The Rise Of The Mangina

Last night I was initiated into my fraternity after a five-week pledge period. As is usual on a fraternity induction/initiation night, we drank and talked about women. I would say that there are only three or four red pill guys out of 23 in the entire fraternity. One has been beaten around by life and realizes how the world really works. He has been screwed over so many times that he really has no choice but to be red pill. The other three are myself, the fraternity treasurer, and the guy in charge of the fraternity brotherhood.

After many beers, a game or two of pong, and a trip to a convenience store, we began to speak about (what else?) women. The treasurer and I both sucked with women in high school, but got into game (him indirectly, me directly) and saw huge spikes in our ability. He and I see it pretty similarly. Another guy (not red pill) took offense to what I said about the traditional idea of “chivalry” being nonsense.

It seems as though men used to be raised with balls, as I said in my earlier article about Walt Kowalski. Now, we’re too busy trying to make boys believe in “touchy feely” crap, which is embodied in our educational system. This is one of the biggest issues with the liberalization of education.  As someone who went through four weeks of “extended orientation” about diversity, rape (which was highly antagonistic, mind you), and other mind-numbing topics, I’ve very recently had to deal with this. We’re too damned busy trying to teach men about crap that doesn’t mean anything. Yes, diversity is important, and we need to respect other people’s ways of living (up to a certain point) but when you’re trying to shame someone for not being a LGBT “ally,” there’s an issue.

There are many reasons why the average man has become a “white knight”/pussy. These are three of the most important:

1. The Rise Of Feminism

With the rise of feminism, men have been told they should have sympathy for every issue that a woman has. This is what some call “chivalry.” I call it the pussification of the West. Chivalry is dead, and feminism uses it as an excuse while demanding equality and attempting to empower women. While I support things that are truly equal, like equal pay for equal work and equal opportunity, it doesn’t mean that women should get benefits that men will never receive. Unfortunately, the feminist idea of equality is where men are subjugated. By and large, feminists have succeeded.

Misandry is, unfortunately, alive and well. Look at how our court system works in the United States. Refer to the Duke Lacrosse case, where a slut cried “RAPE” and managed to destroy the lives of three young men. What happens if a sexually promiscuous man does that? Nothing. Hell, I bet it never would’ve made the local news, yet alone Nancy (dis)Grace. Look at how sexually promiscuous men are called “players,” but sluts are “sexually liberated.”

2. Social Pressure

This falls slightly under reason one, but it’s important to differentiate the two. I took the red pill in January of 2013 (so not too long ago). I’ve gotten shit from a lot of people about it. I’ve been questioned about how I can call a woman a slut but not call a guy with game a slut. I’ve been cockblocked by white knights who repulse women. I’ve also had some of my greatest personal growth in this period. Prior to January, I couldn’t have cold approached a woman drunk. The second night of frat rush (second night I went out), I cold approached three women sober. I did the same thing again the next weekend.

I took a lot of shit for taking the red pill but I stayed the course. However, how many do not? How many men give in? Society tells us that men should be sweet, sensitive, romantic, and all that Disney nonsense. It’s easy to be a mangina/white knight. Women tell you that’s what they want, society likes you, and people won’t dislike you to your face.

Mainstream society conditions men to be this way, and going against the grain of society is very difficult. Most take it and find they can’t enjoy what the majority of people still enjoy. Personally, I can’t watch many movies anymore, because I get irritated with the theme of the nice, quiet guy getting the girl in the end. Actually, I find myself reading more books than I used to.

3. Institutional Collapse Of Marriage

Marriage used to be a sacred contract with the oath “’til death do us part” taken seriously. Now, it’s seen as an eight to ten year commitment, with the man losing at least half of his property and custody of his children. Sons need fathers in their lives on a regular basis. My father was usually working during my childhood. My grandfather acted as my surrogate father until I was about six, and I thank God for it. He didn’t teach me about the red pill, but he planted the seeds in me through stories of his childhood and his heroes as a boy. He taught me to know when to stand my ground and take a stance. He also taught me how to know when to compromise with people. Both have been unbelievably useful.

With the institutional collapse of marriage has come the rise of the single mother. Single mothers can’t teach boys how to be men, regardless of what the feminists want you to believe. These boys become manginas. They’re forced to believe in the feminist talking points because they don’t have another viewpoint. Unfortunately, most fathers can’t raise boys into men either, but fathers are better equipped. The single mother is seen as a hero by many liberals and the mainstream media. Bill Clinton was an exception; he saw the benefits to having a nuclear family. How many times does CNN or another 24 hour news network talk about the “heroic single mother?” I would say at least once a week, if not more. How many time is the single father reported on? Almost never.

A Brief Anecdote:

The aforementioned “white knight” came into the frat house in a bad mood. He had taken a girl to the International Relations (IR) club formal and been promptly ditched. Then she started making out with another guy in the corner. He entered the house somewhat drunk, but not horribly so. He then told us his story of woe. When I told him what he should’ve done, he said I have “no experience with women” because I proposed that he change his actions. He then told us that he thought he lost her when he accidentally”stood her up,” after making himself ridiculously available to her for the last two weeks. Sure, honor your commitments to people, but don’t be so available that it appears you have nothing else going on in your life.


It’s easy to be a mangina. It’s far easier to be blue pill than red pill, and it’s what society expects of us. I understand the world needs manginas. If every guy were an alpha, we wouldn’t have such a wide array of choices. Manginas/white knights have risen because of the institutional collapse of marriage, societal pressure, and the rise of feminism. With all of these issues, it’s no wonder that the majority of men will be content having a soul crushing 9-5 job, a wife who hates their bloody guts, and no chance to ever improve themselves.

Now, being an alpha doesn’t necessarily mean being an entrepreneur who travels the globe, makes a ton of money, and sets his own hours. It doesn’t mean being a controlling douchebag either. In my experience, I’ve found that domineering men tend to be very beta. So what does being an alpha mean? It means being your own man, judiciously speaking your mind, and continuously moving forward towards your goals. You can hold a 9-5 job if you want to, as long as you enjoy it and can be married, as long as it’s a healthy relationship.  There’s nothing beta about either of those.

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    1. Feminists have a tired old script. This stuff, on the other hand, is in its infancy. Watch it grow. Oh, I mean blah blah on the decline blah blah completely discredited blah blah blah soul-sucking, joyless harpy blah blah blah.

      1. This stuff is on the rise. It’s not based in misogyny at all. It’s based in the desire for TRUE equality. The desire for all men to improve themselves and force women to do the same. The desire for a bright future, where men can be men.

      2. This stuff is on the rise. It’s not based in misogyny at all. It’s based in the desire for TRUE equality. The desire for all men to improve themselves and force women to do the same. The desire for a bright future, where men can be men.

  2. “and can be married”
    You lost me there. Marriage has to be boycotted in the West. Let’s stop telling men to play russian roulette (aka marriage). Only manginas and betas marry in the West.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but some men are able to make it work because their wives are too scared to lose them.
      Sure, it takes mastery on a level most of us will never achieve, but you hear the stories constantly.
      In the end, some of us are going to want that and will accept the (incredible) risk associated with it. Instead of boycotting it, let’s try and figure out how to reduce the risk as much as possible and figure out how we can know if we’re “good enough” to have a reasonable shot at it.

      1. i’ve done this and there is no real advantage…. a man likes best to be with equals…. a bang is an equal in a sense because you have to game her….. gaming this frightened little wifey that clings to your for provisioning or fear of being on her own is fucking tedious…. you end up feeling so much pity and contempt that if a bus hit her in the street it would be a relief that she’s finally out of her misery….
        i don’t need a clingy little women hanging on my word, just so she can wash a few dishes and fetch the groceries… it’s not interesting enough… make an extra couple of grand a month and hire a maid…
        what men fail to realize is that a women is a declining asset.. .like a car…. a women over 30 is a like a 5 year old car… jolly nice, but in 10 years time you wanna be trading it in before the piston rings blow….

        1. I never looked at it that way; it does sounds terrible. Rollo seems to paint a better picture of it, but I think even he advises people never to get married. Damn.
          Still, for those of us who want to raise well-adjusted progeny, what other choice do we have but to try for that in this society?

        2. go to latin america …. find a 9 in the ghetto… pay her to have a baby… take the baby home the day it’s born and hire a nanny… (preferably a young hottie you can bang)…. nanny gets bitchy… fire her and get a new one…
          forget the mother ever existed..
          cheaper, easier, gives you total control, child never has to suffer a moody mother, because the nanny will always be professional…. mother’s love is overrated…

        3. Raise well-adjusted progeny. Sounds very Mangina-ish. Is that what society told you was cool? Raise progeny, be a real man, show you have a wife, be a real man. Fags. Id rather be successful and have a lot of power so I cant fuck with fags like you.

        4. ray, u truly are now coming off as a woman-hating misogynistic douche! being an alpha male doesn’t mean you have to hate all women. just as we have to compete with other men w/o hating all men, ditto with fems…jeez! with you in hating a n ideology in terms of feminism, but nothing good about hating ALL fems!

    2. This is the problem with the manosphere and why it can’t connect with the mojority of men. Most men still want to get married and have kids–you know pass on their genes, which has been the central point of biological existence since the first single cell organisms appeared on earth. Conventional wisdom in the manosphere says that your two options in life are A. Be an “Alpha Male” by fucking bar sluts all your life and dying alone ( which ironically enough would be the opposite of alpha male behavior according to the standard set by biological evolution) and B. go find a foreign wife in some third world hellhole. While some men can do B, most men cannot afford to and want to marry within their own culture/race, so they are stuck with having to marry western women. Hey, at least your average blue pill beta will be able to pass on his genes, while your average PUA will die childless because “I don’t want tits that can be seen online to be breast feeding my child.” Actually, alphas choosing not to reproduce will only lead to more betas

      1. I want to die alone. Its far, far more preferable than living a mere existence as the slave of a female. After you die your legacy is gone, nobody gives a fuck about you. Your a piece of polished granite of a golden urn on a mantlepiece. Who gives a fuck about passing on your genes or your family line. Thats another fucking crock of bullshits sold to you. Brought to you by all the motherfucking hospitals, diaper and formula companies et ad nauseum. Start letting go of these old ideas you faggots. Passing on your genes LOL

        1. “Thats another fucking crock of bullshits sold to you. Brought to you by all the motherfucking hospitals, diaper and formula companies et ad nauseum. ”
          Passing on your genes is a natural instinct that developed in all biological organisms over billions of years of evolution…..

        2. Yeah dumbass, because back in the day if you didnt have kids there was nobody to work on the farm or take care of you in your old age. Having children is some gay-ass Mangina concept nowadays. Oh look at me, I have a wife and kids. Im a big successful, desirable man. They are fucking pussy faggots. When you die nobody will think about you. You are gone. Marriage and kids is just another bullshit bill of goods society sells young men – and for what reason? Money. Its ALWAYS about money. Dont be stupid.

        3. yes, i am inclinded to agree… marriage and kids today = sacrifice your youth and fun, for huge bills over 18 years or more until the tell you they hate you and leave home to live on the otherside of the world … and you get to pay the assited living home from whatever pennies you managed to save… and you live your last days with some psycho male nurse spiking your evening cocoa with sleeping pills so he and his buddies and do you in the ass…

        4. Selvar: And so what? It’s also natural instinct to stuff your face with fat and sugar. Just because something is an instinct doesn’t mean it should be followed at all times. If you’re in bed with a hooker and she tells you she has herpes, it’s your natural instinct to fuck her anyway. That’s when your higher brain should kick in and stop you from doing that. Same goes for having kids. Having offspring is fine and dandy but you should weigh the costs against the benefits.

        5. You know whats pathetic? Hearing a 63 year old man cry because he marriage of 35 years fell apart. I deal with lots of divorcees in the real world. The women are happy, moving on to a fresh start with half of ex-hubbies 401K, the house, kids etc. The men? Broken. Financially destroyed. Distraught. Depressed, suicidal, loss of weight, sleep, mentally unstable and unable to make rational decisions for months even years.
          You dumbass punks wanna give it a go? Be my fucking guest. Your day will come. American women are evil. And they are too dumb to even know it. The lawyers like it that way.

        6. wow! u and selvar r on the same page here interestingly enough.. again, alpha choice is great! ur both right. ne can choose to have or not have kids. I’ve chosen not to atthis point of my life (40s) nor get married, but I fully grasp while others do.. btw, women’s good eggs r done by age 35 which is y they have to make diff decisions, have diff life strategies and give ultimatums. I can wait til 50s if I want!

    3. I disagree, if we want these values to become mainstream, we need to reproduce. Divorce laws unfairly favor women, no doubt. Marriage does not necessarily do the same. I believe that today’s conception of marriage is very different from what it was. Marital roles need to return. The idea of a “stay at home dad” needs to be thrown back into the fires of Hell from whence it came.

      1. The only way it can be repaired is to totally burn it to the ground and start over rebuilding it from the ashes.

      2. stay home dad is fine, provided she’s punching mid six figures a year, pays me a huge monthly allowance and fucks like a porn star all weekend…. no worries…

      3. Idea of stay at home dad is here to stay. As a man, I don’t want to work as a drone 9-5 hard work till death. It’s their time. They work. I pump and enjoy..

      4. ur close! y is stay at home dad so bad? look there are conservatives, there are libs.. not all men are alphas nor should they. for those who cant compete, y should they not b stay at homers while alpha mom works? y cant we alphas focus on whats best for us w/o slamming all men? I don’t like betas imposing their crap on me, so y impose ours on them?

    4. if she has as much or more to lose, how is it bad? u get alimony as well you know! tom Arnold certainly doesn’t hate the benefits of marriage

    1. Yeah, I hate reading about happy young men who fuck women.
      I would much rather read the wisdom of the mangina whose girlfriend made out with another dude at the party, and how he bitterly whined to his buddies.
      Sexless feminists and manginas offer the true path to happiness. So, no more Truth Teller, please.

  3. I agree. Alpha is not about being the loudest mouth in the room. That is just an annoying piece of shit.

  4. “being an alpha doesn’t necessarily mean being an entrepreneur who
    travels the globe, makes a ton of money, and sets his own hours”
    YES IT DOES…. do your 9-5 like it’s a commodity trade….. your hours for their money… take 3 hour lunch breaks, come in late and go home early…. if it’s a big company steal supplies, equipment, bandwidth, software, no benefits are off limits…. consume your holiday pay like the company is going bust next week and do as you please until you move on to better pastures….
    the only job i ever had, i spent 1/2 my day sleeping in the company car parked a few blocks up the road…. so i could work on my own shit at night…
    the only alternative would be the opposite – to ladder climb like you’re jack in the bean stalk with the jolly green giant up your ass…. get to the top and demand a contract with a golden parachute and then use it.

    1. Climbing the ladder requires a good degree. If you have it, it is a good option, the higher your are in a company, the move freedom you have, and the more interesting your job is.
      If you can’t or don’t want to climb the ladder, find a way to make them think your work, while you work for yourself. Good advice wolf.

      1. A degree is pretty much worthless if you are a white dude. Corporations will pass over you in a heatbeat to give the position to a female, or a minority, or better yet a minority female. Funny thing is these mediocre females think they deserved the job on their own merits.

        1. Women are privileged so you won’t even try? Looks like you’re just looking for an excuse.
          And to get a top position, degrees are not worthless since they’re mandatory.

        2. Nothing wrong with getting a degree. Problem is college for the most part is a scam. Banks know it. Student loans cannnot, repeat cannot be dismissed in a bankruptcy. Thats why banks love loaning money for student loans and thats why corrupt greedy schools and worthless ideological professors with no real world work experience love suckers that think the way you do. Experience and business hard and soft skills trumps a piece of paper from a diploma mill any day. Get a job and work your way up, learn how to network, play the game of corporate life, take advantage of Tuition Reimbursement programs, scholarships etc. The return on investment for a college degree these days is about the same as the ROI of an American female. Very small, and you will get very deep in debt on both.

        3. “Experience and business hard and soft skills trumps a piece of paper from a diploma mill any day. Get a job and work your way up”
          May work for a while, until you hit the glass ceiling because you haven’t the required degree. Depends on your ambition.
          “The return on investment for a college degree these days is about the same as the ROI of an American female. Very small, and you will get very deep in debt on both.”
          Depends on the degree. Some are useless and there I agree with you, but some will pay back your loan very fast and then the extra money is yours.

        4. hey, don’t go there…if ur a white dude with the right mangina u don’t get passed over often. if u want to ba tough he-man, then start your own bizness. MOST men lean towards the mangina side. since most HR depts. are run and staffed by women, yep.. they have the power.

        5. bingo! credentials matter, shows you grasp the institutional structure all systems are based on

    2. Climbing the ladder requires a good degree. If you have it, it is a good option, the higher your are in a company, the move freedom you have, and the more interesting your job is.
      If you can’t or don’t want to climb the ladder, find a way to make them think your work, while you work for yourself. Good advice wolf.

  5. The author mentioned the extended orientation and implied that it was mostly bluepill propaganda; is it wise to shut up and pretend to agree with the crap they’re trying to indoctrinate you with or would it be better to challenge it?
    I’m given to believe that silently enduring or even pretending to agree with it is the best option, but if we can get away with challenging it, I’d be interested to know how one can make this happen without screwing over an education.

    1. Read the archived solomon blog available here. Theres a chapter called feminism is a great way to control beta males by proxy. You might as well make your life easier since the red pill is something you come to find on your own. Trying to convert by force never goes over well.

    2. you have to choose your argument, have a pleasant soft demeanor, and wait until the subject matter has been rammed home long enough that the crowd is getting restless… then bam… you can kill the leader softly and have the group on yourside as you do it… hard but not impossible… composure is very important amongst liberal blue pillers…. the slightest sign of adrenaline and they leap for the rabbit hole…..
      you have to act curious, question the authority in such a polite inquisitive way, that they crumble under their own faulty argument… notice how politicans are great at deflecting this kind of attack…they know they are talking BS but just change the subject… less experienced leaders can’t do this so well and you can let them pull themselves apart

  6. Chivalry was invented as a mean to stop the lords from just rampaging around killing peasants for fun and raping girls during the middle ages.
    Today it is completely irrelevant unless you live in a ghetto or something.
    Post feminism, chivalry should be about protecting men 0.O

    1. chivalry should extend to male to male interactions, loyalty, brotherhood etc… it’s not just about women…. there’s mistake one right there…… and nothing wrong with sweeping a girl off her feet… provided you’re ready to throw her back to the sea when done, or set her up and knock out babies with her, keeping it all at arms length….. it’s chivalry version 3.0….
      the ‘sensitive’ man gets all wrapped up in the womens world and becomes her girlfriend with a built in strap on… woosing about this and that need she is complaining about….
      it’s no different to letting your dog piss on the sofa… bad habits breed more bad habits until she is out of control and miserable because she hates you for not controlling her….
      chivalrous knights didn’t go home and get pussy whipped and have their wages garnished… they kicked ass on the battlefield and came home to their fair maiden that honored and obeyed them.

      1. Well said, Mr. Wolfson! We don’t need to ditch chivalry; we need to roll back our definition of it.

        1. one of the things i had the biggest problem with is scaling back the wow factor of a hot chick…. she knows shes got you under her spell before you even open your mouth, but killing that and down grading her in my mind… i felt that i might lose all attraction to women completely… but it’s not the case…
          you down grade them and imagine them all perioded out and with the flu and no make up… and then once you’ve got them bent over you can wow it all you like… hahahahaha

        2. Hot chicks are insecure about their looks and need constant approval, so if you want to quickly disarm them, approach one and say, “You could be a model if it weren’t for your (insert her least impressive physical asset here, i.e: short legs, big nose, oily forehead, big ears, cellulitey thighs, etc.)”
          Heh heh.

      2. “it’s no different to letting your dog piss on the sofa… bad habits breed more bad habits until she is out of control and miserable because she hates you for not controlling her….”
        Truth! Women want…. NEED you to crack the whip. I’ve heard it from their own mouths. I don’t need a women to obey me like a slave but I also don’t need her to give me more fights than my enemies do either. My rule is let them know early you’re not afraid to leave and if she gets to be a pain in the ass then LEAVE! Greatest quote from Hariste for me: “Never be afraid to lose your woman.” Life changing advice.
        The relationship where I was treated the worst was the one I should have walked out on 4 months sooner. Women don’t screw you over, you let them screw you over.

        1. as men we need to grasp the whole landscape. tough to rule or own some1 you cant direct. must know their being more than they do. grasp the whole terrain. don’t just tell her about her bad parts, trump card.. if she fucks with you! tell her how you like her work ethic, how empathy.. someX give carrots, use the stick infrequently or like pavolv’s dog she’ll get used to it.

    2. Yeah, chivalry was an ethical code to protect those who needed protection.
      Women have more than enough legal protection these days, so fuck them, let them open their own damn doors. Even during the age of chivalry, I’m sure if a knight’s maiden started nagging the fuck out him, he’d forcibly put her in her place, and it’s too damn bad there isn’t a modern day, non-violent equivalent.

      1. For myself, chivalry is a social contract, so when I meet a true lady who still abides by it I am all chivalry. Others I just treat like extra sensitive men who have a tendency toward tattling. Works.

        1. Same boat. Recently I got a girlfriend who is very traditional, she cooks and bakes for me, knows that I won’t put up with crap, doesn’t like fatties, and a plus she likes ROK. So in turn I don’t mind shelling out for food/drinks and getting the door for her. Chivalry is earned not owed.

    3. Chivalry evolved to convince parents that you would continue to take care of their daughter after marriage. It is made up of hard to fake signs of good character. That is why guys react in a hostile way to Red Pill truths. It is their gut instinct to defend women. They are compelled to display this trait just like women are compelled to defend their sexual modesty.
      My theory is that a man who is confident in his own value as a man will easily adopt Red Pill values while an insecure man will double down on the chivalry to make up for his subconcious feeling of low sexual value.

  7. Problem with taking the Red Pill: 50% of all men are suddenly going to hate you and do whatever they can to to hurt you bad.
    Even if you don’t speak your mind, they can sense that your on not on their wavelength. And thus, must be destroyed.
    I see so many men acting like fucking backstabbing pussies these days.

    1. You’re absolutely right; it’s unbelievable how many men will loathe you when you open your eyes; it goes way beyond “misery loves company.”

      1. that’s why it pays to be self employed…. clients you can wow, co-workers and superiors you have to be friends with and you are only as good as the company you keep…

        1. Agreed..but it must be in some kind of business where you sell something that has very high value. If you start competing with 10000 others, same mechanism will kick in.

        2. my ex business partner was always obsessed with competition… every idea i had, he’d google for it and send me a couple of links that someone else is already doing it… i ended thinking… fuck this guy wants me to invent the teleporter or something… competition is a good sign… so long as you are not in an old market that is totally flooded… like DJ for example…. there are always new niches coming along… you have to be prepared to bend outside the things you ‘like’ … you have to be mercenary…. you have to force yourself to work for yourself… fortunately i was in a country for 8 years with considerable investment and only a business visa so i had no choice…. i had to hustle…. the number of times i flicked through the local paper longingly looking for a job i could not apply for… …. haha…. but then the habit of living on my whits just stuck

        3. Absolutely. Have you read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco? If not I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to forge their own path. It literally changed my life.

        4. Agreed, I have worked for myself for over 14 years now in investment real estate, commission based. It’s tough sometimes in this economy: no steady paycheck, but no fucking bosses over me either even my managing broker who is a woman keeps her trap shut because I’m a producer so, I usually walk around acting and doing as I please.
          Chicago my home base is a filth bag of hipsters, metro sexual fag boys, homosexuals, Feminists and Marxist leftist. The whole town has gone to shit.
          I took the red pill a long time ago unfortunately I’m the only one I know in my circle that has truly unplugged from the matrix. And I know a lot of people. You can’t talk to most men about this as they are so blinded and committed to their hopeless situation they will lash out at reality and hate your guts.
          This is not going to change anytime soon, so enjoy the decline boys.

        5. Yeah, It’s called fuck-you money, had it once, trying to get there again.
          Right now I’m a player scrapping my way to the top one more time. I sell big ticket Items homes, commercial buildings and Developments, but they take a lot of time, effort and usually months if not years to close, so I have a side job as a real estate appraiser which is a fee base income. I go and do an appraisal chi-ching pay me bitch $500.00 close or no close for two hours work.
          If you’re a real man you to take this society; how it is now and fuck it up the ass for all its got.
          Thinking about the crack business too. Got some connections down in Mexico round about I know drug lords get plenty of pussy. lol

        6. I’ve been fucked over by business partners so many times now. You can’t trust anyone keep them all at an arms length transaction. If I put together an LLC I’m the majority partner, El Rey; the King! Democracy doesn’t work in business.

        7. If “Men On Strike” is true and young men are giving up on higher educations, that will force more of them into entrepreneurship, which is not a bad thing at all, as long as they demand prenups should they be foolish enough to marry;
          remember, she will be better educated and sneakier.

        8. A judge can dismiss a prenup, did you ever hear the story of the judge who dismissed the prenup because the wife leaving the man said it was unfair because he wouldn’t had married if I didn’t sign it and the judge ruled she didn’t know what she was signing so half of HIS worth gone

        9. Yep, depends on the judge. Some of them will be more than happy to invalidate it, especially if the money disparity is large. If a tool of protection “depends” on something, you better find something else to protect you (which here means don’t marry).

        10. yeah, there is a reason why companies have one CEO not 2… business partnerships have no one in control… hopeless… partner is fine, but the roles have to be allocated and stuck to… otherwise you end up being mommies to each other…

        11. excellent! was beginning to think I was alone.. we need to get organized nationally and globally. I live in Baltimore, not much better either. the feminists have taken over for we don’t have a powerful organized counter-dialectic going as they do.
          its either you’re stuck in the old chivalry patriarchal crap of our grannys (mom stayed home and kept mouth shut due to lack of $ power) or you’re a mangina! somewhere is the vast middle!
          A typical alpha-female called mom had custody of me growing up. Totally naïve and grossly incompetent in the rules of alpha males or males world in general. Every time I was “normal”, got punished or ridiculed for it. Lesson learned: keep alpha bitches out of your private-personal world, just limit them to peripheral public stuff where their influence is limited.
          Bottom line: we alpha males need to get coherently institutionalized from the most fundamentally private areas first. cant rely on our grand-dads for that world of control does not exist anymore, certainly cant counter an institutional aggressor with individual libertarianism either. about numbers and collective POWER.

        12. sORRY TO HEAR YOU SAY THIS! THIS IS WHERE WE ALPHA MALES R LOSING THE WAR. don’t get into business with those who don’t share your basic premises as an independent IDENTITY. once they do, just like manginas you can b as powerful and successful in creating a dialectic and narrative as the POWERFUL feminists have become. libertarian individualism is no match for a strong collective ideology!
          I now have 3 other men who are separate alphas to bounce my stuff off. as a unit, we are able to fend off the dick-cutting approaches of wives and galpals. pisses them off but nothing they can do as long as we stick together.
          hey we’re going out to a strip club.. who cares what they retort back? we ‘re men, with financial and social independence. more and more I’m attracting post-traditional patriarchal women as well who want a “real” man! I stick where my approach dominates. in public, must increasingly compromise, no need for that crap in private. we all should control that domain for ourselves!

        13. doesn’t matter who the CEO is, some have 3 or 2 btw.. all of them have a bord of directors and powerful sub-committees. roger goodell used to act like a dictator CEO, how has that worled out. Mr. Kraft just bitch-slapped him to remind him who he actually works for and who runs the show! always more than 1.
          key is to make sure you’re all together and similar. NFL is a strong unapologetic alpha boys club. lets not confuse cooperation and team building with feminism. as alpha men, that’s our biggest weakness area. cant build strong private coalitions!

        14. not so much sneakier, but very entitled.. no practical real world experience but have the nerve to think academia in itself gives them some sort of superiority. I chose to forego a MBA or grad school, would have have quit college by 2 years had I known what I now know or have the courage to now to connect my IDENTITY to!

        15. most prenups r irrelevant and non-enforceable.. better learn Donald Trump’s tactics.. b totally unemotional about it

        16. If the NFL is so alpha, how come they support breast cancer for a month and make all their players wear pink?

    2. When the Global Financial Systems, propped up as a charade with so many trillions of dollars of fiat play money come tumbling down, And we are without rule of law, the Feminists will be the first to go. Then the Manginas. It will be glorious.

      1. I have been investing in lead, silver and gold for a long time. My Winchester 780 is ready to go. I hate me them Red Chinese Communist!

        1. You’re going to need a hell of a lot more than a Winchester if one billion of them ever decide to attack, but that’s suicidal nuclear nonsense and will never happen, although the USA will eventually have to share Global Superpower Status with China.

        2. An AR and 7 full mags, and that combat load goes quick!. Invest in ammo and guns. I bought 100 ounces of silver and so far lost 600$ on that investment.

        3. you have to be into silver for the long run; when the SHTF, you’ll reap huge returns on that 100 ounces. Working on a 1000oz myself, we will need plenty of lead and food to protect it though.

        4. Well, one billion of them are more likely to destory us because we either: a. default on the Trillions of US treasuries they bought or, b. devalue them so badly with QE27, 28, 29…. that they are completely worthless.
          BTW, if there ever is a nuke exchange, I’ll bet my guns and ammo that it will be a crazy bitch leader who orders the first strike once she realizes she’s been screwed of trillions, or quadrillions of dollars.

      1. most peeps are suckers, they just go along with whatever the zeitgeist is at the moment. feminists have won for they have taken over most of the major institutions and waging major wars on the other fronts..no1 stops us from getting organized and fighting back. having a small company changes nothing, about going huge and changing institutions.
        I watch shark tank. you telling me a Barbara or the luscious Lori would run their biz as a feminist? methinks not! privately submissive, professionally aggressive is fine! a fem’s biz attitude and ap[roach to prenups is key. but hey when women have the $, men r now suing as well. works both ways!

    3. I see so many men acting like fucking backstabbing pussies these days.
      That’s why they’re called “manginas” … because they act like women.

    4. One thing I have learned since I began swallowing the red pill – it truly is a voluntary lifestyle choice that one must actively open oneself up to. There are a couple of extremely intelligent men whom I am close friends with who absolutely will not see eye to eye on the perspective of masculinity/femininity. Free thinkers who love a good discussion and tend to keep an open mind about all things.
      Shut off to the prospect of embracing traditional gender roles – as if desiring to be with a woman who is feminine, reserved, mindful of her looks, and nurturing is somehow asking that Western civilization take a step back one century.
      It can be a hard pill to swallow – some that many don’t care to entertain.

    5. Betas are the Enemy. Unless they ask for forgiveness, supplicate, and are born again in the true faith.

    6. Dat real shit man when I took da red pill i realized i was son of ancient Egyptians Pharaohs lolz

    7. I enjoy pussy now and then, but I have no interest in meeting BS demanding or competing with other men for it. In fact cumdumpster friends of friends have thrown themselves at me and I turn them down because I know that they are dating someone, so I have the reputation of being the guy that won’t ever try to snag someone else’s woman. Once you get that rep dudes don’t fukk with you.

  8. If you don’t nut up with a woman and dominate the relationship, sooner or later she’ll lose respect for your sorry ass and dump/divorce/cheat on you. Women may think they want a mangina, but he’ll never satisfy them. And once a woman loses respect for you as a man, it’s over.

    1. yes, its a constant game…. women are professionals at getting under your skin and in the long run they will flip the roles one way or another….. to keep her chasing you requires a non committal attitude which can also piss her off….
      women tend to create a situation where you are fucked if you do and fucked if you don’t… they paint you into such a corner that you are the bad guy no matter what…. they aren’t always interested in the attraction or commitment… or the balance of alpha verses provider, they will find any excuse to cut you to ribbons….
      LTRs often boil down to this absolutely parasitic situation where the man is screwed no matter what…. so he’s better to dump the bitch and get on with his life….

      1. Correction, he is better never to get with the cunt in the first place. Leave that for RedditManginaFags.

      2. I was listening to a radio show a few weeks back. They polled women and about marriage. 70% of the women stated, ‘the person they married was not their first or desired choice for a spouse. They simply _settled_ in order to have kids, family, etc etc.’ That to me was shocking, because I think of all the men spending the best years of their life in a marriage with a woman who simply _settled_..

        1. Shit… That should have been made very public or rolled into a “Men’s Studies” program lol

        2. kinda more fem. BS though… since if they could choose they’d all be marrying Tom Cruise or Colin Farell… or some other heart throb… and every woman has the one that got away….
          all it indicates is the parasitic predatory nature of women in general and how uncommitted they are and how they lack vision and drive to build something with their spouse…
          she wants to know you love her to your dying day, but she’s always got one foot out the door.. .period…

        3. Ha! So women by their own admission use men as a sperm bank and ATM, because they sure as hell can’t do it themselves. Then, once they get those things, the husband becomes the whipping boy for every failure in the wife’s pathetic little life.
          Moreover, after great commiserating with other wives, the conclude that men in general is do blame for not having a high-powered career, not having a celebrity style social life, and why they are depressed, fat, wrinkled, and sexually frustrated– blah, blah, blah.
          This is because all females are destined for princess hood, as ordained by Walt Disney Inc. and the mainstream media.
          Every notice how women in these fantasies are princesses, and not queens with real responsibility and accountability–heaven forbid being subject to a King — sometimes losing their heads when they screw up. No wonder little girls want to be princesses when they grow up.

        4. not shocked at all, actually think its higher.. women want $ and power, that’s a nonquenching need. minute a richer guy walks in, old feelings come back. then again, men want beauty and NEWNESS,soon as new younger model shows up… btw, most indy polls show women cheat more than men in MARRIAGE

        5. YEP, KNOW YOU LOVE HER SO SHE CAN FEEL CONFIDENT SHE CAN SCREW U WITH IMPUNITY! know many married cunts like this. they openly have affairs all over town, hubby just keeps it to himself to avoid more shame and status loss… u bring it up, its ur fault for not being around (when you have a 50 hour job to feed her lifestyle), not being romantic enough (who wants to romance an open slut possibly carrying STDs).
          key’s to make it clear you don’t individually love her but institutionally committed to the idea of a wife. more u treat them openly with disdain and indifference, the more they take u seriously. some r gluttons for masochism. long as they aren’t able to b openly sadistic, u take what u can get

        6. absolutely spot on.. imagine a little boy as a prince who got to sit on his ass all day receiving gifts and compliments and suitors while never being held accountable for anything while the princesss worked all day? I bet you would have a lot of princes espp if he got to screw all her sisters and fem friends while she was working with impunity as well. get busted.. hey I’m just a man, its her fault, I’m a victim

        7. If a man cheats on his wife: he’s the scumbag, he’s the homewrecker, he’s not being responsible, he’s an asshole.
          If a woman cheats on her husband : He’s been neglecting her, she isn’t happy, she was seduced, the marriage is over and she hasn’t told him yet.
          Double standard.

      3. dumping her doesn’t necessarily make your life any easier my friend.. can b worse and even more expensive! sometimes best to redefine the roles while you are still officially with her.. like dating others thursays and Saturdays, sleeping in the guest room Tuesdays, or no more sex with you March and april as you still go to family outings or stay for the kids

    2. The problem is that feminism has produced women who also want to dominate the relationship. My last relationship was with a girl who was like this. It felt like a constant power struggle. In the end I told her she was a bitch and she said she couldn’t take being called a bitch and that she was leaving. I just said, “Ok.” Really, there’s nothing you can do, girls like that are hopeless and forever doomed to being with men who sexually repulse them.

  9. Manginas are slavishly loyal to the Cuntariat. Too lazy and too frightened to question the Matrix, they stick with the default. They are Matriarchy’s footstools.
    Feminists demand compliance, but they equate compliance with weakness, and all women despise weakness. So they throw rocks at manginas. First small rocks, then boulders. Soon,the manginas will notice.
    When the rocks start to draw blood the punishment will become the cure. The cure for feminism is more feminism; the cure for manginism is more manginism.
    Even Neo started slow. Give it time while we enjoy the decline.

    1. i remember when heavy metal first started in the 80s… the world was awash with this dreadful synth pop glam crap… suddenly you had all these thrash metal skater bands like Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer coming up, playing small dive venues to start with… and then boom… they are in stadiums, chicks are swooning and the monster is getting top 10 hits one after another….
      Manosphere will be the same….
      Then the women will knuckle down, either that or we have world war three…..

      1. Fortunately I know of some real-life exceptions of women who are not b*tches/ones that are non-feminist, so they should be excluded from any future backlash against the feminist movement (as they are against feminist dogma).

      2. Your last sentence is something I stated on an article months ago. You won’t find feminism any where in the world where law and order doesn’t exist. In a society where the man with the most thugs and guns can do whatever he wants, there is no way feminism could even be imagined.
        Just picture Afghan women living under the Taliban attempting to start a feminism movement. Imagine feminism in Somalia. That’s why I don’t lose sleep over feminism. When humans revert back to our animal, tribal nature, all that feel good feminism crap goes out the window, along with other ideas of equality and social justice.

        1. ahhhh, so u admit.. feminism is a sign of a superior civilization and culture and state of being.. the WEST! nothing wrong with that. let them b, just make sure ur fem peeps r those who grew up with a patriarchal intact -home dad. then again, many dads encourage the entitled princess crap so they expect us to do it. that’s y I like gals who play sports, far less princesses there. if raised by a fem who also competed, even better. must step up ur male game. richer u r, more dominant over other men u r, more likely she’ll submit! your $ becomes your power, don’t ever give it up or risk it!
          Btw, men allowed feminism to happen. what the heck did feminists ever do with wars and so forth. with my gal, the bedroom is always a war zone jungle Taliban themed hellhole. once done, we r civilized and she has more power and equality. smart women allow you to have the power there, part of the DNA. those who want to own that, get disposed of vey quickly

  10. I remember when I first took the red pill and tried to spread the news to my mangina friends… one of biggest mistake I ever made, these so called friends proceeded to rumour monger and backstab me to their female lords to no ends. I’ve never seen such rage and contempt. Its like they can have the truth right in front of them but years of indoctrination keeps blinding them

    1. That’s an instinctive reaction of many men upon finding about game and manosphere: This is great I gotta send it to my friends!

      1. That was my experience as well. Guys who actually want to better themselves thought that it was a good idea. Guys who don’t thought that I was insane for challenging societal norms.

    2. My friends know better cause of the confrontation I have no trouble bring to them and anyone else male or female physical or other. Got to let them know that an alpha doesn’t care for childish games

    3. Ever read 48 laws of power? Never argue, always show.
      When their old wife will divorce them and take their money, while you are seen with various young women and gathered fuck you money, some of them will get it.

    4. before yapping the gospel, get like-minded allies first.. then bring your male friends there without saying anything. if they want to know more, let them ask, best to not initiate. let your actions speak for itself.

  11. Bigger than these reasons, much of White Knighting happens because of what Christianity has turned into.
    Read Dalrok for details.

    1. Except Christianity doesn’t preach tolerance for women slutting around or acting boistrous, quite the opposite. White knighting/chivalry used to apply to ladies (from men) since most women back then used to have some amount of class/decency. But now, it seems white knighting was hij acked by the feminists to use to their advantage – now they’re just scared wimps afraid of women. Thus, all that’s left is trampy whores and beta males, but thank God that it’s slowly changing with articles like this.

  12. You are in a frat. By their very nature they demand mindless obedience so why would you expect them to deviate from blue-pill doctrine?

        1. One would have to be pretty obtuse to not know what Greeks are about when you go to school in Boston. I had four other siblings, each attending different colleges with varying degrees of greek influence in addition to other friends and family members whom were directly involved in Greek-life. Implying I could never make a determination on Greek life because I wasn’t directly involved in it is tantamount to saying I shouldn’t be allowed to opine that obesity is unhealthy because I have never been obese. Greeks serve the purpose of a herd for individuals that want one.

  13. What has always bothered me most about “male feminists” is that they are usually completely disingenuous. The convictions they espouse are almost always insincere beta attempts to score points with women. Too bad it doesn’t work!

    1. I’d say what really makes it beta is that it’s probably subconscious. Otherwise they’re just conmen with no integrity.

    2. I’d say what really makes it beta is that it’s probably subconscious. Otherwise they’re just conmen with no integrity.

  14. I was at a party once where a drunken feminist was holding court, loudly stating how hard women have it …blah blah. She asked to the room “why are only women called ‘sluts’?”. In a very calm voice I answered “I don’t know, why are only men called ‘cowards’?” She stammered some half ass answer, but I will never forget the looks on the faces of the guys. They were truly shocked that anyone would voice any kind of disagreement, like they never even considered a counter argument existed.

    1. Great point. You can add “deadbeat” and “wimp” to that argument. I’m sure others here will come up with even more words.

    2. I forgot to mention that about a month later I had a 3-way with the very same feminist and my GF.

      1. not shocked at all Comrade.. have to ignore the empty rhetoric. your stance made u a real man to her. I once had an alpha bisexual gal pal dare me to my face that she could take my gal from me if she got one lick in.
        after smacking her in the face and making her crawl by a leash for a while, I handcuffed her and give her the rules. never again did she take an aggressive tone with me. made it clear she could suck me when and how I wanted and she would have to wait to b invited before she could lick my gal and I would dictate how far it would go..
        been 3 years, and lets just say.. the 3 of us r very happy as well!

        1. Yeah…deep down those man hating ‘feminists’ are craving to be put in their place.

    3. wow! I bow to ya! never considered such a witty response. men and women today have it almost equally hard. we can all play victim card, but only women get to bitch. our public space has been invaded, we try to take ove rthe private one in terms of kids and custody of them or prenups and you become the VILLAIN! fuck it, equality goes both ways. we lose some, they lose some. today, its win-win-win in one direction only!

    4. Only women are sluts because of a very simple fact: a man has a key and a woman has a lock. A key that opens many locks is a master key. A lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

  15. Sometimes I wonder if redpillers make too close a connection between feminism and blue pill philosophy. For many many years I’ve understood that feminism was a flawed social theory, yet only in the last few months have I awoken from the Disney inspired romantic dreams that I was brought up with.

    1. I can understand that. I feel as though most people make that connection because you generally take the red pill (game) then learn about why society is full of shit.

  16. I am a woman, and I say equality is necessary in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean that women should be favored in divorce or rape cases. Evidence should speak for the case. I hate that a woman often will cry rape, and I also hate that men who are sexually assaulted aren’t taken seriously. Children benefit from both parents being there. I speak from experience. I would have been much better off with a father more available in my life and I’m angered that my mother thinks that being a single mother was a good idea. Masculinity needs to be valued as does femininity. Men are naturally stronger, women are naturally more nurturing and empathetic. BUT, this doesn’t mean that everyone is like this. If you want to be a dominant, masculine, man, that’s great, a lot of women enjoy that, but some women want more variety. Also men want a variety of women, some are bored with the prospect of having a docile woman.

    1. “I am a woman, and I say equality is necessary in today’s world, but that
      doesn’t mean that women should be favored in divorce or rape cases.
      Evidence should speak for the case. I hate that a woman often will cry
      rape, and I also hate that men who are sexually assaulted aren’t taken
      seriously. Children benefit from both parents being there. I speak from
      experience. I would have been much better off with a father more
      available in my life and I’m angered that my mother thinks that being a
      single mother was a good idea. Masculinity needs to be valued as does
      This is the case that 99% of us are making.
      “Men are naturally stronger, women are naturally more nurturing and
      empathetic. BUT, this doesn’t mean that everyone is like this. If you
      want to be a dominant, masculine, man, that’s great, a lot of women
      enjoy that, but some women want more variety. Also men want a variety of
      women, some are bored with the prospect of having a docile woman.”
      I’m very bored by “docile women.” I like feminine women who actually can think for themselves and are occasionally sarcastic. I disagree that some women don’t want dominant men. Dominance is attractive as hell. I suppose some women like beta orbiters, but I’m too young to have found many of those.
      As I said in the article, being dominant is VERY different from being domineering. Dominance means that YOU control your own reality, moving constantly and continuously towards your goals. Domineering people have to control everyone else, which means that they don’t move towards their goals.

      1. Then, in this case, most women want a dominant man, but not an overly controlling domineering man. A lot of people don’t seem to understand the difference of the two, and in the realm of say…BDSM this is a huge problem. It’s one of the problems that people in the community have to fight, especially when it comes to feminism. The argument I get from them is that “You can’t be into BDSM and be for any form of equality.” This is one of the reasons the neo-feminist movement is a problem, among other reasons. It’s not common for women to like more beta men, but it does happen.

    2. @umm…ya….
      If it means equality under the law then yeah I agree. However saying you are for equality is too vague:
      “We heuristically compare politically salient attributes and call two
      people “equal” when we should be using the word “congruent under the
      context I flat out made up.” One who seeks “equality” without sharing
      what the hell he means has no idea what he wants, but feels that people
      will like him if he squawks “Equality! Equality!”
      “This abuse of language makes conversation with feminist zealots nearly
      impossible, but you know that. I’m preaching to the choir at this

      1. I thought they were banning women here. They add nothing of value ever. They always say exactly the same thing.

    3. Women are more empathetic? I kind of doubt that… Most women are incapable of truly empathizing with men, and most women don’t view their own children as humans as much as they see them as their own personal property. Just look at female on child abuse compared to male on child abuse, especially within families.

        1. … or maybe the reason is, that women are held to lower moral standards than men while being empathized/sympathized with much more than by both men and women.

  17. Very well written article. Nice to see an open attitude towards those men that are happy working regular 9-5 jobs, and who want to be married (happily, of course).

    1. Thank you. I’ve often taken issue with the idea that an alpha male can’t work a 9-5 job or be married. If you love what you do, you can work 9-5 and be alpha. If you wear the pants in the relationship (which most men don’t, sadly), you can be married and alpha.

  18. If there were more college freshmen like this kid, I would be more optimistic the good old USA would survive. Great post. Start recruiting.

  19. Mangina rise only serves to benefit relatively alpha men. I’m okay with promoting maginaness while making sure that me, my friends, and my progeny will reap alpha benefits.

  20. Mangina rise only serves to benefit relatively alpha men. I’m okay with promoting maginaness while making sure that me, my friends, and my progeny will reap alpha benefits.

  21. Want to really scare feminists and perhaps the rest of mangina America?
    Let’s start talking about the virtues of Sharia Law. As in, “Hey, maybe they are on to something in the Middle East with Sharia Law. Perhaps we can make an American version of Sharia Law.”
    And, really, all things considered, would Sharia Law be so bad? OK, cut out the part about being a practicing Muslim, since that seems like it would pretty much suck (all that praying several times per day and so forth). But, the rest seems a lot better than living in a society brainwashed by feminists and the men that facilitate them.

    1. the responses would be too childish to be worthwhile. i think these feminists responding are waaay too egocentric to know or care about anything to do with sharia law. (on a sidenote; in a zone in danger of having sharia law imposed, would they finally realise they DO need men to protect them)

    2. y not go and voluntarily compete in the intellectual marketplace. sharia is about forcing stuff on folks privately and publicly. who forces any1 in America to b anything?

  22. Why not put into question equality itself. Why apart from equality under the law is it considered good?
    Shall we accommodate the lowest common denominator to bring about utopia? Shall we abolish sex differences because they are are unequal?

        1. Didnt say anything was wrong with working out at the gym. And eating lean meat is good too. But someday all the red meat will come back to haunt you. Agree with you on facial hair. Beards and mustaches are for bald faggots

    1. spot on.. most of alpha stuff comes down to hormones and biology like sexuality! I all alpha due to my biology, every beta should b my biological twin.. come on!

  23. Your dead on with the women perceiving Marriage as a “8-10 year commitment”. After which they get half of the guys investments, and a tax free income (child support) for the next decade. They get the kids, girls night out every week, the whole cougar scene, all while declaring themselves Single Mom Heros!

  24. It might seem like you are in the minority when you understand the true nature of women at an early age. You will find as you make friends with older men, that younger guys have delusions of 1950s style good housekeeping.
    Many of these inexperienced guys have not banged guys wives yet. Never stood in a divorce court across from a woman who at one time was completely in love with them. Not yet been in love with a woman and had her give him six months to propose, else she will look for a more willing partner. Never had to come home horny to a really overweight pig and try to get it up. Blind men have not yet seen a man living in a studio apartment while giving one paycheck a month to some bitch living in a giant house with his kids.
    Sounds like you are ahead of your time author. To have such knowledge at your age should grant you a future with much wealth and success.

  25. I have a developing theory about the socialists and communists among us – the r-type if you follow the Anonymous Conservative. Masculinity is very threatening to rs – men with balls represent competitiveness, aggression, drive – all of the things that rs (people with socialist and communist tendencies) want driven from society so that their ideology of voting free stuff for themselves and availing themselves of the fruits of Ks hard work, motivation and drive can have an open pathway. Anything that is threatening to them, especially if it is tangible and visible, is a target. Hence – Gun Control. I am sure folks here can think of more.

  26. Good article TT…men in the west are complete manginas now….it’s pathetic. 99%+ of MEN in the west agree with women committing crimes against men…not many people want to know that the MEN are a MUCH bigger problem than the women.
    And when a man like me comes along and gives men a remedy? They are too afraid to use it…..its really pathetic. “I am afraid of my guvmint” is the refrain of men.
    Me? I have had guns pointed at me more times than I can count. A client of mine gave me a hard time once…..unjustifiably so. The next day he apologised “sort of”.
    He said…”I hope I did not upset you”
    I said “Fred, when you pull a gun out, take the safety off, point it at me, and put your finger inside the trigger guard? You will upset me. Until then? You will not upset me.”
    He laughed and said he would obviously not do that….and I said that would be a really good idea because if he ever did I really would beat the living daylights out of him for doing so!! We shook hands and went about our jobs…and the project was successful and he was a great reference.
    My take is this. Until someone threatens me with a weapon that is loaded and ready to go? Who gives a toss. But “men” today? They are too afraid to even speak their mind. The are not men. Not like I grew up with.
    Many men I grew up with fought in WW II or their fathers fought in WW II. Think about what THOSE men went through and measure yourself….see how short men come up when they measure themselves against a combat soldier in WW II.

  27. Manginas loathe their own gender. They are indoctrinated by feminists to believe they are rapists, abusers, oppressors, and warmongers who are harmful to women.
    They have vagina envy. You will find many self-loathing manginas in the White Ribbon campaign – it is a disgusting mixture of chivalry, gynocentrism, and misandry.
    Feminists don’t give a fuck about men, they only care on how to make men behave for the betterment of women, as they believe patriarchy (sometimes biology a la Cathy Brennan) turns men into violent raping beasts. This means changing masculinity for the betterment of women as that appeals to the white knight/manginal instinct (putting women’s welfare before men). Yet….It is time to say WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WOMEN.

  28. American men have only themselves to blame for bringing manginas and feminists make rules to control men;give children away in divorce, alimony, wealth and dignity. Only path to control all these feminists is to bring sharia law and convert to Islam.

  29. As a married muslim woman you are probably wondering why I’m reading this article. I find myself agreeing with a lot of the points you raised here. I am told by society (especially women) that because of my religion I am oppressed because I cover up, please my husband and stay at home to raise and educate my children. You might laugh at this but I think you should look into roles of women and men in Islam, you might be surprised to see how much you agree with.
    I know you live in a “free” society where you want to do whatever you wish and you don’t want a backward religion to dictate what you should do and blah blah blah, but I’m not here to convert you just to show you how the other half lives.

    1. I spent 15 months in Saudi Arabia and I also know many married muslim men. The idea muslim women are “oppressed” is laughable talking to your men. Your men love their women very much and would not more oppress them any more than blaspheme against Allah.
      Indeed, the Islamic religion is very strongly supportive of women. The men explained many aspects of this to me.
      Many of my muslim friends pointed out that if I were muslim my wife could not have committed perjury in a shaira court and got away with it, indeed be supported. She could not have stolen my children and my house. She could not have destroyed my business. She could not have gotten her brother to slander me and tell lies about me for years on the internet.
      There is a great deal to be said for the Islamic Religion. Muslims are MUCH nicer people than so called “western christians”. There is not a single chrisitan minister in Australia who says women must be accountable to the 10 commandments in the christian bible. Not even one.
      But there are MANY Islamic Imams who absolutely clearly state that islamic women are accountable to the Quran and must obey the Quran or be punished…not as harshly as the men but be punished.
      One of the most amazing things I saw in Saudi was that if a woman was misbehaving in the street the mahtawahs would ask which man was responsible for her….and he would wack the MAN with the stick and tell him to get his woman under control….NOT wack the woman with the stick.
      I was really surprised about this at first… did not happen often…but it did happen.

      1. and he would wack the MAN with the stick and tell him to get his woman under control.
        Really? Well damn… that’s good way to handle them. My exposure to Muslim people is from India/Bangladesh. They don’t have as strict rules as Saudi or other Islamic countries but even the beta-est of their males handle their own women.
        If I have to categorize beta Men in 3 of the major religion. I’d put Christian Men to be most beta, then Hindu men… At the top would least beta would be Muslim men.

        1. “Only reason hindu men in India are not at the bottom is because divorce is expensive for women right now..”
          TOTALLY FALSE.
          The reason Hindu men in India are not at the bottom is because Hindu daughters are raised by their parents to love, accept and care for their husband no matter what he is like. And most of them do. Indian women who lean towards feminism are a minority, mostly in cities.

        2. Read again. I am talking about Hindu men being betas. Beta is terms of SMV, Beta in terms of behaviorism.
          Yes, Parents teach their kids to be against divorce. It’s not done as frivolously as in US. Divorce is still expensive in India. People look at divorcees like they are defective.

        3. just amazing.. easy to b a tough guy when ur women have no freedom under law.. give me a fuckin break. y ru turds so anti-female? freedom has its consequences. know tons of men with great healthy marriages, but also know tons that suck in marriage. is what it is

        4. oh please, MOST middle class educate dwomen anywhere lean towards feminism.. cities r more progressive and mainstream by default EVERYWHERE! u hate feminism as a choice for any1, keep all women under a fuckin burka with nolegal standing and uneducated.. problem solved!

    2. Personally I respect Muslims a lot. They actually have morals and dont cheat or steal. Dont paint all Americans with a broad brush. Im actually jealous of Muslim men. Most of us American men have no idea what an honest, loyal and faithful and kind woman is like. Of couse the American female vermin will challenge that and say I want a “submissive slave”. Which of course would not be further from the truth. All American guys want is just a little respect and decency. LOL. As if we will ever get that from these creatures.

    3. but you have no choice. if most fems got stoned here for leaving their men and committing adultery, most would cover up and live like you.. morality and choice go together, or else its just survival pragmatiics. will judge if u came to US or west and still CHOSE to live as you are.. that’s freedom!

  30. “Society tells us that men should be sweet, sensitive, romantic, and all
    that Disney nonsense. It’s easy to be a mangina/white knight. Women tell
    you that’s what they want, society likes you, and people won’t dislike
    you to your face.”
    That movie everybody loved, Wedding Crashers comes to mind. God that was the most beta movie I ever saw. I was revolted by it. This was years before discovering game and the red pill.
    Perhaps some men are just instinctually inclined toward red pill philosophy, and the ones that aren’t simply can’t be helped.

    1. The ‘White Knight’ is not a knight- a knight was a knight because he would not hesitate to cave a persons head in with a heavy piece of metal with a spiked ball on the end should the need arise.
      The ‘chivalry’ was just a ying-yang balance to this.
      Today it’s all ‘chivalry’ and no masculine aggression, hence the ‘White knight’ phenomenon, hell woman are all hot over Loki, not Thor in the movies.
      That alone should tell us something about the nature of woman.

  31. Is it just me, or are guys in commercials typically depicted as unbelievable pussies? Just saw a Wendy’s commercial for some bullshit burger with brioche bun, and the guy was creaming in his jeans over it when his girl brought if over, which inspired her unbelievable contempt. Disgusting. And most financial service commercials show the dude being a total nitwit. WTF. It’s pissing me off.

    1. This has been going on for quite some time in media. Often Rich buffoon daddy, super power wife/mother (even if she sits on her ass all day long), bratty daughters and buffoon sons

  32. “what does being an alpha mean? It means being your own man, judiciously speaking your mind, and continuously moving forward towards your goals. You can hold a 9-5 job if you want to, as long as you enjoy it and can be married, as long as it’s a healthy relationship. There’s nothing beta about either of those.”

  33. So feminism is bad but and out of control third world immigration (known as diversity among the PC police) isn’t? It’s destroying the Western world. I agree with some of this article that men are indeed becoming pussies, but I think the PC culture regarding race/ethnicity is destroying the West more. Minorities aren’t encouraged to ditch their backwards ways and become real Americans. They outbreed us exponentially. In 50 years America will be more of a shithole than it already is. At that point, most men will be red pill, but the cost will be losing success as a core characteristic of our society.

  34. Here’s some red pill for Truthteller: Your fraternity is weakballs. 23 total brothers? Is that like 5 kids per pledge class? You’ve failed the best red pill time of your life: Greek life at college. As someone who has graduated from a top fraternity at a top party school, no group of guys gives zero fucks about womens feelings like fraternities do. If you join a good one, which you haven’t, it should be about as red pill as it gets, even at a liberal school.

  35. All this alpha, beta, delta male stuff is astrology for guys – essentially hocus pocus crap. We make our own destiny. Human relationships are too complex to put them into a few simple categories.
    As for mangina guys and feminists you don’t have to interact with these people; they hate not getting attention.

  36. So the rise of feminism, the fall of marriage and the lack of fathers created white knights and manginas. Do you think modern day Christianity that is going on today may play a role too?


  37. Your frat has 23 people in it? So you go to socials with other sororities with ~20 chicks? out of that there’s maybe a couple of 7’s? Do you even red pill?

  38. I had a mangina best friend in college. Used to tell him stories how I spanked women in bed and they’d always come back to my place for more. Anyways when we went clubbing he always cock blocked me because he thought I’ll “soil” the girls. So where is said mangina now? He married a girl several times his size who casts a solar eclipse every time she gets up. Mark my words if you’re a mangina that’s where you’re headed.

  39. Manginas and white knights are better off dead.
    To me, I see a mangina as more of a pussy-whipped kind of male feminist. Literally no backbone and probably resents his own gender. An OMEGA male.
    A white knight is more of beta male (yes, this term has been wrongly used on OMEGAS) that has some dignity, but spends his efforts defending women, and thinks that they’re so helpless, so innocent, so oppressed. Might not necessarily be a feminist, but can be obnoxious feminists too.
    Betas can be anti-feminist or non-feminists too. So can omegas, but very much less likely. Then there’re certain gay male feminists that are GENUINE idiots, who aren’t in it to get laid / don’t get anything in return, but honestly believe in the ~oppression~

  40. i might have misunderstood this article completely but..what is wrong with a man working?? my husband and i have been married almost 23 years, and hes always worked and kept food on the table while i took care of the kids. now we both work, since we dont have as many little ones at home.

  41. The end of this article is sheer brilliance! Thank you for stating it exactly how it is.

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