Leaked Emails Show That NBC’s Chuck Todd May Be Taking Orders From The Democratic Party

The recent leak of 10,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee reveal that popular NBC reporter Chuck Todd has ties with Democratic party members, particularly with former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The emails suggest that he has been amendable to altering his coverage to show the Democrats in a favorable light.

Former DNC chair commands Todd to “stop”

The most damning evidence that he may be a controlled asset of the Democratic Party is a leaked email from Schultz with the subject line “Chuck, this must stop.”


An unbiased reporter would respond with reluctance that his facts are being challenged, or resist taking orders from a party hack. Todd, on the other hand, responded slavishly to Schultz, giving a wide window of availability as if he was a cable guy.


While these emails don’t offer bulletproof evidence of collusion, it strongly suggests that Todd wanted to at least placate and satisfy the Democratic Party. Such a relationship goes against journalistic ethics, where a reporter is supposed to serve in the public interest instead of to connected insiders.

A skeptical public rages against Todd

The public’s reaction to Todd’s behavior was explosive. Over 4,500 people retweeted my mention of the revelation and hundreds took the time to make negative comments directly to him.


Todd was compelled to respond to me (screenshot), a mere five months after his friends in the media launched a full scale attack against us. The tables can be easily turned against the media if there is enough pressure applied to their wrongdoings.

Even more intriguing is that an NBC publicist emailed me to rationalize the obvious intimacy between Schultz and Todd.

Good morning Roosh –

Hope this note finds you well!

Between us, I wanted to follow up on Chuck Todd’s tweet to you: he received a complaint about coverage, a common occurrence. Every campaign we cover complains. We listen, and only if there is evidence of bad reporting or misreporting, do we act. But Chuck never acted on any of this nonsense. The complaints were groundless in his opinion. Common occurrence.

Shout with questions.

After I inquired to the publicist about the possible call that took place, she claimed that no call happened, and referred me to this media interview that Todd had with Schultz, insisting that it showed he “pressed” her on resigning from the DNC. But if you watch the video, which I took the pain to do, you’ll see that Todd set up softball questions that allowed Schultz to stay on message as if she was conducting a press conference. He also fails to mentions on air the previous demands he received from an angry Schultz.

What would an honest reporter have done?

An honest reporter would have recused himself from the interview or at least mention to his audience that he was contacted by Schultz because of his prior reporting. Todd did not do this, meaning that no one watching at home would ever suspect that he may be changing his coverage based on Schultz’ correspondence to him.

Another key piece of evidence that the emails hint to something improper is when Todd overcompensated in his most recent post-leak reporting about Schultz, calling her actions “stupid.” It’s as if he wanted to prove to the world that he is not biased and controlled by Schultz, going overboard in his insults to her.

While we may never know the extent of the collusion between Todd and the Democratic party, the emails do show that something improper is almost certainly taking place, and that the reporting we see from the big networks are clearly biased in favor of the establishment. It’s one thing to suspect that dirty tricks are occurring, but it’s another to have it so clearly confirmed.

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80 thoughts on “Leaked Emails Show That NBC’s Chuck Todd May Be Taking Orders From The Democratic Party”

    1. Let’s make this joker’s life miserable with that all over the internet #CuckTodd

      1. Roosh asks what would an honest reporter do?
        I’d like to know what an honest reporter is? Is it like a unicorn? Or a female Swedish virgin?

        1. What about Eponym Journal, the eponymous founder of journalism.

        2. An honest reporter is like god: some say he exist, some say he doesn’t, others don’t give a damn; but the point is that we don’t (and we won’t) have the most little single piece of evidence of his existence.

        3. You’re likely to see a “Virgin Afghani Goat” before you ever come across an “Honest Reporter”.

  1. This leak confirms what anyone who has been seriously following politics already knows:
    The mainstream media is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.
    That’s why it is so refreshing to see Donald Trump treat them like the enemy, because that’s what they are.

    1. I love the attempt to play it off like they get these complaints all the time from both sides and that they always listen to and investigate them to make sure everything is above board.
      If these clowns had ONE fucking email exchange like this from a republican candidate, it would have been the first thing they responded with to show that there is no bias. The lawyer in me smells complete bullshit.

  2. Wasn’t there an exposure of some organization called “journolist” that basically exposed how media prepare to mouth the same leftist lies in unison a few years ago?

    1. First we found Journolist. Then Milo broke GameJournoPros during the high-point of Gamergate. Now we have these emails.
      Anyone who takes the media seriously at this point is an idiot. For surely only an idiot could fail to see such blatant patterns after all this evidence.

      1. We have a country full of idiots. I know a few of them who I see occassionally at weddings or funerals. If ignorance is bliss, they need a life time supply of xanax.

  3. Journalism is dead….media talking heads need to be exposed and then incinerated.

    1. I don’t know one way or the other, but I feel it is probably the case that journalism hasn’t changed a lick but the internet has shined some light on their shenanigans. Like with most things revolving around politics, I am just going on feelings and will defer to the gentlemen who take the time to study this stuff.
      That said, I find it very hard to believe that there was ever a time when there was objective journalism. Just a time when there was no one to out them.

      1. Several years ago, I can remember hearing a DJ on a morning radio show talking about bias in joirnalism. He mentioned TV reporters such as Cronkite, Murrow, and Rather were usually pretty left wing whereas journalists in newspapers were more right wing. Since cable and the Internet came along, it seems to have evened out maybe.

  4. A journalist who has his own publicist. Ill type it one more time: A journalist who has his own publicist.

  5. I generally just assume all reporters are biased in some way.

    1. Everyone is biased, that’s not the issue. The media is coordinating their stories with the Democrats, that is where it crosses the line into propaganda. On top of that, they are doing all they can to silence their opposition.

    2. While correct, you should take it a step further. One can make a good faith attempt to overcome their bias, or one can choose to indulge their bias. The former is to be appreciated (regardless of success), the latter is to be despised.
      Chuck Todd takes indulgence to the extreme.

      1. ” One can make a good faith attempt to overcome their bias, or one can choose to indulge their bias” Exactly, that’s where training of the mind comes into its own. It’s similar the scientific smart ass who rabbits on about the validity of universal laws as having the only provenance in the world of intelligent thought, while failing to note that all laws we appeal to as human beings are approximations that that we create to describe the world we know. “We” being the operative plural pronoun “We” use and create with even the most universal law “we” appeal to like it’s an objective law that’s completely detached from human thought.

      2. Few do. Mara Laisson, Nate Silver, Thomas Edsal and Joe Scarborough are the only ones off the top of my head that even attempt to suppress their bias at least some of the time. I am sure they are more, but they are no longer a majority of major reporters.

  6. So,the mainstream news is biased? Every media outlet with the possible exception of the Financial Times is politically biased. That’s their grubby trade.

    1. Why stop posting here?
      Anyways thanks for the link just insulted youtube’s SJW diversity garbbage ad!
      Soon the “narrative” will try to take away Disqus it’s gives us too many opportunites to swoop in and insult SJW’s and stir shit up..

  7. This doesn’t shock me. Somebody could discover that Hillary Clinton feasts on the hearts of small children, and the MSM would spin it, saying that all of us are diet-shaming her. It’s her body, her choice to eat as she pleases.
    By the way, I wouldn’t be shocked if we discovered that Hillary feasts on the hearts of small children.

    1. And besides, she only eats those baby hearts because Trump kills them first and she doesn’t see any point in wasting them.
      I see to remember something from kindergarten about friends jumping off bridges and two wrongs….

      1. Nemesis; I think you can google Trump all you want, and you will not find hints of murder in his past. Check the other candidate you seem to worship.

        1. You must be new here. I support Trump. I hate Clinton. I was being sarcastic.

  8. Honest reporters? A few years ago, in France, a survey shown the fact that the three quarters of journalists are left leaning. Is this surprising?
    Add the fact that many of them are just trying to get more attention and more clicks, so they deform the reality, and you get that bullshit mainstream media cook everyday.

  9. Journalism by its very nature cannot be free of bias. The act of selecting which stories to report (or which to ignore) is inherently biased, to say nothing of how they’re ultimately presented. It’s too bad that most journalists are mental retards who think that utopia is possible and thus lean left, but unbiased reporting has never existed.
    Journalists today are entertainers. Literally. That’s what it has been about since TV came of age.

  10. Journalism has probably always been biased however, the “freedom of the press” was established to be critical of the government and report its activities to us peons. If the press and government are in bed together it’s just propaganda.
    It should have been obvious to anyone all along that the MSM are in the sack with left wing democrats because every male MSM reporter I can think of is an effiminate whiny bitch boy that continually has his panties stuck in his crack over guns, inequality, racism and global warming(or climate change or whatever the new buzzword is).
    Chuck Todd is one of the bitchiest of them all, he would probably take one up the tail
    pipe just to prove he isn’t a homophobe.

    1. All of the freedoms in the bill of rights are meant to be applied against the government. Otherwise there is no point to them. It has long been held that the bill of rights does not guarantee you any protections from private citizens. So many people miss this point, particularly when discussing the second amendment.

  11. “Even more intriguing is that an NBC publicist emailed me to rationalize the obvious intimacy between Schultz and Todd.”
    I love the fact that NBC publicists are emailing Roosh to explain themselves.
    First, they laugh at you…

    1. Its all just entertainment. I wish I knew the name of the case, but in the early 2000s journalists at Fox quit in protest bc their expose on some Agri-business company was completely watered down. They won at first, Fox appealed, and the court ruled the media has no responsibility to report the truth.

    2. Agreed this is totally good news. It means they see hime and thus ROK as influential enough to try and stop something before it gets going.
      When you search certain topics like “fake rape” ROK stories are in the first page..

    3. first they ignore you then they laugh at you, then they fight you. then you win.
      2nd time i read this quote today.

  12. He is another sold out to Satan and his agenda. All on the left will burn with unquenchable fire.

      1. Didn’t know that….the surname sounded gentile so I assumed he was. Now, (((wikipedia))) tell us: “(…) the son of Lois Cheri (née Bernstein) and Stephen Randolph Todd. He is Jewish on his mother’s side, and was raised Jewish”
        Of course, it is pure coincidence and we are nothing more than conspiracy theorists who see a jew behind every tree….
        P.D How many people have noticed that you use Mein Führer as avatar?

        1. Not sure. Few mention it. And let’s be honest who doesn’t think baby Adolpho is cute as a button?

        2. “…the surname sounded gentile so I assumed he was…”
          that’s the essence of your credibility and intelligence.

        3. If they look overall white, have beady eyes (usually brown but not limited to), hookish noses (nose jobs are common, not always a dead giveaway), excessively curly hair, shorter stature than normal and more than often stained teeth even if they can afford to fix them, you can be pretty sure what (((group))) they belong too.
          If still in doubt use a ferengi as a comparison…

  13. This does not surprise me at all the liberal news media has always been slanting things to the left and putting liberals in a positive light while doing dirty to conservatives and to Republicans no matter how ‘moderate’ they might be.

  14. MSNBC reported that “Wasserman Schultz Receives Cheers at Florida Delegation Breakfast”. Of course it was jeers.

  15. Of course NBC are in the bag for Clinton. A Trump presidency would be an extinction event for the mainstream “news” media. They are paid very well to convince proles assumed to be otherwise utterly ignorant to vote for the people the master class want in office and buy crap they don’t need to make already rich people even richer.
    Once it becomes clear the money paid to NBC to lie on Hillary Clinton’s behalf was wasted, the ad revenue will disappear. And that will be the end of NBC.

  16. It’s all about power. These Democrats and now Republicans are starting to sell out the American people. They want borders open to acquire Latino votes. They support feminism to acquire women’s votes. They have been telling the media what to report and when. We have been betrayed and it’s only going to get worse. Republicans and Democrats are not for we the people anymore. It’s us vs. them and it’s only the beginning. If this bitch wins it’s all over

  17. Nothing to see here. The only surprise is that it took this long for the story to be confirmed.

  18. Amazing that he and that NBC publicist actually explained themselves and responded to you, Roosh. Every day your influence grows is a good day indeed.

  19. Media figure taking orders from the Greenbergs. I’m really fuckin shocked.

  20. Chuck has been in the bag for the Dems since day 1, this just corroborates what we already knew.
    He probably agreed to anything as long as he didn’t have to look at her ugly poodlehead up close and personal.

  21. It was disgusting to see Chuck sell his soul. He took the seat of Tim Russert and disgraced it. He has lost all credibility. He either took money from Hillary, or threatened with fear of losing his job. He will now be labeled for life. A traitor to his profession, the country and the people.

  22. Just Chuck Todd? Please, NBC as a whole might as well claim to be the DNC’s media arm.

  23. I hate democrats but I hate Rino so called conservacucks more.
    Fuck Ryan and all these faggot cuckservatives. They’re worse than the liberals because at least the liberals don’t pretend to be on our side. Conservatism needs to die. Conservatism is nothing more than the result of Joos infiltrating the right wing and making it benefit Israel somehow.
    But they can’t manipulate nationalism. Nationalism doesn’t call for sending infinity resources to foreign nations because “muh ally”. A Trump presidency means a new GOP. And there’s nothing the joos and cuckservatives can do about it but muh Holocaust

    1. That attitude is sure to get Hillary elected. When she does, installs her three extreme SCOTUS justices, and makes millions of illegals voters, it’s game over.

  24. Chuck Todd needs to take the Red Pill, but he won’t because he’s cucked beyond repair.

  25. I despise this smirking turd and I especially dislike his white trash beard/moustache get up. A densely ignorant, typical low rent U.S. journalist.

  26. Chuck Todd is absolutely biased and in the bag for liberal Democrats. Aside from the content of his loaded questions, listen to the obvious difference in his tone, demeanor, and aggressiveness when he “interviews” a Republican as opposed to when he interviews a Democrat.

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