How To Game A Hot French Girl

But it was summertime, when London is fired with a strange energy brought on by the heat that lasts well into the evening. I saw her walking alone down a pedestrian street. She was about twenty years old, with long, slim legs that were more than adequately showcased by the tiny miniskirt she wore.

Now, by this point in the night, a certain seduction fatigue had set in, and I debated internally whether or not I should bother approaching her. After all, as attractive as she was, the law of abundance states that there are millions of others just like her. But as I walked past, she flashed me a quick smile, a positive indicator that I simply couldn’t ignore.

I said hi and we started chatting. She was a French student visiting the capital for a couple of days. She had gone to a gay club and was disappointed. The gay friends she had been with had pulled, but there had been no available guys for her. So now she was looking for something to eat before going home to bed. I said we should go and grab a bite together.

There was nothing open in the immediate vicinity, so I suggested we try south of the river Thames, which was coincidentally in the direction of where I live. She agreed, and so we walked to the centre of Waterloo Bridge, which offers some of the most beautiful views of London. Here I pulled her towards me, and we kissed passionately.

“Let’s fuck first and eat later,” she said.

We walked over to the South Bank, and I hailed a cab. As we were being driven to my apartment, she said, “You’re lucky. I’m wearing brand-new Victora’s Secret underwear that I bought today.” As soon as we reached my place, her clothes came off, and I was able to inspect the new purchase for myself before a marathon sex session that lasted well into the night.


Now, granted, this story is somewhat anomalous. I had sex with Anna within thirty minutes of meeting her, which is unusual (although it happens more than you think). But it illustrates the opportunities that are out there if you believe in abundance and are willing to approach. It also shows the changes in fortune that are open to a man. Who cares about the nine girls you get shot down by when you’re fucking the tenth?

Skeptics will say that Anna made it easy for me, and that not a great deal of seduction was required. The truth of the matter is that you will naturally meet girls who, for whatever reason, are up for quick sex. The trick is identifying those girls, leading, and not fucking it up.

I was intuitively aware, given clues such as what she was wearing, the time of day, the location, and her smile that she was potentially open to sex. My job as a man was to leverage masculine-feminine polarity, quickly physically escalate (the kiss on the bridge), and lead her to a private location where sex could take place (my apartment).

It doesn’t take a genius to do these things; in fact, anyone could do it, but you need a degree of confidence, knowledge of female psychology, and social poise to pull it off correctly. Fortunately, anyone can acquire these things if they learn a few simple tools.

This is an excerpt from my new book The Seven Laws of Seduction, available for download on Amazon now. To get your copy click here

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140 thoughts on “How To Game A Hot French Girl”

  1. “How to game a hot french girl” basically contains the same as an article called “how I fucked that random french girl once” would have contained.
    I occasionally come accross an article on ROK that I can’t really apply to my own life, mainly because I’m not affected by feminism in the US. This article however I could not only not apply to my own life, I simply don’t see how anyone could profit from reading this.
    I really enjoyed reading your articles on the benefits of porn for the different point of view it provided, and also that no-strings-sex one was valuable to me. So I know that you are a good writer in general, and now I just wonder: Why did you choose THIS excerpt from your book? Did I just not get it?

    1. Lesson is to hang around Victoria’s Secret and look for girls leaving without bags, who are wearing their purchases

        1. But it becomes a problem when the visually impaired approach them thinking they’re at a fishmongers

    2. Yeah. Assuming it isn’t completely made up, not only is it a completely useless humble-bragging vanity piece, but it actually provides ammo to those who believe that the usefulness of game is rather overstated.
      Not only was no game required to hook his target initially (she flashed a smile at him, signalling her interest – all he had to do was walk through the open door), she pretty much closed the deal for him after they chitchatted for thirty minutes and kissed on a bridge.
      Mad skillz bro lol.

      1. you could say it’s all made up, especially if you’ve never had that kind of experience…. .but the fact is, male bravado aside, i have had girls practically jump me for sex in the strangest circumstances….. they know that if they want it, they can have it immediately…. the process then begins of coming across the right guy who interests them enough and roles with it…… boom…. on occasion i’ve had to back off for one reason or another…. it’s just a question of being in the right place, leading and being open to it…… i once found a 100 euro note in the street…. it can happen…. but if i walked around with my eyes shut and refused to even accept it could happen… damn sure it never would…. .
        the main thing about girls that are horny, is they don’t just hit you up for sex like that… they give signals and let you make the decision… that way they don’t put their neck on the line….. you do…. and if you act like a klutz of course she can change course any moment…

        1. Exactly, it’s you that needs to be there and not blow it. She’s not gonna fuck you if you make yourself out to be a nob.

        2. “Male bravado aside”, I’ve fucked a girl 10 minutes after meeting her, and an airbrushed pic of my current chick would look a lot like the pic of the blonde underwear model in the article.
          Somehow, I’m cognizant enough to recognize that this information doesn’t benefit anybody. That, and nobody gives a shit.

        3. The fact that a lot of guys on here think this is made up just underlines the point of the article. This shit happens all the time – but not to everyone. No, it doesn’t take a genius to pull a girl who’s on heat – but you DO need to have your shit together. I have friends who will NEVER experience this because they are not sufficiently versed in game to recognise and capitalise on an easy win.

        4. Ray, you know full well you didn’t find a EUR 100 note in the street because if you had, someone else would have already picked it up… 😛

        5. Hey man, some girls like nobs. I have a friend who is a total nob. He lays fine Russian chicks all the time. Call it “nob game”.
          And he’s hard on the women. If they are late more than once, he dumps them.

        6. You are quite right. I gamed a Spanish chick in a similar vein. There was a really hot one out front who “seemed” interested and a less hot one inside who was a “tap in”. I took the less hot one back to my hotel and banged her six ways to Sunday.
          The following year I went back and banged the hotter one.
          That was all she wrote.

        7. I can attest to the truthfulness of these types of interactions with the ladies. It is however quite possible to blow it, as per the following example:
          I met a hot young lady who was down to fuck and when she suggested that we go to bed, I told her that I wasn’t tired. This was within a half hour of meeting her.
          I was still relatively inexperienced and didn’t expect things to happen that quickly. It was a mistake I never made again.
          I’m keeping my identity a secret because I would never live this down if it was widely known that I pulled a boner like this.

        8. When I was 17 a hot 27 year old asked me if I wanted to share a taxi home. I said “nah, I got my bicycle!”

        9. Nice one. But finding gold on the street is not a consistent way of making Money. Nor is trading if you are an amateur without any skills or edge in the game.
          There is a reason why very few people are able to make a living betting on horses or football, or playing poker.

        10. In my younger (and blue pill stupefied) days, I once passed up a tryst because…… I had physics homework.
          Yes, let the humiliation begin……
          – WS1835

      2. Yes I see what your point is. He didnt need to put in very much work in order to game her.
        It really boils down to a numbers game, in addition to being able to select the right leeds to pursue. In essence a girl has already decided if you are fuck material within the first few minutes of an encounter, if not seconds.
        These insights all undermine many of the claims made by traditional game literature.

        1. I suspect the kind of ‘traditional’ game literature you’re talking about here is outdated.
          Game now is a holistic set of disciplines. Essentially it boils down to being a cool guy, though.

        2. Probably. Like “negging” and stuff like that. I dont buy the claim that these principles are outdated. More likely they were not very well thought out to begin with. Female psychology does not change within the span of 10 years or so, if we are to believe in the basic insights of evolutionary psychology
          Thats pretty interesting. Within philosophical ethics there is a methodological discussion ongoing whether the focus should be on the moral acts or their consequences on the one hand, or on building virtuos character on the other hand. The last approach is in my opinion the far superior one, which to a much greater extent acknowledges the importance of acquired wisdom.
          I see some sort of semblance in the development of Game into a more mature practical discipline. The holistic or self developmental approach now acknowledges that you need to be “cool” in order to have success. That it is much better to improve yourself and become a better man, instead of faking it by rehearsing some clicheridden game routines on hundreds of girls.
          Its probably no accident that ROK features articles on stoic philosophy, since virtue ethics is derived from ancient Greek ethics.
          But this also begs the question whether “game” is an appropriate term for the discipline? After all if its more important to self improve, and in the process actually raise your market value, the need for social manipulation of the female sex becomes less decisive. Not that its not important, but its far more effectual to actually become the Alpha, rather than be a beta pretending to be an Alpha. There most certainly is a difference.

        3. I think things like ‘negging’ do still work (albeit a very crude term), so you’re right there. The point I was making was that, yes, if you believe ‘game’ to be a method whereby you have to learn specific techniques (or worse, lines and routines) in order to sleep with girls, then yes, my story would give the lie to that. My point is that our understanding of game has moved on to encompass self-improvement of all kinds.
          And yes, I agree that game may not be the best term for this, but it’s a useful shorthand nevertheless.

    3. Thanks man. As I state below, the point of this is simply to say that there ARE easy wins to be had out there – but you need to have your shit together to take advantage of them. I have friends here in London who would NEVER happen to who can’t believe things like this go down. The fact that a lot if guys on this thread think this is made up proves my point. You will only pull something like this off if your game is on-point

      1. Good Article. I wouldn’t have believed it, had it not happened to me on a number of occasions.
        This article illustrates the other side of game in that, there are opportunities there for the taking, provided you know what to do.

      2. This has less to do with game in the narrow sense of the word. Its really the law of great numbers at work, in addition to being able to select the right girls to approach. The rest is just avoiding fucking up socially.
        This is what I take away from this article. Advanced gaming techniques matter less, she will already have made up her mind by then.

        1. I would agree. But you still need to be on point to take advantage of these situations. I have friends who would have been afraid to lead in this situation and would therefore have lost the lay.

      3. I guess the concept of “below” is a bit wobbly when it comes to disqus feeds 😀
        But here is what I just learned from your comment:
        Being able to do what others perceive as “good” is only half as desirable as trying (and succeeding at) what others perceive as impossible. To reach the limits of what you can do, you have to push the limits of what you can IMAGINE at the same time. If you don’t, you’ll never even try to do the really cool stuff, because it just doesn’t come to your mind to try it.
        Thanks for that, this is a valuable thing.

    4. I guess the point is to encourage guys to be persistent. It reads like a real life story from gaming in practice. Its very similar in form to RooshV stories, so I am surprised that you dont recognize the resemblance.

  2. One detail that makes the whole difference, that french girl was abroad. Picking up and banging french girls in France after 30 minutes is much harder. That’s why girls travel alone or with their girlfriends to a different country, no parents no social pressure, they can fuck as much as they want.
    I enjoyed reading your article and I have to say you did a good job. As you mentionned, persistance paid off and you noticed all the clues that told you she wanted sex. Well done!

    1. Vacay (vacation) sex. The true nature of a woman is revealed when nobody is around to take notes.

      1. Exactly. I remember once fucking a brazilian girl in NYC that I picked up at a club, her dad called when we were down to business. She picked up the phone and started talking to him (my dick was inside her). I could understand a couple of words from their conversation. She basically told him that she had a good time at the museum and she really enjoyed Central Park. Daddy must have been proud of his little princess…

        1. How do you know it was her father calling and not her husband? If it was her father why wouldn’t she have just let the call go into voice mail?

        2. I heard the word “dad” in portuguese a couple of times and she told me afterwards that it was her “boring” dad. Precisely because she doesn’t want him to know what she is really doing. If she didn’t pick up he would call again and start to wonder what’s going on. She was travelling ALONE for the first time. So the math is easy: little princess with daddy issues alone abroad= sausage fest.

    2. I’m not so sure. If you are not French, you will have the “Foreigner Effect”. This effect causes girls to moisten their lips and loosen their panties with alarming speed.

  3. Damn. I’m typing with one hand now.
    Just kidding.
    “I was intuitively aware, given clues such as what she was wearing, the time of day, the location, and her smile that she was potentially open to sex. My job as a man was to leverage masculine-feminine polarity, quickly physically escalate (the kiss on the bridge), and lead her to a private location where sex could take place (my apartment).”
    When I read that I could see with ultimate clarity everything the feminists are trying to put down and how feminism really is a trade union (run like a teachers union for no mere coincidence) for fat ugly women. And most of them could never put on a short skirt and get laid so easily. I once had a fat disgusting lob of shit offer me a threesome (the other two also fat disgusting lobs of shit).
    I still remember what she said and it’s funny. “So how about a threesome after work with me, XXXX and… oh don’t go looking all disgusted like that!”.

    1. ,, I once had a fat disgusting lob of shit offer me a ….. ” whatever you complet the dots with, this quote is golden humor. Trying to pronounce the words in my head and it’s even funnier because I know it’s true. That’s why I love ROK. The comunity members can express themselves with no femininstic restraint that some pussy might get herself hurt in the translation. Made my slavery day a bright one ! Thanks man !
      BONUS :

  4. There’s an “atmosphere” to this story you seem to capture well… how’s the novel going?

  5. Who wants to be with a french women? Seriously? They are just as damaged as any other western is.

    1. Yeah, and I remember reading an article that was posted a while back, exposing the myth of french girls

      1. That was exactly my thought. Seriously ROK is getting a little redundant nowadays. Be creative mates. And please don’t bombard us with another piece explain why western females are a lost cause. We already knew that!!!!!!

    2. Not all French is the same.
      You are right when talking about Parisians for the most part (always some exceptions), but if you travel to the south — not Cannes or Nice or any french version of south beach — but to Marseilles or, my favorite, Juan les Pins or North to Normandy you will find a different category all together.
      Further, if you go to any of the islands in the Caribbean that were civilized by the french (yes, civilized, not colonized) you meet a lot of very cool Frenchies who are living there for one reason or another, all with an interesting story and most of them super laid back.
      I met so many cool people in Marigot and Grand Case (St. Martin) and made so many lasting connections — both men who were interesting and added value as friends and women who were simply to die for.
      Never write off an entire nationality.

    3. They’re not damaged. They’re just not the angels you thought they naturally were. They’re women

      1. No i never thought of them as angels. Stop projecting and strawmaning. They definitely are damage compared to what they use to be and compared to what other women are around the world. There are better option elsewhere.

        1. I just assume people that don’t understand the nature of women share other beta characteristics

  6. French women are not that good looking. They have a reputation for being so, but it’s completely unearned. I’d say they are the ugliest in Southern Europe(if France counts as S.E).
    Cool article though.

  7. Oh, ferfuksakes, you caught a broad in heat, probably rolling on e, after getting worked up in a gay bar all night, with an aching cock-craving deep in her gash?
    What powers of observation and seduction skillz, boss.

      1. Bull!
        My game is on point, I wear fine suits etc., but the fact of the matter is I’m short and not very handsome. Don’t get me wrong, I pull woman but with effort. My handsome friend on the other hand just needs to show up and what you described in your article happens to him. It will NEVER happen to me. I have to create value.

        1. It will never happen to you because you have decided it will never happen.
          I have done exactly as Troy has. Every day? Nope but if you continually put yourself in position it will happen. The team that keeps taking shots is the team that eventually scores.

        2. Ha! Its like telling a guy 5’3 you can play for the NBA, you just have to believe. There are limits to the power of belief put on us by the genetic lottery.

        3. That’s a little different right? You have a dick right? Just line it up and put it in the hole my brother…

        4. I do! The point is that it takes effort on my part. The thesis of this article is that pussy is on the ground for the taking for everyone.. You just have to look. Not for all of us.

        5. I have short mates who have pulled on the spot. Be Napoleon my brother not Benny Hill.

        6. i’m white guy and i’m 6’2, with pleasing bone structure. so even though i was embarassingly beta when i was single, i still pulled fairly cute women from time to time. so, i see what you say about a guy like me telling a guy like you he’s just got to believe in himself, and i feel bad for short guys. on the other hand:

        7. From what I have observed a tall guy who is ugly is better off than a short guy who is handsome. But the key is that women are mostly attracted to ‘status’ – game is the art of upgrading your actual status and their perception of it.

        8. Why do people when asked how short guys game talk about bruno mars or tom cruise guys that are 1 in a billion of short guys
          The only thing you need to bag women is height thats it if you were born short get ready to ride the beta train
          There is no game just be tall class dissmissed.

        9. There are experiments done with status and money. Short guy had status, money, doctor with his own bestselling novel, and adventurous but still the women chose the tall guy with average or below looks who could of just been a janitor.
          This is something the left never addresses. But neither the right.

        10. Status has to be contextualized though. It can’t be a generalized “doctor, money, blah blah blah” because thats based in pure rationalism which doesn’t fire up the sexy part of the brain. If that guy was dominating the bar/club he would have the contextual status. I take your point and of course women have preferences and make choices based on a number of conscious and unconscious decisions but still. No matter what – lifting weights, dressing better, learning a few jokes, and approaching like a machine are gonna get you more net pussy no matter how tall you are.

        11. I hear what you’re saying, but it’s not that simple. If you’re short and you have already made up your mind that is going to keep you from getting women, that’s exactly what will happen. I know several short dudes who consistently pull fine women because they don’t make a big damn deal out of being short. They know how to sell their other qualities. Yeah, a lot of women will disqualify you based on height. Best thing for you to do is get over it. There will always be women who don’t really care about that. What they will care about is if they know you have a complex about it.

        12. I’m not a basketball fan but wasn’t that mugsy bogues guy only 5’3. Doesn’t happen every day but anything can happen sometimes. Edit, I see someone already mentioned it. What is considered short anyway? I know lots of short, weaseley 120 pound punks who get hot pussy, I don’t know how, but they do. I’m only 5’7 and I’ve never really felt short. Personally I could be 7 feet and still wouldn’t be attracted to a woman over about 5’4.

        13. You guys pleaing for “game-as-the-healer” argue in circles. “Status has to be contextualized”. Yeah. And guess who “contextualizes” status? wimminz. In their understanding the tall guy will have higher status (he generates a different ‘context’), although objectively he has not.
          Moreover you advise guys like “a dog” or “joe” on what to do to build up status, which is exactly what they claimed from the very beginning: that they have to take more effort than other (tall) guys to get pussy.
          And last not least all the arguments of the game-prayers when it comes to confronting them with biological facts you can not circumvent are leading to some sort of anecdotical evidence: “but I know a short man who…”, “what about Tom Cruise”, and so on. Yeah, again But they are only a few of millions. After all every rule is visible on the background of its exceptions.

        14. I’m not sure where your getting this but let set the record straight: Absolutely nobody (at least not me) is arguing against basic biology. It’s indisputable that women find a things like height, muscles, money, handsome, funny, etc more attractive – it signals evolutionary fitness – I mean , no shit – where is that being disputed?
          “Game-as-the-healer”? “game-prayers” – I mean what the hell is that mean – that it doesn’t solve everything? Well look the vast majority of men fall on an attractiveness spectrum somewhere between a 5’0 foot tall hunchback burn victim and a 6’5 big dick millionaire. For those guys – game will IMPROVE what they had before. More numbers, more lays. Thats all anyone I know around here has ever claimed.
          The only thing your dead wrong about is “Wimminz” determining status – this is demonstrably false. MEN determine status. Whoever the coolest fucking guy in the room is will always be attractive to women -he could be ugly or fat or short or whatever but if all the men are kissing his ass and following his alpha lead then women will want to fuck him.
          To prove my point: Being famous or rich or celebrity is all it takes for a man to be drowning in pussy. Even ugly celebrity guys – like I said that fat turd who plays Sam on Game of Thrones bangs hot chicks allll the time. Meanwhile imagine an ugly celebrity like Roseanne Barr – do you think attractive young studs throw themselves at her? They don’t. Men and Women have a different context for sexual attraction – obviously money, height, looks etc matters – I mean fucking OBVIOUSLY. But if your suggesting game doesn’t work or play a big part – you really have no experience.

      2. You just have to keep on taking those shots. Some nights it doesn’t work out. But other nights I look like:

        1. A Dog makes an interesting point. The fact is though that while i’m OK looking I’m no model and i’m not especially tall (under 6ft).
          So while I wouldn’t dispute the fact that looks do play a part, you can ALWAYS improve what you have with sharp dressing, grooming etc – which I do. But the bottom line is, I’d been hitting up LOADS of girls at the time this happened, with varying results – but my sexual aura was glowing and I was ON POINT. Anyone can do that and reap benefits from it (even if not 10 minute lays). Game is like anything else – the more you put in, the more you get out.

      3. Uglier men have pulled it off too. They don’t tell themselves it can’t happen!

  8. ‘As we were being driven to my apartment, she said, “You’re lucky. I’m wearing brand-new Victora’s Secret underwear that I bought today.”’
    This reads like some sort of 90s internet fetish fiction, written by a fantasizing fanboy using the one hand he had available to type.
    Most useless article I have ever read on all of ROK.

      1. True. However, I believe what I see Sir Troy. Not saying that it all never happened as you said it did, I wasn’t there, so no way to know. Similarly however, we have no video or even audio to prove it did, thus my opinion must remain neutral and untrusting (as any alpha/true King must be (again, not saying you have to prove anything at all) but I enjoyed the effort of the article and your other one’s too.

  9. Not big on French girls. Always hadda do a “sniff test” on ’em before making any sort of investment. They seemed to invest more in their underwear than in soap & water.
    Q: “What’s the difference between a hockey player and a French woman?”
    A: “You EXPECT a hockey player to shower after three periods!”

    1. Shit, is this accurate? In fact, fuck. the only french chick I gamed was a bit dirty now that I think of it! ew.. but damn she was fine as fuck :p

      1. Daily hygiene never seemed to become part of French culture. The Brits and Spanish are essentially Roman and bathing is pretty damned important to them.
        A French woman (or man) preparing for a date after work will plan a wardrobe, hair, jewelry and shoes for the evening. Taking a shower or bathing never crosses their mind.

  10. This is a stupid article. Just an excuse for the writer to brag about banging a slut.. but without Roosh’s wit.

  11. finding a dtf girl who’s on vacation doesn’t fall under game or seduction. it just falls under, finding a dtf girl who’s on vacation.

    1. What if you are doing the vacationing? I think RooshV would disagree, and he pretty much made fuck and travel a lifestyle.

      1. Then let him tell you about not getting laid in Denmark for 2 months. He blames it on the Jante code hahaha

        1. In that case he was just travelling. I read his Denmark guide a couple of years ago (its the only guide i ever bought of his), since I am a dane(which you might have guessed from my name).
          As far as I remember he did get laid eventually, but with some fairly average girls with attitudes not to his liking. Some of his cultural descriptions were quite accurate, I will give him that much.
          But some of his claims were on the other hand flat out wrong. He claims for instance that the women rank among the fattest in the western World, which is clearly false. Actually the opposite is the case. Obesity levels in Scandinavia are no way near US levels. I suppose pride and resentment got to him in this case. Naturally I lost some respect for him, as he is less concerned about accuracy as opposed to stirring up shit in order to promote his books, This is sadly not an Alpha trait but more typical of a beta sell-out.
          I am no fan of the jante law cultural trait, although it can have some advantages. The wannabes and phonies are easier to weed out and expose.
          But I understand that an overconfident player with uncalibrated game will make an ass of himself if he tries his standard US game in this setting. He was probably put down and exposed on several occasions and felt humiliated.
          I do respect him for his persistence. I dont respect him however for writing a guide full of resentment and bitterness.

        2. Yes, he was entirely wrong and doesn’t really understand people outside of his very limited little world.People always tend to socialise with people like themselves and of the same class regardless of where they go, and if they go outside of this will feel really out of place. He doesn’t understand this so called “Jante code” and even though you are from there you may not either anymore than a typical American understands everything about his own country outside of his own little orbit.
          This is what the so called Jante Code really is about:
          The countries to the North have tiny populations and in the past were really sparse, especially during cold periods when most Europeans lived in the Mid East, Egypt or somewhere with milder climate. For these sparse populations that remained in these areas in the North survival was difficult and you needed every member of the small tribe to live.You would have had to hunt large animals that other predators couldn’t kill (any small fast animals around would be taken by predators before humans could get to them) Every member of the tribe contributed something and under these barely liveable conditions each member did what his job was the best. The guy who know what sort of stone to use and then hand carve in into a very shape weapon was valuable and you couldn’t under these conditions throw him out and then let some 3rd rate spearhead maker take over because his stuff just wouldn’t be good enough to take down large animals.The same with the guy who knew how to tan hides and furs to keep you warm because animal skins just rot quickly if not tanned properly and even here you needed the best man for the job and couldn’t afford to lose him and put the 2nd best on the job.The Chief may have just been the best guy for leading who had the best knowledge about how to survive.It wasn’t a case where he was the big Alpha and every one else inferior betas.He couldn’t like some African chieftain take all of the best females for his little harem while the other men had nothing because this would cause dissent and that would lead to everyone dying. The women had their jobs which were also needed for survival.
          This sort of lifestyle and thinking persists right into modern times.The owner of Volvo may be drinking in a bar and he sort of pretends that one of his assembly line workers and himself are just regular guys.
          Everything is more subtle than in UK or US but you can be certain that the girls know who is who regardless of how effacing the big man may be.Roosh does not understand this subtlety or the alien culture he stepped into. I can just picture him going into a bar, lighting up a foot long cigar with a $100 bill, putting his cowboy boots up on a table and scratching it with his spurs and thinking ‘look girls the Alpha is here’ :o)
          The girls may behave very properly during the day and he in his agitated sex starved state interprets this as being cold and sexless.Give those girls a few drinks after midnight and they’re entirely different. There’s a time and place for everything but he thinks about pickups 24/7 likely because he isn’t getting any.He feels deprived because he couldn’t get any in college and is constantly on the prowl and is trying to make up for lost time.The problem is that females can sense his desperation and obsession with sex and it turns them off regardless of his transparent nonchalant ‘game’ act.IMO you just have to be a natural in these matters or it rings false and females have a very sensitive sex radar detector.

        3. I think its correct to assume that the very long run historical past has contributed to shaping the different peoples of the earth. In the case of Scandinavia it was already populated by tribes of people who had a very egalitarian ethos as far back as in the stone age. The Cold harsh climate selected for behaviours and culture that ensured cooperation and that everyone was willing to do their fair share, in what ever they were specialized to do. If not, the jante law/code would make sure that the freerider or the entitled was shunned or punished.
          When you get down to the root of it, the jante code is a sort of cultural cheat detector, more so than an attempt to keep the talented or strong down. Even if you are talented or strong, you are not exempt from the law or the norms of the community. You still need to pull your weight. We have a saying in Scandinavia that roughly translates as: “The strongest shoulders are to carry the heaviest burdens”. Which I interpret to mean that the strongest have more obligations than the weak. Its probably no accident that a very extensive welfare state was developed in Scandinavia, or that the tax rates are among the highest in the World.
          “Everything is more subtle than in UK or US but you can be certain that the girls know who is who regardless of how effacing the big man may be.Roosh does not understand this subtlety or the alien culture he stepped into. I can just picture him going into a bar, lighting up a foot long cigar with a $100 bill, putting his cowboy boots up on a table and scratching it with his spurs and thinking ‘look girls the Alpha is here’ :o)”
          Funny description, and I think you are correct about the subtle nature of hierarchy in Scandinavia. We pretend that we are all the same, and in many ways we are all equal. But naturally there are class differences, although far less pronounced than say the UK, where people live much more divided according to class. But people try to be as relaxed about it as possible, and traditionally this has contributed to the strenghtening of solidarity. Although this is starting to change with the massive influence of American culture, in addition to disruptive levels of immigration.
          I also think there is a huge difference between female behaviour (or most peoples behaviour for that matter) during the day, and the evening at social gatherings. There can be huge differences, and Scandinavia is probably the place where these contrasts are among the most stark. People are very reserved during the day, but start to lighten up in the evening after a few drinks. probably also a reason why binge drinking is so pervasive. only Places like Russia or the Baltics have on average more alcoholics than Scandinavia.
          Regarding Roosh I am seriously wondering if the guy has some mental issues. In psychiatry they even identified/named a mental pathology as the “Don Juan syndrome”, which is a sort of compulsive behaviour where the subject is addicted to womanizing.
          Roosh for sure shows symptoms of being afflicted with this syndrome. I am not sure how much sex he gets on a regular basis, I am however quite convinced that he dedicates most of his waken hours to pursuing sex and woman, even at the age close to 36. He has in other words become addicted, even if he wanted to stop he probably wouldnt be able to do it.
          I also suspect that he is afflicted with some psychopathic traits. His extreme sense of entitlement, egotism and expectation of exemption from norms and rules of society, bear witness to this. No Wonder he was a bad fit with Scandinavian culture. Overt demonstrations of entitled behaviour are quickly detected in these parts of the World.
          Most telling however is his very cold and detached demeanor, showing no sense of guilt or remorse towards the people he has affected with his behaviour. If he is telling truth about the female relations he has experienced, then I am convinced he has hurt some feelings along the way. Offcourse this stuff happens occasionally for most people. But with him I am pretty sure it is something that happens on a regular basis. He is not as innocent as he portrays himself to be. And is highly manipulative in all his interactions.
          When you like him decide to use women as merely a plaything, a tool for personal gratification, then you naturally will not be able to form longterm relationships. On his blog he writes many articles on the worthlessness of women, how corrupted they are, and how meaningless long term relationships are( or how “beta” they are).
          The truth probably is that he is stuck in some mental phase of development and that he wants to perpetuate the single lifestyle for as long as possible. He wants maximum freedom, without obligation or emotional attachment. On the other hand he is predictably suffering onsets of slight depression and loneliness. Who wouldnt when practicing this sort of superficial lifestyle for more than a decade?
          He has most likely met several fine young women who he could easily form long term relationships with, but he does not want to under any circumstances.
          Whats worse is that he is in total denial about it, and is making up excuses constantly to justify his lifestyle choices.
          When I recently made some of these observations on his personal blog, he decided to ban me. I think that speaks volumes as to the degree of denial he is in.
          I was for some time ago deeply impressed with his lifestyle and his “accomplishments”, until I realized that he is really a tragic figure with a fragile ego caught up in a lifestyle he doesnt know how to quit.
          Btw, are you living in Scandinavia at present?

  12. Sometimes ROK feels like a locker room where everyone is trying to convince the others that they get the most/best/quickest pussy, and fuck the best/hardest/longest.
    Which sucks for you guys because no one pulls as hard or good as ME! I’m the best!

    1. I get laid nearly whenever I want… but I have a girlfriend, and she never says no.

  13. 99.9% of women have so many Hamster-feeler-vag-wettening criteria that this story is impossible. If you really believe any random woman would just be DTF right off the bat, just look at what any Fakebook attention whore says about her “criteria”. it’s hard to believe any woman will be DTF that easily.

    1. Facebook is nothing more than a personal propaganda machine. How women describe themselves publically isn’t the same as how they act privately. Besides, “dating bar” isn’t the same as “fucking bar.” One can judge by her photo that she’s a slut.

      1. The French slut was at a gay bar and upset she didn’t get a hookup with a man ? There are pretend sluts out there and there are more pretenders in the REAL world than actual do-ers and this articles reeks of fakeness

    2. The fact you don’t believe it happens underlines the point of writing the article. Dude this shit happens all the time. What I’m saying is if you get your game on point you can take advantage.
      Good luck.

        1. So that’d be before Victoria’s secret UK stocked the sexier lines and when they specialised in obscure sizes then. Idiot.

        2. My knowledge of the precise lines that VS have stocked in differing global territories on a year-on-year basis is perhaps inferior to yours, then, but I fail to see how this is germane to the article?
          However, their flagship store, which is over three floors, was opened in Bond Street in 2012.
          I rather suspect it is you who is the idiot, sir.

        3. Because prior to 2014 vs UK catered for obscure sizes, so if this story is true then you either fucked something akin to a child prostitute with no tits, or a heffer. Either way I wouldn’t be declaring it.

        4. Sorry – you’re wrong. They opened a FLAGSHIP store in Mayfair in 2012 over three floors. If you think they didn’t cater for all sizes having secured premises in one of the most expensive real estate locations on the planet, then you are incredibly naive at best.

      1. This has nothing to do with game or skills. Its looks, that’s it. It never happens to me and it never will. However, it happens to my friend and we are always in the same opportunity.

  14. cool article, which shows the reasons for approaching many girls as you could run into a slut like this and get lucky. I’ve seen it happen. within two minutes of meeting my friend she left with him for the hotel. but it has absolutely nothing to do with gaming french girls. change the article name to reflect the actual lesson being taught here?

  15. I have had sex with a copious amount of French and German girls – tourists (and sometimes au-pairs) in central london. They are almost never above 7 and pretty much always DTF. It’s not game,I hardly consider those ONS as a notch. You just get drunk,pop into a first available club around Soho and approach obviously foreign girls.They will do the rest.Same with Russians and Ukrainians in summer holidays destinations.Easiest and the most damaed women on earth.

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  17. ‘The fuck is wrong with you guys ? Troy wants to share the experience and teach us a thing or two. Who the fuck needs to brag about what chicks they bang on the internet ? Stop throwing shit at the authors !
    On a side-note ,,the moment she said she had the Victoria underwear ” basically means she was out on the prowl to get fucked and you gave her the vibes to give you the pussy. Well played, good game !
    End statement with a Mistral quote : ,, Happy Slaying !”

    1. He’s a blowhard like Roosh who couldn’t even get laid in college. In college!

  18. Cool article, bro. A common sense approach to a common situation. What else do you have to teach us, bro? But you left out the part where you paid her before she called her pimp, bro.
    I wish I could be just like you, bro.

    1. Comments like this underline why I wrote the article in the first place. I’m wasn’t trying to big myself up, but rather to show that very quick lays can and do happen — when you’re on point.
      If it’s currently outside your reality then that’s fine – there are loads of resources on ROK and other sites to help you. Good luck.

      1. I admire the fact that you approached a lot of women. But I think that by the law of averages, you happened to approach a slut. And you “closed” (if sex with a stranger is what you want).
        But I don’t think this was “how to game a hot French girl”.
        This was “approach a lot of women and maybe you may run into a slut who will f you”.
        If that was what the article was called, awesome.
        BTW – hope you double bagged it.

        1. I didn’t write the headline.
          But you have a point — and the simple fact is that most guys have to grind it out if they want to get laid. But as I said elsewhere, the more work you put it, the more results you’ll see.
          Law of averages is one thing, yes — but more important is ‘getting in state.’ When you’ve approaching a lot and are on a high of sociability, this kind of thing happens with greater regularity.
          I never knew that when I was a newbie and i think it’s worth sharing with guys who are less experienced.

        2. Bagged it? You must go out with cheap hookers. No respectable female would ever use a rubber or even carry them. I only shag respectable females. Stupid millenial

  19. Sorry to be off topic – good dit by the way – but I was listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Jersey Girl last night and found myself smirking at the lyrics. They’re hard to swallow after taking the RP. Basically, Bruce is pedestalising a single mother.
    Are there any ROK articles on this issue? The gynocentrism of pop (BP) music and how to avoid it? Man, looking at life through a RP lens changes everything.

    1. Pop music is as much brainwash as the bread and circus and the hypno flickering boob tube. The pop music instrumentals and beat are always catchy but the lyric always pedestalizes the one and only. There must be thousands of fine sounding instrumental pieces with the same message of ‘I can’t live without you’. Think of how different the scape out there would be if for every love song with the message ‘I can’t live without you’, if instead they had lyrics like ‘walk the plank cuckolding skank’ or ‘never make a ho into a housewife’ or ‘keep your shit virgin or you get pumped and dumped’. People don’t register the lyrics but just take them in smoothly when the musical notes are sweet. It is the sugar that helps the brainwashing go down.

      1. “People don’t register the lyrics but just take them in smoothly when the musical notes are sweet. It is the sugar that helps the brainwashing go down.”
        Too true. That single mother pedestalising song ‘Jersey Girl’ has had me thinking all day. Bruce sounds like a doomed beta-provider lemming.

    2. I don’t think this is exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s something along the lines of what you’re asking and it was penned by an ROK legend–Tuthmosis:

      The Most Masculine Oldies Music

      As for my part, I stick to classical music.

  20. The same thing happened when I met a nice belgian 20 year old. The girl looked angelic. She didn’t stand a chance to the ashole ,,we go where I want and we do what I want, when I want ” game. She didn’t even flinch, she was just rain day wet. Went back to her maison and I slam dunked that shit. This one’s for all the Romanians out there. Slay the EU PUSSY !

  21. Best way to catch French pussy . . Bend your dick into the shape of a fish hoook. . dat’s how zee fwench doo iit

  22. From an earlier discussion with you Troy, I remember you telling me that you are around 40 years old, a couple of years my senior.
    I find it hard to believe that you were able to pull a chick, half your age, of the street and fuck her senseless within half an hour. I am not saying its impossible, just unlikely.
    I will admit that timing and persistence matters alot, and it also helped that she is a tourist, a long way from home and the condemming eyes of her local community.
    But I also know from personal experience that I am usually not the target group of 18-23 year old girls, they usually consider guys 35+ year old as sugar daddy material at best, at least in the western world. And I even look fairly Young for my age, am in shape athletically, and I am not balding either.
    I mostly get positive feedback from cougars, which is a problem since I rarely fancy women above the age of 35-40 years of age.
    So either you are one charming mofo or you have developed a strategy for picking up the young ones? Or the girl in question, was as UnknownMan suggests, high on drugs, and therefore more open to a quick lay with a daddy type of guy.

    1. Well, it was a couple of years ago, in summer 2013. And I do look young for my age – that is, I frequently get girls guessing my age as being mid-twenties. So perhaps I’m a bit of an anomaly. It’s definitely not a situation that can last forever, though – I’m making hay while the sun shines!
      My current girlfriend just turned 24 btw – she knows my age and doesn’t have an issue. She is Polish, though.
      As to whether the French girl was on drugs or not? I’m not sure, but she was pretty together, so I’d say probably not.

    2. I can do this frequently with the top young girls. Ordinary young girls don’t interest me.Who cares if she’s on drugs, I’ve been on them 24/7 for the past 30 years, it’s what’s kept me young lol I guess that some men just have that je ne sais quoi.

  23. Totally believable article, even because what you are talking about is, simply put, a SNL. What makes it notable is that you pulled her on the street at night. Too many guys think (with some reason, I’d say) that girls who walk alone at night only look forward to arrive home safe avoiding any interaction with men for fear of being raped ot worse.
    That said, I’d add that french girls are the most prone to this kind of things (still more when they go on holiday), due to their “romantic” (amor fou) culture (see many french love-movies; there is also a pretty famous one, “When the cat’s away” by Cedric Klapisch, where a street pick-up exactly as you described happens in Paris.)

  24. Not really how to game French girls.. just how to always keep your eye open for horny sluts, and jump on opportunities.

  25. Totally believable, as we all know women are all about feelings and this could happen if the girl is in the mood for it, only you as a male have to have the sweet instinct to identify it, then strengthen her interest and close. Good one for the books!

  26. But the real question we’re all curious about; did you actually get something to eat after or was she just using you?

  27. “she flashed me a quick smile”: there was no “game” involved, actually nothing at all on your part, she wanted a random dick and you just happened to be there. Nothing to be proud of, much less a post like this, she took what she wanted. “The trick is identifying these girls”… err .. can you “identify” her smiling at you? idiot.

    1. Guys want sex, right? The article points out that there are opportunities to be taken IF you’re on point and you lead firmly. She got what she wanted too? Good for her, although I don’t really care.
      As for no ‘game’ being involved – trust me, I have friends who wouldn’t have got the lay in this situation. They’d have bottled it and failed to lead. i’m not saying it was rocket science but you do have to be on point. You achieve that by approaching a lot and getting your social skills up to par.
      Good luck.

  28. Skeptics will say that Anna made it easy for me, and that not a great deal of seduction was required
    Skeptics are the ones who stay in, don’t game, don’t approach and sit at their keyboards mocking and spitting skepticism instead of hitting the streets and working for the bang.
    It’s a great article to point out that even experienced gamers don’t know where their next lay will come form. And success is where opportunity meets preparation. Skeptics lack both.

    1. I’m sure it happens as I’ve had one night stands myself, about 3, but it wasn’t game it was alcohol related . Also no girl talks to someone like a pornstar they met less than a half hour beforehand . Also gaming with that volume of approaches and late night walking takes away from work , sports , hobbies etc . He was out late at night . I’m in my 40s and if you’re awake past 1 am you’ll be asleep and cranky for the next 2 days where you are then stuck on the couch watching tv with the rest of the sheeple

      1. ‘no girl talks to someone like a pornstar they met less than a half hour beforehand’
        You’d be surprised. Girls can be corny as hell, and they get their ‘sexy talk’ from the same sources we do – porn, shit movies etc.
        Clearly the article relates something outside your reality. That’s fine. But unsubstantiated claims that it’s not true don’t really help anyone.

        1. Of course I am – it’s a commercial post.That doesn’t detract from anything I’ve said, though. As evidenced by your having to resort to what even you must admit is a rather cheap shot.

  29. Shithouse article. One of the worst I have read on ROK. It probably isn’t even true, but even if it is, let’s be honest, there was no ‘game’ here. At the end of the night, you got lucky and bumped into a drunk slut who was on heat after rubbing up against the crotches of gay men all night. Bottom line, you simply got kissed on the dick by a fairy. I also have a suspicion she was not a babe, but more likely a 5 or a 6 at best.

    1. Letters to the editor 1983 August playboy . I showed this article to Charlie Sheen and he said he’s never been laid that quick except when he pays for it lol

    2. The fact that guys like you think it isn’t true justifies the article.
      This is outside your reality, but trust me, shit like this happens all the time if you’re on point.
      There are loads of resources here and on other sites to help you improve your game. Good luck.

  30. Quelle est cette chose? Semble être Yuck insectes! Un autre garçon avec des chaussures bon marché faisant un clown de lui-même et pas d’argent pour une tasse de café. Garçon stupide! Ma chatte est précieuse et je ne sera pas gaspillé. Obtenez un Ho et payer pour cela.

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  32. It’s been 40 years since I read Tom Brown’s School Days but wasn’t Flashman a homo? He had that younger student as his fag and who would suck his cock.

  33. I don’t want this type of girl. They’ve been throwing themselves at me my entire life. I’m disgusted, but also entertained by it. But I learned long ago that happiness comes from psychological health. Work is god, work hard and then women will come to you. Not these whores. Still, proud of you buddy.

  34. 1) Location- Major City
    2) Apartment near by
    3) Solid game
    Man I need an apartment in a major city

  35. I can’t stop laughing. You’ve called her Anna but Anna is not a French name. Of course plenty of people live in France who don’t have French names. Next time you write fiction try choosing a credible French woman’s name like Clémence.

  36. And, by the way, for future comments/blogs/posts that you write:
    You have to do research. If you knew anything about womem’s underwear, you would know that no French chick wears Victoria’s Secret brand.
    Only lower-middle-class American women wear it. There are plenty of cheap, medium and expensive lingerie brands in France. But Victoria’s Secret doesn’t even rate in that country.

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