nightclub as opposed to a bookshop (although the fundamental structure remains the same). I, for example, have approached in art galleries, Vegas nightclubs and on the London Underground and in each of these the manner of my interactions has been different.

In the nightclub, for example, energy, emotions and drama run high, compelling you to be larger than life and flamboyant. Chatting to the girl in the queue opposite you at the coffee store is going to be different. Don’t, whatever you do make the mistake that many guys make of having one ‘pick up’ persona that you use in all circumstances. By agile, flexible and adaptable.

  1. Understand the consumer. Always-on marketing is the ultimate extent of consumer-centric marketing. It requires a deep understanding of the patterns, motivations, considerations and analysis of consumer behaviour. 

In terms of seduction, this really involves understanding women and their dual sexual strategy (beta bucks and alpha fucks) as much as possible. For this you need to become a student of human nature. There are many great books, blogs and articles written on this subject (many of which can be found here at ROK), but also be observant, keep your eyes open and draw your own conclusions. Stay in tune with popular culture. Listen to song lyrics and watch TV shows.

The great American playwright Edward Albee once said ‘we are animals, are we not? . . . I’m interested in the fact that so much of what I think is wrong with the world is to do with the fact that Man’s nature is so close to the bestial. And we had better be a little more aware of it.’ Pretty lies may cloud the truth, but human beings in the main are out for themselves. Understand your target market (women) inside out so that you can position yourself accordingly.

  1. Understand the data. Always-on marketing is ultimately data-driven; and without using both your own data – and the exhaust data from the broad digital world – you will not be able to understand and know enough to deliver true always-on marketing.

Data is king these days, in advertising and many other fields, and so it is with pick-up. If you are not keeping some kind of record of your approaches, failures and successes then you are a fool, because it is only through tracking the data and then tweaking your approach that you will be able to better your results.

Say, for example, you approached 100 girls in a shopping mall, asked them straight up for sex and you were rejected 100 times. Then say you tried ten indirect approaches (asking where the pet shop is) and got three phone numbers. In that instance the data would clearly show that the first technique was flawed and the second fruitful.

Obviously this is an extreme example, but you take my point—it is only by tracking your progress and analyzing your results that you can improve.

  1. Become Service & Product driven. Always-on is not advertising, it requires a view of brands and businesses being of service to consumers, practically and or emotionally useful. Understanding consumer requirements is being able to predict, create and deliver services & products that they might want. Providing the vehicle for them to ‘pull’ your business into their daily world.

This is really about how you position yourself in light of the data (both your own and that of other guys—and there are plenty of websites, blogs and forums where you can find that). In the past a lot of men would approach women emphasizing their ‘good’ points to try to demonstrate that they would make ‘great boyfriend material’. As we now know, though, this was a flawed strategy, as more often than not the nice guy gets rejected.

This is because women have a dual mating strategy that compels them to seek out alphas (cads) for short term mating opportunities (fast sex), and nice guys (dads) for paternity and long-term investment.

Now, if you can successfully present yourself as a quick, discreet and pleasurable sex partner, then you are providing something that is ‘practically and . . . emotionally useful’ to a hell of a lot of women (because they want sex too, remember).

Once you have had sex then you can, if you wish, transition into a relationship. The important thing to know is that you will certainly have a lot more success by presenting yourself as a lover upfront rather than a needy beta provider.

Be Always On—Always

In summary, in today’s dating market you need to be always on. That means you must always be approaching via multiple means—day game, night game, online game, social circle game and so on.

You must develop a full understanding of the context of each, along with a deep understanding of women and what makes them tick in 2017.

You must experiment with different techniques (direct, indirect, sexual, suave, charming etc.) and tweak when the data shows that something isn’t working.

You must then position your product (yourself) as something that will be practically or emotionally useful to the woman you’re seducing. Today, that often means being the sexy cad rather than the provider figure, at least at first.

Finally, you must be agile and adaptable, having the energy and persistence to maximize your exposure on the market while at the same time learning from and correcting your mistakes.

Want to find out how to attract a steady stream of beautiful girls? Check out Troy’s book The 7 Laws of Seduction and follow him on Twitter.

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145 thoughts on “Why It Is Essential You Adopt An “Always On” Strategy For Game”

  1. I cant help but feel there’s a temptation to overcomplicate this.
    Some of the observations and ideas on here and places like Heartiste are very astute … but for most people it’s just a case of stepping out their door and getting involved in life.
    Women are a side in the meal of life. Get your shit together, and women will follow

    1. The more time we spend immersed in such observations and ideas, the more natural they become to us. Just like approaching a girl a day makes approaching infinitely easier (and our approaches more successful), immersing ourselves in the mindsets we desire breeds those mindsets in us.
      But that last point is key. Women are a part of life, but they are not its focus. Be a man that women desire, and women will desire you (shocker). Then you’re the supply, not the demand.

    2. I just remember the three steps.
      1. Attraction
      2. Comfort
      3. Seduction
      They build on each other. Friendzone means you skipped step 1 and went to step 2. LMR means you skipped step 2 and went to 3. A rape charge means you skipped both 1 and 2 lol.

        1. reminds me of my favorite pick up line
          I walk up to a girl in a bar and say “i see that you will be getting laid tonight”
          And when she says “wow are you a psychic” I reply “no, just a lot stronger than you”

        2. Carnival Strong Man Game!
          Best accomplished if you also carry around a pair of pyramid-shaped weights.

        3. I always carry pyramid shaped weights. Well, not always carry. Sometimes I leave them on the back of my bicycle that has the huge from wheel and the tiny back one

        4. My favorite pick up line, “excuse me, my dick just died, would you mind if I buried it in your ass?”

        5. My favorite pick up line… See a girl you like, walk up to her and say “excuse me miss, does this rag smell like chloroform?”

      1. What is a friend zone? Is that when a girl will fuck you but you still have to wear a condom?

        1. It’s a magical place where women pretend to be affectionate towards a man while simultaneously losing every drop of moisture from their genitalia

      2. I really don’t buy into attraction comfort seduction. I am good at discomfort. It seems more like Excellence, Intimidation, Thug Fuckin’

    3. I read somewhere that the so-called ‘Pick Up Artist’ are just pussy nerds who choose to study and apply behavioral patterns in flirting and seduction instead of math and sciences. I agree with that.
      And you are right, and it can be simplified more: there is no need of overcomplicated schemes, lines and logistics, just a firm Will and the changes in the world around you will follow (credit to A.C for this).

      1. I think this is an apt description. I have said a lot of times here that despite my constant success, I have no “game” per se. What I have is a good understanding of my hometown that I have lived in all my life, an easy demeanor that makes friends (men and women) quickly, a lot of confidence (some deserved some not), a good job and a good physique. I have no idea how to game a woman. I know how to talk to a woman and be desirable to do. The idea that PUA community is just basically the same as the computer nerds but they studied behavioral patterns in flirting seems really dead on. The problem with the PUA people, the ones who specifically run “games” is that they are missing the full spectrum of life — the excellence that makes game unnecessary.
        As a side not, PUA guys can rarely get what I crave. I don’t want to just get my dick wet and in the morning she regrets it. I want their fucking souls. I want them, 10 years down the road, with a husband and a kid, to have a fucking dog named lolknee. I want them to spend months unhappy after I stop fucking them. Yeah, I will use a twat as a jerk off device, but I want so much more than that. For what I want you have to be excellent…they have to look at you and know that after you they will have to settle.

        1. “The problem with the PUA people, the ones who specifically run “games” is that they are missing the full spectrum of life — the excellence that makes game unnecessary.”
          In other words, they are not but pretend to be. They don’t exist, they are hollow, no substance, intellect, intelligence, culture and goods (material or not).

        2. To be the alpha widow maker… it’s a good goal to have. Not for society, but for an individual.

        3. I have been in the mood to fuck a woman with a beta chump as a husband.

        4. yes, exactly. Game is when people pretend (successfully, so it is not totally without merit) to be what women want (high quality, high value men) rather than becoming that for their own reasons and reaping (raping?) the benefits.

        5. If going for the results, what difference does it make? I lie about everything with women and it works well.

        6. I think it makes a great deal of difference to be honest. You get your dick wet and I get my dick wet. You say end result is the same so what does it matter. But I never lie to women — and they know it. I don’t just get their hole I get their soul. And even more than that, when I go home I know why they come to me….because I am truly excellent and don’t have to fake it.

        7. I believe you are missing out … I would suggest that they do, they are buried very deep and you have no access to them because you are engaging them on a very shallow level.

        8. Man, it is extremely rare to hear anyone address half the stuff you are spitting off the head right now. Right character, honest living, no fucks given but to Fuck the world thoroughly. You’re doing it right in NYC.

        9. been doing it for a long time too. The difference between me and other people with these qualities is I have no moral hang up about using them to make women do filthy disgusting things for my pleasure and then sending them on their way when I get bored.

        10. That’s as much their doing as my own. If they weren’t superficial, then they wouldn’t be engaged on a that level. Same exact reason lying works. If they exercised proper discretion then that tactic would fail.

        11. I am not saying the tactics aren’t successful and I think everyone here who has ever seen me comment knows I am not saying that women aren’t superficial…..I am, however, saying that lying to women for sex and paying women for sex is essentially the same thing….you will get laid, but something is missing at least for me. I would rather be an excellent man in and of myself and watch these superficial girls beg for it then lie or pay them into the sack. I have no qualm or issue with your move man, I don’t judge a person on how they get their rocks off, it just isn’t for me. What I am looking for you don’t get from gaming women.

        12. Even my crusty old married ass ‘gets’ this. It’s why I never went into rape on a professional level – if SHE isn’t ready to try to rape YOU, what’s the point? At that point you may as well pay for it…

        13. I ignore more calls on a daily basis of women begging to be reunited with my genitals than most people could imagine. It makes me feel amazing. Some of these girls I haven’t fucked in 6 months. I get emails and phone calls from girls I haven’t seen in years. They are all chasing that high. I fucking love it.

        14. No it isn’t. One involves a monetary transaction. The other involves competently acting and costs nothing. And it reinforces social skills. Particularly adaptability. There’s zero challenge involved in paying for sex. There’s a good amount of challenging fun had convincing a girl you’re a dolphin trainer, google mapper, pilot, etc. If they don’t know your name, age, address, or occupation you don’t have to worry about anything with them. I’ve had some find out I’m lying about everything and they still don’t care.

        15. you are missing the point entirely. Getting sex by lying and getting sex by paying are the same because you don’t have the satisfaction of knowing the woman wants you. She wants the lies. The game. The money. Whatever. If that doesn’t matter to you that is fine. I get off on the woman knowing who I am, knowing I will leave her and begging for just a little more time. To each their own bud and happy hunting. I just have slightly different things I search for. Simply getting my dick in isn’t enough for me.

        16. I don’t derive any satisfaction out of women becoming emotionally attached to me. If I were overseas I would be more authentic, but given how disingenuous Americunts are, I think this is the best play. I’d say you have unique interests compared to most men. Not that one approach is better than the other.

        17. And people wonder why American girls are bitches, granted alot of the problems is a caused by American culture and how they were raised but it takes two to Tango. Imagine you are an old romantic Soul who is female and you “fall in love” with a handsome boy and it turns out he is a scoundrel and was just trying to get into your pants and you were uninformed about his nature you would probably would believe all men are scoundrels and put up a massive bitch shield same if a women broke an uninformed man’s heart except you put up an asshole shield and get really good at game. A veteran once told me how one bad person can effect many others outside of his or her circle of known people.Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

        18. I figure if they want to play the game, they’ve willingly signed up for the consequences. It’s not as if I am attending religious services and telling devout girls I’m a regular.
          The problem is identifying actual “quality” girls is impossible in this country. I shotgun blast the most available girls. I rarely have any backlash for my actions because they pretty much know what the arrangement is.

        19. I am not in disagreement, most American girls are not worth the time of day , there is better uses of one’s time then chasing tail.

        20. What sort of filthy disgusting things? Go on… don’t be shy… Share all the details!!!

        21. I was thinking the exact same thing. The more I interact with women the more disenchanted I become. Precisely because they can’t give me what my soul really wants. That’s red pill fundamentals

  2. To summarize, whatever you focus on becomes a key to your reality. If you, like Herr Trump, focus on networking and financial decisions, you will naturally find opportunities and be the perfect person to fill them.
    I recall an anecdote from one of his books in which he felt like crap (he was deep in debt at the time), but he went to a social event he had on his schedule anyway. He struck up conversation with a man who ultimately turned out to be one of the most hard-assed debt collectors for one of his creditors, and that man became a friend who cut him some slack.
    The same basic rule applies to game of all stripes. If you focus on making friends, meeting new people, or approaching girls, you’ll become the kind of person for which this is naturally easy. In the same way, if you focus on ways to be fitter, stronger, better at your craft, or anything else, you become the “natural” everyone envies.
    (Related: this principle appears in the Bible, but not so clearly defined. Philippians 4:8 tells us to focus on good things, and Psalm 1 teaches us to meditate on the Word day and night. Such focus restructures our perspectives on the world so that we are naturally aligned with the teachings on which we have meditated.)

    1. Agreed with all but want to add this element of strategy: take a break. Sometimes you need a vacation. I know some marketing executives who never stop thinking about work and they burn out. In addition, I think taking a break enhances creativity. This can be as simple as deciding on just one place you will not approach a woman. Period. Even if a hit one appears available. Remind yourself via deed where your place is in your life.

  3. Alternatively, take all of the time, energy and work that you would devote to being “always on” and instead devote that time, energy and work to yourself. Lift, get your diet straight, develop good friends, improve your career, get your finances straight, invest in yourself, find a hobby and become passionate about it, achieve success in your business, etc.
    Stop chasing momentary, fleeting bits of happiness like porn, or one-night stands, or pigging out on shitty food, or binge watching TV shows , or searching for likes on Facebook.
    Instead, build up yourself and fill your life with the true joy of good health, good friends, success and achievement.
    Then, the women will come to you.

    1. Embrace the healing power of ‘and’. Believe it or not, you can do all the things you listed and still be available to make connections with women, if that is what you desire.

      1. Or you can do none of them. Bitches don’t care about the real only the apparent.

        1. Ok. You can choose not to work on self-improvement, but you can certainly work on self-improvement for your own reasons having nothing to do with females. It is for your benefit, not for women’s benefit. You can still be open to whatever relationships/interactions with women you want to pursue.

    2. Great post! Create ‘Value” in everything you do, and Not just women will come to you, but other “Real” opportunities as well… Quality attracts Quality!

    3. This is a nice dream but the women will never come to you. The guys like me being proactive will be having them long before they ever get to your door, already used and abused multiple times and looking to settle…

      1. I think the truth is probably somewhere between my “let them come to you” conclusion and the “always on” always hunting and gaming mindset of the article.
        The article seems to suggest you should focus all your time, all your energy, all of your labor and all of your mindset on finding and getting pussy. In my experience, if you put your time, energy, labor and mindset on getting yourself to a better place mentally, physically and spiritually, you become a lot more naturally attractive to women than if you commit your entire life and energy to constantly “running game” and “always on.”
        But you’re right, you can’t just sit back in your crib and hope chicks will show up at you door looking for cock. You do have to be proactive and run game, and a lot of the tips in the article are good. IN some areas, you have to really work hard to find girls worth the trouble. If you are in the hunting pussy phase, then yeah, do that shit.
        I’m thinking of it more of an investment/reward kind of place. You can put all your efforts and resources into hunting pussy 24/7 and being “always on”… but what is the real pay off? More notches? Women just aren’t really worth all that shit. Hell, every chick you nail is potential landmine capable of fucking up your life in one way or another.
        To me, its a better use of your time and energy to work on yourself, get yourself to a better place. Use the various game techniques that work for you when you are out looking to hook up, but don’t devote your entire life to it. Maybe you miss a few chicks by not being “always on” but goddamn your life will ultimately be better off for it.

        1. To me I read it that you should always be prepared to chat to pussy rather than dedicate every second to getting it. On the way to work, for example, it only takes a minute to chat to a girl while you both walk down the street. Or chat up the cute chick in the coffee shop. Easy.
          I have everything you describe in your first comment (diet, friends, hobbies, career, fitness, etc.) and no chicks are breaking down my door to get to me. Its still as hard as ever. Bitches do not give a fuck about your career or any of that other stuff. When you talk to a girl the only thing she cares about is whether “it feels right” and that is what you have to control.
          But think about it a minute. Do you really want a girl who’s with you because of your career?

        2. We’ll always debate this because the demographic of this site is split. Some dudes are young, sex obsessed PUAs with no soul (like I am sometimes). Some are MGTOWs. Some are family men.
          The article wasn’t about men’s happiness, just getting laid. I know guys who had peaceful, loving marriages for decades. Then one day they asked for a divorce and started looking for sluts like they did 30 years earlier. We are all animals with needs.

        3. Thanks for saying that Bob. I often feel the same way. On paper, I’m every womans dream. Tall, good looks, career, musician…
          But the loud, obnoxious bad boy wins at the club every time. (even if he has no job).
          The guy who talks to the chick about her choice of apples in the produce aisle wins. (even if he’s short and ugly).
          The dude texting funnier meme’s to the girl I like wins. (even if he is a dumbass.)
          The reality is, we FEEL beta, when we put forth the effort to approach. I think those “natural alphas” are mostly guys who love attention and never gave a fuck who they bothered to get it. You can have the “never giving a fuck ” part down pat… but if you don’t naturally love attention, it is a lot of work to put yourself out there day after day.
          It’s like going from intro-vert to door-to-door salesman. But that’s the society we are in right now. Even if we don’t like it: Pussy is for closers!

        4. I remember many years ago in college. I was sitting down with a bunch of reasonably cute chicks, conversing with them intelligently and maturely. On the other table was a bunch of complete clowns pulling faces and mugging for the chicks but lacking the balls to do what I was doing – walking over and sitting down with the girls. I asked the girls “who are those idiots?” They looked at me with excitement in their eyes “that’s the basketball team!”
          I was studying finance.
          Later I asked one of those girls out. She said no. Later I found out she was dating one of those idiots on the basketball team. The guy she dated later dropped out of school, became a drug dealer and got locked up.

        5. Get ya on that. It’s getting harder and harder since all that women care are their smartphones. It feels like they’re expecting to ditch the conversation so they can go back to their bloody phones.
          I remember going into a boat party just because it was going to be full of young pussy. But it was a major disappointment, since bitches’ sole intention to board that boat was just making group duckfaces in front of their front cameras. I felt like the shitlord of fools and regretted every second.

  4. Buy a dog costume. Go to a park where hot girls are known to walk their dogs. Start jumping up on the hot girls – while you pant and drool and bark – and then, start humping their legs maniacally. That’s a guaranteed gold-plated winner right there…

    1. Do you know why men’s brains are bigger than dogs? Keeps us from humping a woman’s leg at parties.

    2. Better yet, dress yourself up as a piece of shit and lay on the ground so they might pick you up with a plastic bag. Win!

      1. I don’t save many pictures, but that one begs for archiving.

  5. Very interesting article Troy. I have heard something similar mentioned by a PUA back in 2007, not sure of the guy’s name but this used to be his catch phrase. “It’s always on.” Bordering on creeping a woman out, his goal was to always be open, positive, and persistent, until any lady decided one way or another if she will be his for the night. I think the guy’s name was Cameron, if that rings any bells with you.
    Either way, this has been a trickier position for me to endorse only since some roads are slightly out of my element. I long stopped hard drinking, and since I don’t go to as many active clubs, I do lose out on the night owl girl. I imagine a lot of the roads a person could take will really force a person to establish their boundaries which should let their game become more raw despite where they approached. They were many groups of girls I would get at parties simply because I didn’t want to be there at the party but still thought the girls were hot and didn’t fake the funk on either end.
    Obviously if someone jumps in full force into all areas of game, they will scratch until they drop off of us at some point down the road naturally. This truth does come up for each of at some point and girls pick it up unconsciously. Very interesting way to chisel to your success Troy.

    1. Regarding your first paragraph, I think Roosh wrote something similar some time ago along the lines of never take no for an answer where he concludes that persistence is the key to passing her shit tests.
      My input is that there is a fine line that you walk when you’re persistent; loosing frame just for a few minutes will take you from stallion in her eyes to desperate pussy beggar! Hope that makes sense!

  6. In my experiences exposure is the #1 component to getting laid. I work too many hours in a male dominated industry for “always on” to work. I simply would have to deviate massively from my daily interactions to interact with a large enough sample of biddies. And that would negatively influence other aspects of my life.

    1. You said it John. Many times you see a guy with a girl and you immediately know the only way he could be with her is because he happened to be in her circle

  7. Troy, this is really one of your top bits of advice. I can’t stress enough…..if you aren’t “on” then stay the fuck home a nd read a book. At every moment that you present yourself to the world you should be totally on…..I don’t give two shits for the miserable mope sitting in a bar drowning his sorry.

    1. Very surprised to see your endorsement of this article. Not saying it isn’t a good one, or great one, but it is definitely a shit or get off the pot assessment for being ready for opportunities.

      1. Not sure at your surprise. In everything you do you should be totally switched on. I am not so sure it is shit or get off the pot. I kind of read it like shit and if you aren’t shitting start fucking shitting.

        1. You should write a book with that title and use the pseudonym of scat kneeman

  8. It is precisely the modern woman’s need for me to be “always on” that led me back to God. Way too much work with way too little ROI.
    I knew that I’d have to be my physical and spiritual best self in order to find the right girl- but I also knew that the “right girl” would NOT require me to be a non-stop dancing monkey. I quit the booze and porn cold turkey -with a LOT of prayer, mind you- and two months later found the woman who would assume the mantle of Wife 2.0.
    Two years on, all systems are still very much “go”. Yes, I still work out and strive to stay sharp mentally, physically, and spiritually. That said, I’m laid like tile and have plenty of free time for pursuing my favorite hobbies because my brain isn’t constantly worrying about when my body’s needs are going to be met next.
    The price for finding a woman of character, beauty, and virtue is to become a man of strength, character, and virtue. Alternately, you can keep trying to find fulfillment in empty women and fleeting pleasures.

    1. It sounds like you have done well for yourself. I would caution you against thinking that your little slice of heaven is the same for all. Not everyone finds these pleasures empty and unfulfilling, many find something transcendental in them. In the ION plato makes his critique of art. The mimetic work is just a shadow of a shadow. If the ideal form of tree is the truth, and the physical, impermanent tree is merely a false copy, then the painting of the physical tree is just a false copy of a false copy. It was many centuries later that Kant so aptly explained, in the Critique of Judgment, that the judgment of beauty we make when encountering art is not about the art, but about a self-reflection into the very possibility of cognition as such….transcendental freedom.
      Don’t get me wrong, I see how some people can find the life of flitting from one passionate encounter to the next unfulfilling and for them your prescription is a good one. But some, my self included, find something beyond the individual encounters in this. A single “woman of character, beauty, and virtue” would bore me literally to death. Your life would drain the soul right from me and leave me a shell of a man, miserable and incomplete…just as my life would to others…presumably you. It is always a very simple error to make to think that when we have found something that makes us happy it is in any way applicable to others…..we extrapolate ourselves into the universal, it is natural hubris that needs to be conquered if we are ever to be taken seriously.

      1. Every time I read your (hugely entertaining) shenanigans, I’m reminded of this bit from the blog Masculine Style:
        “As Western society continues to decay, as movement in any direction is heralded as progress, as the bonds that created civilization continue to be hacked at, more and more men will embrace the selfishness and nihilism of the Rake and find themselves sitting poolside while the rest of the world reverts to chaos. Sadly, as men and masculinity are more and more maligned in media, schools, and work environments, the number of men who will forgo the Rugged and Refined archetypes in favor of the relative ease and freedom of the Rake will continue to increase.
        In a thriving civilization the number of Rakes who can fully embrace this archetype are few and far between. However, they thrive and multiply when societies start the slow march to ruin. Therefore, a good indicator of the health of a given society is the degree of allowance, tolerance, or adoration given to the Rakes.
        This is not to say that Rakes are inherently bad or evil. They are simply men who can only thrive under a certain set of circumstances. And even if a man is not a full-on Rake, we would do well to embrace a bit of the social disregard and irreverence they epitomize.”
        As an engineer, I think I’m a little too invested in the continuation of Western Civilization to condone that lifestyle.

        1. I don’t think western civilization is in the dire straits everyone else seems to. I think we are doing just fine. Once again, I think it is a lot of people trying to make their own personal belief systems universal because they lack the internal fortitude to go into the world with the knowledge that their choices are just that, their choices. They need the false anchors of being “correct” or “just” or whatever.
          In my business I run by quite a few engineers. They seem like most other people to me if not a tad more organized. It seems to me that your engineer mind isn’t invested in the continuation of western civilization quite as much as it is invested in the belief that your personal code is somehow universally valid. It is a big scary world out there and it takes all kinds of people to make it run but thinking that electricians can do their job with a hammer is always a mistake

        2. This is great! Is there something like that in Robert Green’s Art Of Seduction??

        1. Nothing like the envy of lesser men to make me smile in the morning.

      2. You really need to write more… You have a natural inclination towards the passionate flare of truth, that inspires, uplifts and keeps grounded your eager and hungry audience!

      3. What is the ” ideal form of tree”?

        How could a physicsl tree be a false copy?

        Only if our known multi verse exists inside the imagination of a hamster.

        A tree exists outside anyones concepts of ideals of things.

    2. what a bunch of shit. Everyone is partially a dancing monkey or they end up on the curb or saddled with some fat, inconsiderate, uncaring hog. The day you enter a relationship is the day your on the down slope. The only question is how far down the slope you get. Just as long you realize that her virtue isn’t your virtue – than it works. Also, any jackass can get married – 10 times if they want. Woman live for the wedding. Its the troll you get after the wedding is the one you have to deal with.

      1. Nice. That part where I get laid more often than I used to pleasure myself to porn must be a dream, too. Honestly, if you’re having problems with your woman after the wedding it’s because (a) you chose poorly or (b) you’ve dropped your game since then and become weak.
        In terms of (a)- no hymen, no diamond. You’ll have to search younger but that ends up being a lot of fun anyway.
        In terms of (b)- Yes, you have to maintain physical and mental strength- these are the price of manhood. I have no hanky available for you on that one.
        I screwed up BOTH of those the first time…but I learned from my mistakes. I suggest you do the same- you sound a lot like I did before deciding to turn things around.

        1. my first mistake was marrying weak. You pick wrong and you end up with a gold digging lazy bitch …Even after divorce she is still a lazy fat cunt…. I have no regrets as I got a kid out of the deal. Awesome kid…..Also, when I hear “I found god”- my thoughts are : maybe you have but she don’t believe what you believe. It was a hard pill to digest. Its why I don’t trust any religious people. They have no idea that woman are thinking or what woman are believing thats spewed out by the church. Its why marriage vows are a practical joke at the expense of man. When the pope says equality garbage about the “bad man” and woman need x, y or z.. I just shake my head. And quite frankly, I don’t think god gives a rats behind if you use porn or quit drinking.

  9. OT: So kneeman got totally rejected this morning on the subway. Everyone always shares success stories, but here is a rejection….at grand central the train was held in the station for a while. I was sitting next to a girl in a wheelchair….not an injured girl…this girl wasn’t going anywhere. Her legs were all atrophied and mangled. But she was a solid 7 from the waist up and had killer lips. I kept thinking that I bet she sucks dick like a beast to compensate (you know the way blind people hear really well). I also kept thinking about how Zack totally got with a wheel chair chick in saved by the bell. So I started talking to her. Man, all of my normal go to friendly lines that almost always crack a smile were blocked like superman hitting a force field. I tried the whole time we were stuck right up until my stop. Absolutely nothing. I told a guy at work about it and he said she probably feels I was just using her as a novelty and is tired of that shit by now….which, oddly enough, is exactly what happened to Zack on saved by the bell.

    1. My fantasy girl would have a full-on orgasm from sucking my dick… functional legs are optional…

        1. the enthusiasm of the sucking gets so much that they totally lose it. It is a wonderful thing

      1. Yeah, that actually happens. There are some totally bent broads who get off hardcore on sucking dick. It’s a beautiful thing.

    2. Now what would you do with this poor girl’s soul, once captured?
      (and don’t say trade it for pogs)

      1. I put them with the rest, in my collection, which I feed off of for my eternal life.

    3. Your life is in fact the reality based representation of Saved By The Bell with Zack. You are the Zack Prophet come to life. Heh.
      Next time, play her this on your iPhone. She’ll dig it.

    4. Looks like one of those black swan events.
      The overwhelming cup winning favorite losing to the underdog in the final minute. Mixed martial artist champion getting knocked out with a lucky punch from some nobody. Top lead guitarist flubbing the guitar solo that one and only time in a sold out arena.
      Sometimes, reality tends to get all George R Martin on us. Lol.

    5. Lmfao. You and your fucking saved by the bell!.
      Youre a sporting sort of gent, why dont you find a way to bang lark voorhies?

  10. I had to find out who that 2nd chick bent over in her bra and panties is …. did a Google reverse image search, her name is Kelly Brook. I’m surprised to see that’s 37 years old. It’s a shame that most women in their late 30s don’t look like that.

    1. its a shame men put up with any woman who isn’t with it. It destroys everyone’s market value.

    2. I used to work with Kelly when she was 20. That was a looooong time ago ………

  11. As a married man, I would say it doesn’t stop there. Sure, you can relax a bit, but you should always try to be presentable and outgoing in public. You never know what will come out of impressions you make to people in your area.

    1. Quite right. It keeps things right at home too. I have no interest in cocking someone who’s doing it out of marital obligation.

      1. Yup, let your wife know you are still in demand, and she will keep herself in demand as well.

  12. Interesting contrast to the article on “Woman Has Online Meltdown After Being Rejected By A Man For Being Too Muscular”
    Too bad that woman can’t read this. She is trying to market herself as a romantic/dating interest to heterosexual men looking for a female to interact with using a picture portraying her as ‘one of the guys’ at best. Rock climbing or workout partner? Maybe. Romantic/dating object of interest -no.
    Her complaint boils down to the customer is wrong. They should buy the product I tell them to, vice my showing how it’s the product they’re seeking.

  13. I think it is a solid advise for guys in their roaring 20s, who want to stick their dicks in all and every different types of vaginas. Be always on, be always pushing forwards, otherwise you will get fuck-all.
    But I am at the end of my 30s now, and I seldom if ever see a girl who is my type, and appears to be worth the effort. But sure, for those rare ladies I always turn myself to “on mode” as soon as a noticed them.

  14. 1. Money
    2. Power
    3. Fame
    What’s this ‘game’ I keep hearing about? The big three are all they care about.

    1. Yeah, that’s what that silly little punk who shot up a bunch of people in his car thought too. Big rich famous daddy, decent looks, access to everything, and he freaking failed big time.
      If you think it’s all about money, power and fame, then you clearly haven’t looked around at the number of housewives fucking the pool boy while rich lawyer hubby is at work.

      1. I agree. If only rich powerful famous men got laid, there wouldn’t be 7 billion people on Earth

      2. They’ll all fuck the pool boy, but most of them won’t live with the pool boy. But it’s rich hubby that owns them.
        I’ve never worried all that much about the pool boy, they all know the children will be DNA tested, and that’s all that really counts. (It’s not as if I’m faithful)

        1. Pool boys who are fucking married women aren’t wont to want to be lived with to begin with, so that’s a moot point really.

  15. Do not go out of your way to chase women.
    Develop lifestyle that is fun and can attract valuable people. Women will smell this and see that you are having fun and will naturally gravitate towards you.
    You are simply having great life and you are just allowing or rejecting which ever women you want to invite to your life.

  16. I enjoy Troy’s articles, but it just sounds too time consuming and, frankly, a waste of money and energy — especially to fuck such fickle and vapid creatures. I’ll game civilians when an ideal opportunity presents itself where I won’t lose face or any dignity, but at the end of the day I simply open my wallet and buy a young 9 who is paid to try hard and perform. It’s just too damn efficient and enjoyable with a 99.9% kill ratio. You’re not competing with her iPhone or being cock blocked by her bitchy or gay friends, or forced to cut through sausage. You also don’t have to listen to all of her mundane and retarded stories about her job / life / family.

    1. I think Troy must be short of cash …. we don’t need to waste our time in search of free ones.
      Although I have found many of my purchases do still want to show me photos of their families and talk about that sort of stuff.

  17. And most of all, develop a bullet proof personality. Keep in mind that you are the fucking man and if she rejects you that’s her mistake. There’s nothing wrong with you but there’s something seriously wrong with her.

  18. Instead of looking for validation, people should be developing themselves, actively working on experimenting with different looks, styles, and speaking patterns. It doesn’t matter what kind of shitty TV shows or magazines are out for consumers these days. All it matters is that you present yourself as a candy worth chewing on (or sucking on in case of a guy like myself).
    Granted, you don’t feel best on most days, but that shouldn’t matter! Look your best anyways, and AGGRESSIVELY approach women instead of being a little pusswad and hiding behind your mommy’s skirt.
    Honestly speaking, the more insecure you are, the more another human being knows that you haven’t planted the seeds which are CRITICAL for survival and presenting you as the DOMINANT GENE giver. Think on it but not too much.

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