Can The Red Pill Subreddit Survive?

In late January, The Red Pill subreddit was created by an anonymous individual who goes by the handle RedPillSchool. In less than 6 months, it passed 10,000 members, and is about to hit 14,000. It has been one of the only places on Reddit where male issues can be discussed without influence from feminists or beta males. But there are three issues that need solving:

1. Tourists

If you take a look at Seddit, a forum for the worst game advice on the internet, you’ll quickly come to the realization that men simply want the magic piece of advice to get their dream girl instead of making structural changes to their beliefs or game. In other words, guys want game without having to run game. From my casual browsing of The Red Pill, I’m starting to see these blue pillers seep in and post beta male statements that get a surprising amount of upvotes. This degrades the discourse. When the The Red Pill first started, over 95% of the content was exclusively red, but now I find myself having to consciously apply a filter to exclude blue pill talking points.

2. Reddit Feminists

For whatever reason, the executives of Reddit are highly sympathetic to feminism. They have allowed the SRS group to troll the entire site with impunity. One thing SRS has done is create a troll headquarters called The Blue Pill, which is exclusively dedicated to destroying The Red Pill. These trolls are lesbians and transgendered freaks who simply do nothing all day but downvote opinions they don’t like (known on Reddit as “brigading”). Their numbers are high and they seem to have unlimited power to subvert any subreddit they choose. Thanks to their efforts, The Men’s Rights subreddit has been partially neutered.

3. Rapid Growth

With growth comes problems. The Red Pill is growing so fast that it doesn’t appear people are being smoothly absorbed into the culture. Idiots are trying to contribute without even knowing what the red pill stands for, leading to an decreasing signal to noise ratio. To combat this problem on my forum, I have limited registration. This stops the flood of people who try to participate without knowing what the forum’s mindset and best practices are.

My forum is also a semi-closed atmosphere. I can keep a close eye on member contributions. It only requires one other moderator besides myself. The Red Pill, however, is wide open and I suspect the moderators are overwhelmed in battling undesirables. As long as The Red Pill remains on the Reddit infrastructure, where feminists have elevated power over them, I remain deeply concerned for its survival. It was a smart move to establish a base off Reddit with the Puerarchy blog, but I believe the problems they are facing will only increase as time goes on.

I’m strongly rooting for their success, but it remains to be seen if they can endure the onslaught that is sure to intensify. It’s going to be a fierce battle.

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93 thoughts on “Can The Red Pill Subreddit Survive?”

  1. Add to these problems the fact The Matrix wants to crush ideas that differ from those it controls the masses with.
    Just beware gentlemen: By seeking the truth and taking the Red Pill, you make yourself a target for all sorts of nefarious people who would love nothing better than to destroy you and everything you stand for.
    There’s a big battle over Red Pill ideas coming, and we can either back down and become the little bitches and half-men that feminism and the corporatocracy wants us to be, or we can stand up and change things like true men.
    I already see storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

    1. Eating the red pill is now the equivalent of joining a secret society of Free Masons. You simply have to keep it to yourself. At cocktail parties, you begin to notice other red pill members among the vast majority of blue pill zombies. You silently acknowledge each other, yet carry on, all the while pitying the pathetic betas in attendance. I do not speak my views in mixed company. Shockingly, I have some female feminist friends (ONLY three to be exact) who KNOW of my red pill alpha views, yet they not only tolerate it when I smack down their gender politics crap, they fiercely value my friendship. Go figure?

      1. It is like joining a secret society. And if you dare speak these ideas to the wrong person, you’ll be outcast and labeled a loon.
        It all begins to make a little sense to me when I think about things from a biological/evolutionary perspective. This is my idea about why these women know of your Red Pill values yet value your friendship.
        Our “newest” brain (there are 3 inside is) has sort of an uneasy truce with the more primitive brains. I think that explains why people (women especially) say one thing and do another. Marketing flacks (read about Clotaire Rapaille and Edward Bernays, etc.) have figured this out and now most marketing is designed to appeal to the baser instincts in humanity.
        Feminism may sound appealing to these women (and to the neocortex) but their more primitive instincts, shaped by millions of years of evolution (limbic and R-complex/reptilian brain) are compelling them to act in defiance of it.
        Anyway, that’s the best I can do in layman’s terms to describe a very complex process that’s going on.

      2. You hit the nail exactly on the head. Keep quiet about your red pill knowledge. Those who want change will seek it.

      3. Yes we speak in codes; especially when sniffing out an unfamiliar red pill. For example after a friend and I were were talking to some girls (one of which i was ignoring, and she was begging for my attention) I asked him a question: “Have you noticed that when you dismiss a girl; she competes for your attention?” with a surprised and revealed look on his face he states: “Dude, I know right!” He passed my first test. If he passes four more tests (he’s two for two so far) i will think about turning him onto this site (maybe, I stress this part).

    2. Related to that is that those of us who are new are the most susceptible to being swallowed back in, all the while thinking what we’re doing is Game. I constantly have to watch myself and make sure that I’m actually applying knowledge instead of just talking about it.

    3. people in real life don’t have to know you’re red pill mate.
      you have the power to say no, use it!

  2. Regarding the dilution of quality, I think they’ll be fine. The cool thing about Reddit is that if TRP starts to get all gayed up for the reasons you mention, new subreddits can fork and take it’s place.
    The real threat will be the SRS freaks. Look forward to lots of doxxing, maybe some attempts to get TRP posters convicted for field reports and whatnot where they detailed their ‘rapey’ actions.

  3. The reddit hivemind has no place for people who are in tune with their testicles. Why I never go there. If you are not manbooby himself, or a transgender having already performed the surgery, then you are a regular old blue pill asshole.
    The Red Pill forum was doomed before it began. I hope I am wrong, but I hate the hive mind. If it is not a video of a cat playing the fucking keyboard, or some other useless piece of shit comment, you get the down vote brigade. Reddit is useless to me because of this. Anyone wanting to inject real discourse about valuable issues that don’t revolve around a vagina like a beta orbiter would are held suspect.
    I wish them luck, but I have better things to do than hang out on reddit.

  4. TRP hasn’t created a niche for RP education; it has created a position which is possibly the furthest along the mgtow/masculinist/not-very-PC scales. This means it is collecting up anyone that is more extreme in these directions that what we would consider the target audience.
    This could be good, in as much as its giving a place for the previously silent to have a voice. On the other hand it does mean that good RP advice can be drowned out by bitter ex-bluepillers, women haters, general hamster-hate*, trolls, etc. Is the purpose of TRP education, or to form a discussion forum? I’d suggest that with decent moderation, and by not caring about some bloody karma score that gets dinged by the occasional brigade, then it can be useful.
    So I think it can survive. It’s not going to be popular, but I don’t think that is the purpose. If someone sees it, and it gets them thinking about their life, then that’s good enough. If they’re still in a position where they give a fuck about virtual internet points, then I think they need a bit more time to man the hell up.
    * A particular annoyance of mine; hamstering happens with anyone trying to avoid the reality of a situation. Women trying to ignore the wall, hamplanets using fatlogic, white-knights defending the kindness-slut-machine, etc.

  5. “men simply want the magic piece of advice to get their dream girl
    instead of making structural changes to their beliefs or game. In other
    words, guys want game without having to run game”
    This is so true.
    Look, there are three things any man can do to put him in the top 5th percentile of men —
    1. Work out (i.e., keep a waistline that’s at least 6 inches smaller than your chest),
    2. Work for yourself, and
    3. Speak up (take voice or acting lessons if you have to).
    These things require time and effort and commitment. They are simple, but at the same time challenging.

  6. “men simply want the magic piece of advice to get their dream girl
    instead of making structural changes to their beliefs or game. In other
    words, guys want game without having to run game”
    This is so true.
    There are 3 basic things that any man can do, which will put him in the top 5th percentile of men —
    1. Work out (i.e., keep your waistline at least 6 inches smaller than your chest measurement),
    2. Work for yourself, and
    3. Speak up (record yourself talking in a normal conversation, and take voice or acting lessons if you have to).
    These things take commitment, but they are within reach of any man. If you’re not willing to do them, then you don’t deserve to be given any further advice about how to get pussy.

    1. Good advice. For point #3, not only is it important to project your voice, but to keep a low, even vocal tone. A higher vocal tone communicates neediness and approval-seeking, while a lower tone conveys confidence.

  7. Reddit is a bad format altogether. If you ever wanted a reason as to why democracy doesn’t work then just look at Reddit. The voting system creates a few big hiveminds and any opinions which fall out of this hivemind get mostly ignored (=downvoted/not upvoted).

    1. Also, democracy doesn’t work because women are allowed to vote. Letting people who react violently to their emotional whims band together and vote on things without thinking about the topic or researching the facts leads to these “QUICK EVERYONE GO TO THIS SEXIST POST AND DOWNVOTE IT FOR ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE!” hiveminds.

    2. Possible solution: Limit voting rights to approved quality posters. Might keep vote counts down, but that shouldn’t matter much.

    3. Doesn’t it scare the shit out of you that democracy is such a shit system when it comes down to it? That faith in humanity can only be weakened by witnessing it in action.

      1. I think democracy is shit when you allow parasites and griefers to vote. The vote should be restricted to those who make active contributions to keeping their community running. And Im definitely not just referring to Reddit here.

    4. Eh, I wish I had a solution for you. Eventually, what was once new, like unions, gets bloated and puts itself out of business (like how unions made themselves somewhat redundant by making their issues federal law). Now, many unions are ruining their ability to do good in the world by focusing too much on their power base, and not what their original intent was. Like how in 2008 the union bosses negotiated huge payouts for themselves, came back saying “well, they are not listening to us,” and then their fellow union mates found out that they did nothing for them at all.
      Democracy is said to last 250 years before a series of hive mind mentalities need to be replaced (like democrats, republicans, and possibly libertarians?).
      The problem is not the ideologies themselves, but the faulty human beings who run them. Right now, the red pill is a grand new thing on the scene, but eventually, human beings will ruin what it represents when it gets powerful.
      It is what we do, team up first, work on getting powerful, simultaneously fight losing our power and facing our eventual insignificance in the face of new challenges.
      Human beings, it is what we do.

  8. Forums mainly sucks if they neither have absolute freedom of speech or some sort of semi-closed forum where you have to prove yourself worthy to be a member.
    Also the voting-system is abviously a way to make discussions horrible and a false claim that some opinions or posts are better than others. That’s how propaganda works, make it seem that some opinions already is embraced by the majority.
    On the other hand we have a forum in Sweden called, Sweden’s largest forum for discussion. There the Red-pill rules the feminist-discussions, the relationship-discussions and most importantly the politic-discussions and that with just their power to put truth-based arguments out, red-pill-style. The blue-pills and feminists is always proven wrong, get replied a dosen and sometimes they just stay at a secluded part of the forum, complaining about the “woman-haters, homophobes and racists”.
    Strange things happens when the playing-field is suddenly equal.

    1. Wouldn’t it be better to just ban all the feminists and such, and let the honest and curious have fruitful discussions in peace?

      1. Censorship is for women and betas.
        If you are right (and you should be most of the time after taking the ‘red pill’), you’ll be able to prove your statements with hard facts.
        Only insecure people need to ban something because ‘dats racis’ or ‘dats sexist’
        (Unfortunately you’ll have to ban spammers, but I’m talking about censorship of opinions here).

        1. That presupposes the people you are trying to convince are actually amenable to reason. For something as contentious as human nature, they usually aren’t, so they’re just a waste of time.
          You can have a pre-written guide to convince newcomers, but otherwise argument with people who disdain the truth is a fool’s errand.

  9. It seems they’ve taken some strong steps to prevent a decline – limit posting privileges of new subscribers, only one thread per week as a repository for field reports, and a separate forum for novices asking for advice, a la the newbie section on the Roosh forum.
    Things I don’t like:
    1. The flow of people from Reddit – these are basement dwellers of the lowest order, and you can immediately see it in the extremely nerdy humor they use, the kind you only find on the internet. I strenuously avoid such people in real life.
    2. There’s no one vouching for other members actually getting ass in real life, unlike the Roosh V Forums.
    3. “The Red Pill” is just more jargon, and makes it sound more like an arbitrary belief. I prefer “truth.”
    4. Too much of a focus on the nature of women, giving less room to other topics like lifestyle, game,
    5. The capability for women to attention whore.
    6. The structure of Reddit and how it privileges new threads over old ones, as opposed to ones with the most recent comments.
    7. There’s no one meeting up in real life.
    If you walked into a meeting of biologists and started questioning the theory of evolution, they’d sooner throw you out than try and convince you – their time is too precious to bother convincing you.
    Similarly, anyone who objects to basic tenets of the forum’s philosophy should be banned outright. The number of people who change their mind from internet arguments is tiny; you’re better off servicing the pre-existing community that already agrees with you, instead of pursuing futile missionary activity.

    1. That is the one thing about biologists and other scientists and various researchers. They get so locked up in their established theory, they blatantly and stubbornly disallow anything new. That is why the idea of meteorites hitting the earth was not accepted until the 1950s, and people were still believing ancient Greeks belief in the geocentric model (the earth as center of all things) for 800 years before Galileo and some Church Cardinals promoted the view of the Heliocentric model (BTW, Galileo was actually an arrogant puss which is why he was under house arrest, not because many in the established orthodoxy disagreed, most did agree with him; it is how he presented himself. He was an extreme asshole).
      The Red Pillers need to adhere to what cutting edge scientists do and that is allow for the challenges, and test them in their hypothesis. Allowing oneself to be so closed minded that you need not fear new information, and write it off accordingly is the same thing as blue pill. I treat it as such.
      Whose to say God did not create everything through evolution? Whose to say that dinosaurs did not die out less than a million years ago? Just because something is established in the current theory does not guarantee it will never be disproved!
      Just a 150 years ago people were saying that evolution was absurd, and they need not even listen to the fools promoting it.
      We should be different. Listen, test their hypothesis with an open mind even if you know the outcome; and thus prove they are fools, and act accordingly. Sometimes you do find the diamond in the rough. Keeping so closed minded is the same thing strict creationists do, and eventually as we don’t know everything about the ocean yet, let alone the universe, you too will most likely be viewed in history as foolish.
      Keep thinking the Titanic of current establish orthodoxy in science won’t sink. Until the iceberg of the unknown rips a huge hole in your shit.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I believe life should be lived by making associations, punctuated by distinctions and reductions; not the other way around. And similar to an article posted here earlier in the year, the main “distinctions” I make are based on the quality of the information: If someone’s knowledge is born from hate or a “constricting” place, I generally avoid it regardless of how true it appears to be. If someone’s knowledge comes from a place of understanding, I engage it regardless of how much it hurts my feelings, how unpopular it is, how over the top or absurd it is, etc.
        Understanding, like love, expands our life and knowledge through making associations. Like the investor who choses his stock based on the migratory path of elephants. Truth always expands life.

    2. You should check out a website called The, particularly their “Sexy Chivettes” posts they have at the end of every week. I guarantee you have never seen a thirstier congregation of beta-pussy worshipping simps. Bar none.

  10. Never been on reddit. I do read the RvF posts from time to time. I would like to register, but the forum seems a tad bit hostile to new users. But I do see there is a ban announcements thread which may shine some light on that.

  11. /pol/ has been a white effective counter to rabbit and see. Actually it might the last haven of free speech

  12. your problem is that youre on reddit.
    everybody knows all the cool guys are on 4chan

    1. Exactly. The internet would be a much better place if it was like 4chan everywhere. Straight talk 24/7, hurt feelings mean nothing.
      The problem with reddit and most forums is oversocialization. The more social instruments (voting, endorsement, banning) the more dogmatic, hive-like and moralistic it becomes. Hence the constant complaining about this -ism or that instead of any actual discussion.

  13. The problem with the red pill movement is that there are too many different subdivisions eg PUA/MRA/MGTOW etc.. so we are all splintered off into subgroups. There does not seem to be one all-encompassing ideology like there is with feminism (as the ideology was proposed as an economic device by the ‘elite’ and women just follow). As a consequence, until some grand-idea can be found that binds all these groups together, we may be a large part of society but will find no way to express our ideals as a group; we will be limited to our interactions with women in our personal lives and posting on the internet. That won’t be enough to stem the avalanche of disempowerment that will follow in the years to come as the people of the West get poorer. The women will still receive funding from the ‘elites’. We will just have more laws made up against us until we become a marginalised fringe movement, labelled as dissident in thought and behaviour.
    This obviously is the worst possible outcome, as if the men are no longer capable of thinking freely and protecting, then that means tyranny has come home to roost. Unfortunately, being the right kind of man that the world really needs means being the wrong kind of man is society’s (and many womens) short-sighted eyes. This is the most bitter part of the pill to swallow – that you may not get any thanks for doing what needs to be done and rather, you may have to stand sometimes alone against an avalanche of hate for holding what truly are the values that make a lasting community.

    1. Splitting and infighting seems to be the norm in any kind of masculine space. Such is the cost of true freedom, I suppose. Whereas feminists and likeminded ilk seem to keep cohesion through a system of enforced tolerance, taboos, threats, and exiling dissidents. The only acceptable disagreement amongst them is usually:
      1. Someone who can find victimhood in an existing ideology, or
      2. Someone who can one-up the pre-existing ideology by being even more radical.
      Unfortunately, I don’t see any real solution to our problem. Conflict seems to be the very nature of men, particularly red-pill men. To make the best of the situation, perhaps our energies would be better spent in offense. Rather than try to unite the disunited, we harass, pressure, and divide the enemy into self-destruction – be the barbarians at the gates of their Rome.

  14. I have a profile on Reddit under the same name i have here (I forgot the password so I don’t use it anymore). I can totally agree that Reddit is filled with feminist bullsh*t. I have seen threads that have nothing to do with gender issues, and some blue pill misandrist would post on a comment saying that something is sexist. No one would correct her on the context and even some praise for their bullsh*t. Thank god I only use Reddit for smut.

  15. my only problem with TRP is that you get a fuckton of people who turn it into stormfront lite whenever race gets brought up. The manosphere is not for white males only, and yet some people fight their hardest to make it that way.
    Another issue that the sub has is exactly what the author of this article points out in the first paragraph, namely the ” men [who] simply want the magic piece of advice to get their dream girl instead of making structural changes to their beliefs or game”

    1. Regarding your first point:
      No, the manosphere isn’t for white males only. And pointless race trolling or blaming Group X for why you’re not stuffing as much gash as you should be is childish, tiresome stuff, indeed.
      But the very concept of “red-pill” implies unvarnished discussion of the things that society programs us to paper over with lies, excuses or an over-reliance on the bogeyman of “historical injustice.” It means being able to discuss or debate — as rational, adult males — the things that the blue-pill world has rendered taboo and off-limits.
      Yet, how red-pill is it that whenever whites discuss things that might offend some non-whites or make them uncomfortable, terms like “Stormfront” and “white nationalism” are immediately thrown about in an attempt to shut the conversation down or brand it as racist nonsense? That’s nothing but shaming tactics, plain and simple.
      And frankly, any man resorting to shaming tactics to shut down thoughts or opinions he doesn’t like may not be as red-pill as he thinks.

      1. >No, the manosphere isn’t for white males only.
        We both know that the manosphere is for anyone with a Y chromosome. The point i was moving towards was that there are people who don’t.
        >unvarnished discussion of the things that society programs us to paper over with lies, excuses or an over-reliance on the bogeyman of “historical injustice.”
        You get it, i just wish more people did.

        1. Problem is, blue pill b.s. is the same vector and tactics by which anti-white / anti-racist b.s. Knowledge of some level of inescapable racial competition comes along with reconsidering everything. You can’t un-see it once you see it.

      2. > “”Stormfront” and “white nationalism” are immediately thrown about in an
        attempt to shut the conversation down or brand it as racist nonsense?
        That’s nothing but shaming tactics, plain and simple.”
        Nah, that’s just keeping it real. If a post on this site is labeled SF or WN, it almost certainly is. This is not CH where race hatred roams free.
        When you put “thoughts or opinions” out there on the internet, expect to receive pushback if you are spewing nonsense. If you can’t handle challenges to “thoughts and opinions”, maybe you’re not as red pill as you think.

        1. “Keeping it real” according to whom? “Race hatred” according to whose biases? According to you and your subjective take on another person’s reality?
          And who says your reality is the only reality?
          Part of what “red pill” means is that a man is strong enough, and secure enough in himself, to tackle a dissenting opinion and engage it on its own terms. It means that he can debate it with reason, with logic. It means that he can pick it apart (if need be) with a calm, measured application of real-world experience and a reliance on brains over emotion.
          In other words: he can take disagreements like a man.
          When you engage in ad hominems and use out-of-hand dismissals and loaded buzz words such as “Stormfront” or “white nationalism” to shout down the expression of another man’s life experiences — which are NO less valid than yours, by the way — then, you are NOT reacting like a man. You are, in fact, engaging in feminine debating tactics. Cheap appeals to sympathy and emotion. Shaming tactics, as I said earlier — to which no reasonable, logical, self-assured man should allow himself to sink.
          By doing so, you’re reducing yourself to a shrill caricature of that little black kid in the “That’s Racist!” .gif. You’re relying upon the rules and strictures of a politically correct society gone bugfuck insane to define what is and isn’t an “acceptable” topic of discussion — and these are the very same rules and strictures which you’re undoubtedly more than happy to rail against when it suits you and YOUR point of view…
          And that makes you a hypocrite…
          …Which is decidedly blue-pill.
          The longer I hang around the so-called manosphere, the more I’m convinced: bringing up race is the quickest way to test just how “red-pill” a black member of the scene really is…

    2. That’s true, but we should still understand that an aspect of being male is racial and ethnic tribalism. Head-butting is natural. To demand absolute tolerance/racial blindless is not only unlikely, but will probably turn the manosphere into something that resembles our enemies.
      I propose a more realistic, masculine solution. Whatever you think of other races doesn’t matter. Pride, nationalism, and self-interest for all, with room for competition.
      We don’t need to pretend everyone is equal, or that everyone loves each other. Just men bound by common interest, in alliance against a common foe.

    3. Most posters are in the u.s. and here race stuff comes down pretty solidly along redpill/bluepill lines. The truth is “racist.” The truth is “antisemitic.” I feel bad for black nationalists as I do for any other redpiller. In short, I don’t think its a race thing as much as a truth thing.

    4. Wrong way around there bud. The manosphere is NOT for blacks, browns or chicks to blame their bad hair days on the evil (white) patriarchy.
      That shit has been dropped around these parts, on the bright side more and more are understanding this, however there is still a handful who won’t let the conditioning go. Don’t be one of them. Take a close look at what your actually objecting to before the cries of “stormfront” go up.

    1. Hahahahahaha
      “Secret…agent WOman, SECRET..agent WOman. Working on making every one revolve around her vajayjay.”
      Women ruin everything, like ideology, men, sports, governement, business, and music. Too bad our species would die off if we got rid of them. I guess it is back to the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. Sorry ladies, fun while it lasted….for you. She won’t be in my kitchen though.
      Too bad, she called herself out. Keep working on it Roosh. Eventually the wedge will crack her wide open. That fact that it is penis shaped, and she stupidly put it to her privates is why she is crying now.
      Let’s all hop up and down on the wedge and really bring the pain.

    2. Ha the replies are just as good. She says RoK’s content is crap. Ok, let’s concede that for the sake of argument – why not just defer to Reddit’s built in upvote/downvote system to keep out the inevitably crappy ROK posts? Because good ROK posts might still float to the top…
      ROK must be getting under her skin…

    3. She wants to form a “community agreement” that RoK sucks. If that kind of thing isn’t immediately opposed, you can consider that community lost.

      1. When you listen to fools / The MOB rules!
        A little Sabbath goes a long way, sometimes. But that’s the 70s – what we are bemoaning now is the inevitable outcome of being decent people, dealing with vile scumbags. We were honorable – they were not.
        I’d suggest that now – NOTHING is off the table. Including genocide…
        Done with the Common Man (and woman) having an equal voice with people who actually THINK. We need to cull the herd.

      2. Some people are ridiculous. She’s got some good insight most of the time, but every so often I hear crap like “let’s avoid” or “that stuff is junk…” which lacks a decent argument and is sometimes pointed at our own forum. It’s retarded and akin to concern trolling. But don’t write off the entire forum because one chick doesn’t like ROK.

    4. Jesus, I’m almost happy RedPillSchool banned me at this point.
      I dared once to question, on a thread well outside of the main pages, some of the moderator behavior. I did so in a completely non-combative way. RedPillSchool then finally got in a tizzy fit and banned me for some of the most adult comments I’ve ever posted on the internet. I wasn’t even halfway challenging him, much less insulting him.
      RPS turned into a blue-pill-destroyer-of-conversation a LONG TIME AGO, and as a result, red pill reddit is being destroyed.
      Then again, maybe that was his point all along.

      1. redpillschool has banned me several times, all simply for disagreeing with him personally.
        The other mods would have gotten rid of redpillschool long ago, but they can’t, because he created the subreddit!
        He bans so many people that the number of subscribers is artificially inflated – many will have been banned at least once.
        It’s now got to the point where prominent contributors have established other subreddits to escape redpillschool’s censorship.

    5. You are completely right to exclude women, especially in times like these. There are so many other places where men can debate with women (if they care).

    6. Of course. Her name is “veggie_girl.”
      Never trust any woman who uses the word “girl” as part of her online handle. Girls like this make it a point to advertise their gender either because they’re obsessed with it or to make sure the Beta boys know to defend them.

    7. Spaces that are designated as men-only used to be an ordinary part of daily life, and not all that long ago, either.
      It only took about 1.5 generations of constant anti-male propaganda for people to reflexively believe that excluding women is radical or extreme.

    8. remember: “discussions” among women are about creating “feeeewings”, not about finding truth.

    9. I don’t believe in fascism, but thoughts that go against my interests must be supressed, as we all believe they garbage and therefore must be destroyed.

  16. ” In other words, guys want game without having to run game [in seddit]”
    Although I never got much value form the The Red Pill subreddit (I frequent this website for red-pill content, lifestyle and game), I disagree that the seddit subreddit is “a forum for the worst game advice on the internet”.
    I have learned much from that website for my form of game like proper posture, a social vibe and good inner game along other stuff. In one post from the sidebar named “Billy’s Guide to Learning Pickup” he even says that: “The first thing a newbie needs to understand about learning pickup is
    that it is a process. You’re going to build up a core of skills, and
    it’s only after reaching a certain level of competence that you’re
    really going to start being able to have fun, fulfilling interactions
    which may lead to a great long term relationship.”
    Most of the new posts there are useless for me because they are too specific, but the main posts definitely have good quality for people who are learning game and are improving themselves. There is a lot of good insight there, so I disagree.

    1. The only good thing about seddit is the sidebar. The subreddit itself is overrun by white knights and women.

  17. The first (and last) post I ever read on Seddit: “Hey guys, let’s go sarging and game some HB9’s.”

  18. These trolls are lesbians and transgendered freaks who simply do nothing all day but downvote opinions they don’t like (known on Reddit as “brigading”).
    Well, where’s your proof on this? And if this is such a threat to your philosophy, how strong is your philosophy.

    1. You’re an imbecile. It’s not a threat to anything. The forum is simply laid out in a manner that leads to censorship.

  19. For those of us just starting out and still susceptible to taking terrible advice from fools who have no idea what they’re talking about, I’m taking it we should start avoiding that subreddit like the plague? Is there any reason at all to monitor it for us?

  20. Once something goes mainstream, it begins to be diluted. Even before discovering game in 2009, I knew that 90% of the people in the world are essentially troglodytes, and the 10% that are self-aware would dominate. Those 10% make the movements of the future, for good or bad.
    Once something goes mainstream though, the troglodytes flood in, and the movement begins to appeal to the lowest common denominator, making it more acceptable to society but also either neutering it or turning it into a mockery of itself.
    Perhaps the answer is to constantly innovate, constantly push the envelope. Leave the troglodytes in the dust.
    Reddit is essentially a place for the troglodytes. Unsurprising that someone wants ROK (which despite its problems, is made mostly of self-aware people, again for better or worse) to be excluded.

  21. You guys are giving truffles to pigs. I just linked a post from Captain’s site into that subreddit about the foul mouthed language some of these so called “alphas” use. It got downvoted to oblivion.
    I guess I shouldnt be surprised, some of these guys deserve the low quality women that only low quality men create!
    They didnt realize yet that being a MAN is taking responsability for whatever happens to you, and most of them never will, they will take the easy way out being paper alphas over the internet, whining like little bitches about how women are so mean.

  22. What pisses me off about reddit is how it thinks its a rebel site against the “establishment”, but is totally drowning in the cathedral kool-aid. For diversity of thought’s sake, someone needs to make the r/athiesm subreddit more dark enlightenment, everyone on there thinks its 1965 and they’re Madalyn Mary O’Hair, instead of 2013, where western civilization’s true religion is the Church of Equality

  23. I used to browse it every know and then as it has good information sometimes. However, as soon as I saw this “veggie_girl” got an RP endorsed flag next to her name that the shit is going to go downhill and fast.
    She contributes absolutely nothing of value and makes garbage comments in almost every thread. She got endorsed simply for having a vagina and being visible.
    It can’t survive it will steadily decline from here on it has been infiltrated.

  24. Reddit users actually are the omega dregs of the Internet. /gonewild is a haven for insecure 6s posting for validation and even getting worshipped and idolized having just admitted to fucking their beta boyfriend.
    Who does that?!

  25. I feel it’s overkill, how many social media platforms does a movement fucking need, trying to keep up here..

  26. @Roosh, I’m surprised the Red Pill Women’s subredd didn’t make this list:
    The jury is still kind of out for me on this, but once again we have another example of women laying claim to men’s space. While in a sense I’m glad women might actually be acknowledging Red Pill awareness, my concern is that it will only be co-opted and watered down in order to sanitize the message to ultimately serve the feminine imperative.

  27. The most ironic social movement in history?
    ‘A bunch of men who think that women don’t want men that want them, so they attempt to break free of their dependence on the approval of women in order to….be successful with women.’

  28. _________ P U A P I L L .COM __________
    ________ Join the new network ________
    _____Be a part of REDPILL ______
    _________ P U A P I L L .COM __________

  29. My only problem with TRP subreddit is what you outlined, Roosh: “idiots are trying to contribute without even knowing what the red pill stands for”.
    My reasoning is I have seen a ton of race troll-esque (mixed with other things like height) and game denier posts A LOT.
    For the former every post which is pro-race troll (usually you’re disadvantaged if you’re not white and tall) gets up voted. Anything saying the opposite gets down voted to negative values. The reasoning behind that is also appalling because the justifications are hardly TRP like.
    Game deniers… well there were a surprising amount there.
    Well, that’s what distinguishes it from RooshV forum, imo.

  30. Actually, I think a Spartan approach would be decent.
    Children need their mother. But by about age 7, males need to be allowed to grow up to be men.
    I wasn’t allowed that. I’m a MASSIVE success according to most people’s outside view; I cannot see myself that way, due to the damage done by “helicopter mom” (before such a term existed), and abusive father. (actually, both were, just in different ways. And it’s only at middle age I recognize the damage of dad’s physical punishments, often for no reason other than he was angry; and the neurotic control of mother, who feminized my social outlook so I didn’t fit in with the boys. But I digress.)
    At 7, spartan boys were sent to learn how to be soldiers.
    We need to resurrect that – with all the damages it entails. And we should probably put girls through it, too. Remind them why they DO NOT want to be men. And that they cannot get the respect and value without paying the prices. further, they can have the honor of being a woman, wife, and mother – or the honor of being a warrior, protector, provider. But not both, and especially not at cost to someone else.
    That’s unacceptable, and suicide for a society.
    We need to get busy and take to the field, 4th and 5th gen warfare, deal with the Elites of all stripes…
    Otherwise it’s just yapping on the Net, and nothing will ever change…
    It doesn’t change until someone’s willing to fight and die for it 9because when ready to die for it, you’re ready to kill for it – and ultimately, that’s what it all comes down to. “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” -Chairman Mao “How did the nobles become noble in the first place? They took it at the tip of a sword.” -William Thatcher from “A Knight’s Tale” – literally true.)
    We need to start doing what beasts do. Selectively, and effectively….

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