The Most Omega Place On The Internet

Imagine an omega loser that you went to high school with. He smelled like sour milk and piss, played with cards from some Japanese cartoon, and sweated whenever a woman came into contact with him. Those who didn’t outgrow such omeganess now post in various online forums with kindred spirits, refusing to become true men. One of these nerd-filled forums is

Wizardchan was founded on the principle that certain online users felt left out in online conversations about the good old pastimes of beer, bros, and pussy. Dissatisfied that other people were having the time of their lives, this website was born.  The site even has its own terminology. Someone who is younger than thirty and a virgin is a “wizard apprentice” and a 30 year old who is still a virgin is a “wizard.” Yes, the users of this website actually strive to remain virgins. It is the complete opposite of the Roosh V Forum. An actual quote from the website:


Going by this information alone, what is the typical Wizardchan user like? He’s a virgin in his late teens to early twenties that doesn’t leave his house. He is into Japanese cartoons and/or some other omega shit like My Little Pony. He collects welfare or is supported by family members. He doesn’t even communicate with his own family members that he mooches off of. Also, most of the users suffer from some sort of psychological disorder and are prone to suicidal ideation. What the average user of wizard chan looks like:

Average Wizard Chan Loser

Anyone who doesn’t meet these criteria is considered “normal scum.” Normal scum are people who go to work, get laid, and have a social life outside of the internet. Even the smelly, acne ridden Dungeons and Dragons geeks are considered “normal scum” according to them. Like homos and feminists, they view themselves as an “oppressed” minority.  How are they oppressed? They are told to get a job, get laid, and function out in the real world like a grown man would.


Let’s take a look at some of their rules to get a look at their online community:

  • “Do not post about your personal sexual experiences or allude to the possibility that you have any.” Can anyone else say “sour grapes”? They throw hissy fits whenever someone mentions getting their dick wet. So, what happens when someone on their site finally does get lucky enough to lose their virginity? Most guys would pat him on the back for it. The same cannot be said for these bitter cunts. They screech that the user had “betrayed them” like jealous ex-girlfriends. Omega’s can’t even be happy for the ones that escape the omega lifestyle.
  • “Do not post about real life social activities.” These bitter cumrags don’t just want their users to remain virgins; they also want their users to be friendless losers as well. An alpha bro is someone that has your back. They’re the ones that you can count on to drive your drunken ass home after a night of partying at the club or to join you in getting shitfaced. Only an inhumane feminist would want to deprive a man of good alpha role-models.
  • “Do not disparage, advise against, or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.” Yeah, no one can say anything against being a NEET(Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Back to what was stated earlier about the suicidal idealization; these users have had multiple threads about wanting to off themselves. It had gotten so bad that one of their admins had placed a warning under the site title with the Suicide Hotline numbers urging their own users to seek help. If these users actually had goals to strive for that wasn’t masturbating in their room for twelve hours or a bud to hang out with, their mental health may actually improve.
  • “All content should invite constructive, thoughtful discussion, not start or feed a personal echo chamber.” This particular rule seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Their whole site is an echo chamber for the depressed socially inept. If an alpha male were to post openly on their site, he would be met with a dozen responses on how “normals won’t leave them alone.” This forum is like the male equivalent to a female relationship website. They just want a hugbox to coddle each other, instead of improving their lives.

Look at the omega zone. It’s a hellish dystopian filled with males who will never accomplish their goals. Remember that everybody has a choice in what they want to associate themselves with. You can choose to watch My Little Pony and choose to bitch on your computer about “normalshits”.  You could also read some Bang and Day Bang. Learn some game and associate with those that have the same goals of being a better person. It’s your choice.

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        1. Liberal education at work! Liberal because its liberated from intelligence. It seems that the history of church asylum in the context of homosexuality overstrains your simple minds.

        2. A monk did not necessarily live in a monastery. There were traveling monks called friars and many of them fathered children even if they had vowed to stay celibate.
          My point being, not all (or even a majority) of monks were homosexual. If they were, why would they break vows and father children?

  1. Sounds like most of these guys aren’t virgins by choice. They can’t get laid and are trying to justify the situation by pretending like it is a virtue — kind of like middle aged spinsters who create unreasonable requirements for men to date them to justify (in their own minds) why they can’t get a date.

    1. Give them credit for contemplating suicide rather than pursuing a revenge fantasy equivalent to feminism

  2. Dear author,
    How could you omit the most interesting part of this story, namely: WTF were you doing to stumble into these people?

    1. Why? Research and “giving back”. He did it “for the children” and to save mankind from the depths of hell. Anyone who doesn’t like it should ask for a full refund.
      redpiller1985: A brave man, he is.
      redpiller1985, you have reached the bowels of the internet, please turn back and return to base. And we thank you for your service.

      1. he’s a gay nerd no different from those guys.
        Only difference is that he plays the Alpha male instead of the wizard
        Same nerdiness, same betamale looks (apart from some tryhard gym), more tryhard personality faking that comes as tryhard to everyone but he interprets it as “shit-testing” or “they hate me cause I’m alpha” (when nobody gives a shit about him anyway)

        1. And he does it like shit, being omega is being deformed, there is no comparison to betas.

    2. Anybody could stumble on it, but who in his right mind would care?
      I’m not especially opposed to kicking these poor broken critters, but it does seem kinda redundant.

    3. REQUEST: Please read AnonWizard’s response before jumping to any conclusions. If you would like to give it prominence, please upvote it.

    4. I’d like to hear that story as well.
      And do you ROK writers seriously think that taking cheap shots at people like this makes you more Alpha?
      You remind me of some of my female classmates WHO loved to Watch “Paradise Hotel”, because it made them feel smarter and somehow superior to the contestants.

  3. Paradoxically, the more guys that fall into this type of lifestyle the better are the odds for the ones who don’t. I guess what I’m saying is….cast away Oh wizards of the internets. One less guy I have to compete with on a slow Friday night. lol

    1. The odds actually aren’t better for you guys. My kind of people, who visit wizardchan, 4chan’s /r9k/ and the ilk actually never were in the sexual market and never will be. In the middle ages we probably were killed off during teens. Sorry, but the competition between alphas and betas stays the same.

      1. Yeah it’s important to understand just how large of a percentage of men used to die in war. While childbirth was an equally risky endeavor for women, its impact on the SMP was different because it was a risk generally taken within a marriage.
        Men had to run their gauntlet first to make it into the SMP.

  4. The ironic thing is, even though we’re the opposite of those guys, the feminasties constantly claim we’re like those guys in real life. But then again, feminasties aren’t big on logic.

  5. Redpiller: How the FUCK did you even find this retarded-ass site? More importantly: Why the FUCK would you subject yourself and us to it?!?

    1. the term comes from a meme om the japanese chan sites Futaba and 2-channel where if you were a virgin y 30, you became a Wizard. Given all sorts of memes are imported from the Japanese *chan scene (Pedobear being one, but mutated extremely by the international chan scene) you get people using that as a identity moniker.

  6. Why am I not surprised that loser American nerds are fetishizing the hikikomori lifestyle? Seems like anything that becomes a trend in Japan gets embraced by some weirdos in the West. How many threads on that website feature members moaning about being kicked out of their parents’ house because they refused to leave their rooms? I hope a lot.

  7. Welfare leeches should be forced to do some sort of menial labour such as picking up trash on the highway to earn their benefits, and those who refuse deserve to starve on the streets.

    1. I’m not unemployed, and I’m against welfare leeches also, but what you’re suggesting only gives the government a loophole to pay someone less than minimum wage for their work.

    2. Some of them would probably prefer that, but the problem is that organizing it would probably cost society more than it’s worth.

  8. “Do not post about your personal sexual experiences”
    I have to agree that this place is likely the home of some serious sad pathology.
    Nevertheless I personally don’t think it’s necessary to boast about sexual exploits. I don’t know if I’m old fashioned, but I don’t see much point to kiss and tell. It is usually in bad taste, and many habitual braggarts look like insufferable try-hards.
    Do we seek the intimate company of women because our biology and instincts compel us? Or do we do it to be able to brag to our bros about what alpha studs we are?
    This particular aspect of pickup culture is the one that turns me off most. It’s one thing to compare notes and to try to learn from the experience of others. It’s another thing to play the poser in some pointless intrasexual contest with a bunch sleazy fellows whose esteem of me is of no concern.
    Some people spend too much time talking about sex.
    Just do it.
    Shut up and go fuck.

    1. Actually having a hilarious story to tell your friends is part of the fun. And how could that person be a poser if they are simply recalling an old conquest or drunken night of debauchery?
      You seem to equate anyone who would be in the storytelling mood to a “try-hard” and thats simply not true. Also boasting about your exploits in the right way can be a dominance/indicator of social status. This is why alot of people lie and are “braggarts” about it when painfully obvious they are full of shit.
      I brag to women all the time in an indirect way about my past with other women…just to dhv myself and bring the topic back to a sexual one.
      It really does help Hell Ive even lied about many things to women as well when I thought it would be advantageous to do so.

  9. Whenever I feel like my life is stalled, I will just look to the wizards.
    I could say they can pay for sex, but they have no jobs…

  10. The more liberal and “sexually liberated” a person is, the more sexless they are. Nobody has less sex (with other humans) than manginas and feminists.
    There was a book I skimmed at Borders in 2005 that talked about something like, “The Sexual Liberation Paradox”. Basically, “conservative Christians” have more sex, and more satisfying sex, than “liberated liberals”.
    These omegas – celebrating that they’re evolutionary dead-ends – are the most acute form of this.

    1. Ha trust me dude, I get more pussy than you. Speaking as a liberal, feminist, lesbian. And a femme lesbian at that.

        1. If more than one individual is involved and you are touching each other that is not masturbation.

        2. of course it’s just masturbation…that’s why all the dykes are so grumpy, they never really get the real deal…

        3. Considering that lesbians statistically orgasam more often than heterosexual women that’s bullshit on so many levels. Of course you have an in depth understanding of the lesbian mind so who am I, as a lesbian to correct you.

        4. “Considering that lesbians statistically orgasm more often than heterosexual women…” Considering that “wizards” orgasm more than no-fappers, the rest of your statement doesn’t mean anything.

        5. Uh, whether or not dykes orgasm doesn’t change the fact that lesbian masturbation is not sex. Men can orgasm from masturbation too.

        6. I think your poor male ego is just hurt because there are women out there who you have zero chance of getting with even if you find them attractive.

        7. Lesbian bed death. It’s a thing. You may have heard of it.
          Also, when chicks brag about sex, it’s either bullshit or just pathetic.
          Or both.

        8. I wonder how often you and the other men here watch lesbian porn? How do you justify that while denying us equality?

        9. My GF is very bi but she loves my cock the mostest. I think she licks pussy better than most lessies.

        10. Straight women statistically orgasm much more often when my head is between their thighs.

        11. That is a common misconception of lesbians. We don’t even care and find it fun to watch you. Attractive women are everywhere, a lesbian doesn’t spoil the day, it makes it more exciting.

        12. Men will have sex with a hole in the ground, so this is likely true. Point conceded.
          Are your feminist friends happy, well adjusted and stable?

        13. Yes, Naomi. Lesbians are legendary for their joyfulness and happiness.
          (Glenbert’s comment is king.)

        14. quality not quantity…. depth not spread…
          sex requires polarity, not pieces of plastic…
          a wanker is always a wanker…. don’t get offended i am just philosophizing…
          it’s a well known expression in italy… la donna falta el catso… the woman needs some dick…. mainly in regards to married women getting all ticked off at their husbands….
          but the same ‘bitchiness’ in married women that are missing sex or just masturbating themselves is evident in many lesbians…. i lived and worked in one of the worlds largest gay quarters in a major city, so yes I had many lesbian and gay friends and know a lot about them… i once dated a girl who jumped the fence and back again…. i employed lesbians girls in my business…. a subtle sexual frustration was always evident… the act is never completed…. in the way it is when a male is involved…
          like it or not… some things just are they way they are….
          i have nothing against lesbians, but trust me… a dick will do you good from time to time…. don’t believe me.. .go try it… science requires experimentation, not just opinion….
          hang on a minute… why am i having this conversation on a site for masculine men… that doesn’t include lesbians does it now…. ?

        15. women whose husbands don’t use condoms are far more likely to go seeking sex after a break up because the load has a certain effect on a girl

      1. And gay men have a lot of sex too. Geez, one guy I know experienced 10 partners in the space of about 10 minutes not too long ago.
        Your point?

      2. For pity sake! An article about a bunch of poor desolate SOBs and the “Liberal feminist lesbian” has to make it all about her. So fucking typical.

    2. “Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.” – Isaiah 3:16-17

    3. Makes sense. The modern world misunderstands sex. They think sex = sexual intercourse. Wrong. Sex is any behavior driven by testosterone and estrogen. Testonsterone = dominance. Hence cultures that accept male dominance are more sexual.

  11. I think it’s time for a new site… Return of the Death Squads…. there are too many people that are better of as fish bait…

  12. As a Wizardchan regular, let me elucidate what separates our kind from your kind.
    You people are what we call normalfags. You’ve spent your entire lives being social butterflies, having your talents handed to you, getting attention from girls (though clearly not as much as you wanted, given the existence of sites like this one). For all the rhetoric about “working hard” to get to where you are now, you really didn’t have to do shit. You won the genetic and social lottery and you’re so oblivious to this fact that articles like this one inevitably pop up.
    We are wizards and apprentices. We suffer from personality disorders, childhood traumas, depression, anhedonia, ugliness, social retardation or low ability. We rarely catch any breaks, and if we do, normalshits like you love to spit on us (“welfare leech” etc.). We can’t help our sorry situations and after many failed attempts and constant reinforcement of our inferiority, we’ve given up trying. All we want now is to at least have you removed from our safe spaces.
    So go ahead and enjoy your normalfaggotry by making fun of the less fortunate. That’s all you normalshits can do anyway, elevate yourselves by stepping on others. I’d rather be a virgin than join your disgusting kind.

    1. i’m sorry, I was distracted by Comic Book Guy’s voice running through my head as I read that.

    2. *Wizard clap*
      Srsly, how dare these normalfags shove their self-improvement image in our faces. Magic The Gathering anyone?
      True story though; first year of high school there was a scrawny guy super into Wizards and Dragons stuff. I don’t mean passingly either – guy owned all the Forgotten Realms books, played Magic, even had replica swords from Lord Of The Rings.
      During toward end of first year, nerdbro began to work out. Why? Who knows. By end of second year he was still as nerdy as ever, but he was musclely. Got crapton of more respect, less teasing, didn’t get the best girls in school but after years of being a dateless wonder he was never single during our last year.
      You only deserve what you work for. If you guys with Captain’s attitude are gonna sulk and just accept the bad 3 roll life chucked at you, then it’s all the better when nerdbro’s re-roll a 16. Easier to pretend to be heroic and hard working then actually doing anything about it right?
      Chop that hair, lose the victim status and start curling some weights. Become a *real* wizard.

      1. Man some part of what he says is true. I mean I’m 5’11 and good looking and always had friends and a dad…and I get girls easily…but I have this sharp dressing 5’1 friend of mine all the way from school days who I ma trying ot help get laid…The guy has more money then me, very sociable and dresses way better than me….and yet I have found it lots and lots of work to get him laid with a somewhat average woman…so far 3 far chicks…not good enough, I want him banging a plain jane who is slim , or a 7 in my book.
        and here I am stealing girls from beta boyfriends and those chicks throw me the IOIs…he has a good point even if he is a MTG or whatever card game player or comic book reader. or omega dude.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m against whiny omega faggots, they sicken me, but good point is a good point.
        However he says he received mental trauma; personality disorders, childhood traumas, depression, anhedonia, social retardation.
        like what the hell you whiny fuck, grow up, seek help..that shit can be changed…it is not stuck in stone.
        I know a guy with aspergers and anhedonia…he felt pleasure and socialized like a champ after 1-2 years in therapy.

      2. Most people here in ROK don’t realize that having bad genetics leading to Asperger’s is MUCH, MUCH worse than having bad genetics leading to a disfigured face or being short. Or being fat.
        For example, I had problems talking to people ever since I was born. Even in first year of elementary school, everyone was in groups during breaks but I was sitting alone waiting for school to end so I can go watch TV cartoons. There was no bad experience of anything leading to this. I was born socially broken. I don’t have any true buddies, only acquaintances. My only experience with the opposite sex was a girl asking me in a dance in a school excursion (i was slim back then and I have an acceptable face, so it happened), but of course I didn’t know how to dance and got super-anxious about it so it ended in disaster.
        There is this special blend of broken human that has problems socializing with everyone. Even the cashier at Burger King’s (male or female). So, stop trying to pretend that self-improvement will fix any of it. It works for betas but not for us broken people. I for once am glad that computers exist, which means that I can hang around places like wizchan of (almost) like-minded autistic people, and I am working my MSc degree so I can find a decent job in IT so I can afford escorts more often.
        Stop saying it’s my fault for having Asperger’s (yes, diagnosed by a real doctor) and that I shouldn’t hang around wizchan. Or that self-improvement can help.

    3. Genetics is not a ‘lottery’ SILLY
      One inherits the genetics of one’s parents. If your parents were selfish enough to cause substandard genetics in your body that is there fault, not mine.
      Many believe that the incarnating soul searches for the DNA that most closely matches its own resonating frequency.
      As such you need to accept responsibility for your own choices.
      I think it is noble of you to not reproduce, in your particular circumstances.

      1. “If your parents were selfish enough to cause substandard genetics in your body…”
        I’m going to quote “Daria” and say, “when you listen to yourself talk, does it make sense?
        In other words, if somebody is not a buff, macho, masculine “alpha” then it is because their parents were “selfish” to have sex and give birth to him, and we should mock him because he should never have been born.
        I was already aware that this site was full of misogynistic drivel, but now I know that the people hanging out are promoting eugenicist beliefs as well.

        1. If you don’t seek to improve yourself then don’t complain to me about your life.
          If you have substandard genetics then you need to at least sit down with your parents and ask them to apologise for settling for less then optimal genetics their sex partner.

        2. Promoting eugenics?
          We’re running the fucking program from our lair on the dark side of the moon!
          We call the compound Fort Whitepatriarchy.
          We only travel to Earth long enough to spread our propaganda disguised as gay feminist Jews and kidnap underage virgins to gang rape during kegstand breaks.

        3. So, I’ve gotten three comments since posting. The first is obviously a troll, with homophobic overtones, the second makes the horrid suggestion of sitting your parents down and asking them to apologize for meeting one another (now would anyone actually do this, or want to?), and the third incorrectly refers to the title character of the show I quoted as a lesbian (do your research). Nothing especially compelling has been argued in reply, but I’ve been accused of promoting feminist icons, which is just fine by me.

        4. If your parents had made better choices you might have had better outcomes, unfortunately it seems you have inherited substandard genetics, that is something to take up with your parents.
          On the other hand, many people believe the incarnating soul searches for the DNA that most closely matches its own resonating frequency.
          Accept responsibility for your own choice of DNA.
          I would suggest you (1) take supplements to increase your testosterone. (2) Get a good translation of Mein Kamf (the Ford translation is my recommendation) and learn that struggle is meant to make us strong.

        5. Genetics is not so straight forward. There are many factors which decided whether or not a gene is expressed. For instance, a recessive gene could be expressed and the genotype (outward appearance) of the parent either parent would not express this gene.
          Another factor is the environment, and whether or not the gene can be expressed in both genders, etc.
          “Many people believe” is not a good argument. Many people believe that people should be killed for their race. Many people believe that the holocaust did not happen.
          If you refuse to point out a scientific experiment about souls searching for DNA, there is absolutely no evidence that this is true.
          Last, too much of anything, even testosterone, can be very harmful to your body. Taking supplements without knowing how they work can be worse than not taking them at all.

        6. Scientists are the same people who told me Brontosaurus was real, then told me my favorite dinosaur never existed, and then told me that ‘global warming’ would kill us all, and then got caught sexing up the data.
          Perhaps you would like to share your thoughts on the mystery of how the soul entwines with the physical body ?
          Of course if you want to defend people who don’t desire self improvement then go right ahead, however I would recommend you also read Mein Kamf (the Ford translation is good) and learn that life’s struggles are not a curse, but a blessing to make us grow stronger.
          The problems of the ‘wizards’ are all solvable, or at can be mitigated with a little research using the internet.

        7. Oh, I was not defending anyone. I was simply giving a genetics lesson.
          As I said, the environment is another factor, and one of the nice things about being human is being able to manipulate our environment.
          And because I know of no way to quantify a soul, I have no way of testing to figure out when or how a soul becomes entwined with the body. If you know of one, please enlighten me.

        8. By the way, that dinosaur did exist. It is now known as “Apatosaurus” because what were previously believed to be two separate genera are now regarded as being the same. Hence, your beloved “Brontosaurus” did indeed exist; the name is just different. Please learn that distinction.

        9. As a broken pile of shit – I actually agree with eugenics. It’s more humane for defects to not be born than for us to suffer cradle to grave.
          Also “my soggy knees” again?
          My parents were a virginal rebel escaping her alkie daddy (and the youngest of the family) falling in love with a clueless beta virgin (4 years her jr) when they were 17 and 21… oops!
          And I got a higher than average IQ that I can do nothing with because math/computers/IT drive me batshit AND I’m bad at them – and ugliness….
          The rest of my clan are stupid and ugly AND mostly bible thumpers. Ugh.

    4. Live is hard for everyone. Some more than others. Concentrating on the negative will just bring more negative. Few men are good looking enough to get by on their looks like a woman can. As a man you need to work hard and take what you want with initiative or you’re not getting shit. Luckily, even if you are ugly with enough hard work you can make money. However, I suspect hard work and accepting failure without being butt hurt is something you will not do. Hence the position you are in now. You can stop being afraid of your own shadow or you can go back to playing video games and wallowing in your own self pity. The fear in your head is exponentially greater than the actual occurrence of the feared situation.

    5. Live is hard for everyone. Some more than others. Concentrating on the negative will just bring more negative. Few men are good looking enough to get by on their looks like a woman can. As a man you need to work hard and take what you want with initiative or you’re not getting shit. Luckily, even if you are ugly with enough hard work you can make money. However, I suspect hard work and accepting failure without being butt hurt is something you will not do. Hence the position you are in now. You can stop being afraid of your own shadow or you can go back to playing video games and wallowing in your own self pity. The fear in your head is exponentially greater than the actual occurrence of the feared situation.

    6. Dude. Seriously. Take some vitamins. They do help with depression and anxiety, believe it or not. Work out a bit.
      You’re only in an unfortunate situation if you want to be.

      1. I take a very extensive and strict vitamin regimen daily, comprised of many different things I specifically selected for bioavailability.
        I used to lift and could press over 135 (not very strict, strict military press was more like 120 or 125, I was getting very close to 135 for the military press) and olympic squat 225 for an easy single, with my olympic front squat being maybe 205 or so. I can no longer do so because I have crippling ear problems which lifting aggravates.
        nice assumptions though, believe that we just don’t want to help ourselves and we live in a just world where all you need to do is work harder for your Jewish masters to attain success

        1. If you really cant lift (and I would advise you to get 3 or 4 medical opinions on that before using it as an excuse), then swim, if you cant swim, run, if you cant run just get laid. Just don’t quit, you never quit. You adapt yourself and you overcome the situation.
          You think of yourselves as static pieces of shit in the middle of the road. Well you are not, you are what you make yourself be. The rest are just excuses.
          Go tell people with Multiple Sclerosis, amputated limbs and other serious diseases about your ear condition, while they still run, jump and laugh at nature’s attempt to defeat them. I’ve been in the hospital broken apart 3 times and I’m still standing, busted knees, busted lungs, broken rib cage, broken face.. i’m still here, still standing, still lifting and still banging.
          I have a friend like you. He uses his flat foot as an excuse to not do any kind of exercise.

        2. You can’t lift anymore. So what?
          Most men get laid without being built.
          Learning game doesn’t affect your ear problems.

        3. And I used to be in a similar situation as you all are. If you want to get ahead in this unjust world, learning to be alpha is a far better way to do it than just tuning out.

        4. I walk 🙁 I can’t run and walking is now like running. Developmental coordination disorder – AND high functioning autist/add – pills made me worse/BROKE me utterly. (And took AWAY IQ/functioning a bit on top of that – as a kid I had a fully photographic memory…….)
          Stupid chronic fatigue syndrome went from bad to worse with the ANS issues…. and I went from always being a gym tryhard, who was miserable and a failure at right around 14% body fat to 16.5% or so and… frail.
          I’m tired of masochists who’ve never been in anyone else’s situation claiming macho bs like this btw.

        5. I don’t want to be bulky-built, and sadly genetically speaking (I hate it) I’d need pec implants to have pecs (goddamn it) ….and got the curse of an ass that just does not firm up (it’s where a LOT of my body fat ended up stored)

      2. so if my parents gets killed in a car crash it’s because I wanted it to happen? Have you, by any chance, watched “the Secret”?
        You sound just as ‘enlightened’ as they do in that film.

    7. You actually sound very thoughtful and intelligent. For any “wizards” reading this, please understand that not all of us (probably few of us) were born natural alphas. We come here (and to similar sites) to learn and to improve ourselves as men. You can too. Many of us were socially awkward when we were younger and were more cerebral than our peers. We had to learn what came naturally to some guys, and we had to overcome the gender equality garbage we were spoonfed growing up. If you spend some time in the manosphere you can learn more about women and how to interact with them. You can then make an informed decision about what you want from them. I was technically a V (by choice) till I got married, so I can respect that, but I have to say fatherhood is great.

      1. Wizardchan and the manosphere aren’t the far apart politically. We’re not ignorant, we just made a concious choice not to deal with the bullshit and baggage women come with. We don’t begrudge you for your lifestyle so it doesn’t make any sense to “invade” us or laugh at us. It doesn’t affect you.

      2. The closest thing to wizardchan AFAIK is the MGTOW movement. Fun fact, many MGTOW are pretty much normalfag in many outlook and shame the Wizards and their Apprentices

    8. Way to stand up for yourself, bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!
      There is nothing more shameful than picking on those who are weaker.

    9. Talent isn’t something that’s handed to anyone, you’re either born with it or you work towards it. You’re grasping for straws by saying that everything’s given when nothing ever is. Everyone has his sob story, some are able to go through it. Obviously you aren’t.

    10. I would like to start off with a few things here. I am not attractive, and am in fact overweight. This is something I am working on thanks to sites like this. I stumbled onto this philosophy about two months ago and have since started to work towards bettering myself. I have made MAJOR life changes that have seen some success. I have lost a bit of weight (I have dropped about three loops on my belt in 3 weeks), I have more confidence, more energy, and a better outlook on my future. I have lamented my situation here before, and won’t do so again, but I feel it’s important people like you understand that the ONLY reason you are where you are is because YOU chose to give up. You can lay any excuse you want out here or on your wizardchan, but at the end of the day they are just that.. excuses.
      I am not here to bed numerous women (I’m married, and those days are behind me… which sucks as I never took advantage of them), i’m not here to shame fat women, i’m not even here to shame you. I am here for another reason entirely, because I feel that men have been getting spit on for the better part of my life and i’m sick of the bullshit. I’m tired of women defining men, and forcing some feminist agenda in my face. I’m here because men SHOULD seek to better themselves at all times, and at all costs. You sir, and your kind, should seek to do the same. The second you shut yourself away behind some web-handle on some obscure message board for anti-social virgins.. you give up. You no longer seek to better yourself, you resign yourself to failure. You resign yourself to a life of solitude, you say “Women would never like me” and in so saying, prove it true.
      For my part, you really only have one option. Pick your fat asses up off your couch/gaming chair and make even the SLIGHTEST attempt at making you a better man. Anything less than that is failure at life and manhood. This is the part where I’m supposed to say I believe in you. Instead I am here to tell you, being worthless isn’t genetic… it’s a choice, so what’s it going to be?

    11. ” having your talents handed to you”
      Game practice + various ways of testosterone boosting + L-theanine > talent and genes.
      BTW the reason you guys are ridiculous is that you are like a bunch of scientists except that you are not doing anything useful. The respectable version of wizardry is being a nerdy, asocial, celibate scientific researcher.

      1. Okay – the only way you are “boosting” your testosterone – for the most part – is anabolic steroids. And that’s science.
        That being said exercise/work etc will raise it, as will eating a lot of saturated fat, protein, and red meat (yes, really).
        l-theanine = crap for the most part, sorry. It’s not doing much of anything for you and you’re not even suggesting a context for what it’s supposed to do or why.
        Did I mention I know my supplements/nootropics and the like? – Religiously, pretty much.

    12. Dude if you suffer from unchangeable thing like down syndrome, we understand. If you suffer from being below 5’5, we understand, if you suffer from having a severely disfigured face, we understand. If you have bodily functions that are uncontrollable especially in social situations, we understand.
      But when you say shit like personality disorders, childhood traumas, depression, anhedonia, social retardation or low ability, aspergers…now our just making excuses. I understand you were not dealt the best hand, but you must take heart that you can cure your self from this with hard work and will power.
      See the only thing that prevents you from success is will power, laziness and escapism .
      Escaping he problem will only let it build and build while experiencing pleasure until you are old, bitter and end up shortening your lifespan because of negative mental state. Sound familiar…it should, because this is what creates an obese person, except you are doing this to your minds.
      Seek help, I’m willing to help, promise. I have seen many people go through this and it saddens me. I’m not telling you to quit the games..I’m telling you to not make games and staying in the “dark” for your whole lives. Explore, travel the world, work different jobs, make friends from all walks of life( except feminist, stay the fuck away from them).
      and no getting laid does not make you better than someone else, but living the lives you are living does.

      1. Your “help” are either deficient fucking shitstain “counselors” profiting off of our misery with easy a majors – who themselves have boring/miserable “adult” lives, sexless, pencildicked…. sad saggy chubby or fat wives they didn’t start fucking till like their late twenties OR
        Are fucking psychiatrists and just break us – further.

    13. lol? normalfags? WHAT AHAHAHAH
      normalfags don’t use these fag websites. Normalfags use facebook and have normalfag lives. Not these nerds

    14. “We can’t help our sorry situations and after many failed attempts and constant reinforcement of our inferiority, we’ve given up trying.”
      Maybe you didn’t try hard enough, or you lacked a good model. Reading RoK and trying a last time might help you a lot.

    15. A lot of us here face the same problems that you do, but we don’t turn them into a lifestyle, but do our best to overcome them. You won’t find many guys that have had their “talents handed to them”, around here, the owner of the site to begin with.

    16. While your probably right about some of us winning the genetic lottery, I am still reserving the right to laugh at this hilarious shit… I mean comon’, it’s like an episode of south park or something lol… But in all seriousness, you may have “bad genes”, but you very likely also have good ones laying dormant being that you’re member of the human species… Get of your ass before you die a biological failure.

    17. Some comments.
      1) Lecturing people about making fun of others while referring to them as normalshits, normalfags and disgusting? This level of blatant hypocrisy is not helping your credibility.
      2) You’re an adult male. No one wants to listen to you complain, no one has sympathy, no one is going to change society to make things better for you. You’re not a young pretty girl, the world just doesnt work like that for you. Conduct yourself accordingly, or you can expect blowback.
      3) This is a site for men focusing on masculinity and male self improvement. People who “dont have to do shit” to accomplish things don’t need to spend their time at places like this, and your suggestion otherwise trivializes the accomplishments of those who have actually implemented meaningful change in their lives. Just because you’ve given up doesn’t mean you should try and drag others down with you.
      4) There are plenty of people throughout history who have had it much worse than you, and accomplished much more. I’m guessing you have enough to eat, somewhere to sleep with a roof over your head, you obviously have access to the Internet and judging by your writing you’ve probably had a decent or at least servicable education. Right there you’re better off then the majority of people who have ever lived, as well as many people currently living in third world countries. Stop with the pity party.

      1. 1) 2) 3) – well you ATTACKED them first and you decided to go on their forums and insult them. The fact that they knew of this article and returned shows they arent ignorant of your claims (there are crossover in posters and some who post on wizardchan are lurking ‘normalfags’ who might be MRA, MGTOW etc from their POV)
        4) There’s people from ‘third world’ countries there

      2. You’re a dumb cliche spitting social darwinist using the same tired ass fucking “always someone worse off” bullshit to qualify as “betterment” or “better off”.
        I suppose you failed to realize having 0$ in the bank, and having -100$ in the bank, are still the same thing.
        Below a certain point = no servicable ROI. You see, motivation and work require ENERGY. Energy as it is, requires health, support, and oh yeah, an end point, in sight, that drives/motivates.
        That self help-y bs? Yeah… I can’t spend it or date it…… it’s worthless.
        I’m sure others feel the same.

    18. Some comments.
      1) Lecturing people about making fun of others while referring to them as normalshits, normalfags and disgusting? This level of blatant hypocrisy is not helping your credibility.
      2) You’re an adult male. No one wants to listen to you complain, no one has sympathy, no one is going to change society to make things better for you. You’re not a young pretty girl, the world just doesnt work like that for you. Conduct yourself accordingly, or you can expect blowback.
      3) This is a site for men focusing on masculinity and male self improvement. People who “dont have to do shit” to accomplish things don’t need to spend their time at places like this, and your suggestion otherwise trivializes the accomplishments of those who have actually implemented meaningful change in their lives. Just because you’ve given up doesn’t mean you should try and drag others down with you.
      4) There are plenty of people throughout history who have had it much worse than you, and accomplished much more. I’m guessing you have enough to eat, somewhere to sleep with a roof over your head, you obviously have access to the Internet and judging by your writing you’ve probably had a decent or at least servicable education. Right there you’re better off then the majority of people who have ever lived, as well as many people currently living in third world countries. Stop with the pity party.

    19. You fucking assume too much.
      I loathe the alphas, and I loathe willing betas, but you people, make those of us who have tried……. feel…… utterly distraught.
      I’ve been through all of that, and now I’m stuck.
      Complete with no identity, and no hobbies/interests I can have that don’t bring shame, bad memories, or that make fucking sense.
      Oh and I hate being fucking disabled…. I’m graduate educated ffs and my best job options look like shit given to literal high schoolers.
      I agree on one premise – stepping on others for self elevation is fucking stupid – and it’s why THE FEMINISTS ARE FUCKING WINNING/WON.

  13. Let those men have their place, I just choose to live a different way. Everyone’s got their thing, just let me do mine. I hope those guys have fun doing their thing.

  14. They’re harmless. Why all the ridicule and vitriol? When did this place become a feministing nerd-shaming site?

  15. Don’t know whose worse these guys or feminists…ah they are probably the same.
    This boils my blood. I’ve lived in foreign countries and can promise that I’ve seen real poverty and horrific shit that these clowns and feminists can’t even fathom. If they did they would instantly realized how spoiled they are. I’ve seen real poverty enough to know there’s no real poverty in this country. I’ve seen horrific deformed people that honestly no one in this country can say they’ve missed the genetic mark. I can’t even defend my home country when pretty much globally they say most Americas are fat lazy stupid and spoiled and have no clue how great they have it.
    I hope all you fat wizard faggot fucks just off yourselves we have too much dead weight as it is and take the loser feminists with you. Hell at least all of you need to get dropped into a third world part of Asia and you’ll quickly be crying and begging to come back you fucking pussies.

  16. They are not worthy of ridicule for being the way they are. They are worthy of ridicule for staying the way they are.

  17. Wizardchan is the real red pill. Life is nothing but suffering and women are all callous, vapid creatures that should be abandoned and ignored.

    1. Interestingly enough, your red pill stance reminds me of Schopenhauer’s philosophy (suffering & waiting till everything’s over), while the GAME followers seem to have adapted to a straight up Nietzsche point of view: Life is miserable, women are shit, but make the best out of it nevertheless. Fascinating.

  18. eh they seem harmless….. natural selection will cull them eventually despite the welfare right? no kids, no lineage, no evolution. or something.

  19. these guys seem pretty harmless right? darwinism or something. they’re not having kids so no lineage so death of these weak genetics. nature rules.

  20. In my experience, geeks are harmless. Most are decent guys. Many of them are deeply wounded because they’ve been picked on by chest thumping, swaggering mamma’s boys who try to attain alpha status by picking on those weaker than them. And they’t not only been treated like shit by the faux-alphas, they’ve no doubt been treated poorly regularly by women.
    A true alpha protects the weak, feels badly for their misfortune, and seeks challenges against his equals and his superiors.

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as saying protect the weak, but you definitely don’t go out of your way to fuck with them if they’re not fucking with you.

      1. It’s man’s highest calling to protect the weak. What do you think firemen, cops, and soldiers do? True alphas are nurturing and mentoring.
        It’s the insecure betas who are always hyper competitive and have no sense of ease because they’re always trying to prove their place in the social hierarchy. And it’s the lowly betas who pick on the weak to gain social points.

        1. You really think they protect the weak?
          Firemen put out fires and try to stop people from being killed by them; weak or strong we’re all flammable and vulnerable to smoke inhalation.
          Cops enforce the status quo laid down by those in power. If anything, their job is to keep a boot on the neck of the weak.
          Soldiers kill who their told to kill by those in power. See:cops
          Only insecure betas are highly competitive?
          Keep telling yourself that.

        2. When you’re home is on fire, the children inside are at that time weak.
          Shitty cops enforce the status quo.
          I didn’t say only betas are highly competitive. But betas are unrelentingly hyper-competitive. Think about it. When you’ve accomplished a lot in life, you have nothing to prove and can afford to be at ease and have the luxury of praising others and mentoring the weak without feeling threatened.
          There’s a difference between the competitive alpha and the competitive beta and it’s says a lot about you that you don’t understand that difference.

        3. “There’s a difference between the competitive alpha and the competitive beta and it’s says a lot about you that you don’t understand that difference.”
          Try to reframe it all you like; but this statement is backtracking from your original.
          “Shitty cops enforce the status quo.”
          Then all cops are shitty cops. It’s the nature of the job. They’re hired muscle; nothing more.
          Where we differ is that you’re saying one’s alphaness is linked to some moral code of what makes somebody a good person. I’m saying what decides whether one is an alpha male or not exists independently of all that.
          Guys who run drug cartels are treacherous, murderous SOBs out for their interests, will kill anyone who gets in their way, and couldn’t give a shit about the weak. That doesn’t make them beta males.

        4. “It’s the insecure betas who are always hyper competitive and have no sense of ease ”
          That’s my original statement. ALWAYS hyper competitive with no sense of ease. You know the type?

    2. I agree 100%. There’s nothing even remotely Alpha about picking on easy tagets such as these “wizards”. It’s the Cowards WHO does that.

      1. A proposition must be framed in the negative in order for the No True Scotsman fallacy to apply.
        Learn logic before you toss fallacies about.

        1. @6656a53f1e38c080a1af1fb0d619c2c9:disqus (Jimmykins)
          That TradCon feminist-sympathizing kook KalosLago did an arbitrary redefinition of “alpha”.
          As he would like to have it, to be an alpha one must be “nurturing and mentoring” and, by implication, not be “hyper competitive” or “insecure”.
          As usual, he’s a sneaky fuck trying to steer discussion away from our usual realism and toward his usual preferred endpoints:
          * women are angelic creatures and we should sound like ‘sex-positive feminists’ about how wonderful each and every one of their vaginas is
          * men must be chivalrous to almost everyone
          * realistic discussion of powerful bad people in the world must be shut down as soon as possible; the only people we can respect are do-gooders

        2. “As he would like to have it, to be an alpha one must be “nurturing and mentoring” and, by implication, not be “hyper competitive” or “insecure”.
          Fallacy of false alternatives.
          ” women are angelic creatures”
          I have no idea where you get this from other than your creative imagination.
          ” realistic discussion of powerful bad people in the world must be shut down as soon as possible; the only people we can respect are do-gooders”
          It’s always cute when a working clock puncher like you looks down on “do-gooders.”

        1. I don’t hate them mention of bad guys. I find it humorous when American working blokes hero worship bad guys.

  21. Long standing member of Wizardchan here as well.
    Was a bit disappointed the author took the predictable tone that he did. I
    actually quite enjoyed reading some of the other articles on the site.
    Can’t say I meet eye-to-eye on the ‘game’ articles, but there are plenty
    of others exposing some real truths on women and culture that I fully
    agree on. It would have been nice to have gotten some of our similar
    views thrown in rather than focusing solely on, “look, they are virgins,
    let’s laugh!” Could have brought in some good discussion.
    I’d also like to point out that a good number of us don’t fit into the
    lifestyle described here. I have a job, am living away from home, and
    am a full time student close to graduating. Sure I’m not the master at
    social skills, but I sure as hell am not going to look down on other
    virgins who happen to not be as far along. It’s true I’m not the
    happiest bloke alive, but I’m still going to try to succeed with what I
    have going for me. With or without women.
    Respect to those who realize we aren’t a threat.
    You’ve got a new follower.

    1. Keep you chin up, bro. And remember: those who pick on you are too weak to challenge the stronger so like cowards they seek to gain social points by picking on the vulnerable. The same type beat dogs — or the thugs who play the knock-out game. True alpha males are very nurturing and are often the best friends a man can have.
      The beta wanna-bes are the hyper-competitive types who act out due to their lack of power in life and their lack of a true field of competition in life. Most are stuck in dead-end, soul crushing jobs and are bitter. Beware of them.

    2. Just live and do what you want, as long as you are not hurting anyone I do not care what you do. I do however hope you enjoy yourself, just enjoy your time. I have no constructive criticism for people that keep to themselves and don’t bother anyone, just good vibes.Thank You.

    3. But what is the point of wizardry? Scientists, programmers, hackers can be just as nerdy, asocial and celibate except more respectable. I have ways more respect the asocial nerds building Linux 3D printers in the local hackerspace because they are doing something useful, smart and _real_.
      Programming, science, hackerdom, being an inventor > fantasy
      You could choose to follow Tesla. He too was celibate. But way more respectable.

    4. I think the mockery comes from the recognition that they’ve given up. Much in the same way RoK ran fat shaming week, I think the tradition here is to shame people that need it.
      Most of the time in this society, the shame falls on deaf ears and support groups spring up to denounce the shamers, but even if just one person is shamed into turning their life around, no matter how impossible it may seem, isn’t that for the best?
      I think we need a wizard shaming week; this site is about helping other men. Game is a skill which was developed to help those who were helpless without it and applies to all aspects of life. Everyone at wizardchan could stand to learn it whether they are dead set on being celibate for the rest of their lives or not.

    5. If its any consolation Im a regular here and thought this a lamefuck ass article. Men should NEVER belittle fellow men. Save that shit for the shallow stuckup cunty females. And I dont get laid a lot either. But I hopefully be soon making and extremely large salary, and with all the cool shit and can do and buy with that money, you know, being single and all…I really dont give a fcuk about females and pussy either. Ive fucked enough hot chicks before, pussy aint shit.

  22. For all you PUA faggots, 888chan is an imageboard (kind of like a forum, in a way) where a bunch of circlejerking morons like the author of this article post about us wizardchan users and a bunch of other fucked up people, yet think they’re better- somehow. Also, the author is a known troll over at encyclopedia dramatica. You faggots can call each other “alphas” and go suck each other’s dicks to try to pretend to be the men you weren’t in high school, but I just wanted to inform you your “alpha” author spends his days posting about a bunch of mentally ill people on the internet. Good job PUAs, you fall for everyone’s bullshit just like you do with RSD, David Deangelo, Mystery, etc- all rich thanks to using you like pawns. For being so “alpha” you sure as fuck eat out of the palm of these guys’ hands.
    That being said, I know you like to talk about your “redpill” philosophies and whatever and you want to think we’re all ignorant and retarded because we can’t see the light. Well, we know women are sluts and whores. We know what they want because we had to watch over and over how they would walk over hot coals to suck a football player’s dick but treated us like we didn’t exist, or like shit at best. Why can’t you just leave us alone though? You already took over all the imageboards we used to go on and demand we left, now you have to come over to our site and spam it? What harm do we do to you? I guess you “alpha males” have to feel validated by making fun of a bunch of mentally ill virgins, good job. I guess you aren’t really alpha at all, that’s why sites like this exist, to trick betas like you that you can become alpha. Well guess what, it doesn’t work that way, take it from someone who knows from personal experience of being relentlessly mocked and bullied since childhood. The reason you post on sites like these is because you aren’t alpha at all, you just saw the football players get pussy in high school and you wanted to be like them, so now you pretend to be like them. Yeah guys, lots of men get laid, and we wizardchan posters know that 95% percent of guys do. You want to pat yourself on the backs for running numbers until a couple sluts decide to fuck you. Truth is that’s still nothing to what the starting quarterback was getting because women came to him to suck his dick. But whatever, keep thinking you’re superior to me because I chose not to indulge in your stupid PUA faggotry. I don’t need 3d women because they’re pig disgusting.
    Why do you need to look down on me for that?

    1. Most of us aren’t looking down at you at all man. I’m not a PUA but sites like these helped my confidence and social skills. You have your beliefs and that’s fine ! I’ve noticed most of the guys on here have nothing but advice and support. Wish you the best !

    2. You can choose to stop being a victim.
      And it’s more than about virginity or “banging sluts.”

    3. Only wizards have that much time reading your inconcise expression of dystopia.
      No one looks down on you and if you don’t want to be looked down upon just stand up.

    4. I think you would be better suited as a MGTOW kudos to you for standing up to the Manosphere Peacocks.

  23. Virginity is something to be proud of. Though they may think that for all the wrong reasons…

    1. It should be a choice. I would think a truly powerful “wizard” would be a man who could have sex if he wanted, but chose not to. Shouldn’t that be the goal? Virginity is not their problem. For many of them, their problem is their inability to move forward and engage in self improvement.

      1. Yeah that’s what I was getting at. At any rate, these wizards are low-hanging fruit so it feels mean to make fun of them.

    2. It should be a choice. I would think a truly powerful “wizard” would be a man who could have sex if he wanted, but chose not to. Shouldn’t that be the goal? Virginity is not their problem. For many of them, their problem is their inability to move forward and engage in self improvement.

  24. First off fuck these losers, they provide NOTHING of value to society and receive all the benefits (welfare, safety, food, etc…) They are not “harmless” as some have suggested, and deserve all of societies scorn and derision for being the leeches they are. Can you imagine the audacity of these losers to publicly vent their hatred for the regular people who provide everything for them? Besides the obvious they also harm society in another more subtle way.
    I weep for the plight of the parents. From the first time a man holds his infant son he imagines the great things he can accomplish as he grows. Playing sports, gaining an education, forming a semblance of personality and the great things adult life brings. He hopes this child will provide value to society and maybe become a pillar to his community, helping those in need by assuming the role of a leader both in community and his own family. Truly the future of the child is boundless and uninhibited.
    Years later the father watches his son fail miserably socially and professionally in his teenage years. It is a phase, soon to pass he silently hopes. Yet the years pass and while men are forged through these trials and tribulations, his son retreats from them. The son grows physically weak and adopts the mindset of an abject failure unusual for is age. He blames his shortcomings on “personality disorders, childhood traumas, depression, anhedonia, ugliness, social retardation or low ability” (lol). Cynicism and a nihilistic outlook replace the once bright eyes and the father wonders if he himself is to blame. The pathetic incel is disgusted with the world and us “normalscum”, but it does not match the disgust his father holds for him. How does the father face his friends and family knowing his son, his own flesh and blood, is cloistered in his room proudly extolling the virtues(?) of social awkwardness, virginity, and overall faggotry? The pathetic incel neither knows nor cares, he selfishly jerks off to hentai and leeches off welfare, never growing out of the teenage angst phase.
    Fuck these losers, fuck them all.

    1. Yep, that’s what happened to me…until my WW2 (2IC Darwin 1942-45) veteran grandfather made me quit school, bought a hobby farm and turned me from omega/beta to alpha……i spent 18 months running that joint on grandpa’s command…(old school ‘red pill’)…then i got my ear pierced to be ‘cool in skool’ when I went back. Grandpa’s words “I can’t believe my grandson has turned into a fucking poofta”)
      Many years later, in my early 20’s (35 today) grandpa pulled me aside and told me this is all I needed to know to live my life successfully. My apologies in advance for this being in “Aussie” parlance…
      (1) A true “mate” should never be a load on your heart, your head or your wallet, if they are then they’re not really a true mate at all..(a true aussie mate dies beside his mate (I went thru Balck Saturday in Kinglake 7/2/09) where I stood beside these men grandpa tol me about.)
      (2) Your need to always be doing something for your mind (ie emplloyment), body (physical exercise) and soul (a hobby or interest).
      Whenever, as a former beta male, I’ve given up those principles the usual outcome has been loss of licence, court cases, drug taking, prison time. Never happened to me yet following grandpa’s words of wisdom, only when I don’t follow ’em….
      There weren’t to many beta males pre-WW2 or feminism were there?…

  25. The writers of this site (ROK) are at their best when they’re dispensing game advice – much of which I have put to use in my own life with great results. They are at their worst when they’re attacking manboobs, feminazis, leftoids and whatever other group (real or imagined) they disagree with. Unfortunately, lately they seem to be doing the latter much more often than the former. Seems to me a real alpha shouldn’t feel a need to tear down others to build himself up.

    1. This is ROK. Part of what goes on here is shaming stuff that’s really bad for the people involved in it and society at large, like polar bear hunting.
      If you want a polite debating society, go read Just Four Guys or Dalrock.

  26. The writers of this site (ROK) are at their best when they’re dispensing game advice – much of which I have put to use in my own life with great results. They are at their worst when they’re attacking manboobs, feminazis, leftoids and whatever other group (real or imagined) they disagree with. Unfortunately, lately they seem to be doing the latter much more often than the former. Seems to me a real alpha shouldn’t feel a need to tear down others to build himself up.

  27. I’m still not 100% sure it’s just a group of guys joking about being wizards, but I do appreciate the link to 888chan!

  28. Meh, I’d say it’s best to just leave ’em be.
    Why provoke a potential mass shooter and potentially give the gun ban crowd another tragic event to rant about?

    1. You can fake all the benevolent intent you want, but comments like these aren’t exactly helping, you know.

  29. There isn’t any choice on who are you born. You are either very young or retarded if you still believe in self help shit.

    1. Are you saying one can’t improve themselves?
      Were you born the the ability to read? To type?
      Does exercise not improve your body? Does practice not hone motor skills?
      Your vision is rather short sighted, you offer no value.

      1. You sound so pathetic in your make believe shithole. I was there too, pretending it’s all legit. There is no such thing as improving yourself, you can only realise who you already are at best.

        1. Bullshit!!! There absolutely is such thing as improving yourself. I think you are just afraid of the hard work needed to do it.

        2. It’s especially frustrating when one realizes that the “wizards” probably tend to be more intelligent than the average person. What a fucking waste!

        3. A failure is not a person who fails, a failure is a person who gives up. The act of striving towards self-betterment is of benefit in itself, independent of attainment of the goal. Like a muscle becomes stronger by countering resistance, so does a person.

        4. No, it’s personal experience. Perfection isn’t the goal, better is the goal. A constant steady striving towards…better. Start with small goals and work your way up. But always have a goal and always be working towards it.

  30. The old stereotype of the Nerd is a guy with glasses, pocket protector, bow tie, etc.
    In reality, today’s Nerds are fat gamers with long hair and zero social skills.

  31. In the pursuit of self of self improvement, which most here are endeavouring to do, I can’t see how any focus, attention or ridicule of these guys is part of that.
    My time is precious and I want to accomplish more. I can’t see how this is value.

    1. In the pursuit of self of self improvement, one will eventually come across an individual whose lifestyle is counter to yours.
      You can either shrug or call BS.
      Sooner or later, you’ll run across this as Inevitable Social Friction.
      React accordingly.

  32. You forgot to mention – these wizards come from r9k in 4chan.
    They’re cynical about their virginity – they don’t actually embrace it but out of sheer despair.
    tfw when no gf

  33. All these “advice” here show so much thoughlessness and lack of logic… Are there only women posting on this site?

  34. It’s weird, because many great men in history were voluntarily celibate – I am thinking about monks from Aquinas to the Dalai Lama.
    But it seems this is the case of involuntary celibates pretending to be voluntary -> sour grape effect -> self-delusion, narcissism, typical modern liberal mental illnesses.
    Actually I was told by a Buddhist monk that they don’t take in people of this kind. Celibacy is dangerous for those who have the sour grape effect – it only increases the ego. They take in only people who have normal sexual desires, and could get some – and thus for them saying no to their penis is ego-reducing.
    I seriously think that at some point Roosh will become a Zen monk 🙂 Or at least will do stuff like 90 days celibacy / abstinence challenge. After collecting enough notches this basically sounds like an awesome challenge, because for someone like Roosh getting some is way, way more easier and unchallenging, than deciding to be abstinent for a while.

  35. What blows my mind right now is that were having supported constructive discussions in this thread. Giving advice, congratulating, and not trolling. Hell the guys from wizardchan are opening themselves to us red pillers on here and we’re mostly helping them out to become better men.
    Could you imagine if this article was about a female site ? It’d be nothing but stupidity, weak insults, deconstructive thinking, and chaos.
    I for one applaud these wizardchan guys coming on here, i also applaud us red piller helping them out.
    This is why I love ROK.

  36. Voluntary and self-inflicted eugenics……I think it is perfect!
    We should give these “people” all the support they need and want in order for them to continue in their non-reproductive life style path.

  37. Extremely crappy article, sounds almost like feminists descripting manosphere.
    Basically, the chan was founded and mostly populated by people who were less than attractive. The ex-main administrator of wizardchan is partly paralyzed man, moving on a wheelchair. How the fuck is he supposed to “game up” or “manosphere up” and start pulling =>6/10? (6/10 = you can have boner). It really is, to them, chastity better than to mate up with fat stupid 4/10 bitch.
    There is nothing wrong with a man who understands his position therefore creates a philosophy and STICKS TO IT. There is nothing wrong with subconscious omega/delta denial which protects them from suicide. What the fuck man, how a guy with an awful face and kinderfelt’s syndrome can turn around his life? it’s not like he is a woman so he can suck off some1’s elses money, or drown family’s money into surgery. They have to work for themselves, therefore they become nerds. It is their rock – superb knowledge, or intellect. Or both. And yes, gammas deltas and omegas tagged along, because this was their place. It was their common thing : 1. it’s better to be a virgin and alone than with fugly bitch 2. their looks and other traits caused them to suffer social stigmatization.
    Combined with social rejection they organized themselves on chan and created philosophy revolving around chastity and extreme asocial excludity. They are kind of heremites.
    Yet you happen to stumble around one their posts and extrapolate it into shameful bashing without much thought.
    Yes, you are so alpha and manly, laughing at seriously mutilated or disadvantaged people who just lost in genetic lottery. Of course, they should go to gym, talk to people and they will magically pull off 7/10 women!!!! [irony for idiots who didn’t get it]
    *clap clap clap*
    Roosh, if you are reading this – be ashamed. This article goes against RoK’s rules of truthfullness, objectivity and “pushing the masculinity”. It’s a mix between FoX coverage of 4chan “internet hate machine” and feminists writing about manosphere.

  38. You know, this site is not just about getting laid, it is in being them an you want to be with full freedom while also bettering yourself + giving us the knowledge on how to adapt to society so we don’t get fucked over.
    I have no idea how such a hateful article got written, and by the manosphere no less. We are better than this.
    The article should have been ways to help omegas, not name and shame them and expose them.
    Why so much hate and vitriol ?
    Omega men live a life if escapism and never improve themselves. they are not feminist warpigs that threaten mutilation and destruction of male because they can’t get an alpha to fuck them.
    These omega males, they are not going to get married…they are essentially avoiding the one mistake pretty much all beta males make…get married and involve themselves with women. Ofcourse they are not celibate by choice, but either way, they are not going to get raped by the courts anytime soon. Even women lower than them want a man higher at higher beta male level.

  39. I, for one, am glad that this exchange is taking place. I’m not here to make “Wizards’” lives any sadder than they already are. If that’s truly the way that you wizards want to live your lives, it’s certainly your right to do so.
    However, the thing that troubles me is that you seem to be embracing and celebrating this lifestyle only after accepting it as your immutable destiny.
    There absolutely IS a different path that you can take, and while it does involve swallowing a dose of red-pill reality and a considerable amount of work, it does not require winning any “genetic lottery.” The majority of men who participate in the discussion here are not the jocks that bullied you in high school, and the fact is that we share a common enemy in feminism. We here challenge it in different ways, but you have retreated from it completely and have “checked out.”
    Consider living life differently. It’s possible, and it is certainly better over here.

    1. Who says the “checking out” is a bad thing? Society? Fuck that. Ive checked out too. I dont even waste time looking at these fucking cunty bitches anymore. Sure as fuck sense them checking me the fuck out when Im at the mall shopping for new suits and ties though. I imagine those cunts will be looking at me when Im enjoying a nice early morning drive in my 180k car too. Fuck women. Money. My hand doesnt cost a fucking cent. Single. Shaming tactics dont work bitchez.

      1. If you are living this lifestyle because you’ve chosen it, no problem. No one should give you grief for it. But looking at the site it appears a lot of the posters are miserable. I think THOSE wizards should take LLF’s advice to heart. Yes?

  40. For those who feel ‘disadvantaged from birth’: watch this guy, and then tell me what your excuse is again.

  41. Mental handicap you say? OK, then how about this guy who’s an MMA fighter and has Down’s Syndrome? Yes, frikkin Down’s Syndrome.

  42. I checked the site out. It would be ok if these guys enjoyed their lifestyle, but it looks like most of them are desperately unhappy. They don’t need to become slick DJs necessarily, but they need to embrace the idea of self improvement for their own well-being. I’m glad to see some of them have come over to this site to leave messages. I think this is positive exchange. Also, notice how intelligent and coherent their rebuttles are as compared to the shrieking hysterical feminists?

  43. You know, when you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. I’m just sayin’.

  44. If you aren’t grossly deformed in some way, then you can find a woman to have sex with you, IF that’s what you desire. Depending on your situation, it may take little effort, or A LOT of effort. Skinny guys get laid. Fat guys get laid. Smelly guys get laid. Guys missing teeth get laid. Hell if those wolf twins, with the hairy faces, had girlfriends!
    Personally, I used to be a guy who spent weekends sitting in my apartment playing MW3, drinking beer and watching porn. I’d go to school and literally walk by hundreds of attractive women every day. They were in my class. They were at the student lounge. They were on the buses. They were everywhere.
    I didn’t dress well, I had bad inner game, and I was shy(still dealing with that). Here’s the point of this rant…despite all those things…..I still had girls on campus who wanted to have sex with me. Even as socially awkward as I was, I still stumbled into sex every now and then. I look back and think, ‘if a girl was willing to fuck me when I was that shy, video game playing loser, then there certainly are plenty of women who will fuck now that I’ve made major self improvements.
    tl:dr Get out in the world and make something happen.

  45. The tone of the artlcle is unfortunate. RoK should be trying to help these guys, not making fun of them.

  46. I work in Special Needs Education. I think what we do there is partly responsible for these guys labelling themselves (‘personality disorder’, ‘depressed’ etc) and then considering themselves unchangable. If you label them early you can screw them up for life.
    Also, what’s the difference between this and MGTOW?

    1. the MGTOW forums banned ‘psycho incels’ on sight apparently. Or used to do so. Actually, the main gap would be the ‘predominating’ culture. Wizardchan and Tohno-Chan / Hikkikiomori people were more of weeaboos as opposed to a lot of older ‘normal’ white men who got fucked over by divorce and became MGTOW

  47. Gotta love the delusional group of retards in the headline pic. The guy on the right… if he’s gonna dress up like a wizard the least he could’ve done is wear some wizard boots or shoes or something…..paaaallllleeeeaaaasssseeee…..

  48. Hunting for people to make fun of on the internet is easier and less productive then taking candy from a baby or shooting fish in a barrel.
    I wont bother searching for it, but there must be groups of “men” who chat about their love for giving all their money to women who give them no sex and make fun of them for it. Or groups of guys who like to watch their wives get gangbanged by black dudes.
    Should these guys be admired? Should they be emulated? NO.
    But they arent so bad in the not so grand scheme of things.

  49. I’m not so eager to bash these wizard guys. They seem harmless and they are doing the best they can, I assume. And there are other reasons. First, if more guys are like these wizards, that’s less competition for getting laid. Second, I suspect a sizable portion of them are like this because contemporary culture pretty much beat them down – the ultimate goal of contemporary feminists. Third, shaming is a tool of contemporary feminism – it’s not something we should be doing here against other guys that are so seemingly hopeless.
    On the last point, save your shaming for the White Knights. They ask for it and they deserve it. They do real harm. And they don’t care about they harm they do because they are selfishly furthering their own political career (or legal career, etc.).
    Shaming of mindless women that idolize Kim Kardashian, the fatties, the radical and angry feminists is also fair game. They deserve it.
    But bashing these poor lost wizard souls? I say let them be.

  50. It’s sad to hear about intelligent guys in First World countries just giving up like this. I’m glad to see that most RoK followers are not trying to gang up on the wizard crowd and want to help them out, and that the wizards at least seem open minded about RoK. It’s good to have allies.

  51. As somebody who frequents imageboards I know a little about wizardchan and I have to say this article is quite inaccurate. The idea behind it is pretty much a more extreme version of MGTOW, the site is for those who are so socially crippled that they’ve completely given up on the posibility of a normal social life, let alone an even mediocre sexual one. While they don’t try to improve their station in life at all, that one quoted post (the “Virginity is something to be proud of…” one) does not represent their actual views but a tongue in cheek way of making fun of their situation (same with the whole thing about 30 year old virgins being wizards, they don’t actually believe they’ll get magic powers, it’s another joke at their own expense). They know damn well their situation is awful and don’t believe it can be helped, so they just want a place where they can talk about it without getting more unsolicitated generic advice (specially understandable considering how useless most of the advice coming from non-red pilled people is).
    While being introduced to red pill ideas might help rescue a few of them, I dislike this article because:
    a. it’s about making fun of a bunch of sad high functioning autists who just want to be left alone and
    b. the author hawks his tiny 4chan-esque imageboard that he claims is “the first red pill chan website dedicated to the art of being a man” but the only even vaguely red pill thing about it is a two month old /pua/ board with only 100 posts, many of which are just making fun of the whole concept. The rest of the site is about looking at and making fun of random nutcases online (which admitedly includes many, many feminists and the like, but is still a useless distraction). All that just screams opportunistic keyboard jockey.

  52. Lol dude thoroughly enjoyable article… Can’t believe this shit actually exists.. Hilarious…

  53. Do you guys f*ng realize that ROK is kind of the same place ?
    The main premise of this resource is “you are beta/gamma and can’t get laid you can escape to a poor country where women are in search of a provider,and it’s possible because the biggest Omega of them all-Roosh Valizadeh has done it”.
    And “since the pool of 8s and 9s in the USA is tight due to a cultural pecularities and high demands to men, we dream of increasing this pool by making the 6s into 8s,employing the fatshaming ,slutshaming and other shaming tactics”
    Do you even get that while you have your virtual warfare with feminists NORMAL guys actually get laid with hot women right at home,in the US of A?

  54. Why would you use a picture of chris-chan for this? He has nothing to do with that and I assure you, wizardchan users look much worse

  55. Oh my thank you for the link to wizardchan. I’ve been looking for home for so long and now I can finally be with the rest of my kind!

  56. A lot of that website is tongue-in-cheek. Kicking those guys who are already down is really distasteful.

  57. I have no problem with these men, the wizards and others who choose to engage in this are Omegas, introducing them to Pick-Up and game by shaming them, isn’t going to get these men to take the red pill. introducing them to MGTOW and the concepts thereof will get them to take the red pill, and perhaps relieve them of the depression they themselves are in, more than shaming them for not pussy begging will.

  58. For ared piller you are very ignorant, first is statistically impossible for everyone to like the same things, second and most important, being omega is not something you choose, being omega is natures way to say your genetics are shit, I am not proud of being omega, but that is the way I have to live by, I am abnormally short and have a micro penis, my genetics are vastly inferior to that of a true men, you need to reconsider your terminology, shit happens, you can not outgrow anything, people never change.

  59. Red Piller, you do dishonor to your name. A man may chose any path he wishes to travel, and to learn and grow from those experiences. For you to attack those who are no threat to you is shameful.

  60. At least these guys are honest to themselves. ROK is just a bunch of wannabies circle jerking. Guess what, real alpha males don’t read shitty blogs like this and dont try to “become alpha”. Women can smell your desperation and pathetic attempts and can tell by looking at you if you are good enough or not. No amount of faking will make pussy wet.

  61. What’s the point of making fun of depressed virgins with social anxiety disorder?
    Seriously, fuck you!

  62. I could care less about your life choices except when you start harming people. I’d rather people spend their time in self pity on the internet than acting like an ass. If that’s what ‘wizards’ are like then I don’t have a problem with them. I’ll keep my judgements to myself.

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