Surely You’re Illustrated, Mr. Feynman

ISBN: 1596438274

This is an illustrated book of anecdotes from the life of American scientist Richard Feynman, whose book Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman, along with Walden, influenced me in my mid 20s to find my own path. About half of the stories in this book were new to me even though I’m familiar with Feynman’s work.

“If you ask a question, and no one can answer, you’re at the edge of knowledge.” (paraphrase)


“In science, we don’t have perfect theories, and we do just fine with successive approximations.”


In response to an offer to work for a secret government project: “I don’t want my brain clogged with stuff I can’t talk about.”


This book is actually a great introduction to red pill thinking for teenage males, where “red pill” refers to a search for truth based on scientific principles. My 17-year-old brother read it and I believe the book did much more in inculcating him to observe, think for himself, and respect the scientific method than I could if I proselytized to him outright.

The book did lose me when trying to explain quantum electrodynamics, but that was but a small stain in a well-produced book that has only increased my respect for the late scientist. Recommended.

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17 thoughts on “Surely You’re Illustrated, Mr. Feynman”

  1. RoK readers would probably enjoy Feynman’s chapter about bedding bar girls and not being a chump who buys them drinks. The chapter is called “You just ask them?”.

  2. By keeping company with great men like Feynman, we cannot help but improve ourselves.
    (He also played the bongos…another argument for interdisciplinary activity serving as a catalyst for creativity).

  3. Any time you want ruin a science-cheerleading-without-understanding liberal’s day, remind her that one of her heroes, Feynman, possessed realistic attitudes towards women that are unacceptable today. She will experience cognitive dissonance as she tries to reconcile his statements with her rockstar scientist worship. A rationalization will soon follow.

    1. You should show the feminists studies on gender differences. You might as well be arguing with a creatard.

      1. Most of them also get wet at mention of Freud, regardless of his emphasizing of importance of traditional gender roles and both parents families on development of kids.

    2. She’ll just say he was a genius at physics, but he was a socially awkward creeper nerd who didn’t understand women and never got laid. And she’ll believe it. Feminists don’t worship hard scientists any more than plantation owners worshipped slaves. Get a grip.

      1. …and if you say he got laid, she will laugh at you because she will think you are lying. She will never check because she doesn’t care.
        Beta male rage is not social dominance. Really. Somebody tell whoever is posing as roissy now.

      2. Jeez, did you even read Feynman? He’s remarkably non-nerdy. He got laid plenty. Or are we just making stuff up now?

  4. Have the book, didn’t finish it. It seemed like hero worship, and an excuse for being an atheist. I don’t like circular reasoning. However, Feynman, no matter who writes about him never disappoints the reader. I wish I could have met him in person, it is so obvious he was a kindred spirit whose character and charisma could be seen from space.
    I wish him well.

  5. Feynman truly did not care what society thought of him. Way too many so-called ‘red-pillers’ have failed in this regard to date. RPF is just one of many who have shown us the way.

  6. NOOOO!! red pill is all about bitches on my cock and being an alpha and laughing at feminists and asshole game AND FUCK YOU FOR TELLING ME TO FIND MEANING IN MY LIFE I’D RATHER JUST INSULT FROM WOMEN BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN

  7. For sure one of the most brilliant men of the 20th century. Just hearing him talk about something is mesmerizing.

  8. The Feynman books (Surely, and What Do You Care?) are gold. Good for armchair reading, or redpills. Just wish I’d observed some of them myself originally.

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