Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men

Recently, a German judge has acquitted a Turkish drug dealer, fully understanding that he forcibly and undeniably violated a woman for four hours to the point of incapacitation. The reason for lack of conviction was that the perpetrator was presumed to not culturally understand what rape was. As described, due to the “mentality of the Turkish cultural circle” (note Turkey is more than 95% Muslim), the Turk was simply participating, in his opinion, “wild sex”. In the justice’s words, “A conviction is not possible, because no intention is demonstrable.”

The defendant maintained that he would never do such a thing because he himself had female relatives. The victim herself, who personally described her direct refusal and the subsequent brutality, when asked “Could it be that the defendant thought you were in agreement?”, agreed. Acknowledged as a “heavy blow” for the injured party, the violent sex was not considered rape and the charge dropped..

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Europe’s Rape Crisis

This is not a unique event. Rape waves have been reported everywhere Muslim refugees have been allowed, and mainstream media always remains silent, if not attempting to defend or falsify the offenses when forced to. However, the particular incident is notable as an official declaration of the German, and likely all Western European, government.

Let them come, and let them rape without consequence.

The leftist narrative has indoctrinated German natives so strongly that their inclusive multicultural respect and bureaucratic conformism is even able to warp what is beyond doubt rape into an offensive cultural question, a question both a legal authority and the sexually assaulted woman answered yes to.

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Nothing was hidden, nothing concealed; all evidence was confirmed and understood, only to be disregarded as an ethnic misunderstanding.

After importing real rape culture into their societies, the people of Germany are rarely successful at reporting cases against Muslim miscreants, and even more rarely at winning them.

Police would rather cover up these crimes, including rapes of their own women, than risk their careers and income, for fear of being branded an Islamophobe in a multicultural society.. One national study showed that less than ten percent of men that are accused of rape are convicted (expectedly, religious and ethnic background were not distinguished)

Where is the national outcry?

Despite the liberal media’s best efforts to eliminate accusations and convictions of migrant crime, the engines of truth render such information indestructible and available to all those who search for it. Those who do know, though they may personally defend their friends and family, lack the political influence and population to change their crumbling society. Some leave, knowing they are unable to eliminate the newfound threats of their ancestral home, becoming refugees themselves of their invaded nation.

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Enraged German men protest against police for their incompetency against combatting Muslim rape

As the Islamic state is given free reign to accomplish cultural dominance, the useful majority continue with their lives, unconcerned about the very existence of their people. The harsh fact remains that the patients offered the red pill have always been in the minority. There is no outcry because the people who are capable of action, the men, have been raised from birth along with their women in pacifist, draining environments, and indoctrinated in multicultural acceptance and enthusiasm.

How does the liberal institution portray these events?

The issue with promoting a narrative of lies is that you must handle the flagrant inconsistencies your followers see.

Silence is a simple tactic to to allow your pawns to never even notice events they would otherwise be outraged at. It is for those who lived pampered lives and would never deign to search for anything beyond their popular “news”, who would readily deny and attack the existence of anything beyond the institution’s instruction.

However, hiding the violent realities of multiculturalism is impossible. There is one far more powerful strategy, one heavily evident in this case: distortion. Warp the mind of the culture, and you are able to do anything, even the most heinous acts out in the open and in front of the faces of those you control.

Leftist schooling appears to explain away all events as ludicrous, an exceptionally rare accident, a racist misunderstanding, or a complete fabrication entirely. Few escape the system, and most who do are directly scarred from personal attacks.

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The culture war is a fight for truth, and the innately arduous conversion process takes decades to enlighten a significant portion of men. But as the years pass in decline, does the process hasten in immediate realization or stagnate as the nation falls deeper into institutionalized ignorance? The choice is yours, Germany.

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568 thoughts on “Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men”

  1. I have an idea to save the west: lets vote for a woman that share our values to be our leader!

    1. Men is always the only one to blame.
      The idea that somehow the woman share the blame for societies problem is a feminist concept.

      1. Not saying that it is entirely men’s fault. They have been taught by society to be like they are. Feminists are getting the manginas they said they wanted, and are not happy with it.

        1. well, my point is that it should always be seeing as entirely men’s fault.
          If we believe that women should also be held responsible, it means we don’t really understood how patriarchy is supposed to function.

        2. So, it appears that the thing to do about it is to go exactly opposite of what the feminists and academia has been teaching. They say they want a career, they stay home with the kids. They say they want to slut it up during their 20’s, marry them young or leave them as old maids. They say they want to dress and act like whores, make sure they are fat shamed and slut shamed……
          Looks like we are on the right track to correct this problem, although we need more to get more on our side.

        3. yup 😀 pretty much. any women’s idea put to practice should be blamed on a man.

        4. daughters too. They need to learn to marry off soon, to love children and domestic skills.

        5. Fundamental rule of Game: don’t listen to her words, listen to her actions.

        6. So, youre saying women were crying and demanding men be a certain way for decades, then when the programming produces the “men” they claimed to want, they were/are unhappy with the results?
          Ive never heard of womens claims of what they want not matching what they get.
          How odd.

        7. A woman who is not busy raising her children and nurturing her family… is busy destroying herself and her society.

        8. No kidding. That principle shows up everywhere. I slap my wife on the rump and give her a hard time, she says she is annoyed, but I will typically get sex within the hour if logistics are there.

        9. I have a theory that having daughters may be even better than having boys (for most people), because you can bargain the loyalty of a good boy under your rule.
          There is a natural law, that boys should pay the fathers for their daughters. It might not be current culture, but its the eternal way.
          since there is a lot of innately genius and sensible poor boys out there, in this society of us, that does not recognize any nobility, you can basically make good value for your dynasty out of such arrangements.
          Of course, I don’t have such experience.

        10. YES SIR!
          Because at the end of the day, we are the men. Expecting women to do what we want without making them do what we want is a pipe dream.

        11. Women are very seldom happy with what THEY have created.
          We only have to look at today’s society to see that.

        12. true, but why did men suddenly start listening to them back around the 1970’s?

        13. But how do you explain that to Germans?
          We don’t even have a word for ‘shit test’ in german language….we also don’t have a word for ‘virtue signaling’…we don’t need those words in our language because we’re cucked as fuck.

        14. you know, back in 1910 there was a book, I suspect very influential one, written by a man, whith 2 versions, a blue and a pink one.
          the name was probably something like:
          “how to be a good husband”
          “how to be a good wife”
          basically all the appearance a a “good” book.
          At that time people weren’t veterans at machiavelism like the few of us today, so that book made a huge impact on their behavior, since everyone pretty much took what was written there as law.
          I didn’t read the entirety of those books, but there is a strong focus on saying that man that really cares about their wives should teach them to be independent just in case they die and that a man who doesn’t do it don’t care about their progeny, etc.
          well, thats a start, there was probably something about listening to the wife aswell.

        15. You mention the old German fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Wife”. Germans knew it.

        16. I had to google that…I feel embarrassed. You know, we only read literature written by kikes in school and in universities nowadays – everything else is seen as reading Mein Kampf or The Daily Stormer.

        17. Sex. The sexual revolution was in full swing and guys lost their reason almost entirely and ran as fast as possible towards girls with open legs screaming “I feel emotions so much, baby”. It was basically over after that.

        18. I would have to agree. You take away the physical consequences of sex (birth control) and the spiritual, and societal consequences rush in to take its place. No such thing as a free lunch.

        19. But this is a German folk tale? This is Grimm’s, it’s your heritage.
          My Waldorf elementary class organized a play of The Fisherman and His Wife. And German children don’t even read it?
          That pic to the left is by the German illustrator, Sulamith Wulfing. She painted scenes from German folk and fairy tales. Very Eurocentric.

      2. Whether you consider it allegory or literal, this concept is as old as people:
        “And He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?”The man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” – Genesis 2
        Moral of the story? Don’t be a cuck, the buck stops with the man, and don’t try to weasel out of responsibility by blaming the woman. For decades, men have been allowing themselves to be enticed by women and their countless “forbidden fruits”. It is one of the many reasons the West is in such piss poor shape today.

      1. Never been to Czech Republic. How do you see the bulk of the men in your neck of the woods? Cucked, or manly?

        1. That depends. Prague and other bigger cities have a lot of young hipsters, who are useless in real life. I live in a small town near Prague and I can tell you that most men in that town (with few exceptions, of course) are very masculine.
          If we want something, we do it. Our own brewery, festivals and etc.

        2. That seems to be a common problem: the cities are hotbeds of Leftists, their simp supporters, and the brainwashed ‘masses that are asses’.
          Get out of the cities, and the Leftists can’t get a toehold.

        3. I haven’t been in the Czech Republic since August of 1995, Jim. Prague is a beautiful city. At that time, it had only been two years since the Czech Republic and Slovakia had their amicable split .. Before then, it was simply one nation of Czechoslovakia. I spent most of my time on that 1995 trip in Slovakia (I even slipped into Poland by walking past an abandoned border gate).

      2. Yes, but the Czech birthrate is the lowest in the world. If there is no economic reason for not having children (like it is too expensive in Japan, Singapore, etc), then that indicates to me the people hate themselves and each other and want to die off. The Czech birth rate is like just above 1…

        1. The problem is the social programing, cucked young population in large cities and women, who lack parenting skills.
          I have informations from a basic school teacher, who teaches since 80’s. According to her, the problem of the current generation is the fact, that they can’t say no and laziness. Thinks, I heard from her woulld make grown men cry in the corner.
          Long story short, if we solve the cucked youngsters, we are going to be OK.

        2. That’s a big IF.
          From my experience eastern european women are just discovering the sex in the city “don’t have kids until you are 35” propaganda now. By the time they realize it is meant to destroy their culture it could be too late.

    2. “Are there so many cucks, manginas, and doughy simps out there…”
      What angers me is that the German males didn’t get that way themselves — the German Leftists and their Useful Idiots (which includes their feminist women) ALL created the “cucks, manginas, and doughy simps” in their society out of their society’s normal males.
      We have to remember this. (Especially to make sure it doesn’t get to that point here.)

      1. I am hoping that guys are waking up to the problems associated with this white knight race to the bottom in order to get favor from the women who are racing to the bottom.

        1. We can only hope; but I fear that it’s too late, and we’ll have to see some of it burn first.

        2. Probably too late for some areas in Europe, or Australia. But the world is a big place and we have the opportunity to learn for others’ mistakes. I would bet you Urban Germany, UK, Denmark, and parts of Australia will be taken over, warfare will happen in the bulk of Western Europe, but the white male will find their heritage and take it back. There is power in our race.

        3. If you take a look at the average Danish “male” you will realize that our race has no power at all.

        4. The thing that is crazy is historically, the race conquered the world. Amazing what some propaganda can do.

        5. Maybe, but demographics are destiny. Without children there will be no future generation to pick their noses, let alone win back Europe.

        6. WW2 somehow broke Europe and white people, the effects were not visible immediately but we are seeing it now

        7. Not much different than the US and slavery. White guilt by association.

        8. Except that I don’t feel ‘guilty’ about slavery, since I was born nearly a century after it ended. The only thing that I feel is annoyance and anger when some Sh*thead Leftist says that I should feel guilt because “white people were slave owners”.
          Like the typical f*cking hypocrites and blowhards they are, they don’t like it so much when I tell them that over 250,000 White men (nearly all volunteers) died to end slavery — AND that there were also BLACK slave owners!
          I know my Civil War history…

      2. I do believe that Allied-induced re-education (see the 5 D´s) has had more than its fair share in this

  2. Come on, this was the right decision. Muzzies are unable to know right from wrong. Laws and following them are for White people.

    1. While I understand your point, the truth is that Muslims do have a strict code of “right and wrong” under the Koran and Sharia law (most of which doesn’t apply to infidels).
      This is important, because it says right there in black and white exactly what is going to happen to women and all of us infidels as they come into power.

      1. Im gonna miss the swimsuit competition, I can tell you that

        1. yep. a lot of women are vitamin D deficient over there, I wonder why?

        2. You are a Muslim Virus. Burkinis should be only in filthy Muslim Mass Murdering countries. No where else, you Islamist Jihadist Inbred born of Incest!

        3. how is it racist, exactly? last time i checked the preferred nomenclature was “islamophobic”. Muslim isn’t a race, it’s a disease.

      2. Sure, but if I committed a crime against Allah like, say, drawing a picture of Mohammed, but I didn’t know it was a crime under Islam, I’m sure a Shariah court in any Muslim country would acquit me too and give me a free apartment and spending money. After all, they’re just like us White Europeans.

        1. What planet do you come from? Lucius is having a good laugh at your stupidity, air head.

        2. You’d be pubically hung for that crime….but if you raped a baghead woman you’d be hung for that as well.

      3. Muslims do have a strict code of “right and wrong” under the Koran and Sharia law (most of which doesn’t apply to infidels).

        The part about it not applying to non-moslems is incorrect. Look at how many moslems support garbage like blasphemy laws in western countries, or how they support the imposition of dietary restrictions at schools or other places on all the people there, not just the moslems.
        It isn’t like Kosher food, where if you’re not crazy about Kosher, or you love bacon, you can just go to a store that sells it and get it, you’d be forced to abide by these rules even if you’re not a moslem.

        1. I think that was supposed to mean that nothing of the goatrapist’s “laws” regarding treating each other nicely apply to the infidel. Right and wrong absolutely do not apply when dealing with non-muslims.
          Infidel are free game for any horrors or brutality you wish upon them without ever going against the “Islam is peace!” lies that they will try to support using quotes from the Quran.
          “But it’s wrong to murder because of DurkaDurka Chapter 17…” — doesn’t apply to killing infidel.
          “But DurkaMuhammadAkabar said in Chapter 2 that to kill the innocent is worse than any other sin…!” — too bad the infidel are never considered innocent.

        2. True too. The sad or funny part is that it is other moslems who are often not considered to be true moslems, and they often find themselves on the business ends of these rules.

        3. This is a good point. My comment about it not applying to infidels was meant to convey that the right/wrong moral code that a Muslim is supposed to obey is not applicable when they are dealing with infidels. A Muslim can lie to and cheat an infidel with impugnity.

        4. You’re right there, Obsolete Man. Sunni Muslims consider Shia Muslims to be infidels and treat them as such. Look at how the Shia population in Saudi Arabia’s treated. There’s the answer right there.

        5. Same with the Jewish Talmud, its ok to rape goyim children.

        6. yea they took out the part about the virgin mary being a whore too. not in that version. I think it was back when Catholics still held regular bonfire mass

        7. An obsessed Jew Hating Loser comment.
          While the so-called western countries indulge in and trade in Child Sex Slavery, Baby Pornography, Paedophilism, and Pimping children to the Arabs for $$$$$.
          Why the Talmud ? And which Talmud? When the Torah is the Written Word of God?

        8. Hardly. The muslims revered the virgin mary. The so-called christians of the West label Mary a Whore who bore the bastard Jesus after copulating with a Roman soldier.
          The virgin birth of Jesus is supremely important in Islam, as one of the most important miracles of God. … The birth is later referred in sura 66 (At-Tahrim), ayat 12, where the quran states that Mary remained “pure”, while God allowed a life to shape itself in Mary’s womb.

        9. Even your own head rabbi said Mosses never existed and there was no exodus.
          458BC the tribe of Judea founded a racist cult that was violent and warlike, it became zionism.
          The jig is up, the goyim know.

        10. Pea brain Based, what a fucking loser you are. What makes you think I am Jewish, scumbag?
          The goyim are utterly utterly stupid.NO? Look how the goyim licks the muslim arse, suck the muslim cunt, and grovel, snivel, doing everything to be the best dhimmi. What a LOSER! Pathetic!

        11. Well said, Based! Why are you even responding to “le Happy Merchant” anyway?

      4. the truth is that Muslims do have a strict code of “right and wrong” under the Koran and Sharia law (most of which doesn’t apply to infidels).
        The Leftist LIES. The Truth is, there are more than 160 violent verses in the quran that calls for Strict Slaughter of the Infidels, the Justification of Murder, Enslavement of peoples, and Mass Rapes of Infidel women , toddlers and babies!
        Quran 9:29: “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.”
        Quran 8:39: “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief, non-muslims) and all submit to the religion of allah alone.”
        Quran 47:4: “When you clash with the unbelieving infidels in battle (jihad), smith their necks until you overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making them captives. Thereafter either generosity or ransom, until the war lays down its burdens. Thus are you commanded by allah to continue carrying out jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to islam.”
        shaq :327: “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. BUT ALLAH DESIRES KILLING THEM TO MANIFEST THE RELIGION.”
        Quran 8:7: “Allah wished to confirm the truth by his words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.’”
        Quran 8:39: “So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam.”
        Quran 8:59: “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”

        1. …more of Canadian and American politicians should heed your above comment, before it’s too late!

        2. Canadian and American politicians are Leftists and Liberals.
          They cooperate, collude, and work with Islamists to subjugate mankind. Seen effeminate Idiot with no credentials Justin sitting with the Islamists in the mosque and flooding his country with Islamist Jihadists?
          See the success of the Muslim Islamist Obama in America.
          Michigan is fully Islamic with sharia law.
          Minnesota is NO GO occupied by Somalis.
          22 Terrorist Cells ready to strike America at signal given.
          Proof abounds.

        3. …good show! In the “Viking State”, there over 100,000 Somalians and in Lewiston, Maine, the city is over 30% Somalian!…from whence they come from? Toronto, Montreal are quickly becoming muslim cities, and Toronto downtown, the first item on their (Syrian) woman’s agenda, is to get pregnant, as in Canada, this will assure them a guarantee “anchor baby” with more welfare cheques, more “baby bonuses” (in Canada, each child, until the age of 18 receives a monthly stipend!), and they can get easier access to townhouses in Toronto! Meanwhile the Canadian soldiers, returning from the war in Afghanistan, are out in the cold!

        4. If by heed, you mean submit fully to Islam, Western politicians have already covered that base.
          The question is if Americans will use their 2nd Amendment rights to prevent further Islamazation of their country.
          In this case, you have both foreign and domestic enemies to fight.

      5. He even said it to the judge … remember? He spoke of his female relatives to whom he’d never do it.

      6. That is the case for the Wahhabi faction, which control most of the media and resources in the Arab nations, aka House of Saud; other factions are not afforded the same rights, Muslim or not. In any case, other Muslim nations are taking more refugees than EU nations.

        1. bullshit. i want to see the numbers. site sources or gtfo. how are black africans refugees? we didnt bomb africa (much, lately)

      7. Look more closely at the article. The victim stated that he did think he had consent. UhHuh … then look at the source article at link. He is a drug dealer, and she has been buying his product. They were heavily under the influence that day. There are a whole lot of problems in getting evidence for a conviction.

    2. Many, perhaps even most, or even close to all judges belong to secret societies that support, promote, and advance the globalist agenda.

    3. Before you know it Muslims will rape in US and say its in their religion and the 1st Amendmenr protects them from persecution. Oh wait they are raping infidels they’re alrrady doing it.

    4. I lived in Germany for 5 years, a good amount of it was in the region of Cologne, I witnessed the behavior of local Muslim men, now this is the late 1990s to early 2000s, when the Muslim population in Germany was much smaller. It was common to see them aggressively harass German women but it was also common to see German women date these men as well. Even with the recent incidents things aren’t changing much, German women are programmed by pop culture which means they are attracted to bad boys. And most German guys are passive betas.

  3. TFW when the average Turkish rapist has had sex with more white women than you have …

    1. I had a dream last night. I was giving a speech at my university about my bachelor thesis and I thought “Hey, let’s do a Sam Hyde move right here and throw some subliminal antisemitic messages in.”. So I proceeded and during the talk I every now and then mentioned a company that is owned by jews out of cohencidence.
      Then I was looking at the back of the room where the professor who marked my thesis was sitting and he was talking on his smartphone…When I wanted to leave the room the SEK (german SWAT) was rushing in the room, pushed me to the floor and told me: “You’re getting arrested for wrongthink. What you did today was worse than murdering a children. You will rot in a prison cell for the rest of your life.”
      When I arrived in the prison they gave me the opportunity to talk to my parents (= your average german babyboomers who are happy to get ethnically replaced). So I talked to my mother, explained everything to her and she just said: “You are a xenophobe. You are no longer my son. You are worse than Anders Breivik.” – and she hang up.
      Then I woke up and was bathed in sweat.
      This nightmare was the most real dream I ever had. It really felt so plausible and possible. And after reading this article – it just affirmed this feeling in my gut that this nightmare could eventually turn into reality some day.

      1. It’s unfortunately too realistic: many white parents would disown their children over expressing such sentiments. Black mothers, on the other hand, always defend their sons, even if there’s footage of them grabbing a cop’s gun or shooting someone in the head. I respect that about black mothers: they always stand by their sons.

        1. My parents would throw me under the bus in a heartbeat. I try to minimize my conversations with them because they are getting furious when I raise the mildest concerns about muslims and jews.
          Only problem is that I’m financially depending on them…I don’t want to go into Detail but it has something to do with tax optimization…I should not have gotten into this tax optimization bullshit because being dependent is way worse than having a bit less of money.

        2. Exactly. When a white male goes on a rampage killing, his parents disown him and never want to be seen in public again. Omar Mateen’s father gave interviews about how his son was a good boy and attended a Hillary rally front and center months after his son committed the worst mass shooting in American history.

        3. The hypocrisy is strong with boomers. They enjoyed living in a monoethnic society but they want their children to get raped or stabbed in a multicultural hellhole.

        4. More than that: they say not to fight it, just eek out a meager existence at the outskirts of society and wait for death to come. That is their mentality.

        5. I told my mother years ago that if I ever committed an awful crime, that if she acted like a sheboon and defended me as a gudboi that dindu nuffin wrang to the media despite being unquestionably guilty as sin that I’d disown her myself– she’d no longer be my mother.
          There is nothing respectable about being a nigger.

        6. If your family will line up and protect a son who murdered and raped a grade school girl, your entire family should be hung by the same rope.

        7. Why? Family should matter more than strangers. Loving a stranger as much or more than you love your own flesh and blood is what is wrong with modern Westerners: pathological altruism.

        8. Yep, they are totally nihilistic. You should see my parents: They are watching german genocidal TV for 5 to 7 hours per day. They aren’t doing any kind of sport. They are drinking soda and beer and eating ice cream all the time…disgusting.

        9. Those are the damn Lefty Boomers who had nearly everything handed to them by their over-indulgent spineless parents.
          We conservative Boomers hate their fu*king guts, the rat b*stards!
          May all the damn Leftists go to the hell that they deserve…
          Spoken by a late Boomer (’56) who is a proud veteran and a Trump supporter.

        10. Translation: “She ain’t kin. She don’t matter.”
          You really are a nigger.

      2. Boomer cucks are among the worst. Trying to reach them with truth is like talking to a brick wall. We will be better of when most of that generation is in a nursing home drooling out the rest of their days.

        1. Oh yes, I look forward to these days.
          Btw: 80% of pensioners voted for Macron and only 55% of the younger generation…despite the fact that there are more whites in the first mentioned group. Pretty much tells the whole Story about the generation differences.
          Good times create weak men.
          Weak men create hard times.
          Hard times create strong men.
          Strong men create good times.

  4. And of course Brunhilda won’t tell her future German beta husband Gunther about this and then Gunther will wonder why he develops penile cancer at age 39…

  5. “When someone abandons himself to being a victim, he’s gonna have to be one.” – Ed Kemper

  6. War is on its way.
    It’s about 1937 now, applying a particular historic example

    1. In the grim darkness of the (not so) far future, there is only war.

      1. in the case of most of Europe, only the elites gang aka The Government has the guns, tanks, warplanes, warships etc, the silly schmucks who get taxed (white working class) have none of what i mention.
        In fact apart from the US most white countries are the same.
        i read a comment posted on here a little while back that i was nodding in agreement with, which the poster said ‘what happens when The Government starts arming these rapists/refugees/invaders with AK47s?’

  7. He shows the way to all of us, but nobody follows him yet

      1. Was denn für ein Plan, goyim?
        Los, geht weiter arbeiten! Die Flüchtlinge müssen ihr Gleitgel finanzieren, damit sie eure Frauen besser anal zerficken können!

  8. The Jews are talented lawyers, they said.
    It is better for our society if the talented Jewish lawyers are employed within our legal system, they said.
    The FUCK I just read???
    Where is Adolf when the Vaterland needs him?

    1. The Jews were forced into journalism, the banking system, the judicial system and pornography. At least that’s what my teacher told me in the history class.

  9. Germany is a lost cause. Mental illness and ethnomasochism reign supreme in the post-WW2 culture. The select few Germans that still have common sense should accept this, and flee to Eastern Europe while they still can.

    1. I planned on migrating a long time ago. But what is the best Option? Russia is populated by a lot of muslims. Ukraine is unstable. Nobody knows where Ukraine is heading. Poland will turn into a liberal hellhole with a delay of 20 years compared to Germany.
      Maybe the best Options are argentina, Uruguay, Iceland, China and Japan.
      Argentina and Uruguay because it’s too far away and learning spanish is easy. China and Japan because they don’t give a fuck about refugees – but I will be a minority and learning the languages is hard. Iceland – well the language is hard too, but the rapefugees probably don’t know that Iceland exists so they wont find it. And if they go there they will get depressions because of Vitamin D deficiency and they will commit suicide.
      Sorry, that so many words are beginning with capital letters but my Microsoft Edge browser has turned into a german grammar nazi despite the fact that I have turned autocorrection off in the Settings….

      1. The feel when even my browser is more of a nazi than my fellow countrymen….

        1. That is correct. I even heard about it in german Mainstream media. But the question is: When will Soros get rid of Orban? And how fast will hungary decline afterwards?

        2. I doubt very much that Soros will even be able to get rid of Viktor Orban .. Soros already has one foot in the grave, and Orban will take care of that problem.

      2. dont go to South America; lots of remnants of far left governments

      3. The northern midwest US is a good bet. Genetically Germanic population[a lot of locals still speak Norwegian], far right wing politics. The 1950’s never left here.

        1. Minnesota sucks, stay away from it, they’re becoming little Somalia. Wisconsin is hit or miss. The rest, correct.

        2. I was in the Michigan Upper Peninsula recently … it was like the white homeland. German, English, Scottish. They do not abide outsiders. They only just barely tolerate Lake tourists. And guns … guns everywhere. I couldn’t believe the amount of guns. They don’t look it at first glance, but under the radar they’re organized like a Revolutionary War era militia.
          It was beautiful because I’ve been in Mass far too long.

        3. And the level of trust in UP Michigan is through the roof. Roadside vegetable stands, where you pull up, take what you wish, and put money in a little locked wooden box built into the stand, no attendant present. There’s a whole mess of them once you start hitting the highly wooded areas. Ohio is more or less the same, except with a bit more open carry of guns, and we’re mostly German-Irish as a rule.

        4. To a degree. Stay away from big cities they are just as liberal as anywhere else in the US. Also, people in ND are weird. MN is OK, SD is OK, MT is OK.

        5. In Cleveland and parts of the cities otherwise, sure, but then, Detroit is filled to the brim with black people too. As is Flint.
          My county is 90% white. The county next door is 92% white. Population south and to the west where my mother lives is 90% white.

        6. Yes, I saw that!! It’s unreal. At first it seems naïve if not stupid until you get the mindset.
          I had the audacity to ask what they were going to do if Detroit empties out and heads north. They laughed.
          They have absolute understanding that they’re one of the few safe havens and what that means. I don’t think they would have given me more than a semi friendly hello, but we were visiting my bf’s family there.

        7. Sounds like dis nigga needs to take a ride up to apple country in the UP with a crowbar …

        8. Hey, if you feel the need to be shot, by all means, city boy.

        9. *click*
          That’s all you’d hear, home fries.

        10. Be warned, harsh winters. During deep winter the public roads are authorized for use by snowmobiles.

        11. so rednecks can’t stand at their fruitstand to make change but they can be up in a hunting stand with a scoped rifle watching said fruitstand for pilferers? … you don’t make much sense. Dis nigga be takin da watermelon, da money, and the white women

        12. Stop trolling Pabst. I’m saying that the culture is such that if somebody catches you doing that, you’re in for a world of hurt. And I don’t mean just the stand owner. I caught you doing that I’d have your ass pinned to the ground waiting for the cops to arrive. High trust cultures of white enclaves are like that for a reason, not just the trust but also the understanding that you’ll be dealt with if you violate it, you don’t fuck with them.

        13. Its a great way of seeing who’s trustworthy..
          People who pay for food will be good neighbors.
          People who try to steal will be dead.
          Sounds great to me.

        14. No you wouldn’t. People love to talk tough but in reality they will rationalize inaction: they have too much to lose, guy might be crazy and pull a knife, not worth it, etc

        15. Oh go troll somewhere else, you intellectually gifted child, you understand almost nothing outside of your academic bubble.

        16. No one is going to shoot a peach bandit and get 20 years to life over some fruit

        17. Yep, he lives in NYC and when he goes to deep blue “Minnesota” considers it representative of the Midwest and West and declares we’re all the same. Dude really needs to get out more.

        18. Americans get stabbed and shot all the time because they hesitated … they pass a mob of youths and become a victim of a the knockout game. Most Americans hesitate and become victims. The person who strikes first wins.

        19. Box. You were stating that you’d steal money.
          That is an arrest-able offense.

        20. And yet you learned absolutely nothing, or was taught to rationalize it away. You literally are almost utterly unfamiliar with the world we live in out here.

        21. I’m just a victim of the American educashun system yo’ honah: I thought the box was an oven with some huckleberry pie inside I did

        22. Some do.
          Some are armed and defend themselves and innocents.

          You are severely underrating americans capacity to wage violence.
          These blmers etc wanting a race war have no idead how quickly such an occurance would be over.

        23. Ok, we’re done talking for today on this thread, you’re just trying to smoke and joke and troll and it’s really boring at this point.

        24. Yeah here’s the thing though: you can’t tell if the eccentric black bum on the street staggering toward you wants to give you a hearty hug or wants to knife you. And if you jump the gun and blast him, it’s murder. If you hesitate, you might die. See the problem here?

        25. Put out an APB for the “Peach Bandit” – suspect is described as having a pie covered face and bulging pockets filled with pilfered peaches

        26. I was there and it’s gorgeous. Original cobblestone streets, and well maintained old homes, and the Lake is surreal. Lots of tourists in the summer season, and they can be of the liberal kind, but they’re not there for long. By a rural UP man’s perspective it’s a semi socialist big city lol, and I can understand why the tourists (they call them fudgies because of the fudge shops all over town) would wear on their nerves, but it was heaven. really. I would move there in a heartbeat, even with the snow. Charlevoix was beautiful, too.

        27. The infamous Peach Bandit: a trail of pits led the detectives to the hideout of the notorious peach bandit

        28. Judge: “Any last words Peach Bandit?”
          Peach Bandit: “Life’s a peach”
          Judge: “How does 20 years to life sound, Peach Bandit?”
          Peach Bandit: “Just peachy”

        29. Yea. Your poor thinking is the problem.
          Have a taser or pepper spray. Or just use old fashioned physical force. No need to shoot right away.

        30. Documentary narrator: “For decades, the Peach Bandit terrorized fruit stands in Michigan’s UP.”

        31. The Peach Bandit is going to steal your schooner and make for his hideout on Peach Island

        32. I live in Minnesota. Look at the last presidential voting results in Minnesota by county. Yes the whole state went for the bitch/criminal, retaining its record as the bluest of blue states (the only state to vote against Nixon in 72). However, Hitlery carried only about 6 counties in the state, all in or around the three biggest cities. So it is all over the country, outside of California and the hard core New England. The big cities are cesspools of degeneracy and despair.

        33. ‘Getting shot’, maybe… but ‘getting dead’? The YOOP has PLENTY of wooded area to dispose of ‘telltale’ bodies.

        34. You haven’t been up in the YOOP, have you? They don’t call it “The Last Frontier” for nothing.

        35. I really enjoy riding up there with the wife on the back of the bike. We take the kids up too from time to time, although in a car. It’s like a Winter Wonderland Caribbean. We only go in summer, heh.

        36. It does keep the riff raff out. And trees as far as the eye can see, only cut by a narrow swath of road, until you reach a crystal clear lake…priceless.

        37. Salt of the earth types, definitely.

        38. Aye, that’s true in every blue state. Even Cali. Even New York. Even Jersey.
          Each county should get one electoral vote at the federal level. We’d straighten this shit out fast if we did this.

        39. It’s great that they’re sticking to the 2nd Amendment, the Right to bear arms. There are around 100 million legal gun owners in the USA who own over 500 million firearms and over 4 trillion rounds of ammunition. Over 60% are either hunters or combat veterans, or both. Heck, that’s a whole lot more heavily armed civilians in this country than there are military personnel. No wonder, migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, etc. dare not settle in the northern regions of the Midwest .. They’d get their heads blown off if they did.

        40. No, I don’t see a problem at all. It is called situational awareness.

        41. It will be difficult in the extreme to tell the judge anything from six feet under.

        42. That’s awesome, used to see those all around update New York (in and around the Catskills). Also in the agricultural regions of southern New Jersey. This from someone who grew up never carrying a front door key, because the house was usually left unlocked.

      4. Come to the US. We got problems, but Muslim barbarism is not well received.

      5. did you know the first Israel was in the Soviet Union: it was called the Jewish Autonomous Oblast

        1. I know that already, Mr. Pabst. In 1918, the Jewish Bolsheviks won their revolution and murdered Czar Nicholas II and his entire family. These Bolsheviks mass murdered some 66 million Russian Christians from 1918 all the way to 1957.

      6. Russia has a lot of muslims. But the muslims in Russia know how to behave. Russia has MEN as leaders. Europe has childless , leftist leaders who are competing to be the Best Dhimmi.

        1. ” the muslims in Russia know how to behave”
          Uh, Beslan?
          They are on their best behaviour for now, but they know the Christian population is plummeting. Just wait.

        2. Russia has a 300 years track record of killing muslims. That has not changed. Simply because leftists are shut down. Liberals are castigated. And Russia succeeds because Russia focusses on patriotism. The Russian character is fight to the last man in the trenches.
          The West allowed the Leftist/Liberal/Cultural Marxism poisoning of successive generations. Western feminists were lauded for making pansies and sissies of their little male toddlers. That grew into effeminate, limp-wristed, quivering, giggling girlies, brain damaged cretins who work with their leftist/liberal ilk to promote being the best dhimmis to the muslims, and happy to live on bended knees.
          Now you understand why Russia is attacked.
          On Beslan. It was an American CIA operation. The AngloAmericanScum Duo – America/Britain have been planning to conquer Russia for last 200 years.
          Who ordered Beslan? It was a paid for job. The terrorists had satellite phones and computers and were uploading snuff and rape films. The Arabs were in communications with other Arab speakers. The Saudis and Qataris are the usual suspects, as they are the financiers of Jihad world wide, and the US/UK/NATO are their guardians. Ex-President of Georgia and now American professor Saakashvili has also come under suspicion, as he regularly assisted Islamic Jihadists operating to the north of him and Georgia was and still is a den of CIA and Islamic operatives.
          Americans and Britons celebrated the massacre of Russia’s children. Just as Americans adopt Russian babies to exercise their sadistic whims till stopped by Mr. Putin.
          About time the rest of the world Wiped out America and Britain.

      7. Could be you arrived at the solution to your problem in Germany with one certain 4 letter word in your last paragraph.

      8. “Iceland – well the language is hard too, but the rapefugees probably don’t know that Iceland exists so they wont find it.”
        Dream on.

    2. Yeah…Albania looks good, or maybe Bulgaria or Romania…F*ck living in E Europe…with crappy paid jobs…no wonder there’s so many of them in England.

      1. Crappy paid jobs are better than being slaves in the up-and-coming caliphate. Just watch how quickly the living standards switch.

      2. Not Albania. It is truly one of the more backward, crime infested, altogether hellish corners of Europe. White, yet 60% Muslim (courtesy of the Ottoman Turk invasions), it’s a glimpse of what an Islamic Western Europe will become.

        1. About Albania , “only” 49 % of the population consider themselves muslims as in the last census , but the majority of them don’t practise it and the state is strictly secular and so is the society. With that being said , the corruption is very problematic and the country is indeed one of the poorest in Europe. However , the crime is more of an econimic nature and your life won’t be threatened unless you are involved in criminal organisations like mafia and shit like that.
          ” it’s a glimpse of what an Islamic Western Europe will become.”
          This is a big fucking lie. Nobody will give you crap in Albania for being a christian or even care about it altogether. If you think the Islamic Western Europe overrun by arabs and africans will be like Albania you’re out of your mind.

        2. Thank you, Native Balkanian.
          You may be correct that I’m a little biased. One of my sisters in law is Serbian. I visited Albania only briefly while in Serbia for my brother’s wedding. So, of course I heard much from the Serbian side, yes? Unfortunately, I would be lying if I said I enjoyed Albania. There was a palpable heaviness there, and the increased criminal element seemed obvious to me. I don’t know that I’d dismiss the Albanian mob. They have a known presence even in the States.
          Ive heard the Muslim population accounts for anywhere from 50% to 70%. Whether they are practicing Muslims or not … I’m not sure that matters. The cultural effect remains. In the US many Christians identify as so but do not practice, yet a Christian cultural element remains.
          Many have argued that increased Muslim invasions of South Eastern Europe (versus Western) account for its lagging economic and cultural progress. Others have laid the blame on communism, others on Orthodoxy. What do you think?

        3. When did you visit Albania ? Was it the 1990′ or early 2000′ ? The country was a big mess back than but things have changed. It is impossible to spot crime in broad daylight while walking in an Albanian town nowadays . It is done behind the scenes now. Also which town did you visit ? You have to at least have visited the capital to give a general opinion on the country.
          As for Islam , it has no impact whatsoever in the culture. Did you see any women in burqas or men in those arab clothes while in the country ? I think not.
          Also , don’t confuse Albania with Kosovo. The two countries don’t have much in common except for maybe speaking the same language (even though the dialects are so different you can’t normally communicate in Albanian language).
          So to conclude , in 2017 the country is generally safe (except for some deep rural areas in the North which I wouldn’t recommend anybody to visit) and the locals are very welcoming towards Western visitors. There are some nice and cheap beatches in the south of the country. You might want to give it a try.
          To adress your last point , there are many factors in it , from cultural to genetic. But mostly the lack of developement in the region is a legacy of the Turkish invasion which kept the Balkans down while the rest of Europe was progressing.

        4. I wouldn’t live in Albania, but if I would have to choose between having Albanians or Arabs/Kurds/Pakis in my country, ofcourse Albanians are preferable. Albanian women almost never wear hijabs and they don’t seem to be as prone to rape and other low-brow hideous crimes. Germany has several hundred thousands of Albanians, but how often do you see them in articles about crime, pigginess behavior or islamism?

        5. are Kosovoars worse than Albanians from Albania? They look the same to me, I have seen many pictures.

        6. Yeah Kosovars are worst and they give a bad name to the rest of us in Europe. They love Turkey and hate on Skanderbeg , our national hero. There are Kosovars in Albania too and nobody like them. Albanians are civilised , unreligious and kind people.

        7. Bro , you wouldn’t want to live in Albania if you were born there because there are few jobs , money atc. As a German , if you have some sort of income from from home , you could live as a king in Albania. There are all the facilities you need there to live a decent life there , but only the richest or some in the upper middle class can afford them. Many Italian pensioners do this. It’s like their Florida next door. Also it is a good idea to invest in Albania now. Buy land or houses for cheap prices and in 10-15 years when the country joins the EU , their worth will increase exponentionally.

        8. 2010. We were in Novi Sad for the wedding. We drove south through Serbia, then through Kosovo into Albania, so, yes, were in the north. I don’t want to give the impression that my life was in danger, yk? The south is very different? I have heard the beaches are beautiful but unfortunately we didn’t have time to reach them. To be fair, although I thought Serbia was sublimely beautiful, I mean truly one of the most beautiful country sides I’ve seen, there was sadness there as well. I don’t know if my imagination ran away with me, or if there is a legit heaviness in the air leftover from the war? It was beyond the effects of poverty. I’m half Russian, have visited Russia many times and I don’t feel it there, so it wasn’t anything Slavic either. No, I didn’t see a world of burqas. I have seen more burqas in Western Europe! But I do think the influence of Islam can be felt in the same way the lasting effect of Christianity can be felt in those nations traditionally so, even if the majority no longer practice. I thought at the time that Albania was a rare example of Islamic/Euro mix. I’m still of the opinion that this is not an altogether healthy mix. The Turkish influence in particular (Though I sort of adore Suleiman). The stream entering Europe through Spain seems less troublesome. Even beneficial maybe.

      3. Everybody fucked on shine, lazy and unskilled but great at math… Fuck that.

    3. Look at Germany’s leaders and people in general. Those who have NO children care a hoot . They are only interested to whom they should leave their property. And it is certainly not to their own German young who will become a Minority within Five years.
      Germany has Lunatics for leaders that pimps for Muslim Rapists, Murderers.

      1. You got that right, QV3 .. Angela Merkel’s the biggest lunatic of them all .. And she may not even be a native-born German. Rumors have gone around that she’s actually a Polish Jewess.

    4. I completely stopped caring about Germany as of late. They made their bed, now they can get raped on it.

  10. I wish that I could say that I’m outraged, but I’d be lying — all that I can honestly say is that I’m not surprised.
    I hope that the German feminists and the Useful Idiots of their population are happy with what they’ve created — because it’s what they deserve.

    1. The “Refugees Welcome” sign, even after what happened in Cologne, the refusal to report offenses by refugees, and now this. At some point you have to wonder if the women are just asking for it.

      1. They are. That’s why we need White Sharia. The next german girl I hook up with….I will test White Sharia on her. I swear to god I have so much rage and Anger in my stomach I will totally destroy the next slut I fuck.
        Ich werde sie zur Bewusstlosigkeit würgen und alle ihre Löcher mit meinem Übermenschensperma befüllen.
        That’s what I will do.
        And then I will go to jail because I’m a german white male.

  11. It is the people’s fault.
    They keep voting for this stuff.
    It won’t be until more people stop caring about being called racist, sexist, bigoted, or whatever insult is in vogue and start voting for the interests of their country that this will begin to stop.

    1. No chance of voting yourself out of a system designed to be held up by voting. Democracy is a sham.
      Give me a Fascist authoritarian, nationalist state any day, and take my voting rights away for my lifetime.

      1. True… citizenship and the privilege of participating in government need to be earned.

        1. With the first picture and quote attached, I just asked myself: who the fuck is Ezra Pound?
          With the second picture and quote attached, I actually Googled his name to see for myself.
          Now I am intrigued.
          May I respectfully ask for advice from you?
          I would like you to advise me on which writings or books written by Ezra Pound that are the best reads? I would really appreciate it and thank you in advance.

      2. exactly. As long as people believe in the “legitimacy” of democracy, is doesn’t matter how much they wake up about everything else.

        1. No matter who you vote for, the government always gets elected.

    1. They didn’t just ‘vote’ for this — they DEMANDED it.
      It’s only Right and Just that they get it…BUT GOOD!

    2. No. It goes to show that time and time again, it’s the men that will have to clean up the mess that women (Merkel) created.

    1. You know, I’m just wondering when the islamists will blow up the Mona Lisa, David by Michelangelo and other great artworks created by White men.

        1. I dunno…I mean look at all the beautiful museums there in Iraq, being the cradle of civilization and all.

      1. Likewise. I am a little surprised the Eiffel Tower still stands without chunks blasted out of it.

      2. They caught that fellow at the louvre armed with a machete and paint bombs. he was going to destroy works of art before he was shot to death.

      3. They got the twin towers in new york I also think sooner or later they will get something symbolic like that in europe

  12. Sometimes (like today) I’m in a gloomy mood, and after reading news like this or after ‘arguing’ online with some idiot who thinks that things are going to change by posting Pepe memes or by writing clever essays about Heidegger I think: “to hell with all this shit, they asked for it so be it, let’s watch this motherfucking world burn”.

    1. I agree but I would like to live and rather not get beheaded so the question is: Where should we go?
      Argentina? Uruguay? Iceland? China? Japan?

      1. I agree, but the answer is not running, but fight. If I were you I would prefer to die honorably for my race and my Vaterland than living on my knees hiding in Iceland or Argentina.
        That being said, if you chose to run, I suggest Argentina: beautiful country, up to 80% white, isolated, right wing movement in good health, etc. Most expats here in south america can make a good living teaching english, and if you have a useful degree you can find a good work and have a better living yet.

        1. I’ll have a german master of engineering degree in 2 years. That should help. But I wont stay here. That is not an option. I won’t fight for cucks. I don’t know a single rightwing guy in germany…

        2. Your people are so brainwashed that even the ‘right wing’ movements are fucked. Pegida (or was it AfD?) choosed a lesbian for President.
          With you Masters degree you can find easily a good job in any south american country, but I suggest the whiter ones: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

        3. Yes, AfD replaced Petry (she is pregnant with kid number 5) with Alice Weidel, a lesbian Goldman Sachs banker.
          Kosher nationalists like Le Pen and Wilders.
          “Democracy is defined as a country run by jews”, like Ezra Pound said.

        4. Fuck. This is laughable. AfD is headed by a lesbian banker? Definitely co-opted. She is the very epitome of everything wrong with the West: childless, hates men (lesbian), and obsessed with profit and materialism (career as a banker).

        5. Exactly. And if that’s the ‘right wing’ today, what are the odds for the future then?

        6. Yeah, been there a couple of times. It is really a nice country. Buenos Aires has certain reminiscence of Paris, and I’m not kidding.

        7. America has its share of problems, but is still the best bet. America started in large part with settlers who wanted to get the hell away from Europe and all their BS. We fought a war to be fully rid of it.
          You’ve got tons of Germanic/European cousins here from those past movements. Lots of right wing strongholds full of God fearing people clutching our guns and our Bibles. Globalists are in for one hell of a fight should we have to empty our arsenals and fight again. Pretty sure you can’t say the same of Iceland or Argentina.

        8. Yeah, it’s weird to me how so many resident Germans have this blind spot to the U.S. We have our problems but man we’re so freaking right wing by their standards you’d think that they’d be flocking here. And outside of the big cities, it’s almost wholly white (the South being an exception, in parts), heavily armed and you can say what you wish when you wish however you wish without anybody being able to say “boo” about it. Plus the economic opportunities here are off the hook.

        9. “is American the best country in the world? Yes, probably, but that’s kinda like being valedictorian of summer school….”
          -D. Miller

        10. I lived for ten years in Alabama. My wife was an elementary school teacher. She taught in a poor country school. The kids had no winter coats and were overjoyed when we collected used shoes for them. The county was 100% white. Just south of my county was another county that had a sunset rule; don’t let the sun set on your black ass in our county. So, the south is far from integrated. Some areas are almost entirely black, and some areas are almost entirely white. Many, many years ago I lived in South Carolina and had a very black girlfriend. She was miss black Denmark, as in Denmark South Carolina, nearly 100% black. I drove her there to see family once. It has a huge sign as you enter town stating, “Denmark, the watermelon capital of the US.” I am not making that up.

        11. 700,000 muslims in argentina and growing. Plus the government is nuts. Chile or Uruguay.

        12. I didn’t know about the banker bit but also initially felt it’s not right to have a lesbian running the party. On the other hand the mainstream parties they are fighting at least can’t throw the homophobic line

        13. Not sure how many of Petry’s speeches you saw but there was one I saw where she talked to a bunch of high school students and after that I was convinced she was less suitable to run the party than many other talented members..

        14. Thanks for that, one of the key phrases –
          why did the German nation… one of the best educated countries turn on the Jews? because they displayed the same voracious ethnocentrism, power grabbing, influence peddling, buying of politicians, dominating of the public airwaves and the public media in Germany…
          There is something missing from the message we get, was aware of similar things from the wikipedia articles about the war and Nazi propaganda films. See it’s not a list of things which are necessarily illegal, but there is a definitely a problem and a provocation in there and a sick way of conducting oneself in society. Ethnocentrism really carried too far, and have heard about the events they used to invite Obama to. Suspect the same thing has been going on with the conservative party in Germany in recent times, but it probably goes on everywhere.
          Had no idea who that guy was, looked him up.. not sure what he believes and denies, but yeah is a bit of a message in that clip

        15. The “Jews” have always done exactly what they are doing and they’ve done it the exact same way. The most well known example, even though few realize it for exactly what it is, is the 1st Century AD. The “scribes and Pharisees”, King Herod, and the subversive Edomite movement in Judea at that time is a past version of what we see today. They politically colluded with the superpower of their day, Rome, to undermine their hosts the Israelites just like they do today, etc.
          Confusion over the word “Jew” today muddies the historical waters of that account to hide the fact that the Edomites, who we call “Jews” today, were a different people than the Israelites . They still try to change their names and blend in pretending to be European when they are not.
          With DNA’s whole purpose being to replicate itself, the idea that the “Jews” consistent behavior, which we can readily document going back many millennia, is not due to their genetic programming seems to be the greater leap of faith than admitting it almost certainly is. The facts on DNA we have relating to racial traits and behavior as suppressed as it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if this has already been documented but buried deeper in the pile of genetic truth.

        16. Interesting to hear about the history I just wish the forced multiculturalism, feminism, political correctness and all its side effects could stop and be reversed to how it was until the 70s. It’s destroying our societies and needs to be urgently stopped.
          In 2016 Mein Kampf could be legally sold in Germany again, although it’s not in many stores. Other laws about not denying or being disrespectful about a certain historical event continue in perpetuity. I went into a cinema the other day spontaneously to see what’s showing, „Verleugnung“ was on.. So kept walking. It’s a bit unbalanced. Perpetual victimhood, seeing a film come out every few years about it is annoying. Care factor: low. If there’s a law to say you can’t deny it publicly there must also be a law saying you can’t make movies about it all the time, there’s surely enough already it’s not that interesting. 60 million people died in WW2 but this aspect of it gets most of the attention.

        17. Some of my fondest memories in life are from when I lived in Germany. I’ve decided I will not revisit as I always wanted to over the years. I’d like to remember Germany before the wall came down as I do now rather than go back and see what it’s become.
          Once the “Jews” true identity is understood, history tells their story as a people who’ve always tried to take over the world but failed every time. They’ve been kicked out of countries well over 100 times. History will repeat until they ultimately reap full measure for the seeds of wickedness they inherently sow, and the world will breathe a collective sigh of long awaited relief.

      2. Hi, I am Brazilian, and Michel Temer (President) just signed into law
        (about 2-3 months ago) a law that allows foreigners to come in here, buy
        huge ammount of lands, work the soil, etc.
        while the Brazilian
        people are stupid and saying he is “selling” Brasil, I suspect he is
        preparing the laws in this country for possible waves of refugees from
        either europe, north-korea, japan, or some other potential war.
        we have received many japanese refugees in the past (fukushima
        disaster) and I love japanese people. (When you live in a country with
        iq ~85, whats not to love about people with ~105?)
        There is a
        religion in Brazil (and only in Brazil) called spiritism, check it out.
        One of the beliefs is that the north world will be engulfed in war and
        Brazil will have to “open up its arms” to the people living in the north
        The more I think about it, and current events, the more that seems plausible. But I could be very wrong.
        the 3 states of the south are the “white-states” were the iq is a lot
        higher. Funny enough, those are the only states mentioned in the
        prophecy (with exception of perhaps São-Paulo).
        Prophecy aside,
        it is a common sentiment among everyone, including Christians, that
        Brazil will eventually become a refugee nation when 3rd world war begin.

        1. I hooked up with a brazilian girl from Blumenau (brazilian city founded by a german) two years ago. Gave me the best blowjob ever. She was an exchange student so I never visited Brazil myself.

        2. gee, never heard there were fugees from that japanese disaster…thought it was contained? 🙂

        3. They tried to nip it in the bud, but didn’t have all of the equipment that they needed, which was a real chink in their armor.

  13. Hang the mudslime from a lamppost using the intestines of his lawyer.
    Justice is simple: When you have no rope, you make your own.

  14. Q. Which potential victim of rape is most likely to be attacked?
    1) a young woman at home
    2) a young woman in public
    3) an older woman at home
    4) a young girl
    5) none of these

      1. A. None of these. A young man in prison has the greatest chance of
        being raped.

        1. Oh, yeah, that’s right. It falls under the “kick the man in the nuts” comedy rule.

        2. according to the feminists it is funny. Nothing is as hilarious as a guy getting sodomized routinely for years because some girl had regrets about having sex.

  15. This is where we’re at & somebody has to step up to fix it.
    If you AREN’T lifting, reading, working hard– getting your mind & body in combat condition, what exactly is your motherfucking excuse now? Even all you MGTOWs who don’t care about getting laid or succeeding in life, do you care about the end of your civilization? What needs to happen in order for you to get up off the couch and shape yourself into battle-ready condition?
    We all need to start making serious, concerted efforts to address these problems. Writing about it, telling people about it, raging about it…and when the time comes, being prepared to fight for it.

    1. I could kick myself for getting Lasik. Not only that my dim light vision is way worse and I still try to find a solution with scleral contact lenses, I also have a flap on my eye that is held in place by adhesion and it will come off when I get punched in the face. So if someone punches me hard enough I need a cornea transplantat. Of course the surgeons are concealing this information.
      Having Lasik means purchasing a serious injury for the rest of your life…good luck, fighting.

      1. All Navy SEALs have to have perfect vision. The US Government funds Lasik in any case where a prospective SEAL does not have 20/20. They seem to be kicking ass just fine.

    2. nah… you see, you are screaming at wild cows. There is no point in screaming at wild cows, they just won’t give the milk.
      The way I see, from personal experience, is that, us, many of us, have being put into such an overwhelmed position of weakness, and in a way, submission, that we can’t do anything for ourselves, and the only hope being a higher power, (rich savior, organized mundane group), to save us. As long as one remains in the whole, there is nothing that can be done.

      1. I don’t want to give anyone the idea that I’m a neo Nazi, but take a moment to consider the ancient & beautiful symbol known as the swastika. It gives a good idea of why I think you should reconsider that position.
        At it’s heart, there is a simple X shaped cross. This is a simplified, 2D representation of the entire, 3D universe — a vertical and horizontal axis, just like a coordinate plane in geometry class. Each of the 4 lines can be viewed as rays eminating​ outwards from the origin, they’re all 4 the the same length and moving in equal, opposite directions. But the beautiful part is that suddenly, all 4 make a 90 degree turn, at the same time, and in the same direction. This represents the phenomenon Carl Jung called “synchronicity”, that is when one thing in the universe moves, all the other related things in the universe also move in concert with the first one – even at a distance, and even with no apparent connection or common force causing them all to change.
        So, in a way, you’re right: we do need a Deus Ex Machina to swoop in and save us, or we’re fucked. But the thing is, we ARE that Deus Ex Machina. It can’t come along to deliver us, unless we first move decisively to deliver ourselves. The universe has a funny way of working, the first thing we have to do is trust that if we will, It will. So, don’t just sit & wait. Get up and take action. (End of sermon)

  16. Read about the future of Germany (valid for the rest of European Nations as well).
    “…. Gen. Wesley Clark, who remarked around the time the [Balkan] war began that “there is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multiethnic states.”
    Clark’s remark was probably the clearest expression of the war’s real purpose, but it is by no means the only one. President Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and several other panjandrums have uttered similar pronouncements.”
    Very interesting, don’t you think?

    1. All bullshit. An African who learns to speak German is no more German than I am African if I learn to click my tongue like Starvin Marvin.
      Does a centipede become my boarder because it lives in my basement?

      1. What I am trying to convey here is that the changes we see have been planned a long time ago and that it is futile to fight them. The forces that are behind these societal cultural and racial changes are mighty enough: they already have created an impetus which is following its course by inertia whether we like it or not. There is no “coming back” until eventually a new historical cycle is going to start due to huge demographic and / or environmental changes. And even those future changes may very well be the result of plans which are already being drawn up as of now…

        1. It has been in motion for a long time: the French purposefully used African colonial troops to occupy the German Rhineland after WW1 because they knew it would result in mixed race children (the Rhineland Bastards).

        2. Nonsense. Eventually, white men will have truly nothing to lose not even a shitty job to think of. And then they will snap en masse.

        3. anyway, the very fact that French had to decide between Macron and a woman is a testament of what you just said… there was really no option. just illusion.

        1. Strangely, I heard Starvin’ Marvin today for the first time in decades, and now you say it too. How weird is life?

  17. I am utterly outraged and disgusted. That woman could have been any one of us here in Europe. I live in Wales which has plans underway to allow a huge influx of these immigrants very soon. I despair for the safety of myself and the women in my community. I have had negative experiences with Muslim men living in an English capital city. I have had them randomly approach me and say and request filthy things. I was even suspiciously followed by some when I was heavily pregnant once. Needless to say they left me alone when I walked into a crowded area. It’s not even like I dress in a way that provokes attention. I am dumpy and very average looking at best and I dress modestly. My brother’s girlfriend was on her way home from work late at night and had one corner her pull her knickers down. She kicked him in the balls and managed to flee. She’s another modestly dressed, dumpy girl who doesn’t try and attract negative attention. All women in Europe are now at risk. We can only unite together and castrate these rapists ourselves through vigilante justice like they do in China. If the police and the government will not take care of things to protect ourselves we need to resort to violence. We need to get all these confirmed but unpunished rapists in the town and chop their dick and balls off. The next woman this happens to could be you, your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, your grandma, your daughter.

    1. Tell your sisters all about it, it was y’all who voted in socialists generation after generation and tore down your men and instilled awful white guilt via the education system. Don’t know what to tell you otherwise, because if “there are plans in the works” still, after so many years of evidence about the horrors of doing so, and nobody is out throwing Molotov cocktails at the homes of the “leaders” then you’re as good as done.

      1. I have never voted. It’s not my problem and I shouldn’t have to suffer.

        1. Wasn’t blaming you, was blaming your sisters who do vote, overwhelmingly, in favor of the far left without fail.
          As to “shouldn’t”, well yeah that would be great, but I didn’t invent the rules of “democracy”, so woulda shoulda coulda doesn’t really apply.

        2. You have a good point. All the government parties here in Britain are pro state, very liberal and are pro immigration. The only policies they have that differ from one another are of an economic nature. Britain is just about the most cucked nation on the planet, believe me. I feel utterly ashamed of this country. It’s actually illegal here to say something ‘xenophobic’ about refugees. If someone saw my comment here and knew who I was I could actually do jail time. I’m not exaggerating.

        3. When it comes to hate speech laws, the UK, Canada, Sweden and Germany are the worst without a doubt.

        4. A guy I know got locked away for 6 weeks for calling someone a nigger during an argument.

        5. Well, take a look at the dream I had last night that I wrote about in this comment section…I literally have nightmares about this topic of punishment for wrongthink.

        6. So do I. I have effectively isolated myself from my community because I just can’t deal with the type of liberal BS I see everyday. It’s so ingrained in my communities culture and I fear if I say something the state will come after me or my kids so either I nod along with everything which just makes me angry or I keep to myself. We live in some oppressive times.

        7. Same for me. I’m sitting here in my parents basement. Painting, reading and writing until winter semester starts in september.
          I don’t know a single nationalist Person in reallife…all the friends I have are on the Internet…I’m a 4chan allegory.

        8. Try to find a nice place in a red state here in the USA and settle. May face some challenges but I know of cases where female orphans came overseas from Europe alone in the days when ships only had sails.

        9. You can get arrested in England for cursing?!?!?!?
          who the fuk is running things – my ex-teacher?1?!

        10. is it time to rethink your fecklessness yet ? It is definitely your problem now and you and your sisters will most definitely suffer greatly. Maybe start a Facebook group, leave the fighting to fighters but everyone owes their culture their support. Too easy for too long syndrome…

        11. A man can get arrested in Nottingham for simply walking up to a woman and talking to her — and she doesn’t like it.
          Look it up.

        12. There are probably more out there than you think. I recently was shocked to discover that a coworker whom I thought was an absolute left wing nutter was secretly hiding her conservative viewpoints. She said the stress was driving her crazy. This is at a very large silicon valley firm that enforces left wing ‘progressive’ culture.

        13. More like the Bolshevik USSR. The Bolshevik leaders at the time issued a decree that anti-Semitism was a capital crime and the penalty, death.

        14. OMG! scary times we live in but the UK is worse than continental Europe in that regard, still in Germany it’s also a bit too politically correct

        15. It’s easier to come out as gay than conservative nowadays.. Yes, somehow these tech companies are left but Peter Thiel is one of the few right wingers there, good there’s at least one..

    2. and yet I’ve been pulled over like 5 times by cops for not wearing a seat belt … but remember people: the police are your friend lolz

      1. I have been stopped by police before because my kid took his shoes off in the buggy repeatedly so I left them off to let his feet get cold so he could learn a lesson before I was going to put them back on again 5 minutes later, I had a policeman pull me over in the street and question me about child neglect. All this rubbish and pakis in Rotherham get away with gang rape. The police ignore your crimes if you are a Muslim over here yet they antagonize the indigenous population over the dumbest things.

        1. Cops are cowards who want to keep their job: they don’t want to be accused of bias or racism so they look the other way when coloreds commit crimes and meet their quota of tickets by harassing white people for parking on the wrong side of the street.

        1. Geeeez lamo, seat belt buckles are there to open beer bottles with!

    3. All Celtic nations in the British Isles love the Marxism and refugees!

    4. Sorry about your experiences, but….You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

      1. I don’t see how any of these things are my fault. I have always been against mass 3rd world immigration and the wars that cause it. I didn’t ask for this to happen to my country and i am deeply saddened by it. That was a rude and distasteful comment and in no way called for.

    5. My grandfather was welsh from Swansea. Probably 5’9 at most, but tough as steel. Fought at Jutland, in the Palestinian mandate, and then was captured in WW2 by the Japanese and was stuck in a prison of war camp.
      If he were alive to see what the welsh, english (etc) have done to our ethnic homeland, he would probably ask for the UK to be nuked. They have thrown away our culture and inheritance, condemning our children to serve as muslim sex slaves.

    6. This is why Roosh said we need to take away women’s right to vote. These tragic disasters would not happen if we left democracy in the hands of the rational gender.
      Would you be willing to form the core of an anti-suffragette group?

      1. I don’t believe women should be allowed to vote either. I could try but it wouldn’t go down well where I live and I would be putting my family at risk.

    7. Erm…80% of women in france just voted for more of this. I guess you can understand when we stop having sympathy for what will happen to them?

      1. 80% out of the ones who voted* I meant. the ones who didn’t well…yeah still no symprathy.

      2. I don’t know what anyone was thinking giving women the vote to begin with.

  18. To be fair, this could very well have been a German slut who regretted having rough sex with this guy.

        1. ”Recently, a German judge has acquitted a Turkish drug dealer, fully understanding that he forcibly and undeniably violated a woman for four hours to the point of incapacitation”

        2. That`s according to PJ media, not the Turk in question.
          “the Turk was simply participating, in his opinion, “wild sex”.

        3. So, A rapist’s defence is more important than his victim’s? I was tried on a charge of ABH/Affray once…claimed it was self defence in court…was acquitted.

        4. The victim dosen`t have a defence, as that would be the accusing party.
          The burden of proof is on that party of course, that is on of our legal principles, and it is important to maintain it that way.

        5. Er…yeah I know that..
          …and the Judge admitted that it was a forced attack…but he was hoodwinked by the Wog’s counsel into believing there was some kind of cultural misunderstanding. What a croc.

        6. That made no sense in the context of what we where talking about.
          Again that`s the OPINION on PJ media.

        7. He raped her…no argument about it…then bullshitted about ‘cultural misunderstandings’…and got off with it…the whole article is about legalising rape by Muslims…not if “she asked for it”

    1. True, but I don’t recall anywhere in this article or the link that states the turk claimed she consented

      1. “the Turk was simply participating, in his opinion, “wild sex”.”
        Have we all turned in to `yes means yes` feminists now:)

        1. That`s not an argument.
          As I said it very well could have been dirty sex that she regretted. You just hate the idea of a German slut having sex with a Turk, which a can get. But you`re arguing like a rape hysteric feminist.

        2. Sure….all rape victims are liars…especially those young girls in the north of England…and those Yazidi sluts, who were just begging for it…and what evidence(other than your warped mind) do you have to claimed she asked for it?

        3. if you’re a Muslim male, no means yes
          if you’re a white male, no means no and yes also means no

        4. And the guy is a drug dealer…a professional criminal…if you think he is genuinely as naive as he makes out then you need your head tested.

  19. If the women acknowledged it could be thought that he was just having wild sex then she deserves what she got, no sympathy from me

  20. “A conviction is not possible, because no intention is demonstrable.”
    Strange, as in England ignorance of the law is no defence.

    1. Explain that to our dopey FBI Director James Comey regarding Hillary’s emails.

    2. It’s no defence in Germany, either. Only if you are a rapefugee – then you are oppressed by this type of privilege.

      1. man it’s dangerous what’s developing in Germany and Europe.. two kinds of law for two classes of citizen, paying taxes vs getting handouts, it’s the opposite of integration.

  21. Not excusing the judge’s decision but after I’ve read the article, I think it’s entirely woman’s fault. She bought drugs from him and in his culture that means that she’s a low quality woman that anyone can use and abuse.
    Ultimately, it’s the rulers’ fault for allowing the mixture of incompatible cultures to occur.

    1. You know…I partly agree with you. Especially because I hate those white nationalist cucks who are defending white women all the time…they are making the whole nationalist movement about gynocentrism. Andrew Anglin from the dailystormer actually wrote a great article on these types of guys today.
      White guys need to realize that there is no way around White Sharia…women just want total Submission, it get’s them wet.

      1. yup.
        sex realism alone won’t get us anywhere.
        race realism alone won’t either.
        both of them separated are at great fault.

      2. Our culture has been gynocentric all the way back to the invention of agriculture only today it’s becoming more obvious with feminism as an open ideology.

  22. If it was real rape (and I just do not know) then the law must be enforced, period, fuck “cultural understanding”. That being said, this ditzy idiot was buying freaking drugs from a savage, what in the fuck else did she expect to happen?!

      1. She made the call within the next 10 minutes and got the bonus absolutely free.

      2. I have no idea what the words that you typed, actually mean.

        1. Ah, never heard it called that before. So I learned something today. Thanks mate!

    1. AWWUDALT: All women who use drugs are like that.
      A german girl I know use to buy his beloved weed in a Turkish neighborhood until the dealer and a friend almost raped her…..and she didn’t learn the lesson, she’s pro invasion and a leftist.

  23. Good job, ladies. You went from having economic and political freedom to demanding to be raped by a cult of empirically inferior people. Well, at least we still have Eastern Europe.

    1. Well, at least we are not racist and not sexist and not antisemitic 🙂

      1. You convinced me. It really is better to be forcibly pumped with semen than giving someone the opportunity to call you a bigot. I’m now woke.

  24. Not sure I want to go back and even visit the land where my people originated

    1. If you visit, go to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or Sachsen. They have by far the lowest number of migrants (around 8% opposed to 25 to 30% here in western germany).

      1. cool, I’d have to go to Rhineland-Pfalz to truly go to where it all started. Any thought on that state?

        1. Yes. I live there. But I really don’t know where you should go now that they brought rapefugees to every village.
          For example they moved a bunch of rapefugees into the house where I lived with my exgirlfriend 5 years ago…
          I just give you some unconventional advices where to go:
          Niederhausen an der Nahe -> There you can find an idyllic Reservoir (artificial lake) and the Luitpoldbrücke – the bridge that seperated Prussia and Bavaria centuries ago. You can also buy great wine there (my relatives own a parcel of land there, they are vintners).
          And if you drive 5 minutes to Bad Münster am Stein you can visit the Rotenfels – the highest steep face between the alps and scandinavia.
          You could also visit the barefootpath (Barfußpfad) in Bad Sobernheim.

  25. “Some leave, knowing they are unable to eliminate the newfound threats of their ancestral home, becoming refugees themselves of their invaded nation.”
    I am a firm believer that revenge is cathartic and healthy. Those leaving, or with nothing left to lose should enact a scorched earth policy. Render infrastructure useless via fire and sabotage. I don’t have to give examples, European patriots can be creative.

    1. “I am a firm believer that revenge is cathartic and healthy”
      I hold this believe with religious fervor.

    2. That is probably the only strategy. The muslim masses are actually vulnerable to infrastructure sabotage. Most live in urban areas, and precious few work or have survival skills. Almost none have stockpiles of food.
      Cut the infrastructure systems and watch them turn on each other. Sunni vs Shiite, Afghan vs Arab, etc.

  26. I don’t know man. Germany is known for giving pussy punishments, but not for legalizing any crime.
    Also I’ve heard this very same story 3-4 weeks ago, but it was commited by a rapefugee.
    This Turkish Guy lived in Germany and could speak german, this excuse makes no zero sense. While with the rapefugee it had 1% sense, well, kind of..

    1. When was the last time that “gee officer, I didn’t know that was illegal” work for you?

      1. Worked for Hillary Clinton pretty well.
        “Lock her up”, my ass.

  27. Welcome to the new Marxist world where whites are slaves, where right is wrong, where night is day, up is down. Whites are paying heavily in taxes to support these wild animals meanwhile the white culture is being ground down into dust.

      1. It’s funny how America still believes they won the second world war.
        The only thing they got was the parenthesis virus.

        1. Well by that measure, no nation has ever won a war since at least the 1700’s forward. Every war has consequences, and cultures of all countries generally change in some way, for better or worse.
          By the actual standards of war, we curbed stomped y’alls asses (no offense to you personally intended). We killed people and broke shit until there were no more peeps to shoot and no more shit left to break. That’s called “victory” in the history books.
          Besides, the socialist-commie crap was already being installed long before WW2 by “intellectuals” from the USSR and Europe.

        2. You know…without America Germany would have won both wars. That’s a fact.
          And if I imagine living in a national socialist state or in a jewish run democracy that imports rapists, terrorists and other retards I would prefer the first, tbh.

        3. Yeah well I all I know is Vietnamese and North Korean parents don’t have to worry about their daughters dating or fucking an Arab or African.

        4. Not sure: America didn’t enter WW1 until 1917 and WW2 until 1942 (effectively). They did supply a lot of munitions of course before that.

        5. I have no doubt of that. I highly respect the quality of fighting men that Germany used to produce, back when they actually produced healthy masculine men like it was “normal”.

        6. The vietnamese girls showed me the true nature of females. We have lots of descendents from vietnamese boat refugees in germany. All the young vietnamese guys (who are all very nice, I love these gooks, they are great friends) are single. All the young vietnamese girls are getting knocked up by german guys…the best female friend of my sister is vietnamese and pretty much forced me into fucking her on new years eve 2014/2015. The way they are whoreshipping white cock is despicable.

        7. We were winning until 1917…
          We can argue about the second world war.

        8. The Vietnamese or N Korean would be more than happy to have an American Veteran take their daughter to live in the states.

        9. Well, we don’t have THAT much of gook girls in germany. You are probably better of with Thailand or Vietnam.

        10. Same thing happened when I was in my early 20’s. There was this black guy that moved into my small hometown. The way the teenyboppers were salivating over this guy was unreal. Just another welfare junkie, and they thought he was hot stuff. Anything to tick off daddy.

        11. We had this one black dude (son of an american soldier) in school. His Name was Michael and he pretty much looked like young Michael Jackson (= not that great) but the german whores loved him.
          What I also noted with the vietnamese girls in germany is that they are always radical leftwing nuts. The german state TV funds a blog of a vietnamese girl who writes about sexism and racism (just imagine the audacity – her parents arrived in germany as refugees and now she earns money by bashing white guys).
          This is her blog:

          If you scroll down you can see that she just visited the pacific north west (made a nice USA vacation from german state funds) – and of course she gets railed by a white cock.
          Women have no morals whatsoever. Doesn’t matter if they are white, asian or black.

        12. so she hates white guys but also has sex with them? damn that hamster is moving at lightspeed

        13. Hard to say how far east Germany could have gotten if they just went eastward and not gotten entangled with France and UK, Considering that the Soviets lost like 10% of their population, it is feasible that they would have given up if they managed to take Stalingrad and Moscow. What lost if for Germany was being too ambitious. Had they just kept a single front war, they could have won it in the east. I don’t think UK, France, or US would have gotten involved outside token measures if it was just seen as a war between the Communists and Nazis.

        14. Any person who call themselves parenthesis shouldn’t be considered white. Even if they are biologically white, its irrelevant in the face that they abandoned it.
          No nation of white people should have any religion, or group of people that champions anything else than the own religion and nation in which they are located. Anything else, and no matter how peacefull they are, they are enemies of the state with the goal of destroying the nation.

        15. Would you be willing to be interviewed for a documentary on the Peach Bandit? Just describe the crime scene as you remember it: broken money box lock, peach pits everywhere, fruit stand in disarray …

        16. “Anything to tick off daddy”
          BINGO – I had a black friend in college who used to CLEAN UP because of this phenomenon.

        17. Its a shame you guys got left holding the bag for what was really a war b/w Austria-Hungary and Russia…

        18. Realize what’s going on here. White females are encouraged to mudshark and Asian females are encouraged to seek white dick. That leaves out black females – or does it??
          Realize that many men are partaking in a worldwide racial melting pot program when they cross mate with the female racial group that has been agitated into a reproductive frenzy towards ‘mudsharking’ for the white ho’s, ‘yankee-panky’ for the Asian ho’s or . . . what do the nigger bitches do?? Who is promoted by the race mixing cabal to pair with the black chicks??
          WELL of late you’ll notice quite a few dating sites on the web and numerous communities that cater to MIXING BLACK CHICKS with Asian men. Sites with articles on “How to approach an Asian man” are being spammed to black females. It’s all part of the globalist/marxist plan to erase racial lines and strive towards the ‘World Man’ that Marx, Coudenhove and others have espoused, a raceless, coffee colored, plunger lipped dumb brown zombie. Something resembling a semite but not part of the official tribe. A Euro-Asian-Negroid. A perfect mongrel somewhat resembling the semitic Ashkenazi Jew, but much lower in caste. A slave with a slave master that looks ‘just like me’! A world plantation system where you cannot tell the workers apart from their masters. This has always been the masterplan.
          You’ll notice many clubs of black chicks and Asian dudes where they strictly cross date Asian male/ black female:

          What do you call black chick on Asian guy? I dunno. Rice-a-boning? Dat nigga bitch be rice-a-boning? Saki wukkie? Maybe they have a name for it. Don’t know.

        19. You realise at some point the allies wanted to assassinate Hitler but they changed their mind after they saw how stupid he was and that killing him would make more harm than good.

        1. “Women import it” — from ‘hot’, ‘Bad Boy’ muslims.

      1. Nah, the dude probably swam the Mediteranian with a whole load of others on his back!
        ………….started at the bottom now we’re here!

  28. Because western feminists have made such an indelible public issue about rape, they gave us all the impression that they are against it. They’re not.
    If anybody is going to stand up against “rape culture,” it is going to be men– because it offends our sensibilities and our notions of justice.
    Women “leaders” will do little more than organize slutwalks, parade with mattresses strapped to their backs, and enforce speech codes and “affirmative consent” horseshit on campuses, all the while importing more rape than our culture has ever generated on its own.

    1. As sick it is, I believe those feminists get wet just thinking about getting raped by a brownie, they want that “alpha” cock is all… this is why they don’t stand against real muh soggy knee when it comes to these shitskins… they like it, they import it.

  29. Can I use the excuse that I didn’t know I had to pay my taxes and it is not part of my culture?

    1. No, unless your last name is Sharpton. Please refer to IRS publication 3180-A, “Guidelines for Race-Baiting Social Agitation Artists”.

  30. Isn’t it interesting how this all happened at the same time, with the same language, and the same responses to outrage…and where was Obama…
    I have a suspicion that he diverted funds for this. That massive stimulus did not go to the US, it went elsewhere. It would explain a lot.
    These sneaky weasels.

    1. 1.7 Trillion literally vanished didn’t it? Where did it go? A few roads ok but then….that leaves a solid trillion and it went….where? Why hasn’t anybody asked this yet?

  31. …the collapse of Germany (the traditional protector of Europe, since the time of Arminius Herman), will lead to the collapse of Europe, which will lead to the collapse of the Roman Catholic Church, which will result in the ………..FINAL collapse of western civilization, and 5,000 years down the drain!

  32. Sounds good. If I ever feel like raping a hot blonde I’ll just get a tan, grow a beard, carry a Koran, fly to Germany, and have at it. If anyone asks I’ll just say I’m a 13 year old Syrian refugee and call them racist if they ask any more questions. Bonus: I should be able to cash a few welfare checks while I’m there.

    1. You would need more than a Koran. ‘On the night of August 18, 2016, the 23-year-old Turkish man sold drugs to the young woman and they consumed speed together.’
      Some drug dealers take sex as a form of payment.

      1. I would, in that case. From the young noob chicks just getting into it. The ones addicted for a year or more…eh…gonna need cash honey…

  33. this is the result of the US govt after the war occupying Germany and allowing the jews to take it over. Gen Patton saw this and tried to stop it and he “died” (was killed) in a hospital after an minor accident. our army stayed there as a debt collector insuring that Israel would force Germany to pay tens of billions to them all the while pounding guilt into them for 60 years

    1. are very correct!….there are some scholars, who say that the American Civil War was instigated and financed by the British (Rothschild) bankers! Judah Benjamin was the Vice president of the Confederacy, and he wasn’t even born in America, but in Barbados, British West Indies! The WWI, President Thomas Wilson was duped to get American involvement by Rabbi Stephen Wise, and WW2, FDR was conned by Bernard Baruch! America fought a fratricidal war against Germany, and considering that over 40% of the American populace at the time were of Nordic-Germanic descent, how the jews duped all of us!…but, then they are very smart, cohesive people!

      1. thanks I am not a scholar but really know human nature and the jews are easy to predict . thanks for your post and good comments

    2. …you are a very scholar! Sir Edward Gibbon (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 1776, Chapters XV & XVI), that these moneychangers invented jesus and Christianity, to destroy the Roman Empire, as revenge against the Romans for destroying their 3rd temple!

  34. This is another example of the planned destruction of German ethnicity, the weapon is an unlimited supply of low IQ Muslim Africans and Arab military age males. German men need to MAN UP and begin a ferocious resistance, with weapons. The enemy is your Government, your Media and your Clergy. Start shooting the bastards!

  35. “The defendant maintained that he would never do such a thing because he
    himself had female relatives. The victim herself, who personally
    described her direct refusal and the subsequent brutality, when asked
    “Could it be that the defendant thought you were in agreement?”, agreed.”
    What? She agreed with that statement? I see something wrong with her evidence. In fact, I don’t understand it at all.
    I have a question. Did she buy drugs off this man? The stupid “no names” rule makes it impossible to check, but there was a recent case of a woman who brought a rape case against her drug dealer. I am asking, because both, in this case, sound addled.

  36. I have checked this a little further.
    It’s entirely possible. There are lots of rapes, and I’ve seen even more unfair decisions ‘by law’.
    But be very carafull about this Case.
    I can find only ONE source (for now). It’s a translation from a local newspaper in germany.
    So it doesn’t mean it’s not legit, but one source isn’t enough.
    This outrage can be used against us if it’s not proven true ( CNN ‘Hoax brings massive theeats of violence in the neo nazi neomasculin news, etc etc etc)
    So, all of us know people that knows people… It’s time to use our network. If this case is legit, it won’t be hard to find other informations about the case.
    (And i’d be very interested by the name of the judge)
    If the german medias tries to ‘snuff’ the case, a new public could be touched by our fight.
    If this case is disinformation, we should keep a clear mind and don’t be fooled. That’s often how the Elite destroys its opponents.
    We are NOT SJW searching reasons to get angry.
    We MUST fight, but we have to be very carefull about the fight we pick.

    1. Absolutely, look how this one turned out even after Spicer condemned it from a televised White House Press daily Q & A:
      But if it is true, at this point, seeing all those men in the pic screaming at the police, I feel let the liberal women turn it around themselves since they wanted the refugees to come in.

    2. Plenty of cases in Sweden where gang rapists were given house arrest, or low sentences.

    3. probably is some exaggeration on our part, I haven’t checked the source either, but can say from reading the German alternative press that there is a lot of leniency and looking away and the police are also angry about it, they arrest and then judges are lenient, a German policewoman published a book about it..

  37. Germany can get raped, screwed and annihilated by Muslims for all I care. That means no more European wars started by those quasi-human swine. The way they’re going they’re going to start another one in Europe. That’s 3 strikes! OUT!

  38. The Germans have been neutered by Political Correctness.
    Germany has become a Nation of Cuckolds.

  39. ” Recently, a German judge has acquitted a Turkish drug dealer, fully understanding that he forcibly and undeniably violated
    a woman for four hours to the point of incapacitation. The reason for
    lack of conviction was that the perpetrator was presumed to not
    culturally understand what rape was. As described,
    due to the “mentality of the Turkish cultural circle” (note Turkey is
    more than 95% Muslim), the Turk was simply participating, in his
    opinion, “wild sex”. In the justice’s words, “A conviction is not
    possible, because no intention is demonstrable.” ”
    If I had only known about this defense when I was a teen! Just think of all the stuff I could get away with. Seriously folks, we will see the establishment of Der Fourth Reich soon!
    Btw, I do not sanction rape in any way.

  40. In the Muslim world they will cut your hand for thievery. So if this goat lover did the unspeakable act of rape then his penis should be cut off. If the authorities wont do it the citizens should form a group and dispense justice.

  41. But a white guy who glances at a female for a millisecond is considered a rapist and is totally persecuted for doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, yet a muslim man can come and literally lie through his ass and get off without punishment.
    Libtard logic.

    1. Actually what you’ll notice is that a white guy that comes on to a white girl in one of these zones under globalist siege will get the authorities called. All the while the Asian girls are scanning for White guys, especially older vet looking guys, the type of older White guys that jew judges loove to lay the hammer on for having relations with younger white girls, ergo Teachers, coaches. But younger Asian girls with older White guys are sanctioned. The Asian female/White male is being pushed hard, but that leaves many Asian males destitude supposedly.
      Many threads on here spake of the plight of Asian males with their women deserting them for white dick. But there’s something I’ve taken note of which hasn’t been picked up on here. And that’s Asian guys going for black females and vice versa.
      Clubs of Asian guys with black gf’s are popping up. Now me, I’m white and I’ve never especially salivated over black pussy. I’d rather do Helga in Hitler’s barley field on a Rhineland spring night with the wind blowing, holding her blonde braided pigtails tightly to the sides like motorcycle handlebars, slapping in an Iron Maiden disc and then slamming that sweet pink caucasian pussy till the morning crows make their nisten upon our schlupfwinkel. But that’s just me.
      What perplexes me is Asian guys going for JUNGLE BOOTY?? Some black chicks can smell pretty FUN-KEE down there and black men have often proclaimed they they refuse to eat black pussy. How bad can it really be? Ask any hood nigga. But Japanese for one are known to crave the raw fishy flavor of sushi. Anything raw and fishy. A black chick’s creme brings funky and fishy to a whole new level. Maybe that’s it. Asian guys are the only ones who will plant their face in a nigga bitches twat and plough like a schooner boat. I know Asians have the taste of an alley cat what with the raw seafood fetish and all. I’ve chewed on raw octopus before but I’m sure not paying 50 bucks for it. But an Asian guy, maybe something goes “click, click” in their head and they go into a munch fest when black snatch is in their face. What black woman wouldn’t thrill at some Asian urchin sucking their brains out. Black chicks see crabber captains hats while the brains that engineered Sony and Samsung go apeshit stupid over the land tuna jungle she-apes. Things are gettin pretty fucked up funky for sure.
      Jungle boogy jigga boogaloo saki yoo?? Shit I can’t even make a rhyme out of this. This shit is too much man.
      “I rike chewing on octopussy with my coke zero” . . eeh . . okay enough. I’ll stop.
      I had a Asian cutie, super tall stare me down in the library today. She looked like a future runway model. Must have been at least 15 and she was with her mother. But the way she kept IOI’ing on me and smiling with her perfect teeth. Her mother was right there for Pete’s sake and I’m an old white fart. But even the Asian teen girls are being primed and encouraged to go for anything white, especially vet looking older white guys.
      Now in this locale, I could get the cop summoned if I went around the library running chat on most of the blonde cuties I saw in there, but the librarian actually nodded and smirked, like giving a thumbs up to the young Asian beauty with her mom. The librarian couldn’t swipe my card so she made me wait to print a new one. Then she couldn’t swipe the Asian teen’s either and had us both wait together while she chatted with both of us like she was trying to break ice for us. It was like the librarian was cracking out the kazoo horns and confetti for the Asian chick/white dude mantra. Like she saw two prima-gened specimins Wm and Af and she just wanted to smack them two together. I got the cutie’s name and school in convo but I didn’t click like I go apeshit for strawberry blondes. But I’ve seen that same librarian remove another white guy who I’ve always seen bookworming around and chatting up higher tier white girls in there. The librarian is just one example, but there seems to be a lot of selective enforcement or shaming against guys doing same-race panning while there’s a push to promote the Am/Bf – Bm/Wf – Wm/Af pairing.
      Shaniqua does the Forbidden city. What’s going on here? Shit.

      1. That’s most definitely the funniest thing I’ve read all week! Well done, good sir. You win the internet today. Iron Maiden, too? Definitely legend status, bro!
        I, myself, haven’t noticed a whole lot of Asian men going for chocolate pussy, but there sure as hell are a lot more black girls heading to Bangkok to work as prostitutes these days, crowding certain streets to get their load of creme rinse for some Thai baht. I personally find it gross, but if it floats someone else’s boat, I’ll not stand in their way.

  42. She was stupid to buy drugs. Anyways to the other European women that do not buy drugs and do not want to be raped go out in groups even invest in a chasity belt. I think there are some European women that are doing the above two things and they are the ones I worry about.

  43. The plan is to install radical ideology permissiveness to actualize the authorization for the elites child rape propensity, upon the alteration of the EU to fit the multi ethnic cultural-ism the elites will attempt to commandeer that billion person Islamic religion as a sprawling worldwide army for their purposes among other surprises, the plan is for a 15 year pogrom to solidify multiple 100 coups and the setting up of a secret EU elite controlled caliphate that will steer it without the radicals themselves recognizing the fact that they will be used and dominated by the EU, the radicals are believed that they will not fight the effort even when exposed as a plan because it fits with their interests, half way through the elites themselves will be attacked and the plan to control the extremists fail at the expense of the lives of those that tried to manipulate them. The EU men are brainwashed to submit to authority too well, they have by the EU brainwashing elite been cowed to do nothing as they the EU men are deposed from any importance by their EU masters, only by rebellion against unhealthy EU elite policy can the EU be maintained, if the EU men do not rebel and remove the elites quickly and decisively the EU men will have their countries used as props in the elites gangster plan to rape and pillage the worth of the EU for their nefarious purposes. Those that prevent the truth from reaching the EU mens ears are their arch enemy and must be removed, the way to start is demand attention communicate across the EU the situation and identify the enemies keeping the secret coup against the EU men and their women, get rid of your enemies or you will be used as a war decoy. Those that want war are your enemies, this is the EU mens test, to be used up in every conceivable by war mongers and those that tell nothing of the rapes and murderers, get rid of those that are keeping it quiet, Independent secret news services, photocopy sheets, make demands to their faces and prepare for what ever they have get people talking and see whether the Men have any interest in protecting their homeland, they will distract you with silence and making you think you have no ability to make change those destroying you are few, it will be easy to get rid of the few.

  44. Men know when anouther person is screaming that something is wrong. I dont care what they belueve, to cause harm to anouther person should receive the maximum sentence. DEPORT THEM NOW!!!

    1. She wasn’t screaming: ‘But at some point she gave up and let her go as she put it.’
      This is after they consumed speed together.
      ‘According to the report, the decisive question was “Could it be that the
      defendant thought you were in agreement?” To this, the poor girl — who
      had given up struggling after she had been raped — said “that could be.”‘

      1. HAHAHA victim blaming, What she was wearing? Maybe she was asking for it. Muslim are higher in the oppression hierarchy above women, gays and trans. So they are immune to feminism buzzword and BS.

  45. Where are the feminists fighting for women’s rights? Why do feminists don’t fight for the rights of the Muslim women? Because feminism is a political movement that doesn’t have anything to do with women’s rights it was about transferring all the power to the government so they can make men second class citizens.

  46. Dear German Citizens: You must man up, be willing to pay the price for truth and justice, and KILL every one of these rapists, until they catch on and stop, or go home. If you do not man up, no one will feel sorry for you. If a muslim (or anyone else) rapes a relative of mine, I WILL hunt it down and kill it like the rabid dog it is, and so should you.

  47. Its not rape, its “cultural misunderstanding” that’s the PC term for rape these days.

  48. European leaders are traitors and the French election proves the majority of people there are duped and brainwashed.

  49. Abdul Tutmechranen: “But in mai kantry we fak vomen for 8 ours and dey not move, vat is problem?”
    Judge: Oh mein God Herr, I am zo sorry! I did not realize! Release zis poor innocent herr immediately! RAUS!

  50. 3 people I have no sympathy for: germans, swedes and, recently french. They had many opportunities to stop this madness and voted again and again for globalist scumbags.

  51. Lucius Clarus has a good point if you interpret his comment ironically. The Leftists are the most racist of all, because they hold “people of color” to lower moral standards than they hold white people to, which is a backhanded way of asserting white moral superiority. If I was a POC, nothing would offend me more than that.Honest POCs should be outraged; dishonest POCs should be rubbing their hands with glee.

  52. It is amazing. A White citizen can be accused of date rape because the woman got drunk and decided after the fact that she really didn’t want to have sex. But if yòu are an unwanted immigrant you just have to not understand that there is such a thing as rape and you get a free pass. I hope the pretty blonds with the banner don’t realize their foolishness the hard way.

  53. Sweden is dead, France has just signed his own condemnation to death, Germany and UK are in coma…. Needless to go on.

  54. Russia has muslims scum there too,,but Putin told them if they pull any bad tactics in his country that he will NUKE Mecca….!!

  55. The Arab and African miscreants, cretins and goblins might not culturally understand what rape is (that’s baloney), but I’d bet my last euro they understand what a .44 is.

  56. So with that judge’s logic I can rape a Turkish girl and claim that I didn’t know “hayir” meant “no”.

  57. The judge, along with the rapist should be vaccinated with (take your pick) an AK, an AR, a CZ,etc.

  58. My bullet in this animals head would let this savage know he was wrong, in America our woman are armed in most places, good luck muzzies with your rape culture.

    1. But western white woman love rape…why else would they import these barbarians? Its because white western men are spineless, if white western men started raping the woman and normalized rape then everything would be all gravy.

  59. This is absolutely surreal! Young women marching with a banner reading, “Rapists Welcome”!!! Perhaps they are under the delusion that rape is a sexual lifestyle? Maybe they think it might be “fun”? They’ll find out. It is past time for the German people to take back their government. German MEN, protect your women.

      1. “Refugees Welcome” is just as bad. These naive young women are signaling Muslim men that they’re available. No, not ALL Muslim men, but when one focuses his attention on a woman, she’s in for a BAD TIME.

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