The 3 I’s Of Getting Laid

Often when reading articles and comments in the manosphere, one can get the impression that it takes a master’s degree in evolutionary psychology to get laid; this simply isn’t true. Rather than focus on every little nuance of female psychology, it often serves a man better to have a strong understanding of the basics and then take that knowledge out into the field.

For the purposes of this article I’m writing from the perspective of the man whose goal is to obtain physical intimacy with a woman (anything from a first kiss to sex—I know there are men of all experience levels reading this). The 3 I’s Of Getting Laid is the basic formula for creating an atmosphere in which women are comfortable becoming intimate with you. These 3 I’s are: Isolate, Intoxicate, Initiate. Learn this simple formula and always keep it in the back of your mind.

1. Isolate

The first I, Isolate, should be pretty self explanatory. Take the object of your desire somewhere private; she probably doesn’t want to have sex with you (or even just kiss you) for the first time in front of a crowd. This sounds easy but so many men simply don’t plan for this step. Many men ask women on traditional dates such as meeting for coffee or a dinner date. Once on this date it really doesn’t matter how well the conversation goes or anything like that if you don’t have a plan to obtain some privacy.

One way to solve this problem is to go to locations near where you live, ideally within walking distance or less than a 5-10 minute drive. If you don’t live near the location of your date then you should have a plan to get out of public, one of the simplest ways to do this is to suggest going on a walk. Going on a walk is a good move because you should be able to hold her hand and create more intimacy between the two of you right away. Of course the easiest way to Isolate is to just ask her to go home with you; if that is your read then go for it. The #1 lesson that goes with Isolate is to plan ahead.

2. Intoxicate *

The next I, Intoxicate, will no doubt raise some controversy. I’m sure many misguided leftists would assume I am writing a guide on date rape; this is not what I am suggesting. Before I go any further I will warn every man reading this never to have sex with a woman who is drunk—you can be charged with rape even if it was just consensual sex between two drunk individuals. Always remember women are treated by society as children with no personal responsibility for their actions.

So you want to Intoxicate the woman but not get her drunk? Bingo. There is a sweet spot with women when it comes to alcohol, usually just a drink or two at most. The impact of this is less about the physical effect of the alcohol and more about the psychological effect. When a woman has had time to be around you and have a drink, her anxiety will lessen and she will not have such a whirlwind of thoughts twisting around in her head once you actually start to be intimate.

Even more importantly, it is a compliance test—if a girl will not at least have a drink around you, in most situations you can assume that she is not interested in getting intimate on the time scale you desire. In all honesty, Intoxicate is the least important of the 3 I’s, but it does give you a good indicator of her willingness to move forward.

*I personally won’t engage with a drunk female but MANY women (especially young women) prefer to only have sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These are psychologically unhealthy people and it is not wise to put your life in their hands.

3. Initiate

Lastly we have the most important I, Initiate. How many guys do you know who agonize over whether a certain girl likes them or not? How many select a girl and basically stalk her for weeks before making any contact? How many “fall in love” with some fantasy girl they really don’t even know? Too many.

Initiate is simple but quite frankly a lot of men either don’t have the balls to do it, or they have been programmed to be “gentlemen” and they miss out. You must always be physically escalating; a first date should always start with a hug—if the woman doesn’t react well to that or tries to shake your hand, you are probably fucked, so move on.

Any man with experience will tell you that some women like you and some just don’t—somewhere out there is a model-quality girl who would fall in love with you, and somewhere else there is an obese pig who would think you don’t meet her standards. The only way to know if a woman will have sex with you is to Initiate.


This all sounds so simple that there is no need to write about it, right? Wrong. Go out into the world and observe “alpha” behavior; now put what they are doing into the context of this article. Think back to your high school days and remember how all those “naturals” got laid. I guarantee it followed this format.

There is so much focus on how to become more “alpha” that we lose sight of what constitutes 90% of the “alpha” male’s success. Frat guys get laid like crazy (and often get into serious trouble) because they are in an environment full of intoxicated women—all they have to do is Isolate and Initiate. There are a lot of attractive women out there who will have sex with you, if you’ll only give them the chance to let it “just kind of happen.”

Remember, it is up to you to create the kind of atmosphere that allows a woman to get intimate with you—don’t leave it up to fate.

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203 thoughts on “The 3 I’s Of Getting Laid”

      1. Bitter because many women in the West have ruined men financially, spiritually and emotionally. We now have an epidemic of henpecked simps who are pussy whipped.
        Not to mention the fact that there are hardly any good calibre or quality women left in the Western hemisphere. Most are heavily brainwashed by feminism, act like aggressive obnoxious dogs and always going on about their careers, careers and careers.
        Funnily enough, these so called “career” women are going to be in for a rude awakening when their jobs are outsourced or automated in the future. And these are the same women who can’t save up for retirement or anything else cause they are obsessed with having kids.
        Thats why as men, we must be careful not allow ourselves to be trapped by their vaginas, otherwise, we will lose all of our money as well.

        1. There will be few good white men left for them to marry, This whole country is going to be Latin American soon enough.
          White girls want to marry a white guy…..yes they’ll fuck black dudes and travel to Haiti and take pics to show how un-racist they are, but most white girls will only marry a white man.
          Of course they don’t realize their voting habits and policies have marginalized white men to where most of us want to leave the fucking country.

        2. you want to make this about race? we Mexicans are here, have been here, and will always be here. I’m sick and tired of this racist shit. grow up, the world has changed, and will continue to change. ROK is about “men” helping men, through the social decay of our time.

        3. Well said ALO.
          I’m white and that comment was bullshit. I’ll say this about Mexicans: Mexican men tend NOT to be betas. White men could learn a LOT from spending time down in Mexico. Gender roles are healthy down there.

        4. Unfortunately, ROK has been infiltrated by so many white supremicists, who perceive ethnic minorities to be the enemy. Take a look at some of the articles and you will be surprised by some of the bigotry comments made by some of the commenters.
          It is sad. ROK is a website dedicated towards the unity of men and discussing how to improve and protect our lives from the wave of feminism, but as always, there will be the white supremicists who will perceive all ethnic minorities as the enemy.

        5. I don’t disagree, but keep in mind that criticizing culture is not the same thing as criticizing race. I despise inner city black culture here, I despise rap, I despise the poor use of language and reason a lot of black people engage in (inner city mostly), but would also despise degenerate hooligan culture in London, which is comprised basically of thugish white men (you know, being English and such).
          That being said, the point that OpenTheEyes was making is valid, why the commenter injected race into a thread that has zero to do with race is confusing, to say the least.

        6. Machismo culture is rather refreshing, especially after putting up with SJW skinny hipsters all the time.

        7. I’m still immersed in that bitter aftertaste of the red pill.
          However…just had a sudden realization: outcome independence – lowered expectations – raised standards.
          These are at the crux of the matter, and a man can only be truly free when he accepts that he can’t control everything, but he can control HIMSELF.
          Controlling, and by extension developing oneself, is a much harder test of character for a man than almost anything else in life. After that things start to fall into place.

        8. Como estas AbrelosOjos naciste aqui en los Estados Unidos o en Mexico? Yes I agree there is a lot of social decay in America, but I think its like the economy other places and cultures have great women…but we also have to be careful when choosing them as well, I try to see how they treat men from their own culture or country as an indicator. But as time goes on we see more ladies who are interested in you, as long as you control your finances, keep striving for your goals, and bettering yourself everyday…and having a little fun along the way.

        9. “Careers” of standing in front of mirrors or or sitting in their cars taking pictures of themselves… themselves, and saying such trite and tired quips as “Healthy is the new pretty!” or “Off to the gym! The gym is my druuuug!”, since they fancy themselves “fitness gurus” after joining a gym for one month.
          Real badasses who really know HOW to exercise and understand it on a philosophical and spiritual level NEVER boast about it to attention whore Like-collect, it’s just what they do without compromise. Hungover, sleep deprived, strep throat… They just do it out of not knowing what else to do to pass the time, more or less!

        10. I’m half Irish, half Spanish. The Spanish side my great grandparents came from Spain and ended up in Kansas.
          Mexicans are more racist than white people. Central American immigrants going on train thru Mexico are often attacked, killed, or otherwise disrespected openly. In southern California black and Mexicans gangs self segregate and attack eachother.
          And you have the nerve to call me a white supremacist for noticing reality?

        11. I can’t speak for white supremacists (because I am not one, despite being racial conscious), but race differences do exist. You probably can’t deal with this stat, so like a woman you blame someone else.
          Black and Latino men commit a (multifold) higher percent of rapes and violent crimes than Asians, jews, and whites. Asian, jewish, and white men pay the overwhelming brunt of taxes.
          I don’t view blacks as the enemy, but their entitlement (thinking whites are to blame for their predicament, when the reverse is true) is.

        12. Totally agree.
          Don’t forget, these are the same morons who love to scream “YOLO!! or “Selfie!” like an obnoxious 4 year old child while taking pictures of themselves sucking down from the straw of some Starbucks drink, thinking the world is a gem.
          Fucking hell. Ask these exact same women or even the “career” women who brags about earning “six figures” about the economic collapse, the Central Banks, the gold standard or fiat currency, and they will have no clue what you are talking about.
          But ask them about Kim Karsdashian, and they will be able to give you a thesis at a phd level on the subject.
          No self respect. Sick times we live in.

        13. Good goyim. All whites are supremacist! Even progressive one! And good Honky, looking at brown skin as enemy 🙂 Hahahaha

        14. Just be honest, you won’t want to live in an all black community. No honest white or asian man would. Perhaps living in an Asian community would be tolerable.
          I hate the white knighting for other races that goes on here. I am NOT a white supremacist, just a realist. I don’t want to see any race destroyed, but separation is the best policy for social cohesion.
          If you had any idea how much is said behind your back by brown people …. Latinos specifically are the most racist people I have ever met.

        15. The control freaks do not actually care about minorities, women, veterans, blind transvestites or any other “underprivileged” group which they constantly shower with platitudes. They will use whatever fringe movements present to drive a stake into the heart of the established order. Breaking down the self-sufficient, confident, fiscally and personally conservative demographic is the ultimate goal. When you reduce a nation of 300 million to desperate status, you solidify control over them and eliminate any resistance. That is why the money is flowing into the groups behind these infantile tantrums; that is why the mainstream media is giving them credence.

        16. ROK is the one place you can call it like you see it. It’s about objectively looking at reality, and the reality is Latin American countries are all shitholes. If they come here and start to vote socialist, USA will rapidly become a shithole too. That is the reality.

        17. I’ll never take a myself-myself picture. Fuck that desperate cry for “Likes” from beta schmuck-weenies action. In fact, many a time when I wanted a picture of myself in front of something interesting while traveling I have asked a total stranger to take one of me. Night and day better than having my arm sticking out and encompassing a large chunk of the photo frame!

        18. Someone needs to write an article about how Obama has fucked over black voters in favor of Latin Americans simply because theyre a larger voting block. I’m honestly a shitty writer why don’t you submit one?

        19. Exactly. I thought this was the one site we could objectively say the reality of things, but theres too many liberals on here who think all the different races are the same.
          Latinos hate black people.

        20. Yes, Mexicans dont want guatamalans taking their jobs but they no problem taking american job. And they not notice hipocrasy! So easy to fool haha

        21. Liberals and libertarians who deny race are hypocrites of the highest order. They want to be “hip”.
          I’m white, but I can tell you for a fact that most of the best engineers I work with are Asians. Asians are far more capable in STEM than other races due to their high IQ. Does that make me an Asian supremacist?
          Put women on a pedestal. Put all races on an equal pedestal.
          Same thing! Everyone gets a star!

        22. Asians and Mexicans are WAY more racist than most white people. They don’t realize having white men manage and moderate is the only way they can co-exist.

        23. Where have I been dishonest? Of course I wouldn’t want to live in an all black community, since all black communities here in these united States boil down to one of two locations: inner city (no) and dirt poor shack on the roadside shanty towns (no).
          Like I said, I have no issue critiquing this shit. That said, I know plenty of exceptions to the rule.
          As to Mexicans, I know, used to live out in Texas for a spell, and I’m well aware of what they say behind my back when they think I can’t understand them.

        24. Based on other conversations with you, you may want to refrain from pretending to understand libertarians. You continually mix them up with anacaps, which is incorrect from the getgo.

        25. Heh you act like I’m pulling this out of my ass … what did Rand Paul just do?
          He’s trying to say that the war on drugs is RACIST and that criminals should have the right to vote after committing multiple felonies. The reason black men go to jail in such high proportion has nothing to do with racism … and if you want to legalize drugs, go ahead, and watch every major city turn into the equivalent of Detroit.
          He’s white knigting for blacks so liberals kiss his cheek.

        26. My point is merely that people tend to act like race doesn’t exist… as if it doesn’t matter that America is now non white, because we can call be americans.
          That’s bullshit. Races DOES matter. Look at the greatest civilizations in world history … what racial groups comprised their organization?

        27. What battle? You’ve already won!
          USA will be majority Hispanic in a couple decades. Our own president is trying to bring in as many as he possibly can. You act like youre slaves or something when you have an easier path to citizenship than anytime before.

        28. Ive seen many of your posts and they are spot on. Like it or not racism is carved into our sick genetic code…just as men need young fertile women to fornicate with, people of like colors will always band together. Racism is written into our genetic code just like the biological cues for breeding. Yes you can make a conscious decision to tolerate…but thats about as far as realism will take you. The faggots on the left want the type of social utopia that can only come about if we go beyond human nature of greed and lust. This is simply not possible unless there is unlimited supply to sustain all human wants. Humans want to believe that they are special and that they created societies of “justtice” and “tolerance”. But it’s fucked or be fucked…thats about as noble as human beings get for you. Everyone’s shit stinks the same and to think yours stinks any less than the degenerate down the street is pure arrogance that nobody gives a fuck about anyways.

        29. Um, I’m a gringo that LIVES in Mexico, and none of you seem to have even the faintest clue of how racist they are. Total racism, all the time. It’s the way of the world, gentlemen. Only in the libtards’ fantasy utopia is there no such thing as racism. It’s a made up word, invented by Karl Marx. Used to be called NATIONALISM or PATRIOTISM.
          There are White Mexicans, they tend to run things and own shit. The darker you are, the lower you are on the totem pole. They all know it, too. They will call each other Indio as an insult.
          Oh, and they pretty much hate gringos, too. It’s pure ENVY and they know it. They try to imitate the gringos all the time even though they don’t understand what they are doing. I see it EVERY DAY.

        30. Um, I’m a gringo that LIVES in Mexico, and none of you seem to have even the faintest clue of how racist they are. Total racism, all the time. It’s the way of the world, gentlemen. Only in the libtards’ fantasy utopia is there no such thing as racism. It’s a made up word, invented by Karl Marx. Used to be called NATIONALISM or PATRIOTISM.
          There are White Mexicans, they tend to run things and own shit. The darker you are, the lower you are on the totem pole. They all know it, too. They will call each other Indio as an insult.
          Oh, and they pretty much hate gringos, too. It’s pure ENVY and they know it. They try to imitate the gringos all the time even though they don’t understand what they are doing. I see it EVERY DAY.

        31. Um, I’m a gringo that LIVES in Mexico, and none of you seem to have even the faintest clue of how racist they are. Total racism, all the time. It’s the way of the world, gentlemen. Only in the libtards’ fantasy utopia is there no such thing as racism. It’s a made up word, invented by Karl Marx. Used to be called NATIONALISM or PATRIOTISM.
          There are White Mexicans, they tend to run things and own shit. The darker you are, the lower you are on the totem pole. They all know it, too. They will call each other Indio as an insult.
          Oh, and they pretty much hate gringos, too. It’s pure ENVY and they know it. They try to imitate the gringos all the time even though they don’t understand what they are doing. I see it EVERY DAY.

        32. “Whites Supremacists”?
          That’s a laugh because we honestly want nothing to do with you wetbacks. NOTHING. So, as you can imagine, it would be very difficult to lord it over (act “supremacist”) towards non-whites when we don’t even want you in our presence. Time to re-segregate.

        33. Libertarianism is the vanguard of liberalism/Marxism.
          They start by saying things like “oh, the government should not enforce segregation/whatever”, so the government stops doing said thing. After that, the liberals (who care nothing for fair play/the Truth) step in and occupy the vacuum that the libertarians created for them.

        34. You know, on Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal, there is a great commenter named “Abe Fuxmen” who does a great impression of a K1ke. You should study his methods. Some top-rate lulz have been had by me reading his comments.

        35. “They just do it out of not knowing what else to do to pass the time, more or less!” So true. That and the ability to brag about doing it.

        36. I seen some hot Mexicans me I prefer Latins from the Caribbean or places like Colombia or Venezuela some of the most beautiful women are Latin Women by far, because you have all range of color size and shape from all regions like Africa Europe Arab even Asian and native.

        37. Exactly. Cross racial white knighting is like cattle herding. It is a ploy for control. I’m not suggesting to withhold aid to a countryman, but in a racial sense, most retain a tribal identity and allegiance. A white alpha ideally is his white beta brother’s keeper. Same for Hispanic, Black or Asian. Racial hegemony for a tribe provides a ‘mote’ deterring outside influences, one being outside insurgent females who are ‘carriers’ of female empowerment. To advocate the confusing of racial identity is like the confusing of sexual identity. A campaign of de construction is in process when these ‘confusing advocacies’ are in play. The ‘confused’ masses are undergoing being either colonized, conquered, broken for enslavement or annihilated.

        38. Clearly you don’t know that many people, then, if you don’t know at least one interracial couple. Probably should try broadening your social circle just a bit, for your own benefit.

        39. He is a fucking politician, dick riding people for votes is what they do. Sadly, the average Joe wants to buy into their bullshit. Me, I want to burn ’em all with a flamethrower. I’m tired of politicians without any real convictions. Just propaganda for the masses, all they seem to do this days….

        40. I think it’s safe to say that the black people who come to ROK despise the same things about popular black culture that you do. It’s the comments that try to pigeon hole all blacks into some kind inferior subspecies that gets tiring.

        41. Everyone is prejudice to varying degrees, there is no less racist, race. However, race seems to be injected into discussions where it really isn’t necessary and it’s usually done to denigrate not educate.

        42. Rand Paul is not in the Libertarian party and takes positions that libertarians don’t take at times. He is not “the face of libertarianism”, he’s the face of a Republican who sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t take a libertarian position.

        43. In what part of America do you live? I see quite a few white girls marrying latin or minority. Of course, I see a lot of white guys trolling for Asian and latin too. Go out white.
          As far as Obama..interesting that a lot those latins are working for white farmers and construction companies owned by whites. Stop hiring, start e-verifying, ARREST business owners!! Cut benefits at the state level!

        44. Very true. I think it’s why the Cartels have flourished there. The descendants of Aztecs/Mayans see the ceiling the Spanish have put on their lives. Plus, you can’t own a gun as a private citizen.

        45. ” Asians are far more capable in STEM than other races due to their high IQ.”
          You do realize that everything they think makes them mark they learned from whites !!!

        46. Mmm I like RoK for many reasons but it has been clear to me that it was a pro-white male website.

        47. Your culture is a projection of what you are biologically.
          Rap is a projection of Black identity.
          In short, despising rap is despising Black people (there are many self-hating Black indeed)

        48. White people destroyed or fucked up Native Indians, Pacific Islanders and Blacks through misgenation, slavery and wars. Now that the White race is indeed endangered, you whine about race-mixing. So ironic!
          I am not interested in LTR with White women but I won’t lose a sleep over the steady extinction of your race.

        49. I don’t need you to manage me. Thanks. I spent time in Latin America and I speak both Spanish and Protuguese.
          I have no problems with Latinos.
          Besides, the White man is the reason Black and Latinos have to live together in the US:
          – You stole half the territory of Mexico in the mid 19th Century (remember Davy Crocket?) and they still consider this territory as theirs. They are totally right to cross the Rio Grande en masse in my opinion.
          – Black were imported here. Self-explanatory

        50. “Put all races on an equal pedestal.”
          Here we see your true colours.
          We are here to (re)learn about masculinity.
          Masculine men are proud of what they are.
          You are a racist who believe non-Asian minorities are inferior. Don’t be ashamed of it and embrace your racism. Be a man about it.

        51. What do you mean by racist?
          Asian or Mexican never enslaved enslaved Black people en masse or created separate bathrooms for them.

        52. What’s your point? Castrating Black and Latinos because thay tend to have more kids? Deporting them? Eliminating them?
          White people are on the decline because they don’t want to have kids. They want to enjoy a selfish lifestyle as log as possible. Stop blaming other races for YOUR failure.

        53. I don’t despise Black culture because your culture reflects what you are biologically. Depising it would be self-hate.
          I come here because it’s one of the rare places where White people are true about their racism.
          The averadge Joe will kowtow to PC and have Black and Latinos acquaintances in real life. Then, he’ll come to RoK to call us retarded and savages.
          It shows us that deep inside they haven’t changed these last 50 years.

        54. White and Jews commit far more crimes: they bomb civilians to impose their Bank system and get cheap oil; they finance neo-Nazis in Ukraine to weaken Russia; they finance dictators to keep a strong hand on Latin America, etc.
          But well, that’s out of limit for the FBI.

        55. Most Latin American countries were ruled by pro-US dictators until very recently. The situation has been improving these last 10-15 years because the US is busy fucking up other countries.
          Besides, about 25% of the US territory has been stolen from Mexico (remember Davy Crocket?).

        56. Sad that no body else here agreed with you. Your spot on. All our races are fucked one way or another… but in my perspective, white people are by far and away the most guilty for creating and sustaining the ‘war economy’.

        1. Why not? There is nothing useful about posting on the interwebs for entertainment, which is what we’re all doing right now really. Let the boss pull the tail on the bird though and we’re out the door and into real life (yes, a Flintstones reference, so sue me).

        2. “Bitter”
          “What are you, 13?”
          Give it the fuck up man. You ain’t red pill. All your fag speak needs to be fixed before you go giving anymore advice.

        3. The red pill is a bitter pill to swallow, but there’s a point of diminishing returns when you allow that bitterness and anger to take over you. It’s infectious and goes against self-growth.

        4. Not everybody is at the same stage. As the movement grows, and it’s clearly growing, we’re going to see lots of guys come in angry, some will be in transition and bitter/not bitter depending on the day, and others will have gone on to higher ground. There’s nothing wrong with letting a man vent, it’s not like we get the chance in real life much.

  1. Women treat their pussy like it was a unique selling proposition. They don’t realize that it is more often than not their ONLY selling proposition.

    1. Once they give it up, they know they have nothing else to fall back on but their personality, and that might not be that developed for some women…

    2. Agreed, I like to use the expression when bringing a woman back down to earth, “so you think there’s a pot of gold between your legs? I’ve got news for you princess, from what I see its been empty for a loooonnng time……”

    3. I always start my dates with a hug and kiss. As for the second “I”, well, I have an intoxicating personality…
      Initiation. A woman will always let you know when she wants you to kiss her. Before long this becomes instinctual. You will grab her head and pull her straight in. And she will submit.

    4. Well dont forget blowjobs… besides I would take blowjobs over pussy almost anyday of the week!

  2. I’d love to understand what it is about alcohol that is so powerfully arousing for women. I feel it to a certain degree, but to women it is like a magic horniness elixir.
    I get that high levels of alcohol remove inhibition. Wasted chicks will do just about anything. What happens at a neuropsychiatric level with lower levels of alcohol, such as 1-2 drinks?

    1. Chemicals in alcohol act as a GABA agonists.
      GABA = An inhibitory neurotransmitter that retards activity of certain circuits in the brain.
      The effects of GABA on the pre-frontal cortex cause a loss of self-monitoring, a literal gap in the ability to inhibit certain behaviours because those areas are just no longer active. Essentially the lizard brain (your limbic and subcortical systems) just acts out however it wants without any thought of the consequences.
      Pair that with our culture which promotes the idea that women should not be responsible for their own behaviour and there you have it.
      Alcohol has a whole bunch of other effects on your biology as well

      1. Right – because sexual inhibition or chastity is so important for women for pair bonding, damping that inhibition is critical for enabling initial sexual contact.
        Thus we’d expect alcohol to be much less sexually liberating for a woman already in a pair bond, as far as her pair bond partner is concerned. With an affair, however, alcohol would still have that liberating effect.
        It seems like alcohol has a direct effect on arousal, though. Dopamine?

        1. Most likely yeah.
          I’ve also read before that for some people alcohol acts mainly as a depressant, while for others it also gets them excited and talkative. Depends on the individual’s wiring.

        2. I was with a new girl who apparently wanted me to make a move quicker than I intended so she had to have a couple drinks in order to “persuade” me to act.
          I love not being a woman. When I want something I don’t need alcohol to dampen my senses to go after it.

    2. I think its a psychological mental association. Coffee is for the office. Wine means you’re free to do what you want.

      1. Drinks can be expensive, you can easily drop $100 at a bar these days and not get anywhere.
        Christ, dude, where do you go to pick up women, the Club Ritz or something?
        Big city, amIright? heh
        I can buy the same bottle of wine here in central Ohio for $27.00 (at a restaurant/bar) that you cannot touch in Manhattan for less than $120. How people put up with big city prices and bullshit is beyond me.
        Pardons if you don’t live in a big city, am just assuming.

        1. Heh, yeah. It’s just a colossal waste of resources and to what, impress some bitch with her nose in the air? Ain’t no other reason I can see a guy laying down that much bread otherwise, because if he just wanted to get drunk he could pick up the same bottle at the package store for $30.00 and drink it in his home.

        2. If you really want to spend 180$ in a way that is gonna help you with the ladies, spend it on yourself.
          Buy some decent footwear, or a gym membership, or a guitar…

  3. Exactly, no need to make them drunk, they just need a few drinks so they think the alcohol helped, that it just happened and they’re not sluts.
    I also don’t judge anyone in their presence, so they know I won’t judge them or tell everyone about the night, it eases the process.

  4. Yes, by all means be careful — we’re seeing how much trouble fucking drunks even decades ago is causing Cosby. They all want to vent their rage at themselves for getting soused and putting out by blaming him and once one does the female herd instinct kicks in.

    1. Yeah, I wonder at the validity of the Cosby charges as well. A few things stick out. A) they always were drinking and admit to it and B) their stories are so similar that they sound like they’re coming from one script. Now 40 years ago, that meant something, it actually was a strong pointer towards foul play. And that’s the angle everybody is stressing right now. BUT…we have the internet today. It takes 0.01 nanoseconds to log online, read another person’s story, then concoct one almost identical all on your own in order to become “famous” for a day.
      And the beauty of it is, none of it can be proven at all. They can make up the most outrageous shit in the world and scream it across the interwebs, and there’s no way for him to prove his innocence, just as there’s no way for them to provide evidence.
      At times like these I always think back to the Salem Witch Trials. If ever there was a moment in history that laid bare the absolute evil that women are capable of, that was it. And it’s not like times really change.

      1. I had a class in college that spent months on the salem witch trials. Needless to say the short haired, feminist teacher of “women’s history” tried to paint them as “victims” of male “patriarchy”. She claimed that the girls were just “Acting out” as a result of life long oppression. Even my blue pill self years ago saw through this bullshit. My remarks about how evil and crazy they were were not taken well by the professor or the herd of female students surrounding me. Was a terrible class. Didn’t even show up to the final.

        1. Aye, anybody who has not read about that event in history needs to, from a non-feminist source of course. Herd of little girls shrieking and piling on everybody just for fun, ending in deaths which still didn’t dissuade them, is a telling tale of female conformity and should inspire fear in any upright man.
          There was a movie made about it in the ’90’s I think, which did a fantastic job of putting the entire episode into the proper light.

        2. The Crucible with Daniel Day Louis. Tremendous movie showing just how much they were evil, spiteful, crazy little bitches. Don’t worry GoJ. The Salem-esque witch hunts are coming. This time it won’t be for imaginary devil worshipers. It will be for men, especially if you are white, anti-communist, and own guns. Heaven help you if your not a trans-sexual, radical feminist, vegan minority member.

        3. Oh shit dude, I’m on the list then.
          Can use tools
          Own lots of guns
          Hate communists
          Raised horses and wear ‘cowboy’ clothes (technically, wrangler clothes, but who knows that these days?)
          Avowed libertarian
          unapologetic for owning a penis
          It’s like a fargin’ target painted right on my chest!
          Nah, fuck’em, I don’t fear these social retards. I really don’t. They are about as frightening as cockroaches, and about as brave when you flick on the lights. Their power is only the power I give them through fear, so I don’t fear them. Joke’em if they can’t take a fuck.

        4. The girls convinced members of the clergy that they were actually being tormented without evidence. Basically manipulating men to do their dirty work(shocker). Led to the so called “spectral evidence” being no longer used as anything convincing after that event.

        5. They are still dangerous when they can trick society into coming for you in numbers. They themselves (like the salem girls) won’t be the ones rounding you up. Sweet little cupcake will be all cozy somewhere like the coward he/she is. As for being unapologetic for having a penis? They’ll probably want to cut that shit off. Oh and wearing Cowboy Clothes(wranglers). That is sooooo aggressive and hate filled. Nowhere near as hipster and egalitarian as your prison outfit will be…. if they can take you alive.

        6. Heh, well, I generally have a gun on me when I’m gussied up, so somebody is going down besides me.
          Nah, what’s to fear? Seriously, there’s nothing they can do about me just walking down the street. It’s fun in a fiction considering kind of way to think this will turn into Harrison Bergeron, but it’s highly doubtful to actually happen. Too many men starting to see the light, especially now that they’re openly pushing the hard feminization of everything masculine, and pushing hard on the fruit loop gay agenda. Lots of men who are not “red pill” that I know of I’m hearing muttering angrily about how feminized everything is, even in casual bar conversations.
          As to Western wear, you’d be shocked at how well it’s received by women here in the midwest. It’s “unique” and “interesting” to them, and some go as far as to say “hot” about the hat. It’s funny. Out in Wyoming I’d look like any other man, give or take, but in Ohio I’m “exotic”.

        7. That list sounds just about right bro. Looks like I have the same target on my back. And I live in The Peoples Republic of MA, liberal cesspool.We need an ROK range day!

        8. That would be great actually, real life get togethers beat internet posting any day of the week. Problem is, we’re across the map usually. That said, anybody in Ohio wants to meet up and go shooting and drinking (probably not at the same time), drop me a line.

        9. I used to live in Kentucky. You can still get away with the rugged look there too in the right places. I’ve yet to hear the beta males muttering about the feminization of everything. Either I’m at the wrong bars or they’re all too busy white knighting with their save a hoe capes on.

        10. Try biker bars. More honest types of men there. Avoid ones where the gangs frequent if you can though.
          Shit, it was on Wednesday when I was talking to some guy beside me who was back from a job and was pissed off at “how fucking everything comes down to some bitches opinion these days” regarding the place he did his work for (he’s an artist, whole wall type of stuff, great talent too I’ve seen his work).

        11. Women led them because they wanted to eradicate women prettier and thinner than them, which is 99.9% the reason why a woman will autopilot hate another woman without even bothering to get to know her as is. Typical shallow and petty bullshit that makes them lead miserable lives until the grave.

        12. My old job me and 3 young women who work there were sitting around and talking, the girls seemed to have a good time together. As soon as one of them walked away the other 2 started talking shit on her without missing a beat.
          I was like wtf where did this come from? Women are wicked creatures.

        13. That kind of behavior is as predictable as “Sun goes up, Sun goes down” these days. Cuntrags!

        14. Your first mistake was taking a women’s history class. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify higher education when a stupid women’s studies class which probably costs several thousand dollars is a requirement for the core curriculum.

      2. No, none of it can be proven. If he did fuck the drunks they were aspiring actresses or models willing to trade pussy for whatever help he could give them. Once they succeeded or found a good job they were embarrassed by their own behavior and waiting an opportunity to blame him.

      3. On top of that, not one of them turned down his offer to hang out or say “no” when he made a move on them. One woman says she told him she had an STD so he had her give him head, but she never actually refused…

      4. Reminds of that chick who when to Mike Tyson’s hotel room AFTER midnight. Really, Mike Tyson, after MIDNIGHT. And Tyson to this day gets pissed when anyone suggests he had to rape someone when he was king of the sports world.

    2. It’s not just drunks that are the trouble. Any woman can decide now, tomorrow, next week, or 10 years from now that the encounter you just had with her was rape. No alcohol needed.

    3. Nah, the numbers of allegations are too much. And the age difference is also concerning… it tells me his persona was a lie.
      I think you are forgetting who Cosby pretended to be to the public … this wise negro who cared for others more than himself. If you think a guy with that reputation was sexing up drunk and drugged up women half to a third of his age, you are defending a monster.
      If he openly showed himself to the public as a hedonist, I would agree the allegations are less substantial …. but it’s obvious his saintly sage like persona is a farce. The old man is in trouble.

      1. You know, this aside, he is basically a right winger conservative and has his head screwed on straight regarding the failure of the black community in urban environments. Not everybody who is good is hiding something bad.
        I’ll need evidence to believe it. The internet makes “the number of women” thing irrelevant, all they have to do is read the news and make up their own story for a shot at the golden “fame” ring.

        1. But that’s my point.
          You can’t make moral claims when you are engaging in morally questionable behavior.
          I doubt all of these claims are a feminist conspiracy…. the claims have mounted for almost 2 decades.

        2. As I understand it (keep in mind, I’m not following it closely) the charges were unsubstantiated “back in the day” and faded away. The only reason we’re hearing shit now is some standup started it back up about him, and now they’re all piling on in numbers that were never present in the past.
          Basically though, it’s of marginal interest to me, and in two weeks nobody else will remember it. Everything is flash in the pan sensationalism, one long never ending string of shiny new stories and scandals to follow. It gets tiresome.

        3. I have to respectfully disagree. Cosby might say things turn on social conservatives but he’s no conservative. He was an active supporter of 0bama both times that he ran.

        4. Ah, didn’t know that, thanks for the information. I follow celebrities so little that I go basically on hearsay most of the time.

        5. He is no conservative but he believes greatly in education and despises a lot of images many black celebrities portray.

      2. I still will not concede that Cosby raped anyone because as of yet no one has shown any evidence that he did.
        I don’t care if 3 billion women accuse him of rape. Unless there is evidence, it is just a he-said-she-said. And why didn’t these women report these alleged crimes to the police when they allegedly happened?
        My guess is he banged a lot of women who thought he would be of help to advance their own Hollywood careers. Sleeping one’s way to the top of course is as old as time itself.

      3. That was his shtick. Sort of like Morgan Freeman, who really does look like someone you can trust.

  5. That’s all good advice. I don’t like cold pick up because I can’t control the surrounding social environment. Its just something you do because you have to. I really need to get alone time with a woman to get anywhere, and that means a date. Ideally wine works better than coffee. Lunch works good because its more casual than dinner. But if work doesn’t allow it then happy hour after work, but if you do happy hour make sure you get you’re own table and you’re not standing around at a bar scene where other guys can approach.

    1. no hate but that is a terrible idea! why do lunch? think about it: when does the majority of first-time sex occur?
      that doesn’t mean do dinner though. if you’re just trying to bang a girl, do not do a meal-meal date. no wonder you say you don’t expect first-date sex.
      it’s time to change up your game plan, my man. i’ll tell you briefly what i do: most important rule, always meet at night. you gotta be casanova, or the girl’s gotta have a contract with brazzers to fuck you in the middle of the day the very first time you meet her. so do night. do something light, like coffee or frozen yogurt. get the boring life-story stuff out of the way. after a little rapport is built, take her to a drinking spot. (all of this stolen from roosh’s book, btw. it works.) now is when you really escalate. get her to hold your hand or arm from the first spot to second spot. get a little tipsy. touch, touch, touch! her arms, her hands, her thighs, the small of her back. do it in small doses and gradually progress.
      the goal is to kiss at the bar. if you don’t kiss her there, it’s prolly not gonna happen. there are numerous ways to accomplish this. when i was just starting out, i would use the question game (play any game, make a rule that winner gets to ask loser any question s/he wants. the intent is to ask sexual questions. this makes going in for the kiss easier when the time is right.) be confident, be assertive, be dominant. i tell the girl to sit next to me. closer, like this. good girl. stuff like that. when they’re drunk and attracted to you, it’s hard for them to say no.
      after the kiss there’s no point stalling around in the bar any longer. invite them back to your place for another drink or more games or whatever. most girls will put up a little resistance here, bc they themselves know it’s not a good idea, and bc they don’t want to seem like total hoes. push. a little, but not a lot. “just a drink and then we’ll call it a night. i gotta get up in the morning anyway.” something like that. act as if she is coming home with you, not as if you have to convince her to do it. that always comes off as too needy.
      anyway, long and short of it is: do not ever do a meal date again, esp when youre just out for sex. never meet up in the day either. youre already starting out with a massive handicap when you do that. do it at night.

  6. I approve of the tenor, tone, realism and advice in this article. Well written sir, exactly what needs to be said, especially to the well intentioned but more spergy elements who like to analyze every detail down to a precise calculus.
    and somewhere else there is an obese pig who would think you don’t meet her standards.
    Worst than that is the obese pig who thinks that she has a chance with you and barges forward with flirting with you and hitting on you. It actually has started to offend me a bit when a fat broad starts acting like she has a chance with me. Ugh.

    1. 90 percent of American women are gross. Either old, whorish, or fat. I’m not including ugly, because that’s without saying.
      I had an attractive 21 year old brunette leaning on me in the bar last Friday night. It was an easy score, but I essentially turned it down out of disinterest in slut f*cking. I know she’s sucked more guys than I have fingers in her time in college.
      I don’t understand guys who f*ck everything they see and are proud of it (especially ones who cheat on good girls). It’s not an accomplishment.
      American women turn me off.

      1. I think it depends on where you live. Lots of places have scary ugly women nearly omnipresent. Others, like around college campuses or big heavy hitting cities (NYC, LA, etc) the hottie count is far higher than normal.

        1. That is true, but the modern millennial American woman reeks of whoredom. She can’t put her iPhone down, and when she does, words tumble out of her mouth non stop. They also have big plans … like an art history masters degree!
          Contrast that with several East European women I know, who can hold a conversation and aren’t promiscuous (because they have masculine fathers). They are so much more attractive.

        2. No doubt. I don’t deny the hotness of EE women. Was in military intelligence and attended DLI back in the day. Place was flocking with EE women (instructors and wives of instructors). Hotness. Of course at the time (1986) American women were still by and large skinny and hot, so I didn’t notice the difference as much as today.

        3. the modern millennial American woman reeks of whoredom.

          True. So many have never even been on a date. They just fuck. If you were to try to court one of these millennial whores you might as well show up in a justacorps and powdered wig, because that’s how they’d see you.

        4. Don’t forget Miami, you’ll see the hottest women anywhere in America there. Most of them are from somewhere else though. At least you don’t have to leave the country.

      2. “East European women are the only good options.”
        Not the only one. East Indians, asians, central american, etc. There’s a number of cultures outside of the US and the western world that are looking better and better.
        It’s a different situation where I am currently working, but there’s a large number of East Indian women here.
        I never really paid Indian women much attention, but after being around them so much for the last several months, I am starting to notice how different they are from American women.
        They’re all smart and know their jobs, but they haven’t completely abandoned their femininity. Long hair (some down to their butt), nice clothes. Some of them do the skirt and heel thing regularly. Big smiles when you say anything to them. No snotty comments, no harsh tones, nothing like that. Always pleasant, even when we are having major issues with something.
        No pixie cuts and pant suits with bitchy faces which is what most of the American women seem to be wearing.
        Can’t (won’t) do anything because it’s where I work til my contract is up, but it has definitely given me an interesting perspective being around this many of them at once for the first time. I’ve definitely developed an appreciation for them.

        1. Fair enough.
          I always thought I would marry a white woman someday. Once I realized white women were out to destroy our culture, it became less important to me.
          But in your situation, yes, EE is probably your best (and only) bet.

        2. I’m with you on that one. Problem is, our women have been DESTROYED.
          Of course, it’s all happened by accident. Just a coincidence.

        3. Race mixing isn’t really something anyone has control over, whether you engage in it or not. We all rely on each other to some degree and are intermingled in a global economy. It’s going to happen more and more as time goes by.

        4. Race mixing started thousands of years ago. Romans, Greeks, Nords sailing the ocean blue..horny as hell…no discipline was so true.

  7. “one can get the impression that it takes a master’s degree in evolutionary psychology to get laid” .. damn I was thinking the same thing. Most important thing IMO (besides those 3 i), is to pre-select the girl carefully, I mean don’t wasting time with the wrong ones, and give a try to those who seem open to novelty (not as easy as it seems). Then, applying those 3 i could get you further with more chance.

    1. So fucking what?
      They’ll accuse him, and the rest of us, of every crime imaginable under the sun simply for breathing. After a while it loses its power.
      The fucks thou shalt give shall be zero, and zero shall be the count of the fucks thou shalt give. Not one fuck, not two fucks, not five (three!) fucks, but zero fucks shalt thou givest, forever and ever. And the Lord did grin.

        1. i’m referring to your “the fucks thou shalt give shall be zero” line. and i’m also not referring to you-you, but the general you, which holds weight, as can be evidenced every time a new man stands vilified at the podium weeping another rendition of “i’m so sorry, please forgive me!”

    2. They’ve already accused us all of rape already anyways. Rape without contact, assault for saying hi, harassment for asking how they’re doing, rape culture everywhere…we’re all rapists anyways according to them.
      What’s one more on the pile? Toss the accusation over there with the rest.

    3. Every PUA guide is a rape guide according to Feminists. No matter what kind of girl you’re hitting on, you’re a rapist:
      –Drunk women? “Date rape!”
      –Sober women? “Street harassment!”
      –Co-workers? “Workplace harassment!”
      –Friends? “Nice Guy Syndrome!”

  8. I always thought that screwing drunk girls was pathetic. I much prefer when they are not intoxicated.

  9. And if you’re of a certain class of the American public there are probably two more I’s you’ll add to your list.
    4. Impregnate
    5. Ignore

  10. Three I’s
    Inject – drug into shiksa’s drink
    Inslave – take girl tied up in boat to Tel Aviv
    Impregnate – make little bastard slave to build settlement west bank!

  11. So if you meet me, have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste!

  12. Instead of “don’t have sex with a drunk girl cause you’ll go to jail” why not say “just don’t rape anyone”. Sounds like better advise to misguided blue pillers

    1. Because, in our currently insane Western world, it is the woman who determines whether rape has happened. It is entirely the woman’s subjective opinion that counts as to whether or not she has been raped, no matter her behaviour before the event, no matter her behaviour afterwards, no matter what an objective authority like a police officer says, no matter whether she reports the event to anybody (see: #BeenRapedNeverReported for the logical endpoint of this idiocy). Just as with abortion, the man has no say in it whatsoever.
      You can have perfectly consensual sex with a woman the night before, but if she feels guilty about it in the morning, a rape accusation is a distinct possibility. And there is precisely jack shit you can do about it short of pre-sex evidence. Hence why all the semi-jokes about webcams and videotaping. “Yes means yes” is the reductio ad absurdum of this concept.

      1. So if you were robbed, that is also subjective?
        You say “dude, don’t steal my wallet.” Despite being drunk, does that give the stranger a right to take your wallet?
        No means no. That’s the way to stay out of jail. If she says no. Get out of there cause the police will get you.
        I can’t tell if you are saying rape doesn’t exist or what.

        1. I understand perfectly. When forming an argument, one must look at all sides, or you learn nothing.

  13. Another feature of just a couple of drinks is that occasionally people need an excuse to do what they want to do anyway. A couple of glasses of wine – which gets burned off in less than an hour anyway – supply that excuse. (ref: that scene in 50 First Dates)

  14. I wouldn’t rely too much on the intoxicate part. A few drinks can help in the early going of a first date, but if a woman doesn’t want you while sober, you’re doing it wrong.

  15. “somewhere out there is a model-quality girl who would fall in love with you, and somewhere else there is an obese pig who would think you don’t meet her standards. ”

  16. I think #2 is right in principle but certainly misses the point. You don’t need drugs or alcohol to intoxicate a woman; you do need to be a little bit magical and intoxicate that way. Just a LITTLE is fine. But do create a perfect environment. You certainly don’t need to literally get her intoxicated; that’s lame.

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