New York Strippers Go On Strike Because They’re Not Getting Enough “Respect”

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Wealthy Wall Street finance types are going to need to find a new way to entertain their wealthy asset-management clients – at least for the time being – because the strippers are going on strike.

The source of the dispute is a simmering dispute between New York City dancers and a growing cohort of Instagram-famous “startenders” who wear outfits that are almost as revealing as the strippers’ outfits, but also promote the club on social media – bringing in a loyal following of customers – while also serving drinks.

The club owners, not wanting to lose the revenue that the bartenders are bringing in, have stood idly by while the bartenders’ influence inside the clubs has grown, while the strippers, who typically pay clubs a house fee to dance, are seeing their nightly earnings dwindle.

The result? One stripper who spoke to the post said she used to make $1,000 a night. But now she’s pulling in closer to $400.

“No dancer in New York City is making $1,000 a night anymore.”

Of course, the strike is still in its early stages. But according to the Washington Post, it’s quickly gaining support.

Panama is a stage name and she declined to provide her real name. She is for real, though, said Mona Marie, the owner of a New York dance studio where many dancers train called Poletic Justice. And, she says, so are their mounting grievances, so much so that some of them have declared a stripper’s strike. It’s unclear how many dancers are participating and what the impact on the clubs has been. The strike is about a week old.

This isn’t your normal labor dispute between employees and employers. It’s between bartenders and strippers, on the one hand, and between strippers and club promoters on the other, who tend to side with the bartenders because, after all, it’s the bartenders who they believe are bringing in the customers via social media.

As it turns out, the advent of photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat has violently disrupted the business of being an exotic dancer. To compensate for the drop in their nightly take at NYC clubs, the dancers now travel more because they can earn more money at clubs down South, or clubs in smaller towns where girls from fresh faces can earn more money.

Because of the club owners’ indifference, many of the best dancers to skip NYC altogether, one stripper said.

A dancer named Gizelle Marie is one of the strike organizers. “The [New York City] bartenders tell the customers not to tip us. They block us from the customers while we dance or they are sweeping our money off the stage while we dance,” she told The Post. Several videos taken from inside different clubs posted on Instagram appear to support her claim.

Gizelle Marie says most customers can’t tell bartenders apart from strippers anymore because they all basically dress the same and “the club promoters and owners encourage the behavior.”

Gizelle Marie got the idea to mobilize the NYC Strippers Strike after she traveled to Washington last month to dance at a club during Howard University’s homecoming.

“I made a lot of money. It made me think to myself that a lot of the great dancers aren’t dancing in New York anymore. They moved away to other cities to work or they just completely stopped,” Gizelle said.

Within a couple days, she posted the word on Instagram and 30 strippers gathered last week at Poletic Justice in the Bronx for a meeting.

Panama said, “The dancers used to be the most respected in the club, and now it’s like the dancers are at the bottom of the barrel. And the dark-skinned dancers are all the way at the bottom of the barrel.”

Among other considerations, the striking strippers are demanding a reduction in house fees and that black dancers also have the opportunity to be hired as bartenders.

In the past, the dancers have mostly been silent about their issues out of fear, she said. “People were in fear of losing their jobs if they spoke out. A lot of these women have other careers, are parents, are putting themselves through school so that fear factor absolutely played a part in it.”

They want their house fees reduced. They want bartenders to pay house fees, too. The black dancers want the opportunity to be hired as bartenders. And they want the bartenders to stop stealing their money.

They wish as well that management would stop pitting the strippers and bartenders against each other. The dancers believe everyone can work together harmoniously if rules are established.

“All we want is respect at the end of the day,” Gizelle Marie said. “If it doesn’t change by us going to the owners we’ll take further matters legally.”

However, the nascent strike is facing one major obstacle: Club promoters’ reaction to the strike ranges from indifferent to downright hostile.

Club promoters are not sympathetic to the strippers’ demands. Sean Simmons, promotional director for Aces New York, said the strike is “nonsense.” He said there is no racism in the nightclubs and that he employed “all ethnicities” as dancers and bartenders at his club before it was shut down a couple months ago.

“The whole industry itself has changed,” Simmons told The Post in a brief phone interview. “Some clubs are bartender-driven, but that’s just because the bartenders are beautiful women.” Simmons said that there should be rules and regulations between dancers and bartenders, but said, “Nothing will come from the strike.”

Still, the women plan to keep fighting.

“No matter how people perceive your work environment, a work environment is a work environment and everybody needs to be respected and treated equally. If there’s something you can do to help or change your establishment, you should do it.”

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137 thoughts on “New York Strippers Go On Strike Because They’re Not Getting Enough “Respect””

    1. Wth is wrong with you, why did you waste valuable moments pondering that decision? Time management man

    2. Humm.. Yupp ??
      When you’re a cock sucking whore, what kind of respect do you want ??
      Just suck & swallow ?? That’s all the respect that you will get ??

    3. They all look pretty bangable to me, truth be told. Most guys get hysterical because these girls earn good money doing something they are incapable of doing themselves.

      1. And then as they age their SMV drops like shit and no one wants them by then. At that point their money is irrelevant so what is your point?
        Good luck with HIV too with your jungle fever

        1. Of course if they were housewives, their SMV would remain high forever. Marrying and procreating stops people from aging, as we all know. Oh. Wait a minute…

        2. Just the fact that the readers of this site seem to think that women who marry and have kids young are somehow immune to Father Time. Everyone will age no matter what they do. A housewife’s SMV will drop just like a stripper’s will, and if men are as shallow as advertised here, a husband will lose interest in his wife as soon as she hits “the wall”. The point being, it’s foolish to hinge all your happiness on someone who is likely to dump you the moment your skin starts to sag. Romantic relationships are not what life is all about. People need to live their lives to make themselves happy, not to lock down a mate who could walk out on you at any moment. J

  1. How come Roosh’s comment shows up first in every damn article. Is it really roosh? Tring how the new comment section functions? Or is it some imposter?

    1. Fun fact: I am the only person on this website that can pronounce Roosh’s real name correctly.

        1. It’s always a little bit heartbreaking to me when children of immigrants do not know their native tongue. It’s really your parents fault, but I don’t blame them because it’s hard to teach your children their native tongue when everyone around them, and everything their learning, is taught in a different one.
          Thankfully, I immigrated to Canada when I was 7 (although I went back to the Middle East for 2 years in high school) so I always have that special connection with my Middle Eastern heritage through language, film, and music.

        2. funny how you foreigners all of a sudden get nostalgic about your “native tongue” and native country when you are in the USA but you more than happy to get the hell out of there before you immigrated.

        3. Hammer,
          I think the problem lies with the presumption that we were “happy to get out”. Nobody leaves home, darling, unless home is the mouth of a shark. And nobody leaves home happy either, even if there’s war, economic depression, or political issues. For example, take Syrian refugees. I meet a lot of them here and none of them are happy to have had to leave Syria, even though, technically, their life would be a lot better in North America than it would be in Syria. But money is not everything in life, at the end of the day. Your culture, your people, your language, all of those things are very dear to people’s hearts.
          All Syrian refugees do is talk about home, and I know what that’s like, because I had that sickness before, so I recognize it in others. It’s a terrible fever, and I really do not wish it upon anyone. Not every immigrant has the same story, some people truly do abandon their cultural roots and seem to have zero problem assimilating to North America culture. And others really seem to die with the fever.
          I am grateful that I come from Jordan, where there is no war, and that my father has the economic privilege to take me back home in the summer, because that, I believe, really helped me get better.

        4. your statement: “little bit heartbreaking to me when children of immigrants do not know their native tongue. ”
          Those children obviously did not have the time to learn the language or experience that so-called great culture you came from, so why do you find it heartbreaking that they assimilated? Who cares if the learned Arabic or whatever or not? They are Americans now with little or no knowledge of that so -called great culture. Go ahead and miss your state so why should the children be brainwashed to believe that your so called great culture is even worthy of knowing?

        5. You know whats even sadder (and also quite hilarious)? When children of Middle Eastern Muslim immigrants (Like Roosh) support Trump and an anti-immigration, Islamaphobic diatribe as illustrated by many of the articles on this site. I can’t figure out if hes rejecting his upbringing because he hates his parents, or if he’s pissed off that he was born in America (cuz you know, women are so awful here).

      1. another statement “money is not everything” — ye those same people , especially foreigners love to name drop expensive brands like Hermes, BMW, Alexander Wang ….

    2. I don’t mind considering he created it, and he’s one of the better posters around (thank god, imagine if he was a shitposter on his own site? It would lose all credibility).
      Also, if people thumb him up to the top (if it even works that way) I wouldn’t mind either. They elected him there.

      1. No need to justify it Roosh. My only answer to the person who got that “doubt”; Common Sense in not so Common !

  2. Holy crap! This is the funniest story of the year so far! “Put some respect on mah name!” – Da Birdman

  3. These whores should come down to Kansas City, Missouri and strip at the clubs down here. There are plenty of desperate thirsty suckers in this area + low cost of living. However, most of the strip clubs in KC are owned by the Civella (LCN) Crime Family and the made guys apparently have been known to smack the strippers around some for giving them lip.

    1. I’m not turned on in the least by any of these hoes. I don’t look at porn, I don’t fap on the regular, and I’m a high T dude.
      The aggregate is that I pop a tent at the slightest aspect of women (I wake up constantly with a hard-on despite being over 40) but with these hoes I’m doing nothing but pointing due south. They’re not getting any respect/money because they are ugly, unsexy, and mannish, and look like they are riddled with STDs.

  4. Yeah, these sluts for money don’t deserve respect. I they wanted respect, shoudn’t have been a stripper.

  5. Fuck!
    Seriuosly? I wan’t respect for being a dim-witted whore who’s really not much to look at, and can’t quantify my ability to bring in business (or perhaps drive it away), whereas the bartenders can make an argument for such based on their instagram following.
    Talk about delusional. Watch the video to see what a “brilliant” girl this Gizelle Marie is. Yes, yoru public education tax dollars hard at work, producing pole dancers of the stature and quality of a GM. Laughable.
    Now I did the math. Even at $400/night x 300 nights a year, that’s still $120K gross (I’m sure much of which never sees an IRS 1040). Not bad for a few hours spinning around a brass pole each evening. “Oh, but I used to make over $30-K/year.” Well baby, I’m sure you’ve spent you abundant money and time well investing in your post-wall future, which I’m sure you’ll hit sooner than most.
    But then, when threatened by real competition in the marketplace, the woman’s first defenses are faidrness, equality and disrespect by other (usually men, but apparently smarter, hotter females in these establishments).
    Sorry Gizelle, but you and your hoes need to really look in the mirror and stop bitching.

      1. its a genetic thing, as unique to the sex as having the snatch. they cant have the gash and the double xx chromosomes and not also have the genetic expression of bitching. the real skillset is the pissing and moaning part at the same time.

    1. yes so they can be swindled by foreigners and have less amenities. All of a sudden foreigners must have been God sent as they are much more honest and trustworthy than Americans.

      1. No. I stopped going to strip clubs in the west decades ago because they were abusive and predatory; against men. The women had men paying them to taunt them and heap scorn on them. And these were the lowest of the low women doing it. The average man in one of those places is worth ten times (AMV) of any of the women swirling around the poles.
        In non-western countries the dancers are not teasing and milking the men for money while giving back nothing but scorn. In those places a dancer is looking to get a customer to rent her goods for the night, at a reasonable rate. The dynamic and the attitudes are much different.
        Getting out of the west is a good move no matter what your intentions or opinions about strippers and whores. In the non-western world there are at least vestiges of respect for a man just for being a man. they also have better attitudes about the elderly (which I am and all of you will be if you don’t die early).

        1. so you are leaving the USA to find better hookers?I hear a lot of you guys talking about leaving but never actually do.

    2. Soldiers get shot for desertion. Man up and defend the fort Mouseheart. You made it what it is now fight for it. Top tip: the enemy is within. (You)

    3. Ah yes it wasnt the Zionist Federal Reserve or the Cabal of democratic pedophiles that control Google/Facebook/YouTube, It is the strip club power struggle that is making me pack my bags.

  6. A hoe is a hoe is a hoe and they are found shoulder to shoulder in all the same places. Hyenas and hoes will ALWAYS fight over the scraps. So what. Quit whining, you chose the “profession” and knew the terms when you started, so shut your dick smelling yap and get back to work, OR GO GET A REAL JOB.

    1. Agreed. It’s not a job. A job is trading a good for compensation.

      She’s not trading her body for money. What she’s trading for the money, is the qualities and assets she should be giving to a man as he gives her protection, love, and takes responsibility for her.

      That trade is not outdated. Anyone who says it is, is selling something.

  7. Giving in to this demand would create an impossible situation. Respecting the epitome of moral decay would render ‘respect’ meaningless. Thus, encouraging a further escalation of the current situation. Respect is reserved for the respectable, and there is absolutely nothing respectable about being a ho.

    1. Well said, my friend!
      They want to squeeze some pussy starved beta for some cash- go ahead, they’re whores same as girls on the streets, unworthy of any man’s time or respect.

  8. These women are hideous! Who pays their bills? What kind of low standards have we set for women to where these ugly broads pull even $100 a night??

  9. I can pop a cheaper costing same brand beer at home, and watch all the action I want on the internet for free. WHY would I go pay fees and ridiculous prices for washed up overweight pole dancers and barhoeservers. I don’t go locally to the few remaining strip clubs, and cops hang out undercover to catch public sex acts for prosecution….Again, WHY would I go out, when I can stay in and have NO ISSUES and all the choices?

  10. You will NEVER make women respectable unless you yank the pussy pass out from under them and make BEING respectable a thing again. until that happens, the lowest easiest least respectable job, will ALWYS be the first one women will opt to and never grow out of. No accountability, no standards, no expectations, all lead to the final answer…NO RESPECT, and if you wife up these hoes, you deserve what you get as they pass on their single mom chased of dad/or nameless faceless sperm donor dad lifestyles and values to their spoor for another generation of worse debauchery.

  11. Most strippers, now more than ever given the current ease of access of porn online, are also hookers on the side. Or the very least do rub and tugs. It’s well known in that industry. I have only gone to strip clubs for a bachelor party situation and don’t spend much money there-it’s the biggest waste of cash out there. At least with a hooker, you’re getting laid for the cost, not just blue balled and sent home.

  12. When I was in my 20’s I dated a woman whose friend was a stripper and we partied one night.
    The amount of drugs they did was astounding-in those days it was cocaine and GHB. Never a hard drug user myself, I was astounded at the amount of coke being done. Piles and piles.
    Everybody was high on drugs in the strip clubs. Everybody.

    1. Spot on man-I knew a bartender at a strip club and she told me they all did massive amounts of drugs which is why they are always broke even though they make tons of cash. They blow it all up their nose.

  13. Only in America can a woman cry about not being able to be a slut, rich, and respected all at the same time.
    And be taken seriously.

  14. Because shaking your pussy in front of a bunch of men is a respectable skill.

  15. This is all simple economic supply and demand. AWALT, meaning plenty of women are happy to become strippers and whores as a way to earn a quick buck. THAT is what’s causing the drop in demand prices. This “strike” will fail miserably. It’s like there’s a glut of cheap laborers hanging around Home Depot, and so their response is to go on strike for more money. Whut?

    1. How long will it be before men who go to strip clubs be accused of sexual harassment or men who pay for sex be accused of rape because, after all, they’re requiring something sexual of the woman before forking over their cash? Don’t you know, men should just be willing to hand over every red cent to a woman without requiring anything of her just because she’s a woman and you have money she wants.

      1. the ultimate feminist wet dream. what sane man would not oppose and combat that from happening?

  16. These strippers are giving the exact, expected response 80% of the US female population gives when confronted by a more attractive, superior competition: to cry for “fairness & equality” & for a 3rd party to intervene in their favor. It is a well known fact in any major city that the bartenders & waitresses are almost always prettier than the strippers, at least by 2 points on 1 – 10 scale. These dirty whores are true feminists in the sense that they cry out against the behavior of the club owners/managers, who have decided to treat the women like adults and stay out of their quarrels. These strippers rather be treated like children and have all the women get micromanaged to ensure their free handout money. Thus, this problem is reflective of the major behavioral tactic women in this society as a whole have adopted: cry for equality while behaving like children to ensure all the benefits without the negative connotations.

  17. I agree with the strippers argument 100%. Nobody patronizes a strip joint to waste their time talking to bartenders. Patrons frequent strip joints for the sexually titillating floor show. Sexy bartenders add to the ambience but it’s not the main event. If I understand the article correctly, their wages are being stolen the bartenders and the owners. If they’re already paying a performance fee to the owners then the tips should belong to them. Likewise, if they earn tips by satisfying their customers then their tips should not be used as a slush-fund to pad the pockets of the owners. Without the floor show, there are no free spending patrons. Furthermore, if the bartenders are unhappy with the level of tips they earn, then maybe they should graduate to putting on a floor show.
    This type of behavior is not unique to strip joints. I’ve seen this type theft at other companies that steal the commissions from their sales staff so they can pay for the extravagant lifestyles of their mistresses. It’s the bad business practices of these pussy-begging owners that breeds resentment and put everyone in jeopardy.

    1. Get out of here fag…..strippers make 10 times the amount of money that they actually contribute to society…if the owners and bartenders can make more money than them than why don’t those strippers become bartenders and owners? People like you need to be shot in the head. Any person that thinks that a woman who just shakes her ass around and acts like a slut for a living deserves money is a fucking idiot.

      1. First and foremost, it’s not my problem you can’t get laid you fapping-loser.
        That being said, strippers bring relief and value to the Sexual Market Place. If cock-teasing makes you angry, then perhaps it’s not a suitable solution to your fetid frustrations. The argument is not about what strippers contribute to society but one of entertainment commerce. Strippers clearly contribute considerable value to some men as they are willing to spend their hard earned cash for this type of entertainment. Additionally, their complaint is not about the owners and bartenders making more money. Their complaint is that the bartenders and owners are stealing the money that the strippers earn from putting on the floor show. This is clearly theft of someone else’s earnings. If you worked 40 hours a week and your boss decides he’s going to cut your paycheck by 10 hours, I don’t think you’d be flippantly accommodating.
        Furthermore, name calling is the last refuge of the defeated loser.

        1. Okay. For the record, saying that name calling is the last refuge of a defeated loser is actual last refuge of a defeated loser. Seriously, though, indeed, we’re not here to sling names. I agree with the sentiment that stripping is an illegitimate job. I think the reason it’s allowed is because the government found out they could get a cut. They always say something is legal when they can figure out how to take a cut. I think we can all agree that just because Uncle Sam says something is legal, does not make it legitimate. Look at gay ‘marriage.’ Or any marriage. Used to be a religious/cultural property until Sam wanted a piece of the pie.

          All that said, Jynxi, I don’t have enough respect for strippers to have sympathy for their purloined wages. I think the basis of their root transaction is taking away what should belong to one man, and selling it to many. I disrespect a woman who takes from a man what God gave her to give to one man. My sympathy is dried up for her. Maybe I’m not alone in that. A lot of people laugh at dead hookers in film. No sympathy.

        2. to thirsty betas and cucks. its like the kids being drawn to the dancing hippopatomuses at the zoo. same thing, literally and figuratively.

        3. Jynxi. Sounds like a stripper name. I got a female cat by that name. My woman named her. It’s spelled a little more masculine though.
          I think you’re in the wrong forum here, Jynxi.

        4. Corinth Arcadian – Your admission that you and your “girlfriend” have a C-A-T, speaks volumes sissy-boy.

    2. The nightclubs I frequent in PI/Thailand, every woman in the joint bangs for money. Dancers, waitress, door staff. The only difference being dancers have to take ‘all comers’, the other staff can say ‘no’, but usually don’t. Dancers get paid $1-2 a night more for giving up their right to say ‘NO’.

  18. The laws of basic economics (life) are finally starting to hit home….if you ain’t worth shit than you ain’t going to get shit. Wow, maybe more men than we think are waking up to the fact that pussy is not worth your pride, honor, money, or time. I like strip clubs as long as their beers are NOT TOO OVER PRICED, the cover is not too high, and the owners actually put effort into putting GOOD LOOKING BITCHES on the poles….other than that I can pass…I look at strippers like I look at a TV, just entertainment. The last thing I do at a strip club is get a lap dance…lap dances are overpriced, pointless, and 99.9% of the time they are just a cock tease…literally get nothing out of lap dances. Most strippers have boyfriends, pfff…husbands, and/or are drug addicted and used-up super whores. Ya, today’s women are shit, therefore, strip clubs are shit. I mean, just look at the picture, the bitches are all overweight, ugly, too much make-up, probably stuck up. I remember hearing this saying not long ago “strip clubs are just the churches of feminism, the place where men worship women”.

  19. I’ll accept it if they paid taxes. Oh wait they don’t. Thievery is common. Get over it. It’s a stripclub they will always be shady. What they do shows lack of self respect and a disgrace to any family’s reputation. They don’t do it because, they are destitute rather they don’t want to do a regular job because regular jobs are beneath them. The whores are upset because, they got outwhored. They knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to be independent contractors.

  20. Interesting how all the strippers appear to be low-grade black and/or Hispanic (Puerto Rican or Dominican) women. Not a white face to be seen. That may have something to do with their low pay, and demanding “respect”.

      1. Have you seen an actual slut walk? The fat ugly black women in the first picture would stand out as beauties in any slut walk.

  21. Thanks to identitarianism all I see now are a bunch of nasty ass brown bitches.
    I would not even give them a dollar.

    1. Some of them look like Trannies, man. I bet at least two in the group shot actually are.

  22. if only we invested in the full potential of these strippers we could solve the lack of female representation in the boardroom in about 50 seconds. The only condition would be that the annual bonus could be legitimately stuffed down their knickers

  23. Most of these strippers seem to be black women to be quite honest. There’s no need to be PC on this. The best way to end it all for them is to settle down, get married and stop chasing after cheap poon. Stripper poon is cheap, bad, unproductive waste of life poon.
    Married a good woman who doesn’t attention whore all over the place.
    Black women are only good for hollering when hit. Or just hollering in general.
    Black women are the litmus test of feminism unchecked. You see? You see what brutal evil can occur in women?
    Place your females in check.

  24. No woman should earn USD 1000 per night, no matter where she is or what she does, period.
    I as a man am earning the equivalent of USD 500 per MONTH.
    Some Wage Gap, huh?
    Albeit I am not stripping, though.
    But I have a fucking university degree while these sluts have a cunt, ass and boobs and that is all what they have. I wonder if they can read or write at all…
    Fuck this Feminist world, I am out.
    MGTOW 4 life.

    1. So you prefer Communism where prices are set by the state. If a woman can earn $1000 per night, more power to her. That’s Capitalism, where the free market sets the price for goods and services.

    2. Given the black literacy rates in the US, a large portion of these women probably read at a 4th grade level, if that.

      1. Isn’t your real beef that they earn more money than you working a job that doesn’t require a high school diploma or college degree?

        1. Again, you’re in the wrong forum. Quit while you’re behind, or Roosh will be forced to ban you.

      2. Corinth Arcadian – Banning “bad thoughts” is for fuzzy-ball-lickers. I just thought I’d point that out since you brought it up.

  25. Hey guys, they are just going on strike. They can be stupid if they want, it has nothing to do with us.

    1. “Indo”???
      Is that Indianapolis?
      Or India?
      If the later, you can keep ’em!
      If the former…hot, young, corn fed mid-western teens? I’m in!

      1. The white girls of Indianapolis aren’t really selling pussy as they are taken by 18 by corn fed Chads. They usually marry off early. No, Naptown’s strippers would be just as Black and more likely uglier than the NYC ones. Keep in mind, if you’re a good looking Black woman you move to NYC. Sad to say that these Black women are actually the cream of the crop of American Black girls.

  26. “a lot of the great dancers aren’t in New York anymore” Could that be the reason the bartenders are needed to enhance revenue or why the “remaining” dancers aren’t making the big money. Many of us are making less than we were years ago, tough it out or move to a more lucrative area. Not getting respect…..really……you are strippers, you take your clothes off and dance for horny drunken men for a living. I don’t know if the word respect is the appropriate nomenclature.

  27. “New York Strippers Go On Strike”
    As long as NYC Hookers keep working, I’m fine…

  28. Jeez, if the strippers are as fat as the girls in the photos, I’m not surprised they don’t make much money. Eat less, earn more!

    1. That could be self-regulating, fat stripper chicks lacks money, eats less, slims down, earns more money. 😉 But not with their diet, although cum is low calories, but junkfood not.

  29. If you think about it, the strippers aren’t really doing much more for the men than what men can get from HD porn these days.
    But the bartenders are providing the men with social interaction with a hot girl.
    It reflects what I strongly suspect is the real reason that porn isn’t a good substitute for the real deal.
    I used to think there must be something (physically) special about pussy that’s very hard to duplicate.
    But that’s not it at all.
    It’s that porn doesn’t provide men with social interaction and validation.

  30. Awww, poor snowflakes only earning 400$/night, strangely I do not see any of these entitled hoes dying of starvation.
    I would not spend one lousy dollar on any of those untouchable STD-(single?)-motherships.
    How is it even possible to make money with this shit? Stripping absolutely provides nothing of value, except for corporate beta-cucks.

  31. They’re not at the barrel bottom because they’re Black. They’re at the barrel bottom because they look like shemales with tats. The race card won’t work with that.

    1. Well yes and no. A black woman’s SMV declines much faster than that of a White woman. I know some jungle fever types will bring up the “good aging” Black women go through (largely due to bone structure and their soft babylike features), but none of that changes the fact most have incredibly high amounts of sex partners and are more likely to be single moms. So actually from a societal standpoint, being a Black woman doesn’t help when it comes to SMV.
      This is why they always brag about how well they age. Because they know how much they’ve been run through.

      1. Don’t worry, white women are catching up and the genie an’t goin’ back in the bottle any time soon. Stay tuned.

        1. I am aware and will adjust strategies accordingly. Luckily for me I don’t chase most of the filth that simpering White men worship. I chase girls with low sexual experience who grew up sheltered for the most part. Lots of these girls are ignored by pickup artists and dudebros in favor of hypersexualized club skanks. Sure these girls largely haven’t done much exciting and are rather unremarkable and dorky, but hey we are supposed to be the cool ones in the relationship, not our bitch. I would rather date some sweet nothing girl with no friends or popularity than Stacy the prom queen. Stacy may get more looks but she is most likely a cunt who I have to re-train because the men before me were simp bitches. With Elizabeth the quiet girl who reads books and doesn’t get hit on by thirsty fucks, I get low grief, a compliant sweetheart who worships me, and a rest haven at night when I am done fighting the day. And in her eyes I am amazing and can fight monsters. Stacy the Basic Americunt looks down at men and gives them grief over breathing wrong.
          I have by and large avoided the pitfalls of relationships with American White women because of the type of women I don’t get into relationships with. Some of you complain about the level of shit testing your girls give you like gluttons for punishment. All women will try you but what some of you accept is rather ridiculous. I am always the one walking away and always halfway in even with LTRs. And I don’t choose Stacy even she is hotter. My SMV isn’t found in some girl it is found in the person I am. Some of you who have come to hate White women have more than likely elevated them to such a goddess degree that you always end up frustrated when the girlfriend you got to prove you manhood is the same one who takes it away. You guys always chase the super hot girl and because of this, she emasculates you. She is already better than you in your head. I go after girls I can vibe with and just be a fucking relaxed dickhead who just does whatever while my girls lift me up and praise me. Hell I couldn’t even imagine dating some 3rd world broad who will take me for a beta sucker either.

      2. Black people age significantly better than whites because of the high amount of melanin in their skin, which gives it its dark color and acts as a natural sunscreen- not because of thier ‘bone structure’ or ‘baby features’- you racist dumb fuck.

        1. Thanks for the preschool lesson in what melanin is. Maybe now you can explain why Dravidians age like shit and they also have the same if not more melanin than Blacks do.
          And yes, Blacks have more neoteny than Whites. It accounts for their round and bulbous foreheads, full lips, snub noses, big eyes, and peanut skulls.

        2. As if ALL black people look the same. Moron. And Dravidians do not “age like shit”, where are you getting that from? The darker the skin, the more melanin it contains and the better it ages. This really isn’t complicated (well maybe it is for you).

  32. There is a recurring meme in mainstream media namely on films where strippers are portrayed as highly competent forces of nature. In Oceans 11 there was a scene when they use a stripper to help steal a security badge. They conveniently include a brief bit about the stripper “she’s paying for medical school…” and then at the end of her bit she mentions how her mom is performing next. It’s so fucking obvious it can make you puke. Truth is strippers can be both dumbasses and assholes. Let’s face it they make terrible life decisions and are losers. But like all the other losers today they feel entitled to “take” respect because if they don’t insist then everyone will see them as trash. Trouble is, by insisting versus earning respect, which will require good judgment and a moral compass ergo opting to leave or, better yet, not go into stripping in the first place, they only look even more desperate and sorry.

    1. I never got the point of putting strippers in mainstream media. Ever since 2011 its been multiplied dramatically.

  33. HAHAHAHA!!!!
    NY street performers
    get you closer to the action
    basically for free.
    Why haven’t strippers sued patrons
    for sexual harassment
    for ogling them
    and objectifying them?
    What she wears
    (or doesn’t wear)
    is not implied consent.

  34. Ummm…aren’t strippers supposed to be hot? Thunderthighs and Butterfaces just don’t cut it NYC.

    1. I can honestly say I would not stick my cock in ANY of those women…not even for just a blowjob. Yech.

  35. If that first picture is representative of the quality of NY Strippers then no wonder no one is paying for lap dances etc. I mean they are all skanks – I wouldn’t touch any of them – even if they paid me. Even Black men don’t like black women. They have a skank to babe ratio of 99:1.

    1. Comments like these are mind boggling to me. So many gorgeous black women out there. I’m white by the way and never understood people who say black women are ugly. Some of the prettiest women I’ve ever met are black. I think you’re just racist.

  36. I’ve noticed more and more hoodrats working as strippers since I dated one in my wild 20’s back in the early 2000’s.
    They used to be dysfunctional middle-class or working-class white women with maybe one tattoo who thought they were tough biker chicks or something.
    In those days they were all coke whores and annoying but screwable (Although strip clubs were really a magnet for petty criminals-dealers, perverts, gangsters, wannabe mob guys, Dykes).
    Now they all seem to be hood rats that back in the old days would have been selling their bodies for crack.
    It seems that white women have more options or simply switched to cheaper drugs than coke that they could pay for with their labor job.

  37. What happened to the white coke whores that filled the clubs when I was running around with strippers back in the late 90’s.

    1. The mob actually had quite a presence there. Kansas City’s centralized location basically made it attract all the filth. Like the Chicago of the early West.

      1. Middle-aged Tony Soprano types occasionally killing one another…it is hard to get worked up over a “Ralphie” or “Phil Leotardo” having their life cut short by another unpleasant mobster.
        MS-13 is more of a public concern but one less Guido whose been committing felonies being killed by another one is really hard to get worked up over.
        As for mistreating the girls if I had breasts I would run a mile from the likes of Sylvio or the Bing. Perhaps the show was over-exaggerated but one would think nobody in their right mind would see Chris or Paulie at the bar and not run a mile. As the show pointed out even the male staff were constantly in fear for their lives.

      2. Meh…one feral buck on the streets of Chicago kills more people in a weekend than Tony Soprano did his entire career.
        That’s one reason that why cunning Italians manage to keep out of jail or the cemetery until they are 40-50 years old. They don’t do much to endanger the public.
        It is hard to get worked up when a lifelong shit bag like “Christopher” or “Phil” is killed by another shit bag like “Tony”. Even the public does not care. People feel some sympathy for Black-on-Black crime because the victims are often innocent or teenagers but 45 year old mobsters are hard for anyone to feel sorry for,

        1. Yeah people don’t really care about what “Paulie” or “Petey” do. But they certainly have sympathy for “LaQuan” and “TyShawn”

  38. Strip clubs are degenerate and non blacks should NEVER enter and give away money to vile beggars.

  39. FITZ Ralphie vs LaShawn
    Blacks are usually cut down in youth (20) and this lends it a tragic aspect; a Ralphie is 49 and looks like the lifelong felon he was.
    At the bottom of it Italians are simply smarter than black gangsters so they live longer.
    There is no picture of Paulie Walnut’s beaming high school graduation photo the year before but a dull-eyed cold-faced middle-aged Italian man with white wings through his pompadour.
    A surprising number of young black gang members look clean-cut. Paulie looks like a lifelong gangster.
    I am from Detroit and there is never one bit of sadness shed over a dead Italian mobster and in fact non-Italians during the 80’s mob wars were sometimes amused at the sheer disgust of a man being killed and then having his tongue stuck up his anus. Or a rat in a decapitated mouth or whatever.

  40. Personally, as a woman, I think if you want respect you should give respect and in a club like this how much respect do you think they are giving to those men who pay their bills? I’m sure they have the attitude that the business would not be what it is without them but truly they are always replaceable. Someone else will always come around to fill the space, I mean how often do you really see a help wanted sign in a strip club? LOL
    I do not expect others to see me as smart, a good person or sexy, each of us has our own opinions and interests. I do however expect me to see myself this way and hold myself with the utmost respect that I can.

  41. I feel so bad for the poor little stripper who now only pulls in $400 a night instead of the usual 1K. Give me a break! How is she supposed to satisfy her cocaine habit now? Don’t forget the hit to her fancy high-heel collection! LMAO

  42. Honestly its not that difficult. Strippers need to learn to make drinks…full stop. When your not on stage mix drinks at the bar and make tips that way. amazingly there income will go back up to 365000 a year. (Or whatever they get paid).

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