68 thoughts on “The War Between Donald Trump And The Deep State”

  1. That so-called Deep State is the Mossad-US Intel alliance that rules America and did 9/11, if I understand the thing correctly, right?
    Donald Trump is indeed a God Emperor, then.

  2. I pray, PRAY for Soros funded SJWs to try invade a true American republican town.
    Pleeeeeaaase make that happen!!!

    1. “I pray, PRAY for Soros funded SJWs to try invade a true American republican town”
      For many they are chopping at the bit in order to take out the garbage.
      One thing is for certain: if Trump gets JFK’ed that’s it; the patriots will march.
      Right now everyone is against Mr. Trump – including the republicans.

    2. If you visit the local diner in a town, you can get a feel if the locals are cohesive and you hear a soapbox of what the town boys would do if scrappers ever came in rioting. A vibrant and alive community always gets excited about going vigilante on invaders.
      Now go to a Denny’s in the burbs of some cosmopolitan city and the money pumping the economy talks but political voices are rather silent. Also liberal college towns have snooping eyes and ears everywhere. Many shitlib scrappers reside in the area and are idle with free time to snoop, dox and pull dirty deeds on someone who openly proclaims non PC advocacy.
      The towns that get invaded by SJW protesters have already had the pillars of founding culture kept on the defensive, family court and socialist-nanny state hegemony over the atomized populace and strict enforcement against non PC activity. Sometimes it’s shitlib hatchet dogs for the elites selectively doing code enforcement work against non PC citizens. The IRSs Lerner is a good example of a federal level goon at work but the number of local level SJWs employed by the state is staggering. Trump will need good citizens to crack out the hoses onto the fire hydrants and do a corner to corner scrub on the place.
      You get a sense of areas where it’s not a good idea to open your mouth or express support for non PC venues without a troop of supporters. The worst end zombies commit illegal acts against you, slash tires, and the goblins go legal or dubiously legal and sic their buearucratic machinery on you.

      1. I was in a barbershop recently, and the locals were getting excited for ‘Trump Day’ (President’s Day).

      2. Yeah, but when the chips are down, who’ll be the ones that will be “manning” (so un-pc) the fire hydrants in your local town when the shit hits the fan- surely it couldn’t be a white man of Anglo Saxon origin.

        1. Is “Spawn of Soros” qualified?
          That avatar of your reminds me of The Boondocks…on that, Soros’ son vs Soros reminds me of Ed Wuncler III in comparison to his father.

        2. Sons usually fuck up. Consider a lot of family businesses and Dubyuh.
          Food on your family. Yeah, that was cool. Heh-heh-heh.

  3. The term “Deep State” and the way that it is used reminds me of Eisenhower’s warning regarding the Military-Industrial complex. The amount of power given to the CIA and the NSA (both national security agencies) has subverted the power of democratic institutions.
    *** One other thing–the comparison of Flynn communicating with Russian sources and Obama communicating with Medvedev isn’t really fair. Obama was in office at the time, and therefore there was no ‘duel’ government action taking place (where an incumbent president and a president elect are engaging in contradictory foreign policy). I am in sympathy with your conviction in general, but if your fellow conservatives use the Medvedev example as a talking point in an argument, any liberal with half a brain will easily counter it.

    1. I wonder about Ike’s warning as the military-industrial complex didn’t stop Ike from leaving Hungary high and dry (akin to 0bama with Iran).

  4. I believe Trump’s enemies already considered this:
    Trump: “Before any of you get trigger happy, know this: kill me and I become a martyr, making MAGA stronger than ever. Now for the best part: I know how you just LOVE Pence. Guess who takes over if you take me out?”
    The Left: “NOOOOOOOOOO!”
    Trump: “YES! …what, you think I’m stupid?” (snicker)

    1. Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
      I’d still rather join the Empire though. 😀

        1. Yes, you can totally reverse Star Wars by flipping it. The Empire is good and the bad guys are the Rebels. They tried hard with Rogue One but you can do it in that film too. 😀

        2. It was the prequals that convinced me to join the dark side, when Obi-wan said that only Sith deal in absolutes.

      1. Only when he’s paying lip service to his social conservative base. When there were consequences for taking an anti-gay stand, he folded (RFRA).

    2. Mike “TPPence” is not feared by the left, they already got him to cave on the RFRA.
      In 2015, Mike Pence was favored for 2016, but he torched his chances by trying to “backdoor” in Common Core in Indiana through a perversion of school vouchers, and his bone-headed attempt to start up a state-run news agency (to pick 2).
      Pence is also allied with the neocons, his Congressional record and his record as Governor attest to this (eg: his support of obamatrade).
      If Mike Pence is POTUS, it’d be the same as if Paul Ryan were.

  5. haven’t listened to the whole of this, but it’s pretty good so far. With respect to the goals, motivations of the deep state it’s certainly is about self-interest and self-preservation, but both of those things are also about the re-newal and reproduction of the deep state (as state). This is something that goes back to the issue ROK has recently been quite extensively covering of institutionalised government as highly technocratic, bureaucratic. This goes back a long way – back to the notion of a saint-simonian scientific technocracy, and then the scientific socialism of marx etc., and the idea that democracy, should be for the people, and not by the people – i.e. no different than a bunch of vanguard intellectuals deciding amongst themselves that they will lead the proletariat (the people) because the latter aren’t fully conscious – or more likely today that they are simply too ‘dumb’ or in sufficiently ‘expert’. Indeed the managerial state, the bureaucracy, the technocracy – and to the extent the deep state is centre around ‘intelligence’ (faking it rather ‘gathering it) – the cryptocracy: indeed since ‘the people’, the proles, etc must continue to believe that they are the true rulers of the state (c.f. Leo Straus and all his platonic noble lies) then the fact that the deepest part of this managerial state is the intelligence community / military industrial complex etc then cryptocracy is probably the most accurate description of all.
    So we genuinely have a problem for democracy in this dispute, a dispute the deep state should have realised by now that in order for it to survive it must necessarily visibly lose. It’s fantastic that Trump has declared the media to be the true opposition party. He has to be more careful with respect to the intelligence community (as a whole) – he will need to divide and conquer and make good use of those parts of the deep state / cryptocracy that are favourable to him (and of course it’s important to remember that he is in a very real way ‘an insider’ rather than an outsider ….and I say this in the Carroll Quigley sense of the word rather than merely the plain sense meaning). So in part the battle to follow is likely to be partly real, and partly for show. That’s not to say their is anything but bitterness, acrimony and double-dealing going on right now – the deep state and media officials who have orchestrated this are being absolutely cut-throat about this – but that just means there will be both elements of real bloodshed and real theatre at the same time: as many have pointed out, this isn’t just the Trump administration (the good guys depending on your point of view) against the deep state (the bad guys, depending on your point of view): it is the battle of the deep state against the deep state, or at least of factions with the deep state – whether any of this genuinely threatens the deep structure of the deep state is another thing perhaps. I happen to think the preoccupation with Russia is very real but how absolutely fixed this focus happens to be remains to be seen. It is quite ominous what is being said by Trump etc. with regard to nuclear holocaust etc., particularly when I heard that there was mention of Russia needing to return Crimea
    Here is the zerohedge treatment of the issue

  6. Trump is doing fine. He’s ignoring the inane Washington self masturbating bubble and the east and west coast mainstream media while the ordinary populace who voted for him see the media bias for what it is.
    All the talk about “disarray” from people like the traitor John Mc Cain is nothing more than a dose of butt hurt self serving nonsense about his getting caught with his pants down in Vietnam. Remember all the “chaos” around old Bill’s first 100 days in Office in the 90s….well he went on to win a second term.

    1. Bill would definitely be the closest parallel. Both were extreme outside parties, and the growing pains are evident.

      1. Bill Clinton was and is a total insider, as is Hillary. Bill was close with the CIA and the Bushes for years before he became president. A better example would be Kennedy.

        1. Some Rhodes scholars may be more equal than others. Bill was well connected from the beginning

        2. Well, there appear to be several angles. His uncle had mafia connections. He was recruited to the CIA as a student in Oxford, and appears to have acted in concert with the CIA during his tenure as governor of arkansas (was that after Bush senior was at the helm?), he was of course a Rhodes scholar, and his tutor at Georgetown, Carroll Quigley, who he made some dedications to in the 90s, was a self-confessed insider within a literal plutocrat conspiracy going back to Cecil Rhodes.
          Have a read of this if you need some context.

    2. It’s pretty amazing how the MSM manipulates shit. Going into commercial break, CNN says, “Coming up: a Minnesota County that went heavily for TRUMP already seeing a revolt against Trump.”
      Well I had to keep it on as I thought they were going to interview/ show Trump Voters angered with DJT.
      It turned out to be nothing more than piece on Democrats in this county at meeting. Utterly Pathetic.
      The MSM is so WET for a left-wing version of Tea Party. Just wait until the unhinged degenerates protesting in streets target (D) representatives as they return home during winter recess. Absolutely cannot wait to see (D) Reps get taste of their completely irrational base!

      1. Media circa 2010: The coffee party is growing, and already bigger than the tea-party!!!!

        1. Womyns March, multiple MSM outlets stated it could be the left’s “tea party” forming.
          The Tea Party actually KNEW what they were talking about. Unlike these emotionally unstable liberal degenerates who seek to find racism, sexism & bigotry in EVERYTHING.
          I truly look forward to (D) representives silenced by their base which is more concerned with shouting over/ silencing others, repeating dumb chants & hashtag slacktivism — than engaging in civic discourse.

      2. It’s good in a sense, because it’s so evident now of how biased they are- everyone can see it. The international media are even worse, the slightest error that Trump makes is seen as a sign of his innate incompetent and “racism” . These “day laborers” (thanks Schopenhauer) are nothing more than sniveling traitors and apologists to the strong, masculine, proud values of our forefathers.

      3. Exactly. Which is where the rage is coming from. The left is incapable of any real, strategic action to CHANGE things. All they know… their entire tool belt of hope and change… is to not go to work and carry a placard and protest. Protests change nothing… taking action does which is what silent Americans did on Nov 8th… in droves.

    3. “while the ordinary populace who voted for him see the media bias for what it is.”
      Great achievement. This is what we all are waiting for …

      1. He’s the first “politician” who actually talks about the concerns which the “great blue collared and ignorant white unwashed” (a phrase the Clinton Hollywood Democrats love) have been speaking about for decades (but ignored). For once white people don’t have to feel ashamed of their skin color nor do black people have to feel they are “victims”.

        1. Completely Agree.
          Just somewhat concerning to observe (some) DJT voters blindly support EVERYTHING he says.
          The MSM is highly critical of DJT as we know. But it’s amazing to watch FOX — a network irrational over Obama playing golf and taking trips — barely mention the cost Trump is dumping on Tax Payers. Melania remaining in NYC and flying to FL on weekends is costing MILLIONS. On top of that, Trump’s BILLING the Secret Service to stay at Mar-a-Lago & Trump Tower.

    4. He just nominated Acosta for Labor! Do you know Acosta wants to grant amnesty to all the illegals and is a supporter of H1b workers? Some draining the swamp.

      1. Would it be acceptable if Trump picked him for his certain skills, but told him to STFU and get on the TRUMP bus with regard to amnesty?

      2. See the guy DJT pulled on stage at Melbourne, FL rally on Saturday? He’s now been on several shows. Struck me as having eerie cult-like passion for Trump.
        I went to several Trump rallies and voted for DJT. Got behind Trump shortly after he announced as I loved him taking on the MSM/ PC with unfiltered mouth.
        But it’s alarming to see some DJT supporters blindly support EVERYTHING he says.

    5. I first started attacking the traitor, John McCain, on the internet in 2006. I began by introducing evidence of his conversion to communism. I hoped that Arizona would not elect him again. Then I found out about the election-fixing machinery controlling Arizona. It is a joint democrat-republican effort that has dominated Arizona for at least 20 years, Thus the people of Arizona are powerless to replace the peace-criminal McCain.
      Numerous American traitors remain in power by the machinations of a criminal one-party dictatorship, protected by a phalanx of leftist media propagandists, always demanding “their rights” as a free press. .Media propagandists are communist mouthpieces of the controlling establishment and their press is not free since they have enjoyed covert federal funding for over 30 years.
      That dictatorship must be wiped off the face of the earth.

  7. Donald Trump is sweeping the legs of the MSM and soon enough he’ll be curb stomping them while they’re down.

    1. And then lock in a rear naked choke and snap the neck to finish the job.

  8. Trump is the only possible person who’ll be able to root out this Deep State root and branch. Without it we can’t really MAGA. We’ll see what happens.

    1. The leaks are all coming from the former Obama staff at the upper and middle levels in the State apparatus who’ve not been replaced yet. He has to FIRE them ALL, before anything improves on this front.

  9. It seems more like Trump is trapping leakers by way of dishing out very specific fake news stories. He knows who he gave them to, and when they show up in the news, he knows exactly who to fire.
    Today the 7th floor of the State Department was let go and 6 White House staffers were fired. `

    1. To detect insiders working against you, a person has to have grown up in an environment of divided and opposing family factions where some siblings even were shitlib. While growing up, the shitlibs did to their own family the same screw job they now professionally do to factions of their own country. They learn the bickering, the backstabbing, the false alliances and poker face at home. World manipulators learned the basics of deception playing in the sandbox with other kids just like the cultural marxists learned their penchant for antagonism in their own home divided by liberated and empowered females.
      The woman was purturbed to become disruptive 100 yrs ago and the wylie ways have become cross generational and ingrained by now. The shitlibs learned their deception in the crib when mommy marched off to work and suddenly yanked her reliable tit out of the hungry youngsters mouth.
      People who have an awakening for return to traditional culture and who want a revival of the natural order can be naive at first of their many contemporaries who have been programmed to attack without conscience. YOU see a dream of betterment clear as day but THEY on the other hand react like a fire alarm just went off. Modern shit lib family women try hard to enforce a zone in their all around circles where they can coo like chickens in a hen house, quitely with their starbucks drink and they have to maintain the warm and fuzzy atmosphere of likethinking people, even in the home. This carries to public spaces as well. The media’s blitz of lies is for their own comfort and peace so they don’t go so batshit neurotic that they can’t even type the daily bullshit in the presses. They are all under the microscope now and their days are numbered.

  10. Deep water horizon. Media ” The oil vanished over night Yay!!!”
    Fukushima does a triple double meltdown. Media ” Radiation is natural, the wind will blow it away; no more harmful then a banana.”
    Trump wins election. Media ” Russia hacked your brain, don’t be fooled.”

    1. That is an incredible read. Read it yesterday and it makes clear what is happening in America right now politically and culturally. In the past, they could get away with this shit. The internet has changed everything. Like the printing press, truth and knowledge of it, once unleashed, is an unstoppable force. I used to worry that Trump is only one man, how can he change everything? Could we swing back? I don’t think that anymore. I think Trump’s election may very well be the Malcolm Gladwell tipping point (a book, good read) and there is no turning back. The future is nation state sovereignty, traditional family and sound money. Yes, I just wrote that in full recognition of what is going on now… but I can no longer see the dark future “they” are trying to create. There are just too many good people of moral conscience and action who are now awake for them to stop the reset even if they take out Trump.

      1. Hopefully
        There’s been an abundance of circumstantial evidence and because the msm has instantly dismissed it, tells me that there’s a lot more to it
        It’s not just the states – it’s rife over here in the UK too; we’ve had the dirty commies in the BBC covering for Jimmy Saville and a load of other childrens presenters along with others in the indsutry like Cliff Richard, former prime minister Edward Heath as been under investigation, former PM, war criminal and all round khunt Tony Blair was rumoured to fly to the states for his fix, the Labour party is ridden with the bastards
        If I was wearing a tinfoil hat, I’d say that this is massive and unearthing it is a game changer

        1. Game changer, tipping point, the summing up. Whatever you want to call it, it is happening and “they” can’t stop it. Hell… Milo went nuclear in his presser and told the press exactly that… the covering up of the pedo Saville and who knows how many victims he has. Which leads to the royal family… which leads to…
          Judgement is coming… and it will be the old fashioned, earth bred variety.

  11. I listened to some of the news conference – live.
    Told reporters they are fake news – no — not any more, “very fake news”, why such hatred etc…
    Next day MSM –” trump is crazed leader, bombs his own people.”
    they didn’t say that, no, but that is what they say about every leader of a country they are about to bomb…
    Next day cannot find speech only stories about him opposed to free speech and being mentally unstable.
    Main message:
    Trump: “MSM lie”
    MSM: “Trump is opposed to First Amendment- Free Speech, and is insane”
    Question is, can he keep up the pressure with no regular people hearing the truth. Or does he need to bomb before hes JFK’d, or acquiesces.

    1. I watched that press conference yesterday. You know what I saw? A father lovingly telling his children what they are doing wrong and what they need to do to correct the situation. No yelling. No arguing. Just plain, quiet, admonition and discipline. Seriously. How is this guy so calm? You could even see he is working them like a Don Juan. “Come on guys, I am really not that bad. I think you will like me.” kind of stuff is just genius. Every time they portray Trump as this Hitler nut, salivating and raving to hate and whatever else… the people watch the press conference and say “Are we watching the same guy the MSM is watching?” Comments on the YouTube vid I watched of the conference had people who WERE democrats and voted for Hillary… are dumping the party PERMANENTLY with each passing day of insanity from the left who claim to speak for them.
      Make no mistake… EVERY DAY Trump is in office… he is gaining more followers and more popular support. I never thought I would see such a monumental shift in culture in my lifetime, but we are witnessing it.
      Someone else commented elsewhere (here or Breitbart I can’t remember) that Generation Z (running out of letters) are even MORE conservative than Millenials (those that red pilled). I have an 11 year old nephew. Watched some old 80s cartoon intros like Thundercats and He-Man… and asked him how these looked compared to his Spongebob “crab cakes” cartoons. He gets it and he is only 11. Found a tranny cartoon on NetFlix when I was at his house (well… to be fair, it’s a boy who must dress like a girl to be a superhero, but you get the idea) and when I joked “WTF, a dude as a girl?”… my nephew LAUGHED HIS ASS OFF.
      As much as I fear what some of this genderbread programming is going to do to the next generation…. heterosexuality… the norm for 97% of humanity… is not going to be subverted. In fact… the opposite is going to happen. These kids being raised on this gender bending shit… are going to grow up and be absolute (dare I say it)… Nazi’s when it comes to protecting their kids from this crap. It is not going to end well but of course, my warning (any warning really) will be spun into “hatred” and “violence” against the gender freaks.
      If feminist revolution turned their sons into rabid anti-feminists… what is the gender-revolution going to have for sons?

    1. Yup…. more and more… they are truly looking like complete blind idiots. Trump is the ant that stood up and said no… and he has MILLIONS more (and gaining) every day he is in office. Explains fully why “they” are going insane trying to find anything to bring him down.

  12. The show goes on, until world war three. This war, with the threat of nuclear annihilation inevitable, will most likely wipe out most of the elite NWO types as well. It will be open season on the rockefellers, rothchilds, kissinger, soros, and all their ilk once the bombs start to fly. No more banks, no more bullshit, no more debt, just a big reset of planet earth.

  13. The war is between the patriotic Constitutionalists and the Deep State. The Deep State has infiltrated the government, intelligence agencies, military, academia and the media throughout all levels with the goal to subject the world to chaos so that the world would seek security through serfdom under an oligarchy on a world wide scale. To do this, globalist elitists understand concepts like “Diversity + Proximity = War” – which is why the nonsensical push to flood the western world with incompatible cultures from the middle east. This will foment discord and disharmony. Nations will seek solutions in a unified governing body to adjudicate all of the associated problems. They push toward one-world government through economic and financial crisis. The cucked media disseminates the idea that only a centralized government, currency and bank can prevent economic collapse and catastrophe. They use the media as pablum to satisfy the populace much like Rome did with the gladitorial games. Media entertainment fosters discord in families by ridiculing traditional family values – portraying men/husbands as incompetent ignoramuses and women as the voice of reason (absurd). Usually they will portray the children as wholly more wise and intelligent than the adults. This all fosters the discordant disfunction required to bring a populace under the control of a centralized bureaucracy – allowing the people to subjugate themselves to an authority that would have complete control over their lives and their life choices. If you are anti-Trump, you are on the side of the globalist elitists of the Deep State. You are a traitor to America and the constitution. You may be just an ignorant participant, but the globalist elitists don’t care. As long as you willingly or unwillingly come under their subjugation. The elitists are waging war against America and the constitution. If they win, a new world order will emerge and the liberty and freedom guaranteed by the United States Constitution will be relegated to the scrap heap of history. A great experiment in government of, by and for the people will be extinguished for all eternity. And future generations would only look back and ask why – except that any record of the existence of such a republic would be wiped from the face of the earth so as not to be rediscovered by future generations – which is their Orwellian dream.

    1. If this plan succeeds, it will not last. There is no way to become immortal in the physical world. The human brain cannot be cloned, they cannot divide cells at a rate to recover and slow down aging fast enough, and it is not possible to transfer consciousness to artificial receptacles. They have infiltrated every facet of human organization with their treacherous sellout agents. The only thing that can stand in their way are homogeneous families. They have broken down religion and nationalism, but families are resisting government attempts at intervention on their children and marriages, even if it is extremely difficult. This is the last bastion of defense against their plan… and from this position of recoil, families can unite other families and form tribes again, perhaps even building an entire identity of people who resist this new world order government slavecare. That is the first step. Be strong in familial ties, love your families, your parents, your spouse and children, your cousins, your friends. Unite each other in your own domiciles and family structure. Yes we all will have outliers, like the drunken uncle or the drug addict aunt or the baby boomer grandpa who doesn’t give two shits as long as he can keep going to his vestigial doctor vists, or perhaps your mother or sister is a feminist, or your father is addicted to sports and TV, but regardless, that is the first message to spread in strengthening those around us to also have grit in the face of things to come.

  14. LMAO, Donald John is TOTALLY out of his league. The GOP is using his like he was Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man (GOP) behind the curtain!
    He’s acting like he wants to be no more than a two-year not two-term POTUS, rushing his agenda with ill-conceived executive orders and flip-flopping on strategy (one minute telling Israel to cool it on expanding settlements, the next saying a one-state solution will work)!
    Talking about Ivanka’s products but mentioning nothing about weather damaged areas in the south.
    Taking no salary but spending crazy cash jetting to Florida every weekend and keeping Melania and Barron ensconced in luxury in NYC! One month end! Literally, he’ll cost the American taxpayer in six months more than travel money spent on Obama and Bus!

  15. LMAO, Donald John is TOTALLY out of his league. The GOP is using his like he was Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man (GOP) behind the curtain!
    He’s acting like he wants to be no more than a two-year not two-term POTUS, rushing his agenda with ill-conceived executive orders and flip-flopping on strategy (one minute telling Israel to cool it on expanding settlements, the next saying a one-state solution will work)! Did he even consult with his SECY of State on that!?
    Mexico paying for that wall yet? GTFOH!
    Talking about Ivanka’s products but mentioning nothing about weather damaged areas in the south.
    Taking no salary but spending crazy cash jetting to Florida every weekend and keeping Melania and Barron ensconced in luxury in NYC! One month end! Literally, his family will cost the American taxpayer in six months more than travel money spent on Obama and Bush! Whatever money he might save us on new Air Force Ones will be more than offset by Secret Service bills and that’s no hyperbole.
    This fool won’t release his tax returns but there is so much smoke with Russia its scary. Flynn gets fired then a Russian Spy ship gets within 30 miles of our Groton Sub base.

  16. LMAO Donald John Trump is the real life but dark Wizard of Oz.
    Vapid, can’t EVER admit he’s made a mistake which is disturbing.
    Flip flopped on China (one China policy) and Israel/Palestine solution (one state policy then telling Israel cool it on the settlements)
    Lacks attention to detail which is why his executive orders have to be modified.
    Too many mouthpieces. What does Conway do that Spicer can’t?
    Mexico pay for wall? GTFOH!
    Has an anti-Semite and a Jew as senior advisors. Can’t make this up!Takes no salary but then is BLEEDING American taxpayer with weekly trips to Mar-Lago and keeping Melania and Barron in NYC! At the rate Trump is leaving the WH, he’ll cost taxpayers more than travel budgets of Bush and Obama combined in a THIRD of the time! That money he will save us on his Air Force One construction will all be eaten up and more by his travels just to get away from D.C.!
    And Russia, ..Flynn leaves and next thing you know a Russian Spy ship is 30 miles off the coast of a U.S. submarine base. Won’t release his tax returns to review ties overseas.
    Dude will resign in two years if for no other reason, he will bore of the fishbowl life in D.C.

  17. The propaganda machine is going full retard in order to make Trump seem inept. Completely seperate from the reality. Its unique that powerful entities in the country which directly subvert, disobey and violate the laws of the elected government without repercussion. Imagine the crackdowns throughout history of much smaller revolutionary elements attempting to overthrow the rightful government.

  18. A poetic spoken word account of the Deep State’s fear and future. It (taking over the world) has never been done in human history and never will be. Their are debts to be paid for past sins and some people are very, very, very deep in debt.

  19. Motherfucker has arrested Development and the emotional capacity of a 7 year old LOL I WILL FUCK YOU FOR 7 YEARS IN HELL PUSSYYY

  20. The ‘deep state’ is like a bad woman. It’s like a great big knaiving cunt, a covert, lying manipulative bitch, a cumulation of scorned whores both male and female, a world assembly of dishonor including fallen men who let their many little cunts get out of the stable and roll the entire fold into ONE BIG CUNT. The deep state is a superstorm of BITCHFORCE from the pits of hell laying ruin to all the virtues of mankind.
    To defeat the planet engulfing GREAT CUNT known as the ‘deep state’ , FIRST we must regain the reigns of the little deep state, the ‘deep state minor’, the little cunts engulfing individual men. We must bring our women to heel, recultivating their feminine spirit before we can deflate the whoring spirit of the greater global ‘deep state’. The deep state is the biggest, skankiest, gnarliest and most diseased cunt our species has ever had to grapple with.
    A saying I learned from a lawnmower repair guy: “Once you know small, you know em all.” He was referring to lawnmower engines. He also repaired big diesel engines but he first learned small engine repair. This rule also applies to the many little cunts vs the big cunt. If we can learn to understand and deconstruct the malevolent path of individual liberated women, we can then move on to deconstruct the deep state.
    Why do you think feminism is popping up everywhere like bamboo shoots across the globe, even in the most remote corners? It’s spirit finds fertile soil in many lower minions and then metastisizes into a superstorm which carries across the globe much like the jetstream.
    For the record, I’m no hater of women any more than I’m a ‘hater’ of uranium. I respect its utility and realize it must be handled with care. I cherish good, virtuous and loyal women. Women are an integral part of our body as a species and must be managed carefully and naturally. Run amok they can toxify the entire species like a uranium ingot in the water supply can kill an entire town. Women free and on the loose eventually become cohesive. As like attracts like, they form a herd that acts as a suicidal battering ram against the entire carnate body of our species. But kept controlled, coralled and centered on their fulcrums, women work perfectly as organic gears in our replicating DNA colony, a perfect eternal machine in space which must be kept in natural balance. Our species only thrives when our women are in their place. Our DNA instructs draw the building block materials for our physical form from the elements and the woman, mindless as she is still posesses the portal to the life force of creation. The pussy is a powerful thing with specific but limited powers and exclusive access to the netherworld. “BOO!” Who wouldn’t be driven out of their mind if God slapped something as mysterious as a pussy onto you? Think about it men. If YOU had a hole in your midsection that literally permiated the space-time continuum to whence new life force germinates, wouldn’t YOU be driven batshit cray cray?? Our women need completely controlled by our patriarchs and I can’t pound my fists enough on this point. And for all the fags out there, your asshole gives birth to nothing but stinky brown turds of shit you dumbass fools. It’s not a vagina you idiot so WIPE IT and wipe the shit eating grin. You’re a disgrace to your father and a reflection of your crazy mother.
    A woman’s mind is only as stable and good as the MAN’S mind that controlls her. Without MAN she is lost. Without MAN superceding her mind her brain is a neuro train wreck, like an electrical transformer station arcing in flames after a wind storm with pieces of chain link fence entangled in the insulators. She’s as mindless and directionless as a stray loose ejected spare tire rolling and finally teetering into the gully beside the freeway.
    And so the deep state gobbles up virtue like a black hole and spits out death for all. And a diseased pussy on the corner does the same. We must get control of our women to defeat the deep state. Therein we remove its underpinnings and it evaporates – “POOF!”

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