Only Six Hours Left For My Special Offers!

After ten days of nonstop promotions for the launch of Free Speech Isn’t Free, we’re down to the wire. In case you missed the news, here’s a video summary of what the book is about:

Here are the three bonuses you’ll receive if you order the book by midnight:

Bonus #1: An important new article explaining how to keep yourself safe from social justice attacks, especially by attackers who are already enmeshed in your social and professional circles.

Bonus #2: Full transcript of The State Of Man, the “dangerous” speech that initially created the hysterical censorship crusade. Here is a sample of what the speech contains:

  • The paradox of modern women
  • 11 problems that Western culture is facing today
  • How to mentally approach living in a degenerate world
  • How to construct a win-win lifestyle where you come out on top no matter what
  • 7 tips on how to meet women and experience intimacy in 2015
  • Examination of the sustainability of game for men who aim to use it for the long term
  • The two things that will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest
  • One important need that all men require in life
  • Three mental processes to use when you’re feeling beaten and hopeless

Bonus #3: 30% discount. If you order now, you’ll be charged only $7, which is 30% off the normal price (on June 20, the price will increase to $9.99).


Since I’m getting feedback that the first two bonuses are essential for the book, I’ll probably leave them in after today (they’re included in the main file), but to guarantee you get everything above, especially the discount, I recommend you place your order before midnight if you haven’t done so already.

Limited edition Roosh-head USB card

There are also a couple more USB cards left that are pre-loaded with all my books. These are hand-signed by me, meaning my skin oils and essence have fused with the card. After midnight, they will be removed from sale. 


They’re also produced in limited quantities, ensuring they’ll be worth many thousands of dollars in the future. The cards are re-usable and slim for daily use. While you wait for your card to ship, you will receive instant access to all digital files

usb1-200 usb2-200

Order now before midnight

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That wraps up this launch. I give thanks to the approximately 900 of you who have bought the book so far, making it my biggest launch ever (previous record was around 650). Drop an email to [email protected] and let me know what you think of the book. In the next few days I’ll share my strategy for book launches for those of you interested in what it takes to sell books online.

This article was published earlier today on Roosh V.

14 thoughts on “Only Six Hours Left For My Special Offers!”

  1. Interesting read so far (I’m working) but Quintus’ preamble sets the tone well and your accounts of your preparations for the speech are something I find personally valuable as pertaining to imminent plans in my own endeavors.
    One star

  2. >> Ignore below post, I thought they were separate, thanks Roosh!
    Original post: I just bought the book from the Amazon link provided and I received none of the bonuses as far as I can tell. If the bonuses were only available a certain way, that should have been stated in the article. I intended on buying it at some point, but I’m pretty mad at the moment, as Amazon doesn’t let you return Kindle books as far as I know, and I bought it expecting to get Bonus #1.

  3. Alright, you got me. With less than 20 minutes to go, I’m in for one of those USBs.

    1. Good call on that, trying to scramble for the funds for that as well here!

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  4. Not done reading yet, but a very good read so far! Am not going to lie… I skipped to “The State of Man” speech transcription straight away and it really makes the reader feel like he was there with you. Humorous, yet very succinct and important analysis of what modern men are faced with, particularly regarding today’s women and a nice contrast with our male ancestors as well.

  5. if u buy one of these , will this increase my chance of being able to join ROK events?

  6. “Free Speech Isn’t Free” isn’t a story about SJW’s v.s. Roosh.
    From what I both read and witnessed, the story is fundamentally the struggle between the elite and the principles underpinning neo-masculinity. I don’t believe for a single second that they care about Roosh the man. Yes he is the front man, but really, they came against all of us; those of us who believe in a resurgence traditional male leadership.
    They sent their weak shrieking pawns against all of us. They came with threats (and likely use) of government surveillance, violent protests and frenetic mass media propaganda saturating the airwaves with nothing but outright lies. That attempt to discredit the movement as nothing more than a ‘Roosh V rape cult’ just shows how low the establishment is willing to go. Those of us who braved attending the meetups saw just how easily the gormless progressive masses were manipulated into a feverous shit-storm of media slogans and talking points.
    At some point, free speech was indeed free. So if one lesson had to be taken from these events it would be this, we need to earn and fight for free speech again.

    1. The elites retain their mobs like a standing army ready to utilize against anyone who upholds true human culture and anyone who dares to yank back the clock on their campaign of destruction and who tries to boost the family ethic. The powers have declared family obscolete and have all but outlawed traditional culture. The elites I believe tried to get Roosh and his followers swatted by mob. They intentionally blasted rumors and spun half truth vs misinformation while hoping to spawn some sort of mob swatting.
      I myself survived a swatting, not a mob swatting but a shitbrigade of local feminazi women’s advocates and their goon squad of jew prosecutors and white knight killer hitcops. I’ve always opposed their entire crooked bitchsystem and have all but told them to their faces that the divorce rape industry ‘DRI’ along with their nanny state enforcer pigs have no right to exist in a free republic. I’ve said it plenty of times and to many directly behind their backs even. I learned through experience how the bitchsystem keeps tabs on who they intend to nix. They’ll leave you alone until they have a reason or excuse to fuck with you. Then you see the enemy up close. They’re ready 24-7 to swat a man, any man. Their agenda is all about depatriarching society.
      My near swatting was initiated by a flaky ex and perpetrated by close associates who I quickly cut off and realized they never had my best interests in mind. I’d always preach a little red pill whenever family or associates were around but I knew I was a lone voice with some who would only smile like they agree. I knew they were only half hearted at best, but I considered them practice, like I could proselytize anyone, or at least try to without unfounded backlash. A few close associates and even a church schill would then prove themselves as foes when they capitalized on the misunderstandings my ex put forth and they spun irrelevent facts and half truths. They tried to rally a mob of crazed bitchstate zealots against me like I was a threat to the world. No I was only opposed to bitchstate tyranny. I should have cut off the questionable family members and associates then and there. In fact I should have waged dirty and covertly against them beforehand, especially the ‘entrusted’ church traitor if I only knew. With the crazy spin of bullshit out of control, it wasn’t long before I saw bigger guns at my throat. The shit my ex started with her normal hamstering fell out of her hands and was all being spun further by the greater enemies of our culture. People I somewhat trusted but who perhaps either misunderstood or couldn’t comprehend my ascended and wise points of view suddenly would hand the baton to higher bitchstate authorities and the spin cycle to have me swatted accelarated as I slept. I was doing nothing really and the crazy hamstering of the bitchstate zealots took on a life of its own. Shit these retards need caged. The dumb bitch ex is the one who unwittingly drew the fire on me in the first place. The shitstorm to have me swatted stopped when I cut off a few close ties that I never suspected were ‘not so close’ in fidelity and true heartedness. I realised that only a true and good friend will take a fall for you and only a good woman listens and obeys – and if she has half a brain, she understands what she’s told and follows through. Some selfish broods of user bitches nowadays would sell out their own blood for two cents. They’re not even worth keeping in a goddamn cage.
      Any family member or associate that hands off to ‘authorities’ now is a die hard enemy and excommunicated from my sphere. The ‘authorities’ are shit. The bitchstate is shit. Show me one good ‘authority’ among 100 in the west today. You have to be oath sworn and proven as loyal to enter my sphere now. Every good man should preserve and keep well his trusted sphere of loyal ones only. You can live with someone for years and never have to test their loyalty until shit hits the fan. You are ten times stronger and resilient when you have a core surrounding of trusted associates such as loyal family (traitors have been purged) and when you have friends and supporters that are on the same vigilent wavelength as you. But with a weak turncoat partner, it’s only a matter of time before their presence turns treacherous.
      It’s a good and secure feeling to get out of bed in the morning and know that your clan is on board, on your side and level. Foes and instances that could take down an incoherent and weak family are no threat when your ‘family’ is more like a unified gang or like a tight knit pack of wolves that can sweep aside the foes and knock them away like teetering bowling pins. Strength and solidarity is good. It’s essential.

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