Afro-Islamist Riots Sweep Through Vibrant Suburbs Of Paris

On the afternoon of the 2nd of February 2017, in the town of Aulnay-sous-Bois (suburbs of Paris), 22 year-old Théo Luhaka, following a violent verbal exchange with four police constables, was restrained on the ground and later brought to the police station

Following his arrest, Théo is brought to the hospital where the medical examination reveals that he suffers from a 10cm (4 inches) tear of the anal canal. The 4 policemen are currently suspended.

The IGPN (the “police of the police” inspection service) examined the elements of the case and ruled that it appears to be an accident. The local court has so far charged three of the police constables with gang assault and one of them charged with rape. The affair is in progress. Those are the facts we know.

The two sides of the story

The scene took place in a Paris ghetto, just like this one

Théo asserts that the policemen battered him while on the ground, pulled down his trousers then taunted him with a telescopic baton before penetrating him with it.

He then asserts that the policemen dragged him to their car, macing him with pepper spray while calling him “bamboula” (the closest English translation would be “silly coon”). Théo’s family hired Eric Dupont-Moretti, left-wing lawyer famous for defending Mohammed Merah’s brother (Islamic terrorist Merah gunned down three soldiers and four Jews, among them 3 children, in 2012).

On the other side, the policemen and their lawyers assert that Luhaka refused to cooperate and comply before kicking, punching the constables and that if the penetration with the baton happened, it was accidental.

This video DOES NOT include the alleged assault:

The riots and the media recuperation

Regardless of the verdict, justice must examine the affair and the policemen are innocent until proven guilty. What matters is the response that we observed in many Afro-Muslim ghettos after the media broadcasted the story:

Rioting nationwide. Local precincts attacked. Police officers, public servants, firemen and reporters injured with Molotov cocktails and stones. Around a hundred arrests. Destruction of private and public property, worth millions of euros. Dozens of cars burnt. Cash machines and shops looted. Systematic assault and robberies on ethnic French and foreign tourists.

In one instance, police officers had to shoot live rounds in the air to deter about fifty rioters that threatened to lynch them. All of this to the joyous sound of “Fucking Gauls, you and your filthy race” and “You sons of whores, we will avenge him.”

This Periscope account depicts the crowd movements near Bobigny’s courthouse.

The irony lies in the fact that in their effort to get clicks and create sensational news, the biased media (who took the side of the accuser from the start, adding then deleting elements from the “official” version, publishing the names and locations of the accused, before any judicial conclusion) depicted the French police as inherently violent and racist. Leftist partisans at the New York Times lead the way for the English-speaking press.

But they were among the most severely attacked when the youths surrounded them. In a flow of insults, the buses of radio stations RTL and Europe 1 were torched, rocks hurled at them and reporters of BFMTV injured. Who prevented them from being lynched? The cops on the scene.

Weakling and soon-to-be-retired President Hollande a.k.a “Pudding”, visited Luhaka in the hospital and the town of Aulnay on the 14th of February, showing where his priorities are. He was booed and copiously insulted. Other irrelevant celebrities obviously jumped on the bandwagon.

But when in Grande Borne, two policemen are almost burnt alive or when a physician is stabbed 30 times by an Arab man, no one gives a fuck. Nothing from the media or the government

The usual suspects

Let’s not beat around the bush. Those events reproduce step by step the chaos caused by the terrorist movement Black Lives Matter in the U.S.A. The Afro-Muslim/BLM/leftist national rioting follows every step of its American predecessor sparked by the deaths of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown among others.

Last summer, Adama Traoré, a black man with a heavy criminal past, is restrained by the police and transported to the local precinct. He dies later of asphyxiation which the court rules was not the result of external factors such as violence. Cops were cleared of charges. Afro-Muslims refuse to accept the verdict. “Peaceful” protests are organised. Riots and looting follow.

In Traoré’s case, a clique of “anti-racist” (Newspeak for “Anti-white”) like SOS Racisme, the LDH (League for Human Rights), the CRAN (Representative Council of Black Associations), Antifas and more importantly Black Lives Matter France, helped in their campaign of hate against the police and disruption of public order. As in the American case, they are all bankrolled by George Soros’ Open Society. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Like in America, they portrayed the victim(s) as martyr(s). They did not even bother changing the slogans for both movements. Both violent protests for Traoré and Luhaka popularised hashtag campaigns and chants such as “No Justice, No peace” or “Everyone hates the police.”

A similar case, where the death of Afro-Muslim suspects due to their own recklessness gives the perfect pretext to unleash chaos and Anti-French hate, brings us back to the Zyed and Bouna case in 2005 with riots that plagued France for three weeks and showed to the whole world the impotence of the government when faced with immigrant violence and the insufficient means given to the police to counter it, including outdated material, limited number of constables and orders to stand down when directly attacked.

Of course, SOS racisme and their Leftist-Anarchist chicken-legged allies were there again.

“Justice for what’s-their-face! Haha! Take that you fucking White males!”

The same scenario has been repeating itself for the last 20 years or so. Packs of predominantly Muslim and Black unemployed youth take advantage of some kid’s death that they would have stabbed for a crumb of hash a week before, infiltrate a “relatively peaceful” protest, rob stores, stomp incredulous leftists that see their virtue signalling backfire and try to murder police officers.

Ceux qui la détestent viennent de faire gagner Marine Le Pen

2005 riots. A majority of rioters dream of recreating them.

Adding to the migrant invasion, immigrant delinquency and terrorism risk, these riots help to tank the hopes of France to remain a major tourist destination in the future.

The number of Chinese tourists dropped of 30% this year alone, around 50% for the Japanese. The Koreans follow the same path after the attack of their bus this week, their embassy advising them to avoid France and Paris in particular. Russia issued the same warning to its citizens in 2005 and maintain it to this day. Entire districts die because no investor wants to open a shop there. Those “lost territories of the Republic” keep providing us with homegrown jihadis and domestic murders.

Elites divide and conquer, taking their useful idiots for a free stuff ride while they nip thought crime in the bud. It was the same failed strategy used by the Clinton-Soros-Black Lives Matter Triple Entente last year in the United States, leading to Trump’s election.

Government backed media recuperate these events to fan the flames of division and incite the largely politically inactive Afro-Muslim youth of the ghettos to go to the polls, and vote for the right candidate, which is at the moment, anyone who is not Marine Le Pen, head of the Front National and so far the favourite in the French presidential race of 2017.

Their plan looks like it backfired and gave her what she needed to reach the Elysée palace.

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269 thoughts on “Afro-Islamist Riots Sweep Through Vibrant Suburbs Of Paris”

  1. Getting arse raped by the police seems a bit out of order to me.
    I can’t see any excuses letting them get away with that one.

    1. afro-muslims are very open sexually, many will rape men and young boys if they get the opportunity. They whole-heartedly reject the western idea of being ‘gay’ like you see in hollywood, and will swear to ‘allah’ that they are straight. My money is on this baboon being torn from too many love sessions with other jihadi-johns and conveniently placing blame upon the police when the medical examination turns up with that horrid find.

      1. Very good call. NYC had a similar case years ago. African immigrant reportedly ass-raped by two American cops. Very hard to believe

      2. Medical examiners are usually pretty hot on detecting the time of recent injuries. I’m betting the police did it, probably because they thought they could. Police in Europe do a lot of shit like that.

        1. Medical examiners are corruptible just like our other officials. If it is politically beneficial to blame this dune coon’s ripped arse on the police, you can bet your bottom dollar thats what they would say

        2. None of the police lawyers seem to be denying it happened, they are merely claiming it was an accident. Obviously he slipped and fell on the baton, Oppppppps

        3. the damage has been done, the barbarians are flexing their muscles in europe’s heart and you are more concerned with a group of cops that may or may not like to bugger people

        4. The cops are supposed to be the good guys ………… good guys don’t do this sort of shit.

        5. The police in Europe do a lot of shit like this? Examples please.
          I do know the police set up staged events, using paid pasties, in order to create riots. This has all of the hallmarks of that. Just like the London riots in 2011 with that staged killing, a very convenient 345 years (345 the Freemasonic pythagorean number) after the 1666 Great Fire of London.

        6. You obviously can’t see through psy-ops. The police do not go around ass fucking negros. The lingering lack of denial and information is precisely needed to forment rioting, and a massive police crackdown, which will bring in new policing powers. Fast forward 6 months when the cops are aquitted (as the entire thing is staged/ fake), and there will be more riots, just as the police want. Riots for police are like wars for the military, they need them to justify getting new hardware.

      3. Well, he might get thrown off a building if they find out he’s gay. Blaming police is the smart call.
        Well… as smart as a complete idiot is going to get.

        1. Recycled from the same B.S. playbook, I’m thinkin’…worked the first time, hey, let’s do it again.

        2. Likewise. When mine itches too much, I let the whole thing go. Truth only takes a guy so far…usually to Bonkersville.

      1. It was inevitable that the cops would lose their cool dealing with these monsters. They are incompatible with civilization and they need to be sent back to the wilderness from whence they came. It was blitheringly stupid to think they could have handled civilization in the first place. You can take the savage out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the savage. And, any idiot knows that the civilized will become barbaric but the barbaric will not become civilized. So, no, the cops need sympathy because they have been subjected to psychological strain that no normal human being could possibly hold up under.

        1. No doubt the police are under unimaginable stress. Still, handling that stress is part of the job. Cops should be “rotated out” of high-crime neighborhoods just like front-line combat soldiers.

      1. I probably have more experience with European police that you do, it seems entirely believable to me. Especially as the claim was he was raped with a baton.

        1. So you have been ass raped by police? You either have, or your argument falls to pieces. Yes, cops throw punches when given the chance, and press every pressure point to cause pain, but they aren’t into sexual assault, especially on black guys, and no amount of your bullshiting/ whining about the police changes that.

        2. I’m an old guy, nobody wants to rape me anymore. I thought this guy was an Arab not a black, I could be wrong, I often am.

  2. Leftists think all this “diversity” is taking one step forward, but in reality it’s two steps back. Never Again!

  3. Well, there are no problem that a good military intervention could stop. With the blessing of most of inhabitants of those places (!)
    With a strong political will, most problems could be solved.

    1. hollande may be ”pudding” but he at least has a stopping point. trudeau is pants-on-head and will be mocked by history that western men write, or as a symbol of justified muslim domination if we fail.

      1. Being a model completely defeats the entire purpose of the Hijab: To not be looked at, or idolized.

      1. No kidding, looks like he rummaged through his dress-up closet, couldn’t find a turban, so went with pirate.
        No parrot, but hope there’s a giant ear ring on the other side.

        1. If you buy your rug from sikh you don’t have to worry about getting your head cut off.

  4. We got some BLM activity in Nashville. Seems pretty quiet so far but of course that could change. Anyone been keeping track of the Nashville BLM story? I’ve only heard bits and pieces on the radio.

  5. I dont see how France doesnt have a violent right wing revolt. As Milo said once. This is what France gets for being open and welcoming to these people. I wouldnt want them dead. I’d want them rounded up and kicked out.

    1. France has had numerous violent, right-wing revolts. Just not for about a hundred or so years.

    2. They get snuffed out and jailed. You’re talking about countries who have arrested people for posting what you just did

    3. They did. It happened in 1940, as the Nazis rolled in. The Vichy French government was happy to welcome the Nazis as they feared their own left more. Petain went on record saying so.

  6. I hope Le Pen fucking crushes these animals. I wouldn’t have a problem with her instituting a Reign of Terror upon all violent, left-wing political groups and individuals.

    1. Wouldn’t it be better if people like Le Pen would subvert the EU and impose an alt-right regime than actually destroy the union & have every nation fend for themselves?

  7. How come these rioters never target rich neighborhoods. Aren’t they bright enough to realize the elite, who are pulling the puppet strings on everything and everybody, live in the rich neighborhoods. How come the elite’s TV stations are never targeted. How come they never attack high-level government officials and politicians. Why don’t they chase bankers down the street, and the money-changers who screw everyone on the planet who isn’t rich. Why don’t they drag Soros and his ilk, out of their limos, and string them up. Why don’t they go after billionaires, and major corporate CEOs. None of these protesters ever does these things. They never target the men responsible for the world’s major problems. These are some really dumb “revolutionaries”. Why, it’s almost enough to make a person think that all of this shit is being choreographed and financed by the elite (cough-cough, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, gag, choke, etc.)…

    1. Because then they won’t get paid.
      And the rich elites would not put up with this sort of thing. Any riff-raff that comes into their midst is dealt with quickly and effectively.

        1. Not that long back there was some BLM-type protest that blocked a major highway into Washington DC.
          That was literally the shortest protest ever.

        2. Those crisis actors either got the wrong directions, or they were gunned down and buried in a pit somewhere…oops.

        1. Everyone knows where Goldman HQ is downtown; have yet to see a riot outside…nah, nothin to see here

    2. Yeah, odd that all these riots and terrorist events always seem to target working suckers who have no connection to the issues being argued….

      1. They always target people of the same economic strata. And a different color, usually. Totally coincidental…

        1. Most French, like most Euros and Americans,are leftists at heart, and deserve to be attacked. May all cities burn.

        2. Then whine about how there are no grocery stores, blighted neighbourhoods and no business opportunity. It’s like burning your own house down then complaining about having to live in a tent.

        3. This article is further proof that not all immigrant groups are equal. Sad thing being, that these animals out-breed the locals and will become the majority in Europe by 2050 if trends don’t quickly change.

    3. they are brainwashed to attack the “bourgeois” — next stop up the financial hierarchy.
      By those at the top of the financial hierarchy…
      Overheard few diversity Americans rattling off the hackneyed -” “they” are homophobic, racist, misogynist” — saw me standing there – and lowered their voices…
      cancer is terminal…
      Always wondered why wealthy families that I deal with have a daughter low paid school teacher…But the rest are lawyers, bankers, etc…

    4. You can imagine what would happen, should these puppets go out of line: random shootings from “unknown persons”, mass arrests, immediate and extreme violence…
      A nice presentation from the media and all is well in Dumbassylvania

        1. “That’s ok Jenny I will raise your aids baby” –Also Forest Gump

        2. Jenny Curran: Why are you so good to me?
          Forrest Gump: You’re my girl!
          Jenny Curran: [pause] I’ll always be your girl.
          Forrest Gump: He should not be hitting you, Jenny.
          Forrest did a shit-ton of white-knighting for Jenny in that film. A total coincidence, I am quite sure. It’s not like Hollywood would try to convince beta simps that white-knighting is an effective way to win the hearts and minds of women…

        3. I pointed out multiple times that she didn’t come back to him until after he’d become a millionaire. You can imagine how well that went with the Blue Pull types.

        4. Whoosh – right over their heads. Forrest was the poster child for the modern, blue-pill, beta simp. That film might be largely responsible for much of the white-knight/orbiter behavior of every young, impressionable male who ever watched it…

        5. Heh, who knows. I was in Jr high when that came out and even at the age of 14 thought, “Dude, that STD filled skank is taking you for a ride.” Funny how even his army buddy Lt. Dan tried to encourage him to date other women.

        6. Hollywood used to give a guy a decent film while subtly mindfucking him. Now they just shove garbage out there, and they don’t even try to hide it anymore…

        7. The message being – the orbiting simp gets the money and the girl; the red-pill guy gets his legs blown off…

        8. Nostalgia isn’t the most dangerous of human idiosyncrasies but it is in the top 5 for sure.

        9. Absolutely. I abused that shit like a drug most of my life. I started planning my memoirs when I was 8. I reminisced fondly about events and culture I didn’t live through.
          This is a disease paseddown from baby-boomer parents. What can we expect when we’re raised on Sha na na, Grease, Happy Days, American Grafitti, The Wonder Years, Stand by Me……

        10. Wow, this post hits home with me- I was the same way, wishing I was born 20 yrs earlier so I could live The Wonder Years…

        11. All that crap memorialized the boomer’s utter lack of concern for the future or even the present!

        12. Kevin got Winnie Cooper, I got new jack city. Say what you what about nostaglia(yeah, too much is lethal), it is lucrative. I think all the most popular VR worlds will be set in the past, bc the present is uninteresting, and th future looks grim

        13. Right, and how many movies did you see as a kid that painted a rosy future? I’m thinking Blade Runner, The Day After, Running Man, Soylent Green, Marathon man….

        14. You guys missed the most important message of all of Forrest Gump;
          It’s better and more noble to be stupid.
          I hated that goddamn movie. Another one I hated from that era was “Rudy.” It’s better and more noble to suck at something and be the worst. Never quit, even though you’re the worst. Don’t get stronger or faster, just be the worst and people will be comfortable patting you on the head.

        15. “Rudy” was a joke. Rudy didn’t do most of the things attributed to him in the film. Almost the entire script was fiction. Dressed up as truth.
          Bottom line – Hollywood programs impressionable idiots to do the wrong thing, by convincing them it’s the right thing.

        16. Ever notice how the bad guys can’t shoot their guns correctly? WTF is up with that, they always miss the target.

        17. And they made some people think it was the Boomers’ fault – when the whole thing was planned out and socially engineered according to a script…

        18. Yeah! Being a bad guy is really hazardous, I guess. Being a good guy is the way to go. Good guys get no girls, bad guys get ’em all. Good guys play by the rules and lose, bad guys cut corners and win.

        19. Shit. Just look at the Clintons or Soros.
          Some animals are more equal than others. Just know your place iin the barn yard.

    5. I don’t know how it works in other cities, but rioters and no good nicks never target rich areas here because the city knows where their bread is buttered and there is a paramilitary force making sure that people who pay a fuck load of taxes can walk home drunk in the middle of the night regardless of what the savages are protesting.

      1. Yes, this is so true. I waltz home drunk and rarely get bothered. Funny how that works. I did get jumped once here in Phoenix walking back from the seedier part of town (adjacent to my hotel which is nestled within an upscale office park). A tweaker came up and tried to shake me down about 2:00 a.m. That’s the only problem I’ve had here, due to the reasons you stated.
        I was nice and left him unconscious on the lawn of this really nice office building. The sprinklers were running, and it was summer, so he stayed cool. I’m a thoughtful guy that way. Had I broken his neck, nobody would have cared. But I try do the right thing.

        1. Not only is it this way, but I find it totally fair. I am sorry, but I paid nearly 20 times the average resident in NYC taxes last year. If I am going to pay more money, I want better service.

        2. It’s definitely fair. People get what they deserve. I like to point out the obvious, even if the situation is fair and okay with me personally. I know fully well that any “revolutionaries” will never really try to upset the status quo. But it’s funny as hell to me that most people don’t realize these rioters are paid ass-clowns, and the whole thing is theater.

        3. I find we have more crime as our taxes and property value rises. Makes sense really, there’s now a better class of people to rob!

        4. You bully!! Beating on a poor tweaker who obviously just wanted to rob you. Where is your sense of decency? Targeting the weak and vulnerable .
          (wish I had been there to watch 😉

        5. Yes, in retrospect, I should have let him take the money he tried to steal from me, and I should have given up my hotel room so he could have a place to live and do drugs. It was a horrible thing to do on my part, and I still feel sick about it…

        6. You mean that most revolutionaries won’t try to upset a system that pays them welfare, section 8 housing, unemployment, non stop sportsball, ect?

        7. Ding ding ding
          Enjoy your cigar Sir. And that you added sportsball makes this comment perfect

      2. Savages. That word needs more use. Good one, knee man. Connotations of zulus with bones through their nose or something….

      3. It can happen, remember colognes new years attacks. That was one rare occasion where rich fucks got a piece of what they welcome.

      4. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Paris but in all the tourist areas and wealthy neighbourhoods there are always mini vans full of heavily armed police on every corner. The rioting is usually constrained to the banlieu (ghettoes). The cops will let them riot, destroy and eventually burn themselves out. Its only a matter of tome before its a warzone…..

        1. I lived in Paris just under a year it thay was so long ago I was getting 6 francs to the dollar. Meanwhile, I’ve no doubt what you say is true. Based on the few interactions i did have with the French police (not the gendarme who are the real deal) they are the most lazy beurocrats in a county famous for lazy Beaurocrats. But yeah. I have a feeling that the Rue St Honre over by the Charles V doesn’t see a ton of riot action

    6. Bob, like the rest of ROKers, I understand the “pain & anger” of the Author. But let’s think for a second, don’t we have our own problems ? None of us know what “exactly” happened and who is the real culprit.
      I am not supporting any of the them; neither that “immigrant or asylum seeker or victim or black person !” or the Police officers. But the possibilities are endless.
      =May be, the Police officers (POs) were arrogant of the “legal power” they have.
      =May be, the “victim” was indeed “rude & impolite”, but that “kind of reaction” wasn’t required by the POS, and things would have been resolved with verbal warning.
      Again, we can only keep guessing. I am yet to see “similar” kind of reaction/treatment by the French POs, if the “victim” happened to be “some other person” ! Also, just imagine if that “victim” (4 inches TEAR of the ANAL canal) happened to be a “female” ! Regardless of the color/race/faith, entire WORLD would be crying out and marching on the roads for “justice” !!
      Heck, we have our own problems; 5 MALE Police Officers were killed in protest (why this Government doesn’t send/deploy strong, independent & empowered female Police Officers is beyond me !), Looting Shopping Malls, Mass Shootings + the femicunts !
      France “generously” welcomed “immigrants, asylum seekers and border crossers”; Sorry to say, it’s their problem ! and they have to deal with it !
      We at least have a hope; President Donald Trump.

    7. Yeah, at least in the French Revolution (as much as I’m a Tory) they actually attacked King Louis and the government institutions they were angry with.
      I think the reasoning is more along the lines of the reason why feminists refuse to attack Islamofascism, which at times literally sells women as slaves and literally rapes girls under 12: Because one could get killed fighting against actual social injustice. It’s far safer to attack Roosh and the PuA community, because we don’t suicide bomb or behead people.
      At least the proto-communists of the French Revolution were actually willing to march in columns and take fire from the Thin Red Line. I don’t have much respect for Napoleon, Robespierre et. al., but I respect them more than I do today’s rioters/slacktivists/protestors.

      1. Napoleon was quoted as saying that had he been king at the time of the revolution he could have ended the whole thing with two cannon from the palace. He was not reprehensible. He just went with the flow until he could effect things then he ended the terror.

        1. Napoleon wasn’t an asshole because of the Revolution (in fact, he mitigated some of its worst crimes): He was an asshole in his own right.
          When he invaded Russia in one of the worst military blunders in history, then took a carriage back to Paris, leaving 600,000 of his men to freeze to death in the Russian winter is probably his biggest crime.
          His despotic rule of France (have opposition executed), warmongering across the Continent, and the fact he lost the war (largely thanks to Ney’s over-aggressiveness and Grouchy’s criminal negligence at Waterloo) are also not marks in his favor.
          But they don’t compare to a military disaster greater than the Charge of the Light Brigade (where only 200 British soldiers died vs over a half-million of the Grande Armee) that was his invasion of Russia, and his subsequent betrayal of his men when he left them to freeze to death in the Russian winter.
          Boney may have stopped some of the assholery of the Revolution, but he brought his own special kind of assholery when he left his men to die while he took a carriage back to Paris.

        2. No arguments from me. You are spot on and all I was saying is that he was his own asshole not tied to the revolution.

      2. Thats not the reason. Reason is, muslims are ALSO the enemy of white men…so my enemys enemy is my friend. They don’t bitch about the treatment of muslim women because all it means is that all those women are simply competition removed.
        They dont bitch about millions of muslim invaders mostly men who brings no women to the table. Their pussy power will go way up because of the skewed gender ratio.
        I do believe they would start bitching if millions of Thai women suddenly flooded europe.
        Feminism is about power to (a select group of) women, not about equal rights.

        1. Correct that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Liberals and other degenerates hate Western society and want to tear it down to their level and to them the muslim slime are the ideal method of doing this. But when muslims reach over a certain percentage of the population liberals will be in for a nasty surprise.

        2. Yeah, we sit back and watch them clean up the mess we were too ‘civilized’ to do, then we go all out on the invaders.

      3. “It’s far safer to attack Roosh and the PuA community, because we don’t suicide bomb or behead people.”
        ….. YET …….

        1. No one needs to fight antifa over control of the gutters. Thats always been their home.
          Just keep being the trolls you are and keep uncovering their logistics and financing.
          If leaks to the cops are ignored, leak to the media.
          Doxx and post the traitors.
          Everyone always says soros. No one says the guy bailing out the commies, no one talks about who rents buses and hotels.

      4. Proto communist ? Well, it’s some may seems like that (Graccus Babeuf etc), the French Revolution was essentially a liberal revolution, in the very traditionnal sense (let the merchant do their business as they like).
        The end of privilèges were essentially people’s privilèges (right to minimum wages, protection from corporations, right to strike etc, deregulation of of the prices of food etc)
        In fact, the real meaning of the French revolution was to put together the conditions to start the…industrial revolution

      5. The scum beauracrats used the dumb people to destroy the only institution protecting them from scum beauracrats.

    8. Part of it is fear, the system reacts when you attack the upper middle class and wealthy, but the main reason is race. If you were a Pole in Poland in 1942 the only issue was the Nazi plan to liquidate the Polish people and nation not, say, Nazi theories on farming or taxes. Whatever the left once stood for, they are a white-hating racist movement now. It makes up at least 80% of their program. Anti-whiteism, what “Paul Kersey” of SBPDL calls BRA, Black Run America, has been the social and political culture of America since the 1960s. The militants understand that the upper classes are on their side in the war against whitey, and that’s the main thing that counts. It’s all about keeping the white middle class and below as slaves, preventing them from having any group interests, so that they can be exploited. This is why black bloc thugs are seldom criticized by the elite, including the Republican/Conservative elite, they’re actually participating in the prime job of the system – keeping whitey on the plantation though the plantation is clearly destructive for them. The blather from the militant left is just pseudo-ideological gloss on racial warfare and exploitation, done at the behest of the system.

  8. I only knew of these riots after looking at a Twitter feed earlier today. I then searched for ‘paris riots 2017’ and there was only one solitary article about it in the Australian media. There has been ZERO mention of it by Fairfax media or by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

    1. From the accounts and bad video to me it looks like there was a scuffle, and somehow the guys pants came down, and he fell/sat on the arm of the police officer who was holding a spring loaded telescopic baton.
      It seems weird on the face of it but having seen the video I would leave it to the courts to judge.

  9. Nothing will change in France or other European countries as long as you have cucks (and his supporters) like this guy.
    ‘Noble’ farmer who smuggled migrants into France avoids jail sentence.
    Paris: A French farmer who smuggled African migrants to safety, defying authorities in an effort that his supporters likened tothe Underground Railroad, was given little more than a slap on the wrist by a court Friday.

  10. this is an important link. They are not disguising their zealotry/philosophy – state they are Communists/Maoists/Leninist. Actively engaging in pre-organised violence.
    It comes together from the trite madness of college brainwashing.
    “There is increased violence against minorities since Trump”
    “where? When? where are the photos of injured minorities”
    “They are mostly micro-aggressions – which is genocide. So we have to attack first”…
    Cat ladies with an army – this cannot end well.

    1. she’ probably a Russian spy.
      are the French as fucked as Australians, English, Swedish, Canadians and USAians

      1. And she is a woman…
        Still I have no better idea.
        Unless the French build a wall between France and North-Africa, making the North Africans pay for it…

      2. Sir Lee it is 2017 not 1988. She is probably a “Russian Hacker” not a “Russian Spy” smh

        1. I’m going to invent a new sexual position called the Russian hack. Will need to think of what it is.

      3. No. If for no other reason than she is not part of the Anglosphere. The Anglosphere is the most cucked up places on Earth.

  11. Smells like fabricated bullshit to me…why actually do anything if you can just lie and claim you did it and the masses will think it’s real.

    1. I would say it seems actually like it may have happened exactly the way the police say, there is a grainy video clip of a scuffle between the guy and the cops where his pants are down to about his knees, and he falls/sits on the arm of one of the cops, presumably holding the telescopic baton.

    2. I have come to the point where the word rape is now synonymous with “98% chance this is a lie”

    1. Don’t knock the french. Where do you think french fries, french dressing, or french toast comes from? Hungary?

        1. That’s a rim job while she jerks you off–formerly known as the rusty trombone. The trick to making the rusty trombone into freedom kissing is to make sure she is humming a john philip sousa song

        1. french women are pretty fine. They even have genuine hairy pussies….under their arms at least

        2. i’ve been trying to tell my wife that since she’s about to have kid #3 she needs another woman around the house to help with all the work.

        3. My wife’s family has a few polygamists back in her family tree. One thing we noticed is they almost always had separate households. Early on in church history, there were many more women than men. (they usually are easier for a missionary to convert, speaking from experience). They would have their own house, and do most of the chores. The guys with multiple wives would probably spend a night at one place, sow his seed and help with things she is incapable of, and move on to the next one on a rotating basis. Having two women under the same household with one guy to fight over would be a recipe for cat fights.

      1. No silly, “Le plume” means “the plume” Jesus you people don’t get language at all

        1. it is very clever isn’t it. Except I wonder how many of them are actually observant of dietary codes

        2. you’ve covered all the bases but plan B doesn’t have quite as much subtlety as plan A

        3. lasers on the heads of the sharks or the rioting immigrants? Either way it looks like Bouillabaisse is on the menu

      1. is there anything that pork isn’t the answer to? (plot spoiler: NO)

        1. Like when homer says “butter up that bacon boy! Bacon up that sausage”

      2. I have long proposed an effective immigration control as well as airport security upgrade. A simple yet delicious addition even, offer them all a BLT, the ones who eat it get to board the plane, or get into the country, those who don’t, back in the pond you go.

        1. appreciate that mike. I was a little worried you would off me once you were down to only good looking girls and close family.

  12. I feel frustrated to the point of tears that Leftists just can’t be reasoned with on the topic of mass-migration.
    They’ve tossed all their other values on the bonfire. Feminists wrote news articles downplaying the Cologne sexual assaults, FFS. They threw everything but the kitchen sink into the fight for gay marriage and now they’re importing people who want to execute gays.

      1. Sorry temmy9 but Jim has it right. They don’t see beyond the moment. They have no plan. Sometimes they are used by people that have a plan, but those people may find that the monster they create today will turn and rend them tomorrow. As to the leftists themselves; they are mentally deranged and running amok as all escapees from Bedlam do.

        1. They are emotional wrecks, caring about nothing but feeling good. SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! they say. Really? have you seen what poverty does to people? Go to Africa, and see how much they care about the environment. If they cared about the environment, they would be proponents of nuclear energy. Too bad it was developed by white men, otherwise it would be supported throughout the world. There is not a single outcome that helped any of their goals.
          Feminism itself has degraded women into being of no use other than sex objects. They destroyed the virtues of motherhood, being a supportive wife, and the family in general.
          Welfare has done nothing to help the underclass, all it has done is enable laziness and crime. All communities that have multigenerational welfare has high crime rates, poverty, and the breakdown of the family.
          Yes, the globalists who push the liberal agenda may have nefarious purposes and are thinking straight, but the rank and file liberals are plain loony, brainwashed.

    1. Gays are more of a dead-end than Muslims. Muslims also more moldable to the idea of the peasant class the left dreams of.

    2. Heroine junkies will go to any extreme for a fix. Lefties will go to any extreme for their own fix of pseudo-heroism/indignation/virtue-tingles. They don’t have time to tinker around with logic and rationality. The incoherence of the pussyhat rage-joy march made all of this so clear.

    3. The Guardian (left wing rag) is running an article today saying the mass sex attacks in Germany were fake and the witnesses and victims are all liars. They are now normalising it. Next stop it’ll be sweeping mass murder (of whites) under the carpet.

  13. The french are revolting. Sorry, dirty immigrants scuuummmm are revolting.
    How is this not integration?

      1. I just think that when immigrants riot in London, it’s just a bad show, but when they do so in France it’s part of french tradition ….. particularly if they stink.

      2. I’ve always heard it as:
        1) The peasants are revolting.
        2) I’ve always thought so, but it is impolite to point it out.

  14. War with islam and the negro nation is closer than ever. Yet we have a constant drumbeat to go to war with Russia, another white Christian nation. It doesn’t pass the smell test.
    If by unfortunate chance a revolution or civil war were to occur in any western nation. It would behoove the native population to target their elites first, then sweep the streets of the dogs they import.

    1. “War with islam and the negro nation is closer than ever. Yet we have a constant drumbeat to go to war with Russia, another white Christian nation.”
      I get your point, but can you imagine the New York Post proclaiming that “”Trumps business links to Negroes jeopardises the security of the United States”

    2. Yes. Target the real enemy first, then clean up the remainder. Clausewitz, would approve; always go for the enemy’s center of gravity.

    1. Followed by cries of “He was going to college” “wuz gettin his life together” or the ever present “He was good boy. Dindu nuffin”

  15. This is likely to help Marine Le Pen get elected. I’m still hoping Francois Fillon pulls it off, though intend to agree more with Le Pen, she suffers from an extra X chromosome. The ideal scenario is her as Fillon’s PM to get most of his agenda passed along with some of hers. Hopefully in the future though some men, real men not the fudge packers she keeps for aides, will come to take over the National Front.

  16. Am I the only one thinking Theo was probably doing his walk of shame after getting dicked by his secret boyfriend? Can they tell how long the intestine was perforated?

    1. The statement by the police’ lawyers definitely seems to imply that he got sodomized by them, whether accidental or not.

      1. Perhaps I’m not wise in the way of police training -and have only gotten into high school fights- or the strange way of our New Rome, but how in the hell can you accidentally sodomize someone during a struggle?
        Smells fishy to me.

        1. I agree, I think this guy probably got purposefully plugged by a cop in retaliation for being a shithead.

  17. One afromuslim in Europe allegedly gets hurt, they all riot. One armed black criminal gets shot in the US, they all riot.
    Whites are terrorized, raped and murdered DAILY by nonwhites. Yet, no riot. Barely a ripple in our lives. NOTHING.
    Wake the fuck up white man.

    1. The MSM whips up the frenzies when it is white/cop on Black, and spikes the news when it is black on white. Why? Because the elite/government gains more power by causing the blacks to terrorize the whites. They are getting the whites to willingly sign over their freedoms, and arms, in return for government guaranteeing their safety. Of course the government guarantees aren’t worth spit once the jack boot is on your throat.
      We shall see if the strategy works or if the elites, and their useful idiots, get strung up on lamp posts.

  18. Coming soon to a major city near you US Residents. This is what happens when you let Islam reach critical mass in your urban centers.

  19. So, if they do that when a couple cop ALLEGEDLY does that, what should we do to them when it’s PROVEN that they commit crimes 100x more horrendous?

  20. Here’s “Moment when “Raped with Baton” Theo arrested by Police in France, Saint-Denis”.
    Supposed to have happened during this action. Interesting there’s cut at 0:07 and 0:15.
    My take is even if one cop did this intentionally, which is uncertain, that doesn’t mean it’s French police policy as rioters claim.

  21. I visited Paris in 2012. I’ve been there about 5 times altogether. So much history, beauty, hot ladies, great food wine and restaurants. When I read this I actually want the powder keg to really blow up then we can fuck all these Kuntz and their leftist enablers back to the dark continent. No more and never again…..

  22. “Cash machines and shops looted. Systematic assault and robberies on ethnic French and foreign tourists.” It seems that any controversy with the law is an excuse to purge.

  23. The elections in France are coming…and when the votes are counted, there’s going to be a major shift in government “attitudes” regarding this bullshit…

  24. Lol some policemen are a fucking disgrace… Wtf is an accidental 10 cm anal tear with a telescopic baton ?
    Got a question for the author.
    What would you do if it was your brother getting anal raped ?
    Getting fucked in the ass with batons is not a joke for an hetero sexual Man.

    1. Investigation is ongoing. Justice will tell who is guilty.
      My brother can’t get anal raped because he does not break the fucking law and does not intervene when drug dealers are being IDed
      Two ways an ID control goes in France those days:
      1. Papers, please. “Here you go, officer.” All right, move along
      2. Papers please. “Woullah fucking bastard. On the Quran’s name, fuck your mom!” *waltz of the baton and teeth knocked out*
      Va donc voter Mélenchon, punk à chiens.

  25. Burn their Sharia neighborhoods to the ground with the inhabitants forcibly kept therein.

  26. Here’s a call to resist from my friend Steve McNallen, who is a former U.S. Army Ranger officer, mercenary soldier and war correspondent:

    Steve is wearing his Thor’s Hammer pendant around his neck as an expression of his loyalty to his bloodline and to the Gods of his Ancestors. He speaks with great eloquence and power here. I salute him!

  27. Hey !
    I’m a French ‘negro’.
    Salutations l’auteur, ça fait plaisir de voir autres français dans la communauté Red pill, même si hélas nos avis divergent.
    Y’all spitting about ‘Afro-muslim monsters terrorizing the country’ and you seem to be anti-immigration. But you have to see the bigger picture !
    Why are there a lot of Afro-muslims in France ?
    Why is there a lot of violence in ghettos ?
    Why is France keeping attracting new migrants ?
    I can understand your anger but think about this :
    1- Colonization. France has used / exploited african countries for years, and keeps controlling them by using dictators to suck up natural ressources. French companies and european moneys make impossible for an african Guy to live a decent life.
    2- Results of this colonization : extreme poverty in french-speaking africa letting no other choice for the people to move out. But the government décided to Park EVERYbody in the same suburbs, where there is no employment, no social framework, no decent education… Put rats in a cage and give them electrical shocks. They will start fighting and getting violent, as it’s the only way to discharge stress for every living beings (fight or flee).
    The ghetto is the cage and there is no way to flee because business owners don’t trust the people in there to employ them.
    3- Plus, we live in a society where money rules, and we are taught that wealth=happiness. So imagine that you can’t find a decent job because nobody trusts you and your high school is déficient.. it becomes easy to start an illicite career.
    4- War. It’s a hell of a mess in countries like Syria or Iraq, but who feeds the War ? Who provides weapons ? Who lusts for precious mineral, gas, oil ? Suburbs Afro-muslims ? You can’t blame people to run away for their lives when they are not responsable for the War.
    Keep in mind that with all of this, criminal Afro-muslims are still a minority and a lot of us are absolutely harmless. Stop seeing the World through the CNN/BFM prism.
    And Marine lePen won’t win these élections, she will get crushed by her opponent at the last tour because 70% of French people don’t want her.
    Have a good day and please think about this. Afro-muslims are not the probleme. People like Marine LePen are, blaming French people why they keep getting more and more millions from our taxes…

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