As It Becomes Clear That Donald Trump Cannot Save The West, Only One Outcome Becomes Inevitable

Donald Trump symbolizes the West’s outrage with a totally corrupt political structure that is rotting out society from within. There is little doubt among both the right and the left that public opinion matters very little when it comes to decision making in the halls of power. What does matter is who bankrolls the legislative prostitutes who call themselves “representatives” when bills are crafted and passed in the slimy Beltway and other crumbling capitals of the West.

It’s always interesting and important to put what is happening on the small scale of history we are living day to day into a larger historical scheme. There’s an important work that does just that. As reported here at ROK in the past, Oswald Spengler’s Decline Of The West made some stunningly accurate predictions for the world of today when it was published a century ago.

It’s important to revisit this work in greater detail as it is more relevant now than ever with what’s happening in American politics.

The Predictions

Democracy ultimately fails because economic powers corrupt it and gridlock forms as both sides become polarized

As evidence we are playing out the string of events predicted by Spengler, all of the following predictions for the ongoing decline of Europe and its spin-off civilization of Anglo America (the U.S. and Canada—and lets not forget Australia) have come true. Here are the events we are living through as predicted a century ago in his civilization model:

  • Domination of Money. Economic powers permeating the political forms and authorities. This is plain to see as economic powers now rule both sides of the pond and down under rather than “representatives” who are supposed to represent the Will of the People and not economic interests.
  • Transition from constitutional order to informal sway of individuals. This is also plain to see, as the Constitution of the U.S. is being scrapped by the Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, and all sorts of insidious legislation designed to gut the Bill of Rights. Personality is beginning to matter more than principle as we are seeing with the recent elections of Obama and Trump.
  • Imperialism. America now has military bases in 130 out of 196 nations on the planet and its foreign and military policy usually involves imposing the ideals of American business interests abroad.

The above bullet points are where we find ourselves today. The below is what is predicted to come this century.

  • Formation of Caesarism. Victory of force-politics over money. Increasing primitiveness of political forms. Inward decline of the nations into a formless population, and constitution thereof as an Imperium of gradually-increasing crudity of despotism. Once again, we can already see this happening in the West. Political forms are becoming more primitive and tribal in nature. Western nations are becoming demographic polyglot boarding houses. The government is becoming increasingly autocratic and unresponsive to the needs and wishes of its people. All that’s left is the victory of force-politics over money.

Spengler thought blood was the only force that could overcome the power of money, and indeed, as one politician after another make lofty promises that go unfulfilled once they assume the reigns of power, more and more people are beginning to realize voting is doing nothing to change their lot in life. As user “Dan” recently put it on my comments thread: The people who actually have the power to change things simply won’t. Why? Because the system worked for them.

The formation of Caesarism is an idea we have touched on previously, but never has it been so plain that’s where the West is headed than with the election of Donald Trump and what he represents in the minds of his supporters.

Trump is Only the Beginning

Trump reflects only the beginning of the desire of the people to have a strong, resolute leader

While Trump reflects the desire of the Silent Majority to finally have their voices heard, it appears they’ll have to wait for a future strongman to actually implement their demands. Unfortunately, it seems Trump won’t be the savior many had hoped for as he has proven he is least partly compromised by lauding the passing of Obamacare Lite by a RINO Congress, and by creating a sideshow about taking America out of the global warming scam when the very next day his Vice President said the deal would merely be renegotiated and is not dead on arrival.

In effect, the global warming flap amounts to much ado about nothing once again, the typical Washington playbook. This playbook says to bait the public with a false narrative and let the two sides of the political aisle fight it out until they’re exhausted. The false narrative – which both sides bought hook, line and sinker – is that global taxation via global warming was stopped by Trump. This narrative is the shadow in Plato’s cave. However, looking beyond the shadow, the truth is renegotiation changes little more than details of which globalists get your tax money and how much they get to fight an element on the periodic table that all life cannot live without – carbon. Even Trump once famously said the global warming narrative is a hoax designed to rob the taxpayer. Why would he renegotiate a deal based on a hoax?

Chalk this one up as yet another issue Trump has pivoted away from his base on, including his astonishing remarks that he was a nationalist and a globalist a month ago. The two ideals are incompatible. Obama shafted the left with broken promises and soaring rhetoric. Will Trump shaft the right?

Look beyond the shadows in Plato’s cave to see the truth

Putting political game playing aside, the important point is what Trump represents in the minds of his followers. People want a resolute leader, and are sick of squabbling Demicans and Republicrats who exist only to rule them, fool them, and rob them. If Trump doesn’t deliver tangible change, and it appears he will offer little more than window dressing and platitudes, the masses will become increasingly disgusted with and disinterested in political promises in the future.

There are additional issues that will exacerbate the fatigue with politics as usual in the West. As immigrants displace natives from the West, there will be increasing conflict rendering democracy unworkable. This relates to the “formless population” ideal elucidated above. There is little doubt that whites and other immigrant groups have very different ways of life. Once whites become minorities in their native lands, displaced by other ethnic groups, tension will mount. Democracy will become unworkable as the different factions vie for control and political supremacy.

As we’ve seen, Spengler’s predictions tell us when the time comes the people will demand a resolute leader and discard gridlocked, ineffective government in which their demands fall on deaf ears. They will welcome a man of decision, who brings order to the chaos caused by democracy.

The question that remains is once democracy breaks down, will we get a good Caesar or a bad one? If the new strongman is blessed by the elite, the masses can expect unrelenting torment as only a fraction of the elite’s ultimate aims are being felt because the remains of democracy provide a buffer against total abuse of the populace – for the time being. If the new strongman ascends the throne from below, there’s at least a decent chance he’ll begin to dismantle the control matrix being devised by the corporate-government complex.

Do you think the end of democracy would be a good thing? Would a good or bad Caesar assume power? It’s interesting to think about, since Spengler’s predictions thus far have been spot-on for the declining Western world.

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588 thoughts on “As It Becomes Clear That Donald Trump Cannot Save The West, Only One Outcome Becomes Inevitable”

  1. It’s hard to feel sorry for the masses to be honest, when they are such insufferable useless morons. We could easily fix this political problem in a day if people were just not completely stupid.

  2. People seem to be of the impression that politics is an easy game. Just one swish of the magic wand and everything good you want for your nation will instantly happen. It does not work that way.
    Trump is the most powerful man in a room full of powerful men. If you use arithmetic as an analogy, Trump is a 9, but there are a lot of 6s, 7s, and 8s that surround him. He cannot act in an entirely independent manner against the interests of the elites without them teaming up to bring him down, which is exactly what’s happening. This is not a totalitarian dictatorship where one man can dictate terms without opposition. He has no choice but to make compromises.

  3. Totalitarianism is inevitable. When you consider what passes for public education in every western country, you know that the population will, in 20 years or less, become completely clueless on matters of importance. No longer will they see Sisyphus’ plight as one of torment and punishment, something to be avoided. They will embrace this concept as somehow necessary for the survival of the new authoritarian state. As one article I read a while ago put it, the future will be more like 1984 and Brave New World combined.

    1. On the flip side this ‘inevitable’ argument has been around since time immemorial. I was hearing how we were going to thermonuclear war for the first half of my life, how it was inevitable and how we all better get used to the idea of living short, painful lives in the radioactive wasteland.
      Turns out, nothing is inevitable.

      1. The one thing that has been inevitable throughout history is the boundless limits of human stupidity.

      2. GOJ… it absolutely IS inevitable that whites will be a minority in the USA and Europe this century. And demographics are destiny.
        The new latino USA and muzzie Europe will have little or none of their former peace, prosperity, invention, culture, etc., except for what little might be provided by the white minority. And I think once their numbers get low enough, things will get ugly. The savages will not be kind to our people, and have proven they will bite the hand that feeds them.
        But as others have said, we are an ethnicity that happily elects the likes of Obama, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, and others seemingly dedicated to the demise of our race and culture. Not to mention how many whites are the first to embrace every form of degeneracy that comes down the pike. So maybe it’s just as well we do fade into oblivion.
        I just a shame for the future generations of whites who are going to suffer due to the massive mistakes we have been making since the 60’s.

        1. But…there’s a whole mess of formerly apathetic whites ‘waking up’ today who, in the 1990’s, would have recoiled in horror at the thought of banding together as whites. I don’t accept no win scenarios.

        2. BlueEyedDevil, your observations sadly look to be very true. And our mistakes certainly go all the way back to the ’60s…the 1860s to be exact. It seems as though that particular Republican president “won” with only 39.8% of the popular vote and then proceeded to shut down newspapers at bayonet point that disagreed with him, locked up over 13,000 political dissidents, deported a congressman and waged war against the several states, which is treason, just to name a few of his high crimes. He was a crooked corporate lawyer owned and operated by the wealthy northern industrialists, the elite of their day. He set the stage for centralization and essentially gutted the constitution on behalf of his handlers. We have been living under federal supremacy ever since, so it should be no surprise that we have the welfare / warfare state we see today. The only way this will change would be through secession and if that happens there will be blood shed…again. Based on what I see around me in society I just don’t see that happening. The vestiges of the Constitutional Republic will go out with scarcely a whimper I fear.

        3. They’ve already successfully taken our women from us.
          Some people see this as disgusting and controlling to say, but it’s a fact.
          A man now has limited authority over his wife children and family, they are now moreso in the hands of the state.
          Which is exactly the way they want it.
          Fathers and men to be equal consumers rather than leaders.

        4. These hysterical, apocalyptic posts are amusing. You need a Xanax or something.

      3. I agree to a point @ghost. If populations rise up to meet violence with violence a la American revolution style, then there’s a chance for salvation. The only question after such an event would be whether you end up being stuck with a dictator or if the people are lucky enough to have a George Washington type leader.
        If populations continue to be lulled into continuing their deep sleep (despite the “right wing agitators”) then I fully stand by my previous comment. I personally believe there’s no fight left in the people.

        1. It’s much better to disarm a man’s mind than it is to disarm his weapon.

    2. They already are clueless and always have been.
      I don’t even care that they are stupid. The problem is that they are not content to be stupid in their own corner. They feel the need to spread their stupid to every corner of the world and upon every living human being.
      The biggest predators in the world at this point for a human, is other humans.
      It’s bad enough that they are morons, but then they need to bring their stupidity over to you as well.
      Just like all these third world countries.
      It’s not bad enough that they are garbage dumps on their own, but then they also have to bring it to every other non garbage dump too.
      They already have their space and they are failing in it.
      But leave the few who are not retarded a chance to succeed in their own area.
      They can’t do that though. They want it all. They aren’t even content to just disagree, they have to kill you if you don’t submit to them.
      Stupid people are like ISIS.
      They must slaughter all the “infidels”.

  4. If Trump was elected by a “silent majority,” he would have gotten a majority of the votes – but he didn’t. Trump took office with the majority of voters in opposition, and this is the primary reason he can’t get anything done. He can’t even get Obamacare repealed, the ONE thing that republicans promised they’d do for seven years. If there’s such a thing as an anti-mandate, Trump has it.

    1. “Trump took office with the majority of voters in opposition.”
      Trump took office with a plurality of voters in the states necessary to carry the electoral college. Clinton did not have a “majority of voters” either.
      And Trump did not Campaign in states that were a lost cause – California and NY – and Republican voters similarly do not bother to go to the polls where they know their votes will not count. The gap between Trump and Clinton was not that great, and I would be very surprised if Trump did not have more total support than Clinton. If the vote were based on the popular vote, I’d be willing to bet good money that Trump would have crushed her in an even bigger landslide. All the proof you need is in the videos of his rallies as compared to hers – he was filling airplane hangers to capacity while she was screeching at a few dozen supporters. The writing was on the wall several months before the election.
      As to Obamacare repeal, you should retake middle school civics. The executive has no power to repeal laws. What power Trump has – to refuse to enforce portions or direct his agencies how to more favorably interpret a bad law – he has taken. Blame the weak-dick Republicans in Congress who voted for repeal countless times while Obama was in office, but then couldn’t seem to make it happen once they actually had a chance to do so. Trump can only sign the bills Congress sends him.

      1. Don’t be ridiculous. If Trump did not receive a majority of votes, which he did not, that means the majority of votes were in opposition to him. It’s not debatable. As for Obamacare, it is certainly Trump’s fault that he can’t get his own party behind him. Republicans control both the house and the Senate. There’s no one else to blame for this impotence but the president.

        1. If Clinton did not receive a majority of votes, which she did not, that
          means the majority of votes were in opposition to her. It’s not
          debatable. Looks like the country voted for gridlock.
          “It is certainly Trump’s fault that he can’t get his own party behind him.” No. It is his party’s fault that they cannot get behind one of the other dozens of bills they have previously passed. You seem to forget that the week of the election, most of Trump’s party was actively trying to undermine his election. Expecting them to fall in line just because he won is totally naive.
          What is happening is that his party, which never wanted him in the first place, is cutting off its nose to spite its face. They would prefer to see Trump fail than to work with him to accomplish what the people voted for and expected. They will pay the price if they don’t repeal it. Trump will emerge unscathed. You can bet money on it.

        2. I never said Clinton had the majority of votes. I said that the majority of votes opposed Trump, which they did. Trump is a republican President, which automatically makes him the leader of his party. If he can’t lead, that’s all him. Trump will “emerge unscathed?” Not looking like it, since the guy barely made it 100 days without having a Special Counsel investigating him. There is a significant possibility Trump won’t make it through one term.

        3. Thing about elites is they have a different mind set than normal people. They are extremely entitled and they never compromise.
          People approach them like they be dealt with in a reasonable peaceful fashion but they never can.
          That’s because they are acting with complete malice.
          Their goal is not to co exist. It’s to take everything you have, even your life, at all costs.
          And when you deal with them, that’s the only kind of tactics that they understand.
          Do you think the elites could care less about people’s “votes”?

        4. “There is a significant possibility Trump won’t make it through one term.” LOLZ. Not a fucking chance in hell of that happening, but keep dreaming if that makes you feel better.
          The reality is that Trump is probably going to be reelected in 2020. The other reality is that by then, if the Republicans don;t get their heads out of their asses an cooperate with him, he will have a Democratic controlled Congress.

        5. Of course there’s a huge chance of it happening, since he’s currently under House, Senate, and FBI investigation.

        6. If the House, Senate and FBI decide to investigate Santa Claus, it doesn’t mean they will find that he exists. There is literally zero evidence whatsoever that Trump colluded with the Russians to interfere with the election. Everyone who has testified or made public statements about it for the past six months has said the same thing. And none of them are Trump allies. There is absolutely no chance of it happening. Trump’s election hopes will rise or fall with the economy. Right now, that’s looking favorable for Trump.
          Time to embrace reality. If you don’t like Trump, your time would be better spent marshaling support in opposition to his policies instead of hitching your hopes to a fantasy.

        7. It’s standard HuffPo boilerplate. This guy is reeking of it.

        8. Sometimes I visit the local marina, not often but every couple of years. You can purchase fish food there and throw it off the docks. Then there’s an entertaining mad scramble of splashing and flapping. It’s amusing for a few minutes, but then it gets old so I quit feeding them and start talking with old friends I see.

        9. True, but that’s a bit different than the suggestion I’m responding to. A heart attack might get him, but there is no chance whatsoever that he will be impeached. And I’ll tell you why (beyond the fact that the muh’ Russians bullshit is a fairy tale) – the only thing people want less than President Trump is President Pence. These retards forget there is a defined succession of authority, and removing Trump isn’t going to result in a magical do-over of the election.
          But if these clowns want to trade a lifelong NY Democrat who gives two fucks about rolling back their cherished social platforms, and is a controllable political novice for a hard-line politically seasoned conservative who actually cares about rolling back things like gay and womens’ rights, they can have at it. That would be fun to watch too.

        10. She has. On multiple occassions. The FBI and justice department decided to ignore it.

        11. Correct. There is one set of charges for intent, and one for negligence. She was clearly fingered as doing the crimes in the speech, and thus she falls under negligence, at best, if we believe that (which I don’t), but was not charged because, well, super political powered pussy pass.

        12. If you can turn a blind eye to the Clinton Foundation getting $2.5 million and Bill a speaking fee of $500,000 from Russia right before Secretary Clinton approved the sale of uranium, not to mention all the other pay-for-play foreign donations as a sitting SOS; stashing a private server in your bathroom to avoid government security protocal (that was most likely compromised) and then destroying evidence; on, and on, and on….

        13. Indeed. One has to be utterly, or willfully, blind to give this Witch a pass. It’s like excusing Al Capone because you can’t find where he buried the bodies, yet you know for a fact that he’s gunning down people left and right.

        14. The amount of dead bodies around the Clintons is also something that is hard to overlook.

        15. She wasn’t charged for negligence because, as Comey explained, no one is ever charged for negligence.

        16. And you think the Republican Congress turned a blind eye to these allegations in an election year… because?

        17. Ooooh, so she wasn’t charged with violating an existing law because Comey said that they don’t charge people for violating existing laws.
          Brilliant thing there, Cletus.
          Basically you just agreed that she violated laws, but nobody cares so you’ll give her a pass.

        18. Obviously, the allegations are credible. Trump’s own hand-picked Deputy AG found the allegations credible enough that he appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the President of the United States – not a decision one makes lightly.

        19. Maybe they can actually give us some objective evidence of that first.
          I can’t tell if you just don’t like Trump or if you like Hilary or Bernie or something like that.
          In the former I could sympathize with you, but in the latter I’d think you’re just as controlled as you seem to think Trump is.

        20. Ask them. However I do know when Comey was just finding out he got canned 3000 miles from his office, Sessions justice department entered, rightfully so, and collected lots of fascinating documents and other objects.
          Suddenly got quite on the democrat side. Wonder why?

        21. The investigations are going on right now – why would you think you’d see evidence before the investigations are complete?

        22. I’m not so sure I’d trust in the guts integrity and political ability of Pence though.
          At best he’d be a conservative blow hard that people could easily ignore in the modern world and in Washington.
          At worst he’d be another sell out too.

        23. She wasn’t charged because we have “equal protection under the law.” You can’t use a statute a brand new way than its always been used just because you don’t like Hillary Clinton. Facts.

        24. She did commit a crime. She placed classified information at risk with complete willful negligence, which is a crime.
          Are you saying this is not illegal?

        25. She wasn’t charged because comey didn’t have the balls to risk his life to put her away for good.
          Even though that’s the reason we gave him the job of FBI director, was to put away predators like that for us.
          If he didn’t want to do that he should gotten a job at mcdonald’s.

        26. No it’s not. It means you know better and you choose to act recklessly regardless.
          For Hilary Clinton in her position, there is no way she could be argued in a fair court of law to not have known that she was placing that information at risk.
          That was reckless plain and simple.
          They didn’t even bring a case. It’s not that she was found innocent by a court.
          It’s that they opted to not even charge her to begin with, even though the facts of the case would have supported a legitimate prosecution attempt and a hearing in court. They just chose not to do that.
          On the authority of James Comey.
          So you are making a appeal to authority here, rather than a legal argument.

        27. “She wasn’t charged because we have “equal protection under the law.”
          False. Laws were broken and the FBI director and the justice department failed to prosecute. You should actually spend some time getting to know the swamp.
          Comey has an interesting background. He was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He only gained power and notriety (and money) by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any
          wrong-doing in Clinton’s totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency. This is how Comey began his career as a servant of the Clintons.
          He was director of the FBI who failed to investigate his old pay master.

        28. They didn’t charge her because no one is ever charged with “negligence in handling classified information ” Aren’t you happy she was held to the same standards as regular folks?

        29. Willful negligence is a accepted legal term by the way. It’s not a word I created for the sake of our discussion here.

        30. You simply can’t apply a statute in a way it’s never been used before to prosecute someone just because they’re famous. It violates the equal protection clause. I can’t express it any more simply than that.

        31. So you are saying that US law does not provide for criminal prosecution for mishandling of classified information in a negligent manner?

        32. Nope – that’s why no one is ever prosecuted for it. The statute might SAY it, but if it’s never been applied that way, that is the standard. Comey explained all of this…

        33. ” The statute might SAY it, but if it’s never been applied that way”
          Does that make it any less of a law?

        34. Yes, it makes it a law that you can’t prosecute without being accused of violating equal protection. Comey told Congress that prosecuting Hillary Clinton would have been “celebrity hunting,” since she would only be charged because of her fame.

        35. Translated: Laws are for little people. Hamster away as you are not convincing anyone.
          Comey admitted laws were broken. But this is a guy who immediately after doing the Clinton’s dirty work as a DOJ official, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin
          company which is a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its fake charity spin-offs. In return for these payment to Clinton Inc., Lockheed
          received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department.
          Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.
          In late 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with the Hillary State
          Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.

        36. Laws are for everyone. Hillary Clinton was treated the same as anyone else who “negligently mishandled classified ” If anything, she was treated far more harshly, since she was subjected to an FBI investigation that the little giy would never have rated. Creating fantastic conspiratorial narratives because you don’t like facts is dumb.

        37. Because…there is essentially no meaningful difference between the two parties or the criminals that inhabit Team A & Team B at the federal level. These people attended the same prestigious colleges, belong to the same country clubs, eat at the same restaurants, put their children in the same private schools, rub shoulders in the same hallways and cloak rooms and most importantly…take money from the same special interests. There is so much corruption going on that if they started really sniping at each other with allegations of criminal conduct there wouldn’t be enough special prosecutors, judges and jurors to go around. They are riding a publicly funded gravy train and they aren’t going to start doing things that would bring that to an end. You probably also believe that WWE wrestling is real too…

        38. If there’s no difference, why is the GOP trying to repeal all of the things the last democratic administration enacted?

        39. Read 18 US code 798.
          By the wording of the law, Hilary Clinton could easily be argued to have committed a crime.
          A crime carrying the possibility of a fine or up to 10 years in prison.
          It’s also a felony crime and not a misdemeanor.
          So you are being dishonest in saying that US law does not provide for the prosecution.
          It’s simply a decision that is up to the authorities, which is why I’m saying that you are not making a legal defense, you are saying it’s right because the personal decisions of the authorities were right.
          But not by the objective standards of law.
          That’s why we have law in the first place by the way. To provide for justice that transcends personal human whims.
          Also it is a fact that the information was in fact classified even by the consideration of the FBI.
          The FBI also stated that Hilary was extremely reckless in her use of said information.
          They just ended it with “we are not going to seek charges”.
          Which is my point. Hilary went free basically because Comey said “I don’t want to”.
          That’s all there is to it.

        40. Not it’s even worse. It’s that Al Capone is on video murdering someone, but no prosecutor is choosing to file and press a charge.

        41. Absolutely false. As Comey explained, and which I have explained, the text of the law is one thing, and how the law has been applied is another. If you don’t ever prosecute anyone for “carelessness,” you can’t suddenly turn around and prosecute someone else for it just because they’re famous. Why do you want Hillary Clinton to be treated differently than everyone else?

        42. You’re talking, basically, to a brick wall at this point. But good argument you’re laying out.

        43. Yes you can. If the FBI prosecutor and judge had chosen to do so, what are you referencing in the law that would have prevented this act?
          If I’m a prosecutor and file charges against your client, Hilary Clinton, is this the defense you are going to bring to court?
          Are you confident that you could win in a fair court of law, without stacking the judge or jury or prosecution?
          Is that your legal argument, consistency of prosecution?

        44. Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back. It makes it appear to the constituency that they’re doing something the populist voters want. Just like the Paris Climate Accord for example “we’re pulling out” and then “we’re going to renegotiate it.” Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and anyone from my generation with an 8th grade education understands it is key to life on the planet. But it is also key to taxing you for exhaling and controlling your energy consumption. It always comes down to control and Trump understands “what it is” to use the vernacular of the mob. He will do what his handlers tell him to do. He may appear in the short term to dismantle some of what the previous administration put in place, but that’s a façade. Overall there will be no meaningful changes that adversely affect the wealth and power of ruling elite. I’ve been here long enough to have witnessed this progression decade after decade. If this current mess were merely the results of bureaucratic bumbling and government ineptitude, at least occasionally they would err in the tax paying public’s favor.

        45. False again. I understand you are an apologist for Clinton because you are typical leftist twat who does not like being inundate with facts you do not like. Deny all you want. Have at it, but everything I posted is correct and I welcome anyone to point out in my post where I am incorrect.
          In 2013 HSBC Holdings was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money
          for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity.
          HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (multiple millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was SoS). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do, and let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry $1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminal. Exactly when everyone involved with HSBC Bank (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were being let off without penalty, and cover had to be provided to HSBC, Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal).
          After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama. The only qualification Comey had was that the Clinton’s and their cronies knew Comey was in bed with them, was compromised and was willing to do their dirty work. Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI
          because she had been using a private-server, mis-handling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more. Keep in mind this was about the time the IG of the State Department found over $2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.
          Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but it appears Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency (in conjunction with a corrupt DoJ). Comey was and is owned by the Clintons.

        46. Why do you want this woman prosecuted using this statute when no one else is ever prosecuted? “You don’t like her” isn’t a legitimate answer. We have equal protection under the law in this country. If people get a fine for speeding in a school zone, you can’t charge someone else for “attempted vehicular homicide” for the same thing because it’s a person you don’t like.

        47. Calling me names and spinning elaborate conspiracies does not a logical argument make.

        48. Its funny – NO ONE has said anything about “not liking her” being a pretext for prosecution but you. That is a bullshit argument.

        49. Then why do you want a statute used in a way that it’s used for NO ONE ELSE in order to charge her?

        50. That ‘conspiracy’ is not very elaborate at all.
          Nor is it unusual, in case you’re feeling picked on…

        51. Whats the point of a law that’s never used?
          Besides, the intent of the people bringing the law to bear in one case over another is irrelevant. If you run a red light and I pull over and fine the dude who did it after you, does that somehow invalidate the law itself?

        52. Equal protection. Why do you want the statute applied in a unique way for Clinton?

        53. 1) Don’t feed the trolls.
          2) The statute doesn’t require intent, thus negligent actions can be prosecuted under it.
          3) Multiple people have been prosecuted under the statute or statutes similarly worded for actions with much less intent than Clinton’s actions.
          4) Even if negligence was an excuse under some legal “custom” or something, a reasonable jury could find that Clinton’s actions rose above mere negligence.

        54. It doesn’t matter what I want.
          That is the law, as written.
          You can make that argument in court to the jury, if you want.
          Just know that I will be recommending the full ten years for your client.

        55. “Obviously, the allegations are credible.”
          Only to folks like you who believe in magical thinking.
          You seem to believe that the appointment of a special counsel indicates a pre-determined result. Let me pose another scenario for consideration: the allegations are complete bullshit and untrue, and Trump knows this, so he tells his Deputy AG to go ahead and appoint the special counsel to investigate, knowing that nothing will be found because there is nothing to find. But, while his political opponents spend valuable time and resources chasing ghosts and looking more and more ridiculous and unhinged by the day, Trump is free to focus on other things.
          If your opponent wants to waste time and energy on irrelevant shit that has absolutely no chance of harming you, why should you stop him? Hell, appoint two special counsel! Leave no stone un-turned in our search for the Easter Bunny!
          And at the end of the process, Trump looks like the guy who allowed the process to go on and the truth to be told. And wins re-election easily in 2020.

        56. Maybe, but he’s more dangerous to the Dems than Trump, which is why they may make a lot of noise about impeachment, but at the end of the day aren’t going to do jack shit. It’s chumming the water for their base, but they don’t want to make a bad situation worse. So long as they think that driving up a frenzy about Trump would allow them to regain seats in the house and senate, they’ll just make noise and be content to let Trump sit where he is.

        57. I see this more as the boy who cried wolf. Your scenario is great, but it would imply that the boy at least saw a domesticated dog. Here, there is NOTHING. It is the literal embodiment of the boy crying wolf and placing himself in jeopardy because when someone bad does happen, no one will listen anymore.
          The thing about these allegations is that they don’t exist anywhere except in people’s imaginations. For the past six months, we’ve had leaks from every imaginable source. There is seemingly not an agency in the government that doesn’t give up information damaging to Trump. As a result, we know that the government was actively spying on his campaign and his associates. And yet, where is the leaked evidence that shows any collusion? Nowhere to be found.
          You can bet every last cent you own that if such evidence existed, it would have been made known a long time ago. Hell, it would have been made known PRIOR to the election in order to ensure the coronation of queen Clinton.

        58. The appointment of a Special Counsel shows that Trump’s own DOJ found the allegations against his campaign, and his perceived meddling in the investigation, to require a Special Counsel. Trump CLEARLY doesn’t want his campaign investigated – he already admitted he fired Comey because he was unhappy about the Russia investigation

        59. Of course it matters what you want, Im talking to you. People negligently mishandle classified information every day of every week. Why do you want this ONE person prosecuted, when no one else is?

        60. Trump fired Comey because he is incompetent. Funny how every Clinton supporter forgot that and stopped screaming for Comey’s head within about 30 seconds of Trump delivering it on a platter. Yeah, he attempted to derail the investigation by allowing it to continue. OK.
          Riddle me this – for the past six months, every agency in the federal government has been leaking like a sieve, so why has no concrete evidence of this muh’ Russia collusion been leaked, when we know that our own intelligence agencies were spying on Trump and his associates at Obama’s direction? I find it hard to believe that such damning evidence would not have been produced at some point since the election, if it existed. Hell, I would have expected it to be produced before the election so that queen Hillary could have ascended to the throne unimpeded.
          But that didn’t happen because the evidence doesn’t exist and there was no collusion. Except in magical thinking land.

        61. Trump publicly stated in his interview with Lester Holt that he fired Comey because he was unhappy about the FBI investigating his campaign. That’s just a fact. The Deputy AG appointed a special counsel 2 days later. Plenty of evidence about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia have leaked – that’s why Mike Flynn was fired. That’s why we know Jared Kushner lied about his meetings with the Russians. “Magical thinking” is that the republicans have a House, Senate, FBI, and Special Counsel investigation going on for no reason. Obviously, there is credible evidence.

        62. Cool story, bro. We’ll see what happens.
          If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put my money on anything being found, and here’s why: if you successfully impeached President Trump, all you’d end up with is President Pence. No one on the Democrat side of the aisle wants that, and so they’ll continue to pander to you by chumming the water with this Russia nonsense that never seems to amount to much (Oh no, an incoming administration is talking to important people in another country! Diplomacy. The Horror!), while doing exactly jack shit. It’s all good political theater to rile you up, but you won’t see any impeachment.
          Like I said, if the economy remains good, Trump will be re-elected.

        63. You can’t dismiss reality by saying “cool story, bro.” You tell me – why is there a Special Counsel investigating the President of the United States? Obviously, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, a man in position to know what evidence exists, felt one was needed. None of these investigations are being run by Democrats, so pretending it’s some partisan issue is worth so much bullshit.

        64. And you can’t invent reality by conjuring it from your fevered imagination.
          There is a Special Counsel investigating because it is good political theater to keep clowns like you hyperventilating and frothing at the mouth over something imaginary.
          The charitable view is that your own party is driving it because they have nothing else.
          The cynical view is that Trump himself had the Special Counsel appointed so that he can distract you while he pursues other priorities, and later make you look like fools when nothing is found, just like he has been telling you since day 1.
          Also, very amusing that you cite Rosenstein – you realize he’s the same guy who wrote the memo justifying Comey’s termination, right? So he’s simultaneously helping to derail the investigation he’s trying to further? Yeah, OK. Like I said, cool story, bro.

        65. My party is “driving it?” My party didn’t appoint a Special Counsel, Trump’s DOJ did. My party isn’t running the House or Senate, and yet, the House and Senate have found reason to launch investigations. If you read Rosenstein’s memo, you’ll see it says zero about firing Comey. Trump ADMITTED on national television that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. Did I conjure that? Like I said, “cool story, bro” isn’t making any of this go away. In Thursday, Comey will testify under oath that Trump tried to obstruct an FBI investigation, now THAT will be a cool story, bro. Will the GOP look the other way in the face of impeachable crimes?

        66. Wow, you can predict the future! Dude, what lotto numbers should we pick?
          Since what you expect would contradict Comey’s prior testimony, subjecting him to perjury charges, and exposing him to criminal charges for not reporting obstruction of justice, which he is required to do, no such thing will happen except in the wild fantasies in your head leading up to the testimony. One characteristic of magical thinking is an ability to believe completely contradictory positions.
          And you’re right, Rosenstein’s memo doesn’t use the term “fire” – it only chronicles the opinions of prior department officials from both parties that Comey’s conduct was improper and concludes: “Although the President has the power to remove an FBI director, the decision should not be taken lightly. I agree with the nearly unanimous opinions of former Department officials. The way the Director handled the conclusion of the email investigation was wrong. As a result, the FBI is unlikely to regain public and congressional trust until it has a Director who understands the gravity of the mistakes and pledges never to repeat them. Having refused to admit his errors, the Director cannot be expected to implement the necessary corrective actions.”
          You’re right. Comey’s conduct was improper, damaged the FBI’s credibility, Comey doesn’t understand this mistake and won’t admit his errors, and the FBI will not recover until it has a Director who will implement corrective actions. That sounds like a glowing endorsement for a promotion! Do you even reading comprehension, bro?

        67. Yeah, that’s a blog, not “the future.” No wonder you’re so lost.

        68. Do you know anything not picked up through Breitbart headlines? No, accusing Trump of interfering with the FBI’s investigation wouldn’t “conflict with prior testimony,” that’s just something easily-led, poorly-informed people think. Uh oh…

        69. Right, I’m sure whatever wizards told you that he was going to say something different are so much more reliable.
          “I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a case there, and so you ought to stop investing resources in it,” Comey said. “But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. “It’s not happened in my experience,” Comey said.
          Like I said, we’ll see what he says. Smart money says he won’t perjure himself, which is what happens when you say one thing in testimony – he hasn’t been told to stop something for a political reason – then say the opposite. But hey, what do I know? I’m only an attorney.

        70. You’re an attorney? You must be a pretty shitty one if basic research is beyond you.
          Here is the question Comey was asked; “So, if the attorney general or senior officials at the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt that FBI investigation?”
          Is the President included in the group “attorney general or senior officials at the DOJ?” No. Did Comey’s answer, therefore, include the President? No.
          Maybe you ought to pretend to be an astronaut – pretending to be a lawyer isn’t working too well.

        71. Clown, if Comey steps into that trap, they will massacre him. You really think Comey is going to testify that when he said in his experience that he had never been asked to shut down an investigation for political reasons, his answer only meant DOJ? Yeah, that makes sense. What will happen is that he will show up with his lawyer in tow and plead the 5th if the questions go anywhere near this.
          You are free to think whatever you want. It doesn’t change the view from my office, or the money in my bank account. But as a lawyer, I am telling you that he will get eaten alive if he tries to pretend that wasn’t the subject of his answer. This is the kind of thing litigators dream of on cross.
          But don’t stop believin’.

        72. You bring up some “Comey testimony,” but you weren’t even sophisticated enough to wonder what question he had been asked. Bragging about “I’m an attorney!” at the end really elevated it to the next level. That’s some dipshit hall of fame stuff right there, son.

        73. Bro, everything you have written in this thread is dipshit hall of fame
          level. Including your current belief that the question matters when the
          answer is broad enough to cover other questions. Here’s a pro-tip for
          you – I work with one of the leading white collar attorneys in the
          country. If he got you to say what Comey said, you better not say
          another word, or you will find yourself facing charges. But I’m just the attorney who sees this stuff all the
          time. You – the guy who can’t even make sense of a termination recommendation – are probably right. Your butthurt over Clinton’s loss combined
          with your exceptional magical thinking abilities overcomes legal
          reality. Enjoy Thursday’s testimony, clown!

        74. Yes, the question matters. Am I on a hidden camera show? Is someone watching to see how I react to someone who says patently stupid things?

        75. Here’s how smart you are:
          Me: “Where were you last night?”
          Witness: “I confess, I murdered the guy.”
          You: “The question matters! He wasn’t asking about that!”
          If you were on a hidden camera show, there would already be lots of laughs.

        76. Except Comey didn’t change the subject and offer info unrelated to the question he was asked, Matlock. He answered the question he was asked. Anything else I can clear up for ya?

    2. Problem is everyone relies on trump to fix everything.
      The people always want to have some hero ride in and save them all.
      That’s the whole problem to begin with. Is the people.
      It’s not about the leaders, it’s about the majority of the population.
      Why should leaders have to carry a bunch of cowardly idiots on their backs every successive generation with the sheer force of their charisma?
      Isn’t that like welfare?

      1. That’s because Trump bragged for a year that he was the only one who could fix everything.

        1. Why were people susceptible to that though?
          Why did we even need something like that in the first place?

        2. It was between him and Hilary clinton. They voted for one or the other.
          I hope you are not suggesting that we have even one leader in washington who’s not transparently corrupt at this point.
          It doesn’t matter though, because they know people are too stupid and cowardly to ever do anything about it anyways.
          They don’t even need to hide their crimes at this point.
          Hilary never even went to jail, right in the public’s face.
          If I was them I’d think “can this get anymore easy?”.
          They don’t even have to try at being corrupt anymore.

        3. Hillary Clinton was never even charged with a crime, of course she didn’t go to jail

        4. That was precisely the point, she was never charged. It can’t get any easier for those in power to engage in unbelievable levels of corruption. There is more than enough evidence of wrongdoing by the Clinton crime cartel to lead to multiple criminal investigations, but it won’t happen. It’s a matter of professional courtesy in the thieves guild we call government. If you can’t see that, then you are willfully ignorant.

        5. Don’t believe everything you read in some guys blog. The republicans have run both houses of Congress for several years. If there was any evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, they’d have been on it. They tried to turn Benghazi into some sort of scandal, but there wasn’t anything to it – that’s just what happened.

        6. thank the founders for the electoral college- this aint a democracy, contrary to what they say on tv

        7. Comey laid out the case for her to go to jail and even by US legal standards she would have been found guilty in a non biased court of law.
          He just ended it by saying “we are not going to charge her”.
          The elites notice things like that by the way. If they do that and they see people do nothing, then they take it as “we can get away with this now”. Then then try the next escalating insult. And they keep doing this until people either submit or kill them.
          That’s the cycle of history. They always do this.
          You have to understand that they have a different nature than normal people.

        8. He knows, he’s a Democrat apologist.

        9. The Founders created the electoral college as a failsafe because they didn’t trust the average citizen to necessarily know what was good for him.

        10. Yes that’s exactly right. The founding fathers knew that most people were too stupid to make good decisions, even for themselves.
          They knew that the masses were just as much of a threat as tyrants.
          The two are symbiotic with one another.

        11. Absolutely false. Comey laid out the case, THEN explained how the statute is never used to charge someone for “negligence.” Only when classified information has been intentionally compromised is someone charged. Equal protection under the law is one of our foundational principles. You can’t insist that a law be applied to Hillary Clinton differently than it’s been applied to everyone else just because you don’t like her.

        12. Kinda. They mostly did it to allow rural areas as much of a voice as the heavily crowded and collectivist slave mentality type big cities. So kinda sorta, except they were pointing towards cities as being capable of corrupting their vision of a Republic. Which is true as far as it goes.

        13. Most of America DID vote for him. What you’re perpetuating is a fringe of coastal cretin clusters. They are a statistical outlier.

        14. According to the Founders, the electoral college is to prevent yokels from electing a demagogue, not “the slave mentality of big cities” and those other things you said.

        15. you realize you are agreeing with me, right? A woman who is still blaming others for her loss (wtf is a Macedonian content farmer?) is your preferred candidate?

        16. “collectivist slave mentality type big cities.”
          now, now….that’s not always a given.

        17. Hillary Clinton could drop off of the Earth today, and Trump would still be opposed by the majority of voters. She’s not his problem. He is his problem.

        18. Negative. If you made a big list of every voter, and who they voted for, most voters did not vote for him. Fact.

        19. You are almost wholly ignorant of the strong rural Gentleman Farmer sentiment espoused by a lot of non-Hamiltonian Founders, it appears.
          Troll somewhere else.

        20. I know I’m speaking in generalities.

        21. ‘Majority’ type stuff you’re sneering about was mostly big city welfare type votes. You want those people running your life, I’m certain.
          Thank God for the Electoral College, is all I can say

        22. Would you hire a plumber that could said he could only stop 10% of the water from leaking? He had to say that to win the unwashed masses.

        23. It appears you are unaware of the Founders’ stated reasons for establishing the electoral college, and instead believe it was created “to stop California and New York from electing Hillary Clinton!!!!” You’re mistaken.

        24. False.
          Go peddle your Leftist narrative somewhere else, skippy.

        25. Dismissing all of those millions of votes you don’t care for as “big city welfare types” is pretty ludicrous. Republicans have lost the popular vote in 6 ofthe last 7 elections, so I think that says a lot.

        26. I can easily show you the Founders stated reasons for the Electoral College – none of them are about “the slave mentality of big cities.” You’re mistaken.

        27. Troll feeding, finished.
          Go rejoin your illiterate masses in the ghettos, I have other things to do.
          Slainte mhor

        28. I mean, right? In what world is this even possible?

        29. You guys are total weak sauce running from liberals just because we’re better-informed.

        30. You are hoot, young lady! I don’t believe much of anything I read, see or hear without some extensive research on those subjects I find of interest. Hence, I fully understand that both sides of the aisle (with very few exceptions) are inhabited by narcissistic sociopaths who are specifically in government to feather their own nests at the expense of the rest of us. The ones that seem to go to DC with some semblance of principles typically sell out within their first six months in office (often sooner). If you seriously believe there is some substantial difference between the two parties (which I doubt), then that left wing Flavor Aid (that’s right, it wasn’t Kool-Aid) you imbibed must be some powerful stuff, lol!

        31. There is a difference between legal arguments and normal arguments.
          Like I was saying, this is a normal argument. It’s not a legal one.

        32. The justice system only has authority when it is objectively applied.
          Otherwise it is simply a tool of oppression.
          It’s not even just a set of concepts, it has muscle, guns, prisons and the right to violence and force even up to including murder.

        33. Sure but it’s not just a phenomena of the election.
          It’s a matter of maintaining power too.
          If he gets too effective, the masses would probably kill him.
          Generally the more powerful and effective something is for positive change at this point, the more the masses will hate it.
          It’s like a inverse relationship.

        34. The question you need to ask though, is who was voting?
          If you got booed at a pre school class for talking to 4 year olds about calculus, would you take it personally?

        35. That is absolutely right. The justice system is merely one piece of that monopoly on the use of force over a given territory we call government. These days, for the ruling elite it’s nothing more than a system of “just us”. The rest of us are equally screwed.

        36. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but “the smart people” were not voting for Trump.

      2. Yes. We have too many people who want to live comfortably at the expense of other people, and who expect government to do everything for them.

    3. Trump is right to say that if the election had been popular vote, he would have still won. He would have changed his strategy to go after votes in New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, etc… These are the people most damaged by immigration and high taxes. He didn’t campaign there because he didn’t have to win there.
      With the electoral college, the SM in these cities didn’t vote. So I think it is correct to say he won the silent majority.

      1. It’s not correct to say he won the silent majority when most people didn’t vote for him. That’s not a majority.

        1. The term refers to the voting block of previously apathetic voters becoming significant.

        2. I’m not here to argue about the meaning of the word “majority.” By no stretch of the imagination did Trump receive a majority of votes. That’s just the reality.

        3. It is nonsensical to claim Trump was put into office by a ” Silent Majority” when he did not receive a majority of votes.

        4. No, but without the activation nos so many previously apathetic voters he wouldn’t have done as well as he did, nor would have have won the electoral college.

        5. It’s not a figure of speech – it is a falsehood designed to assuage conservatives who don’t like facts.

  5. Considering the readers here, I’ve been hesitant to say this, but someone has to: the West doesn’t need any saving.
    The West is the cancer that spreads its liberal-democracy to the rest of the world. Modern consumerism, multiculturalism, and progressivism are being exported by the West. Feminism is being spread from North America to South, not the other way around. Multiculturalism and homosexuality is being spread from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, not the other way around. I left the West to go to a country where women were supposed to be more feminine. But I came to see the same epidemic tattoos, colored hairs, piercings, and the “I don’t need a man because I want to have education/job/fun” attitude. I wonder where these women learned all this from. The West is not suffering from globalism, it IS the problem, it IS globalism.
    The West supported the Islamic militants in Afghanistan to oppose the Russians, overthrew a democratically elected president of Iran which eventually led to the Islamic revolution, destroyed secular Iraq that had nothing to do with 9/11, overthrew Gaddafi and unleashed a torrent of African migrants, and so on. But when the chicken comes home to roost, they cry that Islam has declared war on the Western “civilization.” Even now, the West continues to remain allied with the Saudis and support the Jihadists in the Syrian war. If the West wants to stop Islamic terrorism, they should stop supporting it.
    The West is also where all the globalist and progressive entities sprout from. The banks and the Federal Reserve, the mega corporations from Facebook to Monsanto, the MSM, Hollywood degeneracy, and much more. And have I mentioned that Zionism has completely infected Western culture and politics?
    And what about the people? The people of the West today are not the same as their forefathers who built the Western civilization. All I see are spoiled brats or spiritless youth who constantly numb themselves with alcohol, entertainment, social media, and other bullshit. When I see a girl who drinks, parties, and sluts around, while attention whoring on Instagram, I don’t see a “civilization” that needs to be saved. If you can’t even control your women, you can’t complain about “white genocide” and blame immigrants for taking over your country.
    Even those who are on the Right and want to fight for the West are too busy being distracted by the Leftists instead of trying to overthrow the elites. Beating up few Antifas isn’t going to make a difference. Going on the Internet to insult SJW’s is not going to save your precious civilization or the race you care for. The fact that these people fantasize about the glorious past of Rome, the Crusades, the imperial era, Third Reich, and so on tells me that they have no power in the present and no future to look forward to. You cannot build something new when you’re drowning in nostalgia. Stop living in the past.
    The West cannot be saved and it will not recover from the decline. The West’s problem is not the Jews, feminism, SJW’s, or Cultural Marxism, they’re merely symptoms of a greater problem. The West is dead from within. Its spirit died long time ago when they decided to supplant their idealism and drive with materialism and comfort. In that sense, the West is no longer a civilization. It is a mere shell of its past.
    Considering the damage it’s currently doing to the rest of the world, the West cannot fall fast enough. When it finally does go down, you can be sure that I’ll be the first to dance on its grave.

    1. Some real hard truths you posted. Good thing you’re a moderator, because anyone else saying that will get skewered.

    2. Problem is we need a place to live and support ourselves in, Corey.
      The problem with letting the world burn is that it’s the same one we are living on.
      Where are we supposed to go and what are we supposed to do?
      They are going after the entire planet.
      They are not capable of peaceful co existence.
      Either it’s you, or it’s going to be them.

      1. Here are few ideas:
        -Let the West fall, and the globalists along with it. It’s a waste of time and resources to try to defend it or preserve it.
        -Don’t expect Trump or any other elected leader to be your saviour.
        -Learn to become self-sufficient. It’s probably best to leave the cities.
        -Fight for local autonomy as much as possible.
        -Have children who will continue your legacy and form your own community.
        Basically, control what you can and forget about what you can’t.

        1. I agree with everything except your first idea. The West won’t ‘fail’ in the sense of a Venezuelan/USSR collapse in our, or our children’s, lifetime. We have way too many resources and way too much of a base economy to loot for that to happen fast. The USSR was corrupt to the core, started with no real industrial base, and it still took 70+ years to crumble. We can coast on fumes alone for centuries in the U.S.
          The rest, agreed without reservation.

        2. “Let the West fall” — so you think we should do nothing other than wait for the day of the rope?
          “and the globalists will fall” — how in hell on earth can you be so sure of that?

        3. Of course – the whole point of being a globalist is that you’re bound to no nation, no culture.

        4. This response was also predicted by Spengler, who said people would return to traditional values once it all started crumbling down. Just wanted to add that on. The guy was a genius.

        5. The west has already fallen. What we live in is an antiwest. The Antiwest is your enemy, and if you love what the west was, you must be the enemy of the antiwest.

    3. Good on you for saying it Corey! The West needs to go and not because of an attempt to destroy ‘white people’. People really need to understand their history. The West, Globalists, Nationalists, whatever name you wish to thrust on this group, have been thorough advocates of Eugenics for centuries. It colors the language used for the sciences, empire creation, and ‘strong genes’. Yet, the only true people it ever catered to were the white men who were the most affluent and most likely to continue their lineage anyway.
      Call immigrants by another name, and you’ll find it was the tan skinned whites, the infirmed, the poor, the states of low affluence, those not birthed within the empire (whatever country that happened to be at the time), who were the migrants trying to destroy the land with their impurity. Time and time again, a group of people get the chance to build themselves up and noticing this affair the elite get scared, aim a spear for the head of progress, and then claim they did it for the betterment of all ‘whites’.
      Yet, this doesn’t make a white existence any better. There are still a larger majority who are poor, under utilized with educated, unlikely to reproduce, while still latching on to the ideals of eugenics (do your research on the history of this topic) that can look beyond the goal post and see how their interests are being used against them. For the last 600 years minimum, the same argument of mongrels and migrants were used to monopolize the poor and underutilized to a national cause.
      I would implore more people to learn their history. Adopt and adhere to their nationalist culture. Add to your life first and foremost. Let this dream of white genocide go, as it is the same lie used for far too long. Start to respect the here and now, as it isn’t any man stopping you from making kids. I am actually seeing many white single females with kids just waiting for a new man of any side of the race to have fun with.
      Obviously there is more to this but people need to go further with the truth if they wish to take the red pill.

      1. I don’t necessarily think it’s a matter of whites vs other ethnicities. But I hope we can agree that there is a definitely a element here of intelligent vs stupid people, and that this is not just a personal choice but rather some people are biologically limited in that capacity and I’m conflicted about what to do about that.
        I am not sure if the problem can ever be solved, so long as most people are this low in intelligence and reason.
        I think the one place the founding fathers went wrong was they thought a system could fix the problem, rather than the quality of the people.
        The system doesn’t do anything if people don’t follow it.
        And most certainly if the genetic quality of any sophisticated civilization runs too low I think you are going to then witness the subsequent destruction of said civilization.
        I think this is also a uncomfortable topic that many don’t want to discuss.

        1. “I think the one place the founding fathers went wrong was they thought a
          system could fix the problem, rather than the quality of the people.”
          They knew the system they established would only work with a certain kind of people.

        2. I was never truly of the mindset of it being whites vs minorities. That would assume an agenda that would run contrary to the idea of superiority. To be superior you need an inferior. It defeats the purpose to be superior or inferior to your fellow man, as this would provide the idea that they too can be like you if they had the same access and mindset you do. It is more beneficial to aim hatred to outsiders and anyone affiliated with them, whether that is through genetics or ideals.
          The elite, in all forms, have simply noted that this is a weakness of their people and have used it to get their goals accomplished timelessly. I don’t confuse the elite with the general population but I do see how the elites belief system have been adopted by the populace to believe it is not only theirs, but beneficial to them.
          On intelligence vs stupidity, the more thought goes into it, the more subjective I feel that is. The consistent discussion is the stupid people will overrun the smart people with their mass production of kids. Yet the smart would compete by having their own kids that will out compete them for resources in the future. Yet, the notion is to have children by an equally smart woman and then over thinking the worth of said women as it compares to the childhood you had, assuming your parents were married and had a family unit with you and potentially other siblings. Smart vs stupid is the same argument given by the elites repeatedly and unfortunately, the women bought this and went to college to become educated. We bought it as well by waiting until a masters degree or 5 figure income exceeding 50K comes along to create a family unit.
          Not saying what you are thinking is wrong, but know the problem runs deeper than smart versus stupid. It is all Eugenics. You should look into the history of it.

        3. AUTHOR:Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
          QUOTATION:“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
          “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

        4. ROK readers and contributors MUST be those people. As discussed earlier, we men must lead our immediate families, neighbors, communities, local constituents and political employees, yes they are employed by us, to this resolve!

    4. RFK on the rise of soulless materialism:
      “Too much and for too long, we seemed to have surrendered personal
      excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material
      things. Our Gross National Product, now, is over $800 billion dollars a
      year, but that Gross National Product – if we judge the United States
      of America by that – that Gross National Product counts air pollution
      and cigarette advertising, and ambulances to clear our highways of
      carnage. It counts special locks for our doors and the jails for the
      people who break them. It counts the destruction of the redwood and the
      loss of our natural wonder in chaotic sprawl. It counts napalm and
      counts nuclear warheads and armored cars for the police to fight the
      riots in our cities. It counts Whitman’s rifle and Speck’s knife, and
      the television programs which glorify violence in order to sell toys to
      our children. Yet the gross national product does not allow for the
      health of our children, the quality of their education or the joy of
      their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the
      strength of our marriages, the intelligence of our public debate or the
      integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our
      courage, neither our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion
      nor our devotion to our country, it measures everything in short,
      except that which makes life worthwhile. And it can tell us everything
      about America except why we are proud that we are Americans.”

      1. I think the last thing that globalists want is a united connected sympathetic humanity. They are quite talented at dissolving the bonds between people and reconnecting them to themselves.

    5. And where else but in the West, Portland to be more precise, could a woman pretending to be a gay man have straight sex with a “gay” man and get pregnant then claim to be a pregnant gay man?
      Talking about it over on the forum:
      Prosperity without morality (or with eroded morality) and like discipline leads to depravity, and here we are.

        1. Exactly. How can one twist truth to this point? Why are people participating in these delusions and enabling mental cases? Fear.
          It’s the only answer I can come up with and the only reason to be this afraid is because one knows they are completely hollow where it counts. Why men are acting like women and women are children and everything is so screwy, there’s no center, no truth, no substance.

        2. Which is why I advocate a lot lately to fearlessly call these people out when you can (outside of work of course) and don’t back down. When confronted and you refuse to participate in their mental illnesses, they fold like cheap lawn chairs. They literally (Hitler) have no programming to deal with non-acceptance, outside of a default to either screaming/crying, or looking down silently at their laps in shame.

        3. shit like this makes me pro abortion- she is on a cocktail of male hormones, how will this damage the child? childish, mentally ill people makin babies guaranteed to be fuct in the head before they even hit puberty.

        4. Enablers are in the same boat as evil even if they didn’t build the ship.

      1. Yes we are far too rich and fat at this point.
        The only question is a very important one:
        Can we right it on our own through personal responsibility, or must it be done through the inevitable force of nature?
        Can man do what is right even when he is not forced to?
        Or is it only possible when a man has no other choice.
        Can we choose to do the right thing?
        Or do we have to be forced into it?
        Same problem with women too. Can they behave on their own. Or must men force them?

        1. From a more intellectual standpoint I think we (people) are too weak currently to take on the firm and hard stances, allowing things like natural selection and calling a spade a spade for example, choosing instead the comfort/ease of acceptance, compliments, and external affirmation for our infinite “tolerance” and our secret wish that it might someday lead to second-hand (and second-rate) nookie.
          The return of Kings as it were, is an experiment to the contrary that may still play out the way we all hope, but it will likely take more time than we may have patience.
          From a primal, instinctive standpoint, I think force will be necessary, an equal or greater opposite reaction to our current culture. But I think for it to have any lasting effect it will also have to be born of a majority realizing that they are done with the bullshit. A changing of hearts and minds, which I think is also happening as we speak (maybe at a snail’s pace and with constant setbacks, but happening).
          A woman will pattern after the strongest influence in her life (most people will for that matter). So, given a constant influx of filth, she will be filthy. Given boundaries and discipline they will behave. Just like with a child, we have to be parents not enablers. And we have to remove the State interference all around.
          There’s no easy implementation, but no politician is going to bring it about. We have to want it and promote it ourselves without compromise.
          tl;dr: Force, lead, positive and negative reinforcement, however its done it takes a man taking his proper place and purpose to do it and a complete shift away from these effeminate gyno-centric stances.

        2. This is a very interesting point. I knew this song with the lyrics …just like pigs they won’t stop eating till they reach the bottom of the barrel Does seem that too much comfort is leading to increasingly weaker men, and it’s like everyone in the matrix is kind of sucking on the tit of their materialist comforts and careers there’s just a blindness to a slowly accelerating trajectory to a multicultural police state dictatorship doom.
          There probably is a tipping point, like if a nuke goes off in a European city then you’d think no matter how much the media tried to play it down, everyone in all the other cities would suddenly undergo a shift.
          Or if there was a major economic event with hyperinflation. Thing is the pot is being warmed up ever so slowly..

    6. Awesome counterpoint. Great insight as always, Corey.
      Incidentally, I agree with what you’re saying. There’s no saving something that’s already dead.

    7. Good comment.
      “when they decided to supplant their idealism and drive with materialism and comfort.” This is wrong.
      Materialism drives every powerful civilization. Don’t you want the best for your family? People don’t work for nothing, and our hardworking middle class is what made the west so great, chasing the American dream.
      We died from within when we became SOFT. We felt guilty about our victories so we let the government interfere with the free market. We gave women a megaphone and they ruined our solid family structure, raising weak, selfish brats. Those weak brats grew up and became the liberals in politics, implementing social programs that spoil people even more.
      Now they all want universal income while they play video games and smoke weed.
      The good news is, I will make money off of them, fuck the hot ones, and expatriate.

    8. >The West’s problem is not the Jews, feminism, SJW’s, or Cultural Marxism, they’re merely symptoms of a greater problem.
      >The fact that these people fantasize about the glorious past of Rome, the Crusades, the imperial era, Third Reich, and so on tells me that they have no power in the present and no future to look forward to.
      No, the problem is indeed the Jews; and the fact that we have a growing number of White men fantasizing about our glorious past and networking both online AND on the street level refutes your own claim about the West that “its spirit died a long time ago”.
      Feminism, SJWs, and Cultural Marxism are in fact symptoms of the complete Jewish takeover of our once great European civilization.
      You also mentioned Hollywood and the Federal Reserve, both completely locked down by the Jews. In fact, Jewish publications will occasionally openly brag that the major Hollywood studios are owned by Jews.
      I can only agree with some of your words to the extent that a significant percentage of people within the West are indeed beyond saving. That said, it will only take a relatively small, highly motivated and capable percentage of our population to intact radical changes – whether before or after a societal collapse.

    9. Reread this many times. Yes, not sure why everyone is getting tattoos nowadays. This America/Russia hostility playing out as a proxy war involving countries like Turkey, Syria, Montenegro, Saudia Arabia etc is nothing new and it’s been going on since at least the 60s, with the cold war being over you’d think they’d give it a rest.. I also don’t think the people of the West are the same as even the people from the 1970s let alone the forefathers. You only need watch some TV series from back then to realise something has sadly been lost. There are nowadays more large corporations that ever before, and no doubt there are incorrect relationships with the governments it’s all sick.

    10. Is the west a natural or engineered phenomena though?
      That’s one of the crucial questions.
      Do you think elites and masses die with the west?
      I highly doubt it.
      Besides there is another relevant question. Can humanity ever survive progressivism and profit from it? Or does it always lead to destruction, and the best course is to remain in primitive traditional systems?
      Just because something is better than something else, does not make it ideal.
      Where exactly will you run to instead. And what makes you think that any of those places are any more immune than the west, when they didn’t start out that way either.
      I think you misunderstand this as a western problem, rather than a human problem.

    11. Two good quotes.
      “If you can’t even control your women, you can’t complain about “white
      genocide” and blame immigrants for taking over your country.”
      “You cannot build something new when you’re drowning in nostalgia. Stop living in the past.”
      The first goes to the very root of why The West HAS collapsed (note my use of past tense). The second goes to the root of why no one can seem to save it.
      You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.
      Glad to see I am not alone in realizing the demonization of Islam is just playing into the hands of the globalists.
      As Roosh has said repeatedly, nothing will change as long as women have the vote. When a NEW political party rises that excludes ALL women from power and politics… that… is when The West might once again mean something. Until then… burn baby burn.

  6. Unfortunately this is the exact type of thinking and inherent misunderstandings which permeate the minds of the exact people whom you claim to despise. A return to a Roman system and a crumbling republic is the narrative of globalists and corporations. The fundamental problem with such assertions is that imperium is not centralized in America’s federal government. Now this has been the trend over time without question but one must remember that the fish always rots from the head. A functioning republic of states is exactly what would come from a decline as you mention. A despotic system or Caesarian regime would crumble under its own weight. A Balkanization tactic at best is what that is. I believe it would have the exact opposite effect on the masses and ultimately bring back emphasis on true republic ideals and civics. Something which would spell doom for the many corrupt and hubris laden groups pushing for it.

    1. Dude, long time no see. Thought you dropped off the face of the earth. Hoping things are taking a turn for the good for you.

  7. Sigh……Listen – There is NO earthly savior. Heal thyself, brother!
    Besides, people reach their highest potential when they’re expecting nothing from anyone around them.

    1. Exactly. Stop praying for someone to fix your life. Take responsibility and fix it yourself.

    2. Yes. It is rather ironic that so many people expected Trump to be a “savior”, and are now angry that he can’t deliver. It reminds me of the lectures I got in 2008 and 2009 from Obama supporters who piously said that he was going to heal the world and save our country. The people who gave up their personal freedom for government dependence are now angrier than ever and more disenchanted.

      1. I knew he was no sole savior. Many had hopes that he was but that was fine. He was interference to Hillary’s full force agenda. Remind yourself that what we’re speaking here now is lacking the persecution we’d likely be facing if this site or others were shut down. The power really always was in the hands of the people. We’re so used to being managed by administrative policy and petitioning our grievances through the official approved process but we grew sick and tired of being marginalized and steered into atomization and we were sick and tired of losing inch by inch and hearing Obamas rhetoric condemning ‘hate’ speech’. Trump that I recall hasn’t used the shitlib buzz word ‘hate speech’ once to describe everything to the right of their agenda. We have to take the green light and move and grow on our own. Hillary would have been nationally showcasing and making examples by now of ‘right’ thought criminals.
        Trump is no savior in and of himself. But if the nationalist masses show force then here’s the thing, watch Trump hold his arms up to the swell. Hillary could never in her life do that. It is all symbiotic. We in effect have to animate our leader, or at least this current one. We’re just waking up you might say. The lower left rabble taking down our signs can be kicked in the nuts meanwhile . . or bitchslapped and it won’t be a national ‘hate’ crime showcased and spotlighted by a Hillary regime. Realize that we’re all growth at this point.

        1. Yes, I concur with you. I got tired of hearing Obama sanctimoniously talking about “hate speech”, while attacking, belittling, and trying to marginalize traditional Americans. I don’t like Trump’s personality per se, but he is definitely more manly and wants to bring this country back from the insanity of the Obama years. I am thankful that Killary didn’t get into office. She would be attacking the 1st and 2nd Amendments if she were in office.
          The left seem irritated because they thought that they had killed traditional America, and were on their way to getting the anything goes, Socialist/Marxist society that they have been dreaming about. What I hear from the left is that they hate Trump because is a stogey, conservative, rich guy, who is bringing back the America that they hate.. They want the cool leftist rich guys in power who told them that it was everyone else’s fault but theirs that they were so unhappy, and who were offering to take care of them at everyone else’s expense.

  8. Expecting some strongman to save you is futile. You can change your political situation locally, people do it all the time, it is not impossible and many times ‘the people’ win over monied interests. Fuck the federal level, they’re already so far gone that thinking that any real change can come from them, whether in strongman form or via democracy, is a joke. Yes, we can get SCOTUS on our side (and that’s good) and yes we can avoid certain treaties, but generally the FedGov is one giant fucking unmanageable clusterfuck, and this is *by design*, so don’t sweat it.
    Local is where the power is. Want to change society? Pump out some kids and raise them right, convince your neighbors and friends of your positions, and petition city hall. While not foolproof, you at least have a decent chance of making real change doing this. Dictatorships are only necessary for the weak and the lazy. Don’t be either of those.
    The FedGov collapsing wouldn’t bother me in the least. States reassert their rights and beat the freaking FedGov into submission. Sounds good to me.
    Life is never futile and nothing, outside of death, is ever inevitable. Ever.

    1. Well said. Remember your circle of influence….self, wife, kids, extended family, neighbors, your church, local community, broad community, state, national, world. Focus on what is closest to you first, Worrying about what is on talk radio has little impact.

      1. It’s a simple visualization. Put all human beings on a grid around each other. Every person that they know and influence is in their ‘red’ circle. Those people then have a circle too of people that they know and influence, which usually reaches out to new individuals. It’s like 6 steps to Kevin Bacon, only society wide. If your view is supported by others, and they get more people towards ‘their’ view then eventually all of the ‘red circles’ make a monolithic looking grid.
        Atomism and isolation are the only things that make things seem ‘inevitable’.

        1. I met Kevin Bacon’s father – he used to live near me! Well-regarded urban planner.

        2. Everybody is 6 steps, and you have to be the statistical outlier at 1?!?

        3. not sure where that is, but i call all of nassau county south of the LIE “Hempstead”

        4. a simpletons view when you have NSA, GCHQ, CIA, DHS etc….. put everyone on a grid and then monitor and shake up that grid when needed.

    2. There is a strong analogy between Obama supporters being disappointed that the left-wing paradise didn’t happen and Trump supporters being upset that he hasn’t deported 11 million illegals yet or abolished the federal government.
      Not only was Rome not built in 4 years, but if you spend more time worrying about problems above your pay grade and less time fixing your own life, you are looking for disappointment.
      Make your own life great for the first time before trying to make America great again.

      1. Yup, part of the magic of our system as it is, is changes cannot be made overnight. Dictatorships hardly ever turn out well.

        1. Agreed, there are a few absolute monarchies such as Frederick the Great and Louis XIV that worked fairly well. But for every Alfred the Great or Charlemagne, there are a dozen Saddam Hussein’s, Pol Pots and Louis XVI.
          One of the reasons the British Empire rose was due to the fact it was a Constitutional Monarchy amid a sea of absolute monarchies. Many of the rights in the Bill of Rights were directly inspired by legal principles in English Common Law that predated the Constitution by dozens or hundreds of years. In fact, the Sons of Liberty were initially demanding their rights as *English* citizens.
          At RoK, we have a *slight* tendency to over-emphasize successful absolute monarchs such as Alfred the Great or Frederick the Great. However, the only thing more rare than an absolute monarchy that works well is communism working *at all*.

        2. Monarchies have the potential to achieve greatness if the king is a good effective leader. That is rare though

        3. What is the difference between a constitutional and absolute monarchy? Don’t know my monarchies.. What’s Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries got..

        4. An absolute monarchy means the monarch can make or repeal any law he chooses. His word is absolute.
          A constitutional monarch has to follow the laws he makes, and is restricted from doing certain things depending on the Constitution in place.
          For example, although George III was king, it was really the Prime Minister Lord North who held the power at the start of the American revolution.
          When George III went insane, Parliament was basically able to force him to abdicate to his son and make him Prince regent.
          In a constitutional monarchy, the monarch still has to follow the law and can’t act unilaterally without Parliamentary support.

      2. “Not only was Rome not built in 4 years, but if you spend more time worrying about problems above your pay grade and less time fixing your own life, you are looking for disappointment.
        Make your own life great for the first time before trying to make America great again.”
        This should be tattooed on every young person’s forehead so every time they start whining about the unfairness of the world they look in the mirror so they can promptly slap themselves.
        I’m not saying one shouldn’t be aware about what’s happening in your country or what’s happening in the world, but don’t waste time and energy into something that you cannot change. Put it into improving yourself.
        Good post.

        1. A nation of people saying “fukkit” and concentrating on making their own life great sounds pretty good to me!

        2. If most people gave up consuming simple sugars, white flour, and processed foods in boxes with gazillions of ingredients, the obesity rate would fall in months. Also much of the nation’s healthcare issues would be reduced because the people are healthier.
          Only thing is that most of this crap is marketed so well to a lazy population, so I don’t think America is going to stop eating mass produced crap that makes so many people fat and sick.
          See anything in the store marked “low fat” or “non fat”, throw it away, don’t buy it.

        3. “We spend 60 billion per year on obesity related illness. That’s 60 billion that could be going to left wing causes like AIDS research, climate change and cause x, y or z.”
          I use the above statement whenever a leftist claims that being a fat slob is acceptable.

        4. Make people fat and sick with sugar, flour, low fat dairy and refined seed oils, make tons of money.
          Then when people get sick from cancer, heart disease, neuro-degenerative and autoimmune disease, even mental illness, you can administer drugs that only(at best) manage symptoms and, create many side effects for which there are other drugs of course.
          Make tons of money.
          This is pretty much the model of Western medicine, if you exclude trauma, and some communicable diseases.

        5. I noticed many doctors discourage habits that would help improve health, like eating good whole foods, exercising, sleep, and stress control. I met quite a few who are not exactly models of good health, wonder how people pay them to get healthy when many aren’t well themselves. Only thing most doctors openly advise is avoiding cigarettes and drinking in moderation.
          Biggest problem today is that many Americans get a large percent of their daily calories from processed foods and drinks. Things like cola and chips are things you really don’t need, and long term, eating that junk makes you gain excess weight and creates other problems. But doctors are silent.
          Also so many think eating good is expensive, not necessarily true. Much of the processed stuff found in boxes actually adds up on grocery bills, and later on in doctor and medication bills.

        6. Some leftists are really puzzling, many will shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes and still leave with junk, just cause its “Organic” this and “Organic” that does not mean its actually good for you. Lot of junk foods are labeled as such these days.

        7. Go ahead. I have used it dozens of times and have yet to hear a coherent counter argument, and have actually changed a few leftists minds about obesity.

        8. I saw a documentary about Monsanto (?) that says close to what you state here.
          Basically, Monsanto owns the food manufacturing and medicine manufacturing corporations. Thus, they cause the sickness and cure the sickness. They profit on both ends.
          And the FDA?
          Oh, well, you know….

        9. the entire medical profession was built in WW1 and WW2 around treating wounded soldiers… modern medicine is good if you have a life threatening injury or a known infection, but they know absolutely nothing about diet, health or maintain sound body functions….

        10. I have heard about “Wellness” and Integrative Care Medicine but they are all rackets for primary care doctors to make money.
          I found more info oh my own and adopting foreign lifestyles. You don’t see as many fat people overseas.

      3. Difference here that Obama voters were more loyal than Trump voters, many are realizing that his promises won’t happen, much of that because the rest of the DC establishment doesn’t like Trump or his ideas.

      4. Imagine if Bernie became President, and then he sold out his Leftist base, now that would be interesting.

      5. “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

      1. That is good attitude:
        “live forever, or die trying” – Capt. J. Yossarian

        1. I died once. Came back. Been there, done that. It doesn’t end here…I know that much. I was on the other side. Was much like descriptions of Elysium. Uncannily so..

        2. Ok, then curious…..why the return? Some side bets hadn’t paid up yet or something?

        3. I was 16 when it happened. Was holding my breath and swimming laps underwater in the family pool. Blacked out. Next thing I know, I’m in this brightly lit locale that was even more real than my earthly existence. And I realized I knew this place, and I recognized people, loved ones, friends, whom I had left when I came here. And I was home. Then I was told I had to go back. I didn’t want to go back. I begged, I pleaded. Next thing you know, I’m coughing up water from my lungs, back in the pool. I was strong and young and had my whole life ahead of me – but I felt cheated when I came back. Cried like a baby. Since then…I’ve been biding my time. I have zero fear of death. It’s life on earth that is the real bitch.

        4. Yeah…what happened. I like comparing notes on this matter. What else is worth discussing, really…

        5. I drowned. I was resuscitated but both my lungs collapsed. They shocked my heart multiple times. I was gone. But somehow, they brought me back.
          I woke up about 2 weeks later in the ICU. Pretty much all of the doctors and nurses who worked on me came to visit me because they were surprised I was alive.

        6. what do you make of the goings-on at CERN? They openly admit they are attempting to open a portal/gateway, but to what??

        7. My experience “on the other side” … assuming it was real and not just chemicals and neurons firing in my dying brain … was not positive. Not in the least.
          But it was oddly reassuring. I also have zero fear of death. I don’t have much fear of anything at all anymore, actually.

        8. Eerie, I too drowned, in a friend’s pool when I was around four. No one there realized I was even in danger other than my mom (dad was as work) as I had unwittingly stepped into the deep end and couldn’t swim yet.

        9. Pretty insane. Have had a few ‘spiritual’ experiences myself. Nothing quite like this.

        10. I’ve had so many otherworldly experiences, that I have never divulged even one-tenth of them to anybody. Some of them include experiencing other realities/worlds. I’m not the Lone Ranger on that score, lots of people have experienced similar. All I know is, a man can access other worlds and other realities. He doesn’t need instruction. He just needs energy (extra energy) in order to access them. Our energy is usually burned up on useless pursuits – defending our positions, arguing, and all of it based in self-pity. We have looping thoughts that suck our energy – “He said this, and she did that, and what assholes they are.” That kind of thing. Once you stop those looping thoughts, and focus on a single task to the exclusion of all other competing thoughts, a strange thing happens. All of that energy that you used to burn up on defending your positions (which is based in self-pity), that energy begins to get stored inside you. And after a while it builds up to the point where incredible feats of perception are the norm. So CERN…yes, I mean, portals exist on the earth, and all kinds of weird shit slips between the cracks in the worlds via those portals. Thus, Bigfoot, ghosts, what have you. Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision to be the limits of the world. And it’s frightening to drop that and drop preconceptions and become more than what you are at the moment. Infinity is a limitless realm, and that’s about all I have to say about it, other than, a man can do anything and perceive anything and be anything he wants to be. Meaning, he can be a hell of a lot more than just a man. That’s the fine print on the hidden contract of life. You are what you think and you think what you are – literally (Hitler).

        11. Other than my comment above, there isn’t much I can put into words. We experience reality through our senses – sight, sound, smell, etc. — filtered through our brains and thoughts. What I may (or may not) have experienced during that time completely transcended that. Thus, I really cannot explain it in terms of things I saw, heard, etc.

        12. I have a saying that is similar – “Life is the prison, death is the doorway out.” No doubt about it.

        13. I hear ya. I thought that kind of thing was insane before it happened. Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision to be the limits of the world – until something new, some new experience, shakes up those limitations and boundaries. Then he has a new field of vision.

        14. We do indeed create our own reality. The Universe gives us control over our own thoughts, nothing more. But what we fail to realize is just how much power that conveys to us. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

        15. why? the AI of the future could run on the guts of a Commodore 64 pc, no?

        16. Yep. Our controllers would like us to think that we are 99 cents of elements from the Periodic Table housed in a sac of skin. But the power we actually possess is beyond imagination. Once you start to tap into even a little bit of that power, you fully realize it. In the Bible they talk about the fall of man. I believe it’s allegory for the time when we fell from knowing everything directly, and being anything that we put our mind to being, directly (when we used to be plugged into the source, our infinite mind, God, what have you), to the time we began using our rational mind (instead of our infinite mind).

        17. chris cornell- are you out there? we really miss you buddy. never another talent like you again…

        18. Exactly. I think many of us are closer to this truth in childhood over any other stage but due to fear or some social stigmas, we shut it down early as well. Can say just from these experiences that certain figures have existed, like Jesus, but we humans are just piss poor at recording these affairs or acknowledging them as they occur. Still don’t claim an orthodoxy since my nature is to seek, even if the conclusion will be the same. There are truths available for observance but one thing I never saw, was death. Fascinating that you did.

        19. I believe “growing up” is in some way the stifling and shutting down of these senses and abilities.

        20. Everybody sees it eventually (death). It was like awakening from a nightmare, really. But I went all scientific in my younger years after the fact, tried to explain it away. It’s much more comforting to think it can all be explained away rationally, via scientific means – but it can’t. It’s just evolution, I think. We all go on and on and on and it never stops, we just transform. We see a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, but we think we are incapable of such things. It’s all good. We live on and that is even more comforting than clinging to science, which in the end, is a house of cards resting on a foundation of quicksand. It’s all about change – even in science (changing theories). It’s the one thing we can count on in this life. .

        21. the pineal gland starts to calcify at birth right?? Babies staring at things that arent there, you ever notice that? what if something is there?

        22. Exactly. We are told what reality is from birth. So reality is merely what we are told it is…we have that “crazy paranormal shit” whipped out of us from an early age. “This is reality, son, and that other shit isn’t there.” So we begin to focus only on what we are told is real, to the exclusion of everything else…

        23. No way, man. I wouldn’t fuck her with Matt’s dick. She recorded a song once, titled, “I’m Fucking Matt Damon”, which was why I made the fumbled attempt at a joke there.

        24. I got the joke attempt. I feel like that was the plot of possibly the only late-night tv episode I’ve ever watched.

        25. This is fascinating!! Since we are getting all spiritual for a second, I will acknowledge while I didn’t see death, I did experience a dying of self. Somewhere around 16, due to events I still don’t fully connect well, I funneled all of my brain power to one end. In so doing, it felt like my thought process became all encompassing. I could see relatively in 360 fashion. Could assess the auras of others, even my own, and knew how to influence them. I started to tap into how others would think and their overall patterns of actions before they would do anything.
          This maximized my dating and gaming immensely, but also led me to knowing the matrix is real and due to such low levels of thinking, most people just exist on it, like cogs. In the end, this frightened me at that age as I was worried if life was nothing more than patterns and influence are we just biding our time. Felt like I stared too close to the sun so I turned away. Everything has a cost in life so turning away cost me my identity for a bit.
          Haven’t looked into that abyss as hard since.

        26. What would that even be like? Fucking a mossy fungi and sewage covered rock while Fran Drescher does an improv scat of this song in the corner?

        27. I was listening to guy on the radio talk about remote viewing(yep, its a thing, we and the soviets had psychic warriors), was half asleep, and I could have sworn I was seeing the entirety of the universe, it was so scary, so immense, I had to open my eyes and put the light on…I couldnt deal with it

        28. I think it would be something like Chewbacca fucking the Sarlacc Pit from Return of the Jedi.

        29. youre just jealous bc I visited alpha centauri and you didnt

        30. Never got the majority of that stuff. We mostly aren’t meant to I think.

        31. I’ll pass…that being said…back to the previous discussion…what are the odds that you, me and Going Sane all drowned at one time. And we converse here. I’d be hard-pressed to imagine that three people out of any million random people drowned once and lived to talk about it…maybe there is more to this forum, and to life, than meets the eye, eh…comforting, that one…

        32. And maybe being fucked in the head is actually sane…and being sane is actually fucked in the head. In earthly terms, of course…”Going Sane”…indeed.

        33. Maybe so. I know that it did have a really profound on me and my outlook on the world.
          Plus, bitches love when I tell the story and show them the scars where the paddles burned my chest.

        34. I’m interested to know whether or not you think religion plays any role in all of that. They say man was made in God’s image – does that not make man a God? Although a reflection of oneself can never be as real or pure as the source, I imagine.

        35. Since you revealed an otherwordly incident, I will reciprocate. What you experienced is in no way abnormal, or insane or anything like that. I went through this awakening about 17 years ago. I had stored up so much energy that had previously been deployed toward the typical shit (defending my positions on things, i.e., wallowing in self-pity), that I had this explosion of consciousness. Carlos Castaneda describes this in his books; I had never read any of his books at that time. So to me, it was all odd, and something that I couldn’t talk to anybody about. But basically, I could put my mind on anything, and the answer would come to me directly, as if it was scrolling through my mind with powerful clarity. The thought immediately generated this answer or response.
          So I was involved in producing my own music at the time. I had written songs for years and had gone to recording studios and had engineers and producers help me bring the songs to life, but this was the first time that I had done the engineering and production myself. So I worked at this song for weeks and weeks, to the exclusion of all competing thoughts and activities. And while I was recording it, I began to see visions of how the song would be received when I took it out in public and had it played.
          One venue was a strip club – I saw this dancer (hot as hell by the way), and after she danced to the song, she refused to give it back to me. And during the guitar solo portion, midway through, I saw these two guys get up from their seats, and they started playing air guitar to the solo. Then, I started seeing how it would be received at this other club. At the end of the song, it just drops off and stops. And I saw myself in the second club, and at the end of the song, the entire crowd just gasped at the end of it.
          So I worked away for weeks and weeks. Finally I had the song finished. I burned a CD and took it to the first club (the strip club). I gave it to the hot dancer, and told her to play it and dance to it. She did. When the guitar solo broke, two guys stood up and started playing air guitar, just as I had seen it in my vision. Then, after it was over, the dancer refused to give the CD back to me – just as I had seen it. Finally, I took the song to the other club, and after it was done playing, the entire audience gasped in unison at the end of it…true story.
          We have powers we don’t even realize. We are what we think, and we think what we are. It just take focus and desire, we have to want it badly enough, to the exclusion of everything else. And a magical doorway opens as a result…whether we shrink back in fear, or move ahead, is up to us. (As you said, you haven’t looked into the abyss as hard since.)
          Fear is the prison…

        36. It would be a thousand times easier for an ant to understand an iPhone than for a man to understand God.

        37. In the Bible they talk about the fall of man. I believe it’s allegory for the time when we fell from knowing everything directly, and being anything that we put our mind to being, directly (when we used to be plugged into the source, our infinite mind, God, what have you), to the time we began using our rational mind (instead of our infinite mind).
          I think religion dances around a common root…but its reins have been taken over by people who don’t have our best interests at heart. It’s been crammed with rules and regulations. But I think the root is the same – we are more than men, way more. Getting to heaven might be getting back to our full strength. “Maybe.” Good word. It has infinite potential.

        38. That’s a merit badge most guys never get, meaning, they never live to tell about it. Has to be a magnet for bitches. That’s awesome. Glad you are exploiting it.

        39. I know a guy who had a similiar experience. Cop who was shot in the chest in the line of duty. They lost him on the table twice, but the surgeon brought him back.
          He surmized life is just pergatory.

        40. “You are what you think” after reading Psycho Cybernetics I realized that I can think myself into any life that I want. Not only do i become confident about what I want in life, and make bigger strides towards it, but other doors open up in reality.
          Opportunities in my career, travel, and women show up and all i have to do is focus on them and meditate to make them happen.

        41. Thank you so much for sharing that. I want to be less afraid of dying and that did it for me.Thank you.

        42. That’s my take. Lots and lots of people have died, returned, and felt liberated by the experience. Life is hell in comparison to what awaits us after we get out of our damned bodies.

        43. Was it an 80s hair metal finger tapping solo? Or more like a blues solo? Or something interplanetary?

        44. I always thought about this too. Like at one point we had more power and vision, communication with tribes on other continents, dreams made more sense. Now our dreams we don’t understand, and we don’t listen to eachother.

        45. Kind of like all three…with some Stones thrown into it. And some Boston. And gospel.

        46. I had some friends over the years tell me some similiar experiences, but it isn’t something most are willing to talk about.
          I had a close call, or two, and did have my life pass before my eyes.

        47. “Ohhhhh…we’re halfway there…oh-OHHHH…livin’ on a prayer…” You betcha. Once you grasp that secret and see it work, everything else pales in comparison and power wells up inside you. Bravo.

        48. Fear is the prison my friend. Death is the doorway out…relax. We all make it through. We are just stuck at a way station, nothing more.

        49. As if it were all engineered that way, so we’d remain blind and our energy would be sucked out of us by parasites who keep us barely alive…no doubt about it.

        50. That’s remarkable! Never thought to address the aspect of foresight. To me it mainly comes in spurts that I can’t consciously distinguish from dreams, so I don’t try to associate it with any precognition. You also provided a name! I’ll check out Carlos Castaneda this week. Thanks!

        51. I no longer care what others think of me, because I realize we are all demented and miserable on this earth, pinned down by puppet-masters who make us dance to their insane tune. We all have that in common. When you realize you can fly off on the wings of perception to any destination you choose, you then realize you are way more than just a man. Your view of the world expands, and you realize you encompass every shred of its expanse. At that point, you have no points to defend. No arguments to maintain. You are liberated beyond mind and body. And we all have this knowing inside of us…something is lacking, it isn’t right…it gnaws at us. We are more than what we are told we are. It’s the getting there that’s tough, but it’s our divine right. Man I am going to shut off this dialogue in my head before they knock on my door and stick me in a rubber suit. But I think you know what I’m getting at…its all going to work out. The ladder goes upward. And on and on.

        52. My pleasure…you can read major excerpts from his work right here; scroll down about halfway on the next page and you can access virtually all of his books for free (minus certain dialog; it will give you a good taste) –

        53. If you keep holding on to those spurts, those threads? And focus on them again and again, you might find it is not only precognitive, but it actually creates and shapes reality down the timeline…

        54. One more tidbit before I scoot on out of here –
          “The kingdom of god is within you.”
          Pondering that one at length will do a guy a lot of good…especially within the context of what we’ve been discussing.

        55. I’ll take your advice. You are easily the first I knew of who had an idea about this topic, let alone a way to navigate it. I will look up your link as well. Needless to say this is not a topic most, or anyone, can address. Thanks for addressing it. Never even thought people knew let alone experienced this stuff!

        56. Yea i find it odd how people so easily dismiss the supernatural. The five senses only let us perceive a small portion of the universe. I always felt like there was more to everything.

        57. I personally ascribe to this: We, as we exist now, are only perceptive of four dimensions, with our power only being able to be exercised on the 3 physical ones we are accustomed to. What we cannot control is the fourth dimension, time. Time will alwyas move at its own pace AS WE PERCEIVE IT during this life. Souls exist, and every person has their own soul, or “essence.” Our time on this earth now that we call “life” is but a mere sideshow into the whole picture. We are actually 5-dimensional beings, and when we physically die, we ascend to our 4th dimensional selves—allowing us access to the entire timeline of THIS universe. That is why we see loved ones and ancestors that have already died. The feeling of liberation by those with a “death experience” is merely the feeling of not being bound to the contraints of the 4th dimension.
          Our 5th dimensional selves, however, have access to other universes and contain the essence of all our physical selves that have lived and died on their respective timelines. Our 5th dimensional selves can remember hundreds, possibly thousands of lifetimes or “sideshows” spent on earth, or other worlds. This is why I think reincarnation is partly right, in that the physical self is just a temporary vessel for a higher essence that is inside you.
          When you remarked on your visions of seeing the future, Bob, you just briefly transcended your physical self into breaking the fourth dimension and establishing a brief connection with your 4th-dimensional self.
          When you talked about “other worlds,” you were briefly in touch with your 5th-dimensional essence.
          The only question I have though is…is sex nonexistent or not needed when we die, or can we still satisfy our desires, because sex is damn good, and suddenly not having a want or need for it after this eludes me a bit. Though, that may be my physical self talking….

        58. Your post cant help but remind me of this scripture.
          Matthew 17:14-20
          14 When they came to the crowd, a man approached Jesus and knelt before him. 15 “Lord, have mercy on my son,” he said. “He has seizures and is suffering greatly. He often falls into the fire or into the water. 16 I brought him to your disciples, but they could not heal him.”
          17 “You unbelieving and perverse generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring the boy here to me.” 18 Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of the boy, and he was healed at that moment.
          19 Then the disciples came to Jesus in private and asked, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?”
          20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” [21] [a]

        59. Reminds me of a lyrical anecdote…”You can’t get right if you can’t relate,Trade the cash for the beat for the body for the hate, And my time is a piece of wax falling on a termite Who’s choking on the splinters”

        60. The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” 6And the Lord answered, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you. 7Which
          of you whose servant comes in from plowing or shepherding in the field
          will say to him, ‘Come at once and sit down to eat?’…
          Anyways, scriptural lesson in that controlling the elements is possible, even by us puny earthlings. Look at scientific advances with DNA, materials science, hell we are growing organs now. One of our purposes in this existence is to learn, both spiritually and temporally. Jesus wasn’t magic, he just understands physics completely, By golly he created the laws governing them.

        61. That’s what I was wondering. You guys need to get together for a barbecue and then just focus. See what happens.

        62. That recollection was awesome…
          More than anything I’m a “dreamer” more than a visionary- the amount of times I’ve seen things in dreams and then seen/ experienced them in real life, sometimes years later, is uncanny at times. While awake, I find it difficult to concentrate so intently on a single thing at the exclusion of all else. Even in meditation, intruding thoughts so easily seep into my consciousness and distract me from mining down through my subconscious to a particular thought.
          However… there was a recent occasion where I managed to achieve that isolated thought process. Last year, I took part in a 10 week boxing program. At the end of the program is our fight night, and I’m standing there in the wings, about to walk through a packed auditorium to step into the ring and fight a guy built like a brick shit-house with fists like sledgehammers. At the start of the night, the guy who runs the whole program got us all together in the ring, and at one point he says:
          “If you go out there tonight and you’re not scared and wondering what the hell you’re doing here, there’s something wrong with you!”
          But I’m standing here, about to walk out to fight and…there is NOTHING that exists in my world, except the instructions from my cornerman. His last minute advice, it’s like the ONLY thing in my entire consciousness, to the point i have no feeling, no emotion about my upcoming bout just minutes away because there is no extra part of me free to feel ANYTHING about the fight (if that makes sense?)
          It was the same thing between each round as I sat in the corner- there was nothing that existed in my consciousness besides what my cornerman said to me in that minute. It’s like I was totally zoomed into his every word, and ONLY his words. Even the trainer putting a water bottle to my mouth annoyed me because it was like a threatening intrusion from the outside world…
          At the end of the fight, I was declared the winner. Then as I gathered my breath, my cornerman told me I’d done EXACTLY what he’d told me to do throughout the entire fight. For the rest of the night I was buzzing like I’d ingested some hybrid of MDMA and cocaine, and my eyes/ speech also had the side-effects. I’ve taken part in other physically tiring sports (contact sports, cross-country) yet never felt how I did after my bout that night…
          Then, when I got the photos from the fight, I found shots like this one below, taken between the rounds- and while obviously it’s me, I only vaguely recognise myself here. That intense, yet detached, ‘zoomed in’ gaze is something I’ve never seen in myself before- or since. All I know is I want to go back there, to be able to turn it on and off like a tap:

        63. Goddamn it – that is so fucking cool. You are tapping into the power I described, and I ask you, once you discover it, what in the hell else is worth pursuing?
          You mentioned having dreams that foretold the future. I’ve been through that myself. I think it’s all part of the awakening process. Usually it scares the crap out of people and they shrink back. I’m at the point where I just want more of it – as much as I can get. We all have access to this power, but most of us have never been taught about it (because most people have never experienced it, so they can’t teach it to others). The strangest side-effect for me, when I had that experience with the music I recorded, was after it was all said and done, I realized WHY I went through the process of recording the music. It wasn’t because I wanted approval, or to be a major songwriter or producer, I had carried entire musical compositions around in my head for decades, prior to actually bringing them to life. I had no desire to be a rock star, or any of that shit. So it was odd that I felt compelled to record the songs.
          But after I had that experience, I realized that it was the DOING of the task, the single-minded focus on recording and engineering the song, that mattered. Because the upshot of it was the glimpse into the future, the shaping of what happened down the timeline once I took the song out in public. It taught me that it’s the single-mindedness that generates the internal energy/power that makes a man leap off into the unknown. It’s better than sex, or any drug, or any emotion we might experience. I know you feel the same way because you tapped into it and you want more.
          I’ll pass along a dream I had here, because I think you will have one or two of your own to relate and add to the mix. About 25 years ago, I had this freelance editing business. And I had this client who I hadn’t heard from in a while, and I was wondering what had happened to her. So I went to bed one night and started to dream. The early morning came and I was still asleep, dreaming away. And I heard my phone-message recorder being played back, and a voice said, “Bob, sorry I haven’t gotten ahold of you but I’ve been out of town. I have some work for you to edit. I’ll leave it in the basket at my office, just pop by and pick it up – thank you!”
          So as I was listening to this message, I found myself way up above the high-rise condo building where I was living, as if I was floating, out of my body. And I could see through the the roof and the floors and everything else that was in the way, all the way down to the third floor (my floor), and I saw my landlady walking down the hall, toward my room, with a blonde woman in tow. I watched the two of them walk up to my door, and my landlady lifted her right hand, and knocked – KNOCK-KNOCK. I woke up at that point. And then I heard it again – KNOCK-KNOCK. I went to the door and opened it, and it was my landlady with a blonde woman standing next to her. I was stunned. My landlady told me she wanted to show the condo that I was renting to this woman, who was a potential buyer. I complied, and they looked around for a bit and left.
          Then, I went over to my answering machine, and played the messages. The first message was this – “Bob, sorry I haven’t gotten ahold of you but I’ve been out of town. I have some work for you to edit. I’ll leave it in the basket at my office, just pop by and pick it up – thank you!”
          Now, I couldn’t hear my answering machine from my bedroom, even if I had it turned up to full volume. The walls of that bedroom were thick as hell. But that was irrelevant because I always turned the sound down on my answering machine (the volume), and I always turned my ringer off on my phone before I went to bed…
          (Cue Twilight Zone music…)

        64. The first “dream premonition” experience I remember was when I was 10 years old. There was an indoor go-kart track I raced at a lot back then. The circuit layout had never changed in the year I’d been going there, then one night I dreamt it had been changed and I thought how cool it was. The following week I went there with a mate…and they’d changed the circuit to a similar configuration like the one I’d dreamt of…
          Then one night when I was 18 (and very much in an “aspiring to be a good young man of God against the temptations of the world” phase) I prayed that if I got married one day, that I’d see my future bride in a dream. Now, I’ve had quite a few dreams about girls I don’t know in reality, but soon after I awaken, I only vaguely recall what she looks like. Well…this particular night I saw a girl…and to this day I still remember so clearly what she looked like that I can draw a picture of her. It probably helps that in the dream when I first saw her I thought how much she resembled an Australian actress but with different hair/ eye colour. Again, why did it stand out in this dream over the countless others?
          It might have been just a coincidence, but since then there have been other things- the scene from the backyard of a country house looking down-hill, that I saw from the other side while passing on a train, 6 months later- the surreal landscapes that I’ve suddenly flashed back to when they appear in real life- the dream I had of looking out over the Sydney CBD and thinking of a girl I knew who’d moved there and I hadn’t spoken to in over a year, only for her to message me less than 48 hours later- of the recurring dream I had over many years of being at a particular spot on an Italian racing circuit- then being in that exact spot on the 20th anniversary of a significant event that happened there, having my photo taken/ being interviewed by the press and that photograph then appearing as the leading image on the website of Italy’s #1 sports newspaper later that night…but that’s another story….
          As it is, this Sunday I am riding on an historic train I’ve repeatedly dreamt about riding on these past couple of years. I still haven’t met the mystery girl from my dream- but it’s like everything else that’s materialised since then makes me believe it’s just a matter of time before our paths cross…

        65. You’re absolutely right about the girl in your dreams…it’s only a matter of time until you find her, and you know as much.
          I’ve had many similar dreams. Here are a couple more so we can continue to compare notes –
          I was playing this video game several years ago (the only one I ever really tried to master) and there was a sequence that I couldn’t figure out, no matter how hard I tried. The game involved a traveler who had to negotiate an obstacle course. Can’t remember the name of the game. Anyway, I tried and tried and tried and I couldn’t get past this particular level. So I figured I was beaten. Went to bed and had a dream about the game. I saw the player in the right-hand portion of the screen, in the precise area of the game in which I was trapped. And the player moved to his rear (which I hadn’t thought of), while I was watching him in my dream, and then he reached over his head, and grabbed on to this railing, and pulled himself up. Bingo, he got out and made it to the next level. So I woke up, raced to my computer (thinking, “No fucking way?”) and damned if it didn’t work.
          Had three dreams about this girl (speaking of dream girls), who I fell in love with when I was 10 years old. As luck would have it (or, as fate would have it – be careful what you ask for you may get it), we got together the night of our high school graduation. I’d been in love with her for eight years, so I was elated when it actually happened. The affair was brief but I was hooked on her in a deep way due to my infatuation at such a young age. Her parents didn’t approve (I was a bad boy with a bad reputation) and it wasn’t meant to be. But when I was 25 I dreamed that she came up behind me in this forest and there were lights in the trees directly ahead of me – campfire, maybe, or car headlights – and she started talking in my ear from behind. I was thrilled that she had come to me in my dream. At the last moment, I turned around, and saw her, but only for an instant – she was wearing a white wedding dress. And then she vanished.
          I woke up, and felt compelled to contact her again after seven long years. I wrote a letter and a poem (my first really good poem), and I worked at it for a couple of weeks because I wanted it to be perfect. I had the dream early on a Saturday morning. So two weeks later to the day, I contacted her mother by phone to get her mailing address. Her mother gave it to me, and then asked me, “You know her last name has changed, don’t you, Bob?” And I didn’t know that, and told her so. And she said, “Yes, she got married exactly two Saturdays ago…” (Which was the precise morning that I saw her in a wedding dress in my dream.)
          So I put the poem and letter aside and said, “Fuck it.”
          Went to a bar a few weeks later and this 29-year-old blonde (sad, but pretty), was working there. I wanted feedback on the poem, so I gave it to her to read. She read it, and about halfway through, she started crying. After she had finished, she said to me, “Who is this girl and where is she now?” I told her she lived a thousand miles away and she had just gotten married. She said, “You’ve got to get this poem to her.” I asked her why. And she said, “If a man ever loved me this much, there would be nothing that could keep me from him.”
          So I thought about it and decided to give the poem to her at our 10-year high school reunion, a couple of years after the bartender encouraged me to spill my guts and give her the poem. I walked into the reunion and saw her right away, standing against the wall in the corridor of the hotel in question, holding court with her husband. She didn’t look at me the entire night. So I didn’t give her the poem, which had been folded up carefully in the pocket of my shirt. But I mailed it to her anonymously about a year later, my thought being, if she actually gets it and reads it, I’ll call her a few months later and find out, and if so, I’ll tell her I wrote it. So I sent it off…
          About six months later I had a second dream. In the dream, she and I were sitting in a darkened auditorium, and there were people all around us in the seats nearby, murmuring to each other in the darkness. The girl told me, in hushed tones, that she was pregnant. I woke up and immediately grabbed the phone and called her up. She answered after a couple of rings (I hadn’t spoken to her, really, in probably 12 years), and I said, “Connie?” And she said, “Yes.” And I said, “It’s Bob Smith.” And she immediately let out a yell, and screamed, with heart-wrenching emotion in her voice, “Oh my GOD Bob, where ARE you???” That made my entire year, hearing her say that.
          We chatted for a bit…and she told me she was pregnant. But I already knew that because of the dream I’d had. So I then summoned the guts to ask her about the poem I’d sent her. After a pause, she told me that she did indeed receive it. But then she said, “Bob…you caused us SO many problems with that poem.” (Meaning, her and her husband.)
          At that point, I started to realize that the torch I’d been carrying for her, was too hot for me. What kind of a soulless person would bash someone for loving them to the degree that they couldn’t control it. Such a situation is more of a curse than a blessing for the person so obsessed. So I asked her if she liked the poem; “Yes,” she said impatiently, “It was beautiful.” But there was no real emotion in her voice, just a flat, robotic tone. So we said our goodbyes and that was that.
          Had a third dream about her a few years later. I was totally over her at this point, and was greatly pondering the notion that the dreams I had experienced about her, were actually deliberately misleading portents of a very dark nature. In this third dream, I saw her in a school setting. I came up behind her and stood behind her while she taught a group of students while sitting at this round table, with book shelves and chalkboards and such, all around her. After a while, she turned around to me, and said, “Bob, we can’t be together in this life…but we will be in the next one.”
          I woke up and laughed. “My ass,” I muttered. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…” I got it. I understood what was going on, and it wasn’t, “Signs and wonders of beautiful, star-crossed love.”
          As a result, I don’t trust the emissaries in my dreams, nor the content in my dreams. As is the case right here on this earth in our waking state, the beings we meet in our dreamscape are comprised of good entities, and bad entities. The deceivers exist in all dimensions, and at all levels of consciousness.
          In the case of the girl that I had been in love with, she was absolute poison to me. In retrospect, she was a soulless energy vampire who I believe fed off of emotion…because when you got behind her eyes, there was no empathy, no feeling, and no capacity for love. AWALT, brother. Absolutely.
          And yet, what I did learn from it, in addition to not trusting the content of my dreams, was that the woman I should have pursued, was the bartender who told me, “If a man ever loved me this much, there would be nothing that could keep me from him.” Because it’s better to be loved ferociously, by someone with a soul, than it is to be in love ferociously, with someone who doesn’t possess one…
          Dream on.

        66. This is from a blog post I wrote a couple of years back, in which I recall probably the craziest recurring dream to have manifested itself in my life so far:

          I agree with you that not every dream turns out to be a premonition. In my senior year of Highschool, I dreamt that a girl I liked from another school called me up to ask me to go to her graduation formal with her- it felt so real I nearly called her the following morning to double check it was only a dream! Alas, it wasn’t to be…
          Some dreams are meant to bring your attention to something that hasn’t been dealt with. For instance, I’ve mentioned the first girl I had a crush on, back in junior high- the one who went on to be a TV actress. In my late 20’s, I started seeing her in dreams. She’d be on the set and I’d walk past, deciding not to stop and say hi because “I’ve got too much other shit I need to do”. Or another time I was cast as an extra on an episode, she was there but I didn’t go talk to her because I thought “I’ve got to focus on my role”
          In my waking life, I began thinking of how I let my chance with this girl slip by me 15 years previous. Like, wondering how much more I’d have gained from the experience if I’d just had the balls to ask her out and fuck what anybody said? If my first kiss had been with the one girl I desired most, how much would it have positively changed my confidence with girls- and other areas of my life that I sabotaged through self doubt? I threw away 12 years of my life through lack of self-belief. What had I missed out on? One night I was home alone, high, and a song came on that I remembered from junior high, about a girl. It made me freshly dwell on how I missed out again, and tears welled up in my eyes. At times like that, I felt an almost profound sense of having been so close to having something wonderful…yet letting it slip through my fingers…
          But what this whole stage of my life (inspired by the dreams) did, is it got me, for the first time as an adult, going back and thinking objectively about “the one that got away” who (in some way) I’d been seeking a replacement for ever since. Then I was talking about this girl, to a friend, and summed it up in a message I sent them:
          “More than anything? I probably dream of her because she stole my innocence. We never so much as held hands, but before I met her I was like a lot of other 12 year old boys- all I cared about was hanging out with my mates, getting up to fun stuff on the weekend and my dream of becoming an F1 World Champion one day. Then I started at a new school and there is this girl in my class and I find myself thinking about her even on the weekends- wondering what she’s doing, what she thinks of me, wondering if she felt all nervous and self-conscious whenever I spoke to her (as would happen whenever she spoke to me), wondering what guys she liked, what I’d have to be like in order for her to want me etc. All this on top of hormonal awkwardness!”
          In time I came to realise that even if I’d asked her out back then, dated and been the sweetest Highschool couple you could imagine, it never would’ve worked. I was too young and clueless, I couldn’t have handled her. I would’ve lost her anyway. Furthermore, a girl as pretty and well-connected as her would (these days) surely have a major sense of entitlement that would probably turn me off her anyway. I realised that even if our paths did cross and we went out on a date, it couldn’t become more than a fling because she’s too old for me these days. It wasn’t meant to be, and I came to deal with that and move on without that ache that had lingered in the background of my mind for more than a decade…
          Those dreams came at a good time, because last year for a while I had something going on with another girl who made me feel things no other girl has since that Highschool crush- butterflies, the sensation of time standing still when she’d smile at me, this strange, unspoken connection that was between us before we even spoke to one another (and a few dreams about her too- it was her I thought of when I dreamt about looking out over the Sydney CBD). And yet…for a number of reasons… it didn’t eventuate into anything more. She’s now on the other side of the world for the next 2 years and while I regret that nothing eventuated with her- I know nothing could happen with her, even if she flew back tomorrow and said “Haddock, I really missed you and I realised you’re the only person I want”. I’ve even told friends “If she comes back and I start talking about getting involved with her, don’t let me do it. It’d be a fuckin’ mistake.” Unless there is a sign from God, I won’t go down that road with her.
          In hindsight, I think those dreams came to bring thoughts and feelings to the surface that I should have dealt with and got over a long time ago- and by cross-examining everything, making sense of it with the maturity to see it for what it really was- it means that instead of feeling broken up by this other girl who came along, I could instead (fairly easily) identify her in the “Nice, but not to be” category and move on.
          Now for that other girl I saw in my 18 y/o dream- dark-haired, brown eyed Isla Fischer in the yellow dress- where art thou?

        67. i managed to astral project a few times and i proved it to myself by flying across town and visiting a location i’d never been to…. a few days later i drove over there physically and it was exactly as I’d seen it in the dream time…… that’s real….

      2. Hay, I am not spam. I am simply asking a question. If somebody says they have life/death experience and I want to know more about this then I ask questions. I have not had one of these experiences but I do know about other things. I was trying to define things as loosely as possible so that I can came to the proper conclusion. Which is that blood relationships matter, and I mean that with proper marriage, not all the weird stuff that we are unfortunately exposed to on a constant basis. This does not deny that practicing game is good and being some kind of a monster person is bad. I was trying to refrain from bringing in the definitions of good/evil and keeping it on a purely “otherworldly” frame. I am basically using Aristotelian logic to come to conclusions.

    3. Personally, I wasn’t hoping Trump was going to save me. I was hoping he would just burn it all down.

      1. Trump’s win served more as a signal, a litmus test of sorts, for me.

        1. Even more than that was the lulz of pissing off the establishment on both sides of the aisle…

        2. Same and sending a sign that liberalism is bullshit and at least half of us are sick of it.

    4. this is great but look what is happening in Canada and Australia, it may come to the US sooner than you think…
      schools are indoctrinating students in regressive beliefs and lifestyles, this we know. they are encouraging gender disphoriya. now if a parent refuses to allow their child to go through state sponsored hormone therapy, puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgery the child can be LEGALLY taken from the home.
      you can’t focus on your local buisness and your home and family if the state is going to intervene like this. home school? yes indeed but that too is getting harder and harder as well.

    5. The Federal government’s main function are money printing, law enforcement, and wars. As far as doing things for the vast majority of the population, the local governments are more important.

    6. Ghost of Jefferson is trying hard to appear to be against the establishment, globalism, one world government, feminism and miscegenation etc
      Ghost of Jefferson claims he lives in the rural Midwest and is retired. In real life, he lives in the Bay Area and is paid shill.
      AS several cementers have pointed out, his rhetoric resembles that of SJW paid by the government. To post more than 43 000 comment, he certainly must be paid for his comments.
      Occasionally he lashes out on commenters who`s comments are not extreme enough, making sure only the counter-selected few commenters remain – thus the site can be discredited as a forum for lonely, sad, uneducated losers estranged from the system and with too much time on their hands.
      He frequently calls other commenters “trolls” , forgetting that himself makes a living on commenting on ROK articles.
      He uses multiple account to back himself up. When someone sees through his trick, Ghost`s other account quickly come to his aid.
      Ghost of Jefferson, aren’t you getting tired of being a shill?

      1. Oh poor, poor Mensch. You’re trying so hard, I mean just bless your heart, you’re really trying hard. And good for you.
        I love that you continue with the Bay area thing. It totally discredits your attempts to sneer at me, heh. Do, keep it up.

        1. lol the trolls always go after you GOJ… The increased testosterone from reading your posts must make them uncomfortable.

        2. I’ve had this same effect on other forums in the past. A confident writing style and a refusal to take every opinion as face value correct tends to draw out the more….special…kind of poster.

    7. “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    8. On the other hand, a well-governed society makes it easier to raise a family.

    9. I get what you’re saying, though. But in order to do that, you’d almost need to form a new central gvt that the states could join and be loosely-affiliated with.

  9. Spengler was/is wrong plenty of blood through out history has been bettayed by money. The answer is in Faith, unifying faith which transcends money and any other temporal need. In other words what we need to save/rebuild the West is fanatics.

    1. After all, wasn’t it Dr. Spengler who said “Print is Dead” as early as 1984?

      1. I thought that was Dr. Venkman?

        1. Being brought back to schools in Ohio actually. Giving up on a traditional form of writing that has served us for since forever, because ‘muh keyboard’ is the height of hubris and stupidity combined.

        2. That’s good to hear. If I may wax poetic, there’s something very nearly “magical” in good writing by an elegant hand. And something grounding about the smell and heft of a real book.

        3. I can see the appeal of digitized literature, and I can also see the advatages. But like you said, there’s just nothing like a real book.

  10. Keep your eyes trained, gentlemen. Our Ceazars are already present and accounted for. Not the president, but the supreme court, able to regenerate and holding extreme influence, unelected and in authority up ’til death. Since they only change out one at a time, their stance is mostly pipelined.

  11. Ah. More literary eye candy from Furioso…I feel much better now.
    That being said –
    “If the new strongman ascends the throne from below, there’s at least a decent chance he’ll begin to dismantle the control matrix being devised by the corporate-government complex.”
    This is not going to happen. Candidates, especially presidents, congressmen and governors (not to mention mayors and councilmen), are handpicked by the elite. Whatever comes out of their mouths is just part of their scripted allure. It won’t make me popular writing this, but it’s the truth. And I have a hard-on for the truth, above everything else…

    1. I actually think Trump, at least initially, was an exception to this. The hatred and opposition from both sides of the aisle to him, from the media and the deep state, from pretty much every angle and corner, seems like pretty good evidence that he wasn’t supposed to become as popular as he did, and he wasn’t supposed to win. Now, I think the elites put a lot of people around him (Pence, for example) to try to control him and make sure he doesn’t screw things up too badly for them.
      In fact, the more “scandals” I see them throw at him, the more I think he is probably up there bulling around and smashing all kinds of good china in their china shop. But he hasn’t found a way to be effective in actually getting much done, and he is consistently getting in his own way. I like Trump as a character and as a meme, but not necessarily as a politician. Funnily enough, I think he’s probably a lot more liberal than people give him credit, and if the leftists just started massaging his ego more, they’d get a lot more out of him than they think.

      1. I’ve never understood why Trump keeps getting in bed with all these snakes.
        He should put some good strong men behind him, instead of all these insider cucks that he always seems to want to compromise with.
        He should find some real talent and bury them instead of bringing them on board.

  12. Any would be Caesar will have to contend with the deep state: the intelligence community. They have dirt on practically all who would play at the national level. And, if necessary, they will make things up. Why do you think Trump suddenly did an about face on many of his campaign promises? You can rest assured that key operatives in the intelligence community took him aside and gave him the “remember Jack Kennedy and Tricky Dick Nixon” briefing. If you step outside the boundaries of what you are allowed to do as president, you can be removed and we aren’t talking about impeachment here. When you reach the levels of power and wealth the international elite are accustomed to, you will do anything to keep that without any regard for morality or legality. Nothing is left to chance. What the public sees at the federal level is little more than political theatre. It’s just a big ball game with Team A & Team B creating a false dichotomy to entertain and inflame the masses and maintain division. As GOJ and Jim Johnson pointed out, we can make a difference at the personal, family and local levels. But thinking we are truly changing anything at the federal level with our votes and petitions at this point is hilariously delusional.

    1. A true Nietzschean strongman; an Adolf Hitler, Iosif Stalin, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein or the North Korean Kims would either destroy the deep state or make it their own. And woe betide anyone foolish enough to try to pull a Dick Nixon or JFK on them. But is that the kind of leadership we really want?

      1. Well let’s see here…how about the CIA / NSA / too many three letter agencies to count, is way too big and internationally entrenched for any one man and his trusted advisors (all the king’s horses and all the king’s men) to ever attempt to destroy (they have some dammed good snipers as well as some serious poisons and access to the political class…). All the way back in 1963 Harry Truman said: “… I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. … It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government.” One strong man cannot deal with an edifice that has grown to gargantuan size like our current deep state. As Saddam found out “make it their own” becomes “you play ball with us and we don’t have you skewered.” The minute he started making noises about using any thing other than the petro-Dollar in exchange for oil, he was toast. You don’t screw around with the international banksters…

        1. Loyalty is everything. You should be very careful of the character and quality of men you associate with.
          Weak men can get you killed.
          The kind of men who are both highly capable and also highly righteous are very rare to find.
          But those are the people who you can trust with your life.

        2. All that’s needed to defeat these jackals is for normalfags to be dragged kicking and screaming into reality. The alphabet soup boys are dangerous, and they are scary, but they are not omnipotent. They still exist at the pleasure of the American taxpayer and voter. However, if they are not purged within a decade, it will be too late for anything to save America except total collapse.

        3. spot on. thats why i cant hang out with guys that don’t get pussy on the reg. they will do anything including betray your friendship just for one night of getting their dick wet. its easy to separate the wheat from the chaff these days.

        4. There is no saving the past. It’s dead and gone. New countries need to be formed.

      2. you want rule by a deep state that imports and covers for terror against own citizenry? bargaining with satanic talmudism not an option. Resist.

        1. “satanic talmudism” LOL Maybe you can find a kindly Jewish doctor who will help treat your paranoia, and point you at the worldwide jihad that committed 30,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11. Good luck!

        2. I see no argument in your rant. Just an attempt to reframe to avoid logic.

      3. I hope we get none of the above. An Anglo version of Franco or Mussolini would satisfy me.

    2. Normally you’d be right. That certainly happened to Clinton, probably Bush and Obama too.
      But this time is different.
      The FBI has apparently been amassing a dossier on Trump for about 15 years, mostly with regard to money laundering for Russian banks via his casinos and real estate properties.
      Last summer, the intercepts that they encountered while monitoring the Russians led them to begin a deeper investigation of both Trump and the people in his campaign. Again, this was June of 2016. Their internal investigation has been gaining size and scope for the last few months — one IC source has called the situation “all hands on deck”. I think the term is “mission creep”, as the uncovering of wrongdoing has led to discovery of even more wrongdoing.
      You can’t really underestimate how horrific and vast this scandal is going to be when it all drops this summer/fall. Let’s put it this way: Apparently the FBI has been giving Senator Orrin Hatch security briefings to prepare him for his potential new role as President of the United States. Mueller chose Hatch’s former comms director as the comms director for his special investigation. That’s not by coincidence; that’s by design.
      Sources are also saying that there is big news coming today or tomorrow from NSA regarding Russia’s actual, real interference in our voting rolls. It may be that this is one of those important before-and-after weeks when Everything Changed.
      So again, your point is well taken **in the past**. But this is really something different. We’ve never seen anything so vastly corrupt and treasonous in public before.

      1. Trump may well be corrupt as fuck. But to suggest that he is more corrupt than Hillary is just laughable.

        1. You’ll do anything to avoid facing the 700-ton elephant in the room: You got played for a sucker. You got played like a sixteen-year-old girl who swoons for the handsome carny when the circus comes to town.

        2. Switch back to your Reince Pubis account. That personality is more interesting anyway.

        3. lol, I thought the same thing actually.

        4. I’m not sure that being more corrupt than Hitlary is even humanly possible…

      2. We’ll see… I think what we’re actually witnessing is a huge show designed to polarize & entertain the masses. There is a basic principle of show business Trump has learned to exploit: Keep the people talking about you, it doesn’t matter if what they are saying is good or bad.

      3. Haha. Today’s “big news”: some naive crossfit broad got herself arrested for leaking top secret information that the NSA investigated Russian hacking, and found….wait for it….that Russia tried to hack a contractor that makes election software and failed. Truly earth shaking.

      4. sounds like a lot of made up rubbish…. when Trump had casinos the cold war was still on….. they slammed Kennedy with Russian collusion…. it’s all BS just to create scandal… If Trump has any smarts he’d go full nuclear on Washington and deflect any scandal laid against him, while tearing his opponents down as rapidly as possible starting with Clintons and Obamas. All he has to do is get the pedophiles like Podesta and Bill… game over…..

    3. And nothing has happened about Hire American or Buy American. The last I checked, 150,000 H1bs entered our country from India last month. So really nothing is happening.

      1. “So really nothing is happening.”
        Nope Globalization is proceeding apace…

      2. Do you even know the number of H1B visas issued per year ! And … Why companies in this Country are only hiring Indians on H1B ? Why not Chinese, Bangladeshis, Indonesians, SriLankans, Nepalese, Philippians, Thais etc. !!
        And … are you even aware of the “Job categories” that come under H1B visas !! So people of this Country are becoming “jobless” because of H1Bs !! Hah, don’t even want to say anything beyond this !

      3. Only think Trump did was attack ultra political correctness, now its ok to say some things, that being said Trump moved back as President, and is more restrained in what he says compared to when he was running for President.
        Other than that his ambitious agenda seems to be stalling. Honestly if he wants to get things done, he needs to stop Tweeting. In fact, his tweets about James Comey and him showing the letter from Comey that says he was not under investigation prompted the special prosecutor, if he kept quiet about the whole thing, there would be no special prosecutor. Robert Mueller is assembling a team of sharks, so they are bound to find something that will be damaging to his administration, it might not be this year because federal investigations are long processes but next year or thereafter.

        1. Trump would have to go full Pinochet and just imprison and kill his opponents. But he’s so surrounded by traitors and deep state he can’t lift a finger.
          The change cannot come from within, when within is what needs changing. Only a full revolution will do it and that will get real bloody real fast.

    4. I think he strongman will have to come out of the deep state, like Putin did on his side. Plus, everyone will say he’s the antichrist.

      1. If the strongman came out of the deep state, do you think he would challenge monied interests?

        1. Putin did, when the money tried to get it over on him, he arrested the richest one and put him in a glass box like a monkey (literally) and the big money got the message real fast.

        2. Glad to hear that.
          I understand that Putin issued arrest warrants for George Soros and a Rothschild (I don’t remember his first name). It’s too bad no one in the US Federal Government has the guts to do the same in America.

    5. It’s all a ruse. Most of his cabinet are globalists even Steve Bannon. Bannon worked for Goldman Sachs and in Hollywood. Others are more obvious.
      Once he fired Comey he brought the wolves out but even before then he was following a Neocon script in office.
      They still don’t like him anyway.

      1. I have said from the beginning he was an insider. The pictures of him with Bill & Hillary should be enough to show the public they are all in this together. I’m convinced that no one makes it into the Oval Office without prior approval of a very small cadre of ultra-wealthy internationalists. And even after that, the president will be surrounded by “handlers” to ensure he stays on the right track. Nothing is left to chance. There’s too much at stake.

        1. Sanders has the right idea, Trump will be a one term wonder. He won’t do much for working class voters that got him the office.
          The first time he won through the EC, he will need a high level of enthusism

        2. When he was running he didn’t believe he was going to win. Even his own internal data people were thinking he was going to lose until Jim Comey issued his second letter.
          I think Comey issued that letter because he feared a President Hillary. Turned out that he lost his job anyway but he will probably go to some big top 10 firm and make millions.
          Trump won 3 Rust Belt states by a margin of 80,000 votes, if Comey didn’t make his announcement Hillary would be President.
          It was razor thin win, despite Hillary’s issues she almost won.
          So imagine how things will be when the Democrats wake up and get someone people like, if Trump continues this way it will be one term.
          Also Trump must be worrying about Robert Mueller. He made his situation worse firing Comey.

        3. I think Jim Comey issued that second letter because he was pretty sure if Hitlary took office she would Vince Foster or Ron Brown him. You can’t have people around that have serious dirt on you even if it is because they have compromised themselves in your service. He probably figured his chance of survival was much higher with a Trump presidency, lol!

        4. Hillary played dirty. Sanders was far more popular. I kept hearing people say minorities won’t vote for him, fact is minorities aren’t reliable voters. Minority apathy is a big reason why the Republican party is still existing. White working class voters are reliable. Obama won because he heavily campaigned toward them. Same with Trump. Same with Bill, Hillary’s husband.
          Trump would have been smart to keep Comey and then go after locking up Hillary.

        5. Hillary played dirty? Are you serious? LOL! It was pretty obvious from the get-go that the establishment (CFR, Bilderbergers, Tri-Lateral Commision, et al) had promised her the nomination. I don’t think they actually promise the key players the presidency. They just make sure that the only two viable contenders belong to them. I strongly suspect Bernie belonged to them as well. Pretty soon the white working class will be the minority in this country (if it’s not already). Then what? It’s not pretty now and it certainly won’t be pretty in fifteen or twenty years at the rate we’re going. We do (sadly) live in interesting times…

    6. Don’t think the public have ever really opposed this ‘deep state’ thing they’ve viewed it as an unavoidable aspect of modernisation and US dominance, maintaining the American way of life..

    7. The whole point of Caesar is that he doesn’t have to “contend with” his enemies – he can just have them all executed.

      1. That didn’t work for Julius Caesar now did it? The deep state is too big, thoroughly entrenched and self protective to allow a purge that they don’t approve of. If someone were brazen enough to attempt it on their own they would come down with fast moving cancer or die in a plane crash.

        1. The problem any would be Caesar would face now is the sheer size and international scope of the modern intelligence apparatus. Our hypothetical Caesar would not only have to convince the NSA / CIA / DIA, etc. to go along with him, but also GCHQ, the Mossad as well as other deep state organs we’ve never heard of. When communications technology consisted of charcoal on papyrus transmitted at the speed of horse, eliminating your enemies was a potentially viable option. Today, with our modern surveillance state, your enemies will likely know your intentions well in advance and smoke you before you ever get out of the gate. Of course in the case of Ron Brown, Vince Foster and Seth Rich et al, the Clinton Crime Cartel did manage to eliminate a few of their enemies, but only enough to stay out of prison. Not enough for regime change. The globalists, international banksters and entrenched career bureaucrats have no interest in derailling the gravy train or worse, being a victim of the purge. At the end of the day, Mr. Trump will toe the line and it will be business as usual in the swamp.

        2. i doubt there was ever any intention to change anything in the first place… at best Trump was a slightly unpleasant surprise, that has been morphed into a public distraction campaign. The genius of the bureaucratic system that actually runs government is it doesn’t really matter who wins… who wins is simply a release valve to stall public opinion from actually doing something other than voting for a hollow change and storming the capital…….

  13. You’ve had a strong man in North Korea and Venezuela. I don’t want USA looking like either of these places. The answer must be to go back to our roots, a no tax/all volunteer society.
    Government whether is is psudo-democracy or dictatorship will be corrupt so long as it collects tons of taxes that require no service be provided to those paying the taxes. The elites and SJW now have an endless stream of funding to further corrupt government and destroy society, This means making men into nothing but worker bees… until they rebel.
    We must go back to a society where all government employees are all volunteers or drafted in time of emergency. All revenue government collects is user fees directly correlated to service provided. No chance for corruption in such a society as long as the citizens are vigilant.
    And ‘strong independent’ women that demand government provide them and their bastard children with everything must have their mouths shut.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree. The path to that seems more challenging than finding a unicorn however. These things seem cyclical too, if the roots were achieved what is to stop it from becoming corrupt on the next generation? It seems like that always happens. Some warriors step up, set things right, then after they all die off of old age, the new gen forgets and allows the parasites in.

  14. People wonder how Hitler came to power, well you are watching it repeat itself in front of your eyes. Read up on the Weimar republic before him. Every sexual perversion known to man was happening. Debauchery on a scale that was unimaginable. Moral decay was everywhere. Communism and socialism was growing like wild fire. People wonder how he came to power – the public was SICK OF IT. Of course you are not allowed to mention the people that ran all of this. Because than you are anti-whatever. You should never speak the truth about what you see because you will be persecuted for it. The US and west had entered full blown Weimamerica. You watch what happens next.

    1. Good post. But you forget the key factors that allowed him to exist; influential political figures acquiescing him power and a strong desire to promote Eugenics on an international scale. It was the perfect storm in all ways and several countries were already internationally in agreement that whites shouldn’t intermix and the Nordic were the superior white people. He just ‘took it too far’ which is funny since America was sterilizing white people and immigrants already. Combining these aspects with a downtrodden people, equals an agreement to mass murder to prove they are superior.
      We already have current day Eugenics through feminism. What does the government need your assistance for? Or do you suppose in this world of comfort and apathy people desire to topple something they vaguely understand?

      1. I agree with what you wrote. There is a lot more though than just Nordic supremacism. If you look at who dominated Weimar Germany its the same group that dominates America. I dont mean the Jews though they were a big part of it, its the extreme left. The homosexuality and transgender stuff was prevalent in Weimar Germany as well. Its all designed to destroy us from the inside out. Same as today.

        1. Topically, I have only scratched the surface on the whole scheme of Nordic, Mediterranean, and such. Noticed the plan all the same and it is remarkable how pervasive the same plot has been over centuries yet people keep thinking it is either their idea or some how, this time will be different. Interesting points about Weimar Germany as well.

      2. I don’t agree about the feminism eugenics connection. I used to think that too but I’ve realized that feminism isn’t really about eugenics at all.
        It’s more about non reproductive sex with alphas.
        It’s about pleasure not about genetic quality.

        1. Look into career women and their hunt for fertility. It used to be a seedy business of sorts done on Craigslist. There was a recent story of a few women looking to sue a sperm bank as they thought they were getting, as advertised, the sperm of the elite men of society.

        2. Yes but that’s more of an outlier rather than the general pattern.
          Most feminist women are not even having or raising children.
          It’s really hard to argue that it’s about eugenics when the majority of results of feminism is either not having children or greatly delaying the act.
          That just seems more like a female joyride rather than evolution of the species.
          Not to mention that I don’t even believe that females necessarily select for proper traits, since their primary consideration seems to be physical attraction above all else, even though that’s only one of many useful human characteristics.
          Is some good looking pothead who works at mcdonalds and runs off as soon as she has a kid really the pinnacle of the human species? Because a guy like that could clean up on tinder.
          But that would be more like de evolution rather than evolution. Imagine if every guy was like that. Where would we end up?
          It’s hard for me to justify a girl taking birth control, drinking, partying, and having casual sex with a bunch of guys as “eugenics”.

    2. I read about it: Berlin transformed itself into the Babel of the world… Germans brought to perversion all their vehemence and love of system. Made-up boys with artificial waistlines promenaded along the Kurfürstendamm… Even [ancient Rome] had not known orgies like the Berlin transvestite balls, where hundreds of men in women’s clothes, and women in men’s clothes, danced under the benevolent eyes of the police. — Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer
      Yes, something is definitely going to happen within a decade or so..

  15. I live in a very “diverse” area, but I have noticed a large number of young white couples having 3-5 kids despite the popular narrative. The only groups truly competing with whites on big families appear to be Arab Muslims (a small population in the States) and Hispanics (who of course are often closer to whites genetically than most people like to admit).
    The only whites who are actively removing themselves from the gene pool are of the liberal variety, and they make up a small fraction of the total population.

    1. I see that too. Lots of kids is becoming a form of social status signaling in white society, a trend even picked up on by the msm lately.

      1. Yet another reason to keep Planned Parenthood around for use by the unfit (libtards, et al)…

        1. I have a deep and serious problem with murdering babies Bob. Let the Left sort themselves out naturally, as they’re already doing by becoming sexually irrelevant (LGBTSSSFEDFRE and career feminists and other non-reproductive dillweeds)

        2. I hear ya…but sometimes I look at it like unplugging robots from the source of their energetic input. Semantics.

        3. You know, PP has been aborting a lot of Black babies. You think they were helping by keeping the Black population down? You know, welfare leeches and stuff.

        4. That was the designed intent according to PP’s founder.

        5. She didn’t care about inept parenting. She cared about destroying black people on the whole in the States.

        6. Yeah. PP was heavy in the theory of polygentics. They would have sterilized for sick, poor, low IQ whites as well, but minorities, especially blacks, were high on the to neuter list. Still shocked that there was a whole Eugenics coalition and sterilization was allowed in several states including New York and California.

        7. Ever wonder what happens to the fetal tissue? PP sells it for big bucks. Where do you think they get the means to treat the very rich and powerful who suffer all sorts of maladies. Makes me wonder how David Rockefeller lived so long on a transplanted heart. Gotta get those stem cells somewhere. It’s a form of vampirism.

        8. A relative of mine made it to 101 years of age with not even a lick of help or genetic assistance outside of what she was graced with by God.

    2. Currently living in a country Texas town, I notice the same thing. Go to a Chik fil a and it’s packed with white, country, middle-class parents with 3-5 kids. I predict a liberal white die-off followed by a resurgence in white fertility by families like these. Genetics weeding themselves out.
      On Hispanics, most of them are half-Spaniard to begin with, so…

        1. I have never had an issue with Hispanics…opposed to blacks. Hispanics are generally hard working, family oriented, and Christian. Theu usually integrate well over generations, and many serve in the military.

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