#TakeDownJulienBlanc Shows Feminists Need The Patriarchy To Protect Them (Update)

Feminists are trying to take down Real Social Dynamics pick-up coach Julian Blanc for a video he posted, in which Julien pulls Asian women toward his crotch while repeatedly shouting “pickachu.” They’ve already gotten RSD banned from several major hotels, and shut down an RSD event, attacking and hitting RSD instructor Max. Those behind #TakeDownJulienBlanc say that what Julien does in the video is sexual harassment, and ask why other men don’t police men like Julien Blanc?

Well feminists, I’ve been waiting for this a long time, and it’s finally come. I’ve been waiting for the day you’d ask us to bring back patriarchy.

Now, I know some of you will hate me for suggesting that wanting men to create standards of conduct for other men is patriarchy, but if you pay attention, I’ll give you everything you need to actually #TakeDownJulienBlanc, straight from an insider in one of the most anti-feminist, pro-game websites on the internet.

The Controversy Behind #TakeDownJulienBlanc

The controversy behind #TakeDownJulienBlanc was started when Julien posted a free tour video of a public speaking event he did in Japan, in which Julien said:

When you go to Tokyo…if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on…Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.

The video was seen on Tumblr by Washington D.C.-based Chinese feminist Jennifer Li, who started the hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc in response to what she heard. In this video, she explains her reasons for starting the hashtag:

Jennifer embodies many feminist stereotypes. She was on tumblr at 2am on a Saturday night instead of having a social life. Her cat wanders into the frame two minutes into the video. She is slightly overweight, and lives in Washington D.C. But one comment she makes stands out:

The responsibility shouldn’t be on the women. it should be on these nasty ass men.

Jennifer doesn’t want to fight her her own battles. She wants a men to protect her. And she isn’t alone. Many of the #TakeDownJulienBlanc tweets echo the same sentiment. Why aren’t men stopping men like this?

Feminists Need Patriarchy To Save Them From Julien Blanc

It used to be if a man was abusing or harassing women, the older men of that community would get together and teach the young man a lesson. Fathers in particular would teach their sons to be respectful of women. This system of men maintaining order was known as patriarchy. The word patriarch literally means rule by fathers.

Now, in the absence of patriarchy and male organizations, women only have ineffective government organizations, Twitter, and change.org petitions to turn to. What little success the feminists behind #TakeDownJulienBlanc have had is in turning to men—working class men like hotel managers, event organizers, and government officials—to help them shut down events.

In her video, Jennifer says “if he [Julien] were to yell Pikachu at me, I would fucking whip out a taser and go Pikachu on his motherfucking dick.” Would you really, Jennifer? Do you carry a taser? Are you so frightened of men that you carry a weapon at all times? Or is this just a violent power fantasy you indulge in, in the absence of any real power? You live in Washington D.C. If you don’t feel safe walking the streets in the city with the most government of any place in the world, who can you turn to for protection?

The hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc is a cry for help, a damsel in distress trope. I say this not to be mean, because I truly want each and every woman tweeting that to feel safe and secure, but because I believe what will make those women most secure is being surrounded by strong men, who’ve been raised by their fathers to behave honorably and justly. Patriarchy is what make women feel safe, which is why survey after survey says that conservative married women are the most happy and sexually satisfied demographic in America.

But don’t think I’m letting Julien off the hook. We’ll get to his behavior next.


How did Julien Blanc become Julien Blanc?

Julien’s behavior didn’t evolve in a vacuum. It was rewarded over years of practice and experimentation. In one video, Julien says that as a young man he couldn’t even start a conversation with girls. During his first approach, he ran away after a few seconds of conversation. He was not born as the man feminists are protesting today.

Much of Julien’s mindset can be attributed to being raised without a patriarch. In her video, #TakeDownJulienBlanc creator Jennifer Li says:

What is messed up about this guys behavior is that one – he knows that what he is doing is wrong because he says in his video, “I didn’t know how much I could get away with,” and you don’t say I’m going to get away with something , if you don’t think that what you’re doing is wrong.

“I didn’t know how much I could get away with,” is  the voice of a child who was never taught boundaries. It is the voice of a child who never had a father to teach him right from wrong, or to give him meaningful challenges by which to discover the limits and abilities of his own powers.

Other RSD coaches have said that for Julien, the drama is the sex. Julien will actually continue to fuck with a girl he knows will go home with him because he enjoys creating an emotional roller coaster that more than getting laid. If that doesn’t sound like behavior learned from women, I don’t know what is.

Years before #TakeDownJulienBlanc, Julien made videos where he said his favorite way to open girls was to point and call them a dog. While this opener would offend women, it got their attention. Julien’s game is to troll women and then win them over by reframing his actions. If you’re offended by what he does, congrats, his game worked.

When Jezebel did a hit piece fellow RSD coach Jeffy Allen, Julien was jealous because he wanted to be the subject of that much drama. He emailed offensive messages to Jezebel editors hoping they’d cover him. I have no doubt that Julien is relishing much of the controversy that surrounds him now. No one would give him attention when he was a fatherless young man who wanted girls to talk to him, and now he’s got his own hashtag.


Feminists Responses Show They Don’t Understand The Problem

Real Social Dynamics is the largest pickup company is the world. They are a million-dollar business. They have a bootcamp model, meaning that men pay them directly for in-field coaching. They don’t have advertisers or corporate sponsors who can pull support. If you wanted to stop them, you’d have to reach their customers. You have to convince men that you have something better to offer.

What are women doing instead? Making violent death threats against Julien:




One protestor even physically assaulted RSD coach Max on camera at an event in Melbourne, Australia:

The RSD students were forced to leave the Melbourne event after feminist protestors surrounded the boat they were meeting in. Max later told news, “we were actually fearing our safety and that’s really not cool.” #TakeDownJulienBlanc have said they plan to stage similar protests at future RSD events.

Isn’t it ironic that in their efforts to stop men from harassing them, women have made death threats and committed assault?

“Well he deserves it!” cry feminist protestors in their tweets. If these were men tweeting similar statements to a female speaker she would receive massive sympathetic mainstream coverage. However, because the protestors and media seem find Julien’s videos so reprehensible, they believe he deserves to have his life threatened, and his friends assaulted. When I see Julien, I don’t see a monster. Julien is what men become when they are raised by only women, and told women’s attention is what defines their worth.

If feminists truly wanted to #TakeDownJulienBlanc and keep men like him from ever becoming a problem again, they would make sure their sons grew up with fathers who were present active parts of their life. They would give attention to men they respect, rather than only engaging men who choke them and call them “dog.” And they would encourage the men in their lives to band together and lead their communities. If you want to #TakeDownJulienBlanc then you need to #BringBackPatriarchy.

Update: Since publishing this article, Julien Blanc’s Australian visa has been revoked by immigration minister Scott Morrison. This is the old ruling white man feminists are cheering on as their savior:


Victorian police commissioner Ken Lay also made a statement condemning Julien’s work, labeling it “deeply disturbing and offensive.” Here is the old white police man gun owner feminists asked to solve their problems for them:

KenLaypic copy

I couldn’t have picked two better images of Patriarchy myself.

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302 thoughts on “#TakeDownJulienBlanc Shows Feminists Need The Patriarchy To Protect Them (Update)”

  1. Utterly fucking brilliant analysis. All future feminist appeals to men should be reframed as “feminists demanding Patriarchy!”. Specific issues should be framed within the context of the subject’s family life: “That’s what happens when he/she lacks a strong patriarchal figure in their life. So sad.” If feminism has demonized any all-male effort as an expression of The Patriarchy, then logically any appeal to men as a class or group should therefore be seen as an appeal to the Patriarchy. I foresee a lot of petulant foot-stomping and pouting in feminism’s future.
    Patriarchy 2.0, Gentlemen: The Fraternity of Paternity is back . . . and insurgent.

  2. That Jennifer Li girl was so turned on by Julian Blanc’s video, it’s a good job she has sideways pussy or she would have slipped off her chair.

    1. Asian American women get freaked out when they hear white american men talking about how they pick up asian women in asia. It flips their shit.

  3. Wow…I guess they haven’t thought far enough into this to realize that the only reason Julien and others like him exist is because of the monster that modern society and feminism have created. IF it were still possible to attract women by being a gentleman, having a good job, accomplishments, treating them with respect and being a provider, then Julien would not exist.

    1. True, to an extent. He’d still exist, but as a fringe extreme minority. The world had Jonne Dunne and other court dandies that bedded noble women in the past under their royal husbands’ noses. Nowadays we all live like kings and the court rogue is everywhere.

    2. What is strange though is that stuff like that (beta provider game) is functional in Asia.
      The reason Japan didn’t make this a feminist issue, and it took Americans and Australians to make a stink about it, is because the Japanese probably thought Julien was mentally ill.

      1. “If an African or an Asian barged into Europe and acted like Julien he would be on the next boat home. ”
        He would get instant citizenship.

      2. the locals would have a problem with it, but it would not be a feminist issue you are right, it would be an issue of the local men. this kind of douch bag behaviour doesn’t go un-noticed.

    3. “IF it were still possible to attract women by being a gentleman, having a good job, accomplishments, treating them with respect and being a provider…”
      I tried that.
      Didn’t work.
      I won’t get into that RSD stuff though. There’s dealing with the world and then there’s becoming a product of it.

    4. They haven’t thought through why 50 Shades of Grey sold 20 million copies in 3 months either.

    5. Exactly. Julien is a direct result of supply and demand in the market place (in this case, the sexual market place).

    6. whats ironic is that would work in asia. i have no idea why he needs to big himself up by pulling random chicks to his crotch. dude will get bodied if he does that to the wrong gangsters girl.
      but yea, in the west the dating dynamics are indeed completely ruined.
      i completely quit dating western women, i’m doing my part to help clean up this mess.

  4. It’s both hilarious and sad at the same time. What makes me laugh about feminists is that on one level they laugh at ‘game’ and the entire pick up industry, claiming it’s ineffective, yet if it’s so ineffective, why are they so vehemently against it? The answer could be because it increases the likelihood of them being approached by unattractive men. That is definitely part of it, but it’s more to do with the way these men have figured out how to manipulate women emotionally. My response? Tough luck! Women use their sexuality to manipulate men, so why shouldn’t men come up with appropriate counter strategies?

    1. “What’s driving much of this hatred is a complete refusal to accept the nature of sexual attraction; the refusal to accept that it is, at the most fundamental level, a game, quite literally.”
      That’s because they don’t have any sexual attraction.

  5. Jennifer Li, the activist, may be a supporter in white genocide. On her Tumblr she re-blogged something from “Stopwhitepeopleforever”: http://imgur.com/YwkGKnB
    http://jennli123.tumblr.com/ (archived at the very bottom: https://archive.today/IIclm)
    Her Twitter is full of hatred against whites…
    but at the same time it’s okay for her to use racist terms against Asians: http://imgur.com/8WT2X6c
    I don’t agree with Julien’s game, and have called out RSD in the past (http://www.rooshv.com/is-rsd-hurting-young-men ), but it’s clear that Li has some serious racist issues against whites that make her far from being an honest activist. If Julien was Asian, she would not have lifted a finger.

    1. the problem is that too many people are getting greedy, trying to make a living out of doing this PUA crap…. and that involves lots of publicity…. what goes on in a night club setting in fun, might look shocking in real life…. i’ve seen 6 gay men in a train with their cocks up each other’s asses in a club…. that was shocking at the time, but on a youtube video in the broad light of day it’s outrageous……
      game and PUA should have been kept only for the very interested and keen and shouldn’t have been a hard core money making business…. plenty of ways to make money….

      1. i’ve seen 6 gay men in a train with their cocks up each other’s asses in a club….
        Whoa, dude…what kind of clubs are you going to anyway? Yikes.

        1. I was just thinking that. If I saw 6 homos in a train I’d be like “Whoa how the hell did I get in site of that?”

        2. It is comments as Ray made (and I don’t fault him for the observation) that make me imminently happy that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a part of the “club scene”. The places I haunt I cannot think of a single “out” gay man walking into voluntarily. If there are gay men at the joints I hang out in, they are so firmly in the closet that nobody can see even the faintest sign.
          This has to explain, somewhat, the whole “metrosexual” and “gay game” crap I read on some PUA blogs. What a horror story life it must be, to be a straight man having to deal with fags at the same bar, fags who, apparently, don’t mind anal sex on the dance floor. Why, oh why, would any straight man even enter such a joint?
          And then I realize – pussy beckons.
          Damnations, hoss, that has just got to suck hind tit. No woman, I repeat, no woman, is worth that kind of debasement, I don’t care how “hot” she is or how easy it is to get her in the sack in those venues. Keep some dignity.
          Now if it was accidental and never happened before, and usually there is a dearth of men dicking each other in the arse, ok, fine, but still. Yikes.

        3. If the energy that got dumped into the black hole of pussy were instead put into science and tech, we’d be in space studying real black holes up close.
          Reading about this RSD stuff also makes my stomach turn. I read Roosh’s post on RSD and was also thinking “So. This is what it has come to”.
          Before this day is over yet again I’ll be wishing civilization would hurry up and collapse already. It certainly has collapsed. Inertia is the only thing keeping it up, like when you toss a ball in the air there’s a short moment where it levitates.

        4. that’s nothing really, if you are in Sydney for gay Mardi Gras, it’s all over the place they even fuck on the floats in board daylight….. there is one character called trough boy who likes to lie in the public urinals…. but hey… being gay is a gift from god, not a manic sexual perversion….
          but that is not the point….
          the point is
          A.) things taken out of context can look messed …
          B.) PUA and Game should not have been turned into an attention whoring, money grubbing business model…..

        5. I used to watch RSD vids and there was alot of stuff I learned from it that resonated with me in my early red pill days.
          I’ve seen some pretty funny shit from those guys too that gave me some ideas for my own entertainment with women.
          But when I saw a vid of rsd coach Jeffy talking about gaming during a gay pride parade..that is when I got off that train.
          His rationale(paraphrasing): At a gay pride parade there is alot of dudes out there who already have their dicks out….so it’s pretty easy to start from there.

        6. exactly.. game should be used as a tool to give you an advantage in this messed up society. for these guys game seems to be all their life revolves around… kind of counter productive it seems

      2. I fully agree with this. All these public YouTube videos. And then there’s guys posting pictures of them with girls making out on Facebook or pictures of girls on their beds in panties, i mean it looks horrible. Keep that shit discreet.

      1. Lets just say Jennifer Li did not mind having a Caucasian load blown across her face a couple of years ago. I know.

        1. Jennifer is the girl from Harvard that had the sex blog where she posted the picture with her face covered in semen?

    2. Absolute hate for white people but no problems with living in a western country that gives her all the privileges she could ever want. What a sickening creature…

      1. It would be like me choosing to live in Africa but starting campaigns against black people.

        1. that happened to be a different set of circumstances though. this asian woman comes to a white nation that is already active and built upon a state and governing body,
          IN South Africa, before the whites, no such institution, there was no actual government, no law preventing the settlement of whites, the only way to have the South Africans fight this was to fight the whites. The Africans lost, the whites set up their country, their rationale being if these blacks A. Have naturally lower IQ scores, B. Have no historical or hereditary idea of government is and how it is run, and C. Had no part in the development of the government, why should they have any say in its political discourse. Yes, if you went to Ethiopa and tried to do this however, you would be just as flawed in your logic as Jennifer Li. Think about the circumstances before you make a facile analogy next time though.

        1. You are joking right? Or are you a retard who didn’t read the twitter remarks that express racist comments on white people?

      2. Fuck old white men, they are all manginas that are oppressing us younger men. What a bunch of fucking faggots, revoking his visa. Those faggot loser old white men can’t even fuck a woman without viagra. They are simply ENVIOUS and JEALOUS of Julien. As for white women, feminism is the inherent nature of white women. If you destroy the white race, you will destroy feminism forever.
        -Signed, a white male.

        1. Wow how about you take your genocide to the synagogue, oi vei! Feminism is a jew problem, it stems from cultural marxism. And yes I want to lign up these old faggots who have betrayed and shoot them all. Bring the ammo, white knights have strong armor, its shiny!

        2. ^^^Right here, “Feminism is a Jew problem.” -100% correct.
          Only in a society full of uneducated and psuedo-educated, and sheltered suburban youths could such ideologies as Marxism and its offshoots fester and spread. Every Communist that ever existed has been uneducated and stupid.

        3. Do you really think the muslims would treat us any better than Israel does ? Israel is the closest thing we have to a friend in the middle east. It is far easier and cheaper to pay them to destroy islam than to do it ourselves.

        4. Newsflash chief. We are paying them and we are fighting the muslims doing most of the work while they are only handling a tiny group that is in their “claimed” land.
          We aren’t paying Israel for them to do shit. We are paying them because they said we should.

        5. “Wow how about you take your genocide to the synagogue, oi vei! Feminism is a jew problem, it stems from cultural marxism.”
          Hahaha, no. Even before the infancy of Marxism (around the same time as Victorian England), England actually imposed the Assimilation Program directly aimed at Anglosphere Jews; obviously, this meant emulating Gwenhwyfar, the socially-enforced sexual thirst, leaving their own women behind, et al.
          Timeline reference:
          1837-1901: Victorian England
          1848: The Communist Manifesto, 1st Edition
          2. They naively embraced white knighting as a de facto British tradition. #SMH

      3. Yes, this time in Western Civilization will come to be known as the golden age of victimhood.

    3. Fuck old white men, they are all manginas that are oppressing us younger men. What a bunch of fucking faggots, revoking his visa. Those faggot loser old white men can’t even fuck a woman without viagra. They are simply ENVIOUS and JEALOUS of Julien. As for white women, feminism is the inherent nature of white women. If you destroy the white race, you will destroy feminism forever.
      -Signed, a white male

    4. Todays young women created RSD. Given their current behavior, they are forcing men to act the way Julien does. These are the fruits of feminism fresh for us to see, how do they deal with it? They feed the fire with death threats and assaults. If Women ran the world, it would be plunged back into the Cro-Magnon era.

      1. And they would be treated like they deserve, work machines and sex toys.
        I am refering to feminists, not good women.

      2. LMAO blaming your actions on the behavior of someone else? you’re in control of how you act no matter what the situation. Grow up.

        1. Lmao.
          According to that line of reasoning every single leftist initiative falls flat, including feminism.

      3. he doesn’t need to act like that in asia though. guy is seriously pushing the boundarys of some good natured people because he is lucky enough to get away with it. and misinterpreting it as being successful and a hit with the ladies.. dude is a joke.

    5. I use to party and go clubbing with Julien back in the day. He had just moved to Hollywood and me and him and couple others would hit up high end clubs and bars. Dude has legit mad game. Everything he promotes works in the high energy night game environment, being aggressive, sexual, dominant is what gets you pussy.
      I’m seriously worried for the world we’re living in when all these social justice warriors and tumbler feminists are trying to strip masculinity from everything and everyone. The way its headed if you talk to a girl in public you will be charged with sexual harassment. Literally every single day some new victimhood cause pops up on the internet from gamer gate, that street harassing video and now this. The media is storming through with a witch hunt against some man because they want everyone to be an emasculated sheep.

      1. If that’s what makes you masculine in your eyes, that’s pretty sad.
        I agree sexual harassment is getting overblown, but guys like Julien are not men…they are annoying pricks with no respect for anyone and deserve beat downs.

        1. exactly. you don’t need to be violating and aggressive to be masculine. although like others, i can see how this type of thing has arisen through the way girls behave nowadays. the ‘bad boy’ behaviour gets rewarded.
          i say don’t go after these chicks who only respond to douch bag ‘bad boy’ behaviour. go after girls who are actually feminine and respond to something actually respectable.
          do guys need to be trained to not be so desperate and thirsty? its like they have learned game to get laid but its still not helping anyone.

    6. In my personal opinion, “white genocide” is an exaggeration of the effects of Victorian policies imposed on English people, to the point 19th Century England had sexually thirsty men that literally jumped ship to now-former colonies like India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jamaica, et al.; it’s either the prior or staying at home, only to receive constant false sccusations of being Jack the Ripper.
      Yes, Roosh, that’s the reason why sexually thirsty Indian men trolled your site, much to your annoyance.
      Also, within the same timeline, 19th Century USA also employed “White America” policy, which ranked European nationalities and ethnicities from top to bottom; and guess what inspired this? Social Darwinism.

    7. I’m black and I still call bullshit. Tf does this have to do with destroying white people? Women will do anything to stir up people won’t they? Typical. She is most likely sexually frustrated because she can’t seem to land a white guy.

    8. Hmph. Chinese are white people, just with a little yellow-orange tint.
      Hey, Barack Husssein Obama is “white,” too, that is, Caucasian. 50% from his mother, about 3/8 Arab mix (Arabs consider themselves what we mean by “white”: Caucasian or Aryan) and 1/8 African Black.
      So it would appear that he is 7/8 or thereabouts “White” or Caucasian and 1/8 Black.

  6. You know what gets me raging mad? If a girl were to go on YouTube posting vids on how she randomly goes about grabbing or kicking men in the balls, she’ll be cheered as a heroine by the SJW and feminazi mob. Whether you think Julien is stepping out of line or not, there are double standards applied to men and I’m mad as hell for that.
    And yes I do admit I’m a follower of RSD for awhile now. There is a lot of good work created by RSD and I’m not ashamed to say that I went to one of their Hot Seat programs.
    The SJW mob however, will see all of their vids and declare them as misogyny and once more, all hell breaks lose. But if a woman goes about posting vids on how to tie men down or use them for financial gain, I guarantee you that not a squeak of outrage will be mentioned except those in the red pill manosphere community.

    1. The bitches on the talk laughed at a guy who was castrated. Hope solo is still playing. If you have ANY sympathy for women other than your relatives.. you are a white knight. Women are not fucking oppressed.

  7. “If feminists truly wanted to #TakeDownJulienBlanc and keep men like him from ever becoming a problem again, they would make sure their sons grew up with fathers who were present active parts of their life. They would give attention to men they respect, rather than only engaging men who choke them and call them “dog.” And they would encourage the men in their lives to band together and lead their communities. If you want to #TakeDownJulienBlanc then you need to #BringBackPatriarchy.”
    They will never understand this until it’s too late.

    1. Yep.
      And in the process of their destroying men, those of us who bear the scars will watch the rape gangs pass in our rifle scopes and save our ammo for something more important.

      1. Heh, zoom to full max, adjust paralax – “Looks like that gaggle running from the thugs, all have short, dyed hair and are covered in tats….Hmmmm….I wonder if it’s 2 o’clock yet?” (puts down rifle)

        1. Gotta save the full 168 grains of love for people who absolutely, positively deserve it.

        2. I was told that in Iraq during the war a round of 7.62x54R was worth “a months pay”.
          I’m not kidding when I see people post pictures of ammo and I say “there will be a day when people will trade daughters for that”.
          But most of all, it’s the feminists and the western women and “their ideals” that would bring us to a day when rape gangs and thugs rule. Cops beat people with impunity and get away with murder and they are all up in arms over the latest hashtag or some mediocre woman getting catcalled in NYC.
          Such as it is, when I see this play out in my scope, I’m not going to care.

    2. They REFUSE to “understand” it because that’s not what feminism tells them.

  8. Why won’t other men protect women from men like this?
    Women cheat on those other men with men like this.
    Women cuckold those other men with men like this.
    Women demand those other men wine and dine them and treat them with ‘respect’ in order to have sex with them and then fuck for free men like this.
    When you give maximum sexual rewards to men like this while ramping up all the sexual costs for those other men you want to protect you from men like this, those other men stop caring, and just see you as sexual hypocrites.

    1. Fantastic observation, now if we can only see it spread to all betas. It would wipe out white knights entirely if men realized this, and then who would protect the most pampered, entitled and demanding class of human beings in history?

      1. Is there anything more common than “Nice guys finish last” ?
        Beta’s aren’t gonna listen anymore than women are gonna stop rewarding bad male behavior with pussy.

        1. Yeah, I know. I’m like John Lennon in that I’m A Dreamer.
          I’m unlike him insofar as I’m actually masculine and, technically, not yet deceased.

      2. Without the whole protector and provider part they´ll feel like refuse, so they will remain in denial.

    2. Everyone knows nice guys finish last…. especially when it comes to pussy.
      That is one of the main reasons “equalists” don’t want women’s sexual behavior judged. Because whenever that happens the results are not pretty. So they talk of “choice” and “empowerment” because it is very effect at hiding all their “starfucking” and “whoring” which is the opposite of everything they say they are for.

    3. And when you’ve been on both sides… the wide-eyed toting boyfriend AND the just-don’t-give-a-fuck cad… you realize it really is just all a game.
      At that point, it becomes an almost absurd concept to dedicate your life’s work to the “modern women.”

      1. There is no reason to give a “modern woman” anything. They’re not worth it.
        Find yourself an old fashioned girl (they do still exist, but they’re an endangered species unfortunately) or a girl from a different culture, but don’t waste anything on the modern, western woman anymore.

        1. agreed. nothing is going to improve if guys keep throwing themselves at these modern western selfie generation bitches. there are foreign women who are a much better option, absolutely no need to pick up the scraps of western women.. we need more standards or this dynamic will never change.

      2. There are real women who are worth it (to a point) and then there are the sluts who don’t deserve the time of day.

        1. Yeah I think you’re right.
          But when you’ve experienced it all for yourself you’re much more reluctant to give yourself away. That is just the reality.
          Men want to live for something greater than themselves. Family used to be that calling for most men. Now that it is much more risky than it was in the past, men are starting to think that maybe they can carve out their own purpose.

  9. Naw. This is cockblocking.. feminist style.
    Of course all feminists pretend there is no such phenomenon, but we all know better
    despite what miss slutty piggy Amy Jewmer er Schumer has to say

    “Have you ever heard the phrase cockblocking? You know, you’re at a bar, talking to a girl, and what happens? Her less…
    Posted by Tumblr on Monday, October 13, 2014

    1. Couldn’t happen. She’s allowed to punch and smack him while a horde of dopey smile white knights stand and watch, but if were to so much as tip her elbow with his finger that horde would descend on him and grind his teeth into the sidewalk.
      And they wouldn’t even see the hypocrisy, they are so blinded by the smell of pussy…any pussy…
      Bunch of desperate simps, if you ask me.

      1. Agreed Ghost. All the more reason to know how to defend yourself. Use white knights’ pussified nature against them. In regards to elbows, if you plant one firmly across the jaw of the first mangina who steps up to put his hands on you, the rest will think twice before trying that bullshit. They’re only as tough as their rescue fantasies allow them to be. Introduce them to the reality of consequences for white knighting by physical assault, aka pain, and all that “bravery” goes right out the window. Then again, maybe I’ve just been watching too much Tombstone.

        1. I thought the same thing.
          If they are your run-of-the-mill mangina white-knight, they’ve probably never seen blood in their life.

        2. That’s a decent solution, but you have to belong to a demographic where the police seem to ignore the behavior as “just part of the normal with those guys”. And if you’re part of that demographic, say, bikers (real ones, not lawyers with midlife crisis fever up their arse), you tend not to find too many white knight manginas around to give you shit. As Clark mentions, those types likely have never seen blood or felt real violence outside of a video game or horror movie.

  10. To everyone not in the loop, Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and is (in my opinion) the “pua capital” of Australia. Conditions for men in Australia are much more here ruthless than North America, the UK and Europe (I’ve been all of these places, trust me on this). Australia is the fourth fattest nation on earth, EXCEPT FOR MEN IN THEIR 20s AND 30s. They’re fucking HUGE here; there is such a gym culture amongst men here it’s almost impossible to compete with them.
    They also have serious CASH (tradesman and miners in Australia get paid ridiculous amounts of money, more than top professionals such as doctors, accountants etc and there’s a LOT of them) and they’ll splurge it on anything with a set of tits. Add ON TOP OF THIS that Melbourne is the HOME of the Australian Football League, where 10 of the 18 AFL teams are based, you’re talking hundreds (if not thousands) of “celebrities” (current and former) that the few hot girls here are lining up to fuck, and you have one of the most competitive cities IN THE WORLD for men to get laid with HOT girls. Sydney is similarly as bad (but for different reasons).
    In fact it’s so bad here, TORONTO is actually doable when you’re from
    Australia (I did quite well there); your game just has to be that tight. Melbourne has some of the best dressed, best looking, cashed up dudes I’ve seen almost anywhere in the world and they date women a good 3-4 points lower than what they are, if they’re lucky enough to even find a woman here.
    What has the situation been in Melbourne? It’s been a MEDIA FUCKING SHITSTORM. EVERY major media outlet it seems has been covering this story in Australia, and I’m truly shocked and horrified at how feminised this country has become (here are some articles from some of Australia’s primary news outlets):
    Julien Blanc has visa cancelled (Australia’s MINISTER OF
    IMMIGRATION cancelled his Australian visa!)
    Julien Blanc looks for new location for seminar: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/central/pickup-artist-controversy-in-melbourne-julien-blanc-looks-for-new-location-for-his-seminar/story-fngnvlpt-1227113749082
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia’s taxpayer
    Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police:
    There have been stories in the media, there has been a statement from the Victorian Commissioner of Police, and most scarily, Australia’s IMMIGRATION MINISTER has cancelled Julien’s visa, and it’s unlikely he’ll ever be allowed in the country again!
    Do I agree with Julien? Absolutely not, he’s a fuckwit who (unarguably) has assaulted girls and this shouldn’t be tolerated. What I’m UPSET about however is the amount of negative publicity the Pua atmosphere and Manosphere has gotten from the Australian media and general public; “It’s creepy to pay to learn to meet girls”, “Meeting a girl should just happen”, “Just be nice to girls and she’ll like you; that’s all she’s looking for” (many more comments of this nature can be found on the articles).
    Melbourne is already one of the most competitive cities in the world for men to find a decent woman, and now this shitstorm will put the Manosphere and Pua community under the blowtorch, and I have little doubt the Australia authorities will make the lives of men even more miserable after this fiaso.
    TO MY AUSTRALIAN BROTHERS READING THIS; I can’t stress this enough…NEVER date an Australian woman! Don’t even bother with them! If you TRULY want to see just how shocking we have it in this country, head to the USA or Canada. It’s been well established just how bad these two countries are for women, but TRUST ME when I tell you that you’ll destroy the girls there; you’ve had military training with women your whole life without even knowing about it!
    I can’t wait until I’m out of this place for good, I feel sick to my stomach about just how bad us men have it when it comes to women in this country 🙁

    1. When I was travelling through Belgium earlier this year I was chilling at a hostel.
      Was enjoying a coffee outside the joint sitting in the sun, chilling next to a couple dudes from Australia. Just for fun I asked them “Hey what are the Australian women like?”
      They replied with one word… “Arrogant.”
      Whoa… international red-pill…
      I met a few of the Australian broads in the bar later that night and coming from Toronto, even I was surprised at how distasteful and loud-mouthed these women were. They weren’t funny or interesting, just loud and obnoxious… and unhealthy looking…
      In contrast, that same night I met a girl from the American South for the first time… And was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and fun she was to talk to. Maybe “all women are like that”, but there is simply no doubt that some are higher quality than others.

      1. A beautiful, graceful, demure Southern Belle is one of the most charming kinds of women to be found.

        1. Take those rosy colored goggles off old man. I’m from the south and there is indeed a good number of attractive young ladies…but graceful and demure are two words I would never attribute to them.
          They are like any other women around the country except they might be a little friendlier.

        2. I posted something similar to this a while back but I shall try again. I live deep in the heart of Dixie, In a university town to be exact. From my observations the young women here are just about as likely to tat themselves up, ride the carousel, and embrace the newer sexual mores with a vengeance as women up north. Even the much ballyhooed southern accent that so many men seem to like is being watered down. You have to go into the small towns or up in the mountains to hear those sweet southern tones. Yes the “graceful and demure’ southern lady does still exist but she more than likely is older than 30, often times a lot more.

        3. Yea I’d say 35+ that had the humility to recognize their mistakes in the past and decided to not be such a fuckin slut bag anymore…OR they just hit the wall and get way less attention now and must develop some other qualities to rope in some males.
          The young ones may have the southern accent, but they are crass, superficial, tatted up, attention whoring daddy’s girls whose hamster cannot compute the word NO. Many are single moms, smokers, already married and divorced, hook up on tinder, addicted to their iphones and have the personality of a fresh road kill.
          Again…like every other girl in this faggot country and swarming this gay earth like the plague.

        4. “swarming this gay earth like the plague” I will be using this line in the future.

      2. As a bloke who lives in Australia (as you can plainly see from my use of the word bloke), I can verify this. Since Zyzz happened the gym culture has exploded, and every guy’s trying to be bigger and leaner than the next.
        The money tradies get is unreal, and if they’re FIFO workers they’ll often come out the back end of the year with at least 120k in their pocket.
        The Australian women are arrogant. They are the epitome of the egotistical, selfish and spiteful modern woman. Everything’s about them. They swear like sailors, two thirds of them are fat, and they get a kick out of just being loud and obnoxious. They’re damaged to high heaven and due to the anti-“bigotry” nonsense going around nobody calls them out on their shit. It’s foul and I agree with the bloke above- never date an Australian woman. They never had daddies, they don’t know how to be sweet and pleasant, and most of the young ones are more concerned with careers than making a man happy by cooking and cleaning for him.
        Overall, Australia can be great. I’m big on footy and we have a decent education system, but I’m not big on the women. Depending on your trade or profession you can earn a lot. The women here are fucking rancid though. Will definitely never raise a child here.

        1. I absolutely agree.
          I live in Perth, but i just spent the last couple of years living abroad in Eastern Europe.. needless to say it was depressing to return home.. women here take pride in masculine qualities, they will get into physical fights with men, shout vulgar language, and act arrogant as hell.
          I work doing unskilled labour for a company in a warehouse environment, im somehow not surprised the people in charge are almost entirely woman.. if you can even call them that, they have renounced all sense of femininity.. the other day i was having lunch and one of the women across the room lets out a massive bellowing burp after drinking her ‘diet coke’ and all her female friends around the table start bursting out in laugher for 5 minutes.
          What makes this worse is our ‘bogan’ culture encourages this behaviour and it becomes socially acceptable.. its only downhill from here..
          Its disgusting on a paramount level, i definitely have zero interest in women here and im planning to relocate to Europe on my EU Citizenship in a couple of years.. I love Australia, but jesus christ the women here are tapped.

        2. 19 year old from from here, can confirm all of the above. Disgusting. University of Queensland is a breeding pool for entitled SJW’s living on daddy’s money. Can’t wait to leave.

        3. Oh Fuck! That is hilarious!
          That scene at the end reminds me of what it’s like to fuck an typical American woman. They are just pieces of shit anyway!

      3. Feminists like the writer on slate are screaming that white women dared to vote for Greg Abbot down in Texas by a large margin. We ladies voted for him over Wendy Davis by over 20 % margin and now the feminists are screaming that white Texas women aren’t women and are a traitor to their gender.
        I guess us Texas gals gave a big fu to these so-called feminists. Several feminists have written stuff like “Texas white b*** are just stepford wives” and “Texas white women must like being beaten by their husbands”. And worse.
        Apparently they can’t stand women with sense.

        1. I remember Sarah Palin getting a whole bunch of nasty comments from the feminist movement.
          It makes no sense because Sarah Palin might in fact be the only women in history to actually “have it all.”
          The handsome successful husband, kids, AND great career.
          I don’t pay any attention to what feminists say most of the time… I couldn’t care less, their opinions are completely irrelevant to me.

    2. “It’s creepy to pay to learn to meet girls”, “Meeting a girl should just happen”, “Just be nice to girls and she’ll like you; that’s all she’s looking for”

      MGTOW is looking more and more attractive each day.

    3. Do you guys have a lot of immigration?
      In Canada the only way we can maintain our economy and population is through constant mass immigration.
      The 2nd/3rd generation people here don’t want to have kids… too risky… particularly the educated city-dwellers. Myself included…

      1. Says who? Show me proof that an economy EVER collapsed due to lower birth rates. Sounds like you’ve been reading Shalom Sheckelstein’s economist magazine a little too much.

        1. You’re right, to say that an economy COLLAPSED due to low birth rates is too strong… I can’t think of any examples. But it is not impossible that an economy going into depression based on low birth rates.
          With economics there is a lot of chicken-or-egg situations. What comes first, bad economy or declining population? Its difficult to prove.
          But we can agree that as population stops growing or even replacing itself, it starts to shrink as people die off. People get older and the lack of the young people leads to a population with a high average age… People looking to retire don’t have the next generation to take care of them and it all goes to shit.
          In Canada we immigrate a shit tonne of people all the time and yet our population is still below 40 million. We import people with money so they land and give us their cash from elsewhere. The people that grow up here are not starting families as much as the immigrants.
          Without immigration, our population would start to decline, and the economy would suffer for it. Most men will not work to the extent required to generate excess wealth without families… if all they have is video games and strippers…
          Italy and Japan are countries that have very low birthrates right now and are starting to really worry about the demographic problems. Unless they change their ways, they’ll notice that they are just cruising on inertia. Eventually they’ll need more people to maintain the system.

        2. Ah but have you ever seen a socialist ponzi scheme collapse because the population declined?

        3. What matters is QUALITY, not quantity. Something that economics doesn’t even acknowledge. As a smart educated man, would you like to live in a ever growing multicult shithole or a smaller population of more quality individuals that will also have the benefit of access to improved technology and health care?

        4. Good point.
          The latter of course.
          What I’m saying is that if the native population doesn’t maintain itself and lead to a productive society on its own, immigration will eliminate the native peoples.
          I feel like Canada brings in outside groups, they set up shop, are eager and hard-working, and then after a couple generations become so influenced by the “progressivism” (i.e., decadence and lack of any real values), that the new generation becomes just as lazy as the previous natives.
          Then they bring in new people… and the cycle continues.
          That is the point of view from which I’m arguing.

        5. I´v seen the kind of “youf” immigratin gives, they aren´t going to contribuite to the host society, they are just going to drain it further.

      1. Chicago women have always been tough on men, even way back in the days of patriarchy. That hard voweled accent so prevalent in the Midwest Great Lakes area is very grating on the ears coming from a female.

    4. Your average tradesman does not make more than your average doctor in Australia, but you are right that it’s a fucked up dating environment here.

    5. Completely agree, that’s why I married a beautiful japanese girl, met her when she was a 17 year old virgin . Delightful girl. Melbourne women are some of the worst in the world. Better to go for the internationals here on working holiday or student visas. You could try “language exchange”, if your game is tight, you’ll be exchanging something more than language….

    6. I left Australia in 2012 and have not looked back since. Lifestyle and business is simply better *everywhere* else that I have lived since.

      1. I’ve wanted out of Australia ever since I discovered the manosphere. I’ll probably move to Macedonia (I speak the language).

        1. I live in the Czech Republic, and you have to deal with the whole West-East thing with some people. Some Slavs are protective of their own culture, and that pushes some expats to dating the girls who will speak only English when meeting a ‘successful’ man..I tell my friends not to go for an ‘only English’ girl as the ones who speak to you in Czech are way cooler and more genuine..

      2. I’m curious, for business and lifestyle, where did you go? I’m putting together a list of places I want to test before moving.

        1. Latin America & Asia, i’m now based out of Hong Kong.
          You are not going to beat LAM for lifestyle, they would have to be some of the most relaxed people i’ve ever seen, but everything is just too slow for my liking. I balanced well, Hong Kong is a great center for doing business and residency, while spending leisure time in LAM or whatever other parts of the world take your fancy.

    7. Im from Brisbane and have never pulled anything in Melbourne. I go there twice a year to see friends I know. 19 year old stuck up girls sipping 20 dollar drinks everywhere with giant bitch shield impossible to penetrate.
      Brisbane is only slightly better.

      1. Brisbane is still awful for young guys. Gangas everywhere, desperate to get blind drunk from any chump who’s got spare cash and no self-worth. I only really went out a few times (19yr old) before basically calling it quits. Too much bullshit, too many guys trying to be a hero. Can’t wait to get overseas, this time for good.

        1. Yeah I’m planning my escape. This country is now set up for women and lazy, brain dead douce bags who haven’t had an original thought bubble in years.

    8. Agreed. I’m originally from the U.S. but been in Melbourne for 8 years and I’m dying to get out. The women are terrible.
      It used to be just a few years ago that you could rely on the Asian chicks if you didn’t want to hog it with the lousy Aussie chicks. Now even Asian chicks are a problem. A few years ago my Aussie bloke friends would say “The women here aren’t that bad. You just gotta work a bit.” I told them that game will only get you so far and that everywhere else was easier in my opinion. I went on a tour of Europe last year and confirmed what I already felt to be true.
      I can’t tell you enough how refreshing it was to walk through a place like Prague or Warsaw and have beautiful women smiling at you every day – something that’s extremely rare in Melbs. It robs you of just that little extra joy you could be experiencing on a daily basis.

    9. An american girl will fuck an australian cuz of the foreign aspect, the way you guys speak make them thingly in their p**sy, same for english guys.

      1. That’s partly true because of the accent and foreign aspect; however Australians also are forced to have much tighter game here due to competition-too many guys here are built, have a six pack, and serious cash. I’ve found male competition in North America to be pathetic compared with Australia; so many skinny guys wearing baseball caps backwards and talking about baseball to girls (I’ve actually heard this myself) and North American guys don’t generally spend 10-15 hours pw at the gym like most Australian guys do.
        Given the reverse; an American/Canadian guy coming to Australia will not succeed on the foreigner factor; numerous foreign guys I’ve met in Australia complain how hard it is for them to get laid as well. It will “open the door” for a conversation here in some circumstances, but you’re walking into the dragon’s den if you’re trying to compete for girls here.

        1. Australians are hands down, the best players bred today. Every time they surprise me how well they pass from dark triad to clown to boytoy game. Fuck RSD, get an Aus mate, they will show you the ropes every time! Great guys, much respect for my brothers down under!

        2. I don’t know. Australian men aren’t the best talkers. I think American men are better conversationalists.

        3. Depends. Do you think the men in Melbourne and Sydney look after themselves more than men in New York?
          American women are suckers for novelty. The foreign accent thing works a charm. You don’t even have to be all that good looking.

        4. I actually had a different experience, but yours is very respectable. When I spend a year in there learning english, as a student from south America, I fucked a lot of girls. My game is not tight, I am skinny, my perception at the time was that australian girls are easy and like to fuck around a lot, so that was it. But again I was foregnier and girls just like a different thing, the latin lover is a thing they want to experience.

        5. Interesting to hear a different perspective; your opinion is different to what other guys have said.
          A few questions;
          -Where are you from? (My guess is Colombia or Brazil)
          -Where in Australia did you stay? Which cities did you sleep with the girls?
          -How many girls did you sleep with?
          -How old were the girls you slept with?
          -Were the girls from Australia or were they foreigners as well?
          -Where specifically did you meet the girls? At clubs? Private house parties? Through your course? Through friends?
          -How hot were the girls you slept with? Be honest there’s no judgement here, use this as a guide http://www.returnofkings.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/pictorialscale.jpg
          My experience has been that guys who “fuck a lot of girls here” is that they tend to be in the 5-6 range on the scale I’ve provided here. You wouldn’t be able to convince me that the majority of girls you’ve slept with here are above a 7 (according to this scale) because quite simply, there are very very few of those around in this country! I know a guy who has slept with over 100 girls here, but the girls he has slept with are seriously SERIOUSLY bad!
          To reduce subjectivity in this matter, the best way to determine whether an environment is easy for a guy is to look at other guys and their girlfriends and see who is dating up or down. In various parts of Canada, Eastern Europe, Northern Germany and Spain, you will easily see guys who are “dating up”, which implies that sleeping with random girls of higher quality is easier as well.
          In places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Boston, Berlin, I have noticed the opposite; guys with girlfriends who are uglier than them.
          Sleeping with lots of girls in Australia is very very easy, however sleeping with girls above a 7 consistently is almost impossible unless you have cash, a good body, and extremely tight game.
          I’m very very interested in hearing more about what you have to say, I like hearing different perspectives.

    10. So fucking true man. Aus is a great country for work and living conditions, but terrible for dating. Unless you’re in the top 10%, you’ll struggle to score quality tail in Melb.

    11. Well said mate. Not much better elsewhere. Shithole. Abandon hope all those who enter.

    12. Well thanks for ruining my fantasy of visiting Australia some day. At least you saved me a bundle of money.

    13. wow, sounds shocking. i have never been to Oz but i was wondering what was up with ‘home and away’ and australian soap. all the male characters are BUFF as hell and they are all models. literally every main male character looks like a fitness model. the girls? none are very attractive. i was wondering if the casting director was a horny woman on a power trip or this was actually reflective of Australian society.. guess i got my answer now.

  11. This guy Julian is some what of a retard IMO.After some research it seems he was jealous of Jefe another RSD guy who had an article written about him which garnered him quite a bit of attention some bad some good.From what I gather he wanted something like this to happen.

    1. Julien was trolling jezebel for awhile before this incident and wanted to get featured by them. Jeffey was mentioned by them awhile back and Julien was out to create drama. I guess he has all the drama now.
      But you know what the irony is? Jezebel still hasn’t written about him yet! Lololololo….

  12. They want to have their cake and eat it too. White knight = patriarchy for women only.
    I see disgusting male behavior all the time, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

  13. What goes forgotten is that white men going around Asia like this is an affront to Asian men.

    1. LOL, the SJW je… middle-east looking skank stated that she edited out White guys due to a barrage of criticism and butthurt from fellow SJWs over the racial issue.
      It isn´t in a White area that she´ll get attention.

  14. Whoever said ‘Chivalry is dead’ was a retard. Not only is chivalry not dead, it is an epidemic nowadays.
    There are more men abusing Julien than women. There are much more male comments denouncing him than women. It is men who are a bigger problem. More precisely the white knight SJWs.
    We will never win this unless we take these white knights down. RoK needs to have a separate section dedicated solely to SJWs activities. We must start deriding and mocking them,

    1. Chivalry as originally conceived, in a period where we men were silly enough to be galloping around boffing each other off horseback with long pieces of wood, assumed a lady would be the object of the knight’s affections. Said lady, in order to be worthy of the knight’s chivalrous behaviours, had a matching chivalrous responsibility to be chaste, virtuous, and completely obedient to and under her father’s rules in his household pending a (sometimes) arranged marriage.
      And chivalry no more controlled wider Western European society than bushido did Japan outside the samurai caste. If a commoner tried invoking rules of chivalry to make a fallen knight yield on the battlefield and thus extract a ransom from him, said commoner wound up getting slaughtered in very short order. Chivalry was the province of the landed gentry: knights were some of the wealthiest men in Europe – you had to be in order to afford horses, lances, armour, and other weapons. Everyone else got along just fine without it.

      1. It’s kind of sad how the term “chivalry” and “knightly” became so associated with “pleasing females” over the years in the west. Even knightly duties which directly involved the reverence of women like Minnesang were just highly ritualized formalities were both parties knew that it was basically just a big show.
        I wouldn’t dismiss knighthood as just “silly”. It was the ideal of a noble, compassionate warrior which ultimate goal was the perfection of his own character (and women played a rather minor part in that). Something which we desperately need these days.

    2. I agree with your sentiment mym, but I don’t think white knights fall exclusively under SJW territory. Lots of TradCons, anti-SJW’s by most counts, are highly white knight in character.
      But yeah, otherwise, great observation. We need to develop a tried and true way of mocking and shaming them that can penetrate their thick skulls. The problem is that the whiff of pussy is a powerful opponent when dealing with a white knight.

      1. For all intents and purposes they both are the same in essence right. Doing the same thing – defending women. So even when not exactly in the same category we get the message as to what kind of men are we talking about.
        “The problem is that the whiff of pussy is a powerful opponent”
        Exactly. I have been saying this myself for a long time. Say GhostOfJefferson, what do you think about subconscious white knighting?
        It is my firm belief that most of these white knights do not consciously realize what they are doing. How they are deifying the female sex. The effect of pussy is so strong and overwhelming that the trance that they are in prevents them from realizing what they are doing wrong. Subconsciously they might have a notion, but consciously they do not. Consciously they think that they are doing the ‘heroic’ good thing. You know, being a “good person” and all. What these imbeciles don’t realize that elevating one gender comes at the cost of degrading the other gender. That is, they elevate women and degrade men and then think of themselves as heroes. What are your thoughts on this?

        1. I think you pretty much summarized my thoughts on it already. I will add however that I think part of it isn’t so much ethical or virtue driven, as evolutionarily driven. Men want to fuck women, this is hard wired in any straight man, ergo, his id and ego are going to pull out full stops to try and make that happen (which is where social conditioning come in, that is, in giving him tools to use to make that happen). But I believe that white knighting is rather universal and transcends cultures, because it is based at least in part on a biological imperative and the social/cultural additions are just window dressing around it.

    3. Not only is Chivalry dead so is Romance and women killed romance by sleeping with the most boorish and irresponsible men they could find. Why bother learning romance or even being romantic if your reward is the friend zone.
      “Oh your so sweet you’ll make a great husband for some girl someday.”
      Another night of masturbation for Johnny Nice Guy.

      1. This is how sheep are formed and this is why they always win. They say some dumb thing and we start following them without for a second using our brain.
        Tell me where is your common sense bill?
        If chivalry is dead, from where are these millions of men coming to support women and denounce any “bastard” that causes them the slightest inconvenience?
        If chivalry is dead, why do much more men than women advocate castration for rapists?
        If chivalry is dead, why are anti-male and pro-female laws being passed every day BY MEN?
        So many examples that I do not have the time or patience to list. I’ll leave you with something that if you do it, will remove every doubt and make you understand just how much chivalry is prevalent in our society. Do this –
        Go on a busy street. Lots of people. Bump into a woman and start shouting at her for whatever the fuck reason. Do this for just 2 minutes and see how many CHIVALRIC white knights jump you. They will literally jump on you in trying to defend her and probably start beating you. It is then you will get the answer as to chivalry is dead or not. Go ahead, try it.

        1. The point I was trying to make is that Chivalry does not make a man sexually appealing to a westernized woman. Who gets the girl the boorish man or the man who treats women like ladies and always is polite, holds the door, and acts like a gentleman? Whether or not a mob of men pound on someone for being an asshole does not make the man sexually appealing. Chivalry for the sake of attaining attractive desirable women does not work with modern women.

        2. Your first comment and your second comment are completely unrelated. No connection at all. You completely changed the essence and the topic at hand here. Whatever dude.

  15. Most people attempt to hide their insanity. These women wear a chip on their shoulder like it is a badge of pride.
    Sure, their man hating movement is on fire right now, but eventually the unorganized hatred they spew in every direction will smother the flames.

  16. Those femtards are as deluded as always. Girls in the ages of 18-35 hardly ever react to Nice Guy Provider Game. In the 1950s PUAs would have hardly any readership. The reason why men reacted was due to women’s cock-hopping and bad-boy fucking in their prime years. They are even encouraged by Jezebel to do so for God’s sake. Whether Julian’s Game is bad is irrelevant here – the truth is that if this kind of behavior was not rewarded by women, it would not exist on that scale. Probably some of the complaining fembots fucked guys who were by far more Dark Triad than Julian, but what irks them more is that he is teaching Game to all those “untouchables” out there – you know – those that should live in their celibate-masturbatoriums and wait for the empowered 35 year old who is now ready to marry a Beta chump after having ridden the cock-carousel for almost 20 years.
    Men refuse to play that kind of Game that has only shit in store for them while other guys like Dan Bilzerian state publicly that they are assholes who will pump and dump women. Still they flock to him in order to be pumped and dumped – YOLO – here comes your quality wife in training Beta Bitches!

    1. Those Nice Guys (or rather their stay-at-home wives) raised baby boomer into horribly spoiled brats.

      1. Those nice guys fought in WWII and were no pussies. The baby boomers were the first generation raised more by media & the ever more corrupted education system. That’s why they had little in common with the WWII generation. And in comparison to the Baby Boomers the current generation are even worse sissies and SJW-scum. Thankfully there are now the few Red Pill men out there or it would be la-la-land all around.

        1. The majority of baby boomers grew up in nuclear families, raised by the women who had more time to be mothers than at any other point of history.
          Yet the medias and education system were still able to infect them.

        2. I think that the baby boomers and their parents are a good proof that a man who wishes to be a guide to his children or at least a good father needs to forgo the housewife part.

  17. Women will always need men to do there dirty work. I don’t want to hear about how ”independent” you are if you go to the bathroom with a support group.

  18. I have to wonder sometimes if we’re all living in one big satire. The most tolerant and progressive people want to exterminate the people they disagree with. Cognitive dissonance anyone? Somebody? They’ll never own up to the fact that they’re just as in-group oriented as anyone else. It would ruin the more-progressive-than-thou schtick.

    1. It is kind of surreal at times.
      They don’t want someone saying “heya, gorgeous” or “how’s it going” on the street to them, but they have no problem tossing out death threats and assaulting people who they disagree with.
      They want everyone to think they’re strong and independent and don’t need a man while waiting in line for the WIC stamps, checking to see if their rent subsidy is in, and calling their state paid daycare to see how little Baby X is doing.
      They dump perfectly good men who were “perfect for marriage” at the age of 28 for vague reasons like “It’s not time” then cry at 41 that there are no good men anywhere.
      They pop out 5 kids from 5 fathers by the time they are 27 then bemoan the fact that no one wants a real relationship with them.
      They give up their body in 30 minutes to whichever dipshit they picked up on Tinder, then cry to their girlfriends the next day that “he hasn’t called me”.
      The list of surreal things that makes zero sense is getting longer and longer and there are times I think we’re witnessing the transition from homo sapiens to homo stupidus.

      1. That’s why patriarchal control of women is important. Else they delay marriage or be generally irresponsible with their sexuality.

        1. Delayed marriages are really a tragedy. I’ve seen so much wasted potential, beautiful women still unmarried and getting wrinkles.
          It’s bad for the women as they end up alone. It’s also bad for men as it creates a surplus of men who then have to lower their standards or find foreign wives.

  19. The problem stems from how entitled and into power these little cunts are. This guy exposes some truths about male-female relationships that shatter those delusions, SO they feel justified in physically attacking him and calling for his DEATH! What despicable, pathetic, sad, despotic cunts.
    Do we know the context of the situation where he grabbed the woman and pulled her toward his crotch? Was SHE offended? Does anyone care about THAT INDIVIDUAL WOMAN’s response? What if she liked it? Then what the fuck business is it of anyone’s?

    1. Until another woman ( minority) gets caught on video beating the shit out of a feminist for defending her against “misogyny” that said woman enjoys… It won’t sink in.

  20. “Jennifer embodies many feminist stereotypes. She was on tumblr at 2am on a Saturday night instead of having a social life. Her cat wanders into the frame two minutes into the video. She is slightly overweight, and lives in Washington D.C.”
    I lol’d. But I’m not sure I agree with your analysis of Blanc.

  21. If he’s “assaulted & harassed” so many women, why haven’t any of them come out to say he assaulted them and pressed charges? Don’t these feminists watch his videos and see that his techniques actually work to get women and that’s why he’s teaching it? Even with video proof feminists are delusional and illogical

  22. I’m a huge fan of RSD. I think it provides an invaluable service to men, and Tyler is brilliant. But I stopped watching Julien’s videos a while ago. There seemed to be a growing, contrived shock-value in his teachings, and there also seemed to be a cruelty to them, humiliating women in the process of bedding them. No doubt most of it was overstated, but when I try and get friends to check out their stuff, I want them to discover, for instance, Tyler talking about the “poison drip” in modern relationships. I don’t want them to discover Julien “choking girls all over the world”. That shit confirms confirms people’s misguided categorisation of the community. People will continue to malign it. When all the community is trying to do is help shy guys become men with a happy, healthy sex life.

  23. Extraordinary. I cannot personally imagine engaging in the behavior Julien has. The author is quite right however in his analysis. With an increasing number of men becoming ambivalent to the problems of women, both real and imagined, it is perhaps not particularly surprising that men are not attempting to help them women in this case.
    The endless proclamations of, “I don’t need a man” and other feminist diatribe is apparently beginning to manifest itself in the form of male disinterest to the problem a woman might be experiencing. For once, this is a situation where the man’s behavior is actually malevolent and should be condemned.

  24. lol… as a white male who spent a few years in tokyo, it is a bachelor paradise. But this guy is a fool. Yes you can get away being an ass on the sidewalk or in a bookstore, but they will mostly laugh because they are embarrassed. Just because you can get away with horsing around like she’s your little sister, isn’t really an IOI in japan. They even give out phone numbers to anybody, but that doesn’t mean they won’t block you after the first call. Just go to dance club where the music is loud and they don’t expect conversation. The reaction by the asian american feminists is a joke, the women protesting are to be ignored. I also don’t know why any male would actually pay for a “seminar” to be “taught” how to do this either.

  25. I believe a man far wiser man than myself once stated that women’s words are “written on water”. Their words are wind. Disregard anything a woman says in pursuit of her biological imperative. A thousand women marching against anything is the most profound endorsement for said opposition one could hope for, and a giant hind brain shit test probing the mettle of a righteous movement. When fat, fugly minus 5’s are up in arms a man knows his path is in the sun.

  26. Feminists are calling to castrate, electrocute, and assault a man who was not-so-nice to women? Oh, I guess we should perform cliterodectomy on women who are bitchy. Seriously, can’t women realize that MUH FEELZ is not a justification for (brutal) violence? But maybe we should indeed inflict pain upon entitled, callous Feminist aggresors for all the filth they spread and harm they cause.

    1. While Julien’s actions are clearly extremely rude it is absurd for other individuals to call for the instigation of physical violence. It wreaks of hypocrisy.

    1. That’s all it is. If these women were being “noticed” as they walked through a training practice for an olympic sports team they’d be blushing with excitement, and go home and get their vibrator out. Deep down at the core of their being feminists are a fraud, they hate men but they love cock.

    2. Only two out of the women that posted the pics were actually attractive enough to be approached by a man, the rest are so ugly that they were imagining it to garner sympathy.

  27. “Julien is what men become when they are raised by only women, and told women’s attention is what defines their worth”.
    This is a sentiment that needs to be broadcasted more clearly on RoK. All the women hating shit just makes men look even more obsessed with womeb.

    1. The majority posting here do not appear to hate women but rather despise their malevolent behavior and hypocrisy.

  28. It’s funny that ugly ass black girl with green hair slapped him, as if anyone there had any intention at all of picking her up.

    1. In western culture, feminists think they increase their own power by emasculating men. That concept doesn’t really exist in Japan or a lot of other east asian cultures.

  29. Considering the racist shit she spouts, anything shes says regarding this should not even be considered.
    Regarding the things Blanc teaches, no one here is in any position to critize him.
    The methods he teaches work! I don’t care why, the crux of the matter is they work. And he is just passing on this knowledge. Those Japanese women enjoy being playfully dominated by him, and reciprocate. If both people enjoy it, who are you to judge?
    Instead of doing what those foolish feminists are doing, Blanc should be supported by his fellow men. Women are very good at doing this, supporting their kind even if they are clearly in the wrong, and until men stop putting fellow men down at every opportunity, shit won’t change.

  30. I am a man, and what makes me hate feminist more are men behaving like Julian!! How dare he thinks he and other men can freely objectify and sexual harass random women! Sure explains why more foreign white men are plaguing Asian countries.

    1. I’m not sure if you’re sarcastically trolling or being serious? He teaches his techniques because it works. And it does work. Girls love it. When I used to go out to clubs, I literally picked women up and no one cried harassment

      1. Hope your sister enjoy strangers forcing her head down to his crotch while his pals laugh and take turns. Whether or not they like it wasn’t the point. The point was people need to keep their hands to themselves unless prompted.

        1. Not necessarily. One primary indicator of a person’s interest & trust in a man (especially women) is to touch the elbow, shoulder, etc. I don’t need a woman’s permission to touch her, and vice versa. The situation, context, and their body language dictates what is acceptable.
          You don’t know much about human behavior yet, and are just here to cause problems yet you have so much to learn.

      2. Picking up/kissing without notice are two proven techniques in my book. Further you only need about 30 to know if she’s down for the aforementioned.

  31. What I hate more than a feminist, are men behaving like Julian!! How dare he thinks he and other men can freely objectify and sexually harass random women!! I find his actions completely degrading and disgusting towards women and the people of that culture!

      1. Ah posted twice… sorry couldn’t work whether you’re a spit swapping male slut of an ape who can’t control his boner.

        1. ok Elliot Roger, I look forward to reading your next manifesto. So you can control your boner and choose not to use it because you’re such a gentleman, right?

        2. At first I was thinking he was a female, but I read through his other comments to verify he was a male. He’s just a sad beta that’s mad at other men getting more play than him

        3. C’mon now Camel..It should be clear to you now that women would far prefer a true gentleman. A bona fide gentleman. One who exceeds in being a gentleman.In fact, a gentleman who has achieved supremacy at being one. You know the…the..oh what’s the word??

  32. I’ve met about 7 or 8 RSD students in the last few months here in Philly. Only 1 or 2 had game. The rest were clueless douchebags who had no interest in reading the signs women give off–i.e., whether they are into you or not.
    Many of these guys–tho’ not especially good looking–go super direct, and when a girl naturally is creeped out, they think they need to “push through” or that she’s a cunt.
    This stunningly bad game is actually a legitimate reason why day game, and game in general, is becoming harder and harder: why shouldn’t women be resistant to men in general, now that there are so many of us who think game means having no social skills and being a kind of douchey solipsist?

  33. The best part is Scott Morrison would be the most conservative member of the Australian government. He would go against just about every ideological standpoint these feminazis have.
    This Julien guy seems like a complete douce though.

  34. the feminists are acting like idiots as usual and i don’t support the auzzies denying the guy a visa (admittedly, i don’t know their visa laws), but with that said; this guy is a piece of crap.
    in japanese culture he deeply offended and humiliated those girls. the reason why they laugh and don’t fight him is because they are in complete shock to what he has done. disrespecting people in public is so taboo in japan that other people actually try not to even notice it and look away so as not to increase the person’s shame even more.
    japanese people traditionally viewed white people as being only slightly above savages and it took a long time until they trusted us enough to let us spend time in their country and when guys act like this, the japanese remember and apply it to other white guys that they meet. idiots like julien make white people and americans look extremely bad (as if we don’t have enough trouble with that already).

    1. In a small town in Japan yes you would be correct. In tokyo in a gaijin ghetto like roppongi, that’s just another saturday night.

  35. That’s a very good point of view, but that bitch won’t get a finger lifted from me. In fact I am putting out my own restraining order on myself to not go within 300ft of her or I will in fact rack my own balls, if being in the presence of this woman doesn’t make me feel just as sick,.

  36. Feminists are not only calling for the patriarchy to save them. They are also objecting to free speech.
    Time and again, feminism shows itself to be a system of control. It is not “liberalism” by any definition. It is a belief system which seeks to strip rights from men.
    Julien is a douche. I met him once and we shared a couple of laughs. He’s not unlikeable. But he is strikingly immature for a guy who’s getting up there. And he’s deeply in love with himself, which is funny because he’s kind of a tool. But he does have a role to play, and he’s making decent coin while playing that role — so anyone expecting him to change will have to wait for the hordes of emasculated mama’s boys to stop paying him. (Which is no time soon).
    Let the man say what he wants to say. We need this force out there. Yeah, he’s a dickhead. But what he does do is remind a generation of sexless sub-males to get in touch with something that was stripped away from them by their lesbian mothers and non-fathers.

  37. Just today I had 3 women attempt to group bully/shame me into
    publicly character assassinating another guy for his disagreeable point
    of view regarding the Blanc situation…
    No ma’am, I’m not stooping to that level whether I agree with someones point of view or not. I can’t believe they used such tactics and then had the nerve to use “rape culture” as some sort of justification to victimize people who aren’t even involved.
    …And the violent woman who was slapping that guy on video… wtf? I’m supportive of equal rights and responsibilities, but does that mean she gets equal assault charges as a man would if the situation was reversed?
    Do RSD/Blanc also have grounds to sue for loss of income and defamation due to having their seminars interfered with and everyone now calling him a rapist
    and publicly smearing RSD as rape teachers? (has Blanc actually raped anyone??)
    Imagine the precedent it would set if RSD took the hashtagblanc organizers to court and won…

  38. Welcome to being black
    Loud, obnoxious, overweight women who can throw you in jail on a whim? Check
    Community full of ‘independent women’ who ‘don’t need a man’? Check
    Increasingly violent women who are protected from the repercussions of their actions by the state and simps? Check
    Marriage rates plummeting and more and more kids born out of wedlock? Check
    Increasing prevalence of ‘game’ and ‘players’ in the community? Check
    Women increasingly given power over men as your community rushes headlong into the direction of a matriarchy? Check
    You want to know your future? Look at the black community. The weapon of feminism was tested and perfected there and is now being rolled out everywhere. It won’t be long before the crime rate skyrockets due to the lack of male figures in the white community.

    1. So fucking true. The American black community has been irreparably ravaged by feminism. It’s coming soon to white culture too.

    2. LOL the fact you think that the black community is in any way feminist is laughable. There is a whole movement of black men against darker women, and black women are usually abandoned, not rejecting, by the fathers of their babies. I worked in east STL and half of the women with STDs and out of wedlock pregnancy were at one time with a boyfriend, who, by their culture, feels they can fuck around without consequences. If anything the black community needs more feminism, and higher standards for their men to be fathers to their children and husbands to their wives. Black women are aggressive because often they have only their children and families to survive and their collective trust in men as father figures (especially those that don’t have any fathers) is declining. They will fight aggressively to get what other people have and think they don’t deserve.

  39. So is he fucking girls with these techniques or what? If he’s going to japan and doing this, and quality girls are still fucking him…..I think that speaks volumes about women in general.

    1. He’s getting sex because too many guys are afraid to even touch a woman.
      Which pretty much sums up how desperate women are for actual alphas. They will put up with assault if that is the price to not get stuck with another damned beta.

  40. Frankly this is a very dangerous incident. The internet femi-nazis & SJWs have effectively used social media and achieved to effectively ban a PUA of entering a whole country. Also at the same time PUA Socialkenny got his Twitter account banned just for speaking out in support of RSD Julian.
    This little precedent is dangerous because what is there to stop them from trying to ban Roosh the next time? Sure – Julian was a bit careless displaying rather forward and aggressive Game on film, but I still wonder if men trying to learn Game will not be ostracized more in the future?
    The good thing is that the seminars were packed by thirsty Australian guys who knew exactly the the attractive pussy on the ground there can hardly be cracked just via Nice Guy Provider Game. Likely RSD will break records profit in Australia due to publicity. Shutting PUAs down will only be possible if you send SWAT teams at them and lock them up. Otherwise the truth is on our side and many men simply know it to be true – a simple experience in the clubs and dating life quickly shows many guys that the mainstream shit-heads and Social Justice Warriors have nothing to offer them except blue balls and airy words.

  41. Death threats and assaults coming from feminists? Looks like I’ve stumbled upon Reverse Gamer Gate.
    Anyone else notice that the assaulter is a black woman? -always about the violence with those people smh.

  42. Now, death threats and assault on said douchebag are too much, these methods shouldn’t be used against anyone, be it male or female, for whatever reason. However, I had a little problem with the author at some point:
    ”In her video, Jennifer says “if he [Julien] were to yell Pikachu at me, I would fucking whip out a taser and go Pikachu on his motherfucking dick.” Would you really, Jennifer? Do you carry a taser? Are you so frightened of men that you carry a weapon at all times? Or is this just a violent power fantasy you indulge in, in the absence of any real power? You live in Washington D.C. If you don’t feel safe walking the streets in the city with the most government of any place in the world, who can you turn to for protection?”
    Mocking a person that they’re carrying/would carry some kind of weapon they can use to protect themselves with? In America? What would you say to men, who own guns and carry them around? Or men with switchblades and so on? Does this apply to any person carrying a weapon, or is it just a jab at the woman, because she’s a woman?

  43. I’ve picked up a negative vibe about australian women in the comments. I thought they were a fun alternative to american women. Easy to talk to, cool sense of humor, approachable. Have things become that messed up there now?

  44. Sorry, skimmed the article, not sure if you said this, but I’m sure Julien also grew into who he is by being ignored by women for so long. He probably tried “nice” approaches to girls and they didn’t work. Then he noticed controversial goofy tactics worked, and he went with it. Women (feminists?) literally created this problem by not responding to normal interaction and by rewarding abnormal behavior.

    1. you cannot blame the victim for creating the issue. an individual has all the right in the world to take responsibility for his own actions. it doesn’t matter what anyone else around him does. he is still wholly responsible for what he enacts on all grounds. how can you generalize a whole gender and throw the blame on them? did it ever occur to you that Julien may have just be a shitty guy and women detected that? perhaps he was too much of an asshole to begin with, so instead of changing himself for the better, he decided to blame women and become a sexual harasser.

    2. “rewarding abnormal behavior…”
      Isn’t that the truth (that women don’t want you to hear). Women respond to all sorts of crazy ass behavior (including abuse) but let a decent man come along (with smarts, a job, etc..) and she’s bored with him.

  45. it’s sad that all of are so petrified by the thought of a woman standing up for something she believes in. this site is the closest thing I’ve seen to a cult in my entire life.

    1. Feminism used to be about replacing patriarchy with equality. Now feminism is about replacing patriarchy with matriarchy.

      1. put aside all of the terminology and look at the issue plainly. what this guy’s doing is not okay at all and she’s simply a woman responding to it. if it really gets this whole community fired up, I fear for the members of the site in their daily lives.

        1. “woman standing up for what she believes in….”
          Many of these women rarely “stand up”..have you seen the size of most feminists?
          and if they had to do any real work to stand up for the cause (besides typing on their computers) then many wouldn’t put in the real effort needed.
          It’s lazy feminism…at best. She is standing up for a cause, as long as she doesn’t have to change out of her sweats and leave her apartment.

  46. Julien admitted on his Youtube account some while back that he wished he had the attention Jeffy from RSD received from Jezebel.
    He must be absolutely loving this.

    1. Feminism has done more to bolster Julien’s career, fame and success than they could ever realize.

  47. If Julien was really banned from australia for this reason, it won’t keep PUA from setting up shop there. They can just franchise the business model to locals. Probably smarter to understand and exploit the cultural nuances that way.

    1. Pretty stupid decision IMO
      Australia doesn’t ban actual criminals from entering the country on makeshift rafts because that would be ‘racist’
      But this guy is apparently a big deal to them
      Because liberalism is a mental illness

  48. Typical feminists decrying death threats and harassment against women online. Then giving out death threats and harassing men online.
    Hypocrisy is the rule in politics.

  49. I don’t see what the problem is. If those insipid feminazis insist on singling out famous guys who make a business out of that over-the-top bullshit, and attacking that one facet of the PUA community with such vehemence, let them.
    It’s just an elaborate strawman argument and an impetus not to fall for the gimmicky bullshit that passes off as “game.” Continue running good game, to improve and further preclude yourself from getting clumped into some easy-to-spot category.
    Isn’t RSD the same company affiliated with Mystery? Of COURSE feminists and SJWs and all their misbegotten ilk are going to be all over that – they’re big names, and they do a lot to draw a lot of attention to themselves.
    And let’s face it – the primary reason whatshertits launched her campaign was because she saw her fellow Asians getting treated in a rather demeaning way, and got a little salty.
    I really don’t see any formal backlash against game affecting my practice of it. Most of those dumb broads bitching about how terrible and “rapey” it is, I can meet later that day after a few drinks at the bar, run the same “evil” “manipulative” game they just protested against, and totally go under the radar.
    I mean, there’s a time and place for choking, and I dunno about the rest of you, but for me it’s not within seconds of meeting her unless there is some seriously extenuating contextual situational minutiae involved in that particular encounter.

  50. I must admit, I was fully on board with #takedownjulienblanc (except for the death threats and threats of physical harm). I disagree with feminists 99% of the time but it seemed this time they were right: he is a monster and all his events with this company should be cancelled. What I have to admit is this article gave me a different perspective. I still believe he is reprehensible but it is true that as usual, feminists aren’t handling this right. Thanks for another point of view to consider.

    1. you sound a little butthurt. did you get burned by more than a few women in your day?

    2. Agree….and I believe many are “outraged” because they are looking for attention (from this man or others).

  51. The whole backlash against PUA/masculine self-improvement really shows how desperate some women are to defend their sexual power. After all, the army of white knights is only available because of sexual frustration.

  52. The funny thing is how these feminists know how to sweat the small stuff. There are bigger things going on besides what this clown is doing in Tokyo.
    Isn’t that typically female though?

  53. As long as fornication is decriminalized/legalized, unruly, rebellious women will be insisting on their “right” to fuck anyone they want, any time they want, anywhere they want, with no consequences.
    The “no consequences” idea is the Birth Control Pill, invented by MEN: Carl Djerassi and Gregory Pincus.
    Of course no temporary birth control is perfect, so Abortion is a must. Entertainment fucking has to be backed up with killing one’s own offspring, just because certain of her organs worked like they’re supposed to.
    For the solution to inconvenient brats, go to another (usually) MAN: your friendly local Abortionist. He is the modern version of the Kirby vacuum, only his vacuum cleaner is by Berkeley (invented by a MAN). I remember having one of these things used to suck snot out of my sinuses when I was a kid. I’d nearly fill up the glass collection bottle. Didn’t know it way back then but that thing could’ve been used to suck me out of my mother just as well.

  54. Start treating these cunts as equals- which is what they claim to want.
    If they assault a man, ground and pound her, just as you’d do if assaulted by a man. Break her fucking jaw in the street.
    Play boy games and you’ll play by boy rules.

  55. I think RSD is a mixed bag. Tyler has some great videos that I have learnt a lot from especially after my break up last year. Julien on the other hand is a creep. I don’t know why Tyler is not doing a better job of censoring and establishing boundaries around what content is put out under the name of RSD. Except for tyler, the rest of the cast in RSD is shady to say the least. (Todd might be a normal one) but Jeffy and Julien are definitely dick heads.

    1. The really sad part is that most of it works on women (at least in our current environment, today, in the west).
      Women are going to come out and say it because it isn’t the right thing to say (out loud) but it works on many of them. Otherwise, the group wouldn’t be as big as it is with so many signing up.
      Cause and effect.

      1. he is grabbing women’s faces and shoving them on his dick. I found some of his videos offensive myself. They work on a certain type of women (the one’s that are bitchy, moody, controlling and nasty whores). The average emotionally stable woman is not going to appreciate that. Those techniques will attract a certain type of woman, that I want nothing to do with

        1. My point (and pretty much to his point) the message is clear…….a woman will love an asshole (or at least a guy with a bit of asshole to him) before she’ll ever be attracted to a white knight or beta orbiter. His moves are a bit “over the top” but it stresses a point pretty clearly.
          Even women know this to be true…but they keep fighting against it.

  56. My friend is in a class and needed a good fake news article, like something from The Onion, but I sent him a link to this one instead. You guys nail it, and even make it sound like you’re serious about being idiots, just like the best satirists do. 10/10 we need more websites to mock this absurd “pro-men” movement.

  57. her comment about the responsibility should be “on the nasty ass men.” Is obviously directed to the men shoving random girls heads towards his crotch. Not men in general, so your entire paper was based on something you chose to misread. bravo.

  58. Interesting point of view. I agree with you that this guy definitely has a messed-up concept of masculinity which could come from not having strong men in his life, so he compensates by behaving like an ass, as seen in the video. Another way of putting this would be to say that this is fake alpha male behavior, pretty far from what a functional man acts like. If that’s what you’re saying, I am with you so far.
    And how about this? Couldn’t a return of true feminine values also fix this problem? I’m talking about values such as compromise, showing your emotions, being vulnerable in situations where it’s called for. I mean, isn’t there a yin-yang thing going on? To be a functional man, don’t you have to understand these values? To me, this is the difference between a jackass/fake alpha male and a functional masculine dude. This guy seems to think that every Japanese chick he assaults is another notch on his scorecard and he becomes more awesome the higher the score goes. In other words, he’s basically at war with these women and determined to come out the winner. With some compromise, some give and take, communication could happen. You could build a relationship with a girl. Maybe she’d willingly put her head down there while you yelled “pikachu” if that’s what you really wanted, but you’d no longer have to do it in public to unsuspecting women. I mean, if you valued people’s emotions more, if you were willing to let your guard down for one second and just cut out all this antagonistic crap.
    To me, this would actually be a return of true feminine values that would make men more healthy. It comes from flexibility, from tolerance, from compromise. To me, these are feminine values that the world needs more of. And that men need to be healthy. I just wonder what you might think about that.

    1. Good points here. But you are talking about women (at least here in the U.S.) doing a little work, changing and having to think for themselves.
      Many women love the “herd” thing…just watch them. They all follow each other with the hair, the tats, the piercings, etc… Men could get back to being gentlemen but to have that we would need women to start acting like ladies, again, as well.
      We don’t see this behavior changing anytime soon. Women want their “freedom” to fuck many guys, get drunk and then piss in the street if they feel like it.
      Real “lady like” qualities…..but they want men to act like gentlemen? Fuck that.

  59. RSD is generally Dark Triad game, so the people who practice it were generally raised by narcissistic/sociopathic women. But I laughed when that asian feminist said “I did some research on tumblr”
    Retarded opinions on tumblr=/=research

  60. The idiocy i saw in those vids who attack him are astounding. NO ONE has taken the time to actually look at the company or watch the full videos and realize that this was clipped out to only include out of context graphic parts. The co-founder of RSD wrote an entire response to the outburst and even asked if any feminists wanted to talk about it or go to any of their meetings just to prove that they don’t advocate for harassment. Yet apparently they would rather rant about it and ignore any opportunity to actually learn about the truth.

  61. That guy has no real “game” anyway. Watch his videos and he comes across as an ignorant amateur. He can’t hold a candle to guys like Josh Pellicer or Paul Janka. Those guys were never attacked by feminists because they were actually getting laid, not doing heinous stunts in public.

  62. I find Julien Blanc reprehensible, and I’m a middle aged white guy. His conduct in Japan should have seen him prosecuted. In the UK it’s likely he’d have been charged with racially aggravated indecent assault at the very least. OK some activists have gone too far protesting against him, but the fellow is a cad !

  63. My question is why aren’t the “protesters” who commit assault arrested and charged?
    And by the way, they are not protesters, they are a lynch mob.

  64. Hamster me this: if the idea of choking women is so controversial, then why have women purchased over 100 million copies of “50 Shades of Grey”, enough to vault a poorly written piece of dreck into the all-time ten best list? Could it be that there is a gap between what women say in polite society and what they really desire and respond to ? Is the reaction against Julien partially motivated by a fear that men are learning to mimic dominance cues to exploit those desires? Maybe. I bet a lot of the SJWs involved with this take down campaign secretly flick the bean to Mr. Grey. #takedownjulienblanc #chokingisokifyourechristiangrey

  65. Is anyone surprised that pushing a woman’s face into one’s crotch might be seen as provocative? Japanese are non-confrontational, they wouldn’t know what to do if a douchebag did that to them. I might be taken aback for a second before it dawns on me to swing at a motherfucker who did it to me. Fuck Julien Blanc for forcing me to agree with this fat feminist, and I do not want to be on the side of this fat feminist.

  66. Another example of hypocrisy: is anti-hate, but hopes “women get together and beat the crap out of the jerk”.

  67. Do you ever really get laid or do you just generally hate women because you’re a bastard?

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