Liberal Harvard Professors Are Now “Rape Apologists” For Defending Due Process

Not once in their statement do they ever acknowledge that nearly 30 percent of women are sexually assaulted while at Harvard, nor do they express any concern about them. Their silence contributes to the ongoing problem of sexual assault at Harvard and Harvard Law.

— The makers of The Hunting Ground using poorly crafted “statistics” to accuse Harvard Law School professors of rape apologism for daring to ridicule the film’s rehashing of a now discredited allegation against student Brandon Winston

Much can be said about liberal Ivy League law and social science professors. On the one hand, they created the retrograde academic climate in which third wave feminism, rampant affirmative action, mass, often illegal immigration and other woes could be championed and implemented in the real political world.

Most surprisingly, though, they are still capable of sensing that the slippery slope they made even wetter may have gone too far. In this vein, nineteen Harvard Law School professors, of which at least the vast majority are liberal, have signed an open letter decrying the bias and inaccuracy of the “college rape” propaganda film The Hunting Ground.

This so-called documentary, co-produced by CNN, completely misrepresents or plain fabricates information about a number of disproven campus rape allegations, plus overall sexual assault numbers. The most egregious character assassination is against Harvard student Brandon Winston, whose name has been dragged through the mud multiple times both on and off campus.

His law studies were significantly sidetracked and he is still being attacked via the cinematic potshots of The Hunting Ground after being exonerated. Like Paul Nungesser, no amount of legal and other vindication will seemingly spare Winston from this fate.

Is leftist academia finally panicking about the newest cohort of SJWs?

Kamilah Willingham, the African-American answer to Emma Sulkowicz. With her claims against Brandon Winston discredited after both Harvard and law enforcement investigations, The Hunting Ground continues to falsely portray her as a “survivor”. She’s now creating a career as a professional SJW.

To their credit, despite helping spawn the overall circumstances in which millennial SJWs “grew up,” this is not the first time in recent memory when Harvard Law School academics have taken stances that expose them to the ire of their pupils. Nearly 30 signed an earlier exhortation for giving greater legal protections to those accused of university sexual assault.

This open letter to the Boston Globe responded to draconian college policies and procedures demanded by anti-due process fascists such as New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Tellingly, the professors pointed out that these proposals contradicted the basic principles they were hired by Harvard to teach to students.

When otherwise pernicious feminist Nancy Gertner is one of those signing the most recent open letter, alongside perennial liberal Alan Dershowitz and Obama’s old mentor Charles Ogletree, you begin to sense how troubling the present campus environment is. Law professors who previously either supported or acquiesced to false structuralist arguments of patriarchal legal oppression are now angrily having to put their radical student charges in their place.

But are they succeeding? If anything, the battle between SJWs and elder academics demonstrates that the former group is probably already winning. CNN’s shameless showing of The Hunting Ground this week, all while claiming to be a news network, only adds fuel to an assertion that the insane are running the asylum of American college campuses.

The Hunting Ground is plumbing new lows in SJW rage-spiraling

Amy Herdy, a producer of The Hunting Ground, has shambolically tried to present the veneer of a balanced documentary whilst privately admitting she never intended to give an impartial account.

We do not operate the same way as journalists — this is a film project that is very much in the corner of advocacy for victims, so there would be no insensitive questions or the need to get the perpetrator’s side.

— Amy Herdy, producer of The Hunting Ground, admitting that she made no attempt to appraise both sides of the campus sexual assault debate and essentially organized a propaganda operation

The Harvard Law School professors are not merely responding to a run-of-the-mill social justice experiment when they question the methods of The Hunting Ground. Nor are they rejecting SJW arguments after they reached a critical mass of everyday attacks on common sense. Rather, this documentary represents a brand new phase in the culture wars. Instead of theatrical political attacks at rostrums or in street protests, SJWs are moving to theater and cinema itself.

With correctly timed music, camera angles and tears, purported documentaries are often able to achieve in one three second-long vignette what several thousand words of text in Time or a five hour New York City protest can. And the overarching device used by such filmmakers is an omission of facts and the substitution of emotion, the facts omitted being those that disagree with the filmmaker’s viewpoint.

This is why, for example, Kamilah Willingham is allowed to describe her “rape” without Amy Herdy and her colleagues including the raft of Harvard Law School and law enforcement findings proving that Willingham’s testimony was terribly contradictory and patently false. Or that the “evidence” she provided, a condom, was actually unrelated to the crime she was alleging and therefore demonstrates she unapologetic lied.

The ability of SJWs to plow ahead despite constant rape hoaxes is never-ending

Smells like false rape spirit.

Take a moment to reflect on three or four of the most infamous college rape allegations you remember. For me, the instances I recall most readily are the Duke lacrosse case, the UVA fraternity debacle, Emma Sulkowicz’s eternal attention-seeking and the witch-hunt against Brandon Winston, with which I was already familiar. All of these are either rape hoaxes or thoroughly vetted stories of a man who was not guilty of an accusation.

In a deep-seated irony, Harvard and certainly other semi-sensible professors are now coming up against the feral SJWs they helped to ideologically mould. These academic-student battles will rage on over the next several years, especially as a large number of other university intellectuals are either siding with SJWs or greatly fear coming out against them.

Like the Ingsoc-supporting parents in 1984 who fear being denounced by the same children they raised to love Big Brother, many academics are presently ruing the disastrous generation they allowed to take over American college campuses. It would be very funny if the ramifications for all male students weren’t so incredibly dire.

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145 thoughts on “Liberal Harvard Professors Are Now “Rape Apologists” For Defending Due Process”

  1. Never forget that the ultimate outcome of progressives and collectivists attaining power is always the same: the rotting bones of innocent millions at the bottom of scattered killing pits.
    100 million dead in the last century alone at their hands.
    Do not mistake the deadly seriousness of these feral social justice warriors. They may be feral but they are intelligent. They are deluded and cruel, but they are committed. Their ideology is grotesque and irrational, but they nonetheless follow it with delirious and intoxicating rapacity.
    They do not mean to convince you.
    They mean to eliminate you. It is said that there is never a shortage of human beings willing to don a uniform and shove people into cattle cars. That is quite true.
    These feral social justice warriors have higher ambitions. They are the designers of a new world, the architects of camps, the planners of death convoys and the approving managers who award medals to the executioners of the State they intend to advance.
    They are ridiculous, yes. They are absurdedly stupid, yes.
    But they are murderously serious.
    Do not underestimate the dark and deadly contest at hand.

    1. About time someone hit home with these truths. Their time will be up soon, just wait. They cannot progress this technologically-fueled leftist-controlled agenda if they do not have the means to push it.
      They are powerful yes, but they may only seem powerful. Since they control the very foundations of the medium on which I am typing this comment, I must always speak in riddles that only men like you can understand. The coming storm will not be in their favor in the long run, remember that, no matter how dark and shitty things look because they are “winning”.
      They cannot last, it is nature’s destiny to balance this world, and their removal and erasure is key for that balance.

      1. Speak openly.
        That is where men will find their voices raised in resonating concert.
        Reality is what is left over when the power goes out.
        The dark world is lit from age to age with the light of reason and progress, with technology and science, and our creature comforts are blinding. But the reality is quite different. Western civilization is nothing more than a teasing curtain, increasingly ridiculous and tottering, drawn over the dark world that remains as the base nature of creation.
        Men must remember to see things clearly.
        Men must learn to penetrate the veil of illusion and know the world for what it is.
        The half-dozen teenage girls twittering and chatting and giggling over their cellphones and taking selfies of their perfect clothes and bodies and hair are an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that they are a huddled group of frightened, beaten commodities kept for the amusement of the warlord and any of his men he chooses to reward. They don’t giggle and take selfies and they don’t dare talk back when they are told to present their naked rears.
        The social justice warrior who scans every statement and conversation for hints of outrage against their progressive propaganda and who blithers and blathers about homophobia and gender normativity and white privilege and oppressive microaggressions and teachable moments is an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that he is a filthy, crippled beggar who abandons his ideology and begs for scraps and his life as the men of action pass him by on the way to battle.
        The young man today who spends his time playing video games on the couch and masturbating when he’s not playing video games and has no ambition to stand forth as a powerful example of masculinity is as contemptible after the power goes out as he is when the lights are on. Typically he is shot quickly as he has no utility as a fighter and is a waste of resources that could be devoted to a man capable of swinging steel and using a rifle.
        Men need to speak openly and with ringing voices of these things.

        1. A very eloquent way of putting what I’ve been discussing with others for a while. At any moment, our reality can change. The biggest decision you make today might be whether to go out for dinner or stay in. Tomorrow, you might be making a decision that determines whether you and your family survive. By the way, subscribed to your website as it sounds like there’ll be some interesting discussions going on there.

        2. The Roman Forum applauds your statements, we will have a return to raw brutality. I do not speak for just myself on this. The legion is waiting for the power to go out, as are many other groups I’m sure, and not just waiting Ivan, anticipating, salivating even, at the delight of the real human world restored.
          Those who live by the illusion will die by the illusion.

        3. “Men need to speak openly and with ringing voices of these things.”
          This only works if ALL men do this at once, otherwise they are picked off one by one (see also Alinsky’s rules and Lysistrata).
          It’s easy to say something like this if you work for yourself, make a living by telling people to go screw themselves, and/or you are independently wealthy. If any man falls into those categories, he should find those men who have the skills he needs to run his business and hire them, enabling more men to speak freely.
          A lot of guys have to take the subtle route if they want to make a living for their family. Raising or mentoring a brood of red-pillers, and preparing for the worse is probably the best way for most men.
          Otherwise, I agree with your points.

    2. You’re right. People don’t see how serious this could get. The ‘useful idiots’ amongst them the rad fems themselves, probably don’t either, but once it comes to the crunch they will happily hamsterise a justification for mass murder

      1. It’s already begun on college campuses. There’s no words to express how happy I am to have graduated 6 years ago. I cannot imagine being a level headed student enduring this crap now for $50K a year.
        The only thing that I love about this is college professors/ administrators — who created this absolute madness — now being eaten alive by it!

    3. Never underestimate the brutal power of raw herd like stupidity. Have you ever noticed how stupid people who are devoid of any original thoughts are obsessed with “Causes”. These people coalesce together like dirty sludge until the treacle like inertia of their collective presence overcomes everything, not by any natural intelligence, but rather by its force and intractable density.

      1. Projection and repressed memories obfuscate the real reason of their pain to them, making the ‘unjust’ into scapegoats. The same people who victimized them are the ones who convince them that their pain is somebody else’s fault.

      2. “These people coalesce together like dirty sludge until the treacle like
        inertia of their collective presence overcomes everything, not by any
        natural intelligence, but rather by its force and intractable density.”
        Damn, that’s one hell of a quote.

      3. The sad thing is, those they claim to represent, will still be as bad or worse off than before. Most likely much worse off.
        You can’t reason with them. Their lust for power is tantamount, it seems at times, to be like stopping a tsunami. There are only two things you can do. Leave, and rebuild after their momentum is spent and your have avoided becoming a corpse. Two, build a series of breakwaters, and a sea wall that literally “trips” the tsunami as it approaches land thereby reducing it’s overall momentum. Then leave and return to rebuild. It is all replaceable material anyways.
        I’m for the latter. Who knows what creatures of the deep will wash ashore to taste exotic dumb ass before being forced to recede to the watery hell from whence it came? If any are foolish enough to not follow their fellow morons back to there they came from. Promptly make an example of it.

        1. You can’t reason with them but you can use emotional methods, they must be credible however. Reason is a very poor way to change opinions though reason must be there as the backup.

        2. Yes, the second option is best. Reminds me of Ulysses using all his cunning and skills to overcome the many trails he encountered on his journey, like the one eyed Cyclops and the intoxicating song of the Sirens. He overcame each obstacle he faced by using his ingenuity, charm and wile to outsmart all of them. It’s a great epic tale that every English school boy was once taught, but, no longer, only in the private schools.
          This is why the wealthy English middle and upper classes still send their sons to all male boarding schools where they still teach the classics. They end up in senior positions in society because they are wealthy and privileged and they have traditional classical values that they will pass onto their children in time. The feminists must hate these establishments!

      4. Chateau Heartiste has quoted Orwell:
        “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”
        -George Orwell, 1984
        This was the pattern in Mao’s cultural revolution.
        I have just spoken to my sister, she became concerned when her son (my nephew) came home from his high school (in Australia) with a White ribbon pin on his shirt. It’s some sort of anti violence against women campaign. Young males are being pathologised. Young girls are being taught to fear, hate and mock young boys.
        She recounted the story of another mother whose son was told to come up with a short story on domestic violence. Under pressure to produce a story he came up with an graphic story of how his mother was beaten in all sorts of situations. His mother was horrified because nothing like that happens and the teacher now thinks she is a battered wife.

        1. How prescient his words have become.
          In essence, we’re in the realm of Salem Witch Trails once more where immature, impressionable young females decided to spin a whole fabricated yarn that they “desperately” wanted to be true, even to the point that they would collectively and pathologically lie regardless of the consequences for the victims who were of course executed. This fact didn’t bother them even if they were former friends or even relatives. Eventually, like all feminine wiles the inconsistencies in their tales unraveled and soon all the lies started spilling out, in typical feminine fashion most of them started bitching each other out. This is how women, especially the immature ones behave when they can’t get away with the lies anymore- essentially they’ve no objective sense of the truth or any prevailing notion of justice, even if they call themselves SJWs nowadays.
          The only way to win this battle nowadays is to challenge them on their lies. Take a legal case against the school or organisation for causing psychological upset by spreading false representations of your family’s good name and character. You have to learn to turn their weapons- the law and equality legislation back onto them, and, hit hard where it hurts, namely in their pockets.

      5. Several weeks ago I was at bar in my hometown and some short haired feminist began talking with me. When it came to TRUMP, the GOP, etc … she kept giving me the “They’re Idiots!” response. She was a typical leftist. Knows absolutely NADA about the issues and can only respond by calling those who see past the leftist indoctrination as “idiots.”

        1. A classic and I suspect incurable case. However there is a certain irony that we should appreciate and relish in her use of the word idiot.
          But, to be serious, in our societies we’ve let this type of moronic cliched style of public conversation become the norm out of a kind of social everyday politeness or fear of causing offence. This is pure nonsense and the moment you accept or acquiescence to this as something “normal”, you’ve essentially conceded the right to these thugs, who are nothing more than social and culture barbarians and delinquents to dictate the way they want to run the world.
          The way to prevent this- is to challenge them publicly- preferably in social and work contexts and show them up for the hypocritical fools that they are. This is want they need- to be challenged in the everyday world- outside the “safe zones” like outside the internet or media circles. This is where the battle will be won.

        1. And for those countries that have already been disarmed by their Government, it’s time to start making some.

    4. Many of the SJWs (useful idiots) who are currently participating in the subversion of western societies will be the first to be shot when total tyranny is imposed upon the masses, simply because they know too much and will become “useless eaters”. You may enjoy this lecture by former KGB propaganda specialist Yuri Bezmenov:

      1. There is another side to the story, the likes of Gloria Steinham working for the CIA. They were all a bunch of idiots.

    5. This describes the SJW mindset perfectly. The only “free expression” they recognize is that which aligns with their own skewed world views. Any thought, word, or action that is not approved by the SJW mob is met with open hostility if not outright violence. They cannot defend their position with logic and reason so they resort to the only means of defense their feeble minds can understand. Violence, persecution, and injustice are the tools of the SJW.

  2. Well it’s the same old pattern.
    Leftists put Lenin in power, and then when Stalin took over, he had the “useful idiots” purged.
    You see Soviet Russia actually had principles and even a Constitution (several of them, actually, all interesting to read).
    But all those useful idiots who fought for and helped establish it were the ones standing there demanding things like rights, due process, representation. Etc.
    They had to go.
    Same thing is happening here. Leftoid professors ran out the conservatives and libertarians and had their way with indoctrinating the students. But there are forces, the same forces that financed Stalin (today in the form of George Soros and the Ford Foundation – somebody is funding all these protests) that have decided that it’s time for the next level.
    if you read the demands of these college students, which Sargon of Akkad recently covered well on Youtube, you will be reminded of every shrill socialist/communist you ever run across.
    This is a takeover of the campuses, a total takeover, and the people who created this monster are starting to realize what they have done and their futures are up for grabs.
    I won’t shed tears for the useful idiots. They have it coming. Meanwhile, write off the college system as lost. It has been for a long time anyway. If you want a career, hit the street and find it, build it, and take it.

    1. Leftists put Lenin in power, and then when Stalin took over, he had the “useful idiots” purged.
      Are you calling Jacob Schiff head of the New York investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Co. a lefty?

      1. I’m not entirely sure how proven / extensive Schiffs role was. He seems definitely to have financed the Japs in the Russo-Japanese war, and influenced the 1905 revolution. I’ve heard he financed Trotsky and some jewish revolutionaries in 1917 – whether that’s proven or propaganda I’m uncertain. What is very clear is Schiff had a very real dislike for Russia and its Tsar

        1. Then conduct your own research and find out for yourself. You can start by visiting Lenin’s statue in … Seattle. 😉

      2. Many business leaders are lefties. Think of Engels, Soros the various business elites after cheap labour and open borders. Internationalism and Globalism coincide. When you are an elite the rich Muslim Sheikh you are doing business with is not as much a pain in the as like the Somali Muslim creating trouble over not wanting a seeing eye dog in a taxi.
        You need to remember that the left gave up on the working class about 1930 and decided to start the revolution through media and educational institutions.
        It’s worth looking at Kerry Bolton’s “The Revolution from Above” which documents the interference on the side of the communists of American corporations(seeking oil and mining concessions from the Communists) and, surprisingly, American expeditionary ‘peace keeping’ forces sided with the Reds. Even then the American public service had liberals, always ready to be deluded from reality by ideas misreported the horrors of the left.
        Since Catherine the Great took in Poland as part of the Russian
        It’s worth looking at Kerry Bolton’s “The Revolution from Above” which documents the interference on the side of the communists of American corporations(seeking oil and mining concessions from the Communists) and, surprisingly, American expeditionary ‘peace keeping’ forces sided with the Reds. Even then the American public service had liberals, always ready to be deluded from reality by ideas misreported the horrors of the left.
        Empire most Jews were not allowed, unless they had special skills or business skills, to emigrate too far out of Poland in an area known as the “Pall of Settlement”. They weren’t wanted by the various ‘sub nations’ and it was necessary to respect the wishes of Ukranians and Russians etc. they were however granted many rights such as free education when most Russians didn’t have it. That’s what gave them the shits with “Russia”, being told to stay put, that and the fake ‘pogroms’ invented by the Russian correspondent of the London times who happened to be Jewish.
        Schiff financed Trotsky. Lenin was as brutal as Stalin, he just died earlier, for instance he ordered the execution of 22,000 Ukrainian farmers simply being farmers. Lenin was 1/4 Asiatic, 1/4 Jewish and 1/2 White. You can tell by just looking at him.
        Of course don’t forget the Germans, gave Lenin sanctuary, and then sent him back, in a sealed train hoping to stir up trouble. The Kaiser, in exile in Holland, regretted this.

    2. Part of me wants to watch it all burn while the other part wants this nonsense to end. Some of the campuses are a total loss, but in the conservative states there’s a glimmer of hope when even chaplains are calling out the behaviors of students. The scariest bit of these are the people who will be running this country in 20-30 years time.

    3. Stalin, taught by the fists of his parents and coached in religious doctrine until he gave it up to go to the Bolsheviks, remained nevertheless a masculine leader and that attitude was what allowed him to see and work with the Communist Party and Soviet system for what it was: an instrument of power, not liberation.
      Before Stalin, the Soviets had all manner of wishy-washy policies, for instance, relaxed attitudes about homosexuality. Stalin erased all that garbage. During WW2, the Red Army wasn’t afraid to use women and even promote them to high ranks, but following the war, the Soviets promptly purged females from the armed forces and returned them to civilian life so that the Army could remain a male-only institution.

    4. I actually referred to ‘useful idiots’ myself before reading your comment. Its good people here on the same wavelength. I actually find the student unions, and the student councils the most scary. They seem to be acting not just as militant groups, but almost as a militia. Students have always played radical games, but this is something different.

      1. They are the new Red Guards. Mao tricked the party stalwarts into letting him creat the beast ehn used the besast to turn and rend them to pieces. This is the process we see before us now. The cultural revolution fueled by the red guard distroyed much of chinese culture, and left a wasteland in it’s wake; one that can never be repaired.

        1. ‘Extremists’ are the new counter-revolutionaries. If things get serious these proto progressive militias could turn into something very dangerous indeed. Young people have no memory of what communism did in the twentieth century. They think it’s a long dead or would be more kindly now. They are extraordinarily dangerous to a free society

  3. Like most people, I have always heard that a person under 30 who is conservative has no heart, while a liberal person over 30 has no brain.
    Even this snarky, seemingly innocuous, joke is a deception.
    Outside of the “useful idiots” being groomed as drones (most professors are just further advanced in their brainwashing, but still in this stage coming to the end of their lives and usefulness to be cast aside) for their taskmasters, these people are absolutely ruthlessly heartless with the commitment matched only by the fanatical cultist to the “difference they are making”. They are really just immature, critical, ungrateful, spiteful, and hateful with absolutely nothing to contribute but to do someone’s bidding.
    And in fact, change for the sake of change is exactly that as well, a hatred for normalcy. But in that they have purpose, as a recent article pointed out as lacking among our community, and it is the conviction, certainty, and direction this purpose (however destructive) gives them that makes them dangerous. No surprise then that they are unmanageable by the older versions of themselves or that their predecessors come to see the light of how they were used up, fell for the lies, and are now to be swept away by the new generations they were only too happy to foster.

    1. Yes absolutely, I’ve heard it put that the left has emotion on their side and we have reason on ours. No, we have all of it on our side.
      The welfare state wouldn’t be so bad if it actually worked, but it doesn’t. Feminists don’t improve the lot of women, and the Al Sharpton types for certain don’t improve the lot of black people.
      The left chugs along destroying lives with ideas that have been known to be failures since shortly after they were introduced. To be a leftist is to be unhappy, and to think that the way out is to spread misery.

      1. Back in 1978 I met a gay activist in Bloomington, Indiana who had just secured a summer internship at The American Spectator. He said he was looking forward to it because, despite the political opposition he’d be working with, basically, conservative people were so much more pleasant than left-wingers. “Left-wing people can be such shits.”

    2. I was a Reagan Conservative under 30 – now I’m a Libertarian.
      I don’t give a shit about these people’s feelings, never have, never will.

      1. That’s my M.O. as well. Being a Leftist never entered the realm of possibility in my mind, even as a yoot. And I was around at a time when Leftists weren’t uniformly loathsome, yet.

        1. A traditional southern food usually made with corn, water, milk, and copious amounts of butter. Anyone you ask in the south will tell you their grandma makes the best grits and to disagree means there will most likely be a fight. It’s best just to smile and say you’d like to try them sometime.

        2. immediately thought of this when read goj yoot comment.
          greatest movie ever.
          no self respecting southerner eats instant grits.

          you got mud in the tires?

        3. My Cousin Vinny! You know, I think it’s one of the funniest films ever. What’s a “U-IT”…”I’m sorry your honor, I meant YOUTH”
          The prison scene is hilarious too.

        4. I might have been considered leftist when teenage or in my early 20s but I think now that what I exhibited was kindness and goodwill, I thought other people were like thst as well. I never accepted the leftist ideas and framework. I did see the collective power of government as a solution to many problems, to provide good order, take action, that’s progressivism. I however never excepted victimology, White guilt etc and that sort of thing. In fact I became so alarmed I’ve gone fully alt-right. I litteraly see my race the target of genocide.
          I remember watching “roots” as an teenager and being alarmed and horrified at the cruelty. I now realise it was made up bullshit.

    3. I have no heart.
      I don’t give a flying fuck about Syrian refugees, Mexican immigrants, or whatever sob story they may have. Islamic refugees pose a danger to myself (living in NYC), and this country. Illegal immigrants make every city they move to shittier. Sorry, the benefits don’t add up. Next.

      1. It’s true. We will NOT integrate. We want your nice country. Our men will take your wives and daughters in marriage (or just rape them) and whites will eventually be eliminated.
        *note – I use this “Muhammad’s Mistress” account for dramatic effect.

  4. There are a coupe of things I don’t get. I’m old enough to remember when fathers tauht hteir sons that the worst thing a boy oculd ever do is hit a girl. I remember that faterh sued to teacht their sons to respect women. A man was always expected to be a gentleman in the presense of a lady. The feminists chaned all that. Now they are complaining about a rape culture. Any rape culture that exist is theit fault. Mothers used to teach theri daughters to avoid getting into a comprmising situation iwht a young man. Feminists todl mothers that they must let their daughters decide for themselves. So the daughters decide for themselves, being liberated and all, to go to the kegger at the frat house. They get drunk, have sex, scream rape. cry, and claim victim status. This is all because of the SJW’s. Why won’they own up to all the damage they did?

  5. It’s almost poetic justice that these students are starting to turn on their former mentors.
    Funny thing is that this type of scenario reminds me a different piece of literature, not so much Orwell but another great story where a man’s creation, made in the vision of a noble pursuit, turns on him and destroys everything he loves.
    One quote comes to mind:
    “Had I right, for my own benefit, to inflict this curse upon everlasting generations? I had before been moved by the sophisms of the being I had created; I had been struck senseless by his fiendish threats; but now, for the first time, the wickedness of my promise burst upon me; I shuddered to think that future ages might curse me as their pest, whose selfishness had not hesitated to buy its own peace at the price, perhaps, of the existence of the whole human race.”
    – Victor Frankenstein

  6. We the Rational are at fault in some degree as well — for conciliating young idiots who’ve learned that to attack their opponents’ character reliably induces defensive behavior, backing & filling, and all sorts of qualifications that they can exploit. We must learn never to give an inch: to condemn the SJW and everything he says fearlessly, unqualifiedly, and without a single word of defense of oneself. Indeed, it would be best if we were to learn to attack the SJW’s character, instead of extending the default assumption of benevolence to him, from the very moment he opens his mouth.

  7. Accusations of rape on campus are nearly always guilty until proven innocent. Combine that with feminist victimongering, and rape on campus shouldn’t be taken seriously at all
    If it turns out that the guy didn’t do it, they actually become disappointed

    1. It’s a no win situation for the guy, even if he is exonerated. The only true way to stem this flood of false-rape accusations is to use the legal system to tear the woman apart for slander, libel, defamation of character, emotional trauma, loss of job, court costs, etc.

        1. Logic = sexist
          Truth = sexist
          Reason = sexist
          Reality = sexist
          Holding woman accountable = sexist
          Expecting women to be responsible = sexist

        2. Funny because it’s true.
          I don’t know how to say this without sounding ridiculous, so I’m just going to try: Does anybody else think that not all racism and sexism are bad? The races and sexes are objectively different right? Therefore there must be some things that one race or sex does better than its counterparts. Technically, this would be racism/sexism, but does that necessarily make it bad?

        3. Oh my God! You discovered… the obvious!
          Congratulations! In our near-Idiocracy present status, that is a valuable deed.
          Now seriously, the question here is that non-equalitarianist thought was, somehow, made a thoughtcrime. As any thoughtcrime, it is a dogmatic, illogical contruction to deny you your freedom of thought, speech, and, of course, action.

      1. All it takes is one hero to turn around and pursue the full penalty under law against these lying harpies. Last time I checked, perjury can carry up to 5 years in prison in most states.

        1. I’m just waiting for that one person to stand up and give said harpy a legal bitch slip that won’t soon be forgotten. Any man accused with false rape should be infuriated to the point where he wants to make the woman pay to the full extent of the law. However, I believe most are just so scared that they want to get it behind them.

        2. Vide Steven Pagones v. Tawana Brawley. Years after her false accusation he tracked her down and is forcing her (wage garnishment) to pay for the civil judgement against her.

      2. Just happened in my home town. Some HS slut who made an unwelcome advance on the male principal concocted a sexual harassment claim to get back at him.
        As soon as the allegation came out, I knew the guy was done. Remember the allegation is the now the evidence.
        Sure enough. They voted to fire him even as the evidence was overwhelming the little slut made it up.
        So here we have another innocent male destroyed by a bogus allegation. He will never be able to get a job in education again. He is suing the town for $1M for the way he was fired. Of course during all of this, no one in the media would dream of accusing the little cunt of concocting a false allegation even as countless people came forward in the guys defense.

        1. I’m sure his lawyer advised him not to do that as the media would of course further destroy him for going after the “victim” even tho he is the victim.

    2. Breitbart has a story about limousine liberals putting on make-up to look like they were beat to “raise awareness about Violence Against Women.”
      Remember: DV/ VAW/ RAPE is a lucrative money making industry for feminist orgs. Due process which exposes lying little cunts as nothing more than false rape fabricating sluts undermines their narrative.
      Theses people actually never want VAW/ RAPE to ever END as their gravy train would derail. Ultimately that is what all this B.S. is about. As DV/ Rape, etc has declined, feminist desperate for tax payer funds to continue are pushing bogus campaigns to make the idiot masses think DV/ RAPE are increasing by 110% an hour.

  8. Nobody with any kind of rationality will ever believe any of this bogus ‘documentary’ anyway. The SJW’s have only been preaching to the choir for a while now, which is why none of their projects really make any money. If these law professors stick to their guns (and I have every reason to believe they will since a lawyer loves nothing more than to win an argument) then the SJW narrative will unravel rather quickly. In a decade it is possible that SJW’s will be looked at like Scientologists, complete loons good for a laugh and not much else. The left narrative is already unraveling in Europe where people are starting to wake up to the disastrous socialist debt system and the dangers of unchecked immigration. The same will happen here in North America. The left over played their hand and have properly taken the piss.

    1. “The same will happen here in North America. ”
      Yeah, not exactly something to laugh about. That will suck big time. We need to stop it before it gets here.

  9. Sounds like we’ve got to that stage in the zomibie apocalypse where we can sit down, put down our baseball bat, crack open a beer and watch one set of zombies turn on the other set in a frenzy of mushy brain slurping. There’s still too many of them to count though and they just won’t stop coming

    1. Cricket bat, sir. And we wouldn’t sit down and open a beer, we’d head to the Winchester for several pints. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

      1. Sounds good! Especially if you’re buying with your £5 note – will certainly stretch to two halves of John Smith Bitter edit: & some egg on my face

        1. I know that film quite well actually. Its set in Crouch End where I used to live, just by the TV shop which you actually see in the film

        2. Haven’t seen that one yet either. Probably should, I really enjoyed Shaun of the Dead.

  10. Except that all these people would have more common sense if school systems/academia put people in more real world environments and dealt with real world people.

    1. true, but these are young people who’ve been indoctrinated, and are competing with each other to be the most radical. There feet aren’t even touching the ground

        1. Hit them with a cis-gendered, misogynist, transphobic anchor made from the bones of post-wall spinsters and whiteknights.

  11. As a current uni student the amount of stupid lefty shit I see around me is nauseating.
    Just this morning I went to a hosted panel with employers in the field to get a sense of what skills are in demand.
    During the Q&A session, the faculty director (a middle aged woman) wasted most of the time talking about equality in the workplace. She went on this monologue about how women are having trouble getting positions in the technology sector. She stated that 60% of the graduates at the university are women, and yet more men are getting jobs than women in this field.
    If the female alumni are anywhere near as lazy and unskilled as my female classmates, then why the fuck is that supposed to be surprising? I never see the girls spending their free time working on projects, or fabricating materials in the shop. They don’t study programming, they don’t study math, they can’t even format a fucking document correctly. The frustration in my post reflects the fact that I’m forced into group projects with people that don’t pull their weight, and I can’t wait until term is over so everyone will leave me the fuck alone to get some real work done.
    I would never say something like all women are incapable of being professionals, but when it comes right down to it, I’d take a man with mediocre talent and a good work ethic over some chick with a masters degree that doesn’t understand that real accomplishment requires sacrifice.

    1. Women are in a constant state of complaint, be it relationships, workplace, politics, etc. It’s different for us on this site, because there’s an entire industry dedicated to both bashing white males and coddling vaginas.

      1. When you see dying homeless men on your way to school where six-figure salary under-qualified white women are complaining about oppression, it makes you go a little nuts.

    2. It’s unfortunate you have to sit like a potted plant and listen to that faculty director lady’s shit. It must be an exercise in self containment not to at least throw a boomerang question at her, or better yet, a ‘frog in her shirt’ question, or heck literally slip an ice cube or frog or something. But seriously they’re everywhere, those feminist ‘minders’ in academia. The mind warp is complete with female grads but resistance is in the air everywhere. Once a critical number of people have agreement of mind what REAL order is, then it will be so. It becomes the order.

      1. I spoke with one of my peers afterwards about it. He agreed it was totally unnecessary to bring up women’s issues at such length at an employment conference that was there to benefit everybody.
        People don’t talk about it so openly but there are people out there who know it’s a racket.

    1. Shame works like this: It skews the perception of oneself to the prejudiced colored goggles of others who are intentionally dishonest. Others who look with woe upon the raped woman cause her shame. When you see a raped woman, smile and pat her back. Congratulate her and her hubby and encourage him to continue raping her continuously so as to repopulate the west. See, there is no such thing as rape. It’s a feminist fantasy projected upon married women by feminists.

      1. Rape certainly does exist, but the concept is hetting mixed up with regret, rejection, ambiguity and other things. If she seems overly eager to talk about her rape, it is likely she is bullshitting, yeah.

        1. Really a new term must be coined to differentiate the attention whoring blind accusations from actual rape. Feminist prosecutors are licking their chops to lower the bar on what qualifies as rape. Eye rape, thought rape, ‘mood’ rape where a woman feels rapey, sympathetic rape where when one woman feels rapey, then her friends all feel raped as well making a ten fold charge out of what was only one woman who felt rapey. If only they could find a perpetrator to charge with the rape. Feminists proclaim when you rape ONE woman, you’ve raped EVERY woman. Then they define all hetero sex as rape. It never ends. Looking for real legitimate rape is like finding a needle in a haystack.

        2. As I said before, this is good. Eventually, rape stops to mean anything and must become legalized. I mean, once it is ‘rape’ when you in front of your female colleagues excuse yourself to go to the toilet, some judge will think it a bit ridiculous.
          Female colleagues: ‘He had that rapey look in his eyes. I bet this creep fapped while thinking of us in the toilet. How disgusting. Yuck. I feel raped when I just think of it. How horrible.’

        3. If you cannot accurately define rape yourself, then others should not be allowed to define it FOR you. SJW’s perceive up and down ass backwards and the opposite of what they really are. No sjw can be raped. For them it is another hallucination. Unless a judge shares their hallucination concurrently.
          Here’s something. The previous article featured the raped porn star. A porn star cannot be raped because rape implies that a person’s private or intimate parts have been trespassed upon. A porn star has no ‘private’ parts, THEY’RE ALL PUBLIC. A porn star displays their privates inside and out. Their genetalia are no more private than their nose or their hands. To forcibly shake their hand can be no more imposing than to accidentally bump into their privates while on the sidewalk. Bumping into a porn queens flaunted privates would be like some stranger bumping you with their elbow on the sidewalk. If I walked around with my mandingo erect and exposed, flopping it openly in public, I would inadvertantly crash it into everyone while walking down the sidewalk or while getting on the bus. Did they rape me or me them? So I get mind raped by the porn stars images. They’re constantly mind raping everyone. Rape really needs to be totally redefined.

        4. Well, I enjoy your hyperbole, but you are of course aware that what you are spouting is nonsense. Of course there is a difference between the free choice to publicly expose sexual videos of you having intercourse with a chosen partner and being forced into sex with someone you do not want to fuck. There are many emotions involved that fuck you up for a while when that happens. A lot of shame, a lot of confusion over feelings – especially since our Christian civilization does not allow free sexual expression. So there you go, right, being raped and hating it, and yet you orgasm. Whoops. Fuck, what is your body doing there? Did you really want it? Yeah, it takes a time to sort this out with yourself afterwards. It may not be the worst thing on earth that can happen to you, but it certainly is plenty disgusting shit.

        5. Rape accusations/culture flourishes in socialist utopias mainly and college campuses where hapless students live carefree with their room and board covered by big daddy. Women when liberated in socialist utopias disproportionately claim rape along with any other disability to raise their status in the eyes of the socialist state gladhanders.Get out into the real world and pay rent and rape culture seems to dissipate significantly. But then RENT IS RAPE isn’t it? You pay and pay with no equity and the local slave wages are calibrated to coincide with the housing rates so as to perpetuate the wage slavery. You’re enslaved by the wage slavery AND rent raped by the landlords. So eliminate rent and go back to campus dorm life or go all the way free housing socialist and the rape culture remains. I won’t even finegle what is rape anymore. But despoiling, pumping and dumping a virgin, now that gets my goat. Marryable virgins are a precious and valuable resource in the west and feminists work to sexually empower them young by breaking their ‘v’ by other youths so they can learn to control sex with ‘boys’ and later with men. They lose their ‘v’ to schoolmates, rape or not, legally its no contest, and they’re shrewd cockteases after that, and unmarryable as well. Fems created the carousel/divorce rape culture.

        6. I do not understand what you say about wage and housing rates, but I do not care to.
          As for spoiling virgins, that sounds like something I would like doing as a hobby. Sounds fun. I know, I know, patriarchy. I assure you, I am no feminist. But I am no patriarch, either. I am a freedom fighter. I want men and women to live their lives as they wish to – as long as it is not at the expense of anybody else, which feminism in large parts is.
          Although I admit I have not put much thought into politics. Maybe I will change my opinion someday.

        7. Why so much anti-Christianity by some people? Do you think that anti-sex culture is unique to Christianity? Hint: it’s been practiced by the vast majority of people for all of human history, including nearly all major religions today and STDs/unwanted pregnancies are a major problem due to “free” sex. The fact that the MSM is so anti-Christianity mainly because of this makes me empathize with Christians a lot more simply for that fact.
          FWIW–I’m a deist.
          PS I otherwise agree with you.

        8. I just dislike it, because I want to whore around and hate the sexual shame and moral obedience. STD is just a fear argument. Fuck it. There are other solutions. Contraception, modern medicine. What is MSM? Common enemies do not mske friends. Just allies.
          I believe in some kind of deity, too.

        9. I had beefs with Christisnity in past lives. Besides, it is the culture we come from, so it is more relevant than unpopular or unknown or unpractised religions.

        10. STD todays are somewhat of a fear argument but back when all these religions and morals were founded/developed? You can’t change human nature that fast (typically) regardless of religion.
          Main stream media = MSM

        11. I have beefs with all religions including the one I grew up in – heavy right independent baptist Christian. Since those kinds of morals are pretty much universal across all religions, I tend to give Christianity as pass there (but not on a lot of other stuff).

      1. Obviously I was speaking in an exxagerated manner, but the Shariahs would 100% go after the out spoken progressives first.
        After that they go after the other infidels, then they just kill each other.

  12. As Orwell wrote in 1984, the indoctrinated children–or is it more appropriate to call them “demon spawn?”– of tyrant-enablers eventually turn on their mentors, whether parents as in the book or professors in reality. In short, they become iredeemable, uncontrollable monsters.

    1. Who cares anymore? When the system collapses and the trucks stop coming in, in 3 days there will be riots in the streets and in 3 weeks there will be cannibalism.

      1. And in 3 months blessed…blessed…silence. The next couple of months those of us who had the skills to remain independent emerge, walk outside and begin cleaning up and rebuilding a newer, better world.

      2. “..streets and in 3 weeks there will be cannibalism.”
        Off Topic: I watched a documentary this summer about the siege of Lenningrad. The city was caught off by the Wehrmacht for almost 3 years and cannibalism did happen, despite being taboo to talk about after the war years, and they had some russian survivors talk about it. Who were the most victims of cannibalism? Single women with no family support.

    2. Oh they’ll be controllable by their new masters. Either convert to Islam and Sharia Law or have their head sawed off.

  13. “…nearly 30 percent of women are sexually assaulted while at Harvard…”
    Jesus Christ, do people actually believe that? That’s basically 1 in 3 people. If this were true, you’d have a better chance of not getting raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo than at the most prestigious university in the United States. How can anyon actually buy that?

    1. “How can anyon actually buy that?”
      You have no idea how they’re buying it. They actually want it to be true.

    2. Statistics don’t like but the people who manipulate them do. Other studies show penetrative rape (vaginal / oral / anal) around 5%. So the “assault” number includes things like a drunk male trying to kiss or grab a feel and getting slapped. Feminists claim those are “potential” rape assaults. Most people without an agenda know that’s BS. If a drunk woman makes a botched approach for sex and the male isn’t interested, the male doesn’t claim he was assaulted. Females are more likely to get raped off campus. But that doesn’t fit the feminist narrative because its easier to extract concessions from universities with billion dollar endowments.

    3. When “assault” includes a male student you don’t know saying “hello” to you on your walk to class, you get those kinds of numbers.

    4. Agree with others. You have to take the 1 in 3 number with a grain of salt in that the definitions of rape and sexual assault have changed drastically over the years.

  14. “Cannibalism” is the most predictable phase of revolutionary movements.
    – Robespierre, Danton, Saint-Just.
    – Lenin (shot by a female Jew anarchist).
    – Stalin’s purges.
    – Collapse of the Red Khmer.
    – Black feminist against Jew feminist:
    – And now these Harvard professors.
    “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”

    1. “Anarchist conference” seem like an oxymoron. Judging by what happened there, I guess it is.
      Oh well. happy_merchant.jpg

    2. My God. I’m just at 2:15. Something terrible is truly happening. The moderator just tried to say something reasonable to these people and it did nothing. That is chilling, these people are drones, automatons, consumed…totally lost and they’re aggressive. That lead “woman” is capable of violence.

    1. Men are wired to want to have sex with women. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with this, it’s how the species reproduces.

      1. yes, probably a bit of an extreme response from me, but inherent narcissism in females means their reproduction roles are discarded as soon as they personally no longer have a use for them.

      2. I don’t know, my first reply did not post. But I appreciate the reply.
        At the end of the day, broads will still abort babies, and men will have no reproductive or parenting rights. Some 50 million aborted and counting just in north America. Your wired to have sex comment does not rebut the gash is useless position. The well off western broad species are committing suicide.

  15. It’s not just Harvard – it’s nearly all colleges in America. They are staffed by 90% leftist women, providing “instruction.” They are the SJW gatekeepers, making sure you do not pass unless you recite the party line ideology.

    1. And it’s been that way for awhile. I was dating a grad student (clost conservative) in the humanities department at OSU in the mid-90’s and she told me there is only one white male in the whole department and he is gay. It is by design. They discriminate openly because they can.

  16. Well, eventually Victor Frankenstein had to face up to the horror of his hubris manifested in the form of the monster he created. Uncontrollable, obsessive & implacable. Let each side of irrationals eat each other.
    The rest of us need to keep improving, staying sharp & ready to take our moment when the fall happens.

  17. This shit is just a way for these feminist liars to advance their careers, nothing more. They can now claim to be victims and demand all sorts of things. Also they can extort things from men in exchange of not making up fictional rape stories about them. And third, this is a way to feminize the colleges and universities even more, by marginalizing male students.

  18. If 1 out of 3 women get sexually assaulted at universities, wouldn’t the sane logical thing to do be not go to a university? Why go someplace where you have a 30% chance of getting raped? I would avoid any place with that high of a chance.

    1. Sexual assault definition has devolved over the years. It has gone from actually inserting penis/fingers into an unwilling participant’s vagina, to merely making the owner of aforementioned vagina feel “uncomfortable” in some way.

      1. Feminists love rape so much they’ve spent years inventing new things to call rape. That way all of them can pretend to be victims.
        Meanwhile, actual rapes are quietly ignored by feminists. Just ask Cytherea.

    2. Yes the stat defies simple logic. I don’t go to the neighborhood in my city where there is a .1% chance I will get shot even though it has some good restaurants and clubs. Why would anyone go somewhere when the chance of having such a personal violent act happen is 33%?
      The obvious answer is the stat is fake. The dark answer is that women like to be “raped” when it is happening and then regret it later. And instead of accepting personal responsibility for the decision they made they want the system to vindicate them.
      I used to think the obvious answer was the correct one. Liberals making up statistics to further their agenda. But, one night I brought a girl home a few weeks ago and while we were doing the business she kept on yelling at me to choke her while doing her doggy style. She said it was the only way she could get off. At first I thought she was joking but she was dead serious. I refused because I did not like what the implications could be after the fact and shortly there after she just finished me off and left. Never heard from her again.
      The girl was on the younger side for a hook up, maybe 25, and I was thinking at the time if the only way these younger women can get off is by being literally beat no wonder we have this whole fake rape problem.

      1. Women don’t like to be raped. When they are infatuated and sexually aroused they naturally become agreeable and submissive, female sexual surrender is a characteristic of many mammals. They want to feel that they’ve kindled explosive desire and sense your masculine power. One female friend has described that she likes a “masterful male”. The masterful aspect isn’t really about the bedroom, it’s about your comportment in life. Then comes the affirmation that you are enjoying them which gives them a sense of power. This, eg the submissiveness, is at all times voluntary. I’ve never come across girls that like it quite as rough like the one you experienced but have heard a couple of accounts from friends. I suppose it’s on a continuum of normal characteristics. These are, I suppose, all instinctual feelings and as you can imagine they are somewhat sensitive about this. One girlfriend, a highly post educated woman loved bondage gear and had her own line of handcuffs. I suppose I could be wrong, perhaps these are only females doing what they think men want but I don’t think so. I really think there is a “submission module” in women that gets activated.
        The choking thing is not unknown, I’ve never come across it, but folks do it, thee is even supposed advice on the Internet. Cases of auto erotic asphyxia seem to be far more dangerous than doing it to a partner and may be more a case of the person desiring the effects of oxygen deprivation on the lambic system.
        I’ve never had to use pressure to obtain sex. They’ve always come to me, taken their clothes of first, grabbed my crotch first. I had one girl volunteer to be my sex slave out of the blue, they want you to want sex. The being a sex slave was a way of saying “hey I’m serious about you” and she certainly was. There is certainly something natural and instinctual about this and it would be fantastic if a professional evolutionary psychologist could look at this. It suggests to me that we have a long history of women joyously submitting to alpha males.

    3. It’s proven false claim. There is about a 0.6% chance of a woman experiencing rape over the time she spends doing her course at university or college.
      Furthermore several sources put false rape allegations at 47% and the US Army at 28%.
      Feminists basically make up those numbers by including a wide range of things such as unwanted touching or feelings of regret or insecurity.

  19. So basically, the Millenials are combining their communist public education and their social media “look at me” upbringing in a due process denying deadly cocktail against their masters.
    I have mixed emotions on that one.
    I’m happy those that created this mess are getting their just desserts, but I’m upset that those not complicit in such treason will also have to deal with this group for a long time.

    1. They are all complicit and deserve what they are getting. This decline I will truly enjoy. No worries the colleges that have these types are not producing any productive and actually useful individuals.

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