The Rise Of Game Denialism Is Hurting A Lot Of Men

As the ‘how to date women successfully’ niche matures, its best known exponents are subject to constant scrutiny and—in some cases—ridicule online. This is fair enough. If you are going to put yourself out there as an ‘expert’ then you should expect attention, and that not all of it positive. But the more negative elements of the commeteriat are, by creating a false narrative around the efficacy of game, inflicting real damage on those men they would claim to represent. If you are truly interested in improving not just your prospects with women, but also your growth as a man, then you should view such voices with skepticism.

I have been interested in game since 2005 (and even before then, when it was less established). In that time I have seen pretty much every prominent pick-up guru ripped to shreds. ‘Him? His lay count is only 50 – what does he know?‘; ‘He’s far too ugly to be getting the girls he says he does‘;  ‘His advice is worthless – he’s good-looking and that’s the only reason he gets girls‘; ‘He has no infield videos showing his game in action‘; ‘He has infields but they’re probably faked‘. He’s too fat, he’s too thin, he looks like a ‘roid addict, he’s not built enough.

And so on, ad infinitum.

Scepticism is natural, and healthy. We shouldn’t take everything we are presented with at face value, particularly  online, where it’s easy for people to fabricate things. But what concerns me about a lot of the game-denialist arguments I hear is that they are based in ad hominem and lack intellectual rigour.

To put it another way, the snowflakes who say game doesn’t work spend a lot of time shooting the messengers, and very little time responding to specific aspects of their content.

The Game Denialist Position

When it comes down to it, the game denialist position is extremely simple, and not very helpful. It is as follows: ‘girls are only interested in looks, height, money and fame.’

The denialists, like flat-earthers, hold this doctrine to be so self-evidently true that they feel that they don’t need to engage in coherent intellectual discussion with anyone who disagrees. Name-throwing and slurs are sufficient. Thus, any man who is not cute enough for them is dismissed as a fantasist, while his ideas go unchallenged. Men who do meet the denialists’ aesthetic criteria are grudgingly given the benefit of the doubt, but their counsel is deemed worthless for any man without the same physical advantages. References to ‘Chad Thundercock’, a popular mastubatory fantasy figure for incels, are common.

In forums, comments section of YouTube videos, Facebook groups or Twitter threads, the denialists find many willing cheerleaders. Their contributions are upvoted enthusiastically, which doubtless gives them the dopamine hit that motivated them to post in the first place.

And I get it: I understand both why these people make these comments and why people applaud them. Simply, it is because negativity is intoxicating, and it is easy. It is far more straightforward to denigrate someone online than to engage seriously with their ideas, or even worse, to actually take steps to change one’s own life. Throwing shade is a comfort blanket. Like a McDonald’s meal or a KFC bucket, it’s an easy way to feel good temporarily.

The problem, though, is that these denialists are wrong. They are propagating a self-evidently false narrative. They may have given up on self-improvement themselves, and that is their right, but to feed other men with this nonsense is irresponsible at best, and deliberate sabotage at worst. ‘If I can’t get laid,’ they are saying, ‘I don’t want anyone else to either. Except Justin Bieber, because he’s rich and cute‘.

When I look around the city where I live, and the other cities that I visit regularly for work, I constantly see what you might call ‘low value’ men who are not good looking or rich with wives and girlfriends. Sometimes the women they are with are extremely attractive. The game denialist argument that ‘average’ men can’t get sex is demonstrably false. Were that the case we would be seeing global population collapse, rather than overpopulation.

The question that remains, though, is can average men learn (through game) to get younger, hotter girls interested in them for sex? The answer is yes. If you learn certain basic fundamentals of male-female dynamics and improve your social skills, along with your grooming, dress sense and so on, and if you go out there with determination and persistence, then you will attract more sexier women. This is not rocket science. It doesn’t mean you will be getting Victoria’s Secret models. No one ever claimed that. But you will be getting a better deal than you would have done otherwise.

The game denialists would have us believe that this is impossible. Their position, essentially, is that you are born with a score, and that score not only determines your sexual success for the rest of your life, but it is also utterly unalterable. So, if you are a male 4 you will never be able to attract anything more than a female 4, and actually you are more likely to end up with a 3 or a 2.

I fundamentally contest this position quite simply because it goes against everything I have seen in my own life and that I observe around me every day. But say for a moment they are right. Say the playing field is rigged, and if you haven’t got ‘it’ then you are doomed to a low-value life.

Are we as men supposed to just roll over and accept that?

For me, the very essence of masculinity is the drive, persistence and determination to change our personal circumstances, be that through meeting hotter girls, growing a bigger income, getting better at a skill or sport, or defeating rivals in business. The warrior spirit that defines maleness is lacking in these snowflakes who would rather not believe, less still test the hypothesis, that it is possible to transcend one’s status in the genetic pecking order.

One of the main reasons that I personally have been successful in game over the years, as well as in other areas, is a sheer defiance: an unwillingness to accept the status quo. And grit, after all, is one of the key determinants of success and a hallmark of high-achievers. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the end, independent thinking—another key component of masculinity—is essential. When I read the advice of a pickup expert (or a financial or business expert, for that matter) I don’t waste time or energy bitching about the person who delivered it. Instead, I go out and test their ideas. Because that, after all, is what is important. If their suggestions work then great. If they don’t then I discard them. I want a better life, and I evaluate people’s’ ideas on their own merits rather than against a backdrop of my own prejudices.

I also recognise that a big part of having a better life is to help others. And it is for that reason that I would never impede the progress of other men by promulgating limiting beliefs based on my own insecurities rather than my field-tested experience.

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244 thoughts on “The Rise Of Game Denialism Is Hurting A Lot Of Men”

  1. Bravo Troy. I was waiting for you to address this cock sucking denialists keybord warriors. Good job.

    1. I despise FA’s !!!
      i hate them more than feminists bitches…..
      but hey…..less competition for me.

      1. Not all women are feminists and you’ve been watching too much negative mgtow content that is poisoning your mind.

        1. This is what women from North America look like, and act like, and are really like!

        1. Of course these rabid animal feminists will want to get raped by turd worlder rapefugees like you TURDWORLDMAN! They even beg for scum like you to get raped on a trash heap in Italy.

        2. Again….
          Its not my fault you’re a virgin.
          what a pathetic life you must have….

    2. No. This article is weak.
      Troy states he started game in 2005… well what the hell did he learn? I stated in a reply to one of his previous articles that in every video he’s posted he displays someone who lacks charisma or charm. Absolutely zero alpha vibe. Hence why he’s seen the backlash.
      As for why there’s a backlash, it’s half due to guys without game trying to tear everyone else down to make themselves feel better, and half due to pretend alphas talking out of their ass (which is where most people put Troy).
      So, Troy, if you’re reading this, don’t blame the community, blame yourself and your delusions regarding your status in the sexual marketplace. You should have never put your face out there on the internet, well, not before improving yourself to a level that you have some credibility.

      1. I dont know him or watched his videos but how the fuck this is weak article ???
        explain to me …..
        all i see is some butthurts with no game and spreading their insecurities as cancer. which is a very good point presented in the article.
        you guys dont realize that its women nature to be hoes……so the crying and complaining is a waste of time.
        if some of them dont wants to improve themselves then thats their fault. geezus … so many offended snowflakes here.

        1. It’s weak because he’s highlighting the problem of teenagers and MGTOW’s coming here and trolling game writers as the entire reason for him getting called out.
          If you think that shows strong character, you’re wrong. A stronger man would have taken the advice onboard and adjusted, or at least tried to, rather than find external reasons. But I get it, he’s got a gameplan, a book to sell. He just forgot that in order to sell himself (as in, show his face and himself interacting in the street), he should have tried working on selling himself first. By that, I mean, working on his posture, voice, presence, style, demeanor, confidence, charm, etc.

        2. As I already said I don’t know him ….
          I’m not defending him or whatever but these incels ARE pathetic. and I already explained why.
          if they really don’t care abt women then they shouldn’t get butthurt if some guy gets some pussy….or gives some advice.
          they always talk about women BECAUSE deep inside they have some kind of self loathing. and they wish they can get some pussy…
          its very obvious.

        3. I know the type you’re talking about, and I 100% agree, they hate themselves and are trying to pull everyone else down to feel better.
          That’s not what’s going on here, with Troy. He’s a faker, and having fakers pretending to be PUA’s does not help this community one bit. So fuck him.

        4. Uh, this message system is broken, not sure who’s writing to who half the time.
          Anyway, just as a general reply, I’m not here to cut people down, I like Troy’s advice, all I’m preaching is for some quality control. If someone’s a faker then they should be called out as, ultimately, it’s not a positive thing having someone misrepresent you.
          They don’t need to be 10/10 chads, but they can’t be 4 or 5 out of 10’s either. Quality control.

      2. This argument is the same as “do you even lift, bro?” Lifting results are obvious. But In this case, you have no idea if he gets pussy or not. I love most game articles because it’s something that applies to me specifically, in a world of feminist bullshit. The message here is good. At the very least it keeps me in the right mindset. I need sex, and I enjoy it, so I’ll always be a student, even from my peers.

      3. Asdada you raise some questions here..
        DO one must need Alpha vibe to get girls ?
        What if a guy, who lacks charisma or charm (as Troy, you stated it), but with game, self improvement and a fine knowledge on female psychology can be more successful with girls, enough to teach other some tricks and give advices ?
        And would you take troy’s advices more seriously if the guy was a 10/10 super mega alpha with all features that women look (fame status money body etc.) or would you say that his opinion is just ridged because he has all the things we all need to acquire to be successful (like the case where a successful handsome man who would say “just be yourself” as his best advice) ?
        no taunting here, just want your opinion.

        1. You don’t need an alpha vibe to get all girls, that’s obvious when you look at the couples in the street. Girls go for different types at different stages in their reproductive cycle. They go for an alpha just before their period, and a beta just after. Also, as they “mature” or spoil, they go for betas.
          So the alpha vibe is only really required if you want to get fresh pussy.

        2. Alpha is required always ! if you seek relationship or marriage. its even more required….
          the woman will lose interest if the man go soft. why do you think so many failed marriages out there ?
          the game should always be at the highest level no mattet what condition you are in.

        3. You two are right, but you two fail to see the point and both of you contradict the other.
          @THIRWORLDMAN alpha is not needed for relationship or marriage, just as Asdada stated ” You don’t need an alpha vibe to get all girls, that’s obvious when you look at the couples in the street” But yes you’re right, alpha is needed to keep her interest and make the couple last.
          @Asdada, i wanted to ask you if a beta with game like troy is less relevant to give advice than an blessed alpha boy who attract girls like a magnet without raising the little finger. Who is more relevant to you to give advice to men who seek to get more pussy ? you didn’t answered on that point.

        4. @ faraway, you shouldn’t take advice from either (between alpha with little game and beta with lots of game). Both are shit options.
          If you want solid advice on how to have an alpha mindset listen to Patrice O’Neil. That guy should have been out of the game entirely based on his looks alone, but listen to him speak, and listen to people that knew him about how they’d rate his game skills.

      4. Who are you to claim his credibility or lack of? I enjoy reading Troy a lot and he does know what he’s talking about. I can tell he’s the real deal, but if his common sense and modesty don’t make him charismatic and Alpha enough for you and other arrogant Alpha wannabes around then I’m fine with it, and hopefully so is Troy.

      5. Guys: do you know why we men are always in the losing end of the “gender wars” that have been waged by Feminists against men all over the Western world?
        Because this is what we men do – we form a circular firing squad inside our own tents. I have noticed some commenters attack Troy over and over again in many articles. You can disagree with his ideas, BUT, to attack him personally (ad hominem), it is unhelpful and destructive. It is demoralizing.
        We, men, should be working together. The enemy is right before us, FemiNazism, and we should be working towards a consensus of ideas and policies to effect real change that will end the gender wars and bring back our country and societies into a place that men and women can get along again (at least to the point we are not enemies… maybe reluctant partners??). These ideas, policies, and proposals should be advanced in a local and national basis to make REAL CHANGES that will end things like divorce rape, curtail child support, end female ability to physically attack men who fear defending themselves for fear of arrest. This is what we need to focus on.
        Aim your fire where it is needed: FemiNazis. Not on other men, especially NOT in a personal level. Attack ideas, not the individuals.
        Let’s re-focus on FemiNazis and share our knowledge and experiences to make each other stronger.

      6. This is the very kind response that Troy writes about in the article. Thanks for illustrating the point!

        1. Poor argument. I’m not arguing that game denialism isn’t a thing, I’m arguing that Troy Francis isn’t a thing. I don’t want fake alphas representing me. And neither do you.

      7. Troy has been a columnist here for a very long time and I enjoy his articles. To completely dismiss him calls into question Roosh’s judgement, instinct and editorial skills. And Roosh is as sharp as they come; he HAS to be to navigate the relentless and well funded attacks on this site to say nothing of his field experience. I dare say no one on this thread — including me — has any idea what it takes to weather such attacks and still be standing and what comes with that is razor sharp sharp intuition. When in doubt, give the benefit of the doubt.

    3. I think the issue is that many men in this “movement” have used so called “game” to sexually harass, abuse, mistreat and in some cases even rape women. It’s this misogynistic culture where frustrated losers that way overvalue themselves are prone to the pick up advice and so called “philosophies” from guys like Roosh who was kicked out of Toronto with his tail between his legs.
      The truth is all that all misogynistic rhetoric in the world won’t turn back the clock on women’s rights and the fight for equality. And the reactionaries and misogynist need to understand and accept that.

      1. Jennifer….. oh darling.
        do you know why you’re full of shit ? you are actually calling these men losers even tho they are the one who makes you wet while the beta cuck is supporting your MYTH cause. and watches you getting fucked by a stud. i bet your bf is a biker who drills you at night and in the morning you go to the betas and tells them how important is equality…. we are not equal ! get over it.

      2. Jennifer raises a valid point. Nobody should be harassing or raping anyone. Good game makes a woman interested, and hopefully she’ll spread her legs. If and when she does, the bedroom is the place to dominate her and make her scream. And of course we’ll talk shit when we learn she’s been with 30 guys, or even ten. We get to have our cake and eat it too. Sorry, Jennifer. Nobody forced you to be a slut instead of a good wife.

      3. Ditto, women also need to stop bitching about how feminism is scaring away quality men while only attracting creepy unattractive men as evident with all the #MeToo predators mostly being doughy male feminist allies.
        Don’t feel entitled to the benefits of a patriarchy while at the same time abolishing it.

  2. The unattractive/average mans dream is that somehow good looking men are completely ignorant of women and gaming them. Armed with their acquired ‘knowledge’ from PUA’s they almost desperately believe that it will somehow tip the scales in their favor and dominate the sexual market or compete on the same playing field as men with looks money and status.
    There is good advice on women on this site and in some gaming articles, but the fantasy of becoming a chad slaying lady killer is as likely to work as a roided to the gills youtube fitness guru’s diet and workout plan.

    1. Ya, they tend to be the really loud and annoying guys at bars, constantly trying to cockblock by barging in and making some stupid comment. Men who are desperate for pussy and who constantly chase after it these days are really annoying. Most women just use these guys for free drinks.

      1. @ Wes
        “Men who are desperate for pussy and who constantly chase after it these days are really annoying. Most women just use these guys for free drinks.”
        How about that, we actually agree on something. These desperate idiots will even chat up old bags in their 40s. Asinine.

        1. You’re talking about feminist shitholes like (((Toronto))) and (((San Francisco)))

      2. The best-looking men I’ve met in my life (and I’m talking movie/model-tier) were all humble, easygoing guys. Seriously these dudes have nothing to prove to the world. Their appearance and god-tier genetics speak more than words ever could. They don’t have to “AMOG” anyone like those mingy PUA/RSD mutts or bloated gymcels with bearded potato heads.

    2. This is true. You can improve with game and there is some good advice but you have to be realistic at the same time. I’m a short-ass and although I have a good physique I’d say that I look average at best – for someone like me to think that they could compete with better looking, more successful men when it comes to bedding the 10s consistently would be delusional. The important thing is just to do the best with what you’ve got. I did have some success and I managed to find a girl to settle down and have kids, and with her I’d say that I’m punching above my weight. When I first got into game that was all I was aiming for anyway.

      1. Adam Thomas.. that, my friend is where you are failing. Once you adapt the attitude that regardless of how tall you are, etc, that you don’t care (or it doesn’t matter), the sooner that issue will not be a problem. I’ve seen guys who were ugly, short, skinny, and tatted, with little to no income, mack on what nerds and omega’s refer to as 9’s and t10’s. Playing games with women is like playing craps. Sometimes you hit snake-eyes, and other times you’re rolling 7’s and 11’s. It’s just the way that women and bitches are. But using the word bedding is kind of an indication of why you may be having some problems. You don’t bed hos, you just fuck em.

    3. I’m a tall, good looking guy with a good career. I get lots of tinder matches. But at the club, Plenty of short, fat losers have out-gamed me.
      You miss all the shots you don’t take.

      1. The only short fat guys ive seen pick up fuckable women at clubs were either the clubs owner, some sort of wealthy bigshot or a criminal underworld figure.

        1. I suppose a short fat guy with a sense of humor and a few bags of coke might be able to do well in a club towards the end of the night. But that does take some money — you’re “wealthy bigshot”.

        2. “criminal underworld figure.”
          exactly my point. There are plenty of bad boy thugs crushing pussy. You probably don’t go out enough. The bouncers are always big ex-cons. They let the girls in free, and all of their thug buddies who don’t spend a dime. Several commenters have already been complaining that women love thugs. So which is it?

        3. @david
          The thugs have status David. They know the bouncers they have a social aura and a lot of people kiss their ass or move the fuck out of their way. Bitches also suspect they got money from ill gotten means.
          You can try and mimick that shit but you will be found out. At best look silly, worst have your face caved in by real thugs.

        1. The thugs who pull bitches don’t spend a dime. Put on a stiff upper lip and go caveman. Let the bitches drink and the betas buy the drinks.
          We can’t have a bunch of guys here saying women only like bad boy thugs, and then another group sayiing women only like handsome rich guys. One of those theories is much easier to test out.

        2. Different stages in the flight-path of whoredom dictate female ‘attraction.’ But also their hypergamy yields to their sadomasochism at times.

  3. “Simply, it is because negativity is intoxicating, and it is easy. It is far more straightforward to denigrate someone online than to engage seriously with their ideas, or even worse, to actually take steps to change one’s own life.”
    Yeah, and no hang over, either…..a(/SARC)
    “Throwing shade is a comfort blanket. Like a McDonald’s meal or a KFC bucket, it’s an easy way to feel good temporarily.”
    If these two take outs are “feel good”, you have really really shitty standards and taste. Everything else about you would then be highly suspect as well.

    1. Agree 100%. I just described above why men are on losing end of the FemiNazi attacks on men: we form circular firing squads against one another, on ad hominem levels.
      It is fine to disagree on ideas and concepts delivered; it is another to attack the messenger.
      We should be working to form coalitions and putting forward policies and concrete ideas to change the system that is working actively to destroy men, via courts, school, culture, and more. Complaining will not make this change happen. We need strategy, common goals, and policies to demand real changes to make our lives better. Yes, Game is awesome, it is a tool that is used by men on an individual level (micro), but we need to think bigger (macro) level.
      Instead, we have bickering and personal attacks on each other. *sigh* 🙄
      I wonder if we need to begin a discussion similar to what has been doing. Working on actual solutions to the Feminist hell we now live in…. ??

  4. The previous article from this author contained a video in the comments with Troy blabbing about the weather in Berlin. The comments were full of responders pointing out his average looks and shedding doubt on his purported game success. Apparently, the remarks were full of trigger words precipitating this article.
    I don’t think men are in denial when they unload ad hominem commentary. I just think they are tired of taking advice from unmarried/divorced, childless men dolling out instruction on how to make with women from former soviet satellite countries. Even Roosh is course correcting as he pushes into his forties.
    I’m wary of the many self proclaimed experts who likely fake the data even in their own minds to push their next advice propaganda. Calling people deniers because their opinion differs from yours is a play taken straight from the social justice warrior handbook.

    1. “Calling people deniers because their opinion differs from yours is a play taken straight from the social justice warrior handbook”
      And equating them with “flat earthers”. I got a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of that bullship from SJW’s and shitlibs.

    2. Yes. We all can laugh a feminists who look up to, or listen to people like [insert any prominent feminist], because they’re ugly, delusional and unable to be happy or attractive. So why the double standards? Why can’t we call out fakers without being labelled “haters?” Well, we can. Fuck anyone who uses labels to win arguments. We NEED quality control, without it we’ll become a joke led by faggots.

    3. Game is a very proactive application that is no longer necessary because of sudden female intolerance to anything beneath alpha-status, while the Red Pill is a very reticent application…something that is inherent/apparent in alphas. The alpha male is not the life of the party because he is boisterous…(popularity that ‘game’ sought to mimic with fleeting success). The alpha is the life of the party because he has women crowding around him without trying or even caring, and even excusing himself or dismissing them to sit silently without distractions.
      Women are still very much proactive in the Current Year, perhaps even more so. They just pursue a smaller percentage of men (alphas) with far greater intensity, and have become completely intolerant of the vast majority of men (beta-orbiters), aside from distant social media worshipping… Going so far as to retroactively reimagine unpleasant situations as ‘rape’ to avoid the stigma of having willingly deigned themselves with a beta.
      Because of the ascendency of this latest incarnation of feminism, law/culture have legalized/incentivized hypergamy. The proliferation (and celebration) of ‘female-friendly’ (torture) pornography (BDSM), coupled with female in-group preference (intrinsic female attraction to male infidelity/universal forgiveness of mistresses/recreational lesbianism) has created this bizarre window of female sexuality in the Current Year, which, like the past era of Game, will not last. Bear markets never do. But it makes for an interesting case study.
      Just like parachute pants in the 1980s, Game came and went because of the dynamics of the ‘Current Year’ (last decade)…just like serenading a woman with a soliloquy was apropos in the Shakespearean age. I am a tinfoil denialist. All of this bitching and bellyaching about ‘denialism,’ along with this inscrutable nostalgia for the culture of the Bush/Obama years, as if it represented some Golden Age, is pretty Boomer-tier.

      1. Ok so now you finally repost this 24 hours later (double post actually) after I had to rearrange it to get past mods, like soooooo many other things I post? Get it together.

  5. What really bothers me more than anything is how these negative Nancies go onto ALL self-improvement, pro-masculine, and game-focused blogs and spread their negativity and nastiness. They need to spread their nasty lies and opinions.
    Game denialists remind me of that conspiracy theorist who’s 53, unmarried, unkempt, long, greasy hair, works a shitty job, and drive a van with 100 conspiracy-themed bumper stickers. It’s no way to live life but the man thinks he’s the smartest and most intelligent guy who ever walked the Earth. All the while they are actually very, very stupid and miserably unhappy.
    If I ran a website or youtube channel, I would just ban them. There’s no arguing with them, no reasoning with them. They give Leftists a run for their money on being intolerant of the truth. Just as a Leftist believes wealth is all inherited and blah blah blah the game denialist thinks looks, genetics, is all inherited.
    That’s fine if they believe that. Go ahead. But do me a favor pretty please game denialists, stop talking and go away. And maybe, just maybe if you shaved, lost 40 pounds, got a cool haircut and cool clothes, and talked to some girls, you’d get some.

    1. “And maybe, just maybe if you shaved, lost 40 pounds, got a cool haircut and cool clothes, and talked to some girls, you’d get some.”
      So you’re saying game is all about your looks? lol, who is the denialist.

      1. Whoever says game isn’t about looks at all is selling you a bill of goods. A 700 pound man who knows game lack the back of his hand will get nothing and that’s a fact.
        Game was never divorced from looks. Anyone who says any guy with any look can get any girl is completely full of shit. I seek a balanced approach, looks matter and game matters. Anyone who says otherwise is probably trying to sell you their $5,000 weekend seminar.

        1. Yeah, you have to wonder why we should believe that the morbidly obese dating coach Frank Kermit knows how to attract women.

        2. “Game was never divorced from looks.”
          Bullshit, ask most of the very big PUAs out there who outright deny looks matter, like Owen Cuck from RSD.

        3. Contradictory game logic;
          “He has strong natural ‘game’” ie he is strong in looks, wealth or status or more than one.
          Subconsciously the gamer knows he can’t compete with his bag of PUA tricks but he rationalizes that the ‘natural gamer’ is just more proficient in learned game than he and he can get there too if he invests more in it.
          Nothing wrong with self improvement I’m an advocate for men to do so myself but if we are truly to correct the sexual market or fix our decaying society it’s not going to be with some bullship clown dancing for feral out of control women or turning the few remaining good women into high notch count bitter sloots.

        4. I don’t worry about game, I can pay cash and that’s something all women want.

      2. Part of it looks …..and other things like your character, you personal life goals….etc
        why the fuck you deserve hot girl if you are not willing to work on yourself?

        1. I’ve gotten laid and respect from women far more often with looks than I did being confident and cool when I looked like an average Shlub.
          Believe what you will but At the end of the day it only makes it easier for me if my competition thinks negging, confidence, scripted lines and fashion is going to make them chad.
          I’ve seen the other side. Modern western women are extremely shallow and entitled. In the difficult current sexual market for Men, women, even uggo’s fatties and single moms know they can leverage that power to have access to men way out of their league. PUA’s are no longer getting traction in the West and taking their shit abroad to validate it.
          With the homegrown western pig females. Smooth charisma means shit if she is not getting the tingles from your status, your wallet or imagining you naked.

        2. And this is not only in the weatern world mate ! its everywhere in the world. cause thats the hoes nature…. societies tends to stand with women these days. thats why the game is getting to the next level. as far as other qualities other than your looks, do it for yourself not for gaining approaval from others.
          its makes you great and powerful when you’re successful in different aspects of life.

        3. TWM
          Not true, if you live in SEA, and a women accuses a man, if she went somewhere alone with the guy the police aren’t interested. They consider being alone with a guy as consent. Sure if it’s a white girl they will arrest the guy, then let him out on bail, while they move the court dates around until she has to go home. When she goes home the case is quietly dropped as there is no accuser. It’s a game the 3rd world countries play to appease the USA.

    2. RooshV: not 53 yet but getting up there. Unmarried: check. Unkempt, long greasy hair: that beard of his is definitely long, doesn’t appear to be greasy, but anyway this is a silly criterion since the true mark of the 53yo loser is bald, right? Works a shitty job: check, since of late Roosh been reduced to internet begging for bitcoins in his videos, and definitely is no financial winner. Drives a van: I don’t think he has any vehicle, but that is no failing for someone in a place like EE with good public transport and cheap taxis, so another silly criterion. Conspiracy theories: check, just read the RVF politics section.
      Also, the issue isn’t whether we can get “some” or not. Anyone can get a post-menopausal fatty. The issue is whether game is going to make a big difference in getting the girls we think we deserve. As a high-earning, well-educated, well-groomed, well-dressed male 7 with a classic lean but muscular body, I think I deserve a well-behaved and non-fat female 7 a few years younger than me. In the past, I would have easily gotten such a girl. But nowadays only a few men like me get this because the female 7’s have mostly gone crazy, gotten fat or are holding out for the male 8’s and above. The few successes among the male 7’s don’t disprove the rule, which is that things have changed. It’s a winner take all system now and male 7 is not high enough to be the winner class.
      I’m not a defeatist, by the way. I’m very grateful to be born in a first-world country where natural talent combined with education allows me to earn that high income I mentioned above. Take that high-income or accumulated savings to EE or SEA and guess what? No game required and nevertheless easy to get those well-behaved, non-fat female 7’s (or even higher) a few years younger.

      1. South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are becoming costlier to live. American expats have made Philippines very high in cost of living because of the amount of six figure morons overpricing everything in Manila and Angeles City. Keep your six and seven figure salaries away from 3rd world countries because all of you are making it difficult for the average American MGTOW to move to EE or SEA to fight feminists in the upcoming battle against Russia, Iran and China against America and America’s allies.

        1. Russia:
          I am yet to meet a Filipino that is above a 5 in appearance and these are the rare ones. I sometimes get in the mood for Asians and have dated a mix Brazilian-Japanese girl (sansei) and I enjoy cute Asian girls myself. But the cute Asians I have ever met in my life are from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam.
          The Philippine girls are UGLY as hell, IMHO. Yes, they have some nice traits, like being politically conservative, being more religious, and being modest (some of them), but LOOKS-wise… damn.
          I had a friend say that the Filipino girls are the “Peruvians of Asia”. Lol 😆
          If I am going to move halfway across the world to a country where sanitation is poor, cops are corrupt (which can be a very good thing, but still a pain), and gonna have to re-arrange my entire life to be there to bang local girls, I am gonna go where the girls are hottest. That would be EE, and Thailand, Japan, or South Korea. The Filipino women lack on looks way too much for me to put all that work and effort. 🙄
          My .2 cents.

        2. ChristianCool.. you must be Filipino blind because I could show you 100 gorgeous Filipina women with one click. Maybe you’re talking about those Thai chicks with sinkhole-sized noses and seem to resemble trannies in transition. Oh, well….

        3. Russia wins WW3… who the fuck in their right minds would want to move to a ‘registered’ 3rd world country? It’s dangerous for Westerners to be playing around in those places right now. Especially places like the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, etc. Besides, if you’re from Russia, you’ve got some of the most beautiful women in the world (even with their huge foreheads) to fuck right in your own backyard!

        4. Russia Wins,
          Philippines is dirt cheap, you can have a 8 living with you if you have a US state pension. Bottle of spirits (700cl/1 pint) is around $2 for a decent local brand. Personally, I like the local San Miguel gin. House with air-con about $200 a month + utils.
          The really attractive Filipinos are in their 20s, you won’t find them in the USA because they don’t have qualifications, but the bars and dating sites are packed with them. You gotta shop locally.

      2. Goat:
        I live in “flyover America” now (Rockies) and I am a solid 8, 5’11”, blue eyes/brown hair, jacked thanks to my love of exercise and the occasional boost of “Vitamin “S”. 😉 I have my own 3-bed 3 bath townhouse in best suburb south of the city, drive a great fast convertible and have a slightly older SUV for ski trips and weekend long getaways. I am widowed, and Christian women seem to find that “romantic” for some inexplicably-sadistic-insane reason. I am going on 36, and I am only man over 27 in my church who is single.
        I have my shit very much together. People from my local church are driving me CRAZY, they keep introducing me to “this girl I know that would be perfect for you”. 😡 I politely refuse, only to have the girl come by the church next Sunday “by happenstance”, so I am forced-introduced anyway. These women are either single moms, divorcees (which in Christianity, unless the divorce was because of adultery, she is STILL married to her ex, by God’s law), or they are 3-5 in appearance and never married. I admit, many are pleasant enough at first, but I am NOT going to be in a relationship with a woman whose SMV/overall rating is less then a 7. I admit, I am a bit vain about my own appearance and I put a LOT of effort into my appearance, from having perfect hair, stylist tailored clothes, perfect car/house, workout 4-6 days a week, perfect teeth, Italian colognes…. no way I am gonna dumpster-dive into some woman “just because”. Not gonna do it, period.
        I am NOT gonna burn my status in local church (which is a group I have some local support from, since I am from FL and I have no relatives nearby), so I would not risk a pump n dump or even a date (that could go sideways fast) and she can burn me with church members I am friends with. I am at a point I do not even want to go to church anymore, because the sheer number of single/divorced women in the churches between 28-38 is just MASSIVE. I mean I would say 5-1 single women to men in churches today! 😮
        Honestly, I cannot care one bit if a woman has her won financial success, college degree, or whatever. I am interested in her looks, personality, and procreation ability. The problem is: despite me having a successful 12-year marriage, I WILL NOT MARRY AGAIN. I MIGHT marry a gain if I were to meet an EE girl whom we developed a great relationship, but I have become so anti-marriage (for legal reasons), that I may not even marry that hot EE girl, even if she was just perfect. :-/
        The issue, at least from a Christian point of view, this presents a moral dilemma. But I have made peace with God about not marrying again and yes, I want to have a kid, but will have to be with an LTR girl, who has her own place. I will help support kid, we will share custody and child, but why risk all I have worked hard for (and my late wife worked hard for as well), so some woman can just divorce-rape me whenever she discovered “Eat Pray Love” at the local RedBox rental machine? 🙄
        Gimme a break.
        AS for your contention that you cannot get above a 7 in USA, it all depends where you live. In my area, I am ranging a few 6’s, many 7s, and some 8s on a regular basis. I RARELY meet a 9, because I am looking at 25-33 age range and these girls get so many roosters in their tacos, they age at warp speed. 🙁 Some of these girls in their 30s have been pounded so hard by so many different dudes, the 30-something year old looks 40, aged similarly to what you see with Lindsay Lohan! 😯
        I do 80% daygame and 20% online these days. I daygame in grocery store, gym, street, a few times at the mall, and even in restaurants.
        The issue is that even if we both run same situation (good job, educated, wearing a nice suit and financial life put together), the women who want this in USA will be the lower income girls, NOT the educated ones. I am 100% OK with that, since I would not marry them anyway…but that is your pool of choice.
        The women in our country (USA) have declined in such a rapid pace in last 15 years, it truly is frightening. It is a foreboding sign for our country and society, that our women have declined in quality so rapidly. 🙁
        I wrote in another article comments here that when I was in high school, the women in “flyover America” Kentucky and even in Central FL where I am originally from, were pretty, feminine, sweet, clean, no tattoos, and were just a joy to date. These girls were there by the boatloads, they cooked and cleaned my room after school, and dating them was amazing experience.
        But the supply of such girl sis basically vanished now. The pretty sweet girls you meet these days are so valuable, you can increase their appearance rating by +2 for personality alone. Most of the women I meet here in Rockies that are above a 7 have such despicable cuntish behavior that the only engagement I can have with them is “hate fuck”. I cannot even stand the ones that want to spend the night, I literally stay up playing video games, while keeping an eye on her, so she will get the fuck out ASAP in the morning, in peaceful manner, to avoid divorce rape false ties. The inside of my home has to be wired top to bottom with cameras, which I ONLY turn on when I know a woman’s will come by. I do not trust or even enjoy the company of most of the 7s I meet in my area… and the 6s are not any better in personality, so I avoid them completely, since that is a 2 point drop for me, way too much for me to tolerate.
        This is NOT a healthy situation for any man, who has worked hard, has success financially, and has his physical appearance (and game) together to put up with for 7s.
        I honestly think we should take a trip to Ukraine or Belarus and clear our heads some and re-analyze what we are doing even wasting our money, time, and energy on American women who think they are descendants of the goddess Athena for being a 7 and not morbidly obese. And when I say “Ukraine”, I do NOT mean to Kiev or Odessa; I am talking to Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, etc…. fewer tourist areas. Kiev is a waste of time, I have a friend who just returned from Ukraine and he said so many dudes on street running game, Kiev will become the Washington DC of Eastern Europe of bitchy women if this keeps up.
        Are you thinking about a woman to wife up or just for pleasure? ❓ Honestly, I would have liked to marry again, but given our laws and absurd legal system, the odds are almost 0 that I would take the plunge… What a messed up situation, man.

        1. Women are desperate for marriage and then they know they get the kids and house in divorce so they will take it even vaguely seriously. The modern paradox of the good woman.
          I think that as a Christian you don’t have to marry morally anymore. Marriage is not available any more in your country as is discussed in the Bible. If divorce meant the men must be hung and dismembered would a man still be expected to marry? There must be a line where the term marriage as offered by the state doesn’t map to the legal reality of what is offered as marriage in your country. I would posit that the line has long since been crossed.
          You can maybe marry using your heart and just have a marriage ceremony between the two if you without any legality or any paperwork or witnesses but the system is so stacked against men it is not marriage that a Christian man can enter into any more.
          Women get full custody in 89% of divorce cases and 96% of alimony payments. Its disgusting and a man that marries in America is full of self-hate and is letting the side down.
          I would chill with the cameras tho thats just paranoid and over the top. If you are suffering paranoia then don’t touch drugs.

        2. * correction * There must be a line where the term marriage as understood by Christianity doesn’t map to the legal reality of what is offered as marriage in your country.

        3. ChristianCool.. after about the first three sentences, your comment turned into bragging, so I didn’t bother reading the rest of your novel.

        4. Living in the Mid-West Cultural spread, which are drawn for political reasons, I can say this is 100% accurate save having a few more 8s and the occasional 9 in my particular location.
          Being about a decade younger, I was too young to see a demise and was busy doing international stuff but you know its a problem when your Miss America contestant is not much of a looker and your local government buildings are stacked with divorced single ladies with one or two kids.
          I have parents trying to hook me up with their not so ideal daughters too.
          Do you guys have Russian/Ukrainian immigrants over there?

      3. Goat,
        A few years younger? Nah, anyone can get a 8-10 in her 20s because you can offer way more than the local guys. Sure, they’ll still be unfaithful, that’s the way women are out here, but if you let her know the kids will be DNA tested, they will all be yours.

    3. lmao you know you are a member of a cult when you compare everyone who denies game as a “conspiracy theorist”, the mainstream laughs at game, most women do it too, the only people who believe this nonsense that getting girls is all just a skill are a small minority of desperate incels.
      Denying game is STANDARD in society, believing in PUA shit makes you more of a “conspiracy theorist” than all the others.

    4. This is the real issue, but it is human nature. Negative nancies are just jealous because they’re pussies who don’t take action. I’m on business forums talking high level investing, and somebody drops in saying “it’s a bubble, you’ll never make any money” etc. It’s hilarious and predictable to a T.
      Since diving into the manosphere, I’ve increased my income, put on some lean muscle, cut off relationships with people who bring me down, and hooked up with a lot of girls. All of that because of the encouragement from other commenters and some of the writers. NObody says you have to buy their shit.

  6. I feel as if game deniers (chiefly outside the manosphere circles) are the same people who say “oh you want to keep your hurrr durrr ar-15?! How’s that going to match up to drones, tanks and air strikes hurrr durrr”

  7. ‘girls are only interested in looks, height, money and fame.’
    I have two out of those 4. The two in the middle.
    But #3 is the only thing that has ever gotten me laid.

  8. Game has changed alot over the past 10 years in ways that disporportion the sexual market place. In the past women had to make a effort in finding men. They had to show up to places like bars, be pleasant, and not be obese and gross in hopes of attracting a quality man due to real time competition in the venue. Now women have so many options without even having to leave their home. Thirsty beta males will plug these fatties to get a piece of anything, increasing the ego of these women. Meaning these women have to put in no real effort and the beta males are to blame for that. Until the sea of beta men and white knights get with the program and have some standards in their lives the sexual market place won’t be changing anytime soon.

    1. Security, police and the legal system are for the feminist. In Russia, I found out that after the Soviet invasion, police are actually suspicious of Western women because of feminist attitudes.

    2. I will add: Thanks to the wonders of photo filters, women now have the option to completely doctor their pictures, shave years off their looks, trim fat, eliminate wrinkles, etc. I have been on countless dates in the past 3 years and I can’t tell you how many women showed up looking nothing like their photos… they truly have zero shame. I don’t believe anything I see on the internet anymore, it’s all smoke, mirrors, and cheap parlor tricks.

      1. EXACTLY! I’ve been catfished like crazy in the last year. The filters make these bitches look skinny and beautiful. IN person, they look like someone I wouldn’t even glance at a second time.

        1. soon as you said skinny with the beautiful you lost me. Who wants to bang a ironing board with titties?

    3. Women are still very much proactive in the Current Year, perhaps even more so. They just pursue a smaller percentage of men (alphas) with far greater intensity, and have become completely intolerant of the vast majority of men (beta-orbiters), aside from distant social media worshipping… Going so far as to retroactively reimagine unpleasant situations as ‘rape’ to avoid the stigma of having willingly deigned themselves with a beta.
      Because of the ascendency of this latest incarnation of feminism, laws and culture have legalized/incentivized hypergamy. The proliferation (and celebration) of ‘female-friendly’ (torture) pornography (BDSM), coupled with female in-group preference (intrinsic female attraction to male infidelity/universal forgiveness of mistresses/recreational lesbianism) has created this bizarre window of female sexuality in the Current Year, which, like the past era of Game, will not last. Bear markets never do. But it makes for an interesting case study.
      Game is a very proactive application that is no longer necessary because of sudden female intolerance to anything beneath alpha-status, while the Red Pill is a very reticent application…something that is inherent/apparent in alphas. The alpha male is not the life of the party because he is boisterous…popularity that ‘game’ sought to mimic with fleeting success. The alpha is the life of the party because he has women crowding around him without trying or even caring, and even excusing himself or dismissing them to sit silently without distractions.
      Just like parachute pants in the 1980s, Game came and went because of the dynamics of the ‘Current Year’ (last decade)…just like serenading a woman with a soliloquy was apropos in the Shakespearean age. I am a tinfoil denialist. All of this bitching and bellyaching about ‘denialism,’ along with this inscrutable nostalgia for the culture of the Bush/Obama years, as if it represented some Golden Age, is pretty Boomer-tier.

    4. “Until the sea of beta men and white knights get with the program ”
      Well the dudes inflating the bitches egos on social media are from all over the world. I don’t see a global revolution happening anytime soon.

      1. that sea of thirsty dudes is all that keeps feminism alive, nobody else would shamefully drink up that shit level MaD Dog or Boones 4 dollar a bottle swill as if it were 1500 dollar champange.
        The whore of babylon, dressed in purple and riding the beast of abomination, drunk on the wine of abomination on the shoulders of men who crave her foul attentions…her name is Mystery (feminism)

  9. “Their position, essentially, is that you are born with a score, and that score not only determines your sexual success for the rest of your life, but it is also utterly unalterable. So, if you are a male 4 you will never be able to attract anything more than a female 4, and actually you are more likely to end up with a 3 or a 2.”
    I have to admit, that pretty much describes the way I think, and have thought for a very long time. But I do not consider myself a “game denialist” so much as a “game skeptic”. Do I believe self improvement is possible? Of course I do. But like everything else there are limits. Can a male 3 or 4 work his way up to the point that he can date female 5’s and 6’s? Probably. But even as Troy points out, the likelihood of that same guy banging girls with model type looks is slim to none.
    Self improvement is important. We should all strive to be the best we can be given our personal circumstances.
    But there are always going to be trade offs. For example, a guy working 10 hours a day with a 2 commute may not have time for the gym, but he can do pushups, crunches, dips, etc.. in his apartment before work.
    And a guy with an above average income/net worth may choose to use that to bang 7s/8s/9s & occasional 10s instead of breaking his ass using game to bang 5s and 6s.

    1. AS,
      I see myself as a ‘game doesn’t matter because it’s easier and quicker to make money” and ALL women want money. I guess if I wasn’t able to easily make money, then I would need to learn some game. But I ain’t a millennial loser.

      1. @ JD
        IMO, being able to earn is one of the greatest forms of “self improvement”.

      2. John Dodds… all that tough talk coming from a man, sphincter restricted over the fact that a guarder, a man probably making far ,less money than you, banged your ole lady!

        1. AWALT.
          While the guy works hard, the woman bangs the home help.
          You should try it and see if it works out any different for you.
          As far as I can see, the only guys that aren’t cheated on, are those that never married.

  10. In the uk at least, I don’t see too much of a problem with average and below-average men getting 5s-7s. The PUA industry is supposed to push this whole ‘game’ thing onto us to make $$$. Game does exist, but there are a lot of other factors at play too. Not to mention the fact that most self-proclaimed successful game gurus are bedding foreign women usually from Eastern Europe and living in those countries, suggesting that game mileage is less in western countries.
    The biggest problem lies in the fact that modern men and women have dropped their standards and have become weak-minded slaves in a dysfunctional globalised western society. They have become materialistic hedonistic zombies living through smartphones whilst the banksters deconstruct what’s left of the west. The upcoming economic collapse should see this situation sorted out.

  11. Most recently… dated an Iranian neuroscientist who was separated for a year, but not yet divorced, from her husband. She was very gung ho about finding a guy different than him, and into personality types and the like. On our first date, she told me she had dated a few different guys already, and asked if I had a high libido and if I had any fetishes. Apparently, her husband would not satiate her, and he wanted kink and to be dominated, which she wouldn’t do. And she left him because he admitted to hiring a prostitute to be dominated. Then just one week later, she tells me she’s doing a reconciliation trial with him. Women are crazy. Would game have helped? Probably not.

    1. Johnny you are so right. They are crazy. Not only that but most of the maxims on ROK and other men’s sites aren’t worth much. You know alpha fux beta bux. I’ve seen alphas get dumped for betas. Handsome dudes get dumped for average or even homely guys. Men with dough get dumped for a guy who hasn’t got two nickels to rub together. Another one, you’ve got to maintain your frame. That often means nothing. Some women get off on needy guys. In fact if there is one key to women (which I doubt) it is their desire to be felt like they are truly special, truly needed. Because of that many women stay in relationships with less than stellar guys. Dump a nice guy who truly cares about you but they are a dime a dozen she thinks. Weirdos, gangsters, losers of all stripes can make an insecure woman (most of them are) feel oh so special. Say it again. They are crazy. I’ve had more than one woman admit as much to me.

  12. The problem is that, to get the ‘full’ picture, one really can’t subscribe to either game, nor the Game Denialist mentality. Here’s why;
    Game in itself ‘used’ to be simply the practice of skills that would make you more ‘attractive’ to a Girl. This is undeniable fact. When people said ‘Damn, the guys’ got Game’, It referred to his ability to (seemingly) attract girls into his life with little effort.
    Now, the knowledge of ‘how to do this’ has been passed down from Men to Boys, Fathers to Sons, social groups, etc. Guys have been giving advice to eachother how to deal with the female Sex since earliest Civilizations. So it’s not a new ‘invention’.
    The problem is that in our highly capitalized, free market society, alot of it has now been bastardized by profit greed and false prophets (See; The truckload of Assholes that charge 300-400 Bucks a Seminar for shit you could learn in five minutes listening to a good buddy of yours who’s got Game)
    Now, alot of the Game ‘Denialists’ don’t say Game doesn’t work, they’re mostly saying game doesn’t work for ‘them’, and if it is effective, it is not as effective as people like to make it out to be. Not to mention, Game comes in many qualities. For some guys, Game is hitting the gym 5 times a week, taking a few steroids and ‘bro-ing it out’ in the clubs, because that gets them pussy on a constant.
    For other guys ‘Game’ is finishing their degree and getting into banking so they can later on finance their gold-diggers.
    For other guys ‘Game’ is being so entertaining / funny/ charismatic that Women want to stay around them for their entertainment value.
    If you take it at face value, ‘Game’ is nothing else then a code-word for age old ‘self help’ doctrines, with a ‘this is how you get pussy’ facade. It’s health,workout and personality self-help books re-branded and repackaged as a one-way solution to pussy.
    In that sense, ofcourse denying ‘Game’ is unhealthy. Because it means you reject any notion of ‘improving’ yourself because ‘I don’t wanna appeal to Women anyway’. A similar problem alot of guys face that subscribe to MGTOW(Which i actually wholeheartedly endorse in some ways). Just that their notion is ‘I don’t wanna appeal to Society at large, anyway’
    Now, here’s the kicker in regards to Game Denialists. Alot of them are Incels. Some of them certainly are ‘Incels’ because they lack the drive to improve their station in life, but alot of them just have hit every imaginable ‘I look fucked up’ branch down the birth-mother tree.
    You cannot compensate being a short dwarf to the point that you’ll elicit the same sexual response from Women that they give towards a NFL Linebacker. You cannot compensate actual, health based deformities that make you visually unattractive to the point you will stand on equal with genetically gifted guys. You can certainly outgrow those guys in terms of Personality, or intellect if you’re intellectually gifted, but a fact of life is; Either you’re gifted in a certain direction, or you’re not. And to deny that, (That Women ,as much as Men are very visual beings) is the actual form of Denial. No matter of personal improvement will help you if a Girl prefers tall guys and you’re a gimp.
    You might ‘seduce’ (or coerce, depending how you like to see it), the girl eventually to fuck with you out of pity, or because she currently has nothing better going on, but chances are that in a highly polygamous society, Girls will rather compete for the ‘top dogs’ then the average shmuck who’s atleast funny/charming.
    In the end, both of these have merit. Believing in Game, and believing in Game Denial. Life as such is a hard, ruthless experience, and whether you want to tackle it with self-improving optimism, or (in many ways justified) world-loathing is up to everyone individually.
    But to say that Game Denial is ‘wrong’, is just generally apathetic to the reasons why these men might’ve gone that way in the first place.

  13. I read these articles with amusement. When we say a male is a 3/10, we are referring to how a woman would rate him — so who f-ing cares? I know a so-called 3/10 male who is a 10/10 to his male friends due to his character, humor, morals, ethics, etc. And I sometimes tell him that, especially after a few vodka / tonics. Doesn’t mean I want to f_ck him, but he has lots of worth in this world outside the realm of silly female scrutiny. Now this 3/10 is short, not classically good looking, average dresser, average build, above-average income, above-average intelligence and bangs young, hot chicks on a fairly regular basis. And do you know how he does it??? He PAYS for them when he travels to whore-friendly countries in South America, Asia and Europe.
    All of us guys do this, despite some of our extended group being legitimate 8/10s or possibly better in the eyes of women. Why? Because it’s super fun and we can without a big outlay of cash. We make trips 2-4 times a year (sometimes piggy-backing on business trips, sometimes planned as actual guy trips) and enjoy ourselves as whore mongers. We bang hot young girls until we are completely drained and aware that they are just cute little extras in our lives and don’t justify too much emotional output or effort or distraction from our careers, money making efforts or relationships with our best buddies. It sets our priorities straight because we live in sexual abundance on these trips. Also on these trips, we include good food / drinks, fun non-sexual activities (fishing, boating, golf, etc) and lots of male bonding. Because all of us have and can bang 9s it levels the playing field in that arena and allows us to distinguish ourselves with our real talents / values as men. The key to this situation is not getting too bogged down with toxic women while in your day-to-day life, and learning to go without regular (weekly) sex. Transitioning to binge sex with young, hot foreign whores takes time to adapt to, but so worth the effort!

    1. I do it without traveling.
      Stay right here in NY.
      3 to 4 times a week.
      As easy as pie if you’re willing to pay through the nose for it.

        1. Plenty from Moscow.
          A few from Budapest.
          Some from Bucharest and Krakow.
          Lots from Beijing and Shanghai.
          Some from Seoul, but not as many as there once were.
          And a whole lot from right here in the good ol’ USA!

      1. Yes, AS, I remember your posts well and am aware that you enjoy the NY whore market. Obviously you’re a strong earner and justify paying through the nose (3-4 times per week!!??). For me, I’ve lived in Mexico / South America on-off for many years, so I’ve had tonnes of cute / young pussy for under $20 USD, so that’s sort of become my baseline value for being able to plunder snug vagina in Latin countries. It’s very difficult for me to pay over $50 now despite being able to afford it — it’s like paying $50 for a pair of dress socks!! And that’s the main benefit of whore mongering — the pussy is knocked off the pedestal pretty quickly and becomes valued accordingly.
        Case in point, just last night I had a date lined up with a 21-year old Latina chica who looked to be an 8 or 8.5/10 from her various online photos. For a 30-minute shag (with condom, blow job prior without) it was agreed upon for $40 USD. The chica lives about 15 minutes away from me via taxi and costs about $3 each way (so total costs = $46). Now, about 45 minutes prior to the date, I made up some excuses and begged off for 3 main reasons: 1) I was still tired from banging my part-time girlfriend the night prior (34-year old Latina who is caught up in my dread game…); 2) my rice cooker conked out a few days ago and a nice new one costs about $46 coincidentally; and 3) my little dog was feeling a little sick and I didn’t want to leave him alone. True story. As such, I feel good today about nursing my dog back to health and am the owner of a nice new rice cooker — the young, cute pussy was much further down my priority list because I’ve banged well over 100 such specimens and it’s just not such a big deal.
        As an side, I don’t just rely on prepagos for sex. I always mix and match. I still date (in the traditional sense), have part-time non-pro girlfriends, order in escorts, pick-up street girls, party with bar girls, etc. Depends on the situation and my mood, but the sex doesn’t have a grip on me like it did when I was living a more mainstream existence and being played for a sucker.

        1. @ AC
          Sounds like you have a good life.
          I imagine you speak Spanish.
          Enjoy! Glad your dog got well.
          Yeah, 3 to 4 times a week.
          I have no family so why not spend what I earn and have a good time? I have a good portfolio for retirement. But my real goal is to die broke owing hundreds of thousands to the IRS.
          But just in case I go sooner, my ironclad will leaves everything to charity, so my vile reptilian sister and her useless kids can’t get any of it.
          Have a great Easter.
          Vaya con dios!

        2. But is your dick still intact after those kinds of $20 hos? I’ve heard that some of the vaginal juice of some of those gorgeous Mexican hos burn condemns off of dicks. In all fairness, I’ve gotten some good clean ho pussy for between $30 and $40. I even go so far as to tip top-notch street hos up to $100 when they look like, smell, and act like high price call girls.
          But, if you you have game, and a nice package in your draws, you can get top notch call girls to go out for free (or at a considerable discount) just because they get to ride in limos, snort a little blow, eat at nice restaurants, and dance at upscale clubs. Eve can never say no to the devil!
          It takes about $1000 to go out on the town for a night (car detailing, outfits, door money, drinks and other substances). I’d rather spend money on tricks that will let me do what I want (with a few restrictions), than spend money on some self-entitled bitch at the nightclub that would be getting a favor by my dick-ing her down for one night.

        3. Allister Collins.. Game has recognized game!!! You could only speak with such confidence and humor from a position of experience! You’ve lived and you know, which is more than a lot of guys whining or complaining in this comment section can say. You’re comment is one of the best I’ve seen yet because it absolutely true!!!!!

        4. AS,
          Don’t leave it to charity, leave it to me, I will spend it all on hookers and booze.

    2. @AllisterCollins: yes, this is the right solution.
      Little girls and little boys alike want to escape Mommy’s tyranny by getting some power of their own. Little girls notice that grown men, who are obvious sources of power, go gaga whenever the little girl smiles, and that Mommy gets angry and jealous at this attention shown to the little girl when this happens. Lesson learned: the road to power for girls is by pleasing powerful men with cute smiles, cute dresses, sitting on their laps, etc. Meanwhile, little boys notice that older women, who incidentally don’t seem powerful in their own right like the older men, don’t shown them attention similar to what older men show their sister, and they notice that mommy smiles when older men praise the boys abilities as opposed to his looks, and that older men have a mixed curious/friendly/hostile attitude towards the little boy. Lesson learned: road to power and thus escape from Mommy’s apron strings for little boys is not so simple as for little girls. The boy has to somehow ingratiate himself into the group of older and bigger and stronger men, but cute smiles like his sister used won’t do the trick. Furthermore, pleasing women is definitely not the road to escaping mommy’s apron strings for boys.
      Somehow, we’ve reached a situation where young men nowadays think like young women have always thought, in that young men today think pleasing women is the road to power and something to aspire to. Being able to satisfy a women in bed, like being able to dance well, is something every man should be able to do. But the basis of a man’s sense of self-worth should be his value in the eyes of other men, not what women think of his sexual attractiveness much less his notch count with skanks. Pimps and gigolos should NOT be men’s role models.

  14. I don’t know why you are even wasting your time here Troy. Sadly RoK became a DEUS VULT-Save the white race-MGTOW Hell.
    When I found RoK in 2015 it was a cool site exposing the truth about females (rock hard Red Pill truths) and giving the right solutions (Game).
    Today it is full with NAWALT-Guys or even worse: go to Asia or EE , where you get drown in traditional women. (Red Pill denialism at it’s best)
    Get married, even it has zero benefits and tons of disadvantages.
    The reason I still visit RoK is because of Roosh and that every 10th article is worth reading. (Like yours)
    I remember 2015 where we had so many great articles from, Aviator, Donovan Sharpe etc etc..
    Good ol’ times

  15. I don’t think people (PUAs and Incels) realize that people are having far less sex, perhaps since the 1950s. That includes couples and singles. Nightlife (the arena of causal sex) is dead. When people seek cheap sex, they circumvent this cargo-cult ritual of the PUA, just like 15 years ago when the PUA eschewed traditional dating. The process has just been short-circuited even further.
    These PUAs are butthurt because there is no market for these archaic skills anymore. They are LARPing relics trying to make use of their Confederate dollars long after the war ended. Not only did this unique marketplace dry up years ago, the so-called skills are tedious and unnecessary, and the relevance of its data is reminiscent of phrenology. The script these pretend letharios instruct needy men to memorize is as cringe as amateur standup comedy. This so-called ‘art’ is Vaudevillian, something left behind even before the proliferation of talkies.
    All you need to get laid is the Red Pill. You don’t need to be some antsy simp as these clowns instruct you to be, but instead a skeptical pop-psychologist. Because it is not what you say to a woman in a specific environment, but how you handle a woman everywhere you interact with them.
    Once you truly understand female nature (that they are inferior in every way), this spelunking into endless introspection becomes unnecessary. You don’t have to ‘plan’ for pursuing sex like some hunter-gatherer nomad. Your next hookup will more likely be your neighbor or your coworker as long as you compartmentalize yourself.

    1. “Your next hookup will more likely be your neighbor or your coworker”
      Too high risk for me, I don’t crap on my doorstep.

      1. @ JD
        Have to disagree here.
        I would love to be banging a hot young girl in need of cash in my neighborhood or even my apartment building. Would be very convenient, and a great time saver. At least 2 weeknights I don’t get home until 22:00 or later due to my “appointments” in Manhattan. Weekends I don’t really care about the time, but during the week I have to get up at 05:20. So a girl close by would be fantastic.
        But then again, I am not married with kids like you are.

        1. AS, can you give me your cost estimate (weekly) of your sexual adventures in NYC? I’m very curious.
          Do you have any other hobbies of note?

        2. @ AC
          I avg. about $1.3K per week.
          Yeah, I know, it’s a lot.
          But like I said, what else am I going to do with my disposable income?
          As for Hobbies..
          Well, I like to stay fit, so exercise in the early AM before work. And when the weather is nice, long walks (12k+) on the weekends. I do also love swimming and hiking, but don’t do as much as I used to, without female companionship. I should work on that — maybe go hiking in the mountains on the weekends in the summer. I am a gun owner and go shooting once in a while. So as you can see, my hobbies are pretty cheap. Not like I am buying sports cars and motorcycles, or anything like that. Or even golf, which would be relatively expensive. I should travel more too. When I had the Korean SB/GF I did that with her, but now on my own, not so much.

        3. AS,
          I was hiking in the mountains yesterday, 22Km and 1,200m elevation gain and loss. Will be doing another 17Km tomorrow.

      2. Instead of being bitter, John Dodds, get up and do something about it. You’re wallowing in what your wife did to you instead of moving on.

      3. @JD
        That’s the life. Beats the hell out of being in the rat race, for sure.

  16. your problem, Troy, is that you write as a woman, you believe the world’s vision is the one you have, hence you believe that ALL MEN have the same possibilities, have the SAME traits and so on; Bullshits!
    you just talk like a woman, see, when you try to explain to any woman the true, usually they complain and do not agree and reply like this ” Im not like that, i don’t think so because im different” and so on..
    Troy, you doesn’t represent all men, you are you, with your flaws and good sides, but you are unique! as anyone else here and outside this site, hence your “game advices” do not work with ALL MEN, hence… your advices are wrong! why?
    because you are beautiful/better than any other men, and you are bad/worse that any other half men, yours is not science, is just somethings that works for YOU, but not for all, they may have the same results, but the true is that NOT ALL MEN will benefit of your opinions.
    So better be real ok? and i believe the only general tips we could give to our fellows brothers are:
    -Be the best of yourself
    -keep yourself in shape
    -have male friends
    -have male hobbies
    -do not marry (in west countries)
    -do not cohabitate
    -do not engage in ANY long relationship
    -do not courtship landwhale, femminist cunts, sjw and female in general.
    -keep your money and your belonging safe from any woman’s grasp
    -invest only the minimum time to check if you may fuck her or not, otherwise you’ll be tricked and shamed in the future
    -have realistic vision/aspect about yourself compared where you live and how much you earn
    -use the best condoms you may purchase and be sure to trash it in the proper way to avoid sperm stealing.
    -do not give sperm to sperm banks
    -avoid golddiggers
    -avoid to talk too much about yourself, work and earnings.
    -do not deal with the state laws biased agaisnt men, in many countries staring at a female ass is enought to get a rape accusation.
    -keep a low, smart profile when dealing with women
    -womens aren’t your happines gauge, you are!
    -any man can have pu$$y in a society where manginas and sjw aren’t around, or simply pay them, no one get a free ride, you must pay a woman in a way or another.
    ..and so on! THESE are universal good tips that ANY men outta here may follow to survive this terrible feminazi age, other aspect are simply personal and not suitable for all men.
    and remember, you always may fuck a 9/10 with money, even if you are ugly, and that’s should be somethings to think about when we talk about wyminz!
    one last word of advice; if you want a FAMILY, expat to a better male friendly nation marry and stay THERE!

    1. Do you want to fuck or fall in love? If you want to fuck, then the advice in this article is 100% accurate. If you want to fall in love, the article is Meh…

  17. Why would a man spend hundreds of dollar a night in clubs when the feminist is aiming to send police and goons on him to ruin his night?

  18. After reading this drivel from the Drivel King himself, I still have no idea what a “game denier” is. I do know however, that there is an audience of men that come to this site seeking wisdom, advice, and solutions for how to deal and possibly improve the state of the West. Is knowledge of “game” important? Absolutely, it’s one of the foundations to being ‘red-pilled’. However, basing one’s existence entirely on it to merely bed women, is completely contradictory to what the more fulfilling philosophies proposed on this site are trying to accomplish. (Ex. Western culture is trash, the women are trash, let’s do our part as men to stop acting like trash and resume our proper societal roles / Troy’s advice: PUMP AND DUMP, PUMP AND DUMP, PUMP AND DUMP,)

    1. There’s a time for intellectualism and there’s a time to pump and dump. Many women under the age of 30 aren’t interested in anything but pumping and dumping, otherwise the #hookup culture wouldn’t be booming right now. Save the university lecture for the University and the sermon for the church, this is the real world where pumping and dumping is all the rage.

  19. Thanks for this article. These Game denialist faggots are just complete losers. Plus, they wreck MGTOW as well, as incels like them are extremely vulnerable to being manipulated by even an ugly woman pretending to be interested in them, which makes their supposed MGTOW extremely fragile.

    1. Yup, the denialists are losers, but the betas learning ‘game’ in hopes they will ever fuck someone are the real alpha men! hahahahah!
      What a joke…

      1. Yes. Because they are engaging in self-improvements, and faggots like you are not.
        Thanks for proving my point.

  20. This 1983 hits from Cindy Lauper involved no twerking at all, rather “clean” for today standard but the message was loud and clear.

    1. “After realizing what Cindy and her song was about–Girls Just Wanting To Have Fun– I can’t even listen to that song anymore.”
      Alpha Males Anonymous…

  21. Improve yourself so that you become a target of the feminist fatsos and harpies? Fuck that. I’m improving myself in South-East Asia. Feminist harpies can get nuked by Russia or North Korea for all I care!

    1. Bye loser.
      Not surprised you couldn’t handle high quality, educated women in London, New York or Toronto.

        1. Wow. Talking trash to a WOMAN must make you feel like a big man huh? When we all know you are a small LITTLE man- baby…in more ways than one. I see you’re also an anti Semite as well as a hateful bitter misogynist. You’re irrdeemable. All I hope now is that PLEASE don’t take out your frustrations and life failure with acts of violence on women. Thanks.

        2. LOL this bitch is as cliche as it gets. She uses the same retort sheet as the (((Authoritarian Personality))):
          1. Small penis
          2. Involuntary Celibate
          3. Latent homosexual
          4. ‘Women are wonderful’
          She even managed to shoehorn chivalry in there….’but I’m a woman!’

    2. Pavlov.. so your another beta male, running to pan-faced Asian woman hoping to clean up their gene poo,l because you can’t behave like a Man’s Man and get a real woman?

  22. it is your job to do absofuckinglutely
    NOTHING, except get paid for taking
    someone’s daughter off their hands.
    It used to be called a “Dowry”.
    Now it’s perverted into, oh you gotta
    do this and buy that for the privilege
    of gaining access into their hymen-less
    drilled-out plowtrain that they paid
    to give to blacks and hispanics overseas
    YOU are the prize, as you knew all along

  23. If women in general are not attracted to a healthy, able-bodied man in his given state, it is not at all obvious that “game” will make any difference.

  24. An article which makes a lot of good points. For instance, we both seem to agree that people can maximize/optimize their potential and that persistence and determination matter a lot for most men. Also, it’s important to look at the ideas and arguments instead of the person being the messenger. A point can be valid even if it would be made by a fat keyboard warrior.
    But the critics also make valid points. For example, there is a limit to how much you can alter yourself, both looks and personality-wise, which both are quite largely genetic.
    Like a guy’s height: he can have heels and insoles that make him two inches taller without looking ridiculous in his attempt to compensate, but that’s about it. That could make a substantial difference if he’s not already super-short, just somewhat short, but even if that makes him 5.7 he could have a hard time dating 5.9 white chicks. A guy with an ugly face can put on the best clothes, whiten his teeth, eau-de-cologne, have low body fat etc, but that’s would only take him so far.
    All in all, I agree that game denialism might be hurting men but we have to move beyond the dichotomy of either getting massive results or none. For many guys, who are clustered somewhere in the middle in terms of looks, personality and social status, game and self-improvement can improve results with maybe 50%, on average, and also two SMV points better-looking girls. Nuances, my friends. Nuances.

    1. Feminists in Sweden, Canada, Germany, Italy and other feminist cesspools only want rapefugees to rape them on trash heaps while ordering police to jail innocent white men for street harassment. We are at a point of no return. Russia is definitely going to do damage to the feminist countries to save itself from that feminist virus.

    2. Yeah. Persistence seemed to work wonders for the Devil when he was seducing Eve. Old Boy showed us how easy it is to manipulate women. A smooth tongue , promises, and flash.

  25. Here’s what I’ve experienced so far in life (still a youngish man).
    I’ve had periods where I had the looks but no game (was a virgin). Did not help me get laid but got plenty of attebtion from the ladies.
    I’ve had periods of depression and being generally unkept. Did not help me at all and I was literally invisible to women.
    I’ve had periods of growth and confidence where I felt and saw myself for my real worth. Those are the periods where women fought each other for me.
    Well my message is this. All these periods emerged from intrinsic elements that I was (or not) able to deal with. Women simply fed unto my projective metaphysical states. If my internal issues were kept under control I would come out as a confident, good looking young man. If i waa dealing with something, again, women read that an acted accordingly.
    My final advice is for young men to feel good about themselves first of all. Faking yourself and raising a persona will only fool a woman for so long and is unhealthy for your own being. Feel good about yourself and if you aren’t, improve upon it. Women are natural followers and generally seek the truest and most sincere forms of “alpha” men.

  26. Troy Francis is right about this:
    “The warrior spirit that defines maleness is lacking in these snowflakes.”
    1) Valuation is relative.
    Most see themselves as Chevys and Fords, even females. Few see themselves as Bugatti Veyrons.
    A guy who sees himself as a Chevy can get a female who sees herself as Chevy as long as he comes across as a new model, dent-free Chevy, regardless of his actual age.
    Unless a man improve his self-image, he will be stuck with the defective self-image he sees currently in his mind.
    2) Better yourself toward manhood.
    Manhood is the English way of saying the Latin virture. The words mean the same.
    Women like males who they perceive have achieved manhood. The threshold of manhood might be lower for some women and higher for another. It could be as simple as “he owns a house” or “he drives a new car.”
    True manhood is something else. True manhood is self-ownership and independence.
    Almost all females get turned on by what they perceive to be rugged individualism.
    3) Sleazy Telemarketers have game.
    The sleazy telemarkter plies his trade making call after call until getting someone gullible to say yes. That gullible one generally is someone with a low IQ.
    Guys with learned game are little different than sleazy telemarketers who have worked off a script for so long they have it memorized.
    4) Forget Game. The Secret is …
    Francis says: “[C]an average men learn (through game) to get younger, hotter girls interested in them for sex? The answer is yes.
    It does not matter how many books that you read on seduction and from those books how entertained you are to read the stories within those books, unless you are an unabashed, fully confident man, no tip, no method is going to lead you to scoring with women consistently.
    Books have increased the incomes of book writers such as Neil Strauss (The Game, Rules of the Game), Mystery (The Mystery Method), Robert Greene (The Art of Seduction), but words are talking shop theories and anecdotal stories that never will you know are true or merely made up.
    The winning move is to build yourself up by doing and challenging yourself to do ever more so that you erase fear from your mind, permanently.
    When females perceive a man to have authentic confidence, that man wins the day, every day.
    The guy who learns how to do sport bike racing, or to build his own house, or build a sailboat, or who learns survivalism; the guy who slays a deer, guts it and carves it up; the guy who learns to put himself in evermore danger in a calculated way; the guy who becomes poised and self-assured through experience, is the guy who will get all the pussy he ever desires.
    Does it help to know lead talk by asking questions? Does it help to know how to drop suggestion in convos? Sure, it does to for both.
    But what will win the day, every day and what will win life for you including all the pussy you desire is genuine, irreplaceable confidence. And for that, you must earn it through experience.
    Experience increases self-confidence. Book reading squanders time.

    1. You had to read a novel about something so natural as manhood? That’s like a reverenced who pays to go to college to learn about God. Useless!

      1. Who reads novels? Novels are soap operas in print. Novels are for the effeminate mind.

  27. PUA scammers caused a lot of damage, actually, instead of actually teaching female nature, they sold seminars, dvds and books with bullshit methods that only work if you look good, have high status, money, etc.
    So basically they lied to get money from inexperienced men, which is evil.

    1. In J3w-ish infested cities like (((Toronto))), (((LA))), (((JYC))) a woman will not even look at you if you drive a 2018 BMW e series.

      1. Actually not true.
        Here is the reality- modern western women are highly educated with good jobs…in other words we don’t need your money at all but at the same time we don’t want losers who are making way below what we are making, show no ambition or drive to improve themselves. That is a major turn off.
        Sooo many guys today are out of shape, have no social skills and are addicted to porn, video games and watching sports on TV all day long. You want high quality women? Well guess what in 2018 high quality women want high quality guys; high income women want high income men. So let me give some of you guys some free advice. If you want quality modern women step up, man up and BE the high status, well educated, well rounded gentleman that women find desirable.

        1. Whose c.o.c.k DID YOU SUCK for your degree or career? You lack comprehension skills & are way more retarded than a schoolkid with downs syndrome. You’re also probably a fucking J3wess trying to play the victim by using feminist drivel on this website.

        2. Ahaha so sorry I forgot to laugh, Jenny. You see, women are unable to give advice because they completely lack introspection and empathy. You cannot even assess what YOU actually want. Are the men in your life, that you have casual hookups with, even remotely like what you just described? NOOOO. Why? -Because women cannot articulate their wants. The cocks (multiple) you are sucking right now are likely tattooed, unemployed and/or married. Prove me wrong.
          Women are *not* attracted to income. They are attracted to a certain type of ‘status’ that makes them feel ‘beneath’ a man, regardless of income. They LOVE a spindly drug dealer with neck tats (just saw one today at work…really nice dude). You bitches just can’t help yourself. You LOVE a ‘thug.’ You so badly want to be ‘put in your place,’ especially if the man has no solid income. Seen it so many times.
          It matters not what you say or do in your life but how you HANDLE a woman that makes her keep coming back for more. I have one right now stalking me. All I did was show up and dissimulate my emotions. Now, she won’t stop spamming my pocket…as I ignore her.
          Always remember….nice guys don’t finish last (not true at all)….Nice guys don’t finish at all (pun intended).

        3. ” in 2018 high quality women want high quality guys”
          Barely average women demand high quality guys too. Bless their precious entitled hearts they will keep cheating on their average boyfriends until one of those high quality men that empties loads in her will take her on fulltime.

        4. Jennifer,
          My former English wife dumped all that (me) in order to bang the gardener. And let’s face it while the man you want is away doing his high power, high earning job, you all end up banging the gardener/postman/pool boy/et al.

        5. So all those dumpy fat broads working at K Mart have masters degrees? Who knew…

        6. Jennifer.. you’re just triggered by the truth and talking out the side of your neck for shits and giggles. Your speaking to the beta, omega, and wanna be alpha males with your feminist drivel, because in your comment, you’ve targeted and described nothing but beta, omega, and wanna be alpha males. You’re the kind of trick that goes on YouTube and makes comments about how cute or sexy a guy is just to rile-up the rest of the guys in the comment section. You’re really good at witchcraft, that is, manipulating the ego of the average man who hasn’t learned to control said ego.

        7. Problem is high income men don’t want high income women so you’re stuck alone

    2. zzxx — you are so right. Just give up. Accept your mediocrity. It’s easier this way.

      1. The alpha thing to do is spend thousands of dollars on pickup advice and pretend you’re an alpha, beta orbiting and clown dancing for women making sub par women believe they are sooo desirable and chad only worthy.

        1. I couldn’t agree more with you.
          Those guys who spend money with puas are losers. Guys like us who know better that there’s nothing we can do to improve ourselves are the real winners.

      2. Well I tried being confident, intelligent, interesting, charismatic talking to women before I realised better looking men than I were saying and doing moronic ‘beta’ shit and getting the girl every time. Being confident and cool just does not compete with raw biological tingles. The western Anglosphere slut wants her prize and her friends to be jealous. I ditched ‘game’ techniques and got better looking and whata ya know I’ve had far more success and respect from women now.

    3. John Dodds…don’t blame the guarder because you let the weeds grow in the garden.
      “Boring men invite tragedy to the bedroom.”
      The Sucker Who Learned The Hard Way

      1. I try and look on the bright side.
        If she hadn’t banged the gardener, I’d still be living in the cold UK, fucking a 60yo woman.
        Instead, I’m living in SEA married to a hot woman half my age with my new children and banging plenty of hookers on the side.
        So it ain’t all bad!

        1. You are a very sad pathetic man John Dodds. I can see why your wife cheated on you.

        2. Jennifer,
          She cheated on me because she could, AWALT.
          But now I’ve learnt my lesson about women, I know they can never be trusted, and I cheat on them. Although I’ve never made any promises of fidelity to my new wife, so it isn’t cheating. Enjoy your barren womb and house full of cats.

        3. John, you are an inspiration to us all…and that Hef icon is why you are my favorite commenter.

        4. The entitled western whowah is terrified of browbeat western men escaping their feminist chains and finding feminine fit bodied natural women and leaving them to rot.

  28. Watch videos by FaceandLMS on youtube, they completely destroy any claim that game matters, if you looked good enough, you could get hot girls, its that simple, he makes a fake profile with a male model and he even get girls talking about anti-depressants, something a real alpha confident man would do, right?

    1. Wait until you see my seeking arrangement inbox and how easy it is to get a girl to meet me and my fake 175 k salary within 2 hours of messaging

      1. In some states and in Canada feminists will classify that as fraudulent act of rape.

        1. Let them try . I got texts stating that they were willing participants . THat gets them every time . Evidence .

    2. That series of YouTube vids is like a red-pill sledgehammer of truth exposing women’s hypergamy and shallow nature.
      A lot of guys on this forum would find it too damaging to their ego’s and game delusions to take it seriously though.

      1. Yeah. Like the way women see you long before you see them (then by the time you see them, they’re pretending like they didn’t see you).

      1. Nope the magic of game …. for just 99.99 will have disfigured men with dwarfism scoring more gals than a celebrity at the playboy mansion.

        1. That’s silly. Everyone knows that game doesn’t work. There is no point trying to improve with women because nothing works. Better to stay at home and play video games.

    1. The Holocaust is a J3wish propaganda that was intended for the justification of Israhell. 6 million J3ws did not perish in Europe during WW2 and the Nazis did not harm any J3ws under H1tler.

  29. The mesosphere would be nowhere without game so keep the articles and good tips coming Troy!
    American women tend to be more into looks (as opposed to other cultures) in addition to having money and or good ambition. They also make it more difficult to establish connections since they are very opinionated (touchy) even for basic stuff not including dealing with the default non-reciprocal nature and refining approaching tactics depending on the type of woman you approach.
    A lot of these game denialist seem to be fairly leaned (or at least think before they act and are curious about the world) but that can sometimes work against them when picking up women.
    This must be the origin of complaints made by game denialists as gaming in America tends to be more complicated and individually based. The truth of the matter is that if you are ambitious/ have money, look as good as you can, and at least have standard game, you will get women at lest 2 points higher in general even with American women.

    1. So your great gaming wisdom is to be ambitious, get money and look as good as you can. Well fuk me how does that differentiate you from every other guy trying to get laid. lol
      ‘Game denialists’ basically say the same thing. Looks/money/status.
      PUA have only recently shifted their stance to looks and money because the cat is out of the bag. For years they were saying otherwise.

      1. Sasquatch,
        My gaming advice is save your money, don’t date at all in the west, come on holiday to the 3rd world 2x a year, where some hot local woman will be on top of you before you can say ‘how did that happen’.

        1. Weimar,
          I’ll be dead of old age before children I father get old enough to be ‘spree killers’.

    2. If all you’re looking for is pussy, then game is all you need. But game alone doesn’t always guarantee a thing. There are dudes with muscles, money, and mack, but they still get cheated on. I’ve never in my life seen a nerd or a goof with game get what he was after.

  30. I see game similar as entrepreneurship. A separation of wealth is taking place. You can surround yourself with successful people, mimic their traits, habits, investments, and career decisions. Read everything you can about business. Live it. Breathe it. Take calculated risks. This will increase your likelihood of business success. Along the way, you will meet trash – talkers, negativos, and other pussies on the sidelines who say only the jews become successful or whatever (in before “muh elites control the world.” If you disagree, read “The Millionaire Next Door” before commenting. You won’t because you’re a pussy and don’t want to be proven wrong.)
    Game works the same. You can increase your chances of success by being confident, opening people for conversations, using some of the same jokes people like, using sales tactics (Read “The Art Of Seduction” for great persuasive skills.) You’ll build momentum and eventually make some cool experiences with women. Then there will always be game deniers who are probably fat, junk-food eating pussies looking for an excuse to stay home.
    Click down-vote to admit you’re one of the pussies I described above (or both.)

  31. In the OP, you wrote:
    “The game denialist argument that ‘average’ men can’t get sex is demonstrably false. Were that the case we would be seeing global population collapse, rather than overpopulation.”
    Actually, in most of the world that has electricity, the native-born population IS falling into population collapse. Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany — the list is lengthy.

  32. “Sometimes the women they are with are extremely attractive. The game denialist argument that ‘average’ men can’t get sex is demonstrably false. Were that the case we would be seeing global population collapse, rather than overpopulation.”
    Well, for one thing we’re not seeing overpopulation anyway. Birth rates have collapsed all over the world, for reasons beyond the scope of this article.
    But apart from that, you wouldn’t see population collapse either. In the US today, over 40% of births are “non-marital” or what used to be uncharitably called bastard children. It would be interesting to see who their fathers are. I’m guessing that a relatively small number of men (such as Desmond Hatchett, Antonio Cromartie, Eddie Murphy, et al.) are accounting for a very disproportionate share of babies born.

    1. I don’t think so anymore. ‘Bastardy’ is largely not shamed anymore. Like you said, birthrates are down across the board… so the thug with 7 kids from 5 different bitches accounts for just that share, while the responsible couple is have 2.1 kids, and the cohabitation couple is having like 1.7 kids. Marriage serves absolutely no purpose anymore. It isn’t buttressing birthrates or ensuring a certain lifestyle to produce children.

  33. Americans may see or hear about the closing stores, rising debt, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, offshoring, homosexuality, endless US wars, increasing taxes, illegal immigrants, nanny state laws, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, and Jade Helm, but they’re not connecting the dots that all these seemingly unrelated issues are part of the plot to destroy the USA.
    Americans are so brainwashed, divided, distracted, degraded, and demoralized now that they might even think these trends are necessary and proof that the US is improving.–politics.html

  34. Looking back at my progress the one word that comes to mind is ‘self-awareness’.
    It’s a lot of little things that can be worked on and affected. I had some incredibly silly ideas about fitness for example when I was already well into my 20’s. A few years ago I remember writing to a friend abroad that I guess I’ll never be a pussy magnet and then some; I don’t know if it was an admission of defeat and I cannot remember the exact context but only a few years ago I had some self-defeating beliefs mostly because the progress I was making was just starting to shape and because I did not have the right audience for my skill set and personality and I arguably still do not but I’m proud to wake up as the person I’m now.
    Genetics are a convenient excuse because not blaming things on genetics forces us to come to grips with our moral failings. The moment you need willpower and grit is not when you’re feeling great but when you feel like crap and that’s what separates the succesful ones from the average or worse. If you look in the mirror now with your shirt off now and see a puffy undefined body, the productive attitude is to just continue with lifting as usual and eating clean, while the denialist method is to sigh “I guess it does not matter what I do” (I was totally that guy) and devour a bag of chips. This was a fitness example but the same principle applies to everything; you need to concentrate on your small victories and ignore the losses or insecurity; need to keep believing in the face of the worst adversary.
    I don’t know if it’s an age thing and I’m a bit young to comment on it in a profound manner but at least for me game or self-improvement denialism was mostly an early 20’s thing. I only learned about game over the last few years but I was making a conscious effort to improve well before that as numerous men have done throughout human history.
    When you’re very young, full of testosterone and relatively ignorant, it’s perhaps more black and white and you only see self-improvement as clowning and “appeasing” females or whatever the Men Beating Their Own Meat MGTOW movement calls it now; when your self-esteem is very low, it’s easier to just wrap up in a ball and protect your ego by sitting in place instead of taking on risks. As people get older, they can perhaps separate their sexuality from other passions and purpose more clearly. I feel like it’s slowly happening to me; I want to be a mentor and a positive influence to others, especially youths of either gender.
    You also realize that validation even in the complete absence of sex feels good; it’s like you come full circle; as a child you presumably did not care about sex appeal but craved acceptance and as you get older you catch some of that again.

  35. Game today is more prominent than ever. Yet our women are in the worst condition in history. We are all congratulating ourselves and fighting tooth n nail over conquests of scraps. Maybe lets stop focusing on clown dancing for women and supplicating to them and actually putting focus on their poor standards and their improvement. We really need to fix the community as a whole rather than go down this Nihilistic shitshow.

    1. Brothers have been known to posses game and have been using it longer than whites, asians etc. Look at their women as a result. Loud, entitled, hypergamous, very unfaithful, overinflated sense of self worth, overweight, incredible bitch shields and don’t believe they have to be held to any standards themselves. White girls are becoming the same beast with this ‘gaming’ culture.

      1. welfare created the modern day black woman. She is incentivized to push men away and become a single mother. The government rewards her for having more and more babies without fathers. Some earn up to $90k per year in rent discounts, groceries, smartphones, washer, dryer, refrigerators, ac units, and other benefits just for having 3 kids without a dad.
        And we all know the rest of the story when the little man becomes a young man.

        1. Dude, you are so right about black women (and trailer park trash) pushing men away. A friend of a friend of mine got tired of dealing with his malicious, vindictive ‘ghetto baby mama’ and her greed, that he just decided to give up rather than have her constantly manipulating his emotions via their child. She’d call the guy up and ask him if he wanted to keep the child while she went clubbing, then when he refused to give her some booty after the club, she told him he couldn’t see his son. A bad witch is a bitch!

      2. Black men do not have game. They are just incredibly persistent and ‘non-consensually’ insistent. Political-correctness allows this behavior in all nonwhites, while it is against the law for white men. ‘Rape, pedophilia and teenage pregnancy’ only exists in white countries. Everywhere else it is just called normal ways of life.

      3. “Loud, entitled, hypergamous, very unfaithful, overinflated sense of self worth….”
        Yeah, but you just described how many “Brothers” tend to be, and what their game consist of!

  36. Needed to be said. The comment section at this great site has become utterly toxic.
    I respect a man who is willing to take risk, fall flat and have enough grit to get up and try it again….all while learning form his mistakes.
    Whether it be with girls, business etc… its this type of determination and drive that will separate men from boys.

    1. There is no point trying to change the men here who argue incessantly that game does not work. They are trapped in their own prisons of the mind.
      Ignore them. Or better yet, agree with them that game doesn’t work. They should just give up. Stop coming to ROK — after all, what’s the point of visiting a game site?
      I can’t rule out the possibility that they are bots sent to prevent men on the fence from discovering the truth.
      But if men on the fence don’t have the strength to see for themselves, and push through, then so be it.

  37. The fantasy version of game whereby any guy can learn to pick up extremely attractive women is just ridiculous. It’s a fantasy, just like it’s a fantasy to believe that learning and adopting a particular weight-training routine will in itself lead to a pro-bodybuilder physique. Perhaps there are exceptions to the rule – maybe at some point a 5ft fatso has ‘gamed’ his way into the pants of a tall blonde goddess or that same little fatso has hit the weights and suddenly looked like Frank Zane – but in the vast majority of cases it’s just not going to happen.
    What about using ‘game’ to attract women on your own level? I’m still not convinced. Like it or not, so many women nowadays are extremely shallow, superficial, narcissistic, and have an extremely overinflated assessment of themselves. Women on your level now believe they are much too good for you and have their sights set higher. Maybe in the past all of this wasn’t the case, and even if it was it was possible to overcome it as the disruptive and distorting effects of the online/virtual world hadn’t yet come into play.
    The whole thing has just become a total mess. In the past people seemed to meet normally, get married early, and have children. That’s becoming less and less the case. There are likely to be many reasons behind this, but I’d definitely apportion blame to feminism, social media, online dating, and instant/easy entertainment. Young women might think it’s great fun to work their corporate 9-5, while posting the best bits of their mundane life on Instagram, endlessly window-shopping on Tinder, and watching Netflix on a Friday night, but one day I feel that they’ll end up tragically unhappy and unfulfilled – and there will be a man out there somewhere also unhappy and unfulfilled; maybe they’d have been happier together.

    1. You’re right. Game doesn’t work. Give up. Go incel and MGTOW.
      You’ll be happier.

      1. Feminism is good for you goy. Just keep bettering yourself and accept it loser. Work harder for the (((man))) buy expensive cars, homes, bling and clothes on credit and keep working til you die goy beast.

    2. It might be your fantasy, but it is a reality for millions of ugly ass black guys who seem to have all kinds of women in their pocket. Whining and complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere.

  38. every guy who claims that look or money doesn’t matter is giving advice to “improve your life” few lines in the bottom of the same article.. if look doesn’t matter, why “dress” and “groom” ? why not just dress in a normal way (providing of course, that you don’t lack sense of basic hygiene..) .. that fact is the “dress your best” advice is here to improve your look, sometimes even your height (by dressing in certain way) and to send the “ressource” signal.. same with everything (your place..).
    the problem is, guys who give advice are constantly mixing them, for example they’ll show a guy who dress like shit, banging hot girls in his van.. and the’ll say “dude, money is not a problem!” .. well, the fact is, this guy is just a handsome 6’3 dude.. and probably deosn’t know what the hell is game.
    the truth is : game is not a shortcut to escape value. your value is determined in majority by your look, power, masculinity and resources. many girls will go for a guy with resources (it’s a sure improvement path), few will go for the broke handsome.. the girls who’ll go for the ugly, broke “gamer”.. well they exist, but you have to dig to find them.
    confidence is also a myth. if a hot girl smile at you, you don’t need confidence. you just go talk to her. she’ll probably smile at you if you’re good looking, or if you are dressing like a rich guy or perhaps if you’re surrounded with attractive women and interesting guys (which is related to the two previous points).
    there’s no “magic”.

    1. I must respectfully disagree about “confidence” being a myth, but I’d concede that how you GET confidence is a certainly a myth.
      9-5 Norman gets his confidence – or at least tries to – through affirmations, bootcamps and self-help snake-oil salesmen telling him to “believe in himself”.
      Chad Thundercock gets his confidence from being eyefucked everywhere he goes just because he has a chiselled, handsome face and the body of a god.
      Which works better? I fucking wonder!

      1. With all due respect, that’s not entirely true. Once you don’t give a shit, and you adopt a Devil may care attitude, you’re confidence will shoot through the roof. Just ask those ugly ass ‘thugs’ about that.

        1. concerning girls that go out with thugs, there’s a part of fear and submission, sometimes drugs are involved.. I’m not sure you want to be with a girl who’s attracted to a guy who treat her like shit.
          Yes, you can be the guy who “don’t give a shit”, it doesn’t mean you’ll get pussy. it’s not automatic. a handsome guy who don’t give a shit is “mysterious”, girl wonder why he’s this way, try to find clues to attract him.. an ugly dude with the same attitude is just arrogant and weird.
          the big issue with “game” market is that the majority of guys who’ll succeed with game are those who don’t need it really. it’s a strange market.

    2. Well part of the game is to present yourself as a success..meaning you have money + you are the most interesting man in the world. Once the gruesome truth occurs to her (that you are normal guy (or loser in her eyes) who just learned game) you already stole her pants.

  39. Game is supplementary to looks, status, and confidence. Without the latter three, its like expecting to make muscle gains by drinking protein shakes without lifting.
    The only thing game denialists get wrong is that its impossible for a man to acquire looks, status, and confidence, which is why we have the red pill communities showing men the stepping stones for success.

    1. How does a man acquire looks? Obviously changes can be made to body composition – a fat fuck can slim down, a skinny rake can bulk up. But what about the face, which ultimately counts for so much more than the body when it comes to whether women find you attractive. You can reduce fat on the face, improve appearance of the skin, and play around with facial hair… but you can’t change the structure. So a guy can work out all he wants, try to earn more money, etc, etc, but if his face isn’t naturally attractive then all of that hard work wont count for much when it comes to attracting women. We should be doing those things for our own benefit, not in the hope of attracting someone who’d only be interested in us for superficial reasons.

      1. You’re right Mark. If your face isn’t naturally attractive you should just give up. Buy a sex doll.
        There are absolutely no examples of ugly mofos pulling tail. Just none. May as well just give up.

      2. Explain, then, how some of these turd faced rappers get those model faced bitches? If you’re ugly, all you have to do is accept that you’re ugly and not give a shit. Next, you have to treat that beauty queen like a dog, and she’ll stay faithful and follow you like a bad fart. The moment you start talking about flowers, and marriage, and sap type subject matter, that pretty chick is going to start treating you like a bad cold. Not all chicks are like that, but most are. I’m not ugly, but it works for all my ugly friends. But the first step is to just accept that you’re not attractive, and then act like you have nothing to lose.

      3. There is always options Mark. If you look like Rocky Dennis, get surgery. If you have acne or moles, go to a dermatologist. If you have an average face, then grow and maintain a trimmed beard.
        Most guy’s don’t have the face of a male model, so the best things to spite these is a good physique and confidence. One of my closest friends has a horse face with a mullet, but the body of a Greek God. I’ve seen him pull in 7’s-9’s with basic game.
        I agree that self improvement should only be done for internal validation, I was just speaking in the context of attracting women.

      4. @ mark
        Look at Connor Murphy (the attractive man who makes vids taking off his shirt and gets hot girls numbers and them wanting to bear his children instantly)
        He has a great face and a great body, no homo.
        If Connor were pencil framed or sported a large pot belly though. A sub par facially attractive man with a Connor-like body would easily get the girls over Connor. Id bet the house on it.

  40. Game works. If losers deny it, so what?
    Let the losers believe what they want to believe.

  41. I call bullshit. You might be ugly, rich, and powerful, with game out the ass, but that bitch will still play you like a game of Madden. Just because you’ve got plenty of game doesn’t mean that you will keep the prize.

  42. Game, the contrived art/science that it is, usually nets a sub-population of the most inauthentic females on the spectrum. If you take another guy’s pick-up style advice, are you going to regret having that meme stuck in your memory bank? Wasn’t the best part of whatever “game” just a blurry secret concoction of talent/skill that only *you* knew about, and even then just barely (because it is so damn tricky to actually know or control ourselves, let alone others, at all stages of life).

    I’ve seen some tawdry, night-game wannabe PUAs not only embarrass themselves, but also get their stink on whichever close friends arrived through the velvet rope with them. Women go into ‘scan’ mode, the vibe ices over, and now the decent guys in the room are FUBAR, too. The booze ain’t helpin’. It’s no fun watching an arrogant PUA’s failed attempt when it poisons the well at a crowded concert venue or party.

    It seem most natural when we’re strictly around non-PUA type men who know when to pursue/seduce as a sixth sense, yet never gave a shit about whatever “game” was at any point in time…it’s a very different intent, worldview and sandbox than what the PUAs focus on. The meaning in it veers toward a Kung Fu type flow, tied to a wordless conversation that philosophized along the power lines of “game, denial of game, no game — does not matter.” All mental energy was saved for better things, and women could sense it. Any contrivance of game is a giveaway to astute girls/women, and they will balk; you won’t be able to outsmart or bed them. I saw more meaning in *not* knowing when my actual moment would arrive, and letting it happen, or letting some hot girls slip by w/o approach. Trying too hard to win in this game looks like losing.

    Modern society’s inundated with hyper-connectivity, so maybe PUAs feel like they’re making some kind of discovery through reinterpretation/iteration of the old ways. Some might already know how masculine trials and tribulations in female-relationship management have unfolded likewise for centuries if not millennia before that (can’t prove it, but we know it’s true; people are people).

    Maybe many “experts” enjoy the banging but don’t really like women themselves. You have to actually like a women and see her as a “significant other” (at least momentarily,so she recognizes it) or there will be no decent harvest from the shallows of game.

    Lolz at the comment thread — all over the map. RoK schizoid chaos article; love it…

  43. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. “Game” only works for the genetically and/or financially blessed. There are no exceptions.

  44. The game has changed, and hordes of disenfranchised men are just naturally lashing out from sheer desperation. Let’s be real, 2/3 of American men and women are officially overweight. And the 2/3 of men that are overweight still want to fuck that 7+ Sally, yet this Sally always passes them for 8+ good looking Chad. The few exceptions when average looking guy dates a good looking girl are just that, exceptions. Looks matter, and they matter a lot. It is your primary sexual verily gauge. No matter how much game you have, your looks will greatly affect your dating success.
    If you are hot, you know that you are hot as a man. Hot women will approach you, offer their numbers, and will try to pick you up. And I mean 7+ women, not uglies. This is not rocket science. I am 6′,190lb, blonde with green eyes, European ancestry, have accent, all city athlete in my sport, now working F500 professional job….. 6 years out of college. I can with clear conscience say that I never had to chase or pursue a woman even once. All of my lays and relationships have started with me just doing my thing and women inserting themselves in my orbit. I know that it wasn’t me doing any gaming or trying anything to get women that got them attracted. Frankly I was clueless through most of my early 20s. My “endeavors” through clueless years are below. Believe me, my game in Mano sphere sense was 0.00.
    First girlfriend had English class with me when I was 13. Just sat there and stared at me all lesson, then started chasing me all over. 8/10 white, blonde with brown eyes.
    HS girlfriend d sat behind me during one class, started blowing in my ear and saying she loves me jacket. 9/10 Cambodian mix. Became and escorted after school.
    Three college girls all approached me. 9/10 Sofia Vergara clone who had 3 engagement rings and constant attention. 10/10 physically, Black former swimsuit model, low 7/10 Russian blonde with blue eyes. I had nothing to address fame, status or money. I was extraverted, good looking…. And lived at home. There was no game, just looks.
    After college, when I started learning game…. The list gets very long and some stories become very hard to believe. Even so, in majority of those cases game almost never played much part in initial attraction. I sit and sip a drink at the bar, girl starts babbling how much attraction she is feeling and how she can’t handle it. Some will say that it is body language or dominance game, but I don’t see it. If I was 300lb fat fuck, or 120lb skinny guy…. Would the girl respond the same way to the body language? I doubt it. It is a congruence question. Even in the male groups I am a part of, congruence and pack hierarchy are implicitly understood.

  45. Thanks for sharing.
    To most guys – and Troy – if you want to Game, game.
    I too have been reading many posts, from Herbivores to SuperAlphas, these many months.
    However every notch on the next conquered woman messes her up for any hope of an LTR.
    What CC is saying is – there is lots of Gaming out there, and lots of notches, and no LTR material among the 6+ availables.
    Most men want their end game as a reasonable LTR, anyone have data to counter that?
    Just like a lost decade in the economy, we have a lost decade in women.
    Not saying who’s at fault. Just the facts as they appear to me.

  46. If “game” means the law of averages (you keep on “gaming” hundreds of women, and you happen to have sex with one of them that was your level or maybe 1 point higher), then yeah, I guess “game” is successful.

  47. “Most men want their end game as a reasonable LTR, anyone have data to counter that?
    Just like a lost decade in the economy, we have a lost decade in women.”
    I wanted to start my “game” with a LTR. But that’s never going to happen now, is it.

  48. “If you are hot, you know that you are hot as a man. Hot women will approach you, offer their numbers, and will try to pick you up. And I mean 7+ women, not uglies. This is not rocket science. I am 6′,190lb, blonde with green eyes, European ancestry, have accent, all city athlete in my sport, now working F500 professional job”
    “Game” helps if you’re already decent looking. If you’re a 5+, with no game, expect to land 3-4’s. With “game” you might get a 6 or even a 7 if no one else is talking to her out of fear.

  49. The computer guy kinda proves our point though. He oozes inceldom.
    And there is no proof that the fat guy dates that Stacy.

  50. I deal with vicious critics in my articles but here’s the elephant in the room that no one really wants to hear because once we hear it, we all have to look in the mirror: For every excuse I’ve ever made (and I’ve made plenty of them), and every excuse in this thread, there’s a guy out there who has scored the women we all want who has way less to work with in some or all areas than each of us do.
    Not attractive? Salmon Rushdie dates super models.
    Broke? The loser at your local rave has his stripper rave bunny paying his bills.
    Grey hair? There’s a 67yo guy in these threads who kills it overseas.
    Too short and skinny? Prince was 5’3″ and Bruno Mars is 5’5″
    Buff and Beautiful? You’ll get blown out by rich, grey, fat men
    Rich but inexperienced? you’ll be paying $400 for a dinner date with no sex
    Race Sportscars? You’ll be “friend zoned” and giving rides to bitches to bang carless losers if you have nothing else.
    And so on. The most important skill you can learn is “attitude” as outlined below. it is the singular factor that explains every scenario outlined above… and it requires real work and years of field experience. I don’t consider myself a PUA person because my entire message is “Here’s what you have to do, it takes awhile and there are no shortcuts.”

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