Anti-#GamerGate SJWs Claim Victimhood While Doxxing Their Enemies

Mike Cernovich is one of the latest victims in the full-blown war on gaming, male spaces, and masculinity known as GamerGate. You’ve may have heard of him through Danger & Play, but everything you have to know about Mike is that he is a successful lawyer, white, and hetero. As such, he epitomizes the dreaded boogeyman of modern SJW’s around the world: patriarchy.

The History of Oppression

Before we get into what Mike said that riled up SJW’s so badly, let’s talk about patriarchy and why it’s such a seemingly big threat to SJW’s. Patriarchy literally means “the rule of fathers.” What’s wrong with being ruled by a “father”? Well, there is nothing inherently wrong with it. In fact, someone has to rule, so it made sense that those would be the most powerful and capable persons, usually men. Under the patriarchy almost all men in the society also had no power whatsoever and were likewise obeying the father figure, just like women.

However, SJW theory disregards all of that and claims all men rule all women, regardless of any other factor. In short, patriarchy makes women feel oppressed. This is an important point and the crux of feminism, because it shows how with radical feminists, everything is based on feelings, which cannot be measured or sometimes even correctly identified. Thus, feelings trump reality. Anyone who tries to bring facts, logic or any emotion that differs from the current mindset is threatening the narrative and has to be silenced.

“Repent, Oppressor!” Said the Rad-Fem Woman

The sole weapon of social justice warriors is to shame-and-blame anyone who dares to speak up. The reason they are doing it so fervently is that people who speak up create a dangerous example for others to follow. If left unsilenced, one voice can quickly turn into a massive protest. If shame-and-blame doesn’t work, it’s time for some doxxing (the practice of releasing an enemy’s personal information on the internet).

That’s not surprising, since SJWs fear direct confrontation with reality the most and would rather file false police reports and tarnish someone’s reputation instead of coming up with logical rebuttal and sound arguments. If you cross the line and criticize their ethos publicly, don’t expect any mercy, for yourself or for your loved ones.

cernovich is about to get doxxed original size

All of this started when Mike challenged Sam Biddle, a Gawker writer who famously proclaimed that we should create a “national SMASH A NERD day,” to a boxing match. Ironically, Sam Biddle fits the definition of a nerd quite handily, which probably reveals his masochistic tendencies.

cernovich challenges biddle to boxing resized 500px

After that, Mike Cernovich went to Youtube and recreated the same challenge, this time in video form. In short, Cernovich challenged Biddle to 3 rounds of boxing with the full set of protective gear: mouthpiece, headgear, and 16-ounce gloves. Each round would last 3 minutes, with $10,000 being donated to anti-bully charity if Biddle accepts. The event would be streamed live and all proceeds from viewers would also go to charity.

The above boxing challenge video gathered around 100,000 views on Youtube, which is around 30 times more than any other video on his channel.

Mike definitely got more attention than he expected, but therein lies a very important lesson. Namely, each and every one of us has a powerful voice and we can all use it to become warriors against feminism and social justice warriors. We can question the official narrative and hopefully remedy the toxic situation in our society, without exposing ourselves to harm that comes with the default label of “misogynist.”


Feminists and social justice warriors avoid criticism because their world view isn’t based on any facts—it is instead based on emotions and the subjective feeling of being “oppressed.” There will be no citation for this claim, however, you can check it very easily if you find a SJW and ask: “Who is more oppressed – a black woman or a white woman?” After that, simply sit back and enjoy watching the wheels spin. As an added bonus, try to count inconsistencies and logical fallacies in the response.

Shame-and-blame only works if those who speak up are foolish enough to believe their differing opinion will be tolerated by the SJW collective. Though they are full of proclaimed “equality and social justice,” this is never going to happen, especially if you’re a white straight man. If you’re out there and think you can go public on Twitter or any other social network and criticize women at all, be warned. Even if your criticism is well-grounded, whatever you say will likely be labeled as “misogyny.” You are expected to shut up, man up, and check your privilege.

Note how the feminists and social justice warriors have no way to silence anonymous people other than to say “check your privilege,” which is a fancy way of saying “shut up.” However, the shame-and-blame tactic will not work against the passionate GamerGaters, because they are willing to hide their tracks and use the full extent of anonymity provided to them by the almighty Internet. That does award them the label of being “trolls,” but trolling is still considered largely childish and harmless and there is no legislation against it, unless you’re in the UK.

The censorship of GamerGate extends to popular platforms as well. The discussion of a Zoe Quinn related thread on Reddit’s r/gaming was subjected to absurd amounts of moderation, which resulted in some 27,000 deleted comments. TotalBiscuit, whose essay the thread linked to, proclaimed it “the biggest comment graveyard I’ve seen in my life”. 4chan moderators also began censoring and introducing political correctness in GamerGate topics.

In both cases, the cause were connections between social justice warriors and moderators on 4chan and Reddit. Therefore, don’t expect to find an outlet on a popular platform, since they all conform to the SJW narrative. Instead, use guerrilla tactics, and arm yourself with facts and logic.

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41 thoughts on “Anti-#GamerGate SJWs Claim Victimhood While Doxxing Their Enemies”

  1. Has Roosh already hired somebody to keep us informed on GamerGate topics? (”
    ROK Is Looking To Hire A GamerGate Correspondent” – October 21st, 2014) Not that I’m interested in the position, just wondering.

  2. SJWs are basically the Nazis now, using the same tactics and fanaticism. DOXing people is all about threat – their target can be SWATed or harassed by others but most of all, how many times have we seen the “fire the undesirable scenario” or the “take the award away from the undesirable and give it to the German” scenario play out in the various stories from Nazi Germany?
    The movie “Hannah’s War” starts out with a scene like that.
    So it’s all about physical threat and destruction of livelihood. Meaning SJWs are Nazis. And the Nazis of the past also thought they were the good guys doing it to preserve their country and fight communism.
    The more things change the more they stay the same. Already we see human rights denied in the name of furthering human rights. We see inequality fostered in the name of equality. This was predictable years ago.
    Sadly this level of hatred (from the SJWs) has the stink of death camps. Don’t think there will be death camps? Let’s see: what’s the purpose of a reeducation camp? To reeducate “thought criminals”.
    Now, if the “crime” is merely being white and male or CIS, how do you reeducate that out?
    But also the reason to reeducate was to return the subject back to the field or factory and put them to work as a good little citizen.
    How much work is there? How much will there be when there are plenty of replacements streaming over the border? How about those more complex jobs and the rise of robotics?
    Ahh.. not much use for that criminal who is white, male, and CIS-gendered now is there?
    And we have more to fear than the SJWs as well, who for the most part also tend to be the wearers of the “red uniform” in peripheral ideals. So we also have to worry about things getting so bad with the SJWs that someone might come along later and start giving out brown uniforms and decree to “do it to them before they do it to you”. So we exchange a leftward horror for a nationalist horror with the same end results.

    1. Maybe this sounds too dramatic, but I had a sudden realization that all those dystopic movies about the grim future (Big Brother, total control of society, eradication of people, Hunger Games) can happen due to SJWs. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. They are totally insane and will stop at nothing.

  3. That challenge… damn. Fuckin’ manly.
    It was perfect. A slap with a silk glove. A challenge to civilized, gentlemanly combat coming from a man with a legitimate grudge. Sam Biddle has no way of backing out without appearing craven.
    Well done Mike Cernovich, Champion of Nerds.

    1. Sam should just say yes. I really doubt Mike could make weigh-in. The fair amateur weight class would be light middle weight.

    2. By the way, the full context of ‘smash a nerd day’ was a tweet by Sam Biddle that “gamergate reaffirms that nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission.” Fuck, they’re not even pretending that they are after a just cause anymore; they’re straight-up admitting that their goal with all this game-related SJW stuff is to degrade, humiliate, and punish weaker men.
      Feminists take perverse pleasure in seeing weak men humiliated through various means. It’s not like it’s a secret, they say it all the time. Name me just one prominent figure in the manosphere who advocates punishing and humiliating women just for being women. There isn’t one.

    1. The funny thing is, they really can’t do anything if you refuse to check your privilege. You have a voice – use it. You also have immense power to fight against the SJW narrative by simply poking holes in it with your male cis hetero privileged penis.

      1. Then get your employer to fire you and ruin your reputation with everyone else in your social circle and outside in your personal life.

  4. Ah yeah I saw someone link to that around when he put it up. The Escapist forums have a thread about Gamergate and all this when it all first started. It’s still up, so that’s a “neutral place” to talk and find out about GG-related stuff as it unfolds.
    I would like to say, however, that as 2014 nears a close, that Political Correctness is now dying. It’s dying in Britain/Europe, it’s beginning to die here in the US, and it’s beginning to crack and crumble on the internet. While we saw push-back with Chik Filet and Duck Dynasty, GG is the first time we’ve seen a pro-PC establishment suffer severe consequences for their behavior by their customers.
    This does curve back to my premise. The MSM has gotten involved with GG to a degree, but it hasn’t slowed down the damage that GG is doing to those responsible. The media (both Mainstream and online) is no longer effectual at controlling the narrative of discourse. This isn’t just true of GG but also with the EU elections and the rise of nationalism in Europe and Britain. We also saw this week that the US is no longer being controlled by narratives, but are on the warpath against the political class. Voters sent a message Tuesday to the politicians: Kick out the illegals, control the border, dismantle Obamacare, cut spending. Cantor was supposed to replace Boehner as Speaker, but the Tea Party had other plans, and this will continue to play out till the “career politicians” get with the program or move on and let someone else take the helm that will.
    While Gamergate and these elections are not fundamentally connected, they are connected in the sense that the media has been using PCness to shut down discussion about serious issues and to maintain the Status Quo. UKIP was the “racist party”, all those nationalist parties in Europe were “fascists” and their members “white supremacists”. The same thing happened with GG, when those responsible were taken to task, their response was to call gamers “woman-haters”. This has blown up in their faces, and with “Not Your Shield” having minorities take these hypocrites to task for their behavior, the journalists are the big losers here.
    It isn’t over yet, but this year is the turning point. These shitheads have been accruing a large about of badwill with their behavior and rampant thought-policing, and now it’s coming back to bite them in the ass. What must be done is to not battle these guys, but to circumvent them. SJWs are censoring 4chan? Someone made 8chan. SJWs are censoring Reddit? Make something like reddit and fiercely guard the website’s integrity from SJW incoherence. Youtubers for gaming need to be aware of SJWs moving the battleground to Youtube (hence Roosh’s videos on the topic).
    In the end, we should cut the SJWs out of our discourse, and eventually they’ll scamper off to some dark corner and mind their own fucking business while the rest of us just try to get on with our lives.

    1. ”Make something like reddit and fiercely guard the website’s integrity from SJW incoherence.”
      Make ten reddits in its place without SJW incoherence. The more the SJW try to take over the more it multiplies until the SJW run out of numbers. Moreover decentralize so that it cannot be infiltrated and subverted.

      1. Exactly. If they can “banish” us from websites, then we can most certainly do the same to them. The moment they come into a community and try to push an SJW agenda, ban them from the website/forum/whatever. And make it clear that trying to push PCness down people’s throats will not be tolerated.
        Where we can’t decentralize, like on Youtube, we most certainly need to be prepared to call out SJWs and their puppets for their hypocrisy. This is why Roosh making videos about that is important. Nobody is paying attention to it now, but in a year or 3 down the road when one of these people does something VERY dumb/awful we can reference back and expose their double standards.

        1. It may become more and more possible if running a site like youtube gets cheaper and cheaper as improvements in technology occur.

        2. SJWs actually discredit themselves with everything they say and do. I think that the “gamers are dead” barrage of articles was not an attempt to end gamers, but rather a scream of collective SJW frustration that their agenda isn’t going as well as they hoped. They work by covert infiltration, not overt war.
          The fact SJWs have gone public with their plans means they are overconfident and have an extreme case of wishful thinking, which could ultimately be their undoing.

      2. If you frequently go to Reddit, you probably noticed a great influx of automoderator bots in the last 7 months or so. I know I have. They are everywhere. One Reddit admin talked publicly about the lists that these bots use to auto delete and ban, some words are just insane, like “bias”. So you mention bias in your Reddit submission – bam, instabanned. This is connected with the SJWs because only they stifle criticism so hard. You can’t really go anywhere in public or hold any meaningful position without conforming to the SJW ideology. This includes being an admin on any forum.
        Take a look at 4chan. While it was underground, there was an absolute freedom of speech there. Now, when it got too big, the SJWs got their greasy hand on the steering wheel and drove it off the cliff. This happens over and over again.

  5. But weren’t the SJWs trying to make us believe that this was a woman’s rights issue, that these women were being harassed on the internet by ”trolls.” This smells of something a lot deeper, this whole thing doesn’t have anything to do with gaming or journalism, it’s just leftists SJWs trying to promote their agenda and using whatever means necessary.
    This group of femtards is so anti-male that they’ve forgotten to be pro-female. Nothing is stupider than an entire movement who’s central goal is to oppose an idea. The hypocrisy of upholding the beliefs of feminism is such a burden that it becomes impossible for the SJWs to realistically uphold all of the different angles of it. They have created their own monster, and it’s getting too big for them to control.

    1. “But weren’t the SJWs trying to make us believe that this was a woman’s
      rights issue, that these women were being harassed on the internet by
      Yes, they were. The problem is these SJWs ran into a much larger group (and a larger consumer group with a lot of clout…..gamers – who are mostly men). Women only have this power in our society, today, because of their spending habits. They are catered to by MSM and corporations to go after the almighty dollar. Otherwise, these two could give a shit about what women want…it’s all about the money.
      That’s the only reason why they have the power (and not the equality)…big difference.

    2. I invite you to watch Sargon of Akkad’s videos on Youtube, he deconstructs the entire agenda. Basically, SJWs have tried to infiltrate academia and gain legitimacy but their bullshit papers get shot down hard. Or, as one SJW said “it’s very hard work”. So, they decided to create an alternate academia structure which is just an echo chamber that serves as a launchpad for infiltration into games and gaming. They already have gaming and pretty much mainstream press on their side, but the gamer backlash is unlike anything I’ve seen before. That gives me hope there is still chance for avoiding dystopic futures of Idiocracy or that Kurt Vonnegut movie.

  6. When dealing with a “Check Your Privilege” SJW-type claiming to stand for “equality,” I will usually just hammer away on affirmative action mercilessly and without end. Instead of trying to reason with progressive identity smears, which only gets you more and more entangled with their tar baby, this shifts the initiative by forcing them to have to defend the indefensible: Obama’s kids getting priority over the poor white kid from Bumfuck, Nowhere. It’s doubly effective because it uses their class-warfare hypocrisy against them; let them explain why Oliver Twist needs to set aside his “privilege” for the American Royal Family.

    1. Good points. I think it’s even better when you use the kids of Clinton or Bush (both white females) to make your arguments (try it?).
      White females in the U.S…the most privileged complainers in today’s society.

    2. True. You have a whole generation of poor white men growing up, being told they’re privileged, yet for as long as they can remember women and minorities have always been given special treatment over them. If that’s not racial and sexist discrimination I don’t know what is.

  7. The term ‘tar baby’ is a good one to revive. I’ll try to use ‘tar baby’ more. It belongs in the English proper. The red pill wordpool grows daily. Another phrase or idea I saw a few articles ago deserves repeating: ”they attacked our reality and now they go after our VIRTUAL reality”. Fine descriptive simplicity. Also, awareness of the spiritual or psychic warfare in play is not obvious to many but I’m sure an EXORCISM is in the realm of our defenses, an area of warcraft at our disposal insomuch as we can accept it as real and that we can grasp it. The wiccans have joined satan’s chorus against the patriarchs, against the ‘men with balls’. Let’s muster all forms of manforce in this holiday season, from the spiritual to the physical. Let’s us greet the new year proudly wielding a BIG DING DONG.

    1. ”they attacked our reality and now they go after our VIRTUAL reality”
      The GGs reckon (and quite rightly) that since the world of the video game is not real then they are under no obligation to furnish a place for women in it as they are the real one.
      This, I think, is really at the core of Gamergate.
      The GGs had decided early in life that they would move to where the Cathedral (among other antagonists) does not reign.
      So now the Cathedral is trying to take that too.
      SJWs probably regard GGs as Jonah like figures. God fugitives.
      Also note how, as the video game world is non corporeal, the SJW’s move closely mirrors the thought …er hate crimes stuff.

      1. The entire motley bunch of SJW’s are like loose cannon wind up toys let loose in the house. Some ankle bite, some chew the carpet, some light the curtains ablaze. They seem incoherent and disorganized but like mutating strains of the same virus, they serve the same end – the greater socialist collectivist marxist plague. Like brownshirts they will likely be flushed down the toilet once their trashing orgy is ready to be replaced by some new BITCH ORDER which is impossible and lacks structural integrity – squid has no spine. Still the place is left HOUSEWRECKED. Burqas are coming soon.

        1. Or tight Amish bonnets. The West will surely improvise something that looks cool on an obedient woman.

  8. I don’t think much of Mike, he had a similar 10k Testosterone challenge, and i don’t think he had any real intention of paying(he made sure that the challenge lasted a minimum of time). He’s long on marketing and short on goods. He goes on to say that people are wrong about taking test and no one really needs antiestrogens when on Testosterone replacement(I have never seen any steroid using bodybuilder make the same claim). He posts some of his hormone numbers,and while his Total Test was pretty good, his free test was in the “I feel like shit” range. And you know what causes low free test? Sky high estrogen, which he didn’t post. I call him out on this and rather than post his estrogen numbers he blocks my comment and blocks me from the site. I don’t know I think it might be important if what hes recommending would cause men to get gynomastia, don’t you? I think his saying was something like swallow the pill, take the ride-you know because swallow the pill grow the bitch tits, isn’t anywhere near as catchy.

    1. I agree, there were others who noticed that he seems out of place in GamerGate. The boxing challenge was probably done as a means of self-promotion, but he inadvertently became a public figure of GamerGate and experienced for himself how far down the rabbit hole we are. It’s like if a random dude happened to stumble on a sword, picked it up and got suddenly chased by creepy transgender woodsexual otherkin. Eventually he realizes he has to fulfill his destiny by slaying the dragon that powers the Tumblr with its breath. The point is, there are no small heroes in the fight against SJWs.

  9. Mike tweets his fiancee and RTs her ( so her name is easily found. Mike’s address is published in, an online directory for lawyers. They live together and they talk about living together.
    So, is it a big leap to say she is located at his publicly available address? And it takes 90 seconds to find her last name using this tool called Google. Those White Pages sites that cost $0 even list her employer. So, we are not talking about hacker-level skills here. I mean, your average grade school student could locate this information online before the recess bell rang. Same is true for most people who maintain an online profile with their real name (as long as it’s not Jones, Smith, Brown or another common name).
    The strange thing is that for a person who runs a website, Mike doesn’t seem to be very aware that his own profile information is easily available on the web.

    1. I think the difference is in malicious intent. For example, you’ve looked up this info without any bad intent. This is fine. There are some who look up this info for the purpose of harming the person. Then there are those who look up this personal info and disseminate it to their posse with the message: “Get ‘m!” Now, that last bit is doxxing. People have gotten in trouble with the law for trying to harm someone but failing at it. It is the intent that counts (look up “mens rea”).

  10. Criticise feminism for being based on feelings rather than facts, then write an article abandoning facts in favour of feelings. Good job old sport! You must have really become comfortable with your feminine side, Greendestiny…to go with your hair, one assumes 😉

    1. If you had a specific example of what I wrote wrong, you would have pointed it out. Since you didn’t, I take it as a compliment. #patriarchy

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