Teenage Girl Receives Slap On The Wrist After Her “Prank” Led To Boy’s Suicide

An eleven year old boy named Tysen Benz of Marquette, Michigan, hanged himself on March 14, after seeing an online prank from his thirteen year old girlfriend. He died after three weeks of life support at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. Many attended his funeral and classmates were left heartbroken.

Katrina Goss, Benz’s mother, said that the girl faked her death on social media with the help of some friends. She claimed that the girl manipulated her son with this sick twisted prank.

The girl remains anonymous from the public due to being a minor and is being charged by police for telecommunications fraud and malicious use of a computer.

The Boy

Tysen Benz was described as an athlete, comedian, friend, brother and well loved child. He played soccer, hockey and golf. Everyone in the neighborhood liked him as he had an air of likability.

He was the the middle child of three brothers and life seemed to be going well for him until he met her.

How Did This Happen?

Somehow Benz got himself a phone, even though his mother said “I would never buy my kids phones.” That’s a little strange, but regardless Tysen came into contact with this 13 year old girl as they attended the same school.

Benz mother did not approve of him seeing an older girl. She requested the girl to stop contacting him several times, and even contacted her parents. “She was mean to him, controlled him, and took advantage of him, even after I repeatedly told her to leave him alone,” Goss said. “I even messaged the parent and aunt to no avail,”

Due to this, the parents/guardians of the girl should be accountable for this incident, because their failure to respond to Gross’s request is irresponsible.

The girl allegedly had a prank text message sent to Tysen leading him to believe that she committed suicide with the help of her friends.  That same day, Benz’s mother found him hanging by his neck in his room after receiving the prank.

Female Cruelty Has No Limit

Avery Mitchell, a friend of the manipulative girl, said she did it to find out if Tysen “really loved her and he took it the wrong way.” “She didn’t mean to hurt him, because they loved each other.” Tysen posted he was going to kill himself after seeing the hoax, but nobody told an adult. All of the girl’s friends who were in on it never bothered to inform the boy’s mother or anyone’s parents.

Male Inequality

Imagine now if it were the other way around—a 13-year-old boy fakes his death online causing his 11-year-old girlfriend to commit suicide. There would be an earthquake of uproars from everyone, especially women. Media would name the boy, list family members along with their age, income, address, and shoe size. In other words, they wouldn’t be as lenient as they are with this unnamed girl.

This goes to show you how cruel girls can be even at such a young age. Girls are always playing mind games and testing you. Is it any wonder why ancient wisdom cautions young men to be careful with the company of women?

The Dangers Of Social Media

This is yet another case where social media is off the hook. Every time a crime or similar incident occurs, social media never gets any heat always being immune from liability. When people are putting such things online, they should be more proactive with prevention and should notify or at least assist police with investigations.

The social platform the girl used is not mentioned, again another example of cover up. Full disclosure of the boy and family is given, yet nothing on the girl or whether she used Facebook or another platform. Gross did report however, that Benz used Snapchat a lot.

Why do minors need to be on social media anyway? When I was growing up, we played outside. We got together by knocking on each others doors, the old fashion way. The only technology we used later were phones. Then the internet came, and everything went downhill from there.

There’s no reason for kids to be on social media or even the internet for that matter. What are they getting that they can’t in the real world?

Benz’s mother feels it’s foolish to buy phones for kids and parents must be more firm with regulating their children’s online activity stating it is not an invasion of privacy. Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, announced plans of using AI for suicide prevention, but it smells fishy. It looks it’s an excuse to extract more info form their users the easy way for funneling it to the big brother government.

What Are Police Going To Do?

Apparently, not much. The prosecutor, Matt Wiese, told news media that they were unable to provide further information, but the Marquette police department are charging the girl with malicious use of telecommunication services and using a computer to commit a crime.

However, these are misdemeanor charges, so the maximum she could get is around a year of juvenile detention. Goss feels there should be stronger charges as she claims it was a purposeful calculated act. However, the prosecutor said such charges wouldn’t “fit the facts.”

The Big Takeaway

Let’s be clear—this is a very sad incident that could have been prevented if the girl’s friends and parents took responsibility.

There are some lessons to be learned from this, the biggest being to protect your kids from social media and executing more proactive care of whom they associate with. It is unacceptable for kid, male or female to run around like a dog without a leash bullying others and using technology to manipulate younger kids.

Let the media society preach diversity and equality all they want, the fact is their kids do not interact with everyone. They don’t live what they preach.

Benz’s mother is now focused on spreading the message of social media dangers. She hopes her son’s example will cause parents to take more responsibility in their children’s digital activity.

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308 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Receives Slap On The Wrist After Her “Prank” Led To Boy’s Suicide”

  1. Very tragic. The kid’s father wasn’t mentioned at all.. Something tells me he didn’t play a major role in the boy’s upbringing.

        1. Just more shit blaming dad ……..
          “Over the past thirty years, the rise in violent crime parallels the rise in families abandoned by fathers.”
          Men can’t win, if you hang around you’re a stalker that’s going to jail, if you walk away you’re abandoning your kids. It’s a lose, lose situation.

    1. The girls parents may not be off the hook here – I’m guessing the boy’s mom is contacting a lawyer to investigate this option as we speak. Her parents were told she was bothering him and still did nothing.

  2. Sad story…….Young men are in dire need of masculine role models and masculine activities. Why would a 13 year old even care if his “girlfriend” cries suicide? Chalk her up as psycho and move on. If he had a decent father or older brother, that is exactly what he would have done. Juliet’s Romeo was a moron.

    1. Because he’s 13 and a storm of emotions. There’s no getting around the first hard crash. But yeah, my first post on the thread basically says the same thing.

      1. I haven’t been there yet. My son is 12 and just starting to respond to girls. Next 20 years are going to be a learning experience.

        1. The first real girlfriend is awkward when dealing with it as a father. You *know* she’s going to be his first heartbreak, but when she’s around you want to be polite and such and you don’t want to rag on your son when she’s not around about her. But when she dumps him, if you’ve been there with lessons on women for years prior, you tactfully give him a teaching moment over the course of the week or two after they break up.

        2. I really want to encourage him to take a plethora of girls out on first dates, but discourage him from getting attached early on. Easier said than done.
          I was heartbroken from my first “girlfriend”, even though I was the one who did the breaking.

        3. What do you think about the arranged marriage system? It seems to be a good way to avoid the problems you mentioned.

        4. I’m touch and go on it. It was only really used by the upper classes in the West, the holi poli were free to marry as they wished most of the time. As a political and economic tool it makes great logical sense, as the assumption was that you had a wife to give you an heir and legacy, and to act as the home domestic person and social party organizer, and that you had a mistress or several women on the side to sate your lust. That’s perfectly legit. But it really wasn’t something that Bob and Martha Pauper cared about enough to deal with.

        5. I don’t think that is necessary. I like the traditional dating system. Feminists have thrown a wrench in that though. From my church’s website:
          “A date is a planned activity that allows a young man and a young woman to get to know each other better. In cultures where dating is acceptable, it can help you learn and practice social skills, develop friendships, have wholesome fun, and eventually find an eternal companion.
          You should not date until you are at least 16 years old. When you begin dating, go with one or more additional couples. Avoid going on frequent dates with the same person. Developing serious relationships too early
          in life can limit the number of other people you meet and can perhaps lead to immorality. Invite your parents to become acquainted with those you date.
          Choose to date only those who have high moral standards and in whose company
          you can maintain your standards. Remember that a young man and a young
          woman on a date are responsible to protect each other’s honor and virtue.
          Plan dating activities that are safe, positive, and inexpensive and that will help you get to know each other. Go only to places where you can maintain your standards and remain close to the Spirit.
          Young men generally take the initiative in asking for and planning dates. Always be kind and respectful when you ask for a date or when you accept or decline one. While on a date, be courteous as you listen to others and express your own feelings.
          As you enter your adult years, make dating and marriage a high priority. Seek a companion who is worthy to go to the temple to be sealed to you for time and all eternity. Marrying in the temple and creating an
          eternal family are essential in God’s plan of happiness.

        6. It isn’t being used outside some circles, but I don’t think it is entirely forgotten.

      2. There’s no getting around the first hard crash.

        Agreed… I still maintain that the best way to help a young person deal with this crash is to encourage them, as much as possible, to put off dating and relationships until he or she is older.
        I know that if you try to “ban” your kids from having boyfriends and girlfriends they will rebel catastrophically. But how do we encourage them to put off these relationships until they’re a little more mature?

        1. Not true, you tell them no contact with the opposite sex, or you move out. Works well, but you have to mean it.

        2. Then they will likely find a way to keep it hidden.
          We’ve all seen it happen in our youth.

    2. Adolescents will be adolescents. But in a matriarchy, most of them aren’t going to become adults. Tough times.

    3. Yep…no strong man to say “hey kid she’s nuts” or ” more fish in the sea” kinda stuff….

      1. I dated a girl for several weeks, and then broke up with her because she was nuts. So, she swallowed a bottle of pills. She had to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. Analysis confirmed.

    4. It’s tragic that society has gone into full paranoia mode at a time when so many young men need mentors and surrogate father figures. I was a camp counselor and we weren’t allowed any 1 on 1 contact with the campers. I had one crying kid who said he needed to talk and I had to tell him I’d have to go get one of the female counselors to sit in with us. He lost interest, of course. I can only imagine how much worse it’s gotten since 2003.

      1. I have to deal with that at times with Boy Scouts. Just go out of earshot and talk with them. Bending the rules is far better than seeing their name on the obituaries.

        1. And boy scouts become gay indoctrination camps now. Counselors are sodomite now, that´s why they are not allowed to be alone.

        2. I think that’s over exaggerating it a bit.

        3. I was a boyscout Camp counselor and I was part of a boy scout troop and man such a huge difference within 1.5 decades. BSA is no longer a place of a man handing down his wisdom of Nature, morals, fighting and how to survive in the wild, but a poor attempt to brainwash the younger generation with progressivism and becoming little drones it seems.Sad and scary age we live in.

        4. Yes, church……One of those big white buildings with a cross on them, where you go and learn to not be a skank. Church.

    5. Back when I was in college I had a friend that worked as a lot porter at a car dealer. He had a co-worker have a fight/breakup with a girl and ran himself into a tree. Another co-worker, an old black guy, asked him “What’s up with you white boys killin’ yourself over a woman? A woman! No woman’s worth that.”

    6. Boy was 11.
      He knew nothing of girlfriends and what to care about.
      Im sure he was blue pill brainwashed by society amd his single mother, probably a slut.

    7. If the boy was mentally stronger or a bit of a sociopath, it could’ve backfired on this little prankster. He could’ve got a swollen ego and been like “I’m so awesome, girls kill themselves over me!”

      1. That would be me(the ego thing)lol man folks these days are so damned sensitive

  3. Where was dad?
    I’m not saying that this was dad’s fault. I just note that he’s not mentioned once in the article. The reason I notice that is this.
    You can talk to a kid his age until you’re blue in the face, but that will do nothing but fly over his head until he’s had his first major break up with a girl. What you do is plant the seeds early “Son, women are basically the same, and here’s what you look out for, as well as here is what is fun, and don’t confuse the two”. That’s fine. But telling him is just an academic exercise up to the point that his first little Susy Bobbysocks dumps him or does some stupid shit to him. He’s going to crash and crash hard. You, as the father, have to be there to comfort him, give him a shoulder to lean on AND re-emphasize the lessons you’d planted earlier in a teachable moment kind of thing.
    Didn’t see “dad” mentioned once. I’m betting, single mother here.
    Bitch in the article is a bitch, and she did step over the line in a hard and undeniable way. Too bad dad wasn’t there to tell him, “Son…AWALT”.

    1. The lack of a strong father figure is the cause for a large number of societal ills. If something goes wrong, either the father is absent or a cuck.

    2. Where was dad?
      Well, let’s see. Mom is Katrina Goss. Son is Tysen Benz. So we know we’re starting from a less-than-completely-traditional family & living arrangement here.

      1. And still, no male was mentioned in the article. It was all her. So she may well be a serial marriage cock rider (which unfortunately is not a shameful thing in this day and age). Or maybe there was some “male” there who was “not allowed” to help parent a kid who wasn’t his, which happens sometimes too. The net effect though is the same, no strong male role model.

        1. Goss said. “I even messaged the parent and aunt to no avail,”
          Seems as if the young girl who pulled the prank didn’t have a father mentioned either…

        2. And thus we see the fruit of single motherhood on full display.

        3. Leave it to the ROK community to get to the truth of the matter instantly. I come for the articles, but i stay for the comments.

      1. A man is needed to discipline a child, not a woman. I can say from experience that I resented discipline from women over men, be it during my elementary school years with sadistic cunts, or from my mother. I’d choose my father’s beating with a belt over my mother’s slapping my face as a child. I say never slap a child in the face, especially if a woman does it to her son. If I ever saw that in public, I’d bitch slap the woman across the face and tell her “see how it feels now”.

    3. Calling a 13 year old child a bitch is pretty fucked up. There’s a certain age where one should shoulder total responsibility for themselves in wisdom for the consequences of their actions but I don’t think 13 is it. Unfortunately she has to learn the hard way now. As much as the boy probably didn’t have a strong and proper male role model I don’t think the girl had one either.

      1. She was a bitch. 13 year old girls can be the epitome of cruel and mean. This one thought it would be funny to see a guy have his soul ripped out, you know, because it would be fun! Sorry man, she’s fucking awful, that’s just how it works.

        1. My guess is that you’re correct. She’s doing the “He just took it wrong” thing already so clearly she’s absolved herself of responsibility. She probably sees herself as a victim because of the charges filed against her and will take any other slight as proof that *she* is the victim here.

        2. The female nature is really similar to a domestic cat. Cats are useless, lazy, egocentric, utilitarian, and sadists. Modern women are exactly the same…..and they love cats because of that.

        3. I could make the same argument and say that the boy should’ve manned the fuck up. What’s the difference? These are still both children we are talking about here. Kids bully kids all the time and unfortunately this ended tragically.
          Somehow name-calling a child is beneath me.

        4. Well then you’re better than me. So there we go.

        5. What was completely lacking is any parental supervision. My sister was always up my nieces asses about phones, computers and school work. Yes, it was a two parent home and the girls were always closely supervised. The result is two females who are smart, directed and understand the consequences of their behaviour.

        6. She is in all likelihood a very sick, tormented child needing extensive treatment and rehabilition. That she is a girl doesn’t make the crime any less or more terrible. She is still a child which makes it even more tragic.
          I guess there may be a line drawn by those debating the age of adulthood and full maturation. For instance, that other poster here writing about what some hallowed dyke in Europe wrote about girls at the age of 13. Girls do mature faster than boys, that is true. But 13? Does that make her old enough to be persecuted like an adult?
          This is the outcome of failed and absentee parenting.

      2. As some in the comment mention The manipulated man book written by Esther vilar, in the book she mention that girls decide to be bitches at age 13 when they realize that men do shit for them for having a vagina.

      3. Hard way? There is no way of telling if she will even care about his death past the year or unless guilted by someone else. Plenty of kids are little pieces of shit until they mature. Harsh or no, she is a bitch for tricking someone into murdering themselves.

        1. The very probable “her” at 23.
          To some unwarry guy: *sniff* I’ve had such an awful life, none of it my fault. When I was 13 some creepy dude was like totally stalking me and then when I told him to stop he like killed himself to get back at me and like it’s been really hurting me ever since then, he was such a little shit and I’ll never forgive him for the pain he caused me…*sniff* *tear drop*

      4. She’s learning that there is no such thing as the hard way for her. That boy’s mother on the other hand… Well, it probably won’t make a dent in her either. Without a father around kids are much more vulnerable.

        1. That’s my point. Parents are the determining factor in these children’s lives.

      5. “By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way, they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given moments. The minute a woman has made this decision she ceases to develop her mind. She may, of course, go on to obtain various degrees and diplomas. These increase her market value in the eyes of men,for men believe that a woman who can recite things by heart must also know and understand them. But any real possibility of communication between the sexes ceases at this point. Their paths are divided forever”
        -Esther Villar, The manipulated man
        Calling a 13 year old girl a bitch is accurate

        1. Technically sex outside of marriage is prostitution. Whether money is exchanged directly, whether a girl does it because she got dinner, or whether she does it because she wants to be with a guy that can benefit her in some way whether it be friends, job, etc. It’s prostitution. Outside of marriage, females exchange sex to obtain things. Within marriage, it is a covenant with God which then makes sex sacred and for children..no longer prostitution.
          That’s why the guy that dates a girl and then has sex with her is really no different than the guy that goes to backpage and pays for an escort. Different methods, but in both cases each female is trading sex for something they want.

        2. “females exchange SEX to obtain THINGS”.
          I guess that’s also TRUE with marriages (at least with the majority of females).
          They “exchange” SEX for Shelter, Food, Amenities, Pampering, Health care, …. and the possibility of claiming MORE-THAN-HALF of their MAN’s hard earned money, property and assets.
          Ironically, SEX is something that females enjoy more than MALES (Scientifically proven); both physically and emotionally !!

        3. 15 upvotes (fake?). This from somebody quoting a diesel-dyke who wrote an autobiography about moments like when she lured some faggot by spewing Shakespeare from her latrine of a mouth.
          Looks like things are more much worse than I thought. Well, time to kick it up a few notches then.

        4. You forgot to remember that she was a flithy jew.
          DAMNING THE SOURCE: attempts to refute an argument by indicting the source of the argument, rather than the substance of the argument itself.

        5. *filthy
          Read my post carefully and you will see my refutation embedded into my damnation. And unsurprisingly, my damnation occurred naturally and spontaneously without knowing her religious or racial allegiances. Go figure.

        1. Micksey, we don’t change all that much into adulthood, unless we were forced to. Some* women are truly shit because of how they value anothers. At one time i was even at the good* side of a woman attention (as compared to her former husband), its still feel like shit.

      6. It is a fucked up situation. The truth is, there shouldnt be a need to curse her, because in a normal situation there is a Man around who will keep her on the right path.
        But there is no man around to civilize her, and as a result she has gone feral. That is, she lacks any conscience or moral restraint. An animal. Hence, a bitch.
        Im genuinely sorry, but GoJ is right. If you want to do something about it, you must stick up for fathers rights.

      7. If their was any justice her punishment would be to be fucked to death. Literally fucked to death.

    4. I also noticed that Goss, the mother, when she was trying to stop the girl from contacting her son, said she “messaged the parent and aunt to no avail.”
      That would be “parent” singular, and aunt. So the girl apparently had only one parent, as well as an aunt, that took care of her, rather than a mother and father.

    5. Almost every juvenile court case has at least one of the following two characteristics, especially the second one:
      1. No dad
      2. Child has a phone

      1. might I add:
        3. irresponsible mother who has squirted out babies without any education, thought or idea of how to support a family. May generally fall into the bat shit crazy category. Can barely take care of herself, therefore……..
        4. parents with zero education and generally from single parent backgrounds (the cycle continues)
        5. parent or parents in jail and/or drug addicted

    6. I noticed that too, no father was mentioned.
      As for what the girl did: hoes gonna ho, chameleons gonna chameleon, and women gonna be women.

    7. 1. Wife/gf/so rejects dad and all male authroity
      2. kids only have mother’s teaching and template of male love and respect, which it to reject male reason, logic and emotional constraint, and indulge in every whim, fancy, and feeling, with zero regard for others.
      3. kids become self-centered, foolish, selfish brats
      4. kids do stupid things that hurt others
      5. kids have no culpability; single mothers are never held responsible
      6. the fabric of society and its cultural unravel
      THE END

    8. The mother appears to already considered a hero by speaking out publicly. Giving statements about social media etc……. No doubt she is a polished professional at dealing with difficult situations, but not so good at protecting her child. The mothers deficit of giving attention to her son is what set her son on a path of falling for such a troubled young girl. Mother already removed the father, and thus set things into motion for the possibility of her son being manipulated by this teenage snot of a girl. Mother is a clear example of parental neglect, and if this were a single father dealing with the fallout of such a mess, there would be cries of parental neglect against the father.
      Judgement on this society is coming.

  4. Like I told my 12-ish cousin and will tell my girls when they’re older, if someone threatens suicide call 911. If they’re serious, you’ll save their life. If they’re a parasite trying to manipulate you, they’ll have to deal with a police/paramedic visit and probably decide to find a more gullible person to prey on.

    1. Unless the threat is made in writing that could well backfire.
      (Police/Paramedics arrive at allegedly suicidal nutter’s address):
      Police: Good evening. We’ve received a report that you’ve been threatening to commit suicide. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble; we’re here to help you through whatever it is that led to this. You just need to come with us and everything will be OK; my colleagues are waiting for you in the ambulance downstairs.
      Nutter: Threatening to commit suicide? Whoever told you that?
      Police: Mr. Jones. I believe he recently ended a relationship with you?
      Nutter: OMG! I can’t believe this! That creep just can’t move on! I broke up with him and he’s been stalking me ever since. Hanging around outside my office every day at 5pm is bad enough, but this just takes the cake! He’s one of those creeps who thinks “If I can’t have her, no-one can.” I reckon he thinks if he can get me sectioned I won’t be able to develop a relationship with someone else. That’s why he told you I was threatening suicide; some twisted mixture of jealousy and a desire for revenge of some sort. You ought to prosecute him for wasting your time.
      Police: Well, he did show us his phone. Its records show you called him about half an hour ago. What was that call about?
      Nutter: I just wanted to warn him to stop stalking me or else I’d have to get a restraining order against him. I would’ve got one ages ago but I was naively hoping that we could resolve things amicably without needing to involve the courts. Perhaps you guys could have a friendly word with him? Warn him to keep his distance. I’d really appreciate that.

      1. Fair point. Many crazies are very good at turning off the crazy when it’s convenient.
        On the other hand, it’s pretty hard to prove that someone called 911 in bad faith. Seems like everyone knows someone with a psycho neighbor who calls 911 over minor/imaginary things and never seems to get punished for it.

      2. Nobody phones to threaten suicide, it will be an SMS or social media.
        Anyone with an ounce of sense blocks calls from former ‘love interests’ the moment it’s over.

        1. Of course one ought to block calls from ex’s numbers, but SIM cards cost £6 (including a £5 top-up) to buy anonymously from your friendly local convenience store. I know because I sell them myself. Unless the police can give me the exact time and date that a suspect is believed to have bought a SIM card from me and they make the request within 28 days of the alleged purchase, there’s no way anyone will be able to identify the owner of a SIM card obtained in such a manner.
          One could avoid answering all calls from any numbers one doesn’t recognise, but that’s impractical if you’re running a business; 99% of numbers you don’t recognise are probably prospective clients. Even if you’re not running a business, how do you know that the new number isn’t a friend/family member calling to let you know that their old phone got stolen/lost/broken so they had to get a new phone and new number?

        2. Not directly, but I can’t think of any way of advertising it in such a way as to ensure it reaches prospective clients but without any risk of a lover coming across it.

    2. It could also get them a 72-hour stay in a psychiatric ward for their stupid prank and further trouble for wasting the time and resources of law enforcement and medical professionals.

  5. I remember in 6th grade my female teacher broke into tears while she was lecturing and admonishing the whole class about this cruel prank a group of girls played on a single girl . The gang of girls told this one gal that they were all going to wear dresses but lied to her and all wore jeans. They all wore jeans while the pranked young lady came in wearing a dress. This pack of she-wolves got together to embarrass and harm this one young lady. Very cruel. I didn’t understand then why it bothered the teacher so much…now I do.

      1. My father once told me, “If a girl is alone, she’ll be ideal. If a girl is in a group, she’ll go wild”.

    1. I was harassed and bullied once by a group of 5 girls to the point of crying of rage because I could not hit back.

      1. I hit one with a chair in 5th grade…..kind of a dik move really, but I had temper issues…

      2. Lines can be crossed.

        Although, in this particular example, the line may have been drawn a little too short.

  6. In a few months we should put out a fake news piece that a 13yo boy did this to an 11yo girl an see the commotion then come out with well it was actually the other way around and expose their hypocracy

      1. Just type it up and send it over to CNN. It’s not like anyone does fact checking or actual journalism anymore.

        1. huffpost got busted a few days ago for not fact checking an article they published. guy who wrote it to prove his point(they will publish anything fitting their agenda) was forced to resign.

        2. no, he pretended he was a woman(dressed in drag), submitted a horseshit article, they published it…they found out who he was, he resigned his position at a think tank

        3. I caught a blurb on the radio yesterday afternoon that Hannity was pointing his lawyers in their direction for whatever it was they said.

    1. I don’t think you understand. I was reading ISIS beheading 10 yo boys. Did you ever hear of it in the MSM?
      Boys / men’s lives are worthless to this society. And they want you to die for it. Fuck-this-shit!!

    2. Boko Haram burned a whole lot of young boys alive in a school. Not one peep in the media. Boko Haram kidnapped some girls and the world caught on fire.

        1. doesn’t work. If you knock them down they get up again.

        2. Ok, I mean, sure, you may not like Chumbawamba, they may not be your personal preference, but don’t you think that labeling them as terrorists and calling for their executions is overdoing it a bit?

        3. Really, you ain’t ever gonna keep them down.

  7. When I was a young romantic bem, I courted a lovely girl in 4th grade. I gave he a ‘note’ with some amorous mumbo-jumbo within.
    The written response I received was a curt, simple ‘you suck’.
    Frankly my thoughts became far more homicidal than suicidal….

    1. what were those paper things called? pick a number(do the thing with the paper on your fingers) pick a color(do that thing with the paper on your fingers)
      open up that fold of paper(“it says you are a queer”)
      seriously, what was that thing called? the girls would always surprise you with thaat thing

  8. Brethren…
    Check out the “jaqeline sauvage” case from france. You’ll be compelled..

  9. One of the biggest lies being pushed on men is how women are sugar, spice, everything nice. It’s one thing when an 18 year old gets blown off on Tinder for just wanting to find someone to date (I’m referring to the $5 For My Number Article). That’s just the bitter taste of the red pill.
    An 11 year old is going to take that very differently, as seen from the tragic results of this incident. I’m seriously hoping for a change where women are held accountable for their actions just as men are. When it comes right down to it, women are pretty damn horrible to men, and it’s because men let them get away with it.

  10. that evil little bitch will escape punishment, and will get a huge ego boost because some boy was willing to die for her.
    pity the poor herbs who she victimizes next.

  11. Girls have no limits. Inwardly they hope to meet a strong dominant man who shows them who’s the boss and who’s the little bitch. This is a sad, extreme case of course.
    But you can see this kinda things daily. “Nice guy” (Betas) try to be as nice as possible and put the pussy on pedestal and hope that she will reciprocate one day.
    Of course the opposite happens. The nicer you are to them, the worse they treat you. If you don’t give a fuck about her and her feelings she will be your personal submissive slut.

      1. “Would have been nice if you told me that 30 years ago.”
        Better late than never!

        1. If she totally wants it, but refrains to hold her virtue. Granted, there are fakers, but if you hold out long enough you will know.

        2. someone faking their virginity is at least someone who values it. In some cases (not all) that may be just as good on the practical side.

        3. I just want to ram the rod in and give her an experience she’ll never forget!

        4. I find the worst part about fucking virgins is getting all the blood out of my Barney costume.

        5. I think there is a difference if she holds out (or not) because of religious conviction. It is more about being willing to break an oath. However, for most girls, as long as their notch count is relatively low, I wouldn’t mind.

        6. Yeah i’m the same. In this day and ae we have to be realistic. Couple of notches is fine coupled with how long it took me to break her down. Usually a good indicator.

        7. 2 days later, and rolling it over in my head again and again. I finally get the joke. You are saying you have to go that young to find a virgin.

        8. Jim you are such an excellent mix of good and evil. Just the right balance me thinks

        9. I’m the anti hypocrite. I talk like a dirty old man but live like a straight arrow.

      2. Same here. Unfortunately, even when we share this message with others, most don’t listen until they learn the hard way.
        I’ve got 2 friends right now about to make the biggest mistakes of their lives. 1 of them is dating a girl who recently got pregnant from a co-worker, & he’s sticking with her. “You don’t understand, I love her”. Pure stupidity & lack of self worth. At this pint there’s nothing more I can do but sit back & watch, be there for them after the shit storm.

        1. he is going to pay a lot of money for raising somebody else’s child. if this is not the pinnacle of stupidity, I don’t know what is.

        2. I was smart enough to not get involved too heavily in my youth, still. I had a tough time attracting a girl with the “I love you so much, I am willing to watch this chick flick with you” routine.

        3. A buddy of mine “fell in luurv” with some hotsie totsie model back in 2005. He *was* alpha to the core, he just got uncalibrated and lost his footing and suddenly he was “in luuuuurvv”. I spent nigh on 6 months trying to talk him out of marrying her, even using many of the arguments that he would use on other guys in the past, but no, because you see, “she’s different, she’s the one exception, I’m in luuuuurrrvv”. So he married her and, predictably, dropped off the map around 2006.
          Saw him at the Arnold show just a few weeks back walking arm in arm with some fitness model. Guess who was divorce raped? Three guesses, first two don’t count. The first thing he said to me was hilarious. I see him, we meet, shake hands, I don’t even get out “Hey, what’s up” and he says “Yeah, I know, I know, you were right”.

        4. Sounds like a good guy still haha what can one do but learn and move on ? Men really are idealistic aren’t we ?

        5. Right. It just was weird to me because he was as red pill alpha as they came. Treated women like disposable garbage and they loved him for it. He even spouted a lot of what we now would call red pill wisdom. But all it took was losing frame once because of Mr. Penis and he was a goner. He’s better now I guess.

        6. Well, I have to look for solutions rather than problems, or ways out instead of ways in. I prefer to have an optimistic view of friends like this and to me it seems to me more the modas dilemma. When one does what is natural and finds constant success one might be inclined to believe that this is the path of least resistance. It isn’t, rivers are constantly changing course and keeping things straight is an effort. One which has never been demanded of them. Oneitis is the achillies heel of the natural. They are completely untrained as to how cold the game really is, things come easy for them. Good guys, they make great friends and in the past would never even have to face it but now even one of these guys has to burn to learn.

        7. Agreed. Given the hot little young number on his arm (he’s in his late 40’s and she was 25-28 tops) I’d say that he’s back on his game.

        8. Good to hear it, everyone needs to be knocked straight once in awhile. Pity is has to be a divorce reaming but the best revenge is living well.

        9. Man id kill that fucking bitch and the cunt of a co worker. That story blows my mind. I consider myself a good friend but i don’t even know if i could still be friends with a guy like that.

    1. I hate to say it – but you’ve pretty much summed it up.
      “Nice guys finish last”, as the old saying goes. There are some decent women who really do have true love and respect for a genuinely nice guy. If she marries the nice guy it’s usually a marriage made in heaven. However, I would say the vast majority will use a nice guy like he’s their own personal door mat – and yes, the nicer you are to them the more they will use, mistreat, and disrespect you.
      I will honestly say women like dominate men – let’s be honest – a huge number of women gravitate toward assholes. Interestingly, this is the type of man they claim they hate – but really lust after. Just like they claim they want a “sensitive” man but treat him like a piece of garbage.
      A man should never allow himself to become a lap dog for any woman. Once that happens it’s game over.

      1. Dominant doesn’t mean asshole “all the time”. I think a lot of people conflate the two, as does a lot of modern culture in our “age of empowerment”. A strong, confident man with a firm hand and guiding will who does not let a woman lead him will get chicks as much or more than Joey Sleazebag Greaseball, and if the girl is quality, will keep her where Greaseball is too stupid to have any long range goals.
        Although there is some asshole in it too.

        1. Bravo!
          You put that very well. And yes, dominant and asshole are two very different things. My comment was poorly worded, I in no way meant to suggest they were the same. A dominant man is wonderful – the world needs a lot more of them, and I believe if a woman finds the kind of dominant man you described she is very fortunate.
          The sad thing is so many women really seem to want arrogant assholes, Particularly when they’re younger. Female stupidity? I never could quite figure it out. Sad thing is if they marry one their lives are always a living hell.

      2. One of my parent’s favorite stories that proves this is when my father was on his third date with my mother he told her that she talked too much. She left in a huff and my maternal grandmother told my mother something along the lines of “that one is a keeper”.

        1. In some ways perhaps. But for the most part she was nutty and Mr planter. Ironically most of my maternal family opposed the marriage…

  12. I told my son that girls in middle school to college were pretty much a waste of time. Sure, go have fun but don’t take them serious. In all likelihood, They’d probably waste his time and vacuum out his wallet. If you do fool with them, make damn sure your protected. Certainly don’t let them control your life in any way. Relayed many instances from my misspent youth. Probably the funniest was when I met my brother in a bar and asked where the girlfriend was. “She was being a btch, so I dropped her back off at her house”. Be like him, I advised.
    BTW, I told my daughters that until age 25 or so, guys were mostly useless. Until they are out of school, score a job, and realize what it’s all about they weren’t worth too much emotional expense. And for god’s sake be careful and don’t wind up like your stupid friend, getting knocked up in high school. Don’t ever change your goals or plans for some dude.

    1. > Don’t ever change your goals or plans for some dude.
      Hows that ? Woman must submit to man!

  13. This entire story made my internal Bullshit Meter spike at a hard 10 out of 10…

  14. Boy’s mom is just as much at fault as the girl’s parents. All she did was call or message the girls mom. She said that she would never buy her kids a phone, yet let her son buy one at age 11. She should have laid down the law and taken it away from the body and forbidden him from a relationship with this girl, instead, she went to the girl and “requested” she leave him alone. What a cunt.

    1. Where is the father of the boy? So single mother raise a weak boy to the point of suicide. Two Moms, one Aunt, One Girl, and One boy 4 vaginas and 1 penis in ths history where is the father?

  15. I was reading comics and putting the shittier players’ cards of the NY Mets and Yankees in the wheel spokes of my sweet mongoose dirt bike when I was 11. No “girlfriends” for me at 11, I musta been a fag at that point

        1. it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

  16. bet he died a virgin and bet the girl is not. Matriarchal society mourn the lost of one their most cuck boy in the plantation, Imagine all the taxes and rape divorce they are losing here. They are double down in the indoctrination a parasite can start killing the host this need to stop. Let´s start the indoctrination with girl, keep your lap dogs alive you need them alive to work.

    1. He died a boy. Males can’t be virgins.
      Feminists have won yet another round of controlling minds by controlling language.
      The word virgin entered English about the year 1200 meaning unmarried or chaste woman noted for religious piety and having a position of reverence in the Church. By 1300, the word took on the meaning of young woman in a state of inviolate chastity.
      The word came into English from the Anglo-French and into that from the Old French virgine and taken from Virgin Mary. In turn, the word came from the Latin virginem meaning maiden, unwedded girl or woman and used also as an adjective fresh, unused
      Good luck!

      1. I think that was the purpose of the newspeak in Orwell´s 1984 to restrict language so there is no words for thinking “wrong”, So How do you call a boy who have never had sex, you call him a boy but girls? they are pure and virgins, so boy can´t be pure?. It´s the same of women can´t rape in newspeak.

        1. Concepts are invariant regardless of language or even if language exists to describe concepts.
          A boy is a male who has yet to have sex. A boy achieves the beginning of manhood when he has his first sex.
          Only females can be virgins.
          Feminists did the same thing with the word gender. Languages have gender. Mankind has sex.
          There are two sexes, male (XY) and female (XX). Anything else is asexual deformity — SRY gene on XX (Chapelle syndrome), XXY, XYY. Asexual deformity can not reproduce and thus are not a sex.
          If you adopt the language of feminists, you lose.
          Good luck!

        2. Yes I get it, There is no word for sexless boy, but How About a sexless man, a 30 year old virgin wizard man. You can´t call him boy.

        3. English speakers once had a word: hyse. Likely, it was pronounced high-sah.
          The word meant young man but it also meant man-child.
          So perhaps we need to bring back English into English. You could call such an adult male a man-child or boneless.

        4. So many gray areas, Homos do anal, So girls who do only anal are virgins? I had a girlfriend who delay losing her virginity with me but allow me to do anal, So she was a virgin, don´t think so.

        5. Anal? That is sodomy. That is not intercourse.
          Your girlfriend had a fresh twat if no one had banged it. Are you sure no one else was getting it while she kept you in the rear?

        6. We do have normal sex later but it took me time, she ended not liking anal. She was too afraid to lose her virginity, it was irrational fear, in her mind the pain of a broken hymen was worse than anal pain, but Anal is painless if you know what you are doing, lots of lube and anal dilatation. She did not like it because is not her thing, she told me that she don´t feel pain but also did not fell pleasure. Not all women all anal whores. But all women will do it for their man, ALL OF THEM if you are alpha enough. They will do what please you.

        7. I had two girls who only took it in the pooper because they were remaining virgins..

        8. if I am not mistaken the German word for virgin in Jungfrau which literally means “young woman”

        9. One was a born again Christian in florida and one was a catholic from Boston. The born again Christian would let you beat up her ass something fierce and then suck the soul out of you after but if you went near the honey pot it was a hard no

        10. hahaha, not this one. This was child of revirginized slut and or recovering heroin addict. She was brought up this way

      2. love it when the etymology gets brung!
        Also, even if this were not true, males can’t be virgins by virtue of the fact that they are male and being male means they already have raped all women

      3. That’s interesting….
        I remember being a kid, everyone busting balls and someone asked me (10 yo) if I was a virgin. I really hesitated before answering because I thought there was something inherently feminine about the word.
        My instincts were correct.

      4. virginem is the acc. the nominative (which is generally used to refer to a word for etymological purposes is virgo

  17. That kid looks like a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. And those are some truly professional photos of the poor lad…

    1. Pro level school pictures aren’t just for seniors in high school any more. Wish I was kidding.

  18. Has to be more to the story. Maybe the kid was bullied. Crazy to think an 11year old would off himself. In this age of fake news who knows what the truth really is.

    1. “Story” is the right word. The plot has more holes in it than Siamese Twin hookers. Who benefits? The Internet Control crowd, for starters. I’d take the time to rip the whole thing apart, but I don’t have the 15 minutes it would take this morning…and I already know it’s crap and 99.9% of the readers here would never believe it was anything but on the level anyway. So…why bother.

    1. some dbag on the school paper does not make for a bad university. Yeah, there are plenty of loud, annoying and pretentious lefties swimming in self aggrandizement, money and cognitive dissonance but what people miss are the vast majority of students who simply don’t make the news, go about the business of scoring a top notch education and moving on.

      1. Not necessarily.
        That Hadji who tried to run over students on OSU then got out with a knife but was gunned down in his tracks? Yeah, you know what happened because of that? Ohio passed a “You can legally conceal carry on campus if you have a valid CHL”. The place Hadji was aiming for was the huge pro-right wing, anti_Hillary engineering area.
        Some commie liberal arts douchebag Professor tried to do the “We love the world” bullshit but was shouted down on campus.

        1. Well, it is difficult to know to what extent “progressives” have control over the education system. When you see that garbage of gender studies and so on, one wonders “when our universities were transformed into factories of degenerates?”. But it’s comforting to me what you just told, it makes me think that they have not won so much ground yet (but we could agree that shit deserves nothing and less).

        2. I think that a lot of the stuff we hear about universities is mostly from the Far Left places. When I walk through OSU I hardly if ever see any degenerates or “rebelling angry kids”. I see normal, well adjusted, regular dressing young men and women just getting along in life. Berkely or whatever, sure, it’s degenerate hell and you’ll find blue hair and “yes means yes” bullshit, but out here and I suspect in most places, most universities are nowhere near as bad as we’re led to believe. This isn’t to say be complacent, I just think that we tend to over-exaggerate stuff a bit for effect sometimes.
          Milo made some appearances on campus. Widely supported, no protests, and he got huge crowds. You’d think by listening to the news that Columbus would have burned down like a Berkeley would, but nope, we’re way more right wing out here.

        3. A television show where the answer to trouble was to give two young boys really high powered artillery. To me, that always sends a fuzzy warm feel good message.

        4. btw despite the state law it looks like OSU president still has it against school policy saying in a statement “None of my colleagues or myself think that’s a good idea” Of course, since it is just school policy it can be changed with a new president.

        5. Yep. They are in the crosshairs, so to speak. That’s how we change things around here. We ran a successful pro-carry campaign against UDF (United Dairy Farmers) here. They used to prohibit carry in their gas station/convenience stores, but over the years they wore down to a lot of pro-carry pressure and now they’re pro-carry.
          The current Prez is a dillweed but only a replacement for Gee, and likely a temporary one at that.
          Besides, I can and do carry up and down campus, they can’t stop me on the sidewalks and streets and public grassy areas.

        6. Very true, to this day…despite mattress girl and the news that comes out of that place….a walk through the Van Am Quad on the Columbia campus will reveal that the VAST majority of students are fairly normal, if not a little nerdy, young men and women. The thing is, Brian Everystudent who gets good grades, plays a couple of sports, is on the debate team and is hoping to go to a good law school doesn’t make the news….mattress cunt does.

        7. Yes, sometimes I’m a little paranoid. When I entered the manosphere it was difficult and somewhat shocking to see what was happening to our societies (you can not deny that we have some problems) and that I was completely uninformed about it. Maybe I should calm down a bit … without lowering my guard.

        8. It’s the midwest. People don’t protest, but brother they do not forget either (at the polls).

        9. Along with what Galt said below. I think this can be more attributed to Ohio and the midwest in general being more live and let live with the caveat being people do not support shit they disagree with cause fuck that noise. Its much less political and people are genuinely nice on the whole.

        10. Right on man.
          Tomorrow is warm, sunny and ready for bikes. Ya’ coming out?

        11. Benton Quest and Race Bannon were racking up “notches” like crazy, they were the Picard/Riker of their day.
          Especially if we’re talking about the “sequel series”.

  19. I bet that this single mother teach her sons to put women in pedestals. Single motherhood is child abuse.

  20. Ancient wisdom cautions young men…
    You mean the Wisdom of Solomon from Dalrock? Oh, my mistake. Solomon of Proverbs from the Bible.

  21. An eleven year old boy… his thirteen year old girlfriend.

    Since when did it become acceptable for children of these ages to enter into such relationships?

    Somehow Benz got himself a phone, even though his mother said “I would never buy my kids phones.”

    I’m going to assume that the mother got him the phone… in this case, why didn’t the mother continue to insist that the phone was a non-starter.
    And while I do agree that the girl needs to be held accountable in some fashion, that does not absolve us of our obligations as parents to protect our children as best we can from destructive relationships. If that means physically removing them from the situation, then so be it.

  22. is not Facebook restricted for 13 years old and older people, So Facebook fail to enforce its stupid own rules. That´s why the social media was not mentioned we all known is was Facebook.

    1. 16 is the limit, younger than that you need to give a false age, there is no check.

  23. Most kids (especially boys) are depressed and suicidal as they don’t play any more.

  24. True no mention of Dad, but the boy played every sport under the sun. I know he had to have tons of guy friends. He must have saw the post and immediately with out a thought went straight for the rope. Wtf something was wrong with the boy too. It takes a few min to find a rope, find a beam, tie a knot, get a chair….wouldn’t by the time you get it around your neck be thinking “should I really go through with this? ?”

    1. Single mothers shove their sons into a lot of organized sports, in case you don’t know, because it’s convenient baby sitting during the week so she can have some “me time” while he’s at practice, and she gets entire Saturday mornings off. I know a couple of single moms, they are rather revolting.
      Kid was 11, he wasn’t thinking through anything.

      1. I can see that! I bet the kid was already depressed (possibly suicidal) and that disgusting girl (who is already ruining boys lives at age 13) was the only thing that made him happy….then again we don’t know how sick of a prank or how far these girls went

    2. Most young boys (and girls) are not fit for sports. Their bodies are deficient of vital nutrients and too much exercise worsens the condition. This can easily lead to depression and finally suicide. He only needed the trigger.

  25. I’m tired of shitty parents getting off the hook. If you have kids you have to be responsible for them and their actions. No amount of money will ever make up for the loss but I hope the family sues the girls parents as they have a very good case. Maybe when the parents of the girl lose everything they have they will learn the responsibility of raising a monster.

  26. Benzes mother is now focused on spreading the message of social media dangers, how is she spreading the message? Probably on social media.

  27. 11 years old… that’s what, 6th grade? Most of my peers didn’t start dating till high school. Then again I recall the fun I had in 8th grade with the class ne’er-do-wells looking at girls bums.

    1. Ha yes the sluts in my school always let their thongs hang out of their jeans and let us stare and gawk.

  28. If an 11 year old wanted to kill himself over a girl he had other problems going on his in life. This likely isn’t the full story. This is also why we need gender segragated schools.

    1. That’s not the only type of segregation we need.
      But the Govt will never do it.
      Even the private schools give out those scholar-ma-ships.
      Homeschooling is one of the best ways to right the ship.
      Communal homeschooling, where the mothers of like minded families take turns teaching the kids. Just think if that took hold and the teachers union went down the drain. What a victory that would be.

  29. A sad but telling story…red pill ad eternum. A few notes…
    1- another young white kid kills himself. From what i am reading it is becoming a trend in the States;
    2- a ultra super shit test made by a potential psycho and yes, i do not care she is only 13 years. This girl is a potential lunatic in the making;
    3- the danger of social media;
    4- the learning that we men can have, via social media, about womens nature. I cannot stop thinking about Ulysses being tied up to the mast of his ship, not to be eaten by mermaids;
    5- women like jerks and bad boys. Period. Social media just shows it better. ” I dont do mistakes, i date them”, “Every Patricia likes assholes”…Just two posts that two female co workers of mine, did recently. The likes were flying…This 13 year old psycho, would have run to the dead kids house, if he said to her “fine, there are many more women out there”. Sadly, his “ZFG asshole mode” was simply not on, either by young age, or by emotional fragility.
    Sad, just sad. My condolences to the family and friends. May the young boy rest in peace with God.

  30. What she did was horrible and she should be punished for it but to use this story to imply that ” Female cruelty has no limit” is grasping at confirmation bias. It’s quite a stretch no? Let’s call this what it is, a young stupid inconsiderate kid with lack of maturity or insight into her actions. Lots of kids, both boys and girls do reckless, dumbass and downright evil stuff because they live in a me first/it’s all about me society where they have 24/7 access to crappy offensive shit that passes as entertainment. All you have to to is google ‘school fight’ and find endless YouTube clips of kids beating the crap out of each other with their peers cheering them on. Last year there was a 10 yr old boy in Winnipeg stealing cars and breaking into peoples’ houses. 10, and the cops couldn’t charge him because he was too young.

  31. A sad story of terrible cruelty. It somewhat reminds me of the story of the girl “Megan” who committed suicide after a social media hoax – a fake friend was made up for her, then broke it off and taunted her. This was organised by a group of girls.
    The 13 y o girl in this case sounds like a veritable bad seed. I wonder at her relationship with a boy younger than her – that is unusual and indicates that she wanted someone she could manipulate and control. She probably was very charming (psychopaths often are) and represented, to him, all the joy in his life.

  32. Do we have an attorney that can educate to the possibilities of a civil suit?
    I want parents to be held accountable to their children’s actions.

  33. “will not release the name of the girl blah blah”
    This looks like a job for Anonymous!

  34. Frankly, that whole congregation needs to picket in front of the parent’s house where the girl lives with signs to control their out-of-control daughter.

    1. She was manipulating him. This is what happens when children grow up without fathers.

  35. Why kill yourself ? My life is way too valuable to throw it away over a talking cunt.

  36. I wasn’t sure if the first pic was the girl or the boy.
    Not taking a shot at the kid — just looked kind of girly in that pic (unless that is the girl).
    A tragedy nonetheless.

  37. An 11-year old with a girlfriend? Lol. As for the girl, she won’t be anonymous for long thanks to the internet.

  38. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased. I hope that little Bitch is put in a box and sent to Mosul, Iraq, to be used by the degenerates of ISIS!
    What I have seen in my life is that sometimes parents will let their children down in either protecting them or training them to handle life. I am not going to say that the parents are culpable for this horrible event. What I would recommend to any parent is to do the following:
    1.) Train yourself to listen to your children. As a kid myself, I was subject to torture in public education. I would come home and talk to my parents but they would not listen. I became so despondent that I acquiesced in the torture I went through. It was at the end of the year party at my teachers house that my parents saw what I was attacked and almost killed by my classmates. ( I am not looking for sympathy, I am telling you this to make my point) That was when my parents realized what was going on. It would be another year until I was put in to a private school.
    2.) Train your children to protect and defend themselves. By this I mean they need to defend not only against physical attacks but also emotional and mental attacks. I have yet to see any parents who have prepared their kids to deal with all of the horrible things in the outside world. Some of you are saying that I have a too-high expectation of what the parents can do for the children. I knew some people who couldn’t handle the stress of life and peer pressure. If parents could take time to train their children how to resist manipulation from anyone, the kids would be better off.
    3.) Most of the parents that I have seen have this expectation that school ( wether public or private) will raise their kids to be perfect adults. This misunderstanding has led to so many adolescent children being wrecked that I think we have lost up to an entire generation of humans in this country who could have contributed to our society.
    May be I am wrong, but I doubt it ( with apologies to Sir Charles Barkley). This is what I have come to see in what has happened in our society.

    1. Kids should not be sent to school, end of story. They need only learn to read, write, reckon & reason in order to be able to work and make their way in life, and that stuff can be taught at home. Schools are social engineering centres.

  39. What did we learn today folks?
    1 – Teach your son about the basics of women behavior as soon as puberty begins.
    2 – Children are not suppose to romance in first place. Teach patiance and that there’s a time for everything, and childhood is not time for romantic relationship.
    3 – Where was the dad? It is at least strange that the father isn’t mentioned in the article. I assume this poor boy’s mother is divorced. If this is true, this tragedy tells a lot about the gap that fatherhood can have in a boy’s education.
    4 – Women shit tests men even at young age.
    5 – Social media make more harm than good for young minds.

  40. Female Cruelty Has No Limit
    Avery Mitchell, a friend of the manipulative girl, said she did it to find out if Tysen “really loved her and he took it the wrong way.” “She didn’t mean to hurt him, because they loved each other.”

    Female “love” in action. Girls don’t love boys any more than women love men. Women and girls love excitement. …And money, of course.

  41. 11 yr old boy dating a 13 yr old girl? That is a strange partnership. She, on the cusp of puberty, he 10 yrs away from being as mature as teenage girl. I assume an 11 yr old committing suicide is extraordinarily rare. Sad story all around.

  42. This is why The Red Pill saves lives. If this boy had had some knowledge of concepts like AWALT and oneitis, he would have known that it was either a nuclear shit test or, if her suicide was real, that there would be millions of other women like her to replace her.
    Also do we know if this kid was raised by a single mom? Because I bet this wouldn’t have happened if there had been a dad around.

    1. It depends on the kind of dad. Being a present parent doesn’t always mean that kids are better off. It depends on what kind of parent one is. Jeffery Dalmer was raised by his mother and father, Barack Obama was raised by his mother.

  43. Somebody should doxx the shit out of her and then she should be sent to Saudi to be married off to a 50 year old sheikh.

  44. The fruit of a fatherless existence for kids. This culture is undergoing a distinct manner of justice.

  45. Social media has nothing to do with that. She could have played a prank by having a friend call the kid instead of using twitter or whatever the f they used.
    I’m gonna bet this kid didn’t have a dad (since there is literally no mention of him in the article), was raised by a single-mom who taught him all the good PC crap about girls being little angels and how he should always be nice to them.
    Teach your boys the real nature of girls as soon as possible people.

  46. As a dad of a son similar age, I find this hard to fathom. I certainly teach him that he runs the show, not females!!!

  47. I suspect this is a forum that promote a very negative view of women. In this case the girl sounds sociopathic if she is not a psychopath. Very sad. This doesn’t sound as deliberate as the sixteen year old girl who talked a boy into committing suicide. But it sounds like this girl should be under court supervision until she’s eighteen or twenty one.

  48. Another young person corrupted by sensationalistic modern media. Those terrible Shakespeare plays! Seriously, this is an appalling story. But likely the girl had no idea where her actions would lead, and is too young to be held criminally responsible. (If she had talked him into sex–or he her–the law would also say there was no crime. Not when the kids are so close in age.)

    1. Spot on with the Shakespeare reference, the difference her is that Juliette lives, to Marry Macbeth!

  49. he was weak minded, I know that’s harsh but when I was a boy I saw women as my enemies not my friends

    1. No, I think that’s a little harsh. He was nieve to the way that girls behave. Shifting localities and emotionally vicious pranks are how a lot of teenage girls roll.

  50. The main takeaway from this article is not the naïveté of the boy or the cruel heartedness of girls and women, but elite controlled social conditioning that permeates a legal double standard.

  51. This is a very sad story, but I think Social Media is a small part of it not the root cause.
    In my mind this girl is clearly a psychopath, and she would no doubt find the whole incident funny. She would have seen him as a naive boy who was “easy pickens” and no doubt would have turned his mind completely upside down and inside out all for her amusement.
    This will not be the last we hear of her, she will be involved in another ‘mysterious’ death in the not too distant future. Or manipulate and play one man (love interest) off against another, whereby one of the men are killed or seriously injured.

    1. She probably won’t give give a damn. “Maternal Instinct” is the biggest pile of bullshit fed to men.

  52. “”The prosecutor, Matt Wiese, told news media that they were unable to provide further information, but the Marquette police department are charging the girl with malicious use of telecommunication services and using a computer to commit a crime.””
    Holy Shit! When did Luther Reigns work for the law?? Talk about a real life Mike Haggar!!!

  53. Unfortunately this kid was never taught that women are awesome as long as they are kept at an arms length away. Mom can’t and won’t teach this, as there is nothing, not even death, that will keep them from turning on the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Besides, boys are supposed to know this instinctively, just like everything else. Have doubts? Just try not saying or acting in a way a particular way when a particular woman expects you to, you’ll be treated to an emotional onslaught like you’ve never experienced.

  54. For some reason the author considers it “strange” that the child’s mother wouldn’t buy him a phone but goes on to argue that the lesson to learn from this tragedy is “to protect your kids from social media and execute more proactive care of whom they associate with”. Does not compute.

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