NA[X]ALT Is Not A Legitimate Argument For Any Group

Many groups are under attack for ill conduct by some members of their own group. The common phrase “Not all [insert group here] are like that” is brought up by other members of the group to avoid association with the bad apple. In the manosphere, the phrase “Not all women are like that” is used so often that we have simply abbreviated it as NAWALT. However, women are not the only group to use this argument.  Others include priests, law enforcement officers, and martial artists.

This argument means that members of any given group do not want to be judged by the actions of the worst of their group, even when they are happy to take credit for the actions of the best. If people wish this to be possible, then they must hold the members of their group to standards and take action when people fail to meet them.

On the contrary, many groups stay silent when a group member misbehaves, in order to avoid making waves or drama. Sometimes they will protect the group member out of loyalty. By doing this, they are enabling the bad behavior. The public will soon associate the entire group with the bad apples.

Catholic Priests


The role of a religious leader was to strengthen ties of community kinship by preaching about tolerance, love, and family, hoping to fight against man’s self-destructive impulses. The fact that almost every civilization had some religious figure in their communities shows that their service was worth more than the extra mouth to feed and the building to house them.

However, in order to do their job they need the trust and respect of the community. The flood of child abuse allegations against the Catholic church has seriously undermined their credibility. Leaders in the Catholic church are claiming that many of their priests are being unfairly stereotyped by the media, even though they have done nothing wrong. In other words “Not all priests are like that.”

As shown in the Wikipedia article linked above, men in the Catholic priesthood are no more likely than other men to be pedophiles, but what angers people is the cover up. When concerns were brought to the top leaders in the church, those leaders did nothing. Perhaps they didn’t believe that one of their own order would do such a thing. Maybe they were just cowards. However, the public perception is that the non-pedophile priests were defending the ones who were doing wrong on purpose.

Law Enforcement Officers

Police guys

During the events of 9/11, law enforcement officers in New York along with other emergency workers did an incredible job of saving as many lives as they could in the aftermath of the attack. There is nothing unique about law enforcement in New York compared to other parts of the country. Therefore if the 9/11 attacks had happened elsewhere in the country, it is reasonable to assume that the officers there would respond with the same courage.  Across the country police were still heaped with well-deserved praise which they gladly accepted for being in the same group as the heroes of 9/11.

However, there are many stories of law enforcement acting badly. Overzealous police officers have killed people who have done little or nothing wrong in stories that can be found herehere, and here. In all of these situations, law enforcement acted with terrible judgment and they were protected by their own. Police officers do face many perils in their job, and getting shot is not a rare occurrence. So just like soldiers in a war they have very strong ties with each other and would not throw their comrades under the bus because they followed what was usually standard procedure.

Martial Artists


In one of my earlier posts I talked about how the quality of martial arts schools have gone down in the last few decades. The good martial arts instructors did not protect the bad ones, but they did stay silent. These are two of the rules at my school word-for-word:

  • Never argue with an instructor for he is always right.
  • Serve and obey without question.

These rules led to greater discipline in good schools, but the same rules applied to bad schools made students afraid to question their instructor on why they didn’t feel like they were learning how to actually fight. When fake martial arts schools first started popping, up the good teachers ignored it to the detriment of the students who attended them.

Now in order to combat the scourge of McDojos, if I ever have my own school I will demand that the students question me if they feel something is wrong. That lack of respect is something I will have to bear for belonging to a group that didn’t maintain the quality of its members in the past.



This is the only group I would consider completely immune to this problem. Every time a scientist makes a claim he needs to back it up with an experiment and the experiment is checked by other researchers. If it is discovered that he falsified data, no other scientist will defend him. He is forever exiled from the group. That is why, outside of super-conservative religious groups, most people will take anything a scientist says on faith because they have so much well-earned credibility.


3 women

It is well-known that women have a strong in-group preference: the sisterhood. Here are a few ways that women defend the wrongdoings of other women.

No man on any manosphere site believes that most women are out to cut off their boyfriend’s dick and murder him. However, women will stand by the women who do these things or just stay silent most of the time. When this happens, women should not be surprised to find that they are being treated as an accomplice in spirit.

Men are more than ready to discipline their members for wrongdoing. When men found out what the Taliban were doing to women, they joined the military and risked their lives to stop them. It isn’t too much to ask women to speak out against their sisters at no risk to their life.

need fem to murder

It is the job of the Catholic priesthood to ensure the integrity of the Church. It is the job of police officers to ensure the responsibility of their fellow officers. And it is the job of women to maintain the morality of the sisterhood.

Everyone knows that there are bad individuals in every occupation. However, when the good people defend the bad, they should expect that the public will regard them with the same level of disgust as the people who actually commit bad actions. If you stand beside a friend who is getting righteous shit thrown at him, then you can’t complain when some of it hits you too. People don’t think you are all “like that”, but they will not forgive you for defending those who are “like that.”

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  1. Where is the feminist outrage when women abuse their power? Nowhere to be found. That’s why they will get all the blame and hatred when their failing ideology falls on its face. Nobody will be spared.

    1. Oh, I’m so scared. Such a manly man you are, making vague, half assed threats online against 3.5 billion people. Retard.

      1. You know it would be nice if you showed this same oppositon to people that made actual threats of lynching and castrating the authors here for saying things they don’t like. but I doubt you’d confront them as well. what Daddy was not athreat.

      2. “half-assed threats against 3.5 billion people” ? You’re being too nice to that andronazi jerk!
        I can testify he’s made holocaust threats to at least 6 BILLIONS of our people with his hate-filled message!!

    2. The coporate owned media choses not to air the views of women who criticise extreme feminist views. So you can’t really put the blame totally on women in this particular instance.

  2. Can’t be a man without making some hard choices. A bro acting like a fucktard? Your choices are to back him up anyway because you owe him xyz, and then you suck it up when people label you a whatever and don’t bitch. Otherwise? He should catch the first asskicking, verbal or physical, from you and others in your circle.

  3. When you know about a behaviour, when you do not explicitly speak up about it, you are implicitly (passively) endorsing it. This is partly why I point out bad behaviours: both shaming and for other men to learn about and be wary of.

  4. “…women will stand by the women who do these things or just stay silent most of the time. When this happens, women should not be surprised to find that they are being treated as an accomplice in spirit.”
    Your mother, your sister, your special girlfriend will always back each other up over you.
    Bet on it 100%.
    That’s why you don’t listen to humans with vaginas.

      1. The exception that proves the rule; …maybe. The vast majority of us have the opposite experience. My mother was a wonderful mother, but when it came to women taking the kids in divorce she made no exception when it came my turn in the arena. The sisterhood is thicker than blood. Various sientific studies (if the social sciences can be considered scientific) have show the strong in group bias between women. They have also shown a strong bias in men in favor of women. That is why the system worked when men voted. Men voted for the general good or even for the good of women, within reason. Women vote for their own benefit to the exclusion of anything else including reason.

    1. Not true. I’ve stopped associating with some of my female friends for being crappy to their boyfriends. Also, if anyone ever does anything like that to a man I care about, I will probably try my best to destroy them. Luckily, there are very few men I care about.

      1. “Also, if anyone ever does anything like that to a man I care about”
        As for other men, well…

        1. That’s a lark. After all those nasty stories and mean things you’ve been saying about women, you expect me to feel bad for you guys? All of you are so gentle and caring to the opposite sex that it would really be the most terrible injustice if a woman really screwed you over one day. I’m sure nobody would think you had it coming. It does upset me though when a guy who didn’t deserve it gets his heart broken. I told you I’ve lost friends over this.

        2. “All of you are so gentle and caring to the opposite sex”
          I feel bad for women getting injustly screwed over, even those I’m not close to.
          “you expect me to feel bad for you guys?”
          I don’t expect women to care about men. Just pointing your behavior out.

  5. My girl told me about her brother getting divorced and losing all his money.
    When I probed she told me that he deserved it!
    His own sister took him down!

    1. Well, in a way he did deserve it. Every man that decides to marry within the current environment is a fool. There is no excuse for ignorance on this subject. With the internet you have all the answers you need at your fingertips.

      1. More than fools. Marriage, rings, ceremonies. That shit is like medieval ffs. What type of manginas still buy into that crap?

    2. Maybe he cheated on her? In which case I’d say he got off easy with just losing stuff. I personally believe in stoning all adulterers to death.

      1. My mom was dating the man who became her third husband while she was still married to her second husband. She has treated all of the men she married like shit. Do you believe my mom, a woman, should also be stoned k8?

      2. 1) See how you directly assume he’s the one at fault?
        2) It’s not illegal to cheat on someone, losing his money isn’t justified.
        3) No matter what, his sister being happy that he lost his money is fucked up !

        1. 1) I assumed it was his fault because it’s strange for his own family not to be on his side.
          2) It’s not illegal for her to rob him blind through the court system either, if you’re going to make legality the moral standard for everything. I see adultery as an evil on the same level as treason, which is why I think that they should be stoned to death. It’s just my opinion though, and I don’t expect everybody to agree with me.
          3) Why should his sister be sympathetic towards him if he was the one at fault? I wouldn’t be sympathetic towards my brother if he killed an innocent person for example because justice is more important than my feelings for him.

        2. 1) Indeed it is fucked up. But that’s still the first thing you assumed, even with no sign of it in Kirk’s comment.
          2) Cheaters deserve their partner to leave. Their belongings have nothing to do with that. As for cheaters being stoned to death, you have the right to have an opinion but you still sound completly crazy, no sense of proportion.
          3) Why? Because even if he was at fault, it’s her brother ! Damn, your family bonds seem so weak. And again, there’s no sign he even did anything.
          Imagine a women getting screwed over for all she have. I can’t imagine for a second it would make her brother happy.

  6. scientific research studies have funders/patrons [big gov or military, or research councils], and the peer review system is at a mercy to the journals and editors that act as gatekeepers to research being taken seriously. dogma exists everywhere.
    if i wanted to publish research on say nutrition, do you know how difficult it still is [tim ferris’s nutrition science initiative and all] to be taken seriously if i come up with studies that show a low carb diet or a diet high in meat and veg would be superior to the S.A.D?
    they would ask me to redo the experiment over and over again because the bias is towards not challenging status quo accepted arguments.
    sure in the extremes of physics, chemistry and biology [to a lesser degree] the pure science is there, but you would be wrong to assume the human factor and vested interests dont play a big roll in big science.
    my past background is within a very high level scientific discipline and i have colleagues who work on some multi billion dollar experiments [cern being one] i can tell you right now the amount of pressure upper mid level universities get on what exactly they are allowed to research is immense.
    unless you are something like oxford, cambridge or an ivy league that has a big enough pot to insulate itself from external financial intervention and allow its researchers to play a little wildcard [which is why you continually hear of MIT students and caltech students doing crazy awesome shit like making card counting systems for vegas] you’re basically a slave to your paymaster [the research council or your department head, and finally your supervisor]
    economics, psychology and the human factor cuts through everything man

    1. I’m usually skeptical of highly hyped phenomenon, but in this particular case I have come to the conclusion that PLOS ONE is revolutionizing the publishing industry. Let’s hope it doesn’t get corrupted.

  7. Summary: All [X] Are Like That In Spirit -> A[X]ALTIS is enough to make A[X]ALT effectively true and NA[W]ALT effectively false. Accessory to the sin puts that sin’s blood on your hands.

      1. Are you a red piller who woke from being blue pill, or are you a blue pill dreaming you are a red pill?
        Your lack of philosophical awareness, your lack of cogent argument, and the butt hurt you express and pursue all indicate the latter case for you.

    1. Fuck off.
      Look, it’s a woman, calling out another woman for making a retarded comment on the internet.

    2. You are like a Jewish POW kissing up to the Nazi Guards for some attention and validation. Attention Whore.

      1. Men like you are the very reason the few good women out there stay silent when their sisters do evil onto men. Frankly, I don’t blame the girls for not defending us and leaving us to fend for ourselves.
        Man A: “Hey, lady, you shouldn’t treat men like that!”
        Girl B : “Yeah, what the fuck’s wrong with you!”
        Man A: “Fuck off, bitch! You’re a girl, you got no business here standing up for men!”
        Girl B: “Alright, fuck you, too, asshole! See if I’ll come to your defense the next time some chick fucks you up the ass! And you can forget about me rallying any other girls to your defense, too! And I don’t wanna hear your complaints about how all girls don’t give a shit! I give a shit and you give me shit just because I’m a girl, what the shit?!”

        1. “”Men like you are the very reason””
          YourButt is a chick . I would have thought the hysterical posts full of feigned “outrage” and the jew/nazi comparison was a dead giveaway. She’s been posting “FEEEELS” all morning.

        2. My bad. It’s just that this ButtCheek chick sounded no different then some of the “men” who claim to stand for men’s rights while shooting girls like Laura down just because they’re women instead of men. It’s appalling, the kind of friendly fire I see aimed against our few female allies. This kind of bullshit has got to stop.

    1. That’s Sharon Osbourne, wife of famous heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. I love a lot of the stuff he did, but I despise that cunt he’s married to since I saw this some time ago.

      1. And she’s still got commercial and tv shows too. if that had been a man he’d never work in hollywood again.

  8. You manosphere guys are fucking retarded. NAMALT? Not all men are rapists, wife beaters, warmongers, and murderers? Uhhh…. You will really bend logic in any direction to suit your woman hating agenda. Fucking retards.

    1. Those assumptions have no basis in logic though, so you are comparing apples and oranges, which is typical.

    2. Didn’t you read the article? AWALT because they generally endorse, or silence, the bad actions of other women. Men on the other hand are particularly harsh on rapists, wife beaters, murderers, etc.
      We’re not the ones bending logic to suit our agenda.

  9. The catholic priest thing is bogus. I’ll endeavour to find the study but statistically young boys around the priesthood are safer than those who are not.
    The media beat up kills two birds with one stone. They are majority white and they are Christian. Demonizing them is like catnip to the cathedral and their handlers.

    1. This is entire article, no, this entire site is BOGUS.
      This article is just especially stupid.

        1. Sorry. You don’t control me and you can’t. Must suck to be you. I’ll just wait till the little boys swing down the banhammer.

        2. I’m not fat. Not that you will ever enjoy the luxury of discovering this fact in person.

        3. “I’m not fat.”
          Good girl. If you calm down and behave yourself you can join in with us all on the next fatshamingweek.

        4. Not a girl more than likely. Most women will not take the time to post over and over like that. Remember Mashinka calling everyone pajama boy? She was a he, and a few other trolls turned up XY playing XX.

        5. I doubt it, her over emotional posts are a pretty good indicator, and there’s been plenty of angry feminists that post over and over.
          Plus she said this to Laura a few posts down:
          “””Fuck off.
          Look, it’s a woman, calling out another woman for making a retarded comment on the internet.”””
          Blue pill manginas spouting fem-centrism tend to stay away from chicks in comments.

        6. Actually I agree with the fatshaming 100%. I hate fatties. I also hate misogynists, though, so I could never join you.

        7. “Methinks someone needs to get laid.”
          Rape would be better, it would calm her nerves even more 😉

        8. Laura, coming with it. I am starting to like you too. You are on the no sarcasm, respect her list now. That two known female reasonable posters in two days.

      1. unless you can refute the article like an adult, please just return to jizzabelch where your jingoistic, shallow comment style might be better appreciated. Your insistence on being here just proves your overwhelming desire to be accepted by people you claim to hate. It wont happen Sugar.

      2. You do realize that your presence is full of fail, don’t you?
        In spite of your incessant textual blather, You have neither:
        1) Made any member here feel ashamed for siding with author.
        2) Converted any member to the blue-pill side.
        3) Angered or annoyed us enough to lose sleep over it.
        4) Deceived us into believing you are smart, strong, or intimidating.
        5) Made any logical point worth considering.
        6) Hurt our feelings with harsh and deprecating language.
        7) Amused us enough to continue reading your drivel.
        8) Convinced us enough to believe that you are remotely attractive.
        Care to continue with Round Two?

    2. The difference is, when a school teacher is found abusing children, the teacher isn’t moved to a new school where he or she can abuse again, and again.

      1. You know I used to think the same thing until I read about how the unions protect their members.

      2. Actually school teachers are moved around from schools or put on administrative duties where they are paid to read magazines. The public schools have more pedophiles than the catholic church.
        The tecahers are however the Dems shocktroops and are also engaged in a war against Christianity. The national media will not eat its own. But the evidence is there if you get down to the local news sources, and look at school budgets when a 6 figure settlement goes through.

        1. My country’s public school history is different, but I knew using teachers would get me into troible,. Er…little league coach?
          Point was, the Catholic Church enabled and covered up abuse which was systemic, and the cover-up went right to the top. Let’s not forget the ridiculous excuses made, like the child seducing the priest.

    3. I find a lot of these child abuse scandals, one person wins money in a court case, and suddenly, legions of people come out claiming to be abused as children. The same has been going on with the Canadian residential school system. The only problem with this though, is the people they claim to be child molesters are long dead, so the courts can only go on the testimony of the “victims” to punish the institution.

    4. Yep a boy is 1000x more likely to be molested by public school teachers than by any sanctioned church member yet when public school teachers do it the unions fight for them.

    5. It is not bogus. It happened in my home parish, thankfully long after I left the church. My parents still went to that parish however. The bishop knew the guy was a gay kiddie fiddler and sent him to a parish anyway.

  10. Thank you for mentioning scientists we do not get enough recognition for our grueling process which involves real standards. Also medical school sucks and I have no life currently. Cadavers smell like uncooked chicken wings. Stay up.

    1. Even Scientists are getting sucked in by political motivation, though. Look at the joke studies they have performed on race in the past few years… obviously started out with the attempt to prove that “race doesn’t exist.” Not to mention, they are not firmly grounded in the Western Tradition, so they believe that experimental research is the absolute and only way to gain truth. Sad fact.

      1. True. I personally know a couple of ex scientists with PhD’s who changed careers cos they were sick of witnessing the rampant corruption, lying, plagiarism and back stabbing in some fields. When getting grant money is the main goal, truth and honesty takes a back seat.

      2. Not All Scientists Are Like That! Sorry could not resist an easy joke set up such as that. I have no life for seven more months gotta get the fun in while I can. Both you and phantom are correct . I cannot wait till September so I can post about some cool shit I am currently doing for a change.

        1. I am in medical school so fat ,or unattractive, too old , asian(including India) and ugly, completely unappealing.My girlfriend is cute though , I don’t go out because the fire is on my ass STEP 1 USMLE is in September and I have to defend my thesis in May. I am adderaled to the gills and study 4-6 hours a day plus review lectures. That is why I post on RoK so much, I have no real life until after STEP 1. I do not mind though I had a lot of fun in my teens and twenties thats why I have to bear down so late in my 30’s. I would do it all again in heartbeat except I would have more sex and less drugs.

  11. So important not to marry. When she lives in her own place, pays her own bills, and cannot have men with guns transfer your wealth to her, her behavior is much better and she is a better person. If she gets greedy, crazy, violent or otherwise engages in unhealthy behavior, the association is self-dissolving and your equal, strong and independent woman can just go away and take care of herself.

      1. Damn! I can smell the musky scent emanating from your posts! It’s a complex bouquet of fat thighs, hairy armpits, and 12 cats.

    1. Agreed. Marriage is completely unnecessary and a near guarantee of misery for 90% of the people who do it. A pet and an expensive hobby will provide the same dependance on you and draining of your bank account and you can get sex anywhere so marriage (and by default, women if you so chose) are not needed or desirable.

        1. I raised my daughter on my own. She successfully applied to SMU and is now one year away from her MBA. This has been a breeze since her Mother was not around to instill all her own fears and weaknesses into my child. So, what were you saying again?

        2. Yes, I taught her that as well. You can raise a pretty solid girl when you dont have the influence of a fearful, zero confidence wife to fuck them up.

  12. When a woman tells you NAWALT, she is essentially conceding the argument with the caveat that she, personally does not want to be held at fault for your observation.
    In a situation where somebody who you care about gives you a NAWALT, just accept that you won an move on. Pressing the point will just piss her off.
    In a debate situation, where the audience not the speaker matters, press the point ruthlessly. Generalizations, stereotypes are useful, and blue pill male hamsters quickly get tricked by NAWALT. Besides some things are AWALT, like Hypergamy, which is a characteristic of how mammals mate.

      1. That would be intellectually dishonest. Because MOST men are not like that and the behavior of MOST men demonstrates this. Cunts just love to make INACCURATE generalizations and think they are making some kind of argument.
        They might say “OH YEAH??? WELL 99.9% OF RAPES ARE COMMITTED BY MEN!!!!”
        But does that mean 99.9% of men are rapists??????????
        The overwhelming and indisputable FACT is that MOST men – damn near ALL men – have never (and will never) penetrate a woman against her own will or objection. The number of men who rape is so small in any country….. but women still vote for “rape shield laws” and believe the unquestioned “rape” accusation should bring a convict without defense, proof or trial. This is a hypocrisy of a magnitude I can’t even express with words.
        So to say “AMALT” as some kind of counterpoint is a complete fucking LIE. Because MOST men are not like that and the behavior of MOST men demonstrates this. You could pass 10,000 men in your every day life and NOT ONE would ever rape you. And you would dare say “AMALT”??? Are you out of your fucking mind?
        But when women use the “NAWALT” deflection, it’s because they KNOW MOST women are like that, and the behavior of MOST women demonstrates it.

    1. You said “somebody who you care about…”
      I don’t think you know what “care about” means.

    2. Women are too large a group. You’d be including the elderly, the mothers, the babies, the feminists, over half of the world. Professional or political divisions sure, people choose those, but as not all men are Alphas, not all women are (term) either.

      1. Where “NAWALT” really gets hilarious is when women like you use it as deflection….. but it still does nothing to prove that YOU are “not like that”.
        Women are too large a group?
        Yeah so? So are birds.
        But you could still say “birds fly” and be right. Because MOST birds fly. Just because penguins don’t, doesn’t make it false.
        Even more importantly, saying “not all women are like that” doesn’t mean YOU are not. Even IF you are not….. the exception still proves the rule. So you can’t really expect anyone to just *take your word for it.*
        “Not all” lottery tickets are losing tickets either.
        When a man discusses the real and true behavior of MOST women, they ALWAYS break out that deflection. And yes, ALL of them are like that. You can count on EVERY woman saying “not all women are like that”. But it doesn’t mean SHE isn’t.
        If I were to give you a box of grenades and say “go ahead! pull the pin!! not all grenades will explode in your face!!” are you gonna take my word for it? Of course you won’t. And why? because there is no benefit in it. The BEST thing that will happen is —>> YOU DONT DIE.
        So it’s in your best interest to believe “all grenades are like that”.
        No woman will EVER pay or reward a man for blindly believing “nawalt”. It pays MUCH more for him to know AWALT. Even if it isn’t 100% true.

        1. Why are you deflecting to me? I didn’t mention or care about myself in that regard.
          I was talking about the validity of a statement as applied to a sample group.
          What word you’re looking for there is stereotype. In fact, an article on how scientifically, stereotypes are valid, would be great to see on here.

    1. Here we have the intelligence of the average feminist commenter. When you have no valid argument you quickly reduce to jingo and quoting memes.

  13. Yo, I’m a reactionary Catholic. Hell, I was in the seminary once upon a time. It’s a misnomer to call the sex abuse allegations a “pedophile” problem. The problem was gay priests preying on teenage boys. The Church officially rules that homosexuals are absolutely barred from Holy Orders or taking final religious vows. But many bishops and religious superiors are reluctant to enforce that ruling. It becomes a feedback loop: straight men don’t want to join an institution dominated by gays, but if they don’t then then the problem goes on and on.

    1. Maybe if public school teachers where not 1000x times more likely to molest than priests you would have a point. But Public school unions actually fight for molesters pension and benefits.

  14. Women are possessed with a solidarity that has no counterpart among men. Of course they need it because they’re so oppressed in America; but men don’t because we enjoy such privilege. You know–because feminist attitudes are so rare and there are so many places we can go to escape them.

  15. Nice article, Anton. It follows from what you say that it is incumbent on us all to call out people’s bullshit and even more so when we are part of the same group. I wouldn’t let scientists off the hook though- Bad Pharma is an interesting read in that regard. Anyway, maybe for your next article or somewhere down the line, you might think of some examples of real men who called out bullshit when they saw it. Thanks again for continuing to demonstrate how the manosphere constantly challenges us to aspire to be better.

  16. There isn’t any reliable way to punish these women. Females often resort to social exclusion but feminists willingly exclude themselves anyway to be ‘above’ criticism of normal women and you can’t get an anti-feminist piece published as a woman.
    Science is full of frauds.
    You’ve fallen for the glossy hype. Lack of repeated trials and positive publishing bias mean the majority of science especially in the softer forms are partially or completely wrong. and

  17. Scientists are not noble creatures. They are as vile, and gave up any semblance of professionalism decades ago. They will not kick out the wrong if they are politically on the “correct” side of the debate. Whats more, they publish absolute garbage. The Economist reported recently that when companies go to replicate experiments published in journals well over 50% cannot be replicated. In one case Amgen could only reproduce 6 of 53 cancer studies.
    And this has dire consequences. How many years was Don Poldermans allowed to pass off his garbaged unchecked and the result was death totals measured in the 10s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

  18. I’m surprised no one has yet mentioned climate science in regards to the bit about scientists above.
    The rotten apples in climate science are not only ruining their own discipline, but their antics are having a corrosive effect on respect for science generally. Is global warming real? I have no idea, but I do know that I simply cannot put any trust in the conclusions of climate scientists like Michael Mann or James Hansen and the other leaders of the field when they have been seen to cherry pick data, massage conclusions, make wild apocalyptic predictions that they subsequently revise or conveniently forget when they don’t come to pass, silence dissent, and subvert the established processes of science (in particular peer review and reproducibility of results).
    But just try to call them out on it. These bad apples are so rotten that they actually prevent the problems they’re causing their own vocation from being addressed, by dismissing even scientifically valid critiques of their methods, data, or conclusions as propaganda paid for by oil companies, and by dismissing honest criticisms of their counterproductive and unprofessional behavior as the exact moral equivalent of denying the Holocaust. Skepticism is essential to science – chill it, suppress it, ban it, or shout it down and you corrupt the whole enterprise.

    1. Almost the entire USA is frozen solid this winter while in the antarctic summer that ship that wanted to see how much ice had melted got itself and a chinese icebreaker stuck in the ice.
      I know it means little to nothing as far as long term climate change is concerned but I am enjoying a cold ass winter for the first time as it has granted me a slight reprieve from global warming shit.

      1. Didn’t the Algorean predict that the poles would be melted by 2013, yet 2 ships full of his worshipers have been trapped in summer ice since he last said it.

      1. lftr is a bad idea. it doesn’t solve anything of substance, and it moves the problems into poorly understood magical spaces. lftr doesn’t solve anything, it just obfuscates, claiming to solve the heat/pressure/positive-feed reaction when in reality it’s just all advertising with vaporware product. when the lftr crowd finally solves something, then i’ll change my mind. until then, please just stop parroting them.
        highly caustic, highly neutronic, fissionable, high heat fluids are an even worse idea than high pressure in a water pool with static fission solids. there are terrible inherent dangers in both models, but at least we know how to control high pressure boilers. we don’t know how to transport superheated caustic salt that atomically degrades the pipes and pumps it’s transported in. we further do not know how to separate out the spent from the still reactive fuel, especially when it’s in such a superheated exotic fluid. worse still, the real problem is that both high pressure boilers and lftr models don’t scale to the size people have/want to build them on, which is where the problems truly arise. all lab models shoehorned into industrial applications.

  19. Can’t really find much of a problem with the spirit of this article. “People don’t think you are all “like that”, but they will not forgive you for defending those who are “like that.” good point.

  20. I disagree with you on scientists. There are subgroups of scientists who will let their preconceived notions on matters blind them to the unbiased practice of the scientific method. When they fudge the data, they tend to get a pass from those who hold similar beliefs. Case in point: those “studies” conducted to demonstrate that there is a “gay gene” out there that makes people be born homosexual.

  21. The mindless worship of capital-S “Science” on display here is grating enough that it ruined the whole article for me. I’m actually not sure whether the author espousing these views makes it more or less likely that he considers himself a Scientist; there are reasonable arguments on both sides. He might be completely cut off from the practice of Science as it occurs today and hence be 100% ignorant of how the publishing process actually works, or he may consider himself a Scientist and be blindly engaged in precisely the sort of behavior he criticizes others for in the rest of the article (closing ranks, defending indefensible conduct from members of one’s group). Either way, this is bullshit and beneath the dignity of this otherwise excellent e-zine. People (including many “Scientists”!) have written tens of thousands of pages on the corruption of the scientific method and how rarely the practice of Science lives up to the ideals it sets for itself; scientists are no better than priests, cops, or women, and are in many ways worse.
    Will someone please publish a response article to this garbage, outlining a few of the more egregious cover-ups scientists have engaged in over the past century? Some good candidates can be found in the third part of Moldbug’s gentle introduction to Unqualified Reservations:

    1. It’s worth adding that the casual side-swipe at “super-conservative religious groups” also pissed me off, even though I am neither conservative nor religious, because it takes for granted a nonsensical left-wing talking point that has been trumpeted as truth by Cathedral mouthpieces for the past few decades. Untangling this web of deceit doesn’t take too much time or thought; watch Jonathan Haidt (a self-described hardcore liberal turned centrist) do it here:

    2. I am actually a very underemployed engineer. So no I don’t have any experience writing scientific articles.

      1. I won’t ask you to take my word for it, but do a little digging and I’d be shocked if your childlike faith in capital-S Scientists wasn’t shattered. There is a clear hierarchy of trustworthiness amongst the fields, fairly outlined in this xkcd comic:
        As an engineer whose primary focus is math and physics (I assume), it’s easy to fall into the trap of deifying Scientists, because the findings of mathematicians may as well be the word of God, and the findings of physicists aren’t far off either. But this deference should not be granted to all Scientists who hold the title.

  22. Anton, as a working scientist, I have to say you and society are wrong. There is strong peer pressure and controls in science from funding to publishing. Look at the Climategate data mess: not climate change, just the way the data was handled. As Derek Lowe wrote a private drug firm doing that would be sending people to jail and shut down. There are lots of other examples and crossing those lines means no tenure, no publications, etc.
    You also skipped teachers, who have been in the news for both sexual abuse and for covering people. It’s not PC but they are as bad or worse than the CC as people are forced to send their kids to school.

  23. What a foolish article…
    You come off as an hopeless shill for the beta society, who simply accepts what the world dishes out as “the narrative.” Way back in the first half of the 20th century, socialists and nuts like Gramsci said that the whole counter-cultural revolution mentality was not working. It was necessary to get into the institutions of society – especially the churches, schools, media and sciences – and wreck it from the inside. Then, out of the blue, about 30 years later, nuts are coming out of the woodwork in the churches, the schools, the media and the sciences! Wonder what brought that about!
    Anyway, the Church didn’t so much have a pedophile problem, as an homosexual problem. The vast majority of victims were teenage males, not little kids. So, just so we’re clear: godless freaks enter the priesthood with every intention of subverting the Church; they are hopeless faggots, just like their cohorts in every other branch of modern moonbattery, so they get caught inside young men every now and then; their fellow revolutionaries in the sciences and universities inform the bishops that therapy has solved their problem; when it becomes clear that it hasn’t, their fellow revolutionaries in the media spin the story to make it sound as if the Church was casually sodomizing toddlers without compunction, comparing notes, and passing guys around from one pickup zone to the next. Then people like you take institutions known to dislike the faith at their word, and slander people without bothering to look into the matter more deeply. Finally, many of these same people who caused the problem and then proceeded to hypocritically attack the Church, are now on the forefront of the fight to make such behaviour perfectly legal… making one wonder what their problem with it all was in the first place. Of course, they don’t have a problem with that behaviour; but they’re not going to waste an opportunity to slam the Church, are they? And all the sheeple will simply follow along, because Catholicism is mean, and because Patriarchy. A disgusting spectacle, from beginning to end.
    You then go on to say that scientists are “totally immune” to this problem, and naively parrot the idea that they are ostracized by scientists if their studies don’t pass muster? You may want to look at articles like
    Although, of course, if the collapse of the Global Warming myth all around us and the revelation of the many frauds and misdeeds perpetrated by scientists in pursuit of it have not convinced you that scientists are just as fallible, just as driven by cash and ambition, just as flawed and dishonest as anybody else (even to the point of being willing to collude together for the sake of funding), then you are obviously an hopeless ideologue. Read up on your history of evolution, too, and see how many “missing links” were later proven to be hoaxes, and admitted as such by the men that advanced them. The scientific community is full of immoral people who know that cash and the narrative are both on the line.

  24. This website is hilariously devoid of critical thought. These articles pander to the lowest common denominator of maladapted, sexually frustrated, socially and intellectually inept buffoonery. The content, a potpourri of foul and putrid meatheaderry, could provoke vomiting if one could first curb the laughter that inevitably ensues at the feigned sophistication of this most flaccid and sterile cultural analysis. ROK’s whiskey dick commentary ultimately castrates itself through a failure to engage in a meaningful way with an otherwise interesting topic of contemporary masculinity.

      1. Lacey, I totally agree with this exhilaratingly subtle reading of Aristophanes’ gripping post. What Randy (below) fails to understand is that you meant “rethoric” not “rhetoric.” I must applaud this rather delicate use of language as I too find Aristophanes’ insight properly re-thoric.
        You see Randy, what Lacey astutely observed, Aristophanes’ analysis is too lustrous and powerful to be reduced to simple rhetoric and thus is more characteristic of the radioactive metallic element thorium. Just as thorium reacts to produce nuclear energy, Aristophanes’ re-thoric energizes anew and again a much needed constructive dialogue on gender. Bravo Lacey for introducing a nuanced reading while staging another bright and important debate on renewable energy sources in this twilight era of fossil fuel.

    1. Commi KWEER! Why don’t you grow a pair and realize that bros stick together, engorging thick and thin, through sickness and health, to DEATH or dishonor to we part.

    2. Um, can we get this faggot banned? I mean the rules are in the fucking “About” section and I know for a god damn fucking fact that he is a cock-loving, fairy-ass, sack-sucking cum dumpster
      “Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned”



    3. “if one could first curb the laughter that inevitably ensues at the feigned sophistication of this most flaccid and sterile cultural analysis.” This sounds like a line from a restoration comedy, delivered with a flourish by a painted fop

        1. You would make a sterling macaroni man, that’s just what we need at roks. Such a welcome antidote to all this macho posturing. Lets declare roks a testosterone free zone girls

        2. if as I suspect you’re the macaroni man then you’d probably quite like to find out if that’s true….now don’t go all spaghetti legged for the reacharound.

  25. Apparently a lot of people are ripping on me for the scientists thing. When I wrote that I was thinking about scientists like Stephen Hawking. Even though less than 0.01% of the population understands String Theory and things like the Higgs Boson particle many people assume that the scientists at CERN are telling the truth when they say they “found” it.
    There is no more proof (that the average person would be able to interpret) that the Higgs Boson was found than some guy claiming that he communed with god in a desert, but people take what Stephen Hawking says on faith. That is the level of trust that I was referring to.
    I have worked for a Pharma company before, very low level worker, so I know that they are not good people and them choosing to fudge data to make a drug look good doesn’t surprise me at all.
    Hopefully this clears up for some people the thought process I was going through when I wrote that section.

  26. I hate to say this, but as a black man, I believe the black community does this too. I don’t even try to defend when people stereotype me anymore: most of my friends from highschool are in prison or gangs, and it’s only my third year in high school. I completely understand when people get afraid of me or call me a thug, but do you know what I do? I ignore them, talk to the people I need on my side to get ahead, and outwork every single fucker around me, whether it’s in class, the gym, or business. I let my actions speak for me. I also take responsibility for what my friends have done. If I had given a few more shits, tutored my dumb friends, and gotten appropriate father-figures for my friends who chose gangs, a lot of people I know would be free or in college. Yes, that’s a lot for a 16 year old (20 now- but that’s when I’d have had to do it) – but I still could’ve done it, and that’s my fault.
    Women who let their friends get fat are at fault just as much as I am for letting friends fuck themselves over. Remember that next time you bang a chick with fat friends.

  27. Anton McDowell ,
    good article. I have been denouncing women for failing to hold me ex Jennifer Toal accountable for her crimes for 6 years now. Of course, I am just using jennifer as an example. But the very fact that in SIX YEARS there has not been ONE woman to denounce her publicly demonstrates how EVIL western women are.
    There have been THOUSANDS of EVIL western women slander me and try and silence me by slandering me. Slandering a man, telling blatant lies about him, that’s perfectly acceptable behaviour to EVIL western women.
    But denouncing an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce? No. Not ONE woman would do such a thing.
    And we have all seen how women FLOODED into RoK over the short hair article. 8,000+ comments. But not ONE COMMENT condemning Jennifers actions and demanding, as a woman, that she be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and certainly no help either.
    I have now taken to calling western women PURE EVIL PEOPLE in the 99.9% majority for exactly the reasons you state above. They know their sisters are committing crimes and they do nothing about it. But a man so much as criticise a woman there is a FLOOD of women screaming blue murder.
    We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
    Well? This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

    1. Maybe because Jennifer did nothing wrong and YOU are deeply, deeply invested in this psychosis of yours. She was smart to leave. YOU are the evil one.

      1. It is funny how when a man PROVES that a woman committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft and puts that information into the public AND the woman openly admits she did these things that the claim by women is STILL
        “Maybe because Jennifer did nothing wrong”
        Further, Jennifer does not deny being an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser. She openly admits she was an adulteress, she openly admits to child abuse, she openly admits to being a criminal, and she has never denied the evidence I presented that she was turning tricks as a prostitute, even to the extent of doing some low life guy in a cemetary for goodness sakes.
        She does not deny the evidence I presented into the public that she was leaving her children in the house overnight to go and have sex with some other guy who lived about 1km away from our house.
        None of these statements has ever been denied by Jennifer and the reason they have not been denied is that they happen to be true.
        Here is the full case file against her. I guess you are going to be like most other EVIL WESTERN WOMEN and say “well I do not have the time to read the evidence you have presented” while saying things about me like
        “YOU are deeply, deeply invested in this psychosis of yours. She was smart to leave. YOU are the evil one.”
        We are using the words of you EVIL WESTERN WOMEN and we are presenting them back to the lads. They can see that I am an honest man of honour and integrity who has risked his life and liberty to tell them EXACTLY what happens in the family courts. And they can see that you EVIL WESTERN WOMEN have nothing but lies and slander as the arrows in your quiver to attack me with.
        The lads are quickly coming to the conclusion that I have come to…that 99.9% of western women are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE.
        This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        1. Peter Andrew Nolan, you lying lowlife cunt of a coward … stop telling fucking lies and COWARDLY publishing my father’s contact details and COWARDLY inviting strangers on the internet to harrass him on the basis of your LIES! If you ever again get within a kilometre of me ever again – which you won’t, because you are a COWARD – you won’t even hear the shot that kills you … got that, YOU LYING COWARD? Anyone wants to gety personal with me, and no-one has so far, the COWARD Peter Andrew Nolan has published my contact details …

        2. LOL! Well if this really is Michael Toal? Did you really molest your sister as our witness claims Suzanne told her?
          Has Suzanne confessed to you that she told a number of people that both your father Bill Toal and yourself molested her when she was a teen girl.
          I’m not too sure people are going to believe you when your own sister has claimed to third parties that you molested her as a girl.
          As for credibility? You are known to work for ASIO and you are accused of war crimes in Afghanistan. Further, you have openly slandered me and openly championed the crimes of your adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abusing sister.
          Your best move when Michele McDougal told you who I was and told you about the crimes Jennifer committed was to ACT LIKE A MAN and demand that your sister admit her crimes and make remedy. Your father caved to Jennifer and I think I got it right that Jennifer threatened him with going public about Suzannes accusation that he sexually molested her. Is your father, Bill Toal, a paedophile Michael? Hhhmmm?
          So I will continue to denounce you and your criminal family until such time as you all make remedy for your crimes. If you do not like that? You should have dealt with Jennifer in November 2007 when she committed the crime of perjury in order to start this little war. I told your father that if he allowed Jennifer to commit crimes against me that I would finish the war.
          Now both you and your father have been dragged into it to the extent that you have both been publicly accused of molesting Suzanne when she was under 18 years of age. And I think the reason you keep supporting Jennifer knowing the crimes she has committed is because you and Bill DID molest Suzanne and Jennifer is blackmailing you with that fact.
          Why else would you continue to defend someone you KNOW FOR A FACT committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse, ah?
          For those new to the discussion? This is Michael Toals sister. This is what men should to do families like the Toal family who allow their women to commit crimes. Expose the whole family for the criminals they are.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        3. Here’s how it works … if you have the BALLS to face me, I will kill you, you FAT COWARDLY LYING CUNT! But you won’t, will you, coward?

        4. Yep, more LIES from a COWARD! Come and face me you COWARD WITH NO BALLS and we will have resolution in a few seconds YOU COWARDLY CUNT!

        5. C’mon Peter – show your integrity beyond telling LIES online and taking the way of the COWARD, Face me, YOU LYING CUNT! But you don’t have THE BALLS, do you? NO BALLS, NO INTEGRITY, NO WARRIOR SPIRIT!

        6. Here’s an open challenge to all of the MEN on this forum to Peter Andrew Nolan THE COWARD! Stop being a coward and come and face me, and your credibility will be intact in the brief few seconds before you die … but you don’t have the balls, do you?

        7. LOL!! The little boy that I showed around his new school and helped make friends with the other boys has grown up into a name caller! LOL!!
          Very funny Michael. If you were a MAN you would deal with the crimes of your sister, mother and father. But you are not a man. You never were.
          And your problem is you know it.
          Now you have brought yourself into conflict with me. A conflict that you can not win. I recommend you and your criminal family just give up for the very reason you can not win.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

        8. Yep, I’m calling you a COWARD and an online bully. Come and face me, and this shit will be over in seconds, But
          you don’t have the BALLS! COWARD!

        9. If you were a MAN you’d face me, and refrain from telling COWARDLY lies on the internet – you fat lying cunt! You are no man!

        10. Michael,
          you are the coward because you can not face your father, your mother and your sister who are criminals.
          Instead of standing up to the criminals in your family you chose to commit further crimes. That was very unwise of you because you will be prosecuted for your crimes or killed for your intransigence. It does not bother me which way that goes, ok?
          There is nothing so disgusting in this world as a man who is such a coward he allows his sister, mother and father to commit criminal acts and destroy his own family name in the process. As a “Toal” your name is mud. And you will have to live with that for the rest of your life however long or short that is.
          At least I have got the guts to call my father, John Thomas Nolan, the gutless mongrel he chose to be for allowing your father and mother, people who abused his elderly and ill wife by refusing to give her a phone number on which to call her grand daughter when his wife was going into dementia, to dishonour her memory by inviting them to her funeral.
          @ALL. heard that right. When my mother, Valerie Nolan, was sliding into dementia, Bill Toal and Irene Toal refused to give my father a phone number so that my mother could speak to her own grand children.
          This is what disgusting vermin Bill and Irene Toal are. They would abuse an elderly and ill woman, a peer, in an effort to support a criminal daughter gain money through perjury and child abuse and using the children as weapons against an elderly and ill woman.
          That is the character of the Toal family.
          And my gutless mongrel coward of a former father, John Thomas Nolan, invited these scum to her funeral. I have disowned him for this action. I am changing my name away from Nolan because I do not wish to be associated with a man who is such a gutless mongrel as that.
          And this disgusting vermin, Michael Toal, supports and condones his vermin mother and father who did this.
          If anyone here wants to go teach this man a lesson? You can get his address details here.

        11. Yep, more meaningless online bullying, and you COWARDLY asking strangers to do me me harm. I ask again – face me in person COWARD! If you have the balls, you will have three seconds of life left COWARD!

        12. “If anyone here wants to go teach this man a lesson? You can get his address details here.
          Asking strangers to do me harm because you have NO BALLS! COWARD!
          I now live at 14 The Boulvevarde Kooringal, NSW, Australia COWARD! Come around any time you want COWARD! Plenty of space to bury your body COWARD!

        13. You didn’t have the BALLS to face your father, who will always be a far better man than you ever were. Who do you think hunted down the cunt you, the COWARD, sent his way seeking to do him harm? You are a COWARDLY CUNT who will throw your own father to the wolves. COWARD! If you don’t face me, stop writing COWARLY lies about my family, you COWARD!

        14. “Fucking fat alcoholic woman bashing lying GRUB!”
          I have read the evidence related to his case and watched some if his videos; you and your sister are, taxonomically speaking, both psychopaths and evil people.

        15. LOL!
          “Yep, more meaningless online bullying,”
          This from a man who has for three years slandered me online and who has used tax payer money and other criminal associates to slander me! LOL!!
          You are mentally deranged and I have told your father Bill Toal to see to it you get the mental health attention you so obviously need.
          While you remain outside a mental health institute any man who kills you will not be committing a crime and we will protect any such man with force up to and including deadly force.
          Now. Your whore sister and your criminal father and mother started this war. I intend to finish it. It will end when Jennifer makes a video in which she confesses all her crimes in public to exonerate my good name AND she has paid me the remedy set by the jury of 12 men that she is going to face.
          Until then? Get used to seeing your whore sisters face all over the web. Get used to being accused of molesting Suzanne when you were young. Get used to Bill being called a paedophile based on the accusation of his own daughter.
          You and your cronies like to falsely call me a paedophile all over the place? Well? You didn’t know that Suzanne made that allegation. You didn’t know that Jennifer is blackmailing your father to support her. And you waded in like the mentally ill moron you are and foolishly tried to “defend the honour” of a whore.
          And sites like RoK are going to carry this sort of story because they are warning young men about women who have psycho bothers and fathers like you and your father. Psycho fathers and brothers who openly support their criminal whore sisters and daughters. And these young men are learning all about whores like your sisters and how dangerous they are.
          What do Suzanne, Chrissy and Kerry think about all this eh? Are you telling them that you are bringing them in to disrepute as well? Are you telling them that I am putting out there that any man involved with them has got a psycho in the family like you? That those girls father openly supports women committing crimes against men?
          Go ahead…show Suzanned, Chrissy and Kerry what you are doing to their names as well…dragging their names into the mud and associating them with criminals. They are welcome to email me.
          Now…We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

      1. Denouncing criminals is not harassment. It is an obligation at law.
        That you try and re-frame denouncing criminals and working to bring them to justice as “harassment” shows your HATRED OF MEN.
        After all? Don’t you women harass men who are accused of being paedophiles and rapists?
        Don’t you women harass good fathers in divorce courts?
        You EVIL WOMEN want to live by the sword? You are going to die by the sword. Us men have every right to treat you exactly as you have treated us. Meaning it is absolutely ok for any man to criminally victimise a woman in the west because women have declared it ok for women to criminally victimise a man in the west.
        You DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE do not like it when you are served a bit of your own medicine, do you.

  28. After Climategate, and more disturbingly, CancerGate, in which 47 of 53 major published Cancer studies were found to be false, Scientific researchers and academics are guilty of the same. I know, NASALT.
    Unfortunately, this attitude probably resulted in the Pedo State Scandal, in which 4 different employees from the scientific research university Penn State were found to have been regularly sexually abusing children.
    1) Antonio LaSaga, a former Penn State geophysicist who is serving a 20 year sentence for later raping a child at Yale.
    2) Jack Neisworth, a professor in Child Development who settled out of court with one of his victims after raping him for years as a child
    3) Kenneth Kyle, a former tenured professor at Penn State who convinced a mother to let him rape her 13 month old child.
    4) And of course, Sandusky, who may have run a ring of child prostitutes for Penn State Boosters and whose initial DA investigator, Ray Gricar, disappeared in 2005 with his car found locked with cigarette ash in it (Gricar didn’t smoke), with his laptop in a rive with the hard drive missing, and the hard drive later found destroyed and unreadable.

  29. What about PUAs as a group? Nobody ever “names names” on who is good and who sucks.
    It’s all just a bunch of tall, good-looking white dudes instructors taking money from Asian dudes.
    The industry just got flooded with “Naturals” who wouldn’t know how to teach a mouse how to eat cheese.

  30. One of the few good articles on this site. But since I’ve got a pretty good record of arguing at least something on anything I read here:
    “When men found out what the Taliban were doing to women, they joined the military and risked their lives to stop them.”
    This statement is absurd. Don’t try to turn a war into a glorious crusade for women’s freedoms when that had nothing to do with it. And you know it didn’t. Men joined the military because they were either too dumb to do anything else, or because they were brainwashed by fervent nationalism.

  31. Scientists? Oh please…
    After anti-smoking junk science and climate hoax (plus plenty of politicized pseudoscience) to have any trust to today’s scientists has become a synonym for ‘idiot’.

  32. Scientists? Because they are never subject to political or social bias. Why, just look at all the research done on the dangerous effects of birth control.

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