Why Swag Is Bad For Your Game

Superbly Weak Amateur Game. That’s what SWAG is, so don’t bother. Unless you are under the age of 20, you should not be attempting to do swag.

SWAG, derived from swagger is a concept about “looking cool” and “being cool”. I tried to find a better definition, but urban dictionary is filled with people making fun of it. All you really need to know is that Justin Bieber has a SWAG coach, so unless you prefer to look like him there’s no point. I will say the concept of SWAG will work under the age of 20, mostly because women of that age want Bieber’s nuts and haven’t experienced enough in life to realize it’s probably the douchiest thing out there next to YOLO, but if you’re serious about game, do not do it. Every time I have seen someone try SWAG in public, they have failed, and hilarity ensues.

Do You Wan’t To Look Like This?

Per the dictionary swagger is better defined as “to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence.” Yes even the dictionary acknowledges that if you attempt swag you will be a dick. This is different from an alpha. Alphas assert dominance through confidence while using SWAG is like kicking a girl because you like her.

Best Opener Out There … At Age 7

Class, on the other hand, is the best thing since sliced bread. It does everything you would think SWAG would do. Think Tom Brady versus Justin Bieber. Tom Brady is actually the perfect example of class and being an alpha. People call him a dick, but what has he really done that’s made him one? Nothing. It’s envy. He’s a handsome man, with a supermodel wife, and three Superbowl rings. And if you need a definition for class, the dictionary states ” social rank; especially : high social rank” as well as “high quality.” This is exactly what women are looking for.

Remember the goal of game is to get laid. Class represents what you need to do to get laid. SWAG is the dollar store version. Just don’t do it. And remember ….

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23 thoughts on “Why Swag Is Bad For Your Game”

  1. 100% on target!
    I’m a bit older, eh classier, and see men in the 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s try to pull off the douchie shirt and jeans look. And, it’s even worse to see them do shots with the 20-something’s they’re trying to impress by buying another round. Little do they realize that these guys are wasting their time, money and image trying to be something they are not.
    My 21 year-old gf told me once that I was her Lexus man. Since I neither own nor drive a Lexus, I asked her what she meant. She said I was the classy guy — the Lexus — compared to all the boy-toy Mustangs and Porches, or worse, beta-boy Camry and Accord metaphors. I was her Lexus because I had class, even though I gamed her hard and she knew it.

      1. But being a Lexus Man is being too cool to care. 🙂
        An good looking late teens-early 20s girl calling you a Lexus man is a huge compliment. Second only to her qualifying herself by clumsily declaring Geroge Clooney is her favorite actor…..

  2. Isn’t it obvious that you get a higher caliber of woman by showing Class rather than Swag?
    Then again, if it’s 2am and you’re without a prospect you can always downshift.

  3. Drop the boy clothes. Learn to shop fine men’s wear and start with clean, matching belt and shoes. Learn the pleasures of a fine pair of gabardines, which makes women’s head swivel in your direction like a fishing lure. Top it of with a fitted shirt and a masculine watch. John Malloy’s “Dress for Success” is a good place to start.
    You young bucks who try this will find 1) ridicule from your friends and co-workers, followed by 2) emulation. Admiring glances from women will double. Many times I have been at the bank or someplace and there will be some fine young lass with her goofily-attired though otherwise serviceable boyfriend and she is giving me the long looks like that’s what a real man dresses like. Don’t be that boyfriend.
    You cannot under-estimate the importance women put on clothes and shoes.
    Also overseas I dress very well, which sets me apart from the rest of the cargo-panted tourists. And my gabardines outlast any pair of cargo-pants or jeans by years.

    1. IF you have spent half your life pumping, roiding and dieting to look like the Zyzz guy, casual, gay, clothes do highlight your “strong suits” better than classier attire. And if you are a fat slob, ditto for Hawaii shirts and weak.
      Classical mens wear, being as it gained prominence in a more civilized era, served to deemphasize physical differences between men, and replacing them with differences in taste, and means. Which isn’t quite so useful for those with neither.

  4. “I will say the concept of SWAG will work under the age of 20, mostly because women of that age want Bieber’s nuts and haven’t experienced enough in life to realize it’s probably the douchiest thing out there next to YOLO”
    What you fail to realize is that young girls fucking LOVE douchebags, irrespective of whether they dress “swag”, emo or wear a well fitting blazer with slim jeans and desert boots. The latter of which being the classiest outfit a guy under 21 or 22 can get away with in an everyday setting.

    1. That’s why I said the age of 20. 21-22 becomes a “gray area.” You can sometimes still pull off the 20 year old bracket at 22 and sometimes it backfires.

  5. You’re right… if you have to look up the meaning of “swag” you probably shouldn’t be trying to “implement” it. Beiber is NOT an example of what swagger is all about.

  6. Sounds like semantics to me. And your idea of “class” is having the fag neil patrick harris as your poster boy.
    lol go fuck yourself brah

  7. The only place your “SWAG” works is in Miami, and only with certain, usually lower class, girls.

  8. man fuck all this overanalysis. a pinch of swag goes a long way. you dont put the whole bottle in there.
    clean clothes that fit good. thats really all it takes. suits? cool man but not necessary. flat bill hats? not my gig either.
    clean clothes that fit good. should have been this entire article.

  9. faget OP loses just by mentioning those words. fukkin nob
    say stupid shit = you are a fucking returd. the end

  10. I feel like the things said are true unless you use swag in your game because it relates directly to your niche. (i.e. Black Men, Hip-Hop Scenes, Skaters, etc…) Its seems to me that Micheal is probably venting about bad game he sees in his niche, where “swag” is probably being used as a substitute for good game by betas trying (and failing) to make the cross over. More over if you are (like me) young or in the aforementioned niches, Swag is class, but only if your not the one calling attention to your swag.

  11. Article is kind of dumb.
    If you’re over 25 and several years removed from college, it’s quite insipid for you to comment on youth culture/style and what works for it vis-a-vis getting laid.
    “Swag is for boys, class is for men” sounds like something an autistic reddit video-game-playing beta would say.
    Sure, bespoke suits are nice to wear and all, but it’s not like you can wear them everywhere without looking like a tryhard unless your lifestyle is 100% congruent with it
    So what’s the next best thing for a young cat to do? Snapbacks, designer jeans and a expensive t shirts. Almost instant bad boy cred/preselection.
    Whole post just reminds me of betas complaining that jerks get girls. Expectations vs reality.
    Expectation: Classy wins out over douchey everytime for the under 25 crowd
    Reality: Your sears suit makes it laughably clear that you’re trying to impress somebody, whereas the kid in Jordans with tattoos has a devil-may-care look that gives girls butterflies
    Keep your “class” and fedora, I’ll keep my harem.

  12. i think you should be able to mix up your game, don’t play it straight out of a book, have some class, swag and whatever else does the job. Beiber wears suits too.

  13. Nice write up. I particularly like the dollar store bit and association of “swag” with immaturity. “Swag” strikes me as white trashy/ghetto trashy, and what you’ve said here helps explain that.

  14. Good takes, except Terrific Tom Brady has 4 rings in 6 trips to the Super Bowl. Best QB ever to lace em up.

  15. And here I was thinking the article was about not wearing my Stan Lee Tee shirt while making approaches.

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