5 Demented “Phobias” That The Left Is Ready To Unleash

As every person on the right knows, the left loves to control language. Whether it is through so-called “hate speech” legislation or political correctness, the left strives to dictate what words can and cannot be used in society-at-large. And the left seeks to do this because they know that to control a person’s language is, quite literally, a way to manipulate and steer that person’s thoughts. It is a means of creating self-censoring thinkers.

Thus, language-control is a way of gaining power over people. Furthermore, it is a power that makes people fight the left using the left’s own chosen terms, which means fighting the left on its own rhetorical terrain. And, as any strategist knows, you never want to fight an enemy on ground that he has selected. This is why refusing to use the left’s 1984- language is so crucial, as is positively fighting back against that language control.

Now, in recent years, when it comes to the battle for language, everyone and their dog has experienced the explosion of the left’s ‘-phobia’ and ‘-ism’ propaganda war. You have homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, and so on. At the same time, you have racism, sexism, ableism, etc. All these terms are designed to elicit a positive emotional reaction from the left’s true believers while simultaneously seeking to shame the individuals or groups at which those terms are aimed. And, for a surprising number of years, these terms have been quite effective at shifting the cultural landscape in the left’s favor.

However, as times change, and people stop caring about being labeled with these aforementioned terms, their effectiveness has decreased. Of course, leftists, being leftists, have not given up on using these terms; rather, they have doubled-down on their use. In fact, they have even started seriously pushing relatively new terms, such as transphobia, which has only become mainstream in SJW circles recently.

So, in light of the left’s drive to create more and more ‘-phobia’ terms, here is a prediction of which presently obscure ‘-phobias’ we will see pushed into the mainstream by the left in the coming years.

Term 1 – Pedophilophobia

Hey, he was just born that way!

SJWs and leftists are so degenerate that in the next few years, I expect the term ‘pedophilophobia’—which already exists—to start being pushed in a serious and concerted way. After all, in 2015, leftist outlet Salon.com published an article titled “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”, which was an apologia for pedophilia.

While the article was roundly criticized, never forget that this is the way the left works. It puts out its feelers, gets a taste of the culture, then adapts its message. After all, nobody a generation ago would have dreamed that Western society would be seriously promoting the idea that men who call themselves women actually are women, and yet here we are.

Plus, remember that the left’s homosexual “born this way” rhetoric works with noose-worthy pedophiles too, so that is an angle the left will also push to claim that fear of child-molesters is a “phobia”.

Term 2 – Polygamophobia

Polygamy…the next frontier of “marriage equality”, likely pushed by an alliance of leftists and Muslims.

Ever since the homosexuals achieved victory in the marriage debate, the polygamists have been waiting in the wings getting ready to claim that their rights “to love and marry multiple people” have been infringed as well. So expect a term like polygamophobia to appear on the cultural mainstream soon.

Now, while polygamy is not nearly as objectionable as homosexuality—at least reproduction is possible with the former—the fact remains that polygamy is neither good for men, nor women, nor civilization. It ensures that many men have no female partner for sexual reproduction, thus transforming such men into either self-created eunuchs or societal de-stabilizers (perhaps not such a bad thing in our present age). And while women get a high-end man, they are also transformed into little more than sexual objects, rather than being respected matriarchs, which the nuclear family, and monogamous patriarchy always them to be. Thanks feminism!

Term 3 – Fetishophobia

Really, when confronted with something like this, there is nothing to say…

Again, just like with pedophiles and polygamists, fetishists are very likely to get in on the ‘phobia’ action as well. After all, are you an adult who likes to wear diapers? Well, you were born that way, and so no one has the right to hurt your feelings and call you a degenerate! Hell, if a man can become a woman merely by claiming to be one, it’s not that much of a stretch to claim that a grown man can be a baby on the inside either.

The fetishists won’t just be men with diapers. There will be people who demand that their “marriages” to inanimate objects be considered normal and valid. In fact, we might even see such deviancy as necrophilia being pushed as normal and potentially permissible, so long as the person had given consent to be used sexually once they died. After all, once the slippery slope of sexual deviancy begins, there is a long and dark way to fall.

Term 4 – Incestophobia

Did George Lucas have a dark side? Or did he just have no idea where his story was going?

Yes indeed, incest will soon start to be pushed heavily as well. The leftists will start to claim that the taboo against incest is just a relic of our religious past that needs to be discarded in the interests of enlightened progress.

Furthermore, the idea of incest is right in-line with the leftist’s morality, for incest can be consensual, which is all the leftist needs for something to be considered permissible and moral. So brace yourself, because incest is the next frontier of progressive progress. Except it won’t be called incest. It will be called something “scientific” like Genetic Sexual Attraction, which—surprise, surprise—is a term already in use.

Term 5 – Bestialophobia

Not just for wool anymore!

Finally, the idea that sex with animals is wrong will no doubt soon be pushed by leftists as a phobia. In fact, such prominent leftist “philosophers” as Peter Singer defend the idea of consensual bestiality, as do many others on the secular left (just check out the Conservapedia page on “Atheism and bestiality” for more details). Thus, in the years to come, don’t be surprised if, say, Patrick-the-pig-poker starts pushing for his innate love of swine to be recognized and respected as the beautiful expression of diverse love that he claims it is, rather than as the shame-worthy degeneracy that it actually is.


While we should all recoil in disgust at these terms, we should nevertheless push for the left to embrace these phobia labels and use them as much as possible. Why? Because it is using the left’s own ideas against them, for once many normal people see what being a leftist entails, they will recoil in horror at the thought, thereby naturally moving such people to our side.

At the same time, certain people of the leftist persuasion will no doubt embrace these fake phobias, and their embrace of them will be to the right’s benefit as well. Why? Because by embracing such absurdities, leftists will make their battle-lines that much clearer. They will help to expose their side more clearly, thus allowing us to see our cultural enemies better. Additionally, they will help to show us who our allies are and who the neutrals are as well. And such knowledge is a strategic gift. Thus, if at all possible, let us promote the left’s use of these future phobias, for it is our benefit to do so.

Finally, just for the record, note that it is 2017, and so let’s see how long it takes for my prediction about the left’s mainstreaming of these terms to come true. I say it will take no more than a generation—as with homosexuality—but who knows, in this climate, it could take less than a decade.

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472 thoughts on “5 Demented “Phobias” That The Left Is Ready To Unleash”

  1. Appropriate response to being labeled [anything]phobic: “haha, so what? Fuck off.” Give them exactly zero power to control you through shame. We all know none of this is phobic, but don’t get caught in the trap of arguing that circular bullshit with a retard who will always find a way to rationalize toward their pre-determined conclusion. Instead, accept their premise and own it. Just like being called a racist: “yeah, so?”

    1. Those are the fools I work with, and believe me, I’d like to. All of this is exactly what they fail to consider in their rush for tolerance and diversity.

    2. Best strategy bar none and I do it all the time whenever I hear some kind of emotion laden sneer directed at me. It truly does disarm them. Normally they’ll leave the area where we’re standing/sitting after they realize that I truly just do not give a flying fuck what they call me and further that I agree and amplify it.

      1. Agree and amplify: “yeah dude, piss off and don’t get your disgusting goat-kid-fuck cooties on me when you do!”

      2. If there aren’t any bridges to burn, it’s fun to turn their outrage back on them. “So, what are you saying? You DON’T think Black people have a sense of humor? Do you just think they’re weak, or do you think they’re too stupid to know a joke when they hear it?”
        One that got me rage-blocked by a crazy BLM feminist on Facebook (on my annual visit to hell): “You think that just because you’re too dumb to identify satire other women can’t? That’s a very sexist attitude, missy.”

      3. We are the rocks, the moral pillars, of the community. We deal in absolutes. Truth is absolute, not relative. We do not care what -ist or -phobic labels the Left use on us.

      4. I was listening to a podcast once where a few tough American men were speaking straight about race issues, so one appaled black lady called in all furious, kinda “How can you say stuff like that on the air!?”.
        So one man just replied “Oh m’am, we’re just a bunch of racists here”. She had nothing else to say after that.

      5. I never admit to being a racist or whatever bullshit word they call me. I just say “I’m an asshole.”
        Pretty much the most fundamental basic human right of every American, by God, is to be an asshole. That’s essentially why we fought the American Revolution and told England to suck our balls.

        1. Oh cool, so you worm ypurself out if it by insulting yourself, and even then giving them the victory since youve admitted being a racist or whatever is a bad thing and its not you! Craven.

      6. “I KNOW! I’m such a horrible person. In fact, I’m so horrible, that none of your shaming language will ever redeem my wretched soul”.

    3. unless that something phobia is illegal, oohh you are critical of Islam in londonistan, the Imam Mayor will send you the thought police for you.

      1. It’s time for people to start telling the thought-police to fuck off too. Unless people are willing to speak truth, this nonsense will advance endlessly. Part of the reason things have advanced to the point where Islamaphobia is now illegal is because people didn;t resist the idea of Islamaphobia being bad in the first place.

        1. “It’s time for people to start telling the thought-police to fuck off too.”
          Telling them with guns.

        2. “But…but…but…that’s BREAKING THE LAW!! Don’t you BACK THE BLUE!? You don’t wanna be a “COP KILLER” do you”—American Conservitards.

      2. We live in Vaginastan. The lipstick Taliban is perched on the metaphorical rooftops. ISIS – Ignorant Shitty Insolent Sluts.

    4. “yeah, so? At least I am honest”
      For decades, the virtue signaling “you just hate blacks” has been a thorn in my side. The act of not putting a person on a pedestal because of their minority status is somehow racist? Bitch, please. I got better things to do than to placate my behavior on some falsely perceived notion that I am automatically a racist because I am a white male, until I prove myself otherwise by treating minorities different.

      1. Yes, odd that the anti-racists are the ones that claim all decisions should be race based, with discounts applied for historical oppression or some such bullshit completely disconnected from anyone living today.

      2. I don’t know how those minorities can stand having white and Jewish people publicly stating that those poor, weak, dumb minorities don’t have the same amount of agency, history, or humor as they do. I mean, much of the time you can swap “black/gay/etc” with “baby” and it makes Mrs. Lovejoy sound like a level-headed woman.

      3. That used to annoy me to no end. Whenever I’d hear the phrase “This country was built by slaves,” I’d often reply with, “On land that was conquered from Mexicans and Indians. You don’t hear them bitching.” You’d be amazed at how quick many would shut up over that.

      1. Only if cops are willing to die and never see their families again so that my hurtful words won’t trigger some snowflake.
        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have
        been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make
        an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to
        say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as
        for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire
        city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror
        at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the
        staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had
        boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people
        with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs
        would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport
        and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would
        have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even
        more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and
        simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
        – Solshenitsyn, or was it Ghandi?

        1. Archipelago Gulag is a fiction. There’s way better work by Solzhenitsyn, called “200 years together” that has never and will never be published in the West. Guess why.

        2. I used to quote him all the time. HE WARNED US what was coming..sadly no one listened, so here we are…and with posters like Nevsky below trying to discount him….

        3. Solzhenitsyn…
          “In 1973, Arkhipelag Gulag (The Gulag Archipelago), a literary-historical record of the Soviet prison/labor camp system that became a multi-tentacled monster under Stalin,, started to appear in installments in Paris and the KGB has seized the manuscript in the Soviet Union.Second Exile and Later Years
          Upon the publication of Arkhipelag Gulag, Solzhenitsyn was charged with treason and exiled from the Soviet Union. He eventually traveled to the United States and settled in the secluded environs of Vermont, where he continued to write.
          In 1989, Novy Mir published the first governmentally approved excerpts from Arkhipelag Gulag. Solzhenitsyn’s Soviet citizenship was restored a year later, and he returned to Russia four years after that.”

        4. I still dont understand why they exiled him, where he could continue to write againt communism, instead of leaving him to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Can you explain that?

        5. AG may be a fiction by technicality but dont sound like an idiot implying everything in it was not absolutely based on reality.
          Good call on the 200 Years.

        6. No, I can’t. Although I keep waiting for an American hero his equal. I wonder (no I don’t) what his opinion would be of Antifa and the Communists ruining America. I can imagine he would repeat his warnings. Marxist scum didn’t kill him because the delight in making real hero’s suffer.

      2. My 13 year old is being raised by his single mom in Toronto….what a bunch of fags the Canadian society is, my 13 year old hates it….

        1. Well, be carefull, given its Toronto, your son might just turn into your daughter one day…get him out of there.

      3. That’s what happens when you elect a golden spoon up the ass, lispy pretty boy. He dad however was an alpha male. Baby J is just pretty to look at.

        1. The way the system set up in the West today – vote or dont vote, it is moving more toward Leftist ideology by the day. Presidents dont decide much. Nevertheless, JT Jr. is a world class cuck.

        1. The grease keeps things well lubricated but you have to watch out for the extra crispy batter – it scratches.

        2. When you’ve had all kinds fried chicken the south has to offer sometimes you just want to try something new. Plus I quit Coke so no chance of that.

        3. Hungry an hour later?? Man, get your stereotypes straight, LOL. But seriously, Korean fried chicken is pretty goddamn good.

  2. Isnt bestiality technically legal in Canada already? penetration is forbidden, but I dont think their is a sheep rape hotline setup so abused sheep can sic johnny law on their rapists

    1. Last time this issue surfaced here on ROK, I googled it (for quotes of european SJWs trying to legalize it) and in a few minutes, a bunch of girls offering themselves to dogs, pigs, horses (!!!) was on my screen.
      I won’t say I didn’t watch one or another… but how is that even porn/sexual? The feeling is the same as watching road kill PLUS serious concerns about any traces of those girls’ mental health.
      Humanity’s slowly decaying into absolute madness!

        1. You’ve got me worried, old chap. I mean, I already went to the Netherlands (and/or Germany, Sweden) and… IT’S THE CURRENT YEAR!

        2. little girls dreamt of ponies, and when they grow up, they consider blowing a big horse cock. Ah, women these days..

  3. A salesman rings a doorbell at a residence, and a small boy answers the door.
    “Hello, young man, is your mother at home?” the salesman asks.
    The kid replies, “She’s out back fuckin’ the goat.”
    After a moment, the stunned salesman gathers his composure and asks, “Doesn’t that bother you?!?”

  4. Modern liberal women clearly have mageirocophobia, but you don’t hear them talk about that, do you?

    1. My family has experience with that particular tumor. There is no escape.
      He should spare himself the hell of “treatment,” leave office immediately, and return home to take his leave of life.

        1. Presidential run, dropped Palin into the media landscape, advocated for war and state power, tried and did not succeed to improve campaign finance law– unintentionally making the impact of money more potent in a campaign.
          Those who dislike him usually cite his willingness to warmonger. Those who like him are usually journalists who cite his “moderate” views. But I think they like those views because they don’t succeed very often, and are no threat to the statist program.

      1. This. Of the four people I’ve known who have had it, the one who chose no treatment and palliative care only, lived about twice as long as the other three, and enjoyed pretty good quality of life until the very end.
        “Treatment” in this case consists of experimenting on an ill person.

        1. I’ve actually known 5. One miraculously survives, against all odds, under special circumstances.

  5. Majority of ppl are disgusted by this degeneracy. This is why Trump&co keep winning elections despite so-called “low approval”. Because these degenerates are his opponents. And they have even LOWER approval.

  6. Modern liberalism these clowns and mommy’s boys are basically Normalophobic and Morolphobic. They are so pathetic they can’t measure up so they play the victim card.

  7. It looks as though my neighbors in the high mountains of far Western North Carolina were decidedly in the avant garde.

  8. Now look, don’t be fooling around with the livestock, cause we gotta eat it and I’d rather not have to eat buggered beef.

        1. Ha…this is what college freshman girls see right before a couple of second stringers from the football team run train on them for the first time.

  9. The term “phobia” is losing all it’s meaning. What used to mean “an irrational fear” now includes “having a justified dislike”

    1. So many words are losing their power. It’s really kind of sad. I mean the term “racist” is basically meaningless now, which is not a good thing.

      1. Yeah, because I don’t like what BLM is doing, I am equated with cross burning KKK members….makes sense.

        1. I think higher thread count white sheets breathe better- something to consider in the summer for max comfort

        2. A true white supremacist would not join the KKK because it has been utterly ineffective in doing anything to reach its stated goals for decades. A true white supremacist would join BLM, for its much more likely to bring about the things a white supremacist wants than the KKK.

        3. I have become convinced that the KKK has always been a bogeyman. I mean, sure, there was a time that young Democrats got drunk and wore bedsheets (looking at you, Robert Byrd), but was it ever a nation-spanning terrorist organization? Did it ever strike fear into the Negro heart the way gang violence in the inner cities does?

        4. To be fair, those bedsheet-wearing Democrats lynched more than a few black people. And a bunch of drunk Dems in masks burning shit on your front lawn can be kinda scary… just look at Antifa.

        5. Lynching was the only thing that kept them in line. Nothing else works. If I were more curious, I would seek to find out why that was.

        6. I think it was all in the plan behind forming BLM in the first place. Their followers and lawn-sign planters are the useful (read: useless) idiots. BLM is quickly heading to the dustbin of history like every other left wing Bull-fuck scheme, anyway.

        7. A true white supremacist would not be humping black and brown women. The prisons are already jam-packed with fatherless black and brown skinned men.

        8. The “sheets” scared the piss out of whites, too. If a white farmer treated blacks with decency his barn would be hit by “lightning” in the middle of the night. If a white storekeeper was friendly toward blacks he was labeled “niggerlover” and if he didn’t get the message his store would burn down.

      2. It is a good thing. The word “racist” by-design is intentionally ambiguous by conflating racial hatred with standing up for your own, therefore preventing the latter. Loving your own people is not a bad thing. If you want to communicate racial hatred then now say “racial hatred”.

    2. hey, are you saying that my growingolderaphobia and deathaphobia aren’t real? Jesus, next you will be denying my payingallmybillsaphobia and my congenitalheartdiseaseaphobia! Fucking bastard.

        1. I fell and hit my head. Get me to a psychiatrist i might have braindamageaphobia

        2. The fact that you fell and hit your head is scary. I need a script for my thatguyfellandhithisheadaphobia.

        3. the real UE rate for struggling screenwriters is 91%- Im sure you can get someone on the cheap

        4. theres a great bit in all these -phobia comments, nametags, free coffee, smokes, hopefully an snl writer is reading, first funny sketch in 15 years

        5. the last funny sketch i remember:
          ferrell was robert goulet, he was pitching an album of rap song covers. then he has a staring contest with a stuffed ram at the end, and he gives up and says “you win, you always do.”
          that was about 15 years ago

        6. Anyone who has done anything truly funny on SNL in the past 20 years has gotten kicked off the show.

        7. its sad, pure propaganda at this pt. any laughter elicited is purely incidental/coincidental

        8. related: i always wonder how much it really could cost to get 80’s or 90’s rappers to just follow me around and put emphasis on the things i say. Like how much could it really cost to have Paperboy or Positive K dress up in their 1992 outfits and follow me around repeating the last part of every sentence i say (“yo! of every sentence he say!”)

        9. ok, that is actually a medical condition. Right up there with my belief that you should be able to plead not guilty by reason of antipathy

        10. Damn, now I need 6 weeks paid leave to deal with my phobia of people who are afraid of people who are afraid of donuts.

        11. I bet I could get Eric B and Rakim both for like 500 bucks for a weekend.

        12. lotta words rhyme with pimp
          fly pimp
          drive a blimp
          not a wimp
          my pets a chimp
          funny like stimp….eee

        13. I think the last skits that consistently made me laugh to tears was the Jeopardy ones with Norm as Burt Reynolds and the other guy as Sean Connery.

        14. Dude, he just performed the Paid in Full album in its entirety at the blue note. He ain’t done shit in 30 years. He would totally follow me around and say “yeahhhhhhh booooyyyyy” for 500 bucks

        15. You could probably get all 3 of the Fat Boys for the same price as either Eric B or Rakim. And they’d be happy for the work. Just don’t agree to cover their meals or their health care.

        16. See? They say “money doesn’t buy happiness” but I suggest that paying those guys to do what you said would make me immensely happy to experience.

        17. They’re always hiring. Millennials don’t stay too long they have to find themselves or something.

        18. that series of skits is actually so funny it belongs in the top of all time…

        19. I dont know a single name you guys mentioned in rap and im so proud.
          Hate that shit. Virtue signaling djs made it cool and ruined american music.

        20. We use to smoke up and watch SNL. We would judge the buzz on whether we could tell the SNL commercials from the real ones. Good times, good times.

        21. I also remember in that sketch he dropped “nigger” with a hard r during his cover of “the thong song” and nobody said anything, because it was funny, and twitter didn’t exist yet

        22. It was called “Coconut Bangers Ball: That’s a Rap” or something to that effect. Will Ferrell was the last white man to say the n-word on TV (twice!!)…and not get booed for it!

    3. They use the word ‘phobia’ to make someone believe they have a condition that can be treated with therapy such as claustrophobia or agoraphobia. But having a natural dislike is a survival mechanism hardwired by many thousands of years of human evolution.

      1. Rock climbing is a fun sport, lots of newbies will complain about their fear of heights. It is that fear that keeps people from getting lazy and overlooking their gear. Also, it is partly what makes it exhilarating. Not a phobia to be nervous when you step off the edge of a cliff.

        1. I fear heights, but I’m more afraid of gravity. I weigh pretty near 200 lbs with my lowest weight this decade a hefty 175. I can trust my legs to get me from A to B, but I have trouble trusting little bits of metal and string when my own arms have trouble hauling my ass up on the pullup bar.

        2. Not sure if you have decent access to climbing areas (always can do indoor), but I would recommend trying it if you like a little adventure. It is a fun activity to go out on the weekends. So far, I have only stuck to sport climbing (already bolted routes). I will go up with my wife belaying, set up an anchor, then come down to let the wife and kids do top roping.
          Most of the falling deaths come from stupid mistakes, not the equipment. It is strong enough to pull you in half before it would break. A person will tie himself in wrong or put himself in unnecessary risk in order to save a few minutes. Injuries mostly come from your surroundings. My brother pulled a 200 pound rock onto the ledge his foot was on, smashed it good, then it almost hit his wife below. Sport climbing is fairly safe, the routes have been cleaned, you are connecting into solid bolts, and the equipment is much more simple.

        3. I hear you. I am the same way, which is part of what makes it interesting. Like Batman doing the bat thing because he is scared of them, it is a fun exercise to make your mind overcome your body (stomach).

    4. To have more or less dislike for ugliness, homosex, disease, incest, torture, pedophilia and so forth is valuable both from a spiritual, ethical and biological point of view. Sure human nature includes some penchant for the gruesome as well (sadism), but it is beneficial to have a natural distaste for various things. If we did not have that we would eat everything, for instance, even that which can lead to our death.

    5. Irrational is the word, to make you irrational and ignore anything you say that is against the narrative. because something something phobia you are crazy! Phobia is a mental decease, That´s what Stalin did to label the opposition as people with a mental problem then put them in a psychiatric hospital, Labeling people as phobic is something similar. They put keaney west in a psychiatric hospital HAHAHA remember? Because he was supporting Donald Trump.

    6. This has bothered me since I was a kid having ‘homophobia’ on my spelling test.
      I mean who could be intimidated by queers?

  10. If homos are ‘born that way’ then I was also born to find sex between men disgusting. And the science agrees with me.
    In heterosexual men, pictures of rotting flesh, maggots and spoiled food induce the same physiological stress response as pictures of two men kissing each other. That is the surprising finding that was recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychology & Sexuality

    1. It actually DOES work both ways. If we can agree that we can’t just flip a switch and prefer gay sex as heteros then how is it even logical to claim that gays did choose?
      You can’t have the cake and eat it too.

      1. Actually, and this is a pet peeve of mine regarding the saying itself, you can in fact have your cake an eat it too. In fact, eating it first requires having it, logically speaking. What you can’t do is eat your cake and THEN have it too since it will have been consumed (by you).
        Not directed at you. That saying always grinds my gears.

        1. That’s because the saying has been misused by people who don’t understand it. It means you can’t expend a consumable resource while at the same time saving it. You can’t keep your cake while at the same time eating it.

        2. I know what is trying to be communicated, I just think that either have the order reversed or, as you note, should use the term “keep” instead of “have” to avoid the linguistic confusion.

        3. LOL I’m not a native speaker of English and always found this an odd saying too but it is what it is.

        4. I always heard you put the cake up your ass so your friends could eat it out of there. (“Love cake.” An actual thing among the perverts.)

    2. Do you (or anyone) know what the official fag stance on this is? I mean, ok fine…if we are willing to accept that some faggots are just born that way do they have an argument (even a weak and stupid one) against the idea that some people are born to find it disgusting?
      Side note, other than the people who are fags for personal or political reason, that small 1-2% that are genuinely just homos, i really think it is due to some kind of malfunction in the brain where instead of the natural inclination to be as far away from feces as possible they desire to be closer to it.

      1. I believe most fags say they are born that way, but they will unapologetically argue it is a choice whenever that benefits them, too.

      2. Seems like if they were “born that way” and compelled by a genetic imperative, said genes would have been expunged from the pool by evolution a long time ago. It’s a recipe for extinction.

      3. I think it’s both. Some gay dudes I’ve run into are just gay. It’s how their brain works. Our unique brain mutations are what us human so I can see that happening. I think others may have that pathway open and environmental factors bush them down it. All I can support this theory with is the impression from interacting with a number of gay friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

      1. Also… One time I heard a young former gay give his testimony at church about his former lifestyle. He had no father, was introduced to it as a teen by two older neighborhood brothers, and he looked like he had been a drug addict. It was sad and tragic, certainly not a happy lifestyle.

        1. Make no mistake, its a tragic circle, most sodomites were sexually abused by other sodomites as children or teens e.g. Milo

        2. Are there any fags that are not on anti-depressants or in some other kind of mental treatment?

        3. If you need further proof, just see how stridently they object when you state the fact that recruitment of children is common.

        4. I think parents can get some SSDI money if they put their kids on these meds. make a few hundred a month for drugging your kids. sounds great

        5. Every homosexual I have ever known was a chicken hawk. If the age of consent in the state was 18, they were after 18 year olds. If they were in a state where the aoc was 16, they trolled for 16 year olds. Why do you think the Progressives are pushing for the aoc to be lowered?
          “Sex Before Eight Or It’s Too Late” is the object.

      2. yes, they turn the disgust into pleasure, hence retrieving pleasure from doing disgusting things which leads to retrieving pride because they can overcome the initial disgust by enjoying it. Kind of a vicious circle.

    3. I don’t need a scientific research to tell me that me being disgusted by faggots is a natural response, but it’s good to have it there nonetheless. Why anyone could ever admire such a behaviour is beyond me.
      Glad that I at least live in a country in which the people are no friends of homos.

      1. You live in the land of stunningly beautiful and batshit crazy women. If you Romania to the Caribbean you basically get my version of heaven

        1. I am a big fan of your women, enjoy you fellas and your hard ass no nonsense way of things and have never got drunk with Romanians without enjoying it. With the girls it is tuica and with the guys palinc. Homemade. Good food. Most beautiful woman. Yeah, you guys are a blue ocean and white sand beach away from heaven.

    4. Why is this finding considered “surprising”? Are they expecting straight men to embrace fags at a limbic level or something? The fuck are people thinking these days with being surprised at basically common sense?

        1. For sure.
          Here’s a study about how people feel disgust at the sight of interracial couples.
          “Some people are still not comfortable with interracial relationships, or at least they’re a lot less comfortable than they would appear to be,” she said.
          One of the researchers who conducted the study reveals what she hopes will be done as a result of their findings:
          “Acknowledging these biases is the first step to figuring out why people feel that way and determining what can be done so they won’t.”
          And there it is.
          She’s a social engineer first and foremost. That’s probably why she went into science in the first place, just like people who become journalists do so to “save the world and fight oppression!” rather than just report the damn truth.

        2. Funny how the result is predetermined. This idiot could discover that why people fell that way has some primal reason that is crucially beneficial to all races, but she’s already made her mind up that it has to change because FEELZ! We cannot repeal the 19th amendment soon enough.

        3. For someone who no doubt champions “diversity!!!”, she wants to do everything she can to eliminate it.
          I’m sure the irony is lost on her.

      1. I’ve noticed a lot of this type of “no shit, Sherlock” I-fucking-love-SCIENCE! lately. Just this morning on my way in to work, I heard some shit on NPR about some bitch who studied risk factors for global warming (so much idiocy here, but I’ll try to contain myself) and found – shock – that having kids is the biggest impact to a family’s carbon footprint. I know. Who could ever have guessed that if you ascribe to the theory that humans impact global climate that the cumulative impact of adding a human would have a greater impact than any individual decision that human might make during his life? Fucking unbelievable. Actually, probably unknowable without this groundbreaking research.
        Best part was they the NPR people, to my surprise, asked if this didn’t just lay the intellectual framework for population controls or maybe even eugenics. Then bitch had to tap dance and explain why even if you have kids it doesn’t mean you are bad and she’s not trying to take a position on it. She also discussed that she and her fiancee are taking this into consideration as they discuss WHETHER to have children at all – yes, a minuscule impact to climate, even if you believe that sort of thing, is enough to get this mouth-breather to consider eliminating herself from the gene pool. I see cats in her future. Cats….and bitterness.

        1. I always tell environmentalist wannabees that the worst thing they can do for the planet is create more humans. It really makes them sad to hear it hahaha

        2. Anyone who proposes reduction of “carbon footprints” while publicly bristling at or avoiding advocating eugenics/population control/forced euthanasia is automatically full of shit. These twats are VHEMT all the way.

        3. Yeah, precisely. If you’re concerned that this is a “threat to the planet” that’s caused by humans then the discussion should be about not having kids in order to save the planet. Of course climate change is all bullshit anyway (not that it’s happening, but that we are the primary cause and should do something about it), and anyone with half a brain who thinks critically about it for five minutes would see enormous problems with it. But just as with any zealot, you can’t question your faith, you just have to believe no matter what.

        4. Every animal, even warm, fluffy pets, farts methane (CH), the basic unburned hydrocarbon. Same stuff as gasoline, diesel (CxHx).

    5. Everybody is disgusted, even those who support them:

      “In other words, it was not our highly prejudiced individuals who were
      experiencing a heightened physiological response to the images of
      same-sex couples kissing, it was everyone in the sample, even those with
      very low levels of prejudice.”

      This contradicts their attempt to turn themselves into victims by saying it is “prejudice”. Obviously it is not prejudice, It also contradicts the idea of phobia, and their ideas of sexual orientation as normality.

      “Why do people low in prejudice still show an increased physiological
      response? We can’t say definitively, however, it could be that society
      has socialized the notion of same-sex sexuality and affection as being
      ‘disgusting’ or immoral so strongly, for so long, that merely witnessing
      it causes a slight physiological stress response.

      > See, they need a special interpretation, because the study itself contradicts this depravity. Even though it is not prejudice, they still affirm it is, as an attack to normal people, to victimize and normalize themselves. Invented/misused words: phobia, sexual orientation, heteroxual, discrimination, etc.”
      > Science is not in their favor, not only they are perverted, potential pedophiles, they also have a severely degenerated sense of morality. They are very dangerous, their behavior is similar to psychopaths, they pretend to be good, nice, innocent, victims, while blaming normal people of being evil. In other words they accuse others of their own sickness, like phobia, that is the result of “homosexualists” raping children. So they need to write personal interpretations about these studies, because science itself is against them.

      1. “society has socialized the notion of same-sex sexuality and affection as being
        ‘disgusting’ or immoral so strongly, for so long” – Says who anyway?
        Society has been normalizing homosexual behaviour for over fifty years. What this proves is that even if you’ve been indoctrinated into the idea that it’s normal, you still can’t supress the obvious disgust you feel when it’s right in your face.
        This shouldn’t surprise anyone. When was the last time you saw (non-Government funded) advertising with homosexual connotations? No one knows what people really want better than the free market.

        1. They are allowed to indoctrinate people. The government itself is attacking normal people, to defend these degenerates. And despite of this, like you said, they can’t change people’s natural disgust against such things.
          Those who are “tolerant”are also disgusted, this means that most gay supporters are in reality FALSE, frauds, cowards.
          Also the subjective-part in all studies is NOT science. And in cases like this it only shows how unprofessional their authors are.

      2. Progressives are SO-O-O-O convinced that non-Progressives are <75 IQ knuckledraggers that they publicize their own research that contradicts their position, figuring that no one will notice.

    6. What if it is all of the above? Maybe it can be both nature and nurture and maybe it can be both that people can do what they want and you can find it disgusting at the same time. Just throwing out ideas here.

  11. Incestophobia will probably have to wait a while until the Donald-Ivanka narrative fades out of people’s minds and memories.

    1. Not gonna happen as long as Trump has Ivanka in his staff. Who knows what goes in between those two during their private cabinet meetings. I mention this partly, because it will ruin Trump’s presidency, but mostly because it interferes with my alone time fantasies.

        1. Lol, you sick son of a bitch. Meh, then again, we are all sexist misogynist perverts, even women, so I can’t blame you for it.
          And considering what Bill Clinton has for a daughter, at least Trump has something pleasant to look at.

  12. Being called a homophobe is a thing of pride for me, not shame. Would never bring myself so low as to appreciate the existence of those poop scoopers.

    1. Like I said below, “phobia” is being misused. A rational disgust is not an irrational rear. There is no such thing as a homophobic, unless you are genuinely scared that you will pick up the gay gene from talking to them.

      1. Oh, I’m aware of that, but there is no arguing with the idiots who use it, so better to just not give them any advantage to undermine you. You take away the power of their words, they’re hopeless.

        1. Kid, you got a lot of potential, but you need to put in a little more time in the training programs before you can progress to Gandhi quotes.

        2. sit down bem we know you are just waiting for 4 o’clock because you feel you got gyped yesterday

      1. In america you get a vape thing. Whenever I see someone vaping I think to myself that their parents must have been so ashamed to find out their son was gay

        1. yes, seems it was some other guy:
          “The earliest instance of this saying that QI has located appeared in a footnote in the medical journal “Psychiatry” in 1950. In an article titled “The Place of Action in Personality Change” the author Allen Wheelis discussed the importance of considering both the conscious and the unconscious aims of an action. He stated that sometimes the conscious aims were largely a cover for the unconscious aims, but he cautioned in a footnote that the analyst should not always assume that is true [SFAW]:
          This is still an occupational hazard of psychoanalysis—thirty years after Freud’s famous remark that “a cigar is sometimes just a cigar…..but a vape is always flamingly queer”

        2. No one has understood anything Cher has said since her jawed unhinged in 1987 from sucking so much cock.

        3. “I may smell like curry but at least I can see” –Gandhi
          “I may be blind but at least I’m not black” –Stevie Wonder

  13. To throw this back in their faces, we can call the left any of the following (and be accurate in doing so):
    Any time you get into a discussion with a loonie leftie, if they trigger, then start emphatically and loudly calling them a “factophobe” and draw attention. And explain (loudly) to bystanders that the leftie is afraid of facts. Rinse and repeat. If we all do this, we can have a helluva lot of fun and trigger the idiots, and at the same time, set an example for bystanders.
    I have a plan. I’ll let you know how many lefties I trigger during this next week with this tactic.

  14. arguably the reaction to donald trump’s grab her by the pussy gaffe was an example of copaphilophobia

  15. Since we are talking about weird sex shit, I heard on radio once they asked the question, what’s worse having sex with a child(around the age of 12) or bestiality? I without a second thought said bestiality because yes the child is underage and that is fucked up, having sex with a pig is fucking the weirdest thing i can think to do

  16. You can use the “phobia” trick on them.
    I once told a leftist in some forum he was a Christianophobic and an heterophobic.
    He lost his fucking mind and went ballistic to the point he got banned.
    I wonder how they would react in real life?
    I’ll try it if chance comes.

  17. So what do you call the left’s arguably rational fear of white nationalists and white identitarians?
    How about “rightwingdeathsquadophobia”?

        1. That’s why I prefer the leftist utopia of NYC/Hamptons/South Beach
          May be loaded with dykes/kweers, but at least they are fit.
          And, many many HB7++ types…

        2. I’ve said before that I might be more open to these white supremest types if they all looked like Thor and Sif in human form. The hilljack types claiming superiority over anything except their own bladder control is laughable to me.

        3. I have yet to see a single person claim genetic or racial superiority that I didn’t feel was horribly inferior to pretty much everyone.

        4. I hope my cousin doesn’t come to my house expecting to eat, I don’t think I can afford it.

        5. Yep. I have noticed this too. Those that are so proud of identity, tend to not have much else to have pride in.

        6. well i think that is just it rockfish. If you make a list of all the things about you that you are proud about and it starts with something that was a total accident of nature you are pretty much as big a fucking loser as is possible.

  18. A Swedish economist, who is a very outspoken critic of mass immigration, political correctness and the term “Islamophobia”, Jan Tullberg, has recently accused the left for veritophobia because they cannot acknowledge truths. Very witty.

      1. Yeah, I mean, this man that I mentioned possesses so much knowledge compared to Jewdiepie and yet only about 200 000 read his stuff (mostly on dissident websites). But the world is not fair and completely rational as we all know.

        1. I know of this, Duck Thales, but it is true and he knows it himself deep down (even though he will probably figure out something wortwhile sooner or later).
          Pewdiepie is literally (Hitler) a jewtuber.

  19. I don’t know how bad polygamy would be. Probably not that great. But it seems to exist in more traditional, patriarchal societies. I do have this problem making huge decisions that are permanent, and I would probably have asked a couple of chicks to marry me already if I knew it wasn’t a “this is the last chick you will ever date or flirt with” thing.

    1. For actual alpha types it would be pretty sweet I’d think. Three girls doing the housework, chatting about mindless stuff with each other instead of with you, and then you get like weekly threesomes/foursomes. Sign me up!

    2. 100% agree
      If I were king its polygamy for me but not all of thee…
      On a beach nearby where the rich and famous hang out saw a guy kiss 2 of the 4 beach babes hanging around him…
      Too far to see who it was- and doesn’t matter…most likely the guy that played the wolf of wall st — living the dream…

        1. I am in Florida. I can honestly say she looks exactly like the woman that runs the bread store here.

        2. Stopped reading after you said you are in florida. I assume you have nothing to say.

        3. right….all that money, education and cheap hard working labor really screwed what you guys had going in florida 😉

        4. Side note: I will be down in FLA next month to enjoy the lovely august weather of SOFLA

        5. Actually New Yawkers in Florida are overbearing. Like every word out of their mouths are about how great New York is, how much Florida sucks, etc. yet for some reason they chose to move to Florida. I mean if NY is just that much better, then move the fuck back so we don’t have to hear what sounds like somebody buggering a goose telling everybody about how great NY is 24/7 if we’re within earshot.
          This said as a non-Floridian, but I’ve been there plenty of times and this describes what I’ve actually seen and heard to a T.

        6. New York is great. Florida does suck but is a good place to set up shop if you hate winter and have heritable wealth.
          It be nice if everyone in Florida would just tend to their jobs of making life more comfortable for people who matter

        7. Not kinda my point. I just don’t see the point of moving someplace if I consider it inherently inferior to where I’m moving from. Want warmth but hate Florida, then move to Arizona, or Corpus Christi Texas (which is actually very nice) or even Hilton Head in the Carolinas. Beautiful, warm, all that. I see no reason to invade another person’s home, plant down stakes there and then spend the rest of your life sneering at him about how superior you are (not you you).
          Why would Floridians go out of their way to make life more comfortable for Ohioans?

        8. That seems to bear out as the truth. We get transplants from New England here from time to time, and it’s all they can do but to inform everybody about how superior where they chose to move away from was. I mean ok Florida is warm and whatever so maybe that’s why they go there, but coming to Ohio for no apparent reason just to honk on about the vast superiority of people from Massachusetts and “Dere outtaw be a lawr” all the time when we natives are quite content to enjoy your freedom, well they can just go get fucked.

        9. I think a big reason people move to florida in their old age is because it has laws that make inheritance easier and there is no winter. No one moves from new york to arizona or copus christi. We will complain about florida but even entertaining places like that goes beyond.
          Hilton Head is nice but again, laws about heritable wealth. As for why people move from floria to ohio, no idea? But sneering about our superiority is every new Yonkers god given right.
          As for “invading someone elses home” fuck it. Let the hicks have a job and clean up after us when we retire and abuse their legal system. Everyone has to work.

        10. Generally we ignore y’all, and if you manage to get hired somewhere, get you squared away on what are proper ways to have civil discourse, or you’re fired. Takes the pep right out of most of y’alls step when you cann’t sit around the office yelling “Fuwk!” all the time, and you have to pipe down to allow others to express their own thoughts in meetings. Makes ya’ nice and docile and well tamed, like good little pets.
          Didn’t think about the heritable wealth thing, that makes sense actually.

        11. It’s that attitude that makes me legit hate Yankees. I can’t handle and even be friends with a PERSON who came from the North, but as far as generalizations go, I can’t fucking stand their pretentiousness. And why are SO MANY of them such spineless pussies?

        12. yeah, Florida is a good place to have as a primary residence if you have the kind of money that requires lawyers and trusts and shit when you die.
          As for what you guys generally do….we don’t care what the staff does as long as the job is done. As for getting a job out there, like i said…only the people who fail here go and get a job out there…they already lost by the time they show up. Do with them as you please.

        13. When I used to work in a mental institution, we would get the occasional New Yorker come work there fresh off the boat.
          When they would pull their usual uppity snark, I would snap on them hard for their lack of “hospitality”. They always made it out like “Being from New York” is a valid excuse for rudeness.
          I would get a giggle out of the look on their faces because I would usually come back with,
          “Geography is a retarded excuse for rudeness. You WILL learn some fucking manners if you want to avoid extremely difficult working conditions”.
          I can’t stand that shit.

        14. That’s the way you have to handle them to properly civilize them to normal human standards. I know of no other way. A former manager of mine was from New Jersey and almost literally lost his job because he would not conduct his conversations like a civil human being, even normal technical ones he’d sprinkle with a heaping portion of cursing and lewdness. I’m no fan of PC corporate culture, but if you talk like a 14 year old who just found a Dirty Words 101 book, the you need to grow up a bit before joining a professional organization.
          There are cultural differences and I understand that, but if everybody around you is NOT talking the same way you are, and you get asked politely to clean it up, and you don’t, then don’t let the door hit ya’ where the Good Lord split ya’ on your way out.

        15. I don’t think “North” applies so much as “North East”. Ohio border Canada, we’re pretty north, but basically easy going and more prone to smile than to sneer.

        16. on a serious note and kidding aside, i really will be down in florida in august. Just how bad is the weather. I am hearing horror stories. I will be right on the beach, have access to a pool and really only be swimming, boating or in restaurants at night but what kind of level of fuckery are we talking?

        17. I am in North Florida. It is hot here and humid. Upper 90’s to 100’s in the summer with 90% plus humidity.
          This past month, and it continues, there has been more rain than usual in South Florida so you can expect similar weather.
          An extreme high level of fuckery. The sun seems twice as bright, the humidity will suffocate you and the heat is oppressive.
          Just make sure you have light weight clothing that can breathe.

        18. Yeah…I know what you mean. I from Texas so everybody north of the Red River is “North”. Haha but “Yankee” is what I really mean, and I think that is what we were talking about. I don’t consider everyone from “The North” to be Yankee. Or even all North Easterners, but that Yankeeness is very prevalent in the Northeast. And I haven’t met anyone from Ohio who was unpleasant to deal with.

        19. oh man…this is gonna be rough going. I bet the water feels like piss. My thinking is how bad can it be. I wake up in AC, jump in the ocean, eat in AC, have dinner, get drunk….

    1. Luke 11:9 “And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you”
      Luke 18:16 Jesus called them to him, saying, “let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven”
      Luke 23:46 “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” and having said this he breathed his last.
      Def feel copper

        1. nah, i am going to hell for other stuff. As for Jesus, he loves me fine. I am right with the lord. I am a godly man.

        2. I would offer to Tear Down Her Wall but I don’t think she is into that kinda thing

        1. need to watch it backwards. Christ, didn’t the 80’s teach any of your fuckers anything

        2. We listened to so many records backwards. Learned from Queen that Woooar wooo boobies looooaaar. Even more Satanic was Ozzy Osbourne. Most of his songs had secret messages like ggggoooooiiiieee aroooo pooonrrr tttiiiij. It was pure Lucifer.

        3. haha it’s true. I think that i spent at least as much time listening to music backwards in the 80’s as i spent to listening to it forward. Then the 90’s came and it was all about syncing it up to movies.

  20. “If a woman ever gave me crap about hitting on her, I would tell her that she was a Male Procreative Impulse Hater. And I would tell her that all straight men were just born this way. And then I would tell her to make room in her putrid pussy for my hog, because daddy’s bringin’ home the bacon.” – Gandhi

        1. Yes, he played Frodo and he was passed over. He was Hamlet’s older brother and he was passed over. It’s not the way he wanted it. He’s smat. Not like everyone says, like dumb, he’s smat

  21. Secular degenerates mocked the late Jack Chick, publisher of those amateurish Christian tracts you’d find left in random places, because of the way he foresaw the enforcement of male homosexuality.
    From hindsight his prediction doesn’t seem so irrational now.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16bb98aaa19a09a90ca42d51f9e6ef5cca75637ddaa838f1835967b60968ca58.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51f135fe099bd8e43104f734f653641c42e5dd279f481dbf5b654010c11b5740.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c5fa65a23e58b709e307f76dc7ee0af9a505d7136fe93f92e513ef4954c70a03.gif

      1. First they came for the red-pill guys…and I did not speak out…because I wasn’t a red-pill guy…etc.

      2. There were women actually against suffrage? I assumed they all wanted it. Or maybe that’s the impression the modern education wants to give.

        1. I’ve read that the socialists were instrumental in pushing women’s suffrage. They basically did a lot of the organizing, then white-knighted on stage before turning the mics over to strong, empowered womynz(tm).

        2. The majority never wanted the vote.
          Very large demos organised by women AGAINST women’s votes.

  22. I am transphobic.
    Phobia being an extreme aversion to something.
    If I see a tranny, I don’t know what the fuck it is. It’s mentally ill, which means I could be in danger being around it because the kind of person who will slice off their own dick is the kind of person that could easily cause bodily harm to me.
    It likely fornicates with multiple partners, and anally, and has a higher chance of being diseased. It could negatively influence others around me. And above all it is an attack on beauty and nature itself.
    I am not afraid of a tranny, not do I want to hurt it, but I do have strong aversion to it and want to avoid it.

    1. You aren’t transphobic. -phobic implies an IRRATIONAL aversion to something, and since it’s natural to be disgusted by mental illness, you’re the normal one.

  23. “Did George Lucas have a dark side? Or did he just have no idea where his story was going?”
    For the record, he didn’t decide that she was Luke’s sister until after making Episode 5.

  24. The end goal of progressivism is boinking kids and beasts. Never forget, they are led by their father, the devil. This perversion has an author.

  25. The Politically Correct progressive establishment is doing ANYTHING it can to put any speech it hates out of reach and societies discussion. End of Story. Control the context of speech, you trap people in a prison of their own making because they hold their tongues. there is no freedom when you can’t speak.

  26. Um, throughout the course of human history, polygamy has been the NORM. That’s why men are larger and stronger on average than women. Any biologist/anthropologist knows this. When one gender prefers a particular trait in the other gender when it comes to selecting mates, that trait gets exaggerated. Primitive women mated with the bigger, stronger males that could bring home the bacon a lot more than the wimpy dude who didn’t do so well. That behavior lasted millennia. To a certain extent, it still does – that’s why high school jocks do so well with the girls; the girls haven’t figured out that the high school football star is almost certainly NOT going into the NFL, so his ability to provide for a family isn’t going to be based on his football skills. So she dates him, has sex with him, marries him, has his kids (not necessarily in that order), and then gets to spend the rest of her disappointing life with a guy who aspires to become assistant manager at the local pizza shop, or maybe after 30 years in the factory will finally be making the same income as the skinny nerd did his first year out of college. The skinny, nerdy looking guy who’s going to invent the hover board is who’s going to get stinking rich and be able to provide well for his family gets overlooked, because intelligence isn’t obvious at first glance, but big muscles are. Frankly, if she’s that shallow and unaware, I wouldn’t want her. But, hey, maybe she’s happy with her life, and if so, good for her.

  27. “Fetishophobia”, yeah, I think “kink-shaming” has got to be the fakest, most bullshit normie “problem” ever pulled out of anybody’s ass.

  28. Just say it: Islamophobia:
    Now, according to the textbook formula of a ______ phobia, Islamophobia is just a (rational) fear of the religious and political movement known as Islam.
    But, according to the PC and SJW crowd, Islamophobia means: “dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.”
    Try it with spiders: Arachnophobia is a dislike of or prejudice against spiders, especially as a political force. Nope doesn’t work.
    Try it with heights: Acrophobia is a dislike of or prejudice against heights, especially as a political force. Nope doesn’t work.
    Here we see a PRIME EXAMPLE here of how the left goes beyond inventing new words but REDEFINING existing words and word usage to fit their narrative.
    If an SJW is frightened, there was hate speech.
    If an SJW is triggered, a crime was committed.
    This social cancer needs some serious chemo – and fast.
    Now it’s illegal to criticize any one tenet of Islam (even political tenet) because it’s the only religion on earth you cannot criticize else you’re guilty of a crime.
    You tell ME what the REAL crime is…

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