How I Got Ripped In 29 Days

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In just 29 days I dropped 13 pounds, tightened up my waist and finally got six-pack abs.


Here are the three strategies I used to make this transformation happen.

1. Calorie Shifting 


If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried low-carb diets in the past.

And maybe you saw some “ok” results, but you could never get truly lean.

That’s because the standard low-carb diet SUCKS when it comes to losing maximum fat in minimum time. Instead, scientifically cycle (or “shift”) your calories and your carbohydrate intake. This means consuming a high level of carbohydrates on certain days and a low level of of carbohydrates on other days.

Research shows by scientifically cycling/shifting your calories and your carbs, you can actually burn 2.6X more fat as compared to standard dieting(1). In other words, you could be done with your diet in 30 days instead of 90 days!

2. Zero Cardio


I spent ZERO minutes on the treadmill during my incredible 29 day transformation. ZERO minutes on the elliptical machine or exercise bike. ZERO minutes jogging, walking, running or swimming.

In case I’m not making myself clear, I did absolutely ZERO cardio. None. Nada. Because when it comes to burning fat, cardio is an absolute waste of time.

Did you know that running a full-marathon — 26.2 miles –burns just 2,600 calories?(2) That’s roughly 1/2 pound of fat. Think about that for a second: If you went out a ran a full marathon — 26.2 miles — every single Saturday you would lose LESS than 2 pounds of fat after a month!

I don’t know about you, but running for 6 hours straight on the weekends isn’t my idea of a good time. For this reason, I skipped the cardio and instead focused on using brief but intense resistance-training sessions to build muscle mass and maintain my metabolism while the diet stripped away the fat.

3. Pre-planned Cheat Meals


To keep my metabolism running high, I enjoyed 3 cheat meals per week. But I didn’t just randomly binge out on pizza and ice cream. I scientifically pre-planned my cheat meals for maximum fat burning results.

I allowed myself three cheat meals per week. Cheat meals always happened on days where I did resistance training. This was so the high level of carbohydrates and calories would be used to repair and rebuild my muscles after an intense training session.

By utilizing these 3 strategies for aggressive fat loss, I was able to get ripped in just 29 days.

If you want to read more about how I pulled off this incredible transformation in just 29 days, check out my book, “The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible.”  I’m offering an exclusive discount for ROK readers. (limited time.)


The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible


1: Davoodi, Sayed Hossein, et al. “Calorie Shifting Diet Versus Calorie Restriction Diet: A Comparative Clinical Trial Study.” International journal of preventive medicine 5.4 (2014b): 447.

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140 thoughts on “How I Got Ripped In 29 Days”

  1. You surely can skip the cardio to get ripped, but in one month is impossible. If you can lose 2% bf a month you’re doing more than fine.

    1. 2% a month assuming you’re a lardass with bf above 30%. If you’re already below 20% it gets harder, you need to actually follow a diet 100% minus maybe one cheat day at most

      1. Well. I’ve had times when I went from 20% to 18% in 30 days. With 4 times lifting heavy a week. After that it indeed becomes more difficult. But it can be done and is not that hard. You just need to stop eating junkfood and everything sugar. No more soda etc you know the drill. I’m now at 15%. Still to much.

      2. Too true. Getting my body to budge below 14% is an incredible pain. Luckily it’s summer time, and I’m always way more active once it’s not a frozen or soggy wasteland up here.

    2. You mean 2% points, which is actually a reduction of more than 2% in bodyfat, unless in the case of a landwhale consisting of 100% fat.

  2. “That’s because the standard low-carb diet SUCKS when it comes to losing maximum fat in minimum time. Instead, scientifically cycle (or “shift”) your calories and your carbohydrate intake. This means consuming a high level of carbohydrates on certain days and a low level of of carbohydrates on other days.”
    While I have been at working out and staying fit with the right diet since the mid 1980s, only recently have I experimented with diet shifting.
    I would say it certainly jostles things up a bit with the metabolism and it makes sense. Why load on carbs on a day when you are not going to use them? Why load up on protein on a day when you are not “repairing” ? Those are questions to ask.
    The tricky part of it is knowing when to eat what to eat. I find that I have to take into account when the body is going to call up the resources. For example, if there be a day with high muscle usage and hence a need to repair muscle tissue damaged from induced stress, is the protein to be consumed during that day or for the next day? If I am to run on a given day, do I take in my carbs only that morning or the day before? It takes time to process the food into the needed components.
    It’s tricky but after several months of doing it, and I still do it, I got noticeably leaner.

    1. There are so many mixed messages by various health gurus, most of whom claim to have “science” on their side. What in the past worked for me was the not same as what worked for my buddies, and not the same again from many of the diet plans being promoted today which are themselves at odds with each other.

      1. All of it the main reason why I still think the only thing that truly matters in weight gain and weight loss (assuming no major nutrient deficiencies) is the seemingly outdated but nevertheless obviously still functioning calorie counting.
        Above your maintenance calories and you gain weight. Below and you lose weight.
        Can insulin levels, metabolism etc. be affected by specific types of diets? Yeah, modern science seems to back that up. But are eg. paleo diets actually proving themselves more efficient when you want to lose weight than simply going on average 500-1000 calories – on any kind of diet – below your maintenance level until you’ve lost the desired amount of weight?

    2. Interesting.
      I had a custom macro program catered towards my goals:
      3000 cal/day: 300g carbs/110g fat/220g protein. Minimum 200%DV Vitamin D, 150%DV Magnesium, 4000mg Potassium.
      I always found my issue was over consumption of carbs. I used to eat breads and pasta in ungodly quantities and always questioned as to to why I wasn’t pushing more weight at the gym. Now that I’ve reined in the carbs and heavily upped the protein I’m actually maintaining (and no longer gaining weight) despite eating more than I ever have haha.
      Meal planning is also crucial too. It gets rid of the urge to get fast-food.

  3. As I’ve mentioned on the forums, I have an acquiantance who is a successful businessman in Toronto. He was able to get his bodyfat % from 17% down to 11% in the space of a few months using very similar methods: HIIT training coupled with carb cycling.
    What it did for his confidence and game was incredible. The guys game is now at such a high level that he puts most “gurus” to shame: women taking him on vacations, bowing to his every whim, agreeing to be his “sub” at BDSM clubs, and such. he’s even successfully dabbled in the escort business.
    While his looks weren’t what made it happen (attitude, smarts, and charisma first) he himself admits that he wouldn’t have been able to get the women to step into his web to begin with were it not for his body being in good shape.

      1. Actually yes….and he’s been getting much better results than the losers on here have.
        In fact I know two guys in Toronto. Both have much better results than the guys on here and are relatively successful business types (one owns a consulting firm, the other is in operations management)….which is how I know that most of you guys on here bitching about Toronto are at a lower level of game.
        And yes, I get that there’s a lot of cunty women and it’s a shitty environment overall. But if these guys(both of whom have racial disadvantages) can mack white women then you all should be able to. Enough with the fucking bitching and making excuses like little girls.


      1. You’re either a special kind of fucking idiot, or you’re too fucking lazy to do the work.
        Nobody’s fucking saying that they can measure body fat percentages on the spot, but 5% difference in bodyfat is large enough to be immediately noticeable even under clothes.
        Also please tell me where the fuck I tried to peddle a shity diet Ebook? I deliberately avoided citing his sources.
        Please go fuck yourself….actually go play in traffic, because I suspect that fucking yourself is all the action you’ve gotten. If you had the slightest bit of experience with women you’d know that a fitness improvement that dramatic WILL improve your experience with women.


      2. ” What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. ”

    2. I like how you you got the “BDSM club” reference in there as if it’s a normal everyday thing to do.

      1. Let’s just say that I seem to have a penchant for meeting “interesting” people, and going to a BDSM club is hardly the most unusual habit I’ve come across.

        1. If you go places like that you are sick just like any other fag/trans. I dont mind, but dont be like them and try to push your sickness as something normal.

  4. “I don’t know about you, but running for 6 hours straight on the weekends isn’t my idea of a good time.”
    I have, in these very pages, and without any financial incentive to do so, pointed out that “cardio” is not necessary to lose fat and is, in at least some respects, not even sensical.
    However, if you’re taking 6 hours to run a marathon, maybe the reason you don’t have a good time is because you suck.
    P.S. If you think a set of squats is “a good time,” you need to add some weight to the bar and let Lyle McDonald or myself run you through a set the way speed skaters and track cyclists do them.
    It’ll all be over in just a few minutes. We’ll need to know your next of kin first.

    1. i’m interested in just how speed skaters and track cyclists do them. 🙂 please share.


      2. As one giant superset. The weight and rep scheme is configured so that the aerobic energy pathways are dominant, but with a significant anaerobic component. The pain builds and just keeps going on and on. The limiting factor is generally pain tolerance, rather than muscle contraction.

  5. I’m not buying the carb cycling thing. These are all just fancy ways of tricking yourself into eating less. Macros don’t really matter. Just eat normal mixes of starch and fat, but count calories.
    People think carb cycling “works” because when you chronically under-eat on starch/sugar you tend to go mildly hypothyroid. Metabolism drops to conserve glycogen. When you eat plenty of carbohydrate in this state your resting metabolism comes roaring back to life and burns a lot of fat.
    It’s an illusion of an effect. If you simply eat three balanced square meals a day but count calories then there’s no point. You can keep your resting metabolic rate up high continuously. There’s just no reason not to have some starch with every meal.
    Also, I find the disparagement of cardio that’s become fashionable a bit misleading. There are tons of reasons to do a sprint session and an endurance session. It is absolutely going to help you lean out; the effects go far beyond calories burned. I’d consolidate lifting to one weekly session before giving up my weekly 90 minute bike ride, personally.

    1. Despite what I have written below, one weekly session of strength work yields me steady gains, while bicycling 90 minutes is what I consider a short day.
      But I lift to get strong and bicycle to get fast. I don’t do either expressly to get leaner. I get leaner in the kitchen.
      There are plenty of people who lift or bicycle hours a day, only to continue getting fatter.
      “There’s just no reason not to have some starch with every meal.”
      There is no reason to do so either. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice.

      1. There is absolutely a reason not to do low carb. It tanks resting metabolic rate. That’s the whole idea behind the carb cycling: it’s an attempt to mitigate the metabolic damage that low carb does. It’s much better to simply take your time on strict but sustainable calorie count (not a “diet”) consisting of macros ratios such as found in traditional cooking.

        1. “Diet” means what you eat. These days it has become shorthand in the colloquial for “reducing diet,” but that isn’t what “diet” means.
          If you are reducing, you are on a reducing diet.
          Since Christmas the only carbs I have eaten are those I get from liver and eggs. My metabolism hasn’t tanked. My weights keep going up, my PRs on the bike keep going down, some of them a course record against hundreds of riders a fraction my age on better equipment (I’ve been riding a hi-ten frame one speed mail order bike that cost me less than $200 American. I changed the flat bars for Lauterwasser shallow drops).
          There is a word for a “tanked” resting metabolic rate. That word is “efficient.” Endurance athletes strive for it. If you are a cyclist, you should too. The current craze for seeking an inefficient metabolism is insane.
          Even more insane than exercising to burn calories. Nobody could survive a grand tour, never mind finish one, if he didn’t have a “tanked” resting metabolic rate.
          I will repeat myself:
          You do not exercise to burn calories. You burn calories to exercise. You exercise to stimulate an overcompensated adaptive response to the physiological stress.
          i.e., to get “stronger.”
          Weight is controlled by energy. To reduce your weight, reduce your energy intake. To increase your weight, increase your energy intake.
          Partitioning of weight is controlled by environmental stresses.
          By controlling your energy intake and your environmental stresses you can manipulate your weight and its partitioning across the entire range of the physiologically possible, over time, at will.
          The range of the physiologically possible will vary, person to person, based on both genetics and epi genetics. Genetics don’t change. Epigenetics do.
          This will be further modified by the total state of the organism as environment. That includes critters that are not you, but are of you. Gut flora and the like. The state of the organism as environment is often mistaken for the genetic state, even by researchers who should know better, and thus much research is, at best, without value, and at worst of negative value.
          Come out for a 90 minute bike ride with me sometime. I’ll show you what a “tanked” metabolism looks like.
          Bring a barf bag.
          As anyone who has been responsible for a variety of animals knows, there is no animal known that requires a “balanced” diet. What they need, first of all, is a survivable one, and beyond that, hopefully, an optimum one. What this diet is will vary animal to animal. Giant Pandas will require bamboo but be killed by eucalyptus. Koalas will thrive on eucalyptus, and starve on bamboo.
          Feed them both a “balanced” bamboo-eucalyptus diet and you’ll have a lot sick and dead pandas and koalas.
          The “Balanced Diet(tm)” is a political creation, not a scientific one. The problem was that large segments of the population were suffering from various degrees of malnutrition. Those That Know Better Than Us (many of “us” actual scientists who told them at the time they were full of shit) decided that “we,” the ignorant peasants, were suffering from malnutrition because we were just too stupid to understand what we should eat and why. So they came up with idea that if they told everyone to a bit from everything, in the end we’d at least get enough of what we needed out of it to not die. i.e., the diet is not optimum, but it is at least survivable.
          So that is where your “Balanced Diet” idea comes from. Some poli-sci or English major telling the actual physiologists to just shut up and blow away.
          Anyone who fed a prize race horse, or even pig, the way people are recommended to be fed would be fired, perhaps even sued for damages due to gross professional misconduct.

        2. kfg, I’m starting to think you might be quite intelligent.
          I disagree on a couple of points though. You can change your genes – they can switch off and on in response to stimulus. And I view your weight “changes” a little differently. To increase your weight, give your body a reason to grow (i.e. lift heavy weights). The energy intake will take care of itself.
          You will have the body your sport requires. Based on your activity, your body will make the necessary adjustments. We might wonder, do we choose how much and what to eat or does our body? (I am leaving aside toxic foods like sugars, grains and alcohol).
          In this view, genetics, weight gain/loss and energy intake work together to produce an organism that works efficiently at its chosen task. Evolution.

        3. “You can change your genes – they can switch off and on in response to stimulus.”
          That’s epigenetics, which I said change. For instance, I have had at least three basic hair colors in my life. I have the genes for all three, the actual color depending on which one(s) was turned on. One of those colors, however, was not, and never will be, blue. because I don’t have the genes for that and cannot acquire them.
          (add caveat for mutation in the course of a lifetime here)
          “To increase your weight, give your body a reason to grow (i.e. lift heavy weights).”
          There are thousands of “hard gainers” out there right now, complaining that no matter how much they lift, they do not grow.
          Contrariwise there are hundreds of millions out there right now who are complaining that they can’t stop growing.
          Diet is the controlling factor in both cases, diet which is not taking care of itself. The reason a body grows is simply because it has the means to do so. Providing it with the means is the reason. Stimuli determine how it grows. Lift weights and the growth will happen primarily in muscle and bone. Lie around on the couch all day and it will not only happen in fat, but muscle will actually reduce. Lift weights and stuff your gob all day and you will add both muscle and fat, which, up to a point, can be advantageous for a power lifter or sumo wrestler.
          Note that the first step in becoming a sumo wrestler is to eat a particular diet that has been developed empirically over the years. Without it the training will not result in the required degree or type of growth.
          (Insert caveat for individual genetic variation here)
          Many people will auto-regulate well, but many will not. Evolution. Some chosen tasks are outside the bounds of what will happen to most people by auto-regulation and having chosen a particular task must also choose the means to do it effectively.
          If my chosen task is to break a hill climb record, my fat levels must be lower than auto-regulation will be “happy” with, and I may well need to lose muscle as well, as weight is a significant factor.
          In preparing for a hill climb record attempt I will lift weights, while losing muscle. My diet is the control of weight. My stimuli are the control of partitioning. I get leaner by maximizing the loss of fat while minimizing the loss of muscle until I reach the lowest possible weight at which I can still produce the required amount of power.
          At that point, at 5′ 9″ with 6″ wrists, I’ll be a fookin’ elf. I won’t want to stay that way for very long. I’ll eat more and gain weight simply because I am eating more. Weight of what will depend on my training.

        4. Sounds like what we are saying here is that epi-genetics is really a change in genetics.
          Sure there are thousands of “hard-gainers”. Whether diet is the controlling factor is merely your opinion. There are many factors.
          Note I provided the qualification: sugar, grains and alcohol. If you are not eating these things your diet will take care of itself, in response to the body’s energy demands. If we say otherwise, then we have to explain why the only animals that get fat are humans and livestock. What is different about these animals compared to others? I already said it. Sugar, grains and alcohol.

        5. What I’m saying is that in the old scheme genes were thought of as a simple circuit. It got turned on at fertilization, performed its function “organism,” until it was shut off, causing death.
          In the new scheme genes are a circuit, but it isn’t simple, performing only one function. The circuit contains switches, and even banks of switches.
          So, the circuit design does not change, but the position of the switches does. That’s what I mean by genetics do not change, but epigenetics do. The genes must actually be present, but may be switched either on or off. I’m drawing a distinction between the circuit design and the circuit state.
          Many of the switches are controlled by timers, but many of them are controlled by environmental factors, like, oooooooooh, I don’t know – diet.

      2. This is where nutrition comes in. And you don’t need to do any calorie cycling or any other fancy stuff. My cat doesn’t do calorie cycling or cheat meals but somehow manages to maintain his lean physique. He also doesn’t lift. How does he do it? The clue is in the food…

        1. Gym visits each week…3, 4 maybe 5….
          Meals ….28 plus
          Much easier to effect things with what you eat than exercise
          Also the cat doesnt have to have will power to eat the right things as he gets no choice…

        2. You might be surprised at what your cat is up to when you aren’t looking, especially if you’re force feeding the poor thing grains.

        3. He doesn’t need will power because he is not addicted to crap. I also don’t need will power for the same reason.
          But you miss the point. The cat maintains his lean physique because he eats a proper diet. As do I. With the same result.

      3. Correct. The real lean & mean work is done by way of food intake. Workouts build the strength & fitness adaptation. The repair work & aesthetics come from eating right & getting enough sleep recovery.

  6. Not to point out the obvious, but this is a commercial… There is nothing in this article itself. Kind of bait and switch.

    1. Yeah it is pretty fucking obvious given it says so at the top of the article and offers you the book at the end. But thank you for pointing it out to those of us who can’t read.

  7. You can get ripped pretty fast doing isotonics. It burns fat faster and builds lean muscle in no time. After I got my black belt, my sensei showed me how to do my forms under extreme tension, pitting one muscle against the other. Add that to stance work or yoga, and you’ll see results in a week. No gym work or weights. A good example would be Bolo Yeung in his heyday. I think he was a tiger stylist, that style uses a lot of isotonics. But you don’t need martial arts. You can make up your own routine.

    1. Isotonics are a good home workout, draining, and do build monster functional strength.I used to do them as part of my kung fu regiment. But I never was able to alter my shape with them.

        1. “Regiment” is a noun, but it can also be a transitive verb.
          From the late Latin “regimentum” noun meaning “rule” which is the gerundive from “rego, regere”- “to rule.”
          So from there we get the periphrastic and gerundive meaning of “regiment”, as in “he had a regimented diet,” or “he has a strict morning regiment.”
          Anymore questions about the grammar of that bastardized language known as “English”?

        2. He’s well on his way to being part of the Brigade. Then..the Battalion!

        3. More properly, it is a Latinate word adapted for English. Non-Germanic, so the usage and spelling can be open.

        4. You can twist and turn all you like, but why not just admit you made a mistake?

        5. You mean like derailing the thread of conversation as proof of thine “alpha-ness.”
          All bow down and sniff the stinky dinky.

        6. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time and earn you a lot a respect if you learn the ability to self-correct, or accept the corrections of others even if they are made tongue in cheek. There was no disrespect intended and no intention to impugn your obvious intelligence.

      1. You know what helps, when you can do your forms eyes-closed, and then mentally visualize the muscles being bulked and huge when you do the forms. That seemed to help really well. And when I’d do Yoga I’d visualize standing on a scale and being the weight I wanted, seeing a skinny me in a mirror, yadda, yadda. The mental element in doing that stuff makes a huge difference.
        I definitely put on inches of muscle and got crazy strong. But I did my seven basic forms isotonically sometimes twice a day. That and Yoga got my waist down and I had a pretty good outline. I had to keep isotonics above the waist because it killed my knees. I wore ankle weights and did glute curls. Also, I built an incline and stood on it with knees bent. Thirty seconds of that three times and you’re feeling it.
        Thanks for the reply.

      1. Isotonics. Hardly anybody talks about them. Isometrics doesn’t elongate or bulk muscle. Isometrics is static resistance, like being in the sitting position against a wall. Isotonics is moving, and different muscle groups resisting each other. Isontonics elongates and bulks up muscle.

      1. I think it’s pretty clear: Two muscles walk in. . . but only one walks out.

      2. The best way to explain it, like say you want to build your biceps/triceps. Drop your arm like you’re going to do a dumbell curl. Curl your arm and resist with the tricep. That builds the tricep. Lower the arm and resist with the bicep, and your bicep gets the workout. In martial arts you do whole forms that way with your chest, back, and shoulder muscles all under extreme tension, one muscle group resisting the movements of the other.
        Does that make sense?

    1. It’s a sponsored post. An advertisement. The ROK equivalent of a TV commercial. That it provides zero value on its face should be obvious. It’s a lot of words that say a lot of nothing other than “buy this magic diet book”. Kinda reminds me of the “tiny classified ads” guy Don Lapre. Back in the day he was peddling a book on the infomercial circuit that promised a get rich quick plan where he claimed he was making five figures out of his apartment posting classified ads in newspapers. If memory serves, the feds charged him with a bunch of crimes like mail fraud, wire fraud, etc. and he offed himself before it could go to trial.

      1. But it’s amusing seeing every ad getting torn apart for its bullshit factor. Almost makes you wonder why they took the trouble to post it here.


        2. LOL. Dumb cunt. I studied Applied Finance. The irony is, your “go” at me for not understanding how advertising works showed off your low IQ. If you were around in Shakespeare’s time you’d be laughing your ass off when you heard the phrase, “bitter cold.” You’d be rolling over yourself, “Haha, Shakespeare’s so dumb, cold isn’t bitter. LOL. What a dumb cunt.”

        3. That phrase, “better to let everyone think you’re a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it,” certainly applies here.

  8. Garbage article. Soon this site will be publishing “Get Your Ex Back” bs.

    1. Agreed. Like most “before/after” pictures, it’s usually an injured athlete who spent months recovering and then went back into their normal routine when healthy again. They already have the knowledge and willpower ‘to get ripped’.
      I injured my right knee, and thus doing squats, let alone any heavy-quad exercise, is basically a no-go for the next several months. Instead I’ve substituted it with high-intensity biking to get the quads burning. I ride 26 km round-trip to work in a little over an hour, I feel a good quad-burning with no knee pain at the end of the day.
      As much as I used to enjoy running, it’s god awful on the joints.

      1. Everything is better a bicycle: picking up chicks, sex, going to work, taking a dump, getting drunk, getting groceries, cardio, going through the woods.

        1. Nothing beats that feeling of dropping a thick loaf after a long bike ride.

        2. I honestly try to get mine in before. So here I sit vaping nicotine, drinking yerba mate, and grip training after dropping a massive duce, I mean the fucker filled up the bowl.
          Kim Chee, it works.

        3. It’s a bit hit or miss in the morning, but it’ll come. Especially after the first sip of coffee.

      1. The men on this site have no aspiration to look like hairless homosexuals. What is this nonsense?

    2. Agreed, I lost most of my weight swimming and exercising in water but I agree diet and weight training plays a part.

  9. Only faggots listen to this nonsense
    Build up your strength to do stuff like this instead. You’ll get a whole lot more than a six pack along the way.

    1. Lol lifting extremely heavy, for low reps with poor form is for closet homosexuals who like dick up their hairy ass and to impress other bros with their strenghtttt gainzzz or for powerlifters, not for people who want to build muscle efficiently. Guess which of the two you are. In a fight, cardio and explosiveness matter more than brute srenthght, also fuken technique not poor form.


    2. I would not advise anyone to do this until they’ve built themselves up for it… and even then…

  10. It always makes me suspicious when people promise huge results with little effort/time. Especially when it’s an advertisement.

        1. I doubt many people here have black metal roots. Wolves In The Throne Room is another rad post black metal group.

        2. I’ve heard of then, but never listened to them yet, but I probably will in the future. Alcest has never really been black metal (though I know what you mean, Neige does write bm)

        3. They’re one of the more tough ones to classify, but because of their general feel I’ve always tossed them into the “post” category, because close enough.
          I’d consider them more black metal than the overproduced theatrics of dimmu burger though.

  11. This was stolen from the leangains reddit. What a crock of shit. The guy in the photo actually was fasting for 48 hours twice a week for a month. Its a mind fuck. Try not eating for 48 hours then doing heavy sqats and deadlifts. The guy said it took a lot of will power and he wouldn’t recommended it. It was just a test he ran to see what type of results he would get. Its true he didn’t do cardio because he used intermittent fasting as a way to skip calories. There were no fucking cheat meals , he followed IIFYM (if it fits your macros) which means you can eat whatever you want as long as you don’t go over your macronutrients for the day (protein, carbs, and fats) For further reading check out

  12. ‘I don’t know about you,’ but a dropped 3 and a half pounds one week last month. Doing 7-10 hours of mountain biking a week fasted and caffeine pills helped.

    1. I eat and do as much or as little exercise as I want and I’ve been lean my whole life. My secret? Love. No, actually, weed. Weed and a constant nervous jumping leg.


        1. Honey, if you want to know why your pussy’s gone stale from under-use, you just have to look in the mirror.

        1. Yep, I strap on a dildo to my thigh and tell them to hop on. I don’t, but it would make for an interesting Dirty Santa scene in a movie though. Regarding the weed, yeah, they love it.

  13. takes a picture with an inactive body. then after a training and flexing session he takes another picture and wants you to buy his book.


      1. Viewing it at half-width doesn’t display the author’s name. Also, calm down.


  14. I think this is bs,3 cheat meals per week,no cardio,29 days and that guy on the picture looks like he lost 8-9% of bodyfat and even gained a lot of muscle,even with steroids this is probably impossible.

      1. Watched it, don’t buy it. Strikes me as a Dr Atkinsesque “Oh we had got it all backwords” type.
        Also most people use cardio to burn calories, endurance is just a nice side effect. You can’t train running, cycling or swimming by lifting weights. And in the end he talks about wasting time. Yeah buddy a 7km run takes me about 45min. Gym sessions used to take me about twice as long.
        Also, training to failure? Yeah chicks are reeeally going to dig that training program. Not.

        1. ” . . . people use cardio to burn calories . . . ”
          People kill themselves to hitch a ride on a comet. I’m not much interested in what people do.

  15. The before and after pictures are reversed. They took a ripped guy fresh out of the gym and a 24 hr fast to take his picture. Body builder competition style. Then the guy ate and bloated himself with water to do the “before” photo

  16. What is really interesting is the quality of the readership can can break down this article (which is a sponsored ad) More to red pill than chasing pussy

  17. …so what I took away was:
    1. “scientifically” eat the same stuff, just at different times.
    2. Don’t do cardio.
    3. Have 3 cheat-meals in a week.
    4. Read a book………………………ohhhhhhhhh, I see what just happened.

  18. Lift some weights and eat some steaks. I just gave all of you the only fitness advice you’ll ever need.

  19. Either you’re stealing someone else’s transformation pictures or you’re being dishonest about your methods being your own and ripping off Martin Berkhan.
    The original pictures came from a post on the Leangains subreddit ( so this must be repackaging a bastardised version of Martin Berkhan’s content which is available for free at
    …..or you blatantly stole someone’s photos to peddle your bullshit.

  20. Don’t eat until 5:00 pm or so everyday. When you do eat meat, eggs, high fat dairy, and nuts. Lift heavy 3-8 reps to failure / 3-5 sets compound lifts 3 times a week. Enjoy it as your wife/gf fondles you constantly. Your welcome that was free.

    1. But wouldn’t your metabolism crash if you don’t eat? I workout in the mornings before work. Usually do my cardio in the morning and lifting at night this sounds like a recipe for a HURTFUL LONG day at work

      1. I’m no expert but all I can say is that since I started intermediate fasting I’ve dropped a bunch of weight and a full pant size down to 34.
        I despise cardio and would rather not eat than jump on a damn treadmill.
        It’s not that hard when you get used to it and now my stomach has shrunk so when I do eat like crazy at night I get full very quickly.
        For me it’s a day of discipline every day not eating. To be honest though, it’s easy now after 6 months.
        I’ve got that V look now within a half a year. To be fair my body has always responded well to lifting though. I’ve got my shoulders back and my wife cannot stop touching my triceps.
        It’s funny but just yesterday I was at a family function with a potluck afterwards and I didn’t eat.
        Watching all the other fat ass dads eat 3 hot dogs while I stood watch over my 3 kids and tended their needs I spotted a very petite mother at the other side of the room.
        I checked her out a few times to the point where she caught me. I didn’t care when she did and maintained eye contact for a bit (my attractive wife was right there). Within a couple minutes she walked by me at which point I looked her square in the eyes and said hello with a smile.
        She reciprocated with a equally strong stare into my eyes along with a smile.
        It wasn’t about hooking up. It was me spotting an attractive (to me these days if she’s thin that’s pretty much it) female and getting recognized as viable.
        You see I’m getting older at 38 but knowing that if I had to go out in to the market again wouldn’t be an issue is golden.
        My wife also knowing I wouldn’t have an issue is priceless.
        Cheers Solo!

  21. This site is going to trash, albeit slowly. Not too long ago, the six-pack-shortcut guy was fraudvertising here. Now this crock of shit article. Not to mention the Tradcon repackaged: neomasculinity nonsense you were trying to *sell* of late, Roosh. Maybe you were trying to buy into the conservative part of America; maybe you’ve made a deal under the table — don’t know; don’t care.
    Soon, articles like this will occur every 10 articles, instead of every 20. Then every 8. Then 5. Then every 2nd. It is merely a gradual decline into making the bottom line count more than anything. Oh well. This site isn’t a charity and it seems you care about the money more than the people involved.
    I’ll give it one more chance, just to must sure I am not jumping the gun…

  22. This is the worst one yet. he advocates carb cycling (really revolutionary) and calls it calorie shifting. Hey, I just invented the APod.
    Then says that steady state cardio will not get you cut. Wow, again, thanks. I have been running marathons and wondering why I don’t look like arnold. Now i know.
    Then finish strong with prepping cheat meals.
    What’s best is that this is under the title “how i got ripped in 29 days.” Awesome, so if i carb cycle, somehow manage to avoid marathons and plan out cheat meals i will be fucking shredded by Bastille day.
    I think the thing that bothers me most is that the sponsor here is either a total fucking retard or thinks we are total fucking retards.

  23. The men on this site have no aspiration to look like hairless homosexuals. What is this pretty boy faggotry?

  24. Charles Atlas told us as kids, you can become him, in just fifteen minutes a day. Turns out, not quite. In real life, Charles Atlas did his version of body-weight training, 25 minutes at a stretch, twice a day, along with running, or walking, 30 to 60 minutes, seven days a week. One book I read, promises you need only 12 minutes of cardio to get in shape. As opposed to aerobics, which is not the same thing as cardio. It’s the P.A.C.E. revolution! Not quite. The promised 12 minutes, refers only to the short bursts of effort. It does not include the rests in between. Which all totaled, comes to about 25 minutes. Why that’s almost 30 minutes! Which is usually the recommended minimum needed to get in shape. To get in shape, not look like Arnold, or even Atlas. Body-weight trainer John Peterson advises, you need only 3 or 4 reps per set. As long as you do pushup and squat blitzes as well. 500 minimum for both. More reps are even better. And do additional walking, or running, 30 to 60 minutes. The DVDS that came with my Total-Gym, tell us, anyone who says, you can lose weight without walking, tell them to take a hike. Fortunately, I did not believe the infomercial that claimed, you can get in shape in just 6 to 8 minutes a day. Strangely, it did not mention the part about walking. Which didn’t bother me, because I already was. Speaking of which. Anti-aerobic, and anti-cardio people, please, go take a hike.

  25. Bullshit “article”. I know it openly says it’s sponsored, but what a load of shit. I can’t believe people still believing eating lots of carbs is a good thing.

  26. How I got ripped in 29 days using combination of right diet, exercise, good sleep, AND STEROIDS.
    There ya go, I fixed it for you.
    There are TOO much on this now these days with people trying to sell you stuff that is already saturated with same stuff online. Most people are not going to fall for it man. You don’t need to pay thirty dollars to get the information. In fact you can go to bold and determined and find the truth about steroid on the article (Secret to gaining muscle) for FREE. Read that and you won’t need to buy any more fitness guru ebooks.

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