Women Don’t Know How To Argue With Logic Or Facts

I do not want to offend you gentlemen.  I know some of this is basic knowledge.  But I could not help pointing out how stupid some people are, and how unbelievably easy it is to pick apart their arguments.  Another day I’ll use my legal skills to show how to really destroy someone in argument, but for now let’s focus on some fun feminist yappings.

Originally I was going to write something about the WNBA and why it even exists. I was watching Monday Night Football and happen to switch to ESPN2 where there was a playoff game between the LA somethings versus the Phoenix something elses. Despite it being a playoff game, the arena was almost empty. Of the fans that actually went to the game — for reasons I will never understand — they are…ahem…a certain type. Almost all the women in the crowd are either fat or have boy haircuts. The few men that are there look like beta husbands of the aforementioned fat/masculine women. One of the refs looks like the marshmellow man from Ghostbusters.

What’s The Point?

So I started doing some research into the history of the WNBA, its financials, and essentially try to find a reason why it exists. But I quickly found this guy did a pretty good job in his article last year:

Despite the challenges, however, the WNBA keeps chugging along resiliently. While it does not make much money, attract many fans or make a lot of headlines, was being popular ever its purpose? Perhaps the league was created not to make a profit but to make a statement.

Just as women are making advances in politics and education, they are also trying to break the status quo in an industry dominated by testosterone.

They are here simply to challenge the boys.

That challenge is ultimately a weak one. Ideology and identity statements make for a nice, fluffy story. But it has created a sport founded upon sand. When you get down to the basics, sports are about entertainment, and women’s basketball will always be less spectacular and less appreciated than any show men put on.

If you want real gender equality, then, you’ll have to look somewhere else besides basketball.

The Feminist Response

There were only a handful of comments, but of course the feminist voice was present.  And that led me to instead focus my post this week on how amazingly inept these feminists and their supporters are in making arguments, and how easy they are to pick apart. The argument is not based on logic. It is not based on fact. It is not even based on the actual content of what they are criticizing. While an occasional point may be made, it is overwhelmed by the abundance of idiocy.

As I mentioned above since my vocational livelihood is based upon deconstructing arguments, I thought it would be fun to apply it in this realm. Here are some of the comments and why they fail to carry any weight:

Misquoting the source:

This happens a lot more than you would believe. Take a look at Lady Disbelief:

Unbelievable how you continue to look down upon women in sports. Yeah, I know all about how just a couple of years ago, you slammed women’s sports on the radio. Don’t you remember the Olympics this summer? The American women have dominated that event and have done a lot more than the men have. More people are tuning into women’s basketball now than they ever have. The fact that you see women’s sports as here “simply to challenge the boys” is borderline misogynistic.

Her argument is based on the “fact” that the writer looks down upon “women in sports.” If she had bothered to read the actual article and not get offended and jump to conclusions at the mere mention of male/female inequality, she would have seen that the writer explicitly stated he does not look down upon women in sports in general, just the WNBA:

I support women’s athletics. Some of my fondest sports memories are of watching Abby Wambach — the pride of my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. — strike headers into the back of the net while leading the U.S. women’s soccer team in thrilling runs at both the World Cup and the Olympics. I took a great deal of pride in watching our female Olympians compete this summer.

So this is not a criticism of women’s sports. This is a criticism of women’s professional basketball.

It really cannot get any clearer than this.  Watch out for those sneaky bitches that try to pull a fast one like this.

The “no evidence” argument:

From the mouth of “Really” we get a comment with no substantiation whatsoever…

This whole piece stinks of sexism and victim-blaming. Also, if you have to clarify that you’re not a misogynist, you probably are. Disappointed the The Hoya continues to give a voice to sexism.

Thank you for that insightful comment. First, a blanket opinion with no explanation on how this conclusion was reached. Next, another argument where she admits it is founded upon an assumption. A remark like this is easy to pick apart, because it is not based on anything whatsoever.

The contradictor:

Anonymous chick writes…

The first game of the 2012 WNBA Finals sold out. The arena was packed.

“But the WNBA is neither exciting nor historical.”
Wrong. The first women’s basketball game took place in the late 1800s. The league is young but women’s basketball has a long history. When the NBA was 16 years old, would you have considered it “historical?”

As one of the other commenters point out, the first game was not sold out. And to add to her inaccuracies, her next set of sentences is self-contradictory. She states that the writer is wrong for saying the WNBA is not historical, as the first female basketball game took place in the 1800s. Even if it did (who knows/cares), that is not the WNBA. As she states herself, the league (referring to the WNBA) is young.  Thus the writer’s comment of the WNBA not being “historical” is accurate, and confirmed as such by this commenter herself.

The implied rhetorical question:

Hungry chomps at the bit, stating…

Is it because women’s basketball is less entertaining or because the sports media is dominated by men who have the same opinion as you and choose not to give women’s basketball the same attention?

Nice try with that supposed rhetorical question. However, the answer is actually the opposite of what you tried to imply. It’s because it’s less entertaining. Ever wonder why people watch horse racing yet there is no market for tortoise racing?

Apples to Oranges:

Tragic, an appropriate name for this comment, opines…

Georgetown women’s basketball has consistently outperformed the men’s team for the past several years yet continue to play in front of meager audiences in McDonough while the losing men enjoy a spectacle in the Verizon Center. Why? Because the women are dismissed from the get-go.

First off, again it’s because nobody wants to watch this sport outside those delusioned into thinking the ideal of gender equality should force people to sacrifice entertainment. Blake Griffin was entertaining to watch even before the Clippers were decent. Can’t say the same for any WNBA player. More importantly, Tragic’s claim that the men’s team is “outperformed” by the women’s team is flawed as you are comparing two different leagues. Can you say that Arena League Football team (insert any team) “outperformed” even the worst NFL team? Pit them against each other and see who wins. I’m guessing Georgetown’s men’s team just may be slightly favored against the school’s women’s team.


Next time you get hit with a comment by one of these superficially intelligent people, take a step back and analyze.  Within a few seconds you should be able to deconstruct the argument with ease.

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91 thoughts on “Women Don’t Know How To Argue With Logic Or Facts”

  1. How come you keep saying “WBNA” instead of WNBA? I think you must have done it every single time

    1. “Women’s Basketball National Association”
      I also liked how the description on the front page stated that women are immune to ration.

        1. Saying “someone told me” makes you either a pussy ass scared ass beta or a dumber than shit follower beta.
          And disapproving the alpha/beta dichotomy means you’re the beta.

        2. Your highly emotional response suggests elevated estrogen levels, or perhaps pent up sexual frustration, Carson. Handle that, before you explode yourself all over the Internet.

    2. Apparently the female logic corrupted my brain momentarily. But yes, thanks for pointing that out – fixed.

  2. I can think of one outlet that gives too many column inches to women’s basketball: The New York Times. (Surprised?) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a headline score like “Minnesota 75, Duke 62,” done a WTF double take, then realized it was the Old Grey Lady giving equal time to women’s hoops as if people cared. ESPN tends to do this with its score alerts too, but it broadcasts the game and has a vested interested in viewership.

  3. Interesting how men are supposed to give women’s basketball attention. Why aren’t the stands packed with feminists? Of course the only interest they’d take would be to demand that obese women should be included on team.
    The sport could easily become popular by recruiting Russian women and putting them in halter tops, but of course the throngs of men that would attend would only be there because they hate women.

    1. Funny, I just had this conversation with someone the other day. Kinda like the lingerie football league.

        1. The only sport event I’ll watch with women are Victoria Secret fashion show and maybe Miss Universe…

        2. thats because they look stupid playing sports in lingerie.. its not a very sexy pose to hunker down and sumo wrestle eachother.. its a lot more sexually appealing to lay on a bed or walk down a runway..

    2. If the WNBA players were decent looking then maybe more men would watch.
      Womens’ Beach volleyball seems to do ok. While in college I enjoyed attending the female gymnastic meets (free admission with student ID) for my school’s team and the visiting team too.
      I enjoyed watching the female gymnasts but not the basketball team. Why? I played against them frequently in the gym. Me and my friends, of average white guys, could compete and often beat the SEC champion women’s team in pick up ball.
      The few times the members of the men’s team came to the gym they absolutely dominated every guy in there, including a ‘team’ made of the best guys in the gym.
      Huge difference.

  4. I barely play basketball and I’m out of shape guy. I’d still be willing to bet I can play basketball better than most female “pros.” I’m not really a big sports watcher but I have gone to a few college and NBA games. Never, never would I waste my time/money on propaganda like women’s basket ball unless I had some one I knew playing or something like that.
    Arguing with leftist/idiots can be fun. Don’t expect to ever break through to the illogical idiot though or you’ll get frustrated fast. It’s best to just amuse yourself with their stupidity or try to get rid of them/ignore them.

  5. In the interest of equality and to ensure no tortoise is emotionally scarred…I say bring on the tortoise racing and end the unjust discrimination of tortoises!
    Good breakdown of argumentative styles and why engaging women on them is ultimately pointless.

  6. Women don’t know how to argue with logic.
    Therefore, you can NOT win an argument against them with logic or facts. I thought that was what this article was aiming at.
    The only way to win is to overwhelm them emotionally. Actually, women and liberals are very similar basing a lot of their arguments on emotionally charged statements and trying to rally others against you.
    I’d recommend the below post to any redpill man. It certainly helped me understood why some women/liberals have such visceral reaction to simple statements, and how to press their buttons.

    1. This
      I was also expecting advice not to waste time engaging a woman with logic. You have to side step any stupid points she tries to make. At most, you can attempt to sway her with emotional appeals to rhetoric, but generally, you just need to change the subject and use playful domination to get her to drop whatever nonsense she’s yakking about.
      This is hard for me. My instinct to respond logically pops up before I realize it, and I only see in hindsight that I should have avoided any attempt at engaging issues logically. I am sometimes able to see what is happening in real time, and avoid useless attempts at logical engagement, but not always. I would be interested in advice on how to get better at recognizing the situation in real time rather than seeing it with hindsight.
      I will say this. If a girl is attracted to you strongly enough, then she will bring her views around to agree with yours. Once this happens, it is possible to have conversations with women about ideas, because she will agree with what you say, and then she can even make good points that add to the discussion.

    2. Dude, your name is based on “red pill” nonsense. And you want to talk shit about “liberals”? Have you gotten your daily dose of Breitbart and InfoWars, ‘ya fuckin’ faggot? I realize this post is four years old, but I’m betting you’re still a fuckin’ faggot.

  7. Most feminists will at least concede that men are physically faster and stronger.
    It’s funny to ask them why they think theres a separate women’s chess league.

  8. “They are here simply to challenge the boys.”
    No they aren’t; they’re here to pretend they are challenging the boys. See Tragic’s tragic belief that the women’s team is outperforming a men’s team they’ve never played against. It’s not about performance, it’s about, ya know, feeewings.
    If they were really there simply to challenge the boys a women’s league would be pointless.
    As for tortoise racing:
    Note that it was a mixed field and a male won.

  9. I lol’ed at the first comment. She says:
    “Don’t you remember the Olympics this summer? The American women have dominated that event and have done a lot more than the men have.”
    But he already wrote that:
    ” I took a great deal of pride in watching our female Olympians compete this summer.”
    He didn’t say “but the men..” after it. You can read the bitter butthurt in her words. She hates feeling inferior. She just needed enough to justify her slander. Chalk it up to being dumb, and failing to read and take in the context of his words and the numerous disclaimers given. She ignored them all. Like most of the comments on articles that are not viciously pro woman.
    The next article should be about selective reading and reading comprehension. They seem to read as if skimming for keywords.

    1. Men are afraid to be men because they will be made to feel like bullies, and women are afraid to be women because they don’t want to feel bullied. What a shame that these days inferiority is a bad word. Submission is out of style, like an old fad. But last I checked a shark/remora relationship was a healthy one. Hierarchies are a fact of the universe. I despise the abuse of authority as well as the refusal to submit to it. Men are measurably more effective than women at basic things. It’s a shame that this objective fact even has to be argued. But you can’t totally blame the girls, after all – most men are punks, and most people in general don’t handle authority well. This does not excuse the bad behavior of course but it does give a reason for its existence.
      2 timothy 3:1-7: But know this, that in the last days+ critical times hard* to deal with will be here.+ 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty,*blasphemers,* disobedient to parents,+ unthankful, disloyal,+ 3 having no natural affection,+ not open to any agreement,*+ slanderers,*+ without self-control, fierce,*+without love of goodness,+ 4 betrayers,+ headstrong, puffed up [with pride],+ lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God,+ 5 having a form of godly devotion*+ but proving false to its power;+ and from these turn away.+ 6 For from these arise those men who slyly work their way* into households+ and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires,+ 7 always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.+

      1. I pretty much agree. However, we always lobby for men to be more than what they are now. The problem arises when we consider that for the western world we live in a society of laws…Laws that by and large restrict the majority of men from exercising the kind of authority that even in the supposed “patriarchal societies” of old demands of them.
        Compound that fact that the current generation of men being pumped out are raised in single mother homes. Homes, which in divorces are broken by the mother more often than not.
        So we can’t shit on these guys expecting them to have qualities based on knowledge that was never bestowed onto them. And with the shift away from religion in the west, atheism’s aversions to religion aside, passages from the bible are never bestowed upon them either.

  10. First, I say bravo! to the WNBA for providing a place for women to play basketball, who wish to do so, that is not the NBA. Remember, it could always be worse, affirmative action could have caused professional sports organizations to require equal numbers of men and women be on every team, regardless of aptitude. At least now, you have the option of deciding which league you wish to watch.
    Regarding how to argue with people who are wrong but “feel” they’re right, while it is certainly a worthy academic study to describe the myriad ways to disassemble illogical arguments (and I look forward to that article!), your true power will always come from knowing when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, when to walk away, and when to run. The best emotional argument is the one you never even get into.

        1. If it’s sexually mature then I don’t think being attracted to it would be considered pedophilia.
          I believe that refers to attraction to children not showing sexual maturity.
          Typical emotional bullshit from AnnaBananaBird.
          Proving this article’s veracity right here in the comment section.
          To that I say: Good article and FUCK YEAH!

  11. Your article is a great reminder not to engage women in logical argument. It is so obvious, and yet we men get suckered into all the time, long after we should have learned.
    I think women play on two basic masculine tendencies:
    1. The need to make sense of things. We do this naturally, constantly, and when a woman pretends to be doing the same thing, we fall for it.
    2. Our natural tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt. Make a statement. Someone responds. Our first impulse is to assume that the second person is acting in good faith.
    Women only pretend to engage us intellectually, when actually they are just trying to derail whatever it is we are trying to do. It is their natural first impulse: You want to talk sense? I will mess it up. You want to be playful? I will act like you aren’t being serious enough.
    This works a lot better in person because women have the capacity to be so adamant about things they neither know anything about nor care about, and as men, we think: I wouldn’t be so sure of myself unless I knew what I was talking about, so maybe she is seeing something I don’t.
    Without the blustering and the eye contact and the vocal nuances, the examples you list are starkly ridiculous in the black and white of the printed word.
    They really have no intention of engaging you in an honest way, they just want to mess up whatever you are trying to say. If fake logic doesn’t work, they will try something else.
    It is much better not to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume they are trying to get away with something than waste your time engaging them like rational adults. Dismiss them with ambiguous phrases like: “Don’t start.” or just roll your eyes at them. Even if you don’t know exactly what they are up to, they will know and will give you credit for knowing.
    Will it shut them up? Not necessarily.

    1. “They really have no intention of engaging you in an honest way, they just want to mess up whatever you are trying to say. If fake logic doesn’t work, they will try something else.”

    2. Haha great post – I’m glad I’m not the only one! For my part, I just flat out ignore them. The only downside is I get accused of being cold/quiet/antisocial; but this doesn’t really matter as the people who accuse me of this have absolutely no real affect on my life.

    3. Women have *no ability* to engage you in an honest way. They “reason” with their emotions.
      Arguing with a woman is like trying to argue with a chihuahua–it wastes your time and it annoys the chihuahua.*
      *Nothing in this statement is intended to disrespect chihuahuas. chihuahuas are fine, upstanding animals. They will not frivorce you and steal your shit.

    4. The problem is that women are tuned and wired into being social to the extent that the only ‘logic’ that matters to them is what is socially acceptable. As always, Rod Fedderz puts it much better than I ever could:
      I don’t agree with the Christian apologist sentiment but he does make some good points:
      “Women, because they are herd creatures by nature, find Truth by
      consensus among the herd. If the herd thinks 1 + 1 = 3, then it is
      right, because the herd says so. Tomorrow, if the herd thinks 1 + 1 = 1,
      then that will be right, because the herd says so. The herd is always right.
      This is why women are more attuned to fashion, which is forever
      changing, and it is the underlying cause of the phenomenon in Game known as “Social Proofing.” Women believe a man is sexually valuable because the rest of the women around her find him sexually valuable – not because of any particular iron clad attributes or principles mind you –
      but simply because all the other women believe a guy is hot, so will the
      next woman believe it as well. The herd’s consensus is what is right,
      and it is subject only to itself.”

      1. The problem is that women are tuned and wired into being social to the extent that the only ‘logic’ that matters to them is what is socially acceptable.
        This is a great quote and should be repeated all over the internet.

    5. I feel like you shouldn’t apply this to all women. I am a very articulate person who has competed in mock trial tournaments across the state. I plan to go to law school one day. I am the only woman on my team and the lead prosecution attorney. I have won multiple awards for my clear, logical arguments by panels dominated with men. I think I am an exception to the rule. I totally agree that a lot of women decide on emotions, not facts. But don’t try to box us all into one standard. I actually like to read this site because sometimes I think it makes very good points.

      1. I sympathize with you, but you have to understand something. If one woman out of every 1,000,000 or so is an exception to the rule it’s hardly worth pointing out.
        It would be like me saying “You shouldn’t say that ALL men masturbate because I for one do not!”

  12. As someone who claims to make his livelihood ‘deconstructing arguments’, I am a little surprised to see you resorting to a generalization in your headline.

  13. The sad thing is, no offense implied, that it does not take the skill of a lawyer to dismiss these bishes outright. It is patently obvious to even the most moronic juvenile who failed 8th grade everything, that these arguments are bogus.
    It would not matter if the failed teen couldn’t articulate his/her thoughts on the matter any better than these bishes could post theirs.

  14. some say that arguing with heart and emotional rather than logic is part of the feminine core. A classic example from the feminist world of assuming and going way beyond logic is responding to “I like a woman who can cook” with “You must be a big as you want women to stay in the kitchen and clean all day.”

  15. C’mon! I love watching women’s basketball!
    If I’m bored/pathetic enough to put money on the game. But then again, the same would go for tortoise racing. Bet enough cash on the game and I promise every lay-up will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Degenerate gamblers probably make up 90% of all WNBA viewership.

  16. “This whole piece stinks of sexism and victim-blaming”
    Those poor women caught up in the sordid world of the WNBA, going to sleep every night praying that they will be able to find some way out. Those who are lucky are helped by some good samaritan who takes them to a women’s shelter, far from the reach of their team owning pimp daddys. And the man writing this article has the audacity to blame these silent victims, whose plight on the basketball court goes unseen, and unheard by an uncaring world.

  17. Ironic, I literally was just thinking about this 2 days ago. What is the point of the WNBA? I contemplated this question for a millisecond, until switching the channel to Monday Night Football. : )

    1. The point of female volleyball is clear.
      Women bending down in shorts.
      The acrobatics etc, is just elegance.
      WNBA? Clumsy mokeys running up the field pulling each other’s hair

      1. The funny part is about him ‘dissing the female apes. Probably some feminist zoo keeper.
        The ape was born at the zoo but his mother didn’t care for him so he was used to humans and preferred them to the other apes. He had a friend but that guy tried to escape and the stupid cops shot him. Animals understand these things and he may have just been sad as a result. So why transfer him when all the people liked him just because he didn’t want to shag the female apes? Maybe they just weren’t his type :o) Zoos are unnatural anyway. Out in the wild he’d be getting 10’s while all the zoo had to offer were 2’s

  18. The colossal mistake men make is that they don’t differentiate argument techniques among their opponents.
    When dealing with men,or women in professional settings(academia,business etc) then one should use facts and logic.
    When dealing with women on relationship issues,feminist issues then one should use emotive arguing .
    In the first scenario avoid every logical fallacy and in the second UTILIZE all the fallacies to your advantage.
    Deranged Feminist”This whole piece stinks of sexism and victim-blaming. Also, if you have to clarify that you’re not a misogynist, you probably are. Disappointed
    the The Hoya continues to give a voice to sexism.”
    Your reply:Do you hate this guy because he has a Jew sounding name? Why do you hate Jews so much?How many Holocausts before you are satisfied?

    1. This is a good point. Reason is reserved for the reasonable. The correct way to deal with feminists is through anger and intimidation. Brutish, but effective. And before you feel bad, think about how much feminist “argument” is based on mockery and name-calling.

  19. Of course women are not logical.
    Men fulfill the function of logic, just like parents fulfill the function of common sense in the face of their children.
    “But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” – 1 Corinthians 11:3

  20. What needs to be done is this, and it is not a difficult step as all adresses, purchases and memberships are known.
    If the west is bringing womens rights to a backwater shithole, we send in full female troops made up from feminist organization members and people who ever donated to them.
    When a feminist or a donor’s house is on fire, a full female team of firefuckers will be sent in, the injuries treated in a female only hospital. As long as there is a free market exchange, the construction, the maintenance and the power systems can be done by men. But not the qualified personnel directly interacting with the users of the services.
    And so on.
    These feminists, their sympathizers and donors need to be cut off from men’s highr level functioning.
    The only reason I added men construction, maintenance etc is that letting those things to be done by the femynysts would cause men more trouble than men just doing it.
    Women who do not subscribe to the feminist ideology, do not sympathize and do not donate time, money or words will be allowed to use the full functionality of the male accomplishments and the non-feminist female accomplishments.

  21. Women who have been convinced that they are the athletic equals of men are cult-like zealots who cannot be argued down with any sort of factual argument whatsoever. They’re morons because they’ve been indoctrinated into stupidity.
    When I was in college, there was some stupid cultural requirement that I had to fulfill. I ended up being forced to take a whole-semester class on “women in sport”. Our instructor was an older lady who looked and talked like a first-wave radical feminist. The book she chose for the class I ended up keeping purely to maintain a record of the stupidity.
    I recall there was a chapter on women sprinters in the olympics. The book tried to make the argument that women are in fact, better sprinters than men. Now, as anyone who watches the 100, 200 meter dashes in the olympics knows, the men are essentially always a full second or so faster than the ladies in the 100m and more in the 200. More interestingly, top-tier high-school track meets anywhere in the country have the boys finishing 100 and 200 meter dashes in the exact same times the olympic women have. So, what did this book try to convince the students? Of course, you can’t argue that women are “just as fast” as the men, or you just look like an idiot. No, what the book tried to argue was that the finish time doesn’t matter, what mattered was the speed-to-weight ratio between men and women (no, I’m not making this up). The book argued that because the women who were finishing the 100m dash in ~10.5 seconds were lighter than the men, that in fact the women were “pound-for-pound better sprinters than men” because they were lighter but only crossing the finish line a second later.
    At that point the textbook became comedy for me.

  22. I make the following relevant observations and intend no disrespect to either gender. To make a very fine point on logic versus emotion…….ask a woman what is STRONGER……”IN LOVE” or “LOVE”. I was amazed to find out a majority of the woman select “in love” as much stronger. A majority of the men select “love” as stronger. Now here is the rub. Ask the obvious question…..WHY. The women tended to use “IN LOVE” in their definition and reasoning. Typically the response is close to: “when you are in love it is a much stronger feeling” or my favorite, “ask anyone they will say ‘in love’ is more powerful”.. That seems to be the end of the argument. My logical argument response was….well if you say “in” love, you have already diminished the word love by qualifying or diluting it with “in”. Moreover, men can fall in and out of love regularly. Not as strong FOR A GUY. Men also tend to feel free to say “I am ‘in love’ with (insert actress here)”. Men also state “I ‘love’ my mother”. (Does any guy say they are “in love” with their mother?……Does that mean we don’t love our mothers as much?). It could be just different. I am “in love” with my mother gets creepy. Maybe that is why we will argue so strongly on the topic. The point is “in love” may be stronger than “love” for that woman. You don’t have to be right or change her mind. Just move on without conflict…….. and pay attention the next time she says “I love you” or “I am in love” with you. Now it matters.

    1. Great comment. The word love itself has been watered down as of late. Ever had a conversation with a woman who made a new friend? What is the typical phrase used?
      “I love her, she is so fun, exciting, cool etc”
      I remember walking through a store and hearing women talk about shoes:
      “I love those shoes”
      Love is being tossed around in the same way people say something is hilarious but are not even laughing nor did they ever laugh in the first place.
      You can’t place a strong word such as love on frivolous things. But we do. Moreover, I believe women respond with in love because men provide the love for women to jump “into” on the front end. Meaning love in a relationship is not a true part of their character as to what they provide to a man. Love for them is believed to be received not given. Maternal love for a child however is different because a child came from them. Like any possession you would cherish it more…in theory.
      Patrice O’Neal had a great quote on being “in love”.
      “You know what being in love reminds you of?..

  23. Hilariously true. Every feminist position is ultimately an attempt at rationalizing their emotions. Once you see their words through these lens, they begin to make sense.

  24. Using logic to argue with a woman is like using a precision crafted machine as a hammer.
    It is a waste of quality product, and it dignifies the crazy.
    Women don’t speak language, they speak emotion. You can’t win an argument with a woman unless you learn to use “emotional logic”.
    With the right tone and demeanor, you could win an argument with an emotional, irrational chick by doing nothing more than reading the instructions for programming a DVD player.
    It’s all in the delivery.

  25. As a woman, I cannot fathom how others of my gender argue that female athletics, as a whole, can be as engaging as mens’. In addition to everything I’ve watched on the telly, I’ve been to many high school and college games where I’ve watched a variety of sports; I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed consistent skill and aggression on any female team that is comparable to their male counterparts.

  26. By reading all the well-argued comments below and the not at all pathetic strategy of “picking arguments that are stupid enough to refute and pretend the others don’t exist” this article is based on, I have no choice but to agree with every word you guys are saying. I will quit the debate team immediately, get a set of pink glittery pens and draw kittens until a merciful man comes along and shows me how I should live my miserable life.

    1. Why thank you. We here at Return of Kings feel that if we can just touch one life then its all worth it.

  27. This article is hilarious. It’s being shared, it’s viral. But as a joke. Everybody take their dicks out of each other’s mouths and go home and show your comments to your mums. Lets see how you fair in a commenting environment that has direct consequences from the person who raised you. Basketball is a sport. If you say women’s basketball is no good you are saying that women’s sport is no good. There is no such thing as a closed off argument for one sport. It’s like saying a black guy can sit anywhere he wants – just not in my house. Sex – just like color – does not matter. Though having said that, color might actually matter, given that in NBA the white guys are all shit. So perhaps, we should continue not supporting women in sport, then on top of that cut out all white NBA players as well. Pure man black NBA all the way. Seriously though the sex of the sports person does not matter – fans decide what is entertainment. Did nobody else see Gladiator? And if the fans are sexist: they will insist on men. Which is all a bit gay eh?

  28. Language is powerful. With your ‘legal skills’, you should understand this. Avoid using passionate and heavy terms like ‘sneaky bitches’. It must be apparent to you that a lot of women read your blog. If you want to promote the female who does not respect her own gender (and they do exist, women who feel they are here to be subordinated by men), then present your argument in a factual, logical manner, without getting caught up in blatant name-calling. You want to reinstate the stronghold of the patriarchy (with these weak arguments)? Hit women with (bullshit) facts that suggest they are weaker, and formulate them in an astute manner. Convince your audience. Your game is weak. Tactics, my man. Implicit oppression, that’s the key.
    A dirty-slut-feminist-bitch.

  29. I se that point that you were trying to make with this whole post, but just because you show a few examples when women didn’t argue logically, that doesn’t mean they never do or will.

  30. I’m working towards a PhD in analytic philosophy (read: logic) and I handle extensive, complicated proofs all the time. I majored in it in college and graduated at the top of my class, phi beta kappa. I also scored 99th percentile on the LSAT, back when I thought I wanted to go to law school. I would bet one thousand dollars right now that my LSAT score is higher than Law Dogger’s.
    And I’m a woman.
    I know. Your minds = blown.

  31. Actually, the only time a woman becomes reasonable is when she realizes that she has lost. But other factors have to be involved that isn’t related to violence or any sorts of physical threats.

  32. I think we can all agree that any All ______ are _______ argument is not true because there are always exceptions. E.g. the title “Women Don’t Know How To Argue With Logic Or Facts”. Perhaps you are referring to a certain class of women, but at least have the decency to pick a title that is accurate and reflects your appreciation for logical statements.
    As for the content of the article, I agree that many women are emotional arguers. I think this is more nurture than nature. The women I have seen who go into the hard sciences, law, medicine, etc. generally argue logically at least in the workplace. The men I know in the arts and social sciences are often wildly nonsensical in their arguments. But we still have more women in arts/social sciences than hard sciences/law.
    In my opinion logical thinking must be learned. The primitive human of either gender functions on survival instinct and emotion. It’s the default setting, even if perhaps there are nuances in how the emotion is expressed between the genders (needing to play or watch aggressive sports–that’s definitely an emotional outlet). You have to really train your brain to think logically.
    In my opinion the best way to increase logic in women is to marry a logical woman and encourage logic in your daughters. Men complain that women aren’t logical yet they go out and get wrapped around the finger of the most illogical woman they can find. If you appreciate logic, appreciate that you logically you may need to trade your emotional attachments to a really hot superficial woman for one that has a brain in her head.

  33. Yes, a few comments you pulled from a sexist article certainly prove your point that an entire gender is illogical.
    I just can’t wrap my head around how mind-blowingly pathetic you people are. You sit on your asses all day, reading/writing articles on how evil and stupid you perceive women to be. I am truly sorry that your lives are so empty, and I pity any woman who agrees to even speak to you.

  34. I have a vagina I’m so dumb blah blah blah drooooool dribble I don’t know how to reed or lojic *drroooolll* Are you serious?

  35. “This whole piece stinks of sexism and victim-blaming. ”
    Who is a victim here? The Towel Boy? She needs to control her inner parrot better, and spew out the right femhag catch-phrases as is appropriate. Or at the next RAYYYYPE! rally she might talk about unfair tennis player pay or something.

  36. You cannot possibly believe as a logical person that all women cannot think logically. That is ridiculous, illiogical people can be male and they can be female. I can think of many illogical statements made by both sexes, I can also think of many logical statements as well.

  37. This is weird to me how can you generalize an entire gender, like, you’re not generalizing a race or sexuality, but a gender. Literally the variables of how a woman argues are in the millions. I’m not trying to spout like the femenists you rant about, but this article can be disputed by the second paragraph. I don’t argue like a sixty year old woman living in Taiwan, I don’t argue like your ex your obviously still butt-hurt over, I don’t argue like a fourteenth century damsel in distress. I don’t argue like anyone. And I’m mature enough to realize that you don’t argue like my step father or my grammar school teacher, you argue like yourself and it’s bad (really bad), but I can’t say that you’re like every single other man on the planet without distinction.

    1. Which demonstrates one of the other standard feminist “arguments”, although really it’s the standard narcissist’s argument: my personal circumstances and life trumps the general experience of many hundreds of other people in similar scenarios. As said, this being the standard narcissist argument because it’s ultimately all about you.

  38. This goes for feminized men these days also. Both species argue from “feelings.” Not brainpower. Fortunately, not all women are this way.

  39. Facts don’t work with women, they just get angry when the childish appeals to feelings don’t work and realise they don’t have any chips left.

  40. The proof also lies in the everyday interactions; When men have discussions with other men, not only does it involve logic, men challenge each others logic which forces the men in the group to sharpen their logic and acquire more info. A man will return to the group with new thoughts and ideas. Men like to research and return to the group with facts. A man will grow intellectually.
    When women have discussions, 90 percent of the discussion is about what they did that day and what they’re going to do tomorrow. Women deal with a lot of passive aggressive comments made by the other woman. Women develope a way to deal with passive aggressive behavior by sharpening their own passive aggressive behavior.
    When men and women argue, men use logic and women use “word salad.” Women have an amazing ability to spew nonsense at warp speed. This will often render a man speechless because it’s nonsense. Women love to point this out, “Dont have anything to say now, do you?” How do you respond to nonsense when you’re being logical? Women have a lifetime of practice using word salad arguments. Their sharpness only lies in the “ability” to stump a man with nonsense. Women take pride in this ability because it’s the only way they can control an argument, again, from years of practice, compensating for their inability to use logic.
    Men are interested in solving problems, women are not interested in solving problems at all, they are interested in manipulation of emotions and reactions. For a woman, an argument is a puppet show, she just wants to see if she can make you dance. They get orgasmic pleasure from watching you clutch the top of your head, trying to find a better way to describe your logic. Don’t dance.
    Many moons ago one of my ex’s said, “If the best WNBA team played the best NBA team, it would be a close game. I laughed out loud and made the mistake of using logic, I responded, “No, the NBA is bigger, faster, stronger and more athletic.” I just stopped there. She didn’t even flinch, it was clear to me, she was simply looking for a reaction. I could see it in her body language. I can’t stress this enough, women are not interested in logic, their priorities are manipulation of emotions and reactions. Master your emotions and reactions and you will be her master.

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