Oprah May Run For President Of The United States

Oprah Winfrey’s recent speech at the Goblin Globe Awards sparked a new controversy that she might run as a candidate during the next presidential election against Donald Trump. Her speech compared Hollywood actresses with past rape victims and made a strong statement that women are going to rise up. The program wasn’t anything different compared to previous years. However, there was one surprisingly good result: Gary Oldman won the best actor award for playing Winston Churchill, a white man.

A Common Tactic

Her speech was focused on empowering women and rising above the apparent male enslavement society. One example she gave was Recy Taylor, an African woman, being raped by six armed white men on her way home from church, and how justice was never delivered. Taylor recently died, and the men got away.

Building off of that, she said that women for too long have been kept quiet due to being afraid to speak up against brutally powerful men, and went on to say that “their time is up” three times while the puppet Hollywood audience rose to their feet and applauded, even men who played tough guy roles.

Of course Winfrey brought up the Jim Crow narrative and played the victim of living under oppressive men even though she’s a billionaire who used the American system to become what she is today. She declared “that a new day is on the horizon,” and that it will be due to magnificent women and some pretty phenomenal men who will take us to the “time when nobody has to say ‘Me Too‘ again.” She even praised the press for the job they do for delivering the truth even though 2017 was filled with leaks of the media making up fake news like the Trump/Russian connection.

Oprah brought up race and rape, but she failed to mention that she was best friends with Harvey Weinstein. It’s hard to believe that she didn’t know about his sexual antics.

“It’s okay honey, the sex with him will be very quick.”

The spokesperson for protecting women was friends with one of the biggest abusers of women.

Oprah Said Racists Have to Die

In a BBC interview in 2013, Oprah revealed her true colors, saying that there are some people who are racists, and that “they have to die.”

The establishment may want to use someone like her, because she can play the race card while extrapolating the lie that women have been suppressed by men, therefore pushing the idea that a female president is needed. However, in the past, some of the most powerful men in history were all controlled by women behind the curtains.

Her Dark Secrets

Oprah was not exactly the poor oppressed woman she pretended to be as she made a lot of money through her show. Although she brought up race, she frequently hung out at yachts with people like Diane Sawyer, and lives a lavish life that counters the character she was playing on stage. She likes to say she grew up impoverished, but her cousin said she was a “spoiled” little girl.

“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea,” said relative, Katherine Carr Esters. “I’ve confronted her and asked, ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring.’ ”

Biographer Kitty Kelly revealed more skeletons from Oprah’s past like bringing men home for sex while her mom was at work, and that Oprah described herself in an unreleased autobiography, as a teen “prostitute”, using her body to earn extra money. There are other shady things like paying $50,000 to her ex-boyfriend to keep quiet of her lesbian affairs and gay brother, and modifying her life story to prop up her success. She is also buddies with Michelle Obama and Ellen Degeneres.

Very few in this world has a pure past and everyone has to do what they must to get ahead, but Oprah’s position seems to be in line with the feminist’s agenda to attack masculinity in America, rather then the quest for justice she displayed at the awards.

Oprah Winfrey Will Never Beat Donald Trump, Ever

Trump has improved the economy, destroyed most of ISIS along with Russian forces and Eastern allies, reduced illegal immigration, and he is steadily get of rid of corruption. Yes, there are neocons within his administration who are trying to lead him astray, and yes some of his actions are questionable, but he is still the best shot America has against the globalists.

Oprah is likely another desperate attempt to steal the next election by the globalists who are so scared of Trump, that they’re trying anything to protect their power.  I have no doubt that she will lose in the next election if she decides to run.

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77 thoughts on “Oprah May Run For President Of The United States”

    1. (Po)oprah and running for President !!?? And that too against Mr. Donald TRUMP !!??
      This bitch is not even worth of “dust” from Trump’s left leg !!
      *** Donald TRUMP, the Now and also the Next PRESIDENT of UNITED States ***

      1. I think the media are trying to push her into it as they are all wealthy elites and the are fearful that an actual commie like Bernie sanders will win.
        With her she’ll dress well and she’ll love the events and parties and there will be a few tearful moments when she pushes through some legislation sitting their signing with some crying black kid but for the most part it would be business as usual and she’ nod and make some points and then finally she’d just do whatever it was that her Jewish advisers all strongly suggested she does. I mean internally she would know that they were smarter than her, or she’d think that, and she would never have understood half the policy wonk arguments they’d make about why they need to undermine such-and-such a leader in the middle east.
        With Bernie he is opposite to most Jews and really is a black sheep and not a neo-con. He also wouldn’t easily be bullied and intellectually deferential to the Jews in Washington as he knows their games and thinks that they are as smart as him. Oprah would know that she really knows shit about issues like the middle-east and just be persuaded to do as she was told.
        You can see why they want her to run. Its like a blank canvas for her advisers to make policy with her as a pleasant front;which is very different to a Bernie Sanders or Donald J. Trump presidency.

        1. The media also think they’ll be loads of great stories to sell papers and they love that and think she’ll be great for social harmony as America disintegrates fully.

      2. She has a lot less chance than democrats think.
        – As Seal pointed out, her speech about #metoo was very hypocritical since she was in the “know” for years and never said anything.
        – The whole antifa scandal about Oprah funding them.
        – Her schools in Africa were hit by sex scandals.
        – Zero political experience.
        – Lesbian buddies with Gail (though that’s probably a plus right now… even though everyone’s getting tired of poofs and lesbos and trannies, so that might change between now and then).
        – And I’m sure we’ll come up with more negative points between now and then.

    1. I’ve heard that this baboon is hiring for 15/hr. for Antifa mercenaries to exercise violence against straight white males and anyone who is deemed an enemy of feminists and shemales, including Iranians like Roosh.
      Iran is watching closely at Roosh’s plight and persecution under Antifa and feminists.
      Vladimir Putin is also watching closely at the Western feminist and homosexuality agenda.
      Oprah will the first Baboon to experience radioactive waves from Russia! American feminism isn’t going to stop Putin from launching an atomic rocket to San Francisco and LGBT areas in America & Canada. I’m not sure if Russia will do anything to homosexuals in Mexico City. I don’t think feminists and homosexuals comprise of the majority in Mexico. Mexico is safe from nuclear war.

    2. You laugh, but she would be a serious threat. Democrats and liberals in general are all about charisma/star power (e.g. Obama, Justin Trudeau) and Oprah is a well loved celebrity. They say Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line.
      A big part of the reason Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 is because she has all the charisma of a damp rag and she couldn’t mobilize the “Obama coalition.” Many Obama voters stayed home because she couldn’t generate anywhere near the enthusiasm that Trump did. Even though both candidates had low likability ratings, at least Trump’s supporters really love him.
      Oprah would definitely motivate many black voters who didn’t vote for Clinton in 2016 and she will also get a lot of the female voters. Due to the non-stop smear campaign, many already believe that Trump is a racist and sexist. Oprah would cast herself as a savior.
      Unlike Hillary, who only rose to power by riding Bill’s coattails, Oprah is actually quite well-liked; she couldn’t have become a billionaire if she wasn’t. As much of a joke as it may seem, Oprah Winfrey would have a serious shot of winning the Presidency.

      1. Sorry, no way this pooprah is going to be a “threat” to Donald TRUMP.
        As @Tom said, many more People (and real MEN) and turning to red pill and are very much aware of the cowshit “femicuntism”.
        Take my word:
        A pussy will NEVER become President of the UNITED States, period.

      2. You are 100% right. I’m glad you had the courage to post against the grain. Oprah has more star power than Trump, and she’ll turn out the black vote and motivate her base.
        Trump’s victory wasn’t some anomalous “Miracle of Deliverance”: Trump’s victory was a standard polling error away from the aggregate of credible polls. Hillary was the worst candidate the Democrats could have run.
        Lets be hopeful, but lets not kid ourselves: Trump will need all our support…and more to keep the Democrats out of the White House in 2020.

        1. Trump would have to compete somewhat differently if he came up against Oprah. He should not go all out to attack her, and neither should his supporters. Instead, she should be handled somewhat graciously and tactfully and I think that Trump will instinctively know that. She is different to Hillary and a more sympathetic figure, not just to black people but also to white people so attacking her too much may do more harm than good. (I think that some of the attacks on Obama were also excessive and didn’t help Trump any additional votes).
          Nevertheless, depending on how things have turned out over the next few years, I suspect Trump can beat her, based on his track record on immigration and job creation.

      1. did you ever see an african ever successfully run a business? Almost never so if each time the country is run by retards surely the country will go the way of most young african american businessmen

  1. Please run, Oprah, please!
    She can’t stand the heat of scrutiny that will come her way a political candidte for any office, much less POTUS. Like all delusional females, they think popularity, espeically virtual popularity on social media, trumps all their glaring flaws and shortcomings (pun intended).
    Nothing would be better for men that for the left to thorw up another populist feminist candidate, only to see her lose to a man.

    1. Blacks = the least logical and most emotional race
      Women = the least logical and most emotional gender
      Black Females in charge of anything = disaster

      1. This baboon (Oprah) would probably lick Harvey Weinstein’s asshole while authorizing Orders to send str8 white males into concentration camps for offending feminist baboons and shemales.

        1. They’re already testing the waters to see if they can get away with an armchair psychological diagnosis of their their most feared dissident, President Donald Trump. Socialists and communists abused psychiatry to justify sending dissidents to the Gulags. Abuse of psychiatry is a common trait among them. At universities, literature professors prime gullible, naive students by telling them that it’s okay for them to psychoanalyze fictional characters in their literature classes and that it passes as a lesson in literary analysis and critical thinking. That’s why you see many “educated” graduates engage in nonsensical psychobabble to explain things and to make sense of people’s motives and actions. It is a priming of the populace into eventually accepting the use of psychiatry to jail dissidents. The main lesson an independent, critical thinker gets out of sitting at a university psychology or sociology class is that these are truly fake sciences, but if the general populace believes that it is a legitimate science, then the stage is set for another round of the Gulags.

  2. If Hillary Clinton didn’t win the last election against Donald Trump, I’m not sure how Oprah has a snowballs chance in hell of being elected as president of the United States in the next election. The feminist propaganda of oppression, rape culture and pay gaps needs to die. We need facts. Facts surrounding how more women than men now attend post secondary institutions, that more women than men are now being accepted in medical, pharmacy and dental schools. Facts on how more women are beginning to study in STEM fields. This isn’t about “equality” folks. This is a push for the feminization of men. No longer is it safe for a man to be a man. Accusations are now the gold standard for rape determination. Whistling blowing and victimhood is now more important than actual achievements. If you’re not a victim, you’re a perpetrator. Our world needs help folks. Donald Trump may not be the best suited man for presidency at this point but he’s damn well the best shot we have at a step in the right direction. I have faith that as a collective whole we’ll see past Hollywood and the pungent Liberal stench that reeks of double standards and hypocrisy.

    1. His Masculinity Pepe the Frog, Hon. Kek, President of the Non-Feminist Antigay Republic of Kekistan says:

      Hillary Clinton didn’t even win despite vote rigging by Soros paid mercenaries. Antifa were throwing Moltov cocktails at Republican voters in Oregon during election time.

      1. The trick was staying out of downtown, at night, or really at any time. We should have called in the Army, but the Gov loves the leftist queers and robber-vandals too much.

    2. Because Oprah is black and blacks will vote for her. Just like blacks voted for Obama. Voter turnout wasn’t high for Hillary which is why Trump won.

      1. Blacks generally vote for a black candidate, that’s so true.
        All coloured folks generally vote based on skin colour, they don’t rent to think deeper

  3. I have a source who’s “in the know” who called Oprah running for Pres last year.
    Who knows what this timeline holds. But can tell you tbtb plan is for her to win.

    1. What is this Baboon going to do other than persecute men while praising LGBT for having sex with 8-year-old shemales?
      She will also cause Russia to send a missile into America’s gay community if she acts aggressive to Vladimir Putin.

    2. She probably will in our dumbass country. Every minority and female will rally against the evil white man and vote for her.

  4. “Building off of that, she said that women for too long have been kept quiet due to being afraid to speak up against brutally powerful men, and went on to say that “their time is up” three times while the puppet Hollywood audience rose to their feet and applauded, even men who played tough guy roles.”
    Angloskanks are lucky that ‘powerful men’ aren’t armed narco cartels, or at least have the balls to execute a feminist lying cunt for snitchin’:

  5. “Very few in this world has a pure past and everyone has to do what they must to get ahead, but Oprah’s position seems to be in line with the feminist’s agenda to attack masculinity in America, rather then the quest for justice she displayed at the awards.”
    Doncha think this Baboon will feminize Russia, China, Iran or North Korea with her feminist rant? Vladimir Putin would ignite a missile into this Baboon’s snatch and send nuclear atomic b0mbs into Anita Sarkeesian’s home should America dare try to use feminism against Putin.
    Roosh isn’t a Muslim, but I’m sure Iran is looking and watching at the way he was smeared by the American & Canadian establishment. Iranians are interested in their peoples, even if it’s someone who is not Iranian Muslim.
    Oprah is going to get nuclear missiles in her cunt if she tries to fuck with any of those countries. Trump can get away with antagonizing North Korea because it’s man vs man. A fucking baboon like Oprah trying to attack men will get her turned into radioactive waste.

  6. “Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluckCluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluckCluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluckCluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluckCluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluckCluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluckCluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck.” Can someone please translate?

  7. If she did win, the country is fucking done! Here is a woman that is NOT a competent businessman like Trump. She’s a media personality, period. Her wealth was gotten by jibber jabbering on TV to a daytime audience of people who don’t work. She gives away free shit all the time. So, bye bye to Trumps tax cuts and hello to redistribution. Moreover she can’t deal with extremely talented statesmen like Putin and Xi, who would both eat her fucking lunch money and fist fuck the US barnyard style. Oprah would kill this country. For fuck sake Trump for all his triumphs still has the western civilization hanging by a thread.

    1. Watching the stress kill her as she’s replaced by a dried-up baked potatoe with white hair, and hammocks for eyelids would be something. “Imagine” if a woman wasn’t strong enough to be president.

    2. I’ve never understood the messiah like popularity of talk show hosts like Oprah and Ellen Degenerate. They are utterly mediocre people at best. Despite that they have masses of brainwashed disciples of women adoring them like religious figures.

    3. western civilization will fall, but when its lost it may rise back IF men can realize that women cannot be allowed in hte public square and feminism must be no platformed

      1. it should just be educated white men voting and it would continue forever where now its unlikely europe will not under islamism within 100 years

  8. Nature makes it clear that woman cannot lead: To begin with,
    1. They don’t know the difference between right and left.
    2. They struggle in courses and professions that strictly require logic and reason for success.
    3. They regularly experience rage and other extremely intense emotional issues that afflict them on a monthly basis, completely overwhelming their faculties and making it impossible for them to reason.
    4. Their bodies are weak and clearly designed for creating and nurturing future male leaders and their future wives.
    There are other reasons, but I’ll just stop here for now.
    Voting is a powerful way of leading and influencing laws and policy. Why would any civilization seriously intent on improving itself and surviving ever hand over this immense power to people who, by nature, were never meant to lead?

  9. Yes! Trump really will seem like a “genius” if put up against Oprama. Can you imagine Oprah answering any question on an intellectual level? The press will have to spoon feed her all the way. She will trip up constantly more than George W on his best day. It would be a gift. Do it, Oprah!

  10. Its all the leftists scum have left, to constantly push forward useless stupid SJW IDENTITY POLITICS candidates that can check the maximum number of pluses to their column for pandering to the pathetic SJW nutcases in all the leftists column identities. She is black, female gay friendly, trans friendly feminist whore to money and no morals no rules, no boundaries and no concerns as to who ever she needs to f**k or S**k to get an endorsement and campaign cash or support. When you are going to have President Trump, with ALL of the media levied against him, and all the Democrat traitors in the state offices overseeing elections and NO VOTER PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP NEEDED( oh the USA needs mandatory voter qualification so so badly), its all but a given that a communist SJW candidate will make it in (and all of the treasonous deep state and intelligence apparatus with her) unless the candidate is so foul that she sabotages herself just like Hitlery Clintoon did……The controllers behind the scenes are so very close to winning the ultimate prize of killing the last very hope of freedom left at all, even if it is just a fleeting lie that hasn’t fully revealed itself yet.

  11. I remember seeing Oprah on that show “Finding Your Roots” with Henry Louis Gates Jr. He revealed what she always claimed was true, that unlike most African-Americans – most who have a lot of white DNA – that she was 100% African. She basically hooted and hollered and masturbated on screen, enraptured that she had zero white DNA. That’s when I realized she is a fake, phony, racist huckster.

    1. If so, notice how she took no flack over it?
      She obviously knows her audience, as her money and success prove. So unlike Hillary she may yet pull it off.
      Also, look at this #metoo garbage. She will have the advantage of even more endless brainwashing from the mainstream media; given how close the Trump/Clinton contest was, if enough new voters can be brainwashed that could be enough.

  12. 1) It’s only January of 2018, so this is all barely at the level of idle speculation.
    2) There’s plenty in the Democratic party who would be very upset to have this bitch horn in on their action, and as the destruction of Bernie-Syn shows, they’re utterly ruthless even to those ostensibly on “their side”.
    3) If she tries to run as an independent (extremely unlikely), she’ll get walloped. They may be dysfunctional, out of touch, and painfully selfish, but the two parties are well experienced and skilled at stomping any challenges to their duopoly into the turf.
    4) It’s only January of 2018, for fuck’s sake!

  13. Oprah is not used to relentless criticism that she would face if running for office. She also probably realizes herself that she doesn’t have the disposition to be Commander in Chief, and be prepared to sacrifice many human lives for the country. She is used to cozy warm, safe-space talk shows, and adoring audiences. She would love the perks – as Obama did – but would hate all other aspects of the job (as Obama did), like consensus-building, policy-making, facing adversaries, negotiations, kill-orders and such. I don’t think she’ll run.

    1. Burner, since when do modern women seem to have such a grasp of reality? Moldylocks in the early 2017 Berkely Riots really thought she was ready for a fight and got pounded by someone even I could take in my current shape (his technique was bad, unless instinctively holding back). Most women who get beaten up by men these days were the ones who started it, even physically.
      How many institutions were damaged or ruined by women who bit off more than they could chew? Granted men do that too, but that’s usually because they’re over-promoted in a field they know about; the Equifax security breach happened because a woman with degrees in MUSIC thought she could handle cyber-security!

  14. We need to avoid the same mistake that libtards made when they discredited Trump’s chances far too in advance. Oprah has the same monetary resources as Trump and poses a much greater threat to his presidency than this article is giving credit to. We MUST avoid repeating the libtards mistakes and do EVERYTHING humanly possible to ensure her defeat and make it a decisive one at that. DONT SLEEP ON THIS POTENTIAL THREAT!!!

  15. For pity-sake, can’t Trump run against a man at least once. It was an embarrassment the last time. It’s like watching a man fight a woman. You just take off your hat, slowly shaking your head. What we asked that man to do was unnatural, but he saved our lives. I wish he could be honored by a fair challenge. On the otherhand, if she does run, it just goes to show you that…
    Democrat party is for lonely women.

  16. Reagan/Mondale 1984. My first time at voting.
    Now this?
    What makes me sigh with feminists is how they mindlessly contradict themselves.
    A bit later…
    Me: “If the Electoral College ‘robbed’ Hillary of the position because she got the majority of popular votes then you can’t keep ranting about how the country itself isn’t ‘ready’ for a woman President, now can you?”
    Watch the cognitive dissonance set in…
    For even MORE fun:
    “…And the only reason YOU wanted her as President is because she’s a woman!”
    “You mean the way feminists and the Democratic National Committee robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination?”

  17. Why is society so obsessed with the Hollywood actors and actresses and what is happening to them? These people are the most privileged on earth… Just a bunch of high class prostitutes and degenerates with little talents that sold their souls to devil most of the time. There are real tragedies happening on earth and people take the problems of those hypocrits with no morals serious? soon all actors and actresses will be created by computer I hope. Watching the Oprah speech and the faces of the people while performing it made me sick.

  18. This she-boon is a tosser, and evil. IMHO, she’s done as much to ruin traditional marriage and family, and hard working traditionalist white males, as has drugs, alcohol, single mother households, feminists, infidelity, government and family courts, feminized workplaces, and abuse ever have! A few years ago, I was sitting in a dentists office waiting for my 6 month check up and cleaning (took a vacation day to do it). The estrogen ridden dentist office, and waiting room, had daytime television on. It was like water boarding. One male hating talk show after the next. Twice, I asked if they’d turn it off, but they refused (a woman dentist, figures). Oprah came on. Her topic was older women dating younger men. Oprah raved about how the self-actualized and empowered old cougar/ young man dynamic was the way to go. She did her usual diatribe and bashing on the older man/younger woman dynamic. She set up a mixer with five 46 year-old divorcee/ single mommies, and five young 22 year-old frat boy types. One of the boys worked one of the old sea hags for giggles. The other four boys stood in the corner, while the other four sea hags stood in the other corner and sulked. Like a junior high dance. The old sea hags complained that they wanted men, and that they had sons the same ages as these boys. The boys complained that the women were their mothers’ ages, and old ladies, who they had no interest in. The expression on Oprah’s face was priceless. She was so butt-hurt that her little fantasy and delusion had failed. She looked like a spoiled little brat girl who didn’t get the pony for her birthday. Oprah stammered and was near tears. I started laughing loudly, much to the disdain of the woman filled dentist office. After that, I found a male dentist, and I’ve been with him ever since.

  19. I sure hope so – with Zuckerberg
    Sugar Mountain and Brown Sugar.
    Their slogan can be Make America Sweet Again.
    Imagine the whoards of Orcs screeching MASA, MASA, MASA
    and Trump will come up with some beauties…

  20. Democracy and elections as we know them at this point have been exposed as a scam
    1) Goes against people on biggest issues ie all opinion polls in Europe against migration and pro death penalty. How does that hapen with people ruling?
    2) Encourages corrupt leftist tactic to flood leftist immigrants without mentioning this in manifestos.
    3) Media has huge influence on who can get in. Trump showed how unfair and biased they are. Probably they have undue influence by whoever runs it, and that can go against national interests.
    4) Failed across all Muslim countries with Islamists elected.
    5) pick between two established parties: elites can run and control those parties and effectively most of the time who can ascend within them. Trump showed that. You pick between one of two candidates preferred by elites
    6) Puts idiots now seemingly in power: Oprah??? now descending toelebrity popularity contest as idiot groups wield more demographic power.
    7) Creates activist leaders: They need to be seen to do things in a short period.
    8) In a divided country eg USA or much of the world the majority people use it to put thir interests above minorities.
    9) Destroyed Europe against the will of all of their people ad they now will fall to Islam, and to wars nobody wanted in middle-east.
    10) Short-termist financial solutions: spend spend win elections spend win cycle encourages governments to take maximum debts and never repay as they need to improve services when in power in a short period to win next election.
    Trump has shown that 90% of elections are just government stooges picked by elites and that this one time the way they destroyed trump shows how much they think they own the system. Its a shit system of government and getting a strong man like Putin who looks after the long term national interests is better OR getting a council of elders like China that can make long term decisions outside of political correctness. Oprah is only a celebrity with no understanding of diplomacy or international relations or economics, public administration or frankly anything and if every leader is now an amateur America will always lose against countries like Russia and China with professional leaders whose entire lives are about understanding these issues. Its moving towards idiocracy. Next will no doubt be some wrestler promising smack-downs.

    1. seems like a system too easily controlled by small disproportionately powerful groups. Iran has a good system which a mix of tradition and elections, they are just fucked by the fact that the world goes against them for being anti-israel.

  21. There are way too many photos of Oprah with Weinstein all buddy buddy with that will haunt her and ruin any chances of her being President.

  22. Yes, Oprah is a sanctimonious douchebag who more than likely knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual escapades, but let’s not discredit ourselves by using a “biography” by the notorious Kitty Kelley as a reference for anything.

  23. Yes, Oprah is a sanctimonious douchebag, and a phony who more than likely knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual escapades, but let’s not discredit ourselves by using a “biography” by the notorious Kitty Kelley as a reference for anything.

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