Empowered Woman Uses 98 Men For Meals, Validation, and Blog Fodder

The dating geniuses at Huffington Post are at it again, this time with a single 40-something “dating and relationship expert” bemoaning the state of modern dating while extracting the usual cash and prizes from men who make the mistake of courting her traditionally. Look upon time’s ravages, ye mighty, and despair:

Dating is the required presentational stage for a possible future interlude. For this very reason, I chafe at having to be “on point.” I rail at the notion of being appealing, engaging and alluring.

It’s an indictment of our society that even a modicum of desirability is difficult to muster up for a woman who calls herself a “relationship expert.” Clearly it is a tremendous chore to feign being presentable to a fellow human being for an hour while availing oneself of free food and drink.

There’s a great myth that’s been hoisted upon all women that “dating” is fun, and as women we should like it. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy crafted to guarantee an ongoing form of economic revenue, women are forced to buy new clothes and makeup while men are lured into exorbitant restaurants to prove their merit.

Dating does promote senseless deficit spending, but the burden falls almost entirely on men. The author even admits it later in the piece.

I’d long been criticized for never having “officially dated.” In an attempt to put this argument to rest, I decided to say “yes” to any agreeable man who asked me out. I had 98 dates in nine months.

Sounds like the author made full use of her round-the-world carousel ticket, against the advice of her friends and family. The death throes of any woman’s sexual marketplace value are often a dumpster fire to behold, with the last coughs often resulting in absurd experiments of “self-empowerment,” such as saying yes to every man who asks to date you despite having no sexual interest in them.

“I ate my way through every restaurant in Manhattan and spent far more time in Starbucks than any human who has their own WiFi. No less than three times a week I’d put on the same outfit (perhaps a little half-hearted on my part) and meet a new man for dinner or coffee. I sat. I listened. I ate. I drank.”

Though she complains about the necessity of buying new dresses for dates (because we all know women hate shopping for new clothing), our fearless attraction scientist couldn’t even be bothered to change the potato sack she was donning for men who were spending their time and money on her. The reader is supposed to feel pity that she was forced to bask in the attention (and financial support) of nearly a hundred simps she herself agreed to date.

At the end of my social experiment, here’s what I learned. Men parade their toys while women serve as the cows, pigs and horses parading for our Blue Ribbon of acceptance. Men name-drop their friendships with celebrities and clarify their numerous positions of power and influence. They rattle off their trips in foreign cities, identify their cars by the manufacturer’s name and list their homes by prestigious locations. They dangle their toys in front our eyes in the hopes that we’ll bite the bait. Oddly, they’re not the bait.

She makes a good point — too many men think that their possessions, and not themselves, are the road to attracting women. That said, the author brought it upon herself by dating men who agreed to take her to exorbitant restaurants on first dates, virtually guaranteeing a selection bias for men who 1) Have no idea how to attract a woman and 2) Are apt to use their buying power as a pathetic attempt to impress a first date, the very phenomenon that she later bemoans. By dipping into the turgid pool of “Gameless 30-something schlubs with tons of money in New York City,” she virtually assured her conclusion before undertaking the experiment.

Is it possible to create a meaningful connection without the dog and pony show? Do we really need to sell ourselves on the auction block in order to gain affection? Can’t one leapfrog past all this nonsense and move straight into partnership?

The clichéd irony of these pieces is that their authors conveniently omit the years that they spent eschewing a meaningful connection and chasing the dog and pony show of male attractiveness, power, fame, etc. Only when they begin to sense their value has cratered do they bemoan the meritocracy of the sexual marketplace and yearn to slide “straight into partnership.”

So, while I’ve satisfied my friends and family with giving dating a fair shot, I still prefer the old-school method of connection where I’m just doing my thing and happen to meet someone special. Whether walking my dog or at the gym, I’m where I want to be while living the life I love. And we meet. Naturally. Organically. The spark we find serves as our connection. We merge.

Ah yes, the “old school” method of connection where people go on dates—the one that the author expressed her disgust for in the preceding 300 words. Even with her vast experience at an advanced age, the author does not understand this immutable truth of humanity: Nothing happens organically. Every action takes place because one person (usually a man) wills himself to put himself out there because it serves a selfish need.

In the arena of romance, the vast majority of dating interactions occur between people who were forced to spend a great deal of time together, most often in a work setting, school situation, or with mutual friends. In the vanishing minority of relationships, marriages, hookup situations etc. that do not fit this formula, they occur because a man made it happen.

For the author, “organic” means “Without any agency on my part, and only with a man that I find desirable.” Unfortunately, the time for her to meet men at this level of “organicness” has passed. The men who she will be attracted to are talking to the 25 year old in the produce aisle, or interrupting a 22-year old’s Instagram whoring at Starbucks to ask if she likes the computer she’s using. They certainly won’t be knocking on the door of a 40-something unmarried “relationship expert” who has never dated traditionally and mocks men who try (however clumsily) to establish a connection with her.

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183 thoughts on “Empowered Woman Uses 98 Men For Meals, Validation, and Blog Fodder”

  1. I first saw this on /pol/, I thought the same thing. “Dating is so hard, I have to make an effort to look good (she looks like an orc that spent too much time sunbathing), and go to a bar where I must wait to be approached.” Muh First world problums

      1. Because that’s what the future holds for majority of western women.

        1. Yup… dogs and cats for spinsters.
          Its sad… I even see loved ones falling into this shithole…
          By the time they realize what happened its too late.

        2. While you’re at it, invest in pharmaceuticals, specifically antidepressants, cheap wine, and sigarettes.

      2. Relationship advice from an old bat that has no children and still riding strangers cock well into her 40’s ????. No wonder the world is going mad.

  2. In my 35 years on this earth, I’ve noticed women seem to be aware of every little detail outside those intrinsically linked to reality

    1. That is because we do not live in “reality” here in the West. We live in a carefully crafted and stealthfully maintained vivarium designed to shield our female halves from all the more unpleasant and outright cruel consequences of being born a woman when all barriers between them and the natural world fall away. For these reasons, women living in other less “artificial” parts of the world are most definitely much more aware of “true” reality and of their place in it than this specimen here. Not all economies can support an endless supply of ever-thirsty beta chumps with sufficient levels of spare cash for 40-something women to leech off of for so long. Matter of fact, ours might very well run out of them quite a bit sooner than we expect.

  3. It’s interesting how this is socially acceptable, but the same thing done and written about by a man regarding what men want in a relationship, sex, would be condemned with shrieks and shrill outrage for months.
    “How I Used 98 Girls For Sex”
    Imagine the outrage. Yet she gets a pass on using men for free meals under a *clearly* false pretense of some kind of future romantic connection.

    1. Of course, in such an article, you would have to whine terribly about having to ask women out. It would be a horrendous “chore” that should be done without. All the difficulties in showering and occasionally moving a muscle in a body-building fashion would be screamed about as a grave injustice on the life of a man attempting to build attraction in women. And in conclusion, the author of such an article would lament all this unnecessary bullcrap that must precede intercourse and just demand that attractive women organically present themselves to him openly on the street…
      Yeah, that’s how vulgar these women should sound to the rest of us.

      1. He must also lament how women go for the obnoxious brutes and not the Supreme Gentlemen such as himself.

    2. I’m not mad at her. She’s storing up meals for her dating winter which is around the corner. From the looks of things, she’ll be needing those meals and memories of dicks past. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to know that cats-a-mlillion are in her future. So empowered, so tragic.

    3. …This is an awesome Idea for a Kings article. Would go viral for sure

    1. Even if the man isn’t thirsty, he will feel like he’s dying should he go on 98 dates in 9 months.
      Very apropos.

    1. Over the 4th break, I had a conversation with a female friend and ex co-worker. She described to me a situation where a male on a conference call (this man is older and has no PC speech filter), said something to the effect of…

      I like it better when women are in the detail-oriented role XX and keep the male YY’s (who perform a different task) on their toes

      This friend of mine took offense. Mind you, the man was actually complimenting women on being better suited towards detail oriented tasks, the context and intent of what he said was intended as a compliment towards a specific female strength. My friend did not care to engage her brain and stop herself from taking offense. She immediately told him to stop conversing on that on the conference call, and then called that man’s boss after the conference call to complain.
      She was relating this story to me (which I had already heard about from other peoople), and I blasted her. I straight out said, “Why, dear god, why did you call his boss? Why start that shit?”
      Her beta husband and her both jumped on me, convinced of my wrong-ness and were absolutely certain that all corporations have a moral obligation to police all behavior within the corporation. It was impossible to convince either of them that by inserting a “nanny state” corporate culture, you are essentially telling everyone that their behavior must be policed, and that conflicts are not to be resolved individually.
      This is the same woman who has tattoos; absolutely loves to swear and say the most vulgar things imaginable, even sometimes at work; and expresses hatred at the PC culture in our country. But she’s been trained, trained like a robot to simply react viscerally at *ANY* speech that *MIGHT POSSIBLY* indicate a difference between the sexes.
      It was fucking sad. It was literally like realizing that your friend was in a cult, and could not be convinced of the bubble they live in.

      1. Wow. Her husband needs to be pimp-slapped by a “real” man some day and possibly he’ll rethink his sad approach to life. Slap him, and take his man card, too.

      2. The entire gyno-industrial complex is predicated on women’s default ability to invoke male authority should their feathers get ruffled over some perceived slight.
        In your case it was “calling his boss” and “telling her husband”. I have had no small amount of trouble with female co-workers and their incompetent white knight husbands.
        To quote a sexist entrepreneur I once worked for : “The problem with husband-wife teams is that they start acting like they own the place”.
        And Encorpera is indeed a cult with rituals of exaltation and scapegoating, use of fear, superstition, and sensory deprivation to control adherents, as well as creepy graphic icons and personality-cult murals.
        Feminists frequently invoke the 1950s as an era of conformity and female oppression but the steady evolution to the present Encorpera-state has boldy empowered the least productive workers while marginalizing men and stifling their creative and managerial genius.

      3. It was impossible to convince either of them that by inserting a “nanny state” corporate culture, you are essentially telling everyone that their behavior must be policed, and that conflicts are not to be resolved individually.
        They pre-screen for this shit on interviews now.
        On interview I was asked if you had a problem with a co-worker how would you handle it?…I told her I would pull him outside and have words with him. I was expecting more but she stopped the interview and She said thank you we will be in touch. Never heard back…

        1. Yes, they do. If you don’t “solve” the problem in the woman’s way – e.g. – run to authority, then you are undesirable.
          The work force is ejecting men at no small rate. This, and other feminized ideals, are the reason for it.

        2. I once saved this comment from someone on RooshVforum, it describes the issue at hand perfectly:
          “Almost all employment in our society is entirely at the discretion of women. And, if there is one thing that women truly understand, it is authority. If pressed to make a decision, women will typically look to an authority figure. If there is no authority figure available, then a substitute can be found by creating authoritative (and often very arbitrary) sets of rules that must be complied with and relying on authoritative stamps of approval such as certificates/degrees, squeaky clean background checks, and perfect credit scores. Whether or not those proxy authorities are indicators of a good employee is completely irrelevant, they exist because there is simply no other way for women to make a decision.”

        3. Not to troll you Huss, but it is imperative for men to circumvent the interview process and especially avoid interviews lead by a woman. Never again will I play along with these “situational scenario” interview questions or other profound insults meant to get you jumping through hoops like the Chihuahua in the photo. I provide some tips in my Employment Game series :

        4. Thank you Emahray.
          I have read briefly your link and I’am at the point your son is/was. I just need that face to face you mentioned and I normally have the job. Sending 1000 resumes to companies is frustrating and demoralizing especially when you know your worth. I will start to try to employ some of these tactics to get my resume to someone who can actually do something with it in a more desirable job.
          Its funny that since coming out of college (25 now) I have never gotten a job where I had to interview with a woman. My current job I interviewed with a guy and he asked me to start the next week…

        5. “Sending 1000 resumes to companies is frustrating and demoralizing”
          I suspect it’s much, much easier for a young women to get hired in the corporate world these days than a young man.

        6. Well I was 50 when I got laid off from Encorpera. I was pissed because I had cut a great overseas vacation short only to come back find out I was canned. But after that endured several humiliating instances of having women present during interviews and getting impaled. After that I said “no more interviews” and developed the Employment Game tactics. 7 years later I am still working by using those methods. The Spearhead is soon to publish the updated version in a handy “ebook” format.

        7. This is all very true, women do this in their own lives too, not just at work. I’ve yet to find a woman that can live without dependency on either her father, her husband or the government.

        8. they are doing the same thing at universities, ensuring men won’t be able to get jobs later.

  4. The only reason why these so called dating/relationship experts have a forum to spew their crap is because they have a vagina. If these ‘experts’ know so much about relationships, why are they either single or divorced four times over?

    1. It’s the world of the Huffington post, where a professional, weathered carousel rider can be an expert on relationships and dating.

      1. women make no distinction between expert types. they have no need and are not charged with responsibility for not knowing.
        this is exacerbated by the inversely proportionate confidence that comes with incompetence, as well as the inability for incompetence to recognize competence (i.e. you have to be good to know what good actually is; the hr problem, etc.). thus an expert with 10yr experience in failure looks the same to them as expert with 10yr experience in success. as well as those who outright lie.
        women read “woman has decades of experience in failure” and see only the first 5 words. 7 words is 2 words too many. further still, ‘experience’ is always good-feels if proceeded by ‘women’ or ‘female’, rendering the rest of the sentence as noise. the selfish child always sees themselves as right.

    1. Gads, she can get 100 men to go out with her? What’s her technique, tranquilizer neck darts or something?

      1. What kind of pathetic excuse of a “man” finds her attractive in the first place?

        1. Exactly my point. There have to be some awfully thirsty simps out there to enable that admitted cocain addict, boy haircut proto-feminist looking twunt to date that much.

        2. I’m sure it was dudes who were clamoring for dates online…
          She actually emailed him back. He probably felt great that someone acknowledged his existence.
          I can’t imagine who in a sane mind would want a woman like this other than for sex.

        3. Come on guys, the feigned surprise is a bit over the top. A girl like her can EASILY go on that number of dates over the span of a few months. Any non-landwhale, non-disfigured woman under 40 with an online dating account can do the same.
          Unfortunately, the pendulum has indeed swung that far in favor of women. Is that not obvious to you in your everyday lives?

        4. Feigned? I was being serious, it’s shocking to me that standards have fallen that much. She’s not pretty, a 4 at best. No idea her body/build type but based on her facial dimensions I wouldn’t put off “matronly” as unrealistic. To be fair, I’m willing to admit I’m wrong on the body type. The dyke haircut, the mediocre face, the uncomplementary glasses, nothing about her screams “I can land men!” in any sane time I was raised in. She would be the spinster librarian (and not the sexy kind).
          That said, I don’t disagree with you that it takes so little to get men now. Hence my “awfully thirsty simps” comment.

        5. If you’re interested in experimenting, I recommend you create a fake female online dating account in any city in North America. Or even just a fake Craigslist ad in the w4m section.
          You will discover the true meaning of the word “thirst”.

        6. Like I said, I’m aware of it, if her reports are correct (as well as the post wall hag “dating expert”). I just find it amazing how low men have let their standards fall.

        7. These emasculated “men” are mass produced by the system.
          Modified from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”:
          “He who keeps his balls must face 3 challenges. First, is the path of Academia: Only the penitent man shall pass. Second, is the word of the Media: Only in the footsteps of Masculinity, shall he proceed. Last is the breath of Encorpera: Only in a leap from the lion’s head shall he prove his worth.”

        8. “I just find it amazing how low men have let their standards fall”
          I just find it amazing how low SOME men have let their standards fall..
          There. Fixed it for ya…

        9. I just find it amazing how low 99% of men have let their standards fall..
          NOW its fixed..

        10. So true. In a perverse way, it makes you feel 1000x better about your game. My buddy has a fake FB he has for commenting. He uses a cute girl’s picture as the profile pic. Cute, sweet looking, girl-next-door type. But certainly not a super model by any stretch.
          That profile gets HUNDREDS of friend requests from dudes. And, EVERY time he logs in and they see her pic pop up, he gets an endless stream of “Hi” messages from no-game having guys. Many of them send 3 or 4 unsolicited (and un-responded to) inbox messages.
          I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
          I don’t feel sorry for the guys or especially good for her. It’s just the way things are.
          My only honest response- That’s got to be….ANNOYING! lol

        11. Looked at the article, she is from San Fran and looks more masculine than some of the guys I saw when I went there. Maybe she isn’t telling her dates that she is a girl

      2. She is in San Fran I didn’t think there where 100 straight guys in that city. Maybe she is going on dates to visit the gay guys family to trick them into thinking they are straight.

    2. And she blames her father:
      ” “He told me that I was fat and boys would never marry a fat girl,” she
      said. “This complex [led] to body [dysmorphia], bulimia, and a coke
      addiction.” In the early stages of this project, she’s come to realize
      that it was her dad’s criticism that led her to avoid the dating scene
      and cling to less-than-ideal partners.”
      Women agency = oxymoron

    3. This shows you how unbalanced the dating scene is. This girl is slightly below average. Probably a 3.5-4. Would not fuck her. Yet, she can go on 100 dates – an attractive man has to bust his balls to get 100 dates. An average man will be lucky to get a few dates a year.

  5. 9 months, 98 men, 98 cocks inside her. Potential HPV carrier, doesn’t the female circumcision article come to mind?

    1. Not sure where she said she was having sex with any of them, she seemed a bit more predatory and self centered and out for the quick meal. Might have missed something though.

      1. I just assumed no sex. After all, that would imply she has something to offer men who tried; a foolish assumption indeed!

        1. Exactly, plus her whole disdain for dating as she expresses it, I don’t see her rewarding any chump who “forced” her to put on a clean set of clothes and put in ten minutes doing her hair and make-up. Seems like she resents the very notion, so why reward men who like that kind of thing?

  6. 40 something unmarried “relationship” expert….wtf…after reading the description, I felt like I was transported to the Twilight Zone!

  7. Well, it seems that this one went into it with fair intentions, as opposed to Notorious Food Hooker Jessica Sporty, who pimped her Match.com dates to the tune of $1200/month–that’s north of $14K a year in free food–for dinners at expensive restaurants, with no intention of dating leading to anything more than a full belly for her, b/c “New York is expensive” and “Why should I not expect the bill to be paid?” Yet she also declares herself a “traditional girl” who would look down on man who didn’t pay for the first date…um, riiiight, Jessica, but as it turns out “traditional girls” aren’t food hookers who have to use spreadsheets to keep their match.com dates tracked so that they don’t get caught out in their bullshit. AFAIC, she cannot be ‘named and shamed’ enough.
    Link: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/date-food-women-seek-fancy-dinners/story?id=15107409&singlePage=true
    À bientôt,

    1. Why isn’t the IRS going after her? That should be taxable income. Wait, she has a vagina so if they go after her, then she’ll just pull the victim card.

    2. You do know the correct response for those women who claim to be traditional or old fashioned as a ruse to get you to pay, right?
      “Cool, I’m old-fashioned, too!
      Now, go in the kitchen, make me a sandwich, then get back over here and………..SUCK MY COCK!”

  8. Who in their right mind would date a worthless piece of shit like her ? Oh wait, forgot I live in the mekka of beta thirst !

  9. After her second or third sentence I was already done with this chick.
    It’s just the usual,”I want this! Someone do it for me! And don’t expect me to be grateful either”

  10. First, any self-proclaimed expert or media-ordained “expert” is little more than a bullshit-artist or parrot.
    Only when they begin to sense their value has cratered do they bemoan the meritocracy of the sexual marketplace and yearn to slide “straight into partnership.”
    Funny how little bemoaning there is among hot 21-year-olds who know how to make themselves at least slutty-hot, if not respectfully feminine.
    Ouch! That wall really hurts ladies, especially when you run face-first into it so hard and fast. “It’s the walls fault, not mine!” she proclaimed. There’s no amount of anti-wrinkle cream, lotions and potions and surgery that will fix you. Your grandemothers’ mother’s knew enough to develop value within the bondaries of marriage, family and home to have a future with a man. You girls threw the baby out with the bathwater and now you want to cry about it. You think that at 35, 40 and beyond you can put in the effort of a tight and trim 21 year old and expect men to swoon over you?
    I’m ashamed at the betas who gave you the time of day much less spent their hard earned money on what was nothing but a lying bitch looking for worthless SITC styled fodder for a worthless infotainment media outlet. And this women should be ashed to even have published it, admitting to how awful a human being she is.

    1. I also saw the lump of irony that a “relationship expert” burns through 98 men test subjects while starring in her own season of SITC only to call shenanigans on dating after having “…long been criticized for never having ‘officially dated.’” It sounds like her sample group is much larger than 98 after 20+ years of the same failed shtick.
      If she can get out of her SWPL echo chamber long enough she will hear the obvious question: how’s that being a snowflake thing working for ya at 40+?

    2. “You girls threw the aborted fetuses out with the bathwater and now you want to cry about it.”
      Fixed that for you.

  11. From the original article:

    I have a colleague who’s a dating expert. She teaches the art of flirting in order to capture a man’s attention. I don’t want art. I want to meet a man organically in an environment where I can be myself and interact naturally.

    This is the same beta-babble we hear from “men” about masculinity, game, PUA and red pill.

    1. What’s funny is she never quite defines organic, but the definition leaps off the screen at you.
      “I don’t want to do any work whatsoever to attract a man, I loathe the idea, and prefer men who like women who do not want to do anything to please men”.
      This woman is an incompetent in a world of incompetents. Christ, the entitlement of her assumed role “relationship expert”, let alone her views on dating, are breathtaking to say the least.

      1. Exactly.
        The bold in my comment above followed with it’s supplement at her close is what painted the picture of her fantastical “let the stars align and I’ll trade my cats and dildos for the right man” she-powered mentality. This is what cinched it:

        I want to be while living the life I love. And we meet. Naturally. Organically. The spark we find serves as our connection. We merge.

      2. Yep. These broads still believe in the fairy tale ideal that some prince will somehow just ‘happen’ to be there and sweep her off her feet. I’m pretty sure that’s what she means by ‘organic’. We all heard the saying ‘good things happen to those who wait’, or ‘wait for the right one and love will come’. That’s a woman’s mentality right there, cos the sexual market does put attractive women in a position of not having to do anything except breathe and look pretty. They don’t make the mental leap to understand that good things don’t just ‘happen’, but that there must be a man somewhere to make them happen. And that *she* has to be enough motivation for that man to make the effort.
        We know what the actual score is, being men. Good things don’t happen to those who wait, but to those who work and make them happen. And now men are waking up and know they have options.

    1. I most certainly cannot take seriously a woman who 1) is past her prime, and not particularly attractive, 2) a user and serial dater, 3) thinks with a quasi-feminist perspective.
      It’s another case of a smarty-pants woman who is “too big for her britches” (believes she’s better/smarter than she really is).
      It’s laughable at best, and tragic at worst what has become of womanhood in some cases.

  12. It would be interesting to see an experiment where a man purposefully sought out these kinds of women, took them to a fancy restaurant and refused to pay her part of the bill. Who would be legally liable for that part of the bill? (he would still pay for his food/drinks.) 1) Her- because it was her “contract” with the restaurant (she looked at the prices, ordered and ate the food and therefore she owes the restaurant the money) or 2) him- because she relied on his taking her out and he had implicitly “promised” to pay.

    1. That reminds me of a funny story. Once when I was just out of college I went out on a date with a broad and it was a complete nightmare. She was the most self obsessed individual I still think in my 40 years I have ever met. Even when she did ask me a question about myself it was only so she could give advice for her opinion about the situation. After dinner I had them bring the dessert cart over and we began looking at it. I excused myself and said I had to go to the bathroom. I never went back to the table. I later heard from my friend, it was actually his girlfriend’s friend, the dame hadn’t even brought her wallet to the restaurant and her roommate had to bring her the money. Luckily my buddy broke up with his chic a few months later and I never had to hear about it again. I still snicker every time I see a dessert cart

  13. Hey is anybody burning this stuff to a DVD? I want archaeologists to be digging up this great stuff in a couple thousand years.

    1. We should create an archive of all the articles released by ROK, Roosh, Roissy, Bonecrckr, Pook et al. The resulting collection of knowledge should be studied by every young boy as the new modern man’s bible.

  14. Funny how women will applaud their sisters who contemptuously use men this way, and then in their very next breath complain about how men only want to ‘hook up’ and don’t want to date anymore.

  15. It’s fun to lampoon feminists but hearing the plaintive wails of single, childless post-30 career women fills one with sadness for the millions of women who have been duped into forgoing their youthful fertility to waste away their talents on waging war with their cubicle mates instead of raising beautiful, happy children. No feminist ever tells young women that they can get educated, start a family, and enter the workforce later after having the joy of children. There has never been a better time in history for women to continue their skill-building through online education and use that to get jobs in their 40s and beyond.
    No, this is what a femist tells women :
    “When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”
    ― Sheryl
    Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
    And from the Alpha Woman Book site :
    Today’s Alpha woman is everywhere. In dress and style, the Alpha is the familiar, highly visible prototype: unabashedly sexy as well as career-oriented. She’s the MD who manages the clinic like a well-oiled machine, or the self-confident Web editor who envisions herself running the company with her combination of tech skills and business savvy. She’s the chic, assertive saleswoman who convinces you to buy an outfit you aren’t sure you actually need…There’s never been a better time to be an Alpha woman. She’s on the rise in her education and in her profession. She’s self-reliant, and she can explore her sexuality and make her own life choices.
    “The type of man she should be looking for is not afraid of strong women. He is cooperative but not compliant, accomplished but not a workaholic, assertive but not
    confrontational. He is the man many contemporary women have been waiting for, but he is not adequately appreciated in a culture where the Alpha male has reigned supreme.”
    Thing is, all these Alpha women are devoid of children and partner and are in therapy.
    Let young women know that the manosphere is pro-woman and pro-children. They would do well to heed the advices presented therein instead of listening to self-appointed feminist relationship experts.

    1. I think what feminists don’t understand is that men love to see their woman happy, excited, and in high spirits.
      I doubt very much that men want to see the mother of their children fucking miserable…

    2. Notice that Sandberg advises young women to sleep with a string of bad boys, the very males who are no longer tolerated in today’s litigation-averse corporations, and that when their careers are poised for take-off to seek a beta-boy to support that as well as well as provide equal-partnership co-parenting. It is a bad prescription relying on a dwindling number of compliant men willing to pick up the pieces after they have shattered their youth on the alter of careerism.

      1. Women like Sandberg think the pendulum will keep swinging in the direction it swings now. They have no idea what’s coming.

    3. LOL @ ‘Alpha woman’. Alpha woman are 9’s and 10’s that use their vaginas to coast through life getting free shit from men until they die. Not used up career cunts.

      1. I direct you to change your handle to the more professional-sounding “The Subterranean”.

      2. That’s no Alpha woman.
        And, it nothing any woman should aspire to.
        An Alpha woman is one…attached to an Alpha man.

  16. Women who get men to buy them free shit, while mocking them because they were dumb enough to fall for the ruse, yet another reason why I go my own way.

  17. I agree a well written article. Women are ridiculous I mean this chick went out with 98 dudes and she couldn’t find one that she found interesting enough to avoid coming to the conclusion that she came to about dating? And then blames the men for this lol.

    1. Yep, there was one common factor in all 98 failed dates.
      That she’s unable to deduce what that factor is, is of course, predictable.

    2. Right. She is the common denominator in this equation (but most women with an ego wont’ see it).
      She talked with all of these guys and they had the same approach (exactly what does that tell you about women?). She didn’t really go much into that part of the ‘experiment’.
      Also, if you can’t find someone interesting after so many dates…it’s not them, it’s you.

  18. She likely had LTRs and short-term flings with exciting charismatic men in her 20s and 30s. Now she should be feeling lucky, that so many wealthy men are interested in her at all. But of course those men are boring to her. Good luck finding the organic cat-collection.

    1. Not shown in this picture: open laptop with POF, OkCupid, Facebook, Twitter loaded up with hundreds of likes, pokes, winks an the like like from thousands of cat-tolerant beta boys. Hey, this Internet 8 has options! Despite all the attention, she still chooses the company of one type of pussy over the other type.
      Buy me dinner beta boy! It’s your moral and social imperative. But you gotta wait until I’m done feeding my babies.

  19. Huff pó will publish absolutely anything spewed by a female. no quality control whatsoever

  20. I always thought any woman over 30 who is “dating” is a pathetic human being living a ridiculous life. Well, that also goes for men.

    1. yeah any decent looking girl who is marriage minded can easily get someone when she’s young. Any woman over 30 who bitches about decent men was never looking in the first place.

  21. Hey fellas. This is why you don’t date. Hell, don’t even buy bitches drinks. You’re just blog fodder and Facebook folly. No lay is worth that loss of respect for yourself.

    1. Based on my sons this is the received wisdom of the younger generation; do not date. In fact, it seems with young women; a guy asking them for a date qualifies as “creepy”.

  22. Another over-the-hill wench exploiting supplicant men for her own narcissism. Would love to know how many of these 98 guys she let pipe her out. Would also like to know how many of them she only went on that one date with and never planned on seeing him again (all of them?)
    Would also like to know the likelihood that this is just a bullshit buzz story.

  23. Women like this piss me the fuck off. Seriously, in her 20’s how many decent (even red-pill) guys did she outright reject without a second thought (or play cat and mouse games with them), and now has the gall to complain in her 30’s.

    1. She was too busy buying into that Sex in the City philosophy….through her 20s and 30s.
      Now, it’s too late (no one is buying at her age).

  24. “I decided to say “yes” to any agreeable man who asked me out. I had 98 dates in nine months.” She says in her article, “98 men courted me.” This is total nonsense!
    Online dating(and dating in general) doesn’t work that way. It’s ironic that people(esp. women) who don’t date much think this way. They think that you post an ad with pics and then you cogitate on which man to date. You just have to be brave and breezy. But,(sigh) men are so silly and clueless. I know women who have been online dating on-and-off for nine years and they haven’t been on nine dates. She complains above men bragging about their possessions on dates but most women complain about men who don’t show up for dates. This is manufactured blog fodder and nothing more.

    1. Those women that have not had 9 dates in 9 years it is because they do not even see the men as datable. The woman here did no (or very very little screening). We all know that to most women most men do not exist except as neutered drones they sometimes interact with to get some service done for them (nonsexual).

  25. The rantings of a dumb old cooze with no hope. I find this chick hilarious. “Expert”… lolz

    1. yeah, “relationship expert” is possibly the most bullshit title one can give themselves. These people are never actually in relationships.

  26. I sort of have hope for society. In 5-10 years, women will see their older sisters and mothers unhappy with feminism. The number of both men and women calling BS on the system is increasing. However, I am relying on the premise of female logic for my prediction…

    1. Nope, expect more shaming. Look at Japan, about 70% of men in the eligible age range of 18-35 have gone grass eater (MGTOW) and women and the state there still do nothing except try to think of new ways of shaming Japanese men back into the 70 hour work week family special. When you see Japan starting to turn around and reject feminism that will be the sign that there is only fifteen to twenty years more before the US follows.

      1. Anglo white female feminism, coupled with today’s Japan and its dwindling native population, will only end ugly.
        Hurry, make this meme, “#JapaneseCarnationIsTheNewEnglishRose.”

        1. It wont be as bad as the white nations that are trying to import the 3rd world to have growth

        2. …only for the local women to pit their own men against the “imported” men, and we all know it ended up…

  27. Funny I was actually just complaining about this. I’ve been on okcupid and plenty of fish for a few weeks now and I can’t get a date, BUT I can get laid. It seems the women either don’t want me to be around them socially or are just willing to skip all that and let me come over and give them the dick. Its fucking weird and annoying since I’m actually looking for a long term family style relationship.

    1. Dating is dead. Well, not dead really, it’s still used by women to extract free food, drinks, etc from men with no intention of reciprocating with sex. The only people who date AND have sex are people who started fucking first and then “progressed” to dating…the cart’s before the horse now
      Check these out, friend;

      5 Dating Conventions That Women Killed

      And check out the Tinderfessions Twitter

      Prepare to be depressed as fuck.

  28. I’ve realised that “patriarchy” is the conspiracy and if there were such a place for it to exist it may well be a utopia for both men and women.

  29. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She got approached and asked out on dates 98 times in 9 months?
    I’m just fucking dismayed by this.
    Men could cure the americunt of its disgusting behavior as soon as they quit worshipping pussy and acting like desperate 15yr old horny teens willing fuck anything. There is no reason this woman was asked out on a date by a different man every three days.

    1. It’s getting laid…because the institution has outlawed prostitution men will pay boatloads of money for free, condomless sex.

      1. Are you saying “getting laid” is worth destroying the natural order of male/female relations?
        Men at some point have to understand that unreal high levels of murican thirst and the constant seeking of female approval through pussy worship is the problem and is different from “getting laid”.
        It is feeding the beast that kills you. Men must realize it is their behavior which is killing our culture and destroying our future by having multiple generations of children raised in a feminist controlled world.
        Men must simply get buy with a quality instead of quantity approach. Otherwise run down 40yr old women will continue the shenanigans as written about in this article.
        Thirst and pussy worship are the most beta behaviors a man can possess.

    2. She may have been approached more than 98 times. How many did she turn down? Maybe 1? I know, I’m giving her too much credit. She couldn’t have accepted EVERY approach…or maybe she did to get free stuff. Fucking whore!

      1. No shit. This is just pure idiocy. I believe it is true though. I am friends with a single mom that is 29 and a confirmed 8. She is a Facebook attention whore as well with a few thousand “friends”. She gets asked out on Facebook at least 20-30x’s a month.
        If she was on POF or OKCupid she would get asked out hundreds of times a month but she doesn’t do dating sites.
        This girl is dirt poor, has a shitty job, lives in a shithole, rides the carousel constantly, and STILL has guys chasing her like rabid dogs.
        Thirst my friends. Thirst is the fucking problem. Women are just playing the cards they were dealt in a game they created while “men” just stood by and begged for poon.

        1. This rings 100% true.
          But, why is this a problem?
          She’s hot. Guys want her.
          And, because she’s a single mom getting close to 30, many think they have a crack at the gold ring that eluded them in high school. So, they take a shot.
          It’s not exactly a win;win for anybody.
          But, again. Where is the problem?

        2. The thirst is the problem.
          The thirst creates a dating inequity in favor of the woman that slants the playing field so far in the woman’s favor that a high value man (7+)must fight for a lower value woman (5-6) with dozens of thirsty dudes.
          Most of the pussy worshipping “PUA’s” don’t mind cuckolding. All they care about is the notch and don’t care if they are swimming in someone else’s cum puddle.
          Women don’t mind this because men way above their own level are competing for a substandard product.

        3. “Most of the pussy worshipping “PUA’s” don’t mind cuckolding.”
          I get your point, but I think you are confused on a couple issues, not the least of which is the definition of cuckolding!
          (It refers to a MARRIED man being forced to let his wife get w/other dudes at the risk of losing her.)
          I also don’t agree that all or even most PUA’s are pussy “worshipping.” I think they just want to get a lot of pussy. It CAN veer into that, but that desire alone does NOT define woman worship.
          However, I agree that woman worship is sad and to be avoided. It is much more pervasive than one might think.
          I also TOTALLY agree that, not just PUA’s, but most men are about notching that belt and (ESPECIALLY) bragging about it as fast as they can and as often as they can.
          I also see that as a problem.
          But, you are just wrong when you say thirst is a problem.
          Managed thirst is actually a solution.
          Think of it as fire. I hope you’re smart enough to take the analogy from there.
          If not…er…fire…back (haha) and I’ll clarify things.
          And, above all, Like my page on FB – God! Girls!! Gold! We bring it strong from a very blended perspective.

    3. To be fair it’s possible none of the 98 men knew they were being played. Although there may have been a few who could’ve done better.

      1. uh ok?
        The point is she was pursued at a ridiculous pace for 9 months.
        Men are too fucking thirsty. I say it is the thirst that is fucking up women and making dating a fucking joke for the man.
        I would venture to say 97 of the 98 men were so fucking thirsty they could care less if they were being played. Thirsty men will tolerate anything just to be near a pussy.

  30. It would be naive to beleive that a woman over 40 would be asked to go out by 98 men. Period.

  31. spoiled fucking bitch. This is why i dont even bother dating on the “coasts “. Liberal women are the most high and mighty in their own eyes, the devil himself can’t even compete.

  32. This is a BITCH , who reaally needs to live in a 3rd world country for a few years. If this isn’t riding the cock carousel , I dont know what is

    1. Well it could be 98 dates of not even giving a dude more than a peck on the cheek too.

  33. Why are women so fucking entitled? Every woman 20-45 believes she is ENTITLED to a 6’2″ handsome male model millionaire… that’s the problem. And men are thought to be superficial? Most 6 guys would be happy to settle down with a 6 if she gave him constant sex and treated him well, and he would treat her well in exchange, but no, these bitches want 9s and 10s; in fact, they believe they legitimately DESERVE 9s and 10s

    1. Don’t get angry bro, they won’t be getting their tall mysterious Bruce Wayne. We should be more worried about getting our own 9s and 10s (and plenty of them) while they settle for their little 6 and below (and I certainly hope not a single one of the readers of this blog will stay at level 6).

    2. Even better get a fake bank account printout or fake ATM balance and leave it somewhere where she can see it.

  34. The final dry-hurl of this all may be seeing this bitch responding to/controlling nearly every other post on the huffpo article. Fits in nicely with Jeremy’s PC Police comment below.
    My god.

  35. Gotta say, that’s as much truth as I’ve seen packed into one column lately.
    I’m reminded of a response to a woman wondering why there are no good men anymore, and where have they all gone?: “They’re in your past, where you left them.”

    1. I think you are wrong on this. As noted above just make up a fake female profile on any dating site and put a picture similar to this woman’s and note how many offers you get. All she had to do was not turn men down; which is what she stated was her dating “strategy” for getting the 98 dates. It really is that one sided as you get older.
      I am older than dirt so I don’t have a firm grasp of what the under 30 dating world is like. I do get a glimpse when I talk with my sons in their 20s, but I can tell you how bad it sucks in the over 40 (or >50 even worse) set. She can get a husband too if she can hold her nose long enough to settle for a 4 (which is her assortive mating level). She won’t though because she “deserves” so much more. Thank god for this attitude; it is saving many men from spending the remainder of their lives in servitude to some sloore.
      I dropped out of the over 40 dating scene in the US and never went back. I am trying to get my sons educated that the US dating market is not their only option.

    2. Old photo + photoshop + risqué false dating profile= lots of 1st dates no seconds.

    3. Also, we dont know how did she behave when getting pursed by all those dudes. Did she smile at every men that were looking at her that day? If she acted like a old and hurt duck in the river full of alligators, it is easy to get 98 bites. Men are predators and like all the other predators they look for an easy meal.
      REAL women do not let themselves to be “old ducks” because they try to filter the men that try to approach them by not acting like a attention whore’s

  36. Saw an article in a magazine, made the headline in the Quebec Television: “Too many over thirty and single women”, apparently they wonder what is happening. Calling “Dating experts” and other Shamans, gets them a game-less chump, that of course they reject and wonder where is the alpha they’ve been dreaming of all their lives and at the same time call asshole, misogynist and rapist.
    I am worried about the future, what will happen when a horde of single 30-40+ career women have their frustration threshold exceeded. Raid the city and cut dicks to keep as trophies??

  37. 98 free dinner, nice!
    I would call this women a whore. The guys were suckers, they payed and did not even get sex. Come on, you can do better.

  38. That a pic of her? Eeeewwwww……a 4, 5 with make up and designer dress and heels….. maybe she has a killer bod….tits n ass…..I don’t know but I wouldn’t be asking her out….. although if she can suck the chrome off a ball hitch I may reconsider……

  39. Translated from womanese she said:
    “I am too fucking old to get a good man (=alpha). My friends and family did nag me to settle with some boring beta.
    I dated 98 beta suckers with tons of money in a year. Of course i STILL dont want the boring beta dude but my ego is now inflated enough from all their attention that I will try again with some alpha.”
    In Reality: Her body is too old to get an alpha. Even if she had secured one while younger, she would now be in the age where her replacement (20something) takes over.
    She has not realized how lucky she was to get that much beta attention in the first place. In 5 years she will be able to get maybe 49 dates and 5 years after that maybe 10 per year; most likely no longer in first class restaurants but at burger kings.
    Thats how it goes babe – too old for rockn roll but too young to die

  40. this is a typical American white liberal feminist. In 10 years she will be sitting in her rocking chair next to her window ever hopeful a man will marry her. She is waywayway past her prime. Unfortunately she doesnt think so.

  41. This woman has hit the wall and she is now finding any way (or excuse) to “organically” meet someone special (what a joke). Yes, she fails to mention her ‘Sex in the City’ years that I’m sure she has gone on (being she resides in NY).
    She missed the train based on that philosophy and now she is trying anything to find someone (and who wants her, now). Too many years have passed, too much baggage, etc..
    She spent the best years of her life passing over decent guys (preferring anything that made her tingle, then dumped her) and now she wants to settle down (lol).
    Good luck with that one.

  42. Hard being a woman.
    Had to buy new clothes because 98 different men who wouldn’t see you more than once in the time that you were seeing those men, who wouldn’t know you were wearing old clothes because they hadn’t seen you in those clothes before, and wouldn’t care they weren’t new if you told them.

  43. “At the end of my social experiment, here’s what I learned. Men parade their toys while women serve as the cows, pigs and horses parading for our Blue Ribbon of acceptance. Men name-drop their friendships with celebrities and clarify their numerous positions of power and influence. They rattle off their trips in foreign cities, identify their cars by the manufacturer’s name and list their homes by prestigious locations. They dangle their toys in front our eyes in the hopes that we’ll bite the bait. Oddly, they’re not the bait”
    agree with nearly all of the comments here, aside from the fallacy that she has convinced herself of that “oh how much of a chore is this” I take issue with one key red flag of the feminine narcissism – i.e. turning anything into how it is somehow about them. having not been there I cannot say that my assessment is correct and yes some guys are so lacking in substance and game that a Ferrari is all they really have to talk about.
    In saying that – if I am a highly successful individual, if I am GENUINELY a wealthy man or even if my job is Nuclear Physicist im not going to take a bite of humble pie and say “its not good” or “nothing important” that alone is bullshit. If you have accomplishments that are genuinely achieved and you are genuinely proud of them then don’t hide it with a false attempt at modesty. this so-called “dating expert” twists this part around as if somehow these guys are throwing it in their face rather than considering the other alternative that “this guy is successful and this is what he does, and I just happen to be there to see it”. there is a difference between stuffing your life story or achievements down someones throat and answering a question with pride.

  44. “I’m where I want to be while living the life I love. And we meet. Naturally. Organically. The spark we find serves as our connection. We merge.”
    There’s this website where people submit ideas they think are brilliant. The only requirement is that they must have come up with them when they were TOTALLY STONED. Even if that site never existed, the presence of this quote would have caused that site to form spontaneously…organically!
    In his able deconstruction, the author of this piece accurately suggests this woman not only has sparse prospects going forward, she has triggered a whole bunch of potential bad karma as a function of her own personal Tuskegee experimentation.
    The one point the author makes that I will quibble with, since he is so EMPHATIC about it, is the assertion that NOTHING HAPPENS ORGANICALLY.
    While that technically may be true, if you know what you are doing with girls, it will FEEL like it happened organically AND even though you actually ARE hot wiring the interaction, approach anxiety will be at level nil.
    We have a lot more to say on this topic. Read about it on our Facebook page – God! Girls!! Gold!

  45. Dude, I uh….yeah man, you said it all. I hope to christ this “expert” never gets a look at your last paragraph, she’d probably throw herself into traffic.

  46. Huffpost lol! Guys, between Huffpost and Daily Kos Ive never been involved in such battles as I have since getting into these debates with these man hating, entitled, spoiled fkn drama twats like the ones I encounter there. The best is the Hobby Lobby debate. Always hiding behind their gender and “equal rights” when any male opposes the idea of Govt Mandated Medical coverage or as it is forcing the entitlements of one group in this case women. Whats worse are the mangina white knight pussies I need to stomp on and constantly remind them that when they decide to put their balls back in their sacks the male species will gladly accept them back. Its fkn PATHETIC Ive never really been one to get involved with arguing with feminazis and spoiled rotten entitled bitches but man this is one battle that is fkn fun!

  47. ‘The clichéd irony of these pieces is that their authors conveniently
    omit the years that they spent eschewing a meaningful connection and
    chasing the dog and pony show of male attractiveness, power, fame, etc.
    Only when they begin to sense their value has cratered do they bemoan
    the meritocracy of the sexual marketplace and yearn to slide “straight
    into partnership.”’
    Yes well said. Just like she is buying new clothes out of altruism.

  48. Wow….98 simps actually dated that?
    I recall when I divorced in 2007 I did the beta, loser, simp thing. I only actually went on two dinner dates before I realised every woman around the 40 mark which is what I was looking at (being 44) were totally IN-SANE.
    I am so glad I discovered eastern european women at that time. I would have gone postal in the west!

  49. “Dating is the required presentational stage for a possible future interlude. For this very reason, I chafe at having to be “on point.” I rail at the notion of being appealing, engaging and alluring.”
    Wow…just wow. Obviously just “being herself” is not good enough to even get a date! LOL!!
    I actually never, ever, went on a “date” when I was young. Not even one. All the girls I got in to relationships with were girls I had known for a long time…well long as a teen.
    When I meet women now I absolutely do not try to be “appealing, engaging and alluring”. Why would I do that? I just be my alpha self. I certainly do not try and appear any better than I am willing to be at any other time. There is a lot of truth to the idea of “treat them mean and keep them keen”.
    Trying to be the “nice guy” and “make my wife happy” were two of the biggest and dumbest mistakes on my life. I am so glad places like ROK are evolving to have so many young men read them so they can get that sort of good advice from us older guys who have “been there and done that”.

  50. I always pick up the check as I consider myself a Southern gentleman and only date quality but going overboard and ordering the most expensive bottle champagne for example, is telling the woman you do not consider yourself of sufficient value to interest her.

  51. lol at my favorite line re: “asking her whether she likes her computer.” this is going to go over most people’s heads. elderly game for the win.

  52. Any man who puts out money in large scale for women is a chump. If you are going to date a girl, suggest activites that cost you nothing. Go on a bike ride or play beach volley ball rather than go on a diner date. I have never take a girl on a diner date unless it was a girl I had been dating for a very long time as in years.

  53. I don’t understand term ‘gold digger’. It is factually incorrect. She has never picked up a shovel in her life. There is already a perfectly good terms to describe women like that. Leach or parasite. Fuck PC, call them what they are.
    Men do need experience to weed out undesirable women and some women are extremely diabolical. They will go to extreme lengths, spin a web of sophisticated lies to control men and to get what they want. I feel bad for men who fall into that trap and I am inclined to throw out few pointers.
    1. Communication skills and good intuition are very helpful to spot a parasite. They put out signals and mannerisms that normal women don’t. Good questions to ask are about feminism and cooking. Naturally you want to weave it into a casual conversation. Initial stages are always intelligence game and I got to admit, it is exiting. Pump out as much info as you can without her noticing and observe every detail about her behavior.
    2. Men need to know what they want and go for it. Don’t live in your head. That’s Game 101. Don’t ever be ‘not-sure’ I’d go as far a throwing the term out of your vocabulary. It’s fine and dandy to deliberate if you want to fuck her or slap her but don’t project that uncertainty. Women see at a weakness and love to exploit it.

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