The 10 Hottest Girls Of The Olympics

Return Of Kings wishes to interrupt its normal program of male self-improvement, exposing criminally-inclined SJWs, and hard-hitting news to bring you the ten hottest girls of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Continuing its reputation as the most red pill major social media network, Reddit users have steadily compiled a sub-reddit called “The Oh-lympics.” This showcase of some of the Rio Olympic’s best female “sporting talent” promises to give male fans a much better return on their investment than actually watching women’s sports.

Although you should feel free to compile your own top ten list, here is Return Of Kings‘ for your perusal and general enlightenment:

1. Darya Klishina

Although not blessed in the mammary department, the thought of the 25-year-old blonde long-jumper would keep almost every man on the planet warm during the coldest Russian winters. Her middling international performances over the years aside (this is just her first Olympics), ROK is thankful that Klishina even got to Rio. Why? Because all her teammates on the Russian athletics team were banned from attendance due to the recent doping scandals. There must be a God if Klishina was spared in order to grace our television screens.

2. Rossella Fiamingo

The Italian fencer may have the goal of piercing her Rio rivals with an épée, but many men watching her at home would love to pierce her with something! Another 25-year-old, Rossella appears to like chilling out at beaches with her perky cleavage on display. That’s a big plus, because no man really wants to watch fencing, especially when said perky cleavage is always covered up. Sexually fertile Italian women seem to have been forgotten in recent years and this supple athlete gives us every reason to check them out again.

3. Amina Kajtaz

Bosnian wimmer Kajtaz actually competes in the butterfly, but I’m sure you’d all rather breast-stroke this 19-year-old. In addition, she’s the greatest thing ever produced by the Yugoslavian Wars. If not for these conflicts, her parents would not have had sex when they did to produce her. So thank you, militantly racist Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian Muslim militias!

4. Shelina Zadorsky

Zadorsky, a 23-year-old Canadian, is one of the best reasons for us to take women’s football seriously. She still doesn’t push us over the line into becoming fans, but no worries. We’d just be willing to pretend we liked it for a chance to tackle on her “pitch.” No one on our writing staff will be keeping track of how many goals she scores; all that matters to us is that she scores highly in pleasing our eyes.

5. Anouk Vergé-Dépré

Pictured on the left embracing her chest-impressive partner Isabelle Forrer, 24-year-old Vergé-Dépré violates the 200-year Swiss tradition of neutrality by making us want to invade the territory below her navel. If you hadn’t wanted to experience Switzerland before, you certainly want to experience this Swiss volleyball player. Imagine her asking you to “frolic” with her on that sand?

6. Kassidy Cook

Dogs may be man’s best friends, but you would rather be 21-year-old diver Cook’s best friend with benefits. Whether or not the American wins a medal is immaterial; she’s already won gold for getting our blood to rush towards a particular place. With a buoyant ass like that, there’s no chance of her hitting the bottom of the diving pool and injuring herself. Phew.

7. Antonija Sandrić

28-year-old Sandrić should remind us that Croatia isn’t just a location for wonderful beachfront parties, yacht cruising, and Game of Thrones sets. The basketball player’s lack of head-turning height is more than made up for by her ability to get a certain part of men taller. Female basketballers, most notably Western ones, are not known for their beauty, so Sandrić is one of the biggest surprise packages on display at Rio this year.

8. Ellen Hoog

The 30-year-old Dutchwoman is definitely hot enough for American readers to accept field hockey as a sport alongside ice hockey. Winning gold with her team is likely her definition of Dutch sporting glory, but our version is waking up to her in a bed during tulip season in Amsterdam. A place at the top of a podium is deserved by any man who gets with this fine specimen.

9. Paraskevi Papachristou

Natural hair color or not, 27-year-old Papachristou rocks the dark-eyed, light hair contrast. She also provides us with a stellar opportunity to replace the disastrous Greek economic stimulus package with our own form of a stimulus package. The triple jump and long jump are two of athletics’ least popular sports, but that wouldn’t stop you from rolling around in the dirt with her for two weeks in Rio.

10. Amalie Iuel

Thank the Lord for Danish-Norwegian interbreeding. 22-year-old hurdler Iuel may represent Norway, but she can choose whichever of her two ancestral countries she wants. The only condition we insist on is that she keeps baring her skin and advertising her svelte figure. Any TV producer who cuts to commercials while she is on screen should be stoned in the same manner advocated by those extremist imams in Oslo.

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385 thoughts on “The 10 Hottest Girls Of The Olympics”

    1. Some days I’d be willing to fit her in my present top 10 in lieu of either Paraskevi Papachristou or Kassidy Cook, but most days this one would still fall outside it.

    2. don’t get me wrong, she is firmly in WB territory. But look at those fucking man hands and shoulders. Fucking her from behind would be like waiting for a football to be hiked to you.

  1. Guys, this top 10 is in no particular order. I obviously haven’t been able to view multiple pictures of every female athlete and the onus is on you guys to challenge my top 10 with your own list, or just name girls you think I omitted and should have included.

  2. That photo of Kassidy Cook holding her dog says it all…bet that puppy’s a male, ya think? She doesn’t keep its nails trimmed, so she probably puts socks on its paws, you know, when it’s “sleepy-sleep time”…

        1. A woman just got arrested for having sex with her dog. Article is over on Breitbart right now…I guess it really does happen

      1. An Irish woman died after fucking her dog a few years back; she had an allergic reaction to its semen (choke down that red pill guys – dog sex happens way more often than you’d like to think, especially when it comes to hot women; they are always being approached to do kinky new sexual shit, which expands their sexual boundaries rapidly, and the average female mind works like this, “Hmm, that’s interesting; I should try that. And besides, nobody will find out” – yeah, unless you die from an allergic reaction, or the dog knot gets stuck in your vuh-jay-jay and you have to call 911, which happens frequently, but never makes it into the SJW-controlled media; women are sick puppies, and I mean that literally; you can’t really find stories about this on the Internet, but you can find evidence of it by doing this search at a search engine – woman +sex +dog +knot +stuck – just check out the first page of results, the titles of the videos, as I wouldn’t recommend actually watching one of them, because you won’t be able to unsee it, but you’ll see the sobering truth; you can check out the story about the woman who died from an allergic reaction at the link below) –

  3. Such a large collection of narrow hipped, high-T, she men. Look, I know this is a mens sight and every now and then you have to do ‘click bait’, but in this era of questionable looking women we should easily be able to highlight a few true ‘sex pots’ or well proportioned dames.
    Sorry, but to my eyes, having a pretty face stacked atop a narrow hipped, flat chested , chiseled body, more akin to that of a 14 year old boy, does not a “Hot Chic” make.

    1. they do look like men. because male bodies are superior to female ones in physical contests. but lets just be glad its not “TOP 5 TRANS-SEXUAL OLYMPIC SAUSAGE SMUGGLERS”

      1. Unfortunately they are already ahead of you. This yearsnolypaics allowed anyone to who identified as “female” to compete. A T count 3 times that of an actual female’s? No problem. You actually have a penis? So what, its how you “feel” that matters! You crush all the females with ease, to the point of obviously sandbagging, then surging to the front with unbelevable speed? Wow, he* I mean SHE is sooooo talented!

    2. mostly agree, but I would do spectacular things to that Italian bird. Also, by my own personal laws, if she is under 25 and not fat I will fuck her. I really don’t have a choice in the matter.

      1. This fucking agenda is so grotesque that it is clearly causing a lot of resentment that I suspect will end in backlash towards these freaks.
        And nothing would make me happier.

        1. So far it’s working for them and I personally am not an optimist – it’s a combination of factors as you and I already discussed.
          This ship has too many leaks for the hands to cover.

        2. It will be interesting to see how the media (and society) treats domestic violence once many of these types of relationships (girl on girl) go south.
          You know how it’s been so far? Domestic abuse…have to lock up the man. You’ll see society (and the media) turned on it’s head once they have to report on it (throwing a woman in jail for domestic abuse). It goes against the narrative.

      2. i saw that. fucking revolting. These bitches can’t do that in private, no they want to brag and show off their sick tendancy. disgusting.

    3. Gotta say, I can’t entirely disagree. My preference is nowhere near what is now considered “beauty” although there’s always a beautiful woman to be seen even today.
      Those pin up girls from the 40’s and 50’s though, yow wow, that’s how women should look.

        1. Which one? I like’em both! Knew a girl when I was stationed in Texas, sweet Southern girl from Alabama, who was a ringer for the one on the Corvette, except she had darker hair. And the blonde, well, she looks a shocking amount like a woman I know in real life.

        2. The one on the car? Yeah, she’s beautiful and far end feminine. I remember when my grandfather and uncles hung calendars like this up in the garage where they worked on their cars. Pages of gorgeous extremely feminine women.

        3. Yes the one in the car. The funny thing is for me to actually give my son a real idea od what my first girlfriend, the one who almost kept him for being born, looked like. All her pictures were long gone the only thing I could find was a pinup. she was that feminine. They just don’t look like that very often anymore
          His mother looked more like a model. Closer to what the curvier versions of these athletes look like. so obviously I do like both

        4. Yeah, it’s revolting what it’s become. If you search for “nose art” or “pin ups” you’ll get plenty of 40’s and 50’s chicks but see the inked up ugs with ironic glasses primping around in 1940’s get ups. Revolting.

        5. I was just looking at the local hooker ads, no I’m not buying right now. I noticed that the girls who have no tattoos and no piercings make a point of it and they get more money. The girls who look like suicide girls also make a point of it. but they can’t charge as much and they’re far more common

        6. I think it might have something to do with the social-engineering push towards androgyny…at least I hope it’s socially engineered, and not something young women are choosing of their own volition. Who knows for sure, but yeah, it’s fuckin’ gross…

        7. I had a girl once asked me what I had against tattoos and piercings. I told her that it made a girl look like a whore. oh did I get my ass chewed. Guess what she did for a living? Yep she called her job being a provider. And the guys paying for sex this days are called hobbyist. this is all very strange to me.

        8. Kind of off-topic here but hey, we still have freedom of speech (at least today). I noticed on those Backpage ads that every U.S. city has, there are scores of girls who advertise their special one-on-one services. And many of the ads read, “In town for the weekend only”, or “Not here long”. Which made me realize a whole fuckload of women, whore themselves out on a part-time basis, away from their nests, and then come back, probably to their husbands, and play the good girl…ha.

        9. I am a biker and run with bikers, but as a lone wolf and not a rocker bearing member. I have zero ink. None. Not an splotch. The men don’t care at all, we all get along great, but sometimes one of their back-seat covers will ask me where my tatts are. I tell them I don’t have any, then they go on a “Why, see, here’s mine which commemorates the first time I saw a Meow Mix Commercial…etc” When they’re done I’ll answer “Because I’m an individualist, and I don’t conform to the crowd. Everybody has ink now, even grandmothers. I choose to rebel by standing apart from the herd”.
          Generally it gets a neutral reaction, sometimes a negative one (once they realize what I just indicated about them). Fuck it.

        10. That’s just marketing. They do that to create of sense of urgency in the man. Act now or miss out. But yes with tinder the hos can get paid to travel now.

        11. Hell say it loud and proud it you are a whore or a whore monger. Euphemisns are just an admission that your are ashamed of what you are doing

        12. I have no link and no holes in my body Im n the minority but I am not alone with those I hang with. My son is the same, In his case he is the only person he knows who has none. In my case I say the same thing you do. My son just tells them he isn’t a fool. My son was born an alpha

        13. They do the feminine thing, but they have it screwed up with tatts that scream whore. Good for a fuck, nothing more

        14. You guessed it. They do a tour every summer (facebook pics show it as a vacation) and come back and play good girl. That is the way a lot of girls get through school now. They never admit to it back home
          It is fucked up

        15. I’ve had several girls, under the age of 21, offer me regular sex in exchange for my help with college tuition and bills. They just flat-out ask me, point-blank. Now, true, that’s pretty weird, but hey, I’m starting to consider it. If I find an 8-plus who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, I might be down for it. Don’t have time for a regular relationship these days. Don’t like banging random sluts. It’s starting to look more and more appealing…

        16. The prostitution angle has never been that appealing to me. but now that I’m getting older and facing the wall I definitely can see the appeal. The sugar daddy arrangement mean you’re getting a girl who isn’t banging so many other guys. it makes more sense you might even get some good company other than just laid. I do find it disturbing that so many girls have absolutely no moral standards and treat their pussy like a bank account. But if you have the 3000 a month or so it cost it’s a pretty good deal for a guy who’s not interested in relationships but wants to be able to play it at will and not catch an STD. maybe not have to use a condom. If the money don’t hurt that’s a good deal

        17. Yeah that’s what I’m thinkin’…change is the only thing a man can truly count on. I’m really sure I can bag a hot one for way less than 3K a month. If it’s cheap enough, I might bag two. A blonde hottie the other night (23 years old) overheard a conversation I was having with a business client, strolled up, and asked me out. She said she needed an older man who could help her out with things. I looked over and saw this big, young dude standing at the bar behind her. So I asked if that was her boyfriend. She looked insulted, and said, “He’s just a friend with benefits.” Heck, I could use a friend with benefits. Especially if they’re hot. The cool thing about an arrangement like that is, they aren’t as likely to pull their usual crap. Meaning, try to get you in trouble, or accuse of this or that – because it’s clear she’s being paid for sex, and she’s a willing whore. Yup, it has its upside for sure…

        18. we should photoshop that and put a sign like “this is what a real woman should look like” and flood feminists forum with that

        19. I don’t know how being covered in tattoos got tied up into vintage dress. I like when women will wear period outfits and such but when they are covered in tattoos it’s just ruined.

        20. Good one on the individualist.
          I’ll usually explain to them that I’m an ice cutter. I cut the path (others follow)..not the other way around here. I, too, see it everywhere. People getting tats just for the fuck of it and for everything stupid little thing.
          When younger chicks ask about getting one or they’re thinking about getting one I advise them against it. I tell them that the natural female form is beautiful “as is”. The trendy thing is getting tats or wearing those framed glasses…just like everyone else. Stand out a little, be different and be beautiful. Long hair, a dress on occasion, etc…be a woman. I always compliment women when I see the dress, long hair, etc…because you don’t see it as often, today. Sad.

        21. AND femininity. If that were made today she’d be looking back at you from the hood of the car scowling and telling you what’s up.

        22. No… Just because she’ll see you as a john doesnt mean that she’ll see herself as a hooker. You’ll get aids from a bitch like this. I’d suggest that you do the hunting yourself is you want that dish.

        1. So?
          You can talk a woman into trimming and shaving. You can’t make a semi-male chick or a landwhale beautiful, and she’ll fight you tooth and nail about it. Given a choice, I’d go with the bombshells over the moderns any day of the week. I mean how expensive are a pair of scissors and a razor blade, right?

        2. It wasn’t a problem, it was normal. Men fucked women to kingdom come long before porn came along and normalized crotch shaving.

        3. I am well aware GOJ. But you can’t squeeze that tooth paste back in that hairy bottle. Like Thomas Wolfe said, presumably also about cooter grooming, you can’t go home again.
          I was plenty happy to get some muff back in the 80’s. It was a joy. But since my first zambonied ice rink the very thought of a hair on that axe wound makes me sick.

        4. They don’t understand we liked bush. It ment the girl was old enough. When I was in high school I met a cute little thing while I was drunk at a party.. Things were going great she was a little flat but nice. I reached down her pants and I almost ran away. No hair down there. She was thirteenth years old and not fully developed yet. I sobered right up and said goodbye

        5. You’re making it about muff. I’m stating that if muff is the only concern to consider, I’ll take a feminine ’40’s pin up any day of the week over a modern half-male girl. I’ve nothing against shaved chicks.

        6. I find Flatout strange to find men today who are revolted by the sight of pubic hair.
          We may all have our preferences a beautiful woman is still a beautiful woman and her pussy looks just fine with pubic hair though there is a certain look to shaved that is appealing

        7. Reminds me of the dark times where having the fur in the fun zone meant that she wasn’t infested with vermin.

      1. 100% in agreement. Infact that is mys standard template as well when it omes to “sexy”. I remember as a child seeing very old re runs of Betty Boop, over seas on the US military channel in Germany. To this day her figure and legs are kryptonite for me if see anything similar to her on a real woman.
        This is a “hot” female athlete to me, notice she isnt really “athletic” at all. Just fuckin sexy. Ripped physiques are for men. I want a woman that in no way hints at masculinity. In this modern world i have no idea why that concept is so hard to fathom.

    4. I so disagree every one of those girls is hot snake hipped or not. And do you really think #8,10, 7 and 6 fit your description?

      1. I can see what he’s saying, but I also understand that if you view athletes, well, you’re gonna see athletes. I stated my two preferences above, and made concessions for two more who are probably smoke shows off season when their bodies soften and look more natural. Otherwise, eh, athlete bodies don’t do a lot for me, unless encountered with a huge rack on them.

        1. Exactly these girls put another 5% of body fat back on themselves in the off season and are far softer and more feminine looking off season.

    5. I wholeheartedly disagree, the female body in great condition is extremely attractive. I workout and like women that work out. With the current state of Western obesity, these girls are a breath of fresh air. Some take it too far but I’ve seen hundreds of 9+’s at the Olympics this year.
      To each his own I guess.

      1. Well yeah, given a choice between Landwhale and Athlete Girl, it’s a no brainer, heh.

        1. damn. indeed, this warm up is very… interesting. But i suspect her to be a poser : the smile, the sexy pose isn’t appropriate (when you are preparing to compete in a running with competitors, you are stressed, not feeling sexy.. imo)

        2. Well now, isn’t that a perky little warm up.
          She knows *precisely* what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. And I don’t have a problem with that, girls showing off pretty bodies by gyrating erotically are something I approve of.

        3. Yeah but its only female sports. Why would she take that seriously when she knows that to truly be successful… as Shabba Ranks said “sex sells!”

        4. But we have the choice of every woman on the planet for a list article. Why bother squeezing skinny 6-8’s into it when we could enjoy a “hottest girls in my neighbourhood” article and get better ? Take an honest look at these girls… Maybe they were some bad pics or something… This is like a “hottest girl in HR” list with writing so hackneyed that it seemed to be imitating a women’s magazine ?… Satire perhaps ?.

        5. I happen to take women’s sports seriously and quite honestly, I’m a little offended by this article and some of the comments. Women deserve the same recognition as men in regards to sports, you obviously didn’t see the soccer game last night. These girls work their asses off.

        6. i agree, mr ghost…….my ex wife was a gymnast……tight ass, and boobs you could crack an egg on…….once you’ve been there, flabby girls go to the back of the bus

        7. I like the beach volleyball. Fit women actually doing something and they’re better on the eye and mind than porn.

        8. You would think that goes without saying. But judging just from the replies to my original comment, you’d think I said the pinnacle life is chasing chubbys.

      2. As much as a love a soft slender and curvy girl. To many guys are mistaking fat for curvy. And an athlete has much to recommend her

        1. I agree, too many guys has bought the idea fat is beautiful due to brainwashing. A normal man (understand : red pill) knows what curvy really means.

        2. That’s right most of us men love us some curvy girls. Curvy girls do not have significantly bigger waists. If you got a thick waist you are a fat girl

        3. Ginger (Gilligan’s Island) was a curvy girl. Raquel Welch was a curvy girl.

      3. I am with you 100% on this one! The ones that take it too far in the gym are often also doing test and dianbol and fucking tren. That just ruins it. But when I see a girl in excellent shape, around 15% body fat who can exert power it is a true turn on.

        1. I was specifically talking about trenbolone which I see girls using more and more now in serious lifting gyms. Clenbuterol almost as bad, but not quite as deadly I believe.

        2. Ah, ok. I know all about Clen, but haven’t ran into anybody doping on trenbolone yet.

        3. I don’t see women deadlifting that much, so it’s probably not something I’ll encounter. We have gym chicks, but the competition around these parts is so intense that becoming Betty Brutethug is an anti-competative move.

        4. The upsides to Tren over Clen seem to be less water retention and it doesn’t cause the gynocomastia (bitch tits) that clen causes. I am pretty sure it is fairly dangerous and triply so if you are getting it from some less than reputable source who has a connection in mexico or some shit.
          I really have thought so long and hard about doing a course but in the end decided against it. I have no negative judgment for men who decide differently than I do, I just couldn’t bring myself to doing it.

        5. I have a friend that you know about, 32, who was actually recommending to me to try Clen. I investigated it and decided “Nah” even though it looked tempting. I can trim down pretty fast when I need to and I have *zero* need of auditioning for the next 300 movie, so getting to 7% body fat seems a bit silly, what, given the risks.

        6. Clen is probably the most common drug women use. I remember going to hooters bikini contests back in the day and id know 8 broads on it. Women also like running anavar. Clen and anavar tend to keep women looking feminine.
          The trend lately though is for women to just get on straight up test and trenbolone. Trenbolone is the drug of the fitness model instagram whore these days. Id say just about every male fitness model is on this. Gives a super lean, skin tight, dry appearance and as you diet down, your shoulders dont flatten out. It binds super strongly to androgen receptors in the shoulders, traps, and upper back. Women are wanting to look more like men these days, so you are seeing alot of them getting into this stuff.

        7. I like chicks on Clen (well, generally), because feminine. If I wanted to gaze in adoration at a young male athlete’s body, I’d just go gay instead of pretending to be turned on by it when women do it.

        8. Same here. At a rested state now I am about 15% body fat. When I am on program that drops to about 12%. That puts me in a very high bracket for non professional athletes in my age group and a fairly high bracket for men in general. I could get some chems and push myself down under 10% body fat while bringing my lifts up by about 20% but why right? I think same person also suggested I give test a shot. I am still considering that. It isn’t as crazy as an anabolic steroid and it might be fun to up the ante a bit, but I need to do a shit ton of research and if I did it I would find a legit doctor and not an on line source. As a side note, if I do decide to do it I will be open about it on these boards and let everyone know how it is effecting me.

        9. Ive always felt that guys attracted to women with 5% body fat, 3d boulder shoulders, and an instagram full of snarly faced selfies are borderline gay or effeminate and in need of a strong female lead in life.

        10. We have T-clinics here, legit. The danger of Man Tits seems too great for me to chance it. I workout hard and look good already, I really don’t want to ruin years of work to acquire titties that are attached to me personally.

        11. Make sure you spend equal time researching post cycle therapy. Whether you have a doctor, or you do it illegally, it is necessary.

        12. This is 100% my exact thought. I have spent a whole lifetime being healthy and working out hard. Even at my age my raw score is still over 1000 and I feel strong and confident in both my ability and my looks. So why fuck it up? The idea is one that I consider sometimes though. I wonder, maybe I could rep out a few 550# deadlifts. Maybe I could have my 21 year old 6 pack back for a summer. I seriously doubt I will do it, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider it

        13. I’d post a link to a female deadlifter with an amazingly feminine face, but her name escapes me and it may not compute (it still doesnt for me). she has to be taking something, but from the neck up no changes- yet

        14. Two 200mg shots a week of testosterone cypionatea and take .5 mg of anastrozle with every shot plus 250 mg twice a week of HCG. 8 to 12 week cycle. Big gains, no boobs or small balls. You can stack that with Clen if you are hard core. Still no problems though a blood test is a good idea if you are going to make a habit of it

        15. I honestly do not feel I will do it at all, but if I do be sure it will be with a shit ton of information about everything and I won’t be shy about asking people with experience.

        16. “The trend lately though is for women to just get on straight up test and trenbolone.”
          Cannonball delts, bulging biceps, chiseled abs, and a back as wide as a barndoor, but hey, they are “natural athletes”. If you dare to say otherwise, you’re a “hater”.
          It’s funny when they try to run the scam on gym veterans, who generally don’t buy their claims, and know exactly what’s up.

        17. I just said the way to do it. But I agree you can mess up your ability to make your own Trt playing with this. The reason so many guys at the gym are taking trt replacement therapy is due to them screwing themselves up with steroids years before. Do it right and you should be fine. But why do it at all?

        18. When you inject it, you get tren cough. That should be enough of a red flag right there. Theres alot of sides man. I know guys who are miserable on it Better do your own research here

        19. Agreed. However, I am impressed by some of these 5% bf women…the same way I am impressed by kai greene…I don’t want to fuck either. I think for an athletic woman 12-15% body body is perfect and if she wants to get competitive for a few months, she can get down to 10-12%. More than that and you are talking crazy freak show…impressive, but scary.

        20. I meant deadlifting that much weight.
          Nice form. There are like 10k of that girl running around during OSU tailgate parties in the fall. I don’t mind much though. heh.

        21. yeah, I see the girls keeping it under 135 generally but I am vaguely aware of the beasts that come in and smash serious weight……I mean, I won’t lie, some of them are impressive. There is a video of a girl at 134 pounds who is deadlifting 500 for fucking reps. I mean, I wouldn’t fuck her with that sad worm that fatherofthree calls a dick, but I would be lying if seeing someone deadlift almost 3.5x body weight didn’t impress the fuck out of them.

        22. Good god few men ever dead lift 500. Hell few can do it with 400. I am willing to bet the woman is using serious gear. 135 lbs men rarly ever can dead lift 500. The world record for a 132 lbs woman is 485
          132 485 Susan Salazar 11/07/15 SPF USA
          148 529 Julia Zaugolova 06/30/12 OTH RUSSIA
          165 537 Kristy Hawkins 11/08/15 SPF USA
          181 557 Jeanine Whittaker 12/05/15 SPF USA
          198 573 Crystal Tate 12/06/15 RPS USA
          198+ 589 April Mathis 10/18/14 APF USA
          Total (no wraps)

        23. I am 190 and I can’t get 500 in the air anymore. I might, might, might be able to work up to it if I dedicated my life to that goal for the next 3 months and didn’t get injured, but I am not even trying. While I have gone higher in my life, I am keeping my max dl to 405 from now on. I can get 405×3 and would rather get 405×5 then increase the weight — and I only go that high once every few weeks. I am not looking for more injuries.

        24. Yes I always prided myself on the fact that I could at least beat the women world record holders. Not anymore. I could not even come close. they will kick my butt. But another way of saying it is I was the 8th strongest guy on my highschool football team. and I could beat all the womans World Records. I was also smaller than the top weight class were all those records abide. The strength of women is highly overrated. I’m of the opinion that any smaller woman lifting man like weights is probably doing gear. Not a man but the same testosterone levels as one

        25. I am impressed and you can tell by the butt that was a real woman. But I need me a solid 12 pack to think about doing it and I am assuming I’m not scared by the front view

        26. I have a hard time believing that anyone has ever deadlifted more than 3x their bodyweight without gear.

        27. no, no, she is totally unfuckable. But that bar is bending. She isn’t faking the weight.

        28. It seems like you would be over training to do it. I have knee damage from working out with over 500lbs on the squat rack without gear. If I had the benefit of gear back then. I would be a cripple now. Our body is simply not made to do some things

        29. I am natural and am happy that at my age I can still keep my raw score over 1000. I don’t max out much anymore, but I lift just about every day. I have knee damage as well (lolknee) as well as herniated discs at L3 and L5 with the associated nerve impingement plus the typical osteoarthritis in my right AC Joint which is usually fine but acts up in the humid weather. The idea of me going out there and revving myself up to enormous lifts (with no gear) is mindfuckingly stupid. That is just ego lifting right there. I still lift heavier than most people and am in much better shape than most people (despite age) and the only time I feel it is when the 20 something year old bucks on gear are at the gym. I’ll admit, sometimes I see these boys repping out squats higher than my max and I feel that little feeling in the back of my head…not jealousy, competitiveness….but then I remember to calm myself down.
          As a side note, I just got my barbell curl max up to 135×5 (like I said, I’ve been adding reps rather than weights) and, as you know I am sure, there is nthing like lifting improbably amounts of weight. Still, it needs to be done in such a way that we don’t knock ourselves out of the game.

        30. I tried a big girl back when I was 18 years old. Pretty face, her fat was all tit and ass with a middle that was to big but left nice curves.
          I had a hard time getting an erection. If that girl was not amazingly skilled with her mouth and other things it would not have happened. At 18 years old the wind can make you hard. I am not a fan of fat

        31. HAHAHAHAHAH WES!!!!! I meant I can’t pull sumo style deadlifts. HA! I am not going to stop laughing for months.

        32. I know what you mean squats, dead life, clean and jerk were my best lifts. I see the young bucks lifting and I know I could once have made them look weak on the squat rack. Help my own own on the rest. And I was natural. I so want to do it again. But it would be foolish to even try.

        33. Nah, I am a pretty big dude. I run 6 foot which isn’t very tall and alternate between 190-200 depending on program and which time of the year it is. I do a 3 day split twice a week so I am lifting 6 days a week and I keep my bf% under 15. Just last week a girl grabbed my quad while we were chatting, you know, the way girls are wont to do, and just blurted out “holy shit you are all muscle” lol

        34. I mean, I am lifting pretty heavy. I would say that unless your injuries are really debilitating there is no reason you can’t run some numbers again. They won’t be the same, but they still could be impressive.
          Nearly killed myself a few weeks ago with a power clean. I almost lost it. lol. Been gun shy for that lift since. Going to try again soon.

        35. 135 is pretty impressive. Ive been trying mike mentzer’s super slow rep routine(8-9 seconds per rep) lately. Its really hard to adjust to it, but I definitely feel the burn more than I used to

        36. Been a while since I got that reaction. I am furiously cutting right now. Im a fat pig at 6′ 220. Dealing with lowT that I likely had for ten years after being giving steroids for my knees for months on end. They were to stupid to know you should also give a guy HCG to keep his nuts working. At least check him for it. Im coming back now that I know what the problem was. It feels good to work out and get results again

        37. It took me almost exactly a year from last summer when I herniated my discs. Perfect description, impressive but doable.

        38. You will kill it. You should keep a running progress blog. That reaction is the best. Arms and legs

        39. I have naturally thick biceps so curls always helped and I do them a lot. Mentzer’s stuff works for sure but I would alternate it with just a lot of curls and Arnold’s 1-10 and stripping methods.

        40. Get some good knee sleeves and if you are under 5 rep range wear a good belt. Don’t lift with your ego and be mindful of form. Start back up with Stronglifts 5×5 and keep addidnh weight. A year from now you will be glad. Best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. Second best time is today

        41. Not the girls with muscles but some of the runners, field hockey and beach volleyball players are just fit. Flat stomachs and tight thighs.

        42. HIT is where it’s at. The goal is muscle destruction, not sugar depletion. Keep at it.

        43. I hadn’t heard of these crazy drugs before.
          …searching around, it seems that the cause of “tren cough” isn’t settled science…
          With all of these injections, I suspect these athletes more pock-marked than the bleary-eyed dregs at my local methadone clinics.

        44. Reading your comment, the curiosity got the better of me and I did as well..If the “woman” ghostbusters 2016 passes up starring in the Harambe movie, we’ve found a replacement.
          “That’ll replace the whale in me nightmares”

      4. Hmmm it depends on what kind of workouts they do I guess. Besides, of course any of these athletes is preferable to a fatty, but exceptions notwithstanding female athletes (in non-volleyball/gymnastic-like sports) are not what one would call 9’s…

      5. Its kind of funny, i never found womens tennis players attractive when i was younger. Now, they’re looking pretty good.

      6. Its really an expression of insecurity. These women are fine but he doubts his ability to get a woman like this hence he “doesn’t want them anyway”.

    6. From an evolutionary perspective, you could do alot worse. Shooting a wad of sex piss into one of these olympians would produce you slayer sons!

    7. Completely agree. Obviously, many men here will be annoyed by your post-as the women above are fairly attractive.
      But there is one thing-as far as body is concerned, the beauty of a woman is the showcasing of her ability to bare a child. I give no fucks if you can jump high or run fast-fact is, the majority of well-trained men would probably surpass you.
      Olympic chicks often have narrow hips…spot on. But there are much worse things. The monstrous lats and completely flat titties of swimmers, or even worse-MMA fighters. Put shortly, maintaining a fuckable body is the only sport women should participate in.

      1. “maintaining a fuckable body is the only sport women should participate in”
        this is what i always thought !

    8. That, plus an article such as this is very much like a typical bullshit piece aimed at teenage boys one would see in Maxim, Men’s Health or similar rag sheet. “The 20 Hottest Girls If the Olympics” …. none of us red pill men – with our knowledge and experience with women give a shit, Sparky.

    9. 10, 6 and 7 are quite pretty and don’t really fit the description you made. Anyway, i agree, “narrow hipped, high-T, she men” are not very exciting to look at.

    10. i agree 100%.
      athletic women are not hot. i admire the effort to find these 10, as they arent bad by athletic women standards. but lets not kid ourselves….athletic girls are NOT HOT. they lack the same feminine beauty other non athletic girls have.
      they lack it because to develop these muscles which puberty does not endow them with, they must take on masculine traits.
      I see all these women on the olympics and i see women throwing away their lives. none of them are really attractive. sure they are better than the landwhale creatures….but still. ugly as hell. occasionally a pretty face buried in the mix. but lack of good hips, barely any boobs, muscular arms, etc. just ugly.

    11. I know some guys like fat chicks but I’ll prefer a fit and healthy athletic girl, who’ll maintain her looks into her thirties any day.

    12. its not hot chic, its heroin chic. as popularised by kate ‘racoon eyes’ moss. Now cara delevigne copies it without the predilection for coke and fucking perennial self immolating fuck up Pete Doherty

  4. The Balkans produce some of the finest women as they are a cross between dark Latinos and pale skin Northerners.

    1. I dig Romanian women and their language. It’s like a bunch of hunky Slavic dudes had a massive orgy with a bunch of hot Brazilian women and they all had babies.

      1. Romanian – the evolution of Roman Latin with a hint of Slavic infusion. It’s an interesting language, to be sure.

        1. I am a native Spanish speaker and I did learn French in middle school, plus I can understand some Portuguese. Yet I struggle with Romanian. Yet, it’s still a badass sounding language. I try to imagine Vlad Dracula cursing Turks in Romanian before impaling them. They must have shit their breeches beforehand.

  5. Antonija Sandrić and Ellen Hoog
    Excellent choices. Put an actual soft female body on her and Darya Klishina or Paraskevi Papachristou (can’t really tell from the pic though, perhaps there’s more there than I’m seeing) ain’t too bad either.
    End of the day though, I’d sign up for a threesome with Sandrić and Hoog without hesitation.
    Not sure about the others, lots of manjaw going on, and no small amount of “I’m almost shaped like a teenaged boy” thing too.
    Yes, I am, in fact, extremely picky. My grandmother used to get so mad when I’d turn down girls for dates that she thought were “Perfectly proper young ladies that you clearly need to consider”.

    1. I think there bodies probably soften out in the off season. They are at their absolute hardest right now.

      1. Yep, my ex wife’s cousin had the record for most strike outs in the big east or big 10, which ever Boston college is in. she looked like a man with long hair during the season. One of the best looking females I’ve met, top 15, in the offseason and now after a few kids and no more sports. Training kills the femininity and physique a lot of times with these women.

        1. yup. Makes sense. To be a top 5% in the world athlete (even for bs women’s athletics) you need to push your body really hard and it will take away the sexiness for the most part (thought that Italian fencer looks pretty hot).
          Imagine swimming at break next speed a 5000m a few times a day while having your diet regulated by fucking scientists. You would, in 3 months, look like a totally different person. It goes back to normal.

    2. Hoog for sure.
      But I can see myself replacing Sandric in a threesome with that Swiss chick Anouk-Depre or the Italian, Fiamingo.
      Sandric is no doubt hot.
      But who can account for dick logic? Heh.

      1. Sandrić truly trips my trigger. That’s the kind of girl that I shoot for, although usually they turn out to be a bit..bustier. Which, hey, who am I to complain? She is basically built like my wife in her prime (give or take), and is blonde and has a beautiful feminine face, so I’m totally in.

        1. You’ll also see “ink well” in regard to that concept as well.

        2. I didn’t invent the term, just letting you know so that when you hear it, it will click.

        3. I am so behind on my hilariously racist terms. I had to have unabashed explain dindu to me.

        4. I mean I get it via context, I am not an idiot. But I needed it all explained to me. I am behind on my pejoratives

        5. see again, that one doesn’t make sense for a white girl fucking a black guy. It seems the drill, in this analogy, is the thing that is finding the black stuff.

        6. probing the mysteries of the black hole is what, presumably, physicists call it.

    1. Oh man, a ticket to the Olympic Village would be such a fucking dream come true. I wish guys would stop knocking the carrousel riders though. Yeah they are a little broken in, but I like ’em that way.

      1. Haha, I’ve never really been a player so I tend to look at them from a long-term standpoint. But you’re probably right. Plenty of athlete debauchery in the Olympic village from what I understand.

        1. how can there not be. It is the top 5% of athletic people between the ages of 16-30 from every country in the world tossed into a make shift village. Holy shit, it must be fuckapalooza

        1. Seriously, this.
          I don’t get the fascination with that hatchet faced bint. She looks like even being introduced to her would become a major headache and trial, let alone having to put up with have to deal with her yammering about feminism the rest of the evening.
          Wouldn’t engage socially, not even on a dare.

        2. I actually had to check to see if I posted the wrong link, to determine if you were being really freaking sarcastic, or if I had goofed.

    1. ha, there is a joke that ends with “he comes in a little can” that I just can’t seem to remember.

  6. Big man jaw on #4, but solid choices all around.
    Olympians seem to have grossly distorted bodies, with huge musculature on the muscles needed for their particular sport and just skin and bones everyplace else. (The men too!). Very few of them look normal.

  7. This post has nothing to do with pokemon; ergo, I will not post anything about pokemon. I will behave. All these girls are purdy

  8. This type of diversity I can live with 🙂
    That 30 year old Dutch hockey chick though. Not a lot of 30 year olds looking that fine. Quite pleased she breaks that mold.

  9. Kassidy Cook looks pretty damn hot in this pic (though maybe it’s just the ass curve). I looked up some other pics and she’s not all that.

  10. Is that what Amalie Iuel wore to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon? And where’s her gear? Oh wait, the dude taking the pic is carrying everything.
    On another note, I WB in the Colorado River.

    1. That’s maybe why the No Excuse mom failed to win the American Grit show. The woman seems to be in shape just for the adulation. Screw her kids, it’s all about ME!

      1. Actually she stays in shape for her husband. Stay at home mom, cooks for him, all that. When all the leftist feminists go after a pretty woman, it’s usually about more than just looks.

        1. That’s acceptable. Personally, I don’t mind if they can’t climb walls. As long as she can climb her husband’s pole, that’s ok. Plus she did prove, by accident perhaps, that women can’t cut it against men of similar or higher fitness levels. That’s even assuming parts of the show were rigged.

    1. I still won’t watch. I saw a few minutes of female volley ball and I am thinking, Christ….like 12 super hot girls in short shorts jumping around and it is still fucking boring. I can’t believe that in this day and age they still bother with a fucking Olympics.

      1. Girl’s volleyball was only interesting to me back in high school. Of course, back then the bra section of the JC Penny’s catalog was considered prime fap material, and we were awed when the jungle-titty edition of National Geographic was available at the library.
        Kids these days are spoiled by porn. Back then we still had to use our imaginations.

        1. Oh man the penny’s bra section was the shit! guessing we ar about the same age. They don’t know, these kids, they just don’t know. That bra section was our basic access.

        2. Occasionally there would be a lacy one, or thin fabric, where you could make out areola. Those were the best. Even better than watching scrambled porn, waiting for those magical few seconds when the stars and the picture aligned!

  11. Nice showcasing Mr G. You should emcee at the RNC next time. The models are all related to the nominee so keep the tone appropriate however tempting it may be. The words absolutely seem to flow with the olympians though.
    THIS GIRL who is she? She should be in the olympics. There must be some sport.
    I’m thinking she could do unbelievable feats on the uneven parallel bars, appearing to swing around by her nose alone, her method being a secret of course. She would amaze all.
    But she is definately hot when she sucks it in, extremely ha . . ha . . hot!
    I’m just saying, even though she’s not a participant, she deserves a mention.

    1. I can’t tell if this is real or not, but if real i’d have no problem showing this young lady a nice time.

  12. A few are a little busted in the face but that’s just my opinion. That Kassidy Cook though…yes please.

  13. One thing is for certain, full blooded European women are the most beautiful specimens on earth. Why would any sane white person want to destroy such a precious bloodline through miscegenation!?!?

      1. as soon as I see the word “miscegenation” I immediately roll my eyes and say “fag” now.

        1. lol.
          I was using fag more in the colloquial “ugh, fag” sense then the homosexual one, but that’s more than likely true as well.

        2. Yeah. When all is said and done, these ‘whyte baby’ types have just found a way to pedestalize white cunts, just like where they were at the very beginning of it all. Bowing to the pedestal is just who they are. They just found a way to think it’s some pure-race edgy stuff but it’s just fools being fools. The last thing white women need is this kind of reverence.

        3. I don’t put any woman on a pedestal but I also don’t want my beautiful white daughters banging groids like your mother does.

    1. Get your masculine white cunt out of here. She’ll put on a 100 pounds by the time she’s 28 anyway. Fuck off.

        1. If that helps you then run with it. Now run along back to Mandy, Brooke, Madison and McKayla or whichever Anglo nightmare you’re currently pedestalizing. But it’s not you being run over by the FI/Disney juggernaut this time, it’s the Master Race prevailing! DRAMA. Enjoy child support and imputed income judgments and being deprived of cottage cheese thighs. Not exactly in that order.

        2. Not so much high school, but college could have been better. Anyway, it was the best thing that ever could have happened to me. Keep pedestalizing Amber and McKenzie bro! No one is happy like married middle-aged white males in the USA, right? Something to shoot for!

  14. For me it’s a tossup between Shelina Zadorsky and Kassidy Cook (which has a nice ring to it as far as porn star names go). I’d likely angle for a threesome. If they shoot that down I’m fairly certain Cook wouldn’t turn down the D after the awkward indecent proposal.

  15. “Don’t get excited about a chick. You just can’t. Treat each girl whether a 6 or a 10 (or in-between) with the exact same “McDonald’s” game.”
    -Roosh V

  16. “Don’t get excited about a chick. You just can’t. Treat each girl whether a 6 or a 10 (or in-between) with the exact same “McDonald’s” game. She’s just another ho”
    -Roosh V

  17. “Paraskevi Papachristou” Yay! She’s back. They kicked her out of the olympics last time for her real talk joke about immigrants and her support for Golden Dawn.

  18. I’m going with #6 Miss Cook. That’s the kind of athletic body I like. Nice and firm, but not muscular, although I don’t mind a bit of washboard abs.

  19. The women in this list are definitely attractive, but white women don’t really do it for me. I love women with darker features, like Winifer Fernandez. She looks so sweet mmmmm

  20. Seriously?
    This kind of article has no place in a manosphere blog.
    You sound just like these thirsty instagram followers that keep feeding the over dimensioned ego of these chicks.

      1. Admiring female beauty is the first step to putting them on a pedestal. These chicks have probably thousands of Blue pilled Beta thirsty followers and there’s no need for us to be part of their long list.
        ROK articles were consistent with self improvement for men and tips for better sexual strategies. Not salivating over pictures of female “athletes” who love to show off..

        1. dude, you have 3 comments. You seriously made a disqus account just to comment that guys in the manosphere shouldn’t be looking at young and fit women? gtfo fag

        2. female beauty is still a pleasure for the eyes of men. looking at it and acknowledging it doesn’t make us pedestalizing them automaticaly.
          Have you see a comment like “woooooowww so beautiful” or some sh*t like that ? me, no.

        3. Don’t be silly ol’ chap. Were just objectifying them. The way our red blooded masculine ancestors used to do & part of the expected banter in a gentleman’s club.
          None of us are saying were gonna buy them dinner or appetizers or enslave our balls & give them half our shit after we put a ring on their finger.

        4. I’d by most of them dinner…..appetizers included…not so much on the other stuff

        5. “D-de-der-der-du-don’t put puthee, on a pedethhtahl” “Doing t-thu-thith ith alpha, thith ith beta” Shut up you PUA sperg! It’s okay to admire female beauty if they admire you back… which in my case they most certainly do.

        6. don’t waste time. look at his account. He created an account, associated an avatar with it and came on this site just to post a comment on why guys shouldn’t be checking out girls. Don’t fall for his shit.

        7. I thought admiring female beauty was the first step to bending them over your arm chair

        8. I had to google Mitt Romney and hole in the bed sheets. Also, magical underwear? dafuq is going on up in here.

        9. This guy is a total nut. I can’t believe they let him run for president. He would have been having eyes wide shut parties in the basement of the oval office. And people said Clinton was bad. I am so glad I don’t pay attention to pLOLotics

        10. For sure today most of these female athletes know they are hot commodity because of their looks and will be cashing in on it on the side with the media attention and have an agent sniffing out endorsement deals.
          Nothing wrong in admiring female beauty. I do it every day. Its one of the joys of being a horny hetro male and its one of the ‘the best things in life are free’ things. Complementing or praising them on their beauty or telling them how so special they are because of their unearned genetic luck or doing them favors or buying them stuff because of their beauty, now that’s a different story.

        11. So basically, don’t like women.
          Got it. Thanks Gay Recruiter.

        12. It’s all in the subconscious level. Salivating over pictures of pseudo female athletes will program your mind to see them as Goddess and treating them as such.
          When I see a cute picture of a girl inbikini, sure I check it and I picture myself fucking her…but as a mod of manosphere blog, I won’t advertise for these attention whores.(Because remember, they are supposed to be professional athlethes, why the fuck are they posting model like pictures? Don’t fall into this trap. Look at any mainstream media and You’ll see dozens of articles like this : Praising these women and treating them like stars. Are we be doing the same?

        13. As far as the olympics are concerned, yes sure, if you’re into sport you better be looking at the performance of male athletes and not cute girls pretending to be athletes. You’re feeding their ego and you’re a validation machine to these whores.

        14. Admiring males performance, achievement and qualities, yes.
          Desiring females, beautiful one, sure.
          Never admire a female.
          Huge difference.

        15. But don’t you see this shit is on a subconscious level. When you program your mind to make these girls like pseudo stars, when you meet one in real, you’ll have tendencies to treat them like godess…which is we all know is a huge mistake.

        16. that’s exactly my point, this article deviates from the other good ones that treat picking up and sexual strategies.

        17. You’re not wrong. It could happen.
          To impressionable inexperienced men who aren’t used to the company & ways of women. Oddly enough, even at my least enlightened more than a decade ago, I resisted the tendency to put chicks, hot or not, on a pedestal.
          I’ve also experienced being given the eye fuck by a couple of accomplished female athletes in my part of the world. Heh. So, on my part, i know they’re mortal.
          Nothing wrong with appreciating the beautiful feminine female form, brother. It’s a man’s actions when interacting with women that decide whether he’s a spineless vagina pedestalizing weed or a man who keeps a strong frame. Think as you like but act with a strong masculine frame.

        18. Good points. When I was younger and blue pill I would have salivated over them, but its not the same now. I do admire a beautiful female and do enjoy the optic treat from viewing them, but don’t see them as ‘OMG I would do anything for her if she was with me’. I get it that plenty of other guys do, and this sort of promotional material that you often see in the media helps to create that.
          I do agree with you that they are athletes, and they should only be praised for their achievements on the sporting arena. As much as feminist women will complain that articles such as ‘the 10 hottest female athletes’ (and there will be a male version in women’s media for sure these days) objectify women, its highly likely most of the sexy women concerned will be all for it. They want to cash in on their looks and get endorsements & sponsorships. They are simply cashing in on a society (and its not just men, but also young women who worship beauty too) eager to elevate & reward beauty, more than ever and I agree with you its bs. I am not going to go out of my way to google this stuff, but if I came across it I will check it out. I just see it as an extension of if i am walking down the mall at lunchtime, I will check out the hot women walking by. Of course with the msm, as long as such articles get lots of clicks (ad revenue), they will keep posting such such frivolous articles.

    1. It brings light to them. It spotlights these shining gems of quality DNA. After the medals are handed out, the medals should go on the shelf and these exceptional young women need to be stuffed like turkeys by quality red pill men and bred out the ass. Get their rumps up and their drumsticks drumming. Breed those bitches motherfuckers.

  21. Oddly enough, the oldest of the bunch, 7 and 8, are the hottest IMO.
    “With a buoyant ass like that, there’s no chance of her hitting the bottom of the diving pool and injuring herself.” Great work showcasing Mr. Brown!

  22. Felt my pulse increase for exactly zero of these women. Too athletic. Too masculine. Not curvy enough. Not girly enough (or pretty enough). No indication of reproductive vitality or domestic skills. Pass.

  23. In addition to being hot, Paraskevi Papachristou has also demonstrated racial realism. Prior to the last Olympics she tweeted that the African mosquitos in Athens had plenty of home cooking and got booted from the team for it.

  24. The women on this list are far more likely to go home with an STD than a medal. Rest assured the real attraction of the Games for these darlings is the all-you-can-eat feast of exotic cock on the menu at the Olympic Village.
    Let me know when pornstar fucking is an Olympic sport. Lord knows it’s the only one women are actually any good at.

  25. The Olympics have stopped gender testing. Apparently, they’ve fully accepted the SJW view that gender is only one’s feeling. They’ll all be hideous shemales next Olympics, hopped up on testosterone with some tranies mixed in..
    BTW, I think men should completely boycott women’s sports. You go into a bar or restaurant now and they feel obliged to show on half the screens women’s sports. I don’t need to see women acting and looking like men that are inferior athletes. You always see the stadiums where women play nearly empty, so why do they think anyone wants to watch in a sports bar?

    1. The upside is that when the men who claim to be women compete against real women they will win due to having more body strength, etc. And if any of the other competitors complain then you just shame them as being transgender phobic. Win!

  26. I nominate Julieta Constanza Lazcano of the Argentine volley ball team. A classic 6’3″ beauty.

  27. For me, top level professional male football (soccer) is the only spectator sport worth watching, specifically referring to the big European leagues and the Champions league as well as the other big int’l tournaments. Don’t tune in to Olympic soccer a lot, as this is nowhere near as exciting as the one during the main season. I do, however, admit that there are many issues with the sport at this level that does stain it, such as hooliganism, match fixing (draws, scores, …)

    1. No. It’s admiring female beauty.
      I can admire the make of a fine steel sword without putting it on a pedestal. I can gaze upon a work by Michelangelo without making it the center of my universe.

      1. I hear you but reading this article felt more like flipping through the women’s pages talking about the hottest celebrities and interlacing photoshopped bikini shots. Beta males drool over pictures of women. Alpha males go out an conquer good looking women.
        Just saying that in modern society admiring a painting or sword or another inanimate object of beauty is different then praising the beauty of a woman.

        1. Real men admire beauty and perfection
          Our military men used to get pinup photos of hot chicks. Were they beta men drooling as you describe?
          They were alphas drooling
          It’s a man thing, try it sometime. Alphas do. Betas wish they did. But admiring is human and male mature.
          This comes from a guy with a 90 notch belt count, and no fat chicks either.
          Playing football In The big ten didn’t hurt either

  28. I saw the womens’ gymnastics in part and I have to ask, what about Aliya Mustafina?
    She’s the only gymnast I saw who had curves and resembled a woman.
    Now, maybe my standards were lowered because she was contrast with the prepubescent, pedophile-pandering Chicom gymnasts (they say 16 years old, I say “more like 8″…) and the extremely mannish female swimmers but she’s was far more female than the jacked-on-testosterone stick figures depicted here.

  29. Feminists take note: not a bulging belly, lump of unsightly cellulite or “fat is beautiful” tat to be seen. Funny how the most attractive females are also the fittest looking.. oh just like with males, for all the hypocritical harpies screaming “sexism!!!!11!!111one”

  30. Rossella Fiamingo just cut her hair and dyed them pink after she won the silver medal…
    and an italian news director got fired after an outrage of triggered twitter users for calling the three italian archers women “chubby”; archers men are chubby and overweight as well and nobody blinked an eye…×[email protected]

  31. Just waiting on the female trolls to come on here and cry “RAPE” and “MISOGYNY” because David had the “gall” to expose the sexiness of these women.

  32. “Natural hair color or not, 27-year-old Papachristou rocks the dark-eyed, light hair contrast.”
    No straight man talks like this. A good portion of men here hate women, especially ‘sluts’, due to their repressed homosexuality.

  33. And what do you know: no Asian girls.
    I think that’s telling.
    You guys seem to think the women above are attractive. Physically, they may be so. But consider that they are probably the least feminine in terms of personality, temperment, etc. They’re singularly obsessed with competing, with outdoing others, with proving themselves. They’re like men … were in the 1950s. You think any of the above women are going to ever reproduce? LOL No fucking way. Plus years of training have probably rendered them sterile. I think it’s well known that marathoners have difficulties with conceiving. I would wager none of the above women even have a boyfriend. They don’t want one. They have no desire to be in a relationship.

    1. All the college female track athletes I knew very quite horny, fun, lively and feminine to boot. And female Olympians settle down and have families once done competing usually with a Man In a sport as well.
      Your Mgtow narcicism is blinding you dude.

  34. Wha-wha-what???!!! No Serena or Venus?! How dare you exclude those post op man to woman beauties! How dare you shame their strong and independent womyn attributes! Missoooginists and bigots!

  35. Things certainly have changed since those overweight hairy Russian women dominated the olymipics back in the 80’s

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