8 Images That Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See

It is no secret that the mainstream media and the main players on social platforms are in the Clintons’ pocket. Hillary is the champion of globalism and political correctness and a hypothetical victory would create juicy contracts and even more influence worldwide.

But hardly a day comes by before news that create cracks in the narrative emerge, before being quickly censored to sap the work of independent investigators.


A ray of truth is piercing through the thick veil of lies. In a battle against all odds, the work of thousands of small voices manage to destroy the narrative, one proof at a time. Here are the latest lies about Hillary:

  • She is physically fit to be President of the USA
  • She runs for the people, not the bankers or special interests
  • She won’t break the law to win

And here is what she did not want you to see and escaped global censorship:

1. The stairs


This picture was taken in February and is one piece of evidence about Hillary’s severe health issues and the storm of questions that followed after it went viral. It really looks like a fragile elderly lady, not a candidate for the most stressful job in the world.

What kind of debilitating condition does she have that she can not climb a few steps? Some say that those are the remains of the damages caused by a blood clot between her brain and skull, diagnosed in 2013. A lack of balance is usually one of the remaining symptoms of people that suffered strokes or other head trauma. Imagine how her health has deteriorated since February.

Meanwhile, El Ágil Navegador strolls around deserts and highways

Meanwhile, El Ágil Navegador strolls around deserts and highways

2. The seizures

Probably the most unsettling element of the list. Whatever seizure or not, it is not the reaction of a person in sound health.

Hillary still recurrently suffers from seizures as recorded above. One of the triggering elements of such a seizure can be an unexpected external stimulus, such has having to process questions coming from different sources at the same time


The seizure could be a reaction to the multiple questions coming from the reporters, plus the camera flashes and the noise. Many patient suffering from seizures often become masters at playing it off, to make it seem less serious than it is. Hillary Clinton seems to blame it on the cold drink in her hand (which she has not touched for a few seconds) or the seizure caused a blackout that makes her forget the question and she tries to change the subject, focusing on her drink.

Here she is again.

And improve it and get the costs… out of… uts… upward spiral

What kind of sentence is this?

In another rally, after the intrusion of a protester, she completely shuts down. This is an expression of total panic, an unnatural reaction to a low-level threat. The most disturbing part is the man rushing to her aid, calming her down and telling her to “keep talking.” Her mind is completely confused and she goes on autopilot, repeating his words.

This can not be the reaction of a leader. We are far away from the amused reactions that various leaders like Trump or Putin have when it comes to protestors.

Come at me, sugar tits

Come at me, sugar tits

3. The “handler”


Let’s talk about what seems to be Hillary’s handler. He is the one that comes to her aid when the “short- circuits” occur. He speaks to her like a therapist would, not a security specialist. He his part of her entourage and can be seen on the previous picture near the stairs

Good point

Good point


He can be seen here holding what appears to be a Diazepam pen, which is injected in case of intense seizures. Many sources agree that this man is not a Secret Service agent, but neurologist Oladotun Ocunola, who seems to be by Hillary’s side 24/7

Capture d’écran (588)

4. The coughing fits

This has been going on for a while and has been extensively documented. It can be attributed as a side effect of her medication or a recurrent problem left by the brain injury she sustained.

5. The face of Seth Rich


Seth Rich was a possible source of the DNC email leak.

A few days later, Rich was found dead after being beaten and shot in the back twice as he walked home from his girlfriend’s house early on the morning of July 10. He was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time of his murder, and had told her not to worry as she heard noise on his end of the line.

The police stated that it appeared to be a botched robbery, but his family has argued that his wallet, phone, and watch were left on his body. His mother, Mary Rich, has also confirmed to the media that he was found with bruises on his face, knees and hands, leading them to believe that he had fought for his life.

Source: Wearechange.org

Seth could be another addition to a long list of mysterious deaths that all come back to the Clinton circle. Luckily, voices have raised to investigate beyond the official version.

6. The hole in her tongue


Most sources attribute it to a scar left after a cancer biopsy:

Increasingly, base of tongue cancers are associated with human papillomavirus (HPV), which has a profound effect on the prognosis and treatment of the cancer.

Treatment for tongue cancer typically involves surgery to remove the cancer

Source: Mayo Clinic

You can get HPV by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has the virus. It is most commonly spread during vaginal or anal sex.

HPV can cause cervical and other cancers cancers including cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, or anus. It can also cause cancer in the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Could she have contracted cancer through Bill, her sex addict of a husband?

7. The face of Seddique Mateen in her rally


An endorsement that she would gladly avoid.

There he is. Pro-Taliban, Sharia law enthusiast Seddique Mateen, comfortably seated at one of Hillary’s rallies. No one forgot that he is the father of Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen.

Hillary pretends to be the candidate of tolerance but wants more people like him and his son in the country. She also claims to be defending gays after Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 in Orlando. She also supports gun control, one of the main reasons why Orlando victims were so numerous.


8. The tainted money

Capture d’écran (596)

She is Wall Street’s puppet but pretends to be a candidate of the people. She tells what she is told to say, as she has since the beginning of her career. The big money says “jump” and Hillary answers “How high?”

Contributors of the Clinton family

Contributors to the Clinton family


Howzat for the voice of LGBT, religious freedom and women’s rights? A pawn for her Arab masters. Voting against her is truly about self preservation.


Another gem by Ben Garrison

Another gem by Ben Garrison

The media covers it up again. We need to keep exposing those inconvenient truths and a professional, public assessment of Hillary’s health must be conducted.

Clinton-backed leftist strongholds such as the Daily Beast were quick to react, posting a try hard unoriginal response, involving unrelated extracts of Donald Trump’s speeches. As much as they try to deny the obvious, readers are not fools.

If physically unfit Hillary gets elected and applies gun control laws, terrorists won’t need guns to neutralize the President. They’ll just bring 20 strobe lights, Halloween masks and air horns.

Like anyone in a state of physical weakness, she must stand down. Let her finish her days somewhere quiet. A prison cell comes to mind. She is not fit to rule and should not endanger other lives by being in a position that involves power.

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296 thoughts on “8 Images That Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See”

    1. A surge of paid Hillary supporters operatives.
      I’m sensing very little organic support for Hillary. There aren’t many who would come to her defense out of honest conviction.

      1. fat women will support Hilary in droves. However, how many in a drove is debatable. I have seen some bitches so fat that they count as a drove when they are alone.

        1. I saw this fat, ugly, short haired women being pushed in the airport today on a wheel chair and I thought, that’s who’s voting for Hillary. Probably on disability too.

        2. They get votes based on the multiplier of weight per woman. Weigh 3 times a healthy woman, that’s 3 votes for you.

        3. <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il81r:….,…..

        1. There are a lot of brainwashed voters. There are also a lot of media-believer voters, left-leaning reflexive voters, lesser-of-two-evil voters. Would any of them come here and go to bat for her though? She doesn’t generate enthusiasm amongst those types the way Obama did.

      2. The woman sitting next to me at work won’t hear a bad word said against her. Any criticisms of her are solely because she’s a woman.

    2. I honestly don’t believe there are that many Hillary supporters. Her entire campaign is a facade. I traveled to LA a a couple months ago and saw hundreds of Bernie bumper stickers, signs, etc, but not a single one for Hillary. I regularly travel between three states, and all I see are Bernie and Trump signs/stickers, nothing for Hillary. Even my lefty friends from my college days aren’t supporting Hillary, and are either voting for Trump or Gary Johnson. Where is she finding support other than the lowest dregs of society?

      1. Plus, keep in mind, that most Trump supporters are afraid to visually show support for Trump out of fear for their safety, or destruction of their property.

        1. Frighteningly accurate. Most diehard libs down here have about 30-40 bumper stickers on their car. It’s got to be part of their mental disorder where they JUST HAVE TO virtue signal all they causes they support at all times. It’s not enough to spew it all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They gotta do it on their car as well.

        2. I was teaching at a super lib university during the Bush-Gore election and I knew this guy, another professor, who had like a million save the spotted faggot feather stickers or whatever. My buddy and I got like 100 bush stickers and in the middle of the night totally covered his car in them. He could never prove who it was, but he knew. It was in my top 3 best pranks ever and I am a master pranker.

        3. but I covered the car. I mean there was nothing on the hood or fenders but bush cheeney stickers. It was fucking priceless.

        4. Multiple bumper stickers indicates mental illness. If you live in über-lib area and have a conservative bumper sticker on your car, good chance it will get vandilized. Weak little twats, but what amuses me is when local city police will park a car with a Republican bumper sticker and stake it out. People who vandalize the car get arrested and a hefty fine. Heh.
          They nailed a AF reserve officer for even doing it. HA!

        5. Indeed. There was a story going around of a young woman who videotaped herself stealing two Trump signs off private property and destroying them. When confronted on social media about how it was a crime, she brushed it off and accused them of trying to stop her right to free speech. These people are completely mental.

        6. You would have loved it. It was fantastic. And this guy was a professor of environmental ethics at an incredibly liberal school if you can imagine how left that he was. He really wanted to say something but I think he knew best to let it be.

        7. THIS WAS A VOLVO TOO! Ha, and yes…one is fun, but it is a commitment when you can’t see anything but Bush stickers.

        8. they were all gone by the time the weekend was over. How he got them off I do not know, but it could not have been fun. It took almost an hour for 2 people to put all of them on and that was probably easier than taking them off.

        9. I don’t think they had prius back then….or if they did they were prohibitively expensive…but yes, Volvo or Subaru and now prius.

        10. I try to look forward to the dickish things I will do in the future and not just rest on my dickish laurels.

        11. I’m just laughing about, “save the spotted faggot.”
          “Well didn’t you know, the spotted faggot is responsible for… making babies hair grow…” Or some shit.

        12. There used to be a hippy couple around here who ran a small town head shop. They had all sorts of goofy bumper stickers. I always wanted to put one on there that said “nuke the whales” or ” kill em all, let God sort them out”, or something similar.

        13. I put a bumper sticker on a guy’s truck that I used to work with that said ” tiny cocks make me giggle”.

        14. It was like 2 am an we were shit faced and laughing our asses off in a parking lot

        15. The dilbert creator has written articles officially endorsing HRC because he fears for his safety if he doesn’t. He did this after he wrote some articles explaining how Trump was winning. Not even endorsing Trump, just explaining events and actions as he saw them. Why? Because the hate rolled in.

        16. Any mainstream political bumper sticker tells me the person behind the wheel can’t drive worth a damn because of a problem between the ears.

        17. Finally a police sting that’s worth something and goes after a real crime without tempting people into it like an unlocked or even running bait car.

        18. I was going to say something witty, then thought better of it. I got it at Spencer’s gifts for the reason of putting on his truck.
          I have also ordered a couple of “Gay Pride!” bumper stickers and put them on friends vehicles.

        19. Very interesting, I didn’t know about that. He’s correct though, Trump is winning, despite what the media says.

        20. I never understood how they get around entrapment, but I have no sympathy for thieves. I was “tempted” is not a defence, but what do you expect from people who make their life quest to “get over.”

        21. I have broken down and put a WFMU bumper sticker and a “try God-101.7FM” sticker on there too…

        22. I have no sympathy either but if “Bait Car” was in any bit reflective of reality the cops do a little drama to make it seem plausible that the car was left illegally parked with the door open and the engine running. Some people actually decide to legally park and secure the car because they are good people. Instead they end up with guns pointed at them and the hassles of interacting with cops until it becomes apparent they were only doing what a decent person would. So the message is, don’t get involved by helping people because it might be a trap.

      2. 1. Trump is under-represented in polls. Polls are based on phone calls when most normal people just hit the fu button on a unknown phone call.
        2.You also have to remember, national polls based on the popular vote always give democrats the edge because they dominate the popular vote in new york and california. Dems easily get up 3 points due to those states population, but it doesnt matter because voting is done on a state by state basis with an electoral college.
        3. The polls are biased. All media outlets are run by marxists who want to paint a pretty picture of hillary having all the support. These are the same losers that said brexit was -6 a week out and brexit won easily.

        1. They still keep denying Brexit, saying shit like “Not everyone has voted. If all people had voted, Brexit wouldn’t have happened.” And they insist on conducting another poll. If this happens and Brexit wins again, they will find another hamster wheel to spin.

        2. They will just force people to keep voting until it passes. This is the strategy with transgender laws. The public votes to keep them out of the restroom, then the next year some liberal p.o.s. make everyone vote again on the same issue.
          Liberals are like children who keep making demands, lose, then try to come up with new rules, then make the same demands. Problem is, conservatives are like parents that eventually always give in to the demands.

        3. To be fair, that’s the way you would do it regardless the policy. If someone were to try to reinstate patriarchal laws, they surely would try until it passed.

        4. No, there will be no further referendum, tptb can’t afford to have the “democracy illusion” exposed in the home of the “mother of all democracies” . They will fanny around and delay the invocation of article 50 for as long as possible though, while tptb engineer a massive financial collapse or false flag in the meantime ..

        5. The counter argument to that is that people who didn’t want Brexit to happen didn’t bother to vote that much, whereas people who were for Brexit, couldn’t wait to vote. Hamster power!

        6. This is what I call the “Do-Over”, as in when kids are playing a softball or baseball-type game in the streets or parl where there are no defined foul territories, i.e. a neighbor’s yard. A ball goes out of play…”Do over!” Many (or all) leftists do not have or like boundaries, so they are encountered with a democratic result they don’t like, bitch, whine, piss and moan, and Voila! it’s becomes a “do-over”.

      3. The only Hillary bumper sticker I’ve seen on a car was on the back of an SUV that did a smash-and-grab at a local gun store last month. No joke. Police were able to track the vehicle to Oakland, CA and arrested the guys.

        1. Makes the PD’s job easier. Searching for a perp’s vehicle, ask if it has an “I’m with H >> illary” bumper sticker.
          “Why, yes, in fact, it does!”

        1. For the most part, Snopes can eat a dick. I deleted them from my “Favorites” on my browser, since the tripe they push to debunk, disguised as leftist agenda, didn’t pass the smell test for a long time.
          EDIT: Part of the above was badly worded. I meant that Snopes has, to my eyes, lost of credibility when it comes to debunking other-than-plainly-obvious urban legends. They can still eat a…

      1. I have doubts-in my gut-about snopes. It appears to “be impartial”. Like the NY Times is you know.

      1. That’s what I’m thinking as well. I’m thinking they might have a “Trump supporter” (i.e. an operative) assassinate her in a last ditch effort to try and thwart Trump. I mean, the bitch is dying anyway. They might as well get something out of it. Oh, and they’ll be sure the assassin uses an AR-15.

        1. Tim Kaine, An absolute pussy. Dude sounds like a borderline gay, effeminate. He waves to the crowd like forrest gump and claps like a gay man. He panders at every opportunity by speaking Spanish.

        2. never head of him. Should have got Kane from wrestling. That would be a solid vice president.

        3. His family looks like they’re all carrying a bit extra in their chromosomal make up if you know what I mean.

        4. Too much man for Hillary, and probably a republican, most wrestlers seem to be. Makes sense since everyone know Vince McMahon is, so why wouldn’t he hire like minded people.

      2. There has to be a betting pool on her health somewhere

        Id wager she has some sort of short circuit in debate vs trump.

    1. It’s a bit long, and I’m no fan of the bloviating Alex Jones. But AJ interviews an expert neurologist on Clinton’s failing mental condition.

      1. Pussy is poisonous. It’s a protection from bacteria. Sperm, on the other hand, contains stuff that can make the skin look younger. That’s why some gay men like Jim Parsons look so good in their 40s.
        Letting girls know all of that can be quite beneficial.

        1. Its a shame the skin care industry conceal this scientifically proven fact from women. W-we’re just being objective here, ladies.

  1. That is awesome, I am so happy to see some karma for this bitch after 20 years of lies. I thought I was following this election pretty closely but that’s the first I’ve ever seen/heard of the seizures, lol.
    My fucking dog is more qualified than this diseased cunt.

  2. Another image she doesn’t want people to see is of the pathetic attendance at her campaign events. Meanwhile Trump packs arenas to capacity while the lines are still around the block outside

        1. Yup, I think she’ll win in the same manner Obama won, by using homeless and illegals to vote for her. Then stationing extreme militant feminists in front of polling places instead of Black Panthers like Obama had.

  3. As everyone knows, her biggest fear is that the secret leader behind all terrorists makes himself known. As what we know of Ben Gazi. Well he was a local Turkish man who worked for Professor Brixton as the foreman for his archeological dig.
    When the site was attacked by the Tar Monster he was one of the few workers not chased away. Between this and his size and generally creepy behavior and frightening appearance Scooby and the gang thought it was possible that he was in fact the Tar Monster.
    Latter on the gang “realized” that it was Mr Stoner who was dressed up as the Tar Monster and who was trying to steal the treasure. But they are fucking kids and a dog. I mean, come on! Due process anyone.
    Ben Gazi then was never seen again. Like fucking Kaiser Soze he disappeared. I feel that after Bin Laden (also known as Ben Laden) was killed (possibly with help of Ben Gazi), Gazi assumed control of all the terrorism. Mr Stoner presumably is still rotting in a prison while Ben Gazi is running all the evil deeds around the world.
    Hilary has been connected to Ben Gazi and she is trying her hardest to keep you from finding out. I would bet that in her first month of being president she totally bans Scooby Doo

  4. Wow…good job on identifying the “handler”. It is revealing and damning that this “handler ” guy is a neurologist which proves HRC (obviously) has a neurologic condition that needs the constant 24/7 supervision of a neurologist. I’m a doc /MD and did my ER residency with the military and know that all the POTUS have a doc with the presidential detail at all times. The doc isn’t part of the Secret Service but an active duty military physician and that doctor is always an Emergency physician. Makes sense, think about it. ER docs are the best trained to handle any life threatening emergencies . ER docs get specific training in recognizing and treating life threats . We are the best trained at CPR/ACLS/ATLS, cardiac arrests, rhythm disturbances, trauma resuscitations and airway management.thus our specialty is chosen in lieu of say a urologist or ENT. When the POTUS comes to town the local Level 1 trauma center is closed down to all patients in case of an emergency befalls the Prez. When the Prez came to visit when I was in my ER residency we closed the ER and had all the trauma surgeon STAFF doctors on standby just in case. A dedicated chopper was on scene to take the Prez directly to us if anything happened. This handler guy is a neurologist and closeups reveal what appears to be a diazepam ( aka valium) auto injector in his hand which is used to terminate seizures. This is shocking news and it is criminal negligence /malfeasence by the media to not fully investigate this…..

        1. Someone showed me a few pics of her on here last week. I would have a blast with that one.

        2. She’s surfaced again; the lesbo rumors between her and Hillsy floated years ago and never completely disappeared. They were and still are “close” after all.

        3. her pussy probably looks like a brand new penny.
          I still claim that there are no such things as lesbians. Only confused girls who haven’t seen my cock yet.

        4. You spoke of playing Spiderman webslinger.
          Have you gotten a woman to play dentist with you? You are The Dentist, and you must drill and fill all of her cavities.

    1. Hillary got hpv linked oral cancer from Wild Bill who got it from chubby jewish girl who got it from her father’s friend who got it from…


        1. I advocate violence against women and all they do is suck my cock. It’s all in the delivery

    1. O shit. W
      What was the old snl bit of halloween costumes by some sheisty guy?
      Johnny blaze.. And it was just a bunch of oily rags and a lighter

    1. I had to stop watching when a Lt. General told us what hastag he uses. Right or wrong, I just can’t abide grown men in positions of authority talking about fucking twitter.

      1. I don’t use Twatter either, but I love the sentiment in this video. I wonder if Hillary uses Twatter…

        1. Sentiment is fine. No problems on policy, motive, feeling…all good. But I just can’t watch a grown man, a Lt General of the US Army, speak to a group of people and talk about his hashtag. He just lends credibility. That just lends credence to the nonsense out there.

        2. John Kasich once asked me on the “Larry King Live” radio show, a bazillion years ago, “What kind of government do you think these people deserve”…I still can’t answer his question.

        3. I’m surprised he didn’t put his pension in jeopardy by his public comments at that rally. Many current and former Gubmint officials have backed Shrillary under duress; their careers and/or pensions depend on it.

  6. It’s quite possible that she could collapse on stage during the debates. Nothing surprises me anymore. That and the Benghazi/Wikileaks/e-mail leak must be eating her up inside.

  7. Why is everyone so surprised that she probably has some kind of brain damage? She is a feminist. That alone is enough to diagnose her with something severe.

  8. Its really clear she is unfit to take on the most stressful job in the world. This is really becoming a script out of a movie like “Weekend at Bernies”, the way this woman is getting carried around and propped up by her handlers.
    If there was a group of people propping up my aging grandmother like this i would be very upset and i would not allow it. If it was anyone else, i would feel sorry for the person, But hillary is a power hungry cunt so i dont feel bad for her at all.

        1. On second sight, this effect may be due to the use of different lighting and sharper lenses. Look at the much more pronounced shadow in the right image, indicating more direct lighting, as opposed to the diffuse lighting on the left. Also the left image is rather orangeish, which tends to obscure facial impurities. And then, a number of camera settings like Sharpness and automatically applied filters from various camera models can surely account for this kind of difference.

        2. I don’t know. Where is all that stress to come from? Jetting around the world, meeting with people?
          The most stressful thing for them is probably the campaigning.

        3. I’m guessing that the accelerated aging is due to stress of having to pass all those bull-fuck laws and Executive Orders that even HE doesn’t fucking agree with. Like all politico-fux, he knows from where his bread is buttered.

        1. What can be more difficult than the cuban missle crisis, negotiating at the brink of nuclear war? Or choosing whether or not to drop an atomic weapon on nagasaki? Or managing the invasion of iraq? Or fighting a civil war?
          The history of the american presidency is filled with hards times and hard decisions, with real consequences.
          When it gets ugly, nothing is more stressful and difficult than running america.
          Sure its not working in a coal mine 15 hours a day, but its stressful. And hillary isnt strong enough to do either.

        2. “Sure its not working in a coal mine 15 hours a day, but its stressful.”
          That’s what I meant. Maybe I was nitpicking, but I kinda don’t like cliches.

        3. No, it just seems like you are pretending not to be able to distinguish physical form mental stress or understand that he’s on call 24 hrs/day.

  9. We are truly witnessing one of the greatest cover ups in modern media history, with how the mainstream media is covering for this woman. Obama was never properly vetted by the media either, but it’s far, far worse with Clinton. They don’t even pretend any more to act fairly with the candidates. Most people have lost the ability to see or even desire truth, so they are blinded to it. It’s a sad state of affairs – or like Clint Eastwood said – we’re in a very sad time in history.

    1. After the election results come in, we’ll be able to tell the % of Americans who are still grounded in reality. Here’s hoping it’s at least half.

  10. All presidents and presidential contenders are propped up by handlers. In Hillary’s case, it’s just a lot more evident. Obama has that hole between his shoulder blades, which neatly fits the hand of whomever might be serving as the puppeteer…Hillary apparently needs people to point in the direction she should walk and wipe the drool off her puppet face…

      1. There’s a whole bunch of worker bees in that hierarchy…lugging the money bags, dusting off podiums, adjusting microphone levels, tweaking the scripts, carrying the meds, etc.

        1. “Jack! Goddamn it, you fuck that up again and I’ll stick this CANE up your ASS…and where’s my LUNCH you profane halfwit”, etc.

        2. I always thought Soros would use telekinesis to be honest. But that could be the emperor Palpatine thing…

        3. Maybe somebody is using telekinesis on Soros…which came first, the mindfuckee or the mindfuckor…hmm. As above, so below. Etc.

        4. he is very high profile to be the top dog I suppose. Or are you suggesting that Obama is using him as opposed to the other way round? Or maybe Hermes/Thoth is directing the whole thing

  11. Maybe Hillary isn’t ill, but in a state of transformation. I reckon she’s going to keel over at a future debate and then from the pantsuit Quetzacoatl will emerge to claim dominion over mankind

        1. She has always favored pantsuits, but it’s been noted that the longer jackets of her more recent Dr. No look are likely designed to cover up adult diapers.

  12. I hear Cher is going to take Hillary’s place after they yank her ass out – her slogan will be, “Cui Bono”?

  13. Pay close attention to this, because this is the opening stages of the final phase of Cloward-Piven.
    I’m drafting an article on leftist tactics, I was going to do Cloward-Piven as my second installment, but I might switch the order up now.

  14. Aint it funny that we consider it a crime to buy political influence with money, and yet money is pretty much what allows the candidates to campaign as they do?
    334.9 million? Yeah, that’s democracy alright.

  15. Just asking . . . has the identity of the pudgy black dude with the diazapam pen been confirmed? I think the snoopy site is calling BS.

    1. I thought it was Reverend Run and he was just around until this December when he can say what mama is cooking for Christmas (plot spoiler: it’s chicken and collard greens)

  16. Since the left calls all of us various “phobes” (islamaphobe etc) perhaps we should start calling them normalphobes

  17. Right this very second, they are busily grooming the gay (or transgender) president who will be “elected” about eight years from now…

    1. I dunno. I kinda think this will be similar to the 80’s/80’s. The quite popular Obama (Reagan) will serve his 8 years in office, then will get the less charismatic H.R. Clinton (G.W.H. Bush) for one term, at this point the electorate will become fatigued by leftists and we will have our own smashing victory similar to what happened with Bill Clinton.

  18. If they didn’t want you to know that she’s ill, you wouldn’t know it.
    Think about that!
    p.s. Relax, Trump has been pre-selected.

    1. My father assured me that Bill Clinton was in, about two years before the 1992 election – Bush Sr. vs. the basically unknown Bill Clinton. We were at a college basketball game on the SEC college campus where he taught economics. He tossed it off like it was nothing, while he was eating a sandwich. A contact of his at the Department of Defense laid it all out for him earlier that day. They gotta have the sideshow. Keeps the plebes on the edge of their seats, staring at the TV…

        1. It’s all about perception vs. reality. Feed them the perception via the media, over and over, and they will swallow it whole while polarizing either to the left or the right. Perception – My vote matters. Reality – Nothing you think, do or say matters. How can you stop being a machine unless you first realize that you are a machine…zzzzz.

        2. In fact, a lot of what we don’t do matters most! Our only power is to boycott what makes the machine tick.

        3. Exactly. If people stepped away from the TV en masse, that would be a good first step. The beauty of it is, the people’s core belief systems are so deeply embedded within them, that they will never consider anything that might utterly destroy those foundations. Never. They will kill, slander, or vicariously institutionalize people (go to war, assault by mob violence, riot, call someone crazy and do it with emphasis, stone them, lynch them, etc.), in some cases, if those people utter certain trigger words – just as programmed. Brilliant shit. Gotta give props.

      1. An acquiantance of mine, whose father was heavily involved with the teamsters at one time, pointed at the TV screen one night and said, “there is your next POTUS.” It was some newly elected punk senator from Illinois no one ever heard of.
        I do think peope in DC all collaborate, but it has never been so naked as it is today.

        1. Yup. They are stepping out from behind the curtain. All we can do is smile. We’re all demented fucks when you break it down. Asleep in someone else’s dream. We’re trying to wake up. But it’s hard…

    2. If that’s true, they are trying to defuse the anti-establishment, anti-elite populist feeling. Trump believes Obama created ISIS. Now if that is ‘on-message’ as opposed to ‘off-message’ what would be the implications? I’m not convinced Trump has been pre-selected, but I do think the elites hedge their bets, and this time round its rather strange how this campaign is playing out

      1. Michael, I’ve noticed that you are usually quite awake compared to the majority visitors of this site but on this occasion you too seem to be clutching at straws.
        They are secretly backing Donald Trump … while pretending to hate him as ‘the new Hitler’. However, the same people are deliberately (in their controlled media) making Hillary Clinton looks increasingly un-electable and they are doing their best to whip up a tremendous enthusiasm for Trump among the masses . In other words, Trump is their man of choice — but they need to pretend they hate him.
        On top, I’ve got strong evidence that Trump has Jewish roots.

        1. I think it’s more about what the best policy is, epistemologically speaking that is. Believing that everything is controlled, that the elite are pulling everybody’s strings is always a possibility, but one that – at least for the sake of sanity – it may be worth bracketing off. Elites are elites. They are not all jews or free-masons or whatever, but whatever they are they will have shared interests, including to make sure the general public don’t get too uppity and upset the apple-cart completely. Is Donald Trump controlled? I would say it’s more a case of his having a foot in both the elite and the populist camp, hence his utility. The panic amongst the establishment, both republican an democrat, jewish or gentile is probably real enough, but it’s not inconceivable that the real movers and shakers, top masons, or whoever it is has the real influence, are aware of the need to restore public belief in democracy. I am highly sceptical about the Brexit, which for instance gave Goldman’s Sach’s Mark Carney an excuse to cut interest rates and push further QE (all in keeping with the globalist inflationary agenda) while the British public receives the message “this is what happens when you don’t listen to your betters”. So could Trump be about something similar – a simulated triumph for populist democracy – which would then provide the powers behind the throne with an excuse to generate some crises which they would then have to rescue us (and Donald) from? It’s possible, but then even if we might acknowledge the possibility, is it good form to commit to such an interpretation? Because I’m pretty sure Hillary is playing for real.
          I think the best strategy is to hedge on the basis that the elites that matter, whoever they are, will have planned to maintain their influence, whoever gets in. Maybe the whole things is rigged as Trump has suggested it might be, but then if he gets in he will have proved it isn’t (or the other way round if you are correct). Either way, it’s epistemologically unhealthy to assume that every outcome is pre-determined however much we may be presented with a choice of pre-scripted dramas

        2. It is epistemologically healthy to be always skeptical. You outline the possible scenarios quite well and even for the Brexit – although the game there runs even deeper.
          Both Trump and Hillary are playing for real but that does not mean they are not controlled. Trump has always been very flexible throughout his whole business career. When he get pressured to make an U-turn on his promises he’ll just rationalize it in his mind with being pragmatic and flexible.
          But whenever he screws up, the controlled media will throw up their hands in horror and cry, “See, we warned you against this maniac! Oy veh, why didn’t you take our advice and vote for Hillary?”

        3. Well, whether they say ‘oy veh’ or not is another matter. Certainly the media is largely a monopoly and controlled as such, but to speak of ‘control’ – while I may do so myself sometimes – is in a sense a philosophical matter – we are all controlled to some extent, and Trump and Clinton, are inevitably going to be even more so the object of attempts, successful or otherwise, to control them given the level of vested interested. We know Clinton is in the pocket of Goldman Sachs and other elites. Trump might have a measure of freedom to act independently, but inevitably were he to be successful, he would come under intense pressure from the establishment, whatever its nature, to conform and play ball. To some extent I would expect him to buckle, but perhaps not as much as they would hope.
          When we speak of ‘control’, puppet-masters, shadow-governments etc, and yield to them mastery of the world it is always a double-edged sword. Just as power can sometimes most effective when it is hidden, it can perhaps seem to be even more effective when it can seem to project itself everywhere, in which case the what is learned is helplessness. Sometimes it makes sense to take the policy decision that things are more as they seem rather than less. Maybe we’re not at that point yet, but we may be getting close

    1. Then the fitness standards of the Secret Service apparently have been suspended. That dude couldn’t run ten feet without falling into a coronary arrest.

  19. After the seizure, why not say something like, “excuse me,” instead of smiling like a psychopath, as if nothing happened and no one noticed. The girl at 0:05 definitely noticed. Maybe she’ll have one of these head bobbing seizures during the presidential debate standing next to Trump, followed by witty Trump response.

    1. “instead of smiling like a psychopath”
      She has shown no empathy aside from expressing necessary means for her ends. She manipulates everyone she can. She lies and does so without any reason at all sometimes.
      Most of all, people who work for her, who aren’t political sycophants hate her (including secret service personnel). And she’s proven consistently she has no capacity or will to learn from past mistakes.
      She uses her logic and understanding to further herself and her concealed agendas; she does this very well despite her track record of objective failure and transparent deceit. Though that is implying her objectives were for our sake in the first place. I know that is not the case.
      I think she may actually be a psychopath bros. Not like my pic, he was small timing it compared to her.

        1. I have sociopathic qualities but I’m learning to uh,, minimize them. I don’t think it’s a good thing but I honestly think part of it is genetic, I have a hard time empathizing and building normal human relationships.

  20. Corrupt, mentally unstable, warmonger…Roosh is right: if this creature wins, i predict dark times for the Western World.

    1. Just the “cannot tolerate stress inducing environments” is enough to see her unfit for presidency (or any other political position). Then you add all the other things, there just are no words for this.

  21. It’s a tossup as to what drives me mad faster: Hearing Hillary Clinton talk or hearing your typical millennial, like, talk? in that annoying upspeak?

    1. Hillary, no question.
      When giving speeches, she has her own peculiar finalizing intonation. The entire sentence, except for the last few words might as well be monotone. Then, those last few words get very drawn out, slightly oscillating in tone, and louder. This pattern never changes.

      0:43 and 1:51 in this video are examples.

    2. I thought Obama’s voice pissed me off. Hillary’s is worse. Obama is like a lecturing black man; he can at least SOUND intelligent. Hillary just sounds hysterical.

  22. Its tim we meme and shame the fuck out of Shillary supporters of social media especially fb. Ive been doing it for a long time on fb. Just dont defend anything you do. I make my memes mostly stuff that cant be refuted. Ive been calling out CNN and the MSM that are the paid shills for Hillary also. Shitpost with facts and you cant be shot down.Give up on trying not to offend anyone. If you have offended someone then you’re doing it righ or as a red piller , they dont know you that well. Ive found https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/ to be a good place for ammo if you dont want to be creative. Fight the propaganda machine that is the msm and get on the Trump train shitposting army.

  23. Just a word of advice, that big pudgy black dude may actually be a SS agent and not the neurologist you pictured. Probably a good idea to verify that sort of stuff before publishing an article like this or you’re giving her defenders ammunition.

      1. Contrary to popular assertion, you can be fat, and be virtually any kind of federal officer, as long as you meet some very, very low standards, which get even lower with age. The military, and only a few branches at that, are the only ones who really care about weight over performance.

  24. She is fighting to be President as if her very life depends on it. And I believe it does. She (and Bill) owe so many favors to so many powerful players that the only chance she has of paying those favors back is if she becomes President. If she does not win, she can’t pay those favors back and is likely to meet with a fatal “accident”.

  25. Apparently, some records from Mt. Kisco Medical Group were leaked on twitter from the doctor that gave Hillary a clean bill of health. They contain a prior diagnosis of seizures and dementia.

  26. Here in Australia every single article in the MSM (Fairfax media and the ABC) regarding Trump has been a hit piece on him. I’ve not seen a single one where anything good about what he’s said or done is reported. This is in stark contrast with Clinton. Every article is a glowing endorsement of her regardless of what she has said or done.
    When they come up up against each other during the debates Trump will rip Clinton to shreds. And she knows it. She’ll probably have a stroke right there and then on the stage and her supporters and the media will blame Trump for being so mean to her.

  27. nice summation….this chick is gonna croak!
    The Dems must have someone ready to slide in when she keels over….this may be the plan all along….the bait and switch???

  28. none of this matters. Her voters don’t care about policy or ethics, they just want to take from the white man. Their main goal (if they could) would be to kill and rape every conservative white family until they’re all gone. Debating over ‘policies’ is just a smokescreen for what they really want.

  29. I struggle with the strength of my Christian faith. It’s hard to believe fully and all the time when you’re so skeptical of the modern world. I find God speaks to me so subtly that it can always be explained away as luck or good timing or random chance. Maybe that’s the point.
    Regardless, while Trump is not perfect, Hillary is against everything for which I stand. Her health conditions may be signs of an impending judgment from God. He may strike her down at the most damaging time through these health problems. If she has any sort of major health issue occur during a debate, she will be almost certainly done in.

    1. many old people have health problems I don’t think it’s ‘God’s judgement’. Afterall she’s extremely rich, she could retire and chill out the rest of her life if she wanted.

  30. Skadden. THE law firm of the ultra elite investment banking divisions. Secretive, exclusive, callous. They are power brokers in their own right.

  31. A couple of observations:
    #5 Let us not forget the name of Vince Foster, a Clinton White House atache whose mysterious “suicide” in 1993 is still the stuff of conspiracy theories.
    #6 She got HPV throat cancer from Bill? I’m shocked by that naive statement ROK. She evidently got it the same way as Michael Douglas…from their favorite pastime: muff diving, head first.

  32. She isn’t fit to lead. Her time as the Secretary of State is a microcosm of her judgement & decision making skill under pressure. Or lack thereof.
    She is the comfort blanket candidate for the majority of those who cling on to the hope that she’s the second coming of Margaret Thatcher in competently handling the tough times ahead.
    And even ol’ Margy made her mistakes & went the way of all political flesh.

  33. Found this not long ago. Quick search says it’s not completely accurate, though it still holds enough truth. Zeifman said this in an interview: “Well, let me put it this way: I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were — were no longer needed, and advised her that I would not — could not — recommend her for any further positions.” The quote in the picture is the reason for being unable to recommend her.
    Don’t know if this is old news to you, I don’t live in America.

  34. Fucking hell. As a European who is generally not interested in politics at all, and especially not American politics, this is shocking and totally new to me. How can people close their eyes to these facts?

      1. Yeah I know. Unless people visit this Return Of Kings article, they will never even become exposed to this information. Here in Europe all I read or watch in the media is how silly and bad Trump is. That’s all they’re reporting basically.

  35. Having trouble with the signifigance of the image with the subtitle “El Ágil Navegador” … what is its’ relevance?

  36. Whatever the case may with this old bag, and you presented some pretty scary shit – she still has a good chance of getting elected – yet I’m amazed of the stupidity of high level idiots in the government including a few high ranking CIA guys are worried that Trump would be a reckless president.

  37. The visibly shocked journalist in the seizure video now claims she wasn’t the least bit shocked, because she understandably doesn’t want the Clinton crime family to kill her too.

  38. What we’re observing is clones of Hillary who are expiring and past their “best before date.” Human cloning and manipulation will be the most talked about topic of the next decade once it’s finally exposed to more of the population. What began in the late 1970s has reached absolutely ridiculous and outrageous proportion and levels internationally. A real interesting character from the past, Dr. Peter Beter, exposed it all in the 1980s before he was finally dealt with severely. The movie The Island does a fair job of exposing some truth in regards to human cloning, although the techniques are much, much more advanced now.
    Cloning a middle-aged human takes about a week or less, but they are inherently unstable and start to break down quickly (physiologically and psychologically), usually in a matter of months and never function beyond 2 years — from what I hear. They age quickly, behave strangely, can’t process questions too quickly or react to unrehearsed material in a natural function. Apparently the Americans and Russians made different breakthroughs in decades past and use different techniques of human / animal cloning. The Russian method is preferred and more stable apparently. Doesn’t it put a whole other spin on international politics and intrigue???

  39. I believe the woman behind Hillary when she is having the seizure is Eleanor Holmes Norton – the DC delegate to the House of Representatives.

  40. Read ANY news story online about Cankles then read the comments ! NOBODY likes this witch. Shows how corrupt the Government and MSM really are.

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