The Myth Of Male Privilege

What happens when a woman doesn’t want a baby? She aborts it. She can go to the doctor for a minor procedure that inconveniences her for a day. The man who impregnated her has no legal right to prevent her from doing so.

What happens when a man doesn’t want a baby? Assuming the woman wants to keep it, he is ordered by a court to provide payments. If he chooses not to, money will be automatically garnished from his salary. If garnishment is not an option, he is sent to prison.

A woman can kill life and she is empowered while receiving no interference from the state. A man can choose to merely ignore life and he can be imprisoned, his life ruined. And we live in a society of male privilege?

20 thoughts on “The Myth Of Male Privilege”

  1. sad but true to bad those mens right activists do nothing
    should be if either party wants an abortion then a abortion should happen since one person is unwilling. if the woman wants a child then she should go to a sperm abnk or a willing partner whom wants to take care of 2050 there will 9 billion people on this planet, no more of this every child is speacial or life is sacred.
    if abortion is murder then a teenage boy jackin off is committin genocide
    i see why there are many men against abortion

  2. Fogal, I suspect you consider your life sacred.
    Your “teenage boy jackin off” quip is simplistic idiocy

      1. ohh we got some pro lifers here
        my life is no more sacred than others if every life is special then whats so special about it
        well pro lifers say life start at the womb well why not preconception when they be swimmin in our balls.
        well they alwzys can be court battle if the guy wants the kid he can take custody instead of abortin an vice versa(payment should be negotiable) as one theroy but take mark zolo s post

  3. There is no male privilege and I dont even know who says that kind of stuff anymore. men once got privilege by taking it, but now most are wimps who get treated like they deserve. sorry.

  4. It’s a privilege to be male.

    APPRECIATE that you’re a GUY, who is judged by his ATTITUDE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and not a chick who can NEVER escape her looks.

    1. It’s also a privilege for men to be expected to fight in wars, be judged by how much money he can pull-in, and be considered expendable?
      Women can’t escape their looks? Haha, that’s bad why? Women are also judged by the ability to take care of and raise a family.
      That isn’t a big deal? Please, raising human beings into productive, happy,healthy members of society is the world’s most important job.
      It’s even more important than any president or leader.

    2. Alright, if you want to use this “it’s a privilege just to be a man” argument, then it’s a privilege to be a woman just because can determine who his genes to the next generation: in other words, who can pass their legacy into a living future.
      That’s real power. Every fertile woman has this power. It’s truly amazing.

    3. Women can never escape their looks?
      So,no such thing as makeup and wonderbras in your world,huh? What else hasn’t been invented that I should be aware of?
      Can a woman never escape the bounds of gravity? No planes or rockets in bizarro world?
      “well why not preconception when they be swimmin in our balls.”
      Well,that would be because,even if given millions of years,a sperm will never turn into a human being on its own. Notice that pro-lifers (to which group I do not subscribe,by the way,but your reasoning is so utterly specious that it demands refutation) do not ever assert that menstruation is the same thing as abortion,even though that egg is lost every month just as it is in abortion.
      To claim that pro-lifers should “take it a step farther” and claim masturbation is abortion is a fallacious and intentional conflation of their stated opposition to the termination of zygotes (look it up if you’re unfamiliar with the word) with the termination of the components that make up a zygote.
      If pro-lifers believed as you characterize them, they would have long ago claimed menstruation is abortion. They don’t. Their stated position is that the termination of a viable zygote is a form of murder, if not just plain murder. You may disagree with that position, as I do, but you cannot claim a victory over a strawman,because the strawman never fought back to begin with.
      “men once got privilege by taking it, but now most are wimps who get treated like they deserve. sorry.”
      This. What can I say to this? Only thing I can think of is “Not as sorry as you will be when women get treated as they deserve”. How do you think someone who dismisses human suffering in this manner should be treated? I should believe that a slow torturous death is too good for them. Perhaps hideous disfigurement and then the lifelong revulsion and ostracization we give to the least fortunate members of our human societies as a matter of course would be more fitting.
      Were life just,or the universe fair, women would be as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. That is actually the best argument against the existence of God that I can think of. Nevertheless,here’s hoping that the heavens put one up on the scoreboard for the good guys and you wind up with one of these flesh eating viruses we’re always hearing about, all over your pretty little face and right in the glorious flower of your womanly youth.
      And when it happens, remember that you deserve it and don’t ask anyone for any sympathy.

  5. Well this post, and Limchee’s video have me speechless. What can we do rather than each operating on an individual level to change any of this?

  6. One step we could do to bring equality would be to create a legal male abortion. an abdication of responsibility. If a woman wants to keep the baby and the man doesn’t, he should be allowed to not have to support it, just like a woman is allowed to kill a baby even if the man wants it.

  7. This article acts as if it it’s SO easy for a woman to get an abortion. Completely disregarding the small amount of abortion clinics and woman’s access to these clinics which is usually highly limited. We have more control over our bodies when dead than a woman who wants an abortion does. This article is completely ridiculous and doesn’t even go into other aspects of male privilege which is far and many.

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