5 Signs That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

It’s easy to get so caught up in daily life that you miss the bigger picture of what is happening around you. But while our first priority has to be self-improvement and caring for our own, we can’t turn a blind eye to the serious signs that our society is unraveling.

1. Rape pants for women

It is the first duty of nation to protect its women and children. This is why ancient cities were surrounded by walls. Conquering invaders would rape the women of vanquished cities and put the children to the sword or sell them into slavery. The men of a nation were always at the ready to protect their own heritage.

Not so in the current year. Men are more concerned with their pension or 401k than they are with their heritage. The degenerate “elite” have taken advantage of this situation to import a new batch of invaders, not as conquering armies but as welfare cases. These new conquerors act like those of old. They rape our women and, as the Manchester bombing sadly shows, kill our children.

What is the response from our governments? Nothing. But entrepreneurs are there to make a buck. Recently, one enterprising outfit started selling anti-rape pants to women as the new barbarism spreads over the diseased corpse of what was once Western civilization.

2. Third world immigration into Europe

When I said that Western governments were not doing anything to prevent their citizens from being raped and killed, I wasn’t telling the whole truth. In reality, they are actually working overtime to accelerate the process of our destruction. Western governments are continuing to let in hordes of migrants, most of whom are single males in their 20s and 30s. Initially, the excuse given was the Syrian civil war, but that doesn’t explain why African Muslims are swarming into Europe.

3. Coarse, slutty women

Fifty years of radical feminism has ruined modern women. Modernity has destroyed most young women by encouraging them to embrace their worst qualities. Being a good wife and mother is denigrated. Working in a cubicle, drinking too much, being messy, and sleeping around is extolled. Modern women are willing to submit to degrading sex acts that would make prostitutes of 100 years ago blush. And rather than being feminine, modern women are as coarse as sailors.

Once you marry these women, they don’t want to reproduce, and if they do it is with a mind to getting child support after the inevitable divorce. No sign bodes as ill for our current civilization as the low quality of our women.

4. Hillary almost won the presidency

The Democrat party is currently in shambles. The GOP controls the Congress and the presidency. Most state houses are also controlled by the GOP. Conservatives would like to believe that the GOP is embarking on a long period of control. But that is a deeply misguided belief.

The truth is that over half of people thought Hillary Clinton—one of the most corrupt individuals that has ever sought the presidency—was actually a viable candidate. The reality is that as demographics continue to tilt in a leftist direction, the US will become permanently leftist. Enjoy conservatism’s last hurrah while you can.

5. Transgender Children

Just five years ago, transgenderism was considered a novelty reserved to a handful of mentally ill adults. Now, the news is filled with feel good stories of transgender children. The picture above is of Jazz Jennings, a 16-year-old boy who is passing himself off as a girl. Some of these stories concern very young children. I could not bear to post their pictures.

Clearly, this is being driven by insane parents, especially insane mothers. A society that turns its boys into girls and girls into boys can’t survive for long.


Are we living in the biblical end times? Possibly, but the Antichrist has not yet come on to the world stage. It is more likely that we are simply watching the death of a civilization. In this case, the globalist neoliberal civilization that replaced Christendom after the last vestiges of that civilization were crushed during World War I. The fool will look at these signs and say, “it has always been this way.” The wise man will read the signs of the times and prepare accordingly. Train, discipline yourself, and keep your powder dry.

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448 thoughts on “5 Signs That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us”

  1. You know, I would like to make a comment against this outrageous doomsday article, but I don’t want to get banned and lose my excellent 2.2:1 upvote-to-comment ratio.

    1. Yeah, totally don’t mention how the doomsday homos who keep talking about the end of days and collapse of society just because they are too weak and impotent to compete with men are not just no better than SJWs and feminists but actually a whole lot worse

      1. Indeed. Very soon those Stormfags will be right here furiously masturbating to this article. I may have to check the site name every now and then or else I’ll get confused and think I’m in pornhub.

        1. I don’t know if more weak ass chumps have found there way here, if my tolerance for their weakness has lessened or if I am just not noticing how many sissies are popping in and out but the trajectory towards being Jezebel is really frightening and sad—especially when there is so much quality content and so many good guys who comment daily

        2. I’m going full troll-mode. I’m not going to take either this article or the people who believe this article seriously.

        3. just remember this is one of the few places that remains uncucked in the fact that you can name (((them))).
          like the subreddit TheRedPill you will always get dumb posts and pretenders playing alpha.

        4. And I can’t take seriously anyone who thinks unrestricted globalism and centralized control will not eventually wash out local race and culture.

        5. Yea same here man. I can’t take these kind of articles serious. And the people on here just cry abou doom and gloom, blacks, and Jews. I can’t help but want to troll these guys

        6. yeah, sounds a lot more to me like it is a big collection of cucks walking around and jerking each other off saying “you totally aren’t a cuck” “yeah man! neither are you”

        7. Hey, no one can really match the Tusselader, I mean maybe the Lange-Nesen could after some period of time, but really there’s no contest. Besides they’ve got hammers.

        8. I like the sentiment but today is an anniversary for me….6 months no fap…I recommend masturbation be ended!

        9. Congratulations on achieving a personal goal, but I can’t say you’ll have my full support on this campaign.

        10. I guess to be fair I am not really much of a martyr here as I get laid with a fairly high frequency by a number of different women.

        11. We should make “keep clam” the shorthand way of telling someone to stop looking at porn and stop masturbating.

        12. Good for you. It really is an addiction. an A dick-shun in your case.heh. See what I did there?

        13. lol. To be fair, I use disposable bitches like sex toys with a frequency greater than some other guys probably jack it.

        14. I prefer the connotations in the term ‘bitterly’ vice furiously. Bitter conveys more of a loser image, while furiously can be associated with righteous anger…

        15. Perhaps he could just pretend to be a big talking NY playboy and have every naïve dipshit on here eating out of his hand.

        1. Most of them aren’t going to fucking survive the aneurism caused by the triggering they get when the country elects the most left wing commie in history to replace the NYC Billionaire reality tv star that these idiots thought cared about them like the slack jawed drooling morons who line up to buy snake oil.

        2. you know, it will almost be worth it to watch just how fucking triggered these faggots get when they bring in a guy that makes Bernie Sanders look right of Nixon….I am guessing it will be some 300 pound ghetto black lesbian who once ran HUD

        3. Do you know anything about Trump? You are in the New York real estate business, after all.

        4. TRANSGENDERED lesbian who is gluten free. AND allergic to peanuts.

        5. No, it will be the attractive but evil one-term senator from California:
          Kamala Harris

      2. What’s bothersome is that this kind of mindset actually stops progress in trying to solve whatever valid points are brought up by the doomsday types. I mean little boys having their dick cut off is a pretty bad thing that we might want to address, or the very valid issue of mass migration from Africa into Europe which is displacing the natives of Europe might be something we want to try to stop, for example. But when all of these issues are framed with a wild eyed “The End Is Nigh!” tone, then it basically makes any examination of the actual problems seem like you’re endorsing the wild eyed maniac, so people tend to shy away from discussing the actual problems. It’s totally counter productive.

        1. I don’t know about those issues…some are big some seem silly but you are correct….it is totally paralyzing to think of stuff like this even….or maybe even most importantly, on the smaller scale……these doomsday fucks never achieve dick in their lives and the more losers we have the more of a loser society we have. All this the end is near, collapse of the western world bullshit is just a coverup for weakness and an excuse not to be a man….it is literally (hitler) worse than feminism.

        2. Little boys having their dick cut off is not merely “a pretty bad thing that we might want to address”. It’s their fucking dick , the most important thing to a man. Their life is basically ruined to push the leftist agenda. The fact that you mention it so casually is disturbing.

        3. It’s hard to answer this without using the words “nuance” and “failed to pick up” in the same sentence.

      1. Downvoted to keep your ego from exploding and taking out innocent bystanders.

        1. really need to bring back downvotes. no bigger ego hit than to see your comment at -33

      1. Or pretty much anything written by Michael Snyder (Economic Collapse Blog)

  2. Can we please stop calling this strange point in human history the apocalypse? You guys are starting to sound like the snowflakes who flip out every time Trump tweets something – namely “covfefe” and call him “literally Hitler”.
    It’s embarrassing and pathetic.

    1. Thank you man. I was going to say the same thing and not be nearly as polite with these doomsday faggots

    2. I agree. Barbarians have always been at the doorstep. There has always been some form of madness in every society.
      The real problem as I see it is that men are forced to be unwilling participants in our societies’ madness. The tax laws force us to fund the feminist/LGBTQ/welfare/open borders agenda. We could use these taxes to pay for our own escape from the madness. I’d like to see ROK transformed into an anti-tax and return to volunteerism group rather than a doomsday cult.

      1. We need to pick a location and all congregate there…. amd worm into all the adminstrative functions…. you know in the 60s and 70s scientology was so powerful because they had so many members in law enforcement banking and high places….. they couldnt be touched… we need a similar approach but with a focal nation /city…. and preferably not some freezing cold, dead end EEU rathole…

      1. I refuse to agree with him so I’ll just agree with you instead.

      1. Now *that* is something severe, major and utterly back burnered by the MSM. Bring it up even quietly and they start screaming in full unison about “Trump! Russians! Something bad! We don’t know, but bad Trump!” until you can’t hear yourself think.
        But it really does need serious investigation and eventual prosecution of all involved.

        1. I think the invesigation got shut down(state secret, natl security issue, something to that effect)

        2. Yeah, folks just walk up and shoot dudes out in the open and don’t take anything off of them. An’ shit. Ghetto be playing psychological warfare on us, yo!

        3. Wait, you forgot the part where they beat him up, and then shot him in the back.

        4. Funny thing is that the media of the day went all out on Kennedy for exactly the same thing….. Russian bogeymen …. its orwell 101… manufacure an enemy to unite everyone….

      2. John ashe too.
        Those barbells can be tricky, esp when you’re set to testify against shrillery.

  3. My 36 yo ex girl friend – feminist? teacher — brain-washed, and brain-washer of children.
    Has been whining about having children – for years.
    I avoided like a CSI crime scene each sexual encounter…
    but, i’m open to it now – reckon need to make babies – by multiple women…
    However, gf has moved on with her new bff(42 – no kids). Both like to go out 4 times per week, and “only” have one drink while chatting( bar whores).
    And both want kids — want want want…
    So I lectured them – my mom was grandmother by 42, and my sister was grandmother by 38.
    Difference is they didn’t and don’t go to bars…
    gf: “Well – I guarantee they wouldn’t do it again”
    she literally thinks they are wrong and she is on correct path — childless and party girl – and traditinal women with gandkids, and great grand kids, (and my pa with great great grand kids) are wrong…

    1. Sadly, with enough medical assistance, its possible for this twat to shit out an infant at 42 and go on to ruin its life….

      1. 42?
        I have a desire right now to knock both of them up.
        Don’t know why just seemed better and safer…
        Then I read stuff from a user here, with very funny unique rhetoric – “mcgoo”? I think…
        reckons get two virgins and then they co-raise the kids – take care of daddy…
        seems like a plan.
        except I’ll settle for late 30s early 40s

      2. my baby-mumma was 40. and not oldest mom at school!
        none were younger than 34?

        1. there were celebrities – just looked up their ages — same — 38+ having first kids

        2. I know two that had kid at 41.
          I know many that had invitro – and had twins.
          Even seen them shooting each other up with the drugs at drinking sessions at the house…haha…
          But I know far more women that had no kids….

    2. Its very difficult for idiots to admit they are wrong, esp about big picture life stuff.

  4. The welfare state is the beacon to these Muslim/African hordes…even tho it is closer, none of them rush to get to say, Albania or Serbia from the Middle East and Africa…in fact they bypass those if possible for the welfare rich lands of Sweden, Germany, France, and England.
    Also, you notice transgenderism seems to affect primarily whites? I don’t see large numbers of young black, Arab, Muslim, or Hispanic boys lining up to get their nads chopped off, or their girls looking to butch out. This might be cultural, but I think it is part of a larger agenda to eradicate the White race.

  5. so yesterday i went to get a drink with a couple of my friends and on the way there my friend said she had been trying to sell her used underwear on the internet, now before i wouldn’t of thought this girl as anymore slutty than a normal woman but i have to say after hearing that i was just full of disgust. And it wasn’t like she was doing these things to pay for college or children or something it’s so when she goes to Spain this summer she has enough money to party in ibiza. Once again I’ve found the teachings of this site to be right on the money, can’t be friends with women

    1. but, can’t you get a pair for free?
      or friends with benifits?
      seems the only scenario possibly.

    2. I friend-zoned a hot Puerto Rican girl a few years ago that was fwb. Very gorgeous face, average body. Not a few months after I zoned her, the type of guys she openly started banging was appalling…I mean total degenerate losers with nothing at all going for them.. her way of saying fuck you, my way of saying I’m getting checked.

  6. It’s all part of the Marxist plan to destroy white, Western countries.
    One World, One Government will never be a reality as long as strong, Western countries exist. They laid out their plans to destroy our societies decades ago, and have systemically followed through on them.
    Removing fathers from the homes was the biggest piece of the puzzle. That alone would wreak havoc on numerous sections of society and make everything else much easier.
    Trashy women, single mothers, a massive welfare state, effeminized boys, schools cranking out idiots by the truckload…all designed to wear down society and churn out citizens who can’t think for themselves, have no self confidence, and no attachment to their culture’s history and traditions.
    I don’t believe it’s the end of the West by any means, but things are going to get much more difficult before they start getting any better, and there is going to be a lot of violence and bloodshed along the way.

    1. you hit the nail on the head mate.
      only way to fix this is to first remove the happy merchant, than remove kebab. than send Africans back to Africa.
      after that and patriots are in control of america you guys can start rolling back all these anti family/divorce laws and remake america into a great nation.

    1. Yes, once again a strong Black man is looked up to by weak scared Whites. Oh save us superior Black man !!, WE’RE NOT WORTHY !, WE’RE NOT WORTHY !.

        1. Just keeping it real, turdbreath. Sorry I interrupted your morning Cuck moment.

  7. Well whether or not we’re actually in the Apocalypse is certainly debatable, but we are definitely in a fourth turning. Human civilization and government is cyclic like the seasons of the years. It typically runs on an eighty year cycle or about the same as a normal human life span. You have a spring (or childhood), summer (or adulthood), fall (or middle age) and finally winter (or old age). We are in secular winter right now and things may very well get a whole lot worse before they start to get better again. But they will get better and start the cycle all over. The important thing is to understand where we are in the cycle and prepare accordingly. A big part of that is to have an honest understanding of history. As Mark Twain pointed out, history does not repeat itself but it does rhyme. In order to understand where we are headed we must first know where we have been. We need to look back on every culture that has abandoned virtue in favor of immorality, allowed their governments to become empires and provided bread and circuses to the unwashed masses. You will have a pretty good idea of where we are today. Perhaps that man of sin will appear this time and Yeshua will return as a lion. Perhaps not (many have stood on mountain tops awaiting the rapture in the past). Those of us who are aware of history’s lessons will profit from the collapse and the rebuilding.
    Those who are ignorant will suffer. It has always been this way. We are
    no different than our ancestors.

    1. Yeah its basically just a generational thing you can trace it back thousands of years… 4 generations….. heros.. boomers (spoiled)….. XYZ gen (neglected and angry)… back to heros…..the babies being born today…..
      Decadent generation (now) produces spoilt little millenial twats….. who are more interested who Kim Kardashian is fucking than science engineering or etc….. they eventually cause a war through paranoia…. eg. Trump is Russian agent… the younger lot end up fighting that war… and when its over they give their kids everything they can….
      This produces a 60s baby boomer generation that is amazing for new tech and culture music arts etc… but this lot are also inherently selfish… so their kids…. gen X Y and Z grow up mighty pissed off and disguarded… amd more and more entiled and lost in BS…. and are also permanently under the shadow of the narisist previous generation that wont fuck off and die… eg. Mick Jagger… Paul MaCartney…. no dignity… baby boomer glamor whores… cast a shadow over the entire music business…. just an example….. the heros fight and recover from the collapse only to produce another bunch of boomers who produce another bunch of xzy gen. who are pissed off, neglected, lost and finally decadent in gooisp crap which leads to a war again….. by war we mean cultural collapse of somekind…
      Samething caused the US civil war and the UK civil war… it goes way way back……

    1. It’s the dogs and cats living together that clenched it. We’re doomed now. DOOMED! 😀

      1. First please note I only acknowledge the world of the hilariously racist cartoon Superfriends and given that I can’t imagine what the point of brainiac is. He is just a more naked version of LEx Luthor with head buttons for some reason. You would think that with Lex Luthor there that the position of evil genius on the Legion of Doom would already be filled. Was there really need for a slightly inferior evil genius? Was he there incase Luthor was sick? Also, what kind of stupid fucking name is that. Brainiac is just the way stupid kids insult smart kids if the smart kids don’t have a stand out feature like big glasses or some shit. Given this, I am not too worried about him.

        1. Makes me wonder, when Einstein was a kid and said something smart first that other people hadn’t thought of, did he take “Ok, Einstein!” as an insult, or what?

        2. Yeah, he is really great. It is a shame that cracked is such a fag haven

  8. The year was 1983 and the USSR never looked stronger. Nukes were on a hair trigger in all of the major important nations in the world. Every single day was a recital about the impending nuclear holocaust. We even had sadistic Day After movies to scare the shit out of little kids in school. Duck and cover under our desks was the only hope to survive. And eventually we even got treated to the idea that the Russians would parachute in and shoot up schools. The end, surely, was nigh.
    The year is 1939. A harsh, brutal and efficient killing machine is starting up its engines and blitzing the living hell out of Europe. The United States, long thought the bastion of liberty, has a leader who loves dictators and wants nothing more than to nationalize all of our industries, and calls business leaders to his chambers and threatens them. Russia is starving. The Great Depression is still in full swing and a rather alarming percentage of working age men have become drifters moving from town to town looking for work, any work. The Dust Bowl is a recent memory. We see the war looming on the horizon and all appears to be lost. The end, surely, was nigh.
    The year is 1000 A.D., January 1st. Led by Pope Sylvester II, Christian Clerics are steadfast and certain that the end will occur on this day. There is looting and riots across Europe, and many Christians pack up and simply leave Europe to head to Jerusalem to prepare for the end of times. The end, surely, was nigh.
    And thus endeth the lesson.

    1. Living In The Future
      John Prine
      Jehosaphat the mongrel cat
      Jumped off the roof today
      Some would say he fell but I could tell
      He did himself away
      His eyes weren’t bright like they were the night
      We played checkers on the train
      God Bless his soul he was a tootsie roll
      But he’s a dead cat just the same
      We are living in the future
      I’ll tell you how I know
      I read it in the paper
      Fifteen years ago
      We’re all driving rocket ships
      And talking with our minds
      And wearing turquoise jewelry
      And standing in soup lines
      We are standing in soup lines
      Jake the barber’s lonely daughter
      Went down to her daddy’s shop
      She plugged herself to a barber pole
      And took a little off the top
      Pressure on the left. Pressure on the right
      Pressure in the middle of the hole
      I’m goin’ to Maine on a forty foot crane
      I’m gonna use it for a fishin’ pole
      We are living in the future
      I’ll tell you how I know
      I read it in the paper
      Fifteen years ago
      We’re all driving rocket ships
      And talking with our minds
      And wearing turquoise jewelry
      And standing in soup lines
      We are standing in soup lines
      Old Sarah Brown sells tickets down
      At the all night picture show
      Where they grind out sex
      And they rate it with an “X”
      Just to make a young man’s pants grow
      No tops no bottoms just hands and feet
      Screaming the posters out on the street
      Strangling the curious and the weak
      We give ’em what they want to see – O
      We are living in the future
      I’ll tell you how I know
      I read it in the paper
      Fifteen years ago
      We’re all driving rocket ships
      And talking with our minds
      And wearing turquoise jewelry
      And standing in soup lines
      We are standing in soup lines

      1. gotta check him out one day- all I know is “Angel from Montgomery”

        1. that is a great song and the bonnie rait version is amazing. You probably know a few of his other songs. A lot of people did song he wrote. I think he is really one of the better singer songwriters out there.

    2. One clarification – when I saw Russian paratroopers shoot up a school in Red Dawn, my friends and I didn’t think “the end is near,” we thought “game on, you commie motherfuckers!” I remember as a kid literally wishing that Red Dawn would happen so that I could kill Russians.
      But I suppose that this doesn’t detract from your general point, which is absolutely true.

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      1. One white man wanting to kill another. Cui bono?
        You’re putty in the hands of others.

        1. Kids are very impressionable. Pretty much putty.
          The stable conservative family/society has been removed and now little Jack and Jill are raised by Talmudvison, video games and facebook.

    3. Unfortunately…. the world we now live in is much different than the past. It’s more like the famous mouse experiment….. death by McDonalds and smart phone…. no invaders needed. People simply lose the will to procreate.

      1. interesting , I never knew rats and mice could be violent with each other

      2. Yes…. and the males all start buggering each other and the females dont want to have babies…. sounds awefully familar….

      3. The females kill their own young and the males spend all their time grooming themselves like little mouse hipsters.

    4. I doubt the Apocalypse is upon us, but-
      None of the above rules out the very real possibility that Western civilization, as we know it, is indeed ending, or will end soon, if the US and Europe keep allowing in millions of “migrants” and immigrants who are hostile to our values, our political systems, and even our laws.

      1. The US won’t end: it will just be brown.
        Just like how Greece today still exists and the people who live there still use the Greek alphabet. But they are not the same people as the Ancient Greeks. Today’s Greeks are the dark hairy descendants of Persians, Turks, and North Africans who fucked their way through the archipelago.

        1. Oh, fuck, not another guy who discovered Y chromosome haplogroups and now he thinks he’s an expert on genetics and ethnography.

        2. “But they are not the same people as the Ancient Greeks”
          I heard this too somewhere. What did the sncient greeks look like and what happened to them?

        3. Ancient Greeks were light skinned with blonde or light brown hair and blue eyes. All of their frescoes / murals and depictions show a different people than those today. Even their idealized Gods were depicted with snowy white hair and white beards. They were mongrelized when they were invaded and conquered by the Persians, Africans, Turks over the centuries.

        4. In case anybody doesnt’ get it, melanzana, the italian word for eggplant, is also a nickname for africans.
          Somehow in new york the word transformed into “mullen john” based on the sicilian pronunciation of the Z .

      2. I think if that situation approaches it will more likely end in somewhat of a war and redrawing of borders. Bits of France will go for example, and those loyal to either politics will be driven into their respective regions.

    5. Then 6 years later the USSR collapsed ; Then 6 years later 50 million people were dead and the allies ended the war. Not sure about your third example, question is whether this will be a relatively peaceful but hair-trigger nervous one like in the 80s or a horrible one like the 40s

    6. The lesson from “Lord of the World” is far different. This disgraceful book is an attempt to divert the mind of Christians from the fact that, once, virtually all non-Catholics considered the pope as the Man of Sin, the very Antichrist.

    7. “And thus endeth the lesson.”
      The difference I’m seeing between those times and today, is that those times in the past, the west still had its patriarchy intact.

    8. And you missed his point. He specifically said it’s most likely that we are merely watching the destruction of this latest civilization. Cataclysmic though it may be it is most likely NOT the End of All Things.
      Humans have a very hard time conceiving of any kind of end. Which is why we believe in an afterlife. In the C.S. Lewis book. “Perelandra”, the Lord of Venus was bewildered when the Christian protagonist kept talking about the events occurring being “the end”. He said, “What you call the end we call the beginning. To you it is merely the end of the false start, as if a man lay down to sleep, found a root under his back, and so adjusted himself so his true sleep might begin. You would not call his readjusting himself “The End”.”
      Lewis also struck this same note, but to a much lesser degree, in Book 7 of the Chronicles of Narnia, “The Last Battle”. Both books are very much worth reading. The ending of “The Last Battle” literally shook me.
      In the book, “The Clowns of God”, by Morris West, the pope has a vision of the coming “end of the world” and publishes it in an encyclical. Even though he is talking about “the End”, he still tells people what they will need to do “after”. After what? After the End. Huh?

    9. In 1939 Russia wasn’t starving already. It was starving several years before. The life was probably not prosperous, but generally acceptable for many. USSR was rapidly building its industry, and the Great Depression in America has helped a lot, because american companies were happy to get Soviet orders.

  9. this is a good book that explains it better.
    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds
    written in 1850?
    the crusades chapter is excellent reading:

    1. I keep thinking its Erdogan. But then this motherfucker here could very well be it.

        1. Highly likely. He is Trudeau (I think?), boss of Canada, which is a large nation north of the US.

        2. No, that was debunked a while ago. Although he does look like him. It’s the Dictator of Canada, and he’s basically an effete, wimpy, soft little faggot who got the female vote because “Oh, he’s so dreamy!”

        3. I’m such a dink. I am on Castro’s wiki thinking no way, bem is crazy.

        4. Oh lord, no. I wouldn’t even bang her with a rented dick.

        5. where is your sense of adventure! I would probably still toss her a bone based on the fact that she is castros daughter. think of the great things you can get her to scream. “The Bourgeois are more valuable members of society!!!!!!!!”

        6. I am supposed to know what the boss of America’s hat looks like. My view on 90% of this country is similar to the Palestinian view of Israel…I am not even sure I acknowledge their right to exist….

        7. Of all the things I have never fucked I would have to say “Daughter of Communist Dictator” is fairly high on my list.

        8. so many possibilities.
          “Kiss me! Kiss me you clean shaven Bourgeois and tell me all about your day controlling the means of production!”

        9. does he have dozens of known kids?
          perhaps there is a better looking daughter

        10. did kim jong un(il?) have a daughter? might be a possibility

        11. the wiki shows 2. I don’t know. Looks don’t play a huge role here. I would bang her now just based on her being Castro’s daughter and the pic I posted I don’t think she looks too bad…..now if Tito has a daughter. Further, I am not sure what Jacqueline Marie Pinochet looks like or if Tito has a daughter, but I am mentally imagining the greatest fucking orgy ever

        12. see my comment to Sir Lee below regarding Jacqueline Marie Pinochet. Now I really want to have a daughter of famous dictators orgy.

        13. Possibly.
          Maybe not the Philippino Presdient Duterte.
          He used to publicly call Obama and US ambassadors faggots on a daily basis.
          I love that man.

        14. I want to keep it to actual dictators. She can be in my daughters of corrupt presidents list. Not for nothing however, despite how ugly she is, Chelsea can get it….The Kneeman ain’t ashamed to say it…he’s a starfucker.

        15. yep.
          chastised Chelsea re – “how you feel when your dad was fucking Monica Lewinsky?”. classic.
          who knows, he may put out a “rules for radicals” – for alpha men?

        16. no, not chelsea. Maybe if you borrow her blinkers. Still it’d be like Equus

        17. Best Man Dennis Rodman. Imagine THAT bachelor party

        18. that would better if I was marrying the daughter of wallace from wallace & gromit

        19. I did, and I’ll thank you not to suggest things that have my mind seeing Dennis Rodman bursting out of a cake anymore.

        20. that said, she would need to be REALLY fucking famous lol

        21. I know a stripper who fucked Dennis Rodman…nooooo…such a good-looking whore but I didn’t go there after finding that out. Gross, man.

        22. Not famous enough to look like that. Would totally take Ashton Kutchers left over Demi Moore.

        23. I assume there are many strippers who fucked dennis rodman…..that this one admitted it seems nice. I have a friend who says that once Dennis Rodman fucks a girl, no matter how hot she is she is rendered unfuckable. He calls this the rodman effect. I’m a little different. I would love some super hot stripper who fucked rodman.

        24. You would have banged her then. She fit all of your criteria – gorgeous, cuntish, bitchy, full of herself (and yet, she was full of Rodman’s baby batter so I had to pass).

        25. you’re not really comparing like with like there. As milfs go she’s not bad at all

        26. You can’t really call Canada a “nation” can you? It’s more like an outsized commune.

        27. There are maybe 5 women all time that I would take over a prime Olivia Wilde

        28. To me, it’s like the T-building at Middle School where the special kids went for classes.

        29. and as not bad she doesn’t need the same level of fame or fortune.

    2. But look what happens when you play it backwards:
      Uaedurt Nitsuj – Natas Evol I
      UAE stands for United Arab Emirates (we all know that),
      Nitsuj is Japanese for “About”,
      Natas could be “Not as”…OMG…
      “About the United Arab Emirates – Not as evil as I”.
      And then everyone knows that that hand gesture is the same used to denote human sacrifices to the goddess Kali.
      That or he’s just a run of the mill mangina dipwad who happens to be helping Canada dig one country-sized six foot deep hole.

  10. I’m reading some comments here. Maybe we’re not reaching “the end,” but we’re all here because we taste the blood in the water. We’re reaching moral critical-mass. Perhaps ‘apocalypse’ is an alegorical term here, but many of us are here because things aren’t working as we were taught they would, what with Eve biting the apple in every which way. I mean, half of us seem to not even care about good and evil ourselves, or interpret these forces subjectively. I just read in an article here yesterday that Aristotle said the LAST virtues of a dying society are tolerance and apathy. I don’t think the world’ll end tomorrow. I don’t think we’re entitled to that kind of immediate relief. If we’re dying, it’s going to be a slow death. The infection’s aleady here, though. We better be good white blood cells.

    1. You know, I actually had a Lutheran minister tell me that, if I wanted someone to give my girls any moral/behavioral guidance during their upbringing, best look elsewhere. He said that Churches are no longer in the business of doing that. Wtf do they do then with the weekly collections, buy more flour to have more bake sales?
      I myself will have to be my family’s doxycycline against the rot.

      1. Quite a few around here hold Halo tournaments on Church-owned XBOX360s.
        Several of the girls youth groups take donations for carwashes (nothing quite like a wet white T-Shirt emblazoned with a pink cross and the ten commandments on it).
        And there’s some gosh-darn fun tailgating parties on Superbowl Sunday.

        1. You’ve gotta reach out and give people what they want, man. Nothing does that better than xbox and titties.
          It’s totally what pissed off the Lord when he flipped over the tables in the temple courtyard. I am just waiting for someone to put vending machines in the church sanctuary I go to.

        2. They were quite popular in southern California for fund raising for school clubs, children’s organizations (athletics/boy and girl scouts etc) up until the drought.

      2. The shadiest swindlers and most messed up whores I’ve ever met ALL go to church at least twice a month, and that’s not a non-Christian statement, it’s truth about the weasel nature of evil’s viscera. It always infests from within before it blossoms.
        Why do I need to pay to be reminded of the same fucking lessons from the same stories from the same book by orators who’re less suitable for their purpose than I am, unless I’m ignorant or plain stupid, have an agenda fictitiously marketed as the exact opposite of what it really is, or have to keep “cleansing” myself of my “sins” and wrongdoings?
        Here’s a devious concept. Learn the lesson, if it aligns with common virtues based generally around the golden rule, implement it into your life immediately, skip the wrongdoings, check yourself when you stray too far, and go on with your life. Churches, much like college fraternities and sororities, are breeding grounds for the lame.

    2. it’ll be slow but the crash is unavoidable, especially with Trump the village idiot.

    3. except the cancer infecting us is more reliant on the host than host is on them. If the host begins to die it will cause a ripple effect hurting the cancer 10 fold.

    4. 10% of the western population are certifable psychopaths….. unfortunately most of these people are brilliant moves and shakers and gain power and money very easily….. ots funny how trump is branded a psycho by the very people who are themselves in that category….

  11. You forgot that ugly fat kraut Merkel:
    – Opening the gates of Europe to the Barbarians
    – Using slave labour to build their cars in Poland and Czech Rep
    – Starving greek kids with her Euro policy.
    Now she wants Trump to take his soldiers and leave Germany but would like to keep their weapons and pay nothing.

  12. Karl Pilkington’s predictions for the future(this is 10 yrs old)

  13. Some prophecies have already came, others we are seeing today, and still others look to be in the distant future.

  14. Things are bad but it’s not always clear how bad they are
    For instance that drunk woman collapsed in a puddle of her own piss is on closer inspection just a drunk woman collapsed beside her friend’s shadow. Unless she’s really really talented.
    The thing about apocalyptical doom-mongering is not so much that the apocalypses never quite happen (at least not until it really does) but that buying into the doom / crisis as doom rather than as limited and relative decline or or negation of values, standards etc. is itself part of the fear matrix whereby we are governed. People need highs and lows, defeats and victories etc. A lot of the fear-mongering out there is just the flip side of the progressive ‘future history belongs to us’ marketing – it caters to our prejudices and preconceptions in the same way. The point here is not that there is no apocalypse, or collapse or whatever, but that we should be careful about going on an emotional roller-coast ride that is manipulated from the outside. Crises may be real or imagined, but either way, they are manipulated by those who would profit from our ‘selling’ rather than ‘buying’ or vice versa
    Our civilization may well be ending, or just adapting. But if it is either then shouldn’t we be the ones to end it, or (preferably) to be the ones to adapt it.

    1. My negativity to “it” right now is the issue of a good woman.
      Seems no chance because they are out drinking and fucking into their 50s…
      I see normal women with 3 kids being influenced to nuke the family and join the party…
      But, I’m exhausted( in my 50s) with short term – and mostly disgusted by the behavior of many of the women I meet…
      so, what to do…????
      did you recommend “last tango in Paris” @michaelmobius1:disqus ?
      watched it the other night – loved it…
      you younger guys — getting your act/style/wrap down – watch it and emulate this guy…
      Marlon Brando – 16 kids – awesome…

      1. I’m not saying things aren’t bad, or disagreeing with the article really, just saying that however bad (or good…e.g. the trump victory that has so far been quite disappointing) we should avoid psyching ourselves up about it or at least avoid it to the extent that sometimes it’s not us ourselves who are ratcheting up our perceptions of the situation. The ‘collapse’ is imminent narrative, whether it’s true or not is eminently exploitable and I just think we should stand back from that a little so we can can properly evaluate things.
        Re, last tango in paris, I don’t think that was me, although it’s a good film as i remember. Brando was an interesting guy

        1. I read somewhere recently – perhaps “anti-fragile”.
          to paraphrase:
          to ignore the ‘vicissitude’ of daily news. there are major fake swings daily.
          A newspaper should be one line most days and few pages on important days…
          and go with the steady course…
          seriously – I intentionally scan the cable channels when visiting, my damn head explodes after 2 minutes… the rhetoric, the adds a frenzy of nonsense…

        2. yeah, some of its real, most of it is about moving people – the ‘retail’ market in a particular direction; either the wrong direction, or the ponzi direction, or alternatively
          towards accepting paid advice of some kind to avoid imminent financial apocalypse. It’s not quite the same with regard to social / cultural issues, but it’s not necessarily entirely different

        3. I think everyone wanted to delusionally pretend the very position of presidential office had changed. Hands are always tied, presidents are always bound either by back room deals or other side of the isle. And after all, the president has always been the court-actor to the people, not much more, except with a nuke-switch that no one will ever throw anyways. I wanted every point he ran on to be initiated by now. A few have, which is actually more “change” than most presidents achieve in 4 years… in just 5 months.
          Anymore progress will be very, very slow going. Trump’s partially to blame for allowing and inviting corruption in. Is most of it an act, was he mostly an act? I think the verdict will be much more obvious by apx. August 2018.
          The anxiety caused by waiting through 8 years of devolving society under Obama, then the damage with seeds planted still clearly in full effect and massive push back by left makes everyone here wish we could see instant progress, but we can’t, and won’t… so for me anyways, that’s the let-down, but like dumping a girl, it fades, and you move on.

        4. “Anymore progress will be very, very slow going. Trump’s partially to blame for allowing and inviting corruption in. Is most of it an act, was he mostly an act? I think the verdict will be much more obvious by apx. August 2018.”
          Pretty much feel the same. We know it was partly an act, but the question is how much? Regardless of one’s position on the matter, keeping to an election pledge as with the Paris accord will help him in that regard as he’s been in danger of appearing to u-turn on everything. Obviously he like all presidents are constrained. That’s true whether some deep throat guy takes him aside on his first day to show him the JFK video or whether it’s just a question of powerful interests / lobbies who can make their displeasure felt. The question then isn’t just whether he’s constrained but whether he would really wants to clean the swamp etc. It’s still not too late for him to regain lost trust, but he has his work cut out for him

        5. A part of the problem is that a govt. is massive and thrown together in a few months… its not like a corporation that grows organically… he has all these people under him….Cohn Bannon Kushner Mnunchin and many many more…. and posts like attorney general or fbi director…. you cant really build loyalty and a good machinery…. all you are going to get is power hungry weasles with their own agenda…. thats 50% of the problem…… then theres all the political opposition…. what Trump needs to do is throw a Pinochet and jail the lot of them… Chile is amazing thanks to Oinochets blood bath…. it wasnt pretty but it built highways and plazas and put in law and order to a backward remote latin dump…..

        6. “then theres all the political opposition…. what Trump needs to do is throw a Pinochet and jail the lot of them… Chile is amazing thanks to Oinochets blood bath…. it wasnt pretty but it built highways and plazas and put in law and order to a backward remote latin dump…..”
          I agreed with most of your post until that. There’s very real reason to believe that the democratic party, with the Clinton’s and their evil henchmen behind them, as well as their foundation, is engaged in real crime, real corruption, and given the evidence we have recently seen re. Seth Rich, even actual murder. Trump needs to stay lily white, just as he currently is (grabbing chicks by the pussy absolutely fine). He can only clean out the swamp if he isn’t the swamp. He can emulate the sternness and decisiveness of Putin but he needs to distance himself from pieces of shit like Duterte I’m afraid. Trump is the real democratic solution, at least if he distances himself from the aforementioned weasels and lobby groups

        7. Yes all true. I must admit I’m very pleased about the Paris Climate exit. The press conference on that was sensational. Watch it.

      2. Brando lost frame at the end of the movie, and it ended badly(almost rooned the ending for some)

        1. yep – as soon as he changed lanes – and exchanged info – she lost interest – and killed him – that’s reasonably bad

        2. it was an accident, but for me the most disturbing part was right afterwards when she is rehearsing her script for the police…

    2. It goes in circles with new tech and new attitudes and new freedoms which break down old norms….. but also lead to new chaos…. that then collapses itself and from that rises new tech and new attitudes that break down old norms but also lead to more chaos….etc….constant cycle……
      We have definitely stagnated the last 10 yrs… nothing has changed since iphone 1.0… i remember buying a new laptop and cellphone every 6 months…. now its saturated and theres nothing new……
      That saturation stage means the focus has shifted to BS…. so we dont get the progress we need.. we’re too entilted with new tech and new freedoms…… then it all falls down…. and starts again….. look at 1950s and 1960s…. then the 70s were aweful…..mad fashion… flagrant attitudes…. no new tech….. a bit like now…. nothing changed in 10 yrs… very conflicted and stagnant…. then it all picked up again…….

      1. I think what I was getting at was that while there may natural cycles of boom and bust, progress and decline (however those things are defined) a lot of what is going on right now is actually heavily managed or rather simulated. The MSM reports the ups and downs, very often in wildly exaggerated terms. It panics people, says the end is nigh, or the opposite that the new iphone 8 is on its way out and it’s the greatest thing ever, and in that and myriad other ways it simulates our highs and lows, our anxieties, and of course our panic buying and panic selling. We live increasingly in a command economy when it comes to economics but we also I believe live increasingly in a command economy when it comes to our emotions and the stories we live with. The matrix is complex. We do not perceive directly, or at least it would rather we didn’t

        1. Theres this thing going on in the media at the moment where Trump stepping out of airforce one goes to take Melanias hand at the top of the stair…. but at that same moment she reaches up to push her hair back… bit wind perhaps 40ft off the ground on a airport tarmac… not unheard of…. so trump kind of pats her on the ass although basically hes going for the small of the back…… its just tired awkward stuff out of a plane in a foreign country leg lagged etc…. a bit tight and overly formal and not quite jiving as a couple….. they got a lot of shit going on….. but the media has gone bezerk reading into it…… its pure hysterical feminine horseshit….. a sign of the times…… like medieval courtiers looked at the king wrong and get beheaded…… trouble is this petty gossip leads into wars and social collapse….10 yrs ago no one would have made anything of it…..

    3. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the collapse took 300 years.

      1. Actually the collapse of Western Rome was really fast compared to the rise. Decadence started in 100 AD but did not become widespread until 200 AD; Constantine was a brutal reaction to the degeneracy in the 300’s and after that it was freefall through the 400’s back into the bronze age.
        The collapse was agonizing for the average citizen and took about 150 years. The signs were childlessness, a terrible economy, and nonstop violence from barbarians and civil wars.

  15. Why is there no mention of the Profit Motive behind any of this hysteria?…

    1. because the apocalypse is brought on by a….waaaaiiiiiiiittttt for it…..waaaaaiiiiit for itttttttttt….false profit!

      1. Oy vey…
        “I don’t always use Yiddish, but when I do I go for the cliche”. – The not quite as interesting as the man who who was not nearly interesting enough to be the most interesting man in the world man. (Spanish guitar riff fade)

        1. Ironic that “The Most Interesting Man in the World” is Jewish, who then got let go by Dos Equis because he was greedy and wanted too much money…

  16. OT but only slightly, as Big Media’s slide into the moral abyss is most likely another sign of the apocalypse. Was watching David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” (redux) on Showtime last night. A new character popped up amid the Satanic landscape – Wally Brando. Brando is supposed to be the son of two of the original show’s characters (Lucy and Andy) and he rides into town on his motorcycle, looking exactly like Marlon Brando’s character in “The Wild One”, complete with a leather jacket and cap. What was probably lost on most viewers (and apparently most critics who reviewed the episode), is the fact that Marlon Brando’s best friend (and allegedly his longtime homosexual lover) was Wally Cox. So Wally Brando is David Lynch’s idea of what Brando and Cox’s child might look like. My sides still hurt from laughing at this one…sweet Jesus what a scream.

      1. unfortunately, like a fat Cinderella, the fat girls unintentional rape pants stop working when the party is over and the bus boys have had enough modelo

        1. looks painful to put dick in that. I like the way of looking at things that says “sex feels good. people fuck. lets all grow up a little and enjoy our genitals”

        2. nah, I don’t do mustaches and I have certain things that turn me on…one of which being women willing — nay begging to have me defile them. It’s why I never went to a whore. Porn star wouldn’t do for me. Hell, I don’t even watch it.

        3. I don’t think so. I think that for some people incredibly frequent sex with many partners is very healthy. Some people are just made that way……me included. Different people have different needs. What is unhealthy is when people who are more suited to stability and comfort and family go out and try to be me for a few years despite their very souls knowing it is bad for them. Everyone is constituted differently. I metabolize sex differently than others. My life would depress the fuck out of people who find fulfilment in family and their life would be quite unhealthy for me. It’s a big world out there and there are all kinds of people in it….

        4. Seriously, what is the difference between a whore and a pornstar? the video camera

        5. I agree. As much as I admire the player lifestyle, it just isn’t for me. I value family, children and companionship too much.

        6. What’s the difference between a wife and a whore…wives do it for refrigerators, whores do it for cash…

        7. Some guy said, “Marrying for sex is like buying a Boeing 747 for the free peanuts.”

        8. and that is just the ballgame. Understanding the differences in people and respecting people who aren’t exactly like you. There are a lot of guys here who value family and children and companionship. The fact that those things mean less than nothing to me, that they actually make me cringe, doesn’t mean I am at odds with them or they with me….we just have different needs.

        9. ha….wouldn’t catch me dead in a place like that but I can get behind the sharp dress.

        10. Was gonna put a couple hot Western saloon girls in there but I’m pressed for time…”Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man…”

        11. Yeah, it really is odd to me. I mean if I hire a girl to fuck me in a hotel room its prostitution but if I film it I am a movie director. I am sure there are very specific laws in California about it (and I have very little doubt that at least part of the difference between whore and porn star is a union or something like it) but the difference seems negligible to me.

        12. I wouldn’t be surprised, It would be an interesting study to find out what percentage of women have explicit material out on the web.

        13. God help me I love it. When these girls quite literally beg without shame for dick it just fills me with joy

        14. Same here, only with a much more limited scope.
          Its why I could never be a rapist.
          Well, that and my upper body strength aint there yet.

        15. No, no I think he has the title already:
          “Let’s All Enjoy Our Genitals.”
          Sort of an animated version of My Girl. Featuring the voice talents of:
          Chloe Moretz, Megan Fox, Jason Marsden, and Dame Judi Dench
          Music by: Jermaine Stewart and Mark Morrison

        16. I want both.
          I’ve had plenty of short time fun around the world and especially in NYC.
          However, having the companionship of one woman is desirable to me now… – but I don’t think attainable.
          Fucking different women every night I like too – but not possible where I am. Reason I return to NYC — so many times in past few decades…
          but, what is obvious to me and the biggest conflict, Is women say they want family/husband , but continue to party – with no end in site…

        17. just no fun in it. I know a guy who is all about prostitutes. He says it is the same as paying for dinner and drinks and more time efficient and less drama, but it just never jives with me.

        18. I believe, though I guess I have no way to say for sure, that you will never be satisfied until you resolve the conflict and chose one or the other.

        19. There is that…but also just the idea that someone wants to take my dick and suck on it so bad that they are willing to beg for it even if I am dismissive….its a kick

        20. the point of my other post was your statement:
          lolknee: ” i want to bang bitches – zero interest in family”
          most bitches: “I want a family” – but seem to drink/fuck every night…and live with their pets

        21. There seems to be something lost in the chase. Never done it, but I would imagine it would be a shot to your self esteem to have to pay women to do something they should enjoy.

        22. I would think so too. But like I said about other things, different people have different things going on. For me, taking a woman out to a place I love and having her on my arm, hang on my words as I tell her stories, drink, see and be seen in a fashionable setting and then watch her excited in the cab as we head back to my place and she is fully aware of why we are going and as excited as a kid on Christmas eve is a full package experience which I am glad to pay for. Handing someone cash for vaginal access just doesn’t seem very fun to me.

        23. Honestly, I don’t think you can peg that on just most bitches as I see guys also talking all the time about wanting a family and to find a good woman and are out drinking and fucking all the time. It is just normal human hypocrisy. Good or bad the kneeman ain’t a hypocrite. Meanwhile, Lee, you going to be in the park this weekend. Weather permitting I plan to spend most of Saturday either biking the great loop, sunbathing on the lawn and having drinks at tavern

        24. I’m back in Montauk.
          With overcast weather is bereft of beaver.
          Am heading back to NYC on Monday for 3 weeks.
          We really should organize a few guys for a get together.
          My friend manages a strip club – I reckon is safe space for bastards to meet — I have a very unique life – you all gunna like it…

        25. I got a pro once in Amsterdam just for lulz .

          It was fine enough. Seemed medical almost.

        26. Really the thrill of the chase is fun in itself. I had about two years of dating in the Mormon church before I got serious with my wife. I took girls out about once a week or so, never had sex with them. Just going out, having a good time is fun.
          Once, I was supposed to go on this double date with a friend of mine, but he had something come up and had to cancel. So, I just took his date along. It was pretty cool, walking downtown with a girl on each arm. Stuff like that builds your ego.

        27. If I was in Amsterdam I might do it just because it’s a thing there the way I ate horse in the south of France, but I don’t see ever going to Amsterdam

        28. That’s ok. I’m a whole load of other bad things, just not that one

        29. I think some guys are just better able to fool themselves more than others, and more able to just focus on the physical act. Never worked for me, but to each his own.

        30. Sweet.
          Is Cyril’s still open in montauk? Dabadabadoo? How is the surf at ditch looking? I think I might head out one day this summer to do some Surfing

        31. cyril’s is closed…
          lot of controversy over the bars and inundation of bar patrons…
          not sure if there will be enhanced rules before summer…
          other places have opened further west – Sag Harbor etc…
          Is all very fun between navy Beach, Sunset Beach Salt and Sag Harbor…

        32. Oh man, I loved Cyril’s. The number of nights I drove sideways from there either straight to the montauk yacht club and overpaid for a room because I was WAY too drunk to drive back to New York is astonishing

        33. very possible Thales. I don’t claim to understand all the world and that is one strange sector. But I am a pretty live and let live guy so if it brings them joy so be it.

        34. It does build your ego! However it is one of those things that gets complicated. Not too long ago I was dating sisters. The one set me up with the other and I was dating both and they were outwardly ok with it but they got really freaking nutty. Getting yourself into a wacky situation like that, walking around with two women, having women call or text you and tell you they miss you….hell, even just getting smiled at while you are in the store picking up a cup of coffee…it is so freaking good for the heart.
          Also, and I think a lot of the younger guys miss out on this in their goal to get laid, dating is fun! It is fun to take an attractive woman who hasn’t heard all your stories 18 times and who is interested in you out to eat, have a drink, listen to music, ride bikes, whatever….Dating isn’t a means to an ends, in many ways it is an end in itself.

        35. Well said. It is funny, once I switched gears and went from picking up girls for a lay to joining the church and all that, I learned to just enjoy the ride, and dating became so much more fun, and consequently, I became more successful. If guys just have the focus to get laid, their success will be limited to women who are fine with that. However, you take the pressure off, then it opens the door to classier women, who will want sex with you, rather than tolerate sex with you.

        36. Horse is in almost all meats in Europe.
          Its unavoidable for the most part.

        37. 100% jim. Also, women, just like men, want to have sex with people they enjoy spending time with….most women can point their vagina and have 20 guys run up and beg to stick a dick in it….but most women can’t point their vagina and find someone who is fun to spend time with and in all cases, the person who is fun to spend time with is the one who is enjoying himself in the moment.

        38. When prepared well I found it to be quite tasty when I was in france. However, one day I went to a boucheries chevalines and got some meat and tried to prepare it myself…that’s when I realized that anyone can throw a steak on the grill but it takes a trained hand to make certain things like offal or horse which I quite enjoy when perfectly cooked but I avoid making myself.

        39. I think it is good to on occasion to take a girl out with ZERO interest in building a relationship or having sex with her. Shortly before I went on my mission to Ireland, I took out this girl at college who wasn’t in the church 3 or 4 times. We got along well, she was fun to hang out with, and decent looking. But I told her up front that I did not want any sort of relationship. It just blew her mind that I wouldn’t have sex with her or build a relationship. She continued to write me for a year or so, but eventually figured out that being friendzoned is not the greatest place to be. Fun to turn the tables.

        40. Used to go camping out there when I was a kid. Shagwong (huh) point, gin beach….Was nice and peaceful until all the party diks from the Hamptons overflowed…

        41. I wouldn’t say essential. To be honest, here in NY there isn’t much of a hunt. I am fishing with dynamite as they say. It is more about being adored I think.

        42. Interesting. I have never met a woman that, if I removed the desire for sex, I would want to spend time with over, say, going out alone.

        43. Yeah, I didn’t do it too often. Most of the girls I took out was to evaluate whether or not I wanted to marry, but I knew this girl from class, and she was fun enough. It messes with their heads a little to take them out just to do so. She thought I wanted sex from her, and was fairly surprised when I flipped the script on her. Fun little exercise in social dynamics.

        44. It was unusual circumstances, with my newfound religion, I vowed to abstain from sex until marriage, and I was leaving on a two year mission soon, which cuts off any reason to try to create some relationship which would inevitably fail.

        45. Where’s navy beach? Is that near that abandoned creepy radar thing?
          It was great back then because 4x4s were hard to come by and often home-made. Some real contraptions out there.

        46. Navy Beach is West of the harbor entrance – very small dilapidated hotel/bar head of fort pond bay. probably owned by “someone” — lifestyles rich and famous joint. I heard the tables have $1200 minimum at times…
          exactly the same as Sunset Beach Hotel/bar on sunset beach shelter island – same situation same people yachts etc…

        47. I knew an ancient dude that had a shack on fort pond bay when I was a kid. Probably long-since ruined, er, I mean developed.

      2. Oh they know what they are doing. Fat girls get horny too. Easier to put on some speedos and hook up with some beta than to run a mile a day.

        1. I’ve seen ’em – but I always bail on ’em once their pants are off.

        2. I’ll pretend that that is a truthful statement, Bob.
          By the way, did you bang out that blonde yet?

        3. reminds me of one of my favorite jokes.
          “Women are such fucking freaks these days. I was walking through a parking lot and this MILF was smiling at me so I grabbed her and dragged her behind a dumpster and just pulled her skirt up, ripped her panties to the side and started fucking her…you know how woman like men who take control. Anyway, she manages to get these pictures of children out of her bag and is crying screaming “please think of my children” I mean what kind of kinky shit are women into these days! I mean, I don’t want to insult anyone’s fetish so I looked at the pictures and thought of the kids but it took FOREVER for me to cum”

        4. Ok, so two cannibals are eating a circus clown. One of them looks at the other one and asks “does this taste funny to you?”.

    1. Reminds me of a couple of American tourists I saw a couple weeks back.
      😉 😉

  17. “4. Hillary almost won the presidency”
    And there are Trump supporters who feel that the Donald is merely delaying the inevitabe 2nd civil war that we desperately need to correct all that is going wrong. For some who voted for Trump now feel it would have been better to see Shitlery get elected – that the over zealous sack of Marxist hormones could have pushed the globalists agenda too quickly thereby causing a militant backlash from the patriots, and thus sucessfully launch the war.

    1. Patriots never start even less win wars. Every war or revolution comes from the elite. One part of it versus the rest.
      Like the russian communist revolution was jewish elites versus the zsar. Never do the sheeople rule themselves. Animal farm (a book) does demonstrate this very well. Even when the animals beat the human farmer, it was swine who took over.

      1. ..it was the swine who took over.”
        And replaced and later collaborated, even imitated (walking on 2 legs), with the humans all the while enriching themselves off the others.

  18. Oh what the hell…. (haha)
    1. Not every country is Sweden or South Africa.
    2. Not every country in Europe is opening their doors AND Europe has been invaded before and its still here. There may be some civil unrest on its way but the end result may be a good thing. Who knows.
    3. Avoid. Problem solved. 😀
    4. Who cares? The US is boring anyway. 😀
    5. This is only pushed by the media or supposedly “hip” politicians… both of which appear to be nearly universally hated by everyone.
    The last one can be a could tell about a woman though. Is she ok with the gay and transgender crap? Ok, she’s in the short term “relationship” category. Does she think both are morally wrong and abhorrent? Possible wife category.
    Really all this gay/trans crap just makes life easier. 😀 😀

  19. It is a beautiful day here in the Desert Southwest and after being cooped up for several days working, I am finally going out later today to quaff a few cold ones and look for some horizontal refreshment…my god, get out there, boys, they’re just waiting for you to pluck them, fuck them and save them from the boring tedium of acting like they are empowered. Seize the freakin’ day!

    1. hey Bob, can you send photos or description of the women in that region.
      need some NYC -other perspective…

      1. Sure. Here are a couple of photos…the first one features your typical Arizona State college girls (in Tempe, close to Phoenix), most of whom are fully open to having a few of their basic financial and physical needs met by older, experienced men; the other one features girls at the Heart Attack Grill (in Chandler, close to Phoenix) who are waitresses, dressed like slutty nurses…

        1. damn
          wish i didn’t ask for that.
          I’m in a summer resort area – mostly washed up old gold-diggers and dykes…
          until summer…
          the blondes in the yellow t-shirts are so perfect…
          I imagined peroxide and silicone…

        2. I have been lead to believe that the girls of ASU are the finest college girls in the land…..as far as I can tell the only job people at ASU get is Pharma Rep

        3. Yeah, they’re cute alright.
          The only chance I would have with them would be if they need help paying off their student loans.

  20. As far as I’m concerned, the end of the world happened in 1793, the apocalypse in 1914, the rest is the epilogy.

  21. 6. More people died from taking selfies than from shark attacks last year.

    1. It used to be called a chastity belt, but the reasoning behind it was different.

    2. “Rape pants? Here we go with the fantasy again. XXXL just sold out”
      Good point – women wearing thrm as a fashion statement. Now watch a bunch of 500 kg. fat pigs wearing them to make themselves feel desirable.

  22. “Conservatives would like to believe that the GOP is embarking on a long period of control. But that is a deeply misguided belief.”
    Respectfully, the deeply misguided belief is that the GOP is different from the Dems. There are no conservatives in DC or anywhere amongst the elites, which is why the entire class needs to go.

    1. Broad brush. There are conservatives on the GOP, but they are a minority in the party.

    2. There are a few conservatives, but their hands are tied by the masses in their party that aren’t. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and a couple others.

  23. Many points in this article are spot on but you have to understand that it is also a self correcting situation. Broken parents, broken kids, they wont be reproducing and they will be but a self pruning evolutionary cul de sac. Eventually Hitler* or Stalin* 2.0 will show up and fire up the gas grills with “fema” camps at the ready to solve this generation of degenerates and their progenitors…

    1. Have you read the american survivalist (aka going home) series) by Angry American? In it prez Obama does just that, only to get people dependent on FEMA and destroy any independence. A nice read.

  24. The funny thing about the apocalypse is that people secretly want it to happen, because they want to be present during the second coming of Christ. It’s actually somewhat of a way of going to heaven without dying, if you think about it.

    1. Roger Zelazny captured my attitude to the perpetually imminent apocalypse:
      “Don’t wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special

    2. Whatever the apocalypse/end of the world will be, Asteroid, Comet, Gamma Ray burst, Mass Coronal Ejection, etc.. Does not matter.
      I absolutely want it to happen in my lifetime.
      I know the exact spot, a hill overlooking the sound, where I want to be sitting. With a bottle of cheap whiskey.

  25. Im not so sure that we are in the end times. The day when I visit my mother and find her empty cloths…is the day I know the end times have begun with the rapture.
    With that being said…we are coming up to (if we arn’t already there) the precipice of no return…no bounce back for the countries and culture we love. its scary and I profess to dreading the moment it happens. What makes it diffrent from the crisis and end times encountered before is that we have no direct way to strike back. Only way we can counter is to have familes and redpill as many people as possible….but time is against us. This war has been in the shadows a long time…and only recently had it been uncovered and exposed to enough portion of the population, which prevents them from supressing the truth with violence, intimidation, or character assassination.
    While @GhostofJefferson is correct that seemingly end times of the past were dire and insurmountable, we pulled through…it was more of s sgraight conflicy with more clear cut rules of engagment then what were fighting now.
    P.S. If I rambled a bit…I beg your pardon but Im quite drunk right now…

  26. “. . . but the Antichrist has not yet come on to the world stage.”

    Not correct my good RoK author. . . not correct at all. There are only 4 verses in the entire Bible that use the term “anti-christ”. Let’s take a look at them to see who the Bible says the “anti-christ” is:
    “and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.” – 1 John 4:3
    According to the Bible, the antichrist is not yet to come, but was already in the world when John wrote these words in the 1st century AD.
    “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists [plural] have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.” – 1 John 2:18
    According to the Bible, the antichrist is a plurality of people, not a single person. Also, it was already the last “hour” when John wrote these words.
    “Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.” – 1 John 2:22
    “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.” 2 John 1:7
    So, let’s put all these together to come to the Biblical definition of the antichrist. (((Who))) is it that are (((deceivers))) that do not acknowledge Jesus Christ, denies the Father and the Son, (((who))) were already in the world in John’s day, and are a (((plurality))) of (((people)))? Just (((who))) could (((they))) be??

      1. Well thought out, logical, and documented come back. . . you clearly win this one. Upvote for you!

        1. You must be pro-“Jew” or “Jewish” then? Seeing that the Bible identifies the collective “Jewish” people as the antichrist is really triggering to you, isn’t it?

        2. No, Atheist. How’d did you miss that? Oh wait, you always miss the obvious, don’t you?

        3. Your original comment is pro-“Jew”, regardless whether or not you’re “atheist”. It was obviously a rhetorical question.
          If you’re an “atheist” the Bible wasn’t written to you. You’re reading other people’s mail and won’t understand it.
          I’m done here. Go ahead and get your next ad hominem attack response in so you can feel satisfied you got the last word. Your contribution provides such a great example of what “atheists” are.

        4. Baffled as to how you think I am ‘pro-Jew’ but anyway. Good luck with your ridiculous bronze age desert myths. Toodles!

        5. Arguing for and supporting Jews is pro-Jew. If you’re not a Jew, you’re pro-Jew, and your illogical responses are definitely a sign of some corrupt DNA configuration, either way.

    1. The bible- Lucifer (she) is female. Don’t leave out the most important part. Read revelation thoroughly. Your missing the most important piece of the bible. What is funny is you never hear this in church or by any religion. It tells you this creature is alive and well. You missing this obvious conclusion told repeatedly in the bible- tells me your manipulated as well.

      1. The world “Lucifer” is only used once in the entire Bible. It’s in the book of Isaiah and is used for King Nebuchadnezzar. Other translations translate that verse more accurately as “morning star”.
        Lucifer, the “Devil”, and the mythology surrounding the “fallen from heaven king of demons and his eternal BBQ pit kingdom below the ground complete with army of demons” is completely unsupported by Biblical text. “Satan” is a transliterated Hebrew word meaning “adversary” and “Devil” is a transliterated Greek word for “false accuser” or “slanderer”.

  27. I think what we should all be looking at is the Battle of Tours & The Reconquista.
    Tours- The personal army of the man to become Charlemagne practices constantly, in all seasons, in all weather, for 11 years, waiting for the inevitable muslim invasion of present day France. Finally, in 732, the muslims move north from subjugated Spain to sack Tours. Charlemagne races to the outskirts of the city, and for a week waits in constant formation for the imminent attack as the muslim army continuously receives reinforcements, outnumbered no less than 4 to 1, muslim cavalry against Christian infantry. On the seventh day, the muslims attack. It was a slaughter and historic victory for Charles, but not the end. For years the muslims tried to invade again and again, Charles the Great, Martel (The Hammer), almost always outnumbered and ever defending Christendom against the muslim horde.
    The Battle of Covadonga- The Christians of Spain had almost all been conquered, but a new leader, Pelagius, arose and set up Asturias, a Kingdom in the mountains made of Christian refugees who refused to live according to sharia law. Looking for an easy win, the muslims moved in. Pelagius, outnumbered retreated until there was nowhere left to run, trapped in a valley against a mountain. The muslims offered peace for obedience, but all refused. Outnumbered 3 to 1, some 320 doomed Christians made their last stand… and won. As the muslims retreated, the oppress surged out of their villages and massacred what was left. The muslims tried to invade again, and again were incredibly defeated.
    These were great men, fighting desperate odds, but there was something more, God was on their side.
    War is upon us all, war is constant. Build your family, build your network, build your skills and be prepared for the day when they come for you, because they are looking forward to it. Above all, pray for a new church, and new leaders who will guide us in battle, who knows, it may be you who is called to greatness.

  28. Interesting point about increasing number of transgender young people: there are 10 times as many male-to-female trannies as the other way round. Anyone would think many young men feel it’s far easier to get on in this world as a woman. “Patriarchy” my shiny ass.

  29. You do realize that the first transgender child was transitioned in like the 40s or 50s?
    Personally I believe it’s something biological, probably the brain failed to masculinize properly. This does not include autogynephiles.

    1. Is that the one where he was one of a set of twins and they botched a circumcision or something. A Dr. who was an advocate of gender as a social construct pushed the parents to have them transition the kid. The kid ended up a mess, never felt like they were really a girl and was vastly relieved when his parents finally told him the truth? I think he ended up living as a man but was a mess…. Daughter was studying the case in a psychology class this year.

      1. No, that was David Reimer. That happened in the 60s I think, and he was never counted as “transgender”. I’m talking about Harry Benjamins patients.

      2. Btw, boys like David Reimer who lost their penises due to bullshit things, or were just born with micropenis etc, aren’t they partially proof that sex is not socialized? Pretty much all of them went back to being men when they were told the truth.
        David Reimer for example lost his penis due to a unnecessay operation, then his parents were led into believing that he could be reassigned to a girl due to mostly feminists pushing that sex differences, so he was castrated (double-trouble), and had a vulve made when he was still in his first year, he was later put on female hormones, but he never identified as a girl, and when he was told the truth I think in his late teens, he immiedately went back to being a man.
        When it comes to transsexuals there are two types (Blanchards theories), autogynephiles which are heterosexual men sexually aroused by the idea of themselves as women, and also what Blanchards calls homosexual transsexuals, whom are basically feminine from birth.
        Richard Greens research has already shown that gay men are basically always feminine in childhood, so in my mind it’s quite likely that it’s biological/innate, transsexual homosexuals are probably just even less masculine than homosexuals, and as I said, yes it’s probably biological.
        That doesn’t mean they are are women though, they are obviously anatomically male, and retain certain male traits usually. That said they are not really men either, at least not in the brain.

      3. Btw, that happens when you are in a hurry lol.
        *feminists pushing sex differences being socialized
        Off eating.

  30. Disappointed this site hasn’t exposed Manchester and London incidents as psyops. No one died..no one injured.
    Since the sandy hook hoax…(drill held at a school closed to students years earlier) ..the controllers of the matrix have bombarded the masses with horseshit “events.”

  31. We may eventually need rescuing from our milquetoast leftist rulers by sub-Saharan Africa – they have no truck with homosexualism, transgender nonsense, and they hold to the Christian faith with a fervour rarely seen in the West any longer. There are other hopeful spots, but we may have a long dark night ahead for civilisation.

  32. Drugs.
    Animal rape.
    Would all be the reason humanity would become extinct..
    Not pedophilia.
    Do ye know why? And the difference? One is genetic and willl stain and kill lots of lives of any kind, make humanity weaker than it already is..
    The other is just emtional BS morals I couldn’t care less about unless I want to care about..
    Wake the fuck up folks..

  33. Don’t see an apocalypse, just a slow ride to nowhere for the West these days.

  34. I like Russian’s they look just like us western’s, let’s be nice to those who look like us.

  35. 4. The reality is that as demographics continue to tilt in a leftist direction, the US will become permanently leftist. Enjoy conservatism’s last hurrah while you can.
    God, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this tsunami. With the majority of the Millenials and post-Millenials brainwashed by the leftist teachers union, it’s only a matter of time before they take over. There will be those that lean right, but since they have also been taught that fighting back will get you punished, and not been taught critical thinking and arguing skills, they will not be able to put up much of a defense.

  36. According to the Bible, The devil is a woman- Just review revelation and Genesis. Plenty of reference to “her” as the gender……
    God created Luci-fer..(his wife) and cast her out to earth in a dispute to determine who runs the place better so she knows both good and evil…. Man being closest to perfection in gods image; woman created from the rib of man. The devil manipulating woman through emotion as closest to creation of woman – and man through lust of woman.
    Having been on earth long enough; I believe that “sin” is instigated by the devil for pleasure so no need for Armageddon -especially when you have billions of men willing to die as slaves for the vaginisty and have billions of easily mentally manipulated woman who are societal induced for demonic pain. Most woman have few if any morals in the way of integrity, honesty, loyalty and the belief in life -so its easy…. This is the devils playground.
    Just look at how the left- woman, and cuck men included are so easily manipulated and the pain they cause others. They get glee out of the perversion and civil strife. Abortion, murder, divorce with hate, even woman getting fat- disrespecting mens biological nature and their own bodies for the sheer purpose of pain. The mental strife created is the pleasure of this demonic creature who feeds on it. There is plenty to go around to feed the beast. A man- any man has to cleanse himself of these thoughts and be wary -because this bitch is coming for you.

  37. Geezus, the more it comes the more I wanna buy my plane and get the fuck out of this country! Unfortunately the entire world is turning to shit slowly as well.

  38. “Not so in the current year. Men are more concerned with their pension or 401k than they are with their heritage.”
    Erm…and why would they be concerned with defending women and a society that shits on them every single chance it gets?

  39. “Not so in the current year. Men are more concerned with their pension or 401k than they are with their heritage.”
    Erm…and why would they be concerned with defending women and a society that shits on them every single chance it gets, and from every possible angle? And if they lift even one finger, they would be labelled racist and thrown in jail by the very people they would be defending.

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