5 Things I’ve Learned From My First Year Abroad

It seems like it was just yesterday I was running off the plantation in search of a life in a beautiful, sunny, libertine paradise.

Already, I’m just about to cap off my first full year of living abroad. I selected the Caribbean for my first experiment in living abroad for several reasons. First, it’s close to home, being only a two hour flight away from the U.S. Second, it’s Latin America so it’s still wild and free and I speaky the Spanish. Third, the women here are hot as hell and insatiable. Fourth, it’s warm and sunny with an average high of 85 degrees year round. And fifth, the island of Hispaniola has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What are my conclusions after living here for a year? Am I homesick? Hell no. Am I happy? Absolutely. This without a doubt has been the best experience of my life so far. I’ve done more living and living on the edge in the past year than the previous thirty some odd years of my life before.

I have also been living on a fraction of the cost of my former corporate drone lifestyle. In all honesty, $500 covers housing, food, electric, and Internet, the basics. I will have to admit my partying budget for booze and other recreational consumables has soared. Here are five conclusions I came up with on the motorcycle ride back to my house from a hot girl’s apartment this morning.

1. I don’t want to come back to America.

A government of wolves is exactly what the U.S. has become

A government of wolves is exactly what the U.S. has become

I look at Anglo America as a figurative prison of sorts. The entire society is geared towards nothing but consumption for consumption’s sake, and creating problems with people’s lives to create profit. When I think of my future I always see myself either being here on an island or in any number of exotic locations. (Some more adventures in Southeast Asia are definitely on the agenda). The worst nightmare I have is going back to the lifestyle of working 50-60 hours a week to keep up a bunch of deadbeat bums and illegal aliens with my tax dollars and the sweat off my brow.

2. I have gotten used to true freedom.

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. -Ghandi

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. -Ghandi

I can do just about anything here. Literally, I have never felt this kind of freedom before. There are no checkpoints busting people for DUIs on Saturday night. The police by and large leave people alone. Many small infractions can be taken care of with a $20 bill. Quite simply, this island is a Libertarian’s paradise as almost nothing is illegal and those things that are illegal are loosely enforced. You have to be quite an asshole to win up in trouble with the law here.

I imagine the intent of the Founding Fathers was something like I enjoy here: freedom to do just about anything you want within reason. Where did this ideal get lost and a micromanaging nanny state become the norm? It’s totally insane and upside down.

3. I feel more masculine than ever.

Motorcycles are transportation here, not controversial "death traps"

Motorcycles are transportation here, not controversial “death traps”

Almost nothing scares me anymore. I don’t go around watching what I say or how I say it like I did when I worked in the news industry. I drive a motorcycle as transportation daily, as does most of the rest of the population. A man either sinks or swims here pretty quickly.

In contrast to rabid feminism, women expect me to tell them what to do. I was having a conversation with a neighbor just yesterday and she commented that she expects her husband to be “the man of the house.” Why the West felt the need to reinvent the wheel, changing a cultural and familial practice that has worked for thousands of generations is a mystery. Under men leading the family the human species has prospered. It was the blunder of all time to abandon this model, and women as well as men are happier when feminist boilerplate is not adhered to.

By the same token, I realize that I must be able to stand up for myself and carry myself like a man. A weakling will get taken advantage of in this environment. You can’t be a bitch here. If you are strong inside and outside you will get respect. If you aren’t, you will get fucked.

4. I have more women than I can handle.

What is love? What is this longing in our hearts for togetherness? Is it not the sweetest flower? -Leon Phelps

What is love? What is this longing in our hearts for togetherness? Is it not the sweetest flower? -Leon Phelps

I go through several women a week. It’s amazing to compare and contrast this experience with the experience of putting in so much effort for so little return back in Anglo America. A libertine culture is a wonderful thing in my opinion. Threesomes, all but unattainable back home are easy to come by here if you have the right connections and the reputation of being a bad boy.

I realize a lot of my success is due to not only game but hypergamous female instinct. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto.

I have had so much success with women I can’t drive through town on my bike without some girl I’ve banged shouting at me or waving at me. It’s really incredible having this much access to twenty-something flesh, and a reminder that contrary to what we are told sex will often cure what ails ya. A man can even have so much sex he occasionally gets burned out on it. But too much is better than ain’t enough. Maybe Americans are angry and hateful online because they aren’t getting laid on the regular in a sexually repressed culture? The thought has crossed my mind.

5. I realize what it means to feel alive.

 You begin to count the minutes rather than the days and you realize that pretty soon you’ll be gone. And that all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences!

…all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences!

I have never felt more alive in my life. Whether it be playing pool and dancing with one hot girl while another hottie you’ve been banging walks in and both of you have to hide your feelings for each other, or learning how to have a backbone when conducting negotiations for housing or buying things (everything is negotiable here), this corner of the world has a way of bringing out the best in a man.

That’s what makes Latin America great to me. A man is still expected to be a man and can be a man. The rewards for a strong-willed man can be almost limitless. This can be summed up in two general themes: Possibilities and experiences. A man is not alive if he only exists to create profit for other people and has no life outside his job and career.  One of my idols, Charles Bukowski, said it best:

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

A man is alive if he wakes up everyday wondering which avenue of possibility he will pursue that day and what exciting experiences (and stories a man will carry to the grave) those possibilities will bring. The great Burgess Meredith flawlessly explains this concept in Grumpier Old Men:

Well, let me tell you something, Johnny. The first 90 years, or so go by pretty fast. Then one day you wake up and you realize that you’re not 81 anymore. You begin to count the minutes rather than the days and you realize that pretty soon you’ll be gone. And that all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences! You mount the woman, son. Or else…send her out to me.

Indeed, experiences, not things. That’s where it’s at.

Is Living Abroad is Right for You?

My optimal situation would be bouncing between the Caribbean and SE Asia...what's your dream?

My optimal situation would be bouncing between the Caribbean and SE Asia…what’s your dream?

What do men do when their government turns into a tyranny and their women become repellent? They either look for greener pastures or overthrow such a system, or both. The critical mass has not yet been reached to overthrow the current tyranny. In the meantime, the man looking for adventure will surely find some, and in many cases it may be closer than you think. There’s a whole other world burning just south of Anglo America.

My advice for those who want to pursue this avenue of personal fulfillment: Get out of debt, stay out of debt, limit interactions with women to fun and games, become a minimalist, and dive in. You won’t miss the mall, McDonald’s and loud, obnoxious women as much as you might think.

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224 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned From My First Year Abroad”

  1. Good for you Furioso! I think moving to the Caribbean has been my dream since I first went nearly 20 years ago. I must be honest, I don’t have that brand of courage to just uproot my life and make such a drastic change. Bravo to you.

  2. Good Article RF. The joy you have now, is palpable in your words. Good on you for living how you want to live.
    It is funny how in America we are so sexed centered and have only a pittance of it. Our women dance and play but only toss out sex to a small audience, all while claiming to be repressed, by the same group that has the law and women standing on their necks. Easily, many are angry with others who have more joy than them instead of modeling their behavior to generate that joy for themselves.
    I may have to go down to Dominican Republic as I found their women gorgeous in NY. For whatever Reason, Puerto Rican women look amazing, yet I never had a desire to visit. Columbian, Argentina, and Brazilian women are my pinnacle, but a consistent lay count would be optimal. In your opinion, which Latin Country warrants the most attention and which should you limit contact with?
    Great summarization of your experience in the Caribbean. I may go down for a wife at some point. Looking at the East Indian ladies in particular. That long, oily hair always had my attention.

    1. I can’t speak for the author, but Costa Rica is a wonderful place, IMHO. Laid back, no “Mexican attitude”, very charming country, pretty girls and did I mention, laid back?

      1. I have heard good things about Costa Rica, though I always recommend going to places that were Civilized by the French. After that the places that were civilized by the brits. After that the Spaniards and at the very end of the list the Dutch.
        Years ago I was chatting to a guy in Saint Martin who tried to explain the difference in the polices of the French and the Dutch (as saint martin is a split island). He said that once a year, during hurricane season, the Gendarme round up the most useless locals, the criminals, the once that don’t work, the ones that seem likely to mug a tourist, they put them on a boat and they send them out into the sea. The dutch, instead of doing this, marry them. He was joking…but not really.

      2. I was married to a Tica. Laid back maybe, if you find one that isn’t psycho. They have a tendency to use knives outside the kitchen. I spent some time in Costa Rica and have little interest in going back.

      3. Been there half a dozen times, went this year, and yes it’s wonderful, but it’s getting extremely pricey. I pay as much for hotel rooms down there as I do in the states, and I don’t splurge. A ton of Americans retire there, and it’s a small place. They want to live near the beach, or in the mountains, and it’s a tiny country, so it doesn’t take long for the laws of supply and demand to really push up prices. That said, it’s still amazing, great food, good infrastructure with great hospitals and dental services cheaper than back home but often US trained, awesome place if you love nature and the environment and surf/sun/exploring. But check out the surrounding countries for some cheaper options. Panama is doing better all the time and if Nicaragua ever gets rid of its dictator it is a Costa-Rica in training.

    2. Thanks, I am a joyful motherfucker most of the time since leaving.
      As much as I enjoyed some things about Mexico, including years spent with a beautiful and very traditional (and loyal if you can believe it – goes against female nature) Mexicana, I would say Mexico would be the lowest on my list because of political friction with gringos and drug cartel wars. (There are cheap drugs everywhere here but almost no drug violence. I blame CIA and US involvement in Mexico for at least part of that dilemma. Prohibition never works).
      The DR is definitely WIN, so much so I’m loathe to recommend it far and wide because I don’t want every gringo in the world to descend on the island and screw up the awesome racket I’ve got going.
      I concur with you on Colombian, Argentinean, and Brazilian women being the pinnacle of beauty. I’d only add Dominican women to that list. I regularly “follar” with real stunners. There are some stunning Haitians here that look like sexy little chocolate African models, if that’s your bag. (I always have liked morenas).

      1. Been three times
        I almost bought a business. But common sense won the day. I hated it as I hate negros. It’s a third world crap hole

  3. God damnit, this article makes me want to move out of the U.S. right now while I’m still young. The biggest obstacle I have is about $60k in student loan debt (I know), but it’s not insurmountable.

    1. Student debt chains the young like mortgages chain the old. I’m sure that’ entirely by accident of course.
      Funny ol’ thing, college debt. Used to be you could work a part time job and afford to pay your own way at a public uni. Today you have to take out what amounts to basically a “first” mortgage (with no home attached to it). Yay government.

      1. I think you can still get through a decent public university with very little or even no debt if you go about it very, very, very carefully but it is definitely much harder.
        It is funny that you compare it to a homeless mortgage. That is a very apt analogy. I have always said that there should be a sliding scale price for an education based on the average salary of the occupation the degree qualifies you for and that the liberal arts education should be part and parcel of all the degrees but not something one can specialize in.

        1. The sliding scale would become immediately politicized and turned into a meaningless metric. What a mechanical engineer makes in Ohio is different than what he’ll make in California, but guaranteed that the FedGov (who controls student loans and by proxy, the market for college tuition) would choose the highest value in order to charge the largest amount, even for kids in Ohio.
          Government fucks almost everything up beyond repair, nearly without exception. They only excel at war because war is little more than a contest to determine who has the least incompetent government.

        2. future rocket scientist – $50,000 tuition
          future sculptor- $500 tuition

        3. Yep. That would guarantee an army of useless degrees while shutting out smart kids with useful aspirations, economically.

        4. You are correct. The heart of the idea is the right one, but yes they will fuck it up.
          The fact that the government has been playing the largest Ponzi scheme on every single educated person for the last 2 decades and hasn’t been called out on it in a significant way is so impressive. I mean, who was the genius who first figured out “hey, do you know who is stupid and can be prayed upon easily? the well educated!” That man was a visionary.

        5. ha. Yes. But I don’t think future sculptor should be a degree. Doing some kind of art and music ought to be part of every degree. Every educated person should have painted a painting and played a song, even poorly, at some point in his life.

        6. I can agree with that, however, good luck getting the well entrenched humanities departments to even let you in the door to make that suggestion. Imagine the huge immediate “spontaneous protests” that would erupt if you started disallowing Girl N’ Wimp degrees.

        7. You know, a lot of life is about being honest with yourself about your flaws and seeing where you can overcome them and in the ways you can’t if you can redirect them towards something positive.
          Case in point: I have an incredibly addictive personality and tend towards extremes. A cocaine habit would kill me. I don’t do anything small and recreationally. Understanding this about myself I have focused my energies into stuff like my job and fitness where I have excelled because of the amount of vigor and energy that comes from being an addict and in doing so I have made my life demonstratively better.
          If we could just take the governments propensity for colossally fucking things up and change its direction in order to make it work for us

        8. I wonder what percentage of these college loans get recycled back into the stock market

        9. They probably package them up and sell ’em out the back door, like they do with toxic mortgages…don’t know for sure.

        10. oh yeah, it would never actually happen. Humanities Departments are the gangsters of the university.

        11. If we could just take the governments propensity for colossally fucking things up and change its direction in order to make it work for us
          Ah, but sir, that’s the fatal conceit of socialism.
          The Founders understood that it sucked, they simply wanted to put it twenty layers deep into confinement, and keep it small enough that you could kill it in a bathtub if you felt so inclined. Even that failed. Socialists on the other hand have the “You know, we can turn this around and make it benefit everybody, as long as we run it!” thing going on.
          Humans are flawed by nature, our institutions reflect those flaws all the time. When an institution has no monopolization on the use of force, then it will eventually collapse under its own weight due to inefficiencies. Government has a monopoly on the use of force and doesn’t have to respond and react to its own failures, and it has the power to kill us at random and at will whenever it wants.
          Just not my cup of tea.

        12. can’t argue with you. However, when it comes to fucking things up you have to admit government does a spectacular job. If instead of fighting terrorists the US government went back to funding and micromanaging them they would go back to their former levels of being bad at shit.
          Really, think about that. I laugh every time. Terrorism has always been an issue but it wasn’t until after the US stopped funding, arming and micro managing them that they managed to get their shit together.
          Basically, if we put the government in charge of all this shit that we want to fail we could make this a better world.

        13. get up on stage on open mic night, totally eat your balls… there was a college course for comedy open to minorities only at some skool here (I think I told you about this last year). Insane. teaching people to be funny(no white men allowed)

        14. Actually I was a Mechanical Engineer and the pay is remarkably similar everywhere in the US. After departing the Navy I worked in California first. Even in that long ago day housing was ridiculous. Then I moved to Alabama for a temporary assignment, same pay. I quit the job in California for a higher paying one in Alabama, where the cost of living was much lower.

        15. I went through school up through PhD and my out of pocket for tuition was a total of $500. Of course part of the payback was military service during Vietnam.
          My youngest son has learned from his older siblings and is working his way through school. He will finish his undergraduate degree at age 24 with no debt. He works full time and goes to school when he can afford it. It stretches it out only a couple of years.

        16. I did the same (as your kids I am too young for Vietnam). It can be done. But you have to have it in your mind that you are going to do it. If kids understood the full impact of these loans and what they would mean for their lives later on they may be a lot more careful.

      2. Yep, it’s a bitch. I didn’t know any better when I was younger. I am a nurse so I make good money but I don’t know how the pay is abroad. I need to do some research on the subject. I want to work for myself in the very near future though.

        1. Nurse practitioner is usually a good route to go for “have my own office/business” isn’t it?

        2. Yes but I see myself starting a location independent business. There’s no way I am going back to school for more loan debt only to have to deal with more government payer bullshit for the rest of my life.

    2. I moved 6000 miles away after school with $100,000 of debt. You can usually defer payments for a while and it doesn’t cost that much to move. Get minimalist – sell off all the shit that you never use and use the profits to pay your way. Ain’t no shame in being a gas jockey at a service station for a bit while you find gainful employment.

    3. If the diploma mill didn’t help you to get a job making more than that per year right after graduation you don’t owe them shit.

    4. If you have that much debt, look into the peace corp. They will organize the logistics of you living and working abroad and your debt can be erased through volunteering. Plus at the end of your stint they give you some kind of stipend, many people take a few months and tour the world.

  4. Ever since I visited Belize for a week I’ve been dreaming about moving there.
    The laid back, simpler life, the friendly people, the nature, the food, the women!
    For now I have an excuse of postponing this until my daughter turns 18 in 5 years and becomes independent…
    I wonder if I will have the balls to eventually sell or rent my house out and do it or will I just come up with another lame excuse?

  5. And while on tropical sabbaticals, or after moving there (you lucky so-and-so), one bit of advice: never, ever, take a Western woman along and be cautious of hooking up with any you meet there, or else:

    this will likely be you too.

  6. That is just awesome. I am happy for you, dude. Good on you for having the fucking balls to jump in the water and swim. At least you don’t have to deal with insane American women any longer. Case in point – I met this stripper the other night. Gorgeous. Hooked up last Saturday and she spent the night. So she started texting me 15 times or more every fucking hour. And she started calling me at all hours. Nutcase. So I thought, how in the fuck do I get rid of her. (I didn’t feel like leaving the country to be rid of her, although it actually crossed my mind once or twice.) Aha. I came up with a plan. Started texting her back, relentlessly, 15 or more times in a half-hour (twice as often as she was texting me). I texted things like, “I really, really miss you.” And “You’re so pretty.” And “I need you.” And “Please can I see you.” And “I just need a half-hour with you, beautiful.” Like a beta simp. Over and over for about four or five hours straight I did this. And finally, bingo – silence from her end. (At least I didn’t have to change phone numbers…) You’re a lucky man to be where you are, and doing what your are doing. I hope a lot of guys take your words to heart, and get the hell out of whatever police state they currently reside in…very inspirational words, young man…

    1. Beta signaling (did I coin a new term?) is a surefire way to get a girl off of your ass, quick.

      1. It just hit me – probably due to reading articles here at ROK. “Beta signaling”. Sweet. You term-coiner, you…

        1. It’s a topic the size of a pamphlet. Bob already basically said everything that could be said about it realistically.
          “Be an alpha, get a hot chick, she goes crazy texting you, start acting like a supplicating doe eyed beta, she goes ghost, the end”.
          Not quite a 1500 word count.

        2. Wait! I just got it. It’s Ghost of Thomas Jefferson! Here I thought it was George all the time.

        3. You gotta do a whole lotta trying, just to get up that hill.

        4. Actually moving to the UES was pretty traumatic to me as well and I am looking forward to moving back to the UWS

      2. That might work BUT what if she is LOOKING for a beta to take care of her and her mentally disabled kid ?

        1. They still won’t cling because it turns their stomachs. They hold their noses and put up with it until the lifetime alimony and chilamony kick in, but they don’t like it. That is why they hate you so much during the divorce; they are venting all the hate they held in while you were married.

        2. I know THAT..my comment was a response to why beta-signaling might not a be good idea if you want to lose a girl.

    2. You sir, are an inspiration to all men everywhere. It is also a good deed for the day passing out this very useful tip.

  7. True freedom is bloody amazing! Took a trip around Europe by myself (met up with mates along the way) and my happiness level increase dramatically as for my sex drive ‘forgetaboutit’. Taking a break from routine and meeting pretty women and sipping cocktails can do wonders for the body.

    1. I think that’s a function of just getting away from the routine more than it is the location. I guarantee you that I feel 100% more free when I ride to South Dakota or Wyoming on my motorcycle, than most native working people living on St. Martin feel on an average day (residents there I mean). It’s the act of getting out of the familiar that’s liberating.
      When I go to Paris I feel light as a feather and happy all the time, but look around closely and you’ll find that the 10 people that still have gainful employment in France look rather, well, like you’d look working your day job. Better dressed, sure, but still, nose to the grindstone. Drop them into Wyoming on vacation though and they perk right up (I have met a French couple at Devil’s Tower before, they couldn’t get enough photos of me carrying my sidearm openly, heh).

        1. I have a rootin’ tootin’ big ass cruiser, with steer horns mounted on the front, yet. Suzuki Boulevard actually. It’s like a Harley, except that it starts, and doesn’t require me to lug around fifty pounds of tools in my bags “just in case”. But otherwise, most people confuse it for a Harley all the time. Heh.
          They were fascinated with that, yes. It didn’t help that I normally wear a “cowboy hat” so the image was pretty much what I suspect they’d pictured as a Hollywood Western movie.

        2. That is so fuckin’ funny. Topping it off with a cowboy hat yet. I had a motorcycle for a couple months. Some old lady turned left right through a red light, and I couldn’t avoid her. Laid it down. Only got road rash but I sold it the next day…I just took it as a sign. Loved riding it though.

      1. THis is exactly right. Pretty much every place I have ever visited for vacation was “the best place ever I wish I could just live here” but a lot of that has to do with going to 85 degree sunny weather from a snowy climate, drinking champagne for breakfast on Wednesday mornings, swimming all day and banging chicks with accents while not having my cell phone any where near me.

        1. Damn I can relate and 60 other million people in Britain. Leaving sunny Spain and landing in clody London is one of the most depresing things that can happen to you, unless you lay over in Copenhagen then it’s not as bad but still shite.

        2. Brits should love to be depressed as far as when they come to Spain they still asking for their shit-like food, their junky beer and their bullshit, it´s only weather what matters for them.

        3. some of the Brits on those package deals get unlimited free booze in the hotel, meaning they spend their entire week inside the hotel, barely venturing out. It is however psychologically important for them to know the weather outside is fantastic

        4. One of the most obnoxious things is when they leave hotel and ask directions to the nearest Irish pub. #facepalm

        5. Nothing better than a full English breakfast after a boozy night! Also, no one asks for English beer, pal, any beer would do. Currently Peroni is my beer of choice!

        6. British food is shit? Go to Colombia and you realise what shit food is – i’m dying for fish and chips!

      2. Exactly, exploring the unknown is one of the most masculine activities a man should have. Met people in Paris who started their trip in London and I couldn’t for the life of me understand what they see as relaxing. I see the Eye and Big Ben twice a day during commute, nothing new. Flirting with two punk rock cock teases as I devoured a steak near Notre Damme seems ridiculous but it’s felt damn exiting.
        BTW I always look a bit curious every time I see cops with semi autos at the train station in the morning. Lol

        1. Lol, yeah, when I first took the whole family to Paris we disembarked at Gare du Nord (chunnel of course) and my son was excited and fascinated with the patrolling cops with their rifles. I had to hold him back from approaching and starting up a conversation about guns with them, due to what I rather perceived as a large amount of leeway to make the conversation go entirely bad for him. Heh.

        2. Sounds like some thing I would’ve done as a kid. Matter of fact, saw a train driver cabin open as it layed in a station and had a quick look inside, a few months ago.

        3. You can look in the window of most every pickup parked around here and see a semi auto rifle much less what all the 5-0 are packing.

        4. definitely a missed opportunity to use the phrase ‘cheese eating surrender monkey’. Still as you say it could have gone bad for him

      3. Yep, its the difference between being on vacation and living there. There are plenty of bored miserable people in Europe too.

        1. Some people won’t be happy no matter what. You could give them a truckload of gold bars, have it delivered to their home and they would bitch if you said they had to unload it themselves.

        2. don’t want to sound glass is half empty or anything but that sounds like a health and safety nightmare, particularly if you’ve not done moving and handling training. What use is all the gold in the world if you’re in agony cos you’ve put your back out

        3. Hire a hot masseuse to rub your back then you could stay busy bitching that she didn’t do it right : )

        4. complaining is half the fun, and adds an erotic frisson to the occasion. Sorry, I mean ‘neurotic’

        5. Tell me where I can find these people. I will unload that truck for a small portion of the gold.

      4. Sorry GoJ I have to ask. Do you let people – fascinated tourists or not – touch your sidearm or does it always stay firmly holstered?

        1. Nobody touches the gun when its holstered. Ever. Under no circumstance. Nothing good would ever…EVER…come from letting that happen.

        2. I think it’s like a seeing eye dog. This is work time, yeah the owner is just going about his perhaps mundane business but for the dog its business.

        3. I think it’s like a seeing eye dog. This is work time, yeah the owner is just going about his perhaps mundane business but for the dog its business time.

        4. I’m always friendly. I just don’t let them even get in a position to be able to tip my sidearm.

      5. The concept of protecting oneself must be absolutely fascinating to them haha. I’m with you though, there definitely something to be said for simply changing environments. Some are more predisposed to this than others but I find that an instinct kicks in.

      6. Except for a couple of things…
        1. An American in America is still trapped by the tax system that steals his hard effort to pay for old lady’s Depends and prescription drug habits and the social welfare of every deadbeat dindu and their illegitimate brood. Getting out of the country provides a man many more opportunities to keep his hard earned income.
        2. The women here still suck. I can only imagine the women in S. Dakota or Wyoming are just as feminized as those on the coasts, but larger and not as attractive.
        Sure, a change, any change is good. But better to get the hell outta the country for better situations. Then carry your open firearm there, if women are impressed with that shit.

  8. Can we ask how old you are, how you learned spanish, and what business you are in? How did your american friends and family respond to your leaving?

    1. I’ve seen college aged dudes up to retirees doing this. Learning Spanish.. well it’s the most common 2nd language spoken in the US so there are tons of ways. If you weren’t exposed to it already, try an adult education class at a local community college, a software program like Rosetta Stone or just look online. As for what your old friends, they might be jealous, bitter, accepting, whatever. But why do you care?

  9. As a guy who’s been living all over the world for the past 2 1/2 years it’s not all sunshine and lolipops. If you’re doing it alone like me you’ll have periods of loneliness and darkness asking yourself wtf am I doing?
    Biggest piece of advice I can give is try to establish a bit of a social circle wherever you go. Makes you much more happy and that carries into your interactions with women.
    Also, something that ties into that, stay in one place longer if you have the opportunity. Allows you to establish routine which also postively impacts your health, mood and productivity.

    1. We have a guy in our meet-up group that does this. He travels all over but has made connections everywhere it seems. Anywhere he goes, there’s someone he knows nearby that he meets up with for a drink.

  10. I am only a few years from retirement. I am designing my retirement around South America and Southeast Asia. I believe it is ideal for the older gent with a little bit of currency.
    However, I dont know if I could recommend this to anyone who is considering raising a family. Despite what we hear, America has the best education systems available and is more secure and safe that most other countries. Unless one can afford private education for your kids abroad, I would not attempt it.

    1. ” America has the best education systems available and is more secure and safe that most other countries.” .. that sounds more like Canada for me 😉

      1. Black, Latino and Indian areas skew the numbers down. In normal suburban schools, its quite good. The USA spends more per pupil than any country on earth.

  11. If a guy uses his turn signal while riding a motorcycle…is that beta signaling, GOJ…

  12. “I look at Anglo America as a figurative prison of sorts. The entire society is geared towards nothing but consumption for consumption’s sake, and creating problems with people’s lives to create profit”. ” no DUI checkpoints on Saturday nights”.
    I will probably get flamed for this because it is against the rules to question it these days however I have been wondering for a while now if it’s really worth ruining someone’s life over a DUI PROVIDED THEY DIDNT HURT ANYONE. I mean it’s one thing if a drunk runs into a bus load of kids and kills a bunch of them and it’s entirely another thing if some guy on his way home gets busted because a cop pulled him over for a tag light bulb being burned out and then the cop gives him a DUI. No one was injured no bent up vehicles, is it really worth it to ruin his life over it because he COULD have hurt someone but didn’t?
    A couple of years ago an aquaintance of mine was having a hard time and needed a job that took him a while to find. While he was out of work the insurance lapsed on his car and his license plate expired because he didn’t have the money to pay it. He finally found a job and on his way to
    work on the FIRST day he went by a cop with a tag reader and got busted. 4 days in jail, car impounded, 2 years suspended license, several hundred in fines and of course lost his new job. Was that shit really worth all THAT?

    1. I have always thought that so long as a person doesn’t hurt anyone while driving under the influence, why in the hell should that person incur any penalties at all. People drive fucked-up on antidepressants and other prescription meds all the time. I guess they do this to fill up the private prisons and funnel money into the pay-to-make-it-go-away legal scam. It’s ridiculous, to be sure.

      1. It’s hard to even discuss the ins and outs of DUI without people flying off the handle about it. It’s like they refuse to even think about anything other than what they have been instructed to think about it.
        (Disclaimer-No I have never gotten a DUI)

        1. It’s one of those things where it becomes accepted, but nobody really knows why. They just go along to get along. Crazy shit.

        2. When you really get to thinking about it most of the complications and inconvience of modern life derives from various rules and regulations to “make us safe”. People just don’t stop to think about how much of a pain in the ass it is to keep Big Brother off your back and how much income he takes from people’s pockets. Income taxes, sales taxes, fuel taxes, land taxes, personal property taxes, inventory taxes, communications taxes, self employment taxes,estate taxes, vehicle license fees(taxes),drivers license fees, building taxes and fees and fines of all sorts if you slip up and they sit around trying to come up with new ones all the time. Can’t win for losing.

        3. Yep. It’s like they have learned how to get people to accept slavery. They push and push until everybody is backed into a corner. I notice they will pass laws that take away freedoms, by divide and conquer. For example, they target small groups. Like smokers. “Should we pass laws banning smoking in public places?” And the non-smokers scream, “Yes!”. It doesn’t affect them in a negative way, so they support it. But what they don’t realize is, if they don’t stand up for everybody’s rights, one day, somebody is going to come along and take away their rights, too. Everybody is part of a demographic that can be targeted by egregious laws. And they pick ’em off, one at a time, usually in the name of safety – you want to save the children, don’t you? Ah well, what can you do.

        4. It’s those MAAD bitches. These are the same illogical, whiny broads who came up with prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s because they decided to marry a degenerate who couldn’t just have a few drinks. They protest for “common sense” reforms to gun control every time someone gets a cap in his ass also.

        5. Yes, can someone say TSA? I just returned from a trip abroad and you can’t bring back duty free liquor unless you pay $25 for a checked bag and hide it in there. Because there is a surprise TSA second “security” check on your connecting flights when you arrive in USA. Of course, they never catch anything here but liquor and perfume, since all these people were already screened on their first flight and have nothing dangerous. If a foreign country did this it would rightfully be called a criminal scam.

      2. Even after 12 beers I could drive better than my 80 year old color blind grand daddy who had to ask me if the light was red at an intersection. I have had to swerve to avoid senile seniors driving in the wrong direction on the highway

      1. That’s one issue I have with the USA. Doesn’t matter if what you did has absolutely no bearing on anyone else, if it’s against the law, you’re going to be penalized. I have to check the city laws before putting up a picket fence in my front yard.

        1. I forget what movie it was, it starred Mel Gibson. “Edge of Darkness”. Yeah. And the main character says this line, “Everything’s illegal in Massachusetts…” Well, I mean, freedom isn’t free, ya know? (Wink-wink.) Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave, etc. Sometimes I think their plan is to get half the people working for the government, so that their main job will be putting the other half in jail…

        2. Good thing you did, I was gonna put a moat around my house, good thing I didnt, apparently its illegal in nyc

        3. I was going to put genetically modified seabass with laser beams attacthed to thier heads in my moat, but those mothers are hard to catch.

        4. I think you have to go to Louisiana for that. Or maybe South Alabama. And I mean that in a positive way.

    2. For the DUI issue, the laws are as puritanical as they are because of 3 groups.
      Government: gets to legislate morality, thereby making bureaucrats feel as if their lives aren’t useless.
      Lobbyists: Groups like MADD are the reason why we have the laws we do. Another reason why pressure groups established on hamstering are disastrous for the rest of us.
      Insurance companies: if a driver gets a DUI, chances are their rates will shoot up an insane amount, even 100% maybe.
      Why did things get this way? I think our history lessons gave us rose colored lenses, so people who are cynical are ignored in political discourse.
      Land of the free? Maybe in a few ways, but not fully accurate at all.

      1. America never was land of the free. It was founded on indentured servitude (debt slavery), chattel slavery, and genocide followed by theft of native,Spanish, and British land.
        All we are witnessing now is the dark side of the American force winning over the good side. The evil aspects are now affecting John Doe American….
        These aspects have always been present, but only now being noticed.

      2. The DUI laws are what they are because drunk drivers kill some 15,000 people in the USA every year and injure another million more. Some of the injured have brain injuries or disabilities that require 24/7 care, that devastate their families emotionally and financially and that cost the taxpayers a fortune.

        1. 1. You need evidence before you make those claims, Do you have any or are you just talking out of your ass?
          2. How do you account for a person’s biology or tolerance level? Some people can blow a .15 and be in complete control, whereas others can have one drink and be completely plastered. How does a flat threshold of over .08, which isn’t that much, make our roads and other drivers safer?
          3. If someone gets hurt or dies because somebody was driving drunk, hit them with a felony. If someone blows a .09 or .10, and drives without hurting anyone, why should they be treated the same?
          Answer: because laws are made by people, and people have agendas.

    3. It has to do with the idea of universal punishment. Some people are such awful drivers that they can’t have even a drop of alcohol or they’ll kill everyone. Some people can drive better totally drunk than some people would ever be able to do at any point in their life. Hence, universal punishment.
      We’re not allowed to own fully automatic weapons because someone killed someone with one, or something. Universal, preemptive punishment. Freedom isn’t necessarily safe. If someone murders with a gun, put him to death. If someone injures while driving drunk, make him liable and send him to prison.
      The liberals want to control the law-abiding by limiting everyone so they can stop the few non-law abiding. They want control. They lie when they say otherwise. Freedom is simply saying “do what you want, and you will be held responsible for your actions if they harm.”

    4. DUI is all about asset forfeiture, paying fines and buying pardons from the corrupt government. They don’t care if you kill a bus load of kids

  13. Inspirational man.
    Were you able to find work when you got there or you’ve been riding on savings? One could make 6K a year (500 * 12 months) from dividends with enough savings.
    You’ve got me making plans n shit…

    1. Superman needs financial plannig? I thought you had rich parents who left you a fortune………oh wait that’s Batman.

  14. But are all the chicks you’re bedding in the carribean black chicks though?
    For me in that area it’s latina or nothing

      1. Its the exotic blend that does it for your right? Lots of mixed race babes. That’s going to (((trigger))) the stormfront trolls who have to rationalize banging average white women who look like lumpy potatoes.

      2. A rarity as you know
        The dr is 80% mullato half negro or darker, the rest is pure Haitian black and a few whites

  15. Good article.
    The cool thing about being an expat is that most men in the Femerikka Dystopia are too chicken shit to actually expat. Sure, they will mentally masturbate about leaving america, but they are too lazy to learn another language (which anyone can do while Stateside) and too scared to venture outside the american wasteland’s borders. In fact, many men equate leaving America to visiting Disneyland / Disney World.
    This does however come down to what does one do to make a living assuming one is not living via web based company.

    1. I wouldn’t mind going but at this point in life it’s unlikely due to prior poor planning. My skills which are in high demand in my area would probably be useless in a foreign country and with my luck I would have to start manhoeing to support myself ; )

  16. There is no time like the present to make the move either. On nothing more than a whim, after school I uprooted and went 6000 miles away to the cold cold north. Best decision I ever made. Love it here and found a great place to start and raise a family. So do it already. The worst that happens is that you get a few good years of stories to tell.

  17. So you must fly back to miami and get your passport stamped every few months, then re-enter fantasy island? How do you stay legit with border controls?

    1. Certain countries limit your time there as a tourist. That doesn’t mean they require you to go back to your home nation. In the case of DR, I don’t know their restrictions, but if you need to leave, there is a land border with Haiti. Might cost you a couple of bucks in border fees and gas to do the trip a couple of times a year. Anyway, after awhile you can apply for permanent residency and this isn’t a problem.

  18. Great to see you made this happen, Rel. You’re writing here is excellent and so is your blog. I really hope it takes off.
    It’s inspiring to see that you made the great escape. Many talk about it, but few seem to make it happen. I’m still in the talking about it stage, unfortunately. But have been saving, saving and saving.
    The one thing I’m most grateful for with the red pill and the manosphere in general is that it has hacked away my materialistic side. Stuff is just stuff now, and it means less and less everyday. There’s no real point in having the nicest shit around — who are we out to impress? All the good women around? Ha! The best a guy can hope for is a chick who only has two tattoos, 10k in useless debt, and a vagina that has been ransacked by a high single digit number of cocks, at best.
    Feeling motivated for that? Me neither. There’s no one worth impressing; I just no longer give a fuck. Roughly 70% of my income is going right into the bank, and I hope to increase that more and more as time goes on.
    Everyday that I’m here, a little bit of me dies, and I consider myself to have it pretty good, all things considered. The thing that keeps me motivated is repeating, “It’s only temporary.”
    Keep up the good work, man.

    1. This commentary means a lot, coming from you. I felt the same way, every day in the Matrix a little bit more of me died. Most guys my age are either totally emasculated Beta providers or alone and working themselves to death not knowing why they’re working that hard.
      Meantime the girls my age who thought their shit didn’t stink in high school are post-Wall and I’m here on a tropical island thinking of installing a turnstile for all the twentysomethings I have in and out of my bedroom. You can do it man, just have to take the leap. When you’re ready.
      Congratulations on saving 70% of your income that is pure fucking discipline. I saved 60% and that wasn’t easy.

    2. At some point you will realize that everything is only temporary. The realization that any relationship with a woman was temporary, and had a time limit set before I even met her, was truly freeing.

      1. I would agree with this sentiment as largely reality.
        We get carried away in a good relationship at 6 months and – almost certainly, unless the woman continues to prove up and down she is yours – ‘things change’.
        Roosh advised viewing women as Oil Wells that will one day dry up, and you must always have two in the kitty. It is difficult to get sex, companionship, and live in this economy while maintaining this however… especially if you are not in a Big City or On the Road.
        My best default currently is Online, especially Tinder. But then again, you are stuck with Westorn Women and their hiveminds.

    3. Hey Ave, had to bail for a while but oldguy here ;}
      Ah yes, the old quote: you can either love women, or know women
      I want to personally thank you and all the jolting manosphere writers for allowing me before I die to know women (well. of course getting finally to mid-double digit notches helped too)
      I don’t know about expat… good long stints yes, move around some but get back here to either firm it up or have a new look. I think Quintus has a recent article on a guy Maverick who blogs and does this.
      I have more choices in this area at my advanced age, but have had good luck with widows. Especially those married young and never carouseled
      I know young widows are rare than hen’s teeth – but then again, isn’t that where the fuck we are at now anyhows?

  19. What makes you think us western men arent part of the problem too. You guys go over there with our fucked up morals and sleep with all the women there creating the same bullshit culture we have here. Instead of, settling down with one woman having children and assimilating the best possible way. Nope! Gotta ruin their fucking women too. Local men must love you.

    1. Hahaha…You think that Latin Americans are chaste and moral? The gringos who go down there are just enjoying the culture the way it is naturally. Gringos have no influence down there.

      1. “The gringos who go down there are just enjoying the culture the way it is naturally.”
        This. Spot on. I mentioned “libertine” culture in the article twice for a reason. Puritanism and White Knighting die hard, I guess.

    2. LOL Thai girls HATE local men because they all “cheat”. White men are just giving them an outlet to escape their cheating boyfriends. The locals just get what they deserve, nothing more, nothing less. Plus Thais are racist so the darker women are more than happy to date white men as a way of saying fuck off to their racist society.

  20. Best of luck to the author with his stay on Hispaniola. But life isn’t just beaches, banging latinas and partying in a shit cheap country. I still think nothing could act as a surogate for my home. The city you grew up in, the nature you went out to on weekends, the acquaintances (if any are left), the overall atmosphere.
    I suppose Americans get real tired of their state. The annoying current election, degenerate society, sick capitalism etc. But keep in mind that however disgusting our West may be, it still is easier to bare than the rest of the world. Provided you are not a filthy rich grampa seeking retirement in a tropical paradise.

    1. That comment sounds like a steaming pile of bullshit to me. But there is such a thing as island fever. After long enough time you feel like you’re in a remote location, you’ve driven around the island a few times and that’s it.

      1. The dr is a dump
        It’s all nego mullatos. Crime through the roof. Expect to be robbed when you’re not at your home. Most are inside jobs. People are better than us negros but not much it’s a craphole. And God forbid you ever go to jail
        No thx

    2. But life isn’t just beaches, banging latinas and partying in a shit cheap country.

      Seems like half the articles on this site beg to differ.

    3. America today is the not the America when you were a kid. He has a point about how America changed over the years. Globalization, corporate cronyism, the breakdown of families and community are real problems in America.
      I think the author is looking for traditional feminine women, the kind that cook and clean and take care of the home. Not many American women do those kinds of things. I remember it used to be easy to meet those kinds of women decades ago. I recall my girlfriend in college did my laundry, and I never even asked her to do it, she just felt as my fiance that she would want to do housework, that was over three decades ago, most college age women today would never do that kind of work, even if their boyfriends begged and charmed them.

  21. For anyone looking to get out of the country for awhile, make some cash, and live free think about working for a cruise line.
    One year I was between jobs and under a pretty expensive lease that was eating away my savings. I met up with a friend who had worked for a cruise line on and off over the years. He told me about the experience and I figured that would be a fun thing to do while I looked for more permanent work.
    The pay is descent, but the work is hard. One of the best advantages though is you don’t have to pay room or board so you can save big in these categories. Plus you get to travel for free. The work is seven days a week (sometimes with the very odd day off) but you get time off in each port. Crew amenities are pretty good too. There is usually a pretty good decked out gym, crew lounge, and bar. Plus depending on your job you will get privileges to access parts of the ship such as restaurants, bars, pools, etc.
    I’m not a big white privilege believer, but being a white American on a cruise ship does has its advantages. Probably about 75% of the crew come from poor countries in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, North Africa, or South America and they end up doing the “low” jobs. As a white American depending on your experience it will most likely make you management and that will make you high ranked which comes with a lot of privileges. You might not get your own room, but you will get what they call “run of the ship” access. That basically means you can go anywhere (other than the casino for legal reasons) and depending on the cruise line and captain could also give you in practice (this is contrary to policy for almost all cruise lines but is still accepted on many boats) to women who are patrons looking for “cruise relationships”.
    Even if that is not allowed on your boat, the crew can still date and there is a decent amount of sex going on in those crew quarters (one crew store manager told me condoms are always the number one selling item).
    The work is good too. I made about $5,000 a month on two four month contracts with two months off between the contracts. During my time off I traveled a good bit and just stayed with friends. I was able to pocket 90% of my earnings with my overhead just being a few hundred for drinks, travel, and storage back home while on contract.
    I would have pulled a third contract but got another opportunity. I still sort of regret not doing it for another year or so. But, the work is hard (7 days a week 8-12 hours a day) and communicating with friends and family was hard even when at port. There is almost no sick time or PTO when you are on the boat. Just keep that in mind.

    1. That or work part time for an Airline. Fly anywhere in the world, almost free. Just only pay the countries taxes. Just save a little for hotels and transportation. You got yourself a cool gig.

      1. I’ve done a stint with an airline before and it is harder then you think. Even part time you are usually working at least 3-4 days a week and the pay for most front line agents is only OK. You have to keep a car and a place to live which sucks down your discretionary income. Plus it is hard these days to be able to find open flights. If you work the off season, trade shifts as to have weekdays off, and are flexible you may be able to take long weekends places. Also you will have very little PTO is that is linked to actual hours worked. You may be able to get the opportunity to do temp duty in some more exotic locations depending on the carrier, but this is the exception and not the rule.
        In my experience working for an airline was only OK if you want to travel. I enjoyed the work at the time, but I found myself in the airport more often than on a free flight to some place exotic. Flight crew is a little different then grounds crew, but expect to put in a few years to get the seniority to be able to pull the good lines that give you time off to travel or take you to the more exotic destinations (this is a little bit less true if you speak a foreign language fluently).

        1. True makes sense. Assume though it’s maybe a convinient gig for the younger guys in their early to mid 20s while still under the help of living with parents. But I can see how it starts to conflict with expenses and bills for the people trying to make a sort of a savings for something bigger or important ventures.

        2. That is the advantage to cruise line work. You ditch almost all day to day living expenses. Even if you have furniture or other personal belongings you can’t story at a friend or family member house a storage locker of adequate size is only around $100 a month. Plus the pay is simply better. Say you are an airline agent making $15/ hr working 30 hours a week. That is a mere $450/week or around $2000/month. Then you cut living expenses out of that and even if you have a three day weekend every week you are barely going to break even every month.
          At a cruise line the money you make goes directly into your pocket. If it is a foreign flag carrier they even do not withhold taxes (yes you have a duty to report the income but really are they going to come after you for underreporting….). Even the lower end jobs most English speaking American’s will be doing pay around $3,000 a month. Take off some living expenses and you have 8-9K netted at the end of a four month contract. That’s a lot of fun money for your 6-8 weeks off. Then do it again and the savings starts compounding. Get promoted once or twice and that goes up to 4-5K a month you are pulling down. Do that for a few years and you have a ton of travel under your belt, money in the bank, and some real life experience. The work isn’t going to make you rich, but if you do it consistently for a few years you will get out with a ton of great memories and some significant savings.

        3. Interesting. With all this said would you happen to know of any cruise line companies that someone can apply and find more information ?

        4. Yeah try the big ones first like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise lines, Norwegian, etc. You can find their hiring info on their websites. You can also find their recruiters on Linkedin. Also, try to find someone who has worked for a cruise line before on social media to talk to before seriously considering it. The way of life on a boat, working 7 days a week, in close quarters with every single co-worker, is not for everyone.
          You can also try authorized recruitment agencies. These are available on each company’s website. But only do business with that actual company. If a service wants to charge you they are most likely scams (not very prevalent in the US, but in foreign countries are a big scam industry) as the cruise lines pay those companies directly for their services.
          If you can leave with short notice, like less than a week, and are not picky with what job you do on the ship opportunities should be aplenty. (Entertainment experience such as back stage management is definitely a plus). Don’t worry about upfront costs. Usually transit to and from your reporting port are covered by the cruise line. You will need enough money to make it through to your first paycheck, but a few hundred dollars should so. You may also be out of pocket for things like your medical exam and visas (if applicable) but again these are usually only a few hundred bucks. Uniforms are usually provided by the cruise line so don’t expect to have that upfront cost either. (This may not be true for senior management positions).
          Unless you have experience in the travel industry in order to climb up the ladder you probably will have to start out on a lower rung. Try a back office job if you can get it. Those tend to have the most consistent hours. Work hard and you will be rewarded with an award of your second contract.
          Keep in mind you will be sharing a room with one or more people, like a very small dorm room. You will be working 7 days a week for at least 8-12 hours a day. You get time off at port, but only expect to travel around for a few hours. Keeping in touch with family and friends can be difficult depending on your ship’s itinerary. Most contracts are 4-6 months long with a good 6-8 week break between them. Nothing beats having a whole two months off with cash in the bank to do whatever you like with. It is truly a feeling of freedom. Post here if you want any more info.

        5. I worked for airlines in the past, and the travel benefits are great, and there are some good opportunities to hook up with hot flight attendants (I didn’t take advantage of this) but honestly today the price of airfare is really low, and the availability of empty seats is really bad, so the advantages are not what they used to be. Usually better to just work where you want and pay your own way. Plus if you work through the USA at all, the TSA has completely changed the industry, and not for the better.
          Although if you’re married, this is an excellent part time gig for your wife. The whole family gets travel benefits, but then again, with fewer empty seats, it will be even harder for you both to travel together.

        6. Working in the airline industry post 9/11 is certainly less fun then it was before. Also after the crash of 2008 and the consolidation of airlines there just aren’t as many flights and seat. I remember I could go from an east coast hub to a west coast hub on what would be almost hourly flights back in the 90’s.
          I don’t know if airfare is cheap these days. The last few times I flew for business I paid through the nose despite early book and being flexible. Comparatively though, due to the high load factors, it might just be better to save and buy seats.

        7. Just got back from a trip to Latin America for <$400 R/T. Taxes were over 50% of the ticket price. That’s about as cheap as travel can get, without revamping international tariffs and fees. If you use the smart fare calendars and have flexible dates you pay a fraction of the avg fare.

    1. I have to agree with that, the “average high of 85 degrees” doesn’t tell the whole story of how infernally hot it can get.

  22. Why didn’t you address how you are supporting your lifestyle financially? That is probably the biggest barrier for any man taking the jump even if they are debt free.

  23. Hispaniola sounds like a great place. Good move jumping the US ship at a young age. I wish I had jumped earlier. I was a tech exec and didn’t move out of the US until I hit my expiration date for work. I decided to take my act on the road and have lived in 4 countries and have traveled to many more. I can’t even imagine going back. I see western women stomping around Asia looking like bloated lumberjacks and flashing an arrogant attitude. No way would I want that to be my option again.
    What is a place like Hispaniola like if you aren’t young as far as women and social life goes? I’m fit but 62 and 62 is 62 and won’t be confused with young. Some places like the Philippines are really doesn’t matter that much and can actually work to your advantage. Other places it is a no go both for women and making friends.

  24. I could write an entire article elaborating on this theme. Yes, yes yes. Just got back from a long trip and it’s such obvious indoctrination and oppression when you come back into your country and must partially disrobe, barefoot, as you meekly ask permission to come back home. Something no third world country would dare ask me to do. The TSA bullshit, the rules, the constant appeals to authority.
    Just wanted to ask the author, have you also noticed the absolutely mind-numbing conversation Americans have with each other versus almost everyone else?
    I used to just think I wasn’t trying hard enough to be extroverted and fun, but no, it’s not me, it’s them. Just sitting around listening to Americans conversations about how a flight attended treated them on a trip or some painfully boring details about how their cell phone charger can power two devices at once makes me want to forget I know English.
    Meanwhile, the typical foreign cab driver will make light, fun, interesting conversation about the local food of the area, his family, the weather, some things to do nearby, etc. Stuff that I actually care about discussing.
    Local girls will tell me about an excellent place to grab an ice cream, or dance salsa, or see an amazing waterfall. And the American at the table next to me will be complaining about how there’s not enough sugar in their coffee.
    I mean, shit, these people really do need a war or something to make them man up and get REAL. The pettiness in these people is amazing, and these are the “smart” ones who have passports and travel. Sorry, going through some post-vacation shock.

    1. Fantastic observations!!
      I split my time between Canada, Mexico, Colombia and the U.S. — I’ve also traveled widely in Europe and even lived a year in Asia — so I feel quite justified / qualified as a well-traveled, middle age / middle class man in offering up the following opinions and observations: there are no people on this Earth that I’ve come into contact with that I dislike more than Americans, especially the women, but also the men. The main reason is because Americans (especially blacks, but ultimately all races that spend any significant time in the country being subjected to the “culture”) are the most slavish to the ridiculous fucking concept of “cool.” Cool is the most important concept in American culture now and completely overshadows such antiquated cultural memes such as hardworking, innovative, exploratory, creative, just, moral, ethical etc…
      Interestingly enough, cool behavior and trends always seem to be terrible for your health, immoral, unethical, deviant and/or look completely clownish or totally marginal and trashy, but Americans can’t get enough of it. They have been destroyed by constantly seeking to be cool and even muttering the word “cool” every third word (the other two words being “awesome” and “absolutely”). As such, Americans always appear to be acting irreverent, phony, arrogant or slightly cocky because they always think, despite enormous evidence to the contrary, that they are the coolest fucking cats in the room. They have unending insights into the latest cool trends, cliché riddled phrases, faggy / slutty fashions and their sports teams, but are complete morons when it comes to everything else, especially in their perception of how every other culture views them. Although incredibly, the delusional state created by the quest for coolness has them actually believing the exact opposite — that they are still an intellectual force to be reckoned with on this planet!!! Still a righteous force for good!!! Still the world’s Sheppard!!! The irony and shamelessness never ceases to amaze me and actually prevents me from going out more often and mingling with the natives of Arizona, who I suspect are a rather above-average lot compared to the rest of their countrymen — I can only imagine how much worse it is in lesser states…
      Now I realize that the vast majority of guys reading this are American, and I must admit that I have two American friends (culled from the hundreds I’ve met and interacted with) and banged more than a few Americunts, but the truth must be told regardless of its unpopularity. I expect scolding replies, but the fact of the matter is that the U.S. is an amazing physical landmass that’s being populated by increasingly more shitty people who are proving to be worthless at best, and corporate fascists / politically correct social justice warriors / international psycho killers at worst. I look at the average American and see a bloated carcass filled with preservatives, stimulants and prescription drugs — although always holding some corporate branded sugary beverage in their fat hands and wearing cheap white running shoes. They’re often dressed in some ill-fitting, overly casual, completely inappropriate ensemble that street beggars from the 1930s wouldn’t have been caught dead in. They’re usually covered in piercings, awful tattoos, stupid haircuts and plastic wristbands (pretending to support some bogus cause). Their minds constantly distracted and filled with propaganda via some flickering video screen, big or small, mere inches from their hypnotized faces — TV, computer, iPhone, etc. Their dull eyes are quick to gloss over at the mere whisper of truth on any topic, particularly anything to do with politics or health. Their obsession with Hollywood, NFL/NBA and the latest reality shows are just pathetic distractions keeping them from taking stalk of their desperate situations. It’s gotten so bad that I can no longer set foot in a Wal-Mart no matter how cheap some shit is because the impact that so many worthless losers have on me really shakes my faith in mankind — seriously.
      However, travel north or south of the U.S. and faith in humanity is restored, even by an old Mexican security guard patrolling a deserted beach or a young Canadian landscaper trying to put himself through University. Talking
      to these people is refreshingly enjoyable. They are a different, nay better, cut of humanity outside the U.S. borders and this fact is becoming painfully obvious. The concept of cool is killing American culture, destroying everything that this once great country stood for. Stinky and rotten to the core it has become, but the country still has decent roads and bearable airports to transport you to foreign places where the people will once again restore your faith. You will want to befriend the men of these lands and seduce the women with a new-found passion. You will want to eat the healthier foods and partake in fun activities that are not satanic themed. It will never cross your mind to play video games or fap off to porn in these wonderful places. Ah yes, it feels great to escape the American gulag once in a while because the “culture” has become so toxic — which is all by design of course.

      1. Spot on. Can’t add a word to that. Other than to say the more frequently one travels, the more obvious the above observations become.

      2. I watched Idiocracy last night.
        Seems returning from an overseas vacation will transport you 500 years into the future…
        Except has already happened
        I am on-line now searching for fares — NYC to BKK…
        has been 7 years

      3. Spot on Allister. I’ve lived here most of my life and conversing with Americans is a preferable alternative to physical beating or rudimentary torture. Nothing else.

    2. Been through immigration in Europe they smile at you and stamp your passport, nothing like US immigration putting on their tough guy charade. It’s America that keeps boatloads of illegals.

  25. Getting laid never made anybody less angry or hateful. Your idol Bukowski hated bitches the more he met and banged them

  26. I decided to say fuck game in US and save up money to move out my parents house to live in BergenLine (Jersey City area) to get some taste of Latin right before I start traveling luckily I’m in a field I enjoy. By not focusing on Americunts I could focus on learning new language, career and $$$. Why put up with shit here when there’s something a lot better.

    1. That’s another point if the local white women are crap it’s better to go for ethnic women.
      Friend of mine in Australia got an Asian partner.

  27. Lived in 5 continents, North America is by far the worst. No culture in big cities, just drab. That’s such a shame because the little towns in the States and Canada are quite charming with great people and scenery.
    That’s what most foreigners should look up to when thinking of the North America. Good Ole Americana Culture, unfortunately they get bombarded with scenery of NYC and Hollywood opulence.

    1. Australia has wonderful weather and lots of coastline. The Aussie women are not good LTR material. Been there a few times, it’s all STR pickups. That being said they are the least rancid of the English speaking women.

      1. Women in the west can be quite sweet once you leave the rancid places. Same in cheap SEA. After awhile it’s all the same.

  28. are you in Dominican Republic?
    Sounds exact as living in Thailand — motorbike -freedom etc..
    I have spent much time in Caribbean Islands – St martin and DR favorites.
    However, neither will cause me to leave the island of Long.
    SE Asia is my preferred retirement dream.
    Many weeks, and months there over the decades – food, women, lifestyle, cost — the best…
    But, too far for a weekend…
    and have a kid in school — 5 more years…
    good advice to not get caught/trapped in the west…and travel to test…

  29. One thing I’ve noticed in the US the past few years, is that it is almost impossible to have any kind of meaningful or deep conversation with anyone about anything. Ever since religion and the last vestiges of intellectualism left, to be replaced by atheism at worst, McChristianity at best, there is an Empty Hole to be filled with Consumerism, and life is seen as a mechanical, rote exercise in consuming things, and money the only thing to be valued.
    People will talk about:
    1) the latest TV shows;
    2) superficial politics where they parrot opinions from someone else;
    3) material things like their house, boat; sports figures (not even sports in terms of strategies anymore), generally revolving around 3-4 personalities (for example Brady, Tebow, Big Ben, maybe some other guy in the news). Their golf aspirations might get appended to this section.
    4) A trip they took to whatever the nearby vacation spot/Carnival Cruise, and how much their wife/gf loved it.
    5) Throw in a story or two about their 85 year old mother who still gets around, or is in a nursing home.
    6) Some BS about how well their kids are doing;
    7) Token appreciation of the posterior adipose deposits and big mammaries of that tip-vacuuming waitress who is bringing your shit beer around.
    I might be forgetting something, but that’s most of the ritual of conversation right there. The women are even worse.

    1. It’s impossible to have meaningful relationships with modern American women. Most of the time when they are responding to you they need something. Whether it’s money or your cock, once they get their feed they put you on ignore.

  30. Well I will say it sounds you are having fun. I read this in interest because I would like to travel to some tropical islands. That said I will never understand why guys only travel for sex when their is some much things that can be seen an done. Heck, there is so much to do in America if you are not so lazy to get up, get in the car. There are many things in many states.

  31. “$500 covers housing, food, electric, and Internet, the basics” I have to say this is complete BS i’m in South America now paying that times 5 and the same goes for apartments in central America. Even living in a dorm hostel you will be lucky unless you’re in a complete shithole which defeats the purpose of travelling.

  32. “Here’s an article about my amazing life! See how amazing it is via stock-photos!”

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