How To Get Laid In Ibiza


Summer is here and all over Europe, Russia, Australia and America. Beautiful girls at the peak of their their own summers of sexual attractiveness are packing tiny bikinis, cut-off denim shorts, sun cream and condoms and heading for a small island in the Mediterranean Sea called Ibiza.

Situated 80 kilometers away from Valencia in eastern Spain and the third smallest of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza attracts around two million visitors each season and has been one of the most popular holiday destinations on the planet for at least twenty-five years. The reason? Because outside of Las Vegas, Ibiza boasts the most off-the-hook party scene in the world. It is a scene with historical precedent: clubbing as we know it today was born here. In 1987  DJs Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway heard early Chicago house mixed together with the likes of Chris Rea and Genesis at Amnesia. They took the concept back to London where it promptly exploded.

With huge venues like Space, Pacha, Ushuaia and Privilege (the world’s largest nightclub with a capacity of 10,000), fantastic sound systems, near constant sun, and top DJs ranging from EDM heroes Tiesto and Avicii to Loco Dice, Carl Cox and SvenVath, Eivissa (or ‘the white island’, so-called after the reserves of salt found there) remains an addictive draw. Music lovers, party-goers and the world’s sexiest women flock there. Each year the place attracts more and more American visitors and with the recent EDM explosion in the US this will only continue, particularly as US artists like Steve Aoki—who has signed up for an eighteen-week residency at Pacha with his ‘Aoki’s Playhouse’ party this year—continue to perform there. The season lasts into early October, so if you enjoy going out and meeting hot girls and you’re based in Europe (or planning to come over) then you should definitely plan a trip.


A Paradise On the Med

After all, on the surface, what’s not to like? Ibiza is without doubt a beautiful island. I have visited it more than ten times in the last decade and it remains one of the most enchanting places I have ever been. From the moment you step off the plane, smell the lush pine trees, grab a cool drink and survey the gorgeous coastline with its white sandy beaches, you will be hooked and you won’t want to leave. Ibiza Town, the capital, is a World Heritage Site and is also exceptionally attractive with its winding streets and magical port. But more importantly than any of that, Ibiza has the greatest concentration of hot, scantily dressed women ready to engage in all forms of debauchery that I have ever witnessed anywhere.


All That Glitters is Not Gold

As usual, though, when something looks too good to be true then it probably is. With so many alcoholically-lubricated, feral girls on the prowl, their glistening pudenda concealed only by the briefest of thongs, their flexible bodies thrusting in overt imitation of coitus to pounding techno beats, one might assume that sexual nirvana was a foregone conclusion. Not so. In Ibiza, the dedicated pussy hound has several significant obstacles to overcome, in particular the parties themselves, logistics, and AMOGs. Here I break down how to overcome each of these. These tips will also carry weight in any other similar high-energy club environment.


Be The Next Bright Shiny Thing

Let’s be real for a moment. Girls love sex, but they don’t have the same imperative to get laid on a given night that men do. When the average guy goes out to a club and sees that dime piece in the hot pants shaking her ass on the podium, he feels a real, urgent desire to have sex with her right there and then, and will often suffer a blow to his ego if he she rejects him. In contrast,  the girl  may not be opposed to the idea of getting laid that night but she doesn’t have to. After all, she is already being validated by the hundreds of thirsty dudes checking her out and trying to buy her drinks. She probably already has a fuck buddy, or a coterie of guys she can WhatsApp on her smartphone if she wants sex. So the urgency just isn’t there (if she’s at the peak of her sexual market value, anyway). As a consequence, most girls are magpies with short attention spans, interested only in the next bright shiny thing.

In Ibiza, this problem is compounded by the fact that, by definition, the girls you meet there love to party. It is extremely difficult for the average, non-celebrity guy to compete with the lasers and ice cannons of Amnesia, loud EDM, and some of the world’s most famous DJs. The average British, Spanish or Italian girl will have spent most of the year saving up and looking forward to her annual holiday, and believe me, Ibiza is expensive. She has probably just paid eighty Euros to get into the club to hear David Guetta and paid another twenty for a drink, unless some thirsty guy has bought it for her. The chances of her leaving early with you to fuck after you’ve spat a few lines of tight game are negligible. You could try pulling her into the restroom if that is your thing, but in most clubs these are staffed by attendants, and good luck if the ruthlessly efficient bouncers catch you.


So how do you overcome this? First, do everything you can to be the next bright shiny thing yourself. In practice this means you should look as good as you can, approach plentifully, and be as direct and dominant as possible.

The old game concept of peacocking (i.e. wearing outrageous clothes for effect) is now as quaintly old fashioned as MySpace and assuming fidelity from American girls. But in Ibiza there is something to be said for choosing bright, stylish clothes that make you stand out. You have to strike a balance between keeping cool (the average temperature in August is 80 F) and looking good. Make no mistake, Ibiza by night is not a casual, beachwear place. You are competing with very well-groomed guys from Italy and Spain who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile, so dress accordingly. It’s too hot for the jacket, shirt and pocket square look, but at least go for shirts and t-shirts with interesting details or patterns. For example, animal prints were very popular last year. I wore a pair of leopard print loafers to Space which got me a lot of attention and led to me pulling a very cute Swiss model.

It goes without saying, but make sure you’re in shape. A lot of the guys in Ibiza are jacked. While it’s not necessary to be Arnie to get some action, you should at least do as much as you can to cut fat and build upper body definition before you go. Your aim in every element of your presentation should be to make the biggest impact possible. If you wear your hair in a pompadour, make that thing huge. If you walk with a swagger, exaggerate it.  Read my article on developing insane self love. The clubs in Ibiza are big, brash and loud and you need to be the same if you want girls to pay attention to you.

Once you hit the club, approach as many girls as you can and be very direct. This is no place for subtlety. Leave the subtleties in the short stories of Gogol at home. Go in, grab her, twirl her around and start dancing with her. A simple “Hey, I saw you dancing and I had to come over—you’re fucking hot” will suffice for an opener. Girls are creatures of sensation—you need to provide her with a sensation that equals or surpasses that of  her surroundings: that is, a dose of supremely confident, high value male attention. Only then do you have a a chance of cutting through all the noise and having her register your existence at all, let alone consider sleeping with you.



In spite of the plethora of hot girls everywhere, logistics in Ibiza are among the worst I’ve experienced anywhere in the world. I’ve already covered the main reasons for this. Girls have paid a lot of money to get into the main clubs to see top DJs and they’re not leaving anytime soon. For this reason a lot of their nights will be booked up in advance: “I can’t meet you tonight. Tiga is playing Amnesia.” Add their cock-blocking friends and AMOGs into the mix and you have a pretty difficult scene to crack. It can be done, though—you just need to adopt the following strategy: open all the time and be ready to close all the time.

Don’t wait until you’re in Space, Carl Cox is spinning and she’s off her head. Instead, open her as she walks back from the grocery store to her hotel (Ibiza is great for daygame). Try to take her on an instant date  then bring her back to your apartment for an hour before she goes out. If this isn’t possible, take her phone number, along with those of as many other girls as possible, and send out a mass text later, following up with whoever bites. While this advice holds good anywhere, in Ibiza it is particularly important as you have finite time (if you’re on vacation) and a lot of variables to overcome to make things happen.


Outside the clubs, the beaches and beach bars are great places to meet women. Spots like Bora Bora and the Tahiti & Tiare Beach Bar in Playa D’en Bossa are goldmines. You should also go to Salinas and check out Sa Trinxa and the Jockey Club, as well as newer upscale venues like Blue Marlin. Hit these places up in the afternoon and talk to as many girls as you can. Bring your smartphone to take numbers. If there is a glimmer of interest then escalate or get the digits. If not then quickly move on. One thing guys have on their side in Ibiza is abundance—the sheer number of girls there makes getting rejected meaningless. There’s always another chick to hit on.

Bear in mind that the optimal times for getting laid are either late afternoon (post-beach and pre-going out) or the very early morning after the club (6am – 8am). Plan accordingly. Ensure that you are staying somewhere easily accessible that you can take girls back to quickly, Preferably you should have your own room, rather than be sharing with a friend. Check out Airbnb for apartments or the holiday aggregator sites for cheap hotel deals.

Unless you book a car, you should aim to stay close to either Ibiza Town, Playa D’en Bossa or at San Antonio. The first two are near all the main parties and clubs. San Antonio is also a great party place with a lot of girls (and romantic views of the sunset for dates) but the strip there is a little downmarket and full of drunken Brits on the rampage. Worth avoiding unless you’re down on your luck and after a particularly seedy pump and dump.


Jet Apartments in Playa D’en Bossa is a good, cost-effective accommodation option. If you’re on a bigger budget then try the Ushuaia Beach Hotel, which has its own Vegas-style pool parties with fantastic international DJ line-ups. The point is, you need to be near the action so you can extract and escalate quickly. Remember, you have to be ready to pull the trigger at any time.

If you’re at one of the clubs and you meet a girl who seems interested then after about 3am you should do everything you can to hang in with her until the end of the night. You can’t go home early with her—sex happens very late in Ibiza.

You should also try to get invited to villa parties. These happen frequently and sometimes feature top DJs who are off-duty, but they’re private events and not advertised. Make sure your conversational skills are up to scratch and get talking to guys as well as girls. If you seem cool then the chances are you’ll get invited to a secret gathering somewhere up in the hills. Here the girls are much more relaxed and your social pre-selection means you’ll be screened much less.



Understand this: the sexual market place in Ibiza is highly competitive. You are surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful women—fashion models, actresses and pop stars go every year—and they are surrounded by some of the world’s most thirsty men. That many of these men are also rich (there are plenty of Russian yacht-owners around) and good-looking with great physiques. This can mean that the newbie player might on occasions feel out of his depth. Keep two things in mind, though: first, female-male ratios in Ibiza are pretty good, and possibly even favor men. Second, a great many of the men there have very little game.

Last year I witnessed a short, out of shape Australian guy pull a hot Brazilian chick in front of a bunch of gawping Abercrombie wannabes at Bora Bora beach bar. I myself pulled a sexy French stripper in front of a disbelieving, musclebound crowd in Space. The bottom line is that game works, regardless of the environment and the competition. If you can project a fun, friendly vibe, talk for a long time and physically escalate then you are ahead of 95% of the crowd and you’ll blow other guys out of the water. Read ROK, read McQueen, read my stuff and you’ll be golden.

Bottom line is if you’re in Europe this summer then get yourself over to Ibiza. The season lasts until October so you have plenty of time. Check out the various party calenders available online to find out about club nights and book tickets in advance to save cash. You’ll have a blast, meet and sex some beautiful women, and learn a lot about game in high pressure environments at the same time.

Want to find out more about how to develop confidence and attract beautiful girls anywhere? Then check out my book here.

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89 thoughts on “How To Get Laid In Ibiza”

  1. I’m not going to be such the stuffed shirt to rail against fellows having a good time but c’mon now.
    The article is well done. But I could not help but feel “why bother to even get laid?”. Heck, it sounds like a good time can be had in that environment regardless and maybe Mr Winky needs take a back seat to the fun run. Maybe if luck entails all well and good but I’d hate to have a head full of all this procedure in that situation. Feels like work.

    1. For some drinking and dancing and hanging out with buddies and listening to the music is the best time there can be.
      For others tearing the jeans off a hottie they’ve just met and fucking her little pussy until it turns raw and red is a better time still.
      You’re free to opt for the former over the latter and I doubt many will give you flak for it. There are those of us out there who prefer the latter though when given the choice between the two… and for us the choice isn’t even really all that close.

  2. It is completely impossible to “get laid” in Ibiza; in fact, local by-laws actually prohibit sexual contact of any kind. Contravention of these laws will almost certainly result in public flaying followed by either deportation or, in extreme cases, where kissing or touching has been recorded in public, imprisonment. Sentences handed down are occasionally lenient (within the 40 – 45 year bracket) but more usually exceed 60 years.
    Even if one manages to evade the law, one is not likely to escape the attentions of the islanders themselves, all of who take vows of chastity at birth. If caught the penalties are likely to be even more severe than those meted out by the constabulary.
    The singing of madrigals is allowed however, and even smiled upon in some quarters.

  3. Mmm I think I had rather go to Vladivostok where my exotic looks and my social status will get me in the pants of some Russian hottie. ¡Adios Ibiza!

    1. Keep an eye out for their very own skinheads. They usually carry leads pipes and don’t ask for permission before “protecting” their womenfolk from “racial contamination”.

      1. I have been plenty of times in Russia and I have never experienced racism. I have seen more skinheads in Scandinavia and even then I never been in trouble. Besides, I am a big muscular and I fear no one. Don’t try to patronize m

  4. Fabulous write up Troy. You seem to have a lot of spare time on your hands and apparently enough money to travel rather frequently. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living?

  5. I have been to Ibiza , I’m British. This article is accurate but also bear in mind it is a blue pill attention seeking whore paradise . If I were to return I would some how attempt big dollar game .. 80% of chicks and guys are trash from the ghetto spending their money earnt in mc Donald’s on the ‘holiday of a life time’ . Avoid San Antonio you’re better of going too any major town in England on a Friday night . Casing point , one girl ( single mum of 2. Age 17 ) told me I was ‘gay’ because I went to university .
    Fun can be had but Ibiza has changed over the years into a fashion show of guys and girls all trying to out peacock each other . If your game style is getting really pissed and doing mass approaches and you’re in shape .. Go for it but for me with my chill game style , it was a bit too much effort faking the high energy shit all the time .
    Also , yes it’s not particularly cheap so why bother going .. You’re almost cockblocking yourself because you could take that game to any other major city in Europe and kill in the clubs without the hassel . Just my opinion

    1. “one girl ( single mum of 2. Age 17 ) told me I was ‘gay’ because I went to university”
      – Well, there you have it kids. Why waste all that time getting an education to better yourself and ultimately improve your standing in life when you can just work at the local tune & lube, get fit along the way, and smash cheap skanky Eurotrash whores once a year at your favorite island party destination. Seems like all of this self-improvement & personal growth nonsense preached on RoK and other redpill sites is nothing more than a collective circle-jerk propagated by a bunch of self-deluded wankers after all.
      Now, the lower dregs of society, they got their game on tight I can tell you that. Time to unceremoniously dump my useless “pussy repellent” (i.e. nuclear physics degree) ASAP and join that suave muscled gang always hanging out on the corner of my housing complex. Yes Sirree, they sure know when the shit’s goin’ down, dog!

      1. won’t be long before we’re watering crops with Gatorade and wondering why they won’t grow….

      2. ‘Maybe’ was quoting what some idiot girl said to him. No one here is condoning it – it was a patently ridiculous thing to say.

        1. Struggling to work out what’s confusing ‘model’ 800 with my brief summary of my opinion of Ibiza .. Maybe the point was lost on him or he was being sarcastic either way it was a true story and I stand by the fact that 80% of the cliental there are fucktards . This is not news for anyone that’s been surely … ? It’s all sleeve tattoos and espadrilles . . And sluts that are only after that .

        2. In San Antonio sure. But go to Pacha on a credible night like (not David Guetta) or Circo Loco at DC10 or Cocoon at Amnesia. Or Sven Vath’s night at Space. Or Loco Dice’s great parties at Ushuia last year. These places are filled with a nice mix of people into club music (NOT cheesy EDM) from all over the world. Chavs are very thin on the ground here, preferring the West End strip, booze cruises and water parties at Es Paradis
          There are also incidentally Michelin starred restaurants and very nice bars in Ibiza town and across the island.
          The mistake many people make – including many Brits – is to class Ibiza with somewhere like Magaluf or Faliraki when

        3. I wasn’t criticizing you nor disagreeing with the general picture you posted of Ibiza. I simply helped myself to one of your observations to go on a tangent lamenting (once again) the general state of many of the females you end up meeting in such places.
          Though I guess for the quick shag… why the hell not (wrap it up though. Maybe even cellophane you crotch while you’re at it. Some of that skin on skin contact stuff you can catch is downright nasty).

        4. I once had a young mother of one tell me I was stupid for renting privately when I could have just got welfare for public housing like her. She also couldn’t speak without swearing. Nice.

        5. I liked the sense of hanging anticipation you left us with there… 🙂

        6. Wow! I like how the women’s groups are up in arms. Somehow she’s a victim in all of this.

        7. The first comment today on Mail Online: ‘Now
          I know what it means when the British say they want immigrants to practice
          British values’ !

        8. Why bother learning game if chicks are ready to blow you and your football team for holidays?

        9. Hmmmm, but the liberal press says that Welfare abuse does not exist. I wonder if she is a plant.

    2. Damn true, Ibiza is for 18 year old brit girls in between high school and uni. It gets messy and in an std way not in a fun way. Recommended documentaries that show how fucked up us brit tourists are: what happens in kavos, what happens in sunny beach. Etc
      Basically the women are ugly slutty and dirty. Every fittie you fuck will have had her whole blasted by at least 10 men that trip, never fuck the female reps they are std ridden.
      I cannot emphasise how easy Ibiza is for fucking but how low quality the women are.
      If you want to fuck uni students just go to Salou. All the healthy sporty type girls go there to be fucked in the off season

      1. You’re thinking of San Antonio – the fact that you’re talking about ‘reps’ shows you’re thinking of cheap low class holidays. That’s a part of Ibiza but a bigger part – centred around Ibiza town – is very expensive and be trust me there are some smoking women there

        1. It, along with all the Balearics, have also gone from ghetto to St. Tropez in cachet over the past decade. Ten year old information / experience is no longer valid. In late August, some friends are going for 10 days in a brand new 75 meter yacht…………. Too bad I’m not 🙁

      2. You’re thinking of San Antonio – the fact that you’re talking about ‘reps’ shows you’re thinking of cheap low class holidays. That’s a part of Ibiza but a bigger part – centred around Ibiza town – is very expensive and be trust me there are some smoking women there

        1. wow thats bad.
          me and my friends had a completely different experience.
          but to be fair they were lacrosse players, and the kind of girls they hung out with were fit as fuck

        2. also the DM has a tendency to always post the worst pics
          you see they harken back to a time of moral puritanism, and yet have the most salacious tv and showbiz page this side of the sun/daily sport
          their fame is promoting the very things they hate

    3. Agreed. We went there in 2009. A paradise for silly little Briitish chav’s that have been working counter jobs to save up. It’s quite easy to get laid, but don’t expect 9’s, they are partying with the Russian boys on private boats. If you like dancing, like we do, it’s a fun few days.

    4. If Ibiza’s in season until October these days, and you can get some fellow “high dollar gamers” together, week rates for Med based yachts get much more agreeable than peak summer……….
      Even at its bottom in the 90s, Ibiza was still a place for gamers to bang and betas to lose their virginity and then have their hearts broken. Nowadays, with the Balearics as hot as anywhere, I’m sure it’s rocking. The whole “no sex until past 3am” culture is a major turnoff for us codgers, though. Cue daytime / afternoon hangouts on “our” yachts…..

  6. The music video for “Glad You Came”, by The Wanted, was filmed in Ibiza and it gives you a taste of what it looks like.

  7. There’s nothing about ‘how to get laid’ in Ibiza, except few vague points about peacocking and cash game in Ibiza – unlike the brilliant, cool and point to point tips which Christian McQueen usually writes about on how to seduce a chick from a hotspot using a structured gameplan.
    This is more like a report about Ibiza’s nightlife, every much like Lonely Planet, but which is still good and informative. But was wanting and expecting more like a Christian McQueen type article with a bullet point game plan.
    The pictures are awesome, the chicks have bad faces but the saving grace are their great bodies. Wonder how many guys would wife up these cock riding carousel Ibiza hoes some day.

    1. Speaking of the cock carousel, somebody should finally invent a reliable “cock counter” (much like an automobile odometer but better) to account for frequency, duration and variety. Though a visual inspection can yield clues, these can be woefully unreliable and lead to significant disparities when attempting to accurately compute the residual service life to be expected from the velvet purse before one decides to “wife up” one of these public taxis.

      1. #1 on the list should be the size of the cocks that came before you. My buddy Cole has, no shit, a 14 inch dick. It is about the size of a normal forearm. Anywhere he has gone before is gonna be completely bored out, suitable only for mandingo porn stars and weird hole-stretching fetishists.

    2. You can’t always get what you want… personally I found plenty of useful advice in his article.
      That said, you could follow the links/references he posted for the details on how to get laid.

  8. Shit musis shit culture pictures show it to be a very disgusting slut paradise. I would rather save my money and bang local sluts.

        1. Ibiza sounds like as bad as the clubs here in the USA but worse, and more expensive.
          Much better things to blow my hard earned cash on.

  9. This is the most accurate description of Ibiza.
    Any woman who has been to Ibiza is a slut or a whore. Period. Date them at your own risk.
    Conversely, they make the best sperm toilets.

  10. “Summer is here and all over Europe, Russia, Australia and America.”
    Mate, it’s Winter in Australia… Southern hemisphere, don’t you know? That being said, plenty of us Kiwis will still head up to tropical Queensland for a bit of Australian sunshine, to escape our own drizzling Winter months. And they’ll come down here to New Zealand to ski.

  11. Been there. Huge sausage party, woman ratio wasnt good. Most girls of course English or Scandinavian and we know how they are, add even more sausage and attention than they are used to at home (and that is a lot) you can imagine their ego skyrocket.
    Won’t recommend. Goto Asia or Southamerica. I can almost guarantee Ibiza to be a huge disappointment.

  12. Ibiza is overrated. Better to fuck in Rio, Bali, Phuket, Scandinavia or eastern europe, where bangs are much easier. If you want to peacock instead among wasted european bimbos, head over to Ibiza.

  13. Sounds like a nightmare. Enduring house music until the sun comes up to have a slim chance at banging some uppity broad? Pass.
    Brit girls can be huge sluts, though. So thats a plus.

    1. You’re better off going to Liverpool. Way cheaper, great looking girls who are happy to talk…

      1. AND: Liverpool is pretty much Rock’n’roll’s Mecca…instead of the epicenter of gay ass EDM. Do I wanna follow in the footsteps of the Beatles, Zeppelin, and Sabbath, or go wave around light sticks like some fairy? Good call. Havent been to the UK in a long time, but it’s going on my list.

      2. How about you doing an article like this on Liverpool clubs?
        Sounds a bit more fun then this pretentious sausagefest waste of time in Ibiza.

  14. Looking at the faces of those chicks, now I know why doggy style is nature’s blessing for men when it comes to sex.
    Cover a slut’s ugly face, and just fuck her base.

    1. Yeah the women at the pool in the main picture all look like failed examples of facial cosmetic surgery. A cross between a camel and a duck’s face.

  15. “It is extremely difficult for the average, non-celebrity guy to compete
    with the lasers and ice cannons of Amnesia, loud EDM, and some of the
    world’s most famous DJs.”
    But, if you buy my book, you can hook up with hot chicks in no time! Thanks, Christian McQueen-lite!
    “That many of these men are also rich (there are plenty of Russian yacht-owners around) and good-looking with great physiques.”
    Code for: don’t bother going.

  16. How to Bump n’Grind Dance (You should be doing a lot of this in Ibiza…)
    It looks pretty simple, you just stand behind her and dry hump her butt, right? There’s actually a whole lot more to it than that, in fact go ask some girls about it and they will tell you that some guys have skills with it and some guys don’t. Doing it the right way is obviously going to get you all the closer to actually doing horizontally in a bed what you are pretending to do vertically on the dancefloor, minus all that annoying clothing.
    The Cardinal Rule of Bump n’Grind
    She leads. Your job is to follow the bootie.
    Contrary to the way it may look you actually don’t want to dry hump her that much, you more want to just match her lateral movements. I would say that Bump n’grind is about 60% side to side rhythm, 40% thrusting dry humping.
    Hands – One of the biggest mistakes made in this style of dance is going for her hands right away, it feels really nice to hold her hands or waist while bump n’grinding, but if you don’t know the girl it’s really something you have to work up physical compliance too (I know it seems weird that simulated doggy style sex with a complete stranger is lower on the physical compliance totem pole than hand holding…). You really want her to initiate the hand holding, which she will as you build physical compliance and fun. Keep your hands on your hips or behind your back.
    Facing her – You want to switch up your positions every few minutes, so that you are grinding on each other while she is facing you.
    The reason you want to face her while dancing is it gives you the opportunity to build a push-pull physical rhythm that’s going to create genuine sexual tension. Dancing facing her you can pull back and withdraw physically, giving her the opportunity to lean into you and be the physical aggressor.
    Lots of guys don’t actually do this, they just stand there, receive their vertical lap dances and leave when she tells them she has to go.
    Also you will probably enjoy the view of from the front more than staring into the back of her head.
    Here’s when the hands come back into play, when you turn her around is a great time to work up some more physical compliance with the hands. Take her hands and put them behind your head so she can pull you in closer.
    At the point that I’m facing her, I actually introduce some simple swing dancing moves; yes I swing dance to hip hop, this adds some fun, variety and silliness to our interaction.
    Erections – Yes, you are going to get erections while dancing with women, this is OK (in fact if you don’t you should probably cut down on the porn viewing). It’s actually totally ok that she feels your erection while dancing with her.
    As a young man grinding away on the hip hop dance floors of Denver I figured out a dirty little compliance trick; usually when you have an erection while standing it’s going to point downwards and towards your left or right leg. While grinding with a girl, I will put my hand in my pocket and adjust my cock so it points upwards, sometimes straight up towards my belt but usually in a 10 or 3 o’clock position. This is going to make it way more conspicious to her and it’s going to feel a whole lot better for you as she grinds on it.
    I’ve done this a lot of times and in very few instances did it offend the girl, in fact the majority of the time she gets more excited, but my dancefloor game is very calibrated from having danced with thousands of girls, so maybe not something to try if you are a total white belt on the dance floor.

    1. Great addition to the article. I knew some of these points but didn’t think to add swing dance to it. Sounds interesting.
      I fee like posting a dance vid now.

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