A Heterosexual Man’s Reaction To Seeing Leaked Nudes Of Leslie Jones

In another display of “hacktivism,” heretofore and currently anonymous hackers penetrated actress Leslie Jones’ cloud storage of what is presumably her personal phone and downloaded photos including some of an explicit nature. The hackers then took over the Ghostbusters-remake and SNL actress’s promotional website, JustLeslie.com, and replaced the content with the photos and, as an additional touch, a tribute video to Harambe, the slain Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was shot in May during an incident with a child falling into his pen.

Originally covered by TMZ and then by many other news outlets, the SJW outrage and narrative about how this poor woman is being punished for her race, her gender, and her bravery in taking down the patriarchy by rebranding a pillar of dude culture into a feminist flop.


The challenge

My colleague, Mr. Brown, brought the news to ROK’s attention, and a discussion with Roosh prompted me to try to find these pictures and write a reaction article, and so off I went, wading through pages of Google searches of sympathetic rebroadcasts of the original article in hopes that someone, somewhere, had mirrored the images. I had thought that all was lost, until I found ageofshitlords.com.

I wholeheartedly approve of that domain name. This link may or may not work ; this appears to be the only site that actually had the pictures up and it went offline either through attack or sheer overload shortly after I viewed the page, although it seems to be back up as of this writing.

The reaction

The content that I saw on the mirrored site had some celebrity photos and six NSFW explicit pictures. I don’t follow show-biz in general, nor black or other minority entertainment in particular, so I had no particular reaction to the celebrity shots of Jones and other people, with the exception of I noticed that even the men in the pictures with her are more attractive than she is, and this is coming from a straight man.

The two nude full frontals were uninspiring. Especially if you are a comedienne and a silver screen actress, when you are obese, you should not be sending nudes to anyone, even privately.  Although she had the sense to blur her face in one of them, what is with people taking nude selfies with a commode in the picture? I get that you may want to use the bathroom mirror for the, um, spread, but try not to have the shitter in the shot with you, and the other picture is no better in what seems to be a janitor’s closet, or maybe the bathroom in the Ghostbusters’ fire station of the version in the 80s cartoon.

It gets worse. There’s a thoroughly unappetizing topless shot with a facial expression of presumably horniness, and then, my friends, we move on to the X rated, where I saw a picture of Leslie showing intense sexual hunger.

Since we try for a somewhat professional atmosphere here, I will summarize with the statements that one shot belongs in a gynecological textbook, and the other two belong in a porn movie involving anal sex.

My reaction went from null on the celeb shots, to turned off on the full frontals, scared by the topless sex pose, and just about lost my dinner on the last three. Roosh came very close to owing me a gourmet meal of Taco Bell (it was a cheat day, what can I say?)

The lessons to be learned

Firstly, the cloud is vulnerable, in a big way. Any media is at risk, even an air-gapped USB stick in a bank’s safety deposit box vault, just because it exists, but, when you are no longer in physical control of the media, your risk factor just went to the level of the clouds, along with your data. It’s hard to hack something not connected to the internet at all (air-gapped), and it’s still pretty hard to hack a device connected to the internet yet not set up to share files.

However, when incriminating media of you is online and protected only by a login and password, it’s the equivalent of parking an expensive car in the hood and relying on the door locks.

Secondly, when you’re famous, this goes double. As people should have learned from the Fappening, where the cloud got penetrated and hundreds of celebrities had their racy photos and videos leaked, uploading saucy stuff to the cloud when you are a recognizable, at-least-somewhat attractive person is even dumber than when you’re a nobody, and it’s even worse when you’re NOT attractive.

I’ll take this Ghostbusters girl, thank you.

Lastly, it is trebly bad when you are not only famous, but infamous. The hackers of today are today’s and yesterday’s nerds. There is not a single nerd in the USA today who has not seen the original Ghostbusters, imagined cracking wise with Bill Murray, frying ghosts with Dan Aykroyd, and rescuing and banging the shit out of Sigourney Weaver in the back of that 59 Caddy Ambulance. That is their childhood that these SJW actresses are fucking with; did they not think that these guys might hit back?


I’d rather write gun articles than hit pieces, but, my fellow kings, this is a culture war we are in here, and sometimes a little instructional shame is a good thing. Quit ruining good movies by remaking them with a SJW agenda; have the damn creativity to come up with your own screenplay, or accept the consequences. If you must remake a movie, pick something horrible like Masters of the Universe and give us some She-Ra action already.

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295 thoughts on “A Heterosexual Man’s Reaction To Seeing Leaked Nudes Of Leslie Jones”

  1. I wonder what it must be like to live in a place like South Korea, China, or Japan where all the movies, TV shows, music videos, commercials, etc feature slim, feminine, beautiful women.
    Instead, here in this abortion of a country, they push hideous ogres as actresses.
    LOL’ing at those people who put down NE Asia for its uniformity and conformity … but you can’t tell Asian girls apart you say? They all look the same? Well, you’ll be able to see ogresses like this one a mile away. LOL
    America can shove its diversity and plurality right up its ass.

      1. Asian languages in general sound like nails on a chalk board to me. I know a lot of guys have a thing for the Asian chicks, I just never could. I mean if there is a hot one and she is ready to go I am not about to say no, but I will take pretty much any other 7 over an Asian 8

      2. Yeah, Japanese TV doesn’t always show the best looking girls. The only true hotties just sit in the background keeping their mouths shut. They exist only as eye candy. The comedians and interesting people are always butt-ass ugly. Not just butt-ugly, or ass-ugly. Yes, that’s right — BUTT-ASS UGLY.

      3. You’d hardly ever find foreigners with pretty Japanese girls anyways as their stock is high and easily traded internally

        1. Yup. And next time I’m in Tokyo, I’ll invite a couple of blonde Polish or Russian girls to join me to party in Rapongi. Them naughty Nippons can recoil in horror as they watch their SMV plummet while the local boys buy me drinks for a chance to orbit my arm candy.

        2. There’s that bar (popular pick up joint, right by the road) right there at Ropp….you’d know it, not too far from the 77 floor hotel. Walk in with your Russkies and you’d win. I took a very hot Jap off her Jap hubby (how about that?) and strolled to that place one night with her on my arm at her instigation, every time she went to the loo, some girl would try to chat me up 🙂
          You’d have to pay me before I’d look at white girls in Nippon.
          I prefer Akassaka…..if your game is tight you’d be alright. Don’t forget that Kabukicho is littered with eastern Europeans if you know where to go. Being seen out and about with a hot Jap will get you endless kowtow

        3. Solid tips.
          Not surprised by the husband. What major league cucks those guys are, besides being into all that weird sexual shit.
          Didn’t see the nightlife in either Akassaka or Kabukicho. Only passed through the former during the day, and never ventured into the later. Good intel though. I’m into EE’s heads and shoulders (literally) above even the hottest local talent.

        4. Roppongi*
          Hate that place btw. Always some schmuck trying to sell a beer and bar admission combo to me.

    1. I don’t watch much TV, but occasionally I will catch some show on a Spanish language network. I don’t speak a lick of Spanish, but some hot mamacita will catch my eye, and I’ll stop to ogle her for a minute, notice several more hot women and get rolled up for about ten minutes or so before snapping back to my senses. But in watching those little ten minute blurbs, I notice that these shows hire two types of people – VERY attractive, and very ugly, and for the ugly ones, they make them look even uglier than they are in real life. But I also noticed that it appears that the ugly people also play ugly characters, not just in the physical sense, but in the sense that they are villains, or at the very least seriously flawed (again, I don’t speak Spanish, so I may be wrong, but based on the body language, lighting, music and interactions between these characters, I interpret them to be bad). The best I ever see for these folks is that they will be treated as a foil for comic relief – the doofus who gets to be the butt of jokes or physical comedy. But these people are never portrayed as the ideal, they are always portrayed as something to be feared, mocked or disgusted by.

    2. You’re overreacting. Despite a couple of Lena Dunhams, Hollywood still prefers incredibly beautiful women — particularly in movies.

      1. That was in the past. Just you wait, the only slim, attractive women will be the ones from CGI. The rest are mass-manufactured Social Justice Warriors who will demand our ballz!

        1. I was at Victoria’s Secret with the wife yesterday, and I noticed that they still have a giant monitor up that dominates the store and shows nothing but thin, gorgeous VS models on the catwalk, in the gym, etc. The place was packed with women and it made think that there is some hope for traditional beauty surviving in our degenerate age.

    3. I don’t know what you are looking at but Asia has tons of ugly girls. I live in Korea part of the time, sometimes in Singapore and have been here and there in Asia. The reality of it is that the uber skinny girls are usually poor hence the need to attract men with plastic surgery.
      It is very easy to tell Asians apart if you are savvy. The difference between a Japanese and Korean is as great as those between an Englishman and a Spaniard
      Embrace your diversity young blood, you’ve never had it so good!

      1. I find even middle class Asian women lack personality. They aren’t out of bounds because they don’t need a Visa. You can get them, it just isn’t as easy.

    4. You clearly don’t watch enough tv or movies…most of the actresses here ARE slim and beautiful. In fact, in you compare the standard sitcom cast of today to 30 years ago, everyone hired now is generally much better looking. The “every man” (or woman) doesn’t exist as much, unless it’s a show that’s a vehicle for a comedian. Though, come to think of it, I don’t really see many of those lately either…Speaking of which,I would classify Leslie Jones as a comedienne, not an actress. There are a different set of standards for those in the comedy world. Since she’s essentially crossing over, she’s getting hit with the MUCH more discerning “actress” standard.Tina Fey faced the same thing and dropped 30 lbs in order to appear on tv. Now that her looks are deemed acceptable, her comedy gets more attention.

      1. I hate to be a grammar Nazi (although I am literally Hitler), but the only time it is appropriate to use the concepts of “Tina Fey” and “comedy” together is with a term of negation separating them. For example,
        Incorrect: Tina Fey does understand comedy.
        Correct: Tina Fey does not understand comedy.

        1. I’ve also noticed improper usage in the following statement,
          Incorrect; Tina Fey is hot.
          Correct: Tina Fey is not hot.

        2. “In another display of ‘hacktivism,’ heretofore and currently anonymous hackers penetrated actress Leslie Jones’ cloud storage…”
          “The words “Leslie Jones and “penetrated” shall never be used together in a sentence” (Strunk & White).
          Strunk, William, Jr.; White, E. B. (2016). The Elements of Style (Sixtieth Anniversary Racist Edition ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

      2. Americans have a low standard for beauty when people like Sarah Silverman and Tina Fey are considered to be sexy. One is fugly and the other average at best

        1. I don’t know that they’re considered “sexy”…perhaps to some. But I do think they’re both considered conventionally attractive, at least to the degree that their looks aren’t a topic of negativity like Leslie.

        2. They’re both attractive, especially given their age. Hotter than a 20-year-old Victoria’s Secret model? Obviously no, but I give them credit for maintaining their looks into middle age. America would be a better place if more women followed their example (as far as diet and exercise, not politics).

    5. Let’s keep in mind, though, ogres like this aren’t being put out here for the benefit of white men. Just like the overweight chick who played Precious, “women” (and I use the term loosely) like Jones are boosted up (and are even shown flirting with white men) so that black men will think these train wrecks actually have some semblance of SMV. It’s a botched attempt at media-driven pre-qualification, like how they post pics and videos of Lena Dunham everywhere to trick men into thinking that she’s “hot.” White men, black women, and nearly all white women don’t want to see black men with white women, and the powers that be know that a) finding genuinely attractive black women in large numbers is like finding a needle in a haystack and that b) black men aren’t going to take vows of celibacy or become grass-eaters in large numbers any time soon, so the plan now is to take the garbage at hand, repackage it, and tell black dudes that they’re hot so that they’ll be okay with porking porkers. That’s why they’ve paid rappers to put together crap like “Just a Little Thick.” They want the brothas to accept and stick with the fat, raunchy, weave-wearing chicks that make up 85% of the black female population, and Jones and her ilk are the key to bringing that plan to fruition.

  2. And to think they made us say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday in school. When I see just how profoundly sick and ugly American culture has become, I’d rather salute your shorts than salute Old Glory.

    1. The Pledge was written by a socialist as a means to mold kids to welcome the warm protective embrace of their Big Daddy Government. Rejecting it and all its off-shoot emotionalism is the duty of every free thinking person.

  3. Why in the hell would take a picture of this and intentionally save it on your phone?
    I want to ask where her father is on this kind of crap.

      1. What are you talking about?
        1. She took a picture of her bare ass
        2. She saved it to her phone
        3. It ends up on the apple cloud.
        Any of these three nodes are hack able.

  4. And to think the men of the 7th Cavalry died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn to help expand the borders of a nation that devolved into such a silly sick degenerate culture. Can you imagine? Those 268 men standing and frantically reloading their guns in an ever shrinking circle. Knowing they were going to die. If only they could see what America has become. From Manifest Destiny to a statue of Crazy Horse larger than Mount Rushmore and promotion of ogresses as celebrities. I bet they would never have enlisted.

        1. I like Thai curry and Indian curry. Never had Japanese curry, but wouldn’t be opposed to trying it.

        2. The opportunity to side with the Japanese was nearly 75 years ago. We haven’t gone to war with Thailand yet, but there is still a chance Hillary will be elected, so not all hope is lost.

    1. At least the statue of crazy horse is a private funded initiative. In fact the original sculptor and subsequently after his death his family have turned down government funding for it multiple times. The gov is so butt-hurt by the refusal that they’ve removed his name from credit to his work as the assistant to the head of the Rushmore project.

    2. Honestly don’t care about history anymore, there was equally appalling things happening back then like inbreeding and pedophilia the norm

  5. If sneering at women you don’t fancy is your idea of political activism you’ve got a lot of growing up to do.

  6. “Lawd, lawd, I be so afraids of da eebil white may-an, he be a white debbil, dat what he be…lawd, lawd, saves me from da eebil white may-an,” etc.

  7. Oh fuck what a insult to harambe seriously I knew that dude…… Even for a gorilla he had good standards and never had a “Papa john”.

  8. 1) These guys deserve a fucking gold medal
    2) I find Sigorney Weaver interesting because she’s a client and because she sleeps over her covers. Four feet over her covers.

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  9. Maybe she purposely had it hacked to draw attention and receive sympathy. In America today, you receive the most privileges being the biggest victim. Why on God’s green Earth would you want to ever take nude selfies when you look like shit naked? The idea is just pathetic. Maybe I am just growing old, I guess.

    1. this is believable to me. However, I will say that while it is still August, the fall will be here faster than you think. Maybe she was trying to get a Halloween attraction like “Haunted Safari” going and was taking some snaps to get the ball rolling?

    2. I posted the same thing without reading the comments, not trying to steal your thunder. I think she definitely did this.

    3. Another question is why do so many women debase themselves by taking sexually explicit pictures and then cry when those pictures are released? Wouldn’t it be a smarter decision to refrain from allowing such images to be captured in the first place?
      Leslie is not being punished because she’s Black. She’s being raked over the coals because she is ugly, fat and dumb enough to expose herself to the world. If she was a beautiful Black woman who was thin, the responses would be more favorable though intelligent folks would still think less of her for acting like a loose woman.
      This is why I have never participated in a sex tape or allowed anyone to snap nude pictures of me. I have some standards and I know that I would lose my family if I ever behaved like a low rent whore. My body is not for the world to see.

      1. It’s like that stupid mattress girl that made a sex tape to re-enact her account of the night of her case. She said that if you viewed that video as art, you have her permission to view it. If you viewed it as porn, you are in violation and do not have permission to view it.
        This girl, I’ll remind you, went to an Ivy League university, Columbia University.

        1. Impossible to jerk off to that horror show, the guy had bigger, pointier tits than that pancake ass psycho

      2. Why do they take the photos in the first place? That’s a good question. However I found this tendency to be much older than digital photography for the masses. I’ve come across it in forms far older than than the smart phone era. For all I know it goes back to paintings on cave walls, I think certainly goes back to Roman times. With networked storage it is just much easier to lose control of the images.

      3. Nobody ever wanted to record the 5 minutes of missionary they had with you in a poorly lit room on a tacky bed spread Mildred

  10. I can’t help but think that this hack was a false flag operation of sorts intended to jin up sympathy for Ms. Jones after the megaflop that was Ghostbusters.

  11. This Ghostbusters/Leslie Jones nontroversy is a waste of time. It’s as useful as screaming at an ice cream sundae.
    Let’s stay focused on the big picture — improving our own lives, as men.

  12. Women don’t actually think Leslie Jones is funny. They applaud at the idea of her being funny.
    And their applause of course, like most things, is duplicitous. By applauding her to a position of fame, they are raising their own SMV. Now more hambeasts can slide under the radar if Leslie Jones gets a pass.
    The reality is that the Manosphere actually has more compassion for Leslie Jones than most women do. We mock her attempts to overstep her boundries, but women prefer to lie to her and manipulate her like a useful idiot. I think the second option of the two is far more unethical.

    1. Hence the reason women typically will rummage through a man’s personal belongings like photos, text messages, wallet, notes, etc. in attempt to uncover something that he’s not honest. If you are an honest person, you have a tendency to think that most people are honest to you. If you’re a pathological liar like Hillary Clinton, you think most people are liars and you will always be on your guard to uncover the truth.

      1. Good point. That could also explain the current hysteria women have over a man’s behavior. They themselves have dubious machinations, so they assume men must be doing the same.

        1. True. I have heard it numerous times from women that they prefer to work with men rather than with women, never the other way around.

    2. I just figured that most people who seem to think she is funny are the bigots that call themselves liberal so that they can laugh at the ignorant negro chucking and jiving for their entertainment while patting themselves on the back for being so “diverse”

  13. The first time I saw this….woman…..was actually on some car insurance commercial or something close to it. She is ugly, loud, and obnoxious. I was thinking to myself “why in the world would anyone choose a Neanderthal like this for a commercial?” I think the creators of the commercial subconsciously realized this too because at one point she looks over to a guy in another car and says something to the effect of “Hey baby, how you doing?” The guy gets this deer in the headlights look and slowly turns to look ahead again.
    This woman is a racist pig that uses her moderate success to push SJW propaganda. I looked at some of her crap on Twitter shortly after Milo was banned and it can be summed up in one picture:

        1. I find some black chicks to be very sexy….but they have to conform to my other standards of taste. Further, French and English black women have it in spades (har!) over the American ones. I think this might be because they are a little higher on the social ladder and my tastes veer towards cuntish aristocrats, fashion snobs and executives.

        2. Heh, “in spades”. I’ve done a few. But I just can’t get into ’em. Maybe if I left the lights off…hmm.

        3. my taste varies. I am usually in the mood for the opposite of whatever I currently am fucking. For instance, all 3 of my plates that are spinning right now are thin…very thin…..and as white as white can be (a Russian a Pole and a Frenchwoman that boarders albinism). One of them is a solid 9 and two hover in the 7.5-8 range depending on how much they work on it. But I just want to fucking plow a big hipped Latina like the world is ending

        4. Yes-yes, it’s all about variety…kudos to you on your current place settings. Right now I’m caught up in my work, so I’m dating Palmela Handerson. Women distract the fuck out of me when I’m chasing goals. The funny thing is, after I hit another goal, more women are available. They all tell me they want a guy who’s nice and has a sense of humor, but when I’m sporting stacks of cash and I treat them like little children, they just can’t get enough. I just can’t figure it out (???)…are they not being sincere (???)…do they have an agenda (???)…are they really not like the way they are portrayed on TV and in the movies (???)…

        5. Pamela Handerson has some wonderful things going for her. I remember one night I was going to go out and felt a little tired but this bird was texting me and making appeals to me….er, baser instincts. I had me a quick john Arthur and texted her that I was staying in. I ordered some food and watched movies and recall it being quite a nice night.
          as for what women tell you I always tell people one thing: Women never lie. They never, never, never fucking lie. Women are as truthful as can be. The problem is, you can’t listen to their words. That’s all bullshit. Just watch what they do and pay attention to their actions. They are incredibly honest that way.

        6. Got news for you…if they are black, they aren’t really French or English. Nationality has more to it than just location.

        7. what else would you fuck. I have very high standards for a way a girl dresses, her table manners, the way she comports herself in public, her style sense — even the type of drinks and food she likes, music she listens to, the way she walks, her use of grammar. All of these things are important to me. I have found that race has almost nothing to do with this where as upbringing, social position and education has everything to do with it.

        8. Yup. Everyone has their own thing. I’m just immediately turned off by people who X out entire segments of the population based on race. I guess it is just my pendant for a wiser and more cultivated lot. Different taste in women is one thing. Hell, that’s why they make loads of them. I can’t stand women who dress casual or who think that something like shorts is ever appropriate off of a beach. That said, when it goes beyond personal preference and bleeds into ignorance I get iffy about the company I’m keeping

        9. Ignorance doesn’t have a thing to do with it. Just as the heart wants what it wants, it doesn’t want what it doesn’t want.

      1. As I read your quote I realized that the idea of looking at these photos never actually crossed my mind.

    1. The shitlords site got hit hard, and actually put up the cloudflare DDOS denial tool we have seen other places. It went down when I wrote the article, so the original pics were from my browser’s cache. It came back up, so I snagged all the pictures, did a fairly conservative job of black barring them, then had them in the original draft of the article. Winston and Roosh pulled them for decency and the moral high road, and we weren’t sure about liability, all of which I agree with.

      1. liability is right. If I saw one of those pictures I would have sued the shit out of ROK

  14. I know this criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas. He had a high-profile case years back, where this black man had been falsely accused of robbing a liquor store and murdering the owner. My friend eventually got him off by playing the audio from the surveillance video for the jury. The man in the video had a very high voice, and he said, “Everybody hit the floor!” when he entered the liquor store. The accused had a very low voice. So my friend used voice prints to prove it wasn’t him. A couple weeks afterwards, I asked him how the black guy was doing. My friend said he was having trouble finding a job. I asked him why. And he said, “Because every time he goes in for an interview, he says, everybody hit the floor…”

  15. Having only been a member of this site for aproxx. 3-5 days now and opening up my mind and heart to read article after article, I’ve come to one conclusion. I’m really trying here ‘Return of Kings’, I really am. I understand exactly where most opinions are coming from – I get it, truly I do. There is a ‘Culture War’ going on etc etc. I am neither being dismissive, simply do not have the time nor energy to write @ length here. I was taught to value varying views and thoughts from your own – to consider the other shoe as it were. However I fear my time on this site to be brief as I know come to the sad conclusion that this site offers nothing more save gossip and petty back talking. Articles such as these have no purpose on a site called ‘Return of Kings’ for kings, true kings bother not with the whims and woes of others; merely he forges his own path regardless surrounding circumstances. Sad – I had such high hopes. This site is simply a Yin to Jezebels Yang. Good day and Farwell gentle giants, may you all find purpose and meaning in self-improvement aside from belittling others.

      1. *slow clap* exhibit #1 of the degenerative nature of this site and comments section. I could care less of others opinions so long as it is constructive and offers something more. I wonder how long did it take searching Google for that image? Would that you had searched for something to improve yourself rather.

        1. Thought you were leaving Mohamed…we can’t take you seriously now. Because you don’t do what you say you’re going to do…

        2. Fair point – however I don’t recall stating an exact exit date so there is that minor detail. Ultimately I owe you no explanation. You should try your hand at being constructive for a change my friend.

        3. Right on, Mohamed. I will try that out one of these days. Meanwhile…why are you still here. Oh wait. Let me guess. It’s a paid gig. Well, hey, a guy’s gotta eat…no hard feelings on my end.

    1. ” simply do not have the time nor energy to write @ length here.”
      says the guy who rambles on ad nauseam, poorly defines concepts, displays horrible cognitive dissonance and replies to people who tell him to shut up.
      Why don’t you go grab Larry-Hammed and Curly-Hammed and go attention whore somewhere else, cunt?

      1. Because calling someone a ‘Cunt’ and offering them sup par reading material always encourages one to be forthcoming of their views. I thought this place a forum to express ideas and challenge thought with reasoning. Instead I find a circle jerk of racist homophobs who call themselves men yet prattle on endless about their woes and neglect from women.
        Bravo sir 🙂

        1. actually you are just a thin skinned weakling who is trying to insert yourself into a community for whatever reason is going on in your little head. You have been immediately picked out by the astute members of this community as being false and weak and wanting and have not been accorded the same respect that men accord one another because of your shortcomings.
          It’s ok. Prattle on. There have been worse trolls than you, smarter trolls than you and more persistent trolls than you. But don’t expect that you will be treated, if treated at all, as anything other than a troll.

        2. So let me get this straight – someone genuinely wishes to open themselves up and understand a “community” to see as others do and even consider how they formed such opinions at length and they are considered a troll? I simply offered my opinion on the status – would have loved to have engaging conversation on how this idea formed into that movement etc etc. Sadly the mistake is mine for hoping for much more. Thank you for correcting the error friend.

        3. Let me teach you a little cosmic law. If you enter a house, slinging stones, they are going to come back at your head, tenfold. That’s how the universe works. And you aren’t here to engage in any meaningful discussions. If you were, you wouldn’t have opened things up by slinging stones. You’re probably a paid troll. Ask for an assignment at another board, maybe.

        4. best thing about the pulse nightclub incident was we didn’t have to hear the crying of the wives and children of the victims.

        5. still don’t understand why they didn’t all escape through the back door. I mean, that should have been second nature.

        6. Not quite. You were told hours ago, but no one responded to this particular one. You’re considered a troll not because you “genuinely wish to open up and understand” (this isn’t AA) but because you simply sought ammunition to be contrary. You came to argue, and to sow discontent, not to discuss and possibly learn something.
          I wrote the freaking thing in a couple hours last night. Was it educational? No. Was it even good? Possibly not. Did it entertain our regular readers? Yes, and therefore it fulfilled its purpose. Unabashed’s summary of the articles on here makes the point, and one of them was my normal weekly article; this one was an extra. Have you read any of those and backed your judgment up with some knowledge?

    2. You say this is a men’s gossip rag but literally the article right before this one is on fitness.
      The article before that is pointing out leftist propaganda in advertising.
      The article before that lists how to register to vote for every single state in the USA.
      The article before that is how to protect yourself if you are falsely accused of rape.
      The article before that are some musings on social Darwinism.
      The article before that is how to protect yourself if you’re accused of workplace harassment.
      Are you catching what I’m throwing here? You’re complaining about one article when the 5 or 6 right before it has nothing to do with “gossip and backtalking.”
      This site is a smorgasbord. It has a little bit of everything as there are many regular writers for this site. It’s a lot like TN weather: If you don’t like it right now, wait 15 minutes.

      1. Thank you for the only useful reply – perhaps I spent to much time on old archive posts. You are correct tho there are a wide assortment of different types of articles. It’s easier for us to focus on the negative sometimes. Perhaps I became to engorged with the comments section. Again than you for the clarification.

        1. Here’s a little lesson on Cosmic Law. If you enter a house, slinging stones, they are going to come back at your head, tenfold. That’s how the universe works. And you aren’t here to engage in any meaningful discussions. If you were, you wouldn’t have opened things up by slinging stones. You’re probably a paid troll. Ask for an assignment at another board, maybe…

        2. hmmmm Paid troll? Seriously the paranoia is real lmfao no one gives a shit about you to care enough my friend. Yea we are done here. I’m happy to see my decision was right . Enjoy the prolonging circle jerk my friend! 🙂

        3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Paid troll? Seriously the paranoia is real lmfao no one gives a shit about you to care enough my friend. Yea we are done here. I’m happy to see my decision was right . Enjoy the prolonging circle jerk my friend! 🙂

        4. If people are paying for trolling I want in. I would be so good at it and I love money.

        5. Yeah I want in on that gig, too…the NSA probably has some openings. Maybe they’ll come here and recruit us.

        6. We could certainly do a much better job than those that troll us.
          For a little bonus to our salaries, we could also run counter-troll operations. We have plenty of experience in that field here.

        7. Troll?! Did someone say bonus and salaries for trolling?
          That’s Literally Hitleristic! Where do I sign?

      2. The guy’s just making a bitchy, passive aggressive, attention seeking comment. He’s just some dumb fag.
        Mr. Mohammed, nobody cares about your stupid opinion. We’re happy you don’t get the site. Of course an idiot such as yourself wouldn’t. Now please put your money where your mouth is, and get the fuck off this site.

    3. Shit man, we can’t be 100% serious 100% of the time. If we did, our time on this earth would be brief. Occasionally we need a laugh at the leftist culture war, otherwise we’d all end up banging our heads against a brick wall.

      1. when she puts raw chicken in her poon and pulls it out all fried I almost dropped dead.

      2. There are exactly four DVDs in my collection:
        Office Space
        Drawn Together season 1
        Drawn Together season 2
        Drawn Together season 3

        1. bit torrent or die. I have all the movies….all of them….along with all the tv shows, all the books, all the comics and it takes up less room than a shoe box and is accessible 24/7

        2. Long ago, back when I did things like have roommates and housemates, one of my roommates had a collection of seemingly everything Monty Python ever did.
          Just haven’t gotten around to replacing access to some of that stuff yet, I suppose.

        3. close but no cigar. Not sure if you or @disqus_aHyDBkvUW5:disqus or any of the youngsters here know it, but Mad Mad Monster Party is, hands down, the number one stop motion animation ever.

        4. He is. It’s on STARZ or something. I only saw the preview “First thing, I gotta do some cardio; my heart is jackhammering like a quarterback on prom night.”

        5. It’s worth watching, keeps the original style and everything. Bruce hasn’t even been sucked down into the SJW narrative, yet.

  16. It’s not rocket science, people. There is an inherent level of risk involved in every action, and that includes being a stupid attention-seeker and taking nudes when your smartphone is connected to the cloud. Seriously, you want to eliminate the risk? Then don’t take nude selfies. They use the same argument as they do for rape, in all seriousness: Don’t tell me not to take nudies, teach hackers not to hack!
    I’ve got news for you sweetheart; the world is full of bad people, and they don’t give a single fuck about your privacy. It begins and ends with personal responsibility. Learn some.

    1. oh please, she is loving minutes 16-18 of fame….add to that the ability to be a victim. She is probably creaming over this….and taking pictures of it and putting them on her cloud account.

        1. My pleasure. Had to do something to eliminate the gorilla flashbacks for anyone who looked at Leslie Jones’s pics…

      1. And that’s what worries me; a sane woman would be mortified if this sort of thing happened, but these… hideous creatures feed off attention, negative or otherwise.

    2. I knew a dumb slut who let her “boyfriend” of ten years record their threesomes and sex sessions. He wouldn’t cave to her pressure for marriage so she dumped him. He released every picture and video that they made. She changed her name to protect what was left of her reputation. I don’t blame him for not wanting to marry a disgusting whore.

  17. Come on, man. This ain’t fairplay. No matter how much I dislike the movie and her character in it, writing a public article attacking her for something bad that happened to her is spineless. It’s like shooting a man in the back.
    That said, she looks a lot better than I expected. Surprisingly smooth skin and proportions for her ‘size’. Solid 4-5. I had expected more something like this:

    1. wow dude, how long you been sitting on this A-Bomb.
      My obsession with the TV show My 500 Pound Life has inoculated me against this

        1. have you ever watched “my 500 pound life” It is just a fantastic program. I like eating cookies while I watch it.

      1. You watch that too? I wish some would capture clips of Dr. Nowzaran telling those whales about how much they eat is equivalent to what they weigh. That Doc cuts right through their bullshit like he cuts through the fat in the OR. Needs to be posted to YouTube.

        1. it’s great. Doc don’t take shit. He does a gastric bypass and gives a fatty a fucking meal plan and they come in and have gained 18 pounds and swear that they have been doing everything right he lets them know. He is fucking amazing! There was one episode where he basically made the mother fucking cry for enabling her fat daughter to continue to eat herself to death. He knew that the land whale wasn’t getting it for herself because that fat bitch couldn’t get out of bed on her own, much less hit an arbys.
          There is another where one guy wants to “reward” himself for not eating a 5000 calorie breakfast so for lunch he pulls up to a drive in and gets enough food to feed a family of 6.

        2. We need the Top 20 Dr. Nowzaran fatty bitch slaps.
          Yeah, six hamburgers, tater tots and a 45 gallon drum of soft drink – just a snack.
          Salad? Is that like coleslaw?

        3. If I knew how to do shit like that on a computer I would totally sit home this weekend and do that. Dr Nowzaran is the man.

    2. It’s amazing the details a shitty 2000’s-era phone cam won’t capture. But “hit piece”? I thought the article was quite mild TBH, more of a cautionary tale. Anyhow regarding your pic..

    3. When you become a public figure, anything is fair play. While it was mainly written for entertainment value as opposed to educational (most of my stuff is educational), this is reporting. ROK did not do the hacking, nor did we even once consider hosting the original pictures, and only briefly considered hosting the censored ones. We also did not break the story, and we only offered a take on it from our perspective, which is: don’t do stupid things and expect to not get bitten eventually, and don’t make enemies by doing bad things (like abusing your celebrity status to push an agenda.)

      1. I respectfully disagree. ‘When you become a public figure, anything is fairplay’ seems to me like an unquestioned and very typical belief these days. Matter of fact is, they are still humans. Now, I am not saying you are evil or anything; I just personally think it is a little pathetic to exploit a mishap like this. Does not mean I would want to censor what you wrote.
        Have you by any chance seen this video?
        Now, Tom Cruise is a whacko in my eyes, but he has a point there when the reporter says ‘the people want to know’ and he then says ‘no, Peter, you want to know. Take responsibility’. I kinda liked that. Boundaries.
        Those paparazzi don’t hesitate to make many people’s lives difficult because it is socially acceptable in our culture to do that to celebrities, partly due to beliefs like the ones you uttered.
        I don’t believe in morals, but intuitively, I sense that this woman – take away this mysterious ‘celebrity status’ has not done me personally any harm that would justify this kind of response. I can surely think of many situations where I would feel it justifiable, but this is not the case here.
        That said, I am not denying her responsibility, that would be silly. You kinda have to expect this when your nudes get leaked. It’s just that I would not feel good doing it. Perhaps it’s some deluded pride or honor thing of mine, though. Who knows. War is dirty, I know. I suppose I simply hate war.

        1. You bring up a fair point. But I guess it’s got to do with the idea that this woman would never be a celebrity on her own merits. She’s not funny and she’s clearly not attractive. She was put on Saturday Night Live so Lorne Michael could keep the SJW mob at bay. And now her profile was raised because of the Twitter debacle; where she had no trouble dishing it out, but then calls “wacism” when someone gives it back to her. For me it has to do with the idea of the media propping these people up, giving them careers, and telling us we should think they are funny; all because they are part of a special victim class. The way the world is, I wouldn’t be surprised if she leaked the photos herself, just to give more attention to her useless career. So in this case, I don’t feel bad about it.

        2. I’m prone to agree with you about the possibility of her leaking these herself as she has already put her body on display for and SNL skit with her on Naked and Afraid

      2. I’d say the producers, director (if it was his pet project) or the studio are more deserving targets than the actresses who just signed up for a good paycheck. While this article is current we also have another where Hulk Hogan’s privacy was invaded and readers are cheering the $140m retribution he got.
        I did not see comments LJ had made in response to people online complaining about the feminist remake, and I gather she stirred up few people. I saw a clip of her from the movie and it certainly didn’t want to make me see the movie, but I’d blame the director more.

    4. Being a bjj dry humpin euro fag you wouldn’t know this but when someone is shooting at you with a handgun they are often ducking down and running in the opposite direction, so where else could you shoot them but the back?

      1. Heh. That’s the thing, I don’t see how she is personally shooting at me. You may argue that ‘she is part of the movement that hurts men’, but I don’t feel that’s comparable.

  18. It’s one thing to criticize the “SJW agenda”, but this? This is as low as low can be, even by ROK standards.

  19. You cant hack a Polaroid instant camera. I predict this thing will make a comeback, and nudie pics will go back where they belong- hidden within your baseball card collection

  20. Obama’s daughter’s phone was hacked! Pics of her getting trained at a house party are all over the net now.
    I can’t un-see that. I need eye bleach.

  21. Harambae’s death was a tragedy. He doesn’t deserve to be compared to the land-whale Leslie Jones.

  22. unless she was responsible for this herself, which I doubt, I can’t see this does anything but lose us the moral high ground. Ok we never actually enjoyed that, but still…

    1. Say what? The moral high ground is Literally Hitler anyway, but the good point if the article in my view was the cautionary bit about tech and being stupid and keeping nudes online.
      The only thing funky I’d keep online would be some screen grabs of 80’s German sheisse porn just to make any potential hacker lose their lunch peeking in.

  23. “…the other two belong in a porn movie involving anal sex.”
    Slimebuckets like this are what’s making anal sex trendy and brainwashing girls to offer their anuses up to any schmuck to pulverize and defile and leaving loose scraps for the rest of us. To which, after I have my way with them the old “Some day some poor bastard is going to marry this!” adage (thanks for that one, A.V. Yader!) runs through my mind after I’ve run through them before I toss them to the wolves.

  24. Saw the news: Not bad but guess I expected worse. I suppose I’ve fucked worse too but I wouldnt know as her shirt never came off… Damn dry spells and streak busters. Thats all they’re good for is busting streaks.

  25. Who gives a fuck about the old ghost busters movies? I thought they were cool because I was 5-8 years old. Watching them now they’re so “meh” Bill Murray is overrated as fuck! His character is the same in every goddamn movie: lifeless, lazy, and out of place

    1. The 1984 Ghostbusters is the Duck Soup of the 80s. But the 80s weren’t a great decade for comedy (except maybe Caddyshack and some Rodney Dangerfield flick)

      1. There are many comedy classics of the 80s. The decade opened with “The Blues Brothers”.
        Caddyshack, Stripes, Back to School, Revenge of the Nerds, Police Academy, Weird Science, Ferris Beuler’s day off, etc…

    2. You were 5-8 when you saw “Ghostbusters”? You were not mature enough to catch the shtick, and it was loaded with it! If you still don’t catch it, you may not be able to.

  26. I always thought Jones was a lesbian.. i must be thinking of some other perpetually offended fat Hollywood butch. But then again, considering she likes it up the pooper, maybe she’s really a gay man after all.

  27. Maybe she orchestrated the entire thing? She can feel empowered by showing off her hot bod and sexuality all while getting victim brownie points. This type of stunt will gain lots of support from the SJW/faggot/mangina crowd which, in the end, could help her further line her pockets.

    1. >Maybe she orchestrated the entire thing?
      It seems entirely likely. I know positively that the “alt-right groups” the (((liberal))) media is trying to pin the “hack” on weren’t involved.
      Of course the (ex, mostly arrested or retired) end boss of the internet, Anonymous, that has become a full blown SJW activist group defending BlackTerroristsMatter and preaching feminism suddenly “declaring war on the US Government” was also as false a flag as one can get.
      The Jew is angered by the internet since despite spending millions and hiring people to censor and disrupt any internet forums (((they))) don’t control, they’ve accomplished little to control the narrative. They’re going Nuclear Option to just shut dissent down entirely under the battle cry of “Oi Vey, those Trump supporters! They’re literally little Hitlers!”

  28. Just viewed the pics. All I can say is.. those beauties will serve me well during the long lonely voyages at sea. Arrrrr!

  29. Her body is not that bad considering her age and race. Her face on the other hand is hideous. She looks like a fucking beast and has the facial features of a gorilla.
    This holds for a lot of black women. Their body structure is often above average, but their facial features, hair structure and skin color are not things I consider attractive.

  30. A lot of guys I know used to complain that Sigourney Weaver was too manly looking back in the day, but man was she hot in Ghostbusters. A hot woman that plays the cello. You never see a woman with her demeanor in American films today. Even her speaking voice is attractive.

    1. Besides which, Weaver was actually credible as a female action hero in the Alien franchise. Unlike movies today, where they strap a gun or lightsabre on any entitled princess, and cry “mithogynyyyy!!!” when they’re not taken seriously.

  31. She’s the Whoopi Goldberg of this time ,why would any man want to see some thing that kill your appetite and libido?

  32. “what is with people taking nude selfies with a commode in the picture?”
    What is the purpose of taking nude selfies period?

  33. “If you must remake a movie, pick something horrible like Masters of the Universe and give us some She-Ra action already.”
    A Teela or She-Ra scene could be pretty hot. Of course, they would ignore that and do a scene with Prince Adam being gay instead.

  34. I am not desperate. I am not in the majority here. I find most of her nudes attractive except the one with the bag on her head. IJS

  35. Luke, you poor bastard… I REALLY hope Roosh gave you hazard pay for this article. I can only imagine the amount of Dramamine and Alka-Seltzer you had to down in order to get through this.

    1. I actually work here for free and donate what I would be paid to the cause, but I would’ve earned extra on this one, yes. Funny thing is that video from Herod up there is missing the worst one.
      I HAD them in the article, blacked out, but I was on a tear in my shock and awe mode. Roosh and Winston made the better call to pull them.

  36. If only Leslie and Milo had bonded over their common love for anal from black dudes this all could have been avoided.

  37. I would like to award EVERYONE in the comment section the nationalist congressional medal of Internet honor for their savagery in the comment sections. Had me rolling for an hour straight. Keep it up gentlemen.

  38. The hacking of her phone is probably the closest that Leslie Jones has ever been to being “penetrated” by anyone sober!

    1. She supposedly has no trouble finding guys to get in the sack with her. As unattractive and loud as she is, there are some guys that find her desirable.

  39. I think you should reconsider your assumption that you are “straight”. Your descriptions of women bear no resemblance to those of a straight man.

      1. Oh I don’t think you’re that insulted are you? I mean “deep down” it’s kinda what you wanted to hear. Free your mind and your ass will follow!

  40. Hate the movie. Hate the bitch. Hate the PC symbolism. Hate the “You go girl” culture. Hate modern feminism. Hate BLM.
    But hate to see her personally destroyed. No need to hit her personally.

  41. Jesus, this site is really sinking into the dregs these days. Poor writing, poor editing, bad taste and neurotic, petty grievances. Thank God Tomassi is still putting out quality

  42. I take it Seth Rollins was also being punished for his race and gender when his nudes were spread over the web?
    I wouldn’t even care about a female Ghostbuster if they kept the continuity and allowed Janine Melnitz to do it like she already had in the cartoon and comics continuations. But completely rewriting with all new? No thanks.
    This isn’t even a gender thing, I wouldn’t like them revamping with all new men either.
    But if you did you need to have a torch passing bridge like they did with Xfiles.

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