Wellness SJW Belle Gibson Confirms Faking Cancer To Steal Money

Again, ROK has been proven right. A feminist “icon”, once hailed as a “Fun Fearless Female”, has been outed.

Belle Gibson, the “entrepreneur” and “cancer survivor” I introduced you to last month, has admitted she faked multiple cancers and having had heart surgery. Several years ago, she rose to international prominence for claiming she had treated her one-of-a-kind terminal brain cancer by simply eating whole foods and avoiding the normal “processed” diet, indulging in all sorts of super foods and “self-healing” strategies.

She then cultivated a self-help, “cancer-beating” recipe empire, vowing to donate a large chunk of her profits to charity. By this time, thousands of panicking cancer sufferers, other seriously diseased people, or those just wanting to help a good cause had purchased her product. Apple was so enthralled that they intended to feature The Whole Pantry as a default Apple Watch app.

It was too good to be true

However, serious problems later emerged in Gibson’s story, such as inflating her age, alleging her cancer had spread to multiple organs, and citing a form of brain cancer medical professionals said they never knew anyone had survived. She was also caught consuming beer, pizza, and all manner of clearly non-healing foods on social media.

Vowing repeatedly to give more information about the “lies” being spread about her, she finally acknowledged this week that she made everything up. Because of her selfishness and sociopathy, she has risked the health of thousands of people who followed her non-medically based approaches to fighting cancer and other diseases.

Now The Australian Women’s Weekly, that lovely paper rag which claims to be feminist but makes a living out of objectifying other women and paying for interviews with the mistresses of convicted killers, has courted Belle Gibson. She has been given an outlet to cry that it’s her childhood that scarred her.

After all, she had to look after her autistic brother as a girl. She even had no toys as a child! Therefore that justifies a calamitous scam involving around a million dollars, including both the donations and the money she made “legitimately” by saying the rest would go to charity.

I’m certainly convinced by Belle’s mea culpa, how about you?

Why aren’t police charging Belle Gibson with pervasive fraud?


Aside from scamming, Belle Gibson’s biggest skill set is applying make-up and airbrushing to take herself from a 3 to a 5.5.

Rather than just the $300,000 (and whatever else was promised that we don’t know of), Belle Gibson’s entire sales were built on fraud. When you solicit sales promising a certain high percentage will go to charity, even the proportion you did not offer to organisations has been garnered through outright deception. She has likely made $1.2 million from the scam, based on her prior claim that 25 percent of sales had already been given to charity.

But police won’t be going after our darling Belle. Tragically, whilst poor senior citizens are apprehended for shoplifting in Victoria when they’re poverty-stricken or have dementia, Gibson can escape scot-free from criminal charges for a calculated cancer fraud over many years. A couple of loaves of bread versus $300,000 in charity donations and $1 million in falsely accrued app sales.

The best we can hope for is civil charges via the Victorian consumer watchdog. And given her knack for fraud, Belle is well capable of concealing any money she still hasn’t splurged to avoid paying what should be (but probably won’t be) a substantial fine.

Truth be told, we cannot blame the police. They are responding to their own experiences with the judicial system, where judges routinely grant bail to or avoid convicting all manner of people who belong permanently in jail, whilst convicting men for rape and domestic violence based on hearsay.

Denying female agency

I’d be laughing too if I made off with a fraud of about $1.2 million.

The AWW has presented an entirely sympathetic portrait of poor, vilified Belle. She’s a victim of either her family or its circumstances and her mother just expected too much of her.

Just like likely pathological liar Jackie Coakley, who is still referred to as a victim, Belle Gibson is, with the help of the media, refocusing attention on her “victimhood.” No matter how many lives you affect with false, purely attention-seeking criminal accusations or charity and medical scams, as a previously recognized female SJW, you are still supposedly deserving of support for and mitigation of your “mistakes.”

Congratulations, AWW, you have obfuscated the crimes of a fabulist:

During the interviews, whenever challenged, Belle cried easily and muddled her words.

This is called self-pity, AWW, and it’s a superb, effective tactic employed by not only victimized and truly persecuted women, but also manipulative, delusional, and, in this case, outright fraudulent and sociopathic ones. By mentioning this, all the publication is trying to do is to provoke sympathy in readers. Poor Belle, the hard-working mother-of-one now exposed to the media spotlight she first cultivated herself to make ill-gotten riches!

After that comes the attempt by the journalist, Clair Weaver, to ask whether Belle is even guilty of any wrongdoing:

All of which begs the question: is this young woman really capable of masterminding one of the biggest hoaxes in recent history?

She told millions of people she had the rarest of terminal cancers, built a business around it and pathologically lied for years to make a fortune, but the AWW still doesn’t believe or wants to doubt that Belle Gibson is a scammer.

With no similarly remunerating skills bar scamming, Belle Gibson enjoyed a life of outright luxury, including a BMW, $2,000 designer handbags, first-class international travel and living in an expensive beachfront property.

Belle Gibson was happy for cancer victims to die

The sociopathy of Jackie Coakley (pictured) and Belle Gibson presents a cogent argument for simultaneous and multiple reincarnations.

Aside from defrauding thousands of people, Gibson, like a true sociopath, steered sufferers of terminal and other diseases away from proven or more effective treatments. It is impossible to quantify the number of people whose lives she has endangered or outright ended with her pseudo-science. This was all done for her own (substantial) profit and popularity, which she clearly craved more than not threatening the safety of desperately sick and miserable people.

The fact that the AWW has interviewed Belle Gibson, and not a cancer sufferer who abstained from treatment because of her charlatan advice, demonstrates that SJW privilege is alive and well. Forget the real victims. If you claim you want to change the world and be an empowered woman, you can’t be that bad. Notice that even after being exposed as a fraud, she continues to court the attention she so desperately seeks.

Expose them and then kick them to the ground

Perfectly brutal but legal methods are needed to prevent woefully narcissistic scams such as Belle Gibson’s. From a utilitarian perspective, the need to protect the truly vulnerable, such as cancer sufferers, outweighs any need to respect the vanity and sociopathy of someone who preys on them for profit.

The same goes for the innocent victims of false rape accusations such as at Duke University and the UVA fraternity, or the utterly blameless business maliciously targeted by Ellen Pao.

Belle Gibson should be a well-deserved pariah until the day she leaves this world. But before that, she needs to be charged and imprisoned for her crimes. You know she would if she were a man.

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83 thoughts on “Wellness SJW Belle Gibson Confirms Faking Cancer To Steal Money”

  1. What a thoroughly disgusting cunt. The only bright side to this is that I now get to save another round or two when DocJeep’s rape gangs are ravaging after the collapse.

        1. yeah, I know, but most of the men on this site will be gone by the time it comes to pass…

      1. Didn’t mean to imply that you’re leading them, just that you have the foresight to know they’re coming, and to advise others not to waste precious ammo.

  2. Another Feminazi fail that will result in ZERO consequences for the people responsible.
    Because, as we all know by now, it’s really “the big issue” that matters here, not those pesky facts.

  3. I wonder why I’m not surprised that a “feminist icon” would do this. Lying is pretty much what they do.

  4. The good news is she probably singlehandedly moved the feminist death rate up a few percent.

  5. Some of the guys here have mentioned women are now playing the cancer card because men are calling their bluff when they were playing the rape card. I honestly didnt want to believe (and Im pretty cynical at this point) but articles like this just confirm it.
    Its absolutely disgusting…

      This beautiful woman had fake cancer and you expect her to be held accountable!
      She’s a victim.
      Besides, she might fuck a mangina if he has the patience to put up with her shit long enough.

  6. “During the interviews, whenever challenged, Belle cried easily and muddled her words.”
    Of course she did. Women always cry when they’re backed into a corner. Lying, cheating, or just plain old manipulating for the sake of manipulating – it doesn’t matter. She’s upset because the party is over and all the attention and goodies are gone. People dying of cancer because of her bullshit, though? Nah, fuck those people – not worth a tear drop.
    Not seeing these women being held accountable for their actions is starting to get really old.

    1. “Not seeing these people being held accountable for their actions is starting to get really old.”
      It’s starting to piss me the fuck off.
      I am being held accountable for the smallest things.. Even things I have nothing to do with..

      1. I would get pissed, but none of this nonsense surprises me anymore. It’s just par for the course at this stage.

    2. As Esther Vilar points out in ‘the manipulated man’, women learn to train and control their tear ducts, as they learn to train and control their bladder. This starts at an early age, and is used almost exclusively for the emotional manipulation of men.
      This is because men do no learn to control their tears as women do, and thus only cry when subject to extreme emotions. Thus when they see a woman crying, they hold them to their own standards of reaction, and assume that the woman crying must be in a very emotional state.
      And the lying psychopath in the article, has obviously mastered this skill. Was she shedding tears for all the people whose health she was wrecked, and whose money she stole by fraud.
      No – she is crying at her own ‘victimhood’.
      But these are crocodile tears. The crocodile tears of a serial narcissist and scammer.
      I’m not surprised that the police are not doing anything about it. Aside from nightclub bouncers, they are the biggest white knights that our society has created.

      1. True, very true. Perhaps every 2-3 years I will be moved enough to tears and so assume that a woman is feeling the kind of pain I am to be in this situation, but really she is just playing a role.

        1. What moves a man to tears?
          Loss of a father.
          Loss of a child.
          Loss of an uncle.
          Hell, loss of a dog.
          If you cry at a movie or because your team just lost the world series, you just revoked your man card. You are hereby required to pee sitting down from now on…

        2. My eyes water at Armageddon, not the sickly love story but at the little boy running up to his father for the first time.

        3. made me chuckle- good job. Hows the comedy scene up there these days? The province that gave us jim carrey, norm macdonald and the kids in the hall- are there any funny guys up there anymore?

        4. Russell Peters is a famous Canadian comic as well.
          My buddy also just recommended Chris Locke, Nick Flanagan, and Nathan Fielder.
          I went to a few of Fielder’s shows back in the early 2000s and I personally like off-the-wall humour. Check it out.

        5. I dunno about Peters- isnt he nothing but Indian jokes?
          Heres Norm at his best

        6. What? Odysseus himself sat on the beach of Calypso’s island and cried, “wrenching his heart with sobs and groans,” because he missed the wife much more than he enjoyed sleeping with a goddess ;). But never did he revoke his man card.

        7. I personally don’t like Peters just thought I’d mention him. He’s a decent joke-teller but the material got old fast.

        8. – I teared up when the Terminator descended into the well of lava. –
          Me too.
          I also get lump in my throat each time the dude with the fine beard has water in his eyes.

        9. I think you just tried to hit me below the utility belt – wait, I bet you cried at the end of “Philadelphia”, too, didn’t you?

        10. I’m just joking around man I don’t want to start internet shit with you.
          Never saw Philadelphia but I think I mighta gotten emotional at the end of Rocky.

        11. I was just kidding, too.
          Philadelphia was that Tom Wanks movie (with the title tune by Bruce Springsteen) about the fag lawyer who gets AIDS, loses his job and gets ostracised and dies.
          Wasn’t the Eyetalian Stallion(Rocky, not Stallone) from Philly too?

        12. heres the thing about Russell peters, it’s not that he is a terrible comedian, I’ll admit the first time I watched one of his gigs, I had a few good laughs. the problem is that by half hour into his show you realize that he is a one trick pony, telling strictly racial stereotype jokes that no white guy would ever get away with. I have absolutely nothing against a good racial joke, whether it’s aimed at my race or anyone else’s, but I have a strong feeling that his mostly young, college hipster fan base would have a shit if Larry the cable guy told a harmless joke about blacks liking watermelon, or Indians liking curry for that matter. Comedy, like everything these days is a one way street heading left.

        13. lol Philadelphia is the exact opposite of Rocky.
          Rocky is an uneducated straight guy who gets a girlfriend, finds a job as the boxing heavyweight champion of the world, and gets accepted and lives a fulfilling life.

      2. Yeah, I think women have larger openings in their tear ducts. Waterworks comes easier for them. Yet another thing I wish I didnt know…

      3. Whoa whoa, chill on the nightclub bouncer part. I am one and definitely not a white knight lol. I kick females out for getting attitude with me. I refuse to help them if they aren’t polite or sweet and if there is some kind of altercation where a male may or may not have made her mad somehow I always listen to the guy’s story and gauge the truth factor for myself.
        One time a girl slapped me because I wouldn’t let her drunk male friend back in the club. What did I do? I spit fucking chewing tobacco all over her goddamn face.
        Hell just last saturday night a female handed me her credit card and asked me to get her drinks at the bar because her feet hurt. My response which I looked her dead in the eye and said this slow, enunciating each word. “Suck. This. Dick. “

        1. Good to hear. Maybe I should have said taxi drivers instead of bouncers.
          I used to be one myself, back in my blue pill days, and would always bypass the dudes, to pick up drunk chicks. Which was fucking stupid, since girls were the worst for falling asleep or puking in the car.
          I once told a girl in a club she had “radical tits”, and got slapped. The bouncer saw this, and threw me out. Fucking pissed me off.

    3. Not just getting old but getting me really pissed!
      We need more articles like this that exposes these evil cunts. I hope that the MSM pick up on these stories.

    4. I used to get fooled by tears, now I just get mean as hell if they start crying over some bullshit.

  7. The pussypass strikes again.
    Honestly it’s getting to the point where I simply don’t believe anything women say.

    1. They love to work out and travel, tall men only, watch football all day on Sunday, shoot guns, looking for companionship, and not here to hook up! Now insert token trite Marilyn Monroe quote!

      1. Marilyn Monroe, huh…the more quotes by her I read, the more I feel that she could easily be the grandmother of all the egotistical, hamster-rationalizing women of today.

      2. Where do women get the idea that a man wants a woman who is into all the stuff he does with his boys. My biggest turn off is a woman who says she is into sports, cars, hunting, fishing, or anything like that. The worst is when a chick describes herself as “just one of the guys”, as if this will make me want to fuck her. I’m looking for a woman who is into cooking, cleaning, clothes, hair, makeup and sucking dick. Feel free to copy and paste this comment to your online dating profile everyone!

  8. We can focus on how this is another notch in the “pussy pass belt”, but I prefer to look at it as a notch in the “SJWs are vapid, insidious, lying, manipulative cunts belt”.
    More notches in this belt means more men will unplug and SJWs will be exposed for what they truly are.

  9. Whatever happened to that woman who claimed she was killing herself because of cancer? Was that ever proven to be a fraud?

    1. She died, I forgot exactly how though. She was a “hero”, of course. A cute, White innocent little snowflake of a hero who went out after fomenting much attention and “controversy”.

      1. she was gonna commit suicide, then the web was like “NONONONO!!” so she didnt for a month or two…then she committed suicide.

  10. Absolutely disgusting. I have heard stories of Aussie women being awful, and I love visiting your country, but how can a productive society exist when it allows this to happen!?
    Also, isn’t she far too old to be wearing nose jewelry? Those are for piglets, teenagers, and college clubsluts.

    1. I don’t know, depending on the photo, the first and third options may be exactly the case.

  11. Bernard Madoff got jail for his ponzi scheme. Yes he stole money, but he did not give wrong advice to medically ill victims that put their health and lives in jeopardy. What she did was far sinister and faces no criminal prosecution. Shame on Victoria Police for not doing their job of protecting victims from this predator.

  12. Who wants to bet that there is a cancer-ridden white-knight out there who feels so bad that she didn’t have toys and had to look after her brother while growing up?

    1. What is the hang-up with the looked after her brother bit? Isn’t that what family does? Or should she have been attention-whoring and riding the carousel instead? This is really strange!

      1. it sucks to have to take upon yourself responsibilities that overburden you. one can indeed be blessed with a fucked up family, no need to romanticize the concept in every case.
        that said, it doesn’t change shit. people need to be held accountable. why else even bother to have a justice system? intents and sentiments don’t matter, actions do.

      2. Next thing we know, she”ll blame her brother for having this unusually large cock and she just had to suck it and now she’s traumatised forever…

  13. I used to think Australia was cool. Not anymore . #PussyPassStrikesAgain #TheMatrixIsReal

      1. hot? Ending every statement with “yeah?” isnt hot, its confusing

        1. Yeah well a shit ton of accent-whore women fuck men from there just because they fall for the accent, so something must be on the money!

    1. Ironically enough, the Matrix and it’s sequels were all filmed in Sydney.

  14. This quote almost made me spit out my coffee;
    “I think my life has just got so many complexities around it and within it, that it’s just easier to assume [I’m lying],” she says. “If I don’t have an answer, then I will sort of theorise it myself and come up with one. I think that’s an easy thing to often revert to if you don’t know what the answer is.”
    I tell whatever BullShit lies, I think people will believe.

  15. I am just plain disgusted that this scum can get away with it. The backwards ideologies of this culture will surely kill us all off (mentally, and now, physically) legally.

  16. If the law won’t deal with her.. i wholeheartedly endorse vigilante justice.
    Reconstructive dental surgery costs a lot i hear. And it would be a shame if her home and BMW spontaneously combusted for unknown reasons.
    For legal reasons i will point out that everything i said above is a joke and that i do not endorse vigilante justice.

    1. Thats what im saying man, we as men need to start taking actions into our own hands or NOTHING will change! Its time these feminist SJW scum bags pay however way we see fit. Its time more men stop being fucking pussies and get a fucking back bone im tired of this shit and im down to ride!

  17. This is the (accurate) picture of women Esther Vilar paints in her book ‘The Manipulated Man.”

  18. Since 1/3 of Americans die of cancer, there is a strong possibility she will end up with the disease, anyway and need those $100,000’s, to fight it.

  19. This is a classic example of a woman being believed just coz she’s a woman. A bit of fact checking could have stopped this but no, she’s a woman so her claims were automatically believed.

  20. First of all, this isn’t an isolated incident of a young,
    female “fitness & health guru” giving bogus advice and information lapped up by hoards:
    Why is the world so ready to hold up 23 and 26 year old
    women as experts on anything, why was this allowed to go as far as it did?
    Why is society holding people up as experts and leaders of
    fields, they have zero qualifications and experience in, just because they have
    a vagina?
    Even if he is a fucking prodigy, how many people listen to
    23 year blokes on any given subject? I’ll tell you, no one. I don’t want to
    listen to a 23, or a 26 year old bloke as an expert. Why? Because at 23 years old, You. Know. Fucking. Nothing.
    So why do reams of people and organisations, from cancer
    patients to fucking Apple (fucking Apple!) continuously put young, unqualified, unvetted and inexperienced women in the roles of senior advisers and experts in “their” fields, just because they are female?
    Hoards of investment dollars are being sunk and peoples
    health is being seriously compromised, continuously and repeatedly, without
    check or balance.
    Fucking why?

  21. Just like Anita Sarkeesian scammed donors. Of course, they were manginas, so they deserved it.
    If police don’t charge her, that sucks. But at least she has ensured that employers and possible husbands will avoid her, and only the dumbest ones who fail to do a check on her will get stuck with her. So Darwinian justice nonetheless.

  22. RoK is doing the Lord’s work, for even if the authorities don’t charge her with fraud, at least her marriage prospects have dropped by 40% (i.e. they have dropped by 100% among red-pill men, and the blue-pill morons are all that are left).
    Arguably, this permanently harms her employment prospects as well.

  23. It’s not self pity as you said. Her crying can be that she’s sorry she got caught, or she’s further manipulating Australians via false remorse – a sign of psychiatric disorder.

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  25. This woman should face no charges what so ever. Stupid people deserve to have their money taken. If you want to believe some cunt with no scientific background and no evidence to back up her claim then you deserve to be parted with your money. The strong prey off the stupid and gullible…she should be applauded for her efforts. Hopefully as a result of this people will remember that peer reviewed scientific journals, professional erudite health care providers, and clinic studies are where they should go for medical advice…not chubby skanks with blogs

    1. Anyone who would give money to a female is a horse’s arse. There are many benefits whether medical or just for living expenses that a female can get so there was no reason for her to be asking for anything.If you ever see a homeless person it’s 99% of the time a man, the 1% of females can get benefits but are just too fucked up or antisocial and like living on the street. I have actually helped homeless men and one was 70. No, I won’t tell you the story because you losers never appreciate anything and likely never gave anyone a dollar yourselves(just like not tipping at Olive Garden)

  26. To be fair she didn’t do anything Big Pharma doesn’t do every day.
    The shocking thing is always how other people/organisations/communities respond. It’s like they think Women are too dumb to be bad and too vulnerable to be held accountable.

  27. Dr. Benway explains the Jante code to Roosh ‘the pickup artist’ (lol)
    This is what the so called Jante Code really is about:
    countries to the North have tiny populations and in the past were really
    sparse, especially during cold periods when most Europeans lived in the
    Mid East, Egypt or somewhere with milder climate. For these sparse
    populations that remained in these areas in the North survival was
    difficult and you needed every member of the small tribe to live.You
    would have had to hunt large animals that other predators couldn’t kill
    (any small fast animals around would be taken by predators before humans
    could get to them) Every member of the tribe contributed something and
    under these barely liveable conditions each member did what his job was
    the best. The guy who know what sort of stone to use and then hand carve
    in into a very shape weapon was valuable and you couldn’t under these
    conditions throw him out and then let some 3rd rate spearhead maker take
    over because his stuff just wouldn’t be good enough to take down large
    animals.The same with the guy who knew how to tan hides and furs to keep
    you warm because animal skins just rot quickly if not tanned properly
    and even here you needed the best man for the job and couldn’t afford to
    lose him and put the 2nd best on the job.The Chief may have just been
    the best guy for leading who had the best knowledge about how to
    survive.It wasn’t a case where he was the big Alpha and every one else
    inferior betas.He couldn’t like some African chieftain take all of the
    best females for his little harem while the other men had nothing
    because this would cause dissent and that would lead to everyone dying.
    The women had their jobs which were also needed for survival.
    sort of lifestyle and thinking persists right into modern times.The
    owner of Volvo may be drinking in a bar and he sort of pretends that one
    of his assembly line workers and himself are just regular guys.
    is more subtle than in UK or US but you can be certain that the girls
    know who is who regardless of how effacing the big man may be.Roosh does
    not understand this subtlety or the alien culture he stepped into. I
    can just picture him going into a bar, lighting up a foot long cigar
    with a $100 bill, putting his cowboy boots up on a table and scratching
    it with his spurs and thinking ‘look girls the Alpha is here’ :o)
    girls may behave very properly during the day and he in his agitated
    sex starved state interprets this as being cold and sexless.Give those
    girls a few drinks after midnight and they’re entirely different.
    There’s a time and place for everything but he thinks about pickups 24/7
    likely because he isn’t getting any.He feels deprived because he
    couldn’t get any in college and is constantly on the prowl and is trying
    to make up for lost time.The problem is that females can sense his
    desperation and obsession with sex and it turns them off regardless of
    his transparent nonchalant ‘game’ act.IMO you just have to be a natural
    in these matters or it rings false and females have a very sensitive sex
    radar detector.

    1. WTF does that gay feminist comment have to do with the article about the lying fake-cancer cunt?

      1. When you read something brilliant it is customary to show your appreciation by giving it a thumbs up.

        1. Correct. But, when one reads something gay and asinine (see what I did there?), it’s customary to show one’s scorn and ridicule by raising the foul finger of fornication towards the fag who foisted the fallacious flatulence, phallus fellator.

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