How This Site Improved My Life

I started reading this site just over a month ago, and can report the following lifestyle changes.

1. My priorities are clearer

I suddenly feel I have the right to insist on prioritizing my own daily goals, over the goals other people want me to achieve.

2. I Lift To Look Better And Get Stronger

It’s OK to want to learn what my own abs look like. I started Leangains, dropped ten pounds of fat, gained three pounds of muscle. Eating lifting and feeling like a warrior, and I’ve never felt better in my life. Man eats meat.

3. I started learning Krav Maga

Because a man should be able to defend himself and his pride. This seems so obvious to me now, I wish I’d started years ago.

4. Fatherhood now makes sense

It’s clear I must teach my son how to approach the world of women, better equipped than I was. I bought three of Roosh’s books, and my son will receive them as a gift when he comes of age.

5. I understand women better

I understand now why I was never “good” with women, why my older wife chose younger me, why our relationship evolved as it did, and how I can improve my current and future relationships with women by encouraging them to be feminine. Someone has to be the man, it might as well be me.

6. I understand men better

Every man I encounter can, and should, be considered by his beliefs about the sexes and his alpha or beta tendencies. Both frameworks make total sense to me. Once I realize whom I’m talking to, conversations take on a whole new meaning.

7. I’m better with my clients

The illogical and frustrating people I am forced to deal with, are as they are, independent of how I deal with them. That truth frees me to do my job of sharing knowledge and charging appropriately for my time, while concerning myself less with whether or not the student learned what I was trying to teach. It’s no longer part of my job to feel guilty every time a student refuses to learn.

8. When a telemarketer calls, I hang up.

Because I didn’t ask for that. I have the right to control my own time. I used to feel at least a twinge of guilt before hanging up before.

9. I’m downright brutal in conversation now

I don’t have time for your crap. If you don’t have facts to counter my argument, your opinion is irrelevant and the discussion is over.  I’ve noticed others suddenly work extra hard now to please me and garner my praise. Turns out more people respect a man who believes in what he says, and says it with conviction.

10. My relationships are improving

I now focus on setting clear and realistic expectations with others; I reward good behavior and punish bad behavior with my wife, and my son. My employees are much more straightforward. I am not passive agressive, because I have the right to believe, to feel, and to say what I want, and further, to insist on my needs rather than ‘request.’ I’ve begun to value my own contributions to my relationships so much more now, that it only makes sense to expect reciprocity.

Not Just Problems – Return Of Kings Offers Solutions

It doesn’t even matter if you disagree with something you read here, or if every author is correct 100% of the time, or if someone writes just to inflame readers, or what the site creator’s motivations are. That someone created something this beautiful and true, is inspiring.

I’m not going to be a Casanova any time soon, and that’s not my intent – I’ll leave that to my son. Here I find a small army of forward thinking writers whom I enjoy reading.

I will contribute as long as I’m able. And read, and absorb, and join in, and contribute again, and learn with you all, and celebrate men, and the women we love.

Roosh, Uncle, I tip my drink to you.

Dear readers, what about you – do you have any stories of how your life has been changed by this journey?

Yes or no, I hope you will join me in contributing to the vital discussion of what it means to be a man.

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90 thoughts on “How This Site Improved My Life”

  1. Don’t ever hang up on a telemarketer! Really
    If you don’t want telemarketers calling you, let them finish with their brief introduction. Then politely say verbatim,”Please take me off your list.” Do NOT say,”Please don’t call me.”
    By law they can say nothing else except ask you to hold on a second while they do it.
    By law as well, they can not call you for at least a year. When I moved and got my new phone number, i said this to maybe half a dozen telemarketers and have not gotten a call in over ten years.

    1. HAve you lives in Australia, the law does not affect telemarketers calling from overseas agencies selling for an Australian company. We have to hang up.

    2. Or, in the US, you can just put your numbers on the federal Do Not Call list — and then not sign up for any junk, catalogs, and other contact lists.
      And then stop the 3 credit bureaus from selling your info to corporate markets, by calling 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) or doing it at optoutprescreen-dot-com

  2. RoK has mostly reaffirmed what I thought I knew, which has transformed somewhat reliable knowledge into unassailable, tried and tested wisdom.
    There have also been some genuinely interesting reads, which are a welcome distraction from the asisine litany of ‘interests’ my peers and friends seem to lap up.

  3. Now thats a good article. Short and sweet, concise and cogent. This is a great site for single males if for nothing else they can learn from the comments of their peers. Between RoK and the MGTOW videos on youtube by barbarossa and stardusk I have learned survival skills. And though for me personally all the PUA/ Game is bullshit I do appreciate this site a lot for the opinions and insights. Its a dismal world we males are trapped in, but we at least we can stick together and help each other. And do whatever we can to trip up the female scourge in every aspect of our lives.

    1. even for the MGTOWs, the PUA/game material is good for:
      1) when you’re forced to deal with women, for example, if one is a client — and it’s useful to know how their minds work.
      2) you don’t feel like paying for a professional and watching porn, but want some vagina

  4. Pre-ROK/Manosphere
    -dissilusioned Beta provider/orbiter
    -fledgling PUA
    – Searching for truth in gender relations/female nature
    Post ROK/Manosphere
    -Clarity on the nature of women/way of the world
    -MGTOW lifestyle
    -Satisfactory Harem maintenance
    -Increased happiness

        1. Yea its funny we fought the fascists on the day in the war, Germany, and it appears Germans have more freedom than American men. Red light district, and no speed limits on the autobahn. Oh how the world turns.

  5. electroshock therapy always helps, good to be an electrician, comes with the job free of charge. no pun intended.

  6. Great article…absolutely true !!
    If there is one thing i regret, I wish i had someone to tell me this stuff in high school, instead of the garbage most of us got fed from the media.

    1. Talking about the media, if you have not seen “Gravity’, the movie, consider giving it a pass.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      — Spoiler Below — If you would like to avoid learning about the plot, do not expand this comment.
      RoK needs movie warnings/ratings for men who do not want to waste time and money on anti-male, you-go-girl nonsense in movies and other media.
      Gravity was 90 minutes of anti-male, MGTOW-reinforcing, white-knight-generating, you-go-girl garbage that hits every point on the Disposable Male Movie Trope checklist:
      Dumb broad goes to space to acquire her feminist merit badge; she fucks up constantly and fails to obey a direct order thereby costing people their lives; disposable male wastes his fuel, his oxygen, and his life rescuing career-chick-damsel-in-distress who-wastes-oxygen, cannot do shit, and has no greater value than any other human on Earth.
      She (the ditsy broad) survives so a blockbuster is born and millions of low-value, white-knight-ready, cannon fodder beta males waste millions of dollars supporting male expendability propaganda.
      Redeeming Qualities of this Movie: Zero (no action, no hot babes, nada)
      Verdict: Save your money, your time, and your sanity.
      “A result of the Double Standard between male and female roles in the media. Female characters start with automatic audience sympathy because women are seen as moral, innocent, beautiful or simply because they have sexual value. Male characters are less likely to be seen that way and must earn audience sympathy by acting appropriately manly and heroic, which, more often then not, involves saving the Damsel in Distress.
      Conversely, if a man is unable to take care of himself or others he forfeits audience sympathy. Women, on the other hand, do not lose audience sympathy—or at least not as much—for being helpless, incompetent or abandoning men to their fates in order to save themselves. Strangely, this can still hold true if the woman in question has already been established as a Bad Ass. See Chickification.”
      RoK, save men from crap movies, there’s a depression going on.

      1. On POINT: “RoK needs movie warnings/ratings for men who do not want to waste time
        and money on anti-male, you-go-girl nonsense in movies and other media.”
        That movie really sucked… I Walked out of that shit for the reasons you stated… I only saw up to the point her dumb ass finally makes it to the space ship and we see frozen dead people.
        So check this out: I walk out of that Stupid “yougogirl” flick go downstairs have a drink meet some really cool people… talk up some girls and I’m all like “hell yeah!” so when I meet up back with my friends (two chicks and a dude) they tell me MUSE- the band- was sitting right behind me at the theater… Fuck!! so they hung out with MUSE after the movie… and I missed that..!
        – somehow that made me hate that movie even more.

      2. I would only recommend seeing it to analyze what why it’s the definition of a male shaming film. its so fucking ridiculous, and it says something about European Spanish culture (the land of Pedro Almoldavar & Antonio (I’m a beta-pussy married to an older she-beast) Banderas) that a Spanish Father & Son wrote and directed this now “cult classic.” Yes, it is now a cult classic. Hipster chicks love that movie. Man, what the fuck happened to the men of Spain? What the hell happened to the land of alpha bull-fighters and Moor-killers? Now alpha males from Morocco & Algeria take their women! ha!

      3. I thought feminists would hate the movie.
        The girl character in the movie is a poster child for feminism but even so she is dependent on the man throughout, she was even daydreaming about the strong man (George Clooney) showing up to save her ass.
        When his “ghost” shows up to save her, it shows how men really are: Ass kicking go-getting problem solvers

    2. As someone in 12th grade, I probably came upon this site some time in 10th grade, but really got into it in 12th grade-it definitely opened a whole new possible pathway for me!

  7. ROK and the manosphere in general are making a big difference in men’s lives. It gives those of us who have unplugged from the utter bullshit the mainstream media produces a place to go and share ideas. ROK is one of several good sites that I frequent. Other favorites include Chateau Heartiste, The Spearhead, and Captain Capitalism.
    This is precisely why we are under attack by the Cathedral. (ABC News’ recent hit piece on the manosphere comes to mind.)
    Men in general are waking up and refusing to conform to the supplicating roles that have been deemed appropriate by feminazis and Encorpera. Sites like these are at the forefront of what’s sure to be a tidal wave that’s building. Unfortunately, we are so far down the road (crippling debt, dying populations, etc.) I think it’s too late to turn back and save what we had. But, it’s the first step to building something new and better when the society we have collapses to dust.
    At least the manosphere arose in time for many of us to take account of our lives and make sweeping changes. I know I am thankful for the sense of community that ROK and other sites give me. It means a lot just to know you’re not alone, and that other men are suffering through the same cultural malaise alongside you.

  8. It is all true,… but i can’t lie there is a cost associated with taking the red pill. It is like losing your innocence. But overall you and others around you would be better off because of it.

    1. “It is like losing your innocence”
      So long as you are not a solopsist who believes that your feelings are the engine that drives the universe, becoming dis-illusioned is a good thing.

      1. It does suck, though, when you understand how really horrible human beings are – most specifically females, but also males under their thrall. Like how it sucks that when you jump off a cliff gravity will kill you. Viewing truths and reality like that helps deal with the depression of understanding human nature.

        1. “. . .how really horrible human beings are. . .”
          Spend more time observing ants. It will make you feel better. Also note the way that lions avoid dating single mothers. Humans tend not to tolerate that sort of behaviour these days.
          “Like how it sucks that when you jump off a cliff gravity will kill you.”
          I’ve always considered that knowledge to be a major enhancement to my life, although I note that it isn’t gravity that kills you, it is the electromagnetic force in opposition to the kinetic energy that you traded gravitational potential energy to obtain that kills you.
          Gravity is what lets you walk around, instead of clinging to a rock. Think about it.

        2. Hmm… is “human beings are horrible” the message of the red pill? That’s news to me.

        3. No, it is the message of the latest designer blue pill. It is frequently traded under the street name “Environmentalism,” (not to be confused with the philosophy and practice of caring for the environment).
          Oddly enough, many of its symptoms are those of an archaic formulation of the blue pill, which was traded under the street name “Calvinism.” It was once the most popular drug in the US, particularly among those of Scots origin, traded under the brand name “Presbyterianism.”

        4. actually, male lions murder all the cubs from the previous pack leader and then bang the moms. So it’s not that they avoid single moms so much as they just murder the shit out of the thing that makes them mothers.
          What I’m trying to say is, don’t take dating advice from lions.

        5. lmfao both genders are disgusting. Just in different ways. Women are no more disgusting than men are. Every day I go out I’m reminded how much I hate the human race and why I shouldn’t go out at all. Then again I’m apart of the same horrible plaque.

  9. Thanks for a great article. I am curious on what suggestions the author or the fellow readers have for balancing #9 with not becoming too intolerant of others’ reasonable perspective or being too narrow minded when considering issues that are not that clear-cut.

  10. I’m quite thankful for sites such as RoK. I can’t give the contributors credit for many of my turnarounds, as much of my journey of self-discovery began six months or so before I found Roosh via a Google search.
    Three years ago, I was broke, dateless, and with little to aspire to other than how to be nice to girls, because as a beta it was somehow important to devote TREMENDOUS amounts of time and energy figuring out how to treat them all like equals while also treating them like special princesses so that they could cry on my shoulder while a drunk fucked them from behind. To be completely honest, what began my change into a warm-blooded animal that collected nearly 50 notches in a year (compared to TWO in the previous 27) was a coffee mug to the back of the head from a scorned female (scorned by an alpha, of course).
    What I can say is that it is very nice to have found others who are fighting back against the forces of gynocracy. And that’s really where my concern lies.
    I see a variety of contributions, from improving oneself intellectually, physically, or simply to master one’s own game. Not all of us have identical desires, ambitions, or needs, but what unites us all is the burning demand to be free to explore these things free of left-wing ovarian interference.
    I want to live in a world where my career isn’t completely dependent on the whims of females who have been placed in high-ranking positions due to hiring quotas and Affirmative Action type policies, where equal work = equal pay and equal pay is for equal work. A world where female accusations, legal and otherwise, are investigated based on facts and tangible evidence and not emotions and speculations. You know, the way the rest of society works, or at least used to. A world where feminobureaucracy hasn’t marginalized positions of physical labor and actual productivity in favor of rules and policies which defect major portions of the cash flow of many companies and governments into completely useless female hands, not for improving the bottom line in any way, but for ostensibly making things “safer” or “more inclusive” or some such ridiculous shit.
    Because of sites like RoK, I believe it can be again, even if it must come via the destruction of that which we have accumulated as a society. And most importantly, I don’t feel alone in these thoughts.

    1. “I want to live in a world where I can eat baby sea otter without getting sick.”
      1991-Leutenant Frank Drebin

    2. “ be free of left-wing ovarian interference”. Now that phrase deserves to be immortalized!

    3. Right on man! I just found the manosphere a month ago. As I was reading your post (“rant”, but a good rant) I was thinking of “Atlas Shrugged” but for men -“Alpha Shrugged.” We all need to wake up, educate each other and our sons, and “go Galt” and let the gyno-centric shithole they’ve created implode on itself.

  11. I have learned a lot. I also still have a long ways to go. Since I am much older than your average reader, I am also dealing with issues related to that. In addition, my standards for women have increased, if a woman isn’t suitable for a long term relationship, I’m just not interested.

  12. Man, reading these articles gets me all riled up in a good way and makes me feel like fucking shit up!

  13. I came close to scoring four girls who were 8-9s with my friend in Vegas last week except for three little mistakes. 1) Told one girl from UK I knew a guy from Denmark, they get pissed. 2) Didn’t have enough cash on me for drinks and had to leave club for ATM. 3) When going to another club my friend and I had to go to the bathroom and the girls were picked up by older guys with a private table. (If one of those guys was you McQueen, then I hate you.)

    1. 1. If some girls are getting pissed off about something so minor, then have some fun teasing them about being so sensitive. Agree and amplify, etc.
      2. If you were out of cash, why not use a credit card? Or better yet, tease the girls about them buying that round
      3. You and your wingman should generally not leave girls at the same time. At least one of you should stay warding off interlopers.

  14. I just wrote a piece about exactly this before checking RoK today to see you’d beat me to it! I’ll save mine for a few weeks.

  15. The Manosphere came into my life right after my Dad passed away. My dad was Manly-Wisdom incarnate. Dudes from all walks of life would come to him for advice. He would joke around with them and tell them that he was “the dad they never had.”
    The Manosphere has come to make me value my dad even more. This FemiNazi culture made me question my dad’s ways growing up. I’m now very proud to be part of this community. Thanks Roosh.

  16. ROK and a handful of other sites have literally helped preserve my sanity. I was ashamed of being a man … of my manhood. I couldn’t understand why all the messages that society was telling me would bring me success … with life… with women… just weren’t working. I, like I am sure many other men do, believed it to be my own personal failings in not doing what I was being told well enough. Thanks ROK. Now, I just gotta get my son to start reading it.

    1. My sons are 3.5 and 1.5, and I’m going to make sure they filter out Blue Pill feminist/statist horseshit, and see the world as it IS as they grow into real men. The will be reading these manosphere pages, and learning man skills from dad. Many/most of our dads failed us and left the state to manipulate us into pussydom. We are now awake!

      1. Those ages are a bit young for ROK 🙂 But you will have your work cut out for you when they start school. Schools today are very boy-unfriendly. Firstly, you will have to tend to their physical activity needs since schools have pretty much done away with recess. By the time they get home after spending a day sitting behind their desks, they will be raring to go. Secondly, you will have to nicely but firmly provide a balance against all the you-go-grrrl crap they will get from the moment they step into school. Teach them that they don’t have to defer to girls or grant them more “respect” due to the fact that they are girls. They should treat everyone with the amount of respect they earn as a person, regardless of gender. Thirdly, if your boys show the slightest amount of independence, the school will most likely want them drugged. Unlike when I was growing up, girls are now raised to be competitive with boys. Don’t let your boys be blindsided by that. Consider home schooling if that is feasible for you.

        1. ^—This.(i strongly believe women don’t need special treatment and everyone shouldbe treated equal. Also recess should be all the way through middle school. And P.E. should be required throughout high school.)
          Also if they’re a bit girlie who cares? Everyone encourages girls to be more boyish. Whatever they’re comfortable with as long as they can stand up for it. (Such as interest and things)(Like boys liking pink but girls can like anything basically. But if boys like something girlie it’s demonized which is extremely hypocritical since women are basically encouraged no matter what.)
          I already know about the independence thing. Even as a female I had several meetings with teachers for simply looking different. Also as a female since I was in a class with “bad kids” in high school. (It was guys who have been to juvi or have patrol officers and get fights, etc) that I would corrupted. I wasn’t. They’re just people like everyone else. And there weren’t bad kids either. I’ve known most of them my while life.

  17. Glad to see that you also filtered the content as not everything here is ancient wisdom. Hope you’ll teach your son well. While men like u work on the next generation of men, women should also work on future better women.

    1. So true. I tell me wife she is the role model for our daughter, I am the role model for our two sons. My wife is a perfect 10 as far as feminine qualities goes, and she is a great co-pilot. She just needs a little “de-programming” too. She’s been living the blue pill for too long, raised by Democrats, one of three girls and no brothers. She doesn’t like hearing that I want our daughter to save herself for marriage and learn how to be a good wife, but I want our boys to learn the skills required to lead and bed women and choose an ideal mate. Her: “That’s a double-standard.” Me: “No. That’s the difference between men and women, and there are many differences. We are NOT “equal””. Her: “Yes we are equal.” Me: “Really, do you have a penis? Men and women are different and thousands of years of evolution can’t be undone with 40 years of feminist nonsense.” She starts to get it, despite her programming to resist, facts are hard to argue with.

      1. Men and women are different, and those differences should be celebrated. HOWEVER, its completely unfair in saying that men can bed who they want and women need to be well behaved !
        When your wife says its a double standard, she doesn’t mean that women and men are the same. She is saying that its unfair for women to be told what they can’t do, while men have free reign, literally because your sexual organs are on the outside of your body and ours are internal. Asking her if she has a penis is as ridiculous as her asking if you have a vagina, womb or breasts. Grow up. That is no reason to dictate a womans sexual activity ! And it seems that women wouldn’t be deciding this chastity for themselves, men would be telling them to. You men don’t like being told what to do, so why do you think a woman would? And btw, I’m not advocating that a woman sleep around ‘like a man’. It’s entirely about choice.
        Here’s an idea; not every woman you meet is the same, neither is a man. Women and men have different perspectives etc, granted, but what you need to realise is that men and women are HUMANS, and humans vary in behaviours, pespectives and ideals. You can’t categorize people in such a general way, ie. ‘women are bitchy’, ‘men are strong’. This entire website is really distressing, and feels incredibly hateful towards women (the references to ‘sluts’ and ‘bitches’). A really unhealthy attitude to have towards people !

  18. I found out how much men like big bums, and I’m working my ass off (lol) to become more attractive. I’m proud to say that I’ve gone up one point on the attractiveness scale every year I’ve been with my boyfriend. By the time we get married, I’m going to be at least a 9.

    1. Who says when you’re “at least a 9” he’ll still be attractive enough for you? Hypergamy and all….

      1. If we were living a century ago, I would have been a spinster, because all the men around me would think I was a giant shrew. But in today’s society, I’m the most virtuous of women. I’ve managed to find a guy who not only will put up with me, but is also willing spend the rest of his life slaving away to give me as comfortable of a life as he can manage. I’m not stupid enough to mess this up for myself, and I’ll work as hard as I can to hold on to it.

  19. If you’re kings, how the fuck did feminists take over your lives and identities in the first place? The decline of macho culture is Darwinism in action. You pathetic losers need to suck it up or adapt, like most of the real men in the real world have. Going on about game and king, it’s cute but ultimately it’s like doing a war dance, it won’t save your tribe.

    1. you are a great example of whats wrong with women, the decline of ‘macho culture’ isn’t about Darwinism in action, It’s Feminism. Its the fact that the role of positive masculinity has been obliterated by this new order(matriarchy).
      Some of us don’t want to adapt to the BadBoy/narcissistic/sociopathic traits that you females seem to fall head over heels over. You see? Thats what happens when you destroy positive masculinity, you get the negative side e.g. ruthless thugs, degenerate criminals etc
      Please stop tainting the ROK with your pseudo-intellect and go back to your abusive boyfriend.

    2. Darwinism is when the weak is weeded out of the genepool. Nowadays in the western world, the weak is supported by the state, and the strong is penalized for being strong.
      Feminism is pretty much the opposite of darwinism. Try to think a bit before posting absurdities.

    3. Comments like these just prove going Galt and MGTOW are the answer. Reintroduce a little Darwinism into these people’s lives, collapse this system through non-participation, and people like this will beg for real men to turn the lights back on.

    4. Feminists didn’t take over any king’s life. Feminists just fool themselves into thinking that they have some control. People were just tolerant of their whining in the past. The truth is that enough is enough.
      The pathetic ones are the femmies that come here to troll because they know they don’t the moral high ground or the ability to wage any real movement without hiding behind women in general. Basically, they suck at being women, so they try to identify with their adolescent concept of machismo. They know they are nowhere what a real warrior is (aka what RoK is prescribing), so they think their feeble sword-waving will be seen as militant.
      The tribe is fine. Femmies just don’t like that they aren’t getting the respect they have not earned.

  20. You’re going to teach this kind of garbage to your son? Wow. Maybe you guys can degrade women and other men together. Super. A whole new generation of self-obsessed, arrogant sociopaths.

    1. No one is degrading women or other men. Stop hiding behind all women. Stop projecting your self-obsessed and arrogant attitude on to others.

    2. Some of the stuff on the manosphere is not sexist at all and I actually support it as a woman. Other stuff is clearly written by bitter guys trying to get back at women, but a smart person should be able to differentiate the good from the bad.
      Also, dating as a man is one of the hardest things. Most women don’t realize it until they’ve read these types of blogs or talked to men in their life about it.

  21. First post here, found ROK yesterday. I discovered the manosphere about 4 weeks ago. I can’t say there’s been an incredible improvement yet (I’ve had a good alpha/beta mix in my marriage to a great, feminine wife), but I can definitely understand each and every point the author made above. I would like to say that for me #4 is of CRITICAL importance to me and should be to all of us fathers of future men.
    My boys will grow up with “red pill” knowledge. They will not suffer the lies of the blue pill I was forced to swallow until adulthood. My boys will grow up to be MEN, not man-pons.

  22. “It doesn’t even matter if you disagree with something you read here, or if every author is correct 100% of the time, or if someone writes just to inflame readers, or what the site creator’s motivations are. That someone created something this beautiful and true, is inspiring.”
    THIS is why I still read from this site.

  23. I found ROK a few months ago and went back and read nearly
    every article. I was amazed to find that it was only around since last year. I
    am in the my late 20’s about to get married, just bought a house etc. Myself
    and most of my buddies are transitioning to the next phase of our lives. As many
    of you already know this is a crucial part of someone’s life, you really start
    to solidify who you are, your bad habbits, your career, living location, the
    way people treat and see you etc. and of course if you are a man or a mangina. Your choices matter.
    It’s the time when you can sit back and cruise or start questioning things
    around you and thinking for yourself. ROK has kept me grounded when I
    previously started feeling somewhat lost in a world of white knights and
    declining US culture. The articles and comments alone have prepared me for the
    future in so many ways. It’s given me confidence and pushed me to grow physically and intellectually, pushed
    myself to be even more open minded (I don’t use shampoo anymore) and learn new
    things. It’s also nice to have a section of the internet where people can speak
    freely in a (mostly) agreeable, educated and constructive way. I feel like a
    lot of the internet these days is people bashing either other, arguing or
    simply being negative because of their own insecurities. I read the article on
    buzzkill. It was a joke what he tried to do. There are far extremes and sarcasm on
    ROK articles and comments and it’s really about finding what applies to you and
    what to take with a grain of salt. No matter what you choose to take in, I feel
    once you take the red pill and understand the movement, it’s nothing but
    Here’s something for
    you all to think about. I have an identical twin brother. As kids we were so
    alike it was absurd. As we grew older we were still similar so many ways, but
    our biggest difference has always been how we approached relationships and
    women. I have always been the one who purposely shied away from long term
    relationships when I was younger. He on the other hand, was the opposite. He
    had some pretty shitty girlfriends along the way and within our close group of
    friends he become known for this. I honestly think that he is scared to be
    alone. He was in relationships from early high school into his late 20’s and
    gave himself maybe 6 months total to not be in a relationship and find himself
    in between (yes total). Side note, his wife is a stereotypically shitty,
    boring, miserable and terrible person. After finding ROK I think it has
    accelerated my approach greatly and at this defining point in our lives it will
    probably drive us farther apart in the red/blue pill worlds. Sure, we can still wrench
    on cars, hang out and have beers and chill, but I think he won’t be as happy
    and feel a lot of emptiness in his life. In the end it’s his life and his problem. My
    fiancé is a great woman and like many guys on this site her heritage is not
    entirely rooted from the US. However, I am not afraid to be alone if shit ever hit the
    fan and I feel like ROK has better prepared me for my best chance at a
    successful marriage…I think that’s unbelievably valuable. Once you take the red pill you can’t go back but being on
    the other side is quite empowering. I think it would be
    interesting to track myself and my brother over the next 20 years as a ROK

  24. Right on, Lucas! I am a relative newcomer as well. Ironically, I found this site because of negative publicity (by a fat chick) on Facebook. She posted something against Fat Shaming Week, something I had never before heard of. So I googled it and found ROK. I’ve spent the past week or so reading pretty much everything here, plus Roosh’s blog. Sure, there’s a lot of satire and some of the funniest articles I’ve ever read (usually funny in the “unexpectedly true” sense, such as the Lady Gaga Slut anthem article), but there is also a ton of serious life advice.
    I am getting in shape, cutting extraneous bullshit out of my life, setting goals and working towards them, and altering my outlook towards– and expectations from– women.
    Thanks ROK. Keep up the excellent writing.

  25. 100% agreed. I tried to make a pay pal donation but have a problem due to living overseas. I will do it though. I am in better shape, feel more confident, am more “alpha” and get laid more now than ever. It is still frustrating, but I know it isn’t just me and the content here is pure gold. Thanks to all the contributing writers.

  26. why are you listening to a man that is single and clearly has severe trust issues with females about females? They are half of the human race, if you want to fix your realationship with women, ask women. Not all women want to be dominated, but all people should want respect. Please consider what your condoning. Your wife is not a child to “punish.” but a person.

    1. It seems like this guy is turning into a misogynist by learning from this bullshit site. A woman is not a child to punish. Word!

  27. Hey! This site has made my life and my goals so much clearer too!
    I now know how much work I have to do to shovel out the crap of the human race (crap being the genderist pigs like yourself :).

  28. Hey! This site has made my life and my goals so much clearer too!
    I now know how much work I have to do to shovel out the crap of the human race (crap being the genderist pigs like yourself :).

  29. Hey! This site has made my life and my goals so much clearer too!
    I now know how much work I have to do to shovel out the crap of the human race (crap being the genderist pigs like yourself :).

  30. Hey! This site has made my life and my goals so much clearer too!
    I now know how much work I have to do to shovel out the crap of the human race (crap being the genderist pigs like yourself :).

  31. Hey! This site has made my life and my goals so much clearer too!
    I now know how much work I have to do to shovel out the crap of the human race (crap being the genderist pigs like yourself :).

  32. Hey! This site has made my life and my goals so much clearer too!
    I now know how much work I have to do to shovel out the crap of the human race (crap being the genderist pigs like yourself :).

  33. You forgot the last point… it also turned you into a raging misogynist, which I’m sure bans you from believing women should have, god forbid, OPINIONS!?!?

    1. Woman have ‘opinions’ men have beliefs.
      Opinions change, beliefs don’t.
      Enough with letting woman express their ever changing ‘opinions’, it’s a waste of time and they’ve no legitimate contribution to add anyway.

  34. But this site makes it seem like women shouldn’t have those rights also. It’s like you’ve found “feminism” for the male in you, but that doesn’t mean that women have to be discounted from being able to feel the same way about themselves.

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