Dallas’s SJW Mayor Blames Slavery For The Deaths Of Five Policemen

This is on my generation of leaders. It is on our watch that we have allowed this to continue to fester, that we have led the next generation down a vicious path of rhetoric and actions that pit one against the other…

— Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

At a time when he was meant to be unashamedly defending law and order in his city, the Democratic Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, has referred to slavery during a vigil for five police officers slain by a black sniper, Micah Xavier Johnson. Instead of honoring the service and ultimate sacrifice of the dead and wounded lawmen, Rawlings has started the unsurprising process of legitimizing the grievances and actions of the black supremacist killer, who explicitly said he wanted to kill white people. No amount of his calling for everyone to appreciate the perspectives of both Black Lives Matter protestors and their critics can hide the excuse he is giving to future attackers.

Sadly, Mike Rawlings’ disgusting justification of the killings, however implicit he tried to make it, shows how beholden many politicians have become to extremist, logic-blind groups like Black Lives Matter. Any hope of Democratic politicians resisting SJW rhetoric, such as former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s apologized-for “all lives matter” comment, is fast fading. As we all know, the mainstream Republican leadership has already been infected by a quasi-deference to SJW beliefs, particularly when SJWs use violence against Trump supporters and GOP luminaries largely ignore it. Consequently, the bulk of each major party is continuing to create an atmosphere that enables depraved leftwing violence.

Plus, Rawlings is clearly savaging middle-aged white men when he refers to “my generation of leaders.” At a time when he is supposedly calling for an end to race-baiting and racial tensions, he is doing his best to make sure that an entire group of people, determined by gender and race, is made to apologize again for some made-up political crime. Meanwhile, the seriously criminal underbelly of Black Lives Matter has escaped any rebuke by Rawlings. So, too, has the recent condoning and even incitement of violence produced by zealous SJW “journalists” like Jesse Benn.

Do Democratic mayors have control of their cities?

Rawlings is only spitting on the service and sacrifice of the five dead officers, not honoring them.

The answer is clearly no. Otherwise they would not need to pander to violence-inclined groups like Black Lives Matter, only hours after five of their law enforcement personnel have been murdered. Although I called Rawlings a SJW earlier, a significant reason for his slavery remarks may just be his fears for his own tenure and the safety of his city. Any major city mayor who comes out against Black Lives Matter probably knows that their criticism will result in violent protests and wanton attacks on bystanders and the community at large. And then there’s that very personal element of probably losing your political career. All in all, metropolitan Democratic politicians are being held hostage to an even greater extent than their state and federal colleagues.

From Miami to Los Angeles, Dallas to Chicago, major American cities have become safe spaces only for the most fringe and mentally ill leftwing groups. A fake poop swastika on campus leads to a Hurricane Katrina-like excoriation of American masculinity and so-called white privilege, merely to assuage the feelings of SJWs and leftwing race-baiters. But the snuffing out of the lives of five cops doing their jobs, not to mention the pain of a number of others also hit by bullets, warrants only an attack on White America.

Expect only worse things to come

Domestic terrorists, plain and simple.

Twitter has been awash in recent days with SJW reminders about Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, the two black men whose deaths Dallas killer Micah Xavier Johnson said motivated his anti-white rampage. By focusing on Castile and Sterling, men with gang connections and very dubious backgrounds, the leftwing Twitterati is making a very loud statement that unrelated deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana somehow justify the deaths of police many hundreds of miles away in Dallas. Or, only moderately less cruelly, that white police lives matter a whole lot less than black lives, including black lives associated with gangs.

If the Dallas police deaths produce less than a murmur from mainstream politicians about the criminal nature of both Black Lives Matter protests and rhetoric, then America is in for a very scary and dangerous racial ride. If you do not feel unsafe now, the time for severely doubting your personal security is maybe just around the corner.

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463 thoughts on “Dallas’s SJW Mayor Blames Slavery For The Deaths Of Five Policemen”

    1. Just your typical PC-spewing blame-thrower who won’t tell the facts as they are, because the facts contradict the liberal orthodoxy.

    2. Shit once had some nutritional content and could have value as fertiliser-this mayor isn’t worthy of being called a piece of shit; more like a paramecium or something useless and parasitic.

  1. About 10 years ago, a LAPD firearms trainer that I met told me to go into LA unarmed was insane. Things have gotten a lot worse since then, and you now literally take your life in your hands when you go downtown. If you are not ready to do violent battle at the drop of a hat, stay out of all large inner cities.

  2. Is there a country where blacks don’t burn the bitch down? Genetically they have poor impulse control and low IQ.
    It is only Jews using their media power that stops us ejecting them. The Jews race bait blacks to attack whites. Jews are highly organized and thrive in chaos.

    1. Is there a country where blacks don’t burn the bitch down? Genetically they have poor impulse control and low IQ.

      No. Blacks will be Blacks. A few, will adapt to civilization but a vast majority most certainly will not. Very aggressive promotion of voluntary sterilization (e.g. pay people if you have to) is perhaps the only non-violent way of addressing the problem.

      1. Your policy has the added benefit that it stops them spraying the furniture. Props to you.

      2. Kzoo, you can always be counted on to paint with the broadest brush possible, using zero data.
        You might be more comfortable at Chateau Heartiste.

        1. The articles with the broadest generalization makes it easier for him to comment.

      3. How about sterilization as a requirement for taking welfare?
        If you’re going to live like a pet, you get neutered like a pet

  3. It’s ok.
    You forgot what the past generations built?
    Been a long time since the Old West, since the White Man was out in Dallas, creating something from nothing. Bullets, brawls, beer.
    Nothing like the “gimme” generation, is it? The day was not guaranteed to you, was it?
    That is how Dallas….and Los Angeles, and Chicago, and New York were built.
    These kids, with hoodies, cell phones, and dime-bags want a “free” world. They want a Black world, where nothing is earned, only received or taken. I don’t think anybody told them what it took to create a cell phone. I don’t think anybody explained to them the White sacrifice that built Dallas.
    It’s fine – if they need to be re-taught, the older generation and their children are up to the task.

  4. Join me in demanding passage of Mehgyn’s Law, which would require media pundits to disclose their residential zipcode when opining about race in America.
    Bill Moyers for instance, lives in an exclusive all-white community. Other liberal commentators too numerous to mention also live as far from blacks as possible, though I am sure it’s just a coincidence because they are not racists like the rest of us.

    1. What’s the problem here? What’s good for the goose….
      As a white man descended from merry old England, aka English-American, I blame King George III and his heirs, the royal family and House of Windsor for all the oppression of white people here in America face through two and a half centuries of taxation through central banking and erosion of my hard earned money’s purchasing power. I also blame them for every fraud, price manipulation and bust boom cycle of markets that their meddling in the free markets has done to my wealth over the last 30 years. They perpetuate the ponzi scheme we know as the banking system to the harm of white men everywhere.
      I also blame the monarchy for further oppression through the proliferation of the illegitimate agents of the crown, the class of lawyers, aka esquires, who have constructed a legal system that keeps the crown and their own parasitical agents enriched and the expense of and incarceration of the average man. Despite the 13th amendment forbidding them to hold office, esquires make up the majority of our legislative “leaders” who both allow and foster the oppressive economic system we white people face here in America.
      WASP lives matter! And every white man’s problem is the monarchy’s fault.

      1. Oh yeah? As an English European, I blame Germany, France and Italy (Rome) for slavery, genocide against our native people (the Celts and their druids), millennial wars, attempts of conquer and denial of human rights at numerous occasions.
        I also blame Americans, Indians and all former colonized countries for, not understanding the advantages of a common market and a shared economy and defense costs, having rebelled against us, which has cost everybody a lot of jobs, and lives, all around the world.
        Since we are at it, and you are still using our language, we demand reparation for continued copyright infringement. You are now only allowed to talk “native languages” and use pictograms.
        *sarcasm ends*

        1. Someone gets it.
          Don’t forget to blame them Arabs for developing that stupid base 10 system of mathematics. The world runs on binary dammt! This website and our comments don’t function on 0-9. It’s all 1’s 0’s. Base 10 allows the world banksters to enslave the world through an ancient counting system.
          Just imagine your tax return, form 1040, sorry form 10000010000. Did you carry the “1”?

    2. They all live in perfectly segregated, by class, neighborhoods. Which means the few people of color who do live there. They are of the highest class and income

      1. And are the kind of blacks that would be called uncle Toms, all because they embody a trait called being ‘civilized.’ Sad how much disdain the black community has for education, literacy, and pride in presentation. They all look like fucking illiterate retards

        1. A lot of them are illiterate retards. If the black community would simply come together and get better rather than screaming blame whitey, they might increase that IQ of theirs (hence why Uncle Tom’s tend to be brighter than average).

        2. This is correct. Having an IQ over 70 will get me called an Uncle Tom. I hate black degenerates, and want nothing to do with them.

        3. IQ isn’t set in stone genetically as many will have you believe. I’ve seen too many successful black people (moreso than whites) to accept the hereditarian theory. But you can sure as hell bet a bunch of thug-worshippers won’t have a high one.

        4. Indeed. I have no data to back this assertion. Merely speculation through observation.

        5. It’s called Affirmative Action i.e. Race based anti white hiring laws that favor negros

        6. There is no black community. Try not to speak of black people as all having one mind. Do all white people think the same and act the same? No. And neither do black people.
          Black people represent many thoughts ideas and approaches. Just like white people you have poor ignorant people with low IQs and you have well educated people (like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell).
          I do wonder though, why I need to tell intelligent high IQ people that a billion odd people don’t all hold the same opinion.

        7. “g” or general intelligence predominantly has a genetic basis. There is an elite of blacks, perhaps 40% that can function well. There really is not realistic hope that education will improve this. Dysgenic birth rates are more likely to dumb down Whites first. That’ll achieve equality. (News recently that France has lost 4 IQ points due to low birth rates among high IQ Whites)
          I agree however the Blacks have been given incredibly poor leadership and perhaps this is because the Black man is actually used as a pawn by the SJW as ‘moral ammunition’.
          Ive had African shop keepers men and women, run down the street to give me change. If you work as an expat in Africa you will deal mainly with these people ie those working for mining companies etc. but sometimes you meet the left side of that Bell curve and their stupidity is so profound it is initially unfathomable. A note here Africa has a tremendous amount of tribes or tribal history and they are quite different which explains why some can be successful. White’s are more alike to each other than Blacks are to each other.
          I suspect that left equalism and welfare is inverting the natural process of selection of the fittest that occurs in cities that would improve average black IQ. It appears that natural selection is a very rapid process in humans and that cities have significant selective pressures.
          Above Estimated Black versus White (US) distribution for equal populations.
          Above Estimated Black versus White (US) distribution for actual populations.
          Down syndrome children who have low IQ (say around 80) often sound odd but that is because of problems with their voice box, tongue and hearing. A person without these physical disabilities may sound surprisingly normal on the surface.
          Incidentally for IQ’s above 115 there are is only 1 woman per two men and it trails of rapidly after that. At 145 there are 10 men for every woman.
          Lynn and van Hannen estimate the Democracy is impossible to sustain with an IQ below 95.

        8. “Lynn and van Hannen estimate the Democracy is impossible to sustain with an IQ below 95.”
          Which explains how China is a corporate dictatorship. I’d like to see a significant study of this other than the “Africans are stupid, hurr durr.” quip that is typical of Richard Lynn.
          One of Richard Lynn’s samples for African children came from a Spanish orphanage for the mentally retarded. Go to reception in the Wikipedia page, you’ll see it. You might not like Wikipedia’s objectivity, but it links to sources that are.
          Culture is far more important than genetic factors. The fact China has been under Imperial rule throughout most of its history explains why Chinese people aren’t against living under a repressive government despite it being corrupt as all hell. As for its intelligence, if you were to trust the hereditarians, you’d think China would be dominant, yet due to the Taiping rebellion and the Qing Wars, most of their population was massacred. Furthermore, the importation of silver in exchange for silk had diluted the Chinese economy with years of inflation, something that is very hard to advance by in economics.
          IQ is not the only factor going into this.
          I’ve worked with an enormous amount of very talented African engineers (I’m a patent agent) but, even in the villages and backwaters, I have never seen anyone that is genuinely moronic, even those that have no education. I won’t trust your personal experiences nor do I expect you to trust mine, so we won’t go forward with this.
          Even those that had no education had highly developed work ethics, were incredibly good at managing money and a very strong sense of honor, something that has escaped many Westerners.
          Given Lynn’s tendency of misrepresenting data and it being derived from sources that are completely and utterly unrelated to the topic at hand,I’m going to dismiss his work until you can provide an example that I can analyze the statistical methodology of.
          The issue I have with IQ science is that IQ can be practiced, which explains why some people with IQ’s of 120 can practice the crap out of IQ tests and get the 130. My brother did it, so did a friend of his.

        9. Correct. However, the fact of the matter is the average educational achievement of a wealthy black person is far superior than that of an average white person, which destroys the hereditarian argument.

        10. Thomas Sowell, despite making an excellent critique of trickle-down, has made terrible critiques of socialized medicine, the gender pay gap and is an all-around Uncle Tom for the right. Not a good example.
          If you read my other comments, you see me holding exactly the same opinions as you. I don’t disagree, I just see that given the fact there’s an aversion to intellectual achievement (as many of my more intelligent black friends have told me) in certain sections. This is counterbalanced by the fact that in more religious, middle-class sections, intellectualism tends to be highly prized. The only issue is that most black folk aren’t middle-class.

        11. Affirmative action in an all-black country like Africa? Don’t think so.

        12. Large numbers of IQ tests in Africa, the USA, UK and other nations with large black populations affirm the IQ results. Accidental inclusion of a single Black Orphanage for the retarded is not the exception that breaks the rule much as the equalists would hamsterise it. The gap in the USA is affirmed from multiple sources for instance, no one is celebrating its demise, and that in a black population that is a 22% White admixture.
          As far as IQ tests go, RT (reaction time tests) confirm those based on the common multiple choice type of test and the ravens matricies tests. In fact the RT tests indicate a decrease in western IQ even while the Flynn/Lynn effect is showing a slight increase.
          The proof in the pudding is in the eating and the gap in both IQ and performance, with rare exception, throughout the world remains despite truly aggressive and unfair disadvantaging of Whites and relentless advantaging Blacks.
          I myself grew up as an ethnic minority. Any alienation and exclusion I experienced merely seemed to motivate and strengthen me. I find it impossible to believe that people would weaken their resolve rather than strengthen it. It is not my personal experience and it is not what I see in others.
          Usually we end up with White-blaming and White killing.

        13. Thomas Sowell is a fine example. The point is not whether we agree with him but that he is an intellectual who uses logic rather than emotion to reach his conclusions. In other words, he is not an “illiterate retard” running around screaming “blame whitey!”, as you might put it.

        14. There’s a good apple in every pile of rotten ones. The educational achievements of wealthy whites far exceed that of wealthy blacks. How about making your arguments on a level playing field.

        15. When you control for IQ there is little difference between the levels of success of blacks and whites in the US. The problem is that the mean IQ is lower for blacks than for whites. Whites IQs are also lower than Asians and Ashkenazi Jews. However, there is a wide overlap and plenty of high IQ people of all races. But the mean does have an impact.

        16. The black community does exist in the minds of liberal SJW activist journalists. They find black (or Muslim, or Hispanic) community leaders who unsuprisinly tell them exactly what they want to hear, they then publish it in the newspapers they like to read.

        17. IQ is a matter of education. Education is not a matter of IQ. Correlation does not equal causation. One can train to improve one’s IQ.

        18. Ever heard of systemic racism? It’s something people at ROK despise because it debunks the alt-right narrative. Blacks are prevented from succeeding by the same bullshit stereotypes you’re peddling.

        19. “Large numbers of IQ tests in Africa, the USA, UK and other nations with
          large black populations affirm the IQ results. Accidental inclusion of a
          single Black Orphanage for the retarded is not the exception that
          breaks the rule much as the equalists would hamsterise it. The gap in
          the USA is affirmed from multiple sources for instance, no one is
          celebrating its demise, and that in a black population that is a 22%
          White admixture.”
          Read the reception part again. That’s not the only thing Lynn used to prop up his findings.
          “As far as IQ tests go, RT (reaction time tests) confirm those based on
          the common multiple choice type of test and the ravens matricies tests.
          In fact the RT tests indicate a decrease in western IQ even while the
          Flynn/Lynn effect is showing a slight increase.”
          Citation needed.
          “The proof in the pudding is in the eating and the gap in both IQ and
          “performance, with rare exception, throughout the world remains despite
          truly aggressive and unfair disadvantaging of Whites and relentless
          advantaging Blacks.”
          Affirmative action having of course no tangible effect with the piss poor school system we have in America. Schools are paid for through property taxation, something blacks have little. Less funding to school = Less effective education.
          Correlation does not equal
          “I myself grew up as an ethnic minority. Any alienation and exclusion I
          experienced merely seemed to motivate and strengthen me. I find it
          impossible to believe that people would weaken their resolve rather than
          strengthen it. It is not my personal experience and it is not what I
          see in others.”
          And what minority would that be?
          “Usually we end up with White-blaming and White killing.”
          Reverse racism is not a thing. But yes, white blaming is a thing.

        20. Yet you’re in lockstep with BLM “Fuck the police” nonsense. Just shut the fuck up, bob. Find another article. No one gives a crap about blacks anymore.

        21. For me? Non-sequitir there. BLM and blacks in general are the most butthurt demographic in world history. You all are just eternally conquered and without true pride. “Bling pride” doesn’t count. Your whole brainstem has evolved around victimhood and the subsequent butthurt which you all seem to enjoy. Free everything and you all still fall back on your butthurt. That was textbook projection Bob.

    3. I would go even further. We need to have the bureau of the Census publish information on school location and demographic make up of the graduation body of the pundits graduating class. The neighborhood and the nearest section eight housing to their domicile. The number, date and detailed description of any dates with someone of a different race that these people have gone out with. In other words, let’s put them on their own standard. I’m not asking for anything other than what they want from us.

    4. In January 1962, Bernie Sanders led a rally at the University of Chicago administration building to protest university president George Wells Beadle’s segregated campus housing policy. “We feel it is an intolerable situation when Negro and white students of the university cannot live together in university-owned apartments,” Sanders said at the protest. But then Sanders ran to SAFE LILLY WHITE VERMONT to raise HIS children far away from those Blacks he wants you to live with.

      1. Though (((Sanders))) doesn’t come across as a shekel grubber he has the usual double standards that show he has the same hidden agenda.

        1. Its ideology seemingly ingrained within them. Much like their siege mentality they indoctrinate themselves with.

        2. It’s hereditary – either genetically or culturally. Doesn’t really matter. It’s hereditary.

        3. Sanders has mediocre intelligence. He’s been spouting the same tired out, pseudo-sanctimonious leftist bromides for decades. “Hungry children” “Greedy rich people” etc. His schtick is incredibly tired and dated, yet the stupidity of millenials has grown towards him. He didn’t budge. The culture just decayed to the point in which his banal leftism (that hasn’t changed) started to have an appeal. This is water finding its own level. Low intelligence nation.

      2. It is easy to espouse all this diversity when you don’t have to live next to it.

    5. Don’t forget racial hero Bernie Sanders hiding away in Vermont his whole life.

    1. Exactly. Is this guy so ignorant of history that he believes no White people picked cotton in those days? Cotton picking was a very common seasonal occupation for many Whites in the 1800’s and even long after. Cotton was a big part of the economy but slave ownership was simply not at all common among poor Whites who, then as now were the majority.

      1. Leftists and liberals prefer to rely on their propaganda, rather than to really educate themselves and learn anything unbiased; it probably ‘hurts their feewings’ and ‘hurts to think’.

      2. The truth of slavery was an economic disaster, much like the flood of cheap labor we let pore into our borders today. It is a great source of income for the few very wealthy. But it comes at the expense of the average citizen and is in truth subsidized by the government.
        Then what do you do with the cheap labor that you have brought here, after they have been here a generation and think of themselves as Americans? Yet they are disparately poor and uneducated. They tend to become bitter, they know they have been used and they are out of place.

      3. And if I’m not mistaken, there was the concept of Indentured Servitude, where white people picked cotton for a certain number of years, and left once their term was up.

  5. BLACK SLAVES HAD IT GOOD under European slaveowners, at least better than under their former captors on the African continent. White slaveowners treated their negro slaves royally, like prize and coveted livestock. A slave was an investment, like a $50k John Deere tractor. Slaveowners kept their slaves housed, fed and washed. No they weren’t free citizens or landowners but they were better kept than a free white man who was unemployed in the south. The plantation system acted also as the nanny state for black slaves but free whites had no such welfare or (socialized) institutionalized care. Black slaves were the benefactors of white culture. They weren’t the white’s problem.
    Whites aren’t the black’s problem either. All problems are solved when you pursue your tribal heritage and exit the multi cult mosh pit. Blacks don’t know how lucky they are to have a homeland where their tribal heritage is preserved and pristine.
    Every september, young teenage Zulu virgin girls participate in the ‘reed dance’ like this one in Swaziland:
    The girls dance for their king in a weeklong gruelling contest. If the girl’s reed breaks, her purity is questionable. The king has his pick of a new WIFE every year! After his princess is removed from the pool of girls and crowned, men from the surrounding villages are allowed to chat up the remaining virgins and take them as wives. The king has the first pick.
    Now I’m a typical western white guy and I’m gettin’ pretty jealous now.
    WHY CAN’T I find a place on earth where women of my own white tribe aren’t trashed and wasted before their time?
    WHY DO ZULUS get to do that but whites aren’t allowed?
    WHAT IF I want a pure and secure marriage to one of my own tribeswomen to propogate my seed
    AND WHY DO JEWBASTARD legal hacks volunteer their free services to eviscerate the remaining intact white families in the west but they say nothing of Zulus marrying only their own freshest and most wholesome young tribeswomen?
    Has it anything to do with slavery honestly? The Zulus were the dominant tribe in sub tropical africa and during the slave trade, Zulu tribal kings would exchange letters with European kings. Before minerals were mined, Africa’s commodity was ‘human resource’ you can call it. Nigerian kings and middlemen became very prosperous procuring slaves for the western merchants and tropical Africa had its first economy. Previously slavery was an institution within, but trade with the Europeans created the boom era for the African Kingdoms. The Zulus were always on top. Weaker tribes were warred with and conquered for the purpose of obtaining the commodity. The march from the point of capture of a slave to the awaiting Zulu middlemen on the coastal towns was excruciating and many captives perished or were ‘weeded out’. Often if a slave failed to attract an offer at the coastal market, the Zulus would behead the unsold leftovers after the ships left. THUS the living slaves which arrived finally in the west were very strong and proven survivors but still they weren’t the Zulu conquerers.
    If a western black who’s descended of slaves decides to emigrate back to Africa and pursue a pure Zulu wife, he’ll likely be bossed by her in the end. She’s still descended from the dominant tribe and your tribe was the ‘conquered’ one. You might have a lineage of proven survivability but still you were the conquerable one. You might end up a DOUBLE BITCH WHIPPED nigga. Better than being divorce raped in the west. Your choice.
    A small handful of Zulus today have remorse for past slave dealing deeds of their ancestor tribesmen, but a lot fewer of them suffer ‘Zulu guilt’ over it like the horse shit ‘white guilt’ that shitlibs and jewbeards in western colleges try to impress onto white students. For most Zulus, life goes on and modern Zulus have no shame or culpability for the deeds of their ancestors.
    SO WHERE ARE MY WHITE and pure virgin nubile women awaiting for me in this world? Hey, drop me, a white guy, drop me off in the savannah somewhere with a few naked white virgin girls and I tell you buddy I’LL KNOW EXACTLY what to do and where to start with those girls. I read ROK daily and I’d have noooo problem thatching a budding tribe together. I’ve got patriarchal civilization in my bones. Enablers are the only obstacle for white tribes. Bitchsystem enablers are a whopping big problem and scourge in the west but I don’t see any menacing ‘enablers’ fucking with the Zulus.
    In the smoke of all the false flag shit going on, we need to keep mindful of what the bitchsystem enablers have done to the west and keep our eye on them. Where there’s smoke, it should include enablers’ asses on fire.
    I envy those Zulus. If I was black I’d be dreaming of a white milk moustache on my black face seeing all those tits. That sure would beat a fat bitching black ho divorce raping you in a western bitchcourt wouldn’t it? Admit it niggaz.
    But me, I’m white and durn proud of it. I WANT MY WHITE VIRGIN WOMEN BACK IN THE WEST DAMMITT!!

      1. Exactly. It’s amazing how little people actually know about history, they only know what they’ve been told (which is mostly lies and half truths), and they think that knowledge makes them special snowflakes.
        Say even if white man could be blamed for all of slavery, only 10% of the South owned slaves, and some where black slave owners too, which you never hear of.
        History is important, but these days all I hear about is the Pokemon nonsense.

        1. Pokemon Go? It’s already caused a few highway accidents ’cause the iZombies are that desperate to “catch” a Pikachu, very sad stuff; my friends once talked about what they would stock up on to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, but then I remind them that it’s already happening all around us…

        2. That would be it. I can’t believe the “men” going on and on about that shit. Despicable times we live in.

        3. Because Pokemon is life, (if you are an eleven year old boy) at least it is to my son lol.

    1. Those are some BIG ass titties man… if that doesn’t count as jailbait in the US I don’t know what does, lmao
      I’m starting to think dividing up the US by race and giving whites, blacks, asians, hispanics their own separate nations wouldn’t be such a bad idea, y’know, it would be a nice change of pace and everyone wouldn’t have to bitch at each other all the time, you can have your white chicks, i’ll have my yellow chicks, order will be restored, life will be swell again

    2. White slaves did the real work. The dangerous work that got them killed.
      They were Irish political or debt prisoners while the black Africans had an investment made in them by the owners and were farm hands to pick cotton.
      Need a gator or snake infested swamp dredged? Get the Irish to do it. Better not risk the negro farmhands or house servants…

      1. The slave-owner’s attitude was like, “I ain’t risking any of my boys for that task, (his slaves). Let them Paddies do it! There are plenty more where they came from!

    3. Interesting Info there. I’m sure Rihanna would luv to participate in the Reed Dance.

    4. ur saying that black primitive tribes that only has the engineering to build mud tents and sharpened sticks can at least keep their women chaste…
      maybe the trick is to revert back to the stone ages for white men to keep women in line
      and of course ROK is going to ignore what i mean about technology/science being the reason why we’re reaching into a gynocracy
      as for black slaves being treated well, no slave is treated well u got to understand that, i mean would u like to be a slave? no self-respecting american would say he would like to be a slave, a piece of property to another man

  6. Speaking from his exclusive gated white community this guy really comes across as totally clueless as to what is going on but then again don’t expect liberals to show any speck of common sense or intelligence, or maybe the Orc King here already knows that, the black political establishment has pimped their people and in the cities reduced them to the lowest of animals, Orcs, Black Families as a supportive social structure do not exist for the most part, eighty percent of black children are born to single mothers and hardly know their fathers if ever, and their crimes against their own people are worse than that, keeping them in poverty, putting them in lousy schools and communities that are war zones in exchange for power from the Liberal elite for which they blame white people whenever the mess they make becomes visible. This clown is looking for scapegoats rather than take responsibility. Poor morals have sunk black people and liberals call that ‘progress’ is it no coincidence that this killer was almost kicked out of the army because he could not keep his hands to himself and got reported?

  7. Afrikans were kangz n shit until Jewish shipping merchants stole all their teknilogy


      1. I read the Black Athena afrocentrist stupidity and I wet myself from laughter-one of the most nonsensical and idiotic things I had ever seen; it was so funny I fell over at one stage and couldn’t breathe because of the ridiculousness.

    2. It’s simply incredible about the number of African “kings” who were enslaved (by either their own people or Arabs) and ended up being shipped over here.

      1. Blacks were enslaving other Blacks WAYYY before they encountered a single European and Arabs were enslaving blacks several hundreds of years before the first European owned a black slave. Furthermore, the only places on Earth where government-sanctioned slavery is still taking place is Blacks enslaving other Blacks (e.g. Eritrea, Djibouti,) or Arabs enslaving Blacks (e.g. Mauritania).

    3. Isn’t it interesting that White Europeans always gey blamed for African slave trade when they had less ro do with it then Arabs or Jews.
      Thank there’s any coincidence that the oldest synogague in America is Newport, Rhode Island which was at the epicenter of the African slave trade. And was built by Aaron Lopez, a Jew who at the time was one of the biggest slave traders. And this was no different in Brasil or Jamaica etc..
      I’m sure Spielberg will making a movie about this soon.

  8. The left is shitting all over themselves to blame this on whites, Trump, guns, etc all the while ignoring the real cause:
    A black man who absolutely HATED whites and wanted to kill them. This man was spurred on by people like Jesse Jackson, Obama, Hillary, BLM, and the like. This is projecting at its finest and it’s absolutely disgusting. The left has blood on their hands and they’re trying to use our shirts as a rag to wipe it off.

    1. ya know, Im not even sure if this true or not, but Jesse tried to pin this fiasco on Trump. I really cant deal or comment on the lunacy anymore- good luck to folks on this board…

    2. “. The left has blood on their hands and they’re trying to use our shirts as a rag to wipe it off”
      They might get away with it – we are long past overdue for our civil war.

      1. This. We keep being told that Blacks, Mexicans are our worst enemies. They are not. White traitors and the ((( media))) are.
        “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
        Samuel Adams (1722 – 1803)

        1. Youre dead wrong and probably have a Coexist bumper sticker on your car….
          Blacks hate even their own, let alone white people. They generally hate us because they are Not us, they cannot create a 1st world civilization, let alone maintain one given to them like South Africa (Stolen) for ten years before it resorts to third world. Study Haiti. Once the Wealthiest Western Nation. Blacks killed every white inhabitant. Then every mulatto. It became very poor and backwards very fast. In fact, the poorest In the Western hemisphere.

        2. Youre barking up the wrong tree son. I know all about Haiti and about situations like the Knoxville murders and the general Black on White crime. However, my point stands. It’s white enablers and (((others))) who are the real disease.

        3. They are a symptom
          They are not the disease. That’d be the j you know who and their shock troops i.e. Colored folks

        4. What you say is similar to the overall issue with feminism. Feminism is largely a creation of white men and of course it is white men who are frequently its greatest enablers.

        5. Absolutely right. Classic divide and conquer strategy. Blacks being brainwashed to hate Whites, and vice versa, while the (((Puppetmaster))) sneaks out the back door with all the loot.
          I’m not saying blacks and whites are compatible to live alongside each other, but it worked out okay in the early 20th century, before all the (((agitation))) began in the sixties.

        6. Yes. Feminism was created by (((White Men))).
          And of course all those (((WHITE))) university professors are the ones perpetuating it. Jesus man.

        7. Its affirmative action and other bullshit that is turning blacks and whites against each other. We don’t need affirmative action just equality before the law.

        8. I don’t disagree. True equality before the law, and a truly level playing field, but nothing more. This comes with the understanding that equal opportunity doesn’t guarantee equal results. There will always be losers among us.
          How could it not cause resentment among poor, disadvantaged Whites, when you tell them you are going to give Blacks special advantages while ignoring the poor Whites?

        9. I’m gonna assume you’re Black and not English (please correct me if I’m wrong) and hence your tribalism defense of Blacks is admirable.
          However, for the most part my animus isn’t pointed towards Blacks. I think they’re in for a rude awakening if they don’t stop agitating the White man but, I am more concerned with another tribe and their enablers.

        10. Only with apartheid or living apart and strict segregation
          Even then it wasn’t that great

        11. There is already equality before the law. That’s the least of our issues. It’s just that some demographics commit far more crimes. There are far more important things to discuss than what happens to unemployed thugs here and there.

        12. Yes. It’s the white enablers that are voting away their own resources to fund the growth of less intelligent and more barbaric demographic groups. If we didn’t fund the massive, excessive reproduction of other races, we wouldn’t have 95% of our current problems.

        13. True. Haiti was once hailed as “The Pearl of the Caribbean.” Now, it is among the poorest, if not the poorest, country in the world.

      2. A lie can travel around the world twice before the truth has tied its shoelaces.
        Both the African Americans killed by police were in possession of handguns and both were reaching for them. You’ll only read that on alternative media.
        The main stream media are now just outright lying because they think they still control the narrative.
        They may be right, many believe them especially those outside the US.

        1. That’s not true. It is also on standard media. You are aware of course that in America being in possession of a firearm is not illegal.
          Also, the story with Castile is that he was reaching for his license and registration, as requested and the cop thought he was reaching for his gun. He panicked and that’s all she wrote.
          The situation with the other black guy what exactly is the story? It looked like a scuffle which resulted in a shooting death. I will say this: there seems to be an assumption that you should also do what the police do. And if they are attack you, you should just take it. I disagree. You should be within your rights to defend yourself against anyone, including the police.

        2. There are photographs from his partners Facebook video stream showing what looks like a pistol butt in his lap.
          He was not pulled over for a Brocken tail light, he fitted the description of an armed robber which included the same type of goatee beard/moustache and a mullet style hairdo with dreadlocks at the rear.
          Either way it was most certainly a mistake or a genuine attempted cop shooting. The cop may have used the ‘Brocken tail light’ excuse as a plausible way of approaching the vehicle.
          The policemen would have been very tense as the armed robbery suspect and castile look very similar.
          If that is the case it is very tragic.

        3. I agree he had a gun but he had a permit for it and he advised the officer ahead of time. I have white friends who walk around with pistols (CCW). I’m sure you wouldn’t advocate shooting them when they reach for their wallets.
          I don’t think the cop intended to murder this guy. I think he was scared and panicked. However as a cop he has a lot of leeway to panic as cops rarely get held account for their crimes.
          That said, consider what you have written. What you have described is one of the main sources of irritation for black men. They “fit the description”. Although lets consider the logic. A black criminal commits an armed robbery and then picks up his girlfriend and child and goes for a drive though a white neighborhood. Unlikely.
          So this cop pulls over clearly the wrong guy and then panics and shoots him. No I don’t think he killed him because he’s a racist although police do seem to be irrationally afraid of black men with guns (actually its black men who should be afraid of cops with guns). I just think he is dangerously inept. This man committed negligent homicide in my opinion and is clearly too dangerous to be allowed to continue as a police officer.

        4. This mindset explains every single police shooting. The way you “defend yourself” against a police officer is not with violence. It’s in the court of law. You really think you’re going to beat the entire police force with your little handgun? What kind of idiot thinks like this?
          “I don’t like what that officer told me to do, so I’ll just reach for this gun here. That’ll teach him!”.

        5. Anyone who has ever lived in a city, knows that when cops are searching for someone who just committed a violent crime, they ASSUME the suspect is armed and dangerous no matter what. It’s a safe, reasonable assumption. A retarded assumption would be that you can blatantly disobey a police offer just because you didn’t do anything wrong.
          I have been drawn down on by cops several times when they were looking for someone else. It never bothered me much.

        6. Still struggling to understand how someone from England, the most pussified/pacified country on Earth, is qualified to comment on American gun crime and racial division.

        7. Well obviously you have to use discretion. It is unrealistic for one person to engage in a firefight with numerous officers.
          But my point is concerning your “rights”. You have a natural to defend yourself. The trouble is that today, police are above the law.
          However, there have been stand-offs recently where free men with guns have faced down the police and won. But as the police state continues to grow, this kind of success becomes more and more unlikely.
          Just a question: do you think those people in Boston were well within their rights to tell those SWAT teams “get lost” when the SWAT teams ordered them out of their homes to conduct a warrant-less search?

        8. The police are not your masters. You can absolutely “disobey” the police.

        9. But according to the societal contract, if you disobey agents of the law, you should not expect to walk away without a scratch. If you want to fight back against a cop, be my guest. Just don’t go crying racism when he shoots you. To do that just delegitimatizes other valid claims of racism.

        10. I just get irked with Brits commenting on complex matters that they don’t understand in America. The general attitude is that you guys are all better, smarter, and more moral than us Yanks are. The fact of the matter is Britain is just as screwed up as the US, and should focus on its own issues instead of ours.
          If you didn’t grow up in America, you can’t possibly understand the intricacies of race relations here, just like I don’t pretend to know what it’s like being a black guy living in England.

        11. We are in more agreement than not, it’s just that I differentiate between battles you should fight on the ground, versus political battles.
          In the Boston example, no it was not right for the SWAT guys to do that. Yes, the right thing “IN PRINCIPLE” would be to refuse them access to your house. But the PRACTICAL approach would be to realize that you aren’t changing American jurisprudence by getting shot by a cop. You do what he says at the moment, and then you fight it legally or politically afterward.
          If you think a cop is going to kill you when you haven’t committed a crime, then I guess it’s your right to use deadly force against him. But I haven’t seen any real cases where that happens. More often than not it’s a criminal who did in fact commit a crime, and he just doesn’t like being apprehended for that crime.

        12. I have know white men that got savagely beaten by the cops. This was always because they “defended” themselves. Wait til you are in the cop shop with your lawyer at your side, then start shouting about your rights. Yes, you just have to take it.

        13. Since the great bulk of the violent criminals all police deal with every day are black men, it is a perfectly rational fear of black men.

        14. It has been reported that he did. Minnesota is a show cause not to give a permit state. In other words if a citizen asks for a permit the cops and courts have to prove a reason not to give it.

        15. If you run from a cop, that cop has the right to run after you. He does not have the right to summarily shoot you in the back and head.

        16. The other black guy, Alton Sterling, had a gun and the police can be heard warning each other that he has a gun and then warning that he was reaching for it. That’s when they shot him. The right thing to do.
          These men are likely high on drugs and also not very bright.
          Black and Hispanic police officers are more likely to fire a gun at blacks than white officers. Still, whites get blamed.
          It’s hopeless now. The main stream press is now pure lies.

        17. “You should be within your rights to defend yourself against anyone, including the police.”
          Laughable. The police aren’t just drunken bar louts. They are the first line of our legal system. If you don’t do what they say, you have just broken the law.
          Castile was reaching for his gun. The one under his thigh (also the one that he used in an armed robbery only two days before). You’re actually believing that crackhead sister who was ALREADY lining up the narrative as she filmed it.

        18. He’s not being a dick at all. You always go dindu when your logic starts to fail. I’ve noticed that about you.

        19. Blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops. Think about that. Think about what its like to have to pullover one of these people.
          This is according to FBI data, which also found that 40 percent of cop killers are black. According to MacDonald, the police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person.
          The Black intentional homicide rate is 12 times the White rate or 6 times depending on how you define race and age factors. Blacks mostly kill each other.
          It’s no surprise then that they have more negative interaction of the law. You can logically tell me that Blacks are killing each other at elevated rates but then it comes to interactions with Police they suddenly become passive victims.
          Europeans seem to have executed their psychopaths in the seventeenth century.

        20. Well consider that Mr Pro-Cop. Why do cops have a right to harass people and kill them when they defend themselves. Why does this segment of the population have special rights that are denied to you.

        21. No Britain is far superior to America. Ask any Brit.
          Is it possible to grow up in America and not understand the intricacies of race relations? Do you know what its like being a black man in America? If you don’t maybe you shouldn’t be commenting on it.

        22. There are actually real cases of succesful cases of self defense against the cops. Tupac Shakur shot two cops in self-defense I understand.
          However, I suspect you would struggle to get away with that now. The cops are the biggest gang on the street. They do not care about justice, only about looking out for each other.
          The issue with Boston for me is how uncritically it was accepted. I am disturbed that the police even thought of running these people out of their homes let alone do it. I don’t know of a single protest at the time or legal procedures undertaken afterwards. People seemed to think it was A-OK. It reminded me of the house searches the troops were doing in Iraq.
          You are aware of course, that when you sue the police you are essentially suing the government in a government court.
          This is how a police state is created. With silence.

        23. Well I haven’t seen it but that is what is reported. Also, if you have a CCW permit the cops know when they stop you and this makes them very jumpy. Something to bear in mind.

        24. Yeah… good luck with that one.
          Sue the government in a government court.
          Maybe its time to think about abolishing the police. After all, what good do they do?

        25. No it isn’t Mike. That is indicative of poor training. If you can’t tell when you are approaching a hostile person you have serious problems.
          More to the point Mike, is it possible that the encounter is hostile because of the mere presence of the police?

        26. Interesting data. Can you tell me percentage of cops are murdered on the job? What is the most dangerous occupation in America? What is the actual probability of being killed by a black man if you are a cop?
          I have to say though, I don’t think cops should be pulling anyone over. This is harassment.

        27. You do not have to do whatever the cops say. The US is not a police state. You still have rights.

        28. Yeah the other guy I didn’t know about. I know that there will be justifiable police shootings. But both the Sterling and Castile shootings should be investigated for the full story. Its just a shame it won’t be a “arms-length” investigation.

        29. Castile should’ve kept his hands on the steering wheel and told the officer that his LTCF and ID were in his wallet and if the officer needed to retrieve them where they were located. Of course, that is Monday morning quarterbacking. Who isn’t nervous when stopped by the police? Castile may not have been thinking straight and instinctively reached for his wallet. A jittery rookie officer then mistook his gesture for reaching for a gun.

        30. Trouble is, how many of them even knew they had the right to refuse those SWAT officers do a warrantless search?

    3. He was expelled from the military like that Darden fellow who shot up California a few years back. Timothy McVeigh was also bitter over failing the Army Special Forces entry qualification test.

    4. Obama spurred this guy on? Hillary? I am no fan of these gangsters but really dude?
      Micah Johnson was a sick and disturbed individual. Lets not politicize him or make him more than he was.
      On another note; why is RoK so knee-jerkingly pro-cop? In no way do I condone murdering police but recognise that the police are not your friends. Who comes to take you away when some chick accuses you of rape or man-spreading? The cops are the enforcement arm of the SJWs that run the country.
      Now a lot of white guys on this site complain about the unfair and hurtful comments that feminists and SJWs make about them. But I would take harsh words over being shot in my driver’s seat any day.

      1. No doubt Micah Johnson was a disturbed and hateful individual, but what caused him to focus his hate on whites and cops? The short answer, political figures and the media that constantly told him that cops were out there hunting down blacks, that blacks are being oppressed by whites, etc. I’m not going out of my way to politicize this issue; just calling it as I see it.
        To address your other issue, I wouldn’t say I’m exactly pro-cop. There are definitely issues to be addressed, but them killing blacks at a higher rate than whites isn’t one of them (I provided some statistics proving this point in a previous article; the difference is around 0.0013%).
        Not sure where your last paragraph ties in, but it might be due to the fact that I need my morning coffee because my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders yet.
        In short – Obama, Hillary, MSM didn’t put the gun in Micah’s hands, but they’re promoting an environment where people like this crop up and then excuse their behavior by blaming it on others.

        1. Trust me, no black man needs the media to tell him cops are out to get him. His own experience and the videos on alternative media are more than sufficient. Johnson is far from the first black guy to go after the cops. This goes back a hundred years or more.
          Sure the police do oppress everyone, including white people. I’ve seen the treatment of white people in Boston. But as I’ve hinted before, white people seem to think that this mistreatment is justified. That, I have to say, I do not understand.
          The last paragraph is not about you specifically. I’m just saying that while white men feel unfairly maligned, black men feel like their life is at risk every time they see the blue lights in their rear view mirror.

        2. And by that same exact logic, no White man needs to be told that Blacks are his enemy and wish to harm him. His own experience, and the videos on alternative media are more than sufficient.
          I have spent my whole life facing blacks who thought they could bully me simply because I was White. I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt, for it could be fatal. I just assume they are armed and wish to kill me, and deal with them accordingly. I imagine most cops feel the same way, after years of firsthand experience.

        3. I’ll posit your fear for your life every time you see the blue lights. Now, your suggestion to all men but especially black men is to fight back and defend yourself based on this fear? I would think it would make you double sure to provide the cop no pretext to kill you. Telling the cop you have a gun and then putting you right hand out of view seems contrary to logic in the situation you described and I posited.

        4. This is a bunch of strawmen.
          Actually having a CCW makes you a target and source of fear for cops. This is documented.

        5. I see where you are going but you are quite wrong. The police exist as an organisation to oppress and coerce everyone within the population. Furthermore they are armed, organised and backed by the state. Further, they rarely meet with serious sanctions or penalties for their crimes.
          Lastly, they are trained to profile. If they are led to expect black men to have a high probability of being criminals they will act accordingly. As such, an individual with racist sympathies or simply a man who is easily convinced by propaganda will represent a significant threat to a black man stopped by the police.
          Notwithstanding this, the average black man in the ghetto faces a lifetime of this kind of abuse.
          This is not something you have experienced from black people.

        6. I sympathize with the situation but your anger is misdirected. It is not ‘propaganda’ that blacks commit a far higher percentage of violent crimes per capita than White people do. It’s just simple fact. Thy WHY of that is a different discussion, but surely you’ve seen the numbers on crime and race from the Justice Dept. This isn’t some political document, it’s reality. Every cop knows that they are far more likely to encounter a black suspect who responds to them with violence, than a White one. A large part of this dynamic lies in your attitude, that blacks are mostly innocent, unfairly targeted, and have the right to physically fight back against the cop if they don’t agree with the arrest. In America, that’s a death sentence.
          If you’re a law-abiding black man tired of the profiling, your anger should be directed at your fellow blacks who have decided to be lifelong criminals. There are so many of them, that they have given the rest of you a stigma. Cultural change, from the inside, is what is sorely needed, and I just don’t see that happening any time soon when the general attitude is that criminals are somehow more righteous than police.

        7. They don’t need to be armed. They will just gang-up on you by at least three-to-one. This is where it is prudent to carry a semi-auto firearm and an extra magazine. Unless one is a badass like Chuck Norris, the average person isn’t going to be able to fight off three people at once. Many of these characters equate whiteness with weakness.

        8. Historically, the police were originally formed to protect the wealthy from the riff-raff. They could care less about the riff-raff victimizing each other.

        9. I disagree with the proposition that I should be punished because someone else, I don’t even know commits a crime. Profiling is done on a general basis by the government. Why? Because it is lazy and easy. Notice how a private company tries to tailor its approach to you? Its the best way to sell you something.
          Punish the many for the sins of a few. The Stalinist approach and the way to get a lot of innocent people hurt or killed. If defending yourself against attack means death, as does compliance in the apparent case of Castile then you have a serious problem in America.
          If the police can’t tell by looking at someone if they are likely to be violent or not then they have no business interfering with that person. A private police force would be better trained to deal with hostile people and situations.

        10. And that, my friend, is where we can agree. However, always keep in mind that the profiling goes all different directions. As a White man who grew up in a lot of predominately Black neighborhoods, I can tell you plenty of stories about being targeted because of my race. Was it at an institutional level? Not really, but it was every bit as dangerous.
          Is it at an institutional level today? Yes. I believe the script has flipped to such an extent that White Hetero Men are the new targets of blatant institutional racism. Blacks still feel like they are targeted by the police, but Whites feel they are targeted by all other segments of society. Nobody is really happy. Ain’t multiculti great?

      2. You have something of a point. Those cops did not sign up for sjw bullshit though. We all have to do things we don’t like to keep our jobs. For example how many paramedics have had to help shot rapists? It’s the job, and it has to be done.

      3. There have been a ton of anti cop articles on RoK. The board is anything but knee jerk pro cop. You don’t bolster your arguments by stating obvious falsehoods.

        1. You don’t bolster yours by making an assertion without supporting evidence. Ironically you seem quite pro-cop.

    5. It’s nobody’s fault but the fault of the guy who did it. Let individuals take responsibility for their actions, that might just be the first step towards a little more sane society.

      1. The most sane statement I’ve read this year. Unfortunately, liberals don’t understand such logic and rational thinking! It’s always someone else’s fault in their make-believe world.

  9. It’s interesting how he (and every liberal Democrat) forgets — or prefers to forget — that the majority political party in the antebellum South was the DEMOCRAT PARTY; so since we’re going back to that time to blame incidents in the present, let’s put the blame for slavery where it belongs: on DEMOCRATS.
    They also prefer to forget that there were BLACK SLAVEOWNERS in the antebellum South. And there were also black soldiers who fought for the Confederacy.
    But Leftists, liberals, and Democrats don’t want to talk about that.

    1. They also forget that black slave traders in Africa have killed many thousands of times more blacks than all of the black deaths in America put together.

      1. They believe Europeans were running around in powdered wigs, throwing nets on Blacks. The reality is Africans sold Africans, from other tribes, to Europeans and slavery was a booming industry in Africa LONG before a single White (or Jew) showed up.

        1. The word Slave comes from Slav.
          Millions of white European Christians were enslaved by Muslim, joo and African Berbers. You don’t learn this in history class.
          See: They Were White and They Were Slaves by Hoffman

        2. The populace of the East Balkans were mostly blue-eyed and blond before islamic invasion. Look at frescoes from Pre-Islamic time.

        3. I’ll back you up on that one! Also, the English enslaved the Irish, too. Made them breed with blacks for good measure.

        4. Right. And the she crowd needs to stop with their microagression of coopting the name of my people to describe their ancestral history of being chattel.

    2. Yeah those facts wouldn’t fit the official Black History Month narrative. Another interesting fact no one brings up is that the first legal slave owner in America was a black man.

  10. This is a good time to stay at home, garden, shop on Amazon, keep a firearm handy. I am not going out, don’t need to. I have always thought I did not reallly need concealed carry. Now, I am thinking, maybe I do.

        1. My whole lawn is a garden. I lose a lot to pests. Squirrels, rabbits, deer. If I were not in the suburbs with an HOA, I could produce enough freezing for the whole year. But it is too hard to take them out with pellets and traps without neighbors noticing. However, I am still doing well. My I was able to fill one stock freezeer last year with figs, tomatoes, squash, beans and more. Squirrels left alone my Asian persimmon tree, so we were able to eat boxes for Fresh fruit last year in late fall, a time when few other fruits come in. I am banking on a new crop to fill my freezer with greens, that is malabar spinach. Once established, they grow up a trellis as abundantly as kudzu or poison ivy. In addition, I have four hens that produce more eggs than we can use (admit I am dependent for this on feed from sstore). So when we get too many, I make garden veggie quiche to freeze.
          No, I am not EMP ready. But if there are mobs blocking access to grocery stores, I am ready for that. It took me years to build up as I just brought in bags of miracle grow little by little over the years. WOuld have been much cheaper to have a buddy with a pick-up deliver me a truckload of soil from the composted leaves at the landfill (which I did once but do not have a pick-up)
          If you have squirrels, do not make my mistake. Go and buy the dwarf trees (like at Lowes or Home Depot). Do not go for full size trees. It is easier to drive off squirrels from dwarf tree. Once they feel comfortable in a large pear tree, they will strip it bare. I lost my entire pear crop for this reason. Plan to cut it way back this fall. Also, if you have rabbits, be aware that they will attack beans. Need to create a make-shift fence to put around each patch of beans.
          Suburban gardening is possible, but you have to find stealth ways to take out pests or innovative ways to create barriers, or crops they do not care for.
          Fortunately, no critters attack my tomatoes.

  11. Safety of his city is paramount. Glad it’s not me making a grovelling history channel-style apology tour, however, I comprehend why he made his spaghetti-spine speech. Summer in Dallas is hot, hot, hot and the thin blue line was stretched near to breakpoint before those brave men in blue were murdered. He tried to defuse the situation the best way he knew in order to prevent more loss of life. Not saying I agree with him, but every Southern city has just cause to fear summer.

    1. “Safety of his city is paramount”, BS! You don’t make the world safer by appeasing bullies. Neville Chamberlain tried that with Hitler at Munich, and history showed us how well THAT worked out…
      I wonder how many cops resigned after the sniper incident, and especially after the simpering mayor made his grovelling speech.
      NO WAY would I be a cop today. If I was, I would NEVER apprehend a black suspect — instead I would give him a free ride to the nearest ‘limousine liberal’ neighborhood’ and turn him loose. “You people love these criminal scum so much, well you you can live with them!”

  12. Truly sickening shit. It’s too bad conservatives aren’t as emotionally unbalanced as their shitlib counterparts. Sniping a few BLM leaders and a few of their government sympathizers would solve this problem pretty quickly.

  13. These SJW like the Mayor won’t be living in a “community” house with mostly black; he will be living in a gated, all white community. That’s what gets me about the limo left like Al Gore, Hillary and that ilk. They practice something else; not what they say.
    Also, I have no beef with black people- but this slavery, neo-colonialist mentality has gotta end. I have no guilt. Most slaves were imported for cash from the Carribean via France, Britain and the rest were purchased from the local African lord who in most instances were black. American’s fought a civil war to bring this country together and unite; ending slavery worldwide at that time. The idea anyone should have to listen to this media driven guilt trip is propaganda at best. This BLM crowd needs to focus on police officer process and lowering the militarization of communities. The US has 2-5 x the number of cops per capita than in the 80s. Things are going to happen.

  14. Guns, ammo, armor. I’m not a prepper but the looming potential for organized violence via an insurgency seems more likely everyday. This is way different from the civil rights movement by far. The demoralization of society is near complete and the ties to globalist government have never been more in the open. Corruption on a widespread scale and politicians above the law. They are sparing no expenses so long as they achieve their endstate.
    Dimitry Orlov has some good books detailed the collaspes of Soviet Union and how that affected life of the indiviual and society. Also he made observations on what a similar situation could resemble in the USA.

  15. Dear Mr. Rawlings. None of those protesters were ever slaves (other than to the degree we all are under that 1040 form). None of those slain police were ever slave-owners.

    1. Not only were they not slaves, but the shooting officer wasn’t white. Officer Jeronimo Yanez was clearly MESTIZO and a short, medium-dark mestizo, hard to miss.
      Castille’s gf described the officer as ”short, stalky and Asian”. She was off on the Asian part. This isn’t a perfect scenario of ‘white cop shoots black’, but the elites have been itching for something or some scenario to run with. They ran their black ‘sjw’ mob, the BLM to rail against whites. The elite’s agenda is all the more exposed with their provocations misfiring. Blacks aren’t protesting mestizo cops. Too many holes in their case. The mania being pushed won’t hold water. People are mad as hell and can and will be steered to correctly going for the jugular of the elites.

      1. More whites were enslaved in America than African negros.
        They were mostly Irish Catholics.
        Cromwell was a rotten bastard surrounded by his joo handlers. May he rot in hell

  16. Back in the 1960s, the American people were uniting in anger against the policies of the US Government, such as the war in Vietnam, fueled by the realization that Richard Nixon was, despite his claims to the contrary, a crook, who was proven to have stolen his second election (if not the first).
    In order to blunt the public outrage, Nixon turned to divide and conquer tactics, and used the FBI’s COINTELPRO program to split Americans into groups and goad them into hating each other, so they would forget they hated the government.
    COINTELPRO, which stood for “Counter Intelligence Program” was a criminal operation that engaged in unconstitutional tactics to disrupt legitimate dissent and stifle free speech. Their methods included frame-ups, hoaxes, break-ins, and intimidation.
    Exposure of this program in the 1970s brought the US Government to the brink of illegitimacy in the eyes of the American people and congress was required to act, passing laws that forbade the FBI from engaging in such operations again, but those laws have all been rescinded and the FBI is up their old tricks again!
    In the case of the Black Panther Coloring Book it was a hoax by the FBI to turn white Americans and Black Americans against each other so they could not unite against the real problems with society. And back then, as today, the FBI was encouraging blacks to kill policemen!

    1. negros destroy everything whites build
      We don’t need division artificially created, as there is enough naturally via our racial, social and intellectual differences

      1. The above is a perfect example of the undercover operatives used to create/enhance racial tension!

        1. Newsflash Mike
          There already IS and was racial tension.
          It’s the most natural of human behavior. Young girls less than one prefer dolls their own race if given a choice!
          Study Haiti 200 years ago or Africa the last 300 years!
          Blacks hate whites. They are not us.
          They cannot create only destroy.

    1. i usually don’t like using “cuck” as it has basically turned into a right wing version of calling people hitler.
      However, this was well done.

        1. What does that have to do with the price of ale in westeros?
          Hitler created a situation which anyone with any brains realized was going to end badly.

        2. Hitler fought the Bolsheviks who were trying to take over Germany and fought against Stalin genocidal communism. The same forces that created the failed Cultural Marxist Weimar Republic are now tearing at the seems of America and Canada is not far behind in this regard.

        3. Germany was the happiest and most glorious nation on earth for a decade while the USA went through its Great Depression caused by the same j ews who destroyed Germany before Hitler came to power.
          He tried to avert war and Patton later wished to rearm Germany to invade ussr knowing we warred with the wrong enemy.

        4. dude, what’s wrong? you find your sister rimming a rabbi or a black guy?

        5. I used to have thw charlie chaplin stache, but everyone did nazi that i was payong respect to a great actor

        6. ha. When they promoted that “movember” thing where you grew a mustache to support prostate cancer awareness (so absurd) I came to work with the hitler stash. Told people “what? I am doing this for movember” it was great. I shaved later that day because I am very much opposed to all facial hair.

        7. Is that best retort you have to his facts?
          Are you stating that Jews were not primairly repsonsible for the corruption of the Weimar Republic? Or that the overwhelming majority of Bolshevik leadership wasn’t Jewish?

        8. Ok, you agree that Jews arent White right though? White=European.
          Not Caucasian (which they, Arabs, Indians are).

        9. I literally don’t know or care. I just do my job, have some fun and move on.

        10. He “literally doesn’t care” yet is often rallying behind Judaic interests. Sometimes overtly but mostly subtle to not give himself completely away.

        11. There’s a lot of that. White societies have become so Judaic that we don’t even know recognise it anymore.

  17. I’m both disgusted and disappointed by the amount of race slurs and nonchalant bs being slung on the comments section! Calm down boys this isn’t Stormfront and you won’t achieve anything by it!
    Get a grip dickheads! The blacks on this forum are not your enemy!

    1. I think the rule is, you can use racist slurs but only if it is funny. So it is a high risk joke. When the payoff hits it is priceless though.

      1. Totally agree with that one! Calling people niggers and monkeys =not cool, calling them on their ancestral love for elephants and rhinos aka Chuba-wob-wobZ in mobility scooters for sexy time= ultra hilarious

        1. Cracker, honkey, redneck, hillbilly, peckerwood, pale face. All are okie dokie
          Black slang descriptions to which they call their own= bad mojo

        2. context.
          Calling someone a stupid redneck to dismiss his argument is shitty. Dismissing his argument with logic and then laughing about him being a redneck is fine.
          There is a way to do this shit. Carlin has a bit on using the word nigger and how it is about context that is pretty spot on.

        3. Negros like Joos, love a double standard. They’re like spoiled but dumb children

        4. yes, but it is not just negroes and joos. It is also fags, white nationalists, union members, all women and SJWs too. I am not willing to say it is a race thing.

        5. I know it all pal! Just smile and say “…just another fine day to be white”. He who gets mad first loses the argument!

        6. That’s the hand of God right there! Make sure you donate when the collection plate comes around!
          If there is a God then I shall wake up with $20 under my pillow, so don’t be a cheapo and dump your unwanted coins.

      1. yeah, but so what. This guys name is Jamarcus Jackson. Who cares what he says. This jigaboo probably lives on grape soda and menthol cigarettes, will statistically be dead before he is 60 and, at best, aspire to not have diabetes.
        Him saying dumb shit like that makes sense. You reading it doesn’t.
        How is that @bik3_ch41n:disqus

        1. Would you rather play nice or win? Would you rather give the racists a platform, get them to go after the commies, hippies and homosexuals who comprise the democrats, and win? Or would you rather your kids grow old in a third world country ruined by crazed Leftists because you didn’t want to play dirty?

        2. meh i don’t really care. I am here for the lulz. To be honest, I could care less about 5 cops getting shot or back people dying. If something doesn’t get me more money or blowjobs it really doesn’t mean a thing to me.

        3. I figured. Let other people save the world from the comments section. This is a fun outlet for me and the world burning doesn’t bother me one bit.

        4. Not bad lolknee, but that dude is probably gonna die in a rims related accident!
          “Mannn, Jamarcus was cleanin whitey’s dirt ouhn hiz raimz and then he dead! Nam’ sayn!”

        5. and you want me to be fair with them? How can you be fair to animals. Tom, listen, they recruit spics, they recruit niggers, they do violence in their grandmothers’ neighborhoods and everything with them is whores and junk and dope!

        6. I will take narcissist but not the rest. Sorry if what i said triggered you. Maybe when you go to your next meeting of ignorant, dumbass closet fags where you jerk each other off watching black porn and promise to never let anyone know you can cry to them about it.

        7. ha! man you guys are so fucking stupid it is hilarious.

        8. Damn son, you just qualified for a Stormfront ++ membership. Benefits include access to short snippets of mute film where the Fuhrer gives hi5’s to Helga and Belinda!
          Ohhhh Belinda that whore, she’s the reason why they call it the Red Army.

        9. ha!
          Actually, i cribbed the whole speech from the godfather.
          And the video you get from stormfront membership benefits is more than just the mute hitler film it secretly has footage of inter-racial gay porn because they are all closet homos.

      2. But, but…..his is JAMARCUS! Bless him! You better than that KZOO, buddy.
        BTW, is he wearing his grandma’s nighgown?

        1. hey, don’t say anything about his grandmother. She raised him…most likely.
          ON FIRE!

      3. “White bitches can’t be raped, they can be attacked but not raped.”
        Where are the feminists on this?

    2. No they’re not
      Blacks inherently despise whites because they are not us. They can’t create, only destroy. It’s true every and anywhere they go. They declared a race war on whites long ago. In Haiti in Africa and low level in America. I’m disgusted by white guilt fools, black crime and under achievement

      1. There is hate, and always gonna be but don’t drop down to dumb people levels! Have mercy on them!

        1. Mercy?
          They destroy all
          1 million annual black ON white interracial crimes not to mention the economic cost from white flight to free gibmedats amounting to trillions
          My give a damn stopped about twenty years ago for negros

        2. What can I do, I don’t live near violent black peeps so I assume the worse that they do is not deliver pizza on time!

  18. I don’t know why people go so crazy about this stuff but I see nobody addressing americas serious issues like the shape and size of mango seeds, breath (good and bad) and airborne fecal matter.

  19. I guess we can also blame the last eight years of a complete and total economic downward spiral, miscommunication with foreign countries and lies told by Obama on Bush?
    I guess we can also blame all of the ISIS attacks on the Christians who are slightly skeptical of this “religion of peace” known as Islam?
    The fix is in.

    1. Bush was in on the fix also. He helped push through the Patriot Act, which literally destroys all your rights. In some states cops can violate 4th amendment, search your car illegally and if they find something hey its all good!! You are guilty they can use it in court aganist you despite not violating your constitution rights. 2001 was the beginning of the police state.

      1. Bush was coached by joo handlers
        He was a rube as Obama is
        Get out of line and get jfk’d
        Israel is the ultimate surveillance state. It’s a joo thang

  20. So why are democrats allowing illegal aliens to be imported as slaves? If it is so evil to allow rich people to take advantage of someone’s non-citizen status, lack of education why is it still going on? Illegal aliens are the nigaz of our time. Maybe we need a second civil war to end slavery for good.

    1. “So why are democrats allowing illegal aliens to be imported as slaves?”
      ‘LAWS are for thee, not for me.’
      Does anyone else notice the coincidence about how this happened RIGHT AFTER Hitlery escaped prosecution for her crimes, and people were expressing outrage about it? Has anyone noticed any more stories about it?

  21. Wanted to kill whites, especially white cops. I’d that’s not racism, I don’t know what is

    1. 95% of blacks voted obama over romney. 50% of whites went both ways. It speaks volumes of racism by blacks. An entire culture thinks all whites are racist. so, I will oblige by not giving an inch to these sjws. my thinking is – if I am supposed to cowdown and feel guilt. f em all.

      1. Actually, polls have shown more blacks think blacks are racist than think whites are racist. That may have changed in the last 2 or 3 years, to be fair

        1. If those polls are true, you know that the MSM buried them somewhere.

  22. Destruction of the Black Family by progressives like Margaret Sanger has bore these fruits. #FathersMatter

    1. There never was a black family.
      Research African norms if you doubt
      Monogamy in Africa? Negro please

  23. You should all see the way black people eyeball me the last few days. I’m your typical successful, handsome, tall, very white, well dressed, blond haired blue eyed guy. I’m in Dallas. Essentially they’ve been told they can murder cops and get away with it. They can attack white people and it’s not racism, it’s retribution. There’s a heaviness that hangs over the air here, it’s palpable. Never experienced something like this. Racist attacks will come, crime rates will rise. Hopefully people like my idiot mayor realize how fucking pathetic it is to bend over and take dick from a bunch of subhuman retards. I’ll be purchasing a gun at the end of the week and fast tracking my concealed carry license. I legitimately feel the need to protect myself from black people now. People will say this is how black people have felt for centuries. They ignore black on white crime statistics and are incredibly ignorant.

    1. No, he won’t there are multiple generations of these SJW from foot soldiers to those in power. Given the vast array of chaos in US society we are at the tipping point. Those pulling the strings of SJW to achieve power will continue to instigate with Hilary winning and fundamentally changing the country into some communist hellhole or Trump wins and maybe some reform aganist this endless horde of communism/globalism. However we are talking about 15-20 years to bring up a new generation. We also are stuck with this current generation of SJW along with no prohibition aganist various types of propaganda and sedition aganist the USA. Soviets and Russian do not allow outright propaganda to exist in their country i.e ban on homosexually propaganda is illegal. By doing this their are safeguarding the nations tradition and society, talking in general here. This is not possible in USA allowing small population i.e crossdressing perverts and gay sexual deviants to influence public policy and our children. In USA because of this it is public policy to allow men into womens bathroom, little kids to get sex change, and man to get married to man. We are at the edge or have already fallen off into destruction of a nation. People will still fight but Im afraid it may be simply for their family or tribe and the collective of nation is simply gone.

    2. Unfortunately this is the truth. I already have my gun, but I also feel the need to protect myself from blacks AND cops.

      1. From cops? Don’t reach for a fucking gun. Be polite, regard their commands. No need to fear cops

        1. I would never reach for my gun. Fuck, I wouldn’t even reach for my ID. The cop can get it out of my wallet for me. I’m not moving at ALL!
          White teens are getting shot while laying down on the ground, on their belly, with their hands up and no weapons on them…if a cop walked up to my car saw my gun on my hip, he would pull his gun and point it at me….last time I checked, I don’t like having a gun pointed at me for no reason. I doubt the cop would enjoy me pointing my gun at him, simply because he also happens to have a gun. In a cops eyes, because I carry, I’m guilty – not innocent. Cops are out of control. I fear both cops and the government, and trust neither. Neither are helpful, only harmful.

    3. I am a tall, green-eyed white man living in Katy, Texas and driving a white Grand Marquis. Am thinking of painting it maroon and putting some shiny wheels on it so it becomes the Purple Pimpmobile.

    4. Yeah. It’s all YOUR fault because they’re such bottom-feeding, low-class, thug scum, you know…

      1. That’s sarcasm I presume. Though a heavy dose of truth in the latter part of the statement.

    5. I noticed this as well when the remake of the movie Roots came out this year. Black people eyeballing me and I give it right back to them. A few months ago at work, we signaled a young black male worker to remove a safety hazard so we wouldnt slam into it with a 155,000 lb piece of equipment. It was his job, It was a company standard, a rule and a federal regulation. He began pacing back and forth like a pit bull, glaring at us and later he made some sort of “fuck you” gesture with his hands. We were in an area with high surveillance, lots of cameras. I am a white man and I work around a lot of low income black people. They (racist word) are ultra sensitive. They (racist word) refrain from cooperating and doing their job if you’re not on your hands and knees kissing their (racist word) ass. I refuse to kiss their ass. I work in a stressful environment, around a lot of irritable people of a variety of races and income levels. I’ve been at this company for less than a year and I have countless stories of black people refusing to take care of time sensitive and safety sensitive issues simply because they do not like the way a white person is talking to them (racist word).

  24. None of this would exist without a black subculture. After ww2, black and white soldiers alike impregnated a lot of German bitches. The black kids showed zero iq difference over the white kids, when there was no black subculture present. just goes to show that we are all equal, e,cent when one group chooses to act differently and idolize different things. Also a good indicator of what happens when an entire race groups up without father’s. No guidance.

    1. The children of those bi racial children will never achieve higher intellectually than the German average. Genetics was ruined upon bastardization
      Furthermore bi racial children can not receive organ transplants they die within hours. The body rejects any attempt. Nature is cruel. God is cruel.
      You like mullatos? Go try Brazil
      Think it’s a coincidence that it’s a craphole while being resource rich?

      1. No one wants blacks… Or mullatos
        Call someone a Haitian in the dominican and you better be prepared to fight.
        They shoot them in sight near their border. Or did anyway.

  25. Q) Why are blonde women and black men so attracted to each other?
    A) Similar IQs.

      1. Q) Why do so many online comment posters push the notion that the Joos are behind everything sinister?
        A) Because they are paid to do so.

      2. out of respect for a friend i have stopped using the word retard as a pejorative, but you really tempt it out of me.
        I guess I can stick to moron though.

        1. All your Marxist side has left are silly names.. No one cares.
          Nice try cuck. Try again

        2. I’m finished with you. You are dismissed. Now go back to jerking off and pretending that you aren’t a fucking idiot because despite your own lack of personal accomplishments some other peoples accomplishments make you special.
          Really…don’t bother responding. I am finished. Go.

        3. Do you have a retarded friend?
          Or friend has a retarded kid?

          Its ok. Word just means not fully developed

        4. A friend, yes. I don’t care about words. They mean what we make them mean. However, I won’t use retard as an insult for that reason. I have a pretty vast vocabulary and no shortage of other words i can use to insult morons.

      3. Lolknee is morally prevented from doing so it seems, so I will step in.
        RETARD! Sweden is a fucking dung heap of Arabs raping their way through the blonde retard low IQ women there, and no they have never had the highest IQ on the planet and no amount of genetic engineering would ever be able to make them be so.
        Guess how I know? I was born there from one of the multiculturalism worshipping fucking retarded useless worthless shitheap whores of blonde women, that’s how.

        1. Sweden is being invaded because the Joos running the EU as well as Soros and Spectre, wish to see the indigenous Swedes and Nordics destroyed. Just google international iq.
          Sweden, Finland , Germany all take top honors

        2. this is one of those closet queers with very little brains who has stumbled upon some stuff on the internet that if it is true will make him seem like less of a looser so he has decided to believe it with all of his heart and his 80 iq and takes all information to the contrary as a personal attack and goes into defense mode.
          It is literally the exact same thing that faggots, sjws, black lives matters people do.

        3. Hahahaha you are so full of shit it’s funny. No, as a Swedish born I can tell you for sure we are not even close to top honors in IQ.
          Sweden is being invaded because Swedish people are fucking useless tools and don’t give a shit about their own country anymore, not for any other reason you fucking numbnut. That’s why I moved the fuck outta there.

        4. He is great logic.
          Basically, if you attack the narrative that makes him feel more like a man and less like a loser he goes bat shit and just jumps on script from all the blogs he reads and takes for informative, but in the end are just things that support the narrative. Sound familiar?

        5. I’m not sure I can get you to understand this given your limited abilities but I’ll try just for shits and giggles.
          Do you see the column on the right of that list with the IQ numbers? So now, do you understand that something close to 10% below max is significant?
          If you look at the top ones the average IQ is 108, with Sweden at 99, that means Sweden is not even licking the toes of the top IQ people.
          Now fuck off you tosser.

        6. Mommy issues eh?
          Seriously tho. Sweden is fucked. How long until sharia takes over?

        7. The iqs were the same number, you idiot. Multiple nations share the same collective iq number.
          Sweden, even with one million dumb brown invaders is ranked 8th

        8. Haha you could say so. About shariah, it’s already there in some areas, but also most who can and have the balls to have left already.
          When your country sells your freedom and future to buy food and drugs for any random bum who comes along, I think most realize it’s time to pack up and leave.
          I’m in NL now for 10+ years and rather like it here. At least I’m not being constantly shat on for not being a rapefugee.

        9. So let me see if I get this straight, you think 108 IQ and 99 IQ average are the same?
          If anything Sweden is being destroyed by the dumb ass fucking feminist blondes running the country. They are the ones waving the welcome banners for the Arab rapefugee hordes. Fuck Sweden, we don’t need no water let that motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker, BURN!

        10. I think you are reading it wrong. Now follow me for a moment, open the link you sent and look up Sweden on it, go to the right and you will see a number, this is the average IQ. Now go to the top and look at Hong Kong and Singapore. You see on the right they have 108 next to them?
          What this tells people who are smarter than you is that Swedish are not some of the smartest or even close to it. You can have your phantasy about what it would be if Sweden was not a fucking shitheap of self aggrandizing SJWs all sucking Ahmed’s dick but it has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

        11. Sweden has been invaded by Africans and is only 80% homogenous
          Factor the low iq Africans out and Sweden ranks tops as it did ten plus years ago Moishe

        12. Is that the best you can come up with? I grew up there in the 80ties and it was starting to go shit then, but until the Iranians came it was still kind of ok.
          Moishe huh? Very funny, I may have worked for them but doesn’t make me morph into a Israeli.

        13. Thanks to Soros and Babs Spectre. You’re almost right but it’s not full craphole yet

        14. You have boasted on here before claiming to help the Zionist cause.
          “Anyway I am pro Israel, and militantly so. The IDF is a unit worth knowing and fighting with”
          “Who gives a fuck about the shit you say, have you ever had anything to do with he IDF? No? Well I have, plenty, and I can guarantee that they make the US army look like a band of fags and queers in comparison.”
          “People attack me for being pro Israel lol, no other country is willing and able and actively fighting these fuckers.
          I volunteer my time to help them, and I’m going to continue doing so as long as there is a heartbeat in me.”
          If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a…….

      4. So do the Joos have like quarterly meetings on how to fuck everything up or do they just know what to do? If I find out the secret handshake or knock could I infiltrate these “how to fuckup everything meetings”?

        1. Are you attempting to be cheeky by calling a Georgia farm boy a Jew?
          Son, if you were half as smart as you think you are you would be dangerous.

        2. oh your a jew too? Shit, at least I am from NYC so it’s a little more likely. ha! Thank god these people are so stupid.

        3. Stupid is as stupid does
          You’ve been institutionalize do your entire miserable life by Jewry.
          It shows… Might as well don a yamalka and visit your apartheid practicing homeland that runs a concentration camp in Gaza

        4. Proof read your typing prior to pressing “post”…….stupid.

        5. Oh hell yeah but, it’s very hot in Georgia I work outdoors a lot and I have to take my yamclamathingy off to wipe the sweat off .

        6. Shalom MFer! Circumcised Georgia farmer Jews are about to take over the world and start throwing mango pits at the Gentiles.

        7. Kickin’ ass and snippin’ dicks. That’s the way of the Georgia Jew. Got a car like the General Lee with big Jewish star on it

        8. I still can’t get over that he called a guy whose handle is unreconstructed confederate a Jew.
          I mean he called me a Jew but I’m lolknee and I’m from New York City. So ya know, I guess he could have been right. But you? That is just fucking hilarious

        9. The General Netanyahu! Got a 440 with a six-pack, four speed and a trunk full of Galils, Uzis and pitchforks, we keep ourselves busy growing kosher peanuts.

        10. “I still can’t get over that he called a guy whose handle is unreconstructed confederate a Jew.”
          Yep, a Jew or shill playing subterfuge is most likely to use a handle like ‘Zionist warrior’ or ‘death to the Goyim’
          Far less likely to arouse suspicion and able to give false perspective. heh

        1. And they are the last in line, very few in fact and tend to marry their own.
          The more lighter skinned Israelis shun them

      5. I’ve only met one Swedish girl in my life and she was dumb as rocks. And she also exclusively dated black guys

        1. Women in general are dumb you fool
          What we need are more Jewish women to open their hearts, minds and wombs to black men to make more Lenny Kravitz types… Embrace the rainbow Israel! Allow diversity. End apartheid

        2. Why don’t you go back to Jezebel or whereverthefuck you came from troll, you’re shit at trolling.
          Go stir shit in your own back yard!

        3. All stereotypes are true to a certain extent. Just as the violent black man stereotype exists for a reason, so too does the dumb blonde stereotype.

        4. Invaders lowering the iq of European nations as their iqs are also tested and averaged in the collective.
          Iq has Fallen by 4 Points Due to “Biological Causes”
          Average IQ in France has Fallen by 4 Points Per Decade Due to “Biological Causes” | Daily Stormer

  26. Some of the comments I have seen from protesters over the last couple of days- “they lynching us, they just using guns instead of rope”, I demand that they pass a law saying it’s illegal for a white man to kill a black man”. All the while the people in the background are standing there nodding their heads in agreement. Whole neighborhoods of people who are on the dole, who are poorly educated and can barely speak or write intelligible English.
    We’s ingnant cause of whitey. The problem is they really believe that junk.
    The last time I looked whitey wasn’t going around trashing the hood or lynching blacks. The reason the hood is a dump is because of the bum/thug mentality of those residing there.

  27. The odd thing is that if it wasn’t for this site i would have no idea any of this was even going on.

      1. nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so as the bard says.
        I just find it interesting. I live in NYC. I’ve been talking to people all week. Going out. Blah blah blah. And no one seems to be interested in this. I mean I am sure if i went to union square where protesters all go or was hanging out at a college campus or some such it would be different. But amongst the people who frequent places that I go to this whole thing and all the stuff that followed it is more or less a non issue.

        1. Same way here, everyone going about business as usual. When being out and about I have heard pretty much nothing about it.

        2. And since I never watch the news, read news websites or political blogs and I never look at a news paper I can really just ignore things for the most part.

        3. I have to watch the news to see what’s happening in the world because everything is a long way from here. I don’t live at the end of the earth but, you can see it from here.
          I watch and listen with skepticism though. ( not sure if that’s the right word to use here, just because they say it doesn’t mean I always believe it)
          It appears to me that most news outlets report the “truth” but, they do it such a way as to influence one to form the opinion they would like for one to form.

        4. Yeah, I have pretty much totally checked out from current events. I actively see how long I can go after presidential elections without knowing who won. I really have no fucking clue as to what is happening in the world outside my direct sphere of influence. I find it makes for a much happier me which is, after all, what it is all about. As I said in the other comment, I feel that the biggest problems in the world are the irregular size and shape of mango pits, the shroedingers avocado issue where squeezing an avocado hard enough to see if it is good will in fact ruin it, airborne fecal matter and breath (good and bad).
          Other than that, if it isn’t going on in Westeros it really has no bearing in me.

        5. Yeah those mango pits are probably about to result in the destruction of the space time continuum and my flux capacitor is on the blink.

        6. I haven’t watched or read MSM in ages and I find that I’m less stiff. I can
          1).crack my back better
          2).I have no more shit jam
          3)I have much better spring in my step
          4).natural topics and observations come to mind when I’m opening a chick. I have no more MSM news jam clogging my brain.

        7. You forgot the urgent need for crisp $20 bills to snort charlie with! What am I supposed to do, use a $10 bill? Pfff

        8. I didn’t even know that there was anything other than hundreds. There are things that look like money, with other numbers on it but that is really meant for throwing at strippers when you run out of bologna

        9. agreed. Obsessing over crazy shit in the world is very unhealthy.

        10. I have no issue with the space time continuum destruction. That would at least be interesting. But the fact that to get to the mangoey goodness I have to go 10 rounds and dull my knife and make a mess is really crazy. I don’t know why Dr Fruitbender (The guy who makes Serpentor fruits like pluots) hansn’t figured out how to make them seedless. It is fucking infuriating.

        11. I naturally steal their high heels when high on Kratom. I have a closet filled with strippers………………………………….footwear.
          Our friend @BHill could borrow a pair for his Nazi fancy dress orgies.

        12. Try some good old seedless Georgia watermelons they don’t have pits and will make you forget about those dastardly mango pits and the world will right itself once again.

        13. I like those watermelons. They are great and I can get them really easily. Now you boys get to work on mangoes. I swear, if someone figured out how to get the seed out of a mango they would be rich…..

        14. Hence the reason the human race is doom ed. Noone cares till it directly impacts them and by the time it affects enough people itll be too late to fix. No were all screwed. On the bright side the fighting will be spectacular☺

        15. Yup. You are right. I decided enjoyment was better than futile fighting

  28. The more I see this bullshit on both sides of the political spectrum and from both blacks and whites, the more I think Lolknee is right, and that that whole “reproducing” thing isn’t worth it.

    1. everyone always thinks i am an asshole until they find out I am right. I will tell you what I tell everyone: the sooner you realize i am always right and act accordingly the happier you will be,

      1. Hey slow that boat, being right doesn’t mean you aren’t an asshole ;-).

        1. i said they think I’m an asshole…not that i am one. Jeez, ask my grandma…im a good boy.

      2. If our options for the future really lie in choosing between the regressive left and the knuckle-dragging alt-right then we are really, really beyond fucked.

    2. That’s why I have zero problem w feminists going to bat for the right to abort. Any woman crazy enough to vote to kill a fetus shouldn’t be a mother in the first place. They’re doing everyone a favor

  29. Most of the African Slaves were sent to the Caribbean and South America. The first Slaves in America were Whites, mostly Irish and they were treated worse than the Black Slaves who came later because they weren’t as expensive as the Blacks. Even the Black Slaves felt sorry for the White Slaves.
    The biggest Traders and owners of Slave Ships were Jewish.
    Many freed Slaves themselves became Slave owners and treated their “Property” worse than the rich, White Slave owners. By the time the Civil War came along, many in the South were thinking of getting rid of Slavery as Industrial inventions began to proliferate.
    Present day Black Americans are “lucky” in one sense. If their ancestors hadn’t been kidnapped to America, they would be living in Africa where Slavery is still being conducted. Slavery is condoned in Islam and the Sex Slave Trade still continues to this day.
    If they were living in Africa, they would be struggling for Food, Water, Shelter and Education, not to mention the terrible working conditions even if they had a job.

  30. Here are some statistics extracted from a little-known piece of investigative journalism, which appeared in Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, on May 20th, 1995; you won’t find anything like this in the American press, of course, where blacks are depicted as wondrous unicorns who only bring sunshine and lollipops to everyone they encounter (you can read the whole article right here – http://www.gwb.com.au/pc/race1.htm) –
    According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.
    * Most victims of race crime – about 90 per cent – are white, according to the survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.
    * Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.
    * Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.
    * According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.
    These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960’s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning of the modern civil rights movement. Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).
    When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II. All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.

  31. Holy shit, look at the amount of negative comments on here. Folk, it’s safe to say that we need another Kratom article to take out minds off this Dallas cowboy business.

    1. K-R-A-T-O-M is so awesome it killed JFK without meaning to.
      It just farted and lee Harvey Oswald came out as a bonus, already holding the mannlicher carcano.

      1. Yo, heard that Dallas PD when crazy on Kratom dealers a few days ago. They got what they deserved!

      2. ha! you know what the last thing to go through his head was right?

      1. I’m not worried about the Jews buddy, I’m worried about those Japanese-Korean melon farmers. Their square melons control the jew who control us.
        Admit it brother, you weren;t ready for the truth, were you? (Stefan Molyneaux voice)

        1. Yushi Squaremelonaki is one of the greatest villains of our time. He is like the Destro to Cobra Commander (who is a jew)

  32. “Legacy of slavery” is the ultimate political excuse for the Left when it comes to anything dealing with race.
    Truth is African slavery was perpetuated by Arab slave traders and strongman African kings who found it a convenient way to trade rival tribes for goods instead of just outright killing them.
    Most African slaves ended up in South America and the Caribbean. Only the minority ended up in southern states.
    International trade of slaves was banned in 1808. The only slave trade after that year was domestic. None were imported (except for a small illegal market) after that date. It has been over 200 years since a bona fide African slave was imported into this country.
    Slavery was also a regular practice at that time in history. It was practiced by just about every society including African, European, and Asian countries. Even whites were enslaved as indentured servants (and there is a good argument that they were treated more poorly then African descended slaves). Relying on the argument “legacy of slavery” is like using the political tactic of condemning any commonly used employment practice using today’s modern standards completely ignoring it was widely accepted when it was used in its time and place in history.
    If American blacks want to go back to Africa I am sure there is a good percentage of America which would be more then happy to pay for their exit (voluntarily of course for those that are actual American citizens). My best guess is though if you had such a program it would only have a few dozen who take advantage of it.

      1. They might have. Can’t verify that. I do know what I stated though is true. The involvement of the (((J-O-O-S’))) I have no direct knowledge of.

  33. Hotel Social Justice
    (A musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “Hotel California”, by the Eagles.)
    On a dark desert highway
    Foul wind in my hair
    Warm smell of diseased cunts
    Rising up through the air
    Up ahead in the distance
    I saw a pitiful sight
    Her eyes were crying and her dress was torn
    I stopped to play the white knight
    There we hugged in the doorway
    I heard the prison bell
    And I was thinkin’ to myself
    “This bitch is fatter than Orson Welles”
    Then she reached for her cell phone
    And she called the D.A.
    There were voices on the carousel
    I thought I heard them say…
    Welcome to the Hotel Social Justice
    Such an ugly place
    Such an ugly face
    There’s plenty of room at the Hotel Social Justice
    Any time of year
    You’ll be tortured here
    Her mind is media twisted
    She got the thousand cock stare
    She got a lot of beta orbiters
    Who say they care
    How they hook up on Tinder
    Retarded sex
    Some fuck to remember
    Some fuck to forget
    So I called up my lawyer
    I said, “Get me out of this”
    He said, “I can’t communicate with you again –
    You’re a white rapist”
    And still those voices are calling from far away
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say…
    Welcome to the Hotel Social Justice
    Such an ugly place
    Such an ugly face
    There’s plenty of room at the Hotel Social Justice
    Any time of year
    You’ll be tortured here
    Cameras on the ceiling
    And pink vulvas on ice
    And she said, “Men are all just prisoners here
    Of our own device”
    And in the Head Cunt’s chambers
    They gathered for the feast
    We tried to grab them with our shackled hands
    But we could not kill the beast
    Last thing I remember
    I was running for the door
    I had to get the fuck away
    From that big, fat, crazy whore
    “Relax,” said the Head Cunt
    “We are programmed to deceive –
    You can check out anytime you like
    But you can never leave…”

    1. That was amazing. Just, wow.
      I’d say I’m speechless, but I have a vaginia, so that’s not possible 😉

        1. Vaginia. I remember seeing one of those. Has more hair at the bottom portion than the top. Supposedly more common in the Philippines, but I think the writer from that other article didn’t cover that part, unfortunately.

  34. Slavery is responsible for this? Is this from The Onion or something? You’ve got to be kidding me. You can’t even parody this shit anymore!

  35. The hidden logic here is: if you carry a gun, you could be shot. If your ennemi carries a gun you could be shot. If someone is shot, the vengeance will follow. If someone hates you, he’ll shout first. That leads to a permanent fear and hate.

  36. Slavery was an economic practice used by the elite class of their day. They derived a short term economic benefit that created huge social costs. We are still paying those social costs today, costs that those same elites, and their decedents were, mostly, able to shield themselves from paying. Sounds a lot like our current open borders immigration issues doesn’t it?

  37. I love it how the white and autistic losers on this site think they’re superior, while history shows that:
    1) Most ancient civilizations were non-white and non-European.
    2) The only white civilizations were Greek and Roman.
    3) >90% of the current whites descent from non-Greeks/Romans, like the Celts, Germanics and Slavs, who had zero contribution in the origin of Western culture.
    5) The Jews made Europe and the USA wealthy, not the native Europeans.
    6) And no, Jews may look white in appearance, but are genetically different from native Europeans.
    7) Your white autistic ass is still ruled by Jews, although they give you the illusion you have power.
    8) Jesus was a Jew, so Europeans are worshipping the Jew for more than 2000 years.

    1. so what you are saying is that you came here to be an asshole and insult people without taking the time to realize that the people on this site don’t speak with one voice and there are a lot of disagreements because men can actually disagree with one another and not conform to a script which validates our existence. Cool. Just checking.
      no go away you fucking idiot.

  38. I keep telling people that Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave, escaped slavery, and rose up on his own merit to become one of the greatest figures of the 19th century, shows that modern blacks have absolutely no excuse to keep blaming whitey for their self-sustaining problems and they need to take PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY for their lives. A good place to start would be ending their over 70% deadbeat dad/absentee father rate and quit pumping and dumping women and leaving the next generation of fatherless black kids to fall into the same trap. Our “black” POTUS should have used his position to give a hard talk to black men and insist they get their shit together. Dr. King would be disgusted with the current state of the black race in America.

    1. Fredrick Douglas Adams A Hitchhikers Guide to Slavery.

    2. On the contrary, this very well might have been what Dr. King wanted in the first place.
      As time has gone by I’ve grown to respect Malcolm X more and King less. Yes, the racial supremacy was problematic, but he encouraged his people to take care of themselves, unlike King, who wanted to put everything in the hands of the state. If Malcolm X had lived and continued to mellow out of his black supremacist position, who knows what could have been.

      1. You are right. Never ever put your well being in the hands of another’s kindness. It must come from the sweat of your own brow.

      2. According to some sources, Malcom X WAS ‘mellowing out’ of his black supremacist position — and because he was disagreeing with his own extremist Muslim ‘brethren’, that is when he was murdered by them.

  39. Apparently the Dallas shooter sexually harassed some Asian-American chick in in the Army, and she complained.
    Boy, talk about intersectionality: Mixing a black man with an Asian woman in the armed forces. We’ll see more of these kinds of stories as America becomes less and less white and produces more lost children who lack a sense of meaning and social grounding in a country that they know doesn’t really belong to them.

    1. if an asian woman is raped by a black woman in the military it is, 100%, the fault of whoever thought having a woman in the military was.

    2. The Dallas shooter was just mentally ill. Another psychotic with a paranoid focus.

  40. He’s got a point nevertheless. I think black people are still perceived by many US citizens in a way they’re not in England or France for example. In England when I see black people in the streets I’m honestly indifferent to their color or race. I just don’t register them as “different” in that they’re some automatic threat to my immediate well-being.
    In the States, it appears to be very different and perhaps the slavery issue is at the root of it? The sense that black people were not that far back simply nothing more than the worldly goods and shackles of the plantation owners must still resonate. Yes, there are examples in white cultures too, like the surfs in Russia or the tenants and crofters who had no rights on the estates of the Irish or Scottish lands governed by an English Lord.
    I feel there are faults on both sides in the States. Some Blacks blame all their problems on the real injustices they suffered in the past and perversely become slaves twice over by becoming their own victims once more. Nevertheless, it’s clear that there a sizable proportion of the US population do few blacks “differently” and it’s hard to know how you can change these attitudes.

    1. jeeeez coming in here being all sensible and intelligent and stuff.

    2. I have the same experience, and know this is truth.
      I’d say it has something to do with relative dimensions (of said minority) and positive cultural reinforcement (tv channels “for blacks”, urban areas “for blacks”, “black culture”, etc.).
      Blacks are “normal” in Europe because, statistically, they don’t exist.

    3. It’s a complicated subject in the U.S. the area I’m from is probably 48/48% black white and the other 4% everybody else. So one could say I have first hand experience from personal observation. Black and white communities around here have what I can best describe as an uneasy truce. We don’t all get along perfectly but, trouble between races is kind of rare. Most everybody’s kids go to school together most of the adults have the other race at work. Other than that there isn’t a lot socialization between sides. The federal government has tried a few ways to eliminate that but all the programs ever seem to do is make the uneasy truce a little more shakey. To simplify it as much as I can here is the two sides just have an entirely different way of looking at things, nothing racist about it, that’s just the way it is. WHY it’s that way, I don’t know if it’s culture or if we are just that different but, attempting to throw everyone into the same “melting pot” and yelling “diversity is good!”doesn’t seem to be working in the long run. They aren’t going back to Africa and we aren’t going back to Europe so at some point we are going to have to figure out a way to live together.
      I had to come back to add,
      I am assuming most of what you’ve heard about race relations in the U.S. has come from the MSM, how many times have you heard the words, south,racism, oppression,Klan in the same sentence from the MSM? To listen to them one would think there was a Klansman standing on every street corner in the south waving a confederate flag. I have lived in the south for 48 years and have yet to see a Klansman, they are about as irrelevant as a blacksmith shop would be at Cape Kennedy.

      1. I’m all for integration, but it’s becoming clear that forced integration simply does not work.

        1. I agree that attempting to force it seems to make people resent it.
          I look at it like if we can manage to keep the peace it will work itself out with time but, twisting people’s arms just makes them mad.

      2. It won’t work. It never has and never will
        Study Haiti or Yugoslavia or South Africa….prepare accordingly

    4. i believe there are 2 major differences:
      1. the quantity. there’s some kind of critical mass that changes the attitudes.
      2. the blacks you see in Europe might be quite different from the ones in the Sates. for example, i live in Canada – and i noticed it right away when i came to visit my friend in the States for the first time. the blacks there were totally different. after that i consider most of Canadian blacks as just “dark people”. when my friend from States visits me, he also tells me that Canadian blacks are of some kind of more pleasant type.
      anyway these are just my superficial “racialist” observations. maybe someone with a better knowledge on the subject can explain what those differences really are.

      1. I’ve heard educated African immigrants also frown on American blacks. No factual evidence for how widespread it is but anecdotally, I work with a Nigerian guy – educated, family man – that would have a real problem if his daughter dated an American black.

        1. Indeed. The same holds true for West Indian blacks. They rarely socialize with American blacks, and when they marry either marry other west Indians or marry a partner of another race.

      2. Negros are negros and all resort to the mean average of negros. Ie destruction when left to their own devices

      3. Blacks in Canada tend to be West Indian, predominantly Jamaican. Differences between blacks in America and Canada is simply a matter of perspective, I can only assume that blacks in American have difficulty building hope in a country where they have been systematically persecuted for 100s of years, whereas a Caribbean entering Canada(or even America) as an immigrant, would have a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, eager, hopeful and determined to make it in a place which they see as a land of opportunity.

    5. I doubt your sincerity. You don’t see blacks as not-English/Scottish/Welsh? No different then? They are organic to your nation are they?
      They are not your kin and not of your blood. I’m all for equality before the law but don’t come to me pretending to be some angel with no filters on. You know that they’re not you, nor you them. And you see it as well as any man, or you wouldn’t have brought it up in the first place.
      We all, every damned one of us, no exceptions, have fight or flight built into us. To pretend otherwise is a fools errand.

      1. Well a high percentage of people living in England who you would probably class as “black”, are actually of at least 50% European extraction, making them technically more English than a large percentage of the paler population. Moreover many of these same people and also blacks of 100% African extraction are more refined and useful than a large majority of English people, who have been perpetually confined to the lower rungs of the class society. Ultimately black people in England are generally fine citizens, whether they are black or not is fairly insignificant.

      2. “They are organic to your nation are they” There are very few entities that a are completely organic to one’s Nation. The notion of Nation or Nationhood as we understand is a rather late historical development. The history of most European Nations/States is a cross fertilization of different tribes and clans. Conquer or be conquered, and with each conquest the elements of the vanquished tribes cultures slowly become part of the dominant culture eventually. Spain is an example of such a country. So, I don’t agree in the idea of that organic is the measure of all civilization. The Roman Empire was a highly successful civilization that wasn’t based on homogeneous organic populations.
        “We all, every damned one of us, no exceptions, have fight or flight built into us” Old man, you scare easily.

  41. The Blacks in Africa who SOLD their Brothers to the YANKEE slavers along the coast are to blame then?????

  42. WHITE People cannot be racist.
    the SJW “experts” insist Black People cannot be racist,
    then WHITE People cannot be racist

    1. We are all just socially constructed Lego blocks. Except Gods chosen people of course. They have been personally selected to rule and subjugate the Lego blocks just as soon as they have smashed them all and mixed them all together.

  43. Blacks are just not intelligent. Just look at some quotes of medieval Arab explorers:
    “there is no marriage among them; the child does not know his father, and they eat people — but God knows best. As for the Zanj (Africans), they are people of black color, flat noses, kinky hair, and little understanding or intelligence.”
    “The geographer al-Idrisi ascribes ‘lack of knowledge and defective minds’ to the black peoples. Their ignorance, he says, is notorious; men of learning and distinction are almost unknown among them, and their kings only acquire what they know about government and justice from the instruction of learned visitors from farther north.”
    “Like the crow among mankind are the Zanj (Africans) for they are the worst of men and the most vicious of creatures in character and temperament.”
    “[inhabitants of sub-Saharan African countries] are people distant from the standards of humanity” “Their nature is that of wild animals….”
    About the Zanj: “Their nature is that of wild animals. They are extremely black. Among themselves there are people who steal each other’s children and sell them to the merchants when the latter arrive.”

  44. I was very much alive on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was abruptly & permanently retired from politics in Dallas thanks to an assassin’s bullet & I can’t recall the city going into this much of a frenzy over that!

  45. What Millennium is this guy living in?
    Today their is NO distinction between skin color that determines who is a slave.
    Every person who answers to another person, on that person clock to work, and is then shaken down by Jewish Organized Crime’s I.R.S. for Jewish Organized crime’s Central banks is a slave!

  46. Anyone seen the protests and riots all over?
    Those scum blobs should be fucking happy the cops are as tolerant as they are. If it was me they were facing we would need a whole lot of body bags.
    Fuck the ignorant scum, there is no fucking reason to tolerate any of this shit.

    1. The thing is, if they want to protest supposed injustices that’s fine with me but, shooting at cops who are there to protect THEM along with innocent bystanders and rioting and destroying others property along with blocking the road is inexcusable. If one wants to engage in such activities one is taking their life and safety into their own hands. CS gas, firehoses and rubber buckshot should be the order of the day.
      Most of those morons don’t realize that doing that sort of thing usually turns people AGAINST their movement instead of motivating them to join.

      1. I have a low tolerance for bullshit, the moment they start destroying shit or attacking officers would be the moment I take my safety off and start dropping the motherfuckers.
        Protests for bullshit reasons are not something I respect people’s right to do.

      2. Cops aren’t there to protect people. They’re there to write up tickets and create a steady revenue stream for the state. Legally, they have no orders to prevent or stop a crime in progress. Only after the crime has been committed are they actually legally bound to do anything.

    2. Fuck that. I would erect an oversized NutriBullet-esque blender and liquefy the lot of them. Much cheaper and orders of magnitude more entertaining.

  47. People on social media:
    1) #blacklivesmatter
    2) #bluelivesmatter
    3) #alllivesmatter
    We have devolved into a nation that debates with hashtags. I’m taking the Joker’s view of the world. I’m ready to watch it burn.

  48. “But what shall we do with the negroes after they are free? I can hardly believe that the South and North can live in peace, unless we can get rid of the negroes … I believe that it would be better to export them all to some fertile country with a good climate, which they could have to themselves. If these black soldiers of ours go back to the South, I am afraid that they will be but little better off with their masters than they were before, and yet they will be free men. I fear a race war, and it will be at least a guerilla war because we have taught these men how to fight … There are plenty of men in the North who will furnish the negroes with arms if there is any oppression of them by their late masters.” – Abraham Lincoln, during a meeting with General Benjamin F. Butler, April, 1865, a short time before his death

    1. That country already existed—Liberia. The sooner we get on with it the better.

    2. And you know of course that General Grant expelled j ews as well?
      Lincoln then stepped in to override.
      Grant was sick of the carpet baggers behavior and scheming

      1. Yup. Until Grant was bought off and then he became one of the original cuckservatives.

  49. Ultimately, yes. I lay the blame for the murder of law enforcement officers squarely at the feet of elites who preferred to import African slaves to do hard farm work in American plantations, rather than pay Englishmen the hire of which they were worthy. The cesspools from which cheap labor is drawn have changed over the years. The refusal to properly compensate white people for creating everything that makes industrial civilization possible has not.
    There is nothing in this world more expensive and more destructive than cheap labor.

  50. I’m pretty sure telling the BLM cretins the true origin of slavery, namely Arab on black and black on black crime… would have no effect.
    But then again, this movement is simply another one of Soros’ pawns.

  51. Still 46 million in slavery in Middle East, India and Africa but racist morons in the USA still attack the USA – they dont give a shiit about them!!

  52. Why is it the communities who seem to dislike the cops the most are the ones who most need them?

    1. Don’t know if you heard of German politician Selin Goren, a woman who was sexually assaulted by migrants, but was reluctant to give a physical description for fear that would lead to “racism.” Unreal.

      1. I have been reading stories like that almost daily for far longer than i care to remember. Female leadership of any kind within the male world is leading us all towards destruction.

      2. It’s fucking bonkers to use the technical scientific term; the cognitive dissonance would cause a normal person’s cerebellum to explode like bkancmange that’s been heated up too much.

  53. I just found this article extremely enlightening on our current situation. If the mayor of Dallas can blame the shootings on slavery, what would he say about this? the half truths about history need to end real soon. But reflecting on history, it seems every bad movement and uprising has started with half truths, the Russian revolution, French Revolution, etc. Stir up the mob with lies, get them fighting each other, and sit back and watch the show.

  54. slavery, guns, racism,. blame anything and anyone other than the person pulling the trigger!

  55. The negro has no impulse control and n!ggers constantly do stupid things which get them shot by the cops. The Jewish controlled media create a constant barrage of hatred towards White people and all politicians today are whores to the Jew and will say anything they are told.
    Obama does nothing but throw fuel on the fire. Obama is a truly evil man and that Hillary Hag will continue the horror if that bitch from hell is elected.
    All that the smart citizen can do is to arm himself, organize with other like minded Whites, stock up on guns, ammo and food. The shit is going to hit the fan. Obama wants a race war and he seems to be getting it.

  56. I’m sorry. I see an article about a Black shooter gunning down lawmen on ROK but no article condemning lawmen gunning down Black civilian. Why? Observing from a neutral standpoint.

    1. You aren’t fucking neutral. They “gunned” down criminals who weren’t following instructions.

      1. That’s the point though. Why is there no condemnation for that action? In the escalation of violence, you shouldn’t get shot for “not following instructions,” you clown.

        1. When not following instructions involves the presence of a gun in a car while the officer is outside the vehicle and the driver reaches for his waist… yea it does. btw the Minn. man did NOT have a license to carry or be able to have a weapon in the vehicle. When you don’t follow orders, run, etc. its being reckless with y our own life. Officers are not out there to die for the sake of being polite, if they have faith that a civilian isn’t carrying a weapon when they make a potentially threatening move, then we would have a lot more dead cops. There is no condemnation for the enforcers of the law, enforcing it, in order to keep us law abiding citizens safe. Looking like a thug is fine, style is style, but if you choose to look that way then you better be on your Ps and Qs when it comes time that you are being detained by the law. Simple shit. The dude in La was a registered sex offender and had a firearm on him. WTF are you defending? The color of your skin? GTFO.

        2. whether he had a license to carry or not means nothing to the situation. He had a gun pulled on him for being stopped for a tail light. Terrible escalation of violence.
          And if someone was trying to get the drop on you, do you think they would tell you that they have a weapon? The cop was surrounded by backup, and the guy he stopped had his girflriend and child in the car. Maybe if the cop didn’t bitch up like he did, he could have added those factors together to assess a lower threat risk.

        3. you are out of your mind, he had the gun drawn after he told the officer he had a gun on him. his GF is the one who said he had a license to the cop as he was reaching for his waist, had he been reaching for the gun and the officer had not yet drawn his weapon the cop would be dead, or wounded. He was being pulled over because they matched the description of a robbery suspect, if you’ll do some reading. The Cop was Hispanic also by the way. His GF and child have nothing to do with this mans intentions. If you declare a weapon you keep you hands on the steering wheel. PERIOD. Unless you want to get shot. You have no clue how dangerous it is to be a cop or even care. ALL you care about is making sure blacks are seen as victims. Fuck that, its bullshit and you sir are fucking trash. get the fuck on outta here.
          Blacks aren’t even close to being the people who have had it worst in this world. If you stop acting like a victim you will stop being one.

        4. Do you have a clue on how dangerous it is to be a cop? Or to protect/defend anything? You can surmise from my previous comments what my former profession was. And by the way you talk, I can tell you’ve never been in a similar role.

        5. and let’s follow your road. say he did have his weapon drawn. shouldn’t his finger have been straight and off the trigger? Safety on? You don’t go hot and put your finger on the trigger until you see the threat.
          You say “had he been reaching for the gun.” He didn’t have a gun. Moot point. and even if he DID have a gun, by the time he pulled it from his waist, pointed, and shot, the cop could have easily came off the safety and shot him.
          If he matched the description of a robbery suspect, why did he approach the car as if he was doing a routine traffic stop? If you legitimately have a crime suspect, you call for backup and you have the perp exit the vehicle from a distance, while you’re covered and concealed.
          Based on the scenario you set, there is no way in the world the cop’s procedure was correct. If you also notice, my argument didn’t mention race. Maybe this shows you how your mind works, versus someone who is able to show you, by your own storyline, how procedurally wrong this cop was.

        6. You have all the answers it seems, neither of us were there, no body cam and no way to know what really went down, The fact remains that had his hands been on the steering wheel, where they were supposed to be when you declare a weapon. He would be alive. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation because neither of us have the details of the situation nor should we have them. It is not our job to decide what to do. Its the Internet, I’m not going to tell you my experience nor will I believe your claim to have it. Are you implying its not dangerous to be a cop? Where other than from the passenger is it that they were pulled over for a tail light? This is a legit question because I’m don’t spending time on this. As I’ve read, only the passenger claimed that as the reason and I’ve since read that they were pulled over because they both not just him matched the description of robbery suspects.

        7. Again, I’ll follow your line of thinking. Say they did both match the description of robbery suspects, why would the cop walk up to the car? You don’t even have to be a cop to know that’s incorrect procedure if you’re pulling over perps.
          As you say, if his hands were on the steering wheel, he wouldn’t have been shot. What if he was told to hand over his license and registration? We don’t know either way. But, what you can surmise is that if the cop was that close, he was asking for license and registration. And if he was that close to ask for license and registration, he did not expect this guy was a suspect.
          So, all it took was for the cop to follow proper procedure, and no one would have gotten shot. That alone is worth a manslaughter trial at the least.

        8. You aren’t using your head here man. Back up a sec. Asking for license and reg. right? I’ve been asked for that with a gun in the car. before I reach I let them know a gun is in the car. They ask where it is, I tell them. They then give me permission to get my license. me: my registration is in my glove, with the gun. cop: we will check registration thru dispatch. OK.. Don’t be surprised when it comes out that the gun was in his pocket, belt on his waist in some fashion.

        9. Understood. But if you believe, as you have said, that he was stopped because he was a robbery suspect, would you expect the cop to just walk up to the car as if this was a routine stop?

        10. Ive been stopped because my car matched that of a recently stolen car and they carried on the stop as a normal one so based only on the experience i don’t see why they wouldn’t. If your spouse was just shot… Would you think to video it? A facetious question but that flabbergasts me.

        11. When someone “matches the description” id guess that you proceed as normal but with additional caution. So that you can get close enough. He said on dispatch. “Stopping to check IDs”

        12. I believe you still think I’m arguing this as a race issue. My argument is that this cop was either a sociopath looking to fire off on someone, or was criminally stupid by not using the correct procedure. Either way, someone died because of what he and he alone did. He deserves to be tried for manslaughter at the absolute least.
          “additional caution” meaning weapon unholstered, safety off, finger on the trigger? If you feel that’s the kind of caution you need to approach someone to check their ID, then do that shit from a safe distance.
          I have no reason but to place you in the same intellectual boat as I’d put this trained officer, seeing as, eliminating all caustic and emotional factors from this situation, the fact still remains that the cop fucked up somewhere in his procedure and negligently killed someone as a result.

        13. Looks like the Gun was in his lap and he told him to keep his hands where he could see them and he did not comply.. I think you are wrong on that its the cops fault. but I do also think we have come a lot closer to agreeing to disagree than we were a day ago.

        14. I’d video it. given the widespread editing and corroborating of cop stories, video evidence is the only rebuttal people have against false stories. In a he said/she said with the cops, best believe you’re coming out on the short end of that argument, no matter your background.

        15. Our argument not withstanding… Lavish didn’t do any favors catching the gun on his lap in her video.. That’s definitely not going to help. I dunno though, I cant see myself even worried about where my phone is if 4 shots were just fired 1 foot away from me with my kid in the back seat. Not to mention would I be engaging the cop in any way shape or form. Just me, I guess.

    2. Police use of excessive force is a symptom of the problem. Problem being the breakdown of social cohesion creating a more hostile environment.

  57. Im really getting tired of reading and hearing the new buzz word of the day.. “Rhetoric”. smh.

  58. White people need to stop agreeing with blacks when they claim they are all victims to one extent or another of ‘white racism’ or ‘institutional racism’. Every time a white person agrees with that they encourage what we’re witnessing. White people need to force these out of control blacks to make a decision and stop allowing them to play the middle ground. They need to recognize that when they riot, loot, and antagonize they are going to be viewed as a threat to national security and will dealt with harshly. This will make their choice clear. Risk it all and go to war or stop blaming white people for your problems and get your shit together.

  59. My ancestors would have been poor villagers in Yugoslavia/Croatia during the days of slavery. How did they contribute to slavery?, They were lucky to have enough to eat let alone own slaves (or much of anything else).

    1. In the Leftist worldview, you as a White person are responsible for what every other White person has done throughout history.
      Non-Whites, on the other hand, are totally innocent of any guilt by association, and in fact it is evil to punish them for the sins of their fathers.
      Fair people naturally reject double standards.

  60. “my generation of leaders.” What leaders is he talking about? I haven’t seen anything resembling leadership for yrs. Anywhere.

  61. Should whites blame Turks and Arabs for their failures in life because once upon a time they took white women as sexual slaves and white men as future soldiers against their Christian brothers?
    Oh, by the way, origin of word slave comes from word Slavic.

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