Another Girl Succumbs To The Feminist Cult

A couple weeks ago I highlighted the case of Paige Gorsak, a Canadian girl who has fallen by the wayside to stump for her feminist masters. With just a little bit of effort into her appearance and a sound diet, I argued, she could easily be an attractive woman who has no trouble finding a man willing to provide for her.

Today I share another case from Canada that is even more tragic. A bonafide cutie has corrupted her mind and soul to such a degree with feminist thought that she is more masculine and angry than yours truly. She attacked me on Facebook, unprovoked, and my attempts at a pleasant chat did nothing to tame her unbridled rage. Here is the conversation we had:

This was the tweet I sent her, linking to a photo on Facebook of her and her friends:

I found it humorous that this independent, strong, outgoing, educated, driven, beautiful girl, with the endurance of a rock that can never be broken, immediately started threatening me after a single tweet. I posted the story on the forum, where we tried to look inside her motives, needs, and most importantly, her appearance. As you can see from these two photos, she is not an unattractive girl:

There are a lot of good comments in the thread, but this one stands out:

It’s like she had a little handbook of feminism next to her when she was writing that.

Book: “First tell him you feel sorry for him”

Girl: “‘I…feel…sorry…for…you’. Okay, what’s next?”

Book: “Once you’re done with that, you’ve made him feel smaller. Better kick him while he’s down. Tell him he has mother issues.”

G: “Hey, yeah! Great idea! *type type type* That’ll get him……..WAIT! What’s this?! He didn’t attack back?! Fuck, he called me out on my looks! Now what?!”

Book: “Proceed to chapter 478”.

G: “Okay, phew. They have a chapter for this. *blows dust off*

Let’s see…ah! Tell him his outlook on life is shitty and he is a creep and that women clearly don’t give him any time at all.

Hmm..but I suppose his cappuccino sipping is quite smooth, and he does have quite nice fluttery eyelashs…hmmm

NO! Remember the book!”

Book: “Remember girl, you are a rock, an emotional rock. You can’t be beaten”

G: “YEAH! Fuck you Roosh! Not even the hundred mile an hour winds at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro could rock this rock! *type type type*”

Roosh: “I’m throwing your meat to my wolves to see who they want the most”

G: “Noooo! I’m telling! Daddy!!!! I’m gonna be a lawyer dammit!!!!”

Along with this:

“I’m reporting you.”

It doesn’t occur to her that she’ll be reporting you to the MEN she needs to enforce rules that were made by the MEN made who made Twitter to begin with.

She just undid her own point about being strong as a rock with that statement. Feminists are only as strong as men they can get to help them.

Also, I’m tired of the “personal as political” meme they keep throwing out: “I hope you have a daughter who…” “What if it was you mother?!” Blah blah blah. People DID objectify my (formerly MILF) mother, and so fucking what? And if I had a daughter, I’d want guys to think she was hot.

What is the opposite of all that? You’d want to women in your life to be sexless little worker bees, slaving away all day to make someone else rich?

One final attempt to make right was met with a fake apology:

This troll job reinforces the idea that a feminist is nothing—absolutely nothing—without the power of men behind her. The police officers who take away husbands for “domestic abuse” are men. The judges who give onerous rulings against dads are men. The publishers who publish feminist talking points on major media outlets are men. The lawmakers who write one-sided marriage laws are men. The university chancellors who allow women’s studies classes to misinform students on their campuses are men. They all enable girls like our misguided cupcake above to stupidly attack men such as myself, and by responding in kind, we only attack the symptom of the disease, not the raging, pus-riddled infection inside. The reason that—in spite of the ongoing war against feminism—they continue to have great power is simply because the men behind them remain untouched.

165 thoughts on “Another Girl Succumbs To The Feminist Cult”

  1. That’s why engaging them is somewhat futile. The fight is not against them, it’s against the white knight/mangina/simp with a heaping scoop of beta movement. Women will forget all about that pro women shit if the right guy comes along.

    1. “against the white knight/mangina/simp with a heaping scoop of beta movement”
      Actually, I believe that it is a lot, lot darker than that.
      Feminism and “pussyism” are tools for population reduction.
      Attack the family, create a “war of the sexes”, sell bad food, alter it so that your offspring will be sterile, consider not having kids because you will risk raising a violent, demanding, ill educated savage. Create role models out of betas. Abortion, gay marriage, etc…
      It is all a part of a full spectrum population reduction plan.

      1. Basically, it’s a fight between the Rockefeller Foundation et al. and biology. The Rockefeller Foundation et al. are ahead, but ultimately cannot stand against the sheer animalistic power of biology.

      2. Agree. There are so many aspects of the grand scheme that lead us to where we are now.
        The thing that I have observed for a while now, is we as a society constantly attack these aspects individually and attach the wrong cause to the effect.
        Case in point.. Sandy Hook and mental health… but fuck mental health which is more important..lets campaign gun control. And that is the only option presented as a talking point for that tragedy.
        But I do think if feminism as a movement and women in general were to stand on their own merits with no male support, they would overwhelmingly fail.
        It explains why women like this one featured in this post can do what she did. Fully confident that someone will bail her out. Or in this case she feels she can simply sensor free speech because she was actively searching for content that reflects the same low opinion of women that they have of men. And solipsism falls in front of the hamster and BAM! Denial and attraction at the same time. These bitches like men like Roosh and me. Because they want to tame a player.

    2. Quote: “This troll job reinforces the idea that a feminist is nothing—absolutely nothing—without the power of men behind her. The police officers who take away husbands for “domestic abuse” are men. The judges who give onerous rulings against dads are men. The publishers who publish feminist talking points on major media outlets are men. The lawmakers who write one-sided marriage laws are men. The university chancellors who allow women’s studies classes to misinform students on their campuses are men. They all enable girls like our misguided cupcake above to stupidly attack men such as myself, and by responding in kind, we only attack the symptom of the disease, not the raging, pus-riddled infection inside. The reason that—in spite of the ongoing war against feminism—they continue to have great power is simply because the men behind them remain untouched.”
      This is exactly why it is elite men who are in the business of controlling the rest of us. They need an excuse to put down the iron fist and therefore they allow the biggest man hating demographic (i.e. the feminists) to do their dirty work. This is why the system is at their beckon-call. So when a feminist groups calls for this and that and the other thing to be done against men, they have the police, judges, court system and elected officials to oblige and are only too happy to entertain the demented shit of these hormonal driven animals.
      This has been going on already for a couple of generations so its now wonder the average young squire in his twenties is a clueless cheese-dick who knows nothing other than to serve his female master.
      MRA’s are getting some results but not much. The only hope we can do is to try to pop the misandry bubble and kick start the movement in favor of men.

      1. This would be the only explanation as to why we see the government go along with the insanity. It really makes sense when you think about it. And yes i agree that we can only hope that something’s gotta give before it becomes a complete containment of men.

  2. Sadly, with that shitpot full of attitude, as pleasant as her appearance is she will end up very very lonely. no beta could white knight to her liking, no alpha would put up with it for five minutes, and even if she decided to Join the Other Team, her stridency would be a huge huge turnoff. If she learned to tone it down (which she won’t) she could be a popular modern you-go-grrl with lots of orbiters feeding her grapes.

    1. I have seen girls with way nastier attitudes get white knighted beyond belief. Don’t underestimate how far some guys would go just to get pussy…

    2. As long as the haven’t hit the wall, they ALWAYS find white knights, beta orbiters and doormats – especially when they have her looks.

      1. Unfortunately even if they have hit the wall they can still find some loser to white night for them.

      2. In principle, that is true, but my point is: this one is so strident she will shame away and kick away the orbiters, piss off the alphas, and go BSC with any bi-curious partner prospects. There’s an essay in the feminist anthology “The Bitch In The House” by one such regretful solitary cat-lady now in her 50s.

    3. She has also completely forgotten/ignored the fact that her looks will vanish faster than a fleeing dream – Caucasian women DO NOT age well. I give her 10 years max before the saggy boobs, the wrinkles and the bags descend on her. Let’s see where her attitude will land her then!

  3. The legions of feminism are composed of men. Perhaps we need another Spartacus to show us the way.

  4. Western affluence is a double edge sword. If she was born in a Third World country she would be playing up her beauty to not starve. Feminism = Social Shit Test thanks to white knights/mangina/simps.

  5. A grown woman threatens you legally – a threat that many of us are terrified will lead to a SWAT raid on our homes in the middle of the night, but Roosh just cooly replies, “I think I deserve a sincere apology for your bullying.”
    Balls of steel such as these are the only way to deal with the femcunts and our politically correct overseers.
    What’s also tragic about this poor girl is her dream is NOT to have beautiful children and be the keeper of warmth, home, and hearth….but to be a bureaucrat. Their values are so defined by feminism that literally the most basic of all female (and human) instincts – that of children and family – is deliberately killed in lieu of fantasies of becoming an utterly worthless bureaucrat attorney.
    No doubt she’s copying her life dreams from TV shows (‘Sex and the City’?) and movies.
    This is what happens to sad girls like that: They invest all their time and ambition in their phony femcunt, corporate worldview, then they’re 35, childless, barren, and sterile. They binge drink to deal with their shame and have a horrific diet to try and stay thin, and as a result their pussies are just dried up Sahara Snatch. They’re infertile, weeping on trips to fertility clinics when their latest attempts at artificial insemination come back negative.
    I’ve seen this and similar scenes played out many times.
    The best thing for this young lady would be to stop digging herself a deeper hole, climb out, say “I’ve been a fool. I’m sorry.” and focus on being a respectable lady that can make a man happy. But she won’t. She’ll continue to focus on her fantasies of being a bureaucrat.

    1. Feminist sold the average Western woman a bag of shit and told her it was gold.
      My theory is that feminism as practiced put woman in traditionally male social sphere no matter how competent. What kind of women want to be men? Butch lesbians. Feminism was invented by butch lesbians for the advancement of butch lesbians. The butch lack the testosterone to motivate her to compete with real men so she needs the state to help her.
      The West is dead to me, can’t wait to expat.

      1. Yep Butch lesbians.
        When i saw the photo of the pioneers of the UK feminist movement, I thought who would want to marry any of these women anyway?

  6. She forgets that she will also have to sleep with “a man” to earn her status as an aspiring NYC lawyer one day too.

  7. >2014
    >Be a white male who identifies as such and must always worry about being too privileged.
    >Eating at an all vegan restaurant, because meat is murder.
    >12:00, time for my estrogen injection, which I inject, knowing that it helps prevent me from turning into a violent male rapist.
    >My waiter brings me my food, and seeing that he is not as privileged as myself I thank him for the food an apologize for my own privilege, offering to let him hit me. He backhands my face and continues with his day.
    >Leave a 50% tip at my table to make up for my privileged status.
    >When I get home apologize to my girlfriend for my privilege and ask her to dominate me in order to help check my privilege.
    >Thus is the worthy price of equality.

    1. How DARE you assume you can write about women and people of color? That’s privilege in a nutshell. Also, I think your exclusion of trans-identified people and genderqueers is outrageous, and your next comment needs to be more inclusive.

      1. How DARE you assume you can write, manpig?
        Your utterances confuse and offend me. You will be reported.

  8. lol @ ‘i sincerely apologize if you saw it as bullying‘.
    sadly, she’ll probably be fat in a couple of years (the potential’s there), and it will make her even more of a feminist.

  9. Typical, another progressive idiot who thinks she can project her ‘ought values’ on others and throws a hissy fit when the world is not all rainbows and unicorns as it ought to be. Wonder whether she went bleating to daddy too.

  10. there is only one lesson to take from this. AMERICAN MEN made this happen. It was also the same MEN that enabled the women to become the abominations they are now. American men are the Dr.Frankenstein, and the empty, zombie beast they have created is the modern western woman. In Europe everyone is being inspired by how women are pussy whipping men in Hollywood blockbusters, how DSK is being imprisoned on the accounts of a hotel maid, etc. etc. So now the time has come to also admit the stupidity of the western men, for willingly making themselves a gimp to their women…

    1. “American” men come from all over the world and represent many different nationalities, ethnicities, and belief systems.
      Narrowing it down to “white American men” does not work either, as there are different groups at odds with each other that all appear to be white on the surface.
      If you really want to trace back to the root of the problem, find out exactly WHO is producing this hollywood cultural marxist garbage. Who owns the movie studios? Who are the executive producers? Who finances the projects? Who owns the TV stations and movie theater chains? Who is responsible for all that marxist garbage pouring into our pop culture daily?
      Look and you will find the truth. Make sure that you look beyond the fake names that many of the tribe have adopted to throw people off the scent. “Chuck Laury” lol. “Jon Stewart” lol.
      When you have a group of the top 100 most prolific filmmakers and producers and media personalities ready, cross-reference that list and see what percentage of those men belong to a…certain….ethnicity….or is it a religion? No one seems to know.
      Then ponder how a separate, distinct ethnic minority has been presenting themselves as just plain old “white” guys all these decades, while working overtime to sabotage the white race.

      1. Ahh yes, everyone, it’s conspiracy theory time!
        Obviously, all those Jooz got the memo and are in the conspiracy to keep a good Bogart down. You’re already #3,784 on the list, buddy. Keep at it and you’ll be dragged off to the nearest FEMA camp quicker than you can stitch together a yamukah 🙂

  11. Also, regarding the last sentence of this article, “The reason that …. [feminists] continue to have great power is simply because the men behind them remain untouched.”
    How are the men behind them going to be defeated when they can’t even be identified in the first place? As they say in medicine, “Diagnosis is the first step toward rehabilitation.”
    Here’s a wonderful article (written by a good Christian woman) detailing who’s behind feminism:

  12. I like at the end she apologized on your behalf to herself. Trying to shift the blame on to Roosh for him seeing her threats as bullying, it’s so spineless it hurts

  13. She’s definitely the cutest of the three in the twitter pic, but her I’m going to the authorities because my fweeewings are hurt, and i’m going to be a lawyer someday to sue your 1st amendment out of existence, makes the dumb one on the left the clear winner.

    1. I know dam the blonde is fine…redhead not bad either. Now i see why shes turned into mouthy feminst. Hangin with her hot friends all day will definatly give her a complex.even when women are friends they r always cimpeting against each other. Anyone notice that the finest desi an mena girls look the most caucasian…..jealosy amongst women are contagouis ….wait till she starts gossipin behind her ftiends backs an screw em over in some way

  14. I agree that, until we start chipping away at the male enablers behind the feminist (especially online) delusion, we won’t be making any significant, lasting progress. That’s precisely what I argued in my own take-down of the male feminists.

    7 Traits Of The Male Feminist

  15. – Superb, Roosh. Superb!
    The first lines are fabulous. She comes ready for a fight and Roosh does his judo with her, showing the dumb little girl that she is. What an abnoxious little brat. How could she… survive in society until now?

  16. I used to do a webzine, and a while back I asked a cartoonist if he could do a cover for me. My idea was to show a cartoonish Obama in bondage gear (complete with ball gag) with his hands and head through a stock (blushing cheeks and ‘squee’ type clenched fists), with Jessica Valenti in a pair of thigh high boots, smoke hanging out of her mouth and a “This is what a feminist looks like” tshirt whipping his assless-chaps-clad ass while Michelle gazes on approvingly (I kiboshed the bit where she’s masturbating). I haven’t gotten that cartoon, but if I do I’ll make a whole magazine up just to feature it.
    Is that what you’re getting at Roosh?

  17. By lookin at her race, face an name im not surprised. Shes eithercindian pakistani or middle eastern. Really into feminist thinkin they are. Gaurnted shes a virgin since her culture dictates it plus feminsts belive sex is degrading to women an thats empowering apparently(bein a slut is empowerin too..hypocriscy).
    Shes kinda cute if she takes care of self(after the first kid shell baloon quickly lol)

    1. There’s a reason the birth rate in the Middle East is nosediving. Soon it will be as low as in Europe, if not lower.

      1. Some like iran n lebanon are already below 2.11 fertilty rate… an in europe the immigrant middle eadtern fertilty is droppin(reported by the pew) ….western feminst influence is ruinin fertilty across the globe…

  18. “Batoul Jaber”??? I wonder what her cousins back in Egypt or Syria or Lebanon/Palestine or Iran have to say about her views, if she even shares it with them. You can bet she’s been smacked in the mouth by a male cousin or uncle or two when she gets “out of line” on her summer trips back to the homeland. Jeez, North America really ruins Arabs girls once they get here. She has a “neutral” name, so I can’t tell if she’s muslim, christian, druze or bahia.

    1. Part middle eastern as well. If anything her mom an aunt would smack her too if she gets outta line (daddy gotta work for princess s shit) …west ruins every girl. Fortunatly at least they can maintain some of the cultre if parents r strict (esp mama since she runs an works the house….gotta keep order while daddy is out)

      1. Easily explainable… she lives in Canada. Immigrants to Western countries tend to be leftoids.

      2. Only when it benefitd em….but wil do their own conservative ways as much as they the home n mind they conservative..when school n work its liberal…like punchin a clock

    2. Doesnt mattet which religion they all strict in south asian n middle eastern n african traditional culture women r women men r men…..not this western mumbo jumbo

  19. I’ve always wondered why so many Canadian metal bands kicked so much ass. Has anyone heard Protest The Hero? Straight out of Toronto…go figure.

  20. I lol’ed so hard when I read that initial exchange, I was late to an appointment.
    That shit was pure comedy gold, mastery of shit testing, however you describe it, Roosh manhandled that chick from the first interaction to the last. Pure fucking genius. This exchange in itself is a lesson in solid game.

  21. Yeah, she just drones on and is completely humorless. I guess she will succeed as a lawyercunt catlady, but it’s kind of sad to see one taken so young…

  22. An excellent post.
    That feminists are slaved to the whims of a largley male eilte and are only empowered due to their male enforcers is a concept that should not be forgotten.

  23. The funniest part is that she quickly answers every single one of Roosh’s questions and barely attempts to hold her ground. Almost like when you put your hand on a younger siblings head holding them back while they try to punch you.

  24. Jaber if u readin this listen to ur parents unless u wana be a spinster lawyer.beta males goto eastern europe latin america n east adia to get that family oreinted femine girl.guys go with this pro feminsts bs to not cause a dispute n get into ur pants.when its time to settle we pick a goood girl overseas to settle with
    family or career ..u cant have both…men no longer commit now

  25. Roosh’s article is a very, very good case study into the psychology of the modern American “feminist”. It should be extracted and put into psychiatric case-books for all to see. It demonstrates what I call the “progression of histrionics”. This progression follows (usually) the following pattern:
    1. The unsolicited personal attack, designed to throw Roosh off balance and see what he’s made of. This is the purpose of the opening exchange from her. Roosh handled this initial test perfectly, by re-framing the interaction on her looks and beauty.
    2. The lame attempt to serve up warmed-over feminist groupthink.
    3. When all else fails, make threats. This is truly the sickest, foulest step in the progression. For this is where they know that, in today’s world, they just need to make an accusation and it’s game over.
    Beautiful post…wonderful snapshot of the warped psyches of the modern Anglo-American woman. And Roosh’s final point needs to be heard loud and clear: this nonsense continues because we as men allow it to continue. We are the craven enablers. We have let this situation get to this point.
    So let us remake ourselves.
    Let us smash something, including ourselves. Let us remake ourselves, and restore ourselves, as kings. For it is only in this way can we begin to live again.
    Oh, and one final word. If this girl was so offended at Roosh’s existence, why would she contact him in the first place anyway? Deep down, she was digging him….because maybe for the first time in her latte-levitated, beta-orbiter infested life, she had encountered a real man.

    1. 3. When all else fails, make threats. This is truly the sickest, foulest step in the progression. For this is where they know that, in today’s world, they just need to make an accusation and it’s game over.
      Bingo. Americans, read about the “Dear Colleague Letter” and VAWA. This shit’s real: all it takes is an accusation to ruin your education or get you kicked out of your own home.

    1. Duhh
      its in our genetics for our ppl too…espically woman..guess its an evoultionary thing to adapt to ourharsh envirment…shes lil chubber than her blonde n redhead friends…obvoiusly insecure sunce she had to say she was strong n confident.
      funny thing is u see a mother n daughter walkin together …the daughter is actually biggercthan the mother lol….western diets dam…think this is first time in history where girls r bigger than their moms before the weddin….then again these r the most masculine women ever

  26. Genetically pretty trim in all three cases. After much excrutiating deliberation I must go with the redhead.
    Dear God somebody fuck some sense into these rugmunchers.

  27. “Hell is probably filled with unreasonable people.” – Patrice Oneal
    Feminism is unreasonable i.e. ignores the supremacy of reason in establishing truth. When someone cares about you and respects you, they appeal to your ability to reason in order to convince you about your errors in thinking i.e. if Game was indeed wrong. Feminism on the other hand, is all about forcing people through guilt, fallacious thinking, fear etc into believing that what they’re saying is true. Feminists have no doubts in their assumptions and thus never perform any tests to see if their theories actually apply in reality. They already know how they want the world to be, so they seek in making it so, regardless of the results reality gives them. Take for example, single parenthood: it’s a disaster on all fronts, yet feminists still promote it as empowering!

  28. Your atricle is 110% and most of the comments too. I cant stop laughing on how you broke this girl down in so little words. Its almost like you put up a mirror and she shot herself in the face.

  29. So long as Beta ‘men’ think that putting up anti-men laws will get them kiss & cuddles, fighting against feminism will remain a evergreen war.
    You have to enact a cultural shift. slowly bit by bit, men must learn to unlearn all the bullshit they’ve been taught by parents (highly unlikely that most of the ROK readers have parents that would be deemed to be traditionalists) and the media and cultural marxism, and just like caesar in planet of the apes learn to say NO. i will not go along with this shit anymore. NO this just does not stand, i refuse to enable my enemies. NO i refuse to have my children infected with this vile sort of thinking.
    Whats the solution? well you could opt out and go the Roosh route (admirable), try desperately to fight it via MRA, or my third proposal: Fucking and Teaching.
    Not many people are going to be willing to do this (hell its a massive undertaking raising a kid right, let alone more than one), but the essence is to outbreed the idiot liberals. More conservative families, more kids with traditionalist backgrounds, more foreign imported women (from EE and other as yet conservative countries) and breed and fuck our way to change the demographics for the better.
    You think all the feminazi’s and beta orbiters will have kids? think again. that’s totally outside of their mission statement. The only way any of us are going to be exacting lasting change, is by fucking and teaching.
    There’s an awesome line in homeland where the terrorist guy has an argument with the female CIA agent, and she’s trying some pathetic ‘i’m a strong girl’ attitude to argue with him. and he just turns to her and says. “you know why we’ll win? it may take 100 years, 200 years, 400 years, but we will still win. you know why? because there’s more of us than you”
    Or something to that effect. Apply this (admittedly fucked up) thinking to reversing feminism.
    We all know the realities, super high population, lack of resources, potential future wars over food, water and natural resources. but imagine if out of all those kids inevitably popping out, if instead of creating more manpower for the welfare entitlement grinding machine, we had them raised to fight this sort of marxist thinking, to be self reliant, to reverse some of this cultural bullshit that’s come up recently. Isn’t it worth atleast asking the question?

    1. Oh and if any of you reading had delusions about seperating yourselves onto another place, island or country and then building up fortresses to protect yourselves, carefully rationing supplies while keeping a low stable population (like the white parts of south africa), think again.
      The first place a high population of poor people will go to tear down is the rich man’s castle. outbreeding others is ultimately the more profitable endgame

  30. Well played sir 🙂 But who’s she reporting you to? The Facebook police? Maybe they have a hot-line in Canada for women to report men who make them angry (or wet).
    And she wants to know what kind of woman would give you the time of day? Tell her to look in a mirror, she’ll see a woman who already has!

  31. “I cannot believe you. I’m reporting this.”
    She’s apparently going to report him for looking through photos of herself she made public on Facebook. This is such a major violation of Facebook’s rules (not to mention a moral crime) that Mark Zuckerberg will have to be awakened from his bed at 4 a.m. to take care of this personally. Here is what the emergency call will sound like:
    Lackey: “Hey Mark, sorry to bother you, but someone on FB looked through someone else’s public photos! How can we punish him?”
    Zuckerberg: “You’re fired.”

  32. Some of you boys need to get with the times already and over your past hurts.
    Attractive young females with good careers chances feel entitled. Success entitles, breeds confidence in men and women. This isn’t going away. That’s biology for you. And you know what, confident guys with healthy mindsets don’t mind such outlooks, it’s even attractive. Nothing is as sexy as confidence.
    Gotta appreciate comments such as “someone fuck some sense into this broad” they’re ever recurring on internet rage articles like these. Do your views change because you get laid? Maybe there lies the source of your misconception then. The deflection in those comments is much like that of the article inself: not wanting to address the actual issue raised and instead incite a debate about looks and/or sexuality.
    Roosh, you decided against having a conversation about genders with her and instead trolled her. Fair enough, it’s your choice, she did impress as childish, but now milking the whole thing as if you’ve achieved something doesn’t make too much sense either. But I guess that’s what an internet personality has to do huh?

    1. Good comment. It’s disappointing, but hardly surpising, that I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the only decent, sensible remark on this whole discussion.
      All I’m hearing from most of the commeters above is some kind of sick glorification of the attempted takedown of a confident, attractive young girl from waves of embittered guys who could never pull anyone remotely as hot as her. Well-adjusted, masculine men with options with girls and a healthy outlook on life simply do not think or behave this way towards attractive, confident women.

      1. Has to be so doesn’t it? After all, I don’t feel threatened by confident women or feel anger swelling in my guts when I’m faced by a woman with a sense of self worth comparative to my own. I’m feminist as phuck, clearly.
        Or, I’m simply surrounded by top quality women and have come to appreciate? You figure it out.
        I don’t expect you boys ‘to get it’. Once you get with a beautiful, successful woman, who holds her own, it might dawn on you though.

      2. @travelsick
        Oh no! Insinuations that I can’t pull a ‘quality’ woman….what will I do?
        Do you really think you’re not transparent as fuck when you pull this kind of juvenile shit?

      3. Is there any cliche you and travelsick haven’t hit here?
        She’s clearly not confident and any attractiveness she might have (which is up for question) is fleeting and undercut by an awful personality.
        Speaking for myself, I’ve “pulled” women ten times “as hot as her” while sitting at my desk at work — when one came up and asked me out. And can personally vouch for Roosh’s success with women, since we run in the same DC circles (I know women he dated long before he had a blog that would put Ms. Canuck-femninist to shame).
        Get a good argument together if you want to make a point and stop with straw man arguments and personal insults about imaginary people you don’t know. The fact remains that she went out of her way to insult Roosh and got what she deserved. She started with the insults; he didn’t go looking for a fight….in Canada (ew).

    2. “Nothing is as sexy as confidence.”
      No. Let me correct this for you: “Nothing is as sexy as confidence IN WOMEN’S EYES.”
      For men, what we find sexy is an entirely different story. It’s been written about ad nauseam on the Heartiste blog, and I’m not going to rehash it here. Each sex does not find the same thing sexy in the other. If it did you’d have men running around searching for women who are taller, have deep voices, are aggressive, have 5:00 shadows, and CONFIDENCE.
      The media has fed you lies about confidence and it’s ugly little sister “sassiness.” Ew.

      1. Holy moly… you’re saying my attraction triggers are all warped?! What am I ever going to do? I haven’t been relying on some guy with a blog to tell me how to live my life and now I’m clearly all fucked up.
        Dude, there’s a mistake in your thinking, you’ve somehow concluded what men and women find attractive is mutually exclusive. It is not so. Confidence is universally attractive. Even in other species such as dogs, cats and horses. Some other universally attractive traits: low body fat, nice skin, hair and nails, wealth, success, intelligence and so forth. There are traits that are just hot, confidence is one of them.
        Here’s what I suggest you boys give a try: Go and date a woman who has had guys of all ages ogling her since she was 15 years old. One that’s been to a private school and private college because her parents are well off and she aced academics. A woman who knows when she fucks you it’s going to be better than anything you’ve previously had. She doesn’t mind the lights being on or if you’re up against a glass window, she doesn’t worry about being sticky, sweaty or how she’ll look in the morning when her make up is gone, she knows she’ll be just as desirable the next day. Go party, dance, feel other guys be in awe over your company then take her home, if you make it. Be for a while with someone who has a myriad of choices but chooses to be with and fuck you. So what that does for your ego, then you can come back here and tell me confidence isn’t the epitome of attraction.
        Until then maybe ask yourself who is getting with the really top quality women. Here’s a hint: it’s not guys who groan and moan about some woman on the internet needing to get fucked cause she feels comfortable in her skin.

        1. @88c06a81cc0d66f1d8463107217d8758:disqus If you are really a man, you are really fucked. Biology has already proved the attraction triggers beyond doubt and confidence IS NOT ONE of them for men at least.
          Whether you like it or not, today’s society for a number of reasons is an abomination of history and unsustainable. By the way, since ancient times a high sexual # chick is a low value chick for offspring purposes. That ‘s also a universal trait in human civilizations where fatherhood is valued.

      2. Confidence in a girl for ltr isnt a big deal but ons …totally. but that girl above seemed more likevshe was boastingvher acclaimed confidence.tht confifrnce seemed to pretty quick after the tweet.

      3. @Days
        I dunno man, this guy looks like the same type that says shit like ‘Marriage is Alpha, because kids’ and such. This guy is Hugo Schwyzer without the fame….

      4. @Factory: Lemme guess…you and Traveller are two of the resident feminist/PC trolls here? Oh no! Insinuations that I can’t pull a ‘quality’ woman….what will I do?
        Do you really think you’re not transparent as fuck when you pull this kind of juvenile shit?
        For real – you’re offended I don’t take you seriously now – after what you opened with? Bizzare mate. I stated that I am attracted to confident, self assured women. That’s my reality. If others can’t comprehend or fathom this, there’s nothing I can do about it. My input is go try it out for yourself.
        I don’t see what distinction there is to make between a relationship and casual sex in regard to confidence. Why would you want to be with an insecure woman over a confident one? Do you actually enjoy all that “do I look fat in this, tell me I’m sexy” shit?

      5. Usually it’s women who mistake their own arrogance for confidence. When a guy mistakes her arrogance for confidence, it’s just sad.

  33. I would lay 2 different girls during the time you were “prooving” something to this girl.
    You’ve got serious issues,Roosh.
    This pretty much explains why you can’t get laid anywhere except some dirt-poor countries.

    1. Yet you wrote that comment to Roosh rather than lay 1 or 1.5 girls? Time to come out of the closet, homo

    2. Right. Because it’s easy to get laid in dirt poor countries. But difficult to get laid in America? Really how ignorant are some of you morons?
      How many lays did you get today hero? 10 in two hours? Idiot.

  34. I have a daughter, and while I am no doubt going to have issues with any boys she brings home, her being female will not change my tendency to generalise along the lines Roosh does. I will simply have to remember that as my daughter she is special.
    If the western marriage situation remains the same when she comes of age, I will recommend she wed up to some rich chump asap.
    But all you PUA punks better keep away from her, yeah you’ve been warned!

  35. I really enjoy looking at the timestamps. There was a post, it may even have been yours, about only putting in the effort that a woman does; replying only as often as she does. Perhaps more importantly than that is giving a few hours of time in between and making them wait. Her posts are always within minutes of yours while yours are much later than hers, giving her time to stew in her own anger and confuse her message. That alone is genius!

  36. Sheesh.
    “I’m educated..” Everyone is educated. Education by itself is of zero value.
    Going into law enforcement. Ah! The feminists solution to many of the evils of the alpha male, patriarchal society. Get pussified legislators to outlaw normal male behavior and then employ the legal system to punish men. Exert false power created by manipulating the rules rather than creating value that moves people to let you lead them. Of course, other than looking good and giving great sex, women have little value to a man. Truth.
    Going to be a prominent NYC attorney! HA! Let’s start with: 1. are you Jewish?, 2. by the time you’d get any kind of traction up there you’ll be as feminine as Sonia Sotomayor.
    Is she your role model? You can only claim that if you want to not only reflect her so-called career accomplishments, but also her physical appearance and feminist qualities.
    Is that your destiny? Choose carefully now, because no guy in America with any prospects is changing down women like SS because of her great accomplishments.

  37. Excellent article, Roosh.
    This is one example of why it is a waste of time trying to converse with feminists. All they have is exhausted clichés, hostility and man-bashing bigotry imbedded in the concrete between their ears. Aside from common, everyday courtesy, I don’t talk to them anymore.

  38. Roosh, you’re turning into another weird old ponytail dude stalking young girls on the Internet. You’re too old for this shit.

    1. It’s impossible too old for that shit….you either can, or can’t. Obviously, some folks have more success than others.

    2. She stalked him. She tracked him down on Facebook and sent him a personal message.
      Roosh and I are both from the same area and have a bunch of mutual friends and I don’t even know how to find him on FB. So this must have taken some effort on her part.
      I think you need to revise your opinion and ask why SHE is sending him unsolicited personal messages. I bet she had to pay a buck or two to FB to do it, too.

      1. Notice the people who insulted me can’t actually address my main point: How can he (or any of us) be at fault when SHE tracked him down and sent him an unsolicited insult?
        BTW: I think Travelsick is a fat chick. I can tell from the way “she” writes.

      2. Troll-Sick is an angry lesbian. Can’t handle the competition from real men with real dicks so it flies off the handle.

      3. It isn’t difficult at all to find Roosh on facebook, he has a fan page. Just type in roosh v and he’s the first option.

  39. Your last paragraph highlights why it is so pointless and misdirected to blame women for feminism. It’s like blaming children for being immature. If you leave candy in front of a child she’ll eat it. If you dangle “half someone’s income in alimony, the rest in transfer payments” in front of a woman, she’ll take it. Duh!
    Which is why, to end feminism, we must end progressivism. People (at least enough to have a clear shot at overpowering the scumbags benefiting from it and their paid lackeys) must realize that there are no such thing as a “middle ground”. Once you have a system in place that allows those nominally on “top” to redistribute the fruits of some people’s labor to others, in exchange for political support and sycophancy, you have a situation where the one aspiring ruler with the least hangups about doing so, will be the one with the most to gain by clawing himself into power. Which will allow him to further rig the system in favor of people adept at taking from some to bribe others, etc., etc. ad infinitum.
    Until those robbed and subjugated by this process wake up and recognize there is no, as in zero, legitimacy to any of it, like those supposedly “lower IQ” Somalis figured out 20 odd years ago, nothing will really change. Complaining about having to bend over; or even worse, being content to do so as long as someone else is forced to bend over even deeper; while still continuing to do so, gets noone anywhere.
    Most males in the West today are being used as simple chattel. Work their whole lives only to have some scumbag bang their wife; who then takes half or more of their income. While the aforementioned scumbag take most of the remainder. All because some halfliterate indoctrinators have been telling them all these years that unless they quietly bear their burden, some mythological baaad, baaaad ting will happen. As if the current somehow isn’t bad.

  40. Girl claims she’s confident.
    Girl claims she’s going to be an established lawyer (established? As in have a pro bono gig?) in NYC (of all places! Canadian girls have wild imaginations).
    Where have I heard this crap before? Oh yeah from every boring, ignorant Canadian girl I ever met when living there. Oh but she’s special. Yeah right. The arrogance of Canadian women has no bounds. It’s a cancer that’s infected them all.
    Imagine if a guy said that?
    I’ve never heard a European woman talk like this, even when incensed. And I’ve dated some young ones. Probably because they know the difference between reality and being delusional.

  41. correction.
    at the end of your piece where you list all those professions that you claim ” are men” , should instead read….. ” are jews and shabos goys”

  42. I am fluent in Arabic and I’ve traveled extensively in Morocco and Egypt (plus, I have an Arab/African fetish) so I can’t help but date mostly middle eastern/african chicks (and sometimes Pakistani). So I speak with authority when I say that this bitch Batoul would NOT be popping this shit back in the Middle East among her relatives. Right now in Egypt, with Mubarak deposed and the rule of law a thing of the past, bitches really know their place. Anyone gets out of hand, a backhand across the mouth put them right back in their lane. Whenever I have dated some lebanese/egyptian/turkish chick here in NYC, and I mention that I would eventually like to settle and live in the Middle East (where their parents are from, for pete’s sake), you should see the sheer white fear in their eyes. They literally run for the hills. Aw hell no, they are NOT going back “there.” Hell, I know a Somali chick in NYC who dearly misses Toronto (lots of Somalians in Toronto, for some reason! Go figure), because she felt more “empowered” as a woman in Canada then she does in New York City! And you KNOW her black ass is never going near the Horn of Africa anytime soon.

    1. ” Right now in Egypt, with Mubarak deposed and the rule of law a thing of the past, bitches really know their place. Anyone gets out of hand, a backhand across the mouth put them right back in their lane.”
      Why would you expect them to want to “go back” then? What’s in it for them?

      1. The way I read it, he tosses out that line to fuck with the chick. All these chicks claim to have such pride in where they’re from.
        But when you make it real, even just for a minute, they can’t handle it.

    2. pakistan they speak urdu mix of hindi n persian….arabic is much different.turish is different from arabic as r u able to get dates in middle east its nearly impossible to date without one of her relatives to come n skin u
      hit up latin america…they look similar but curver less hairy n less cultural headache…then again lotta lebanesevin southern brasil n there christian n asdimulated

      1. Half Caste, you said you were part middle eastern, but it seems your not that familiar with the middle east region. Every society is complex. I was a peace corps volunteer in north africa for three years, and I did a law firm internship in Egypt for five months, and guess what? EVERY society has girls who sleep around, even conservative Islamic ones! Married women with impotent husbands, girls who want the usa visa, girls who need money for books or clothes, wanna-be hippie chicks who see themselves as western, divorced women with kids who need money for rent, spinsters who wake up one day decide its time to fuck before they die- you will encounter all of them if you stay in a culture long enough. The first thing thats important is fluency in the language. If you are not fluent, you won’t catch if someone is subltly flirting with you and sending you signals. You are right, sex is very dangerous in muslim countries (actually, its more dangerous for her, not the guy. Its the girl that gets “honor killed”), but that just means people are extremely discreet. This girl I was fucking across town would send messages to me through her little 6 year old brother. Children act as trusted messangers for adults! Gaming girls in muslim societies is challenging, its not for everyone, but I love it, cuz I love Arab/Persian/Turkish culture, and I love the arabic language (poetry, literature, politics) and I love semitic pussy. Islamic society is more complex than you think, and I guess guys like me are there to crack the code.

  43. Is it any wonder that if she were living in her native country, she would be wrapped in a cloth bag from head to toe with only the eyes visible? I don’t like the general hostility of the Muslims towards infidels and towards science, but I got to admit that they are on to something with regards to women.

    1. shed get slapped for bein arrogant like that…just about it
      woman hate to admit it but they like bein put in their placeo

    2. Muslim women make pretty good wives. They are brought up to love their husbands and have family values. The downsides are, they’re not very good at taking care of their looks – by 40 they’ll look like 60, and not every woman who confesses to be a Muslim is a pious woman, and of course, you have to be circumcised. But nevertheless, feminism is everywhere, like a plague.

      1. When you say “you have to be circumcised” are you talking about the man or the woman? Because they mutilate both in Muslim culture. Look it up.

        1. I was talking about the man, as in, if you are a non-Muslim man you have to get circumcised. But I guess American men don’t have to worry much about this since most of you are already circumcised?

  44. “Is it any wonder that if she were living in her native country, she would be wrapped in a cloth bag from head to toe with only the eyes visible?”
    She’s not from Saudi Arabia.

    1. Uh…and how would YOU know? Do YOU speak arabic? If you did, you would know that Batoul is a pretty generic Arabic name, so generic, in fact, its not even muslim. It means “untouched” and plenty of Arabs from Lebannon to Saudi Arabia would have that name, and even Farsi speaking Iranians and muslim south asians (indian/pakistani) as well. Less so North Africa (Morocco/Tunisia). You need to get out more. Speak of things you actually know.

      1. “Is it any wonder that if she were living in her native country, she would be wrapped in a cloth bag from head to toe with only the eyes visible?”
        Worldmusic, its you who needs to get out more if you think female “Arabs from Lebannon to Saudi Arabia”….and even Farsi speaking Iranians and muslim south asians (indian/pakistani) as well… North Africa (Morocco/Tunisia). ” as well as the “not even Muslim” Arabs you write about would all “be wrapped in a cloth bag from head to toe with only the eyes visible?” which was the comment I wrote my comment in response to.

      2. judgin by her featutres shes most likly indian muzzy or pakistani..many south asians in toronto

  45. “Clearly something is wrong with you or someone did something to you for you to have these views about women”
    Well, she at least got that right. Roosh admitted and wrote about his heartbreak from his beta days that made him into what he is today over at his Roosh V blog. I think it was titled, “YOU Made Me What I Am” or something like that.

    1. Yeah, exactly. Clearly something is wrong with you if you do what it takes to get what you want in life. Clearly something is wrong with all of us here.

    1. always wondered that…my female friends say its easier to hamg with guys then hangin out eith women..weird ….then again they squabble alot n always some sorta tension that u dont notice…like im ok…..its fine or im not mad

      1. plus, they NAG and constantly CRITIQUE. not just their men, but their friends too. “why are you talking to that guy? he’s soooooo lame!” “Why is your hair like that? Looks frizzy…” “Why aren’t you coming to girls night? You’re always with your boyfriend now!” Why why WHY…. Good thing I got out of that mentality…

  46. Wow, a lawyer,eh? Yeah cuz there aren’t 40,000 of them in NYC working as wait staff, baristas and flipping burgers.

  47. A rock, huh?
    As smart as one, certainly.
    She mistakes her bellicose nature as strength.
    One day, when the savages finally take over this nation, we will get a really good close look at just how tough such women are.
    My suspicion is that most of these cute little rocks will be waving their “get out of violence free cards”
    (vag) in the faces of the most successful warlords.
    It is only from behind a wall of protection provided by men that they can sling their tiny stones at us.
    She’s a joke.

  48. Roosh your readership is pure comedy gold these days: Militia men, stuck in the 1950s “older men”, gun toting hillbillies who don’t know the difference between Lebanon and Pakistan (Lebanon is about 40% christian btw).
    Most of you guys could walk straight into the doomsday preppers show on national geographic. Give it a try. Google that shit, the start digging those ammo dumps in your backyard.
    This is a freak show cesspool right here if I’ve ever seen one.
    That you all manage to come together in consent over a facebook exchange because 1. a woman is involved and 2. she might be arab but definitely foreign and a cannuck on top as that but 3. is totally feminist makes me feel real warm fuzzy on the inside. Life after all is about the little joys.

    1. Actually, you left out the part that his readership is also pure stupidity gold: SWPL trolls such as yourself, who run around defending women you’ve never met who started the very fights they’re now complaining about.
      Dunno if you’re a man or a woman. But you’re a complete cliche, right down to the use of the word “boys” to address men (it would be demeaning if we took you seriously) and the fact that you can’t put together a cogent thought, so you resort to stereotyping Roosh’s readership.
      The readers here don’t represent the status quo. And although you may think that’s from the 1950s, you’d best consider that fringe oppositional movements more often than not represent the future, not the past.

      1. Are you seriously comparing yourself to American Patriots? It’s a facebook exchange between a 20 year old girl and a man in his mid 30’s. You cyberqueers tracked down every bit of personal info about her on the web just because she called Roosh out and was acting immature.

      2. “tracked down every bit of personal info about her”? Yeah, that 3 minutes of Roosh’s life he spent on typing her name into Google and 5 minutes typing the blog post means that we just forfeited the next great leaps of human civilization.
        Oh, and nice homophobia there (“cyberqueers”), feminist.

    2. “Militia men, stuck in the 1950s “older men”, gun toting hillbillies who don’t know the difference between Lebanon and Pakistan (Lebanon is about 40% christian btw). ”
      I can vouch for this. I was born in the 80s but am mentally trapped in the 1860s. I own 5 guns including 1 dis-assembled AR-15. I have a hunting license (it’s disgusting).
      “Most of you guys could walk straight into the doomsday preppers show on national geographic. Give it a try. Google that shit, the start digging those ammo dumps in your backyard.”
      I figure there’s no need to prep for the apocalypse b/c if it comes, I’ll just take your stuff. I’ll give your women to my men (or you, depending on their sexual orientation).
      “is totally feminist makes me feel real warm fuzzy on the inside. Life after all is about the little joys.”
      I’ve known so many women like this who after years of watching SATC and riding the carousel pass their sell-by date unmarried and have to settle for stealing other women’s husbands or settling through online dating. It’s not pretty and no one likes to see it.

  49. This Oh Canada feminist girly named Buttoul the Jabber who is attacking RooshV has quite an interesting name that evokes parallels with an actual movie character of a genre which in turn creates quite a dichotomy of young innocent female beauty and old ugly bloated feminist dogma. Her feminist characterization looks quite similar to the Star Wars character: “Lust, greed, gluttony, vile harridan, surrounds herself with many like-minded serpents, feminist enabling beta males, and amuses herself by torturing and humiliating her enemies.” Damn straight!
    Of course, the feminist description is not fiction and most of these creatures end up looking like their mothers, who once had a somewhat clearer frame of thinking and thus ended up attracting the male they think they deserved. Unlike their daughters who will often end up sad, unfulfilled, yet with the career they wanted, and often as single mothers wondering why no other man wants to raise some other man’s offspring, which only feeds their hate against real men that never desired them or their bloviated baloney.
    This my cut at the first draft of RooshV and the Attack of the Feminista.
    The Plot:
    A young attractive Feminista emerges from Canada determined to track down and destroy the evil Tower Dogs that are proving to be a detriment to the long-held feminist view that there is an inequality between men and women in the work force. Especially when it comes to pay.
    The Rock Girl has no idea that she is a brainwashed dupe of the duplicitous feminist movement that was born right out of the bowels of Marxism and she has been kept completely in the dark with reference to some key employment statistics previously released:
    The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America:
    1.Timber cutters (male)[117.8]
    2.Fishers (male) [71.1]
    3.Pilots and navigators (male) 69.8
    4.Structural metal workers (male) [58.2]
    5.Drivers-sales workers (male) [37.9]
    6.Roofers (male) [37.0]
    7.Electrical Power workers (male) [32.5]
    8.Farm Occupations (male) [28.0]
    9.Construction laborers (male) [27.7]
    10.Truck Drivers (male) [25.0]
    Bureau of Labor Statistics; survey of occupations with minimum 30 fatalities and 45,000 workers in 2002.
    [Fatalities per 100,000]
    The low paid Tower Dogs are affecting the pay curve for which the Wicked Witches of the West would like to see increased to help falsify the discrepancy between men and women’s pay. Evidence from around the world is emerging of young women’s egregious spending habits and the need force a new system that rewards the Girl Power workforce with higher rates of pay for less work and risk:

    (Note the lack of boys and fathers in the video and the not so subtle entitlement attitude similarities between Amanda Nabulsi in this video and RooshV’s Buttoul the Jabber)
    While Ranger Roosh is minding his own business traversing the world in an attempt to improve men’s lives by separating the hags and hussies from the honeys, he finds himself targeted by the Rock Girl who sees an opportunity to change Ranger Roosh by attacking him, and ending his misogynist ways, thus making him a beta male enabler for the continuing insurgence of the Sisterhood into everyone’s lives. If she can change Ranger Roosh – by attacking his stature as a man – she may be able to turn him into an enabler and thus causing male on male friction that will contribute to the bringing down of the Tower Dogs.
    Abridged Screenplay Draft 1:
    Year: 2012
    ACT 1, Scene1
    [Fade in – Montreal auditorium full of loud, whining, belching, and mostly unattractive overweight women]
    Harridan Leader: Our orthodoxy is under threat. I’m calling for a volunteer to go to the United States on an important mission to and seek out and destroy this threat once and for all.
    [Slowly through the throngs of obesity a fist (with sparkling nail polish) rises into the air; svelte, attractive female rises to her feet to gasps from the bloated herd]
    Harridan Leader: The mission, if you decide to accept it, will be to pit well paid powerful men against weaker poorly paid men. Are you sure, Sister? This mission could break you!
    Rock Girl: I was born a rock buddy, literally nothing could break me
    Delegate 1 from Lesbians For Palestinians: You go girl!
    Delegate 2 from Lesbians For Palestinians [whispering]: What a waste. I’ve had my eye on her for a while. I could’ve had my way sexually with her cute candy body in so many ways. Meh!
    Act 2, Scene 4
    [The clickety-clack of high heels breaks through the bar’s soft-playing background music of Ted Nugent’s “Little Miss Dangerous.” Texas Ranger Roosh lifts his head making eye contact with Rock Girl]
    Ranger Roosh: I see you’re still wearing a little black dress and those four-inch Manolo Blahniks little lady
    Rock Girl: I told you last night, my name is Rock Girl. I do not appreciate the way you objectify women!
    Ranger Roosh: Look at the way you’re dressed. You’re sending out messages that don’t synch with the attitude. Why you so angry like a man?
    Rock Girl: I don’t think that’s any of your business.
    Ranger Roosh: C’mon princess, join me for a drink; take a load off those stiletto-laced pins and chill a little. Where you been?
    Rock Girl: No thanks. I am seriously repulsed by you. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being
    Ranger Roosh: I’ll be the judge of that. I’m a Texas Ranger!
    [Ranger Roosh smiles and winks at two nearby giggling cleavage-laden barmaids]
    Rock Girl: Well if you must know I’ve hired a man named Rooster Cojones to help me track down a rogue Tower Dog named Joe Average
    Ranger Roosh: Uh-huh. What’s you beef with this Average guy.
    Rock Girl: He allegedly owes alimony for children he allegedly fathered in Quebec. He’s also wanted for alleged domestic violence and alleged sexual assault on the, um, a Women for Palestine member. I’m responsible for resolving these issues.
    Ranger Roosh: Women for what? Never mind. Tell me, this Rooster fella pay for those fancy shoes?
    Rock Girl: NO!!! I earned my own money to buy these. I’m the most confident girl you will ever encounter. And in ten years I’ll be a lawyer in New York City!
    Ranger Roosh: Hmmm, yeah, that’s some plan. If you’re so full of braggadocio why you feel you’ve gotta hire male help to track some average guy?
    Rock Girl: Rooster Cojones is a man of true grit. His grandfather served in WW1; his father died serving the community at a place called Okinawa; his uncle even marched at Bataan, and he’s kept lowlife Tower Dogs in their place for years. Those Cojones men understood women’s rights.
    Ranger Roosh: Bataan, eh? That must have been some women’s rights march?
    [Rock Girl flickers eyes from side to side]
    Rock Girl: I’m, I’m, er, too young to know about that and my school teachers never mentioned it, but I bet it sure was a march to glory.
    [Ranger Roosh methodically puts his feet on side of the table and pushes his chair back onto two legs while lighting a cigar and then sipping his scotch and ice]
    Ranger Roosh [loudly]: Sounds like this Cojones fella’s got some balls!
    [Barmaids and now other patrons LOL at the Ranger who sips his drink and blinks his eyelashes at the smitten busty barmaids]
    Rock Girl: Feminists are only as strong as men they can get to help them. I think you need psychological help for your obvious mommy issues and any other self-esteem issues. Clearly something is wrong with you. It cannot be healthy to live this way.
    Ranger Roosh: When’s the last time you got laid? Be honest. Earlier I thought about stealing a kiss from you, although you are young and have a so-so attitude to boot. But now I’d sooner give you some licks with my belt! One would be as unpleasant as the other!
    Rock Girl: I’m beautiful, outgoing, educated and driven young woman and I truly do not need sex to validate that. You men are ignorant of our ways. We don’t go easy on men who allegedly abuse women and children
    Ranger Roosh: You’re pushing all that allegedly stuff too far. I got reasons to sort out these Tower Dogs myself. I just might team up with this Cojones fella and share the rewards of friendly girls than you.
    Act 3, Scene 3
    Location: nightclub in low-income earning Tower Dog Nation
    [The tag team of alpha males attempt to rid themselves of the pesky Rock Girl so they can settle business with the Tower Dog beta males and reap the rewards of alpha dominance]
    Rock Girl: I’ve got issues to settle with Joe Average in Tower Dog Nation. If you stop me, I’ll see you in court. I’ve got a good lawyer!
    Ranger Roosh: That lawyer again.
    Rooster Cojones: She draws him like a gun.
    [Rock Girl heads to the bathroom for about, say, 20 minutes, so the alphas split for the exit with hottest girls they could charm in a short time much to the chagrin of the resident beta males, only to have the incorrigible young Canadian feminist eventually find them. An annoyed Ranger Roosh having his Game interrupted puts the annoying young feminista over his knee]
    Ranger Roosh: Now we’ll see what tune you sing! I’ll raise welts on you like a can of worms
    Rock Girl: See what good it does you. You’re not hurting me. I’m just, oooh, ahhh, mad! Are you gonna let him do this?
    Rooster Cojones: I don’t believe I will. Drop the soft furry ping-pong paddle Roosh. Put it down. You’re enjoying it too much.
    Ranger Roosh: Enjoying it too much?! Me or her?
    Rooster Cojones: Both of you.
    Act 3, Final Scene
    [The Rock Girl on her own has got herself into trouble yet again and has been easily abducted by a frustrated Joe Average who was on the run from feminist male enablers. Ranger Roosh has risked his life to rescue Miss Canada Feminista but was blindsided and violently struck down by Joe Average. (See male on male violence statistics that are worse then male on female violence) Rock Girl has slipped down into a cave and yet again requires rescue; Rooster Cojones has killed Joe Average]
    Rock Girl: Help Me! Help me, I’m in a pit! There’s a snake down here; it must be a male. And there is a skeleton. Male too I’ll bet.
    Rooster Cojones: Hang on. I’ll come and get you.
    Rock Girl: Hurry up and save me! Or I’m reporting this.
    Rooster Cojones: When you need a damn Texan, he’s dead!
    Rock Girl: [begins sobbing]
    Ranger Roosh: I ain’t dead yet you bushwacker. Hang on!
    Rock Girl: [tears of joy]
    [Blood drenched Ranger Roosh begins to pull Cojones and the missy out of the cave with a rope but collapses as they make the top. Rock Girl runs over to the ranger but it’s too late, he’s dead. She runs her hands through his blood soaked beard as a tear runs down her cheek]
    Rock Girl [grief stricken]: I love you, Ranger RooshV. I love you. I’m sorry I doubted you. I love you!
    Rooster Cojones [dusting himself off] Aww shucks, dumb kid. Oh well, another day another dollar saving the world from tyranny, terrorism, and misandry.
    Rock Girl: Nooo! They lied to me. They all lied to me! They said you were all mean, selfish, nasty, and hateful.
    Rooster Cojones: Who’s they Canada?
    [Fade in close-up as Rock Girl raises her clinched fist into the air as tears stream down her face]
    Rock Girl: Damn you all to hell. Damn you lying bitches all to hell.
    [fade out]
    (Like the movie Vanishing Point, this is one of two possible endings; never bet against a Roosh resurrection)
    So there is my original adaptation of the Battoul the Jabber vs. RooshV imbroglio which could be named True Game, or True Femminazi, or True Grit . . . wait a minute . . . uh-oh . . . Damn!
    Predictable futures quote for 2023:
    Hi, my name is Battoul. I am a strong-minded, effervescent, independent, and successful lawyer from New York who is also a single mother looking for a “real” man to have fun with and help me raise my son spawned by a test tube. You must be good looking, have a strong physique, never married, a professional (225K-plus), no older than 30, love other people’s kids and importantly, you must be at least 6’2” tall.
    Hopefully Roosh can get me some more dialogue to work with. C’mon, can anyone take Battoul the Jabber seriously. Talk about a naive chick out of her depth.

  50. Days of Broken Arrows: “Get a good argument together if you want to make a point and stop with straw man arguments and personal insults about imaginary people you don’t know. The fact remains that she went out of her way to insult Roosh and got what she deserved. She started with the insults; he didn’t go looking for a fight….in Canada (ew).”
    -> Indeed, she sought out Roosh and started moaning to him. When was this ever a point of contention? You seem to think if someone initiates an argument everything that ensues is justified not matter how harsh or downright freaky the retaliation is. How did you go from a facebook exchange between an immature overzealous college girl to
    “You cyberqueers tracked down every bit of personal info about her on the web just because she called Roosh out and was acting immature.”
    and it’s still on-going a week later. And just above someone else has been inspired by this to do some creative writing. What the fuck? If you can’t deem that the reaction shown by a vast portion of the readers is pathetic you are lacking in social intelligence. What’s been displayed is not a normal reaction to a silly facebook exchange. What are you even doing? You think this woman cares? She probably leaves comments like this six times a week. It’s done. It was done 15 minutes after the conversation. As for your argument that I construct insults about imaginary people… some of you guys have laid out this womans career for her, as far as myself goes
    “Troll-Sick is an angry lesbian. Can’t handle the competition from real men with real dicks so it flies off the handle.”
    I’m also fat apparently. Come on Days, you ain’t daft. What’s with the contradiction here? All I said was, the college girl comes across as youthful, enthusiastic and confident, all traits I don’t fault people for, since they’re attractive traits to possess. But this had to be challenged as well. Suddenly confidence is only attractive in men and this woman can’t be confident because she started an angry facebook exchange, she’s just angry and phony.
    What an ugly negative outlook to hold on life and people is that? Which brings us to
    If you can’t identify that the overreaction readers have shown on here and the forum to this silly facebook exchange as a sign of pathology, you’re all going to simply continue in the same vein. This woman cannot logically by the root cause for all your anger and frustration. The reaction is vastly out of proportion. You going to follow up on this, do some soul searching? Or you just going to keep moaning about angry femnazis, fat lesbians and the terrible attitude of American and Canadian women in their entirety?

    1. Never, ever listen to a woman describe what she thinks is attractive to men.
      Here’s a tip: Don’t listen to your female friends when they tell you that new mommy-bob haircut is ‘cute’.

      1. Indeed. Talking to women as a whole is unproductive, they’re not capable of communicating. Everything they say and do has some sort of ulterior meaning.

      2. Hey, ‘agree and amplify’. Been reading ‘The Game’ lately?
        Another hint: sarcasm and drawing out ridiculous conclusions isn’t attractive either. It just makes you look bitter and less bright than you perhaps are.

      3. Lie not. You dig the sarcasm.
        What I really need from you though is more hair advice. I’ve been getting a lot of split ends lately… course of action?

      4. Come on, quote appropriately…
        “I’m not your dad”
        I absolutely dig how you guys want to be alphas but are you afraid from thinking for yourself. It’s all Roosh said this, Heartiste said that, the contradiction couldn’t be greater.
        Further up in the comments one guy is telling me “no it’s not true, Heartiste posted here that …” fantastich!

  51. You guys can laugh all you want.. but this is a smart, sexy confident young woman. And while her NYC lawyer dreams might not come true, there are plenty of girls like her who will ascend to positions of power and use the courts and the law and the government to pass feminist and woman friendly laws. Meanwhile, guys are sitting here and playing video games. If you guys think feminism is bad now, just wait until this latest crop of empowered, confident, women and girls graduate from university and college and ascend into positions of power and privilege. There are far more girls and women getting higher education than are guys. Do you think this is trivial ? Men are going to wake up one day and find themselves completely outclassed and outmatched and left behind by these women.
    And I’m not a woman and saying this happily. I just think men need to wake the fuck up and understand the consequences of what is happening.. or you’ll all be caught unaware. Feminism isn’t even close to ending. This is just the beginning. You need to prepare for the fruits of all these decades of feminism. I’m from Canada and I can tell you .. girls like this are all over the place.. full of themselves.. arrogant.. confident.. spouting feminist beliefs. The media and culture is full of it and encourages it. Canada is truly a hellhole for most men. Unless you’re a top alpha or a high status male, you are held in contempt by girls and women like her. This is what feminism is really all about. And which is why I tell most males.. including those who enable feminists and bitches like her to make threats against other men.. ask yourself why you should support feminism when it clearly holds most men like you in utter contempt and is actively hostile to your interests? At a more fundamental and deeper level, feminism is about restructuring society in favour of women’s interests and to enable the female sexual imperative, i.e., reject most men, mate with the high status, highly attractive, alpha males.. but then have other males subsidized women’s choices and their offspring (daycare, abortions, birth control, the misallocation of resources to educate women when many of them end up getting degrees simply as a feminist merit badge after which they marry a high status male and drop out of their careers, etc).

    1. I’m from Canada too and I noticed what’s happening. Thing is I consider myself a Sigma male, but yeah there are betas and omegas who will always be looked at in digust by some women or mistreated by women. They will choose alphas who won’t stick around or are only for fun and in the end they’re the ones that get damaged. I’m not necessarily saying all alphas are blatantly trying to damage women but they just want to get laid. Nothing wrong with this but women are the same. The thing is these women who are just out for Alphas and to get laid will never or struggle to find a decent man. Decent men who actually want relationships are usually rejected and those that don’t orbit (surprisingly a lot aren’t beta/omega orbiters) will move on and find their own happiness in life. They won’t want a woman who was promiscuous and is now desperately trying to find a man.
      The funny thing is some of these women will have children and raise beta sons and daughters that go for alpha men. Some of the betas will become jerks, some players and other will reamin beta (which imo is better than treating people poorly). My advice for men is don’t bother looking for a decent relationship because a lot of women don’t want one. A decent relationship has a better chance of just finding you.
      Now the reason why women have more degrees is because there are scholoships that are specifically women only and for men there are few if any men only scholarships. So while there are women who can get free money handed to them for working hard there aren’t as many men who could. Men have to work harder and take more jobs just to pay off universities.
      If feminists arguements weren’t so stupid half the time and actually found valid arguements they might not get so much hate. Now the MRA seem to be a parody of feminism but hey if it works then why not go for it. To be honest sometimes I wonder if some feminists are just plain dumb or if they’re truly trying to get female supremacy. Either way it seems to be headed towards female supremacy.
      The abortion arguement is the only valid arguement feminists have that has any validity and for some reason I feel that those who fight for human rights will make abortion and abortion illegal. The rape arguement has no validity since rape is a gender neutral thing. Two drunk people consenting to sex (our main culture today) doesn’t count as a woman getting raped and yes both parties are responsible for their own actions. I don’t believe in a gender pay gap. They found that on average men a year make more money than women. They found that out by taking the lower average yearly salary (female average early salary) and divided it by the larger average yearly salary (a man’s average yearly salary). They didn’t factor in who’s work benefits the company more (promotion or raise worthy work), seniority, who works more, who works in less desirable places, who works at less desirable times, and who actually asks and negotiates for a raise. Slut-shaming may also have some validity to it but I do believe it has a better effect on society than not slut-shaming does. Men are known as heros for sleeping with multiple women because wellthey figured out how to act so that a women would even consider you for a sexual partner or a person to start a relationship with (aka. Not the nice guy, beta males we were all raised to be).
      For these beta males keep true to yourself and don’t settle for someone who had their fun and is tired of it and now want you. Find some girl who’s mature and also having trouble finding a decent relationship. More women in general are turning their backs on feminism because they’re tired of being insulted by feminists for having a lifestyle that makes them happier instead of climbing the corporate ladder. People in general should live a life style that makes them happy with morals set in place. Though if feminism does somehow manage to destroy society that is probably when people will create a better and less hostile world to live in.

  52. One of the things I’m starting to notice is that: girls who from hardcore “patriarchal” cultures like India and the Middle East are the ones more likely to be indoctrinated feminists nowadays. Must be rebellion mixed with daddy issues.

    1. You mean as opposed to fat Americans in their 30s, who aren’t indoctrinated so much as they are metamorphosed creatures whose bitter, envy-fueled feminism is personal wishful thinking rather than a consequence of collective brainwashing?

    2. Adam, India is probably not patriarchal in the manner that you think it is. It is family-archal. The heirarchy within a family is by age first, gender second. And usually when Westerners think of patriarchal they think of male gods too. Hinduism has a plethora of goddesses and every male god has his female companion/counterpart, exception being a few child like gods who do not marry.
      However that doesn’t change the fact that India does have a male child fetish/son preference. Which creates problems for goris (white gals) like me who like to date Indian guys. Their families get in the way because they think you’re “poaching” their son!

  53. This troll job reinforces the idea that a feminist is nothing—absolutely nothing—without the power of men behind her. ”””””
    the whole point

  54. but its not about getting the men back either the woman got to take personnal responsibility for their actions

  55. Roosh,
    Man I think you should ask her out.
    Just tell her you can’t get her off your mind ever since the exchange and you’re pretty sure she feels the same way.

  56. Also, I have a daughter. And I don’t worry about her success. She’s an 8 that doesn’t want to be a 9. She is a freshman in college and up to now the world has pretty much kissed her butt.
    But I have a son. He’s an 8, smart as hell, tall, blonde. And I sure he will struggle and I am sure his life will not be nearly as easy as it will be for my daughter.
    So this fight. The fact I am here is for him. This is all so much more just getting laid. At least to me.

  57. Upon seeing this a second time, I think the girl was hoping you pick her up. This happened to me more than once in the streets with western girls: they try to get your attention but they do so by being annoying because they don’t know how else to do it.

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