The Women’s Soccer World Cup Is A Celebration Of Mediocrity

A number of media outlets and pressure groups, especially the British taxpayer-funded BBC, have for years insisted on “equality” between men’s and women’s soccer (known as football in Britain and continental Europe). They either raise the demand explicitly or give incessant airtime to those demanding it.

This histrionic call has only grown with the start of the Women’s Soccer World Cup in Canada this month. The LA Times and others are now joining the fray. Despite incontrovertible evidence that most international female players, those representing their countries, would struggle to make a fourth or fifth-string men’s domestic league team, the political powers that be have attacked the “sexism” of soccer and screamed for equal attention for each set of gendered fields.

Presumably, if equal attention, or something close, is achieved, feminists will rally for female soccer players, inferior to the more skilful and athletic men, to be given the same multimillion-dollar, pound, and Euro salaries. All without ever actually playing or competing with the better men. All hail the “equality” New World Order of the BBC and Co.

If it’s about equality, feminism and girl power, have the women play the men!

If advocates for women’s soccer want equality, they can play the men. As I pointed out in an article at the start of this year about the pure lunacy of equal pay in tennis, where men and women compete separately, we don’t start separate basketball leagues for those under six feet tall with similar salaries as the normal NBA.

We also don’t see two different, equally supported Super Bowls staged every year, one for mesomorphs and endomorphs, and another for ectomorphs, where super lean linebackers might be half the weight of regular NFL quarterbacks.

Of course, given the biological differences between men and women, women should be able to have their own sporting tournaments and leagues. We do the same thing for juniors, masters (those typically 40 and above) and the disabled. But they, like women, should not expect to be lauded to anywhere near the same degree as the regular male players and men’s teams, pretending they’re equal in ability, competitiveness or the overall spectacle they provide.

Admire female athletes, but they’re simply not as good as men

Give me the name of one female player who should be allowed to even carry Lionel Messi’s shoes, if 99.99999% of men would never deserve the honor.

When I’ve included “celebration of mediocrity” in the title of this piece, it’s important to add a caveat. These women are good. They train day-in, day-out and have for years. Take most women (and men) off the street and they would be beaten by these women, hands-down. So, on the one hand, they have a skill that few, male or female, possess.

But on the other hand, to try and compare them to male professional or semi-professional players, even those men who never make world-class national or club sides, makes a mockery of the term “equality” and “professional.” This is the point at which celebrating women’s soccer as “equal” becomes unadulterated mediocrity.

Should we encourage women’s sport? Of course! And as ROK has proven time and time again, women’s health and counteracting the deliberate, self-chosen plague of obesity are concepts that feminism and many aspects of the modern world have worked tirelessly against.

If a women works hard to perfect herself, to the extent of her physical ability, in her sport, all power to her. Irrespective of the field in which someone toils, we can all draw inspiration from the person who pursues their dream or follows their career or hobby in a way that supremely challenges their perceived limits.

This is not a matter of saying men will beat women at sport each and every time. It is about a realistic assessment of the general abilities of male versus female athletes. And those abilities directly relate to what they should be praised for and paid.

The US Women’s National Soccer Team lost to the Under 17’s US Boys’ Team 2-8

I kid you not. They did lose 2-8 in a scrimmage. Admittedly an unofficial match, it shows you that even pre-adult males will typically whip females in the prime of their soccer-playing life.

The interesting part about the Under 17’s Boys’ Team is that many of those players never make the jump to their senior national men’s team. Junior Flores, the U17’s US international player who reported the 8-2 win over the senior women’s national team, currently plays for Borussia Dortmund II, the reserve side for Borussia Dortmund, for example.

Although still very young, his chances of ever making the national side proper seem precarious at best. Yet he was still part of a team that demolished a playing group that supposedly deserves equal status with the US Men’s National Team.

If this story had been proven, dramatically, to be false, the general reality would remain the same. Women and men are pooled into separate fields and leagues to allow women to have a chance to compete at the highest level, albeit a “level” manipulated so that they can be there in the first place, without being upstaged almost universally by the professional male players.

If you want equality, feminists, stop butchering the term

Tell us again, why does it deserve equality?

The world will never be full of people with equal ability. And there should be, nevertheless, a benchmark of reward and support for those whom nature, upbringing or the general environment have not endowed with the physical, cognitive, or additional blessings of others. This is why we have the minimum wage, assistance for the disabled, elderly and sick, and the aspiration of what should be a moderate welfare state and social safety net.

To argue that women deserve equal standing in the world of sport, and in terms of remuneration in particular, makes a comedic spectacle when compared to the many other disparate fields in which we have no problem rewarding those with greater ability more. Men deserve significantly higher salaries and greater attention in soccer simply because they’re significantly better than women. End of story.

Much of the support for women’s soccer at the moment depends on the erroneous belief that they are somehow showcasing skill equal to men. If that’s the case, I deserve an Oscar for telling my parents or grandparents that I’m on a business trip overseas instead of sleeping around in Paris or Berlin. Move over, Daniel Day-Lewis.

If you want equality, my feminist inclined friends, how about not flaying the concept until it’s nothing but bones and a rancid smell?

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210 thoughts on “The Women’s Soccer World Cup Is A Celebration Of Mediocrity”

  1. Really???? I thought it was the worlds biggest “current” example of the pussy pass? Hope Solo, domestic violence and assault…. and not a single charge filed. In fact, the case was dropped for lack of evidence. Disgusting.

    1. So was Ray Rice until the media shit all over the police department. Basically, if there isn’t a human witness (usually only the victim), the perp goes free regardless of what kind of evidence there is.

  2. how tiring. i say we let them have the term “equality”, since it apparently means nothing anymore. in the end, what harm is there in saying that something is nothing – a non-statement can’t hurt us, can it.
    then we find ourselves a new word for the meaning that was once represented through “equality”. maybe sameness. or equivalence.
    damn those butchers of language.
    on a funny note: if men and women are equal, how can anybody tell them apart in order to discriminate?

  3. Gentlemen, spreading our message is vital.
    I encourage all of you to disseminate our masculine gospel on Reddit, Facebook and, in this case, sporting websites and forums.

        1. I saw her in Furious 7 a while ago. There was a fight scene where she went at it with Michelle Rodriguez at some high society party, you know, punching each other in the face for five minutes. She had an evening dress on and was all dolled up but still couldn’t look more unfeminine. Actually she looked like a tranny, it was disturbing and off putting to see two (white) women in such a display of pure masculinity. The urban youth in me had a strong urge to shout WORLDSTAR.

        2. what’s that worldstar thing?
          yes, i can see that aspect. but whenever i see those cute little bunnies harmlessly roll over each other in the gym, i can’t but think the world is okay.

        3. Its a website that should be banned- dummies uploading fights, someone in the crowd inevitably yells “Worldstar!!”
          Sadly, this site will get banned before worldtar does….

        4. check out the site and get back to me. I think its

        5. yeah i get it, it’s nothing that would win a nobel prize (as if that was worth something).
          but why ban it? i like freedom of speech.

        6. Worldstar is that website you go to when you’re looking for videos of black ghetto folk fighting in McDonalds or Laundromats. Preferably fat women. And usually you have a guy in the audience with a cameraphone shouting worldstar lol

        1. “Ronda is legit”
          How would anyone even know when the talent pool is so small?
          Least feminine sport/activity, thus least interest and participation from other females, thus less legit than the grandma who dominates the local annual pie baking contest.

        2. i always see her half as a guy to compensate for the cognitive dissonance of seeing such a strong female thing. nevertheless, when girls roll together, i just like the sight of it.

        3. Heh. I doubt she could beat a male fighter from her weight class (who knows though, I’d like to see that), but Ronda’s technique and aggressiveness are very impressive.

      1. You would think that SOMEBODY would eventually learn to not fall into her juji-gatame at some point!

  4. Excuse me, anyone can give me a link about that match between USA women team and USA under 17? I would love to show it to some people…

  5. “We’re all equal.. but judging on merit is sexist and only a misogynist would do that!”

  6. I wake up every weekend at 4am to watch the likes of Liverpool, both manchesters and wealthy good for nothing’s like Chelski, and end with some la liga around midday.
    I can’t watch 5 minutes of women’s soccer without wanting to claw my own eyes out.
    Thanks for a good article

  7. Well, I was unfortunate enough to watch one of these matches on the tele. Women’s soccer is just as bad as women’s basketball, which is to say, it is a pathetic excuse for an athletic exhibition. To force this junk in to the mainstream diminishes the sport in general.
    I have never seen so much pandering to an exceptionally inferior product as professional women’s soccer. I’m pretty sure a team of random, healthy 45 year old males picked off the street could annihilate the best women’s team in the world.
    These girls have no ball control, can not run a set play, and generally flail about with very little coordination, even the butch face lesbos.
    This crap is just another recruiting tool for the hivemind.

    1. I don’t mind women’s gymnastics. The smaller frames allow for increased balance, and a better strength to weight ratio that allows for better rotational power.
      In pretty much every other sport though the smaller female frame doesn’t confer any benefit that cannot be made up for with male’s increased upper body strength.

      1. Women’s gymnastics has never been used a gimmick to elevate the female status to male, as women’s soccer is now trying. Women’s gymnastics is probably the best sport in which the attributes of the female athlete are displayed. Strength, balance, coordination and the elements of dance are combined. Also, a girl’s physique is not hidden by baggy shirts and shorts. The true level of their individual athleticism is allowed to be judged.
        There are a few women’s sports I feel are legitimate, and that I don’t mind watching, but this contemporary women’s soccer promotion stinks like a lefty political indoctrination movement.

        1. A theory I have is since gymnastics is a sport only small framed women can do they don’t try to promote it as female superiority since only a select number of women can do it. Soccer they believed was their big chance since it’s not a big power sport like Gridiron or Rugby, but they are still losing to men at soccer.

      2. That and figure skating where femininity and youth is celebrated. These old feminist hags don’t posses any of these so they can’t compete and then cries oppression.

      3. Wow, I think you have finally revealed one area where women can undisputably excel. Well, I should correct myself, GIRLS can excel. Gymnastics is not a sport for women. I think most of them peak in their early teen years, although there are minimum age limits, so it’s likely even younger, but they are often prohibited at performing at younger ages. There are periodically incidents where girls are caught who are “too young” to perform; notably in 2008 a 14 year old Chinese girl was deemed ineligible to compete in the Olympics.
        So really, what we have is an arena where children excel over humans, which is not that surprising. Kind of like how hearing levels decrease with age and I’m never going to be as innocent as a kid.

      4. Although women’s gymnastics requires much strength, stamina, and agility, it is still an artform, not a sport. Points are awarded subjectively by judges. There is no adversarial nature to it – no offense or defense. I cannot consider anything which is solely judged on aesthetics by judges as a sport – and that goes for everything from diving to cheerleading.

      5. Thats the one sport where I prefer watching the girls to the guys.
        Little dynamos bouncing all over the mats- amazing.

      6. the female body frame is awkward at best, wide hips, narrow shoulders, low muscle, weak tendons/ligaments and large fat deposits in breasts and ass.
        this means they have difficulty running at speed and lack agility, they flail about and look extremely uncoordinated.
        men are built with wide shoulders, narrow hips, low fat and high muscle are genetically superior.
        Granted chicks are way more flexible – hence gymnastics, probably one of the few ‘sports’ girls are designed for, that and sport fucking.
        notice how all Olympic females are shaped more like men than girls.

    2. I think the women in boxing and MMA aren’t as bad as other women in sport, but I’m sick of people ( some of them bright, non beta guys) saying that the women are just as good as the men. Ronda Rousey is a talented fighter, but put her in with a man her weight that couldn’t get into the UFC and he’d stomp the life out of her.

  8. It’s like a government funded disability support group I volunteered for a few years back. I have a disability myself and thought I could contribute in some way. I walked away within the year. It was self esteem welfare from taxpayers’ money. There’s no other way to describe it. I was disgusted with the whole sham.

    1. Feminists would consider pole dancing competition sexist because they are too obese to do it. But the hotties that can would be classified as victims by these feminists.

      1. They’ll show fake concern for the hotties, when in reality they are just jealous of them

        1. Also @disqus_ljQaB37DUB:disqus they would harbor the usual feelings a fat and ugly girl/feminist has of any woman prettier and thinner than them of wanting to shove them into a blast furnace if only they could get away with it.

        2. And since they can’t get away with it, they will do what they can get away with, and that means they will demonize men for liking pretty, thin women.
          And they will poison pretty, slim women against men, saying that these men are creepy/rapey for liking fit girls, and that real men like curves. Then their obedient lapdogs will take over, and say that fat women are beautiful, and they are the real men for “respecting women”.
          This propels naive, fit women into getting obese, since they rationalize that since fat women also get attention, what’s the point in working out and eating healthy, when you can forego all these habits, and still get attention.
          At the end, these fit women who turn into land whales, become as miserable as their other fat sisters. And the cycle repeats itself.
          And that’s the who fat acceptance movement in a nutshell, gentlemen.

        3. The answer to all of this is simply to laugh and ignore them. Let the manginas have their “big, beautiful ladies”, they deserve each other.

        1. Your remark is red herring in nature and nothing more substantial than a byproduct of your diseased mind.
          Your benighted presence on here will soon come to an end. Try leaving with more class than you came in with.

        2. insults, funny how I’m always wrong when YOU are for beating women, denying women rights. did you ever consider that its the minds of people who follow blogs like this one to be diseased. seriously, men have more rights than women but you still revert to name calling and insults to try to control women who won’t back down.

        3. “beating women, denying women’s rights”
          As i said, you have a diseased mind. Only someone with a DM would believe me to be for either. You don’t know me from a can of paint so to state or otherwise imply that i beat on females or support those that do or that i deny them rights or support those that have is total rhinoceros shit on your part. The hypocrisy of attacking me for “insulting” you when you clearly insulted me first is quite obvious as well.
          I believe in the Constitution, and it guarantees equality of means and NOT ends because results are not guaranteed. Men and Women can NEVER have a true equality because we are not designed the same. Men are designed to lead and females are designed to follow along with the progeny. The animal kingdom demonstrates this in droves regardless of your emo-instinctual solipsist beliefs to the contrary.
          Your very presence on here is a testament to this truth. Deep down your hamster wiring is struggling to understand why it keeps getting drawn to a virtual site where real Men tend to congregate irrespective of your superficial feminist inclinations.
          While it’s too late for a hag like you to interest any of the Men here, you can at least take what you’ve learned and teach it to other females so that they can be weaned off the trough of useful idiot feminism as you someday might. While you’re at it, go make me a sandwich 😀

        4. What rights do men have that women don’t? I know women have reproductive rights and men don’t, but I can’t think of a right that men have that women don’t.
          I don’t expect you to answer the question though.

        5. you have the right to walk down the street topless without being arrested as immoral, you have the right to decide not to support your children without punishment. you have the right to say I won;t work with a woman and get away with it. women don’t have those rights. you also HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT BE CALLED A WHORE BECAUSE YOU WON’T FUCK SOMEONE.

        6. there are no real men here, just adolescent children who have never grown up. you all complain how bad you have it because you can’t get women you want ti fuck you. regardless of how you look or smell, but yo expect to be able to fuck models. NEWS FLASH, you are not good looking enough to fuck models, you never will be, so stop whining, and a for you calling me hag, isn’t that just more sour grapes because you aren’t big enough to take on a real woman with a mind of her own. go make your own fucking sandwich, yu fuckhead, and go suck off your buddies while you are at it because everybody knows guys like you are really just gay

        7. More solipsism on your part. If this were actually true you wouldn’t bother coming here, since it’s quite obvious your presence will do nothing more than annoy.
          Lol. You sound like a bitter old bitty who thinks Men should lower their standards to be with you. NEWSFLASH grandma, i’m a lot better looking than the guys you’ve probably taken gratuitous sperm injections from. Someone who looks like she is a few short years from a permanent casket nap should NOT be talking about looks and what standards Men should have for the Women they want to engage in coitus with. Be grateful you can still walk to the bathroom unassisted, if indeed you still can. Stop trolling this site with your bullshit in either case or at least cease hating on Men for being attracted to Women who are actually attractive (aka not you:)
          Incidentally, calling me “gay” is so infantile. I’m starting to think you’re just here because you crave attention no matter how negative.
          I feel sorry for you grandma. You obviously crave some younger phallus but your looks and personality make you too repulsive even for the trolling bottom dweller on here.
          Buy yourself a dildo and have at it. Make sure to update your life insurance before you do. Stop wasting our time with your solipsist bs and go have fun in the twilight of your years:)

        8. oh, look more gender specific insults. grow up little boy, you will never get laid by talking to women like that.
          well, unless you revert to rape like most of the assholes on here suggest

        9. The only real one is the right to not wear a shirt – big deal.
          Actually women are the only ones who can opt out of parenthood without punishment. There are several thousand men in prison right now for doing that.
          No one has the right to just say they don’t want to work with someone based on their gender.
          As I expected your answer is mostly lies and BS.
          You also have the right to turn 18 and not register for the draft. Also the right to college financial aid without registering.

        10. My favorite part was when you criticized gender specific insults and then used a bunch of your own.
          Keep going – I love when feminists make themselves look bad.

        11. lol. I’m sorry that natural sexual encounters that you and your people have tried to program out of society keep popping up, little liar.

        12. rofl.
          oh yes, dont you see? only angry, ugly feminists get to decide what “real men are.”
          these deranged harridans are humorous once you don’t take them seriously, and see them as the mentally-diseased losers they really are. then you can just poke them with sticks.

        13. yep. the sexes are different, little crazy girl. Get over it.
          *slaps on behind*

        14. Why don’t you go to the middle east and denounce real rape that is happening there?

        15. Because of the likes of you, God is pissed, America will be judged first like Sodoma and Gomorra, aren´t you afraid of that?

        16. Unfortunately, your animal kingdom argument falls short in many instances where the males are solitary except for mating, nesting and then disappear to leave the matriarchy intact…..think elephants as one example of many.

        17. Not at all. Those are the minority standards. There are few absolutes anywhere in perceivable reality.

        18. Mentally-diseased loser. Projection? Maaayyyyybe just a little, LegallySpeaking?

        19. now, now, little dickless one; don’t project your own mental issues onto others. Isn’t time for your medication?

        20. When did he say that he was beating women? Is that a straw man or did he actually say that?

        21. We have the right to not support our children without being punished? That’s news to me. In fact, we sometimes don’t even have the right to not support a child that some woman has falsely claimed is ours.
          What color is the sky in your world?

        22. Ahhh! you seem to have the idea that rape is a way of getting laid. How did you get this idea, after all racist, liar woman? Have you been raping children? Your posts do suggest that you are a closeted pedophile.
          Listen, don’t do it. It’s my advice to you. You could be beaten by the cops and put in jail.

        23. That right to go topless was fought for and theres a thing called warrents and child support which defeats your points.
          Research before posting

    2. Hmm. If circle jerking were an Olympic sport I would imagine you could captain a fairly impressive team. I think J. Hue would like a tryout.

    3. I saw a women on a 30 foot pole(honestly, maybe a bit taller) in Montreal about 10 yrs ago. Based on her acrobatic moves, no net either, you are probably right about that.

    4. The female volley ball team looks like they could win a gold medal in pole smoking.

      1. while the male volleyball team looks like an ad for steroid use. shrunk penis, anyone?

        1. You have the right to sexually shame someone and get away with it. This makes me laugh at you after your earlier post above.

        2. I will let you know when you find some and deliver it with a modicum of intellect. Unless you meant to say “troll hurts” and just had a spelling error, in which case no, it doesn’t hurt. It is kind of like a fruit fly, mildly annoying but relatively harmless.

        3. Don’t waste your time here wimmin. Let me tell you a secret. Everyone here is laughing at your stupidity.

        4. Well done. Trolls like her are distractions when men are having meaningful discussions. Better not to reply to them.

        5. Agreed. Some females come here to learn but it was apparent from her remarks she was only interested in littering the site with scatological cuntributions.

        6. ROK is like a “male only” space. Here men talk to each other, joke around, have lighthearted banters, important discussions, and more importantly just be men, away from the hysterics of emotional women. This site is akin to hanging out with your friends, after a stressful day, which involves dealing with women and their emotions. Thus it is essential, that it remains that way and no troll of a woman comes irritate us.

        7. Agreed. This is precisely why they do troll, in addition to wanting to be in the presence of real Men per their emo instinctual need to be dominated by them.

  9. I kinda feel bad for the athletes being used as political pawns by people who probably lose their breath when taking a shit.

  10. Fact is sports stars generally get paid according to how much money the sport makes from TV ratings and in turn sponsorships. Since men’s sport is watched more because it’s more entertaining men get paid more, simple as that. But feminists never let facts or logic get in the way of crying discrimination.

    1. Exactly. They just can’t get their empty little heads around the fact that nobody cares for watching women do ANYthing. It’s not limited to sports. Who would like to watch an all women movie (excluding porn) or play a video game with just female characters. Even girls themselves prefer watching men.

      1. There’s actually no thrill in watching female sports or all female action movies. Women and men alike like to see men in these roles, because we are evolutionary wired to see men in positions of physical struggle. That appeals to us.
        Feminazis also scream that female body builders don’t get enough support and recognition. Fact is that female bodybuilders are actually very gross to look at. Muscle mass on men looks good, adds to their sex appeal, makesthem look more masculine, and demands attraction from women and respect from men.
        However muscle mass on women makes them look more masculine, and is an instant boner killer. Sane women and mess across the world find them gross. It’s just feminists who say that female body builders are empowered women.

        1. The flaw in their argument is they want to be taken seriously on merit but won’t hesitate to demand advantages based on the ownership of a vagina. It doth boggle the mind, this fudging of the definition of equality. I suppose I shouldn’t be triggering some whale feminista’s dopamine reactors by mentioning ‘fudge’ but..ehhh..

        2. Only little children whine “that’s not fair!” No grown man concerns himself with “fair”.

        3. If they want to be taken seriously on merit, they should compete with men. Yes, men like Messi, and others who are champions in their respective sport. Why is there a gender segregation in sports? That’s because even the dumbest person in the world knows that without it women would not even be selected to represent their countries, because even teenage boys would beat women in sports.
          If women wanna have their sports, who cares? But at least they must not act as if they are just as competent as male athletes. Truth is bitter, but they must learn to accept it.

        4. Go tell that to a russian men or middle eastern men, that’s right men and women are equals in the US right?

        5. They want to treated as equals as long as the equal treatment gives them what they want. When they aren’t able to compete with men by the equality treatment, then they demand a privileged treatment. And in the modern world if you as a man, refuse to give them both these treatments then you are a misogynist.

    2. If athletes actually got paid on the basis of performance, Edwin Moses would be a multi-gazillionaire, but there’s no such thing as Monday Night Hurdling, and I’d be surprised if there ever is.
      Ladies, you want more money? Let’s see you generate the funds that they can be drawn from. That’s how it frickin’ works.

    3. This is why NBC and ESPN must buy the rights to both the men’s and women’s major tennis tournaments. That way the pot is evenly split, even though more people watch the men’s tournaments. Also, the men are required to win 3 sets to win their match, while the women must only win 2. Same pay for less work and less revenue brought in? Equality my ass.

      1. Feminism isn’t about equality, if it was they would complain that female tennis players get the same money for less work .

        1. I remember one of the arguments from the female tennis player’s camp was about the greater attention & marketing they were getting at the time. In a roundabout way it wasn’t about the quality of tennis, then was it?
          Use female sexuality advantage when it suits them but cry foul when actual merit for quality of work is used as a measuring stick.

        2. Exactly, they will use sexuality when it suits them but cry misogyny when it doesn’t.

        3. It’s like that man hating dyke Ronda Rousey who challenges all men to fight in the UFC. Once she was called out to fight men, she back peddles to say: “There should never (be) a venue where we’re celebrating a man hitting a woman.” What a joke!

        4. Yep, the fact is she knows she’d get destroyed by a legitimate male UFC fighter so she’s hiding behind that excuse.

      2. Yes they do less work, but if they were paid accordingly, feminists would forego all logic and scream discrimination.
        And now that male tennis players are being discriminated by receiving equal pay to female tennis players, despite the fact that males are doing MORE work than the females, the feminazis remain silent, all the while asserting that they are for equality for men and women. Fucking hypocrites.

    4. agree, in general the decision on airtime, wages, media exposure of any sport or person is made directly or indirectly by CEO’s and advertising executives, not the sheeple.
      when the state steps in to mandate or encourage these things then other agendas come into play eg the constant domestic violence and cancer ads.
      I think it is important to frame the argument correctly, if I was a woman and wanted to be the best woman in the world at my vocation I would want the opportunity for that success and the recognition.
      When the argument becomes man vs woman and the equality nonsense then we as a society are doing a disservice to both men and woman who accomplish great things.
      This is partly why feminism is the enemy of women.

  11. Female soccer athletes, let alone female athletes, should be thankful altogether they have their own EXCLUSIVE league for themselves, BY themselves.
    By invading a male space like an all-men’s sports league is like reducing themselves into Kwame Brown in all-male sports leagues.

  12. I don’t agree. women and men should play the same sports in the same league so this nonsense can be crushed by reality and truth. let them play and if they do well we were wrong and if they don’t we we were right. If we do this their will be no more women’s sports and they will be forced to other thing more productive like be a women and stop trying to be a man. They need to be having babies. You know contributing to the world. And not wasting their eggs. That’s why women have periods. I read women do not menstruate when their pregnant. Which obviously means periods are signs they are wasting life. thats the symbol of life (blood). Because they are wasting days of making life they are reminded of their purpose Of what they should be doing every new moon ( month).

    1. “women and men should play the same sports in the same league . . .”
      In some athletic activities there are no classes beyond “human.” In others, although men and women compete for different prizes, they do so on a fair field and their performances can be directly compared.
      An Ironman is an Ironman.
      ” . . .reality and truth.”
      We’re talking about feminists.
      “I read women do not menstruate when their pregnant.”
      Is this a troll? Hey, I’ve got something you can read that isn’t quite so biologically obvious: women in peak athletic condition do not menstruate either.

    2. I don’t think they should be in the same league. Why? Because then they will place quotas like 40% of the team players must be women like what that feminist country is requiring corporations have 40% of their board members be women.
      Think about it. In the game of business, corporations are the teams.

      1. Yes. I think they would allow the games males vs females until they see how one-sided it is(in the second week).
        Then they would force “equality” putting some men in the women’s team and viceversa. Kind of what happened in that island show where they had to survive…

  13. I can kinda get into women’s sports if the women are hot.
    But then I’m obviously not watching it because I’m into the sport being played. And that only works for sports I’m not into. When it’s one I’m into, I often (fortunately or unfortunately) end up being unable to take it seriously.

  14. I’ve seen a few times some guy expressed that women’s soccer has attained more viewers as of late because the players are more feminine in terms of long hair, etc.
    I completely agree with the guy. I only observe highlights admiring the femininity of the players. Women’s athletics are a joke and if you go out to a bar, countless women who mock feminism equally agree.
    The guy made an obvious point and the PC Police are out in full force. Womens athletics are a joke. It’s like men in lingerie. There’s some things you don’t want to see regardless of how hard liberals try to convince you should.

  15. Didn’t The World Cup winning German womens team a while back get destroyed on a regular basis by Bundesliga development teams?

  16. Hey thats nothing! I bought a 200 story skyscraper for 1 dollar, there’s a slightly smaller one next to it for 75 cents, you want? Gimme a call: 867 5309

  17. I don’t agree that women and girl should be encouraged to play sports. Look at the kind of women in women’s soccer.. most of them look like bull dykes. This is not feminine and not attractive.
    Women don’t need to play sports or run marathons to stay in decent shape. They can do some mild exercise and try and eat smart and healthy. That’s all they have to do really.. to retain a relatively slim figure and to have the kind of normal, female body that 99% of men find attractive. It’s not hard.
    Encouraging women to play more sports and all that “grrl power” stuff doesn’t create sweet, feminine women. It creates over competitive, masculine looking women who think indulging in traditionally masculine activities somehow makes them more attractive to men. It doesn’t.

    1. 1000 % agree. Only exercise my girl gets is bouncing on my man meat and bending over the kitchen table.

  18. Good article. But, in a bit of a throwaway comment, the author supported the idea of a minimum wage as part of a “moderate social safety net,” which is so heinously wrong it needs to be called out and corrected.
    The minimum wage, like government demands that women’s soccer get more airtime, is counterproductive nonsense. It hurts poor people far more than it helps them. Consensus economic theory and overwhelming historical evidence prove this to be so. We would all be so much better off (as in significantly more wealth in America for all of us) if there was no minimum wage at all.

  19. The one good thing about women’s soccer is the absence of that diving horseshit that faggoty ethnic countries indulge in.
    That and Hope Solo’s blown-out monstrosity of a vagina.

    1. The bronze medal- winning women’s team from Sweden(or was it Finland?) challenged a bunch of guys to a game. This was a few years ago in Cali. Just random dudes horsing around on the beach.
      The ladies got destroyed.

      1. Women lack the ruthlessness and competitive determination of men. Not only that, men will try extra hard when they are playing women. No man wants to be beaten by girl.
        And of course, women instinctively want to be dominated by men.

        1. “Women lack the ruthlessness and competitive determination of men”
          I dunno about that…maybe they lack the skill

        2. hm. they’re generally just not very ruthless…i’m judging from my limited experience in women’s sports.
          They’re catty and bitchy for sure, but that doesnt win games.

  20. I wish that feminists fought for my equal pay in the field of super model.
    It’s sexist,only because I’m am a man I don’t deserve a mirabillion of dollars for my naked buttocks on first page?

  21. I say give them equality good and hard. Lets have one year of a mixed league, female teams playing against male teams. When the women come back, quite possibly missing limbs, the madness will finally end.

  22. Watching women’s sports is like watching a nascar race where every car is a fucking Ford Fiesta.

  23. Makes me wanna puke when I see female fighters on the UFC, I’m pretty sure they have dicks.

  24. If they want women soccer players to be paid better than men, just make them play in their lingerie and sell the sport on sex appeal. There are more than enough betas to keep strip clubs afloat, so why not women’s soccer. The market has rejected “role models for girls” since the women’s soccer league has gone out of business repeatedly even though feminists keep wasting their money bringing it back, so why try something else that might actually make money?

  25. If Lebron started cross dressing and identifying as a female would the WNBA welcome him with open arms?

  26. It is important to remember feminism is a spin off of communism, therefore it is all about taking from the strong and giving to the weak. Feminists will never want true equality in sports because if forced to play on a level playing field there probably wouldn’t be a true pro sportswoman left on the planet! With the ridiculous direction the west is heading a far more likely scenario is quotas for sports teams, eg Man Utd or the La Lakers being forced to have a certain percentage of females on their roster or face heavy fines or imprisonment. Utterly ridiculous of course but that’s the way we are headed! Many countries have already forced companies to have women on boards, regardless if they are inferior. What a joke. By the way, women models are paid far more than male models, also for good reason!

  27. Me and my brother watched a women’s rugby match a few months back. It was definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV. The ugly beasts were slow, pulled out of tackles and couldn’t kick nor catch a ball ( a must in rugby.)

    1. I see girls practicing rugby, other girls with rugby team shirts, sometimes I see them at bars after a game. I don’t really get why any girl would want to play such a sport. I don’t think it’s feminine at all. At my college we didn’t have a football team so all the guys who played football in high school played on the rugby team.There was no way I would have got on the field with those guys, that sport is rough. That sport is a mans sport. I think the only reason girls play it is so they can say me too.

      1. Their peers and older girls make it seem like it’s the only way for them to be cool as being feminine is so uncool. It’s a giant mind fuc*k equal to what boys are getting nowadays.

  28. Im not a soccer fan, but they always show highlights of Messi on Sportscenter. Hes like an unlocked superhuman video game character.
    Soccer fans- might he be the greatest dribbler/scorer in history? You tell me.

    1. He is very talented.But surely not the greatest. you should look up Zlatan IBRAHAMOVICH.

    2. Yes, he is the greatest, when he’s at his best nobody comes close. Unlocked superhuman video game character is a fitting comparison. But bear in mind, soccer has greatly evolved in the last 20 years, the game is much faster now. How good would Maradonna, Puskas or Pelé have been with modern training methods and modern soccer tactics? It’s impossible to say.

  29. Women are slower, weaker, less agile and have slower reaction times–they can’t compete with men. Actually, soccer is one of their BEST sports, because upper body strength isn’t that important…

    1. No, women still suck at soccer(football). None of them go up against any men. Put them up against a middle school boys team and watch the women cry about losing to boys. Look up the womens Olympic hockey team. It was destroyed by a young men’s team.

  30. I use to play pro Basketball. Was in my country’s first division. We also had a Women team, whichj was well organized and also played their division 1 league. They were good and won championships.
    When I was a Senior in high school, the Women pro team played the Softmore team.
    They lost. By 20-25 points.
    That was after they were practicing together for more than a month and the kids started practicing 2 weeks before that.
    Imagine that – Proffesional players, would lose to kids whose age is 16 and are not pro.
    You know that girls are simply less athletic. They have skill, but would be crushed any time against boys.

  31. If women want equal pay, then they should compete in the same sporting leagues. If they are unable to compete in the same sporting leagues, then that is evidence women are not equal to men.

  32. Great article. The truth is that elite women athletes at their very best compete at the level of elite, high school aged boys. For a glaring example take the U.S. and Canadian women’s olympic hockey teams. The Canadians, a better team on most days, “tune up” for tournaments by playing AAA midget level (15-16) boys in Alberta. Women’s hockey does not allow hitting. The boys game does. Hitting is different than contact in hockey. The women lose 40% of those games and often are soundly thrashed by the boys that are disadvantaged by the removal of the hitting aspect, which is key to puck possession. Most of the other games are close. Similarly, the U.S. women will take on male, high school teams and again the hitting is removed from the contests. However good the women are, and they are good, they would be destroyed by Canadian male Junior C, junior B and tier 2 Junior A (17-20) and third rate men’s university teams. None of these young men have even the most remote shot at the NHL let alone the AHL or pro European leagues. Also, in Toronto and perhaps in Ontario writ large, elementary school hockey teams are required to reserve at least two spots for girls. Conversely, if there is demand for it a girls team will be iced with no such provision for the boys that can’t quite cut it on the boys team. Social construct my ass.

  33. Funny thing is, women in general would much rather watch a men’s professional soccer match than a women’s. And that’s simply because of one thing, the skill level!

  34. I used to play basketball a lot at the YMCA in high school. These girls would always show up and beg to get into the game. I hated playing with them and against them. If you play them like you would a male, you were showing off. If you played them soft, you were being a pussy. When they were on the court we couldn’t play a proper game because every male defaulted to “taking it easy” on them.

  35. Any Soccer watching man who would rather view this over the Copa America needs to seriously consider testosterone replacement therapy.

  36. They only female sport I’ll watch is gymnastics every 4 years. Other than that…..women’s sports are unwatchable.

    1. Ha! You still would have a lopsided competition. Most men can cook circles around women.

    2. Given as the top chefs are almost universally male, I wouldn’t bet against the men.

      1. So what sport/activity is it then that women have an exclusive skill for? There has to be something

        1. Exclusive? They sure as hell can have babies *way* better than us men. heh
          In reality anything that requires grace and attraction. There’s a reason male “models” look effeminate, because that field is just not suited to men, for example.

  37. Mr.Garrett,I think you have lost the plot.The BBC is not pushing female football because it thinks women will become as good as men
    What it is doing is consolidating women’s football as entertainment ,as worthy of air time as the men’s,albeit in different ways.It means that we shall see female members of FIFA and other orgs. when the current malaise is over.From there it is expected that football rules will change and possibly become non contact with sending off for harassment etc etc.There will always be male football but you WILL see women at all levels be involved and then financial parity will follow.This is all a sprat to catch a mackerel and men like yourself neither see
    (or do not wish to see) the end result.

  38. Say what you will about about woman playing soccer….but one thing for sure is that men act like bigger pussies on the field than these girls!

      1. I get it and its a stupid tactic, rolling around and curling up into the fetal position after taking a dive and add in all the drama and the acting, the men literally act like little girls and the girls “man up” and take a tackle or hit and keep on playing!

  39. My god. What a randomly ridiculous article (and the comments here are by and large moronic). Does the author actually know anything about soccer? I have to believe not so much. “Much of the support for women’s soccer at the moment depends on the
    erroneous belief that they are somehow showcasing skill equal to men”, believes no one. USNT Women are mediocre because they can’t compete with their male counterparts (or even the top male youth squad back in 2012)? Thus it’s all relative – no? Hmm. Perhaps we should all quit enjoying college sports because there isn’t a top college team that could beat an NBA team more than 3 out of 10 (and yes I am looking at you Kentucky and Duke); and probably zero college football teams winning in the NFL. I shutter to think what the college WS winner would do in the MLB playoffs? There are about 3 million kids 18 and under playing soccer in the US and the breakdown is about 50/50 boys/girls. Marketing would suggest more of a balance in many aspects of the US approach to soccer; salaries and so on should be somewhat commensurate with revenues. Should women pros make as much as men? Probably not, but its a complicated economic issue. Should they be given due respect even though they can’t beat men pros? Yep, because its not relevant. Just ask the 1.5 million girls playing soccer today (most of whom can or will soon be able to run circles around the average reader of this blog).

    1. I think the only moron is you, sweetcheeks.
      Do women footballers deserve to have a World Cup? Certainly.
      Do they deserve the highest level of respect for playing the game? Yes (something you would know if you’d actually bothered to read the article..)
      But does it deserve equal billing (or even equal “anything”) with the men’s game considering it’s an inferior product, something that’s being done purely for reasons of political correctness and pursing a progressive “equality” based agenda? No.
      Why? Because nobody is fucking interested in it, that’s why.
      Most men won’t bother their arse watching it when they have a superior product in men’s football to watch, so why is it being shoved down our throats?
      If you or anyone else want to watch the WWC that’s fine, but this horsehit I hear every second day from progressives who complain it’s not receiving it’s fair share of funding or exposure has to stop.
      When the market decide it’s worth watching they’ll respond in kind, and demand it to be marketed more and shown more. But that will never happen because it’s core fanbase (ie men) have never given, do not give, nor WILL give two shits about women’s football, save a quick glance to see if any of the players are worth fucking (which by the looks of the “talent” on display probably won’t happen too often.)
      Oh and to say that the 1.5million girls who play soccer in the States could somehow run rings around the average reader of this blog, a blog where I’d wager most, if not all, are keenly aware of fitness and have played more sports than you’ve ever forgotten about displays a level of arrogance, hubris and stupidity rarely seen by female commenters (and that’s saying something considering the crackpot fembots that plague this site’s Disqus)

    2. Wow dude, that’s some fine polish on your plate mail!

  40. The “Double Blue” comment I always have for women on this issue is, “Ya, but it’s just soo..I dunno…WHITE? I mean, why is it our US Soccer team is SOOOOO WHITE and made up of privileged white girls?” They will ALWAYS mention the two or three players who are “not white” (including that White Hispanic gal). I always throw in the non-sensical, “but ya, why can’t we have our team be as diverse as say, Brazil?”

  41. I find it amusing that in the massive coverage the women`s WC has received in the Norwegian media, they hardly ever write about the game itself. As apposed to men`s soccer, its endless angles on how women are victims, or it`s stories about someone who came back from childbirth or whatever.

  42. If soccer was the only sport to follow, I would be a hooligan just to liven my evening up. Women sports are slower and there is a reason why the stands are always empty no matter what sport they are playing.

  43. What?
    A professional women’s soccer team (one of the best or the best) got swept by a bunch of 17 year old boys?
    Am I understanding this correctly?
    If yes, what was the age range for the boys?

    1. no, they were all 16. If I had to guess, Id say women are on par with maybe 14 year old boys then it might be a fair fight.

      1. 16 year old boys?
        So it is not as bad as I thought, it is worse.
        Is it possible that maybe the women’s team is not that good because they don’t practice enough or as much as the boys? (Or were the women all out ‘getting blitzed’ if it was a Friday or Saturday the day before)
        I do think that the typical men’s team would sweep the field of a women’s team, but I would expect that a professional women’s team should at least ‘hold their own’ against a high school team and not get trounched 2-8, providing they practiced enough and were in good shape.
        They couldn’t beat boys that would be sophomores or junior in high school?

      2. Fair fight
        If 14 year old boys is only a ‘fair fight’,(imagine the screeching if they lost to a bunch of 14 year olds?) we would need to put them against 12 year old boys to assure a win?

  44. As bad as female soccer is to watch I still think the WNBA is the worst product to ever be rammed down the throats of sports fans. That “organization” has, consistently, lost so much money per year… an unbelievable amount to be honest – and yet…. it is still up and running. Would a men’s league which is so horrendous be given so much money per year to stay afloat? Hell no.
    Title 9 has massacred the once great landscape of college sports by eliminating great sports like wrestling from a majority of schools only to be replaced by utterly stupid organizations which field, maybe, half a team each year.

    1. due to title IX, womens’ college basketball is given 15 scholarships while the mens team only gets 13 scholarships. what a fucking joke, no one even goes to the womens’ games.

  45. Video available?
    Are we fortunate to have a video of the trouncing?
    I bet it was hilarious as the women’s team got swept from the field.

    1. That song is so filled with insecurity that it screams “please, put me in my place! I beg you!”. Try hard.

  46. What are the world wide Women’s world cup TV ratings? They must be abysmally low, because no one cares about it. Women’s football is dull, dull, dull. They run slow and their shots are weak. They lack the explosive plays you see in men’s football. I wish FIFA would just forget about this joke that no one, not even women, wants to watch.

  47. I remember back in high school, when our PE teacher used to let us play the all girls often
    Rounders, cricket, basketball, athletics – guess who won each time?
    We even started making little victory celebration dances

  48. I’ve watched a few games of this latest Woman World Cup and really, quality of play is awful. Even low rated European men’s leagues such as Swedish, Croatian or Belarusian produce better football.

    1. Although you may consider the Croatian league low rated. Its considered the hot bed of talent in Europe right now. Producing some world class talent!

  49. As dedicated to the game as these women are, they’re still hostage to coaches who can’t coach and referees who can’t ref. I like watching women play, but I’m very tired of the level of coaching/referring I see in the women’s game. I KNOW I’m not going to watch a game at World Cup men’s level play, that’s pure idiocy. However, I do expect to see good soccer at this level. So far, the US has been a disappointment.

  50. “Should we encourage women’s sport? Of course!”
    I’d like to include my own caveat in this otherwise fine article.
    We should tolerate Women engaging in sports only when it doesn’t involve a physical activity that is quite unbecoming of a Woman to engage in.
    For ex: Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, etc. These are sports/events that Women should not be encouraged to participate in. They involve acts of pugilism and gratuitous violence that Men have excelled in and Women would not only be quite substandard in, but they also run the risk of serious injury given their svelte frames and otherwise feckless physical design.
    This is also why i prefer the word “tolerate” rather than encourage. We shouldn’t encourage a Woman to engage in a sport that she will more often than not be substandard in yet still wants to try because of her gender specific jealousy of Men.
    The only time a female should be encouraged to participate in any public event should be with a beauty Pageant. Men for their part should never be encouraged to participate in one of those. Those events should belong to females exclusively because they highlight aesthetics and token talents. This is one of the few things Women are better at than Men: looking beautiful 🙂
    There is no such thing as equality in the reality of human existence. The animal kingdom demonstrates this superbly, and the more manginas and feminists attempt to reinvent the gender wheel the more SNAFU things will invariably get.

    1. Amen. My wife, bless her heart, said something similar yesterday when a friend asked if we were following the “women’s” world cup. I said “No, I can’t tolerate men playing soccer, I’m sure as hell not going to watch women play it.” She said that women doing that kind of thing were unbecoming and masculine and that she really couldn’t tolerate watching them. She prefers figure skating, gymnastics, etc, in other words traditional women’s “sports”, and she isn’t afraid to express it. Told the guy that sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. are for men and said she didn’t care if people called her sexist for holding that view.
      I simply smiled and nodded. He was aghast.

      1. Sir, your Wife is a splendid example of common sense and traditional understanding. You are blessed, as i’m certain she is also.

  51. “Admire female athletes”? I do: every time I see a chick in those gymnastic leotards, I think, “I admire the way I could probably pin her ankles behind her ears.” I admire how she could do a backwards hand stand and blow me at the same time. Every time I see the chicks playing beach volleyball with those skimpy suits riding up their asses, I realize I could never beat them, because my wood would get in the way. I admire how they look in those suits.

  52. anyone who thinks it makes him look better by denigrating and insulting smaller weaker people is not a real man, but rather an ignorant fool who is no man at all

  53. You are obviously not American. In this country athletes are paid based on popularity of themselves and their sport.
    No one here bats an eye that the contracted catcher may make 500k yearly, but the star pitcher ten times as much.

  54. I might watch them if they play for a total of one hour on a pitch half the size that men play. They simply to slow at the sport, both physically and mentally.

  55. I volunteer at the Edmonton location and have been to the majority of the world cup games played there. I can basically sit in any open seats in the stadium, so in terms of angles, I have seen them all.
    my main observation was that I have seen more atheletic mens games between teenagers and 20 year olds than most of the womens games here.
    Like mentioned above how U17 beat USA woemsn team, I can confidentally say teenage boys who play club futbol are more atheletic than national womens teams.
    (It’s been a great expereince to be at the womens world cup though, I got pics with various players from various teams )

  56. The article says elite women would struggle to make lower tier domestic teams. That’s not true. They would have no chance whatsoever. Women just can’t run, all of them are way, way too slow and weak to play with all but recreational men.
    As for pay equality, I am fine with women’s tennis players making equal pay, as the revenue comes from marketability, and the women are very marketable.
    It’s worth noting that as a decent male recreational tennis player, I think I could take a game or two from the best woman in the world.

  57. Women don’t get paid less for being women. Men get paid more for being BETTER athletes. You can’t have segregated equality! Put people in different groups because of physical traits and then discount those traits when dishing out cash. Men tune in to watch the fastest, strongest, skillful, etc, athletes in the world.. Those athletes just happen to be MEN! Serena Williams would be ranked outside of 1700ATP If she competed on the men’s tour. Her sparring partners routinely spank’s not even a close match. Carmen Small just competed in a 3rd string men’s cycling road race and finished 72nd; more than 30mins behind the leader. She deserves the same prize money as other riders finishing in that group. So males are not going to buy a girl’s bike and jersey and indirectly support the sport; they’ll want what Lance and Alberto are wearing or using…


    1. Umm, no it doesn’t automically deserve tv time so “it can grow”. It deserves it if the market decides it’s of interest, or whether there is sufficient interest generally.
      If there is, then that’s fine – show it. But it SHOULD NOT be shown just because it’s the women’s game (considering it’s an inferior product) or to appease feminists. If you had any sense you’d realise that’s the greater point being made.
      Oh, and I suggest you browse through the Roosh V forum while you’re at it. Yes, the readers do get “fucked a lot”, thanks.

        1. And how do they compare to men’s day in, day out when the hype has worn off and dust has settled? Will Joe sixpack go watch a women’s match when he has the chance to go watch Liverpool and Man Utd?
          He won’t, and never will, because it’s an inferior product.
          But having said all the above – IF the interest is there, and it seems there is something of an interest, than nobody can say it shouldn’t be shown. But really, nobody has a problem with it being shown for these sensible reasons. Nobody can argue with the market and what it finds interesting to watch.
          We have a problem with it being promoted merely to placate feminists, and their warped “equality” agenda which says that women are “equal” to men in every way.

  59. I think the picture of Hope Solo more or less explains why people watch this sport, even though the women are obviously worse at soccer. Guys want to see hot, athletic girls, and girls (assuming girls are watching) want to see people they identify with play ball.

  60. “they” are trying to create women’s ice hockey teams. Now, for starters, women’s ice hockey is basically field hockey played on ice. There is no checking or physical contact allowed. So, its nothing special. Just like with all the other pro female “sports” they’re trying to ram this down everyone’s throats. Hmmm, I see a pattern with that sort of thing and leftists. The simple fact is that there is NO market for this. But, its society’s fault that we don’t enjoy and enthusiastically discuss female sports as much as male sports. Just systemic sexism…plain and simple. So what’s the solution…force everyone to fucking like and watch this shit. What the left is doing to our culture is similar to how the soviets fed slop to the inmates at the gulag. Because its as though we’re to all be held down and force fed slop and not only like it but ask for more.

  61. I find it hilarious how they just yell equality while duly ignoring that women sports never bring a fraction of the audience and they’re far less demanding. What’s the solution, exactly? Raise their pay and make the tickets to these boring matches five times as pricey?

  62. This is a topic of conversation for my university daughters. However, when I mention letting men take Title IX monies and scholarships playing women’s sports they have no difficulty finding that unfair. The funny part is that the cuck society they want to create will have exactly that happen as more “men” begin “identifying as female”.

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