Compendium Of All 131 Answers I Gave For The 2016 Q&A

My question & answer series was a great success. I answered 131 questions in nearly six hours of video that has so far received approximately 85,000 views on Youtube. Here’s a full index of all the videos with links to specific questions…

Lifestyle & Health

“Roosh, we often laugh at the antics of feminists and SJW’s but the focused effort against you from the ROK meetups must have still been withering. What mindset principles and practices did you use to stay mentally strong during that fiasco?” (UNABASHED)

“With workplaces becoming increasingly hostile to men, with women acting as the gatekeepers to employment, affirmative action being commonplace, etc., do you have any actionable insights or tips for men to prevent, deal with, or get out of poverty in a declining society that routinely denies them opportunities?” (CONRAD STONEBANKS)

How important are partners in business, teamwork or life in general?” (DWRD CFLA)

“What stack of skills do you think 18-30 year olds should begin to hone to live the best life possible? Do they change past 30?” (LIBERTAS)

“How to be true to yourself while living in a Leftist-dominated society like Canada or Western Europe where,oftentimes, people like us have to lead double lives out of fear of reprisal?” (NEVSKY)

“Hi Roosh, just read your latest book Free speech isn’t free – loved it, then bought your whole collection of books. My question is – If you decide to start something new, how do you push away all thought such as these “You should be doing something else, this is a waste of time”?” (TIMMAH)

“How did you support yourself while writing your first ebook? I’m writing some fiction. It will be a 5-10 year project. I’m not expecting to make any money on the first book and I am working in property to support myself.” (TOM)

“Considering what you’ve seen and to my knowledge accepted through the work of Marcus Aurelius, does the time spent chasing women for hedonistic pleasure seem worthwhile to you now, or do you now think there may have been better things to spend your time doing?” (STILBON)

“If you was send back in time to when you were 25, what would you then do?” (SCANDINAVIAN JAKE)

“How can we escape the system?” (MR. LEON)

“What tips would you have for starting a politically incorrect blog like this one? Would it make sense to hide my identity?” (PYRO)

“The more people I know, and the older I get, the more misanthropic I become. Have you also become more misanthropic with age?” (RK ROMA)

“You said awhile ago that you don’t cocern yourself with happiness, you’re just a man who has had experiences. Could you expand on that, and potentially give some advice on how to be like that?” (OCON)

“I remember in one of your videos or live talks you said you ate very little to maintain the figure you have.. Am a few years older and always experimenting with various habits and rituals to keep the diet such that one stays trim and toned. Of course exercise and weights too.. Do you have any tips for a man in his thirties for how to stay in form?” (STADTAFFE)

American Politics

“If you were a president or a influential congressional member, how would you encourage nationalism without neglecting minority groups such as blacks, latinos, asians, etc? Since those groups do have political and financial power. Also how would you keep nationalism in check to prevent another world war since keep in mind that nationalism and militarism were the primary causes of WWI and a factor (not the primary cause) of WWII.” (JANE PETERSON)

“If Trump fails to deliver on what you expect and/or is a disappointment, what do you recommend we do?” (MERCENARY)

“If you became president, what executive orders would you make the first day in office?” (SAGETTAURUS)

“What is the actual end goal of causing division and chaos with BLM/Islamic “refugees” etc? Cause enough fear that they can implement martial law? What is the point? I see that the point of global trading, immigration, and feminism is economic due to cheap labor and increased tax revenue, but what is the point of causing racial division in the US? What is the end game of having sharia in Europe? Or are the powers-that-be just naive?” (SLIM SHADY)

“Cops quite readily violate probable cause and other such statutes, and lie to get their way – often supported by other cops and courts to charge especially young people with frivolous yet serious crimes. Yet, after the BLM bullshit we have forgotten about these violations and become “pro-cop”. How do you reconcile the real infringements on freedom by officers while not giving ground to race-baiting terrorists?” (SLIM SHADY)

“While organizations such as Black Lives Matter are dangerous and need to be stopped, it has become obvious in their inaction that the police are handcuffed by bureaucrats, while average citizens are being jailed for ludicrous offenses on a daily basis. What are your feelings on holding police accountable for 1) Their inaction when groups like BLM disrupt peaceful meetings (like the Young Republicans gathering at Depaul) and 2) Continuing to enforce immoral and unconstitutional laws that enable gun confiscation, seizure of assets, false rape accusations, and unfairly targeting and arresting men during domestic violence encounters?” (DJDJDJ)

“Do you think that any American leader (Trump or anybody else) can reverse this third-wave, toxic feminism or is America simply too far gone? Another way of asking this is: after the meetup outrage in Feb, have you given up on America?” (JOHN QUINCY)

“I have alleged that bringing men into the RoK-sphere is a step-by-step process. First we convince mainstream Republicans to the anti-feminist side, then expose them more and more to the RoK. I seriously doubt mainstream America will go from embracing the gender equality message to Roosh V overnight. And we need mainstream America to convert. Why do you antagonize female anti-feminists?” (JOHN QUINCY)

“What should be the #1 medium-term strategic goal of the nationalist/patriot wave? In my mind, it’s destroying the media. Do you have a different assessment?” (LIBERTAS)

“As a man on a college campus, how can I fight against feminism?” (JUSTIN)

Religion & Spirtuality

“1. Why is it that you seem to go against your fellow middle easterners and uncle tom for the whites. is it due to that they are your main readers.
2. Why do you hate Islam and immigrants from Muslim countries despite being the son of an Iranian immigrant?” (SPLOOGE & SOREN)

“1. Every intellectual has to pick a religion. They usually do it by now; you’re almost 40. What is the holdup?
2. Are you contemplating joining an organized church/religion?
3. What is your current status with regards to religion and spirituality?” (SGT POG, PEARLBUCK, KOMATIITE)

“To what extent do religion or spirituality play a role in your daily life?” (THEBASSIST)

“Have you ever tried Meditation? If so, thoughts? If not, is it something on your radar?” (DASHER)

“1. How can one prepare for “the end” (death)?
2. Were you ready to lose it all for what you believed in?” (RONALD REAGAN REMIX)

Game & Travel

“What is a good rule-of-thumb number of notches and flags, beyond which a man can safely settle for a nice girl? And what to do if he meets one before hitting the target?” (ZBYSZEK)

“How do you combine an outgoing, social lifestyle with a very time-consuming career (e.g. academic research)? I know that you endorse free entrepreneurship, but maybe you know guys who have managed to do so and have some tips?” (ZBYSZEK)

“Have you experienced any bad consequences from all the unprotected sex you’ve had with random hoes from the club?” (JONATHAN ROSELAND)

“What advice do you have for men that have been raised with a beta mindset, but is trying to learn, develop, and create a dominant and confident mindset?” (NICK)

“In 2013, I asked “if you had to live in one city for the next 5 years, what would it be?” The answer then was Kiev..what would your answer be now?” (TEEDUB)

“Which city from your travels do you think back to most, whether from good or bad experienences?” (CORTES)

“To what degree is it necessary for a man to live in a developing country in order to have his needs fulfilled? (in terms of women and freedom).” (LEIGHTON BLACKSTOCK)

“Would you pass up what so many people now want but cant find ( a good girl) to solely pursue personal / financial development in 20-30 age (unstable future) , or start a family young (stable future)?” (JACK)

“If you already have an established career in the west, would it be worth to give it all up to relocate to Eastern Europe? I don’t feel happy in my own country, and would like to move to Ukraine / Russia. I already spend a long time there, but my education would be useless there, but I’m still young (I’m 25) so I have time to learn something new.” (SCANDINAVIAN JAKE)

“How do you find a conservative girl in a slut-ridden country?” (ANON)

“How do you convince normal men that the manoshpere is relevant to them and that they have a part in it?” (TUSKEGEE51)

“What’s your approach to game nowadays? In which way has it changed since you wrote your BANG and DAY BANG? Do you still go out at night to meet women? Is indirect daygame still your favorite?” (MRREMI)

“When player burnout occurs, what is the best way for men to find an additional purpose and focus in their lives?” (AREMENIA 4 EVER)

“How can men in their player stage guard themselves against becoming too damaged from sleeping with too many women if they decide they want to find a wife, but not consistently struggle with the desire for variety of women?” (AREMENIA 4 EVER)

“Since the outrage of the meetups and all the things to do to counter it plus the book, how many daily approaches (if you are still doing them) are you doing those days, roughly?” (JB POQUELICHE)

“Will you consider writing a Bang 2.0 to reflect the multiple ways in which game has changed as a whole since its intial release in 2007?” (HIGHSPEED_LOWDRAG)

“What is your average monthly expenses when you are living in Central/Eastern Europe excluding travel costs like flights and hotels?” (BACON)

“Sex has lost its appeal. I don’t care to pump and dump, cause it doesn’t seem worth the time and effort. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to just go back to porn and jerking off, but even if I wanted sex I don’t think I could find someone I’d want to do it with. What do you think I should do?” (MODE RIGHT)

“Do you ever miss Latin America?” (GOPNIK)

“How do you satisfy your sexual needs now that sex is not paramount in your life and the years of chasing women are over?” (ANDREA)

“You previously mentioned that your top 3 countries where you like to live are Poland, Russia and Ukraine. I’m from Romania and I’m just curious what have you found in those countries and haven’t been able to find in Romania ? What are the top points that make those 3 countries better overall than Romania ?” (DAYROOSH)

“Since your best books are all memoirs don’t you consider planning some wild trips in areas that you haven’t been yet and write about these accounts ?” (DAYROOSH)

“What advice can you give to us shorter guys for gaming taller women?” (MIKHAIL)

“Should a guy focus on game or money first?” (MIKE)

“You have written a great deal about banging western girls, but what are your thoughts on the east? Do you plan on visiting China, Japan or South Korea?” (QLASS)

“What do you think about Wall street Playboys and the guys that think Lifestyle is more important than game?” (CENTURION)

Personal Questions

“I’m curious, in say, 50 or so years, how do you want to be remembered? For your game work? Or the push against the narrative pushed by the elite?” (INSIDE U O M)

“I also notice that you have more posts which hint that you’re more open to fatherhood and settling down. How realistic is this for you now? Do you think your writing over the last decade in regards to game, sex and women is a barrier to settling with a good woman and having a family?” (INSUIDE U O M)

“Do you regret using your real name?” (EVIGT REGN)

“If you do not marry and have children, how will you spend your remaining years?” (LAGUNA BEACH FOGEY)

“After the DC shitstorm, how are your mother and sister doing? Do they plan on staying in America or quite possibly relocating to Europe? How has their life’s change?” (KRATISTOS)

“What are your short term career plans(5+) years would you be interested in starting a podcast like Infowars, films that promote masculine values or a neomasculine magazine with short stories. How do you plan on moving the movement forward?” (KRATISTOS)

“When did you feel you made it as a PUA? Was there a specific instance where you felt all the theory coming together and it becoming easy for you to get laid?” (KRATISTOS)

“What does your mother think of ROK and your body of work?” (OCEAN SON)

“When in your 30’s did your chief pursuits change from slaying endless poosy to becoming a full-blown modern day masculinity sage / anti-SJW fighter?” (HUBERT CUMBERDALE)

“If you could go back in time what would you change? What was your biggest mistake? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” (RAASH)

“What is your greatest fear?” (ANDREA)

“What has been the biggest difficulties or most time consuming aspects of running your online projects, i.e. RVF, ROK?” (PHOENIX)

“What’s next with this whole movement you’ve started? How will you recruit more people to the cause?” (COMTE DE ST GERMAIN)

“How has worldwide infamy affected your day to day life especially in regards to women or something as simple as walking around in the street?” (COMTE DE ST GERMAIN)

“With your shift from romance to sociopolitics over the past couple years, do you feel the things you have said and done have made a positive difference in the world for men like yourself? If that sounds broad allow me to rephrase: do you think your recent writing and things you’ve said and done with your public-figure platform have been making a positive impact on society?” (GENERAL STALIN)

“When you reflect on the books you’ve written over the years, how do you feel writing has affected you and how much of a different person do you think you would be if you hadn’t written your books?” (FIGHTERSWORD)

“Who are the five males (either personally known or famous men) who have contributed the most to your views and current position in life today? What ideas, values or knowledge did each specifically contribute to you?” (GENERAL ZHUKOV)

“Why should men listen to you? And how much faith should they put in your words?” (TOM ARROW)

“What were you like before Roosh, before you became renown?” (VINCENT MENNITI)

“If your income didn’t depend on it, do you think the world was better before the internet?” (TEEDUB)

“Who are your favorite prose authors and your favorite poets?” (TOKYO JOE)

“Do you believe that we will live to see radical life extension?” (TYSK KILLE)

“What is your current relationship with a large contingent of the DC blog community that you socialised with back in your DCB days?” (HIPSTER STINK)

“What was your need of expose in public yourself like this ? Marketing ? Sell your books ? Because I saw that even you appeared in talk shows of eastern countries like Ukraine and Romania.” (JOSE LOPEZ)

“Return of Kings has many great, supportive articles for Republicans and Donald Trump. In which ways do they repay you for them, or is it fully non-profit and based only on internal beliefs?” (SENIOL)

“When can we expect your next book from your most successfull series Bang?” (SENIOL)

“Do you use any sort of beard oil/conditioner, and if so what brand?” (LUCKY)

“How do you react to those who are against you; those who are against your progress and your well being?” (SOUNDBYTE)

“Do you try to plan your life years ahead, or do you take it one day at a time?” (SOUNDBYTE)

“What can you say about how your compassion towards the Social Justice Warriors changed since they rose up against you?” (SOUNDBYTE)

“Have you thought about when your parents get elderly and they can’t look after themselves, Will you help with looking after them?” (ONETOUCH)

“Assume the global outrage over the tour and the meetups hadn’t happened, everything fine and without the media noticing – what would you have done afterwards?” (BENOIT)

“Do you browse 4chan’s /pol/?” (EDGY EDGELORD)

Globalism & Politics

“Why do you care about what happens to Western civilization, or Europeans for that matter? Is it a disgust for injustice, source of intellectual stimulation, you’re mostly attracted to white chicks, or is there a deeper conviction than that?” (CLARK KENT)

“The outcry against the world tour in Canada last year, and the strong opposition to the Tribal meetups in February 2016 was a clear sign the establishment see us as a real and credible threat….how can we regroup and become stronger together to bring about the changes in society that we want to see?” (MERCENARY)

“Do you think Germany and Sweden will look like Latin America in the future? With a extremely racially mixed population and no dominant culture?” (KRATISTOS)

“What do you think are the odds of stopping the globalists?” (THOMAS)

“Hey I see that they are growing tensions in Europe to the point where there will be civil war and mostly in France Germany and Sweden because of the high rates a sexual assault and sexual molestation that the immigrants are doing, how do you think it will turn out will the local population win if there is a civil war or will the government beat them and have the migrants completely take over and demoralized the local population? Do you think the outcome will be?” (DARRIUS)

“Do you think the West can turn itself around and prevent the major collapse, or will the West have to fall apart entirely before we can rebuild our civilization?” (BARTLEBY THE SCRIVENER)

“You constantly refer to the elites and the establishment (i.e. as a specific group of people) as the cause of the west’s ills. In your opinion, why is it that the elites of the 21st century west are destructive, whereas in the 17th,18th&19th centuries (i.e. enlightenment onwards until WW1) they were constructive?” (PHOENIX)

“Do you think there is an agenda involving the genocide of white/Caucasian people?” (JAKE THE MUSS)

“Of all the propaganda out there, which method have you found to be the most interesting and/or surprising?” (SNOWPLOW)

“What do you think about Milo and the other attention whore that kissed him publicly?” (BETTER DEAD THAN RED)

“Are there any arguments from feminists that you do agree with? Do you have any sympathies for the 20ish American girl? How does that contrast to the perspective they have?” (COSINE88)

“What can we do on our everyday life for changing the current course taking place in western civilization? Your bang books showed us how to take a profit out of it, and your last book freedom of speech isnt free showed us what’s wrong with the world. How can we find a healthy place in the middle of those two worlds you’ve been mastering in the last decade, Roosh?” (DAVID HANS 3344)

“How are we going to prevent The Male Happy Hour disaster from happening again? How are like minded ROK member suppose to meet in public without being lynched by angry mobs and lose our jobs?” (BENDER BENDING RODRIGUEZ)
“I just would like to know what you think we can all do to get the meet-ups started again, safely and successfully?” (NICK BLACK)

“Do you believe in the Holocaust? I know you are Iranian so I know you don’t but anyway I’d like to see if you answer this question.”

“Why are we making the Jews an enemy? If anything, Netanyahu and the Jewish ‘tribe’ are an example to follow to preserve our traditions, but not stagnate ourselves in a neo-luddite anti-technology binge.” (FITZ ROY SOMERSET)

“Your theory of depopulation by ways of immigrants makes sense. I always believed the world was overpopulated, however. But it has a possible hole, people equal taxpayers. Do you believe this means that the “lower population” then simply pays more taxes?” (TYKO STEAMBOAT)

“What makes you think that Yuri Bezmenov is telling the truth now? (Meaning up until his death.)” (DEBEGUILED)

“Now that you know the massive Jewish influence behind Western culture nowadays, do you still believe “White nationalism is another term for White knighting”? (If it was you who said that, don’t remember for certain) Should White guys white knight white girls so that White civilisation doesn’t go down in flames?” (CENTURION)

“Your latest video, the future of the world, suggests that the future may not be so peaceful and prosperous. My question is what should we do to protect ourself and the people around us from the worst case scenario?” (IL SORPASSO)

Patriarchy & Tradition

“Do you see mens maculinity further succumbing to public pressure or will there be a noticeable surge in masculine behavior worldwide?” (ALPHA HUNTER ZERO)

“Is there anything that can be done to make women feminine again or has the horse already bolted?” (BENHODGES62)

“Do you believe that technology has fundamentally altered the negotiation between men and women – with the advent of hormonal birth control (and lessening the need to screen all men for beta qualities prior to sex while also allowing a certain number/subset of men much greater access to sex) is Marriage 1.0 still a realistic ideal?” (RP THINKER 12)

“Where do you see the Manosphere/Neomasculinity going in the future? Will it ever be more than an online community? I know we had the meet-up that was cancelled, but are there any other plans or predictions?” (COREY)

“Do you conclude that it is not the country but a mere urban vs rural ideals. like would you pick a bride in small town utah over a kiev girl?” (SPLOOGE)

“Roosh, from your recent posts I gather that you are looking for a woman to bond with and start a family. You’ve already explained what you are looking for, but I am more interested in learning where (i.e. which country/region) you will start your search in and for which reasons you have chosen that specific country? Ideally I would like to have kids too, but I know that it will become increasingly difficult in our world to find a loyal and kind woman with whom it is worth taking the risks of starting a family.” (DER WELTENBUMMLER)

“You say that fornication ruins women, and makes them unfit to be wifes and mothers. But you sell how-to-fornicate guides. Why is that?” (NATHAN SCHUSTER)

“You have shown great loyalty to “biological” American nation which hosted your family of foreign origin. Yet, what are your feelings toward your ancestral country, Iran ? Did you ever think that settling there could be an option, given it’s quite traditional character and it’s growing sense of national confidence?” (ARMCHAIR GENERAL)

“Why dont you go to Armenia and Iran, by far the most traditional societies and girls are hot as hell. Do you speak local language?” (DAVID)

“How does one weigh the balance of ignoring the outside world, marrying the best girl one can and starting a family, or just permanently having short term sexual encounters feeding our sex drive, versus taking a stand and fighting the forces that are destroying the western civilized world?” (SPICY NUJAC)

“If you decide to have a family, how will you prevent modern culture, media, friends, and outside influences from corrupting your children?” (SPICY NUJAC)

“What is your view on Monarchy?” (CHRISTIAN)

“Do you view return to more traditional values as necessary for the continuing success of Western Civilization over its rivals, or more as a personal preference of what kind of world you want to live in?” (GGG)

“How would you advise a father to educate his children (both sons and daughters) to counter the narratives being pushed by society at large?” (NIL NISI OPTIMUM)

“You recently wrote an article about the necessity for the future mother of your children to be a virgin that believes in God. In which countries would one be most likely to find this type of girl/woman? (Ideally she would be Christian)” (WILLIAM R)

“Do you think neo masculinity needs to have a multigenerational approach – raising a family with the worldview and strong foundation – to have an impact in the next generation?” (ARMENIA 4 EVER)

“What advice can you give men in the manosphere to avoid a complete surrender to nihilism and pessimism?” (ARMENIA 4 EVER)

“Can you give your honest, brutal opinion on men who abstain from sex before marriage out of religious conviction (assuming that the conviction is sincere and that this genuinely isn’t the result of betadom)?” (MARCUS AQUILA)

“Do you think it’s necessary to fall in love to get married?” (ANDREA)

“If you ever got married, would you be faithful? Why or why not?” (ANDREA)

“Please explain why it is important for a woman to submit to a man and how to best train your woman to do as she’s told.” (STANNUM)

“How do we bring back the patriarchy? and how do we stop this real life calhoun mouse experiment?” (THE STEEL GUY)

“What are the steps you would take to minimize legal and financial risk from divorce/cohabitation laws?” (SIR TIMOTHY)

“You realize that to save Western Civilization – or Christendom – we need women to want marriage and to be fertile – raise kids. Yet “Bang”ing them seems to be counterproductive to that goal (as opposed to enjoying the decline into a new dark ages). At best you seem of two minds, but why not reform and go to the better angels of everyone’s natures – including and especially women – eggs are dear – than to damage women often reducing their Marriage Market Value?” (TZ1)

I hope you found some useful information and advice. I will probably do another one next year.

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9 thoughts on “Compendium Of All 131 Answers I Gave For The 2016 Q&A”

  1. New question: now that Trump will be President, will you organize the global meetups again? We are really looking forward to it.

    1. That is something that should be tried, sot that we may see if things will change under Trump. Needless to say it should be tried I think sometime into the second 6 months of his presidency.

    2. yes, but don’t make it about Trump in any way, but just as something that needed to be done to defeat the lying propaganda machine media. I would say push the free speech and the non-partisan (i.e. non Trump) political angle of dissent against the matrix of mainstream deception. Roosh has always talked about creating allies, and this might be the time to capitalise on widespread pre-existing anti-mainstream and anti-progressive discontent
      It’s always a case of anticipating what would make a weaker case in order to discover what would make the stronger

      1. Thanks for sharing the link. Although it looks like RVF meetups are more for partying and gaming women.

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