Obese Size 24 Woman Shows That Any Woman Can Be A Model

Tess Munster made many headlines at the start of this year for being the first size 24 “model” to be signed to a major agency (whatever that means). Calling herself a “body positivity ambassador” on her website, Munster conveniently forgets that there is nothing positive about otherwise avoidable heart disease, cancer, or other ailments grossly accelerated by obesity. And she additionally ignores how younger generations today and in the immediate future may be the first to predecease their parents in large numbers.

It speaks volumes about the oftentimes dystopian nature of this world that obese people like Tess Munster can proudly proclaim they never felt pressure to lose weight and then be paraded around as some sort of icon for female empowerment and a role model (pardon the pun) for others to follow.

Rather than simply accepting obesity, this actually promotes it as something to be pursued. So your BMI is 32, you’re obese but you just don’t want to exercise? Well, Tess Munster didn’t and she turned out “okay”!

What’s more is that Munster preaches “body positivity,” refusing to change her body, as she drastically alters her face at the same time. Is it really genuine to say you want to promote good body image by being obese but simultaneously reconfiguring your facial appearance by way of L’Oreal and Photoshop?

These are questions Munster and her tribes of followers and admirers either ignore or dance around.

What if someone didn’t feel pressure to quit drugs or stop large-scale drinking and was presented as a role model?

Mel Gibson has a borderline excuse, alcoholism, for his drinking. So would people glorify his unhealthy decision to keep drinking in large amounts? Unlikely.

I’d like to see an article where an alcoholic is championed as a hero for refusing to quit drinking, including in circumstances where they have some control over their consumption. Of course, I subscribe to the belief that alcoholism is a disease, though a frequently over-diagnosed one (like ADHD in young boys or clinical depression in many adults).

That said, alcoholics are not automatons. They can successfully resist their urges in many instances but choose not to. So can you imagine The Guardian and a host of other newspapers giving airtime to and glorifying a compulsive drinker’s lifestyle?

The situation is starker still for drug users. Though society does somewhat idealize the consumption of drugs (think of the legacy of Bob Marley, even if marijuana is not a hard drug), in no sense would major news outlets implicitly present the consumption of narcotics as a pursuit to be admired with all the fanfare they allocated to Tess Munster’s signing.

Hard drug users (typically) die young, as do many morbidly obese people, so what is the fundamental difference? The retort that drugs are illegal, whereas food is not, is hardly a response. Both have calamitous, comparable results in many cases: disease and death.

“I’m body positive about my ‘curvy’ body but I paint 15 layers of makeup on my face every morning”

If this is what non-obese supermodel Tyra Banks looks like without makeup, what would Tess Munster look like? And how can she be genuinely “body positive” if she proudly flaunts her figure but obscures her REAL face with cosmetics?

The klaxon of “body positive” amongst feminists and overweight or obese women reeks of hypocrisy. Whilst they parade the calorie-drowned female form as “beautiful” and in no need of changing, they simultaneously avert their eyes to the question of why these women douse themselves in so much cosmetics that their faces are substantially changed.

All this does is keep one half “real” (if you can call an entire body half of someone’s appearance) and change the other half to the point where it is decidedly unreal and nothing but a fantasy.

Body positivists, a term I do not think we should even be using (body denialists is better), want to have their cake and eat it, too. They will decry the misogynistic social pressures of women to conform to a particular body type but gleefully reinforce many of those pressures by plastering themselves with as much makeup as you would need paint to cover a new house, inside and out.

People may feel that I am against makeup. Far from it. The point is to identify how feminists and others hypocritically pillory expectations on women that they engage in perpetually themselves.

Delusions, delusions, delusions…

This is not Tess’ real face. It’s L’Oreal’s.

This piece is about common sense, not fat-shaming. On two counts, the promotion of obesity (not curviness!) and the irony of body positivity combined with the illusion of makeup, Tess Munster and her supporters have failed abysmally. In the midst of a truly shocking obesity crisis, the last thing society needs is the belief that obesity is somehow a healthy lifestyle.

Those who are overweight, especially the obese, do need help to change the course of their health. Denial, however, should not be considered as part of any strategy to combat this epidemic.

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334 thoughts on “Obese Size 24 Woman Shows That Any Woman Can Be A Model”

  1. It’s funny, if you take a look at Tess’s facebook page, curiously I’d say 70 to 80% of her followers are females and only a small percentage are men, and if you take a closer look you will see those men who follow her are simps, betas and omegas.

  2. It’s funny, if you take a look at Tess’s facebook page, curiously I’d say 70 to 80% of her followers are females and only a small percentage are men, and if you take a closer look you will see those men are simps, betas and omegas.

  3. It’s funny, if you take a look at Tess’s facebook page, curiously I’d say 70 to 80% of her followers are women and only a small percentage are men, and if you take a closer look you will see those men are simps, betas and omegas.

  4. It’s funny, if you take a look at Tess’s facebook page, I’d say 70 to 80% of her followers are women and only a small percentage are men, and if you take a closer look you will see those men are simps, betas and omegas.

  5. If you take a look at Tess’s facebook page, I’d say 70 to 80% of her followers are women and only a small percentage are men, and if you take a closer look you will see those men are simps, betas and omegas.

  6. How is it “empowering” to be fat? You don’t have to do anything besides scarf Doritos and wash them down with Mountain Dew!

    1. Is there an underlying message there?
      The way my mind works: Modeling=Advertising=Fashion/Cosmetics Industry=Money, so
      Fat modeling=Advertising=Junk Food Industry all while reinforcing the power behind the curtain through promoting poor health, expenses/dependency, and inactivity?

  7. My eyes started hurting, my stomach wound up in a knot, and I developed an addiction to Kratom after seeing Tess Munster’s picture.
    All jokes aside, it makes me sick that there are utterly clueless people who think that “Oh, I’m obese and that can lead to me having diabetes or even heart disease! But I’m being oppressed, so I’m gonna show that my ‘curves’ are sexy!”
    I really, really, really hate that kind of mindset. Any person with common sense should.
    These are women who have been fat-shamed and are too lazy to Google a damn workout. These are women who succumb into their jealousy of Victoria’s Secret models and attempt to rape the image of a REAL woman.
    Ladies, there’s a fucking REASON (no one can overcome) that guys prefer thinner/fit girls. As a result of biology, men chose their mates based on characters such as body type and breast size, because women with the best characteristics for birthing healthy children (good hips, etc.) are most preferred. (Let me also add that’s why guys don’t get boners around obese women unless they’re ultra-beta, effeminated punks.)
    Women like Tess Munster are trying to overcome this permenantly fixed aspect of humans by gaining copious amounts of weight (that make me want to throw up copious amounts of vomit) because they’re not appreciated by men for their bodies. And instead of taking in the criticism, they have try to mess up the already-degraded system.
    Gentlemen, I present to you the new face of an “ideal woman”:
    This is so fucking shameful.

      1. That is exactly how I feel about my body. I was never a fat person (only a chubby kid back in elementary school) but I always watch what I eat, go to the gym 4 days a week, jog, and perform my favorite sport – swimming.
        Thank you for that comment, Unabashed. I appreciate that there are others with that kind of mindset.

    1. To be honest I don’t funking mind if they are ladwhales and eat like wild boars, what bothers me is that their gluttony, greed and all the health problems that carry are paid from my pockets with tax money, the govt spends billions of dollars in healthcare just for obesity related diseases that could’ve be prevented if these pigs had a healthy lifestyle.

    2. To be honest I don’t fuking mind if they are ladwhales and eat like wild boars to death, what bothers me is that their gluttony, greed and all the health problems that carry are paid from my pockets with tax money, the govt spends billions of dollars in healthcare just for obesity related diseases that could’ve be prevented if these pigs had a healthy lifestyle.

      1. I haven’t thought of the situation that way; I guess I was distracted by the overwhelming amount of obese women undermining the image of fit girls.
        But yes, now that I think about it, that is ultimately true.

      2. Not only that but if you apply simple supply and demand economics, they are making food more expensive for poorer families who are truly in need. Just think of the instant surplus of food if all these obese people went to a 2000 calorie/day diet. Please landwhales, think of the starving children!

      3. No. What I fucking hate is these cows and the society as a whole calling me the sick one because I don’t get a boner with these pigs. That’s what I hate. I am the one with the problem here, not them…

    3. They consider fat-shaming as “bullying”. And look what the manginas and the anti-bullying lobby say: “Oh the poor victims, we should help and defend them! We should not tolerate bullying in any form, everyone is special and should be proud of who he/she is.” What all these pussies don’t realise is that “bullying” can be useful from time to time.
      Consider this: does being polite work? First of all, when you say they look better without all this excessive fat, then they say everyone is beautiful no matter what. When you prove, using scientific arguments and data, that their health will improve if they loose all the excessive weight, they say it is not our fucking business what they do with their bodies and their health. And when you say all their obesity-related health issues are wasting our tax money, they say “fuck you” to society.
      When you say this to a (real) man (who is overweight) he would consider these arguments and realise something has to change and will do whatever he can to improve himself. But of course, these land whales are strong empowered women, so there seems to be only one option left to make them realise they are too fat: bullying aka fat-shaming. But then the SJWs and manginas come forward to “help” them and as a result both of them drown into the never ending spiral of self-pity and degradation.
      As such, the only way to handle these people is to avoid and ignore them. Unless they show clear signs that they are open to reason.

      1. I was actually tempted to bring back a picture I posted in the comments for an article from yesterday after reading your statement:
        I can’t fathom what kind of white knight would stick his dick (if he had one, hence “mangina”) into an obese woman.
        And I’m certain SJWs and white knights/manginas KNOW these women are wrong.
        So why are they defending them?

        1. i have been pondering about why i was and deep inside still am something of a nice guy.
          grew up with a single mother and if i am honest, i think it comes down to some kind of combination of guilt and gratitude. aka: no matter how incompetent she was, at least she made it possible for me to live.
          i figure that there is some kind of ideal behind every force inside you, even if you are not honest enough to admit it. this one is immensely strong. so strong that i often just see no point having it my way – hey, at least i live.
          i can fight it, but i am not sure how to lose it.

        2. I agree, they perfectly know it is not healthy, but because of their sheer desperation and sexual thirst, they are blind to the infinite layers of extra fat. So they don’t care who touches their dick. At least, someone will touch their dick… they hope.

        3. I’ve had sex with a girl that “Tess”big before. I took one for the squad back in my army days , as my battle buddy wanted to bang the good looking friend. Her vagina was huge!! I feel shame for this action,but as an honorable man I must speak the truth.

        4. It was a learning experience. Don’t get trashed around fat lady trollops as they use booze to ply their victims much like creepy dudes do. Only the fat-lady hippie stoner chicks are worse.

        5. Strike this above comment as I just looked at her instagram link,I was mistaken. I have never had sex with a lady quite that big before.

        6. Jesus, the horror…the fright…the tummy tuck.
          God fucking damn it, how the hell can she SMILE with that shit hanging?!

        7. I used to be a nice guy too. Not the super-ultra kind; I stopped giving girls gifts in hopes they’d hang out with me (ughhh) a while before I joined this site, and I never supported obese girls – I was neutral to it. Nonetheless, I was still a beta.
          All that changed when a beefed-up acquaintance of mine in high school introduced me to this site. I never disagreed with any ROK article’s points (not including sponsered posts) but I didn’t seriously commit to actually improving myself (and binge read stuff on this site) until a month after I learned about the manosphere. Later, I started reading self-improvement books, ranging from Machiavelli’s “The Prince” (recommended by none other than ROK) and Roosh’s “Day Bang”, which boosted my confidence and helped me deal wth approach anxiety. I ultimately learned that an alpha male (or at least a really masculine male) didn’t really give a fuck about what others said – he wasn’t afraid of being brutally honest. (Listening to Eminem contributed to my development into someone who was unfraid to state his opinion. Hell, I even stopped apologizing for every little thing.)
          Then one day a thought hit me: what if I was trying to assume my authority and a woman started bitching? Then I saw this video (which came from…you guessed it, ROK): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Fj8JkfhP
          I realized that if you’re nice for even a SECOND, women WILL take advantage of you. Our society has been heavily feminized. Us masculine men might have a trace of nice guy inside each of us because before the mansphere, we followed the wrong paradigm.
          But it’s OK – we’r beating the system, the Matrix. Obese girls, feminists, SJWs, manginas, and their type will be extinguished soon.

        8. Thanks.
          “How to put a bitch in check” by Censorship 4kids is the video. He kind of denies the existence of an alpha male and repeats what every masculine male knows about feminists and nice guys, but he has valid points.

        9. Yeah. I think it’s pretty good to watch before going out, since you never know when a girl is going to be a bitch to you.

        10. Because they’re brainwashed libtards and will do things they know(?) will annoy normal heterosexual men esp white men.
          These libtard and femtard females are all full of shit because if they had to choose a man they all go to the alpha, it’s just that the femtards can’t get one and are jealous and want to make everyone else as miserable as themselves.Their slut parades and fake rape claims are done for attention.It’s all look at me, maybe that alpha cock will notice me.I was ‘raped’ so some man must have found me so hot he couldn’t control himself lol Don’t look for any deeper reason than that,envy. Females don’t care about politics, philosophy, fair play or even feminism, it’s all about getting the alpha man and these are just ruses.Why do females think getting naked empowers them? Because that’s all they got and they’re hoping that the alpha may notice them naked and think they’re fuckable just to get his dna.
          Trump has been talking a lot of nonsense but even black females are for him(I was surprised by this). He’s tall, rich, is a loud mouthed blowhard like some white ghetto boy and is like a white god to them, as well as to the other females of different races.So they’re not listening to what he’s saying but what his persona is.These black girls wouldn’t even care if he was a member of the KKK and a neo nazi as long as he noticed them.And I’m sure that plenty of alpha Nazis were shagging Jewish girls and the girls liked being dominated by the good looking alpha ones.It’s all about that dna to females.
          Tony Montana: First you get the dick, then you get the dna, and then you get the money haha

        11. “But it’s OK – we’r beating the system, the Matrix. Obese girls, feminists, SJWs, manginas, and their type will be extinguished soon.”
          I agree with your post up until this. They’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. Red Pill guys can escape the Matrix and adapt to it and max out their life. It’s an exciting concept because it’s like a second youth, depending on what age you are. But if you think a small collection of RP guys heading off to be digital nomads minimalists all over the world is going to turn around the insane SJW/victim train then I think you’re wrong. Don’t worry about it anyway. Just appreciate the fact that their stupidity and insanity has gotten so egregious that it allowed us to recognize the Matrix. It would have been so much harder to recognize without things as insane as obese models, rape culture, b’lack li’ves ma’tter and other assorted nonsense du jour. It changes daily. Their stupidity set you free, if you’re anything like me. But them being ‘extinguished soon.’ Not a chance, imo. The Millenials are a massive generation that have been brainwashed almost entirely with Leftist garbage.

        12. Kid, knowing something and putting it into practise are two different things.The execution is the problem except for naturals like myself but I don’t have to overcome a lot of the things many other men do so I guess I have sort of an advantage from the starting line.
          As I said knowing something does not always lead to success. Suppose some guy is short, bald and poor and works at some low paying job, and has no money to go to Uni or perhaps doesn’t have the aptitude for it.He may get lucky and shag some 5 but it’s extremely rare for him to get what he wants and he’s going to have to accept whatever he can get (if anything) Just being short is a big handicap.Short and rich? females are beginning to think he’s ‘interesting’ Short, rich and he’s the Prince of Wales? Maybe he’ll get a hot female. But do you see how many things I had to add on just to overcome his height?

        13. I’m a short balding man who makes a very ordinary wage. I don’t have problems getting decent looking women and I’ve never hooked up with a fattie.
          Having said that, I’m sure that if I was tall with a full head of hair I would have banged hotter women.

        14. ??? John Lassetter, Director of Toy Story 1 and 2, and Cars, is a MILLIONAIRE. His wife is FAT and was a single mother of FOUR when he got with her! Hugh Jackman is f*cking WOLVERINE!! his wife is FAT! Pierce Brosnan was James Bond..his wife is FAT! To each their own!

        15. You can beat white knighting by acknowledging that it is a form of pathological altruism. In other words, as a white knight, you’re not actually helping these women. Instead, you are merely enabling their bad behavior. Understand that many modern women are in desperate need of correction ( I.e “tough love”) , and if you deny them this by playing white knight, you’re going to hurt them in the long run.

        16. There is a Difference between a Nice Guy Alpha, and a Nice guy Beta, both can have the exact same personality but the difference is the NGA knows when people are taking advantage of him and he turns off the nice guy and shows he’s not a push-over and stands up for himself, where as the NGB doesn’t realize, or does realize when he’s getting taken advantage of, and is a push-over who doesn’t stand up for himself.

        17. I would argue from a physics standpoint she creates her own gravitational field and actually curves space. 😉

        18. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being nice, it’s just that society has changed and especially in relationship, being nice won’t work and can be detrimental. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad quality. I think a lot of us are fundamentally nice guys inside that have put up a huge bullshit shield to deflect shit tests and nagging.

        19. Well when somebody is trying to be a jerk to me and they are not joking, I call them out on it and I let them know that i’m not going to take their Crap. As for being a Troublemaker, I don’t go looking of trouble, but if Trouble finds me I won’t back down. The bible has a lot of wisdom about how Men should Carry themselves i recommend reading it if you want.

        20. not sure about that. currently watching a movie called “das boot”. the way the guys interact, it is just … more dangerous than today. not without joy, no, but more dangerous. the way is was nice was usually to try to take off the edge, smile, not doubt anyone. i see it in many people. but then there are those who grew up with fathers or good role models and there is an edge about them. maybe it is just some kind of tension around the eyes that tells you they are there and they are consciously looking and judging. like they are more awake. dangerous.

        21. That’s a great film. However, living inside a tin can for months on end with no sunlight, freedom of movement, and in constant fear of attack with nerves on edge is not normal living. Das Boot is a great glimpse into the life of a U-boater, but not a manual for how to live with your fellow man.
          I tend to favor a role model who is relaxed and happy, yet also judging and perceptive. Think of James Bond (the classics) — always joking around, smiling, having a good time, picking up women and bedding them easily, but of course nerves are ready for danger at any moment. I suppose one can argue nice guys always finish last, but I just don’t want to live in a world where kindness and happiness are negative traits.

        22. i admit that i somewhat condemned happiness for a long time. seeing alphas made me believe that they must be unhappy while in reality they were just relaxed. let me say that i now do strive for happiness, but not for the tiring emoting and jolly one that sweeps you off your feet, aka hollywood slapstick comedies that flood your brain. rather the one where i feel calm, strong and in control and where i do not feel the need to have to prove to everyone how much i like them or share my emotions with them because they are their own people. that said, i live a somewhat isolated and introverted life, so that may just be my personal preference.
          just watched the 1962-1964 bonds a few weeks back and loved them. very positive and amused kind of dominance. then again, it is just a movie and back then, it would have been normal to polish your appearance in every single scene. it is improbable that a real james bond would easily bed any woman he meets. you gotta love how he unapologetically kisses them and demands sex, though.
          today’s acting, although storytelling is more gynocentric, is more realistic – owed to the rise of method acting in the latter half of the 20th century.
          someone around here also recommended reading the james bond novels, of which i am starting to read the second now. fleming’s bond is a very serious and cold person.

        23. Black men who want a white woman so bad, that they will hook up with this s#it, embarrass me. This helps validate, what those racist asshole used to say about blacks taking their rejects.

        24. sure…blonde, red head, school girl, etc…..but 500 lb monster? child porn? at some point preferences cross over from innocent differences to batshit insanity.

        25. Do you find the Old or New Testament to be the best guide, or have you successfully reconciled the two? The “turn the other cheek” Sermon on the Mount platitudes have been a major stumbling block for me.

        26. Both I read, I think they both are equally important, I think what Christ is Meaning by turn the Other cheek, refers to Personal Retaliation, and not Keeping Grudges, But I think some interpret Turn the Other Cheek as pure Pacifism, but Christ Tells his Followers to also buy a sword if they don’t have one in Luke 22:36. So I guess he’s saying don’t hold Grudges, but be prepared also.

        27. Every person has a different approach on who they deal with. When women are with women they turn on the grrrl power dial around a real man they turn on the im a delicate girl please love me mode. But they also turn onbthe grrrl power mode if they are confronted with a beta male the friendzoning has already begun

      2. There’s no need to bully or shame people for how they look. However, don’t put someone up as some sort of model and expect men to accept it because a man knows with one look if a female meets his standards of what a woman should look like. It’s all hardwired in his brain and there’s nothing you can do to change it. A fat woman reminds him of a pregnant female and that’s not attractive and in the world of reproduction she’s already knocked up so go on to the next one.
        There are things that are male characteristics and things that are female and we’re attracted to those of the opposite sex. Tallness is a male trait since females are shorter in general which is why females look to taller men and reject short men.And contrary to the bullshit promoted today, men like smaller sized women and this has been true for ages because smallness is a female trait. To me these 6′ models look freaky and out of proportion.Must be some homo thing because the smaller more delicate females have always been considered better looking.I can remember tall females telling me that in HS when they were already 5’8″ that they’d pray they’d stop growing.

        1. There is reason to shame them though because now we’re all paying for their gluttony thanks to socialized medicine. All those bypass surgeries at age 33 and artificial hearts, vascular surgeries etc. Paid for by YOU these days. So it’s no longer a ‘mind your own business’ ‘live and let live’ scenario at all.

        2. Of course they’ll say they are “Independent”,…as long as everyone’s tax money is funding socialized medicine and other Gov Programs.

        3. I agree to some extent. Some people are born with disabilities or deformities. I would never “bully” or criticise anyone who has to deal with any of these problems. It’s not their fault they are born this way. And I would defend them when they are the victim of real bullying.
          But this is different with fatties (*). They CHOOSE to be fat, wiggle in self-pity and waste our tax money through healthcare. But an often heard excuse is that they are born this way and that they’re fat because of their genes or because their thyroid doesn’t work properly. Really? No, it’s because you eat too much. Period. If you’re thyroid doesn’t work properly or you have bad genes, well then you should adapt your diet to it. Besides, people with food allergies don’t choose what they want to eat, because they know the consequences of eating the wrong types of food. Hence, people who claim they easily become fat should also know the consequences of, well, eating too much.
          (*) I consider adults, since some fat children have grown up with bad parents who encourage a bad lifestyle… and these children are not yet in the position nor have the intelligence to question everything.

    4. If somebody tells you “you’re fat-shaming me!!”, the only correct reply is “Damn right I’m fat-shaming you. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself.”

    5. Working out is not going to slim these fatties down. They are just going to keep their mouths shut and eat frugally. Working out for an hour and burning 200 calories off is not going to slim them down. It will just make them hungry and they’ll go home and eat a dozen cronuts lol
      The only way to lose weight and maybe keep it off once you have become fat is slowly. If you’re 50 lbs overweight it will take a year. You have to readjust your life and habits and you don’t do that in a few months. These girls who go on these extreme diets lose 50 lbs and then regain 60.

      1. Yeah. I’m a Black man and I fucking hate seeing Brothers with landwhales, and hate it when some day, ugly-ass white or Hispanic bitch thinks that she has a chance with the Admiral.
        My sexual philosophy is to say no to the Three “F’s”. No fatties, no fuglies, no faggots.

        1. It was joke. You shouldn’t rag them no more than the poor white rednecks or hispanic dudes that ride those whales. WOmen have some delusional expectations these days and those fatty riders are getting what they can . Hopefully, they will move up the ladder some day ,but let them enjoy what they got and not criticize them for it.

  8. It must be so gross to be obese. Every time you shower you have to look at a nasty blob for a body. Then consider the fact that excessive fat makes dark nasty spots under certain parts, lol. So repulsive are these fat people. I am not talking about a simple twenty pounds overweight, this is about those people that are eighty pounds overweight or more. Cottage cheese arms? No thanks. One time I was talking with a manatee, and she tells me that she can’t do doggy style because her butt gets in the way. I almost puked when I heard her say that. She thought nothing of it, how sad.

  9. Our world is /way/ too instant gratification for 99% of overweight women to put in the effort to slim down. Working out and eating right require dedication and discipline, but you don’t have to lift a single finger to claim ‘self love’ and fat acceptance. The saddest part is these girls may say they’re proud of themselves and their bodies the way they are, but if they could find a way to loose weight in a matter of seconds, they’d all do it and be happier and healthier for it.

    1. Fat women slimming down is pointless. They’re already permanently ruined. There is no return for them. Fat men generally won’t even return from obesity without residual damage. Men can bounce back from such things way easier than women, handle stress and strain better, have tougher skin, etc.
      I’d prefer them not to be slimmed down. Went on a date with a girl who seemed attractive and normal, but had to stop at second. There’s no repair to a former fatty’s gut pudge loose skin. I’d rather not have been deceived.

  10. The obesity epidemic is getting worse not just in America,but almost in every other Western country. The fact that the world likes to celebrate fatness and being overweight, reflects the cultural decline of the 21st century and worse yet, shows the lack in self esteem in today’s women. The simple notion of choosing to do everything in your power to make sure you lose your weight, has indeed been abandoned by many people in society, but in particular, by women, who instead of making the effort to embrace a different lifestyle choice, would rather choose to remain fat.
    And the reality is, it is only going to work against them. Being fat illustrates the fact that an individual is lazy, does not have the motivation to maintain a slim appearance and a healthy lifestyle choice. This is indeed, taken into account by many recruiters when it comes to interviewing for a job, looked upon by others when it comes to making friends and especially, when going into the dating market. I find it absolutely ridiculous when I hear people who instead of taking constructive criticism and using it in a positive way to influence a change in their life, would rather scream with horror and start saying the most childish nonsense such as “it’s about the inside and thats all that counts.” Well, reality would tell you otherwise and the sad fact of life is that a lot of obsese people are choosing to be delusional, which will at the end of the day, only hurt them in the end.
    This whole idea of being nice, sensitive and always providing benevolent, is the very reason which has led to the pussification of society and why men are the way that they are today. But in regards to the fat issue, it is why a lot of young women are now becoming brainwashed and would rather stay at home and binge eat, while watching Netflix all day and not making any effort to exercise. What has become of our world? Anyway, there is a reason as to why it is called self esteem- it has to come from you. I would choose to reject embracing obesity and a low lifestyle choice, rather than embrace and celebrate it like the media does and how the fashion industry is now choosing to “model” it.
    Always maintain your self respect.

  11. Well would you look at that. Tattoos, tattoos, and more fucking tattoos. Is she obese to distinguish herself from all the other generic inked girls out there, or did she have to get tatted up to distinguish herself from the other ob… no, wait, that doesn’t work. Dammit I thought I was on to something.

      1. If we have a genuine apocolypse or major disaster, we’d soon find out if their larger bodies can survive in such extreme conditions, whether that be by the spread of disease, having to run from predators, hide in small spaces or just not be able to procreate successfully. Remember hurricane Katrina? it took just 3 days cooped up in a sports arena for people to become feral…

        1. I’ve heard those as well, except for the shelter one. It doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t take into account weather conditions, clothing worn, or available water. You’d last about 3 minutes butt naked in Antarctica during a snowstorm, but could spend weeks in the open during a mild spring.

    1. Right you are DD . They can spew their BS as much as they like. No one is telling them to be a size 2. As a healthcare professional I am horrified by the enormously overweight young women I see. Their ankles and feet are so swollen from the massive weight their frame has to carry. The fatpocolypse is coming. I won’t be there to roll them over and wash their yeasty flesh

        1. In the next month or so, as its 15 minutes of fame fades into the black abyss. You will find her driving her SUV to the closest wal-mart with crumbs and grease stains scattered across her blouse from her latest binge eating session. As she parks in the fire lane, her handicap sticker swinging in the window, you will find her scuttling to the near electric cart so that she doesn’t have to burn the calories she just consumed by walking through the store.

      1. Yep I see it all around – young women who should be in their prime but have thrown it away. If you were lucky enough to be born, you have a responsibility to treat your body with respect. So yes I will pass judgement on these land whales that were born healthy but end up bloated messes by the age of 25. Shame on them, and any man that fucks them.

  12. It strikes me that she is some sort of “It” girl who some people are falling all over. Who here has not had a girlfriend (or perhaps 5 or 20) who was better looking than Tess Monster, but who had no delusions about being a model and frankly, no modeling agency would take them on because they didn’t have some sort of mindless popularity driven by political correctness?

    1. The centre bull ring loop or barbell doesn’t strike me as attractive on any female. A nose stud or ring on one side or the other can give an exotic look, but YMMV.

        1. I’m pretty neutral on nipple piercings. Tongue studs and hood rings really only serve one purpose each, if you go for that.

  13. If you can’t have sex without moving your stomach to allow penetration, you have serious fucking problems. Jokes aside, how can someone that is deliberately sabotaging their body and health be considered a ‘positive’ role model? Oh, but its cool, cause she feels good.

    1. that is kinda the problem. that she is allowed to feel good the way she is. naturally, that kills any real incentive for her to change. any kind of self-hatred that pops up is immediately drowned in online approval.

        1. is ‘cardiac cripple’ politically correct?
          incidentally, cinder, how is it that you manage to get accepted around here despite being female? do you carry some special status i am not aware of, like being someone’s old lady?

        2. Politically correct? If you are looking for politically correct go listen to the CBC.
          I manage to get accepted by not acting like a screechure femicunt. I enjoy RoK and most of the articles. I of course don’t interfere with the male dialogue.
          No, I am not involved with Roosh, Matt or Quintus. I am no man’s “old lady.”

        3. We need women on our side to put a stop to these disgusting trends. I thought this site was centered around the truth, why exclude someone who recognizes the truth, just because they’re female ?

        4. we need women, but we do not need them in the war room, metaphorically spoken. allow one and eventually more will come. i value time with men alone, no matter the quality of the females.

        5. Thank you Rueben. If you think it is rough for men to speak up, try questioning the delusion of “curvy” to a really fat chick when you are a woman.

    2. Exactly. This whole “I’m not a size 0” crap has gone too far. I know some girls who aren’t naturally skinny but they look more like this than the above:

      1. “I’m not a size 0” NO SHIT and you’re not a size 6 either. “I’m not in healthy” would be more to the point.

    3. “If you can’t have sex without moving your stomach to allow penetration, you have serious fucking problems.” Especially if you’re doing anal.

  14. Normally I would say let these delusional fat pigs do what they want and let natural selection take its course like early death. Unfortunately these cows are usually the ones that get knocked up by low value black men and I think we know how that goes, with their 76% bastardry rate. Further contributing to the idiocracy ghetto nation of fatherless idiots destined for prison and the stripper pole and drugs. I dont think shaming works either .That just leads to more binge eating or drugs. Hopefully health complications will get them before they can breed. By the way that pic of tyra banks is the fucking scariest thing I’ve seen all year. Fucking ugly. That just goes to show you ,the fashion industry is ALL smoke, mirrors and photoshop. FUCK.

    1. It’s low value blacks and low value whites and low value hispanics and mexicans who love to fuck these feral pigs, as they can’t even score a 5 with a butter face and decent body. I don’t know where you live, but I see white dudes who actually hit the gym, who have these fat assed piece of shit girlfriends all over the place.
      Forced sterilization is one solution.

      1. they’re probably poor dudes. Let them enjoy their tubbies. Maybe someday they will improve their plight. Dang. I don’t like them either ,but you can’t castrate them for settling with a woman that accepts them. Most women nowadays have ridiculous standards.

  15. There is no way these fat women can look in the mirror and truly be happy with what they see. They may get a lot of “likes”, “you go girl” comments and a bunch of validation online, but in real life people walk by them with looks of disgust. These fatties are so delusional.

    1. i hate fatties. for making me look at their ugliness and for making me reflect that disgust back to them, for having to hurt them if i want to keep my self-respect.

        1. listen, whore, i did not ask for your opinion or your help. if you want to feel like a good person, go throw the homeless on the street a penny. leave.

        2. thank you, and you have a pretty mouth. i would surely enjoy to fill it up with my cum. nonetheless, this is a site for men, not a dating portal. if you want to flirt with me, visit my blog. otherwise, same goes for you: fuck off.

    2. It aint Fat men doing the strutting. It’s fat ladies as sadly, there is always some desperate dude around that will tell them how hot they’re for a bj.

        1. True!, but I don’t if it is rightfully so! Those mother f’ers need to get out in the sun and walk a little to live longer. They might even eventually lose enough that they could attract a Tess to play with their happy stick.

        2. what i’m trying to say is, there are a lot of fat guys in any office in the US. they don’t exactly hide.

      1. Every American city I’ve visited is full of obese men wearing t-shirts so short their belly shows, and pants so low their ass crack shows. Is that not strutting? It definitely isn’t disguising anything.

        1. I’ve been all over the US, lived in NYC for years, travelled up and down the West Coast constantly for work, and I saw this everywhere – but ground zero for men flaunting their obesity was the stop I took in Nashville. Butt cracks and bellies were poking at me everywhere I went. Walk into any Walmart in the US (yeah, I know – I’m asking for it by going in there) and you will be faced with some dude’s belly hanging out, and plenty of male butt-crack on display when they bend over.

    3. A Professor told the class while I was in college, “Remember, whatever you do, One day, You will be LEFT ALONE” Someday there will be no frats, no friends, JUST YOU AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS.
      Will never forget it.

      1. “”Remember, whatever you do, One day, You will be LEFT ALONE” Someday there will be no frats, no friends, JUST YOU AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS”
        Interesting – I assume he meant that in a neutral sense? I would assume that even good decisions have consequences.

        1. It was a couple of us pulling some juvenile shit.
          Those words silenced us, and maybe made some of us more mindful of the life waiting for us out.
          Freewheeling, freeloading and generally just coasting our lives to waste WILL have consequences down the road.
          Made us better men

        2. Freewheeling and freeloading and coasting sounds a hellava lot like me and I realize this at middle age; I have some serious catching up to do

      2. Funny; it seems these days that academia is trying to make sure no one (especially women) sees the consequences of their actions. You must’ve had one of the few good ones.

    4. The likes and “you go girl” comments are from other fat/ugly chicks, or gay men. So they don’t really count.

    5. And what about the thirsty men who give them compliments? Let me tell you something. If a man gave one of these fatties a compliment years ago the female would think he was mocking or insulting her because she knew she was fat.If you wanted to compliment her you’d say she had a nice personality and that was also sort of a code word for she wasn’t too good looking.Back then it usually meant she was skinny and flat chested like Olive Oyl.

    6. PC/SJW culture keep pushing the standards lower in every facet of modern life. Fat modes — you must accept it. Equality between the sexes — you must accept. Transgender LBGT freaks — you must accept. Liberal interpretation of laws, Bible, constitution, race, gender, sexual orientation, social behavior — you must accept.
      They’re all GROSS in my book

      1. If they do then they’re way-too-skinny, hunched-over beta punks. That’s what I’ve actually noticed.

      2. There are some fat fetishists out there but in 99% of cases it’s an unattractive guy with a low-status job rationalizing that he prefers the only sort of women he attracts.
        Same deal with the “polyamorous” guys and cuckold perverts that are crawling out of the woodwork these days. These are guys who anticipate being cheated on so their male hamster starts to rationalize…

        1. This isn’t a matter of aesthetic preference though. Fatties have an increased risk of almost every ailment you can name and thus shorter lifespans. They have a higher chance of having stillborn babies.
          If you prefer fat women you are not properly configured.

      3. No one prefers fat women. For some folks, fat women are their only option because their value is too low for a thinner woman

    7. If these people were truly happy, they wouldn’t make a stink about fat shaming.
      The only reason fat shaming, or slut shaming, or any type of shaming related to adhering to traditional bodily norms is effective is because deep down, most people know what they’re doing is bad.
      And I cannot thank Jesus enough for fat shaming. It saved my life.

    8. Being a gamer I believe this vanity they develop is equivalent of gamers that have a virtual character pimped up with good items and act like they’re the shit except it’s like if they brought that behavior to real life. They believe the worth of their character online means their status in the real world is increased

  16. fat shaming would work if everybody did it. it would become so unbearable for fatties to be fat that they would find a way to not be fat. unfortunately, there are always enough idiots who will sugarcoat the truth for them and tolerate the way they are.

    1. No they won’t change. They’ll broaden the word hate and make it a crime for fat shaming. Soon, even doctors would not be allowed to tell their obese patients they’re fat. Only curvy.

        1. These Über fatties are a direct result of parental neglect in my opinion. I mean I’m a sure the exception exist ,but I can’t help but remember the talk shows circa mid-90’s when I would stay home sick from school. they had episodes devoted to parents stuffing their children like pigs. They never told the kids no or even tried to set them up on regular daily diet plan.

        2. i was fat, too, growing up under a single mother. even as a little kid, i had more willpower than she and would get anything from her if i bugged her long enough. without discipline, all is lost.

        3. You’re right my friend. And some people are born with more inclinations toward discipline to begin with. Sadly, these fatties are kind of victims of their own parents as they’re having to fix something that could have been solved early if they had parental figures who intervened. Once you gain that kind of body as the above model, you’re almost fighting a losing battle.

        4. well, everybody is a victim of something or somebody. the whole problem with victim mentality is to let somebody give away responsibility. deny them agency and they will never change.

        5. I agree, I’m just saying I personally pity these girls, as they’re going to die young and unhappy despite what the world is telling them.

        6. i don’t know, man. you are not wrong. but then you can pity practically everyone for something. pity is ugly and takes away dignity from those who are pitied. i would rather die miserable with everybody hating me than with everybody pitying me.

        7. That’s because you don’t see yourself a victim and probably wouldn’t even if you were. You’re right they have agency, but death by gluttony is just a hilariously bad way for West to go.

        8. Parents have always stuffed their kids. It’s too long to explain as a comment but the conspiracy against you exists two-fold: poisoning your food and then accepting the poisoning as normal.
          Why? Because fatties get too tired too quickly to form a lynch mob and march on their government.

        9. Good Lord, I remember those. The mothers would all say the same thing ‘he loves macdonalds and he love to eat so dats what i get him.’ Yeah, no shit your kid loves fat and sugar, it’s kinda up to you to keep him away from those foods, not cramming them down his throat to shut him up.

        10. Most Americans are fat so there’s not enough shaming done. You’re correct, fat will be the new hate speech.

        11. it all starts out with a mother who is too weak to tolerate the pain of her kid and tells her: no, honey, you are beautiful the way you are. witnessing this awakens my cruelest desires.

        12. Yep you see it all the time, but more often than not the mother is fat too so she doesn’t see a problem with her kids being overweight too.

      1. That is close to happening. I know a doctor who got a serious reprimand for telling a nurse that her obesity was unhealthy. It likely had a big role in ending his successful 30+ year career.

      2. This is already happening now. There are already some doctors who don’t bring up obesity as a health problem.

        1. Wow! Doctors won’t bring up obesity as a health problem, but the first lady Michelle Obama, with no MD degree can.

  17. Tyra looks like a lighter skinned Dave Chapelle. I don’t think I would be able to stomach waking up next to her after a bender.

  18. “This is not Tess’ real face. It’s L’Oreal’s.”
    And the clothes are from some tent production company.

    1. My dad used say “if they get any fatter they’ll be wearing car tarps to school” to his cousin about his kids.

    1. Fat women can punch bitches, those little skinny girls can’t. Fat women and black girls are like the female enforcers amongst lesbians and feminists.

    2. The media has to sell ads to the mass market. Since most women are large, they have to appeal to them. Tess puts on massive amounts of makeup and look this way and then promotes this as beauty so their target audience buys into this delusion to buy the products.

  19. feral swine whores and the equally obese and non-obese beta bastards who fuck these sick pigs is now “culturally acceptable”. And then to think that half of these swine are being wifed up and knocked up by swine, only to produce more swine
    This is the norm, 67% of America is obese. Lbgt and faggot marriage, trannies and homos in the military, homo boy scout leaders,,,,,,,,,, What other disgusting, abnormal, insane, degenerate shit are we going to witness in this rapidly failing society ?
    You wonder why game is hard? Because you only have 33 out of 100 women who are not obese to choose from, and of those, 3/4 are butter faced feminists. That leaves about 5 out of 100 women here who are even worthy of any kind of attention.

    1. She’d be great, but the plastic tits kill my boner. I want a woman, not a blow-up doll. I mean, if she wanted to give me head, lick my nuts, etc., I’d let her, but I’m a humanitarian, after all.

  20. I’m willing to cut a girl some slack if she’s a little chubby. I know it’s hard for Americans to avoid eating all this sh!t food. However…I draw the line at a fat beer gut on a girl. That just isn’t sexy. This girl has a sick beer gut that she’s hiding and she has no wrists. Her forearms merge into her hands. I couldn’t fuk this chick even if I was drunk and popped 5 viagra. I’d rather jerkoff.

  21. The question goes deeper all the same. So many of the men on this site are just consumers of sex- what don’t you fuck just plastic blow up dolls with perfect dimensions……you can grunt all inarticulate utterances you want and still see the big game at 11.

      1. Lord, look what mass pornography, gaming and american culture have done to the average male mind. Live in rural France, good food, good culture, retire at 55….america is all about conformity and work, work, work…no time to think, no time to enjoy life…I feel sorry for people born in North America (US or Canada).

    1. Funny thing is… I can do everything you stated with a real women and avoid the friction burn from the plastic… its a win/win when you do it with a real women… just sayin’

  22. Since when is sloth and gluttony attractive? She didn’t get that way by accident. A girl like this has no self control, she knows she’s overweight yet does nothing about it. She probably orders the most expensive item on the menu on dates. Why not, she probably thinks she deserves it because she’s special.

  23. She is fugly even for her size, no muscle under it, basically an anorexic in a sleeping-bag full of lard.

  24. I have a visceral hatred for fat women now…there are just too many….
    Can you imagine the stench of their vaginas????

  25. Now all the fatties get into the hug-box..damn its getting tight in here, we should have tripled its size. Now we were talking about dating, did anyone corner a guy yet? No? If only there were a way for us to move faster, or to get them to come to us. Ideas? Me neither.

  26. Marie Antoinette once said “let them eat cake.”
    Unfortunately the peasants could do no such thing, because Tess ate all the cake.
    They all starved as a result.
    Thanks a lot Tess!
    PS :I heard she was responsible for the famines in Ethiopia as well 🙂

  27. The good news is that when the collapse of society comes, there won’t be too many people starving thanks to all the fatties in the US.
    One fatty alone could feed a family of hungry cannibals for at least a couple of weeks.
    If you don’t mind literally eating a girl, you guys will make out okay lol

    1. Those underwear could be used as a tent and the bra used as a catapult to ward off the hungry tubbies.

    2. Wish I could remember the quote verbatim, but essentially “in order to outrun a bear, you only need be faster than the slowest(read fattest) guy”…

  28. I can think of no greater insult to a woman than for a feminist to call her, “Beautiful.” “Beauty” is feminist doublespeak for “making ugly women feel beautiful.” If feminists truly thought Tess was attractive, they’d be screaming about objectification, like they do with the models in the Carl’s Jr. ads.

    1. All women desire to be objectified. They all crave that male attention. The feminists are not getting objectified so they scream and shame men for doing it to hot women. If (attractive) men objectified her, she would be all tingly and love every minute of it, even though she argues against it.

  29. This article is good overall but it doesn’t hit the mark. The mark is this: It’s about the feminine imperative (yet again). Somebody MUST fuck these pigs, OK? And so they’re trying to convince men that that’s OK to do. These cows must somehow extract resources from men, otherwise they’re fucked (not in the true sense of the word that is). So again men must suplicate and get on with the program. This is why all the other vices are criticized by the society with a vengeance. They don’t have anything to do with the FI. They have nothing to do with fucking and resource transfer.
    Put your red pill glasses and everything becomes cristal clear. Easy.

  30. Seriously Tess needs to loose some weight. I’m genuinely worried she is going to die from a heart attack very soon. I really hate how we are promoting Obesity these days. We’re telling young people that it’s ok to have health problems at a young age when it’s obviously not. We might as well be promoting smoking to them as that stuff is just as deadly and sending them to an early grave. It’s honestly the saddest thing that so many Americans are dying from preventable deaths like Obesity. We shouldn’t be promoting that unhealthy lifestyle to people.

  31. Brainwashing to obesity acceptance is real. My brother spouts “my body, my rules” all the time, proclaiming food makes him happy. Poor fuck. No wonder he can’t get any tail.
    Looking at other people I see most as little more than animals. Depressing…

  32. I’m going to rewrite this article in a much more succinct fashion:
    Obese Size 24 Woman Shows That Any Woman Can Be A Model
    Ahhhhhahahahahaha!!!! What a crock of shit! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go stare directly into the sun for a few minutes to clense my eyes.

  33. Its sad, because she is good looking. Can someone from the forum post the gif of her needing help from other obese women to get up off her knees?
    Cant be healthy if you need 3 or 4 other chubsters to stand up…

  34. I read this blog from time to time and am almost afraid to comment, but I will. I am a woman who is a size 24 (and am down to a 24). Many of you are correct, weight is a combination of bad food and low discipline. But, the first step to losing weight, one that I am still working on, is loving yourself. You have to feel like you are worth it before you can put in the effort.
    As part of the process, there has to be an amount of accepting yourself at a large size. The danger is being stuck at that first step trying to fake it ’til you make it.

    1. What you say might be true but the inherent flaw is these women love and accept themselves and stop right there. There’s no accepting who they are but also knowing they can be better. They are trying to pass obesity off as something to be celebrated like it’s an accomplishment.
      Congrats on your weight loss and for your health I hope you continue.

    2. Go to mercola.com – search for articles on sugar- it really is poison. You gotta drastically restrict sugar intake

  35. I like the Tess reAl fACE babe. Even though she looks like shit, I am attracted by her authentic body positivity. Because I can see she is a good person inside and not narcississitc.
    I think it is a statement about misogynistic society that she is not a PLAYBOY CENTEROLD. The only reason I quit buying pLABOY magazine is they only show what men think is beautiful.
    I will continue to boycott Playbody until they start emphasizing inner beauty and body positivitivity.
    I commend ROOSH on the step forward with the photos even if I did not read the article. I am glad the girls in Montreal taught him he was wrong and should appreciate all women. Especially large ones.

  36. I read somewhere else that this woman also has type II diabetes and lost a toe (already!) because if it. Yeah, she’s quite the role model.
    I was at mall today with my 15-year-old daughter and I was shocked at how big most of the girls were. I’m 45 and do my best to stay in shape and my daughter is slim– how hard can it be, really, to not be obese when you’re a young woman? I’m smaller than most teenagers I see these days.

  37. The fattest girl I know has a BMI under 20 all the rest are 17-18 and they all look fit and healthy and they range in age from 19 to 31. None look ‘anorexic’ and you can tell this by their good sized boobs that appear larger than they really are due to the girls slimness.
    And that BMI calculator in my opinion should only be used for men who are larger boned and more muscular normally. To adjust for this a normal BMI for a female should be in the 18-22 range so a 32 is grossly obese. At 5’11” and 175 I’m a 24 but I think I’m overweight. This ‘model’ outweighs me and it’s just not normal for a female to do this. I’m not even small and she still outweighs me. If we had one of those Sumo wrestling contests she’d probably beat me.

      1. Yeah, I just watched the intro and realised how far women have fallen.
        Now they all look like Grotbags. And for those of you who don’t know who Grotbags is………

  38. I’ve known two women who have passed out and died, suddenly, without any prior warning. Both women were obese. Not overweight, obese. One was a retired school teacher in her mid fifties who died of a heart attack. The other was also in her mid fifties. One day she stood up from her chair and died of a blood clot. Just like that, dead. I’m worried because my mother is of the same size, although she is losing weight because her body can’t handle wheat anymore and she doesn’t eat sweets, she refuses to exercise. She doesn’t even take walks because people “look at her.”

    1. What exactly is it about wheat? Cultures all over the world eat wheat and potatoes and starch. In fact, it is the staple foods of their diet. Try two slices of bread instead of half a loaf.
      Have you heard of the ELWAM diet?

        1. It is highly inflamatory- sugar messes up the ph of your body, makes you more acidic.
          Your body, in response to this, creates more fat cells to sop up the excess acid. Sugar also wreaks havoc on your cardiovascular system, your body produces more cholesterol to combat sugar damage.
          Being as fat as this woman means your body is SCREAMING I am on fire, please change our diet so things can cool off…

        2. Nah. Gluten does not contribute to obesity. She’s avoiding wheat to eliminate gluten because gluten causes all kinds of problems.
          The carbs in wheat products contributes to obesity. You cut wheat to avoid gluten and all the associated problems with gluten, you could drop weight as a side effect even if that was not your initial intention.

        3. Soooooooo. How come we have countries that eat our so-called modified wheat and do not have the obesity problems or other ailments? Hope you are not eating gluten free because the sugar and calorie content is the same if not worse. If you truly have celiac’s disease and have been truly diagnosed, then so be it; however, seems that sticking three meals a day and exercising a little is something we can no longer wrap our heads around.

        4. The only person screaming is the poor dude or has to deal with the fleshy mass when in the sack with that. He is SCREAMING, “help!, please get me out of here or just kill me now!!!”

        5. Some people don’t get it. My husband used to make fun of gluten free until his body could no longer take it and he couldn’t ignore it anymore. Gluten intolerance is no joke. I can always tell when he cheats because his face becomes swollen and he develops a rash. My husband is not obese.

      1. The wheat we eat today is a hybrid- it yields more grain. An Italian created this back in the 50s in response to massive famine in China and India. I believe he won a Nobel Prize for his “achievement”. The downside is “wheat belly” and more gluten problems. They still grow the original dwarf wheat in parts of the world, but I do not know if you can buy it stateside?
        Sourdough and pumpernickel have the lowest glycemic indices, so try them out.

      2. I know that it is fashionable to mock people who stay away from wheat because of gluten, since it could be a fad, but it is no joke. My mother gets sick every time she eats bread or any wheat product. My husband also recently discovered that what has been making him sick his whole life is his precious pasta and pizza (he’s half italian). His uncle has celiac disease.
        Here in the US, wheat is in everything, and the government likes to recommend wheat (whole grains and others) for eating morning, noon, and night. Think about a typical American meal day. In the morning, Mr. Joe American has some cereal and milk with a side of toast or juice and coffee. Right there, wheat plus wheat. For lunch: a sandwich or wrap, with chips and a soda. So there is sugar, wheat, and wheat. Then we have dinner, which usually consists of some meat, vegetables, and a side of potatoes, rice, or spaghetti. This diet is especially bad for people with wheat/gluten intolerance and low insulin resistance. Insulin is involved in the fattening process.
        At any rate, back in the day when people worked very hard, the extra energy that wheat and other grains and starches provided was necessary. It also burned off, instead of being stored as fat, so that even if one became overweight with age, obesity was rare. But now that our lives are largely sedentary, it is best to adjust our diet accordingly.

        1. Adjust your diet accordingly? Eat less it’s that simple.
          You are preaching to the choir. As a healthcare professional of over 35 years, I have seen fads come and go. If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, so be it, I know what celiac is. The food you listed for Mr. Joe in my estimation is about 2 to 2.5K of calories per day – no wonder we have an obesity problem.
          Glad you pointed out our sit on your ass culture. Much like the touted Mediterranean diet, it’s about lifestyle.

        2. My husband and mother being sick every time they eat wheat. They probably have wheat or gluten intolerance. There is a difference between celiac disease and being intolerant. For example, my husband also gets sick after eating cilantro. I get sick after eating soy. As a healthcare professional, you should be aware of food intolerances.

        3. Oh my Gawd!! Yeah. Food intolerance? Yes, yes, that’s the reason for our massive obesity problem. I wonder if they have food intolerances in Africa?

  39. I had a look at her website. She does have an attractive face but for me what pushes me over the edge are all the tattoos and the nose ring. If she had none or a couple of minor ones then I can see a woman who has a issue with her weight and needs to change. But all those disgusting tattoos indicates an attention whore who lives in chronic and delusional denial.
    She talks about embracing the body you’re in but when the inevitable health problems arise from being so overweight she’ll no doubt blame any negative feedback and refuse to change her lifestyle.

  40. And tattoos and facial piercings? That’s no moon (oop’s model) it’s a warpig. Be careful of her gravitational field.

  41. Well, there’s one thing that respell me in women. Is, number one TATTOOS ! Any broad having tattoos has me crossing on the other side of the road…Second. Couloring hairs green or blue !

  42. If a woman is fat and attractive, it is because she is attractive in spite of her fatness, not the other way around. I have known women over the years that were overweight and men thought they were ok, but when they dropped weight they became hotties.
    I have only known one guy with a fat fetish and that was just a phase he went through when he was a young guy with a low SMV, but that was in the 90’s. Today’s young men seem more tolerant of fat women, and the older generation of men and women in my family who have noticed it don’t get it.
    When my dad was young in the 60s and 70’s, he claimed that only loser men would hook up with fat women, and deep down he knew the reason his older sister didn’t get married until she was 35–which was pretty uncommon in the 70’s–is because she was obese and had no real offers. She accepted an offer from a foreigner at the age of 34 out of desperation.
    Fatties today don’t feel the same sense of dread and that’s a problem.

  43. To each their own! And yes, ANYONE with an Instagram CAN be a model! ANYONE!!! SERIOUSLY! You are a MODEL the day you take a bunch of pictures of yourself and upload them and share them with the WORLD. Skinny, fat, muscular, it doesn’t matter. YOU ARE A MODEL!

  44. what I cant figure out is the men that marry these landwhales. I also dont mean miss hottie who when you give her a ring becomes a landwhale….no I mean the guys that from date 1 are dating shamu the whale.
    Brother married one….but as for me? I cant find the boner there. had friends marry landwhales and again my boner is lacking. and no I dont want to hear the sex is good….look any set of hands that plays with my dick long enough will get it hard, thats just how shit works. but doesnt mean I’ll enjoy miss 300 lb behemoth doing it or that afterwards I wont feel like a dirty loser.
    but it speaks to another problem….who are the fucking crazies downloading fat porn? though I suppose this can be asked about a lot of the weird porn on the internet

  45. Look there is only so many different types of naked women to show. White skinny women have played themselves out and so have black women and tattoed ones. They are going to push obese women until amputees are in fashion, then go back to white skinny women.

    1. I have nothing against amputees, because it’s not something you can fix. Different from fattyness, that in, maybe, 95% of the cases can be solved…

  46. The makeup is all done to make her face look slimmer than it actually is, because deep down she knows fat is ugly, and she can’t help trying to desperately emulate the attractive skinny girls she envies. I can only hope that men will seek her out just to tell her what a pig she is. Maybe then she’ll start to cut back and slim down, for all our sakes.

  47. No amount of cultural brainwashing can control what mens dicks respond to.
    Also, fucking yikes at Tony Banks! What an ugly bastard?! Reminds me of Abe from the Oddworld games.

  48. Fat people disgust me. The laziness and entitlement, and that “woe is me!” attitude is the worst.
    I remember being dissed by a company that catered to woman. They were hiring, should be easy, right? I went in to get a job at a place called ‘Lane Bryant’ dressed to the nines with my perfect resume, confident that there was no reason to shoot me down. I was ready to work, ready to smile and put up with bitchy customers; I was just elated with joy of possibly having a job (late teens/early twenties). I was shot down though. There was no explanation, but it was obvious from the looks of audacity and disgust that greeted me as I entered, as well as the cold treatment when I tried to gain attention from anyone to guide me in the right direction, that I was not to be there. I ignored that though, I was determined.
    I asked to speak to the manager so I could introduce myself, and it was met with no smile, lack of interest in tone, and a bored, “hold on”, as well as her going back to what she was doing without so much as moving an inch to carry out my request. She finally contacted the manager, (15 minutes later) who was also a hefty woman, and the manager looked me up and down with this calm snarl, then took my resume, and said “we’ll call you.” The bitch didn’t even open the folder.
    I left confused. I did everything right, what happened? When I went home disheartened by their neglect and reluctance, I told my step dad about my confusion. He kind of chuckled, shaking his head, and said to me, “That place caters to big woman. It wouldn’t make them feel good about themselves if they hired a small, attractive, girl. It’s bad advertisement, and bad for business.”
    Really?I could have sworn the job I was applying for was cashier/ salesperson, not to make insecure pudgelettes feel good about themselves. Not enough money in the world to take that job.

  49. Look, I have my own opinions on fat women (sure I’ll have fun with them) — we men need to understand something, no matter where you stand in this ‘debate’ :
    Honey Boo Boo’s mother June, had TWO guys bangin’ her.
    One the rotting toothed omega that was supporting her, the other a convicted kiddie rapist that SHE was supporting…and this for a woman that looks like Jabba the Hutt.
    Every woman, no matter how fat, ugly or disgusting, can find a guy that will have sex with her…even the women that complain they ‘can’t find a guy’ could get laid if they toss some lipstick on and lowered their standards a little. So these obese women know that, at the end of the day, they can find a guy, some guy, that will tell them they look ‘just fine’ and pay their bills.

  50. She’s obese, obese = unhealthy & inherently lazy.
    Obese people are a public health liability, very similar to drug and alcohol addicts. It’s not ok to be obese, let alone *encouraging* it by using an obese woman as models..
    I can’t even understand the business logic behind this. Men & women are influenced by ideals of perfection, not fat and undesirable. I very much doubt an advertisement using a fatty would get any positive results what so ever. People want to buy something based on inferences of it leading to perfection, not the polar opposite..

  51. The decline of our civilization is Marketing and Greed. That’s all this is about. Clothing makers and rich people with no other markets are trying to create a “fat people” trend. I worked in a foodie industry until recently, and in the past 10 years there’s been one new supplement and health fad after the other. And all have been bunk. Once one has sold it’s limit something else comes up. Same thing here. Making fat cool is bad for both physical and mental health. There’s now a trend with new mothers to get back into competition shape as fast as possible, and it works. You can see young women with 3 kids and the bodies of centerfolds. It can be done without the fads. All it takes is normal eating and excercise, which keeps you mentally balanced and healthy. I see them all the time now. And it makes me shake my head at the obese women that are around. It’s only gluttony and slothfulness.

  52. I hate these fat bitch women. Almost all American women are this fat these days. Sitting next to them on flights is pure misery. There fat shoulders take up more space than a fit male body builder. Then the fat roles on their stomach flop even further over the armrest halfway into the seats to each side.
    If this country really wants to be so “fat positive,” then the government should step in and protect these obese snowflakes by requiring economy class airline seats to be 2x as wide as they are today.

    1. On my flight back (after Christmas with my parents) there was a morbidly obese woman on the plane that took up two seats. She could not walk through the aisles sideways without hitting everyone in the aisle seats (me included) on both sides. Thank God she was not sitting beside me or in front of me!

  53. That’s a clear example of what feminism is.
    A denial and reversal of human nature to get up feelings and interests of some women. Other women included are manjaws, T-brained ugly scientist girls and common hypergamous bonobo girl who wants to have children with someone and get the jungle raise them. (Welfare)

    1. You have forgotten the CH equation “The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.” where female means average women and below to it repulsive orcs and male is equal to betas

  54. Body diversity is code for tolerance of ugliness. Any woman can be a model, yes, but any woman can be criticized for it as well.

  55. Women fattening up like that is nature’s contraceptive.
    Maybe women are getting fat to reduce the population LOL

  56. Body Positivity is a sham.
    Makeup is a lie.
    Bodyshaping underwear is a lie.
    Essentially, they are just pleading for the public to say “Yes, you are good looking enough to have sex with.” It isn’t a show of personal strength, it is a search for acceptance from those who would reject you, by way of emotional force.
    If you are good looking enough, you don’t need to look for acceptance, you just get it.

  57. I found I instinctively scrolled/positioned my window so the pictures were just out of frame. Can’t imagine why.

  58. The fatties pictured here, as well as Tyra Banks without makeup, are exceedingly gross. Let the pathetic enablers encourage this fat pride movement, and further substantiate how dysfunctional and destructive liberalism is. But I’ll be go to hell if I’m “accepting” any of this crap.

  59. We are the man-o-sphere. So let’s just call these fatties and their cheerleaders the ham-o-sphere.

  60. Is this real life? These morons are creating way more health issues with fat acceptance than all the fast food chains combined. Feminist logic aka Insanity.

    1. the only problem is that overweight females go around as if they were sexy hot chicks. And some of them fatties can be nastily arrogant and sarcastic. F****ng laughable. They probably try to hide their hideousness with arrogance and sarcasm.

    2. If I wasn’t indrectly paying for her via insurance premiums and/or taxes I’d be happy to. Sadly, Big Daddy Government who enables her obesity doesn’t give me that choice.

  61. A fat man stands little chance to get married or even have sex, but how
    many obese women you see who found the schmuck who settled with them? I
    personally have witnessed fat women who were ridiculously conceited and
    arrogant. In fact, I experienced more negative situations with fat
    females (completely unprovoked; I was not being rude or disrespectful in
    the least, but they were being just that, and of course I would not
    have sex with them in a million years) than I had negative situations
    with very attractive girls. I still can’t believe it. It’s a truly
    bizarre world.

  62. If this woman hadn’t disfigured herself with hideos, sailor tattoos. nose piercing and layers of lard all over her body, she COULD have been beautiful. She has a beautiful facial bone structure and nice, pleasant features. What a shame, what a pity.

  63. One of the first things I notice about ham planets attempting to portray their satisfaction at being obese, is that they put blush on their cheeks in a manner attempting to look as if they had visible cheek bones, which is something that is noticeable on skinny/average weight people.

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